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"For the orioles. Baltimore <Speech_Male> was up to <Speech_Male> one in the tenth last <Speech_Male> night in the phillies. <Speech_Male> Had the tying run <Speech_Music_Male> on third with <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> two out <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> baltimore elected to <Speech_Music_Male> intentionally walk <Speech_Music_Male> bryce harper and put the <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> winning run on base. <Speech_Music_Male> Why would you do that. <Speech_Music_Male> Because harper's <Speech_Music_Male> having an mvp <Speech_Music_Male> type season. <Speech_Male> And he has the highest <Speech_Music_Male> in all <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> of baseball. <Speech_Music_Male> And you already had two hits <Speech_Music_Male> in the game. <Speech_Music_Male> Baltimore chose <Speech_Music_Male> to pitch to jt <Speech_Music_Male> real ludo. <Speech_Music_Male> Who burn them with <Speech_Music_Male> a two run triple to <Speech_Music_Male> right. Harper came <Speech_Male> all the way around from. <Speech_Music_Male> I his helmet <Speech_Music_Male> off his hair flying <Speech_Music_Male> and slid <Speech_Music_Male> headfirst for the winning <Speech_Music_Male> run keeping <Speech_Music_Male> phillies three games <Speech_Music_Male> behind atlanta <Speech_Music_Male> in the race for the <Speech_Music_Male> nfl. East baltimore's <Speech_Music_Male> mistake wasn't <Speech_Music_Male> walking harper. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> It was not walking <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> real muto <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> to load the bases. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> Because standing <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> the on deck circle <Speech_Male> was andrew knapp <Speech_Music_Male> who was hitting one <Speech_Music_Male> fifty eight <Speech_Music_Male> year <Speech_Music_Male> but they pitch him <Speech_Male> for him because he <Speech_Male> hadn't been announced and <Speech_Male> you could be trying to sort <Speech_Male> of do the <Speech_Male> unintentional intentional <Speech_Male> water could <Speech_Male> be that pitch was <SpeakerChange> outside. <Silence> I want to know from you <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> who you rooting <SpeakerChange> for <Speech_Male> between <Speech_Male> atlanta and <Speech_Male> philly. I mean <Speech_Male> given it harper left. <Speech_Male> Your team <Speech_Male> just left you guys <Speech_Male> altair. What <Silence> what are you feeling like <Speech_Male> here. <Speech_Male> Yeah <SpeakerChange> i mean i. <Speech_Male> I've <Speech_Male> come to light. Freddy <Speech_Male> freeman a lot over the <Speech_Male> years. Because he beats the <Speech_Male> nets like crazy. <Speech_Male> I think he's classy <Speech_Male> one. Omission <Speech_Male> the timber. Wolves <Speech_Male> fired team. President <Speech_Male> gerson row <Speech_Male> sauce. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> Let's go <SpeakerChange> to the big finish. <Speech_Music_Male> Do it <Speech_Music_Male> too <Speech_Music_Male> has fractured. <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Male> Ribs <Speech_Music_Male> will not play against the <Speech_Music_Male> raiders on <SpeakerChange> sunday. Is <Speech_Male> that a big deal. <Speech_Male> It is a big <Speech_Music_Male> deal. Tony that you don't <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> wanna be without starting <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> quarterback sorta <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> isn't in that you <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> kind of know he's gonna <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> get hurt. I hate saying <Speech_Music_Male> that. But <Speech_Music_Male> the roba's <Speech_Music_Male> burger has <Speech_Music_Male> an injured left peck. <Speech_Music_Male> But says he'll <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> do everything he can to play <Speech_Music_Male> against the bengals. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> Your thoughts. <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> that's a division game <Speech_Music_Male> and rothlisberger <Speech_Music_Male> thinks they can <Speech_Music_Male> and should beat cincinnati <Speech_Music_Male> and he wants <Speech_Music_Male> to be out there for <Speech_Music_Male> mike. Tomlin <Speech_Music_Male> says everyone <Speech_Music_Male> on the competition committee. <Speech_Music_Male> Everyone agreed <Speech_Music_Male> that taunting <Speech_Music_Male> had to <SpeakerChange> be addressed. <Speech_Music_Male> Are you surprised. <Speech_Male> Yeah

