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Episode 1500

"T minus ten nine eight seven six five four three two one. Here it is. This is geek news. Central my name is todd. Cochran you from the new media. Production studio in coldwater michigan. Got a great show lined up for each night. A munster show. You're gonna wanna watch. This is going to be a big one because what it is. It's episode fifteen hundred and tonight show. We're going to talk about the regular stuff. The regular text african talk about windows. We're gonna talk about qualcomm or talk about ceus. We're gonna talk about amazon. But i'm first and foremost i want to welcome you to episode one thousand five hundred. Who were finally here of the geek. News central podcasts. For thursday january fourteenth this show shown sponsored in part by our good friends at go daddy dot com listeners. Just like you great deals and go. Daddy can be found a geek. News central dot com forward slash. Go daddy you can support this. Show today at cnn. Central dot com forward slash insider first and foremost. If you're checking this show out for the very first time. I want to welcome you. And of course. I wanted encourage you to get over to geek me. Central dot com check out the website. What swoop swoop swoops. That's the way back machine. That's what the website looked like in two thousand and two so. Make sure you get over to if you're watching and if you're not watching this show tonight you need to be watching the show. If you listened to the audio podcast you need to be watching the video. Podcast get over to central dot com. Once you get subscribe to the show. It's real easy right there on the right hand com website. Get subscribe so that you won't miss a single episode as we move into the next thousand episodes of coaching center for the newsletter. The news contains everything that i'm going to talk about tonight so we want to make sure that you don't miss out on that you'll get an email directly following. The show has all the show notes. Everything that i've covered here. So make sure you get connected with this here via the news editor and subscribe to the show. You can also join our chat room. A geek news dot chat were on discord as well. That lincoln the show notes. You can always contact me. The email geek. News at jean dot com geek news at gmail.com or twitter. Hat geek news. So you see a threat here and of course you can follow me on. Facebook partner. Shows are all linked to geek me. Central dot com and really do have to say as we start off. Thanks rob greenlee and my co host over at the new media. Show the bloggers at take care of the procure guru site. My my writers. Take care of geek. News central and of course. If you've been following your central this week we've been hammer it destroying the budget too with coverage from cas. Of course we've got the podcast legend show. That is dead but gnc week in review with kirk who is my executive producer and a big shout out to kirk for a really getting show. Prep done satan myself lots of time and of course don being the gadget professor our partner shows partner sites here are dot com again there on the very top of the website and getting the central definitely check those out so you know really this show ultimately would not be where it is today and all these years without our good friends at go daddy. They joined the show as integral partner and sponsor in june. Yes june of two thousand five holy smokes fink about that and been here every month supporting the show allowing me to do what they do. Keep the lights on allowing me. Pay the insurance lobbied. Pay the rent. Do what we need to do to be able to put a good show together to have built this beautiful studio and everything around it. So tonight i really want you to. If nothing else to tweet to think oh daddy for their longtime sponsorship of the show they really truly have been integral partner with the podcast. Now that said as always we want you to take just a few minutes and go over to getting a central dot com for go. Daddy we want you to to really think about it. Think about this thing about this. They been with this show for fifteen and a half years. It's amazing the show itself is only sixteen and four five months old. So think about it you know. Pick up a domain name get used my promo codes. Get thirty percent off a new product purchase. Hey you wanna start a kobe. A something is going to help you have backup to the next pandemic get a dollar month. Economy hosting for the first year of free demand for twelve bucks or get a dollar month managed press hosting site for the first year again with a free demean for twelve bucks. Those are the two best absolute to best deals in the podcasting space. There's nothing nothing. Nothing better than those two deals in the criteria re business owner free trial. Go daddy website. Builder your choice of personal business or business plus plans. That's a one month free trial and again chris rattling or if you're if you're watching tonight if you catch wind of this. You are my absolute longtime hero. Chris is the. Chris is the gow that called me and said todd. We want to sponsor your show starting a relationship that has lasted all these years. It's incredible there's no one else. No one in podcasting space that has had a sponsor for fifteen plus years the same sponsor for the same. So it's a testament to all of you picked up the promo codes hosting accounts. Use the discount codes renewed year after year. All those things the go into building the performance so that go daddy continues to sponsor the show. Yes i still have to put new butts in the seats every month but as long as we have new audience members coming in. We're able to meet that goal and you help me by promoting the show to your friends family members and people that you know it really. Is that simple. Now if you're watching yes of all nights for the stream to die. It's perfect for for months and months on end and tonight it died. So yes i'm going to have to edit after edit the show but anyway long story short thank you to go daddy for being a longtime sponsor here for taking care of the show and It's it's really truly An incredible incredible that they've been here this many many years and So thanks to them so insane. Absolutely insane that the show drops out the one night the most important night of this show. You know what it is. It's absolute karma it's absolutely karma that the that the show would go down absolutely so let me double check. Make sure all her friends can get back in here. Oh my god unbelievable. All right we send it back to public. Yes it was a conspiracy. It gets all right so the shug on and were reset will. Hopefully we'll stay online insane. Insane all right in. We're not even hitting hitting the numbers so let me start off by first of all and furthermost The student designed by automate dot com. Thank you so much. And of course we've talked about in the last show if he become an insider. You're going to be part of our new private podcast. And we've actually had a number of folks already sign up as insiders in anticipation of that and we'll get that started here and then in the next couple of weeks We'll talk about this future. Shows won't do want to spend too much on that tonight but more than anything This past few days of with With the plug. It's guys from tech. Podcast we've been doing some cs coverage have done about five or six hours of that this week and So anyway i. I really wanted to say thank you to all of you to all of you. That have long. Listen to this show. There are people that are listening to the show via podcast right. now that been here seven single digits. There are people that have listened to this show for a couple of years went away come back listen for a couple of years went away come back so e some of you are like on your fifth time listening to the show. Having been away a two or three times this is this is what happens when you have a show that is sixteen years old and of course kirk and blogging team in. Oh my goodness thank you. So much kirk is like brother from another mother him and i are in sync. When kirk took over the job of doing the the show. Prep he really got me about an hour to an hour and a half of my life back every monday and thursday night so big. Thanks to kirk and of course. A blogging team. And you know we we pay these people this these team members so it isn't it isn't like they're doing this for free so again. The sponsorships and the insider donations are all what feels thing. And of course you know. The show was in hawaii four. Oh what is what is the number here fourteen and a half years. I moved it here to To to michigan but shoko and the kids and all those years in me doing shows that i have to give credit where credit's due in that ways i'm here solo obviously now and There's even news on that front. That's going on but that's for another time but what i wanna do tonight is is really a several things and i wanna start off and those of us are watching live. You're kind of in for treat and again if you're listening to the show. Just listen to this. I set a dialogue. As i wanna show you some stuff that you may not have seen before and i. I went to the way back machine today and the way back machine. If you don't know what is this part of the internet archive and they capture images from websites long ago and the first image. I showed tonight during the show was what the website looked back in two thousand and two before it was a blogger and the earliest capture. I found on the internet archive from when i started doing. The show was actually. You can see it right here. If you're watching close. This is october thirteenth. Two thousand four geek news central podcast ten twelve. Oh four episode number two. Do you know what. I played on that episode. Acdc back in black is the interim inter music. That's why that's that podcast episode doesn't exist anymore but this is this is what the website looked back. Then you know when we start the show. Those of you've been here you know it is the weirdest single weirdest design. The probably was ever done for the show ever this. The sites always been a little quirky. It's got that green on green scott. The gee. I can't even remember who did this. I design i paid for. It can't remember how much i paid for it. I didn't pay too much but you know that's right there about the time. The show launched in this was on movable type and then if we move forward a little bit this is going up to two thousand and seven and there's some graphics that looks like it's missing here but this is when i was a three column and this ran for a long time i believe i was still running and movable type at this time i don't think i had switched to wordpress yet and boy just probably brings back some memories for all of you. That had been here. And here's a weird thing is. This is from december eleventh. Two thousand seven. And i was. I was already complaining about the rfid blazed. Are i aa or dirty snakes so little more critical in my in my In my logging. And of course. At that time i was still active duty with With uncle sam. A matter of fact gist just getting ready to retire. Then this is the website as of around december actually in. What's weird is an actually hasn't switched on your screen yet for those of you watching. This was the post. I made november. Twenty seven th two thousand ten. When my when my Cousin's kids came missing and are still missing and This is right after thanksgiving but this is that you can see. We're getting ready for cs. The this is definitely when. We're on wordpress now. But i talked about andrew alexander and tanner and i know many of you over. The years have touched out and reached out to me about that. When when you find out that these These relatives of mine and So it it was just ironic. That i hit this particular page i was just reloading random stuff in. I wasn't even trying. And they just got that page and then if we move forward a little bit. This is a two thousand fifteen and again. The website you know looks a little different and around that time is when i made the switch chief. I've got it. That's the current site designed today and dat site design is actually running on Our plugging that we provide all our podcasters blueberry dot com. So i use my own templates. I use my own. You know obviously were hosted at blueberry. But i think one thing that i've never done on this. Show ever weirdness across the bag and who knows maybe being attacked so anyways. I walked through the websites. I've never shown you guys what we have done in the In the actual podcasting space. You know you hear me. Talk about blueberry and the stuff that i do there but you know really what it started off was is when we built the tech podcast network and the tech podcast network is still alive today with a number shows. It's it's not as close a relationship as we've had in the past but it's still there. It's something that we do. But you know the one of the things that i launched in early days of podcasting was the podcast awards and the podcast awards. Today is is an ongoing. You know ongoing event. That i do again. If you're if you're watching live dot geek. New central dot com is a great place to go to make sure that you see the show all right so anyway. How are all over there. You guys already moved. You know what's a chance of this happening on the fifteen hundred episode. And now i'm going to have to edit the sancta death may man won't add it. Maybe we'll just let it go in. It's glory so Anyway long story short here. Is you know we'd built a podcast awards and then you know after the go daddy. Sponsorship came and then. I had this idea about building a business. We launched Raviolis raw voices the company. I started in podcasting and The first site we had was called podcast or news and it was kind of it was designed to be like this short news takes around the country and really never worked out but we converted podcast or news into an actual podcasting website. And today it's actively being a written about what's going on news in the podcasting world but really everything that was born from everything from this podcast and the ideas i had and with my team from raw voice we came up with Are are hosting company called blueberry and it actually started out as a service company where he resold advertising and it hosting and blueberry dot com really ended up being. You know what we've built and really rallied around since since two thousand and six and the total product line over there is is really incredible and what we a bill. And i don't think many of have somebody podcasters know this but let me just kind of walk you through some of the stuff that we have done over this entire time again against my team and you know we built this together. It wasn't just a single person's initiative but we launch podcast hosting we have podcast statistics and of course the pages loading a little slow here for some reason and wait for that to update The podcast district platform was really a i. That was the first product that we came up with the power press plug in. Its which is used today of by about eighty five thousand. Active podcasters is for people to have a wordpress site. And then and just a host of other stuff We have a dynamic advertising insertion so if someone needs a platform to be able to dynamically serve ads into their podcast we can. We've got a new product. We launched last year called private internal podcasting. It's for people that need to do private podcast. That don't want him to be public as kind of a thing right now and then we have these podcast network tools that we built in. It's basically network building to on. What powers tech podcasts. If i click on geek news central here on the screen and that page loads then what you have. And of course. It's loading slowly so give the computer second. The graphics on the screen is second to catch up. There goes so it. Basically has the ability for us to showcase shows on another website. So that's one of the things that that we built in reason on the page Loading slow is purely on my side of the screen. Capture system is not switching as quick as it should and then of course we. We introduced what was called. Podcast mirror helps podcasters Keep their their performance on their. Rss feed so that if you're on a cheap hosting plan your little overloaded on traffic that's a a site that gives them the tools to do that One of the things that we bought a number of years ago as site called cast feed valid eater and it allows podcasters to validate the assess feed and again. It's just another tool that. My team made one of the most influential systems that we put on. The market was called describe android before you could have google podcasts. And before there was an easy way to subscribe to podcast on android we'd put this online and made it the ability to easily again one. Click subscribe to a podcast on android. So just goes on and on the stuff that we didn't. You know one of the things i didn't think would ever work but turned out worked real well subscribed by email hundreds of thousands of people a day. Get an email to their inbox says. Hey there's a new episodes of podcasts launched and you know it's just little things like that that my team has done over the years and really. The entire savor of the company was based around this plug in when we pivoted and built this. I talked about it earlier but the transition from collecting advertising dollars to become a service company fully centered around that plug in many of you have been around the years and maybe no some of this. But that's what my team does at blueberry on a day-to-day basis and again. Probably go back in the way back machine and look at blueberry before and would probably cringe a little bit but that's our current design of the website and It's you know it's our final for getting people into use our products and services. I didn't want to spend a lotta time on that tonight But he didn't think it was important to to walk back and really kinda talk and give me some quick facts and figures I do this. Every hundred episodes is near as i can figure there's been about seventy two hundred hours of production publishing of this show about nineteen hundred hours of content and definitely over two hundred million downloads over fifteen years Those of you that are new to the show some history again. this show started act. I believe october. Ninth two thousand in four definitely start in waco texas after. I'd gotten hurt in a swimming pool accident in june of that same year Started to show with a lab tech head elect mike from walmart and really it It evolved from from. That point took the show back to hawaii and started there and there's whole series of stories about that but did the show for months fourteen and a half years and wife a majority of it from historic ford island then moved to the house and maka kilo overlooking honolulu and then a year and a half ago. Moving back to michigan Some milestones a entered into the podcast hall of fame in two thousand fifteen and the first one of the first groups Or talked about launching tech podcast network and go daddy and we didn't talk about citric. Sixers was another company. Citrus gotomeeting sponsored. The show for years and You know i think about it. And we've tried to calculate haven't come up with the exact number but you know we would go to these events like any b and c. Yes we'd go as a team. So typically each timber team member would get thirty to forty interviews Per show and we've done that every year except for this year. And of course i did it. Did it live this sharing. So i guess we did do. Cbs this year. So if you really add that up over fifteen years that's probably another six hundred interview interviews that i did with a team effort like thirty two hundred interviews from ceus. On top of the two hundred twenty five episodes at podcast insider in the hundred. I've been involved with than the new media. Show which robin i have done together. Which is at four hundred twenty five episodes. We racked up some time behind the mic. Or i have so those of you know. There's been listening to watch the show for while i grew up in here in the quincy cold. Water area My grandfather was a cash crop farmer. My dad was a contractor and later on a produce broker Really when i was growing up it was There was always something to do. But i was heavily involved in four h and ffa. I went to vo tech school and high school. Got a background tron. Ix for two years Joined the navy and In nineteen eighty three and he went on to be my own boss. And i always say that with a chuckle because no when you join the navy or not your own boss As lucky enough to fate was sealed to be able to become an air crewman and Flew entire time. While i was in the navy until i got hurt in two thousand four when i was grounded permanently and had an amazing career. Amazing an amazing job that entire time but during that period from eighty eight to ninety one. I iran ables and system out of california I was in guam from ninety one to ninety four. Ran the bbs there. And this is all the time you know having an active duty and running. B b s and moved to maryland and had the head the bbs in a closet in isp. So lots of stuff but then in ninety seven after my second son was born moved to hawaii. The bbs continued all the way up to go to when i pulled the plug and then started the blog and does of you've been around while no wasn't great blogger and then from there straightforward in two thousand four when the podcast launched so that just kind of gives you an idea but you know more granular stuff for this show is In december of two thousand four. I got the book deal. So i wrote the first book on podcasting announced that in may of two thousand five. And there's a whole story about that. We launched tech podcast network in december of two thousand and four again june go. Daddy became a sponsor we launch rav waste mid mid summer of two thousand five. I got the podcast awards. Going in two thousand six ten my first cis. We did audio. Only at that event quickly realized we needed to have video And then a monumental event happened those of you that were round in two thousand six and matter of fact it was on a show just like this or prior to a show like this. It was episode. Two hundred is when. I got the word that my dad died and We put off doing the show. Obviously because we're packing to go home and I came back to honolulu ten days later. And it's when. I truly found out that this family of listeners that listen to this podcast truly cared about this host. Because there was over five thousand emails of condolence and it wasn't a time where we had internet. You know there was dial up and much of the country still da- point and I was pretty overwhelmed by that. Response my mom. And i launched a podcast called sherry cast and it was my six or twenty seven episodes about that whole ordeal of my dad. Dying and then in two thousand seven retired from the navy But you know there are some things it are interesting around show five hundred and i think it's high five hundreds. I started playing with video on this show. After that point really for five years it was. It was audio only and And then came to the rest the history already no but It's been one hell of a ride. Dig it to fifteen hundred episodes with all of you has been truly incredible. Truly humbling Is not that. Many of you are not able to watch on facebook tonight. But i've seen most of moved over to to youtube. So i appreciate that and those who you're watching on youtube thank you so much But really many of you. Ben here from the get go and I thank you for that For your for your ongoing support of the show and really the thousands of emails that have come in over the years he has. Sal you know the emails we had with him in the early years you know the ones that really twisted my chain a little bit of the folks i remember and of course all the people of supported the show and got a whole host of folks that have walked the halls of cis contribute contributed. I've had two generations of listeners. Do thanks for this show. i've had You fathers and sons. And i've had you know people fly on their own dime to come out and stay in vegas and and pay for their hotel room and you know and help the show. Do things like that You it's those folks are. I'm forever grateful because this show in not have been able to bend accomplished with without the fans and without the family of listeners of this podcast. And i think that That whole you know everything that goes around. That conversation is is really a big part of why i continue to do the show. I still have fun. I've told you guys like episode ten. When when i quit having fun the i'm gonna i'll just stop but that's not the case i'm still having fun Still have sponsor still have folks supporting. The show is insiders. It's it's really really incredible. And i know that we use miss some of the beginning of the show today because the stream is acting up. Gives you a chance to listen to what you missed by. Listened to the podcast. That's a good thing because the recorder you know. Here's a funny thing this week this morning. Guys from plug hits. The a kirk was having trouble with his computer. I was having trouble with a mac. It's been a day my son. Chris is messing me like crazy right now. I don't know if you can hear that and things have just. It's been a day of like weirdness with computers so i am not surprised. We had to trouble the beginning of the show with facebook dropping out. I am not at all surprised. Whatever's going on. It's something in the air today and it happened all day with weird quirks so it wouldn't be fifteen her show without just madness right now. Oh and i gotta show you something you see that back there. Those you're watching. Let me let me move the mic. So thank you so much for superfan. That sent me a plant so i i guess i'll see if i can keep this thing alive but has had a congratulatory note and balloons. Obviously i think it's a fern. I'm not a plant guy. So i don't know you know i. I do have a little bit of a green thumb but We'll see if. I can keep that from dying so First time i've ever gotten a plant so it'll be something that'll hang out here. Maybe next year sixteen hundred. I'll still be here. We'll see we'll see if it is but anyway jumped around a little bit here but again You to all of you for being here for all this time and thank you to my team here at getting essential. My team at blueberry Thank you to everyone. Everyone in the family here family of listeners. And it it's been. It's been an incredible ride but just like tradition like every other show. I am going to do the regular podcast tonight with the regular tech news as that's what we do here. We don't just do an anniversary show and hang up and go home We do the full blown Full-blown podcast and tonight Is no exception to that so so i owe Rita said i've had issues with lag on youtube. That's interesting some looking through the channels here. Yeah yeah youtube. Is i think what it was is it. I gotta mentioned today in a big newsletter over it Pod news about this episode. So must have been jinxed. Maybe i'll just leave editing. The rather audience will just have to deal with it. All right so Missed anything let me. Just kind of look here We've come a long way baby. We've come a long way all of you ben. Along for the ride you've seen the quirks in terms of this show so nothing should surprise you at this point it me. 'cause you know what can go wrong will go wrong and it and it does. But this podcast. This is what happens sometimes. Oh let me click on that. Make sure i didn't Closer one last tab. I shouldn't have opened. Oh i was too close that one so anyway. Let's tranche again. Thank you thank you. Thank you everyone for your support. You've got comments about today. Show you guys. you all know. Y'all know where to send those comments get news at gmail.com. Don't forget to become an insider but let's get into the regular stack of stuff. Then we'll we'll get get you in and out of here. Oh man so windows ten yes yes windows ten and we don't talk about windows very often hear talk about often but windows ten acts. You heard about that windows. Ten is now microsoft. True answer to chrome west. It's a new lightweight version of windows to take on chromebooks and it was kind of leaked today. Get some pictures of it. So for those of you that Are are still using windows machines. Make sure that you You definitely check out this article. I won't go into much detail. There's there's lots of screen shots for you to to take a peek at and And a lot of a lot of details of what the. Us looks gets really pretty thin. But you would expect it to be to be kind of a chrome type of Chrome os type of operating but from windows but in more interesting news. Qualcomm bought a startup founded by formal apple chip designers. Now you know qualcomm and apple have a great relationship their best of friends and of course they announce this acquisition that's bound to make ripples in the chip world. Even though you may not have heard the company acquired Qualcomm paid one point. Four billion for new newies startup founded by three engineers. Who worked on. Apple's eighty series processors that power the iphone and the ipad. It plans to use nubia technology in future chips for devices ranging from vehicles to smartphones to laptops so Wow they've already through their anti compete because they started their own business of qualcomm probably is going to get this company clean but it's nothing like swooping up apple talent. Maybe apple should. It took them off the table and Not allowed qualcomm that Get that Akwa higher but That's what they got the tech industry drinks. Cs has uncovered new ways to mask up against covid nineteen from health sensors to color for accent lights. Tech companies of showed off new ways to upgrade everyday mask and So there was a whole bunch of little things here. There's one called the mask phone. What more do you need to hear. The mass bone made by bennie. Tone is a fifty dollar washable. Mass with the building bluetooth headset no microphone. I don't think the goes out. Get rid that muffled sound. they're asked the mask is rated and ninety five and the mass willing lasts for twelve hours. And let me see if i can get a little picture for. Doesn't look too weird but it does have a bluetooth built into it really. You think anybody's going to buy that and then there's the airpods active plus this is set you back one hundred and fifty dollars. It's a fitted with a sensor on the front. That's about the size of a quarter that connects with an app of course attract your breathing rate pollutants air quality and then when to switch out the filter and i'm sure the filters are very very expensive Lg has what's called appear care masks. We can anew about this already but it has a filter and sensors all told algae said can block network more than ninety nine percent of airborne viruses. Probably the one percent is the one that kills you but it goes on here in this article to talk about all that much technology and all the healthcare folks that we're talking to during our live interviews today were all on board in Discussing the All the different things that they were doing and how they were being effective in helping with the pandemic it was interesting to hear Those all those spins Moving on amazon ring. Neighbors knife familiar with this. I'm not familiar with the specific apple. Amazon ring neighbors app have exposed user's precise locations in home addresses if you have a ring device at your house in your part of their neighbors app. Were you share information. Apparently it's every post someone makes with that App has been putting their location date and all kinds of stuff in there Home address and everything so they've got a little bit of a problem there It wasn't visible this. Be seen but it was behind all the major data. So they're they're going to work to fix on that now. This is the second time that neighbors abbas had a bug so looks like The owner there. We know who that is should put in some extra time to shore that up a little bit and yeah amazon. Shore that app up. Make it a little bit less bugging leaking information. Nasa says twenty twenty twenty sixteen for the warmest year on record. Now we were all locked down. Pollution was down across the country. I've seen youtube videos of In india where the sky was absolutely clear. When it's normally when all the traffic's moving in delhi and those other places just nothing but a small you know there was the cleanest air a we've ever seen but yet yet yet yet. Say it's the highest said that the an australian wildfires had a significant effect The also said the pandemic caused this. Hawaii would the pandemic causes because the skies were clear. Not blocking the sun is at the case. so anyway Twenty twenty tied two thousand sixteen. According to nasa youtube is doubling down on its efforts to make credible health content more accessible. They've got a partnership in wants to make public health with they're saying truly public The team will be led by dr garth. Graham who's previous chief community health officer. Cvs health the new team is working. I make an easier for users. If i medical information from trusted organizations in clinics and healthcare google will find you. Any health related Treatment or you. can you know. Doctors hate google because you can predict your ailment. Almost course doctors always says you get it wrong but at least people trying to figure out about what's going on with their health versus being kenny about it you know i think any information is is better than no information special. It makes you go to your doctor and say hey. I got a problem but then again it might prevent someone from going to the doctor. Atv now closes down and merges with. At and t. tv this confusing already. The skinny bundle serve eighteen. T. tv now they pull the plug. It's merged so eighteen t trying to clean up house in In a really people as well what what was that. I don't even know T. now began in two thousand sixteen as direct. Tv and So now it's all joined together so If you're on that service you probably have known about that already so many of us have not been driving that much although my car reasons got twenty six thousand miles on it already. I'm kinda shocked. I got a notice from ford. Said your high mileage driver. And i'm like how is that possible but i am but car. Sales are expected to ramp up significantly. Twenty twenty one following all this downtime. So my opinion is if you've met up driving very much in twenty twenty. Why would you trade your car in next year. Are this year would you not. It's got less miles on it right less activity. It's it'll last another year but they feel there's going to be a surge and people going out and buying cars as we return to normal. Cbs was full of cool stuff. And one of the things that always just have a passing interest in is projectors. I don't know why. I don't use projectors very often presentations that can stop but lg launched a laser powered four k hdr projector. It's a ultra-right bright home theater. Projector the costs. Three grand so It's one of those projectors that will basically really work as a hope feeder. Andy mallon ceiling. You can set up your own. Entertainment room That's always been kind of a cool thing is people that have these big entertainment rooms where they have a couch and multiple couches places to put drinks in a little bar. All that's very very cool. My sister's baseman has kind of that lay out a little bit and It's it's really fun when you're hanging out with a group watching a movie or whatever Bet depends on if you meet either five screener projection in the can't go wrong with either so That lincoln be up in the show notes for those with the budget and for those eve their hacking out. There you can act together you own. E paper smartwatch. There's a fifty dollar source kit. It's adrenal powered risk computer so this to me. Sounds like a cool project That really any family member could do and you. Maybe this'll be a teenager. That would want to put this together. And if you've ever wanted to be like steve wozniak and have your own custom made geeky watch square foot square oath fumi s. q. u. a. r. o. f. u. m. i may be the product for you and It's cheap it's it's It's forty five dollars as of this posting and I don't know how much work you have to put this together. I wouldn't imagine too much. Looks pretty modular. Yeah so here's a picture of it so you are going to have to do a little bit of work but they give you a bread board. It's opened up and a kitten instructions and should be a lot of fun for someone to put one of these together and it looks. I mean really really nerdy. I mean if you know if you wanna be the geek kid remember geek. Kids are in. Now right geek. Kids ones are making all the money after they graduate college so Don't be afraid to embrace your geek. Them and it looks like a new time of cut next wifi bluetooth has o'clock tells temperature and your step counts so Lease on the screen. That i'm seeing here on the news article. If you have a pixel for eight or five g you may have had some Screen issues. Google is working on a fix for those touchscreen. Whoa some users started reporting trouble. After downloading december security update not being able to tap certain parts of the screen and seeing some lines on it. So don't worry that's coming. And i you're You're going to be good reading. The jarido probably going back and forth. The columbus really really racked up the miles Was three hundred each way. Three hundred and twenty each way. And then i was doing Or me wasn't three twenty about about to. I don't remember two hundred forty or something like that and then All the traveling around down in columbus and then back and every two weeks back for the it added up the miles for sure all right moving on here philips hue launches a long-awaited light switch module and more now how many have bought some of those philips hue lights new they turn on the switch and you can connect via rear wifi can change the color you can change the brightness. You can program it and do all these cool things right. It's really they're really slick until someone turns off the light switch then all these cool things you've done is really worthless. well feels. He was recognized. This and they've launched a long-awaited switch module and more. So basically in the place of your light switch. This module will go in and basically it prevents people from unfair programming year. Light and So that people can't click it no more. It's still controlled by your smartphone but This which model solves the problem of people switching off the switch and it's powered by battery that will have at least a five year lifespan. And why they just didn't wired into the sock it to be honest with you. But the hugh switch module cost between a thirty nine or sixty nine depend on sixty nine for two pack and it goes a launch in europe. This summer followed by north america Later this year so keep an eye on that so you've used philips hue mamie many haven't maybe bought some market stuff but You know just like protect the kids from turning some light. Switches off turning power off to my gear when i was in on the lulu ours. Now it's the cats that are bothering me. Aces announced two new dual display laptops. This is kinda unique. And i'm kind of dubious to this but those of you watching. There's a big screen and then a half screen so it's kind of interesting. It's an extra monitor tatsuo. Desktop workstation can make you more efficient but laptops needy be portable. These laptops will start at about a thousand bucks when they began shipping and This is in the dual line again. A dual monitor on on the bottom of the laptop. The edges up a little bit and then irregular screen. So i don't know. I don't know who uses these. Maybe artistic they show someone doing some touch up work on a on a on an image in the in the product Shot so maybe that is the The use model for that samsung well. They'd made a bunch of announcements today. course they announced the twenty one line of phones notebooks and they're also making bluetooth ultra wideband tracking tags. So many you had tracking tags in the past and You know those are really really handy. I've got a couple of myself from different manufacturers but this is by samsung and attach it to a bag or touch it to your phone or ticket to your keys. And it's kind of like a tile like dongle in familiar with tile trackers it similar it's got a bluetooth locator as well and But if you buy twenty one they're going to give you. One of the tracker tags for free was as supplies last. They run out from the free windsor about thirty bucks a shot and of course new earbuds out. How only to article that later. Apple is This is kinda rare. An update recently in big sur. Actually when when big sur shipped in november the firewall system the work done all non apple apps but allowed all apple apps to bypass the firewall. So apple has issued an update. That now allows you to firewall. The fifty six apple apps that were allowed to have basically god status and You can you can exclude that traffic In some of the settings. I know a lot of people. Don't pay attention to any of that but a lot of people that are in specific jobs have to basically shut down certain type of traffic and now with this update. That's possible again. But this point. Those apps been free to really connect to the internet not necessarily providing a security situation but definitely using your bandwidth. Maybe didn't think it was going to many folks are using whatsapp. Whatsapp is facing a legal. Challenge over privacy in its biggest market. That market is india so basically through an alert. What's abbas users. A recent days to greet some new terms and conditions grants the aptly consent to share the face with facebook some personal data about them such as their phone number and location users laughed agree to these terms by february eight. That they don't if they wish to continue using the app the changes been mischaracterized by many as a personal communication being compromised. What which what. Which is what. What's app clarified. This week was not the case but at the same time there's a petition now. In india alleges that the new terms that whatsapp requires of its roughly four hundred and fifty million users in the country is a violation of their fundamental rights of privacy and poses a threat to national security Did you hear that also. Did you hear that. France and some other countries are setting up legislation. Now to to prevent an outlaw the ability of social media companies to censor and deep voice people. That's going through in outside the united states. You think we'd be leading that. But no that's going to be led by france by australia and some other countries make sure they go home doesn't it the n. h. t. s. a national thought. That's the who is nhtsa guests. That's the national highway. Transportation administration wants tested. Recall hundred eight thousand tegra. Three equipped vehicles that would include the model s. and model x. e. built prior to two thousand eighteen. Apparently those monitors inside the tussles have memory chip and eight gig memory chip that apparently wears out and when it does the monitor goes out and what that prevents you from having. His is the Reverse camera and able to defrost your windows so They're asking tesla to do a voluntary recall on those. Replace them We'll see what tesla has to say and maybe nhtsa will get more tough with them because the initial nhtsa is not satisfied by the strategy and has told tesla urging company institute the recall. And so if you own a tesla those models be aware that there's an issue there with that monitor. Pay pow has picked up a number of Payment firms throughout the world and people holdings inc became the first foreign. I'll check this out. I wonder how long this will. Last has become the first foreign operator with one hundred percent grow control payment of a payment platform in china. According to chinese government data. The us fintech giant is a bigger foothold in a booming market friendly payments people. Quiet a thirty percent stake in the company called go pay china and digital thirty percent stake which la them now to be one hundred percent control of the company and i guess this is pretty rare that a foreign company owns one hundred percent stake in a chinese company are chinese probably can just take it away right Talked about little earlier but the galaxy Smart tag twenty nine ninety nine the tile competitor so if you just want to look at the tiles and get information on that again it's be able to find stuff that you've lost hopefully within your home or your car or your you know in the crack of your couch. That's where my stuff always ends up is seems like put stuff on a chair and they sit down and ends up down in cracking the couch. Samsung also has a new. Ai powered vacuuming laundry cleaning products at ceus so Our gen thorpe gaetan central. Did the right up on this. So the jetboat ninety eight. I plus the world's first smart robotic vacuum powered by intel. Ai gives you florida. Amazing clean with minimal effort. My roommate keeps getting loss. Keeps getting stuck I moved it to a new position. And it's having a hard time recovering even though i reset it. The samsung galaxy buds. Proser out. now for two hundred bucks. So if you're a big fan samsung and you need some new earbuds in. Want to spend a lot of money two hundred dollars available to day and of course we already talked about the s twenty one so if you buy samsung galaxy. S twenty one. It will not come with a charger. You'll have to spend twenty extra dollars. They're following apple's lead on that smaller packaging smaller packaging smaller packaging in the chargers. Just takes up too much room. That's what this is really about. They wanted ship more units and save a little money and on their margin and make you spend a little more buying something now. My brother-in-law i think he's going to need. This is called a new. It's a it's a pool cleaning robot it's called ariel ariel by solar reasons as evolution of pull robots to come out of the ten base pivot silver breeze and made a debut at sea as twenty twenty one and basically the same charges itself and it travels the pool surface to collect debris doesn't it's not a bottom feeder it does the top and If you want something that's gonna crawl around the bottom of your pool. That's that's a whole different situation here but Anyway the filter collect stuff of the two hundred microns in size are yet down to two hundred microns size and scattered debris chamber super removal from pool with no slip panel Easy to empty and refill and again it's it's it recharges by the sun so you probably just leave this thing in the swimming pool. Now if you're bmw driver and you're going to go by the i x. Yes the bmw all electric i. Ix will be. The first support was called a digital key plus feature. So let's say you have your your mobile phone in your purse and your walk into your car and you get to the door. Your door will unlock. You won't have to do anything with your phone. Your phone allow your car to start. You still have a key of course but all you're going to need to have really is your phone to operate your vehicle. This'll be a first. Where your mobile phone is basically an ambulance with the i hate carrying keys. I really do It gets to be a little bit to get used to Good that you have the key backup but you'll be able to unlock your phone with anything higher than iphone. Eleven so eleven iphone twelve. I don't know if it's works with. Any samsung products are not or any android products. But definitely the iphone will allow you onto unlock the bmw x. probably out of my price range. Samsung's is bringing smart thing dashboard to android auto. You be able to control your car with the smart things as well so a lot of announcements by smart by samsung today. They've also teamed up with google to to bring. This dashboard is such. You'll be able to control your smart home products from your car and So i have the right up in information in there. So was it saying the car you can turn your car on. What else activate the heater or air condition out so you can start and stop. The motor feature won't arrive until at least third quarter of twenty twenty one so be aware of that. So all kinds of cool stuff come into our phones so bitcoin. My goodness went to third d nine thousand dollars today. I was waiting for to drop. I said if it gets down to twenty five. I would buy but his back up to thirty nine k tonight. Jim nez launching a credit card with bitcoin. Rewards so cryptocurrency exchange company gemini has acquired block rise announcing his do product. Today this card this credit card works like a regular credit card but you earn. Bitcoin rewards space on purchases up to three percent in bitcoin. Now that could end up being think about that. You get a if you have. If let's say you use this. This card was available. Was down around three thousand. He made one hundred dollar purchase and he got three dollars worth of bitcoin. They bitcoin today would be worth if he bought it. That lower amount. You know thirty bucks right so Interesting this might get Some action by folks that are big into bitcoin. I know a guy that's tried to go one hundred percent bitcoin. He's working real hard ad. He doesn't wanna have green dollar bills anymore. He wants bitcoin. Lumia ta raises fourteen million dollars for service to prefer to predict healthcare outcomes. Now why do you need to predict care outcomes. You think about that. I go into the doctor. I've got an issue. They punch my information into the system and it comes out and says he has a ninety percent chance of dying in your doctors as sorry. I can't give you any medicine. Prescribed you anything. Because the computer says you're you're you're going to die. So that's how. I read that. When i just see that when it says predict healthcare outcomes so the company software cleans up healthcare data sets and analyze them to look for underwriting risk for insurance agencies and cost savings for healthcare payers and providers believing. This is a company that is not going to help us at all. They have great relationships with their with their insurance companies. Do business with them. This is one that I guess if They ever go public. Probably be a pretty good company to invest in. Because they're gonna screw you the any other way and finally tonight. Google now owns fitbit so that has closed the two point one billion purchase. A fitbit has closed and now it's completely wrapped up underneath that so anyway i actually did pretty good on time considering everything i threw all that introductory stuff even with the the mess of the stream going down insane absolutely insane tonight but I wanna thank everyone. Everyone for being here. Thank everyone for for shifting to To youtube to watch me on youtube and I do appreciate you all being out again. You know it's really a pretty incredible in a we go on. Money will come back. Fifteen o one. It'll be just like a regular show. That just seemed like is is we're marching towards. And when i say we you. And i the the family of listeners. is as we march towards fifteen hundred. Just like i had a few days off and then not thinking getting extended. But it's it's nice to be here and get over this hurdle very very very very very very very few shows have achieved fifteen hundred zero. There's a guy that has a horse network is names glen. He's you know he's way up like three thousand range but he does a daily show but folks had been podcasting since the beginning. There's only a few of us that really started in those early. Early days a podcasting. I can count them on really on one hand someone. The other day came in. So i started in september of. Oh four and i'm like who are you and Went back and use the internet archive. That's what gave me the idea to To show those screens tonight. Of course you know. Chaos ensued with facebook being down but It wasn't he was two thousand six. I went back and say the earliest record of you. Coming online is two thousand sakes. Oh oh yeah you know and i. I don't mind if he joined came into podcasting space. Two thousand four was one the slipped by me but There's just a again not that many of us that started in those early days and maybe were crazy and many of us is. I'm probably one of the few that has the original show as people have changed shows multiple times. So that's another in my opinion Real accomplishment but real accomplishment is at. You're still here. Listen to me to dribble on. But he definitely thank you for being here and being part of the family and Supporting me and Supporting the sponsor and again if you haven't heard the the insiders anyone who comes in with a two five ten fifteen twenty or twenty five dollars a month donation to the show. We're gonna have a new podcast or i'm going to have podcast called insider it's going to be a private podcast. It's going to be a personal podcast. It's going to be behind the scenes. Podcast in those that are insiders are going to get access to it and making no promise on because promises are bad when it comes to everything that i have going on so i'm say that i will do my best effort to put out a show on a regular basis. Maybe like once a month. The beaches a back behind the scenes Casual conversation about what's going on and with me and life and i'll share more stuff than a share on the show. So i think You'll get some enjoyment out of the out of the podcast And again a little more intimate time together so Become an insider today. Two bucks get you in. And i'll be sending everyone that isn't insider and the very near future and invite include a username and password the and allow you to get access to the show via a private for the the blueberry private podcasting up and i'm excited to be able to we're gonna put encryption. Real high by a really invoke encryption so that No one will be able to physically share that media file. You might be able to rig something up to record it but Gonna make your word for it. Are everybody thanks for being here. Thanks for being part of the family. Thank you for supporting the sponsors. And if i can do this right let me do this yet. But that up and take that down and put this up. We'll see you next time here on the gate. Newscenter podcast ruin thanks. Fifteen hundreds in the can and now. You're a little bit of editing to do. Can't believe it or anyone take care bye-bye.

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Case #3  The Missing Skelton Brothers