Baltimore baltimore andrew knapp bryce harper harper orioles phillies atlanta Harper baseball nfl Freddy Tony peck bengals cincinnati Tomlin
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"andrew knapp" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Just on Giants pre and post game live this year. They rotated all the time. It's like it was kind of like you get around like fire Hans roster. We have an update every day. What Richard really just didn't lose a game or said that it back down and we're bringing up Randy. I mean, no It's unbelievable. Yeah. Just do what you do, man. It's kinda well. This is a different type of show. Different type of show. All right, like tonight, said, Well, tonight's at the yard. It's an Orange Friday tonight. Mostly you're going out there in the heat tonight? No, no, no, no, no. We'll be in the studio. But I and I like to wear giant colors as you. No. Yeah, the tigers that were red when I'm wearing warriors, blue and gold. Had to figure out what to do with my silver and black. I got so much damn silver and black in the house. I think I got to give that to Salvation Army anyway. Um So I can't wear. You know it's orange Friday, so I can't wear orange ties or it's just this. This is going to the nation tonight. So Ricky does not wear a tight so I don't think he has to worry about that. But we'll see if he has to rehearse. John. Yeah, let's do it. So you're going to combined Phillies Brigade live with Giants pregame live and you guys are going to be in the studio and it's gonna be awesome. And Ricky Bottalico Is going to be part of it. And Ricky joins us, courtesy of the magazine. Hi, Ricky. Good After all. It's morning there. Good morning, Charlie 12 1. You were perfect. It's perfect. Oh, uh, sorry. Just turned. It just turned to a nooner. Ricky Bo. How are you, man? You're my new best friend. I just realized we're going to be best. Yeah, we're Sunday. We're going to be best buddies for three days, aren't we? We are. I was just telling John we got an alert. Randy and I that we had to come in early. Randy window, rehearse. Rehearse. What repairs? They're not going to make a man of your acclaim. Rehearse, are they I didn't hear anything about rehearsal. I do that. Did I know that you guys are gonna do perfectly? This is the road. So right here? Yeah, I got your er right here. Yeah. Have them listening right now, and we're rehearsing. That's that's why I wanted to heavy. I let's just treat it like it's the top of the show. And you know we're leading with. We're talking about Gabe Kapler and we have a big hole up today. We're asking And the Giants have the best overall record in baseball. Ricky Bo the way they're playing here. And in Philadelphia, you know, he'd probably be great it differently. What we got, like 2% gave him an F. But mainly, it's been well over 90% combined A and B But just from what you know, from camp the two years he managed the fills So what you've seen now in his second year with the giant says he changed as a manager. Obviously, the results are much better. I've noticed the players have changed the hitting, uh, has changed and and what I mean by that is when they were here. It was take as many pitches as possible. I'm noticing some of those driving especially when when they played the Phillies. They were not taking a lot of pitches. If they got a strike early in the count, they were they were gripping and ripping, and I don't see the necessarily the swing plane. That was very big here, the they launch angle swing upward. I mean, that's that's what Kind of a lot of people here were a little bit annoyed with game uh, because of that type of stuff, and it wasn't just him. It was Matt contact, too. And it got it got ugly right away. If you want me to get into that I could get into it. I mean, just a very simple First week of the season, he pulls Aaron Nola in Game one. Uh, I believe he had 68 pitches. Wholesome Phillies end up losing that game, and Nola was dealing that that night and then the very next night he goes and brings in a left hander and there was nobody warming up in the bull pageant. And You know what, Quite frankly, in Philadelphia, first impressions meant everything for Gabe. And that it just didn't bode well for him here. You hit it right in the head and I was I was going to ask you about is it's really hard when I mean that's just as bone headed as it gets you signal for a reliever, and there's no reliever and then, like you said at that point He would have had to have one like he's winning now to to forget any of those things, and I don't think he ever recovered from that very moment, did he No, he did not with the fan base. No, not not at all. And you know, the I don't know if he still uses the everything is old and, you know, courageous and things like that in his press conferences, but, uh You can't pull the wool over Phillies fans eyes in a sense, when when you're talking to them, and I mean, I can remember perfect example. They got the I'm going to say by 11 12 runs one day and he came on in. The first thing he talked about was an at bat by Andrew Knapp and like the third inning of the game And I believe naps struck out, but, yeah, it was good at that. Okay. It was like a nine pitch at bat. But that's not how you start when your team gets blown out of the water, And I think for Phillies fans They literally looked at this. What? Who is this guy? You know, and I know they didn't take very kindly there. Very blue collar gave gave a hard worker There's no doubt about it. But, you know, the fan base wants to hear the truth from their manager and Not that came lied, but he didn't come out with what he was really feeling. And I don't think that helped either. Yeah, There's no Charlie. To be sure, Charlie Manual 180 degrees Don't know He's 180 from Boetsch. But all right, let's just move out of the baseball team and start with Bryce Harper. I saw he did not play Wednesday night at Tiger Stadium, Lower back tightness. I'm hearing he may play tonight. What are you hearing on? And Bryce Harper's availability for tonight in the whole weekend, Ricky. I heard it's a It's a stadium decision, So when he gets there, we'll know what he's going to do. Um You know, this is not the first time for Bryce with the back, so it's getting to be a little bit of a concern for the Phillies. I mean, they have them for a long period of time. So I mean, that's one of those injuries that Does it really? Ever go away? Back? Problems back spasms lower back. Uh, Plus, if you watch his swing extremely violent, he puts everything he has into every swing he take so Hopefully, they can I don't know if it's a surgical thing at this point. All we hear is, you know, lower back, but it's been recurring. So it's an issue. There's no doubt about it and trust me. The Phillies need him. In that lineup desperately desperately need him in the lineup. Recovery telcos Jonas, He's gonna be with pop on Peacock as they combine the broadcast teams this weekend. For this three game set. Now we're going to see Velasquez, Nola and Howard three straight writings for the Phillies. But we're not going to see Zack Wheeler, who's been really, really good and for years because of a trade back in 2011. Giants fans have been obsessed with Zack Wheeler, but He's really put it all together this year. Oh, he's no, He's no joke. You know what the one thing is. You know what makes a great pitcher and this is why he is what he is. Right now he's able to make adjustments in game You don't see a lot of guys. A lot of guys will say, Well, I needed to make this adjustment will work on it during our bullpen session in two days. This is a guy that like goes on the mound, and he knows what his issues are. While he's out there So he could fix them almost out out, and he actually did it in l A The other day he pitched against the Dodgers. He did not look good in his first inning, believe he had 26 pitches in the first inning. Kind of all over the place. She wasn't commanding his fastball. Next thing you know, he comes out next inning. He had everything right where he needed to be, and that's the type of guy he is. It's got a great fastball. Everybody knows about that. But location is everything. I don't care how hard you throw And when he is on, he's locating that fastball early in the count, and then he can actually toy with you after that, so that's what's been great about him..

Bryce Harper Andrew Knapp Bryce Zack Wheeler Howard Gabe Kapler Ricky Bo Aaron Nola Ricky Bottalico John 2011 Nola Charlie Ricky Velasquez Wednesday night Richard 68 pitches Gabe 26 pitches
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"That he had the pierre p. injection right after that After he missed the postseason starts. I'm trying to remember if it was he or my clovinger snuck in the to inning. Postseason outing and then a setback. After that. i think that was clovinger. Lumet actually didn't pitch but the fact that this setback has happened on multiple times. He entered spring training with questions. And then this is a significant step backwards. Suggested me that that said he's heading for the surgery. It's like what happened with. Masahiro tanaka going wrong where it did work out for him. It didn't work out for that. And the shame. Is that the padres by having him. Try to work through it like this. They're probably gonna lose two full years of control and that's maddening to me from a dynasty perspective and fantasy because it's a lot of time and a lot of time to be patient and a lot of these leagues have contracts that escalate so i'm frustrated but the replacements i'm with the gore becomes a lot more interesting i wrote about whether it's as you said i like weather's i think he's an underrated prospect. It's great opportunity for the two of them. You should be stashing them other injuries of no wants soto who you can make a case as the best player in fantasy along with a kunia left shoulder injury. We even know he was hurt. He went on tuesday which means you lost her week but it doesn't sound too serious. In fact he was laughing about it to reporters saying why not why not take care of it now They have some days. He'll be back next week So i guess we could talk about this next monday. But do we want so to active next week. And just not deal and we're benjamin at all and fantasy and weekly formats. It wasn't a backdated. Move because that's gonna cost you floor next weekend. He can play next weekend. Yeah but it's i mean it's four days cost at of seven so i think that the smaller player pool the less value that he provides you. I honest- Just being honest. I haven't looked far enough ahead. Not this coming weekend's but the following weekend schedule to know that some big weighty thing like are they in course field. I doubt it I i lean towards no. But i i see your point. I'm not concerned about. This injury. yellowish missed a couple days hoping to avoid the injured list Lot a big name first round pick hitting injury so far Which is not cool. Careful mike trout. Nice styling more did go to the injured list That's more serious. That's a rib injury. He's probably out for about a month. i've got him everywhere that stinks and Miami's gonna go lewis. Brinson can hit. But you know. I thought john birdie might get a shot but it doesn't look like it Miami's not gonna to score a lot of runs this season And now they lose their best hitter. So that's gonna make it even harder but keep marseille ross or very good player anthony. Random could be back this weekend. That's good news for the angels in fantasy rosters And then the very underrated anthony santander baltimore. Who that's a thirty home. Run guy you know i mean that that s roster but now he's not as much left. Ankle sprain left the other day might have been yesterday. I the days they all just combined into one. You probably can't make a good case to keep santander rostered in espn standard ten or twelve team league. But he's a good player pop complaints league option. And you think about it. You're going to pick up again in three weeks when he comes through. He's almost back. That's the thing. The orioles are the ultimate plus play roster where you don't need to keep them around whether or not contributing on a daily basis that when they're absent for injuries like this you can let him go. I mean it's it's opportunities for guys like austin hayes doing a little bit of righty lefty mix match with ryan mckenna and dj stewart. Cedric mullins has had his moments to begin the season. I i'd probably just be looking at that as a daily situation facing a week pitcher when the ready left the edge. How about that. Okla minnesota game on wednesday s. Yeah our on that. Show now of the to matt's at in oakland corner infield meddlesome looks great. You have cobra home runs. Matt chapman does not look good. And maybe because the season surgery which concerns me a little bit because he needs to hit for power. It's not like he was gonna ever win it batting title or anything like that. And then we'll get the call me which i don't wanna do later in the closer carousel but there's still no indication that that he's losing the job at me and they worked to errors. They should have gotten you literally -fensive maneuverings. They contributed to that game. We big into the closer part of it afterwards. But it was a heck of a game for pets. i mean. if you're playing wilson williams ask the at first blankenship and second or whatever. His name is ann lewis. arise third. i mean you know you. Double switch out donaldson. That's weird. what's really odd about. It is that it's a sabermetrics inclined team that is playing some players. You would not expect to manage the defensive positions. They do like asta. Do playing second base lewis arise going all over the field. It's curious roster. It's helping us for fantasy by giving us the multi eligibility and you get some daily opportunities but it's odd from pure baseball perspective. Andrew knapp second basement figure during things are going so well in philadelphia all my gosh. So the top of the player over the last seven days for hitters here interesting metals and one joined keeps batting third tampa missile gyp batting average now a lot of power but maybe he could attend omen still ten bases commanders interna bryce harper. All very good heavier buys. It's a grand slam last night and then it is next about about left handed. I don't think he's taking this seriously. I was against. It was against the hitter. Pitching so i get it i get it but and then you know catchers been very interesting a lot of power catcher so far this season you wrote about carson kelly as a nice pickup and more walks strike that we both worried about on the same day without discussing it and carson kelly has more walks in kay's buster posey at a two homer game in philadelphia. I did nothing. Buster posey was going to ten home runs a season. He might do that by the all star break. He looks revived rejuvenated. I mean he does look good. There's dom nunez omar narvaez yadi marlena looks great francisco. Mahia looks legit. There's actually some good catching going on right now. That maybe a changes in the second half the season but the older veteran catcher symposium molina hitting that that's something i don't think many saw coming probably expected more with molina the all could say in posey's defense here in terms of his ability to sustain. This is maybe you're off. Did rejuvenate them a little bit bottom an extra year on the. I don't know. I don't think he's going to give you great numbers. But you talked about him. He was not not an objectionable last guy to get if you waited till the end because he's not really going to hurt you the worst case. He's not gonna hurt. You know is hurting you. Atlanta's middle infield ozzy albee's dan's swanson. Not even close to two hundred batting average. No power no speed. Are you more likely to buy low..

ryan mckenna Cedric mullins john birdie Matt chapman donaldson carson kelly santander tuesday next week Andrew yadi marlena wilson williams two Lumet ann lewis Masahiro tanaka philadelphia Brinson seven yesterday
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"Wanna know with a 1.6 earned run average through three starts this year, and he's given the chance in his first start, five innings and then the last 26 full innings both times with room, perhaps firm or disproven. He's been really good. He'll pitch today against Philadelphia. Meanwhile, the Phillies who are eight and nine Game and a half out in the National League East Philadelphia's get the former giant Andrew McCutchen and left field batting leadoff. Reese Hoskins, Northern California native at first base, sitting second Bryce Harper He's had a good SYRIZA in right field, hitting third Alec Bomb the third basement cleanup hitter Brad Miller at second base bats. Fifth Andrew Knapp doing the catching Today he had six Nick Mate on been pretty impressive. His first two major league games again shortstop for the Phillies, hitting seventh. Mickey Mony AC In center field bats eighth and the starting pitcher for Philadelphia is exact, Eh, Flynn. He makes the start and also bats Ninth Heflin This'll be his fourth start of the year. Wanna know where the 315 earned run average and the overall numbers are good? 20 innings pitched 16 strikeouts, only two walks. So Evelyn's been real solid. For the Phillies that was started a year James will face the big right hander on the mound. It's eh Flynn Andy School. Funny. That's our pitching matchup today in the serious finale Umpires. Adam Hammer is calling balls and strikes and at least In the past, he has had a very big strike zone again. Who likes to call strikes should be pitcher friendly today, hammering behind home plate. Kerwin Danley, the crew chief at first CB Buckner at second, and Chad Fairchild is the umpiring third. This copyrighted broadcast is presented by authority of the San Francisco Giants and may not be reproduced or retransmitted it in any form. The accounts and descriptions of this game may not be disseminated without the express written consent. Of the San Francisco Giants. Well, we'll see.

Andrew McCutchen Adam Hammer Brad Miller Chad Fairchild Bryce Harper Reese Hoskins Kerwin Danley Mickey Mony Andrew Knapp James 16 strikeouts Evelyn Fifth Phillies Philadelphia Nick Mate Today 315 Flynn Alec Bomb
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"The sports world continues to react to the derrick showman. Travel verdict. Justice has not been realized yet. We're coming a long way, but we still have a long way to go. There's a sun rising in the East. Oh, that's the shot clock buzzer. Devin Booker drills it the Knicks knock down their eighth in a row straight on three. It's good Randall with this 63 tonight in baseball, there's a slugfest at the Coliseum Wetting Street is at 11 Incredible, and it's naptime and Citizens Bank Park. He's went on a walk off single by Andrew Knapp. All that and more rock paper scissors. Let's see how competitive you are. This is SportsCenter all night. Now. Here's J. Reynolds. Good finishes in baseball Wednesday. That's straight ahead. SportsCenter all night, ESPN radio, the ESPN app Sirius XM Channel 80. What a month. April has been for Steph Curry number 30 for the Warriors racking up 30 Point games. What if I told you what if I told you he had 78 3 pointers over his string of 11 consecutive 30 point games? Wednesday in our nation's capital, just four points in the first half against the Wizards. And what if I told you that while Curry wasn't putting up the numbers that we've seen recently Russell Westbrook Woz maybe a working left to right that stores left double team left wing Westbrook Wiggins is on him that's like rocking the cradle dries banks with life. There's another life size of that exact Wiggins, wizardly 1 12 1 dead a minute 22 to go. Westbrook 14 points 20 rebounds 10 assists. He has 13 triple doubles in his last 15 games. And there's Bradley Beal,.

Devin Booker Andrew Knapp J. Reynolds Bradley Beal Steph Curry Russell Westbrook Curry 78 Westbrook 10 assists Randall 14 points Coliseum Wetting Street Knicks Wednesday 30 point games 11 Incredible first half tonight three
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"andrew knapp" Discussed on WGR 550 Sports Radio

"Beating the Hawks. 1 37 1 27 8 straight wins now for the next Julius Randle, leading him with 40 points that snaps the Hawks to game win streak. But that's not the bad news for Atlanta. Raise floater in the lane is in and out. Oh, boy! Tracer it now. Trey, get fouled on the play, and they didn't call it now. Here's a foul against the Hawks Is Trey got hurt on that plate? I know his ankle looks like yes, it is the ankle. He was helped. Off the court into the locker room did not return the information on 90 to 9 game from Atlanta. The sons As we go on in the NBA beat the Sixers won 16 1 13 washing over Golden State by four. Steph Curry With just 18 points in this 17 of 25 from the floor, the streak of 11 straight with that least 30 points is now over Major League baseball, the Phillies and the Giants. Tied at five in the money pitch swung on, ripped into left field base hit Harper frozen moment. Now in the third, he's being waved home. Dickerson's throw to the plate is not in time and the Phillies win it on a walk off single by Andrew Knapp. All the excitement and fun on sports Radio 94 w. Y p in Philadelphia as the Phillies get the wind 65 elsewhere, A's winning their 11 straight 13, 12 and 10 over Minnesota. Seattle shuts out Baltimore the final there. Was three to nothing and the Pirates defeat the Tigers by the final of 3 to 2. We're back on Thursday in two teams.