37:22 min | 1 year ago

Case #3 The Missing Skelton Brothers

"You're listening to the podcast visit. WWW DOT com. I tested Troy Dot Com for information Welcome to another episode of crime limit in. We're your hosts shelby and I'll hear what better way to go about. Crimes without raising eyebrows aroused into. Start a podcast on crimes. Committed in our home state Michigan from mysterious missing cases too gruesome murders left police struggling to stay on the scene. We're we're giving you the complete inside on what's going on in our instincts if you need to satisfy your hunger for true crime cases as much as we do tune in every every Sunday for your weekly bills of mankind in this episode. I'm going to tell tell you about a missing case that has been going on for almost a decade now dealing with three little boys from Michigan after all the years passing by in with little to no success in finding these boys. There's one man who could bring closure on what really happened to the skeleton brothers in that is John. Skelton the boy's father before we really get into things. I want to take the time out to talk about the boys because from doing my research I fell in love with these these three boys as if they were my own little little brothers and to be honest I say my little brothers. And he's three and it really hit home because if this was to happen to me I- legit would not know what to do without them. So Andrew was nine years old and was described as being super smart. Maybe a little smart for his own good at times though he was an expert at games in could beat you in anything except guitar hero which I get because I completely stuck at the game. Not If we're going to try that whenever he loses he's wished the game to something he could beat you because he wasn't going out like that and I respect that smackers once again. He's preaching to the choir that is me all of the way so his family also called him the national inquiry because he knew all of the team. And I'm here for that because he's the owners you gotTa know you gotTa know what was going on. He listened to everything his parents talking. Exactly it listen to the parents and go to grandma's house until he is or you know you go to school and casually talk about it like so you have a mom said so we have Alexander and he was seven and was a daredevil with no broken bones goals he was what you consider your typical boy. He he do things like start water fights with his sister and like many of these kids nowadays he loved phones real or fake. His favorite phone was his GRANDPA impossible. Indicate with the Bill Clinton so you can imagine walking around the house. and His though Alexander was just loving boy who likes to sit in your lap inches talk not just have a conversation. The youngest brother Tanner who was five he was little storyteller and his imagination was completely out of his out of this world. And you can imagine that from a five zero. They're coming up with anything he will make up this wild story just for him to say at the end just kidding. He was a cuddly little guy but he didn't play about sharing his mom with anyone else if his sister would sit on your mom's lap. Tanner was see this in a rush over knockoff. Lavon it'll be like no look. This is Moscow. I don't know where you got going on. But this is taken for like every little brother. Tanner hated being left out. He tried to keep up with the big dogs. He loves to play but he lost one time in little guys been cheating. Ever since Andrew Alexander and Tanner played soccer growing up Andrew was the forward. Alexander was the Golden Antenna. Just try to keep up on the field. which when I play soccer that was literally the definition Asian of me? I didn't know if that was like a position but I was like I'll just run around you and keep up with the traffic was moving because I don't want to back it up just standing here so it pretty also described high school together to me and you in gym class. They we do rentals to keep up like made a lot of sense motel you you you you really give you having this many like you know. Sometimes you're concerned but you like at this point is there's a thing going on now like I'm on you know like look as you supposed to be my partner in this stuff but she's over here in the corner fake wheezing it gets you together so the boys that good in school in the all enjoyed it but what they enjoyed more was after school going over to their grandparents. Parents House to hang out they would do chores and play games. While they're the boys love being outside the horses right bikes and four wheelers swim and play with the neighborhood. Kids pretty much live your best lives and they were really living your best lively a once. They learn how to make peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches. They were the hot commodity. Like you couldn't tell them nothing. So Michael Yarmuth picture lunch after. I made my own lunch today and I made my brothers because I remember when I learn how to make a Peterborough Deli Sandwich. I thought I was the bee's knees I was like. You can't tell me all what you want to eat. I got it already. Made me my dinner late. Like you won't help at world so this story takes place a little time before black Friday. When the boys went missing to be honest I wanNA say started back when John returned to his hometown for a high school reunion back in September of two thousand ten? When John returned from his reunion he brought the Tanya his wife? The idea of the whole family moved down to Florida Johnson. He would be able to make more money and he would also be closer to his family. His father mom and and sister who still lived in Jackson. You know he was like I miss them and you know the boys should be able to see them more often but sound you will Tanya. I'm so sorry Tanya Kanye wasn't going forward and try to shut it down. The boys entire lives have been in Marin see. Why would I just pick them up and move them? Yeah Sultana is like I. Don't see the the pointy in just a ruin their lives right now. Yeah we can still visit and different things like that and it's like John. You have family in Michigan too. So it's not like the boys are completely cut off from you know from your family. Yeah so it's not just one sided thing. Yeah but John Really pushed the the idea he really believed this move to Florida will be the best thing for them. So one day John Decides to take things in his own hands and it's kind of like he was is going to show on how being a Florida can be great for the boys so Tan. You drop the boys off to go to school like she did everything. The boys had their book bags with their medicine. It ready to go to the grandparents house after school not too long. After tenue drops the boys off the school. John picks the boys up until office. The whole family family is going on family vacation and they'll be back in a week. Yeah this seems a little suspicious to the school. So they're like. Hey we're gonNA call the mom tenure and and just verify experience tune you immediately. 'CAUSE JAR is it in confronts him about there's like what are you doing with my kids where are you going. He then tells Tanya that it's going to take the boys on a vacation for a week to Florida. Tena argues that school just started in at the boys only to be missing school like that it especially this early in the school year. He can do his experiment in the summertime. You couldn't do this on a weekend on Friday Sunday like if they're just going to visit and then at the same time school just started. These boys had a whole summer saying like he couldn't he couldn't do his experiment in the middle of the Elaine July. Yeah Not WanNa boys are just now starting school so tells her that. I'll just enroll the boys in school when we get get there. Yeah and this confuses tenure because she's like that isn't considered a vacation at that point and also take them on vacation and make them go to school. Yeah I I would be so mad like going to Florida. Oh disneyworld now you gotta know. I enrolled you. We going to Disneyworld like excuse. So she's also saying like John is how school works. You can't just. You can't just enroll them for a week and sometimes process takes a lot longer. You're just a day like I've I've been out of school cause I'm like I'm waiting to be enrolled like is this not as quick exam got affects paperwork and all this other seven thing is if have you just pick it up and going. You didn't like I'm guessing. You didn't like put all of that into thought. So Tanya decides to contact her lawyer for some advice the Lert ends up telling her that to prevent John from leaving stay with the boys Tonkinese the file for divorce and then file for emergency custody. It's somehow somehow may know that John also contacted a lawyer earlier that day before picking up the boys and just so happened. Is the same lawyer that sandy contacted about a small world so John Consulted with his lawyer earlier that day but he didn't pay him yet so he was technically absolutely not working as his lawyer. Yes yes so tanny. Knowing this information she sends her daughters immediately to go to the lawyers office. Gets the paperwork going win. Get all this stuff you know. Get the ball rolling. Tanna calls John Beck and attempt to stall him. She doesn't want him she doesn't need him. Just straight going straight to Florida with the boy She convinced him to come back to the house to get the paperwork for the boys in since you're going to register them in school and there's no way you're gonna be able to do that without any of this any of this important information. Nations their birth certificates. John Falls for this and makes his way back. So the house tenuous thaws as she pretends to look for paperwork for the boys while waiting for Tanya to find the papers. The lawyer calls in a forest. I am not allowed to represent you because ten has beat to the punch like I just got paid. I can't represent you. John is pissed at this point. He's pissed he begins yell like it's like a protection thing. The lawyer especially because yeah situation relation called. Yeah he should have waited. He begins the Yale. He makes his big scene tenor cowered behind his mom as is that is just going off. He it calls for Andrew and Alexander who are playing outside in a front yard at the time and he tells them to get in the van. The boys do as they're told in John on speed out of the driveway almost hitting tanis little sister to kneel in the process and guess what ten years daughters literally pulled up a minute after John pulled off with officer to serve John. The papers right literally a minute a minute later the next day it's Tania's birthday. Thank and she gets a call from the boys in Florida. They seem to be having a good time and to be safe. They went on about how they win swimming and that they were staying with their desks S.. Friend Hillary I'LL TAN is like you guys aren't staying with grandma granddad now. I know it's going to be with your family and then you go take home. Stay with some late. Yeah and apparently hooked up with this hillary chick not hooked up like they connected at this high school reunion. They went to and so it was still so you said you were going to be closer to family. ABCD you aren't the boys with grandma at grandparents host. Tonya immediately makes her way to Florida to get her boys and once there she noticed the police of what's going on in how she filed for emergency custody back in Michigan Chanya was able to get the boys but but a judge wanted to see John and tanny before they live ten. You knew the meeting was harmless. But something so her to get a lawyer anyway and you always go with your good filling filling thank goodness. She did though because when she walked into the meeting with the judge then next day John Not only had a lawyer with him but he was ready ready to throw you under the bus by any means. Necessary see Tanna was charged with having a sexual relationship with a fourteen year old boy in nineteen ninety eight eight in John Use this as much as he could not just this situation but the entire investigation. John went on to say that he you believe that tenure was sexually abusing boys in that he brought them to Florida to protect them from Sonya. What you think is this is coming out of nowhere tenuous straight up with her lawyer before they even got there and so he already knew it was up so he jumps into fencer from these attacks? A judge says hey look you both need to leave out of Florida immediately. Just just leave go. Yeah and you guys will continue to have joint custody into you. Get back to the Michigan. You can stay borderline and once you get there. That's when the emergency custody will take effect in. The boys must be in Tanner's possession so they need to be in the car with tenure. That's not we're GONNA take him. Yeah so once back in Michigan tenure decides to go through with the divorce but John Wants to be together. He said that the boys needed to see their father on a daily basis. And everything like that but this is a situation that didn't need to be discussed. Tiny felt betrayed not by not that once by John but about twice one for taking the boys the Florida with our permission and second bringing up her pass against that and even accusing her of sexually abusing her own on Sunday. Yeah so how can you just move on from net with someone and work on a marriage. John Moves not too far from the boys like close enough where they can Taylor. John's van is in the driveway. Close with my grandparents my grandma. Hey who's that at your house personals you don't WanNa be late night extremely close but I guess if he's saying like he's doing is to be closer to the boys that's actually worked out perfectly in you know in that factor so I couldn't imagine living nichols to my ex. I really it couldn't like especially with guys like he's like the next block over so ten. You really didn't want to let the boys we along with John but her lawyer mentioned that it will look good when they went to court for the divorce divorce if the judge see Netanyahu was allowing John visitations with the boys so she was like okay. Fine if it makes me good. Uh I'll do it so before I get into the case. I WanNa tell you a little about John so we know who we're dealing with and I actually have a picture of John and it's like a lot more so in his older years and is this him he. I think this is a picture picture of him when he is In jail and he they said like you know when he went in once he was allowed allowed to have like once he started having visitors. This guy looks completely different from else when he went in the guilt. It doesn't until so okay. John Russell Skilton was born on November. Twenty Second Nineteen seventy-one. He was raised in Jackson Florida. After high school. He went into into the army and that caused them to move around a lot so eventually he moved to Michigan to be with the family he had there but ended up staying after meeting and marrying Tanna in two thousand and two they had their first kid and every every two years after that they had another boy until they got three little handsome guys and he referred to them as his buddies John was previously married before and he had a daughter in that marriage after the divorce his ex wife moved to another state which really limited how much he got to see his daughter. This could be a reason. John wanted to stay with tenure in fear of not being able to see his boys again. John was described by many many people to be very intelligent intelligent enough to pull something off like this. This had worked out with John that he will get the boys for for Thanksgiving that year he will pick the boys up from the grandparents home at five. PM bring the Boys Home Black Friday at three PM. He wanted more time. Time prior to this in tenuous just like no because a week or so prior to you know. Make this agreement Freeman. John had told the boys that mommy had been in jail before for doing wrong. Things with you know someone young. Yeah you're accused especially especially the young right so you can see why tenure was not having you for this time. You're not even actor right. So when John had the boys he called tenure in begged her to get back together and to just forget about the divorce and once again Tanya says no we we. We can't run. I don't see this happening. So she can hear the boys in a back laughing implant and having a good time so she can hear like the boys are still safe right so she's not how worried she has no reason to be worried about this. You know that's their father. You have you. Don't think that you really would have to be worried about things like that. Yeah about what their dad so on Friday January. This is the call John if there was any way she can get the boys a little early because she still wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving with them just like even if it was just like a coup even if it was a day after like like I just want to spend the holiday with when she called John. He told her that he in the boys weren't home and that they had won over. Some friends house to eat for Thanksgiving Tanny COSC- John Van and the drive in the driveway. Them and I have a picture of Of His van and it's like a blue. Oh little family van Yeah just little simple man bloom. Like it's like a DOE hill. Who's it you can tell? It's his car. Yeah you know his car you can spot this exactly so. Don't even lie to me like this so when she asked him about this is he said. Oh well my friends pick this up. Because I didn't feel like driving. Okay makes sense. She didn't have a reason to not believe him so she was like okay. Guys give me a call. Once you get back. Time goes by inch. Tenure reaches out against John In his theory changes he tells Tanya he has a confession he said. Hey I'm actually at home in. The boys are over at my friend's house. He said that during the Thanksgiving dinner the boys really clicked with the kids there and they wanted the voices. Stay the night and have a sleepover. He said that the boys were With his brand Joanne and that he had met her by helping her with her car alongside the RO IA. I'm a while back and they just stayed in touch is she's very nice and had a nice family and everything like this is still suspect you. You have to talk to the mother that she doesn't notice person Exactly you just. And they're young boys. Yeah and it's just like even if you're like okay they are gonna say the night. Hey Hey the boys are going to be saying just like you know. We're on the same page. So tenuous students see anything wrong with this. She Ex John. So what time does she plan on bringing the boys home and at John Wasn't even sure of that she also acts in my. Hey so when she do bring the boys home is she dropping them off at your house and you bring 'em to me or she just going on a straight bring them to me. John also didn't know if that was you know what was going on with that. Be Our young boys This is stuff. Yeah you gleeful gleeful. Yeah near like. They're the oldest is nine nine seven and five right. They're young. This is stuff you exactly. You need to no no yes so. She even offered to get the boys from Joanne and say. Hey I'll you know I'll even meter somewhere or alkyl. Pick the boys that we're where are they and he just dance around. He danced around the topic. Never really given her like an exact answer like not giving much of anything. The next call she gets from John He tells her he is on his way to the hospital over a leg injury due to a suicide attempt when Sani hears this she instantly get worried not because of John but John his way to the hospital who were going to get the boys from this Joanne checks and also also how do you sustain an injury. A leg injury from a suicide sent and later on he ends up going insane like it wasn't a suicide attempt. Although they were like he tried to use a string that was like super thin and then he fell off and he hit his leg or something like that. No so context lawyer about what's going going on and he advises her to wait until the drop off time three PM. If the boys are not there by then she can go to the police so she waited and waited until three PM and when three on came in there was still no signs of the boy she e mmediately alerted the police. An amber alert was put out instantly in in a state police along with the FBI began to search for the SKILTON brothers. Changes lawyer also advised Cheney not to go to Johns home because it may be a crime scene scene but tenure hated just sitting near with just waiting for her boys get home. She needed to do something for an. I'm sure is he cleaned everything up rate great so you would think that tenure gets his house anyway but she couldn't even open the door because something was something big was blocking it. She caught out to the boys voice to hope that maybe they're in the house and respond to her but she heard nothing when this was a dead end. She went back to the house in case this Joanne. When lady Di Bring the boys home she'd be there but no Joanne ever turned up and neither did the boys? Investigation breaks out in. John of course is in the spotlight. They WANNA know. WHO's Joanne lady to the one that John Said had the boys lasts for Thanksgiving? It was supposed to bring them home for all police. He's no Joann about Gillian is that John had met her while he was helping her with her car. Tenure has said that Joann Taylor actually added her on his mom APP. She was is using called cafe mom. The later that turned out to be John Pretending to be Joann Taylor which it doesn't make sense in a dozen help his case it doesn't help him out at all At all at all there was possibly a sighting of the boys though Eleo with a woman that could've been a Joann Taylor in ten dusky Ohio at a donut shop. The cashier noted that the boys didn't WanNa go into the donut shop. They real hesitant. The all look tired and hungry and the only reason the lady assumed that it was the boys was is because the lady who at the boys referred to the youngest as tanner. She told him to hurry up and pick. Something Lady. Didn't know that the boys were missing at the time until Oh after the holiday this literally was like right after this happened and even then she hesitated to tell them because she wasn't sure what she said she had saw eventually. Her manager convinced her to call in. The police looked into this but the more they look. They cannot find a Joanne anywhere. Which makes me think that even if there was a woman that played a part in issue probably gave John Wrong name? He just did not give she. He made up the name himself. The yeah we couldn't find. Yeah and that's what I was somebody. He Knew Oh yea definitely and detectives didn't look that John's phone to see if they can can get Friday evening off of that. They notice that at four twenty nine in the morning. John's phone pink three point three miles from his home then and his phone pink again at five. AM At holiday city. Then his phone either dies or he turns it off in either way we know the location. GPS is shut off off his phone. Then gets active again as six forty six eight. He was back at his house for this left. A nice time gap for him to have done on something with the boys. When John came back to the house he was very active on his phone he even made his dad is saying how he hoped God and Tan? You can forgive him for what he he has done while he also dropped a lot of his personal items off to a family member because he didn't think he'd be around long. What suspect aspect so police finally searched the inside of Johns home? They couldn't believe the state of his home. They're broken items everywhere. They're broken dishes broken furniture and even cords cut their knife. gashes in the mattresses in the room police retrieve John's laptop and looks at his search history. And find something strange. John had made to searches the last night. The boys were with him one. Can you break someone's neck with your bare hands. What into can rat poison kill kids? John's Johnson in his defense that he and the boys are watching a karate. Movie that night in the boys can't became curious about it when they saw those kind of depths in the character so they decided to look it up. Yeah 'cause even is like as the adult we know users going to say yes it kill. You don't do it because okay you look it up and he says. I know that I can't try it. Yeah challenge you go to school. My Daddy said let you eat that right there. This over the corner. Nothing to happen to you. Yes yes I was just like any you can just you could easily shut those down like it was just a weird search search history. Search this really weird especially the boys go missing in that same time period right so John side of things starts months back when he said he tried to report the sexual abuse that he's expected between tenure in the boys. He said that the chief of police would not accept his report at the time and in a courtroom in two thousand eleven. John stated that he felt like the system failed him and that if he would've had a had a had if the police would have chose to do their duties. Instead of being a frantic Tanya he would have had to resort to what he did when it came to the boys so John says that the boys one one day told him that tenure has been quote unquote sexing them which I don't even know what that means. He then told his parents about this. And that's when he said sadie tried to make a report. Jon said that after helping Joe Win they kept in touch and she told him she knew of his group called the underground sanctuary. That will take care of the boys for him to protect them from Tannin supposedly after the boys had dinner tonight a few members from the group. We're going to pick the boys up and John was under the impression that this was just a trial run. He'll get the boys back. Because this is like a netflix account. Right and you get a week. Yeah and that's like I. I don't like his stories just like literally all over the place right now and it changes so many times in this case that it's ridiculous. I was getting whiplash just like just trying to trying to keep up so on the boys last John. He made their favorite food fried chicken in the eighty cake that John had made specially for them. They watched that karate movie. I was talking about the night together and John then told the boys that they will be going to live with a better family for a while. A few members from this group by the name of Joanne Virgil Sue and Elijah came to pick the boys up in a van. John wrap the boys in the blanket gave gave them each a toy in watched as they drove off with the boys into the night. John then told police that the boys were given to the Amish community to be raised but although all members in the amish community lived away from mainstream they still are aware of the news that go on in at the boys were dropped off into the Amish community in on the Indiana and Ohio Ohio borderline like he said the police would have definitely been alerted of something like this. Although Johns story changed so many times over the years he did go back and and say he regretted Gra giving the boys away in the first place because he did not have like full custody of the kids if he was giving them so some type of organization he was still need her sick yeah her. Id for her to be there. Yeah you need something you just can't just ah drop kids off to somebody. Yeah especially if this is like an organization like you're saying sister sounding like who do I contact when you know Abcd CD-ROM even as a quote unquote trial run right. So it just doesn't make sense. You need who else. Who else is allowed to pick them up? Emergency contracts. Yes so it's just. It's a typical application process. Like I don't know like is is it really doesn't make sense. So a man by the name of Mos- Gingrich also comes up. John said that when the boys were ready to be found this is the man and that will contact John. Police were actually able to track. This man down. Most did have an organization called the underground railroad. That helped new amish community remembers around the time John Produced the story of this happening to the boys most had a show on TV. That talked about the work of the underground railroad most actually met face to face with John and he told John that he had no idea who is sons were until six months prior to meeting him and this was seven years after the incident even took place. Also something that moles the in key John. In on at the time John was when he we found out about the group win exactly eighty find out about the group and he said back in two thousand ten most revealed that he didn't go public with his group until two thousand twelve when his show in public so John just seen mind blown by the fact that most had no idea who the boys were in for. The first time I'm John was starting to feel like things might not have went will after meeting with John. Most stated that John was a smooth guy in very intelligent which this keep coming coming up if you were just saying that this guy is a really intelligent and could have pulled this off yeah. John's family of course had an input on things. His family was upset with how how John Handle things with the police when he went to report. This supposed child abuse with Tanya which I won at when people in the community were asked about this. They said it was clear that the boys were loved by their mom and they couldn't imagine her army them at all John's Dad's stated that John should just went straight to those they police instead of the local police. When and things didn't work out his finger John Stab believed that when the boys become of legal aid the real story of what happened will come out as well and although he isn't sure if this is when just the oldest one turns eighteen or when they all turn eighteen? John's father also shared that one day while he was out getting guests someone came up from behind him and told him not to turn around. He then states at the boys are safe in that. He shouldn't worry he responded by. Just simply saying okay. It went known about his day. John's mom believed that the boys are one hundred percent safe but she also believed that what John Did was stupid and irresponsible responsible. His mom went on about how Tanna would play with John's emotions when it came to the boys she said Tanny will call John over on Sunday nights to stay the night but will make him. I'm leaving the morning before the boys will wake up but I could see where she just doesn't want to play with the boys hit but I mean like so. Yeah I can see why she did that. Ah To protect the boys I guess and then she would tell them a few days later that he wasn't going to be without see the boys at all. That's messed up his mom unbeliev- this is the emotional stress that caused him to do what he did. His mom believes this whole situation. John was mistreated by the police being kept in isolation prison for years supposedly. He was drugged when the police interrogated him and when being interrogated he was not allowed to eat. Sleep or use the restroom. So that's what. John Claims John Sister believes that even growing up John was the brains of the family. She fits that. She was the physical sibling while John was a thinker. He didn't he wasn't really a fighter. She definitely believed that her her brother is capable of doing something like this though she also believes that tenured did molest the boys as well John Side of the family only contact the teen. You one time after the boy's disappearance which Kinda China seem strange in itself but I'm just taking that they aren't really close especially with all these comments. They're making towards Sunday. They were saying stuff like that going public but I think I steal check on her reach out because we're her kids. She doesn't know her kids. Are I think I would check on her. Because at the end of the day they all our family So it's like we're all missing them right now like they're not dismissing 'cause that's that's their mother that's our cue. Yeah so Tom. Nine years later a discovery was made in Missoula Montana which really confused police in Michigan State. Police didn't even consider Montana Montana in their radar when you're looking for the boys but when the remains were found of three kids that fit the age range of the boys they linked up to find out if these were the remains of this Gilson brothers. The owner of the house hired a cleaning team to clean the house after the two previous tenants. had left while the cleaning team cleaning up they came across a set of bones at the time of death. The bones were estimated to be around the ages. Two two two four five to eight and six to ten. The bones were tested at the University of North Texas when discovery went public. Tenure didn't WanNa make go comment to the public but that's completely understand. It's completely understandable. News was something that definitely taking them. All by surprise they weren't expecting to have To to to find bones like they were kind of Holding out that. Maybe John did give these boys to someone so John watched from prison as the news played out on TV. He went on to say. This news have effect on his safety not in the prison prisoners. Yeah I mean what did you expect. Prisoners begin to call him a child killer a monster. He even went further to say this some some people stop talking to him when you expect here. After six months of waiting the results came back. Negative for being skilton brothers others nine years after the disappearance of the boys a credible tip came from a lady who claims to have seen John at a pond with his band the morning. John's phone pinged in that area. Police had always considered this area hot zone but they never searched it. Police use cadaver dogs incised inside scanners owners to look for the boys on the water. A land search with search dogs took place as well but nothing was found and they were just as close to finding the boys As they were before the search the boys are still missing in. The boy's family along with detectives are not giving up hope of bringing the boys home. I'm going to post on our website. Some age progressed photos of the boys. Just so that we all can be on a look out for these boys now. We're not sure how accurate these are of the boys because of many factors like their hair-color and things can be changed but it gives you a general idea into be honest. I'm really impressed with the technology. These days in an amazes me because it looks. As if you're looking at Boyd. The voice all pictures picked. Yeah their school pictures over the years. If you have any information on this case please contact Kerensky police at five on seven four five eight seven one zero four and I also want to give a huge shoutout to the podcast shattered attard who dedicated an entire season to the Skilton case. Please be sure to listen to episodes on these brothers. They have interviews with John and many other people. Oh who played a part in this case as well. Thank you for listening. It's a crime in the mid you can find the transcript pictures we discussed and the links to all of our references fences our website at www dot com dot com. There you can also find the link star social media. If you have a case you'd like us to discuss also go to the contact US page of the website and leave a suggestion. Each month will choose one of one suggestion for an episode.

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"Best of Frenemies"

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"Best of Frenemies"

"This is the way box podcast. Now where you're listening to the podcast. All you outside the uk. We know the lots of you. We could see the magic numbers but we're looking for international listeners to come on tom's radium playoff. She popular quiz. Can you get to number ten so probably even if you're in the uk always lovely to speak to you so if you wanna come on and do our quiz just ten general knowledge questions. Lucy connected titan cabinet jobs. Email me now with details matt dot chilly at times dot radio. We'll hopefully get you on the radio very soon. But coming up on the podcast. An absolute treat. He's back regular listeners. To the podcast. Remember sam coats former deputy political to the times and general troublemaker. Five years ago this always johnson pulled out of the leadership contest after being not about by michael. Go flaunting sam coats to appear on live television looking agog behind norman on the bbc news channel. Well sam kothe joins me to take a trip down memory lane recall what happened five years ago and what data's on the state of the whole in east channels that is coming up. I is our columnists panel. It should be not the but james barrier is a way. I think he's promise co. Class is being told self i state so instead. It's john stevens from the daily mail joining india night. Now let's talk about. Because i touch your column india the weekend. I don't see there's been developers on this since britney spears and the judge has ruled that denying her request to remove. Her father is her conservative. It's such an incredible story. This is not just a sort of showbiz story. But she's remains one of the most famous people. In the world hugely successful pop singer you know cultural icon and yet has no control over own life. India it's absolutely extraordinary story and it's sort of medieval in in its in its at. It's cool really. I mean i find it completely fascinating radi horrifying and really distressing and the idea that a woman who is about to be fourteen conned been control of her body her in reproduction her money. She's funding all of this. I mean one of the extraordinary things about testimony last week is that of course. She's paying for her low her not very good. It seems lawyers have been appointed by the in charge. Her she's also paying for the other side. I mean she it's like she can't win. She said at one point the judge. That's very moving. She said. I wish i could stay on the phone to you all day because the moment i come off the phone. I'm told that everything is impossible. And i must do as i'm told and there is no hope so. Yeah it's a banana story. And i'm very saad that About this i recent legal decision but this time that it's going to run and run and run and run and run four years. It looks like he's advice you'd be following this closely. Use your on come on. This program is football. Which i know barely anything about how make. But he stays fine so she's still pretty space in two thousand. Eighteen in sabra and cheese now said that that school she didn't want formed in one was folks against a whale and later when types to get a residency at las vegas when she objected in her shoes. But answer we have. They changed what drugs he was on hiring story. And it just seems slightly strange. That hasn't managed to be able to get rid of her father as the miss india. Says he's been paying was legal fees in he's been paying off a sixteen thousand dollar fee months to be the conservative been getting Merchandise sales of the doors that she's insane that she's enforced just seems that happened in life hasn't been of interested gritty spades. You spend the interest in everyone else around. And i suppose it's one of those volumes is in particular because she was so young. Look at disney. They called mickey mickey mickey mouse and in seemed so incredibly successful and enjoyed. Apparently all of the trappings of fame and fortune and all of that but actually utterly miserable for large parts of that india. It's a really interesting story about famously. Because as she said herself again in her testimony last week in the public perception is always that. If you are selling out vegas and you look great on your records. Go to number one. You automatically happy and automatically grateful and automatically not really allowed to compla- because it looks a bit. She so she heroically has not complained. very volubly until recently. But where do you. She's associates chuckle is a slave. It's it's mind blowing newlywed and the thing was because i was reading something about how there was a similar thing in in this country is called a deputy ship rather than conserva ship. But that's for sort of people who lack mental capacity it's series brain. Injuries dementia severe learning disabilities. I i'm just not sure if this this this case would happen in the uk with job. No and you look at how restrictiveness conservatives is you know. She said in test me last week and a cool in la about how she's being stalked from getting pregnant. She's being stopped from get married. Someone's house control on their life. That they're not free a toll they completely functioning. She's now it's toll the world. She's kind of at the top affect game brilliant performer. And that doesn't necessarily mean that everything else in your life is fine. It testing ridiculous that she has so controlled that just basic things. She's not able to do what you were saying about the nature of fame. India is that is one of the. I suppose in most areas of life things of turn out not to be seen whether it's the church or the media or politics or whatever and so many people who've been through the sort of fame sheen end up having utterly miserable us and i was just thinking i haven't been listening to someone being interviewed into the other day i think on i think might on virgin one of our sister stations but talking about how they'd sort of backed away for the record company said we can turn you into the next britney spears or whatever and they backed away from it and said no. I'm quite happy just releasing albums and doing my thing being able to walk down the street and not being tapped in all of that and is sort of extraordinary. Sorta turnaround in events. The people don't maybe they've seen what happens when people don't want fame in the same way yes. I think that's been a change in that. You know the idea that. I didn't twenty years ago thirty years ago. The idea that that became became famous. And you wanted to go onto the you wanted everybody to whoop and clap you and fully down the street and turned up outside. Your mom's house is now a really frightening idea. I think possibly because of the impact of social media which always comes in to all of these things. But i think i think that's the same approach. Now you know to kind of quiet you plow your thorough. Do well be successful. Have people who love you. Come to your concept but really not stick your head out above the parapet very much beyond that. Because the whole thing just becomes suffocating katie and we've even seen john who'd even become the chief medical officer john as we've seen this week the abuse even chris witty's getter not certainly not where he does not like. He was a mickey mouse. Qatar as a child or indeed release of Pop hits but it's just why would anyone want to go into the public. Eye is the caller how young any space was when she was started out of her small town in louisiana and taken to new york and i think she was staying in new york with someone who wasn't even one of family members and then in one of the documentaries neo times when he came back to louisiana which is quite young had on us money and she just went driving through the town handing out hundred dollar bill notes to is cleaning ridiculous that she's hired and she's just not having people around have her best interest at heart. As you say. Chris way over seating. Get into being the cmo for the fame. You know it's just that he's had in so yeah. I think there is often not very different if he put in. Public facing pressure is is extraordinary. Britney spears things clearly involved but it's just a very grim story. Let's move on and talk complete. Change attack this talk about the furloughs escape so the fact figures have just come out and the last half an hour or so soon that more than a million workers came off the for off in the four weeks between the individual and the end of may which also coincided with restrictions being lifted non-essential retail shops west on. So say it shows that two point four million moved off the scheme between the end of february the end of may two and two point four million main furloughed or flexi furloughed. Too many still ahead of a lot. I mean it's down from a peak of nearly nine million. And i'm just interested in where where where politics goes on this john. The next time a bad thing happens the government can't just say well we'll let nature take take it's 'cause you know unemployment benefits there that's just the way it is. The president wishy sooner is set for the future is going to be really strong. Isn't it really. Dc the risque on the fairly scheme. The ican leads to my son. Employment can not got your quote south this morning from issue seen. I'm saying this team as nazi working down his Showing these figures showing that the number of people felt i was hauled in the nas three months. We're seeing employers having to contribute temp sent this month. Goats twenty seven scheme. Toasty closes in september. And they all grants increased. We don't have massive. But i think as many tricky comes september. You've got stuff at the university credit twenty pounds a week up if they getting rid of thought is well. I think that is going to be the pressure point. If you send me say unemployment numbers taking up know taking away the extra benefits. I think that's when you go. Appropriate point for the government is not right now. I think at the moment that bill had gradually do things. But then i think that's when you go. What did you think. India is it. I mean we all just massive big state interventionists now. I think the problem is that we keep being told that things are going back to normal very very imminently and that isn't really and if you tell people that the world as they knew it is about to repair and that they can go about their business inex- as they did a couple of years ago you are setting yourself up for an almighty full and the people and i'm really concerned about not so much Reasonably versatile flexible Workers in sectors the with very kind of high turnover like hospitality. That i do worry about people who want to see. But i worry more about people doing very skilled jobs. They've been doing for a very long time Really not being able to work again. And in fact that's one of the things we talked about next with Some warm from the resolution foundation. About exactly that because of risk of older workers as a first because your wife you'll young and you'll flexible and you can you know y'all happily jump from one sector to another then you'll probably be alive ultimately but yeah if you've been in one job for very long time is going to be Is going to be quite difficult job. You talked about how you treated us talking about football. I was going to quickly ask about football. Because i'll call david. Ivanovich is waiting in the times today about whether the people getting over excited about the england team means is another son in england never thinks about the union and does the basis if you follow the chain of salt if england winds also threaten the future of the union. The point is making us the only time we ever talk about england for my talk blocks the rest of the time we have to base the constitution scotland and sometimes fails role than island but never really talk about englishness and people in england kind of secretary british. I think all the problem is that you went to enjoy the constitution. When you talk about england i mean. He told us on. their ideas. put forward by john. Denham about the house knows of the union senate which brings together the regions and nations. And you just make shooting when they started about about. That is gonna glaze over to sending the massive trust found in talking about englishness and i think possibly partly because of in evolution people much more inch snapped about regions. I sat in the northwest mid anti burnham and the other man who tease the west midlands laws and then took my england one specific area india. What do you think is should we talk more about englishness. I suppose it's a catch twenty six. We talked about it more than it does. end up. reinforcing are deflated. Exactly exactly that's the problem. It's a really interesting column. But england makes up about eighty four percent. I think it is of the populations a uk about ninety percent of gdp. Obviously it has a disproportionate impact on the rest of the country which is very annoying for the rest of the country. I competing on the stand. There's also the problem. That scotland is essentially left. England is essentially right. I think imagine for you. A states made up eighty four percent of the country. I mean it's a social matt situation. I think the more the more the more you seek to concretize as it were england the more you force of the parts of the country to assert their individuality even further. And that if you believe in the united kingdom does not need you to a good place. I didn't think engineer. And john stevens then. Of course you can read in the towns every sunday get yourself a digital subscription times. Don't come forward slash times. Went box up next reunited at last. Is my chat with sam coats. You're listening to red box. Podcast now do you remember this from five years ago. How can it be five years ago and extraordinary moment on some pulled out of the leader was his on waiting from one plate finally out of the leading the leave campaign. He pulled out of the context. The bbc go live to norman smith. Nobody's looking at norman smith. They're only looking at the face of my next guest. Sam coats who is pictured coming out. The press comes with a dog. I think it's fair to samuel. W times then you'll deputy of sky news now. What was it like being. I wasn't in the there was so much going on in that week. You can only be in certain places. What was it like in the wound that moment boss johnson pulled out. I mean it was incredible. But you've got to put it in that context of the elite. The basically felt like you were fooling down the stairs from the thursday night before where we all stayed up all night to cover the brexit result which obviously resulted in britain fighting to leave the european union and the and then and then it was just it. Was david camera. Resigning on the friday and politics had completely broken the labor party when they were but but there was no leadership in the conservative party. There was no certainty about the direction of the country and they would just a lot of people screaming. And that wasn't just metaphorically they would. They were out there on the green on college. Green shouting it as and on the night of the brexit referendum. His room. the heavens opening and you have to step over puddles as you head into various. Live points to make some extra money from your day job at the time and it was. it was in this deluge. And that's what that week felt like and the incredible sorts of just emotional energy. That week spiraled on day after day until thursday which was the most incredible day. I can probably ever remember in politics until the next one and the best way for me to prepare to do my homework for this interview was to go through the photos of the day and i've got them all. I've got them all here and what happened. That morning is a complete metaphor for the british politics because we turned up as a sort of ravage lee exhausted. Parliamentary press group to a beautifully curated event by theresa may who was launching her leadership ship campaign in which military institute. Just of whitehall looked stunning. It was perfect to a t. She was introduced by chris growling. Remember him and she gave a perfectly plausible standard speech. And we all listen. jesus Until about three quarters of the way through when we messages saying that michael gave had stabbed. Boris johnson in the front and we all knew of course that the next event in our calendar was boris. Johnson's leadership launch. So we trailed along to the german hotel for this event and in the boris camp had turned off their phone. We sort of you could inchoo it. You could feel what was about to happen next. But nobody said it. And the event was delayed so we were their main lining on coffee and more coffee and more coffee and eventually boris. Johnson's stepped out and seconds before. Boris johnson stepped out the whole leadership. Team the campaign. The ben wallace's the back rebates will stepped out and they said nothing but their faces told you what was about to happen and for the first ten minutes of boris johnson speech. He didn't technology. And then finally he said the words that you just you just played and it was a stunning moment. The doors for members was was for letting that there were. There was very roar emotion in the in the room and and then we'll stream down to the ream and and veteran broadcaster. Norman smith was already doing a live thingy from his camera point before. And this wasn't a moment where i thought i'm going to try and capture the second posterity. What actually went through my mind. And i've never said this. Who's maybe i could put a cheeky face and see what happens because it was a moving picture. Water we didn't anticipate was skelly wagon chief. Andrew alexander at the bbc would then screen grab that second and his tweet went viral around the world and even though british politics exploded there was nothing left. People were picking up the ruins by lunchtime. It was that pitcher that seemed to be just far too far up as website. It just absolutely maybe it sort of saudi captured the matters of all thinking back to this week five years ago. The other thing that just sticks in my mind is the well. Let me just play it to. You'll get your reaction. It seems ridiculous when they were doing that. And then because of all the events that we've just been discussing gillette some ends up in the final we will take you down a bad path. I know where you're going to end. So let's do it. Tim lawton will be burned on my brain like an image on. Hdtv that you've left on too long walking down the street. They were going. What was it from the cinnamon club whether it was the launch and of course the that it was the launch it was a march in support of andrea led some for leader. Andrew left the event in a calm whisked away the ragtag of supporters a had begun walking back to parliament had no intention but i mean we had nothing else to do so we just sort of followed them and then somebody turned on some tv cameras and then they felt like they needed to perform say they did wonderful organic spontaneous moment of a combination of insanity narcissism as so often we see in in british politics and thank goodness for it and they marched on parliament then use the pulses to get in so that was the beginning of andhra lead lead some leadership campaign and there was this coalescing around her and she ended up putting for the very creditable challenge to theresa may ending up in the last two of the conservative leadership race until rachel sylvester came along into her and the rest is history and explain is extremely think five years ago this week michael g-o-v nas boss johnson. The back declared him unfit to be prime minister. He then basically the same thing again two years ago when he ran for the leadership again. How are they still working. So closely in government. I was looking back at some of the reports at the time about how michael grove wanted. Voice johnson to have dominic cummings on his leadership team always johnson said. No how is it five years later. Dominic cummings is being gone in. Michael is essentially one of the most powerful influential closest allies of the man. He knifed five years ago. I mean it looks to me like mark. Who gave is just in a loveless marriage with boris johnson. You got this situation where you say. They're close i mean. Do you have a ruler. Have you measured it. I just. I just obviously not. As close as other members of the government have been with their as advisers. Might you might say. I'll put my lowest but the point ease yes. He's going to senior job. But do we really think. Michael gov is happy. Do we really think that. Michael michael is these extraordinary figures that western suspended for too long thinking about talking about logic. He looked talking to jealous because he was one. Including twenty was my first bosses news editor. When i turned up in two thousand. And he's part this'll to media conversation but he's only cabinet office minister at point he's had some influence but it doesn't feel to me like he is running the government. As some commentators often wished to present it he feels like dislike. These item periphery figure just distant from many parliamentary colleagues. You dislike you sort of michael. Sloan immoral statist intervene e instincts when it comes to create a virus people in the in the parliamentary party of the conservative party. Often maybe only say you know. Michael just wants to impose more restrictions than these. He's distant from his party. He's never going to be the beloved of boris johnson. There are other people who are sort of sending higher than him in politics and you will never going to get away from something as powerful as the statement that he made on the day of two thousand sixteen that we are here to celebrate what we've come. The end of this episode of the box podcast. Don't forget subscribe wherever you get your podcast form. Listen to my times. Radio show every monday to thursday. Ten to one you can. Db radio on your smart speaker get the times radio app. You can also listen to the red box forecast of the times. Radio app is well and if you want to read about the stories that we've been talking about the you need a time subscription to get that go to time dot radio four slash subscribe.

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MWA354 - Roger Ivey

Modern Woodworkers Association

50:43 min | 3 months ago

MWA354 - Roger Ivey

"Before we get started with this episode. I wanna talk about the texas woodworking festival happening on september fourth. Twenty twenty one. You're anywhere near texas. You need to be checking this out. So what is the texas woodworking festival. Ella can be best described as a mix of a beer festival in woodworking theme farmers market. They're bringing together local woodworking organizations content creators furniture makers and tool manufacturers for a day of food drinks and all things woodworking. Please visit texas. Woodworking festival dot com. There you'll find information about tickets additional information about the schedule and all the exhibitors inventors look forward to seeing you there. Hi and welcome to the three hundred fifty fourth episode of the mwa podcast. I'm kyle barton. i'm here with my co host. Sean whiskey On this episode were visiting with roger ivy. A professional woodworker timber framer fabricator. Father of thirteen children. And oh yeah. He's an anesthesiologist. So you gotta let going on their roger. I'm i'm always busy. Yeah sounds like yeah know. We're going to do a five questions episode with you. But i don't think procrastination is going to be something that you have a lot of time for right absolutely not before we get into talking with roger Let's see what's happening in the woodworking news so Not a lot going on. It's summertime but But i mentioned a couple of things is Ramon vowed dez. I don't know if anyone any of y'all are following him on youtube but you should amis putting out a new videos about once a week and a lot of good tips and tricks in his videos. A lot of that. Kind of stuff so I highly suggest checking him out and of course he's been a guest here and he has his own podcast with a couple of other guys Been for nike and Some other guy. Phillip somebody anyway but but yeah those last couple of episodes. He's had a a shot back Hose holder which i thought was pretty interesting and You know to hold your shot back on your machines. If you're doing something where you can just put up Vacuum there suck the dust up and had a unique little solution there and he's had all kinds of stuff And then of course he does also do videos on some of the projects. He's he's been doing because he does a lot of commission work. So i check that out again give give him a thumbs up subscribe. What the kids say. Yeah down below whatever. yeah yeah yeah subscribe. Mash that log but mash that like but bring the bell. All that jazz and another thing that i wanted to mention is our good friends over their lost. Our press we always talk about some of the books and occasionally products that crucible launches but I think most of y'all know that they have some apparel and they recently expanded their apparel line to Have other things other than apparel. Basically they have some nifty looking mugs and then of course they came out with a new shirt and i have a new bandanna that comes with bleep. It's five pencils and they're these are supposed to be the best shop pencils ever according to chris. That's what i've heard so anyway. I've had construction pencils that lead just yanks out with the second time. I put a blade. Sharpen them so if they're good they're probably good in that way. Yes yes. I have to ask up a pullover workshirt. Basically a button down long-sleeve sleeve shirt polo style. Three button. top law Yeah i mean you know. I'm i'm not saying some of this stuff is not Inexpensive but it is very very well made they they really I think all of us does made in the usa By you know and they get great fabric. That's very durable. And so it's like it's a pullover workshirt as probably a pullover work shirt you'll wear for twenty years. Yeah and that'll last and last last for sure purchaser many washington washington's and of course that mugs the mugs look awesome. I love it know like cost him. Fired clay They're sold-out currently as everything is as soon as chris says likes it but i'm sure they'll keep coming so keep your eye on them. Yeah and i think he mentioned beer stein's or coming so we'll totally fit the brand. Yes yes so. So we'll see we'll see how that does but Yeah i mean you know a lot of the stuff. He has like. The pullover worked hurt his long sleeve. And you know he does have a chore code believe he came out with. I don't know if they have any of those in stock now or some some best and those are all great as just a little too hot where i am to make either of those The pullover workshirt looks nice on my bill to wear that out but definitely not in the shop. Lisa little toasty. Yeah maybe maybe in the winter months. Yeah just didn't well except for last winter. Just don't get that cold here. Yeah yeah but you know. Hey but you know if you are in the in the climate for that be sure to check that out but Yeah i just thought. I mentioned that 'cause we always talk about their books and tools but You know he has some great apparel and those mugs. Look very nice. I'm on yep those possibly my listeners. Well so anyway So who's patriot. Shutout this week so as always we want to give a big. Thanks for patriot patriot. Supporters are patrons today. We're we're going to give a shoutout to our friend and hopefully yours to david. Dr d- You know he's a he's a bene- guest and i know kyle your friend of his and Good good to see him around if you like to support us the podcast that is Goto patriot dot com slash. Mwa podcast and it a it was a few shackles and see if you would like to help us out as well. Yeah yeah big shutout for david. So what's in the shop sean. I not much We had a graduation party last week. And so the mad rush. Getting that stuff ready. Oh yeah that was going to be your Your co- bid Party right no thankfully. We didn't want to have any anyway. We were you know it was. It was actually safe outside. And i mean not on purpose but most everything was spaced out. Unfortunately it rained like crazy of the downpour in the morning. We were getting things ready but we had a bunch of tents and chairs under intense. So much you know. By the time it occurred. You know there were gatherings in in the garage and under tents and then whatever but it ended up being Like swimsuits being worn playing volleyball in the rain Mike kid got his two years ago. Swimming speedo on at one point. I mean fund was had all. I'm sure but after after the kind of two weeks leading up to that getting everything ready and in this week is kind of been like who so far just like easing back in. I now have like. I have pallets in my basement that held pictures of like his life. You know from preschool up through high school. Those haven't even been gone through yet to clean up and get out of my shop. They're just leaning on things you know just but it was. It was busy it was it was a little hot and then really rainy. And it's been rainy ever since so I still have What thirty folding chairs and five six foot table for my neighbor that i gotta get back to them at filling my garage currently good to have a neighbor. That has all that stuff. But it's Yeah it was a not not much else going on. It was definitely saturday after the party was clean up. You know getting everything. Kinda of all the things i had to be thrown away thrown away in tidied up and sunday pretty much. We're like cruel. Just relax just relax. Well it's great as great girl could have that so that's fantastic. Yeah i mean it was really really enjoyed it so it was. It was cool because we we had some family members that had actually never been to the house. And we've been here for fifteen years but like we don't entertain all the time so it was just. It was nice to to see l. My my aunts uncles and and such that. I haven't seen actually probably more than more way more than a year. Spend not just. Kobe is just you know we don't always get a time to see anybody. That was really nice and he got some money for college and it's always helpful to. Hey yeah yeah hopefully didn't spend before college. She had i hope not. He's a good kid. He's working two jobs too so it's not like he's and for the for the interest of saving money not spending Wants to build the bill. The accounts not just blows money on weird stuff anyway. That's not interesting kyle. How about you. What do you have in your shop Well let's see basically. I'm starting to ship out orders so Get that going And that's basically all i have been doing is working on orders So like i said. I'm grateful for all the support and An interest in the immi- jigs you know my new jig the spindle drilling guide as well as a previous jigs but Yeah just been working on getting those orders at. I don't know if i mentioned this before but My mom's moving into one of those independent living facilities. So if i'm not in the shop. I'm over at her place trying to get her helping her get her house ready to be put on the market packing up stuff all that kind of stuff. So it's yeah it's it's something else but She there in the houston area with you yet. Yeah she's about forty minutes away. She currently she moved in. I don't know probably twenty years ago into one of those fifty five and over communities. Okay and then. We'll probably about the last couple years. She's been talking. Just hate upkeep on the house and data you know. I'm forty minutes away so if she needs me to do something you know it's like okay. You know it takes me forty minutes to get over there to to do it so and you know just you know the upkeep and that kind of thing and so she said well let me look at one of these Independent facility so should we went and we looked at a whole bunch of them but She picked one actually not too far from where she lives but Yeah it's really nice place. It looks more like an apartment complex in anything but Once you get inside everything's interconnected. And you know i have like a you know. They have all kinds of little activity areas and indoor swimming pool and all these kind of things so that kind of interesting. Yeah so yeah. Yeah and with the circle of life One of the things. I'm learning to do in. My shop is to sit down. I'm one of the ankle is always standing. And then i'll get you know you know after about Eight hours in the shop. All day will come up and go feed or killing me my lower bags killing me. Sit down so. I've been making a conscious effort to use the to shops tools. I have constantly to. Yeah you know if. I don't have to move around for something. Let me sit down and and do it. So that's that's actually been hell helping but it you know. I have to consciously think to sit down. It's kind of weird just an active guy. Yeah yeah it is so you know so anyway but just You know and that's one of the things. That's the bad thing about my shop result concrete so i do have pads down and things of that nature but i you know those only help to a certain degree And especially when you're walking back and forth things but anyway so If anyone has any solutions for that. I've looked into who was it. That recommended the The horse mats that you could get a tractor supply. I think we mentioned that. Kevin i all i heard probably so it's amita but anyway. Yeah but kevin kevin's one at recommended though so. Yeah definitely going to have to Look into that but all in all the tractor supply. Or it's mets. Yes yes he said he said yeah you could pick them up fairly inexpensively. They'll cover much bigger area than if you buy those Those rubber tiles and remember. He said you can also put machines on them too. So yeah i i never i. I don't have them. But i understand. They're pretty pretty stout and think obviously if they're holding organs so someday someday but with that said roger what are you working on the shot. Oh how always have at least a half a dozen things going on in the shop. Biggest biggest one right now is there is a Tech company that just built a Oh it's like a sixteen million dollar building and they asked me to build their kind of a counter counter heights table for their their break room. the break room is very interesting in the center of the building is a full size basketball court. Why that is the know the the breaker omen then so we built a twelve foot. Long old growth redwood left live edge on one side and then the side. They'll say that you know the straight edge and the sides are waterfall and so it's forty five degree angles. Chemistry down turned out pretty. Nice the The foot rests. We did a lot of the foraging with power hammer person braces to hold some Disa- around salt around stock. The goes from side to side so it can axes snail both support for the table but also for their feet but pretty pretty pretty impressive piece. Yeah that sounds very interesting. The really kind of a hippy hippy. Hip kind of place. I mean when your break room consists of or areas of basketball court and you know and they've got somebody making a new thing so many. I mean i worked for a company whose furniture is probably literally thirty years old. And they're just they ship it in and a cube farm and who cares you know that's pretty cool that they're they're he'll get new stuff and and you get the chance to make it with the attitude or the. I don't know how you describe it. But their work model. Is you give you give people a little bit more freedom and nice things. They're more productive. I think a lot i think. A lot of america. A lot of businesses have lost sight of that. But if you get the right mix of people and in that situation. They you know they're going to. They're going to do really well. And that's this you know. This company is built themselves around that and they're very successful so that's pretty cool. Yeah much different than the you know the medical world that. I'm immersed in polar opposites you know so Corporate corporate medicine. I think could learn a lot from some of these big tech companies. Yeah i agree. Yeah it was. I worked for a number of healthcare institutions throughout my career. so yeah it's kind of interesting and in mine were all state medical institutions like at work for md anderson cancer center for a number of years. So okay yeah. So it's that's even that's even worse when you mix the state with the The medical center especially one as large as md anderson. When i left them they were right at twenty five thousand employees out. Yeah just im- i mean. Yeah yeah i mean you look at you talk about. Ut system you all the universities and stuff md anderson's everyone thinks ut austin but actually it's md. Anderson that's the Big dog on the street when it comes down to funding and legislative impact and all that kind of stuff. But yeah definitely understand. Stand that but speaking of which you have a fascinating background so tell us a little bit about that because you're both in the medical side but then you also run a business. That does a lot of custom cabinetry as well as some other interesting things. I don't i don't do a lot of cabinetry. Well custom furniture outside. You grew up. I grew up in northern nevada We're about eighty miles from reno. Hannah grew up on on alfalfa farm. So we were twenty five miles out of the nearest town. So you know growing up ahead. A whole corner of nevada just myself and at parents that were you know. They taught me how to work. The expected me to work but same. I was given a pretty much free rein. And that's kind of where i was always stealing wood and plywood for my dad and it ended up in the top of trees and all sorts of places. And so that's kind of where the creative side the building side really spawn from And then it just said just grew from there. Because i'd like when i moved to southern utah bought a home. No the art was hadn't been as a brand new homes. The yard hadn't been done and so i'd get bids and i think to myself. Well shoot i. I can buy the tools and do this project cheaper than this bid and then i have a tool. So that's kind of how i you know. That's what i really internists are buying tools Know this is oh almost twenty years ago but been added ever since well. Well that's fascinating especially coming from your your your day job. Which is you know. I mean be an anesthesiologist. I imagine. I can't imagine the time that that takes in and be able to do that. It's just it's remarkable in my mind but because you have company it's called the east walker river would company correct yes. Where's that name. Come from so east. Walker river is actually the river that i grew up on. It was the one that came right through the middle of our farm. Okay cool so that that river starts in bridgeport california and comes over into nevada and then goes just ends up in a in a lake kind of in the middle of nevada so the is small trout stream so i learned to fish there and nothing but fond memories there so it started started doing would and i needed a name. That's gonna call east walker river so yeah especially because it kind of ties in with where you grew up. So that's great. Yeah yeah so so one of the things that that you also do. You make a bunch of Timber frame prod- projects not only Some of the custom woodworking but also a lot of timber frame. So tell us a little bit about that. What kind of projects do you do. You know where. I matt You know as desert hot in soon. The the biggest thing is is probably the shade structures a pergola as okay. But i've i've incorporated that into some Some pretty extensive neo play structures as well tree houses was zip lines. And you know that kind of thing. Just you put it together with some some plates and some lag screws. But why do that when you can actually put some craftsmanship into it. So that's kind of how the timber framing evolved Yeah i encourage her our listeners. Go over to his website. It's e w would co co dot com and. Check some of this stuff out because some of the the park delos are just fascinating. But what's even more fascinating than some of these tree. Playhouses that you've done. That is just extensive. That that originates again. I was probably five and the farmhouse on our farm surrounded by these giant cottonwood trees. And you know the few of them. They were so big there at the end of their lifespan. And we had one that it broke always probably fifteen feet in the air. Just broken half the diameter that it was probably seven or eight feet in diameter about that. Same time i'd read the book Other side of the mountain which is about a boy that his parents let him go into the forest and and live in the actually built a his. You know living structure out of a mistake like this. He burned out the center of it. And so this cottonwood falls over. And i'm like i'm building me shelter the so my parents. They didn't let me burn out the center of it but we went to one of the town and they bought me a hatchet. And i quickly realized that wasn't getting very far with that hatchet. But that's where the memories of rebuilding tree houses in these play structures started was there and so that's still to this day. That's where i i'll source of just the these incredible logs. It's from the old farmers. They're in the valley. They just kind of set aside for me and all once a year twice a year. I'll go down there and pick them up and bring them home. Yeah when i saw that. I was just like wow. This is i. We have a neighbor. A couple of streets over we live right on the water here in in texas and They had built out in their aside. Yard a guess. It's a pirate ship for lack of a better terms for kids to play on. I always thought that was really cool and really need then us all the stuff that you made. And she's like holy crap at a power shift and hold a candle to this so the the current house that i'm in there's a. There's a few pictures on instagram. I what i moved in. There's little tiny diving board and just was not okay. So i've moved the diving board and we put in You know some some logs that are oh six hundred feet in diameter ten feet tall jump platform off of that and then a tree house next to it and so the kids are kids are in the pool right now as we speak that they're run circles from the pool of jump jump platform and around and around so a lot of a lot of the stuff i do is to create memories You know not not just my kids but all the friends everybody that's around. They'll grow up having seen this type of the play structures a craftsmanship It'll stay with them. Yeah yeah you're exactly right. And yeah to build all this using timber framing techniques. I mean it's gonna last a long long time. And the craftsmanship is just impeccable. Hello do we there. Oh they're mike near me out. Yeah like sorry sorry. so what. Got you into timber framing. Like i love. I love it actually. I was a traditional framer. You know nail guns by forbes that kind of stuff but yeah the the the long lasting nece that the stout timbers all that stuff. I absolutely love it so how did you. i mean. It's not your typical tree house. Like you said he was scraps on the yard would make a tree house. You're landing on these robust buildings. Yeah what what got you into that. It was kind of a funny story as actually in the in the operating room. Doing doing my real job. Not my job right And one of the surgeons were actually working with one of the orthopedic surgeons and he just at built a home and had a pool and just told my guy. Yeah you need a pergola zero. Yeah you do that. And i'm like yeah. I can do that and i never timber frames in some. And he still doesn't know that he doesn't know that has burglar was the first person that i've ever done and there. There are a couple of a couple of problems that he was unaware of the we solved. But yeah we tend framed it and it was another another excuse to buy some some really cool tools. Oh yeah for sure. The mortis the mortar. Was is kind of a funny. The i bought the makita mordasir. Am i started using the thing. And i'm like this is painful. How how slow. It was cumbersome trying to get the thing locked up lined up. And then i saw that mafele. So that's the only job he's makita then i sold it to. Pj in florida cameras last name and bought. The mafele mortis in your not. Look back as you gotta get the right tool. You're you're you're dealing with big things like that. The thing that you know you you notice very quickly where the inefficiencies are because. Yeah it's immediate. It's funny it's funny. You said the big thing like that. I often one of the people. I work with allies my dad. He doesn't live here but he's retired. Well he's actually an appraiser for farms so a schedule is such that. If i need them calm up. And he's here. You know within eight hours that's cool and you always leaves. He's kind of shakes his head and said every time i come here everything you do is big and heavy. I'm tired or but y'all you always comes in helps it's one of those things the woodworking side of things the medicine. I can't really. I can talk about it. But i can't really share with with my kids or family. But the woodworking side. I can involve them and my second oldest son actually works full-time on the woodside. And it's awesome to cassie. Were where he's he's starting to see things how i see him Like this big table ridge is working on. You know i get. I get facetime calls all two three times a day that check this out and they'll show me by all that's awesome so he's seeing and feeling you know that satisfaction of when when you're doing that kind of work and you see you know the results of while the look how beautiful this is so it's It's worth putting the time in when you can see someone else catching that vision and enjoying the same. The same things that i enjoy. I guess at some point you got like three generations working on something. So i we we do. That's going to be fantastic. It's a riot. Yeah wow so my second son. His name zach. That works with us. So timber framed a base for pizza oven. And i've been working with my dad. I started when i was. I don't know seven or eight driving tractor and working with him and that there's oftentimes communication is not words right I know what he's going to be doing. He knows what i'm doing. We're always two steps ahead of you know where we're going to be next and zach. Casey's he's now in that same that same pool with so is three of us we can. We can get some stuff done a lot of sawdust and and you know i could imagine but But anyway so you're doing the timber frame projects you have You're doing some custom Tables and things of that nature and you mentioned like this last table you actually do your own metal fabrication to yeah okay. So what don't you do. It might be better question but tells a little bit about the mental tiber -cation because So i mean. We're talking full on blacksmith. Or what what are we talking about the actually. Yeah okay started Oh i don't know how many years ago it all started with with a rivet like a real rivet as is fascinated and read about all the titanic and this and the ad rivets in actually went up to seattle and spent three or four days with a the gentleman up there and you know did some rivets I was adamant that i was not going to be blade. Smiths right not not interested in is well. That's come full circle. That's another whole story. But that's not quite on your website yet. Custom noise always coming. I've got i've built the most fantastic kitchen knife There's a there's a guy that lives couple hours away. His name's devin thomas. He's kind of the godfather of Damascus and he went. He went on a mission to japan when he was young man. We're both members of the church. Jesus christ latter-day saints in round nineteen gonna property mission. Roy just so happens. We both went to japan but he went there because he loved. Everything is that i mean. That's not a reason. He went to japan but there he was just it was. It was knives in the japanese damascus. And that well. I come along you know thirty years later. And kinda hear about devin thomas on like i need to make nice. Call him up. And i said i want come build a and so that kind of solution with with damascus and blades. Something but on the furniture side. That's why i got in. The metal was so i could so i didn't have any limitations on on basis right. I mean you can do one of two things either wood or you can do metal and metal. You can either buy something. That's pre cast or find the robert robin old machine. That's taking off of or create one yourself and then my thought is well as luscious forge some l. so bought a power hammer As andrew alexander. he's say blacksmith tools out of out of texas down there pro. Close you kyle okay. But i was after him for a couple of years to get a power hammer the little giant power hammer. And you know. I said i wanna to fifty. And he's like nah. I asked too big for you. He's he's gonna try to give me a twenty five or fifty pound hammer and then just sit came around and the two fifty pound or came up on my soul. Yeah senate up here. And there's little giant they made can't remember the numbers right off the top of my head but there's there's only a few hundred of these made the two hundred and fifty pounders half or solve biting half were hollow body so that brings the number down even more and most of them you know. Broken loss retired whatever anyways as able to acquire two hundred fifty pounder. I pretty much shake the entire block. When i started smashing metal car alarm going off right and is fantastic. My bothered my neighbors anyway. But now right yeah so i got i just finished up a All about an eight foot acacia table and we hand for the entire base in their kind of opposing. See the letter. C met their their tapered on both directions and then in the middle. They're held together with a river with a betsy. Stars betsy ross star. That's pressed into the rivet. Such super cool stuff. That is cool. Yeah and looking. I actually kind of cool. It looks like are they still in business like you can still get parks or so. We're well some or things. The there's a guy a gentleman that purchase you know of the new old stock and you can actually call him up and research your your hammer. So i have to hammers. I have a fifty pound and then the two fifty pounder my to fifty pound or was i think nineteen sixty four and then my other one has a look. But it's i think it's late eighteen hundreds or early nineteen hundreds so. It's quite a bit older. I don't have that one up and running yet but that's a project for this next winter. Wow that's cool. That is really cool. Yeah i can't imagine. I mean i j- judging by what you said about your place in the backyard. You have relatively decent size yards but are you still in a suburban area. Ish you know so you know that the slam of one of those those things coming down. Yeah i can't imagine not just your neighbors but your new they figured out what it is but it seems today like i. I was on a run and i heard this. It was obviously a saw but from the sound of it. I couldn't tell if he was just abusing assault in wood or if he was actually grinding metal. Maybe it was. It was some noise and ipad. I couldn't see what it was in the garage and it wasn't. I didn't see sparks but it was like that's something what just wonder. But the the clanging of two hundred fifty pound hammer that's I also had coal. Iron works had them fabricate a custom press for me. And that's that's where i do. The rivets is on that and so they have different dyes. And you know stuff that. I've purchased over the years to make really cool things i get. I got one of my buddies involved in it. And he's on nice like number twenty. Now he'll come over and forge weld some billets up and create damascus. And yeah it's just. The endless possibilities of this stuff is just amazing. I've heard it's one hell of a deep rabbit hole. That's for sure. That's kind of how i know. Kyle that's one of my other holes. I went down. It was thought one day. I need to build a wizard chair. I went back and spend a week with george sawyer in his shop. I mean to what a fantastic place and you know what a great guy to learn from the guys know his his story at all. I do not joy had kyle. You probably do a little as you probably know better than i do. Well his father. I can't remember he. I think he was. I can't remember what kind of engineer he was but something like that. Yeah yeah yeah. We went from that to actually kind of recreating the windsor chair. Like bringing that the traditional windsor chair building and most everybody. That's building windsor. chairs today. Has learned from georgia's father and so he's kind of one of those really influential people just last month or so. I got a picture from from george of one of his dad's original. You know plans or drawings of a plan for the windsor chair so it's just super cool. Yeah yeah we had We had kerr's buchanan on. And he was talking about he got with the with the sawyer and he gave he gave them all these plans but they were unlike eight and a half by eleven sheets. Like spandau me. You know this yeah. But he's just like he gave them some goes curtis. These ought to be good for you here. you go. that's awesome. Yeah good good. So so you got got the winter the winter chair books. How many windsors have you made. Just just my wife. And i may george okay. I get my biggest obstacle is time right you know you. It's just one of those things. Where when i get an order for him i'll be able to do it right. And you know. That's where madame. Just now i have. I have two different shops. I have a smaller shop on the other side of my yard that I call him a bike shop. I all my bicycles are in there. But that's kind of where my my windsor chair to all my tools for that or over there and so again over this next next winter. I'll get all that set up and up and running over there so Cool yeah we'll we'll so So as busy as you are. Are there any other projects that you build for your family or for yourself or just every now and then i get in trouble with my wife stops until i get. I get hers done. I got i got the got laid out for a couple years ago. I was like. I'm going to have my dining room table by thanksgiving. All work ceased until. I got her table. Yeah there wasn't a request that was i will have was. I wasn't having thanksgiving dinner unless they will. We got it done exactly. Yeah yeah and so yes yes and they and yeah finished in In lacquer for a reason because it dries fast right exactly my tables and oil finish. I got i got all have half dozen boy sitting next to me and three of them are stabbing therefore exactly. Yeah i can have a finish that i can rub out and keep looking nice. So it's it's an oil finish. Oh well that makes perfect sense. Yeah especially especially with the. I mean how okay so so so you have thirteen children. So how big is this table. I think it's i think it's a nine footer. But it's it's extra wide so we can put to it alls on each end. And then have a pecan bench on one where we can. We can put six six or eight little on that side and then you know the kids on the other side so we get everybody around. Yeah well that's a good point. I liked the benches. Yeah that's not something. You want to build a windsor chairs for for sure. No no yes. Yes oh wow. That is that is so interesting. We'll tell us a little bit about your shop So you have more than one. I take it. Well let's say. I'm at the point where actually need some commercial space but the the real estate market here is just insane. Oh he's everywhere. It is everywhere. We've we've got a lot of california coming to this area so it's sorta we yeah crazy Anyways my i call it my my. Rv sits on the sits on the driveway. My shop is the rv garage. So and then i'll have another. Oh thousand foot square foot shops. That's the other side of the yard. That's like i. I call it my bike shop so i work. I work out of both of them Cool it's it's the benefit of having a shop here at. The house is because of my chaotic. Get i'm either the hospital or doing this or doing that. I can actually walk out to the shop and works for twenty minutes. Come back in whereas if i'm crosstown either don't get there or gone for x. x. number of hours and then that kind of limits what i can do here with the kids so it actually is really beneficial having my shops here. Oh yeah makes that makes perfect sense. Yeah we'll we'll with all that said Is there anything. That's you know we always leave. Hey is there anything you like to promote. What's next what's coming up now. You mentioned the knives but is there anything else. You seem like a man of a million talents. I just figure i. I can figure it out and figure that how i can do that. That's my attitude and serving. Well my life have a one of the high end knife makers chad analysis name. He this lived up the street from as well. But he does You know everyday carry knives. Little flipper knives So i just. I had one of those over the next couple of months. Way of some of those coming out The blades all forge forge. Those makes them damascus. And you know. Have damascus blades. On those and then kind of what got me gets me excited about knives is i can put whatever i want on the handle right the scale. Sure and and so. I've been collecting pieces of wood. That have historical meaning Got some of the live oak timbers from the boston shipyard you know all of set those and some resin and those will be a scale that has you know historical meaning to our country. Then some of the redwoods from northern california. Some of this like that table that we're just finishing up for the tech company. Just if you count the rings across tabletop you're at a thousand years of growth right now. The you know that tree is well over a thousand years. Well you put some of that on a nice now. You're how much more american can you get. Yeah but piece of boll girls redwood. That's well over a thousand years old and it's curly redwood and then some damascus for the blade. I mean to me. That's just yeah that's cool stuff. That's that's kind of the direction i'm heading. It's it's it's always incorporating something would that's a significant that has meaning that that just really doesn't for me. Yeah no that's exactly right. Yeah that will definitely be a A keepsake anti should be a great seller to. Yeah yeah yeah well fantastic. Well let's move onto our fortnightly beer choices so anyway. I am drinking of all things from Local brewery called buffalo by you. Which is a by you that flows through the houston area. And it's called the dream sickle. Oh orange orange in vanilla. Wow that is and more likely to treat i. Well i saw that. And i went. I went this is something that sean would pick. We'll pick it up to but it is. It is very good is actually very good. i was. I was impressed. It does taste a little bit like a dream sickle. That's kinda crazy. Yeah so anyway so check it out It's not bad not bad So anyway so sean. Where are you drinking. As i mentioned had a graduation party and i'm working through the cooler of course light so little little leftover from the old get together. We'll good good. Good roger. everything recommend doesn't have to be colic. I sweat a lot out here. So i'm usually some water with some electrolytes in it and that's about it you go. That's it gotcha. yeah. I'm a big fan of the hydrant stuff. It's not too bad. it's not too bad. So with that said roger where can folks flying you on the interwebs most of my projects. I'll put them on instagram again. It's just under east walker. River would company The web pages Wr would co so either of those places but instagram's probably the most where you can find a lot of the pictures of the projects who good follow. He has a lot of interesting stuff. I mean you know everything. You don't know what you're going to see their something timber frame Cutting board. I mean the and then you know all these massive tables with all this stuff. It's it's gonna. it's kind of interesting kind of interesting. I'm sure the nights are going to start showing up there too. Well absolutely they will your website. E w arwood co dot com. That's where we'll be sold. I'm assuming yep wonderful fantastic so well with that You can find me of course at barton dot com on instagram or call barton on youtube. Sean what about yourself. I am shawn w. seventy eight on most social media's and that'll lead us right into our review from from the forums from the podcast catchers from what are they are so so a user coal coal row. I won't go spelling that On on apple podcasts said great. Podcast informative guests only drawback as you end up finding out about too many tools and buying them. I'm not sure that the bad thing roger. It sounds like that's right up your alley. I'm i'm totally in that. Every project deserves a new tool absolutely and that just about wraps it up for the show. If you haven't already please subscribe to this show on the pod catcher of your choice. Just search for the modern woodworkers association. And while you're there please leave us a review. You can follow us on instagram at. Mwa underscore podcast and if you'd like to support the podcast go over to patriotic com slash mwa podcast but the best thing you can do is tell. A friend word of mouth goes a long way in sharing our discussion.