Andrew Knapp 40 points Dickerson Steph Curry Hawks Phillies 17 Pirates Thursday Trey 10 Tigers 12 two teams 16 Julius Randle Seattle 90 Philadelphia Golden State
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"Finals in National League parks, the Rockies next opponents the Phillies rally to beat the Giants after giving up on early lead. Zach F. Flynn had them in front 4 to 1. But in the seventh inning, Darren Rough it a three run homer to tie things for the Giants after the Giants took a 54 lead. Bryce Harper homered. To read claim the territory if you will for the Phillies, and then they got a walk off base it from Andrew Knapp to knock in the winning run in the bottom of the ninth inning. In addition to the Harper, Homer, Mickey Mani yak Monje kid his first big league home run money. Jack was the number one pick overall in the baseball draft as a high schooler back in 2016, Trevor Rogers, seven. Shutout innings for the Marlins with eight strikeouts, a three run fifth inning for the fish. Or all the runs that Rogers and Yumi Garcia, who got the save his fourth would deed. Hey, Suse AG E L R and Adam DeVol knocked in the Miami runs three. Nothing. The fish beat the birds in Miami there in the seventh inning in Washington, and we have a one to nothing advantage. Washington over the Cardinals. Missouri native Max Shires, ER six innings of four hit shutout, pitching with nine strikeouts. The Cardinals Have AH allowed just the one Washington run, but so far that is enough. The Brewers and Padres playing in San Diego, sixth inning there The pods have a 2 to 1 lead but to Nelson Willamette, one of their fine young pitchers who they are counting on this year, made his debut and it lasted only two innings. Before he had to leave with right forearm tightness. He had elbow issues, and his season was cut short, ah, year ago. They completed this suspended game. In Cincinnati, the Diamondbacks win it by a 5 to 4 count a bases loaded walk the difference in that one. And the other game there has yet to get started, plus later on the Mets at Chicago, Zach Davies for the Cubbies and David Peterson from reaches Jesuit will pitch for the Mets. The Rockies beat the Astros Day off tomorrow and then the fills in town on Friday. We'll get all the coverage. Information your way coming up next on the K away Iraqis Radio Network. Welcome to Colorado, where.

David Peterson Zach F. Flynn Zach Davies Yumi Garcia Trevor Rogers Adam DeVol Rogers Bryce Harper Andrew Knapp 5 2016 Friday Giants San Diego Darren Rough Harper 2 Homer Max Shires Phillies
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"In the yard on boston. Side of things they were able to muster three runs on six hits jd. Martinez did go yard. He hit the first home. Run of the year for the red sox. He went two for four with two rb. Is he sitting five hundred here early on christian vasquez behind the dish three for four. His average is four twenty nine. But the rest of the offense only able to muster up one hit martinez invest quiz went a combined. Five for eight. Everybody else went one for twenty four on the day so zimmerman from baltimore side. Six innings three runs gets the victory on boston side. Garrett richards really struggled to winning seven hits six runs tailored in finnish much better two thirds of an inning five hits and four runs and then ultimately the bullpen was able to kinda stabilize things but the baltimore orioles certainly a surprise here early on with a sweep of the red sox in boston and i know boston wasn't supposed to be spectacular but i certainly didn't have baltimore going up to boston and putting together a sweep now. The rest of the american league east we have the tampa bay rays. They faced off against the miami marlins they took game one by a score of one to nothing and this was a fantastic pitchers duel until the top of the eighth inning. When tampa was able to push run across but tyler glass now was absolutely electric for the race. Six innings one hit six strikeouts. He was fantastic. Like i said alcan tara. For the marlins was excellent. Six innings to hit seven strikeouts. Just a fantastic pitchers duel pitching. You should have watched this matchup because it was excellent but Again tampa throwing the shut out thompson fairbanks castio combined and then on miami side of things ultimately garcia going one run over one inning allowing that and it was a home. Run to austin meadows. Which was the difference here in game one now in game two a bit more offense came around but tampa came away the winner by a score of six to four in game two. This was due to a four run top of the ninth inning. So miami had a four two lead going to the top of the ninth but a blown save by bass on the marlins side of things giving up four runs on one hit. The big one was a home. Run by wendell. Three run shot in the top of the ninth. Meadows also went deep for tampa as well as margot so. The long ball was used by tampa to win this one on miami saturday things again. Four runs on ten hits yarborough five and two third scoreless for tampa bay. Their bullpen was a bit shaky in this one but ultimately again four to two miami until the top of the ninth when the raise rebel to put something together and wendell was able to get the big hit to get the raise the victory to take games one and game two in this series. Now miami was able to win game three by a score of twelve to seven. They avoided a sweep. They took advantage shop on chris. Archer from tampa bay side of things archer only went four innings or no. He came in and relief for two innings but gave up four runs. He followed rich hill. Who went four innings allowing four runs so those two guys at the top of the lineup allowing eight runs over six innings and then mccue at the bottom end of the bullpen went in the eighth inning allowing three runs. So the home run ball for miami came through duval. Cooper both went yard for the marlins on tampa bay side of things in nino went deep for the first time this year and miami kinda went pitcher by committee in this matchup hernandez struggled early on two and a third to runs campbell. Two innings three runs cimber two-thirds of innings one run and then ultimately the rest of the way they were able to stabilize things to win game three and avoid the sweep against the tampa bay rays now the other match up in the national league is the phillies in the braves. This was another surprise of opening weekend. Absolutely the philadelphia phillies come out and game one and are able to get the victory by a score of three to two in extra innings again. The runner on second base in extra innings lead to some exciting extra inning baseball and the top of the tenth. The braves they moved the runner to third with one out to fly ball to center field and roman. Quinn was able to throw the guy out at home and play the plate. Bang bang play ultimately got him down and then jeans gora came through in the bottom of the tenth with an rbi single and win it. Aaron nola was excellent for the phillies. He went six two six. Hits two runs. Eighty four pitches in eighty. Three of them were fantastic. It was that eighty four th pitch. They were up to two nothing pinchitting. Pablo sandoval all came up and hit a two run home. Run and the top of the seventh inning. So for eighty three pitches and over six innings nola shutting down that atlanta braves offense until ultimately one mistake in the panda jumped all over it to make it a to ballgame now. The bullpen for the phillies. They held out the rest of the day. Bradley alvarado garrison brogden with scoreless innings. That was certainly nice to see from the phillies perspective after watching that bullpen. All of last year and then on the brave saddest things. They were very good as well. Max freed five innings. Six sits to earn runs into scoreless outings for matt sick minter martin and smith before again jones gave up the run which goes down as unearned due to the guy starting on second base but seven hits two runs for the braves like i said the only rbi's from sand of all being a pinch hitter starting lineup. One through nine really struggled on the phillies side. Gene segarra two for five. Jt rio mutoko two for five and they were able to get three runs across nine hits for the phillies. This took us two game. Two on saturday the phillies won by a score. Four or four to nothing and really the takeaway. The mvp zack wheeler both on the mound. And at the plate we alert seven innings runs. one hits ten strikeouts over ninety pitches and then at the plate. Like i mentioned two for three with two. Rbi is i saw a statistic that wheeler is one of two philadelphia phillies pitchers in last fifty plus years to have at least ten strikeouts in a game and allow less hits than he had at the plate himself again giving up one hit he had to the only other phillies pitcher to do it. Was roy holiday. When he threw a perfect game against the miami marlins about twelve years ago. down in miami. So zack wheeler hitting one hundred on the gun. He was fantastic. Shutout innings from bradley and narus were able to lock down and complete the shut out for the phillies. The only guy with the hit was travis. Dr nome on the brave side of things and the phillies. We're able to get four runs to rbi's by wheeler in to. By reese hoskins was the difference. Charlie morton five innings six hits three runs but that was enough for the phillies to get the victory based on wheelers. Fantastic outing now. In game three on sunday the phillies one. Another pitching duel by a score of two gay or two runs to want sweet by the philadelphia phillies against the braves. And other fantastic outing zach eflin seven innings four hits one earned. Run eight strikeouts here. The only run he allowed was a home. Run to travesty are known and then this game was tied at one until the bottom of the eighth inning. Andrew knapp head a home run early in the game for the phillies and then alec bomb came through with an rbi single in the bottom of the eighth. To which. Jose alvarado got the victory. And hector narus with the save but ian anderson five innings. Four hits one run. He was very good yet again continuing where he left off last season he was followed. By matsick minter martin and dayton but martin ultimately went two thirds of any three hits and one run taken the loss on the evening but the phillies bullpen. Not allowing a run over the course of three games to an offense like the atlanta braves. Fantastic and atlanta's offense ozzy albee's doesn't have a hit yet. Freddie freeman doesn't have a hit dance be swanson hitting one hundred christian passion one hundred so none of these guys are hitting yet for it layup and whether that's due to the phillies excellent pitching or if they just weren't seeing the baseball that'll be to be determined based on the next series but to win by a score of three two two four to nothing to to one you're giving up three runs in three games to the braves. The phillies pitching staff had themselves. A fantastic opening weekend. That'll do it here for segment number one of baseball podcast brought to you by the mc podcast network step aside here now for word from one of our sponsors and one of.