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Ron James - All Over The Map

Mental Health Comedy

56:58 min | 3 weeks ago

Ron James - All Over The Map

"Good morning good afternoon. good evening. Welcome to the mental health comedy. Podcast my name. Is ed crasnick your host and i'll be your co-pilot piloting the plane with me. Today's my co host the grape jennifer kalari. She's joining us in just a minute here. And this is the show where we practice mental health skills with comics entertainers performing artists directors actors producers. All kinds of funny people will unite mental health comedy. But we do it as a practice because mental health is a practice. It's something that you practice like basketball. I'm no good at basketball. I'm not great at mental health. But i'm learning i'm practicing and when it comes mental health. We're all children. No one is head. no one is behind. We're all learning the same way. Our brain works everything. It's all happening here today. we have special guest. We have a guest who is From canada very popular all over the world especially in canada his home. And that's comedian. Ron james has a new book called all over the map and we're going to talk to him about being all over the map. We're gonna talk about a few things today. Do you compare yourself to other people sometimes constantly. You care more about what other people think of you than what you think about yourself. Do you feel like you're surviving or living. Those are things that are on my mind. And i want to get it off my chest today before i take my drugs for the day and i'll be taking them. They're in a lazy. Susan fulla pills spin it to everything. Turn turn turn now. Today's show is sponsored by shame on you. Shame on us. The new shampoo that specifically designed to deal with shame. There's no need to be embarrassed about what you feel now with the new flower essences and mood stabilisers. You can wash your shame right out of your hair. It's available and serotonin smoothie dopamine dealt shea delay che and neo cortex nougat. Get shame off you with shame on you knew the new shampoo way. Hang on hang on. That was the call coming in from the shame based From the people suing me about the name. Okay now we always welcome our listeners to the show no matter what emotional state you're in here are emotional shoutouts if you drop your kids off at school while singing if you're unhappy and you know it clap your hands. If your therapist is so bored they pull out a home ice cream maker during your session. Welcome if you're still coming down off the high of young kapoor welcome. You thought the neither living dead was documentary. Welcome if you have a true crime spotify playlist welcome if you're playing a game called haydn wheat. Welcome and if you beating yourself up even now there's always a place for you right here on the mental health comedy podcast. And now it's time once again to welcome our visit from the north and from the south the sultan of serotonin the ninja of the neo cortex and the dominatrix of dope. New one brand new one legem. Jennifer kalari is here jennifer first of all those questions that i was asking myself. I want to go over them with you. Do you feel like you're surviving or living. How do you navigate that honey you know. And how do you navigate. And what do you do about it. And i think there's people who don't even realize that they're surviving not living like they're so immersed in the daily stuff the heaviness the density of everything that's going on and for many people they don't have a choice. It's literally survival. Realized that there's a difference. Does that make sense. It does because. I think that i think more much much much more of the population especially now with the pandemic are in survival mode so the thing is like the yesterday last night was a beautiful night. I was driving to a show. It was gorgeous. The windows were open. And all of a sudden i realized boy. I'm really just happy to be here. I'm just happy to be here. I don't have any like in this moment. Ving i'm just happy to be here and it was such a high quality time was a really doing much of anything i was driving and it was a beautiful day. Well and you know what that's the thing we think. Sometimes life has to be about getting that thing where searching for or that thing that we want that job that we want her that car. We want whatever it is but it. Sometimes it's just that the wind on your face enjoying the moment it's being present. We talk about that. All the time at an it truly is the key to thriving not surviving is enjoying the smaller moments and being aware of them so often we are thinking. What am i doing next. What do i have to after that. What terrible things happen to me. How are they coming into my life today. This per i'm mad at this person is persons mad at me and you the winds blowing your face. You don't even notice it and that's actually the key as a simple as it sounds to living and surviving and not just surviving but thriving surviving is. You're up on cortisol the whole time. You have the energy of a hummingbird. You're you're coming along and you're trying you're trying you're trying in your head. You're believing that nothing's going to work out and deserve anything okay. So that's the belief. My question is without a lot of therapy without years of exploration how do you shift it. It's interesting because so much of what we talk about. Seems so simple that it people. I'm sure think like how could that. Even be the answer. But it is literally holing yourself into being presidents that mindfulness. It's feeling the breeze on your face. It's tasting out perfect. Your coffee turned out. It's realizing that somebody gave you their parking spot. Like it could be the smallest things and just taking the time to sit there and literally take. Isn't that mice. Isn't this pleasant. This is a nice moment and slowing down your brain enough to just notice those moments knowing your kids being cute when something funny is happening versus time for that we gotta go. It's really about sort of holding ourselves at our story all the time so many of us if not all of us walk around telling our story in our own head all the time. No one ever listens to me. It's never works out. That never works out this person's mad at me. I'm never gonna have enough money for that. And there are people who have so little absolutely little but they are so rich. I this is such a famous quota. I don't remember who said it but some people are so poor they only have money. I think that's such a great quote. It is actually those simple things as beautiful moments that all of us can enjoy. No matter what's happening. I guess. I would encourage people to have a conversation to have a conversation with anybody. Somebody reach out and actually create it. Say let's have a conversation. Let's talk about some stuff. What's going on and don't tell don't tell the negative part of your story don't make it be about a litany of things that you're complaining about their. I'm sure they are real. And i'm sure they bother you and i'm sure they hurt but try to check in with the other person see how they are or just talk about things that feel good or pleasant or neutral or lovely and the same is true for the self talk the way you parent yourself and talk to yourself go neutral. Go with something that you want. I mean these are all ways to get out of the constant survival and the efforting which doesn't have to be there. i mean. of course you have to pay your bills. You have to live do things. But that's not a constant efforting that doesn't require effort that requires imagination. If you imagine how you want your life to be and you allow yourself to sit with that feeling you will be pulled towards what that is. I'm not trying to do laws of attraction. I'm saying you have an imagination. Why not feel good for a minute day. Yeah you're allowed to feel bad about steph. I'm not saying you can't. It's just don't dwell there. Don't stay there don't have to don't have to another thing. Is the comparison okay. We just came off the emmy awards. La i'm looking at the show. A good percentage of the people. I know i've worked with in some aspect of many of them and i'm looking at them accepting emmy awards and going to a big party. I'm not putting myself down. But i'm like how do you get away from you. Know how do you feed yourself while you're while you're watching the emmy awards edwin even when you're watching the emulates. What are you thinking are. You could compare it like that. I worked with this. I worked with this person there onstage with in dressed up and they're accepting an award and press the world right right. It's not happening to me right now. So i that is lecture self feel crappy that it's not happening to you if that's okay. It's okay this is how it feels to feel like someone you know when you know. You're as good as them is having this experience and i am not let yourself feel. That's the first thing and that's where we often go wrong. Is we either turn it into bitterness or we try to distract ourselves or drink it away or smoke it away or something but allow yourself that because that's a hard feeling and then and this is a really tricky part and this is you can apply this tube relationships to people that have money and other people that don't or people to get a job and you didn't get that job it doesn't have to be hollywood stuff but when you look at something that you want and the primary feeling in your body is upset your subconscious mind goes will. That's bad. I don't want my person to have that experience. I'm going to keep anything like that away from him because it's clearly not good. Does that make sense. Yes so you're saying welcomed the feeling yakima bunker feeling and also how wonderful for them and i'm i'm sure you're very happy for them but let's take an example. Let's say somebody wanted to have a relationship and they see everybody else getting married. They see people walking down the street and their first on is. Why isn't that me the mid brain only thinks in metaphors and emotion and vibration basically. That's how the brain works so now. The brain sees a couple walking hand in hand on the street and makes the association of upset about that. My person my friend alot my my sense of self associates that with something negative and the subconscious mind just wants to make happy just wants you to keep you alive and it thinks well relationships are bad. They make them upset every time they see them. Let's do everything we can to put some distance between relationships that make sense. Yes so you're watching all these people and your primary feeling is upset or upheaval or delicacy. Or i'm not saying you. But anything now your subconscious mind goes. Oh that kind of success bad it will start to interfere with inspiration by ideas that you have places that you're gonna allow yourself go to go networking that. You're going to allow yourself to be open to so much of this comes down to limiting beliefs and beliefs that we either just accept culturally or just messages. We've been told about what what's attractive and what's not and it comes down to challenging those beliefs in yourself. So here's here's the hard part. Let yourself feel bad. And then how phenomenal at that person and and just be tried a channel. Nothing but love for them that they have that. Now your subconscious goes. Oh okay. that's not a threat. That's not a bad thing. That's something that might person is actually happy about. And then your subconscious mind and your limiting beliefs. You have a chance at least to move them out of the way. Does that make sense. It does and i'm wondering what i'm gonna do with all my resentment time because i have. I have a resentment area in my house. And i'm wondering how i'm gonna decorate it now now i i you know 'cause i need a lot of time. I worry in place I stand in the yoga pose called warrior to warrior. Awesome to go. You know it's interesting that all of this though. This becomes very habitual. We aren't even aware that we're doing it. It's just how we live. We don't even question anymore. We don't even ask ourselves questions about it. And when i work with clients who start to move through limiting beliefs or they start to feel less anxious. It's almost like the brain is like. What are you doing. Why aren't you resenting something right now. Why aren't you anxious right now. you should. it'll it'll literally go on a search around your brain. It will literally go through every box and throw everything until it finds something that you can then start obsessing about and off you go again it is a force that you have to learn how to rewire and overcome. And it's not easy and we talk about that all the time on the show it is a practice and it does take time but so much of these programs that are running and just have digital thinking. The brain is an instrument. Play it that who who said that had crasnick said it right here on the mental health. Comedy bad gag. That's right okay. Well this is really good where we're going to have a great conversation with our guest coming up we'll touch on all these things with him to. This gentleman is a fixture in every home in canada also around the world but in canada especially his native home. He has nine comedy. Specials had a big series comedy series on. Cbc has a new book called all over the map which is about his experiences. Comedian on the road and a kid growing up nova. Please welcome ron james to this. Show ron your pleasure to meet you and and you and you're in you're in toronto. Now right i have yes i have. I have weathered the flake here for most of the time other than a sojourn in my original province of nova scotia the summer of twenty twenty one. It had the the moniker of being the safest place in the world right up plague then for a short time. I was there this summer. But mostly i've been toronto sharp yet in toronto not the safest place. It was bad in. The beginning dislike everywhere but it never got to the stage. That new york it for instance during the during the third waged in april. There was worry that the healthcare system would collapse with fifteen thousand cases a day and the rollout of vaccines it stalled and anyway we bounced back and now it's the province of alberta in the west with their libertarian. Anti mask anti vacs me. Trump's we philosophy has bit them in the ass much as it did everything south of the mason dixon line. It's roaring back with a vengeance with hospitals at their capacity. Will usually. I feel pretty bad as an american. I feel bad about what we're doing. And now i feel like maybe maybe we're not doing such a jeff. Now we are the thing. Is that the whole world. Shares equally is great is the is the ability to create problems and the ability to solve problems. I'm talking jfk. Here for a second. But i i wanna talk to you about you know you wrote this book all over the map and this is about your life. It's about your childhood. It's about all kinds of personal things. Do you touch on mental health in the book. And what role does mental health play in your life and your in your in your career. At this point i touch on my adhd for instance attention deficit hyperactive disorder and was diagnosed with that a couple of years ago. But i've had my bouts of depression. Mild not once. When i've talked to friends who've been debilitated deeply by depression. I know that it's never been That with me you know you have a break up with a girlfriend and you realize that you know your shortcomings are are still here that you thought you jettison would use separated and from your marriage at twenty three years so you know i mean lost marriage thankfully and the good lord has seen to You know a key. My daughters in my company and really good pals and but like is hard the buddhist say. This awareness of mental health is crucial. These days a sixty sixty four. I had a a vital and vibrant teenage years with my house packed with friends and family and relatives and crossing my parents threshold. It was the quintessential celtic kitchen. Where everybody came in and played music and told stories. And that's not my life now and so you do miss a circle of friends and i see that a A psychologist In britain has just written a book called the lonely century. Naureen a- hurts. that's what i love about. The road is it gives me a sense of belonging it allows me to line up the planets and make sense of the chaos. We're walking through the language of laps. Just like i used to. When i was surrounded by friends and family and i chose to raise my family in toronto and it was a great city to my craft. I started in the second city organization way back in the eighties on one ten lombard street. It was the iconic old fire hall that features in the book as well and then did my three years in los angeles chasing the sitcom dream and came back and became a stand up but it was a shift of the psychic paradigm tectonic shift. Actually i like to say that. An improv troupe is the same as half a dozen bolsheviks trying to decide the color of tractor on a communist firm and a is an enlightened dictatorship. The rewards were manifest. I i managed to pull a career up from the muck myself travelling the frozen lip lake superior in february dodging logging trucks. Threaten of bounce me into the afterlife. And i stayed the course because the club scene was so lean in canada and then eventually led to a special and then eventually led to nine one hour specials and a series but the network infrastructure. And it's machiavellian minefields. One had to negotiate in order to be heard or taxing. and so. that's what i also write about. Is the purity of the stage but nothing comes for free when you follow your bliss and it's one of the quotes in my book. Follow your bliss. Of course joseph cambell. Billy connolly's quote chase fame. See what that does to your soul and the great canadian poet. Al purdy take a look at this country. It's not what you think. It is look again so it's been a wonderful window on another world of people sharing their heart stories. Would may i call it. The sold the hardline It's funny i'd be talking to you today. This crossroads of my life stepping into the third chapter in reinventing myself again after cova de again trying to process the trauma that we've all been through without dragging everybody through the muck again of what we have experienced by bringing it all up. It's gonna be an interesting time for comedians. But i've always looked at this as i hit the state shortly after nine eleven and nobody wanted to touch that. It was the elephant in the room. I found a way through it. And i think with concentration. Find a way through this too but to answer your initial question. Mental health has been. It's issues have been through my family. My mother's side were Suffered from it their full blown. Ocd she's the last one left. She's eighty nine. And you know i would say my father side suffered from a certain amount of ptsd brought on from losing his father day l. s. during world war two is all her brothers in the corvette navy protecting the convoys that one of them later on in life i've been around. It's been diagnosed and trust me. It's been medicated. the wrong way. So yeah i think. I'm cognizant of all this and i'm trying my best to be better tomorrow than i am. Well the light. The life of a comic is very Especially on the road. There's a lot of isolated isolation and this is before cove now since of course everybody's isolated and can understand you know what. It's like to feel isolated. It sounds like you love the show. And you love connecting with people and you love creating that sense of community with your comedy but what do you do the rest of the hours. When you're not doing that well. I always kept very strict health. Regimen always have a routine in the morning which is A cup of coffee banana tomb yogurt and i would go for a run before i blew my knee out but now i'm going to bring a bike with me and i'll go for a bike. Ride nice long bike. Ride and i usually do anywhere between six to eight k every day. Then i'd come back and have lunch and right in the afternoon. I'd crack the newspapers of the town. I'm in and and try to customize something for the show that night or go to a coffee shop. And sometimes i go to a shot that people would just start talking to me you know and this is even before it had notoriety tv. So i kept the mole. Skin the days before social media. That's how i brought my book I went back to my journals. And all these conversations that gently recorded. After i mean wrote down after they spoke to me ended up in the book. I knew that there was something. Holy something more to my journeys than just my gig. But then i come home. You know after the road and you know we'd be getting arguments forty-eight hours later it was just it just seemed like a duality that was just dysfunctional and the road was so redemptive in so rewarding. Come back and be wouldn't work. You know yes so. So how do you know when to let go of a marriage. How do you do that well. Having an affair certainly help being found out yeah that helped. Well there you go. That was a stupid move. But you know i was. I felt for the woman die. We were working hand glove all the time. Mike prioritize that and the road over remind domestic life. And i was in the belly of the whale for a long time but i separated in early april. Ninth two thousand nine. And i started really and i walked into filming by series Ten days later clone is really really. It was really really hard. But you know i had a good by good doctor to talk to at the time and I finally got on cipro rolex which was very helpful. It even doubt in my hard work even doubt and i ate well. I didn't drink alcohol and I focused on the task at hand. Because i knew that someday i wanted my kids to be proud of me. I wanted to show them that. I i was capable of being a better life than i was at marriage so the house was tense. Probably and things were not going well. I'm guessing when you married. And how do you transition that relationship to the relationship the with your kids. Now you accept responsibility you listen you listen to them except your faults and you try as best you can to embrace your strengths without being too hard on yourself but i mean you know we're comedians. We have to be hard on herself. Band you can't put a half at setup there. It's got to be perfect. That's that's one of the things. Our profession is an open heart. Surgeon can't forget the put a stitch in an so. I think we have to I think we have to find a balance between recognising imperfections and embracing our strengths. If i could do it all again. I would tried harder if i could do it over again. You can't how how how. How does your mental state affect your performance and your comedy. And you're writing your writing and then you're live for your your actual standup an actual. I'm not from the school of the non laughing. Brooding comedian by any stretch. I think you have to be in a positive state of mind. To debunk the shibboleth of the world. I know that sounds contradictory that you have to be in a positive state of mind to be critical. Just can't see the badness and everything. All the time comedies role is to strip away the vernacular to get it the kernel of the truth. I'd rather people leave my show feeling lighter in step than feeling like i put another brick on their back. The comedians job delight in the journey. Not make it heavier. If you've seen any of my specials. I mean i've done nine of them. There's a lightheartedness to them. There's a frivolity to there's to them but there's also a point to the point of view. I think that's why they were popular. And i had a couple of great collaborators as well writers my last four. Anyway i five. I wrote myself but it's interesting. You know how how people how an artist changes as he grows as a person he has. Comedy begins to reflect that. Wouldn't you say when you were a twenty five year old kid or thirty year old kid. I mean you know. I used to do jokes about you. Know trying to take the family on vacation when the kids needed the. Be every ten miles. You're in the car. And yeah i just can't do those kinds of jokes anymore. And of course the existential angst that seems to prevail today with everybody anxieties through the roof. There is an absolutely god. Bless the millennials. At least i plan for the future and think that i might have one but my gosh. My daughter's in toronto in terms of hopes of buying a home. It's it's it's an infinite testimony drain and not everybody can be an engineer or a stockbroker to find Open and positive and keep is an important message. I think for comedians to deliver dvd. And you do it through characters to a lotta. You're watching your clips and watching the shows. And i know you work with some old friends of mine. Linda cash from second cities and old friend. I saw i saw her in a couple of shows. Now you're going to go out a plan to go on a book tour. What do you do during kogo. Yeah it's they're going to be mostly virtual but I just got yesterday just yesterday. Mike producer had an ontario province on -tario tour plan. I only play theater. I've played them for twenty years. I moved out of the clubs after five years. We have a tour of atlantic canada which is great. We've got a dozen dates there. And then i'm going to british columbia with a dozen more dates and i'm keeping my fingers crossed. We get some encore dates in that. Mix we'll how do you deal with it you know. I'm going to bring up the issue of race in the world and diversity and how you'll with as a comedy now people are not in the mood for a sense of satire. It all depends how you negotiate that terrain. I think you have to negotiate with conviction and compassion. I mean we have some serious issues that have to be dealt with in canada with regard to the discovery of the residential. School graves for instance. It that's one thing that i'll i'll try to deal with and the the role of of government in and it's complicity with the catholic church you know settler privilege in the colonial mandate and the necessity to rewrite. The national narratives are imperative mandates. We have to adhere to if the country's going to move to the right side of history you. You had a guy in america for four years. Who marched you backwards and that ended up on january sixth on capitol hill. We have our own form of this reactionary refusal to look at historic truths. Grew up at halifax a very racially city. Scott the oldest black population in canada. They came in seventeen fifty five to build fortifications and then afterwards after the american revolution. Of course all the black loyalists came up right. It will Who fought for britain and they were ripped off They were thrown into crappy lands and the edges of the city and they had a squatters town called afric veil that was raised by city. Fathers in nineteen sixty six. These truths have to be looked at. But i played football Growing up as a black and white together and there was a great a great camaraderie between us. And i find that if people live side by side and understand each other in that way than the polarities aren't aren't quite severe but the biggest thing in canada that separates us from you. Think is the the weaponization of that gun culture. You know culture is in isn't as big here. There's pockets of it but although we have had our shooting chino the montreal shooting in the mosque. The shootings in with is still in toronto. The worst shooting of all time and my home province of nova scotia year ago so canadians used to be smug than pointing the finger south of the border. But there's issues that we have to deal with. But if i could just say at least america had a predisposition for the rebel voice a when you're sired through to civil wars relax with the revolutionary war was it was really a civil war and then the civil war itself and then the subsequent historic grievances. That came from there. You were you guys. Were always hitting the streets. You know you're hitting the streets. You're you're bearing arms against the man so to speak. The rebel voice is part of the american e. Folks where you know. Canada peace order and good government that translates to have fun. Keep the noise down. We'll call the cops. Where america's peace as life liberty and pursuit of happiness. It's just like coworkers and blow this way bro. Hit the party's central. And i think that's why canadians. Comedians traveled to the states. Don't have the opportunity to tip the applecart on a country of three hundred. Seventy five million people not took the apple cart at thirty seven million people with at times dysfunctional deference to authority. And that's where the that's where the politeness the kind of the polite culture comes. That's what it's about it's historical. It's historical yeah. Yeah come on. I mean canada was two countries. Were born entirely differently. Candidates delivery was you know. Earth was a benign delivery from the womb of mother britain. While america's was a crack baby breach birth that chewed up. its own umbilical cord. Right ed. Metrically opposite you know we had win. Bag lawyers and martin jobs eating lobsters and drinking hooch in pi. You guys had stirring catchphrase his. Give me liberty or give me death. These are the times that try. Men's souls while in canada are catchphrase for years. Was everybody loves. Tim hortons good gordon. Lightfoot minority is a poet troubadour for race. That's right that's right you can't. It's hard to get a catch making sense you straddle both countries i do yes. You're you're making a lot of sense. Lot to unpack. What do you speak eastbound. speak to this. I mean you know ron's work From from earning there. And and how do you speak to this This whole well first of all. Let me. Just say this. It's pretty refreshing to hear a guy. Come out and say you know. I made this error. I made this mistake. I own up to it. And i've learned from it. Yes is it but so straight you know not not a lot of words about it but just very straight up. What what do you think about that. Jennifer i made some notes. I think that's a wonderful. That's really the key in many ways actually moving on in your life and actually making everything a lesson you can either be victim blaming everybody and make it someone else's fault or you can own your stuff. That's what actually helps you carry forward. And that's i think. Ron why your kids would be proud of you because we all make mistakes and being able to own that strongly in not with not a fear just out of strength i think is such a good example in humans are messy messy. We make all kinds of mistakes and to be able to own them and that stone at my chest asthma. So many people don't they blame other people. It wasn't my fault it was her was. This was that and and it just then you just carry it around for your whole life and you don't grow and you don't move on right. I mean we say all the time in the show that part of carey's you forward and keeps you healthy is to basically just go through life as a student and a learner rather than victim right and that's really where your power lies so i was really struck by that and then i mean as we talk about our two countries i mean. There's a lot of trauma on both sides. There is a lot of trauma and there's got leadership to. I'm not saying everyone's perfect. My father used to have a phrase. There was one perfect man ronnie and they crucified him. So it's like you say all humans are messy and but I think i'm tired of the obvious partisanship and manipulation of our emotions and the reluctance to the reluctance to lead. I mean it's very complex. Look it's election day here today and you know it's a mess. We don't even know what the elections boat. You know what. I'd i'd like it to be about homelessness. I'd like it to be about how we're going to pay for the panda without you know Taxing voted being dropped like a bomb. Later no-one said anything about it. Climate change is an issue. Suzuki atwood on j. They've all come out and said look. You have to talk about this man. it's an issue. The the west coast burned to the ground this summer. It's pretty iran. You talked about something so interesting. Because i'm a therapist and i work with kids all the time and eko anxiety. I can't even tell you it is going through the roof. Oh it's unbelievable. I mean there's the can't sleep thinking is they're going to be world for me. I mean this is what they carry around that. We really didn't have to and it's a big thing meetings. Eighty in general is is wild right now but you'd have to carry it around. All i wanted to do was get my paper route. So i could save up enough money for. A pair of deed is not to stripe northstar. That's that's what it's supposed to be. That's what a childhood is supposed to be. Are we going camping this summer. Yeah we are excellent good. Maybe i'll learn to slam above my head. I remember hanging around in the summer days being so long. And i remember i remember being bored. I remember be word august. You had to deal with boredom it was part of the way is so good for you and it's good for kids. Actually what we do now with kids we stick devices in their hands and keep them busy and being bored and learning to entertain yourself. Play actually really play video game but like with other they can't they don't they. Can't go out. You cannot let a kid out and tell them you know see you later will walk. Come back there you go. That's what you cannot do that. You can't do and right away. Kids don't have agency. So where are they going to turn. It's almost like you have to rebuild the idea of a community and build the safety into it almost like build a place. That's like communal where kids can actually move where they have agency. I guess that's why they have gated communities isn't it. I can understand. I can understand it. I'm not letting my my daughter's not walking to around here by yourself. The new york. I'm in marina del. Ray i'm in la l. a. Yeah yeah i. When i was there for three years i was in I was just off to panga down by oxnard and delray beautiful beautiful but but now up in the ups and downs shaky town so you came here as young as a young man and you moved here and they're giving away sitcoms. All of that kind of stuff is happening. What happened to you. And what did you take away from it. First of all it was co created by linda. Kash your friend and a friend of mine debra mcgrath was married the brilliant improviser colin mockery compact. So we second city of the time it was created and and andrew alexander the impresario. Second city sold to imagine. Tv ron howard's company and i was a member of the cast and then There was a shift in the management of imagined. The personal like their show got the boot another person came in and there was a pogrom of gutting. The cast and three of us were left by the time. The dust cleared went down there indebted. We shot six half hour shows a week. it was sold to Independent channels at night. We improvised like mary. Hart and mary hartman. Only mytalk show. It was set in the fictional derby. Wisconsin where this lady had a talk show from the culture. We're living ruin. People came in to chat with liberty. The day robb weller. Jim belushi martin. Mull people like that. Chris sale had hair just as long as i got to talk to tiny. Tim know about ronnie reinecke david key on being the best right winger in the nhl. That was pretty serbia. A dave piton. Toronto maybe absolutely anton attempt to was wild and pretty funny story in my book about talking to chubby checker chubby checkers. American dream oneself when his business manager stole the idea for mock chicken. Your head around that one folks kind of fun. That's kinda fun. We screen up during usca ceremony somewhere in ecuador anyway. I'm ready for them though. Were in newsweek. On tuesday we were ca- as the show to watch picture was a newsweek. On tuesday we were cancelled on thursday and monday. I was pulled on a tree at a robert urich front yard with my buddies father's landscaping company. So i was at work for about a year and two months going audition after audition after audition eighty seven of them. I guess finally landed a commercial deeper and deeper into debt. And i think that was the beginning of the fissures in our marriage. I don't think we ever really did rebound from that. But i started going up to ventura boulevard coffeehouse amateur nights. I just started writing. I say this this is one of the bits. From my act. By said i shared the amateur nights stage with The illegitimate spawned charles manson clan. Who wandered down from there. Chatsworth warren's with their poetry prose looking for the love of the charlie never gave you know when you're following somebody who says they've been abducted by aliens have the scars to prove it. You know you're in a different world of wonders. But i started reading the story. Different world of wonders ron. There you go back. And i started reading my stories in these people have disparate. Hopes and dreams came up to me afterwards and said that was amazing. How did you manage to capture the essence of california with where you're from whereas it nova scotia so that was the beginning of down shaky town. One man's journey through the california dream. And i brought it back to toronto. I wrote it. And i was scared to death. The ride i didn't think i had the The right to put it up I didn't think i had the right to sing my song. Even though my wife had encouraged me to she said look when we go back to candidate you have to do it differently. And i did it and i got three great reviews and then i pull the best jokes out of that and i had a beginning middle and and a very strong narratives and it was self written. I mean you go down you stay come back. I mean it was all there. The structure was built in any way. And i started amateur night at this. Little club called the last resort. I did that for six months. And then got my first check in nineteen ninety five and i continued to bang away at stand up and that's still doing commercials you know. I was still in the acting loop. But then i kept that as just on the road. doing lean clubs circuits working for beer tickets for sarcastic. Comedy snobs at the rivoli. You know those back of the room. They're disliked dilettante beat knicks. Who don't laugh at anything. I started booking myself. It was the fight for food. And i had people to support and i got sick and tired of waiting for somebody in los angeles validate my life. And that's what i learned in l. a. that ultimately the individual is responsible for their own happiness but land that that phrase -ment became corrupted by this. Gordon gecko level of more is not enough. I knew i never achieve. What the measurement of success was. All i really wanted to do was work. You know. I should have listened to my own on voice. You know in known that. It was work. And i shouldn't have been quite as i mean you know you get explosive standing ovations all the time. You're making money hand over fist. You lose perspective and covert has brought me back to anything. It's perspective loss of my marriage was one of the worst things that happened to me in my life. But you can't go back. You gotta go forward but the hard work is something to be proud of. Just wish that there had been collateral damage. Jennifer these these transitions when you deal with families that are going through a divorce going through a stressful marriage. How do people navigate that. How do you work with people to navigate that kind of transition. Well at least it's a big one. But what i say to families especially parents are working with me and they tried and they know that it really is time they have to separate that they just can't be the best of who they are together anymore. For whatever reason it's on actually divorced that's so brutal on the kids. It's how you handle the divorce in front of your kids. We were amazing that makes. That's the difference run. That's the difference right when your kid goes to moms in your your father around. You'd switch houses. And i thought that's what does the damage. That's what causes the scars right so owning your stuff knowing that you're the parents forever whether they live in the same home or not. That's what kids need. They need to know that. They're loved and no matter what they're at the center and i've had tons of families that i've worked with that have had divorces is always tough. It's never easy but they've been able to do just that what ron said. Stay friends co parent together. Put the kids first. And that's what the kids are left with right if what if he can't what what what if it seems like. You can't one per people at odds when one person wants to. Yeah that's hard right. I mean it really is but whenever you're reacting whenever you're making it about an when you're a parent you the ultimate responsibility to be there for your kids. Help them learn and support them. While you're going through it it's hard. I mean i was gonna say quickly before your question. Like sometimes couples stay together when they really shouldn't. Yeah that's really not better. I mean there's lonesome and there's lonesome in a marriage. And i have a lot of mid leg buddies. Who will tell me that. They're lonesome in their marriage right. This is endemic as well in society today. Mid lonesome is you know. A lot of my buddies. We were all active. Don't play hockey where you know. We all got together. We were university pals. And now we're scattered all over the place and we're just friends on facebook. It's not the same as the ending. Brothers in the faith. It's almost like people have become more comfortable communicating in that way. You know. it doesn't take anything from them. There's no there's you know there's no way it's affections right. It's it's not a high quality you know the word like what kind of a quality of life do you have if you asked people are you surviving or living. You would get great question. You would get an overwhelming amount of people who would say i'm surviving. I'm trying not be arriving. I'm trying to survive by. Yeah yeah and then that is not living. You're not living. You're not alive and know being alive is being uncomfortable being every everything every contours but ultimately finding lightheartedness. Which i love you. Were talking about that earlier on like just finding the humor finding a connection finding common ground that we all have to go back to what we're saying you know. Being lonely marriage is devastating. It's an awful feeling and the truth is our own. Happiness is our own responsibility. And that's sort of what you were saying when you decided to leave. La to nobody's gonna down save you you have to figure out. How can i be the best version of myself. Constantly learning constantly growing taking ownership moving forward. And that's what children watch you do. That's what your kids watch you do. They can either see becoming bidder and complaining. It's everyone else's fault by they can see you doing your best in shining that light and it sounds corny. But that's all children really wanna see from you. And that's the greatest lesson they can have while they grew up to be great women. You no matter. Thirty two hundred twenty seven years old and they're campaigning. Today for the election running and they and they walk the talk and yes they are somewhat Brightened to say the least of what the future holes but They're not state listed. I think they believe that that being engaged is important and being engaged on an intellectual level as well as on an emotional level and they have to they each have a guy who adores them and I'm happy about that. The future now in terms of will you find somebody again. Who's going to be. I mean it's like my buddy used to have this saying one of the writers when i've worked with. He said you meet somebody in your fifties. They don't come at the factory settings and all go together. Yeah if you can stay together and if you can't you know you gotta you gotta find some way to make it work for you. But when twenty one percent of the world is living alone. Right i mean. That's a huge number. Yeah well even people together to living alone. I mean in part of it is devices right in social media as we were talking about everyone so disconnected. And what's interesting is. I work with young people. I've watched them. How the normal kind of regular conversation and chitchat and just that sort of movement through conversations is is getting harder for them. They don't they don't have to. They don't have to navigate those things online the same way. Everything's crafted and i remember being a little kid growing up around three generations of a jewish family. And so what happened is when you were a kid. Growing up part of your thing was listening to the conversations that people had around the table food. And that's how you grew up and you learn a lot of learn a lot of stuff from that. Learned how to tell. A story learned how people express themselves learned how to tell oak. Learned about humor learned about life cape repton just thinking about that celtic kitchen. That's how you that's what support you know. That's a community. And i remember actually being a kid and feeling like i was being filled up by the company. Like you're eating a meal and you're full inside and you don't want anything now. People are crazy and you want to get away from the. What if there's anything with kobe. That's reinforced the necessity of community. It's that you have to take community with all its bumps and bruises nothing parts of all the contours in contrast absolutely before cove it this was already waning because of of devices and screens and phones which it's not just kids by the way we're adults are just as addictive as kids are. Yeah but but the truth. Cova made it it. It's just made it so much harder. I think that's my biggest takeaway from our conversation today. Is that own your stuff. Find a way to have that community that it's it's essential for mental health. We are social beings. Rebuilt that way human so this is the right time to build every everybody. This is really the time to do it. That needs to happen. And whether it's a neighborhood you know gathering or whether it's being on zoom with four people that you're friend combat and put the politics on the back where calendar used to. He worked for the phone company and he used to have this thing called bowling. banquet all the fellas. They did get together in bowl. And i remember. Sociologist wrote a book about ten years ago called. You can't bowl alone. And but but look when i think of my house. It was packed with people and from nova scotia cape britain in new brunswick and they all came in and they congregated on my father's place because his mother in world war two in the house that they rented in halifax they were newfoundlanders. That was always the drop off place. People bound overseas writing. Mako the accordions and they play the spoons. Someone have fiddled right in. Even though his father was dying avai. Alaska they still dropped in and paid their on man. He was a place to hang their half and put their bags. And the and when dad died is old merchant marine norman crew who passed away at ninety five but i talked him at the age of ninety one he said. My grandmother was the most hospitable person hospitality. Plus she was the den mother for everyone and then my father in his own way became that for my mother. Well became that for by friends and relatives right and my sister and i resented sometimes. It's like jesus who's coming in now. Just let us play with christmas gift before another dozen people cross a fresh hold william right but it's what i reflect on now and i try not to get too melancholic about it. I genuinely do miss it. Because it was It was real and it was fantastic and it was the sole node. The hotline hum and that is the continuity of spirit that. I tried to tap into when i'm on the road when i'm performing yellow. The kitchen gets. It's the embrace of people in place. Well we're trying. We're trying to get back to the kitchen table. I mean that's how i always feel. I'm trying to get back to the kitchen table. And i see these kind of conversations are what does you know this. This kind of In close conversations is what happens. And i would invite people mean i. I know a lot of people. But i don't you know i'm sorry to have conversations again. I'm sorry to actually meet new people. And i'm trying to say let's have a conversation and we don't know what going to be. I don't want anything from you. Let's have a conversation. Let's talk about your life. Tell me what. I was thinking ongoing the gulf school. So i can finally have some friends again. Tell anybody's doing it's golf. It's the only time they ever get together. And i thought jeeze aren't golf. I don't need that crap in my life. One and now i'm thinking boy i just got an email from a buddy at the university of the day there's four of them golfs into nova scotia. It'd be golf tournament out west a couple years ago you know. Nobody wants to salmon fishing. Yeah you'll play it. Listen i'm gonna play through. But i'll stop along the way then that's never thought i'd say it. I'm going to go to golf school dear. God what's it's okay. You're you'll have okay. You'll have conversations. You'll go do what you wanted to. It's long as you can connect with people. I don't care what it is we have. We have a club out here. Called the outrigger club. And it's people paddling a boat together. That's going to be amazing. We're going to do it this weekend. But ron i can't thank you enough. Where do they go. Where do they go to find out about your book and to look at your stuff. Where do they go to my website. Ron james dot ca ron james dot ca. Yeah it's not dot com and candidates dot ca run james dot ca and. They can find the book or else they can go to penguin random house. I'm on sale and penguin random house and there's audio there's a book and there's hard copy and it hits the shelves september twenty eight and in the states it's burns and noble amazon as well but my My facebook page is ron james. Comedy capital our capital. j. capital. See my instagram is rambling ron. James and twitter is the ron james show capital t capital our capital j. capital s. Very good the book is called all over the map. We've been all over the map. With ron james and this is nice. It's a nice conversation at a a wonderful conversation. Folks i It's so nice to talk. Earnestly and digest just share some realities of the day fearlessly. Actually been you're talking to your brother. Thank you so much jennifer pleasure on. Take care okay. Well that's our show for this week. I wanna thank ron james for being so wonderful really interesting guy. Conscious guy. funny person very creative and really honest which is such a great combination to be is a great guest so thanks to ron. Go find ron's book. All over the map go on amazon. Go to barnes and noble wherever you get your books. Look four connected. Parenting dot com connected. Parenting jennifer's organization. Amazing work resilient skills media books classes all kinds of things to help you and your family live happier and healthier connected. Parenting dot com. Find us wherever you your podcasts. Write us let us know what's going on right to ed. At make lightweight one word make light media dot com. Find us wherever you at your podcast. Subscribe boo siebu. Play if you'll pardon my french and go to Go to spotify or apple. Podcasts or the believe network. Eddie l. e. a. v. dot com. Believe network. great to have you along. Take care of yourselves stay. Well what would you say to yourself and near head. Keep coming back a works if you work at time ed crasnick for jennifer kalari will scenes.

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"The tonio voice. Don't like yours if you want to make some of this. It's fine with me. go on some into. The headmaster is pending. Tell him and get my mother and she'd love love to meet you sir. Do go on take it further slightly unbalanced here still whereas folk patrick grandma today. We're talking about two series to channel spoken. It's called the fire paupers. There in the uk on twenty february two thousand the us version of the show premiered only ten months later in december of two thousand. Which meant that. This show would have been airing at the same time that the us version was in production. It makes me wonder if the us series was like okay great. We're going to take it to the us. We're going to go into production. And then surprise here series too seriously was always a surprise. Russell t davies wrote eight episodes originally for series one and it was successful enough that they wanted him back to do a much longer series two and he only wanted to do two episodes. And that's what we got. And this is the last episode of the uk series and it also makes a lot of sense that it was only like two episodes. It was very much like okay. I'll give you your epilogue that you're all clamoring for but that's all i'm doing which i respect that quality move. Yes into. The fire was directed by the bangladeshi director. Mahajanga huda of course. He has coronation street cred where he directed thirty nine episodes and he also directed the two tv movies about harry and meghan those on lifetime or hallmark. I don't know. I didn't even bother to low because i can't say anything story. And he directed all of series to of course folk two episodes. Here's the synopsis of into the fire stewardess sick of manchester and decided to move to london causing vince to consider his own life and what he really wants out of his relationship with stuart nathan continues to be tormented at school but ends up owning the teacher. Great scene who like mike. Duer te blows up alexander's mother's car and he's russia's to get vince out of the store when she finds out that stewardess moving to london. In the event stuart and vince really do get together and reappear in arizona so of all places so i felt this episode was great until it got to maybe the last quarter and that it was just like totally bonkers. Kind of screwball. Comedy at that point he went. He went russell. T davies win. Big bold he went brazen with it yet. Seemed like a little bit of a fuck. You like okay channel for you want to more episodes of fine. I'm just going to throw everything. I got into this exactly everything. Here's this spaghetti. There's the wall here you go. Well we started out with Everybody's got a trick. So stewart's trick is a gentleman that has orange spunk. These pills so think. Some maybe spunk. Spunk orange okay. So when he was trying to speak up as they're having sex which by the way The angles that were presented really didn't make it seem like there was any pen like penetration happenings but this was more like a hand job that was happening. That's what i thought it was. Yeah the the angles weren't making sense. But that said you guys. He's trying to speak the dust on the to my stomach. I thought it was going to be like an issue. Oh god but instead it's this year he was going spunk. Me spunk and i think you'll like it makes you makes you come like more. Is orange bunk really. A thing can't really have no great for halloween. I would. I would know what to do. I would be terrified if i saw that. Yeah because you've got to imagine that if you mix blood red and white come you're going to get orange right right especially because come is not always typically way. It's usually like opaque or cloudy. Like yeah i can freak out a little Didn't seem to freak out stirred it all kind. Kinda founded a museum like okay. Hey that's fun. I like the fact that he didn't shame him in any way he sort of found amusing and still got the guy off so good for him. Well vince trick has a gag reflex fun. Thanks constand toothbrush. Sorry time first of all. Oh my god. Let's talk about it please. So apparently this guy's susie puts his toothbrush in his mouth. He starts to really gag very audibly. I don't know is that i could deal with that. Yes because it's like oh like will this at some point. It makes you question. Is this going to be pleasurable for you. If you know if that's what ha- like if that's what happens but house let's talk about what says if of humor got has on this situation he's going to give a gay man a gag reflex when brushing his teeth. When we're going down on deck like which okay to be fair. I usually don't have a gag reflex but for some reason it's like it's specifically when i'm brushing my tongue that's when the gag reflex comes in or you need to get one of those tongue scrapers. I think it's anything anything like bristles on the tongue it like it. It triggers it for me. It's like the roof of my mouth. Like i'm getting my teeth cleaned. The hygienist will have to put those little x-ray in and if they are hitting the top of my mouth i will start gagging and so they will often take a little swab and swab on this stuff that they give to babies so that they can do baby x rays. Oh and it tastes like strawberries. It's great. I'm asking for this the next time i go because i'm telling you of my my dentist. I swear i think they get mad at me for something you can ask for a balloon in my dentist to you can take them with you. So nathan probably had the worst trick story. He's in the car getting it on with some guy and the horn hawks right i. I'm glad events and stewart had the same reaction. I was like that's it. yeah exactly. There's no punchline whereas the inconvenience. Where's the shock where the nothing so. We see that. Vince has his job interview for. I guess deputy manager of the local tesco. There and i picked up on something here that i've really liked. Which was vince. Had this kind of quiet confidence. About and i found that so attractive especially because is in a suit. I don't know where he gets us from boat when he was at work and he's gearing up for this interview. He's just confident loved up. Yes yeah he's not. He's not resorted. he's not resorting to like little tricks and things like that to get the job. he's just like i know i'm gonna get it and i'm like yeah. You are. yeah and his own. Bernard actually helped him get it. They take it upon themselves to sabotage grants chances. They manage to steal the code to unlock car with a watch with how. How does this make sense like. Yeah somehow they when he hits the alarm on his car. They're able to record the beeps so that they're then able to use. Those beeps to also unlock the car. White that is actually totally a thing with modern cars. You can very easily sniffed the air with a spectrum. analyzer in pick up that signal and so it's very common with german cars like bmw's poor shows volkswagens. It's a great way to steal the car and so only recently did they start to you. Added encryption layer on top of that to negate that the fact that they could do this in two thousand with a watch was busted busted casio watch like what is how. How did you do that. Well they get the car open. They fill it with pornography so hazel then goes on lurs the manager out to the parking lot just so that she could see grams car. Full of porn mags. I'm thinking what a great mom. You're going to really help your son get the job here by making graham look like a dirty old man yes and that it's all an act and i love that. They had made it clear that graham was playing dirty in order to get the job. And i somehow somehow i don. I would've loved seen that gotten translated. Where like vince was was worried. And that's what had bernie in hazel going out and serve taking those matters into their own hands. But i do love that. He's little called herself. Mrs peel yes. Do you think vince knew what they were up to. No yeah. I didn't think he knew either now. Totally hidden from him which was great. Because it's again one of the storytelling devices where we know something that the characters don't know really makes it a little more enjoyable for us because we're not entirely sure how they're gonna react but we have this big anticipation that reaction is coming is really really good. Storytelling both did very well. There's only one job on offer just a shame you can't books biscuits the job. This is actually very important because it was showing vince evolution as a is going to young man that i'm like well he's not young. I was gonna say old man. He's not old. He's thirty so yes he's his life together. He's finding success away from stewart and away from canal street. And so this was. This was kind of a tip off that kind of growing up here. Yeah there was a scene in the bar that i thought was the door. And that's when stewart vincent nathan are talking about a threesome. Hey nathan threesome no cost this. Couple of loans and both locally. She fancy given and go yes right then off we go astray bacar your education. How funny thing you go. Perfect threesome found a drop of one. You me and nathan so brilliant. I just go for it. Yeah and i like that neither down for it. Yeah okay. I'm down for everything i'm fifteen and i own the world on in the us series. There's never anything like that. The michael nevada character was always justin's in tag inist. And so this was this was the fact that yeah you can have a fifteen sixteen year old friend and y'all be a deck to him. That's like you can have a go at every now and again but do eighty-three episodes just making fun of him or hate him. Despising him for stepping into this perfect little bubble. You built yourself. I what am i. Things in. this episode has seen the three of them shooting the shit at the bar like they have invited a nathan to be part of this group of this friendship of sorts. And i really enjoy. That nathan did say one thing that i thought was interesting. He's fifteen at this point. He turns sixteen in the episode because they have a birthday party but it comes out that he has fucked seven men. Damn seven holmen. I mean do you. Maybe it's been a you know a amendment at. I remember when i first started having sex with men. And i was able to actually have a list of all the names that that didn't last long. You've lost track. I've actually capitalist. I i still have it. So oh i was a very very young person. I have written a journal by hand and sketchbooks and so i like thirteen fourteen volumes. Now and in the back of each volume i would always keep a running tally of gentlemen. That availed himself to avail themselves. I love that. Yeah it's it's funny because l look at it now and there's quite a few people that are first name. Only and i know that i would have gotten their last name at the time in for the life of me remember it. You know. it's just like charles. And mark and bob and i'm like fuck are these people. Yeah i think. I think mine started with a possibly a mark and then it went into like flight attendant like dijon mustard. Yes after that. God no names maybe ocupation. Maybe i'll remember what they look like but that's about it. I actually I had a key setup of what we actually did. I should take a picture of one of these and send it to you hysterically. Oh police and that to me was a good record keeper. So nathan is at school. Yeah remember he's fifteen christian hav and as i literally forget that he is still a teenager until they go back to the school jumping between Adult situations and like kid situations which is is really clever. It's interesting so at school. A christian is. Gang of lads are pretty much having a go at nathan doing party business whereas it canal street. Queer friends saying him suarez goes straight been watching those in the gym in the regional spins hossen himself thomas cliff or yeah what you want some of this carney's want something is gonna stiffy look at it. Yeah and all about eve. So they from maloney funds sees me tell poster is a quick. A fox keeps a looking fallacies. I thought that that was really risky for christian to do. Given what nathan. Those about him right poking the hornets nest yes and he lets a little bit of that slept. He says all you know all about that one you but christian was able to like quickly. Turn it around like me. It's like no. He jerked off in the locker room. How about that well. It's interesting that nathan has never said that. He's never outed him. And i think that's pretty significant. He of tiptoes up to the line. But that's it. Yeah he never put never pulled the trigger on that So the teacher shows up and of course he he's gonna to with the tough. Which starts something bruin. Nathan's head we'll get to that. In the meantime alexander mysteriously. Od's mayem fine. Luckily took him ten minutes classes. Nothing's first about i. I had a tuckey kick cup. Does that see to walking all right. I'm sorry i'll be fine yet. That was a very strange situation because they were just sort of sitting around the table and alexander's going into an abbey. That's for me. what happened. Yeah this was yet to really connect the dots here. This was a continuation of episode one. Where his mother had more or less forced him to sign over his inheritance. I think this is roughly the same day or the next day right so yes This was a response to what he went through with his parents. It's just not clear here because so much time had passed between the episodes that you kind of forget about it so i. I almost wish that that particular moment would've happened shortly after. his mother. Disinherited him in episode. Just kind of jumped out. There was another case where we've talked before about how the uk series has some curious gaps in it kind of like edited for time gaps. Yeah so like clearly. There had to have been seen on the cutting room floor that filled in that space and for some reason for time or whatever they just couldn't like give us a thirty second intro into the into the situation. Yeah remind us again. What's wrong with alexander. He's just getting into an ambulance but he seems fine. Arts enough. That stewart vincent baby. Alfred jump into the jeep after Alexandra is put into the ambulance. We see that seward is enraged. That alexander's family has driven him to what at this point. Seems like kind of an attention getting suicide. it didn't seem like he really wanted to check out. Vince knows that stewart is about to do something quite sinister right on the street. In front of alexander's mom's house tells them off and then just walks away into the night leaving stewart with this maniacal look on his face. It was at this moment where i started to kind of chuckle at the story. A little bit. This was just getting a little crazy. Where stewart's unhinged. He pokes a hole in the petrol tank of his of alexander's mom's car. And i just never liked this story. I've always felt that stewart was written to smartly to be doing something like this by went in this wild. I mean especially seeing the results of such an action. I've got a message from your son. I'd appreciate it if you didn't come to my house. I don't think we've got anything to say to each other. Just one thing you like you can kill. Yeah and that's the thing because they pointing that out because we see him walk away from this fireball to go to his jeep. And we see that elvis in the back in the car to say nothing of the fact that he showed alexander's mother that he would hit that he did it. Your message boom. i guess. I'm being very critical of the story. Because i can get behind it. He was so angered. The gay man was written out of the family inheritance simply for being gay and so i like his. I don't know what you call is there is there is. There is a righteous anger in there like he. It's all like the right kind of upset. It's the justice part that doesn't quite Land this is all cutting back and forth. Between nathan's birthday party everybody starts to slowly arrive at the party. First of all how does it that everybody comes to fifteen year old. Nathan's birthday party. I mean sixteen. Now there's no animosity towards them unlike that other show with the same name right and everyone's just like you just don't like let it let it be known that he's turning sixty he's turning eighteen. Okay it's fine like keep it all under the table. At this point that i would have to say that with the amount of clubs and bars that he got on into on canal street. They have ten know. Oh sure absolutely. And they're all kind of like well. He's closed sudden off like let it slide. That stirred secretary showed up. Sandra right. it's like everybody's going it's nathan. He's part of the family. Let's go to his birthday party. I like that but where was done. yeah well. She's covered later in this episode. Where she was so stewart invents meet up at the party. And vince has grown up moment here. She deserved its own. It's not enough anymore as you go in. These people are relying on may house. I ended up in the middle of the month. Don't talk this on your seats. May just straight once. You're a straight man fuck man. That's all we learned that. His mother is really relying on him for financial help that he can't screw things up by getting involved in stewart's shenanigans and blowing up. He's not going to follow. Stewart into the more dangerous behavior anymore and this was a really pivotal scene. Vince is say no to stewart. That's kind of new. That's enough for stewart. And his newly found unhinged state to unfairly slam vents as. You're a stray man who fucks men and yeah like and again that maniacal face i feel like he's he's turned into quite this little anarchists like he's ready to cause chaos in the streets. Best friend He's ready to cut it off now. After stuart leaves there's some really interesting interplay of events mentally comparing youthful. Happy nathan with angry jaded stewart. You know we see nathan on the dance floor jumping around with all of his friends wearing clearly a late. Nineteen ninety sleeveless shirt. I've those yeah these these early odds fashions like the sweaters that people were wearing puppet Going to bring basil hazel hazel. Hair with the clips. I mean didn't love that. God is interesting that really comparing these two. There's good and evil. nathan portrayed as good stewart portrayed as evil and i'm just disappointed though that sturges evil unhinged one. I don't think nathan should've been either. But i think that's the story that we're being given there is. Vince has two things to choose from like his own life of goodness and stewart's life of frivolous what you call it promiscuity and titania so back at school the next day nathan. His adult party yesterday back to school christians. Having another go at nathan in front of the class and the teacher. This is probably my third comparison to the show. This particular moment. I thought you. Uk show handled much better johnson jones. Loney quia beg your pardon. I said queer morad out of that. Oh that's a miracle because they say and you don't hear thing about the tonio voice don't like yours and if you wanna make some of this it's fine with me. Go on to. The headmaster had lover. I can tell him. Give a mother and she'd liver. She'd love to meet usa to go on. Take it further. So nathan is the one to yell out. Queer instead of here as the teacher is taking role and i think that really played better it was nathan owning it and not take shit from anyone whereas in the us version it was the christian hops character saying queer to the justin character who then falls apart. I liked this version better. Yeah because there's there's something so powerful about taking ownership of a word that's always used against you and then to say no. That's what i am and using it as a moment of empowerment and that's what nathan does and this situation that i i just. I lost my mind watching this particular scene. Yeah he you know. An attendance calls himself queer. Teacher push back. I don't like your attitude. And it is like i don't like yours. Yeah go ahead and push me with the headmaster. Let's call my mother. I'm sure she loved to talk to you done. The guy is shut down one of my favorite moments tires areas. You just sort of wished. I'd like a little something more towards christian to say like don't fuck with me fellas. You know something like that. So that'll christian knows like you aren't going to get to me anymore. Aurore says to a hooked up again. I wish that would christian looking to use it up for yourself good for you and then they pounded on the janitors closet or something. We've loved it so. The police arrived for stewart that morning. Stewart quickly stages the loft with gay paraphernalia. I have no idea. Why though do you know. I know like there's there's a whole performance that happens here because not only is strewn very obviously on the table. He's meeting them and his robe that he has wide open. And he's just in his boxer briefs he's trying to reach his card and he's just throwing condoms and lube like right. I'm like what was he trying to say the police. I don't know because it's not that they were being aggressive towards him for being gay. They're like you committed ourselves so we would like to have a talk with like you did do something. It was almost as if he was trying to us. Being gay to get off the hook which didn't make any sense. Yeah should put him on the hook right address. There was the tie in with alexander being gay. And so maybe he's trying to portray himself as like alexander's boyfriend or something like that to the police that they would at least kind of shift the blame to alexander's he was like yeah. There's some there's some sort of justification for why he stood up to her but yeah. I'm struggling matt. So romanian stewart have lunch. This is a really interesting seen. We we hear. Stewart telling me that. He's outgrown vince. he's outgrown manchester. He's moving to london. Everything about his entire life is just holding him back source broadcast about fishing. A small ponds so small friends. Sixteen year old boy. Time to leave still. Vince could get transferred london. A good wage. And just hold me back. Standing there disapproving and you love it. I've got things i wanted to. And he's just he's not. It's just not in good enough argued again. Ut like america except we're not getting another reason to go ironically. Vince is starting to realize that. Stewart is what's holding him back and that who they are as gay men turning thirty is starting to be two identities instead of one it's no longer steward. Invents vincent stewart. It's stewart vince And this was kind of really the first obvious moment in the episode where were finding out that. Oh this is really happening. They are really going to split up. So i thought that was that was really good. Storytelling there yet. They have to understand who their identities are as individuals they spent so much time as stewart and vance and so it's really cool to watch. Watch that start to you cared right watch. These characters grow into their own. I think that's what's so smart about the uk series because we also had such a limited time to go on their journeys as characters. We are very invested in seeing their growth. We were never truly mad at them for choices. They made exactly grant we we. We are calling out issues in this episode. His final one that goes for broke but overall we like everything felt very human very genuine. Very real very truthful. And i think that's a testament to what russell t davies was able to pull off and what these actors were able to pull off in creating this world. Well in addition to you certain vehicle starting to go their separate ways. We also see that nathan is to you and we get the first sign of that. When janice nathan's mother comes up to stewart at the bar. He what do you want to know keep tabs. You'll going to kill the knicks. Going up the master's voice what he sees the you do what i call a headstart died. And that's thank you to get used to it. Time was not thought you friend material. I bet that you ought to that. We don't you dare it only follow these away. Don't need any more of that. The i love. How jazz was just taking the total. Piss out of stewart. But something here wasn't quite ringing true for me. Does nathan really still see stewart as a god and boyfriend material because he he seems like he's doing quite well enough on his own without him and he doesn't seem hung up on them or anything. Yeah i don't know. I don't know if that's still if that's just a projection that you know of all the gay people because like we don't see as they broke up last episode again to me. I don't think they were ever truly gather but yes. I think she still sees he. That nathan does idolize and see that. Maybe that's what it is so stewart apparently realizes that he's got to knock nathan down a couple of chops here takes him into the bathroom stall stir gets off in seconds patch nights. That was clearly to show nathan that he is not in fact a sex. God you did it on purpose. He did this to make nathan. Go oh you just disappointed me. I'm gonna go find somebody else out can satisfy me sexually. Thank you for clearing this up for me. Because i didn't quite understand what was happening because it was that moment at wants. Nathan leaves the stall that stewart. Sort of has its moment of glee. Y okay setting nathan. And that's why. I didn't quite genesis conversation with him because i didn't think that nathan actually saw him that way anymore. He saw him as a mate like hanging out with them. Jump on them if you had the chance. But he wasn't stocking him around manchester canal street. So that's the part that confused me a little. And then when i saw stewart lowing has loaded with the precision of a stuntman right. It's like ian. Come on cue. Yeah he he decides. I know how you can get rid of nathan. How can set him free. I'll just below in like five seconds done. This did give nathan like quite some swagger though. He came out of the bathroom. And he's walking around and he shows up the bar later he was owning this. And he even was slagging off stewart to his mother about him looking old up close and things like that is like. I don't know like keep hanging around him and i'm like okay. Yeah a so vincent. Go to a dance club. Called dante's which. I don't think we'd heard of this club before had we have our we have well Maybe we i. I definitely know the been there. Maybe we'd never heard them call it by its name Platform looks familiar. I do like how manchester has like so many gay clubs. Pittsburgh had to to way. I mean they had an entire street but like the was always just like to that they went into right three. If you count that the one that they went to after they blew up the other club. Oh poppers yes. Yes listeners if you really wanna see us if you really wanna hear talk. We did eighty three episodes on the show. I mean we're a little rusty. Were still finding our feet but stick with us. We got really good. I think at during the the us show. Yes we get there anyway. Vincent sierra are at dante's and they're looking out over the dance floor and reminiscing about the various guys that they've had the ones that they've forgotten the ones they remember. There's a moment where stewart picked out a shag for the night. Only for nathan right in and leave with the guy. Oh what What mood it was perfect. Disturb for this particular part of the story. Because stewart starts making some double entendre is about leaving winch vinci's slowly starting to pick up on and eventually it turns into them basically saying goodbye to each other right there on that platform on the dance for remember. The little is gerald. Didn't france didn't neither clever boy off london calling the fall through long. I'm the rest if i see you. I found it kinda sad actually because a lot of friends drift apart. Even if you've been friends for sixteen years but how many really have the chance to have a conversation about it. I and say goodbye and just part seems like these days you just kind of fade away. Yeah it kind of like some of the friendships. That i've had over the years and how that evolution really happens i can think of maybe one person from high school that i still talk. I still talk to. And now i that i am ten years out of college. I can see that that group has also started to fade a little bit. We've all started going separate ways. Different things in our lives have happened. But you didn't go to the dance for and talk about it right. No no that's the thing though they have this conversation and i think like oh. That's how i found it. Sal yeah we just the at least with my you know fragile as they evolve you sort of just like let time do the work for exactly exactly. Yeah here they have the face to face. And that's that is heart-wrenching league where you want to reconcile that. Oh maybe we have changed emmy. We're no longer for each other. But then you actually say it out loud. Yeah becomes real hazel realizes. What's happening the next day. Steward has already told the agent to sell the flat Sandra says it's not stirred office any longer Hazel tries to reach events at work but the evil graham picks up the phone instead and he starts to connect the dots and realizes that hazel had something to do with him. Get his job. He so smarmy alexander calls nathan to let him know so everybody's got a got like converge on stewart. Leaving this i think is where the show got a bonkers where it goes into its Comedy phase decade. It's it's a little it's very. it's very love actually in a way. You've probably never seen that but it's very love. Actually finale love actually. That's what it is. Hazel shows up at vanessa's meeting in front of the entire store staff. And she's trying to get fences attention in the middle of the meeting by projecting giant message on the wall. Were which oh took me back. I mean welcome to me through school looking at that overhead projector way god. She breaks the news events in front of the entire store. Staff and graham was just hilarious in the seam because he's realizing that his chance to have that job was because vince his mother and there is some really good verbal slapstick. Going back and forth between a vince. His mother graham all the ladies in the store that graham had betted. They all rise up against him. That's enough to give a big enough distraction. That vince runs out of the store to go to london with stuart and when this was happening. I'm like this is hilarious. But what the fuck what is going then. A parade of kazoo happened. I do love okay. We need to take it back. Because i have to talk about events giving the florida marcy spill the tian. Chris was ninety. That was just one of my favorite like of all the things that are happening. It was just one of my favorite things that was written. The timing of it take like you thought. She was a member of congress. He's just like marcy. I yield the floor. She's like thank you I moved to the pre. i moved the motions. It's just t grammy like. It was just so fun because she didn't like without skipping a beat and it was great and then they cause pandemonium at the at the grocery store. And then there's that weird as a small world parade. I was like what what is going on. A reminded me when they were in there in the car. Driving reminded me of the ending of notting hill. They're all in the cars driving around the city. i think. Recently we watched that movie. Yeah it's fabulous favorites okay. So they're driving to try and get to stewart and they get to the the co they probably get. Pull everybody the cops. I think that's where we are on this well. I hazel tried to run down the entire kazoo parade. It's like boy. You can't shoot tv like that anymore. Those are dearer attacks now Here it was kind of a hilarious because they're in their little. Mg and because you players are jumping out of the way in vinci's picking out. The gay one was kind of funny so they do get pulled over. Hazel and vince have a little silent communication. So that vince can make escape to get to stewart and hazel distracts policemen by punching him. That was great love that. Yeah i'm gonna. I'm gonna get you know taken to jail gonna make a word that it's a vincent finally finds stewart canal street of all places. This was a moment. When i realized that chris folk uk was actually a love story. This was eleven episodes in the making ten episodes in the making it was always about. Stewart convinces love for each other so the fact that it was never portrayed and a totally negative light. They never had gigantic problems over their love for each other assert nother series with the same name has. This was really a story about those two. And that's it. yeah. I can definitely see that. Stirred invents is final speech. I think was some of the best writing we come back to this. The ghetto baggers in every tollway straits and students. Coming down to look at the freak. Show dolly at saving all week saving their stupid money from stupid idiot job so they can come and shoot the load with some stranger just to on this stupid street. It's the middle of the world's because on a street like this every single my anyone can leak anyone every single night someone meets someone will yours now all the pope's and all the dykes and all the people in between this law bell l. Rob some of my. Even you just stick with friends. You'll be fine. You fuck come back. They're handing the keys to nathan. It's his turn now. They grew up and moved on together. Nathan you take it from here. Yes is passing of the torch moment. I just loved that it was this woman that was not only was this whole like series about stewart events as a couple or as two people that are going to be together. This was also about what it means to be a queer man and here are things that you're going to go through these things that you're going to do. Don't fuck it up. Keep it going like let us live our live out. Our full truthful lives. And i loved it. I thought it was so great. And of course the as we found out the jeep scene was pulled directly from bikers. Grown from when the two gay character drove off the deep it was almost shot for shot the same way the way that the car kind of spun around and they drove away. I wished the episode would have ended right then in there because two things happened after this that i thought were like totally weird. That didn't need to be there. And the first one is events. Stirred arrive in a truck stop in arizona and paul gone guy. What's the scene for well. First of all when the car like spun off into this sort of back to the future slash greece moment. I thought for them to end up in the desert. I actually thought they went to australia. And so it broke my heart to see that. Not only did they go to america they went to arizona and it looked like arizona too. It's like did you really fly your crew over and the two prime actors of the show to shoot this one scene. Wow this was important of a place on route. Sixty six there has to be sending the order of the sun. We then you know. I wish i could be mad about how they portrayed americans but accurate no lies none so then the the episode wraps up in we get the the typical. Where are they now. So we find out that andrew alexander or alex banned drag queen bernie became a cre- porn baron shooting aired was. That was weird. Janice i think a little bit of short shrift here as it said was jan scott a divorce. Well i think that coupled with her picture seen her in pure joy i was like. Oh you got free good for you. Good point but i would have liked to have seen something like an moved in with hazel or something like that. Yes something that would have been fun. Nathan became king of the world. Okay well turned a little bit. do she too. Which is a shame but yeah hazel. Mary the police constable that she punched out. That was a good one. Like i loved that that one and there are many rumors of vincent serta true. It's like yeah. So what did you think of the way that queer as folk uk and did like in general. The story is not not the nitpicky stuff that we just talked about. What did you think of the way that this wrapped up. I liked that it brings them together. I think that is something that like. It's a in acknowledgement that. Yeah this is. This was the path that was laid out for them and the fact that it was like it was always talked about. We mentioned at the very beginning. You know nathan calls ven software like the reason why you're still friends because you're waiting for him to fuck you and it's like well no but like that realization. Oh no the reason why were always together is because we are the two pieces that fit for each other so like that's and that's why and now we're finally acknowledging it it's allowing it's it's very funny. I think it's sort of like allowing stewart to settle down while also allowing events to free himself. I think that's such a cool way of of wrapping up. So i i liked it. Let's talk tops and bottoms for this episode. What was your top matt. The uk series. Well done okay. Well so my top was nothing else. So my top is the overall series A little further. It's really that this was the love story all along our characters. Get what they want in the end. I'm a fan of ambiguous endings. Just kind of leave these characters frozen in time but this really worked for me. I do think that the show could have easily ended after series one because series to felt a little bit like a director's cut bonus content that they had leftover than so they stitch together some episodes but overall i thought this was just a dynamite ten episode. tv show. What was your bottom. That it's over and that weird trip to america but mainly because it's over. I didn't go quite that far. My bottom was The camp at the end was kind of disappointing for me However i did like that recipe davies worked in things that mattered to him. Lake the bikers grow jeep. Departure and vince is sci-fi callouts. It was okay though. I didn't really mind it. I don't know is that it added a whole lot to the story but it kind of left everything on a high now and it was funny. There is music at the end. We're cool with it. This has been episode two of series two and it was called into the fire. Thanks for joining us on queer as folk uk especially those of you who listened Through the us podcast as well. We appreciate you for sticking out. You can find our us show at stoke whereas folk dot com along with the uk show or you can find it on your favorite podcast app wherever you listen. I'm patrick randall. Dominquez slightly unbalanced wrote and performed the show at midnight. folks may love chicago.

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Caught Offside: 2018-19 EPL Devundling Awards


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Caught Offside: 2018-19 EPL Devundling Awards

"Yeah. Welcome to the English Premier League bundling award ceremony now here your hopes and who Ling and. JJ davani. Yes, the beautiful off side ballroom on the Upper West side of Manhattan. It is Andrew gulling, and JJ vani. What's up brother? Can you please fix your cummerbund? It's all over the place. I'm not a cummerbund guy. You're wearing one. Right. And not I took it off before the show. You're confused. I'm suspenders and bowtie Khanna guy. Sorry, that was Mel Gibson, the Madam in the in the hall Nelson here. Why did we invite male? Oh man. One of our favorite nights of the year. This beautiful gala all the beautiful. People of the sport have come out for this tonight. I saw set bladder is here. The beautiful people of this board. He's here. Graziano pella's hair. All right. Well, could pour that man into a suit, one of our favorite night's. Yes. This is the night where we hand out all of our awards for what has been a truly awesome and fun season in the Premier League. All the awards tonight, all the people are here manager of the season matches of the season signings of the season were signings of the season, all the things that you could hope. To have handed out tonight. Now someone on Twitter suggested that we hire Ricky surveys to present, which in that case, everyone would be insulted and just leave a noble needs to realize that they can. They need to take a joke. He's fantastic. But when you get to a certain point in life, a certain monied status certain rarefied air. You don't like having people say things about you. Well, that's why we didn't hire him guys not because we couldn't have afforded him. Right. We went strictly with Bruce Vallance. He just is a pattern writer whose Google. Okay. He writes the corny things does he. All right. I think that's what he does. Billy crystal. That would have been the one for me. Well, that was never going to happen. Oh man. I'm so excited about this, the first part of the show tonight will be the divine Ling's for the twenty eighteen nineteen season. Second part of our show tonight will be the after party where we'll give you a little bit of kind of what to watch for for the weekend. You've got plenty of takes on the championship and even league one said the playoffs semifinals championship playoff semifinals have been as the children say late league one, not as less. But interesting in, in different, way, a couple of things to throw out before we actually start in with the awards for tonight. First and foremost. Now, this is this is a big one. All right. It's not set in stone just yet, but I want you all to start planning for June first Champions League final live show in Manhattan. You'll watch the game with us and. Then we will record a podcast directly afterwards. Get just get that on your calendars. And we'll when everything is set, we will announce the logo the exact location, you get to have a pint with Andrew gambling. But it looks like this is actually going to be happening, which is amazing. I can't. So you this means that you and I are actually going to watch the Champions League final between our two teams a cough side Cup in the same location together. We've never done that before today I helped my friend who's going to Madrid for the final who is a massive refund. I helped him get ticket procure ticket for that flying. And he was so excited. And I thought I'm so excited about this final. And then I thought I'm going to be watching it with you. Lick silent Abdouaye. That's fair. You know what the feeling is mutual? I'm excited about this final though. And I'm excited about us watching it with some of you guys. The only thing I'm not excited about is your refusal to make the same pledge that I made that I will not be adidi you and the fact that you can't say that back to me, like, what if so now we're going to do this show and it's going to be. And what if all these people who believe that, you know, you and I are quote unquote, friends, we are friends, what now they're all gonna come to this party, which is gonna be great. And, and you're not gonna fight. We'd have a fight in, in this bar in front of everybody. We're gonna roll out into the street in Manhattan, right? Real old style Peter Griffin and the chicken. Yeah. We're gonna end up at the top of the Empire State, Duke it out. I don't think so. I look. We're getting ahead of ourselves. But if I raise if Liverpool raise number six, I will be very magnanimous because I will be source mug. So very smug God that that podcast is going to be so uncomfortable. But it's going to be fun for everyone to be there, just it's not setting stolen. It's more in wet cement, right now, we just wanna make sure that it's on all of your radar. Yeah. 'cause watch party, Manhattan caught off side. How do you like that? As soon as details or official, you will have them. All right. Are you ready to begin? Yes, here we go. JJ will start off the first award this evening for the season. That was in the Premier League are manager of the season. Now we each have different managers for all the awards. You and I will each give out a different one of the rule. Right. And uneven even when we come to team of the season, I've decided to be very kind of not Liverpool Centric, tried to spread things actually did a complete opposite. You just went entirely taught. No, no. I was extremely Liverpool central K. All right. Manager the season. I'm gonna go first here. JJ with Ralph Hassen huddle of Southampton manager. Wouldn't even manage the team for the entire season. He is my winner. I was so close to going with pep but I went with Ralph. And here's why here's what Ryan Bertrand said of his manager, who took the reins in mid December from Mark us, Bertran said the managers come in and giving us an identity. He's given us a clear style of play and leave. No stone unturned. It's a real pleasure to go on the field like that. And not have people people questioning each other Jesus. This team was lost. Yeah. Mark you that is that is damning extremely, like damning to the point of, like, where's he going to work again? Yeah. What did even do when he was there? Yeah. And how did all those great seasons under stoke actually happened? But hasn't Huta came in he changed the style into more of an in your face press style. Got the best out of his best players, which is that's the thing. That's taken for granted. Nathan Redman scored nine goals the season. All of them after hasn't. Huta came in, in December. I'm whereas Nathan Redmond now called up to the England nations league squad for the semi final. They were eighteenth. And the table when he took over they had won just three of their last twenty two games dating back to the previous season, but after hasn't who took charge. They won. Eight they drew sex. They lost nine and they allow themselves a safe end to the season with momentum to build on for next season. They were headed for relegation, and then he came in and changed everything they won nine games this year. Eight of them were while he was in charge. So he is my manager of the season. JJ. I think that's the word. They won on never saw that coming from you, my manager of the season is Rafa Benitez watching a mid table Newcastle. United romped to a four nil. Final day away win at already relegated Fulham. Not really how many people saw the season going for either club. Amy Lawrence pointed this out in our match report in the guardian finishing the campaign and sunny mid-table. It was worth remembering UK. Began with a run of eight defeats and two draws from the first ten primarily games even worse form than the team played in the final day Fulham, Ben has pulled it all together expertly that he did a thirteen place finish, which is three off the last season is nothing to be scoffed. At though, this is a team that is playing well beyond their collective abilities Benitez draining. Absolutely every drop. He can from the squad on widely addition of record-breaking signing Miguel Marin was a timely move in January, this team that you would think need surgery in more than just one area at the start of the season. I thought it struggled to score goals, Andrew and that was going to be their big problem. Bought to keep them up the gale random swab that was genius. Masterstroke Raanan bagged eleven league goals voted club player of the year while Perez bagged twelve. Okay. So what does that twenty three goals? You only scored forty two goals in total this season Benitez has promoted from within Shaun Longstaff performance against match steady in the one nil win. That was told of indication of bringing them up from the under twenty three's and he was so good. He pretty much relegated senior pros like Chevy to the bench until he got injured saadah pros like Richie dome. It Lascelles of Bennett, Matt benefited massively from the organization and coaching Rafeh. An imagine if Mike Ashley opened those purse-strings just a little bit more what they could be if management is about managing resources and coaching. He's got to be the manager of the year, the coach of the year. He's making average Bayer's chapter players in some cases, play way beyond what they're capable of look at us. Look how cutting edge we are in different and creative to lower table games and we know everybody wants out pep pep pep pep. But, like we could have gone for Sean Dyche look at the way, this the season look what he did. That's an honorable mention. So there you go. That was manager of the season. We move now to match of the season, this will be given out over the course of the night. I will go first years will come a little bit later on in the program. JJ it lacked, the drama. Of title implications. Top four implications or even relegation implications. But if you sat down to watch wolves and LeicesteR at the mall. New on January nineteenth I gather your expectation to entertainment ratio was possibly higher than it would have been for maybe any other game this season. Here is what it sounded like. Trivial leaks, and substantial bit awaits seconds away in by Troy. With thrift. Good Lori pulse. Play school. Lucas together. Away from ten go Cup. Devas peachable. Bowl. Feed him. Joe world. Sweating. Sure. Of story out of one. Jury on the call NBC s n five second half goals impossibly poor defending Nuno, spiritus Santos sent off and find for celebrating with his players after Joshua's winning goal, the mall, new saw number of great days this season. This one may have been the most fun of all of them cracking game. Yeah. And it's funny to going back and reliving that and watching the highlights of that one again. It just goes to show the like how quickly the highs and lows can come about so west Morgan scores to make it three three. And I think the eighty six minute and then moments later on wolves winning goal who was the player who was just so far out of position so far behind the play on Jettas winner. West morgan. You can't shut off in the sport against good teams and wolves proved to be that just this year. That was really really fun game. I remember Claude pupil on the sideline after the winning goal with just his head. In his hands and like in disbelief that they had allowed that winter on Instagram, ask people to contribute. What was their favorite game that actually one really more people chose that game than anything else? Wow, would not have thought that ask them for moments. And they talked about that game. That was a fascinating watch for everyone. I wonder what the other games were up against it. That made people the drew people did I can't. Well, you know what was fun about it, too, which I wanted to mention I'm glad you brought that up. It's not just so the final was four three. Go back and watch the extended NBC highlights on YouTube. They're like eleven minutes long. I'm not even I'm not joking. It could have been like nine eight. Honestly, shot himself probably could have five or six goals this game. There was you see four three and you think, oh, keeping must have been shambles. The goalkeeping was actually really good. This game could have been as crazy as it was. It could have been even crazier. We'll get your match of the season a little bit later on in the show for now that we move on to the signing of the season, you go. I I'm not sure yet Andrew if. The club record thirty million or so. Eddie house spent on Jefferson larimer was money was spent for born with joys out in that one. However, the signing of David Brooks from Sheffield United for eleven million pounds, Starling was brilliant, talented, dentition, a superb, signing by Eddie, how bear in mind. The James Madison who is an excellent player was a stand up for Norwich last season. I'm signed by LeicesteR for twenty five million or in the region. That's dollars a young talented ball playing tacking midfielder signed from the championship for peanuts all the standout, his signing. Brooks, didn't always stand out to everyone. He was at man city as youth was affected forced out by raft of foreign signings. Unlimited playing time. He was considered too small by a couple of championship teams. I can't name them. It's too embarrassing before Sheffield. United took him on last season was his only full season of championship football, one season of championship football, thirty games, whichever United before board recognized him as a special player is performance. Against Chelsea in January was stand up performance in seven goal five assist season for the Welsh international. He's one of the best players to watch. He's one of the most exciting to watch, and I think we have the audio for his goal against Chelsea, given it straight to king, and king looks Brooks. Stays down still. Works. What a goal that was and what a performance that was from him. I think obviously people were aware of them before I came. But that game just blasted him onto a different stage in no problem becomes for born. With is, you know, can you keep them for another season? Yeah. He did flourish, there. So who knows? He may not want to leave even necessarily but no, I wouldn't think that he would that he's found somewhere. No. I mean it's the teams that turned him down in the championship. He was very upset. He was finding he thought he would be able to football after even man city, which is it's not. Yeah. That's a good shot by you. Here's mine jayjay. It's actually a name that you mentioned when you were talking about Rafa Benitez. But with Solomon Rondon now. It's a loan. Is that is this allowed? It's totally though, because it was a bit of genius, and also they're probably going to try if they can convince Mike Ashley to pay for a player over who will be over thirty by the time the season starts. Yeah. Like that. The hoops, they have to jump through to sign Rhonda Solomon Rhonda, but it's funny we're talking like this because that's kind of the point here. We're any Newcastle fans excited when they found out that their big summer move would be a loan swap for West Brom striker Solomon rundown. But let's take a look at just how valuable Ron Don turned out to be now. Like you said before eleven goals, the season, seven assists, but let's go even deeper than that. He scored two goals verse born with a two one win. One goal verse Everton a one one draw one goal verse Huddersfield a one nil win. One goal verse Waterford a one one draw one goal ver- city. A two one win one goal and one assist to know win over Huddersfield one goal and one assist in three two win over Everton one goal against born with in two to draw the margin for error with a club like Newcastle is always going to be really slim they defend. They don't score on goals. Take your chances when you get it by my tally, there JJ those results when Ron Don scored equal to eighteen points. He didn't just score a solid number of goals this season. He did it when it mattered most. I mean almost all of goals this year were in one goal wins or in draws. Take that away from Newcastle the season and they are down probably going down burn down. Yeah. So who would have ever thought that he would have turned into that for them when they made roundly criticized the move? And now that West Brom knocked coming back up, it means that they're put in the position that they're gonna have to buy this player. That's been really good for them. Yeah. Absolutely. All right. That was our signing of the season. Now, we go to the other side of the coin, the worst signing of the season Europe. I I've gone with Alexis Sanchez who was technically signed in January twenty eight teen. I don't know if we can allow we're allowing it. I mean I could go with Dennis wireless that will be a very good one as well. But I just wanna talk about Alexis scientists because he was signed in January wasn't a hundred percent fish bought, he had the whole summer off, which is not always being a common thing for him to have a lot of time off football for him to come back one goal in twenty game. Seems to be as poor as he's being for United is just incredible to the point where he was being left out a squads. He was being left on the Bank regularly for United. Six hundred forty five thousand dollars a week. This is just crazy stuff United's recruitment. He will be the statue, the white elephant of United recruiting for this period in time. And they're, they're going to have a real job. We know inter are interested. We know what we've heard today for some reason that you vent are interested pose wait. What? Yeah. These rumors from fairly reputable sources transfer rumors. Yeah. Well, I mean, it's it will be very interesting, if he does go, but how they get rid of the rest of his contract is I mean, they're going to have to probably pay him fifteen million or something more than that. I don't even know what the, the buyout is are what they can do. Our will it will probably still have to be alone, which means United was to be paying a portion of his wages. I guess the thing that's frustrating. With him is we can't tell yet if this is shot player or if it's just United system that is holding him back. You know what I mean when he came to United, whether United being bad, right? But he came to United, and he was coming off of just a relentless stretch of football where they were going deep in the in whatever competition was happening that seven years worth, or five years. He basically had no break for a number of years. So when he got the United was just. Is he just wiped or if he goes to another club, could he bounce back in just a different system? We thought he was like I don't like writing players off in their thirties. Because often comes back to bite you. But just staggering number like that they had to have them and then for for this to happen. Because don't forget. They beat Manchester City to get him. Why? Well, I mean, man city thought that there was value there to everybody mind city were not first of all mine city in which doctors and things like that are, are, are quite different than United have the money obviously to do these things, too. But put shortly it's a sign. It's, it's a sign when Manchester City won't go. You know, you're overpaying Wright city can spend whatever they warm on anyone. They won't. They wouldn't go I will say, I do have a slight problem with this because he's not assigning from the season. I mean, what if I just decided at this year's Academy Awards? We're gonna make it was gonna make Dunkirk this year's winner, but that was obsessed with one of last year's movies. Yeah. But we just wanted how about how about you. It was his first full season. That's my point. So Lucas more could have been my signing the actually wouldn't have cared if you did that wouldn't have cared the rule rules matter without the rule of law. What are we left with your your, the rule of law guy? You. I am. That's the prizes. You those prices. Really, let's see my worst signing the season. JJ. Well, I guess this tells you everything you need to know about the season. Manchester United half because you just went with Alexis Sanchez and I'm going with Fred if the goal of the transfer market is defined good value for your money than what do you say about a guy who cost fifty three million pounds started just thirteen games and score just once and assisted just once all season and remember he's not just some young prospect waiting for his turn. He's twenty six the expectation was that he'd come in right away and fit in with United and lift their midfield, but he did nothing of the sort and his market value has probably been sliced in half. And United are now struck stuck with another contract albatross. Like Sanchez, Fred Pago, all these players that you see these names. And it just it just reminds you that the game is not played on paper fit matters. System matters. Yeah. All those things matter. We could have gone to Fulham and just on the entire full midfield. Well, don't worry they'll, they'll get their there. Turn those are worse signings of the season. It just reminded to everybody is we take a brief intermission here. Feel free to send us your tweets or Instagram posts with how you agree or disagree, or whatever on all of these because this show is kind of geared towards that. Yeah. It's look at there are no rights and wrongs here. We just want your opinion that's right now during this intermission JJ. You know what I have here? You're gonna hate this trivia. No. Although you would have really hated that none of no here. I went back to our EPL preview pods before the season. Forgive me, Sean Daish. I went back to find the predictions that we made and I have them in front of me manager of the year. I said Chris Cuban who was just fired that didn't bode well. But my whole thing was that I went back and listen to the explanation, and I basically said them. I said they're terrible. And I believe he's going to keep them up. So I was right. But unfortunately, for Brighton that wasn't good enough because he had them up to like twelve at one point, and people lost their minds and thought that that's what they were, and they weren't you said, I am re. I still wanna trophy, I was heading towards that on till they decided to go into auto meltdown. What were they twenty two one beaten at one point top scorer? I'll tell you what, my friend, you nailed it kind of said a bomb. Yeah. The bombing I said, Harry Kane who might have had. He not gotten hurt for so much of the season still wound up with a lot of goals player of the year. I said, Kevin debris know who I'll probably continue to say for the next five years. Or so. Do you remember who you said for player, don't this is not going to this is that you with LeRoy Sante on again? He was head, he but he was heading. I look look at him on like in in in terms of when he did play. He was good. Damn you pep. Yeah. Top four. In this order, you said city Liverpool United and arsenal. So you went to a four I said city, Liverpool United Tottenham. So I went three for four. How did I have United where we both had them to Mazen, you keep second guessing yourself with them? You're like there United its Marino. They're gonna be there. They were people forget because of how bad they finished second litters up. Yes. But they were thought they were a bad runner. Oh, we should have seen this Commodore trucks champion, and then last, but not least our relegation predictions. I said, what furred Cardiff and Huddersfield, although I went to three and you also said, watt furred Cardiff, and Southampton, let one for three so I guess. The big winner. We move on. We move on. Now the biggest surprise of the season. I'm gonna go first here JJ you just mentioned this a moment ago. My biggest surprise of the season is actually in the negative mold of surprise. And that is full him. Now, if you went back and listen to those EPL preview pods, I guess, the reason that I wouldn't be the winner is because I go, I could not a loved Fulham and everything they were doing. I could've probably the most wrong, I've ever been about anything else, saying something since the all your chips too black. That's what you did. And it couldn't have been more red, and it couldn't be more red. But what you did was you said with all that firepower with all that sex appeal, they're just going to be too good to fail. They spent over a hundred million pounds to remake their squad and really go for it in the Premier League. And in the end, the only move that really came good was the two million. They spent on Ryan Babel and you're righted. Wow. Twenty eight million on Zamboni. Couiza. He started just sixteen games, John Kerry, who scored or assisted on thirty goals in three years with niece he finished the season with just one goal and two assists. This guy was being linked with Barcelona rub as got him multiple managers multiple lineups. None of it worked. Ryan sesson young was a letdown. Alfie Mawson was a letdown. They allowed eighty one goals that was worse than the league, obviously, for comparison sake. You know with the worst was last year for goals allowed. It was stoke in West Ham, who each allow thirteen fewer sixty eight sadly, it's the most that a team is allowed since two thousand thirteen fourteen when you guessed it Fulham gave up eighty five this was a disaster, the likes of which that maybe some people saw, but I one of them because I really thought we were looking at a mid table side, and I was just just so wrong. Imagine being that has to restructure payments, who has to sell players, who has to cover this Mace and Scott Packers being hunted. The reins. Oh boy. My biggest surprises the season. Roy Hodgson, Crystal Palace finishing in twelfth on forty nine points. That is good. But does anybody seem slightly surprised in a good way that Hodgson, it's still at the helm in his seventy first year of Premier League team? He's a manager. That's the oldest Premier League manager. There is being when you consider how he took the job after the abandoning of the divorce project. It didn't seem like he would be there when they were about to enter this season. I didn't think so anyway, now he's going into his third season. And if you consider how a stock at fallen off your twenty sixteen it seems even stranger. But some how this works it's his boyhood club. He just seems to fit. I was listening to him do the end of season. Goodbye on the pitch. It's others park after the five three win over born with. And. He's demonstrably older looking like like you can see it then when he was in two thousand sixteen when he was just a. The source of such ridiculed after the defeat to Iceland. Yeah. But if you look back at his career two stints as manager at Inter Milan, the job did at Fulham Liverpool. Job did not go well. But look at the job, he, he did pretty much everywhere else. This is a guy who has so much accumulated knowledge, and now he's bringing it back home to the kkob that he supported as and more than anything. It just seems to work. He was the first thing he did in his speech at the end of the season was to mention the two players that are leaving the club Sperone and Jason Panchen, and he mentioned them because of their contribution to this club. And when you see the fines, Krista, potus, what they're trying to create with the with the T fools and trying to create different friendly. But also rawal, Oltra crowd, the small homely nature of the stadium and the kind of homely don't earth gentlemen, that Hodgson is. It's a fit. Now, if things are badly next season, the reality of Premier League football will clicking and he'll be gone. I know that, but right now I did not think he would be entering his third season at the club because it was pretty much full season with with bore. I'm shocked a militia bit surprised. But he's got a nice team. He's got a nice set of footballers, maybe this can be next season could be like an Indian summer to his career willin more season. Unfortunately, it feels like the real work is about to begin trying to keep there's already talk about Patrick van aren't halt leaving. There's talk about Aaron one Bassac leaving who's kinda like their young star and really, it seems like Wilfred Saja after all these years every year for like the last four years, people have been wondering, you're gonna leave. It seems like this might be the year where he finally does. And if those three players are gone and granted that's gonna. A ton of money that comes in, but they may have a hard time, replacing them certainly the beginning of the season could be difficult. And it's just whether or not the board if that happens if the board has the stomach to bear with it and give auditing the chance to climb house at seventy one he's not talking about leaving the nor should he why. I mean, why if he loves his job at the team is performing well everybody's happy with them. Then do it forever. I'm surprised glad for him because I think he owned fairly became a lightning rod for all the ills of English football sound bite of the season. This is an interesting one that you submit it. So I'll let you go first with us Andrew. Let's just play the audio first and then all react. All right. This is you want to say who it is, sir. Neil of Warna. I don't know why politicians don't do what the country wanted. On this. They a referendum, you know, and now we see different politicians and everybody else trying to put the Fulton, we Theresa instead of getting beyond, you know what did we ever referendum in the first place? I can't wait to get out of them if I'm honest, I think we'll be better out to the thing in every aspect. Intel with the rest of the world. Football watch as well. Yeah. Absolutely. Good nothing. And I mean, nothing screams Brexit more than a seventy year old millionaire with the advertising, visit Malaysia behind him uttering, the words to hell with the rest of the world. His goal keeper is the first Filipino player Neela ridge to play in the Premier League. And his midfield arson is from Iceland, that's just for starters. Not to mention the man who pays his wages is Malaysian Vincent Tan. But leave means leave. Well, what is what are you talking about mine? It's still funny, either site of his ears. Visit malaysia. Let's see JJ my sound of the season. I've referenced this before I have to hear because I don't know, if you'll accept the first one, the first one is one that I've referenced many times, which is only soul Shire, leading up to the second leg against Barcelona. Did you sound I did not think it might have only been said to the written press when he's talking about it? Now granted, it's from the larger context, but the part within where he's talking about what they're going to be doing in the second leg is just so funny to me when he says, quote, we have a decent plan. I hope it's decent. It's a plan. Anyway. We have a plan a decent plan just inspire. So little confident of loop. Oh my God. When I read that every time I read it now the reason I have a second one is because I wasn't sure if you'd accept it because technically that's not really a Premier League award, which is what tonight's award show is really for the Champions League. All right. So if you don't accept it. I also have Neil Warnock. This was it was just so funny to me because after Cardiff lost to Chelsea on the awful call with spill Quetta, who was two yards off side, you expected Warnock to be just this figure of anger, and rage and despondency in the post game press conference. And instead, he was affable. And he almost fell the whole thing funny, and he's talking in the press conference afterwards about the nerve basically of Marizzio, sorry complaining about calls after the Asheville a Quetta goal had been allowed here was worn out talking about that which moaning about throw in. Sara, don't know. He's two yards. Upside be putting him on the bike, no complainant about throw in. He didn't realize. Offside. I just love that. I don't know why. Sorry. Saturday. It also spawned one of my probably worst impressions that I've done on this show said, saris to Yang offsite. He didn't know he was. Suddenly turned into Jacob rees-mogg some brilliant, impression should I should I should do entire shows is Warren. He said saw did. Did you realize? Oh, that's I said saris to yards off site. He didn't know he was what do you hear when you hear nailed it? He's a weirdo. And he said he's going to manage the team next season. Try and get them back in the Premier League. They had grown for successor, but he says, if he gets them up, he will not manage the private. No don't that's me now. No. The men is a walking soundbite. It's fitting that he was both of our winters for sound bite of the season. We continue now JJ. This is now one of the big awards of the night. Everyone kind of edges a little bit closer to the stage for this one the goal of the season. You want to know your contenders. Yes. Little down to four son verse Chelsea hazard verse. West hand company verse Lester, and Townsend verse city. Here's what they sounded like. Guys who've been Sony's. Being against Kenya. Still gino's. This season. Take you all on. Typical. Jay. Thanks, although Silva, winning the second tower. Strike Crystal Palace lead city, but not just with one of the goals of the season. Oh, man four great choices. Lord knows how many we didn't include we probably could've. Well, let me give the honorable mentions quickly for me. No versity. Andrea surely goal at turf. Moor against Burnley. The volley which was spectacular iron Ramsey's goal against Fulham that move. That was the full end of the pitch picked on any one of those. Yeah. I'll go first here and I'll be brief. Ultimately, all of these are great choices, but I just had such a hard time separating the goal from the moment, which is why I did go with Vincent company and his thirty yard strike against Leicester City. I mean what do you say just for that player to do that in that moment? It was it was a jump out of your seat moment in the Premier League the season. And. I'm comfortable with that as much ongoing with Andros Townsend because I of all people give great grit credence to the idea that the best of goal is the volley and he's absolutely nailed that he couldn't caught it any better. The only thing about it is, when you watch it back, it's almost like I was Bernardo Silva or whoever headed into his path. It will it was so perfect. Like he knew just hit. It just hit it. And he connected Seoul perfectly. That's one of those when you hit it, you know, from the minute, it leaves your booth it's going in so absolutely one of the best volleys I've ever seen and perfectly deserves goal of the season. And I think a lot of people have given him it other publications. Yeah. And that's, that's a fair shout. No question about it. All right. Part two now match the season. It's your turn. Liverpool travel to Saint James's Park needing to get three points against their hero Rafa Benitez. And what a game and sued three two was the final score for Liverpool. On a Saturday night of touch house. There's rather says little to win to go to points. It's all. It's all. These. In the Newcastle penalty area. Full. Listen to the tonight's area, the kill gross. Finish Jim shin king posts. The goal. This game. Quits doing twenty nine years of hutch will go to the final day exceptional season. Arlo white on NBC Essen own believable game for me the thing about it was that it was a jaded Liverpool team that go into that game. This, this was the classic. What I talked about down the stretch thriller, where Liverpool are tired. They're stroking with injuries with. You know, the exertions of campaigning on two fronts, and they come into it, and they come up against the team. That's banging form with nothing to lose doesn't matter if they lose the game a well drilled organiz team. That's got a little bit of pride back into sight. And wanna put on a good shorts engines park, and it was a perfect meeting because let's be honest deliver defend as badly in any other game that season this season probably not. And you end up thriller. It's a whole mesh of things coming together. And that's what that's what makes tightly run-ins great games like that. The real hero in this, of course, is the inswinger. Absolutely. And you said it consistently to me privately. Just text you. Hey, JJ three in the morning. Couldn't sleep inswinger. I've, I've received them in the shower. My phone goes. I'm not this is must be an emergency inswinger. That's all it says that's it. You know what it means? There you go. Both good choices from after the season really applaud both of us in all the work that we've done here. Yeah. All right. As we were you sound like you played left back for Newcastle. Here we go moment of the season. This is really the Liverpool portion of the show here. They were at the center of so many incredible game. Owner an absolute donor. Well, I'll tell you what, my friend from the Liverpool perspective, I did not Sunday, December second, the mercy side Darby at Anfield. Here's what it sounded like. Goes into the penalty romantic Ronald the head when the sliced up into the turned away in disgust didn't didn't give up. Why did you know something? I think it's just instinct. Bye. Did you as being livable heroes with? I think I just believed in myself it wasn't easy football. Most makes you told them for me. I just try to enjoy the game today. Again, if I come in, I was set up to try, it helped the team, and I'm happy that we could do in this way, too. Oh my God. It was fifty ultimate, like put your hands on your head with your jaw on the floor moment of the season for me. Couldn't believe Ben Di couldn't believe it. I sit in the clip he swung at it, wildly and just walked away into scusi. He was turning around expecting at any moment that the final whistle will be blown in that would have been that. I don't I still cannot figure out what Pickford was thinking limit from a personal standpoint you as, as a Liverpool fan. In this season with all of the, the great wins that Liverpool had be honest. Was there any other moment this year that caused you to go crazier than that one? Yes. Really the arena goal against Newcastle. It's a tie between the original goal against Newcastle, and the Saleh winner at so them ten and I'll tell you why we were wretch that night so that and so bad. And you're like this is where it all as we take a point out of this one the best. And he just went down the field and scored that goal. No, subsequently. We had the another goal after that. But that was the one and he runs the length of the field and he's not even having that good of a game. And then smashes won't between two defenders into the bottom corner that, that one was huge Mon for me. But you know what I'm balanced? The original one. It's just crazy. Absolutely. Chris, and I also thought of it for best moment, not just because of the insane nature of it, not just because it was in Darby match between Liverpool and Everton. But I think that was really the moment as good as Liverpool had been through the beginning part of the season. I think that was really the moment when everybody thought, oh, there is there is something happening here because I think city were beginning their wobble a little bit at that point. And Liverpool really had not hit. There's yet when you start to see things like that happening when you start to see Liverpool. Get three points in a game where you thought for sure they were gonna get down. If any, you started to think, okay, they are. They are game challenges here, and they did prove to be that all the way to the end JJ your moment of the season. Oh, such is such an absolute donor moment. But and this was the moment when I thought we are going to struggle. No to regain the grown, we had made it's a sixty eight minute of the Merseyside Darby at Goodison an Andrew Robertson in a central position thirty yards out. Fires a ball into the penalty area. Saving is today the day that livable fans back at the end of the season as the way they lost it. I'm not sure ready. Go that far. I will see that Liverpool. Kuno von should've won this game. He was. Shoot at one this game Chun's is the hot shoe that didn't take them. And not what Shola boat this year. Liverpool. Three credible chance show salad with two one on one yet. But they go keep Venus from forty hours couldn't funny. I was absolutely sick after that one Andrew, I remember Jaime Caraher had said the week before he goes, it's about ho the weekends. So the nil nil draw at Old Trafford than we hammered watt for a home in mid week. And we thought if we have three more points that keeps us a point ahead that keeps our noses in front, and that wasn't to be. And I just felt we were it was an uphill struggle after that familiar with six yards out, and it seemed like he had three arts no Saleh, as well silo had chances in that game more than the two that Steve Nicol talks about their by the way lovely production on that affects Matic sorry for to be a donor Liverpool listeners. But that was you keep saying, this is one is a real Downer will not for everyone. People who support Manchester City, listen to this podcast. This is not a Liverpool podcast. I know. But I'm just talking to Liverpool crew also if you're a fan of Everton and Lucas, Tina than it's wonderful moment for him. Probably one of the challenges of the season had that been a category. All right, the team of the season, this is probably the one that I always had the hardest time with because I could really come up with like my first team second team. And thirteen if I wanted to I'm gonna go first right? Or should we just kind of rotate here and all? Go first goalkeeper Giovanni formation of pay four four two. No, I think I'm playing a four three three fair enough. All right, my goalkeeper here, and you might have to shoehorn guys a little bit into possession, or not totally comfortable in, but whatever, goalkeepers Alison most clean sheets. But here's the thing. I, sometimes that's a little bit lazy. If a statistic to just lean on that and say, oh, well, he's the best keeper in the league because it's not just about that. It's also about the defense of the ad in front of him. But he also saved seventy nine percent of the shots that he faced for comparison, sake Minya lay for Liverpool last year was fifty nine percent and carry us was fifty six percent. I don't know that Liverpool were in the position that they wound up being at the end of the season headed not been for the improvement. They made at that position. Defensively we really stick with Liverpool here, Andy Robertson at fullback and Trent Alexander Arnold at fullback in the center, I went with Virgil Van Dyke and Merck LaPorte from the Chester city in my midfield. Manchester City again, with Bernardo Silva, I put in hazard in there and I put young men. Son in there as well even though it's really more of a forward. But I list, those again, this those again, Bernardo Silva didn't has our young men getting ripped apart. And you get destroyed. I thought about Fernandina, but I'm you know what these teams aren't actually going to play dare you to defend this team. All right. Dare you to do it, and then up front, I've got Sergio guero saudi-omani and regime. Sterling. Okay. So you can complain all you want about me, not having a defensive midfielder in there. But I'll take my chances with that Van Dyke in the middle there and, and the attacking power. How dare you, right? Allison and goal. The assist brothers exander Arnold and Robertson, and fullback positions. Virgil Van Dyke attended by Connor Cody who played every single minute of every single game for Wolverhampton Wanderers center bike that level has just gets you in there. So that's a decidedly Liverpool. An entirely loads of us have the essentially everything the same so far, except for LaPorte versus Cody. Yeah. And in tire Liverpool back for because Cody was team player at Liverpool. Bernardo Sova in the in the mid in the mid few three. I, I tried to do what you did. And shoehorn can't do it. Fernan Dino sits in there and screens could have picked other players. I was to put an end goal to content in there because I actually think he had a good season but he didn't repay their. And somebody else who I've shoot Harnden a tiny little bit, but he led his team and passes completed and tackles. Gel material for wolves just a Brit. What, what brillian signing, Cambridge my runner up for signing of the season five million, he cost ridiculous. How could they have pulled that off? Let's wonder how about the day of polonium. My front three will cause cause issues for people Sergio Guerrero as the center forward into three because you look at the goal against Liverpool in that crucial game. The issue had and you look at them gain big on the finely the season he is. Absolutely clutch. Raheem sterling. And Edin hazard who led the league with fifteen assists, you left off money. Interesting. By the way, if I was to do it again, I would have another team with Mani silent for me, but I just tried to put together a team that was broadly, Representative Andrew of all the through that right out the window. I just went, okay? Gimme who's the eleven that I think are actually best. I'm not trying to please people. All right. This is for me. No. I like my team by the way, I might team would destroy your team. That's first of all, we almost had the same exact. But if we replicated if we had the replicator capsule, we have three players that are different replicator leave by the way on the team of the year, Pablo naked. Yeah. 'cause when the votes are for that in the professional footballers of filling out their cards. He was in a rich vein of form. That's nonsense. I think they just don't pay attention. You know that's a name that's big and popular. I mean he still was you the best player in terms of productivity. So all right. And here we. Go JJ the funnel award of the night. Oh my God. It's been a long strange trip. Now our here player of the season. If you don't mind, I'm gonna go. I, I do mine, but I will let you go. I JJ I'm going with Virgil Van Dyke the best defender on team that kept twenty one clean sheets. He played all but thirty five minutes, the season actually scored four goals himself. Not even thing that is really winning him this award. But just for good measure, including in that Newcastle game. That was so important his who score dot com rating of seven point four four out of ten was the best of all primarily defenders, the season, this now is from ninety min dot com. They wrote this not only is he kept some of the league's best dribblers in his back pocket, but Van Dyke also has the unbelievable double record of having the best dual success ratio. Seventy seven percent of those who have completed in one hundred plus duels, and the best aerial duel. Success ratio. Seventy six point two percent of those to have completed in a hundred and fifty plus aerial duels, all in all the former south. Hampton man's influence has been untold with the reds boasting an average of two point three two points per game. When he plays compared to one point nine eight when he doesn't that last stat there when he plays they win. He was the best defender in the league, and I don't even know that it was really close. And for me he was the best player in the league overall Virgil Van Dyke my player of the year. My player of the year is also Scouser Trent Alexander Arnold Liverpool have two fullbacks in the top, six primarily assists, this season just finished. That's an incredible statistic. When you think of providers you often think of out note wingers, number tans, but in Klopp systems to fullbacks who stepped up the season Ivan absolutely blown away by the attacking impact of Trent Alexander Arnold to the point where his mission versus Manchester. United dot morning at Old Trafford. I was thinking, oh, he's out mentors. In Klopp is being too conservative by sitting. A fullback on the bench. I thought your Klopp was paying Manchester United too much respect. That is what he has done to this team as a twenty year old. Gary looker did an interview with him and he talked to him about his time in the youth side at Liverpool as a center, midfielder. And when you see how comfortable he is in terms of his range of passing in terms of fact, he can play pretty much with either foot. It made me think of another sentiment feeder who led the Premier League in assists. Join the last time Liverpool were in a tight race and thirteen fourteen that was thirty three year old Stephen Girard. He led the league that season with thirteen assists from midfield. Stephen Girard thirteen assists from midfield. That was just one more than Trent Alexander Arnold twenty years old at fullback water phenomenal season. He's had no Andrew Robertson, equally unequipped wax poetic about him too. But for. Me Trent Alexander Arnold is my player the season and just listen to this audio could easily be my goal of the season as well came in the defeat at the had. This is Roberta for me knows goal assisted by the fullback brothers. Who is he? Rowlinson put in. But is beautifully goal Liverpool. Well, if you want to see a Moton goal if you wanna call it full, full fake, cross onto his left foot, and then just look at Robinson handled in-space space. So, but then a little lift the easiest diving head is. Tamino econ believe he's look great ball to the far post the buck bucket. A goal. That bowl. Andrew Alexander iron out in the right both thirty five yards from goal fixed going, the right goals with the left plays a pass that, you couldn't have drawn up money, better that dips Ping's at right? Over deniro's head to the on the ruin Robertson, who site foots across for me, no to score and the commentator said didn't even say what to gold by for me. It was what a bowl. Unbelievable season and thirty deserves my player of the season. Oh man. There you go. That is it for for our funding. Award spectacular. For twenty eighteen nineteen. Please chime in on Twitter at CO, soccer pod at caught off site ESPN, we've reached the thousand followers. We should try and just go for two thousand get it done quickly. Let us know what you think what your thoughts are who your player. The season is who your goal of the season was all those kind of things. Absolutely. Because as the proper full non say scheme of opinions, Jeff, they do say that I've heard him say that many times this was a ton of fun. I'll tell you what, though there is still more caught off side to go. We're gonna take a quick break. And then afterwards, it's the after party big. What's watch for because there's still a lot, even though the Premier League season is over. There still so much more football to be played. Don't go anywhere. Oh back now. That is fun. I always enjoy looking back on the season. This was a great season. Honestly. I know there's varying opinions about the title race. But the fact that we had a total of two really historic teams go down to the final day fittingly. It was a total race befitting of that. I really enjoyed it. This was a fun year. There was some fun game. Some fun goals. And, you know, like I said, drama a point in the season we can argue about the season. But we did it on a podcast that we released on Monday, so goal is to argue there about title races. Now. We're in the after party, my friend, where we talk about all the other stuff. Now, speaking of drama, the championship playoff always provides that and it has been no different this year. No, it it's well it's been unbelievable. So we had West Brom and Aston Villa and that was played on shoes it that was the second leg and villa got Don on penalties, West Brom will nil that made it one one and they went through and penalties against a hotel, shall we put it rather robust, West Brom team. But the game that really caught everyone's attention was yesterday at Ellen road where leads lead one nil from the first leg at Pride Park. They played Franklin Pierce, Derby County, leads go wound up early on and. Then things start to fall apart for the home side, culminating in this Jack Mary ical. Now married. Study. Takes the county. Martin Tyler that was not. No. That was the Derby County Rams TV. What an unbelievable atmosphere. It was at Ellen road. And, and in the dressing room afterwards. Well in the dressing whom they determine county dressing. So just in the lead into the game, don't forget, the whole controversy over spy gate. The fact that there'd being leads be Elsa spy, derby, county's training ground. Frank Lampard had been quite upset about this. So, of course, the Leeds fans created a song to the Choon of stop crying, your heart out. So basically lyrics were. All of the spies are hidden away. You don't have to worry. You'll beat us one day. We beat you at home and we beat you away stop crying. Frank lamb pod. So they sacks. They were singing this, right? So basically telling them party showed up. Wow. Frank really enjoyed this. So afterwards in the dressing room, he, they put on stop crying, your heart out, bio-wastes, and sang it again. And I've never seen a mind. Enjoy his moment as much. No, we are set up with the John Terry. I hit said because Dean Smith is the manager of villa but John Terry's assistant manager. It's John Kerry versus lamps in the championship playoff final amazing own believe. Yeah. And John, Terry will be a tracksuit on the sideline for good reason. This time he's not suspended unbelievable. Really unbelievable season. Unbelievable scenes, go back and watch the game on ESPN. Plus, it's soul worth it. The drama is on believable, and I watched it in legends. Oh, really the biggest loss to the primarily leads not being there. There isn't outside of the big clubs like the top six clubs in England. There is no club, not even like leftovers and they wanna championship. That was Philip are like Leeds fans day, calm out of the woodwork because there are massive club massive club, but they have to spend another season in the championship, which is just it's brutal to, to get that far. It is absolutely brutal. And in. Thrall in game absolutely enthralling. I'm Jack Harrison, formerly of NYC pain a big part for leads as well. Nice. Let's see what to watch for JJ the boondocks league, the title will come down to the final weekend, Saturday, nine thirty AM. Both these games at nine thirty fire Munich and on-track Frankfurt and Brusca Munchengladbach Gladbach will host Borussia Dortmund. We talked about these in the pot on Monday belief. Yeah I'm excited. I think that could be because there's no gimme there for either of the teams going for the title. There's just no Guinot, certainly not. And that's what you want. You don't want like the worst thing would being and I'm not bitter, but the worst thing would have been burned Munich going away to Brighton. Hey Brighton gave it. Their all. All right. They were leading that game. Come on. Yeah. Barn right now leading seventy five points to Bruce Dortmund's seventy three points. So it's gonna with the goal differential being what it is a draw will be enough for Munich to win the title. It's going to have to take a buyer, Munich loss, and Borussia Dortmund win. That is what it will be. Why are you still smugly snickering over, because I flicked onto what's next on the list, and I can't stop laughing. Yeah. Go ahead. Saturday, seven AM Levada, and let it co Madrid. Antoine Krizman announces that he'll be leaving the club end of an era. Perhaps I thinking leaving. I think it's the reason I think it's the Twitter feed of Johnny Sharples. I don't even know if that's it. I'm terrible for not having put this on my ruined down. But he tweeted the best thing ever. He tweeted a picture of grease men in his goodbye video. Have you seen it? Yeah. How does Chevy looked. Yeah. Hair, the tweet was grease men. Looks like a, a youtuber who's, who's filming an apology video for setting a fire in a forest for starting fires fire. By the way, the rumor is that athletic cool got wind of him doing another decision video like he did last year. Remember how that just went now? Yeah, just dreadful apparently got wind of it until please don't do that. Just say you're going, right. Let's not make this painful for everyone embarrass myself included. You're not LeBron James in the end for grease two hundred and fifty two games with the club one hundred thirty three goals. He won three titles in his five seasons with athletic the Europa league in eighteen the twenty eighteen UEFA SuperCup, and the two thousand fourteen Spanish SuperCup. He also remember missed a penalty in the Champions League final in two thousand sixteen against Real Madrid. That is also on his lady, miss one in two thousand fourteen as well. No, if he had have listed here, but no, yes, no simply don't know. But you can't remember bring yourself to Burke. No was it twenty sixteen. There's been a lot of talk about. Last year. It was in a lot of people's minds. It was done. He was going to Barcelona and he stunned everybody with the video with the announcement. The decision decision that he was. Madrid and it bothered Barcelona quite a bit. I think they thought that they had been kind of almost like lead on for the sake of the drama of the thing that he was doing. But it seems like perhaps bygones are bygones and Barcelona will welcome in. But that is that isn't assumption. That is not official yet. Here's sit low on that of sump Sion. He told them or at least. Hold them way. He's going. And he hasn't yet announced it now, of course, odious reason for that being the case is this calls doesn't come into a false into the first that you like so perhaps, he wants to wait a half's he doesn't want that to be public just yet. But of course, absolutely inconceivable that he would publicly say, yes, I'm going if he didn't have his desk, nation already in place. We know the dream spring, spoke to a number of big European clubs. We know the Buffa we know that they're interested by guess until this is actually tied up. Everybody's going to be cautious including boss'll unto themselves because lots of buffalo. They had him up phoning up and saying, actually. No, let's go. So we shall see. But I still think it's gonna be Barcelona. Thanks going to be Lona agreed Graham, hunters piece on ESPN AFC, which kind of shows you that it will be our Celona and how we may fit in there. Good piece. Yeah. Let's see. JJ we do have an FA Cup final discussing one sec. But I, I want to tell you about my friends over ZipRecruiter JJ because firing challenging, but there's one place you can go. We're hiring a simple fast and smart place where growing businesses connect to qualified candidates that place, of course, is recruiter dot com slash offside. That's us ZipRecruiter. Sends your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards. But they don't stop there with their powerful matching technology. 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But for whatever reason this is one that has just flown onto the radar from chance for city to do a fairly unique travel, domestic treble, so they would have taken all the pots and pans from Premier League to League Cup to FA Cup. That's got a bit of interest in it. I guess the fact that. Troy Deeney on watt furred and his whole story. This is kind of the culmination of that because we probably don't think you'll ever win anything bigger than the FA cope. We would imagine. He's more slightly, this is going to be to peak for him. Also, it brings back memories and it'd be chance for people to see what it was, like, when they went there in the nineteen eighties under Graham Taylor, Unser Elton, John. That was a fairytale story, then where they kind of popped up out of nowhere and went to a Cup final, there's, there's angles like that. But the actual game of the match up of the two teams doesn't really interest me. I suppose if you look, if you're, you know, if you're heavy grassy ah, this is oh, look for. I don't mean to downplay this for if you're a Wofford fan. This is like once in a lifetime stuff, potentially have offered funds to good. I hope we have the hundreds of thousands of them. We really know shelling this though. No. They, they should be. Three this will be incredibly fun. I'm not saying this won't be fun game. It could be an amazing game. I don't know. I'm just saying that for me personally, it's just kind of I don't know. I'm just not quite as like juiced up for this one is, as sometimes I would be what to tell if this was the fourth round replay, you would be hitting ping ping ping on the magic. Well, I do think I'm kind of right now with the FA Cup. Just I do find myself getting a little bit more excited sometimes for the third and fourth round games. When you get like non the non league side Premier League side matchup with at least this is a Cup final the people be able to go to because the the rumors coming out of what's happening in the Europa league. Final in Baku, is that no one is going to be able to get there people are going to get there. We'll have time to talk about the rope. Elite fun prediction for the FA Cup final. I'm gonna say city to nil. To one watt. Furred. Nice. Nice. Let's see. MLS JJ, Saturday, one o'clock PM. Montreal. Impact in New England Revolution. New England by the way, have new manager Brucie. Brad Friedel out Bruce Arena in Bruce to the future. This is an interesting one. This is mental they're giving him two jobs, sporting director and manager. Now, what is what is there to lose really can't get relegated? They can't be any worse than they already are. Well, they can be in Colorado has two point so far. The season at New England least had eleven which is still bottom of Eastern Conference, but. So Bruce Arena, did an interview with the SPNFZ and he was asked a question. I think it's Mark Donaldson. Who's doing the interview Bruce was asked to be feels like he has a point to prove in the wake of his last coaching job with team USA. No, I really don't. I'm disappointed in as anyone with the team not qualify for the World Cup. But that's also part of sport. You know, when I, I started that job with the US team in, in November of twenty sixteen. We'd already lost two games in in qualifying. And we knew it was going to go down to the last day, and it did, and we came up short. And you know, I as well as others accept responsibility for that. What's your message to those who perhaps eroneous Lee? See that's your legacy. Fair enough. Everyone has an opinion. I don't object to that. I, I feel personally very good about the effort I put in for that team in twenty seventeen and I think I have a good record over forty years in his game. And I feel comfortable for what I achieved today. It's kind of a dual thing here for me. I don't think we thing relates to the oh, we'll know look, here's the deal the US nut qualifying for the twenty thousand World Cup. It's not Bruce Arena's legacy. But it's part of it. I mean it's, it's, you know, when, when the book of Bruce Arena's career is written, like this is going to be that's going to be a significant or maybe even the most significant chapter of at health, even wrote entire book about it, basically afterwards. So, you know, I it's a big part of his legacy. Now, having said that it is not his legacy. He is a fantastic manager, who is one at multiple levels, and national team among them for what he did in two thousand two with the US men. So I look, if people wanna just forever hate him because of what happened in against Trinidad then. So be it, but that is that is not his legacy and I agree with him. He does not really have anything to prove in this job with New England. It was just talking about ROY, Roy Hodgson, getting back into management with Crystal Palace after what happened against Iceland in your twenty sixteen freedom, which was as seismic a thing to happen as the US, not being Trinidad and Tobago that night and not qualifying for the World Cup. At some point though, you got to move on as a fan base, like you have to move on. And I don't see a relationship between New England Revolution. And this what I'm fascinated by the relationship is people just talking about him. But like how sorry even if he gets them to like MLS Cup final? How does that change anything? Like how does that relate to not qualifying for the World Cup? It's chalk and cheese. Really? And you talking about legacies. He can win two cups in a row that it will won't have an impact on his legacy. His legacies the quarterfinal in two thousand and two. And guess what is in the equal legacy not making it in two thousand seventeen days, your legacy pick one site or together? My point is you're in your late sixties. I'm sure he's made a ball of money in Los Angeles. And he made a lot of money from US soccer. Why, why do you want to go to Gillette stadium? That's never full. There's barely five thousand people there. The team is crap the owners don't care and they've landed you two jobs deal sea and head coach. Well, you make that sound like it's a negative. I think a lot of coaches want to have that job. They wanna have say over personnel. He's in his late sixties, he can't do everything. He needs. He needs help breathe. What this team needs to be UK closer to Boston stadium on start again, that is true. That is what they need and I just feel it. Why would you want this one other one, I want to mention here? But what I have to say about it is not necessarily fully MLS base Sunday, seven thirty PM, FC, Dallas and L AFC. And I'm using that as a way to talk about this. Did you see Carlos Vela is not on the Mexico preliminary squad for the Gold Cup? And that is only the beginning, there's novella not to not toe. No Hector Herrera either. This is super weird and shocking to me. Now here's the explanation. I read Tom marshals piece on this. So I'm going to read from that L AFC forward. Vela's omission was due to the player preferring to be with his club and family said, Mexico, coach Tom Martino, and comes after the thirty recorded twelve goals in six assists in twelve MLS games in twenty nineteen Mike. God, he's been unbelievable. Wet. Stamm striker Hernandez, ask permission to be absent due to the birth of his first child, which is scheduled to take place during the tournament and was expected, while Porto midfielder, Hector Herrera has asked not to be called in after a long season. And appending club move reportedly to let it go Madrid Porto winger corona ticket. Tito missed out after a back and forth in March about his fitness for friendlies against Chilean Paraguay Martino was livid corona hadn't turned up to his first camp as ultra coach and was open expressing that Martinez said that he hadn't spoken to corona since then, and that after weighing up his options decided against calling in the player who has been in good form with Porto Martino said in his time, managing be Argentina and Paraguay, national squads, he hadn't experienced similar situation of number of players asking not to be called up quote. I don't think it's common. It's not something I've seen before said Martino, a call up to the national team is a prize for footballers when they don't see it as that. It's logical for them to not be here. I'm stuck. Nd by this because I would have thought that this would be something that Mexico would value that these players in some way would value coming off of the World Cup. And I'm I don't know. I'm just kind of shocked to see that these guys are so kind of, like casual about taking part in this turn of very strange. Yeah. And yeah. Yeah. Tattoo Martinez every right to be annoyed. But. What he has to do know as much as this is annoyed him. There's some names there that he cannot afford to Aglianese if he wants his team to be a power and not just get through and do well in the Gold Cup. You've gotta look long-term on this. So a bit of what would you call it? Diplomacy is no. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Mexican players have had player power before we saw it at the World Cup. Yeah. I don't know you talk. It's a good point because his Corona's a young player will be expected to be a significant part of the next national team for years to come. And there's clearly a rift between him and taught Martino right now. There's no way around that. So I don't know. I thought this was fascinating in some ways as an American fan. It's interesting partially because okay? This may be boosts the US chances. If Mexico's missing, maybe they're four best players, although her Lozano if he's healthy. But, you know, by the same token, I also kind of want to measure the US against the best Mexican team and if there without these guys and you can't quite do that Mexico will still be very good. They might even still be the favorite to win this thing. But just I don't know for a country with so much national pride over this team. I was just stunned to see these guys kind of just not really take this seriously disappointing. It may be just a perfect storm of everyone of them, having particular reasons why they can't make goal on Totta Martino being quite upset. We left to say, yeah. I just like like Clint Dempsey in his prime. I it's not a thing. I could picture him doing. You can't you can't say that because I remember Dempsey Bradley could use envision these now Landon Donovan is one that's interesting because remembering when he stepped away from the game but I'm trying to remember did he ever keep himself out of any kind of major tournament. Took a huge sabbatical, right? Yeah. Same thing used to happen, by the way, players are no much more guarded of their of their off-season time. And they are looking with more of a forensic view of tournaments doing need to do this is this going to impact me going into next season is rest more important the season is longer, and they also have to think about when they go in preseason tours with their clubs all that impacts. I remember as far back as twenty years. Alex, Ferguson basically answering the phone. Roy keane? And saying, no. When art and will go on the USA a Cup tour. No. Yeah. I guess with wages being what they are now for clubs slopes, callers steak. But man, it's still that's still kind of disappointing. I, I saw the Gareth Southgate's planning on, including Harry Kane for the England game a week after the Champions League funnel, Harry Kane ever going to have a break that's because I can probably had. He probably had GARRETT'S. Okay, Rhone the neck when he was writing that you're better put me on. He on the highly Cain will travel, Harry Kane will be he can't stay away from football. He's not he's not capable of it, and it's being to the detriment of Haley kind of. Well, there you go. That'll be interesting to, to see as we get closer to the Gold Cup when all the roster's released for all the different clubs teams or national teams. Oh man. This was fun. Wow. Oh my goodness. I can't believe it's over this. Really now. Does Mark the end of the Premier League season officially the divinely are over? Everyone is left so many people are hammered hopefully there's Uber drivers standing by or this could really be dangerous view didn't book the Uber drivers don't people book their own Uber drills. We were getting we were doing a special thing for people, then there's going to be problems. Jennifer Lawrence is crying in the corner. What if you said to her? I've been talking to you for the last hour fifteen minutes. You said something rude to Jennifer. Lawrence apologize rude bone in my body. All right. Mel is not coming again. This was fun, my friend, really. It was to you and all the fine people here at the caught offside ballroom tonight. I say, I'll see you take care. Listening to cod off side. Soccer podcast.