ian anderson Jose alvarado Aaron nola Five narus Freddie freeman ozzy albee reese hoskins five hundred Pablo sandoval three Jt rio mutoko Six Martinez Three Four Andrew knapp Cooper christian vasquez matsick minter
Phillies pitchers dominate again, sweep Braves on Bohm hit

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Phillies pitchers dominate again, sweep Braves on Bohm hit

"Alan Alan poems poems RBI RBI single single in in the the bottom bottom of of the the eighth eighth inning inning enabled enabled the the Phillies Phillies to to complete complete a a three three game game sweep sweep of of the the Braves Braves with with a a two two one one win win the the Phillies Phillies the the color color of of the the leaves leaves in in the the bottom bottom of of the the second second inning inning on on a a solo solo home home run run by by Andrew Andrew Knapp Knapp Atlanta Atlanta tied tied the the game game in in the the top top of of the the seventh seventh when when Travis Travis d'arnaud d'arnaud hit hit his his first first Homer Homer of of the the season season Jose Jose Alvarado Alvarado picked picked up up the the win win in in relief relief Hector Hector Neris Neris notched notched his his first first save save of of the the season season Michael Michael Luongo Luongo Philadelphia Philadelphia

Alan Alan Phillies Braves Phillies Phillies Andrew Andrew Knapp Knapp Travis Travis Arnaud D'arnaud Atlanta Homer Homer Jose Jose Alvarado Alvarado Hector Hector Neris Neris Michael Michael Luongo Luongo Philadelphia
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"andrew knapp" Discussed on Fantasy Focus Baseball

"He should probably host this show. Good job nick. Good guy. And i don't really care how anyone else's bracket on the show to either like as soon as west virginia loss. I'm like our. Why did i pick them to go to the final four but look at this fifteen and thirteen seeds and along to be kyle. Who's an expert. Kyle is the men's ncaa tournament bracket expert. If we're on the year. Kyle how many do you still have for your final four around three. But the one that matters their entire losing early. But who'd you have winning at all. I want to get on a good about sucker in such a bad mental spy yesterday. Uh see i'd rather not do the bracket so i wouldn't care about the result of the syracuse restaurant game all. I was waiting for his trying to stay awake to watch. My villanova team and i did not go nowhere. But they're like the college team philadelphia area and You know i loved it. It was an easy win. The pension i got to watch the sixers. They win. no flyers playing. That's good news. All right let's move onto fantasy baseball now. South peres signed the contract essentially with the royals. It's ridiculous for years. Eighty two million. And i read the story. I think i read the athletic. Where basically gm saying. Yeah we did this because of what he did in the past. I mean how much how. How logic was that. We're gonna pay you for extra years now into your mid thirties for stuff that you did in the past not stuff you're going to do in the future and i wrote a blog today. I was the escaping saying look. Don't draft south ways and jt rule. Muto and i assume you don't know not the draft yada audio molina in your dynasty league. Assuming that they're going to be good in three or four years because they're not going to be doing the same thing in three or four years is a different argument tristen than this year. Where you've got real mutu ranked fifty spots higher than i do. I agree real. Muto is becoming a bit of a value especially if he misses the first week of the season. But what say you about dynasty keeper formats when it comes to thirty year old catchers. Yeah i think it's wise advice. You're dishing. It's not smart belt around players like this. I think leans towards obvious. I think you're being a little too critical of peres's long term prognosis. Because i do feel like he fits a little bit of the molina pat. The one difference being that he's more power less batting average oriented than malina so it might be a steep fall when peres finally declines but at thirty years old for a four year deal. It's not wise from a from. From the way they postured why they did the contract. But i actually do think he's going to provide a decent amount of value over the next three years. Maybe the life of the contract. It just seems to me that this is a poor investment and as affiliates fan. I was like of course. We need real. Most of this year is better than andrew knapp and. it's not my money but by the end of this contract. I mean what are you expecting here. These guys yati yati. Merlin is different. And maybe sal will join him even though he just missed a year now wasn't for like a knee injury or something that happens over and over again but and why are we projecting him about two seventy two saw peres other than last season. Hasn't bad that high in a season since two thousand and thirteen. We think he's getting better in his thirties. I i just. I don't know i'm out i'm at when it comes at keep you don't think he's gonna you don't think there's a chance getting better. I mean i really like some of the stuff he did last year. He's not meeting the batting average but he did make some pretty tangible improvements. He worked three more times than you did three. Okay what three times. It's if we run out of art modesty how this like. There's a. there's a riskier. He batted in two thousand. Eighteen is last full season. He had a two thirty five. Let's say does that again but.