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FOF # 2875  Black at Second City

Feast of Fun

1:09:49 hr | 1 year ago

FOF # 2875 Black at Second City

"In the comedy world, not everything is laughing matter especially when it comes to allegations of racism and sexual misconduct at one of the world's most prestigious comedy institutions. Chicago's second city nineteen seconds city black alumni, including Saturday night live writer and performer Chris read and former fees to fund guests Colette Gregory have come forward in an open letter, calling out second city for its institutionalized racist practices, and how it can do better today, comedian. Rachel Hall who's worked with second city. City joins us to take a look at Chicago's comedy scene and how Vogue Magazines Anna Winter, says perhaps she's been to hurtful and intolerant and pledges to hire more black creatives and journalists plus HBO. Max Temporarily Shelves Gone With the Wind Conservatives get into a screaming match with sesame street's Elmo over CNN's Townhall, explaining racism to kid Harry Potter Film Stars Speak Out Against Author J. K. Rowling. TRANSPHOBIC tweets and the New York border health recommends glory holes outside. I'm Fausto. Mark Billion and this is feast of fun. Fees to fund is made possible because a fabulous people just like you become a plus member today at fees to fund dot com slash, plus and access thousands of legendary shows. We're on patriots onto Patriot dot. Com Slash Feast of fun. Hello, civil rights height lungs. Are you ready to get into action? Who what kind of action? You know own missionary Kinda. Whatever! Her Nice. How're you? Doing Rachel. Hall my dear, it's been too long. No missing her out here, really ruined ending year for everybody. We haven't seen you in person since you came over to watch. Eddie Murphy on Saturday live I. Luckily, we did podcast the NFL beginning of March. Take Black History Quiz which I have flying colors. Fausto Zale miserably I had my own good. And then the. Week after. You. Know from a birthday and then and then on the plane back Rona was like shutting down lives and I was like. Barely able to get on the plane. Bearing ass, honestly facemask all the way. I. Say smashing yet because. The whole social thing okay, and you can't go outside. No more literally just happen hours previous to me getting on planes like okay, but it was very nice getting into the airport and there wasn't a single person. There was no line I walked through the TSA in thirty seconds unless there was no line at Popeye's I was able to get. She can sandwich finally and see if that was all about that was your first time getting one because I was like I'm not about to go to Popeye's stress over his damn. Chicken Sandwich. Is Somebody turned me onto it is the keys yet extra pickles on it. Oh, you mean like for flavor. Yeah, because it tastes better, extra pickle, pickle aficionado. Do you like pickles? To you, I love this I always get extra. Well as long as we're talking about pickles. A young single woman how you handing like dating in this age of the Rona. What day I mean you get on the absence? Your board and everyone else is. Or I? You know I've told myself that. I was GONNA meet up with a couple of people. A couple young men that I've met on the slight. I haven't yet 'cause. I'm at work or they live on the other side of Chicago I and have a car so. But outside of that there really isn't anything to do. I've been seeing these ads for like virtual dating that pop up on social media, and they seem kind of like kind of Saturday depressing. It's basically like a guy and a girl, and they're like making in an Omelette together. Yeah, yeah, yeah I saw that one I by agent sent me audition for those like child there was. They wanted to wanted us to do too much. Though you know, but yeah I mean that's all it is all of these zoo many with a glass of wine. So basically your friends happy hour you'll girlfriends happy hour, but instead of your best judy on the other side. It's just some man that you swiped on. Maybe, they should be like a group chat for that kind of stuff, so people can do speed dating that kind of thing well I think speed dating age like in person become a thing because you know you get corona virus. If you're with somebody for a longer period of time, so if you just have a two minute, meet and greet date, and you just keep shuffling dowd, even if like ten of these guys have corona virus. You're not spending too much time with them, so you might not get it well I. I will say this. I'm not opposed idea of the virtual date I because. Honestly, I, don't want to meet you some bar figure walking. It'd be like I just wasted twenty five minutes on the train and get here when I knew I was gonNA. Lead to. At least if we're doing the virtual thing, if a term follow on, and I'm like Oh. This is at work. I can literally just hang up the phone, and that's it, but a lot of gay guys you know if you do a virtual meeting on via video chatting, it's usually winds up with their deck wapping out. Or Not that's game. I mean I'm sure that happens to a lot of the Straits to I've never experienced it, but you know Missouri Miss Metoo still out here too, so I'm sure many a woman has a story about I was on a whole day, because corona and we were having such a better time, and then he didn't put his on the desk. Sat Right I'm pretty sure that story's coming. Of the Zoom Meeting the office meeting where the Guy Forgot to turn off his camera and starts masturbating, he starts pulling out the moisturizer hangings and stuff and I guess that was done by like porn hub, or something to celebrate World National Masturbation Day which I thought was every day, but I guess is a commercial. The commercial! I should I. Don't know that's a foreign commercial. This report I mean I didn't know porn sites commercial with all they. Porn Yeah, if you want to sell the porn out to put it in the porn window and here, trump is saying the economy's doing well. The porn industry is struggling. Makes no say a lot of those pouring cleaver like do like the Rona cap and they're like free week free week free month. Free this free this you know, get your freak. Born? PORNA- Italy an entire. When they, when their whole country went into lockdown like y'all can use corn hub for free. This is a question that a lot of people are being asked and asking themselves if I'm losing job. If I'm hurting for money, should I do my own? You know patriotic four failed. Yeah, basically like you know a Patriot on subscription where you show your body or have sex in front of a camera which we do not do patriots. -CCOMPLISH. Sexy photos, but you know maybe some simulated sex acts, but but it is a common question we're get asked like. Will you take your clothes from money and I'm like I. Don't know maybe I'm a little old fashioned, but. I like I prefer to. Rendezvous bit discreet. Sorry I'm channeling Earth for some reason but. This is. This is. Dumb. We actually know someone is on only fans, and she says she I haven't checked out the page because I don't care, but he or she says she don't get negatives. Do like sexy photos. You know what people do on Instagram, but this this is my only thought. Most people in the world in America are not these millionaire billionaire right, so we all out here struggling if the majority was are all out here, struggle rich in you on the Internet. It's like I feel bad. Because I'm taking from another burrow Muslim. You broke. I'm broke, so I'm just GONNA. Take the rare CEO broke money. I would feel bad. It's like you need this for bread to you. Take it, and then you know. I won't feel bad. You Ain't got no money but I'm asking you to give me twenty two ninety five a month, so you can see me. Take also show strap. She's getting twenty two ninety five a month. I don't know, isn't that. Much porn subscriptions were I, know people that are like selling their ask for four dollars ninety nine cents. I know this one guy who you would never in a million years imagined him to be one of those online porn stars, and he is raking in I. calculated he probably bringing between three and five thousand dollars. A month I'm pretty sure everybody else. Fans I'm only I'm sure you. Probably had four point zero five percent of his listening audience has an only thing, so there's a good hundred and fifty people who'll be listening to this podcast go. Talking about Lee but I. The thing that impressed upon me. Rachel was that this guy. This guy is is doing good. You know I'm sure some of the some of the people that do the only fans are in the tens of thousands a month and I like makes me question my own life choices. As well, you should. Check back to dating the. New York City Department of Health you know his said because of the pandemic changes, and so they outlined guidances for how to have sex and the age of Ronan now first of all they say like you probably shouldn't be having sex, because I watched it and say the shouldn't because it is easy to spread the virus, and so like those zoom party meetings, those kinds of things New York has a bunch of circle jerks. Zoom parties that people participate in. Because you don't want have close contact with people, but they also want you to. This is a quote from the website making a little kinky be creative with sexual positions and physical barriers like walls that allow sexual. Closet allow sexual contact while preventing close face to face contact at. The basically saying use a glory hole. You know what a glorious. Yeah, that's. That's. Basically what they're saying who has time to build their own glory hall in their house just have sex. If you're going to have sex, just go ahead and just go forward. What is the point you already gone for? You know they don't know you got committee Clemenza on. Forward Dan you not. Keep those. Condoms are back in now. Because Corona viruses in Jisr right so like you don't want somebody to, because you can get a little bit of coronavirus than you, but if you get like a whole low. Code, THEM CORONA virus. That's the stuff that makes you sick. Your body can fight off a little effect infection, but not a great one, but isn't corona virus like a pulmonary issues, so maybe swirl Yeah, respiratory thing, so it's. It's probably back to the same thing. or swallow? Don't let it wallows what they would say about. HIV so if you swallow. That's why it's like a coronavirus. Food is not really an issue because you're going to eat it. It's gone your stomach. Your stomach acids GONNA kill it. You know it's going to dissolve that fat layer around the virus, and then it's just GonNa. It's GonNa fall apart and they can't reproduce. So? They're also saying you use condoms or dental dams. That kind of stuff, but you know. The I'll tell you the easiest way to build a glory hole. Should you choose to WanNa do it, and this is what. A lot of the Queen's do. It's not actual like wooden structure in someplace you. Know, they just take a sheet, and then they cut a hole on the sheet, and then to prevent the tearing. So because you know how if you just cut, a hole would tear, is then they? They kind of line that whole with duct tape. So that, you do have that beer. And you know between the two of you, but if he's if he's you know. Sucking on whatever's down there. You probably would want to work conham or you know in your case, a dental dam. And that I don't know I shouldn't say that I don't know but. By business, but the other thing is that you want to prevent air from Canada. into. Breathing. Are you building aglow wholesome. Is that what I hear I hear? Are you pulling duct tape? Like. IDEA. But I've been saying this whole thing started. Our global is gonNA. Come back in and people are like. Oh No, I, don't think so now. The New York state government saying get up to the glory hole. Well. I guess that just means I'm going to have to go to be buying a sheep and making glory holes. Start something on Amazon Portable, glory hole interesting, though that this is like all the Orthodox Jews and the Mormons finally the world has caught up with us. Do it through a sheet. Yeah, because they all the Mormons. Yes! That's the whole thing from the handmaid's tale. That's actually based on what some conservative religions do for sex they feed. Their. Like sheet over the lady, and there's a hole in there and the husband sticks is Dick through the hall, so he doesn't have to. Touch and I find that very like you know in some ways Kinky, but also kind of sad too, but I. don't WanNa Yuck somebody else's yum, and if board what do. are a turn on for you, and and it allows you if you have some anxiety issues for example of having sex, and this is a way to have stimulation and pleasure then go for it and New York state also saying like do it outside. You know that was read or use a face mask. Do some mutual masturbation. I feel like the. Poltergeist to who knocks on the door as catecholamine. Got To die. All of you. This is all too much work for I'm sorry. I. Didn't. We are so fucked honey to. BOSTON, she's said. Through the sheet. It's a reckoning happening. You know it is definitely a moment in time here in history that will never get back, and it's to me it inspires me to see people speaking out and rising up and going into the streets with face mask on and demanding there be put an end to police violence. Black lives matter. Handler. Desolate. I can't do that, but yeah. No, there's I can't do it either. We are definitely living in history and it's raise. Talk about protesting. Are you talking about saying are? Both. Of you can find some time. You know there are many ways to say. I love you. There are many ways to to protest, and you can find the time to experience that even momentarily it can be a actually very uplifting and very empowering. Our for sure like I. Haven't I haven't been shooting physical tests? but I have donated and went out and bought groceries for different like organizations are pulling things together for like clean up and stuff like and south on south side of Chicago. I've gotten the chance to do that, but you know girls and had to go to work so. I'm doing what I can. Well then this brings us to the main story. Today is an. Alumni and COMEDIANS and Improv people including a pizza funds very own collect gregory put together this letter, demanding major changes and accountability in second city's structure, and that prompted Andrew Alexander the CEO and Co owner of second city to resign and resign I or this letter prompted her prompted him to do so yeah. Because there was some some some talk and I guess what they WANNA. Do people wanted to hold a benefit for black lives matter at second city, but they second city said okay. We will do it, but only unless half the proceeds. Go to the Chicago Police Department. Yeah. That was a few years ago. That was a few years ago. Okay Yeah, that's one of the many incidents that I've read up on the. Game But I read on and. I read up on. That was a few years ago when they wanted to do. Like, you said back is mayor show and they told him okay half of these half to go to Chicago. Where is the sense in that? You're actually protesting against police violence. You trying to make raise money for this, and then they're just like okay. Half the money has to go to the police. I have no idea where in Cincinnati. I don't know what the logic is behind. That I will love the no, because to me even if there wasn't anything like even if there wasn't like this whole policemen challenge thing in America which. I will say even if there was if someone's doing a benefit for so black history month. Why would your stop being the police? This doesn't make any sense Oh cool if you the money to the police why? Don't have any involvement in second city, but we've certainly had a lot of Improv. People on the show for the last fifteen years, and there's been a common thread of complaints and frustrations and anger against the organizations lack of diversity and lack of protection for people of Color as artists introduce, and just to be clear, this is not just about second city, either it's about the Chicago theatre community as a whole, and there's been a lot of talk. Talk about this over the past couple of years and creating opportunities for people of color within the theater system, but also protection for women and other people who have been victimized of sexual assault predation, so it's like it's a long list of of these arts communities that are really just not serve the community and the capacity that they should have, but also the second based on based in a location in town. That's primarily white and affluent. And the the customer base that pays to go see tickets to see that show are usually rich, white, upper, middle class tour, and yeah suburbans, a lot of times, and you know they come under fire before two. We had was Peter S Kim. Who's been a guest of this podcast he? Is an Asian comedian I think. He moved out to la now he would do these performances and people in the audience. Would you know Improv? You Ask for suggestions from people, and they would offer these incredibly racist suggestions, and he's just like I. WanNa Asian game up on the stage, and they're asking me to do these kinds of things that I just can't do it anymore and so he left that organization. The AL I've I've heard of that story and you know I've said I've heard a bunch. There was a whole cast that walked out because the audience was always yelling. Racial! Slurs at and do anything about according to them, so you know hang. Is Weird, because I've been doing. Not. Just comedy theater of my whole life in every city in feels like every year. This happens. In Dallas. There was this whole. Every theater company they were going through. Sexual harassment sexual harassment and you know that in terms of the racial stuff same thing Austin same thing here. I just feel like every I. Fully understand him in general, not just here in Chicago, but like everywhere. The whole community is like this every single every freaking one. There's not one. Good and good at it. Every single one goes through this and part of it is that a lot of people don't participate in these scenes in these institutions, because of those experiences you know I can certainly speak for myself, and probably you have stories as well where you wanted to be part of a theater company or an Improv Group, and you know your first day it's like so traumatic and so unsupportive, and they're like. Hey, man! This is comedy you know, be funny or get out roll with the punches. Well, that is very much like well. We already, but you know you can't say where like that. Because look at these people that have been onstage, and it's like okay. That doesn't take away anything you pick the three or four alight liked, and now you're saying your exhaustive. Are you know from everything else because you pick three or four to do that? Thing that you that one time you know what I mean. It's it's it's. It is a lot I haven't done. See you there and I don't know how long especially back in Texas is Joe. I'm not doing these planes because what they do, pick and they always always like the blaming. Eater. No no, but what they always blame it on especially these theater companies what they say well, it's our patriots right? Our patrons prefer to see this is not us. We agree with you. We think there should be more of diversity more. People are saying more this. We WanNa do those plays book. Our patrons don't like it so well. What. Well, part of it is your job as a comedy institution, or as a theater is to guide your audience, and says teach them is to create a space to be better. It's not you know when there's somebody who's disruptive in a show in stand up comedy. Show that I've seen. The, audience members just escorted out, but the thing is. There's more people in the audience who don't care. They'll sit there and go well. I didn't say and you know. I felt bad for you sample. But. You know I didn't I didn't I didn't WanNA. Get involved. which is that whole white silence? Thing right? You're not saving thing. Is ruining that this. If I was in a room, full black people and there was someone knows firmly La. Racial Shit idol this point. I don't agree with you and you're wasting my money, 'cause you won't shut up by. The fact that audience? This is like I'm okay that you're wasting my money and you know I get that. You're saying all of these things and I know that the white silence they're. They're taking two things. They won't even stand up for the fact that someone wasting their money. They're just like it's cool. I really care view felt like calling them. You know insert engine slur. Here is his First Amendment right. What am I supposed to do? These. People are signed afraid to speak up about racism because you know. I think there's a a lot of different reasons I think for some of them, they maybe they secretly agreed to it. Maybe, they don't WanNa rock the boat. Maybe they'll. Be disowned or people won't like them, or maybe they're afraid they're going to be treated like how white people treat other minorities I think that's true i. do think they feel like. Well how people look at me, but at the end of the day cares about you like that Laura That's not what you are. You're now making this situation about you well I. Disagree but like what is what are what are what's GonNa Happen to me? It's like y'all have some sort of secret. REGA-, the gets around on my invade. Check everyone on facebook and find the people who said Hey, this is wrong. No nothing's going to happen to you. You get kicked out of the boat, but your boat hasn't gone anywhere and centuries. Who Cares? Who Does it really matter? Does it really matter you don't talk to your cousin that you never liked in the first place? Do you really care? This conversation that we're having about racism is taking place primarily on social media and I think this conversation needs to happen over the phone with people because it. And part of it is like I, think it's it's about white people talking about racism within their own families and communities. You had a point you got into an argument at a Christmas party one time about racism being a problem that white people have to solve. Yeah, so. If you're if you're opened enough to look back at history and realize that your ancestors sucked up. If you back, you can see the, and I'm not saying have everywhere bullet racism in. America is almost like commodity or whatever. This is something that we do that. Are All right? Kobe Bryant played basketball. Racism Merica does racism like that's what it does, and we volunteer to come over here. We do any risk stuff, but why Americans have constantly been putting things in place to stop other people similarly lackey born in expanded to all other types, Brown, sickly black people from rising up to a certain degree I don't know why are so fearful or like why where the fear and the history of it all came from originally I. Don't know but like you are and we're sitting here. Telling you hang, we can't bring. We can do this. We can't do that we. Treat US this. Way Base. Assistance You guys are oppressing us in sciences and taper is coming out a lot of house. You just silence each of it, so we're telling you this and you keep saying well. It's not that big I know very soon dish, but like does it so clearly. The only people who are people listen to a white people dislike so was so if I say to somebody and I, said if somebody white Ooh I really want to go to a crawfish boil I haven't been to a crawfish world in so long and the black person told me okay. Come here on this day I'd be like cool if the white person told me that I'm not GonNa lie, I would go. I. Don't think you season you'll correct. It's more than just listening though it's. It's about believing understanding why people don't believe us when we say anything, you don't believe us when we say, we're sick in the hospital. You don't believe us when we say we're actually endanger you don't believe will be. I can't bring so maybe you'll believe you know Bobo what he says. Hey, are GRANDPA's at Dick like. Maybe you'll believe him. You're not gonNA listen to this a wacky experiment us you not. Heard this. From the head of the transgender Task Force positioned racism and Transphobia in a really interesting way. She said in terms of white fragility. It's like a lot of people have a lot of fear. And anxiety when someone points out that they're being prejudice that there are transphobic, racist or homophobic or Sexist. And you know on different way to react to. This would be to look at this as an opportunity to be a better person. Think of this as exactly. Yeah, it's like when someone says your your words, your actions your mindset, your. Systemic behavior is racist to not be like. I think there's a lot of fear coming in from white people that they're worried they're going to. They're something awful is going to happen to them. It's. Drawing the attention to themselves as opposed to the compassion and the intelligence towards the concern of other another person's wellbeing. And this is an opportunity for. Those people who are scared. Like fearful! Honestly as a what has truly happened to you by you saying hey, this was wrong. What has honestly cabinet? It's not I. It's like when people like when they're in school in the teacher comes says hey come, do math problem on the board and you get nervous. 'cause. You're like I'm doing this in front of everybody. That's understandable I that part. I didn't understand, but if you get up there and you get it wrong. The teacher goes. NOPE, that's not right. Let me show you how this fixed it. Let me show you how we guide you through from steps to correct the thing that you just did. She's not saying your teacher is not shamed. You Dumb, fuck! That can't do math your teachers saying there's something you didn't understand edge brave. You would come up here, so let me show you. Let me guide. You have the Sixes, so we will have to deal with this problem. I don't understand how this the different but I think. We? I think Americans. We have a hard time receiving negative feedback and I think this is all stemming from this idea that we somehow are born perfect, and we are destined for greatness, and any deviation on that and I think this is a pop culture is to blame for this this idea. We don't create space to tell somebody how they did wrong. And for them to be able to listen to receive that. Goes back to what I always said about all of this this aw! One hundred percent to SAM's back to education Americans are fucking dumb, and if you would just teach Ashley, teach not teach to test, not just teach somebody how to guess a right answer, but honestly teach them true history and facts. We wouldn't be in eighty percent of the goal. Should that ran right now? But instead America's. She's but. An. Interesting example of that is also the movie montage when when a character learns karate in about five minutes. Transformation is just like Oh. You just change your wardrobe and all of a sudden. You're a supermodel. You're the best around nothing ever gun. Take off your losses. Let down your hair and all of a sudden. That mousy librarian is a supermodel. Do you know all you need is a five minute montage and any of your problems can be resolved quickly. Well, even though you look like a lot of our superheroes these days to or whatever it used to be there, scientists working allowed, there are smart people. Something happened and nowadays it's just like any JOE. Schmo just falls into a into a lake, and then all of a sudden. They're transformed. You know it's the imagination of. Just. You don't have to work towards anything. Like, it's just handed to you, and and how things are right now is the way it is right. It's it's it's it's just it's just too much combination of much make. rookus thoughts wandering around I. Want it now and say this is. Our exhausting okay. This is what I quit working at all day. You worked at all. Because I couldn't get for whatever reason once once the everyone started getting laid off and flirt furloughed, jazzed I signed for unemployment, and they wouldn't give it to me. and like I had to like Cau- do all this other stuff, but of course they don't pick up their phone, but in the meantime I like applied for a bunch of like grocery stores, and I got one at all up the street and sounds like that's fine. If I. IF I can't get on the point at least I think I'll go do that. And I did that that lasted a month and a half and then I. Can Imagine's Ross. Especially this cross back in the cart, hat. People were the worst. Those those those people okay? So. Have you watched sesame street and CNN's townhall on racism where they? They title it how to explain racism to kids? And People watching. People watching this. There were like shocked and they're like ELMO has a father. I thought he was. So I. There not. Unlike Co bear a couple of weeks ago, Elmo was on the show, and I absolutely love and adore me some Elmo so I was I. I watched it on Youtube and he had had a suit on, and they were talking. Stephen asked him. What are you doing? Y, you're in quarantine and he was. Almost just hang out with mom and dad and our. L. Get, parents. He has a baby sister Alma was. Why yes, elmo hat is. Search, a successful sesame street character, because back in the day when Barney and France threatened basically to take sesame street off the air, because it was so successful, they came back with Kevin. Classes elmo character, and he was such a Juggernaut, they basically made the middle of sesame street into ELMO's world that was the name of the show, and it was yeah, and it was not. Yeah World where he talks to a police officer. Which I can't find the segment, but it's. elmo pretends he's a fish and he goes swimming underwater and he gets lost. To when you last underwater, you can always find. From policemen fishy. Would trust a fish police. Of. Fish Yeah. No. Not even a police visas a cop fish. All cops surpassed. I saw the shape of water. But I. Don't know if you know this, but Elma was A. Direct reaction to Barney. The people at Sesame Street. Looking at Barney and seeing how popular Barney had become like, why is this stupid dinosaur captivating the kids and they're so in love with it. And they were just like our kids are going to be dumb if we keep watching. Barney, and so they developed. ALMA. Well. Developed, ELMO is a way to kind of like. Get back that I. It's I think almost become probably the most popular character ever I think as far as sales. Sesame Street. Big Bird. Because people even really think of Bernie anymore. No now. The gay the gay life gay people can be. It's legal play. There's just like whatever don't care about you anymore. So that? People are responding and a lot of different ways. Most people are very favorable. Because a lot of the questions in it are geared towards children and I think it's important to talk about difficult things to children, the most vulnerable in our world and our communities right and so the segment tax tackles questions like why do people have different skin colors in the first place? And why are people protesting and then actually you know? The people that are there to explain this information are very knowledgeable and presented in a way that I think you know regardless of any age. It would probably be a good idea to watch and then there's Fox News News's Tucker, Carlson. He looks like. He won puppet after another fighting with the puppet on puppet. Violence needs to stop here. He responded to L.. No saying racism is bad to saying. Basically saying America's a very bad place, and it's your fault, so no matter what happens no matter what they do to you. When you grow up, you have no right to complain. That's the message and it starts very young. So part of it is. It's a pulpit. Tucker the man. Yeah go off on the puppet. That's like an insight into his twisted mind, and you know his white supremacy that he's seeing this loving beautiful message of. Making, sure that children are loved and feel safe. And he responded with like it's an personal attack on him. I mean he saw everything. Personal ridiculous I tried to watch his show wants. Maybe ten minutes now just. It wasn't even like now. You can watch trump in these kind of interior. I watched. Carlson, and it's like I. Feel like jerk. Hi, is this a joke alive? What this watching? Bomb so terribly wreck at a at a an open to the worst bomb of bombs. How could he even believes the bullshit? That's coming out of his mouth. He's you know he's to. Tyson, Tyson frozen food I think it's his family, so if you ever in the in the supermarket and you're looking at the. At the Freie whatever's there just you know, make sure you don't buy that I mean he looks like a three year old. That's had attention in the middle of a fucking target. That's what he looks like is Lord. Forgive me. He looked slow like he's supposed to have some sort of mental problem. And I think as Americans. We're dealing with the consequence of Fox, news putting these kind of derange minds on the air year after year decade after decade and a lot of people like you know like I know. I've Seen Swanson Food Swanson Foods. People when they play Fox, news and conservative households, they play as background noise like I used to. Live in a student. With with this guy who didn't last long. He insisted when we were working in a kitchen together, and when he was in charge of the shift, he insisted on playing rush limbaugh. And had a basically say look, play country music, play something else, but it's like that having. Anything it just. The backward as background noise of this like you know fascist racist toxic diarrhea is oppressive to people outside of your scope of of things things. America really needs a BBC right somewhere a news essential news network that just says hey, this is what happened today. I'M NOT GONNA. Say anything else. That's what happened. The thing about the opinion shows the opinion. Shows are so inexpensive to make, and that's part of the reason why they do them. Because they just you know people love drama and people. Dramas like real housewives, but with your life. It's too much America needs like A. This is what happened I'm not I'm not with here. Here's no expert to tell you their opinion. Here's no other experts have refused their opinion, none of that they just need to say. Here's what happened today. And then all that other stuff. You need to pay extra for with your cable bill because. Is this is too much just the biggest problem. Everybody thinks that no one is telling the truth, because for some reason, they think they can get their PhD insert subject here from Google and that's enough I know. Yeah. There's a reckoning happening, and certainly like as as you know, it's good to see people speaking out about this. It's good to see institutions deal with this a stomach issue of racism. and. This week. Hbo Max Max. Pulled down. Gone With the wind at temporarily well said they're gonNA. Pull it down in the, but they're going to bring it back with some kind of form of discussion or some kind of caveat saying you know. This movie was produced a time where racist caricatures were. Okay and not only okay, but expected in movies and that you know, please when you're viewing this. Please keep that in mind. I'm think that if they want to put that little warning in front of it and fine, whatever that's their prerogative, but to take it down I. don't see the point while the. Tone was going to put A. Put a insert to basically put a parental Wa. Yeah or Discussion about it as well and that doesn't need happening. I don't think that needs to happening I think. I think it's important to talk about the history, but Americans would rather see some other underneath the rug and act like it never happened then to address the issue, and then to this let everyone know is history right and that is. That is part of our history. Now listen limits. Hattie mcdaniel's won one. Oscar for might have been for main shoes the first one. I was up and so two for anyone. WHO's considering taking it down. I. Think you're missing the point. And nobody wanted to ask her. A No black woman won an Oscar until. He did for monster's ball. Over. For, house well, no for what be. Yeah looking for what you one for supporting actress in Halle Berry. One four actress actress, yes. Right ghosts and monsters halley holly was the first since since Cincinnati. I think that's the way I understand okay. WHIPPY! Think that taking it down to this. Point and also. So he really does love film. I think it's a good movie, I think. is very good mood. Bridge, inals. It's just grand everything about old Hollywood than I, absolutely positively love, and is grand, and over the top and dumb and I love it. I do. Her, because she such as scheming bitch I mean. She steals her sister's. Fiance She Buries Berry's. How many husbands and she's just such a bitch about everything. She's she's such A. fucking just and I love it a history since. And even love event, but like I. was like this is also coming from someone who will always tell you that the best stars one is the moment judy garland and all black face, so it's. Still like I've seen things and I'm like Oh. My God I can't believe it, but then at the same time, though isn't sign at times, and I'm not saying that as an excuse, but it's important for us to know all that all that stuff that y'all act like doesn't happen anymore, and no one's done this and since. Before Americans found it was only fifty years ago Darlene love. The singer musician she had a comment shared this on facebook. Follow on facebook because I. Absolutely Adore her, and she's basically like she's saying one of her favorite movies, too, and she gets why the the should definitely have some kind of that. People watching this need to people watch movies, and they're not like you said American Kinda dumb. They're like that's the way it was. Like That's not necessarily what it was. This is a fantasy about somebody's remembrance of of what it was like in the south, and you know there should be some kind of caveat, and people need to understand where comes from you and I we can watch that movie and understand like you know this is not exactly how things were. It is a fantasy, but some people. Kind of what does it do it? It Confirms People's Biases. When they watch some NFL. Like Song of the South, it's I can understand very clearly. Y Disney doesn't want to have anything to do with it. One because it. Definitely affects the way people see the company's legacy. and it tarnishes. It's you know innocence is? It's a very disturbing fell on many levels. That movie gave me nightmares and I didn't even realize they you know. When I was a kid, they used to release these things ears, and so I I watched it. You know as a little kid. You'RE NOT GONNA. Understand the racism in it, you just you. Probably you mark, and then you know nowadays a kid might just because we talk about so much for back then we wouldn't have but you. The little kid in and gets mauled by a ball and he. He, so he's like lying in a deathbed basically, and you don't know at the end of the thing is like they show him singing and dancing, but he's singing and dancing with these cartoon characters that were just in your imagined in his imagination before, and so now he's kind of like his interacting with them so as an adult. When I saw it was like Oh, that kid really did die, but as a kid I was traumatized by that movie 'cause I kept. have. Nightmares about being mauled by a bowl, but never even realizing that was the movie it came from until I saw it as an adult now home God saga south. That's the movie. The traumatized me as a kid because you didn't see kids get killed in movies. Now they never showed me Oh. Yeah No! They they. Google I also for the same reason that like I think it's important to understand our history. It's important to have access to the. Dumbo, for example on on Disney right now has a warning. Before it plays. It should then movie is scary as hell you know and I feel like it's important for us to have access to our history, because we can understand where we're coming from and gives us an idea of. You know because I think that a lot of Americans are in denial of the racist culture and heritage. Right because it goes back to the wholesaler break, you can't criticize somebody. I can't say. Hey, man mark that was racist, and then in the way people act nowadays mark within have to say, but I'm not racist like I didn't say you an thing. Correct yourself and all. That stuff in the middle feel free to say that anytime, not one of those people like. I can take criticism. If. Something then please let me know, but let's acknowledge that the feelings run intense. When we're talking about these issues, and even you know right now, even in a comedy podcast bringing up all these things there's a lot of. Sadness and anger and talking about this, and so it is you know it's perfectly normal and natural to be. Confused and on the defensive when someone tells a year racist, but this is and this is this is directed to the white listeners in the show and the Latinos who? you know, get accused of being racist is like. Yes, you may have you know the best of intentions. You may have the the desire for a better world. At the same time? If someone says to you, you're racist. It's okay to be quiet and listen and. Number opportunity to grow and be a better person. That's all. And? It's a hard thing to do. This is not easy. This is a difficult. This is an area of growth for you as a person, it is I acknowledged that this is a hard thing for me to do in the past and is something that we live in a racist world. Racism is part of the of the toxicity in the air, and just like internalized homophobia. There is internalized racism. This is something that we all have to overcome and. Rachel says it is our burden as white people to address it in our communities and in our friends and family. But. More hilarious note. A. Winter. Winter is getting her reckoning. She's coming forward right. It's coming forward. She says hat Saad bin Tad to hurtful and intolerance. There's already been a book in a movie. If you if anyone is supposed to be shocked by this Anna Wintour News, then you clearly have never read the book and our see movie. You just looked at her. What are drag Queens GonNa be impersonating when they want to be the. You know at part of it is like no I think. Anna winter is extremely influential, very obviously a very intelligent woman who has a lot of areas for growth here, and she's acknowledging her own systemic racism in the diversity of Vogue and to me. It's a good thing that she's making this public statement and moving forward in addressing it. Because I know it's like sometimes. vogues is a piece of shit publication, you know. And it's like I. Want them to be better. I'm a fan of fashion I think fashion does best when it has a multitude voices and perspectives, and I just don't one only rich white people to terming what people wear. What fashion? Yeah? 'cause, what did they know nothing? I think fashion, we I think. The point of the Devil Wears Prada is that fashion is not something that should be dismissed as something that is very important. It shapes the way we think about what beauty is. It shapes our how we think about our bodies. Our self image is tied to fashion. It's a major source of. The environment. Yeah Fast Faction and Fast fashion, and the dies the chemicals that they use to make it so. It's it's a big deal. What do you make because he's a face masks? Everybody's wearing out. There was a there was a piece on Mexican Telemundo news media about it was a comedy piece actually about the face masks, and like some people like. They, just putting all kinds of messages on them, and there's like an outcry like people putting. Floyd towards Florida. And selling it you know and part of it is, it is a pub. It's kind of like a t shirt. It's a public space for expression and fashion is how we communicate with the world that the clothing the images we choose to put on our bodies say a lot about who we are right. Yeah, I mean I. Guess That's. I haven't seen anyone like a senior. Reflect the words and stuff right on it, but I have seen the kind that are covered in sequence, which I want or email the fun patterns are so if that's what we have to wear, you must make cute girl or make a statement when it it's. FACEMASK are the new t shirts so Jewish well? Yes I'm like excited about being aware face masks that has rhinestones on it I. Just don't want to draw attention to myself, too. I saw one recently where the guy on the outside of his mask I kid you not I saw, and the I thought I didn't see, and then I had to steer and space extra hearts. It was like a ball, gags and vibrators, in which, and that was on his face mask and I was like. I seen the pennywise the clown face. On the face the teeth. That is a hard thing to live with. You know that makes me think you're a serial killer. Yeah might be might be I've you've been paying attention to JK rollings at all? I heard that she did something and I know that Harry Potter and all the other characters are speaking out against, but I made a lifelong mission of mine to not read those books so i. don't fully know what's happening. Because they have witchcraft in them. Because I? Don't care about witches and vampires and werewolves and go. So C W. This is a hey. Those been around since before the CW I think. She's come forward and said some kind of an. Anti Trans stuff saying. Identify, however you want. I'll support you. I might even marched in a protest. If you being discriminated against, but you know you can't change. Biology's basically paraphrasing her. Here's the twins. She said the idea that women like me who have been path that to trans people for decades feeling kinship, because they're vulnerable in the same way as women are two male violence. Hey, trans people because they think sex is real and has lived. Consequence is nonsense. Now I guess she has A. Makes Sense I. Guess She has a bit of a personal relationship in some sense to what trans people go to and in some sense, so she's. She also she really say a long essay and you know. She said that she wanted if she if she had been born thirty years later. If she may have tried to transition, she says the allure of escaping. She said the allure of escaping woman had would have been huge. I struggled with severe OCD as a teenager I found community and sympathy online that I couldn't find in my immediate environment. I believe I could have been persuaded to turn myself into the sun. My father had openly said he'd prefer so. She's got real gender issues here. You know what I mean. You don't like escaping womanhood to become a man I. Don't think right unless you actually think like well. Maybe I am a man. Yeah I mean. Best makes us because you never question if you're man or you were born in the wrong lake air, you just style. Oh my dad like me more if I was like that's not. There probably still where like you? So what I now girl! Go. Write another book. Story shoes. She is writing plenty of books she. Is a very. But you know we we did have a comedian on the show before who assigned female at birth transitioned to mail, was identifying as male at the time that they came on this podcast, and then later on a few years later chose not to identifies male anymore, and reverted to pronouns soon to she and her, and felt that she herself had been rushed through the transition process that by. Whoever what kind of a kind of thing that she was under at the time and she felt like. She. Had you know different issues going on? But maybe it was misdiagnosed, and so you know it does happen to to some degree, but also it's a very very small. And you know it's important. If you're questioning your gender question, question, question it, and and figure it out. You know and this person question their gender and. At the end they decided not to be the gender different from them when they were assigned at birth. And that's okay, too. Some people are tourists other people. visit and want to stay there. Other people live part time in the day and part time of the year. You know it's like gender is locations, and it's places we can express our identity and our individuality, and so for anybody. WHO's listening to this out there. You know you can be whoever you want to be. It's it's okay you know it's. Don't let J. K. Rowling. Supposed to? The side spills. In dragons and Shit I don't. Know, what's in Hey? Well part of it is. PEOP- people people love Harry. Potter and it's it's the good people fighting against the evil people, and sometimes people who are evil aren't really evil. They're actually good and things are how you know it's it's. It's a very charming series. I think it has some great lessons in it. and it is super super disappointing to the Phantom that she's like this, and it's like you know it doesn't make us want to love Harry Potter any less, but you know it is going to run running through my. My time every time I see a movie or the book just like every time I hear Elvis I'm going to be like well. He's you know appropriating black culture. That kind of stuff you know, but also J. K. Rowling somebody who's very Arnson, landed because of her wealth and success and I, and I see this happening all the time. It's like people who sort of live a very isolated lives Roseanne Barr somebody like that. She used to be very progressive and she fell down a rabbit hole. Where she's targeted to fascism. And it's not to take her agency away, but I think you know if we really. Want to. Eradicate a lot of hate bigotry racism transphobia in our society. It's important to look about how the mechanisms about how people at one point in time may not have aligned themselves with these schools of thought, and all of a sudden become spokespersons for us. and. It's also like important when we talk about oppression not to dismiss it as just another flavor of internalized. Racism or Transphobia or homophobia like the way we're talking about this politician with ladybugs. Lasley, Graham. Sunday. Lindsey Graham. Leslie Lindsey Graham sorry. I knew it was. The road is just making me forget everything, but our brains are become much. It's Mush. It's part of it is like we need to interact with each other as human beings to be wiser like our conscience, our intelligence doesn't live inside our bodies. It also lives in our interactions with each other. But you know part of it is like I. We tend to dismiss a lot of this. You know Outright hate and prejudice as It's someone wrestling with. Demons. You know what I'm saying. And I think it's important and I think part of it is like you know sometimes people do. Make choices. Sometimes people hurt each other. Yeah, and sometimes people do terrible things and it's. It's not that that person was wrestling with the demons inside is just. Happen and we need to address and. Said Do. What else you got, what else going on Rachel? Stir Our pod pad work, so yes, don't even know what letter valter us in between the. Technology Dome and so I finally have something that I. can like 'cause I. Don't need a computer computer like I don't. Do anything outside of like maybe right in a Google doc or something so I've had works fines alone. How that works and stuff I need to be writing and. And stuff like that, but. So. You're mostly using for writing, are you? Are you gonNA, use the Google Docs APP within that or I. Don't know how the notes for Max where. I feel like I. Don't WanNa. Learn another sister. Yeah, it's very. Yeah! I'd be more than happy to to walk you through some of that stuff off there. What is this tech? Support our open your. IPAD, yes, touch on the touch on. I don't why whereas the on button. I have no idea. But other than that I mean just works well. It's nice that you have that tool there to write your to write your thoughts and to communicate with others and it's. It's good, no poking shows. Go to comedy clubs. So. You gotta go up to Wisconsin it's. Open. So. That'll be okay. Yeah No, no, I've never had any, Wisconsin. I guess, it's lovely, lovely state. Yeah, just wear your face mask going out there. Not, if you're on stage though you're going to be okay. As you're away from them, right? Yeah, but every time they laugh. They're throwing their spinach. You just have a have a fan and you just. Spin Away. Just. Young. Zoom show which I don't WanNa. Do that ever again. It's just it's telling jokes to a camera with. There's no one the inch is so weird. It's so bizarre to me, but now honestly bag on I know a lot of people losing their minds, but like because I being at home anyway, this has not bug me that much about a lot of plants. redecorating. Oh Yeah. Now I'm good I. Miss Being able to tell people that I can't do their their show. When actuality I just don't want to the main. So. Well I appreciate. You wanting to do fees to fun I know that a lot of the listeners appreciate your humor and your wisdom, and certainly I do mark. Does I certainly do yes, and we care for you very deeply. We consider your friend and I. Wish that we could. That's the one thing about this Rona staff is I just wish we could just get together and. EAT and and share. Can Start doing at least ten analysts. Why were part of our big discovery for me as a Puerto Rican person making pastels. Puerto Rican tamales made with Yuka is a big mystery. It is one of the things that like. My parents fought a lot as when they were making it as a kid. So there's like trauma anxiety. It's something really complicated and this Christmas. You were born stella making parting. And we unlocked and figure out how to make this really complicated Puerto Rican holiday, treat and to me. It's one of my. Memories was last year. And I'm just so sad that we will. We will make this again. We will meet together again. And when you go out for walks, if you WANNA stop. Sounds I do run by six in the morning, but like I get up and go running like seven am and I am not ringing on Nobody's seventy. No not at seven, but I do have a garden news. Thirsty and you're like Damn I. WANNA drink water. But just make sure you turn it all the way off because some people come by the. Generally running and then I you know. I'll make you. Some cinnamon toast with Brad and coffee. Yeah come just. Doesn't straightaway on the back porch. So it's good talking to you, Rachel coast, but so far. My dear name. Uh? Things. Oh yes. All Rachel. I'm the only black one and so it's not going to be hard to find me. and. then. Funny I don't know. That one yeah, just for fans. I am. By Rachel Hall Lives in Chicago Illinois Rachel. Hall is funny. All social media platforms cash cash outside about that and APP. American? Express will do nicely. Thank you. Let me loosen up your caller. Do you want me to talk about? Rachel Halls instagram account again. She does. Live instagram shows too I believe it is on the laugh factory's instagram account and I think she does that a couple times a week, so you can also check her out on that as well. There is a recommend common honey I can feel the winds a chain. It's you know it's going to be hard for some people to adapt, but I think in the end. It's really it's just going to better for all of us. This is assume positive and chat. This is A. A Better World. We're going to build together. This is difficult because change involves new learning new behaviors, the new mindsets and for some people, it's very difficult to change the way you do things especially being doing things for a long time and certain way. I'm excited I'm looking forward. I feel the tension in the air. I feel the taste possibility, and that is something that doesn't happen very often and somebody's life, and hopefully you know the cynicism that is like nothing's going to change. That's not how things will turn out. we we are. The that's the goal. Here is to really not to kill that cynicism by making tangible change, and meal, maybe the. Synnex like Brian Sweeney are right. It's like. Nothing's going to change. The only solution is violence. People's hearts are changing and I think with each successive generation. We're seeing more and more people that are growing up and being you know. That are recognizing the horrible -ness of racism and eventually we'll get to the point where. He, you know it'll end or at least a won't have such a stranglehold on our culture on our life on literally human viewed people's bodies. This is going to be the toughest assignment. We are given in our lives to make goodness attractive, sexy irresistible be that force for goodness in the world and break down those institutionalized mechanisms of racism that are here in. Fair! Be. Unless you are racist and don't be your something. Thanks everyone, thanks! Everyone loved by.