Kyle thirties Muto andrew knapp nick three times last year Eighty two million today kyle fifty spots philadelphia four years yesterday four year Eighteen two thousand two thirty five a year west virginia
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"andrew knapp" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"They just never got the ball in jail in Smith's hands. It was either Jason Tatum missing shots or Kemba Walker. Missing shots or market smart, missing shots and Jalen Brown just he was on the floor, but it became like the forgotten man. And I thought it was a big reason why the Celtic food the game the other night now, the reports out of the locker room there after those that were screaming the most at each other word, Jalen Brown and Marcus smart, not surprising with markets more because he is The most emotional slash volatile player on the team. But if Galen Brown was airing out a little bit that you guys kind of left me out of the mix lady here. I'II had a ground to stand on. I thought the Celtics handled the late game situations for minutes on end wouldn't lead poorly and that they never got one of their best. Stop into player shot. Well, Galen Brown got a whole bunch of shots in the early going tonight. He had 17. In the first half, and he has been a major contributor to the Celtics. Big lead. Ah, they're up by 19 points with seven minutes to play, so I'd like to see that B a Siri's over in the Western Conference. Lakers had had trouble in their first two Siri's in Game one. They lost game one to the crowd places and didn't look good at it, either. And then he ripped off for consecutive wins. They lost Game one in their most recent Siri's and didn't really look good in that game and then ripped off for consecutive win so they would certainly on a trend. They weren't taken shots like that here against the Denver Nugget to upset the Clipper. Huge I've been on since the Clippers got eliminated, and I do want to ask him questions about the Bucks and Clippers. Two teams were Supposed to, if not be facing off, get each other in the final, at least in their conference finals, and neither one of them key that, But the Lakers just smoked the Nuggets the other night. I know Jamal Murray was unhappy after the game and Took some verbal shots of his own. After his team got tail kicked. The woe is us. Nobody wants us here. We're a massive underdog thing on Lee works if you keep it under wraps until after you win a game. You can't go there after you go out and get blown out in game number two, where Anthony Davis and LeBron James were just both phenomenal in the game. So en bas fans. I'm going to keep the MBA. If phone lines open all throughout the night, we'll get more specific after the Celtics put away game to here and I will later on. Unfortunately, need to put one of my favorite MBA players in his place. You know, I'm Lebron fan. If you listen to me it all over the last seven years here on CBS Sports Radio. I am a road LeBron defender, not a LeBron detractor. But what he pulled after game number one was just baffling to me and disappointing to be truthful with you. I s O n b. A is in the mix Hit me up 855 to 124227. Kevin from Long Island's up on CBS portrayed D'oh. Hey, cap! What's up Back man, But the fix is in for Lakers Celtics. The fix is in. How do you figure? I just, You know, all the tradition all those great matchups in the eighties? Yeah, kinda because they earned it. And if they match up in the N B a final again here, they will have earned it again. I don't think it will have anything to do with a fix. You're a Jets have any chance 1st 40 Niners? Minimal. Here's their chance. The 40 Niners are actually pretty beat up. They got a bunch of guys who are going to be out of the lineup tomorrow, including Tittle, who's right there with keeps for tight and Kelsey as the two best tight ends in all of football. So that gives him a bit of a puncher's chance. But they certainly have to be better than they were last week. Yes, Buffalo Post Broncos Week three in Week four seem winnable, though. Ah, yes, either gave, um I think both of those two teams on paper better than a jet. But not so much better that you say alright, gets a job and trying keep within two. Touchdown. Yes. Ah, I think they're gonna have a tough time tomorrow but either in the next two weeks are more winnable. About the J T Real Motel sweepstakes with the Mets Phillies. It could be very interesting. He's having a phenomenal year. He's hurt right now. And Oh, by the way is backup catcher Ra Ah, Andrew Knapp is coming off the bat can help in the Phillies win some games. He is not the replacement of gay t V. L. Motta. Ifyou're Philly fan, you're going. Yeah, but we have Andrew Knapp. You're not setting your height your sites near high enough. The owners got money. He says he's willing to spend money. But the Mets give me two fillies did stay under the luxury captive here. He likes Philadelphians very tight with Bryce Harper if the Phillies come close to matching or match any other offer, I think you'll stay in Philadelphia. But Someone may like to met with their new well heeled new ownership. Be willing to blatantly over pay for me at a really low tone. If that's the case, Yeah, he could be Queens bound next year. Steve Cohen won a new GM and manager. I don't honestly know yet. Um, hey is well, First of all, he's not officially the Mets new owner yet. They gotta go through the process. If he smart and I diggy is that's how you become a Trillionaire like he is. You don't let information out information his key, So if he's going to make moves, I don't think he's going to let that leak out. I think he'll do a good job of keeping that in house. If you're asking me my opinion I don't think they're manicurist done a bad job. I actually think he's done a pretty good job with the team he was given this year and I would feel bad if he was blown out after one year just because owners have changed. Brody bandwagon and has been in his position for several years. And while he's made a couple of good moves, he's made some pretty bad moves to thieves and Brodsky. Dombrowski is a really smart guy. Um, has had success in several different stops would be a really smart higher for the Mets if they decide to move out there, general manager Dombrowski's good candidates. Anybody on the planet? Hi, Jody. Thank you Got it. Pre hit call. Yeah. The Mets. Ah, are going to go to a change there going to be sold. Steve Cohen is one of the richest men in the United States. And he is a die hard Mets fan who has made a lot of money and is not willing to unwilling to spend it. So I expect the Mets to be very aggressive in the free agent market during this upcoming off season, and J T. Yamamoto would be a natural fit for him because He's the best catcher in baseball is a couple of guys. We could argue, but I'll take a T Realmuto already, buddy, and he is going to be a free agent, and the Mets could certainly use a major upgraded catcher. So That they moved it would make a lot of sense. The fillies want to keep him But they did pay Bryce Harper a lot of money just the previous off season, and are they now going to reopen up the bank and give someone 150 160 170 Mile. I don't even know how high it's I will re Yamamoto if you're talking average per year. No catcher makes close to 25 million Prior And that's what I think is asking Price is going to be in that neighborhood, which is just short of the Bryce Harper neighborhood, but a very ritzy neighborhood just the same. Very interesting to see how it kicked out. I don't know about you. But the last three days I've been paying very close attention to the.

Mets Celtics Phillies Lakers Bryce Harper Galen Brown Jalen Brown Jets Siri Steve Cohen Lebron Clippers Bryce Harper neighborhood CBS Smith Kemba Walker Jason Tatum LeBron James Marcus smart LeBron
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"andrew knapp" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"Front edge of the base. They're almost missed the bass, Freddie Freeman swing and a line drive, and that's a base hit out of left center field and over there to cut off his Quinn. One run is in there is the next runner. Throw to the plate, the tag and out of the plate. They had to be swats and trying to score from first and he couldn't do it. Cut down on the dish, and that is the way the ball game ends. Oh, my, what a way to snap a losing streak. And bail out. The bullpen might not be overwhelmed wise on the phone, checking to see if they should challenge. I think he's also asking About whether Andrew Knapp blocked the plate. Cut it off in the gap. Fired it into DD. And NAP, did a great job on it to bounce, throw, collecting it putting the tag on. So I don't know how nap was able to do that and hang on to the baseball. That's really impressive. He's if this is it, he's the player of the game because that's it. He gets to save right there. Wow. I mean, that throw bounced twice, and here's what I'll say. Is that he wasn't set up to block the runner. He was set up and move to where the ball was being Gregory. I mean, they rarely make this call, by the way. So they're reviewing it in New York. Probably about less than a mile from me. It's about 35 Miles for me to the ballpark. I mean, Andrew job. On a couple of bounces. If they call him safe because he blocked the plate, then I don't understand the rules out at the plate, and the game is over. Night CD Gregorius ENROLLMENT. Klain, I should say Roman Quinn, DD Gloria's and Andrew.

Andrew Knapp Andrew job Freddie Freeman Gregory Roman Quinn baseball Andrew New York Klain Gloria
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"andrew knapp" Discussed on WMAL 630AM

"All right. We're all waiting to see how the capitals they're going to do. Starting tonight seven thirty. Hurt. The Carolina Hurricanes are coming into town. Cannot wait. I've actually so excited for this. And you know, not gonna get ahead of myself as excited as you would be if the mullahs report was released tonight, which would be more excited. Actually, it's kinda would read it while what with the TV on more. So look forward to the capital's playing and see if they can make their way to the Stanley Cup. But the capitals apparently recreated their Stanley Cup moment with the babies that they conceived during their Stanley Cup run into your Lord. Did you know that? So you know, there's baby boomers with people from people returned from war. There's apparently the Stanley Cup kids from the from the capital's Cup cuddles Capitols fans. This is ABC seven Capitols fans took to the streets to celebrate. After the team wanted first Stanley Cup in franchise history last June for some the celebrations also seem to have led to the next generations of Capitols fans, Andrew Knapp, and Jennifer let me get this. Right uncles base. Their daughter is their good luck charm. This is a Lexus Riley Nep Andrew said she's named after Alex Ovechkin. Wow. So all these these capitals babies that fans were conceiving. Everybody was conceiving babies. Thanks to the capital and some really cute pictures of of some of the players kids with the Stanley Cup. Yeah. Creating photos that the dads had done with the Stanley Cup. Very cute. I love I do too early. All right. Hopefully, we can have more of this next year gonna door into cath. Twenty eight on wwl mail. If you could do something to protect your family with just ten minutes effort, would you bother if something should ever happen to you that ten minute effort. Could mean the difference between hardship and financial security for your loved ones. Life insurance is something most people don't like to think about too many people do nothing until it's too late. The reason people expect it will be a big hassle..

Capitols Nep Andrew mullahs Carolina Alex Ovechkin cath Andrew Knapp Jennifer ten minutes ten minute
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"andrew knapp" Discussed on You're Wrong... And Here's Why

"The MLB obviously does just because soccer's a little bit more of a worldwide sport, but still, I mean, you're you're, you're ten million below the English merely America's pastime more than yourself to the younger audience. Not with silly nicknames, like big fudge on the back of somebodies jersey, but allow people to to use your highlights fit band and taken off and different things like that for posting highlights of your game. Why do you think the NBA so big because every night something happens in a game and even if you're not watching if you're on social media, you see it happen on Twitter in NBA, Twitter's Twitter sphere. The only sport as far as American sports go that it beats right now is the NHL I didn't look at the MLS because sitter it. I love the argument you just made because I think it sets me up so nicely. Of course, I really do. You talk about major league baseball being unable to capitalize in the same degree of popularity that other sports have, and I agree completely. They're, they're not as good at it. And I think this creates some opportunity for baseball and major league baseball players to get to show a little bit of their personality, and I'm going to ignore the whole like this is very much an old man yelling kids to get off his lawn ornament aspect of this, which it is in. And I know that there's a traditional lamented play, but it just doesn't matter. This is an opportunity for baseball to let players personality shine a little bit and help that marketing increase, help get people more interested in sharing their stuff on social media and all of that. It's the one opportunity players have to get away from the rigid rules of baseball and show who they are in. Some of these are fun. You know, Carl Edwards junior went with Carl's junior and and away who went with who and a question Mark. Kyle Seager went with corey's brother. And I recognize it. I'm basically doing exactly what you were talking about with those websites that are talking about best names, but I think that's valid and that those websites exist for a reason because it's interesting. You know, Wellington Castro went with beef and Joey vodka went with Tokyo Choo sung Kuwano went with some indecipherable Asian characters that I don't understand Josh vaguely, when with be NL. That's hilarious. That is absolutely hilarious. Sunny gray went with pickles and nice little. A nice little mentioned. They're Andrew Knapp went with nap time, Brad hand, bro. Tayo and there were dumped ones just blaze from Michael Blazek, Steve. She sack went with spewed pass. And Tommy hunter went with Tommy to tau some of predom-, but at least they get to show their personality. Oh yeah, nothing. Nothing makes me think that more people are gonna come watch baseball games or watch us on TV like Brad box burgers emoji last name on the back of his jersey as creative as that is. I don't think it's doing and having the effect that major league baseball thinks that it's having. I think that the the game fundamentally from a marketing stamp what has to change and you have to make your guys more marketable and more personable, but there's better ways to do it than having random nicknames on the back of jerseys. You see what they do during the all star games and they interview guys on the field and they do things like that. Obviously, you're not gonna do that. You know, gave accounts, they all star games an exhibition game, but that's how you show guys personalities better. I think the MLB network can be better with certain things that they do in the different shows that they have and having guys on there talking to them in in game, it's just it's just it feels very like it's a bunch of old guys in a boardroom that said, hey, what? What? A kid's like, oh, silly nicknames. Let's just put it up there and that that's. Going to. That's going to make our target demographic a whole lot different and make baseball even more popular. So I think that it accomplished exactly that that kids are now actually talking about those names. We're here talking about this names and we wouldn't be sitting here talking about, you know, Ian Krol or Doug fister people like that right now, if not that not that being the case. So look and the argument I get it completely. There's an argument of tradition here. Baseball is a game of tradition. It's the game that has changed very little since it was created..

baseball MLB Twitter NBA NHL Tayo soccer Kyle Seager America Brad hand Carl Edwards Tommy hunter Sunny gray Doug fister Andrew Knapp Ian Krol Brad box Wellington Castro Mark
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"They made a couple of interesting trades they traded Aaron Lou for Jacob logs pack. Who is a fun name in an undrafted free agent, but they're too big deals. Were Wilson Rama's for future considerations played rename later cash and his drubel Cabrera for Franklin, Franklin, Killa. And I actually think you know, as much as the Mets didn't have anybody home at this deadline like had John Rico from from starship troopers manning the helm, and in sandy alderson's absence and they, I think the Mets really screwed up by not trading Zack Wheeler, for instance, or not really having a plan to drum up market for somebody like to grow. On if that's what if that's what their situation dictated, but getting kill may, who is he's a power arm potential impact reliever. He's the kind of pitcher, like not tremendously dissimilar from Matt Harvey, it a a similar stage of prospect evolvement who they've, they've turned those relievers in a quality, starting pitchers for awhile. It's a lot to give up for as drubel Cabrera who doesn't really fix the Phillies shortstop prob like their problem is they've got six infielders, and the only one of them who's shortstop is j p Crawford and he's hurt. And when he's not, he's not hitting. So it's another sort of black hole and infield defense, but but help getting Wolfson Rama's and loop. That helps a lot that that gets era got a blanket on an Andrew Knapp. Wow, it gets answer nab out of the add a line of for the time being. So I think the Phillies improved at the the deadline. But again, it's it's just it just feels like every team. Those inau Machado didn't get him is. Yeah, missed opportunities sets the thing I, I would imagine not to put my mind not to put myself in the mind of a affiliate fence since we have a legitimate one on the podcast right now, but I would think that it would have to be something of a letdown to have been considered the favourite for Machado for awhile and to have already been dreaming of signing him to an extension and having him forever and ever and then having to settle for Hesterberg Cabrera it's a, you know, a little bit of a step down, but I think they got better. I don't know if they got better by as much as the Braves did though, because the Braves were very active and they got Gusman and they got divall and they picked up Venter's and Brad Brock, and they were very busy in short, a number of areas. And that's going to be an exciting race. You know, Bill was asking us before if there was an NFL team that would be boring in the playoffs sir that we wouldn't wanna see. And for me, maybe it is the nationals. Not that I have anything against the nationals, but. I kind of tired of seeing the nationals. I guess in the playoffs. I'd rather see the young upstarts who were maybe slightly ahead of schedule the Phillies and the Braves, lots of exciting young players. I feel like the nationals have had their shot and blown it repeatedly. And of course, if they were to blow it again, then you have meltdown potential will be funny, right? I see shares her pump it up in the ploughs one more time. Yeah, I like that too. Either way. I mean, whether they missed the playoffs or they exit in the first round, you have more Matt Williams potential for clubhouse stories because we've heard a lot about the nationals clubhouse in the last few days and whether it is or isn't currently terrible. So that seems like one of those cases where stuff's going to come out after the season, particularly with Harper may be moving on, and you mentioned Phillies fans being disappointed. I am the wrong Philly's fan. Ask about that because I love Wilson Ramos, like I actually in real life, love Wilson Rama's. And so like I would just personally. I would almost rather have him the Machado just from a routing standpoint. So I'm probably not even that. I. Oh, yeah. Well, listen, you know, before you put on your rhino, Hamlin hat, Al Fara is a work in progress. This is the whole point of where Al far is. He's freak athlete who still needs to refine a lot of his baseball skills. And I think the strikes he's taken defensively, this year are encouraging..