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UFC Vegas 17 Preview with Don Frye | MMA Roasted #585

MMA Roasted

1:07:58 hr | 10 months ago

UFC Vegas 17 Preview with Don Frye | MMA Roasted #585

"So I do. reading the marriage learned, you know from scratch off and won your favorite mixed martial arts podcast recording out of Los Angeles California off with Hunter that guy off and Ramiro's the podcast the Adam Hunter going to be a fun show today. We got me. They got wind dog got Shang. It's it's going to be good tires Jake Jake Watson. Wait a little bit. Nice hundred pounds six pounds. There we go lunch. Is that what happened or you're yeah, I I only put in a while. So that's how I usually get you know, but no no, yeah. I just still haven't showed up wrong, but I'm doing pretty good. Okay, you look at there was by the way Kayla Harrison yesterday was supposed to fight. We love Kayla, you know, two-time Olympic gold medalist like efl Championship undefeated. So she's trying to you know, stay active so she fought in Invicta a couple of weeks ago just murdered the girl then I provided tighten up see her opponent Miss wait by Thirty pounds wage. So the fight was all it was supposed to be a 155. Yeah, she came in at 185 quota Jeep Ram. It will say after I have read dropped this baby m fuking u up like what are you doing having one point? Like do you why do you go on the scale? I mean, what's what are you doing? Yeah. What are you doing? Yeah Thirty pounds. That's I mean, that's what time by 24 pounds something and then took off his shorts and it went back on the scale and they just kicked him out of Italy. He came along under it to that makes sense with him. But but but like 30 pounds you're going into a fight. What is why even show up but do you think your opponents going to like, you know, what? All right. Okay, I'll give up a thirty-pound cock a Kayla probably still would have won Kayla. Oh, yeah, she would have dominated her reminded me like when I was actually not the same story. But this kid at my team James was like best wrestler dead. Won the tournament three years in a row, but he liked was his beating everyone like in a minute 30 seconds, right? So his father was like putting up a wait. All right, everyone. His father was like put him up another way. Okay. So at one point the kid was eighty pounds and it was wrestling and kid that was like 1:25 and and the rep looked at me like are you going to let this happen and I was like, no, so guys We're not gonna say this and the fibers like come on. I never had to protect the kid against his own father like his dad was telling me they like cuz that was upset. I was like, no we're not going to do this cuz he lost I think that day he lost a master key was twenty pounds heavier, and I'm like if that was two matches we got at least make it somewhat Fair. Yeah, so I wanted to say again. I know we're doing the show now but congratulations on the fucking special man. Yeah way to go man. It's like a lot of people don't have a platform to do something like that. So that's some cool shit. I hope it I hope it resonates and gets a whole bunch of em. A whirlwind of shed for you. Not only that out of you are forever cemented and UFC history as the first comedian have a special on Fight Pass like so a hundred years from now people are going to look back in the history to say, who is this Adam Hunter guy? He's the first comedian to ever do have a special on Fight Pass. That's good shape man. I was like I wanted to make sure I let you know that on here because that as a comic you know you off, is there next week? It's not a it's not going to air Friday. It's going to air next week sometime Christmas day soon as I get the day. I will tell everyone to come but this way. I'll retweet with one when it when you find out what they are whenever it is I'll retweet an end and I'll if you're on Facebook I'll you know read share super excited about it. But, you know a little bit of history as like the last comic ever on Leno and the first, kind of bypass. I pre the last comment of bypass too though, but I was yeah I was dead. I was the last Comic it was the craziest thing cuz they called me like they call me that day. Like hey, by the way on like Jay Leno, they couldn't get somebody to like the band wanted to play a Michael Jackson song, but they couldn't find a safe. They have like four minutes that they had to kiss. Yeah, so they called me up like hey, can you get down here today? You do a set on run out and I was like, I'm going to wrestling practice to coach. I was like, yeah sure. Why not. So I like go over there. I like pick up a pair of jeans and Old Navy cuz I and I know clean jeans my dad sent me a shirt I get there. I don't even know that they're even going to be able to age like do these jokes because my jokes weren't clear normally have appeared your jokes, but I don't I've had that happen. Yeah, I don't want a big. Hey, are you jokes clean enough to do it? Cuz if they say know that I'm screwed so I don't want to alarm them because JLo was there filming another show and everyone had she had everyone's attention. So I go out there and my opening joke was like, I love Asian women this way hang out a track of school. And because I said, Word Asian that was like two offensive. So they just dropped the word Asian. So if you look watch my set you all you hear was I love women and that's why I hang out traffic school. It's still works. It's still works wage. So get off at all women just not but no, I think I have the Late Show. I've got called Friday. I did a Tuesday. Yeah, and so I immediately was at every club like running my said over and over again getting ready cuz I was like, I thought I was supposed to be in a couple of months while you're not now I'm like what God has nothing to do it with a lot of comics last minute. That's what you always going to be ready. The first time I did it I found the day before and you know, I was so nervous that my like armpits just dripping with sweat before I went out there so that they'll blow dry. My my my shirt. I took off my blue shirt the blow dry put it back on and I missed a button when I put it back on. So, yep. Was like your own racial and you're you're not you're sure it's not button. Like I was like, oh God. Yeah. No, it's that. Yeah, that's what you know what cuz I was nervous. So I was like, I had a burgundy shirt and then my girl time was like you're sweating you maybe you should wear black shirt. I'm like, yeah, maybe you're right. Yeah. I I switched to a black shirt like like last minute cuz I was like, oh shit and then of course blacks are you can see shifts. I was like, oh, let's go 1,000% So then I like Bill Maher's the other guy on the show. So I do my said he's laughing and everything and then the first of all they like tell me hey, you're going to have cue cards for your jokes suck want cue cards, but like I don't want to be like no, I don't want cue cards but like like, oh, don't worry, you know, so I go out there and they have cue cards with my jokes on them. I don't look at them cuz I know my jokes, but the Bill Maher's like cue cards. I've never had cue cards. I'm like, I don't want the cue cards. I don't want to now he's already knew shit cuz they tell you to talk to people during the break when it goes to commercial rate. So I go build you select doing stand-up comedy. He's like, yeah, you know, it's a lot easier when you have your own jet like thanks Miley. That's the first issue know I've done I've been Politically Incorrect life three times. Yeah and each time and he just gets a kick out of giving people shit. Oh, yeah, but you know what? It's weird. You never gave me shit. He never gave me cuz you you think you're a little more intimidating. Yeah, you know, I just I think I would just have a you know normal chit chat, but he but I'm going to tell you right now though man the trailer for the fucking special man looks fire and the way they did. She looks really cool. And the fact that the UFC logo is like which your special fuck that do. That's that's that's beast mode should yeah. Yeah, I was at I can, you know, we dispensary last Saturday night and I was taking a dump and all of a sudden I'm taking a dump and then on my phone starts blowing up that's what I thought that they aired it with pay-per-view. I was like while I was in the back but then Thursday But I was so excited about it airing that I was actually like higher than anyone at the dispensary and I I was I was beyond I was beyond happy and like I am so excited about it. You know, I'm really pumped and I'm really grateful and you know also like I have like a 25 minutes of jokes about anime, which I can't do normal clubs because some people don't know Chris Weidman is or who you know, yeah. Yeah, so whoever so it was cool to have like a form of people actually knew what I was talking about. Jon Jones. Yeah that yeah, that's I mean, I think that I think that it's going to be built a different audience for you that you already kind of building on so fuck that man. Let's go let's go that's what I'm talking about. Thank you, and I am loading. So they a credit Leno. I was on the cruise ship working right the next day. I flew up to do a cruise ship and I do a joke and it bombs and I go just so you know off People last night and do that jokerman tonight show and some Lady In The Crowd Goes. I didn't last that either and that you saw her over too overboard off. You know, it's weird. I got a head cold when last time I did Royal Caribbean cuz I did two bits that they were living with and then afterwards it was funny because I have to see that motherfucker the whole week. It's still worth if the worst if I was just every time he saw me he said he would do like this it was the worst and that was like soon as I was getting off the boat. I saw him again. I was like, did you have to do that every day? You saw me cuz I was on there with my kid my kid had to come with me because I couldn't get his mom was like a a week. No. No, but you're going to take him with you. So I took my camera with me and my son would make and I'm going to tell you right now man. I so wanted to punch that dude the fucking face. He was an asshole, but you can't do that while you're on a cruise. Well, you said money, you're like this worth x amount of dollars. I'm going to get yeah, I still got to write that series about a cruise ship cuz it was so many funny things that happen on that but the troops are a whole different world and I was I I but I mean the money was good though. I made really good money. So I was like, what do I do? But I just didn't like the way I had to do my ACT. I like to be free. Oh, yeah. That's why I was like when I got off the cruise ship I did a I did a place the blue light blue room the blue room. And you know, when you ever done that club, yeah and and and Missouri birth story. Yeah, and I just was like I'm going full blast and it was great. It was great. It was great. So I think the thing is just going to open it up for you with the UFC fans that don't suck, you know, like oh shit this guy at a mother who is it? And I think it also the people that are just casual zobe like they'll get the jokes. They will jokes. Well, thank you. Shane man off. You'll get the job. He's been in my Quantum worldview and vice versa. So thank you. Yeah, it's really really cool you yeah those trips. I remember got heckled by a bunch of three year olds during a kids show and not nothing you could say, so I just look at them about. Hey, buddy. Look at me. I am your future have to scare the shell of them, you know a threat I go. You know what I could meet you baby. I guess way they can't block punches with their little arms. I was got it yesterday said to my kid to music class in the Park yesterday and halfway through class is a guy watching the class like through the bushes. I could see him and I'm like, but it's not I can play doesn't have any kids there. I'm like great, you know, this is what happens during a pandemic you have to have to pass outside in the park you got creepos in the park. So then it comes and just watching everybody. So I'm going with the other name is McKay Street, you know, this guy knows no no, my my heart's racing cuz I'm like might have to fuck you kick out a child predator a pedophile so I might go up to a Mike. Hey, man, which kids yours I go as one of your kids. Yep. Said no that makes it but I'm with many points a little girl I go. I mean I asked and now he's like yeah that's hard like driver. I guess they have some money they had driver but like great but that you gotta have a better way. If you coming in the middle of a class. Yeah, the kids get creeped into weeds are creepo and you can't be like you come up with you. Yeah, I'm sorry about having my dick in my hand while I'm like I'm ready to like pounce on this guy. Like literally my heart was racing. Like I may have to fight this guy. Well, I threatened a woman at Rouse once cuz she says on my son my office. Yeah, I my older one moment and I'll look at the cute little monkey. I said, did you call what and I took a little thing that you divide the food with yeah, we'll beat you to death with theirs and and then you see the the security like creep up on me. I'm like don't you ever should say no, I didn't meet anyone, but I have a dog. I can see him and my son look like a monkey I got yeah, he is Chip like but he was I'm a goofball. My kids are the beautiful ones. That's a goofball. So I was like, I don't play that shit off with my kids. You can call me. Whatever the fuck do you think your kid had like a banana? It was like I'm like a unicycle like I'm going to tell you right now my kids they can wage but they are flexible and I was saying they are flexible you if you get them an armbar they can go all the way the Tony Ferguson a baby's cuz let's talk about Tony Ferguson. So Tony peppers in our bar or where I thought this is arms broke. I bullshitted you and I thought was broke and it's not fucking broke out how to only fans account. So Tony Ferguson said, he said recently that he mentally birth Oliveira and the first round. Yeah. He did it Instagram live and he said that know like he basically thinks he didn't lose that fight. I guess like, you know, he he dead Admitted it I saw him admitted on another one. He said I just I was flat I just was flat and was it on that night, but I gotta give him props or toughness good. I'm never home. Can't think of one arm bar where I thought August no fucking way is always broke. There's no way there's a couple there was one with the GSP vs. Dan Hardy was pretty pretty gnarly brutal. Well, yeah, but he wage but he kind of Twisted out of it. This one was a blast. Yeah. Yeah, and then of course his hands of racy where you just let the guy break your arm and then Silva, I mean the silverware silver arm got broke now, but the thing is is do we look I'm not ready to give up on Tony Ferguson. Okay, for some reason every people are like, oh, he's Michelle about how long it's done know like let's let's let's put them in one more fight and see how he does and then if if he still has a bad showing maybe we start, you know drinking this man you can't log Give up on a guy that was twelve. Yeah to come on you swell into ahead of 12 fiber run. He lost two fights two great Fighters. It wasn't like he fought some bumps thought. He looked good in the gauge in the gauge. He fight. He didn't look in this fight. He looked flat and he said he said he looked flat and then there's a video of him doing like windmills on his arm to show his arms fine home and I was like one the craziest back. I love that. We did you see that video where he's he's spitting. Yeah, I do. Yeah, he's a mutant do too. But I think that now Oliveira should be in the discussion with if to be comes back for that 30 fuck that give it to this to that would be a great ground game battle and I don't know man, I think his boss. I don't know. I don't know. I I don't I mean, well those are all dead hooker is calling all their pussy. I'm not really sure how you can call that guy person get that from what kind of dog Cuz that that's the most policy ever. Number one. I just I don't see that. I mean, I think he wants to fight because there's I mean it doesn't make any sense that I mean, I I like Dan hooker, but what I thought well that's the only fight for Dan hooker who like that's it's ranked above him. That isn't already scheduled for a massive fight cuz Dan hooker is ranked. Sixth rank. Five is Conor McGregor Forest. Tony Ferguson three is Charles Oliveira to is Dustin Poirier in one is Justin gaethje with khabib still being the champ. So that's the only person ahead of Dan hooker. But like like if anybody gets out of that table six, I think the fact of Poirier Spike, you know Connor, I think that he should be the one to give it a shot if they do a belt situation. Yeah, that face should always be for the belt. That's the economy before the interbelt, but they're not going to do it. I saw the identified said it wasn't they weren't going to do it. But I think that Poirier deserves that shit. I think it's sometimes you know, if they're not as flashy or whatever. Korea just a good nude yet. But you know he got things for like four kids and he he he fixes sparrows arms with little popsicle sticks. He's just like a he's just a fact I think that he deserves a shot just like I was on Twitter and I was saying I think Glover Glover deserves a shot but they're saying all he's too old. I'm like dude, he still up there he still off of course. I don't know why they act like a certain age. You should be like lovers than winning all those fights that suggests right? That's what I'm saying. So why not give him then, you know his window shorter. Why not give him a fucking shot the title because he had a shot and that's also the point. I mean he had a shot but I I hear you and I don't think he sells tickets. That's also the problem but oh, yeah. Yeah end of the day off cuz that's why they're moving up the worship Maya. You're moving him up past people that absolutely should Wonder Boy was talking mash it going. Hey, dude, you know deserve all that shit. Well according to the guy on Alonso birth. Fell on Tuesday. He said Somaya brakes and practice that if like you put pressure on them. He's not that good according to him. I mean, I don't know how valid that is, but he says it's just right who is they lose this mother know and I think that if he does get the other than covid-19. Got me the gift all of the hype is getting he should be fine. Like I no wonder boys like coming up, but I would love to see that. I would have loved to see if by somebody like at that little by the way. Did you guys have trouble logging? In fact the one to the assume know because Don Frye says he can't login. He says it's it's invalid. He's also ninety seven years old, you know, we just kind of like look he's old technology is to be expected. It's like yeah, exactly. Exactly exactly. So we'll talk about Stephen Thompson UFC Fight Night Thompson vs Neil. I feel like this is not even Jeff people are looking past Jeff Neal. Yeah, Jeff Neal is going to I think is going to be Steven Thompson off. It'll knock him out. I think this kid is the truth. I think everyone keeps sleeping on them. I don't know why maybe because he doesn't talk or is not loud and do podcasts. He has no he has no Charisma whatsoever liquid Let's look at who we beat. You beat Mike Perry TKO one round a minute and 30. He beat Nico price. That's a really serious check around people all Muhammad 3730 very impressive. That's massively impressive. Be frank Camacho before and Brian Kamoze Christmas brother blah Williams before that. I mean the last time Jeff Neal lost a window. If you bring up the last time this guy lost he lost to get it get this Kevin Holland in 2017. That just shows you how good Kevin Holland is right off 48 in less than four years since to Kevin Hall and it was like a six-foot-nine freak accident. You know, who's one five fights in the UFC this week. I mean who knocked out jacare's sitting down while taking a bath since we've been on the show, he's five twice. I mean, seriously, I mean, so this guy, I think he's I think Wonder Boy, I don't know what he's worried about. Shamaya for he needs to worry about the guy right in front of him. I agree, but but I'm going to tell you right now they his Charisma like you said if you don't sell even if you don't sell you're not going to you know, what we have no idea cuz I don't think that ever spoken publicly month or so, we don't even know like I mean maybe but always get like a coach or something. I don't even know if you even need Charisma anymore. I mean the guy back in February doesn't have Charisma. I mean really a you'd have to just I mean in Ghana doesn't have Charisma like she has yeah buddy. But yeah, but he's a different animal. Come on. You can't even put that I hear you. Well, it's Jeff Neal. I mean I was there at the Mike Perry fight and that was crazy. I mean head kicked in Perry who's never been stopped before it was insane. It was to say now also Aldo versus Vera Vera said, he's at a run through all do dead. I disagree who's ever a temper McGregor who's ever run through although nobody has anybody ever run through although yeah, and also people keep sleeping on auto still blinking light your legs up like nobody I've seen. Oh my God, like you're right favor fight. Yeah. It just doesn't last as his he was blasting the side of his calf. Boot his ass hole. It was just ridiculous. He was walking like magana after a job interview. I mean just fucking limping Everywhere by the way, people always ask me why I make fun of a gone yet because she can take it. She's a friend of mine. It's just cool with it. Like that's why I guess she doesn't get all bent out of shape doesn't care if she responds like I would you gotta be so careful when you make fun of them just people that are like sensitive because you get to come across as like bullying or something, you know? Yeah, but some people get it. It's like if somebody says, hey man, you got a weird face I go, okay. Even movement like what who gives a shit like but I mean like I guess when some Fighters like you can make fun of them and you go there cool and they roll with it and there's you know, they want to they want to show you like a really I'll fuck you up. Like that's why I kind of when I've been around fighter, especially I'm doing shows in Vegas like a a joke with them, but I got I don't know if I'm a cross that off. Yeah a lot of oh, I think it's well a lot of these guys are are like, you know, they spend all their time in the gym. They got a good sense of humor that they actually like laughing, you know, and they and they can take a joke and the the other ones you're right, but the ones that are sensitive I usually don't fuk with it all because I'm just like it's not worth it. You know, it's just not it's not worth it to me because both have although in this fight song know, I have Vera. I just know that he's going to run through him interesting. I don't think he's going to I don't think he's going to run through him. I just think that he you know, he's a he's a mean mother fucker, but I don't know why any birth Things they can just run through although and even the fucking Conor McGregor thing. That was just you know a situation. Where he got caught it that was crazy, you know crazy. That was just getting caught. We're also the crazy part was that he didn't think the fight was over afterwards. I mean you got caught in a couple of people get caught then you go. I would have never thought they got caught but everybody gets caught some time. So I I don't consider that like, oh McGregor did some great beat down. Oh, well, I remember asking Freddie Roach about something like what this guy got? He says a lot of times the guys Said Knock You Out are giving you a favor. I said why cuz can I take any beating anymore? Because like it's way worse take a 12-round beating the guys. Wow quickly, which I've never even looked at it Thursday after seeing those pictures with Ferguson's and at his five people he had fought and they're all their faces looked like mush. I just thought yeah, I'd rather just get out here. Santos 2015 Ford Cain Velasquez. I mean he looked like the guy from The Goonies even worse like you were like man like yeah fighting. It sounds all good and fine until you see that like, whoa, that's have you ever been knocked unconscious by a car. Oh, okay. No. Yeah my my car. Well, yeah, I mean wage itself motherfuker right here. Yeah, you got knocked out by car, you know, but no I've been knocked unconscious twice sparring and I'm going to tell you right now it one it's off the light you see a light and then just just everything's gone. And then you you wake up in your garage and you can barely walk and I'm going to tell you right now but I also have been beat around and I would rather be knocked out completely just be bludgeoned for fucking 15 minutes straight, you know, yeah. Yeah when I was in third grade, I had a job sweeping floors and they would wage. Sunglasses at this Pharmacy and I went across the street. The cars were parked about baseball cards in my in my pocket and my hands I got hit by a car. I went like ten feet in the air cuz the dog park and I was kind of my fault. I was like going leaving Ryan and I went like ten feet in the air and then got knocked unconscious. My baseball cards were flying everywhere and kids came and stole my God. Oh my God horrible. Look at the unconscious kids, but that's a Mickey Mantle fucking him. Like it's like there's so much horrible kids are beautiful, but they're horrible. And then I remember like just coming into like Consciousness from the hospital. My my my mom and my dad said it was a scariest song called ever gotten which is like your kids in the ER you get hit by a car. We can't give you any more information, you know, like no doubt it. And then I remember my dad telling me like dog. Hey, don't worry. We'll get WrestleMania three like that was like his way of like telling me like things are going to be. Okay. That was the first thing I heard it's okay. I don't look at WrestleMania three. So then you're like, okay. I want to fuck it was Transformers from my son. Like any time. I was like, okay we get to see Optimus Prime. Okay, cool. Oh, really? Yeah, cuz my son on a on a Thursday and or slid his finger open like I mean to the Bone and it was ripped it out. And and I was like, hey man Transformers Optimus Prime. I also get you news like okay and then it was fine. I'm like, wait a minute. That's all I got to do is say Transformer. So that's the case Elliott. What's that people the wait is finally over football's back. Look you may be at a game this year, but you can still be in on the action at been online. But online is going the extra mile to make sure you can get an on everything imaginable this season from game spreads and taught. Just a team player and coaching props. But online gives you more options to wager than any other place online. You can get it on their season-opening bonuses today. I start off by wagering on win Division and Championship future today had to bet online today and take advantage of all the great sign-up bonuses, but online your online Sportsbook experts paid on Friday with us off. Yes, sir. I have no picture. I was going to say you look much better. At least. There's no lag this time when he's just on phone call. There's no lag. But then when he's on video, there's like a 47-second delay. All right, so we'll keep you on the phone call. On Friday take a picture of be on the wall, you know suck. And by the way, how's the how does that response been so far with the Vlad TV interview? I guess pretty good. You know, it's got a good count and I guess he's made about $80,000 off my interview so far so good. Yeah, my my guy ran the numbers, you know, so that's great. That's great good for him. Now now Shang the culture is very mad at VladTV. I know that like Godfrey's upset with him for calling a are calling from a snitch. I guess he could you I don't know what so can you can you give us the diocese? They feel like that. He he's like what fox he did they built a platform up on a lot of interviews with rappers and black singers and whatever the fuck and then once you get to that level he kind of acted, you know, like he was above it. And also he he kind of leaked some information. From some illegal activities with some rappers that he was supposed to send but to me I'm like it's all part of it due to fucking interview and keep it moving and if you're a gangster rapper and you talk about all the bodies you thought of the interview then fuck then why are you acting like, oh, I can't believe the coffee while you dummy you fucking said it on on the internet like yeah. I remember them last guy shot the face. Well it was you idiot. So hey, I get him out it exactly you're bragging bragging about a dumbass going to go down. I don't feel I don't I don't feel that way. And I know God was like I was like man, come on man. You gotta 50,000 followers cuz you've been on that interview. So in fact give those fifty thousand followers bath. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I don't I don't I don't look at it. That way. It's all part of it's all part of it. You do interview. Sometimes it should that what do you expect to interview to swap spit in the shower with you for giving birth? Yeah, right, right. So data white says in twenty Twenty-One. He wants to make stylebender vs. Jon Jones testified. He wants to make them know Don Frye who wins this fight. I go with John Jones baby, you know, he's going to have a great weight advantage and strength advantage and he's obviously a much better fighter has got home, you know the skills and he's got the experience not know what no experience. He had a hundred a hundred and one kick boxing fights or I didn't know that hundred one key box of fights, you know only knocked out twice. I think twice once or twice and stopped under is pretty crafty man. He's pretty crafty. He he's good with distance. I just think it's eyes. He's just not big enough. He's not going to get big enough. He just can't Jones and so smart to like I think he'll he'll know that he has a wrestling advantage and I think we'll get him up against the cage take him down and the guy took down Daniel Cormier. I mean who who takes down Daniel Cormier home? And but but also he was he had a he had a horse roids in his asshole. I know you can't Daniel Cormier Daniel, If I don't I don't I don't really know the problems that he did we we you can look it up. He he he basically all right. So Don Frye you fought guys that were on steroids versus guys that were off steroids how much how much is a pack advantages for the guy who who's on steroids? Oh, yeah, they gotta get strength Advantage. But the thing is your work out the harder, you know, you were off are touring on the steroids cuz you know that you recover faster and I had a Galaxy Grand to me one time. When I was in his know when I was in college, you know and talking to a veterinarian one time. She says yeah, they seem to hear me. Yeah. Yep. You said you did research and it really doesn't do that much except that it makes you psychologically take okay, but I'm sticking these needles in my ass. I'm going to work harder. It's just you know, which I don't believe I mean, it's got a great Advantage but thing is buckets Pro Sports band Europe or the heavyweight title, you know the the world championship. So everybody's taking the damn things, you know, just walk all up and go play tennis. Yeah, you don't like get punched in the face play Wiffle ball. But so Bellator sign off. Johnson and you'll Romero and people are saying that's to fight that they're going to make I'm excited for that fight. I mean, oh really? Yeah, of course guys like dead can and you would like a fucking flick I mean Romero and and Anthony Johnson graduate of the past their Prime we think upper Romero, at least. I don't know about anything Johnson, but God, it's a good fight. I mean because wrestling a man of gotta get to Romero, but he doesn't wrestle and Jonathan probably has the power Advantage I think but Romero his fucking hard. I don't know how to win that fight. I will see you when I tell you I mean I saw what he said, but I just really think that a lot of times the wrestlers I've seen even Cormier go. I'm a fan of money if you don't use your wrestling and that's what you got basically got the game, but you're fucking stupid. You should use whatever your strength is. But who do you think? Yeah. I think that if you use has a dog Wrestling Romero uses wrestling who win but it probably won't he'll try to stand up and banqueting and I'm going to tell you what's going to happen. Anthony Johnson's going to knock his eye to his ass whole. Who's that? But I mean I Don Frye who wins that fight song aside Johnson. He's he's on his ass, you know, it just stupid, you know go with what brought you to the game, but you know, make sure you you have 6th. Closing your game also, but you know, you gotta be smart. You got to be smart enough. It's not amateur sports anymore. It's professional game for the world championship. You gotta you gotta be smart about it. But this is coming to your player your trigger with everybody. I mean literally I don't think there was a one site where you you've Wrestling you sit there and pray and punches with everybody Don Frye. Oh, yeah, but I'm not a great Chrysler. You know, Romero is almost up and down the row, you know, maybe twenty down the road. There's no almost in there unless is a you know, seven bus crashes, you know above a buzzer earthquakes, you know know they're still being pinned down even being a tenth alternate for the Olympic team in the US as fucking incredible, dude. But it's not just a theoretical number. Okay, nobody counts, you know below the number one alternate. Okay. Any any my claim to be numbered then you could you know, man, I think that Romero when you look at his wrestling I mean life is like freakishly strong and he has two wins over cael Sanderson who's arguably the best college wrestler in history, you know in the I mean if you look up people that use it like the fight we just saw with Ferguson man, that motherfucker said you look Ferguson's can be deadly on his feet. So let me just slam him a few times a college wrestler, which was pretty still young. Yeah, but he went to what his strength was. No, but Ferguson didn't wrestle which was baffling to me traveling exactly. That's what I'm saying. It's like sometimes you gotta use it and I just think that Romero never I have a name. Cena fight why I thought oh shit, if you could just do to his wrestling where he ever did he Romero? Just doesn't he he kind of did in the beginning like we put the gym Kennedy's anyway when he fought thumb what's his name? The guy he thought somebody else do the guy that just beat the The Armenian guy when he saw Derek Brunson, he was using his wrestling back and I don't know if it's an injury or what it's kind of like Ronda Rousey her what I heard her hips and and legs were so screwed up that she couldn't even shoot. Like that's why she never use harassment. Mom, even though she had to register to directly attack. Judo attack cry money off, but I want to see is Michael Pereira versus chaos Williams because oh yeah, let's fight this like you gotta watch this this weekend. Okay. Don't don't meet the guy that killed in Laden again. For the check. The meeting up with a cardboard cutout of this guy every single weekend, right? You gotta actually watch this. I see you with your family. It's really sweet. Okay, but this this Saturday this fight one guy trained in the circus. He does he create a crazy backflips. He like he it's insane when he does I never saying like it and he started with like chaos Williams who's just knocking fools out. I mean highlight one punch power and I'm interested to see who is this. This is going to get this is the part of the night for me at least. What's your name? Again? Michael Pereira, right? It's pronounce Michelle. Like Michelle Perera. Perea, he gave this guy. He does backflips during his he he's basically he's a he's a circus freak that start a fight but he does backflips off off the cage onto the guy who's lying down. Like he does the most insane shit you've ever seen like rather than just like you have to because like I down instead of just like punching them. He does like a backflip so he could like step on his foot. It's insane when he came into wage when he does. It's funny that shit is not going to work with chaos. Chaos is going to come straight forward on a linear line and knock him the fuck out. That's what I think about happen. You think so really absolutely camp that he hits like a truck dude every fight. He knocks people out. He just walks away puts his hands up like like he just like the cops just pulled a gun on he's never but the thing about a guy like this so the jumps around and just you can't wage. For the guy like this. There's nobody you could bring in to emulate with this guy's going to do. Okay. I didn't think about that including him cuz he doesn't know what he's going to do like Don if a guy's doing back in front of you but like beat him. You get a higher clown, you know off juggle the monkey a guy of the monkey grinder off telling you man. Chaos is not about that shit. I think he's going to cut off that. He's going to turn off the fucking cage. He's kind of getting near that he where he can't do any flips or moves against the game and he's going to come straight down the middle. He really honestly it really should they really should like bring managers to the Octagon like in WWE and then imagine having like five clowns outside the lines like, like during the fight. I mean, that would be pretty incredible. I mean, I give you a lot of money you got in a fight. Who do you who do you get win? Cuz I'm telling you right now. I think chaos is no joke bro. Every time I'm definitely leaning towards chaos winning this fight, but at the end of the day, I can take confidently pick any of these guys doing so I'm definitely be putting money on the Des fights going to end under two point five rounds cuz I'm very confident that that will happen, but I just don't really knows how to win but I'm leaning towards chaos. Now. Did you watch the Tyson fight? No, no. No, it was a pretty good. They said they said they took away Knockouts and they took their labeling all these roles around it. You know, it wasn't much of a fight anymore. Yeah. Now the things that if I Holyfield or Lennox Lewis the same type races home we gotta get you, right? It's like they're calling it an exhibition. Yes. Yes. Yeah. Well, you know somebody's going to fuck that up cuz one of them guys forget his exhibition wage and they're going to turn on the heat and then the other guy's been turned up they going to turn into a fight. When was the last time that you trained on? I don't know. When's the last time warner had a 2011 or 2010 Corner? Well, I know that you for calling out Mike Tyson fought Uncle fight. Yeah, well, you're open when its own way around a hundred million dollars, you know for McGregor McGregor to fight off, you know, Granny you want to get in on that shift. I mean McGregor made more fighting Mayweather than he did his old age. Are they said well, so I don't know if you watch so Logan Paul says he offered McGregor fifty million to fight then he called McGregor's wife a four when he called Dana White a pussy them and he went he Dillon. Danis his his Congress judicial coach and friend. He was hanging out like somewhere and Logan Paul. No, just Jake Jake Paul Jake Paul Jake went in the back of a truck and threw a water balloon Adam in front of all those frame is all fake. I think I'll stay great. Yeah. Well first of all this this was this was during brennan-jobs. Diaries that he does with all these Fighters and the previous week like last week we had wanted to show Logan Paul Jake Paul's bigger brother. Oh, there's so much fish it going on with this. You know, like I'm Brendan Schaub is a mastermind behind all of this giving Jake Paul or Logan Paul tips, and then another quality Jake Paul Dana White said that he would let possibly imagine. Yes by Jake Paul Grapevine New Year's says, she's in who wins this fight Don pray. I'd go doing his man that I mean wage because he's involved as you know, you don't be a lot a lot more aggressive. Because even more pussy you said. Oh, yeah, I get aggressive Jeremy something to go off because she's eating more pussy than Jake Paul. What about training or boxing or anything else? No, even more person. He's going to get off a wakening if he does if he tries to go in the cage one of these guys, I just think this guy's the internet guy and he will find out he's an internet guy. I think his brothers going to mop. I think Floyd Mayweather's going to talk with him and say toy with him and and make the 50 million. I think about a money grab is no worse. Of course, of course now, that's right. Now now box that versus Nunez, I think Nunez wins you said, no, absolutely. Absolutely. I mean she wins all the way around on the internet chess club Company criminy. Yeah, now Rob font has taken on Marlon Morales this week Marla and he he he you know, he had a lot of hype behind him and knocked out his last fight by Joseph by San Hagin Hagin how to Rob Van to his last fight. He's on a roll dude. He took one against Ricky Simone, right? So that wasn't 2019 before that. He'd beat Sergio Pettis, but he lost to hopless on South. So Rob Van is no joke who this is should be a good wage. Marla needs a win bam knocked out. Sometimes if you get knocked out like it's harder to it is hard to come back out there and knock out but especially what he got will kick knocked off. It was like that's what I'm saying like like that. I just think that after a knockout. I don't know man. I don't know. I don't think he's going to win. I don't know. I I still believe in the model number S. I think he's going to be rough on I don't know why but I do Greg Hardy who beginning it was a little strange. You know, I'm not going to lie number. He like he like punching the guy that he had like his inhaler during a fight. He had like a secret inhaler but lately, he's been he's so he's the real deal. He's a guy that came over from the NFL there were allegations. He beat up his girlfriend or allegations. I guess he was proven that he didn't but I don't know. He got one who like who took the guy Greg Hardy so does not sharing and windows down. So he's so he's ready Morrison to borrow who beat Ben Rothwell be Maxine Grisham beats urges buyback. He lost his Sakai and one minute and before that. Yep. Stefan struve you need laws to Jamal Abdul RAB of lots of Derrick Lewis lost over Doom Peter orlovsky. It should be a good fight. You know, Greg Hardy needs like a big win on his record, you know, you know, I mean, he's lost all calls. That's really it unless the Alan krampert illegal need. I don't really count that. I don't really count as a loss. He beat Maurice Greene race. Look terrible in that fight. I mean that was the worst movie screens off that one. I don't give him that one cuz it was like you weren't fighting a guy. That was really, you know, it was like running away from him. It was it was like a man. I'm I'm getting this mortgage payment off I think was getting a mortgage payment and Murray streets a good fighter. He just like I think it has insane power. I think people get in there and they feel the power and then they go dead. I wasn't ready for this didn't ever have with you done a friend to fight. Yeah, Mark Coleman and grab called me and I can't get away from me. You know might be in the grades get turned in line. But what about as far as like being punched you ever get punched and go? Whoa, this is a lot harder than going to be. Yeah, that's better than my iPhone the back of my head in the back my life. Yeah. Wow, that's got to be a pretty bad. And now when that happens what goes through your head? Brain, what are your thoughts are your thoughts? Like like I don't have it again or you just like you ever had songs like that or else you don't have any thoughts until you wake up half hour later in the drawing-room, you know getting out of the shower got it. That's got to be a rough feeling Mera. Yeah. So also on this card Anthony Pettis taken on Alex Moreno Moreno, biri Smokey lost the Caitlin Williams got knocked out beat Max Griffin. That's that's a good one. Be exact Auto Bikini song loss of Jordan sneakers and be Josh burkman should be a good fight. This should be a good fight Muranos a good fighter, but I think Pettis got this the a little bit of a higher wage. Yeah, but it seems like you can get so close with some some fights and then he just but he does get hard man. I've never seen somebody text such a beating. It just keeps coming man. So I give him that Don Frye. Who do they want to fight? Yeah. I'm going my boyfriend this man, you know the guys just he he gets chewed through it, you know, he can take a punch but he also gives a bunch. You know, he's a he's a good, you know, being able to take a punch. There's not something you want to be known as yeah, you know, yeah, you want me alone with the combination of being more give a punch but then take a bunch but not just not just take a bunch. That's just not the sole claim to fame. Yeah. That's that's that's true. I've never I called Tim Kennedy tough and he got mad with me for that. He's like no, I never want to know what that means. You're getting hit a lot. So that actually makes sense. You know how many people are like man, you know, man like you got a lot of heart say you're a funny like you really stuck in there. If you only had a punchline to go get her back heading compliments. I thought were funny or I was laughing or tough crowd the other just not smart enough to understand your level of entertainment package, you know, it is what it is, but it's just like but it's not helping me but better thing nothing that I was laughing trip like are like I thought you were funny cuz you know that person was the person was not laughing number one cuz if the person is going to type person up to you and say that they were they were laughing. All right. So sijara Eubanks versus panic and said, sorry you may expired the best 6 and 5 fighter in MMA bapp. Because that's what six and Five Fighter like cuz she wins just tough girl. She wanted the ultimate fighter. She's just either mrs. Wait or just sick. She can't seem to like get out of her own way because she's a really good fighter but just has not lived up to her potential and I'm not single for like this Earth at all, But but you can you need the fire trainer. He needs to quit going to do Flyers that that New Jersey Campground. What's his name was August says Mark Henry boxing with Mark Henry and then she's got a good team about her. She just like like her last fight. She lost her Kaitlyn Vera who's I was a close 5 a.m. But should be Julia availa. Should be Sarah Morris lost the bet KO which is crazy Los aspirin lab eat rocks and beat Lauren Murphy. She loves to Katlyn chookagian, and she's she's got a job. Good decent ones but spreading Panic hands that who's a girl who's like super hot actually from Sweden kind of kind of sexy strange way home who's kind of a winner of Best Gahanna and Jessie, Jess lots of Julia Avila. She's also I go home people come from an EMT. She's an empty in Sweden. That's her like night job for her. There should be a good better be in the office. Right? I got panty in this fight think I think it's going to be a decision for sure, but I think panty cans is going to win. I don't know why. Well being a stripper first of all done, aren't you kind of known for falling in love with some strippers? No, no, no Napalm love with me baby. But that was twenty years ago. You know, I don't think I don't think I've been to a strip club in fifteen years. Yeah. I don't know. I haven't gotten a while either a long time. I'm at that age. I'd be that creepy old guy on that's the one they've never wanted to be. Yeah. Yeah, once they yeah once I thought I used to be found when I was like kind of like when you get pulled strippers out of the strip club and you gotta like I guess what's my wife just walked? Why do you walk in the room always at these times? My wife walked around looking at me, but now that I'm married. Yep, you got your room bug one time when you were pregnant because that was a dad Henderson an after-party. When did you tell me I told you all the way awhile you you're about to give birth but wage. Anyway, sure you're not for another month. Let's talk about the next fight. All right, so Chuck Adams wife. All right. So after that there's a bunch of other fights to on this car, which a good choice after that. There's no fights for until January 23rd in the USA January 16th. That's great. Why would they go every week and then have a month off the holidays? So one that one's home, that's the firefight on Christmas you bitches goddamn pussies. Isn't that kind of weird though? They went like every week and month but a lot of people man and wife said I am just called to the Bahamas and for you know, a vacation a lot of people are taking vacation taking them right now, but I feel like they got It's Like Cocaine they got his homeboy. I know it's not like hey, you know what time you're off for a week? Like I'm going to I don't know what I'm going to do with a god. Thank God there's Bellator, but now now I got to talk to my family and stuff. That's a joke is there is no Bellator off the next the next fight is on on New Year's Eve and Rising. Well actually one from Singapore and then then rise in is I don't even know what their jobs. I didn't even I forgot where I was still around 1 still around her Gucci is fighting a Sakura. That's a good fight. What is actually picking up some, you know to me they pick up Mighty Mouse and to me that's a big pick up to me when they picked up Vitor Belfort, but when she fighting for them Yeah, he's been scheduled to fight that giant black dude. What's his name? They've been scheduled to fight for like three years. Now. What is going to happen? Birth is longer than three years like no. No, but Don fries come back is going to be before I was actually a submission underground this Sunday and it's actually a pretty good car dude. There's Hacienda San Jose is going to be grappling against Donald Cerrone. Wow, Ryan boss is going to be grappling against Anthony Johnson speak of the devil. Wow, and Chris. Lasonia who was on our podcast a couple of months ago and finally Andrew Alexander. It's actually a pretty good job underground money of Johnson knocks him out again later. Like I do first. I'm like, yeah, but I'm going to tell you to fight that we keep like I think that Wonderboy is the one I want to see how he does. Man, that's the one I'm really kind of looking forward to I think Wonder Boy, I mean other than getting you know, absolutely, you know, not out of his mind, you know with Pettis. I just really think that he's still he's still that is I agree. Yeah, he's he's no joke and I I think the people sleep on who he's fight. Absolutely, but they sleep on Wonder Boy, too. Yeah. You're absolutely right that down. When when when you for karate guys, did you bring in a lot of karate guys to spar with? No, no, never never, you know, I I I learned karate guys, they cannot take a punch, you know, cuz they trained not to fight you trained not to fight. You have no fucking use in a fight game, you know, God image. There's some Ferrante guys that have done extremely well and you know, there's MVP And there's Wonderboy a cheetah a cheetah, cheetah the three but you know, yeah, but at least dripping off of the added they asked somebody eating Machida was quite a variety. So now how you doin know? How do you learn the karate guys? Can't take a punch. When did you learn the karate guys? Couldn't take a punch. Right, I should wait. So you have see one you got hit any pistol. He pissed himself and the guy came up to mop the floor. Is that what happened? Who you talking about? How long you talk about the key the key tag Nephites that we talked about? No, no not keep saying Gerard. Gordeau Drive killer man. He's a killer. He's not he's not karate guy. You know that guy. There's that guy comes from my dad. Jibran, Universe know when did you learn the karate guys can take a punch? Oh same time you work out. But the man how you do this work out with them once and then you just look at their stance. Look at the way they walk you look at the way they care for their body. Most of them are you know, twenty Thirty pounds overweight. You know, I have a black dog. Karate. Well, that's fucking great. You know, that means not being, you know crime garage Friday cool against people who have built wonders who have no skills, you know, but it's nation-wide somebody who has skills and completely negated. All right. Well, very controversial Don Frye stance on Karate and we offer you heard it here first, but no, wait a minute. That's what about Taekwondo. I've seen some people with great type of bad. Yeah exactly about tiger Taekwondo time on that time. Extend Taekwondo is but for women and children them in an exercise as far as a fighting his field is completely useless facts women and children and exercise children. You know what I took tae kwon do and I was a kid and you gotta felt every three months and like right and it was my my little brother was like a purple belt or something and he was like five and I was like, all right. This is kind of weird thoughts seem very effective. It did seem like a money grab gotta be honest. I mean, maybe I'm sure it's different in other places. But the one that I was at was a MoneyGram. Yeah, I have money off and some some guys that trains a condo and they would at least with the kicks sidekick will kick Direct Kick I'm telling you right now, those guys and then when they learn some wrestling and boxing they're pretty good. Yeah, but that that's that's a that's a unicorn unicorn. You know, cuz most most young people, you know, it's hard to get people stick around with me for one thing. You know, what you get, somebody take more than three, you know three sessions of wrestling. Well, then then you've found somebody who has the ability or for us, you know, and that's at least mind that you'd is. All right, man. I I actually had a I was coaching a month and the rest was going to make him cut his hair before a tournament and the kid did not want to cut his hair and he's like, well, you can't whistles cuz I go listen man I go I'll put a bathing cap on you know, how hard is to get these kids love wrestling? Like they don't want to wrestle but now you're making them cut their hair. Just let the kid wrestling. Okay, fine. You're right, but your one thousand percent, correct? It's like people do it. They go fuc this sport. Yeah. What about what about kung fu kung food? How come there's never been one Kung Fu? I know what i g. O Tai Chi you see the one the recently the Tai Chi video came out know. Oh the Tai Chi guy like flying in from a guy and I was like that. It was off. He got punched. He said he he just quit. He said it's over. He never get knocked out you get punched in the face has a whole different, you know World Trade Center tells you everything depends like when somebody in wrestling they pick you up to slam you on the ground, you know, and then hold on hold you down. You know you gain weight is saying what is this? Yeah, but you know not all of them, I think but we tie is the one where you go. Okay, that's legitimate shit off. You know, what dominates the more tired Judo and wrestling is a killer combination. Yeah, y tight is the most dishes one out there, you know. Yeah, I mean boxing wrestling tissue. I mean, they're all they're all important, but you're right but this touchy thing has to go and and and then also with like the energy you guys who said they could knock out with energy their energy. Yeah. It's it's yeah, there was a fat guy sitting down literally jumping people with without even worse again, like he points his finger at their knee and they fall. Yeah. All right, and this is come on then you punch him in the face and goes. Oh, I didn't know what you were actually punching people to pay it off, but I'm going to tell you right now, I've seen some Muay Thai guys that go Jesus Christ just their kicks alone. They were much more vicious than anything else. They're like, I'm trying to really take your leg Yeah, but I've seen plenty of birth. Thai guys that like goes into a fight and they get taken down and they're just stuck they don't know what makes it up. You can't just have really time you have a mix. I mean that that happened a lot on the ultimate fighting these guys are come in you see them like, oh I trade in Thailand for three years under and then they they can't defend I take down it's like great, you know, and then I will get off it's it's like you wanted to I guess then or Russia or something trying to tell a joke in English, but all they do is speak, you know, foreign language. You're the same language, you know, it's it's it's completely different all the way around those usually my shows anyway, though. But listen, this has been awesome win. What do you have coming up. Go follow me on YouTube joke fresh show. And that's it baby Chang. Yeah, I'll be in Atlanta Factory actually be there tonight at the virtual comedy show wage. Not a virtual comedy show at the Laugh Factory and you can go to Laugh Factory and check out the information about it. They're going to be improving shows there now virtually. I love it. We got going to get our podcast off the ground here. Looks like it will be off every toxic masculinity Double D's toxic masculinity. I love it. I love it. Well, thank you guys so much. You guys are the best watch my specials coming out next Thursday next week a special. You guys are the best. Thank you guys. Thank you.