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"The six and four in the fifth so really got the lead there after the marlins seemed to set the tone there but they win a fourteen to twelve there marlins trying to come back a little bit but could not in that one in texas the the rangers beat the tigers seven and five you've only or get sister of the season in milwaukee brewers win seven two two over the braves newly chesini gets his seventh win of the season he's pitched very well for the brewers this season in minnesota in milwaukee and minneapolis it's the twins and the orioles the twins win five to two sleepers gets the win his first of the season as the twins were able to get the lead there early in the ad on late as they win that one five two in houston the astros walkoff on the on the white sox with two runs in the bottom of the ninth inning yuli gurriel sparked the gets the pawpaw there for the astros as he singled knock into to win the game there in houston or make make that one george springer knocked a run as well to tie the game they're in the model ninthinning on thursday and arizona diamondbacks dropped one at home to the padres ponders win six to three in arizona and then in seattle the mariners take game one or the last game series against the angels four to one in seattle all right that was thursday now over to friday we'll give you some more in depth along with the home runs the way we usually do it over here on this show with these with these friday games as you know the giants and the cardinals got got their series going back again the giants the win this one late three two was the final it was tied to two giant score run in the bottom of the seventh inning to win this one pablo sandoval was featured as well hit his seventh hellman of the season that was in the sixth inning to take the lead for the giants the first time in four the cardinals tied it up and the angel mccutchen single in the bottom of the seventh inning gave them the lead the save in that one went to will smith his third of the season in chicago the reds continue to play well against the cubs as they win this one three two in at wrigley tower molly was very very good this one is he held the cubs bats very quiet as went six and twothirds innings one one allowed five hits two walks four strikeouts for him as he was pretty economical in in that outing one hundred and two pitches looking nine ground balls four five that's how you get outs keeping up on the ground in washington actually looking at home runs in this when we do we have any home runs in that game nope no home runs in that one all right going over to washington the we had three three games in a row of three two scores so i said oh tom was the high scoring games wait one more game the nationals beat the marlins three two on friday as again they got mark reynolds going for them he hit his eighth home run of the year to take the lead there in the bottom of the ninth inning they walk off homer was all they needed there with that pinch it blast in the ninth inning to win the game at home they're the the winning pitcher was was sean doolittle 'cause he was visited record with a starter in this one four the nationals was doing zala says he went five innings two hundred eight hits four walks four strikeouts dan strictly also pitch pretty good and his notices in six innings to runs allowed five hits three walks one strike up for him in philadelphia here's all the runs the phillies beat the this is in pittsburgh the bell of pennsylvania the phillies beat the pirates seventeen to five in this one as only two home runs odal harare hit his fifteenth and then nap his fourth of the season that's the guy who walked off last last week really going to get a home run from their young catcher there for the for the phillies andrew knapp that was his fourth season ends ronald the blue jays beat the keys as it was a nice pitching performance from the blue starter lucas bigelow.

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"Welcome back to you sam see baseball podcasts on a monday was on a monday it's kind of busy as we have three days to cover a baseball i do want to get to the rest of the game to wanna leave anybody out right now as we are going to cover the rest of the games of this busy visit we can't have major league baseball we had a bunch of high scoring games we'll cover a couple of is growing as right now is the had eleven doubles against the as yesterday in oakland as they did salvage a game in that series as they win fifteen to three in oakland has a club injure gets the win his seventh of the season as eleven doubles scored eight runs in the eighth inning to really blow that one open twenty hits as well and this one as a home runs lindores hit his twenty first of the year in kronos sione his twentieth like i said doubling dora to jose ramirez had to lonzo at two and all that too i mean just branly had one i mean kipness gums everybody so i mean it was a it was a barrage of hitting their in oakland as the indians win fifteen to three in texas the right sox beat the rangers tend to five all the low pez gets the win there as obviously garcia when had four hits in the victory as the white sox him you continue to roll i mean not really all along but they're just kind of just the white sox third is there they be cool hamill who let me be a little harsh for him to his trade stock might be going down no homers in this game actually at all it was a couple of doubles for the for the white sox sales will triple for jose brave in this one as they get the win ten five twins could not come back against the cubs they were close they were close scored five in the eighth to try and come back but the cubs ribble to hold them off after scoring eight runs in the eighth in the second inning eleven to ten was the final john lester gets the win as they got home runs from leicester himself to run shaw or a a three run shot from leicester and then ian it a solo shot for the cubs the twins got home run from cave his third in a brian dosier his twelve and then garver hit is a third of the season for minnesota the nationals and phillies phillies walked off on the nationals four three as an gets the win because he was pitcher of record in an extra inning game as they went thirteen innings and in philadelphia before for nap it was of all people in that phillies lineup you didn't think that was me andrew knapp to walk it off but he did in fourteen thirteen thing was an absolute bombed on the line is they get the win their the braves beat the cardinals six five is they were up six nothing the cardinals came back in the bottom of the seventh to score five but that's all they could score that game they take the law they lose by just the one run the tommy fan i'm hit his thirteen th of the season for the cardinals for the braves freddy freeman his sixteenth year as the backup fulton avenue went five shutout innings one hit three walks nine strikeouts for him he gets the win for the braves mets and marlins stephen matt's gets the win as the marlins could not come back into the mets in this when five to was the final in in miami as matt's gets his fourth win the year beating danced really as the marlins any hogan home runs camera may been hit his first of the year for the marlins in this one struble cabrera his fourteen th of the season for new york in down here we got the new yankees and red sox in this one and eleven to one so we had eleven nothing on saturday red sox win yankees one eight to one on friday then we got eleven to one win for the yankees on sunday the overmatched that series as we got an early runs for the yankees just like the red sox had on saturday night against sonny gray but david price got lit up early as aaron judge started off with a solo shot in the first inning to raise our torres theresa's but glacier torres hit a three run shot also in the.

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"Route one hundred fifty times in these two guys here you'll make a lot of contact are putting the ball in play and right now windows doing a better job of it and the games that i've watched i'm not even looking at the numbers between the two of them but wendell has impressed in the advance and like i said when it comes down to as long as pitchers aren't hitting that spot down at in he's he could make them hurt but if a good pitching that command that spot he's going to struggle yeah i'm with you i prefer wendell to one i know right now like robinson's just been hot and he is hitting the ball really really hard but there just seems to he's just pulling everything i think pitchers are gonna start pitching them outside a bit and see see if he can actually go the other way on balls and i think he will struggle whereas wendell's really just being a good hitter at this point he's hitting the ball hard not nearly as hard as robertson but he's actually spreading all around to different parts of the field i feel like he is the a little bit better the defensive player so now does tough well the windows kind of limited he's had to play third base when somebody got hurt but robertson's a better defensive player he's a couple of things roberson there he's really good at third base and i would say when he's when he's made his mistakes that they've been at shortstop i've seen some work issues there was an issue in the last time the race went to boston there was no philly it was a home game there was a particular play where andrew knapp was at third base and somebody hit a ball into the hole to his to his arm side and robertson went out there got the ball is a very hard contact one hopper went and got it naps probably three steps off the bag and they could have thrown behind him and got him into a pickle instead they went the first base with an sailed through it off his back foot maybe it was that indecisiveness and that runs scored and the other the second base because of that same play was should have.

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