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"By. Your fire. Fire Fire Adam Curry John's divorced. Over seventeen twenty twenty. This is your winning nation media assassination. Episode. Twelve hundred, eighty seven. This is no agenda. Labeled offensive. Pan. Broadcasting live from opportunities thirty-three here in the Frontier Austin Texas capital helped drove star stay in morning everybody. Madame Curry. Silicon Valley where I wake the Zephyr not supposed to come today I'm John C.. Devora. Zephyr is there no Zephyr now I'm confused? I don't see anything. The train moving along. Here it's going to be here. It's going in the next sixty seconds. It's very confusing. Those efforts you know it's not supposed to be running. After October first. Yeah. Ran On Thursday. Strange I have a Ever announcement for the Gitmo Nation who happened to be listening live right now to no agenda stream. Dot Com. Go to my twitter and reach tweet the most recent animated no agenda. Titled Very Fine People. You will see that there's a marking there that says, this could be offensive to some. I finally got one. Flight. Yeah, I tweeted the video to animated no agenda The one that came out this morning about very fine people are gag. Wait a minute you telling me that that pointing out the obvious and and correcting the record in a Scott Adam sort of way. And make. It clear that what was said was not what they say was said can get getting the fact checking correct for that. You get condemned. Is Offensive. To some. Scott Adams. That people want to believe the be ass? So Scott Adam. Did by that by by the marking of offensive well, the reason I want people to re tweet it is I have. Requested through some channels say where's my Donald J trump re tweet on this? And Yeah you know trump is ignored are no agenda animated though agenda even though he defended his his stuff more than once I don't care I just want just want the juice man I want the tweet juice. Yeah everyone. Re tweet this go on. Twitter, you have twitter. To add the real divorce to your followers. Numbers backup you. You're not you're not. You're not a tweeter anymore man you're. Been I've. Ever. Since I stop tweeting is they've gone from one, hundred, thousand, point nine, two, hundred and one point five you're now Masto, Bater tweeter anymore. So we have a number I, want to correct record. Oh So to to errors I wanna make sure that everyone knows them run. Yes. I mistakenly thought that an Arnold Palmer was the same as Shirley Temple, Cough Gosh. These you did you get but slammed over that one. What? is but what isn't Arnold Arnold Palmer then? Eliminated half ice tea as I as I recall. Surely can't. Grenadine and Ginger. Ale. the comparison is is okay because they're both non alcoholic drinks. Yeah I know but I made a mistake is saying they were the same drink our cheese. Okay. The other one apparently I did overlook the clip where he's a Cuba said client China our client. I went back and listen to it and I. I've listened to it a couple of times and I said to myself self. Miss this because you actually kind of cut it off right in that area and you heard the whole thing their sign off to you didn't hear this is that what you're telling yourself and what self cy realized what it is I'm GonNa Make A. White has happened. Okay. I know this is a ludicrous. Use. But I'M GONNA give it anyway Mandela effect. A really so you just didn't hear it. Yeah. That's not wasn't there when I when I wasn't there and. I. Of course I'm all I'm born della effect I'm sure that happened but I apologize mainly to elder Mandela affect my wish I be apologize apologize mainly to the. The Guy, who submitted that clip to you. And I condemned him as another guests. The biggest bad flips so. that. was interesting because Dina after the show I said, hey. Man Hold that whole thing was edited in. She's like what? 'cause she had first shown it to me. And I played it for and she's like. But that that's the clippers apparently that's edited that she gave me A. An Eye roll. This sound edited. It sounded super edited well, Anyway the point about the point about Mark Cube in China was well-made regardless. So the couple of big topics. As you would say Kovic where the money is or do you WanNa start with that, we got a lot of covert stuff going on. Yeah we do. We do back in the news shutdown Let's start with this overseas overseas report because this is where they're really have an issue. The Netherlands is his shutdown showdown again. Branson's pretty much shut down but. I've got a bunch of this. Is really funny ones here Let's start with most of them were noted. As Kovin unlooked on my list. Plus start with the Cova curfews. An e you cities is short sixteen second clip reminder of the top story we're following right now governments across Europe are introducing a new round of restrictions to stop the record surge in Corona virus. France has imposed a curfew. The requires all public spaces to be shut by nine PM nine major cities. So, I know. People. Are complying. But they don't get it. Why is this happening? Did you see that? Did you see the doctors? hold on a second whereas it. Doctors for truth from the Netherlands. Oh. No I I play that. Yeah this is So it's a panel and this is a kind of cut down version of their little little press conference Elka Declercq is a Dutch GP, and she is one of the leaders for doctors for two sales had the Irish lady on who We played some clips from several weeks back and here's elk declare and she's taken quite a stand alka cleric from the Netherlands and I. Want to say that we do not have a medical pandemic or epidemic. We also state that covid nineteen should not be on list A. For any longer because we now know that it is a normal flu virus in flu virus isn't on list a so we are also. Starting lawsuit. To state of. Nerlens. Bring this in with a large group of doctors really large group of. Nurses also because we have contact with. Eighty seven thousand nurses that do not want the vaccine that is being prepared for us. I wants to stay if there is no pandemic I'm wondering why our kids are in school swith mosques there's absolute constitutional rights and they cannot be infringed or inflicted for any medical reason. There's no reason for panic also in the medical practice, there's no reason for panic depends created by these false positive. PCR. Tests. Eighty nine percent until nine, four percent of those artists are false positive. They don't test for the Kobe nineteen and also. The rest is false negative. So we have to look at connects we have to start looking at clinic medical doctors have to stop looking at those tests. That's very important. Let's go back to the clinks into the facts we have in the Netherlands now, the regular press, a publishing. The news that the PC, our test is not correct test. So I'm very happy about this. So does hope I'm going to be superficial for a moment. Normally, I'd say this probably won't go anywhere. But she super cute. So. Ugly Doctor I'm just I'm just a I'm looking at it from television vitality perspective. You know I'm not looking at any. Come on man come on man I I agree with you. I'm saying I, said, yeah. The Netherlands this is really Cute or not cute. Most of these people don't don't even notice. Which people themselves, the evil ones keeping is locked up. Yeah well, we're not locked up we're doing okay. We still reminded with the muzzles on our heads every single day. Well, here's the here's another series of this is a weird one. This one came out of I. Think I got this Travailler maybe France twenty one of the US or I did most of my research today. Listen to this one, and there's a to the two parts. Kovic is under covert purred immunity India one now while many governments are urging people to keep a safe distance to prevent a further mushrooming of covid nineteen some scientists, what's the best way to tackle the virus is by grouping together and through herd immunity in India where the devastating pandemic is hit particularly hard there's been a noticeable fall in the infection rate in certain densely populated areas Ellen Gainsford reports. By Slam with shanks stacked one on top of the other social distancing is impossible. But the number of deaths from the corona virus who've been relatively low. Officially there have been a few thousand. After a spike in May figures have stabilized and then dropped the opposite trend to the rest of the country. The same pattern is repeated in other slums in New Delhi. Data name the beginning I was scared. We will stay and live with the virus bit. Amazon. Areas Studies show nearly sixty percent of the population have developed antibodies. Could this mean collective immunity Why exactly. But I feel like we have the power to fight this illness. There's a debate between specialists about what the findings mean. Many. Doctors say India is too large and too highly populated for collective immunity to work. Joking. If you're talking about her immunity, you're you're expecting one million people in tonight. Convince US who should not? So, there is no concept of community at this moment. Anytime. But this epidemiologist believes that what the data shoes happening one zero surveillance data data to the data of declines in cases being reported from the area. The two together that slightly thirty minute this is what could be the picture in large parts of India wants the virus spreads further and further. Dig in her sexy sultry voice over kind of working for me. So you have the most cramped horrible places where nobody wears masks and they can't social distance in the slums of India. Caseload is just dropped nothing groups. So, this is like an anomaly nobody's GonNa talk about now because his apparent to me at least that the whole thing is over and this is just a reflection of that. If that go to part two I think the the World Health Organization has suggested moving Sweden into India. We got a cover up everything Sweden, cover it all up. This go with this, go to the same clip part to. Official. Policy discounts the idea of collective immunity. Social distancing and hygiene measures remain keen to fighting the pandemic. So. There's still playing the died. I don't know I make you know is no no no, they're. They're playing dumb. Yeah. Credits his religious good one. This is the parish shutdown report part one boy. Shift work and don't finish until mind fifteen. So often the curfew begins. From work that is. Now the streets are empty and all is quiet in Paris. Some more current virus developments for you German president cloth. To you played did. You report is this one's this report Dwi I'm sorry. Yeah. The lower case got me caught me off guard. I'm sorry here we go. Confirmed Corona virus. In Europe are higher than ever countries across the cut and are laying down a new round of restrictions and hopes of slowing the spread. France. For example, has imposed a curfew in nine major cities requiring all public spaces be shut by nine PM. The country has a record thirty, two, thousand new cases in the past day usually stop for a second. Brain. That that hasn't been listening to this show Adams has been carrying the ball with most of this stuff and we both we both noticed the change in. An actual cases and then people that are test positive and they did a switcheroo on us I it. We probably have to keep mentioning this because I knew New People come start listening over talking about an and this. Switcheroo that they've done, which is made it sound like things are getting worse when they're not as shown in India. is responsible for the craziness is going on in Europe and it's I. Don't know how long this is going to continue. Oh, well, I have some clues. I got an email from this is circulating. So is not confirmed, but it looks official from a Liberal Party member in Canada via and this person sent out this e mail at with some concern saying. I need to start off by saying I'm not happy doing this, but I have to Canadian more importantly as a parent who wants a better future for my children for other children as well. the other reason I'm doing this because roughly thirty percent of the committee members are not pleased with the direction. This will take Canada. So here's the roadmap and aim that were set out by the PM Oh. I think that's the Prime Minister of Ontario. No, that's the some planning committee. I don't know what pm out troll room what does PMO Nieminen Kannada Mean, I'll give you the roadmap phase in secondary lockdown restrictions on a rolling basis starting with major metropolitan areas I and expanding outward expected by November twenty twenty. PM. Oh was prime minister's office. To rush the acquisition of or construction of isolation facilities across every province and territory expected by December twenty twenty. Daily, new cases of covid nineteen will surge beyond capacity of testing. This is an interesting one who surge beyond capacity of testing including increases in covert related deaths following the same growth curves. By. The End of November twenty twenty. Complete and total secondary lockdown much stricter than the first and second rolling face restrictions expected by the end of December twenty, twenty, early January twenty, twenty one. Reform and expansion of the unemployment program. To be transitioned into the universal basic. Program expected q one, twenty, twenty, one couple more. Next projected cove nineteen mutation and or CO infection with secondary virus which will be referred to as covid twenty. One. Leading to third wave with much higher mortality rate higher rate of X. of infection expected February twenty, twenty one. Daily new cases of Covid twenty-one hostile. Gosh this is great hospitalizations and Covid. Nineteen and covert twenty one related deaths will exceed medical care facilities that capacity expected q on q one, twenty, twenty one then enhance lockdown restrictions referred to as third lockdown will be implemented. Full travel restrictions will be imposed including Inter province intercity due to twenty twenty one transitioning of individuals into the Basic Universal Basic Income Program Q. Two, twenty, twenty one. Projected supply chain breakdowns, inventory shortages, large economic stability get ready for that in Q. Two, and finally deployment of military personnel into major metropolitan areas, as well as major roadways to establish travel checkpoints restrict travel and movement provide logistical support to the area expected Q. Three, twenty, twenty one. Yea. Yes, that's an obvious hoax. Really I'd be careful with saying that. I'm saying it. If it came out I will say this if that came out, of Victoria, Australia wouldn't make the claim it was a hoax. But but it's the same people. Okay. Well, since you ask. Let's let's finish my clip. Shutting down Paris's kind of amusing. More chess for more guests Jaffa Saloum has his hands full today. His restaurant lesser-known is packed and his guests old wanted to be looked after before the curfew takes effect. We've changed everything we now begin serving at five. Kim. The bartenders and service struggled to keep up with the orders amid a frenzy of activity. Jaffna's guests have arrived Mush Shelly of unusual. Viscous it's a little stressful. We have to be efficient in order to have a drink and be harming time. Even, though no one looks ready to go home most of the patrons a happy to comply with the new few. Smoke. Such a bad idea considering the high infection rates. It doesn't bother me that much wasn't nausea shortly before nine PM Jaffa. Tells his guests they have to make their way home and quickly. then. It's a race to close on time with Jeff determined to avoid the penalties that come with being open post nine. Pushing. Frustrating having to kick people out at eight thirty in the evening. It's a shock. Usually what open until six in the morning. Show Bush. This is talk just after nine pm the Metro is deserted. Anyone found outside risks being fined over one hundred years, the exception being emergencies and work. Insanity. And you know what? He's been saying part when you watch this, this was done on Deutsche Bill. This restaurant that serves dinner out five, which is outrageous. Less. You're like eighty years old This place was packed to the Gills because people had to go out. So what is what's the point is packed to the gills more so than usual, I'm guessing because they're usually like the guy said to be up until six in the morning. So people can come and go and pack to for an intense two or three hours of eating and drinking. In. The crowd. No. But he's wearing masks of course because they're eating and drinking is pointless no is totally pointless. You go back to my accomplishing nothing. If you go back to my hoax email, it is accomplishing obedience it is accomplishing adherence it is accomplishing fear is accomplishing a lot of things. This is just to keep keep it going for a little bit until we have our next piece rolled out. That's what it accomplishes. Let's go to. Shift work and finish until mind fifteen. So after the curfew begins. From. What is? Now, the streets are empty and all is quiet in Paris some more coronavirus developments for you. German President Funk. Plaza Steinmeyer has tested negative for Corona virus after one of his bodyguards tested positive Steinmeyer is quarantining. Iran has extended coronavirus restrictions and closures in Tehran into a third week on. Saturday. After its DETRO- death toll rose above thirty thousand and Australia's coronavirus hotspot of Victoria recorded only a single case on Saturday the lowest number since early June one. Yeah, man lock them down shut up slave one lousy case they shut down the whole area. Yeah sure. Do you want. Do Germany. Yeah. Germany's get. This is a good report they're cracking down at. G. AS A shocker they're cracking down in Germany. German. Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned of difficult months ahead for the country with almost eight thousand new coronavirus infections recorded in the past twenty, four hours the highest figure since the start of the pandemic, the chancellor is been calling on people in Germany to work together to stem the spread of the virus and tough measures have already been introduced in some parts of the country. Mawson social distancing. Coronavirus virus restrictions have been in force in the south western German city of God since Wednesday. There are breaking whole after eleven pm and Master Obligatory Public Square does that got to do with anything were Drinking alcohol. You can't drink after eleven. Are you starting to see the patterns She starting to see. Pointless exercise unless you want to punish the slaves if you want to drink do as we say. Many of those rules will now be extended to the rest of baden-wuerttemberg on Monday. The state premier is going to raise the Karuna virus threat alert, and that's where you got the pronunciation off what? He said premier. Premiere is going to raise the Karuna virus threat alert to the highest level by thought going to tighten restrictions there where this doesn't cause too much pain in the hope that we can SPEC in gardens, schools and workplaces. As possible spare the children. Wilson being considered once again, game curbing the number of people allowed into stores and making restaurant reservations obligatory. German Chancellor Angela Merkel made an urgent appeal in her weekly online video of cooling on people to act now to contain the pandemic. Lessons is ish. He's meet up with far fewer people with outside or at home. Refrained from any trips that aren't absolutely necessary locally any celebrations that on. A necessary. Lease whenever possible stay at home in your place of residence. For case. Let's just let's just review one more time. Look at all the charts cases does not equal death anymore at all close at all at all at all somebody's pointed out in on the mastodon feeds Dick 'cause I sent his. Chart around in the last newsletter. This Swedish one, which also contradicted a funny picture because it was taken from Google page and it showed the the contradiction between the actual charts and what's going on in Sweden which is zero deaths nothing going on. several cases. Yeah and and and the notation. That came up high in the Google rankings of the Swedish experiments a disastrous failure. And This has been just been continuous with some people are using different kinds of charting methodologies now including logarithmic. So you get a completely different look at things and it's not meaningful, but it looks worse And that was kind of point that there's a part two to this clip if you WANNA play it despite support from the armed forces to keep the test and trace system up and running this concern that Germany's local health authorities are still struggling. Nonetheless two thousand people protested in Stuttgart and Corona virus is they were not wearing masks. sounds just like everywhere else doesn't it they were not wearing mosques though sunny the about the mavericks but I think there's a lot of this has to do with it track and trace methodologies they've been trying to implement a nobody is going for it. Oh okay good. I A few words about PCR tests. My last emotional suggestion that lab technicians and people familiar with the. Tests should start speaking out has resulted in somewhat hates coming my direction. and. It goes something like this. Here's one example. Hey, bud just want to say before way before your readers. This was a complete shock to you, right. I got. So here's the thing I got so many nice emails from people saying you know you're right in fact one. One of our one of our nights actually said, you know it is so hard and he actually gave an analogy which I thought was kind of Nice in two thousand fifteen I left a career in aerospace as a quality assurance inspector I'd been threatened with my job not certifying damaged seven, thirty, seven break. It took a year to plan my escape but I refused to compromise my integrity and had gone as far. As I could with them that line drawn I. Think a lot of people have faced similar and most just let the man es in people are going to have to come face to face with the same monster I did and decided that it is that they signed on for what for what they signed off on for with their employers and it is in my mind it's kind of analogous. Certified that break man don't worry about it. There's there's eight of them on the plane. Don't worry about it and no. Of course you don't want. To one of my many of. Many. Many jobs. Yes, many. Yes Quality Control was one of them and. There's a lot of stories too. Because there are thing there you do it to bend the rules you can't go by the book but I, that's when I learned to write the cover your ass memo. And so if there is a situation like the brakes or something, you'd immediately right to cover your ass memo asking for clarification and you never get a return note. So. You really can't get shoot I. Look I asked for the carbocation I? Don't know what else to do here. Right? Right. Right. Just the CYA. Yes. Why is work? That's where you'll learn it when you're quality control or the nowadays quality assurance Qa is you're not controlled controlling anything. So an example email. Hey, Bud I'm doing the voice because that's how I heard it. Hey, bud just so you're aware bench texts have zero say in how many cycles run on PCR testing it isn't even set by the clinical testing facility it's validated and approved by the FDA with the manufacturer, take it up with them. shitting on lab techs really shows how ignorant you are on this. Excuse me that information by itself is valid. The result that I put a couple of all anonymous, of course. I put them in the in the show notes than one was even at. The meet up. And I guess didn't know that I was interested in this or we just didn't connect or whatever. And But the stuff the lab technician says is also it's very confusing it all comes down to well. Here's here's the bottom line. The task is accurate. It's how it's interpreted or how it set up or how the assay is done. So the technicians the way I read it and excuse me if I'm interpreting it wrong are taking their hands off saying we're just following orders. That's what. Note sounds like yeah, and the problem is that's what the Germans wound up saying. It's the problem you happiness. We are just following office. And I would just like one or two lab technicians like brave doctors and nurses who came out and said hold on a second. This is now that this is now your responsibility you've you've you've been a part of it and now the doctors now, no one's dying like they used to. Now we're locking down because of cases which comes from PCR tests. And you just heard the Dutch doctor saying their faulty they give false positive. They gave false negatives and no lab technician is coming out and saying, yeah even if you said, hey, it's in the TERP station you gotta go look at the FDA we go. Look at your health services they're the ones that are setting the standard and what does it really mean? But they're not. So it's fine. It's fine. Yell at me I, think that was a defensive note that you read from some Guy I. Don't know why he would take that position doesn't make sense. He's the Douche. Okay. So what is this all leading towards? Luckily we do have some news from Australia. Because it is coming is happening and it is almost here very first he's case that will be underway and we hope to have completed by this time next year he's to digitize the incoming passengers. So, at the moment, everybody who robs into Australia the foreigner and Ozzy, you would complete these cod and it has your contact information your details. Clarify, they're talking about the arrival card when you fly into Australia everyone has to we used to have the states as well. Fill out an arrival card where you're coming from what flight you're on what nationality you are and everyone does it not just the foreigners but also the Australian. So now they are digitizing that, and let's see what kind of benefit that could give us some to by security information. That obviously, he's sometimes difficult to read. It takes time to manually processed these and in the future when we need to be able to context trace people. We, of course, would like that information to be able to get to authorize. Immediately rather than having to go through the process of entering the data and across to them. So from these. Next year our expectation. That will no longer need these incoming by the way this time next year this time next year is what they're talking about Nick Sti h-h-how expectation keys that will no longer need these incoming passenger car because we'll have a fully digital incoming passenger card and what's more by having a digital product in the future. Should they be? Viable vaccine. To attach a authentic becks nations, two tickets to the incoming passengers card so that we will. Give a person has indeed head that vaccination not and therefore they will be able to. ENTER INTO AUSTRALIA POTENTIALLY WITH Foreign -taining. Furthermore, by digitizing these, we have much greater. Authenticity and integrity associated with who the individual is because typically these on your fine image would be taken on your face which would match up. Your passport to ensure the integrity in relation to the identity. Of the individual and of course, from context tracing perspective that means that we'll be able to immeidiately have the information. Connected into contact trace capability nature of the state and territories jurisdictions should they need it so? We may be thinking it's going nowhere because as voluntary this is the crackdown this is starting. Now it's happening. You're GONNA have an APP and the first APP on a global scale comes from the World Economic Forum and the common. You see what they're. the comments project. Which is a nonprofit the Commons project. To. See. The about us here tell you what they're about what we believe. We believe we believe we believe all people should enjoy the benefits of technology data to improve their lives. We believe that I raised improve your life. It sounds like it just complicates things we believe that great technology products could be built and sustained in ways that respect individual privacy. We believe people have the right to control and benefit from their personal information. We believe in transparency and accountability equity and exclusivity stronger together everything we do adheres to these principles just a quick note on who was on the. Who the Global Trustees are. we have an show pro. So that's Esther dyson Esther dyson esther dyson is on this. While she's still alive. Esther please I. Don't mean that in a bad way I haven't heard anything from esther dyson at least a decade my goodness of. was. She had a choose a high profile person she get hooked up with a bunch of last I heard. And I knew a pretty well She hooked up with a bunch of Russian of. Investors. And they're putting their money and all kinds of. That was a while ago. Gaga. About Russia was the future of the Internet if I recall for something like that. So just a few of the trustee council I won't give you all the names, but we have the professor of the CEO of the Mayo Clinic the CEO Pitney. Bowes. We have the CIO of QVC and the CIO of Walmart's we have the CEO of Grapevine. Health. General Counsel from hard drive my car network CEO. Of Louisiana State. University. Healthcare you get the. Get involved in his sketchy Yep. Do you get the idea who's involved in this? So this is their first project. They have a really crappy video to explain it with lots of boring music and and. Subtitles at least this will give you an idea. What they're talking about common passes a pot form that lets people safely insecure late collect their health information whether it is a negative Cova. Or, eventually, a record of Co. vaccination. Managed that information control themselves, and then be able to let that information be used to demonstrate that they have had a negative test or they have been vaccinated so they can get on an airplane or travel to another country. For countries, it gives them the ability to actually know confidently that this person who wants to come visit them. Can actually safely be admitted in their country without. Risk of exposing other people in the country to to Kobe if you put yourself in a travelers. People want to travel, but they don't want to and frankly shouldn't have to. Hand out there sensitive health information. Airline, they WANNA, fly every country they want to visit every airport they want to travel through. So I think. The balance that needs to be achieved just say, how can we give? Let's say a country or an airline, the comfort they need to know that this person. Is Safe to travel or safe to enter country without gonNA, get a stamp safe to travel having to. Tattoo Tattoo. As health information own. So it's the East African Community which is. Where we like to start things are Rwanda, Kenya. The East African communities where we like to test all this shit people. Yeah. Baby goes. So it's the East African. Community which is. Just. The fact that say the east African Community, it's bigger than your entire country, Bro? Stop with your community it's The the East? African Community which is. Rwanda Kenya Tanzania. Uganda. Burundi south Sudan. Era Right describing what led to this was their desire to restart trucking. And not four of those countries are landlocked. So they're entirely dependent on the rest is just you know how how it came to be very successful of course in east Africa it's great. Everybody loves it now interviews or anything so it's clear if you take what the health guy said in Australia, this is all coordinated. It's all a part of it. It's all coming together. It's all GonNa be beautiful. and. We have. Of course where this is leading and it's cash. It was kind of kind of freaky but I knew it would happen. You know there was an election just A. Just a little bit away from Australia, the New Zealand election took place during the the lockdown and there's I think they're still pretty locked down all across New Zealand. Them not one hundred percent. Sure. And Prime Minister. Yes Inga. Arden. Reelected for another four years as prime minister. In she gave her. Acceptance Speech. INADA in cognitive funeral out here are. decoded. It had a report it tacky. He love this she speaks fluent bowery. Nord I that. An who who remind me that to me was the end of show I so I made what it means, but I like who might May. Okay we'll pass on that and now to the English version of what she said. The next three years. There is much work to do. We will build back Peter from the. Now. Let's let's listen. Let's listen to what that means in her mind and I'm going to say this can actually all twenty second clip to accentuate what I'm going to say Kamla, harassed on a phone press briefing. Anyone one of that stake in this away. Pandemic Irvine Session a national reckoning on race climate crisis. Our Nation is at a crossroads we need to elect a president. and. Pandemic. Economy. Back. By. So this build back better I guarantee you. Joe Biden wins. This is the global locking everyone will be we're all building back better KUNAI YA it'll be the g seven, G Eight, G twenty. The whole world will be smothered in an international vibe of we are the world we're building back better do as we say shot up curfew stay in your home don't worry. We've got everything under control and just listen to the newly elected re elected prime minister as she explains what that's going to mean in New Zealand? Three years. There is much to do. We will build back Peter from the Corbett crisis. Enthusiasm. With an answer to the mini challenges New Zealand. Already faced. This is our opportunity. To build an economy that works for everyone to keep creating decent jobs to up skill and train out people to protect our environment and a Juris L. climate challenges to take on poverty and inequality to ten. All of the uncertainty and hard times into cause for hope and optimism Wu it's an opportunity we already grabbed. And a plan we have laid out to invest in the infrastructure that sits us up for generations to come or creating thousands of jobs new state homes to house the homeless when hundred. Neil `electricity generation, free trades, training, and interest free loans. Businesses to expand into drive. Al Plan is already in action and already working, but after this result. We have the mandate to accelerate our discounts and our coverage and tomorrow. You Go. It's GONNA be Great. Everybody's enthusiasts I'll tell you what this woman sickens me. She got voted voted voted to stay in. The people get exactly the government. Maybe. Makes me really wonder seriously about the mentality of everybody in New Zealand. Gavin, newsom California has now limited gatherings to three families, two hours or less and no singing. A guy can't hold a note of. Hope, they're going to enforce that and meanwhile justice show saying no singing shut up slave just to show you how it can be done. I have to say this plain old joe from down under has captured. My heart here's reporting from Saint Bernard Fruit and vacancy at the strong headline. Fuck. fucked up with Dana Andrews you Cook Roach. The Andrew Government you know what a what? Some on Sandra's. Little bit confused. See this morning on sunrise yesterday Harry from Harry. Squadron Vittoria. Gun might you got both boost still Ula John Kapoor's both. GET THEIR Businesses go small businesses fuck dangerous and government gun open your shop tomorrow man. Stand. Hairy Harry's we're GONNA take this video son, my absolute legend. Murphy's and go and get your piece. Movies and fuck out he roy took a blocking. But she can't open up a close up or your local businesses you fucking takes crept dense. Get into trouble over this video. To be honest. Occupy, tighten the video dan you re cock it and I'm GonNa talk and we need You just to dictate Tida. What else Lianne does what else? Do I if you open up at least the particle way mosques staying one point five have in-and-out inference and exit. Fully. The Protocols. been. Your businesses. Is that many suicides happening here about that Shit? Kit In your shop and open it. John Kapoor Site Bernard's Brune Veg Austin Boy Henry which brings me to a pet peeve of mine and I keep having to repeat it. Outcome Walmart can be open more target. And you can go in there by a pair of jeans and a shirt and some underwear but a little boutique shop that sells the shirts and jeans, and maybe maybe underwear they can't be open know. How does that make any sense logically of course not but people are so dumb and dumbed down I should say they're not questioning it anymore they're tired of it they're tired of it. Whatever we'll just do it and that's the mistake they're making. We'll make the I know at the argument is for the Walmart being open, which is well, they serve they have food. It's like a grocery store. That's true. Even though even the head shots ju they cordoned off of close. 'cause. Just. Block them so you can't go in there. Well, they did that remember they did start to block stuff off like the lawn furnish what you couldn't buy lawn furniture weren't allowed to they've blocked off. Idea that would hurt me deeply. In the UK announcement the National Health Service will now notify the police when someone has tested positive and should be self isolating. Another good reason not to take the test though it's going to be mandatory, you're going to need it. You're gonNA need your passport, your common pass that common common pass it's all. Esther dyson behind this man come on, it's going to be successful. We had one of our favorite teachers over Friday evening on the deck hung out because the teacher won't kiss us. Hello or whatever she needs to distance. She's very, very, very frightened. I'm not laughing because. I am now. So they lost the floor everywhere by the way, they lost the votes to be able to do classes from home. was four weeks and they would have a vote and then four weeks if it was keep locked down but they didn't and so it was okay we have to open but parents can choose if they want their kids to stay home. Let me just tell you what is going on. This is not a class she sits in what they call a pod. And she has maybe six or eight students who are not her students. Theropod students were all there with their laptop open doing the exact same thing there'd be doing at home. So. She's not teaching suggest supervising. And they're following their course material on. A new player that I was not aware of although they've been around for quite a while school. School Adji is the. IT'S S. C. H. O. L.. G. Y.. School Adji is the platform they're using and I can't even begin to tell you how blame it is and they. Literally with School Aji. The teacher can see the kids the kids can see the teacher, but the kids can't see each other. HOW STUPID STUPIDEST THAT So it's like it's not even a collective experience like a real zoom call or anything. And this is This is the thing that. This is really interesting. It's as though they really wanNA D- socialize the youth. What is it accomplish? The socialized a youth to make it a bunch of introverts coders. This is all a scheme to get more people to do coating learning learn to code. Cody, we haven't noticed that that this learn to code was a major theme we talked about for the last two years girls who code. That's another one learning to code and which Code Code Code. Gates came out of the we should all be coders and now and debt didn't work because who the hell wants to be a code or unless you really like it. and. So okay. Well, let's just make them be coders Bhai changing their personalities by making them introverted. Taste socialized them, and then they'll go get him to code. Well, it's it's to work it will these kids already are pumped up with meds and as they call them haven't had. Antidepressants all kinds of stuff. I can't drug them. Okay. That was the first round the first drug them up to code. Work Okay. So let's do all these programs code code code learn to Code Girl Code Academy girls who code that that didn't work. Well, let's try number three. Are We short coders? What I mean we'll the Indian coders that bad that we have to really make Americans coders I think because trump restricted the H. one B. Visas you know maybe it's like we need a new pool of human resources. Task Dravid from these kids who knows study? Point Eddie just adding to my argument Oh. Yeah. I like it. See what did the study come from? Largest analysis hospitalize US covid nineteen patients to date finds that most did not survive after being placed on a mechanical ventilator. In New York is what they're looking at and Of course, it basically says, well, looks like that didn't go. Well, there's no conclusion as to why it didn't go. Well, what if any mistakes were made people have to realize that we talked about this on the show and what it is to be put on a ventilator now I have to paralyze you drugged up. and. So your lungs don't work anymore. Yeah they basically, if you didn't have the ventilate, you'd be dead too I the parallel. So your own lungs don't work then they shove a tube down you and seal it off and then make the ventilator may breathe for you. Being in an iron lung only portable. Yeah. That doesn't sound safe I forgot to mention I'd ask the respiratory technician trainer at the Vegas. Meet Up. said. How about those does this the one who said that they killed all? No no Oh. Yes. That's the one. That is the one she said well, we just you know giving wrong information. No blame. No blame for me but I, I forgot to tell you. Howard those General Motors. Ventilators that trump was touting. We went from making you know car engines, ventilators we thought it was pretty interesting. That's quite a retooling. They, perform well, but they have no dials and KNOBS. It's like jamming the tube on off kind of. There wasn't a lot of fine tuning. Automated a lot of fine tuning their. fun little. Fun Little thing trending on twitter, which of course, will be blocked and go away. Dr Fao Chee Co authored a paper on the nineteen, eighteen, nineteen, nineteen pandemic. And in that paper linked in the show notes, the paper will be available. The conclusion is that many of the deaths were actually says deaths were mostly from bacterial pneumonia from wearing masks F- Ouchi signed on this paper. Yes. Wow. Lip of the day he had a lipid nowhere will allow indeed right? Crazy Steph. Then we have almost their ally lily remember ille- We had the report they've had to stop testing, stop testing. Well, something's wrong. Some adverse reaction and this of course is not the the treatment that the president got he got it from regeneration project Iran. our producer says. Smoking. Mirrors. Bullshit on lily they are running the trials in nursing homes. I have some in-progress as we speak we'll provide details. We are still in testing hell as well more to come happy Friday Johnson Friday. So. What is that all about? They say they stopped it but they haven't and they're testing it in. Nursing homes is anything to do with big Pharma. Company always has underwritten scandal. Never gets out one reports on it. You can killed. Yeah. And then an unbelievable report from. NBC. And we'll have to deconstruct this minute fifteen s to who is going to benefit from this report with the world desperate for Cova. Vaccine Russia is accused of spreading lies about a leading candidate. That story, it's one of the world's most promising Kobe seeds developed by Britain's University of Oxford, and tonight, unconfirmed report in British media suggests Russia is trying to discredit. It could not share all strung Russian television and state controlled websites are calling Oxford's drug a monkey vaccine suggesting it's unsafe for humans. Cartoons featured heavily on pro-kremlin websites and mysteriously sourced imply the vaccine will even turn people into monkeys. News. The top US counterintelligence official told US Russia and China are trying to discredit and steal vaccine research. Whoever obtains the vaccine I is going to be the geopolitical leader of the world but why monkeys the Oxford vaccine uses a modified virus commonly found in chimpanzees to deliver genetic material scientists at Oxford trowel show their back seen candidate is harmless to humans. Russia has. Responded saying it has no need to de legitimize foreign research because Russia is leading the way Russia's currently marketing its own vaccines which many virologists say lack sufficient trials. Yes. Many there something in here that I like humans featured heavily on pro-kremlin Wilson Super Finding Steering Asli sourced mysteriously source that's new. Okay. That's let's start off with the basic knowledge that Richard Ingles CIS. He always gets brought in when it's time for that. So we don't have any proof of this except by example, and one of the what you can deconstruct certain things to way what people report on how they report what they do, and you can assume that they're working for two masters. So they bring him in to do this report I never heard of any of this until he reported So I'm thinking that the re the basis for this report is to tell us. Information that's supposed to be general knowledge but started, they'll get it going. Get it going. To get to get the idea underway. It's nice trick I? Think is a creative trick. make a big fuss about something. Nobody knows anything about as everybody. Knows everything about it. And then you're just clarifying its as dynamite trick. Is bullcrap yeah. Of course it's bullcrap was just wild man see CIA move I'm down with that. and. something. With kind of concern me a little bit. You know as we're talking about people not speaking up and also preference falsification which apparently used the term. we were discussing on the last show about. Polling. People not people afraid to say that they even support the president trump. And Act saying that they don't it's called preference falsification it has a wikipedia entry so it must be true and then I got this disturbing email from one of our producers and it kind of fits in tm I believe that many people are staying quiet in the US who would normally be out protesting outwardly engaged because of Q.. Q. Legiter. Not He says quote Patriots are in control and we have everything both of which imply people should wait for Q. and team to fix things. Otherwise, the lockdown protests will be much bigger than they are now. Wow, this just explained to me what q could also be about exactly this keeping you shut up and in your home with some desperate hope that q is going to save you. While? Yeah. That's that's fucking sorry. That's really dangerous waiting for Godot kind of stuff I mean if waiting for Guffman that is really that is cynical but holy crap you know just think about that it keeps everybody quiet we're all all yeah. I I don't believe there's so many followers have any influence personally. I think everybody follows a kind of is an amusement. No? No No. No. This is sorry. This is a very large group of people that I know. We've had producers who've emailed me that their wives less them because they were into Q. and the husband couldn't quite. Get on board with all of it and they left him. And the kids. But. The wife was an AQ- yes. All Women in the queue is big. I'd say there's almost more women in the in the Cunanan Movement. Then there are men movement in the yeah. It's big John. This is yeah. I am in denial then. Regarding Regardless. If you know if you need to speak out, please don't think anyone's coming to save you because I've been waiting for thousands of sealed indictments for a year and a half ten thousand I've been on at ten thousand. If you remember it will. It's now apparently outrageous numbers up to two hundred it's it's showed in Geneva where are you? It's over two hundred thousand. Now, if you believe the if you believe the reports I, it's it's crazy. But maybe. What we should do now, I'd like to take us into the debate and also I wanNA talk about hunters hard drive but maybe if I take you into the debate with a clip That That helps us with that hold on a second. What debate at the town hall is when I mean the town hall, not the debate dueling town halls, correct term ruling town halls by the way I wanNA. To mention before he do they make a big fuss off they put them at the same time in the San. Francisco Bay area large political area they were not the same time. They ABC one ran live at at five, an NBC local affiliates. Decided, why does it need to be live? We're doing call INS or anything. We'll run it at eight o'clock like they do back east and they rented eight to one in five and one at eight and I don't believe this was unusual. This is the the I think. The only clip took from from the trump thing and it's about queuing on July. ACID. About on hit is this Siri that Pedophile Ring and you are the savior. So she said something interesting there. Did you catch it? I can barely hear it but And she said to q non I couldn't really understand what she said when she was telling me, she says Q. On is this theory that you are going to Save Evil Democrats? Who are pedophile, 's? That has never never. Never been asserted line wall. Let me ask you about human hit is this series that? Are. Header file ring you are the savior that now can you just once and for all states is Completely. Not True. So al-Qaeda in its entirety, I know nothing about. On ties your very lead. told me. But when you tell me doesn't necessarily make in fact, I hate to say that age I know nothing about it I do know they are very much against. Pedophilia fight very hard. I knew nothing. Like. Now it's the deep state but the. Audio was so bad on his town hall that. I'm running this low level compression is already in the audio. It's horrible cuma way too much. I had to adjust my hearing AIDS. It was so so much high end was coming through. He was really really bad. but I just thought that was an interesting. I think if you parse what she said to do what you explained, it probably is what she said, but she seemed kind of like hysterical. It seems to me about this whole issue. Was that all about thirty seconds more we'll just bear with me like. I'll tell you what I do know. About. Radical left and I know how violent they are, how vicious they are and I know how the earning down cities run by Democrats. Senator Ben Sasse said quote Hugh. Nuts and real leaders call conspiracy theories conspiracy theory May. Be Right I just don't know about you June now. Do No. No. No no no, it's Democrat defiles. Well, it may turn out to be the majority of Democrats in implicated in this but I don't think it's ever been said the only. Democrats in fact, it's more focused on. Hollywood than anything. I agree with that that is actually yes, that's the way I see it too I don't see Biz a Democrat thing it's P- except for Hollywood, Democrats. Well, as long as redundant as long as we can distract from Hunter Biden than than all is well. Do you want. Do you want to do the town halls? I only have one clip into town halls. I mean, let's get the town halls out of the way we will get one, hundred, hundred the. Good. Good good. I got a lot. They have got a lot of good hunter stuff. You have a lot clips for hunter not no I figured you'd be doing the town halls. Oh no I those town halls B. Basically. Waste of time. I couldn't I couldn't. I listened to Biden Wanted Biden one is just you know it was just another biden thing where he makes maybe one mistake, the in and our, but it's a good one and then the other one was just mostly trumpers disadvantage she's trying to show off. Yeah I, find it very offensive. No I didn't get any I. Got Nothing. I got. The town hall well, the what I found offensive. Let's just talk. Can we talk? Can we talk? What in the hell was up with those shoe savannah was wearing. Those were ugly. They were really ugly. Ass. Shoes was a fashion emergency. Didn't even notice Oh my oh, my they were they were. High heeled clogs. And Poor Savannah I was what I was looking at. I was looking at twitter when there's some some of the lefties that I follow. And there they watched the trump townhall for like five seconds. And their tweet was always the same. It was I can't wash this. There's some phony behind trump nodding her head us all she's doing is nodding her head. I can't cake at the conundrum was they couldn't remover because she's black. I know she's a black so they couldn't remove her oh no as he's like the APP and she was almost doing call backs. Diamond and silk whatever. took a Lotta t might as well. Call and respond to whatever it's called cash. That was fantastic. I did grab diligent missing what you're snapping her fingers. but. I I actually thought trump did a pretty good job on that. I I was surprised. He got he got some good messages out. He wasn't his stance the way he was kind of sitting standing on that on the stool whatever peculiar what you think of that very powerful very like I'm in control I got my feet squarely on the ground here I'm moving forward had a whole four we. Did a fantastic. I really think you're I agree with you. He did a great job especially. Savannah Savannah's acting like an hysterical lunatic and she's jumping all over him about everything and he's very calm. Very calm the whole. Everything I saw was very calm and he's tried to explain where she would go nuts on him and. I thought it was a town hall where people are supposed to ask questions in key calls on the people. She made more commentaries than people became question. Yeah. Of course you did. That all about. I mean it's just put yourself chevette Insert Shabana in Savannah's very ugly shoes. they must hate her. You know that they they didn't draw straws. It was like who is going to do this because it could be career suicide depending on how the president responds. You know that was like. Let her do it she's totally dispensable. We can. We can get rid of her if she screws up. So what so be it just savannah and it didn't even give her a hair person. To make melting offer face the. Right, I mean I did think about it in terms that they set her up as a you know as. kind of as. A. Why didn't Rachel Maddow do it? Why Not Brian Williams? Why Not Lester Holt? Do I need to go on? All perfectly good journalist. Now, let's let the morning girl. Do it. Now. I was Kinda Sad. Is Joe. To hold would have been a better choice and even Brian Williams that could make for part of his comeback towers they. They knew that he was vulnerable trump calling him out the lying on the heart in a heartbeat. Yes he's out. See I a couple of clips here from Joe's townhall. This is Joe. The medication is kicking in around here and taking aim at the president was. How many times intelligency make fun of Biden wearing a mask, he's slurring listen. Fuses. To practice. And this actor social distancing dissing dishing? Usually. And this the classic issued him in the leg. I had that whole clip somewhere. Oh. Let's let's play the shoot 'em in the lake because that that to me just kind of signified everything that's. Probably I. Got It, we can do this. You can ban show calls you can. But beyond that, you have to teach people how to deescalate circumstances deescalate. So instead of anybody coming at you the first thing to do shoot to kill you shoot him in the leg you there's ways. To do more. Of whether or not person works. Psychological tests in the last thing I'll say, and I'm sorry because I was really I think really really important you have to be in a position where you are able to identify. Identified the things that have to change and one of the things the changes so many cops get called in the circumstances where somebody is mentally. Off. Like what happened not long ago that guy with the knife. That's why we have to provide have within police, departments, psychologists, and social workers to go out with the cops on those calls though some of those nine one one calls to de escalate the circumstance to deal with talking down. Right Joe do we know that's going to work great all the police are all for it I hear nothing but enthusiastic noise about this. I was a cop I'd be all for it. Hey ash dash centers shrink send social social order over guide. He coming at you with a knife. That's GonNa work, but Austin is testing ground for that. So I'm I'm very excited to see how that works out. Okay. Earlier I said I think we need to be careful about calling messages that we get from people hoaxes because. Little over two weeks ago episode twelve, Eighty, two of this very program the following took place. Did you see the note from our one of our nights about a China's Eugene Ping and Jiang Zemin? Yeah. I just WANNA raise the old old hunt show. Like ninety seven or something but I just Wanna I wanna read this because it kind of kind of came in code. In fact the first line is code below too hot to read as is publicly I don't know what that means but already I'm like, Oh, this is important. And? And he says that there's really two gangs. Ping Xi Jingping Gang wishes the you know the current. What is the chairman or what exactly is your rank as? We he's the? Emperor. Whatever it is and the previous Emperor Guy Chairman. Is M in. I've turned processing and wrong, and the judgment is is kind of here in the states and of course, you know these are hundreds of billions of dollars are truly big gangs of small small amounts, people but really masks here the states. Yeah. I think he's got a big presence here in the state not him himself but the gang. All maybe he'll be okay I'm going to read this verbatim see we can figure it out this. She gang gave the Democrats a hard drive of trump's in quotes ingredients, which is, he says, is material for black men black male, and the deal was if biting gets elected then trump of and he's going to track down the virus thing and she would then pay a one trillion dollar compensation to the US. Using Jiang's overseas deposit. So the other guy's money here, I guess he was trying to cut him out altogether. So that's that's. That's kind of what they gave trump. But then Jank got this info they gave the Republicans three hard drives of hunter. Biden ingredients for blackmail. Ideal of four and a half billion dollars upon Biden's election with ten million dollars down payment Biden I guess and they have some adult videos featuring hunter. EVID evidence of how the virus was made and dropped and those three hard-drive somehow wound up with Giuliani through trump. So. There's all this. Apparently. All this weird stuff. Out There Nancy Pelosi has copy their stuff out there according to. One of our unites take somewhat seriously. Take Him semi seriously but he might as well just signed it queue. Is a queue thing. So at least part of that appears to have been true. But when I was somewhat cynical as well signed a queue. Of course I didn't I never said it was a whole no no I'm not. I'm not attacking you not saying anything. Did you hear me laughing through it? But at least we brought it. Because it turns out, we have to do this. It turns out. That at least part of that Hunter Biden the four and a half billion apparently is now it's all focused on the Chinese and man all over Youtube. There's a Chinese stories with subtitles with English simultaneous translations talking about this. And apparently, the Pelosi hard drive has crap about her. and. That I found to be very interesting because if you recall broth over on CNN giving Nancy a very hard time for seventeen minutes to me says, remember we're dry. Why would he do that how they want to distance themselves from the entire Democratic Party and certainly Nancy Pelosi for what might be coming out about her? One of our producers did send it an analysis of this end. and. It was a he. Made. The decision that the reason for so unflappable and just sat there is because this is part this is nothing to do with what you just said. This is part of. An effort to house Pelosi from the leadership. And they're they're going after her to get rid of her because she's becoming an embarrassment. Got Nothing to do with anything else no, but. I'm just saying, and of course, where does this come from? Ed, comes from the dirtiest rat bastard you could think of coup is the dirtiest Mo. Fo on the block when it comes to stuff like this when you're talking salacious videos and true true corruption and bribery of. Joe Biden entire family before and a her stone. Steve Bannon. This is abandoned. And Is Worse than I gotTa, give him credit say that he he's been nuzzling up to the Chinese billionaire diaspora guy for at least a year. Now, the guy that Chinese guys pain for everything, the the doctor or the virologist who escaped China, and we couldn't understand clips were unusable. Who Said Oh? This is all the C. P. China did it That's also bannon and three weeks ago in the Netherlands Bannon was doing an interview for A. Journalistic. INTELLIGENCIA. Show called News Era News Hour, and this is what he said after the interview was over we have the hard drive I have the hard drive up hundred. Biden. Are Really. What's on it? You'll saying within. The next forty hour standby. By releasing it before two. Three weeks ago. And the FBI apparently had this hard drive and data. In November of last year. And they had to cover that up because there is reference to come. and. Received he will he the deal was four and a half billion dollars With ten percent being held by him for Joe. I mean there's emails of hunter text messages to his kids saying, well, you know I'm I'm a horrible horrible dad. But at least I don't force to force you to up fifty percent of everything you make like your grandfather. And is just horrible and of course, in the mix is the puppet master that Rudy Giuliani look at it. You tell me if it is an authentic authentic as hell. Some of those pictures on, it can only have come from him, and I'll tell you why know for sure I have about ten pieces of confidential information. Nobody knows except me onto by. Kept it that way investigated cases of fifty years. Every one of those hits, the mark. Pretty. Words I have an anonymous source I'll give you an example I have an anonymous source. Reports on a meeting at the State Department which would violate the foreign, agents registration act. And Hunter Biden was taken in the back door. And kept off the books. The gentleman who was involved in it, and who told me about it had the date. For a year and a half. That very date shows up. is email store five emails setting up that point that date that exact got five of those if anybody cares to examine. then. Not even disputing it. This is hunter Biden's emails, techs and really the photographs. Will. Shock the hell out of you. So ready for people that autographs disgust and they make him a national security risk for the United States of America because every photograph I have China has plus a lot more. They re federal crimes. They reveal disgusting sexual behavior and they reveal sexual behavior and then. Numerous, times where he has totally gone on crack, which means he spent most of the last five years on crack and who would pay this man originally. Fox trying to run interference rudy, Rudy Rudy and by the way on good authority that that picture of Hunter Biden with a glass stem in his mouth was not for crack but for Meth as much more conventional to be used as meth pipe. So when this takes place Oh ill now, we have to start running interference. It really truly is China China corruption with Hunter Biden an an James Biden Joe's dad which is documented in these emails and Oh. My goodness what will drop just before the debate? Ho How? About some of those really really nasty porn videos and pictures which is rumored to be pedophilia could be underage could be an Borderline I don't know what it is I don't want to speculate, but this is pin October's just did. Well, that's what Rudy said. Rudy said it not already. I don't think rudy is a disreputable source I don't think. So we I lived in New York when he was the mayor, everybody loved the guy. Everybody, loved him. He was fixing stuff. So when this happens though immediately you gotta bring out the big guns to people who have not seen on the scene starting off with our favorite. Adam. Schiff. Who joins up with broth thanks so much for joining us. Does it surprise you all this information Rudy Giuliani is peddling. Very well could be connected to some sort of Russian government this information. Witness. Well we know that this whole a smear on Joe Biden comes from the Kremlin schmear that's been clear You. Know this is good man. This is how how how Ansa leaves these guys. They can't let up on this Russian thing. They're frightened. I think they're afraid. Now this is all hands on deck. This is emergency time. Sorry. Do you think there's a connection between vote vote vote now get it in the mail before it's too late just saying a month ahead of the elections. Quick Quick Quick, quick we've got an October surprise hands everybody. Let's go go go go go. That's been clear for a well over a year now that they've been pushing this false narrative about the vice president and his son. And the idea. Sorry. Plus second does not mean that one hundred Biden never. WORKED FOR BURRIS MA. Listen again. And you know the idea back a little bit. been clear for a well over a year now that they've been pushing this false narrative about the vice president and his son. And the idea that the president. That the white, house counsel and others were made aware that Giuliani was being used by Russian intelligence and using Russian intelligence in the sense of meeting with an agent of the Kremlin and pushing out this Kremlin false narrative, the idea that they were. And still on the floor of the Senate during the impeachment trial up pushing this Kremlin narrative is pretty breathtaking. But I guess at this point, we can't be shocked by anything. This administration does no matter how Craven But. Clearly the origins of this whole? Smear are from the Kremlin and the president is only too happy to have Kremlin help in trying to amplify it. Kind of explains why everyone went so crazy when Ukraine came up because it was always about Hunter Biden's corruption and they and they tried to impeach the president over that phone call which I mean did you talk about trying being afraid of something coming out but now now it's all here and we need to bring out more big. This is what you just said is really interesting. It's says if debt the this was always underlying everything I guess. So you have this situation it's GonNa. Come out of the other of Ukrainian debt. So they does this phone 'cause they impeach the president in a mad rush. To put the Kibosh on his whole I think they just an interesting idea that that the impeachment was about was a cover up. All of this starts to come into view when you when you look at it from the perspective of Virginia this. Shift is to go to the phony. Russian dossier, which is prepare you know with the whole thing was coming out of bony gossip. And read more than happy to take that his reading of of the phone call and the President Quid Crow quid pro quo and. Anything shifts shift is running in he's afraid for his life. Why The I mean he's GonNa get voted out of office or no I mean. He's not involved with one hundred Biden's deal. We we don't know. We don't know apparently you're right. We don't know and it's possible. He may have knowledge of stuff that could be bad enough. That could be career ending in some scenarios could be more than that but that's not enough. CNN has to do more more was bring out the former money honey who has gone all saggy on US Erin Burnett I'm just going to be superficial today. Well, she's also in the council foreign relations to socialize so she deserves it. who do you want to bring out if you've got a Russian disinformation campaign narrative let me see Oh yeah. Clapper. How much does the source apparatus? You hear the story of this laptop we don't know a lot. We do know that the way that this information is getting out is through Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani. How much do the does the source matter here? Shoes matters a lot and in a timing matters a lot. I. Think. To me, this is this classic. Textbook. SOVIET RUSSIAN TRICK CRAFTS SPARK They understand the president and his enabler crave dirt on Vice President Biden whether it's real contrived, it doesn't matter to them. And so all of a sudden to two and a half weeks before the election of this laptop appears somehow. With other than emails without any Meta data. there's no Meta data because now he's clearly hasn't seen the raw materials. He's just looking at printouts and saying there's no Meta data that's got the file clapper's never been read in on any. What he's on the payroll, you call the guy you know. Like, just a spokes, boob. Spokes boob Yes two and a half weeks before the election of this laptop appears somehow. With other emails without any meditative. Just, it's all very curious curious. So here you have. A willing target and the Russians are very about how to exploit. Willing. To meet US what's at work here, and so you know when you do. Whether that's what. WHO's the willing target? Biden I guess. I guess. He's not willing target. Biden's no way we'll will. What he says. Russia's our day got a willing target and they exploited they're willing willing targets supposed to be Steve Bannon. It just it's all very curious but the so here you have. A willing target and the Russians who were very sophisticated about how to exploit. A ruling toward it. At work your. Wow. That's a good point what what is he saying? Goes the willing target. That means someone who wants wants to be targeted. Well willing. Tar. That will it? If you want to just take it literally purely literally that's exactly what he's saying. Somebody who wants to be exploited but a willing target. What is now you mentioned that even takes it one step deeper. What is a willing target as opposed to target? Don't you just target somebody? You don't always willing target that means he wants to be targeted. So if he wants to be targeted, who is that I read from the book of Knowledge in role playing games what defines a willing target in context. I'm building a character. No, that's not gonNA help. Okay. In any case, would willing target me and I can only use my medallion that's not right that. I don't know what that means. Willing target. There's a book called. Willing targets? The low. Add to the rushes have found a willing target and they exploited the Russians are great at this. They found a willing target and then they exploited the willing target who is willing target. He doesn't say and I'm not even sure he knows what he's talking about in terms of that term let's continue and so when you try to figure out the specifics of whether that meeting email, for example, is real in the midst of this. Do, you think stuff like that could have been planted in there and be completely fake or do. I think. Should be. Could be contrived paticularly since as I understand it from what I've. Read. They appear without any meditated. From to any. Data technical data. Released immediately. So it's all. Here's the great thing about it. It's all apple. Mail I cloud. Accounts There's. Fantastic record keeping on. When it comes to D mark DRC. D Kim The km. They can find they can. You can really trace in e mail these days with your. Meta Data No. This computer is in the hands of the FBI they have obviously excellent sophisticated. Technical and forensic analytic capabilities and I think they'll be sorted out whether there's genuine or not. But. It's pretty curious again two and a half weeks out from the election. No no it's intended to be two a half weeks off of the election whilst you ought came out this is Banyan and this is Giuliani. It's a Twofer who let's Let's back up a little bit and try to combine the information we have. First of all where do. Back story on this. Laptop. Is was in for repairs or something. As one of the stories that one of the stories yeah it was in for repairs I guess it went to Geek Squad in individual guy with one MAC repair shop. So you have a guy with a MAC book Mac pro. So the guy goes in that, we know from the old Geek squad stories back in. This is before we started doing the show is browser writing about this? The Geek squad guys used to go in and look for porn. Sure. and. Then they took call the cops. I don't think I'd extra money for that or what but if you're. Look sometimes, I can see a delone guys got hunter Biden's laptop for repair. I don't know about you, but it would seem very hard not to want to know just. Go the the hard drive. The Guy did. The hard drive and you might you have a reason to do that well, you know just in case united screw it up. Whole thing goes down I gotta put got to reestablish everything just as perfect. You can go. So that's what you would do. You would normal and so he goes to fixes the thing that it. Goes he's got to ghost version of the hard drive left at the shop. Now. Do you start rummaging through that? If you're a normal kind of a geek? Yes I think. So of course you do especially if it's as low hunter, Beau Biden's foundation sticker on the laptop. Yeah. This is by the way, this is a very good to tip to anybody if you're bringing your phone in for a new screen or a new battery don't. Don't buy a new. One believe me there's everyone has stuff you just don't want anyone else to know. Somebody has your phone they can go to the clouding picks up you know, but you need to subpoena for that. You know you need dot night if you're just a repair guy. I'm just saying in general be careful what you do and and Hunter Biden a goofball he's. Dud, he's the the week sheep of the family. Sorry and they win. And they should've killed them off long ago. Sorry. In fact, I fear for his life right now. That guy's got gotta go. Guys got to go I. think that this is I think that the background on this is plausible very plausible. And Wants to get especially if the guy was a republican but yeah, the the. I think a lot of repair guys might be Republicans, now he is. This is the news reporting has said that he is a trump supporter how he is a Republican now he's. A gold mine has he's a trump supporter. I don't know if he's if he's a Republican, there's a difference. I would I would definitely the first thing I would do is I'd make a copy of to ghosted drive yes. And then it is what I would do if I was because that'd be beaver freaked out about having this information. I'd make a copy but say I never made a copy Copy of sales craft stop the presses just in. From infowars take it with a with a grain of salt confirm infowars who created salt out Hey, I'm just saying. confirmed. Trump has footage of hunter biden raping and torturing little girls it's set for release. Anybody keeps something like that on their laptop and makes the dude is asleep with the PGA someone took a picture of him with a meth pipe in his head. What. Else could go. From that point and another thing is that if you're going to be at that level of corruption, if we assume that, Joe Biden is at that level. You'RE GONNA, have PPO private investigators and everybody else including the FBI even ever GonNa. Do. Much. More. Blackmail with the information, it looks like they're going to be planting cameras everywhere does this now does this now start to tie into Savannah's incredible questioning line about Cunanan pedophile do you think maybe she was pushing on that for reasons that maybe she doesn't even know. I thought she was in. Well. If if the message was you've got it what could she literally said you have to denounce Q. On. Who who who believed that Democrats are pedophile 's Come on now will will yeah one Democrat in particular I guess is what I'm talking about their Biden. But shifts in may be this could be blackmail in play the Chinese. The story that we now see is the Chinese were completely controlling Hunter Biden had him blackmailed and they were doing everything to get job still good. Joe. Biden into. The, the White House, and then they control the whole kit and caboodle who knows what else is out there. was already control the media. Yeah. I don't think there's any doubt about it. And when you didn't do I had a bunch of Deutsche clips I could just as easily told clips that were just. You could tell the Chinese influence in Deutsche Avella and that's that's not even American media but they control the New York Times you and they seemed to be controlling our education system to some extent more than some extent. They've got it all. On they've got comedia-, they've got sports they've got academe they've got Many politicians they have. Governors Hollywood Hollywood. You know what they don't have. PODCASTERS CAST. Hot. castors. With that I'd like to thank you for your courage and say the morning to you the man who put the sea in hunters crack pipe John CD devora everybody. In the morning to you Mr Adam in the morning to see boots on the ground air subs in the water the days the nights out there and in the morning in in the morning to our trolls in troll room at no agenda STREAM DOT COM hands up trawls. Let's count we have. Eighteen seventy good. We're back at levels we love that. Thank you so much. It's been very active there in the troll room today lots of people procon looking at stuff looking definitions. Very helpful. It's great for the live shows even go in there and at chataway with trolls trolls, your hearts extent even if there's not a live show you can then. Just chat with people there's always someone. In the room at no agenda STREAM DOT com. When you're in their ask somebody, they'll help you right away with Lincoln Invite Code for no agenda Social Dot Com we've talked about it earlier it's mastodon federated. Server that. has a high signal to noise ratio. You can really have a conversation. No Alba's people seem to like it and it's no agenda social dot com and we need to thank our artist. This was a super winner. and. I'm talking about the art for episode one, thousand, two, hundred, and eighty, six title of that was Rory's dad the art. By Nick The rat, a beautiful beautiful piece simple red background set it. All NBA is China It has the silhouette of the of the NBA player with the basketball and then the what's the what's the crazy hat? The Chinese I would call it a Cooley truly Hulu. Coolie. Hat. I think we both were unanimous right off the bat with this one. Yes Mainly because it's one of these rare artworks that the simplicity of it makes it work. Even though he generally like stuff that's more complex. Equated it with the old piece that was done a really long time ago with Jeb Bush and his pair glass giant eyeballs. Wasn't anything more to it than that, and you could tell that nick actually had done an earlier peace and thought thought better of it. Yeah, right? The earlier piece was more of a take off of the NBA logo with the with the split down the middle and with. CCP INSTEAD OF NBA in the corner, and then I don't know what got into him, but he must have started trying to psych us out. And then he any any fell into some something. Beautiful. And they dropped it as you know these guys. These guys like like they love the the orange and red destroyed out. Well, it's IT'S A it's a supposition but yeah. Well we do. We've done stuff like that before with the orange and red, I'm sorry orange. Not Orange Yellow and red. And so he did the second piece and I it was one of those things where he was thinking about winning. And because he normally nick nowadays just puts in one piece in air you wins he wins doesn't care but this time you wanted to win. So he did a second version and this is the second version that we picked and I know he was he was overtly thinking about winning when he came up with that. was dynamite a beautiful piece. In fact, I would go so far to say, this is banksie level. Bank C level. That's how good it is. It's definitely banks high-quality a high high-concept concept peace nick. Start doing this stuff on you know as graffiti. It'll be worth something someday. Follow the Bassey model man follow the model. Beautiful. Takes, he's figures he's making his dough with Nicorette show. Maybe, he may be crushing for all. I know it's a great show. So live on no agenda STREAM DOT com. Well, Nick thank you so much We loved it everybody. Loved it just look at the comments on the on the twitter and on no agenda. Social. People thought it was fantastic and we appreciate it and it's part of our value for value model nick brought it for sure and so he'll get lots of good Karma and good cheer for doing this at which he's already starting to receive, and this would also be something that might show up on one of those t shirts no agenda shop dot com maybe in some other form, but I think it's just a dining. NBA Game Jeff. And bring your brass knuckles. When you do go to Goto Warriors, get nobody will get it no agenda, our generator dot com. We can see all the art that submitted and you can submit yourself and again thank you nick for your cards, all the artists who always do such a phenomenal job. No Art Generator Dot Com now is part of the value for value. Can we continue with the value for value? We like to thank our biggest financial supporters, right. In the special segment of the show where we label them with the titles that are well deserved of Executive Producer Annex OC executive producer episode one, thousand, two, hundred, and eighty, seven, and I had the microphone to you. Stephen Busse top soft duluth. From drums Pennsylvania. Comes on with a thousand dollars Whoa I finally I finally submitted a long overdue donation today and find it only fitting that it'd be a big enough to get knighthood. I've been listening to this show since episodes six forty. After being hit by a colleague and it's time one. It's as my sixtieth birthday. To as finally managed to separate my finger from my Amos. And three my daughter Cristina Thomas is getting used to calling me a douchebag. That would do it. He doesn't ask for deducing here. No, the show is top class keep it going as long as you can thank you for all the work and effort put into the best podcast in the universe dealer's choice on the Jingles and Omnipotent Omniscient Karma for all producers night named surmount wandering night of the two-wheeled steed roundtable requests fishing chips washed down the pint of mile. something. Mild. Yes. So in night and we'll get that form at the roundtable in since it's dealer's choice and I've got the Omnipotence Karma already This was sent him by Justin from honey brook and another we'll use it. But since it's it's just off the cuff and it's dealer's choice. Got, Karma. A groovy is that. Very groovy. Hero with the get your penny ready 'cause he's he's asking for one. This is a lane row in Anchorage Alaska. Any comes with nine hundred, ninety, nine dollars, ninety, nine cents instant the night, but he needs a penny. There is. Inverted in the pocket. Erode note. Nice buzzkill look I'm going to give it to you straight. It's been almost ten years since my last donation. Mean come on man please the me I'm not kidding. Spent, he'd. UCSD. Please call out Clayton from the anchorage meet up as a Douche bag. All right. Got Some requests for for the night in ceremony on the list reduced. He says, please night me as Sir Elaine row defender of the nearest point. I would like, okay. This is where you have to write it down. Didn't give this give this. There I like red. Salmon. Delicious. Milwaukee's best. Served at the roundtable. Milwaukee's best what is Milwaukee's best that refers to a beer at A embarrass what is the best though? Is. It called Milwaukee's actual best that was called with ain't that. Okay. Well, we'll just want to have the right stuff at the roundtable. So it's it's on order it'll be there. Thank you. That's it. Now Jingle Now. Can Ask any. That's all right. Just A DEUCE bank call. It seemed to be the only important thing. Well, that's if that's important to him than. This is a confusing one. This asserted large man Barron of Bali. Three. Hundred forty five dollars to sixty seven cents. From London. UK. Apparently, I cannot get over the door will image in my head of Adam and the keeper cuddled cuddled. cuddled up binging on. Gilmore girls. There's an for you. For I had to donate. That's an interesting most people donate on thirty three's appearing out of the blue, but this is more interesting. Thanks John for never forgetting to celebrate double ten day. Birthday of the Republic of China and then national holiday and Taiwan a country where it by the way they've really downplayed ten. I've mentioned the newsletter and Candy, which is a huge celebration used to be in San Francisco Bay area. This big a party as a Chinese New Year Oh. Now. Nothing. Mentioned on the news. Well. Because it's about Taiwan. Course can't be anything news and. Local news media. Knuckles to to the. To CCP like everyone else took the podcasters. That's right a country where Cova does not exist except despite no. Okay. Taiwan Taiwan where Cova does not exist except despite no lockdown no school closure not even for one day and you never hear about that in the m five amd because God forbid Taiwan gets any recognition as a sovereign nation. Of course Taiwan's triumph over cove, it boils down to the complete and utter distrust of China and the WHO. And he's got a link that might be good. Can I link his name to it in the? League is credited his it's an interesting situation. He's right. He's got the Jingles we came. We saw he died don't eat me Hillary too delicious to believe in a Beautiful Yama. Karma for Taiwan and Hong Kong please. Signed large men Baron of Bali. Is the land of unconfirmed. Yes we came. We saw. died. Delicious. Believe my friend. Fall. Karma. ooh. David Sutcliffe three, hundred, thirty, three dollars and thirty three cents still smiling over the title of episode to above eighty. Six. great meeting Adam and the keeper her at the meet up in Vegas Great Event after twenty plus years in Hollywood. It was nice to get out of the bubble and connect with like minded people with reduced size that make delays. No D. douching necessarily been irregular donors since I was hitting him out over a year ago takes Goat Karma though thanks for all your work. No agenda truly as the best podcast in the UNIVER. Now you know who this is. David you talked about him in the last show. Yeah. Always Sure he's. Got A kick out of the title, of course. You've got. Armagh. Wish, we had more Hollywood regulars that would I like I like I like the ones that we can savor and protect and he's and he's no longer in Hollywood. He gave up on it. Good good for you. Now good things, but they can always pulling back in. Sir Every of the Wotton Lynnwood Michigan two three, four, five, six says c e mail I got nothing. I looked under the the I don't have his email address on here and I and he did it when you send an email to me around about way. Usually you should put it under the subject line donation and the only one I have doesn't does this seem like this guy at all just double check my my archiving system I didn't see it and. I get something for Matt. I don't think that's this guy. No. No okay. Well, he can always send. Later. If it's an important. But we appreciate it. If you can put c e mail down to the email, you could cut and paste the note and put it in that same spot unless it was worn piece and it was so big that my email server rejected it possible. Oh Yeah. If it was sent to you. Prompt or if it had your pant has next listener Arlington. Choose nutsy came up to two dollars and two cents to a tour to. writing for a dose of that ultra deluxe jobs, carmine. Wednesday having interview with the new company and I'm looking forward to for investors for my startup. Hopefully, t p the tump trump pence Pelosi will he wants the new one? Okay. Will work. Let's give it a shot jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs jobs. You've got Karma gotta say. I do too. I'm like in the CPAP. Michael a Michael Whoa Chit Chat wits. Right, what your child's let's try what your child's. Showers. I'll I'll tell you what Michael you get another donation. I'M GONNA look look up the pronunciation Polish name. two hundred dollars and eighty seven cents Las Vegas last wages, Nevada your. So, he must have been think so. Well let's find out. He says, I've been listening to your show since March of this year although I admit I was hitting them out before that and it took me a bit to get used to the format the old school. Now I'm a big fan of your guy stick. And see the value. So please deduce me. Spend the`due. The guy hit me and Jimmy no title of Wichita has only donate on behalf of his brother and non himself to me. That's a borderline douchebag do but you guys can make the call no no, he's no you now you guys gotTa. Make the call yeah you guys made the call we don't. We don't we don't do. We, don't do. We all need the district men. Attending. The Las Vegas meet. It was also valuable experience for me as they got the interact with all the Weirdos and free thinkers get more nation. Attending, it was intended is indeed a party prompster Dame Jennifer for pulling me over and making me feel welcome. I like to request hysteria goat calmer from my pleasantly pregnant wife and our unborn human resource who is due to emerge in two, thousand, twenty, one I just got to attend my doctor's appointment with them amid all of the Cova. Craziness you get. Also please play don't enslave musical. Camera. Living Mac and cheese life and little girl. Yes. It would be appreciated. Thank you very courage Mike W wages, I. Think I met Mike. Any had his beautiful pregnant wife with him. Which I and I remember saying she's I think four or five months. And she was glowing. Glowing. All you know what I mean when it's like that four months and We're DAD's. We've seen it. It's great. It's beautiful. And ends before they get angry that nothing fits. Sorry just calling it as it is. And I thought of all the people who were there we were mask lists know we were the we are certainly not social distancing. Come. There's a pregnant woman I thought really showed a huge amount of courage. So I just wanted to say that and thank you very much Michael, and he is your sequence. Mac and cheese MAC and cheese. Plan rant. On word. I believe is our last associate executive producer Heidi. Schreiber in Queen Creek. Arizona two hundred dollars. Donation. Is For my smoking hot husband Paul's birthday. October twentieth is on the list. This podcast is his all time. Favorite. So I thought this would be the best way to celebrate. I. Oh, you know we agree with this theory Redo. Please, play Mac and cheese coincidentally. Don't drawn me for my birthday boy thanks Heidi. Don't Dromey I. I. Don't think we have a don't drone me do we have drawn me don't burn me broke I mean I've said that. And I think it's been a show title but we don't have jingle like that. That may be what she's talking about. CHEESE ON RAND Yes. Sure. Go Heidi. Sweet of you to do that. That's very nice. People love. That will conclude our list of associate executive producers, executive producers for show twelve, eight seven, as we head to show thirteen hundred and our thirteenth anniversary coming up on the thirteenth right to the twenty six looking forward to it. Thank you. To these. Executive producers and associate executive producers. These titles are real the credible you can use them anywhere titles recognized and sometimes seen as a badge of honor and anyone questions it will be more than happy to vouch for you more than happy for that. and. Of course, like to invite you to come come back again and maybe even support us again on our Thursday show for that is a very simple place. You just go to Iraq dot org slash. Thanks for your time, you're talented treasury provided producing this podcasts are formula is this. We go out. People in. The Mouth A shooting. Over. Saturday did finally did core these podcasts Oh you finally did the show. Fantastic. was. It well, those guys are brutal. It's a good show I think people should listen to it. It's date but these guys are so broilers so brutal I mean how brutal are there? So I mean, they really go after these people. And Order PODCAST. Ask. For, podcasts producers, they go after him. In big but it but in a really big. The big ridiculing, way Nice. So it's actually very funny podcast but I came in there. I got him to go into looking at some of these female podcasts is because I follow a couple of Sofia with the F. Word I got all his clips from the last show. I made the claim that she's actually genius. Genius. and which caught everybody off guard I'm sure I'll get ridiculed for it. But. But it turns out by coincidence that I think Carl had that clip of per that I want to replace if I can find it. She is she is you know how we use or mock the millennials for saying implant. Or? Whatever they? They dropped the a the ain't. He's got a clip of her saying important In one sentence. To different ways because important, he appointed that has to. It has to tease one and she drops the teat. The one of the tease in the first pronunciation then pronounces it and drops the other t in the other. Owners no way and I said another proof. So I think I think that clip is on there. I got I got this shit is just not bad important. I'm not important. Oh, my goodness everybody. So my comment was wow, this is site. This is cheater did this consciously or she did it on purpose but again people should listen to this. If you can I I also I? Think a Gen. Xer or a baby boomer. Can put up with these with these. All these like this again, just from my own jollies here one more time. Is just not that important. I'm not important? A. Wow. Yeah. I'm. By definition of art is probably is that it's just that fast. So I do have a but we talked about some other clips in had the I don't WANNA play a couple of these. So you know what we're dealing with your there's a there's a million podcast I had no idea but there's a million pike has have two or three women that just surrounding. About the dates, it's a whole category for sure. And there's thousands of them. So I had a couple I picked up a few and I have one. This is there's a there's one called chicks in the office. kind of a summary Clip. This is kind of what the what the whole thing's about. I don't see chick says summary should say. I got. I got it here not. Just. No one no. It's How PODCAST SUMMARIZES Award winning. PODCAST. A There's enough. Actually now that I think about you brought this plague upon us. Yeah. Wait here it is. We also have that's not it go ahead. Yes I'm sorry. Okay. So now we have. Classic Took another group of women called. Lady Gang or the lady gang they degraded gang and they jack about just about anything and I wanNA play the opening. So you can get a feeling for this show and I have a couple of short clips podcast. One presents the Lady Gang, the Hollywood policy with Lady Gang quickey. Here's Celtic night. Becca Tobin and Jack Vanik. Let's make this quick. Hello Hello. Hello. Welcome to the lead a gang. I am back to hear Jack and Kelty Yeah It's Oh. My goodness. The Me let me tell you that was doing the podcasting two point. Oh show with Dave Jones. And we were talking about we're doing pot podcast index, dot org, and he whenever someone gets stolen away from podcast and to go to spotify or someone else brings hit some clips and he had another which is the just breaking up podcast and say it's just like this. the. That's why the war that's why I thought that the. Highly, successful short lived a call her daddy. With the Sofia with enough. Had some artistic moments to it. It was as Vapid as the rest of because they're all vapid. But there was something else going on that was on a different level. These other ones are all the same they all sound the same in the women all sound identical they're on the same milieu has great. Anyway I WANNA go into this. I had some other I do have a morning coast which one of the pikes designed. So it says zero length may be dead fire. Fire Fire Fire Fire Fire. Well, that's that's what the kids say you know yeah. They save fired on episode was fire fire fire fire fire keep hundred Bro, you fi- your fire. It's another thing to say, Hey, I want to keep one hundred with you. John I learned fire. I learned that from you know Mo- was on the hotel show. All My guy he was I've actually listened to a little bit of that I. Think it was great. I think did a great job. But fire fire five. That's my. World. Thank you. No. Thank you very happy. Everybody. Very proud. Very proud of what? I've brought upon us. All I'm very proud. So that an under reported thing, 'cause everyone's talking about Biden Ninety, they're not talking about the bite in tapes on under mainstreamers about trump. Yeah and so they're missing out on that date the beheadings going on in France This is this Oh my goodness scraped a few of them run down on the beheading in France from four each sat on the identity of the suspect shot dead by police after the beheading of a history teacher in a town near. Paris this Friday. Identification documents found on the suspect showed he was an eighteen year old born in Moscow. From Russia's southern region of Chechnya. He was unknown to intelligence services and according to Lamar newspaper not people at the school in question the incident placing conference center noreen as around five PM on Friday the forty seven year old history teacher was discovered decapitated in the roads. The suspect was then spotted carrying a knife by police patrol nearby. That's when he was shot dead by the officers. The victim had shown pupils in his class cartoons of the Prophet. Muhammad as part of a discussion around free speech for the local community is hard to take in what has happened. I mean it's pretty gruesome. WHAT WENT DOWN It's not. Like a big sword or something it's like really sawing the head off I. saw his head off with a with a knife. We'll wait. Was it a what I didn't know is it? Was it male or female teacher. How everybody loved him a real nice. Guy. I'm passes. Couldn't get his head with. The police cabinets, the beheading police captain, discussing some of the data this the down from a long long clip but they pulling in some details there arrested ten people so far. I'm just looking for the police Captain Zender French beheading. Captain Gotcha get possibly nine of them have been placed in custody of them have direct links intimate have been placed in custody as lost. Three people that. Came to the police and presented. Police Office saying that they had been in contact with silent funny. A few months before the. Father you of the stringent for five the formal complaint. Currently, in custody. We must state so. This. Man's system sister. It was actually a member obviously make stated in Syria into voting and therefore is currently hugh. Subject Arrest Warrant Again the man appearing in the video that was published on the twelfth of October. The company father of the didn't. was intercepted. This morning this man is also. The utility services. Investigations are going to do. For the to try and determine if the true. Find the attack also. Investigations will try and determine how events unfolded at with. The involvement of those people in current custody and any other person who may be accomplished to the events. Do. They don't have their shit together there. Must Be. Somebody pointed out that nobody manages it. It's not even used campaign material that we haven't had one incident in this country since trump got elected of terrorism. Yeah any sort of. The Islamic terrorists now. I. was kind of interesting. Big. News, the talking about it on all outlets in Europe but nobody's Stephen is not even been mentioned that I know of in the United. States at all I mean I I came across it last night by accident is I was cruising through Euronews No why would we? We have We have democratic pedophile on deck woods we got we have to defend them. We got no room for beheadings. At all. we have room for this this AC be marches. Yeah. This was this was coincidental with all the Hunter Biden stuff coming out, throw some women on the street thousands of people have joined the right there. I heard this all day long thousands thousands of people and you see twenty five. Did. You see thousands of people anywhere in any of these shots. I didn't hear some B. Roll from other. To thousands of people have joined women's marches across the United States protest President Donald Trump's supreme court nominee and to call for voting him out in next month's election. One of the biggest demonstrations in the capital Washington DC protesters fear trump's pick judge amy coney Barrett will cement a conservative majority on the court that could roll back up and rights and healthcare access. The Senate is due to vote on whether to confirm Barrett next week and the tip off for me because I knew I knew I was monitoring the channels all day Saturday to see who was reporting on Hunter Biden. Fox had a little a little bit Chris Wallace Skeptical Skeptical about it. All nothing on CNN MSNBC. But you could see this was a very hastily called March because we're no professional signs. It was not professionally organized. It was some called action. Let's get out quick because it was all handwritten nothing with did you see any pro signs? I don't think so no, I don't think so. One the way anyone out there who's in an area where they're having marches I would like to collect a couple of the pro signs you do love that. Trump signs or anti-trump signs I don't care if it's good or bad. But I but I've 'cause I keep wanting to go to they throw these signs away at the end is piles of them. Seems like stuff that in archivist would love to collect. And we all know one. I have gone one I do have one clip of Ame Comi Barrett's. Kind of a cosmetic slip confirmation hearings. Yeah. I normally would never do this but says. A clip of Shapiro going into advertising mode. Listen to the whole thing. And he I didn't think that was interesting. It was funny at first. I want you know I also looked at the clip. And as I yeah it was funny. It was jarring typical Shapiro but thank you for picking this out of it. This I saw this at the end of the. Clip was about him explaining the entire Amy Komi, Barrett thing it coney. Barrett thing in ten minutes or five minutes or something like that was a big. Clip but this little bit at the end which I clipped out, I thought it was better than I could do these clips he pulls some clips he did. No agenda style thing where he talks a little bit, plays a clip talks about what the displayed me on and on, but I just thought. It was a little better than I could have done because. I could've done this but I it this way I don't get to increasingly kate on Perono that debt idiot from Hawaii. Hero. Do it pass for many many stupid questions. So for example, Cory Booker just asked straight out of shoes a white supremacist really hit trump but because cory booker is Very, simply I imagine he'll give me a very short resolute answer. But you condemn white supremacy, correct yes. The look on her face says it all the look on her face says it all maisy Hirono the idiot senator from Hawaii. She asked if any was he sexual Predator since you became a legal adult, have you ever made unwanted requests for sexual favors or committed any verbal or physical harassment or assault of a sexual nature now senator who are no have you ever faced discipline or entered into a settlement related to this kind of conduct. Now senator one of the things that's so great about Amy Conybeare. That she's able to keep a straight face, no matter what idiocy is being thrown at her major Ronald finally came up with a brick to hit amy conybeare with she claims that because Emmy conybeare had used the phrases sexual preference, a phrase used by people ranging from Joe Biden to the advocate magazine. This man that actually Amy Kuney Barrett hates gay people here's Hermano claiming offense over completely non-offensive term from the became offensive within the last thirty seconds not once. But twice you use the term sexual preference to describe those in they algae Q. Community. Let me make clear sexual preference is an offensive and outdated term. It is used by anti lgbtq activists to suggest that sexual orientation is h choice. It was a slur pathetic slur by Maisy Hirono an idiot against Amy Tony Barrett naturally webster's dictionary merely redefined the term preference to suggest that it was offensive because we now eleven orwell laid world line is this though they could not stop any conybeare. I didn't do any of it because it's all completely irrelevant. You'll get confirmed. There is clip after clip after clip of Biden Pelosi Schumer, all using sexual preference. Term. Clip. After clip after clip is oh so. Until he played that little detriment. We actually the reason I took that from him. Because I didn't know that that question was answered or asked or anything and I. Is the first time I've ever heard that the term sexual preference. Is is a slur pointed this capping? Where did she get this? Somebody is playing her hold on did you miss the whole dictionary change? Oh you miss this webster's dictionary dictionary. Okay. So sexual preference After maisy Hirono. Ask that question within hours the webster's dictionary at least online with changed to add at the very bottom fifth definition that it is an offensive term it wasn't in there before the question Webster's dictionary. Do we verify this idea here I'll find it for you webster's. Marriam Webster, a webster what. On I had it we didn't get to it. In the last show I had it in the show notes he go Miriam. Webster dictionary updates sexual preference after a phony Barrett hearing and everyone has these two side by side. You can see him which I'm scrolling defined right now. Of course, I can't Yeah they Let me see I'll just sexual orientation now Gosh was four days ago and already it's been pushed down likely. troll room can you please find this May? Oh, here it is. Okay. Got It So previously it was. in fact, definition of preference. A the active preferring state of being be the power opportunity of choosing to one that is preferred the actor principle, and then at the fifth entry is orientation slash last sex. As regards to preference. The new term does the same ones number five now says offensive. Orientation Sexual preference they added Offensive Comma see usage paragraph below orientation slash sexual preference so they changed it. But fetig I'm never using Merriam Webster again. Language shamelessly, synthetic state here's an example I'm GonNa of course I harp on this. This is an example of somebody who got into the company who is a social justice warrior who should have never been hired in the first place. and. They got into the company and they're you know, I'm sure they don't pay well, which is where they always end up and so a noodle boy got in there or noodle girl and they went in, they changed it when they heard this. Probably, glued to these hearings because they this woman. and. They and they did this noodle. Company needs to be called out don't. You think that's going to happen. Sure. Let's all wait. I can. I can bring the some super clip of all these joke saying sexual preference in the past year. It's totally a whole spot. that kind of brings me to section two, thirty I do want to keep this on deck section to thirty of the communications. Act, which states that you. CanNot Be. As as a host of user generated content such as no agenda social dot com if someone liable someone on that platform. We cannot be sued over it. That is the protection as meant under section two thirty. But with this Hunter Biden, a story that the New York Post road up and was subsequently specifically. Verbally confirmed, they were slowing it down, taking it down, putting labels on it that is the violation of section, two, thirty and. took by I said this before I'll say it again they took. Kaley MAC and. Navy's A. Twitter they took her digit kicked off twitter. Well. They didn't they locked her account which is locked her account. Okay. Well, which is it doesn't matter but they're stopping journalism but the New York Post may have weird headlines but that's journalism years the latest from the state of the chairman statement from the chairman. For the FCC on section two, thirty I. think it's worth just reading through this for second because they're going to be these guys are going to be called in. They should be i. think he's just and I say this because. Jack Dorsey didn't sit there and say, yeah, let's block it. Let's slow it down. It's the Douche bags who work in his company who did that, and that's why he had to come out and say this was unacceptable. The way we did it. So. This is from the Fifteenth Federal Communications Commission Chairman. As you'd issued the following statement members of all three branches of the federal government have expressed serious concern about the prevailing interpretation of the immunity set forth in section two, thirty of the Communications Act. There's bipartisan support in Congress to reform the law get ready. That cannot be good. The US Department of Commerce has petitioned the commission to clarify ambiguities in section two, thirty and earlier this week US Supreme Court Justice Clarence, Thomas pointed out that courts have relied upon policy and purpose arguments to grant sweeping protections to Internet platforms that appear to go far beyond the actual text of the provisions you remember. There was a big to do about a certain law. That was about it really was changed to supplement section to thirty as it pertained to. sex workers advertising on backpage and craigslist, and so that you were allowed to censor. They had to write a whole new thing whole new piece of legislation just for that to be able to happen which, of course, you know hurt business. For a number of parties. Continue as elected officials consider whether to change the law the question remains what does section two thirty currently mean many advance an overly broad interpretation that in some cases shield social media companies from consumer protection laws in a way that has no basis in the text of section thirty. The commission's General Counsel has informed me that the FCC has the legal authority to interpret to thirty. They're going to determine consistent with this advice I, intend to move forward with a rulemaking to clarify its meaning throughout my tenure, the federal, Communications Commission I have favoured regulatory para transparency, and free expression social media companies have a First Amendment right to free speech do not have a First Amendment right to special immunity deny to other media. Outlets are just newspapers and broadcasters and their ends. The point is. The New York Post can actually get sued really badly by Hunter Biden the biter family biters the Biden's. You know that that's they could get in some real big trouble for that Yup but they're not no and I would like to say that the way I read this is. You'RE GONNA get regulation that fits perfectly with whatever facebook and twitter do because that's how it always goes and once you start regulating in that manner it only who's the big players and ultimately get off get off these companies you don't need twitter you don't need facebook don't eat instagram about for one thing your own narcissism you're a bunch of narcissistic creeps that if you don't get the lakes a don't get the views than you don't feel good about yourself you not a superstar in the social media. So you get anything you deserve and anyone who thinks these platforms are good. Force is a million places you can go no agenda social dot com works just fine. And so the podcasts it go ahead I wanted to be on spotify okay. Until they kick you off. People. Are. Stupid. Well, I will take the side of the other the other side and say there are plenty of people out there who will say this I live in Nebraska and I can't keep up with my family that lives in Arkansas. So E what's her name is on facebook and I get to see pictures of the kids and I get the Sean picture grandkids Brandon needs to see these pictures in it's just purely as. Family thing they're not looking for likes. Or pluses or anything else because we're not posting anything but you know just a family stuff for family to family communications Using it as a communications medium point counterpoint. Go for nine dollars a month you can have your own mastodon server for your family. You can set it up however you want it's ready to go masto dot host I have no interest in the company, but this guy in Norway or Denmark or wherever he is, he sets it up. It's nine dollars a month. So yeah, get you know what? It's not healthy for granny either so set it up for grants. She's on your own mastodon serve God keep her off of facebook. It okay. The early death for her an early death. Do you have account corner account point counterpoint counterpoint. I doubt these people can have the capability of. Creating it on server as easy as signing up for twitter literally. It's nine dollars and it set is good to go. You can log any done right away. So yeah people have that capability and what are the grandkids for the grandkids should be setting that up and grandkids could be up but they're all they're all jacked up about being on facebook I'm just saying for people. Who Care. I know I know I'm blowing in the wind I know I, know you're blowing in the wind Def- do you remember Twenty ten, the we talked about on the show the documentary feathered cocaine. Sorry. Yeah. There was a documentary in two thousand ten. We might not have discussed it until twenty eleven or twenty twelve. When was Bin Laden killed. Ridgely or this last time or I don't think he's dead. No, I mean which burden. Of the story do you want me to say when Obama a spiteful? Hamas. Oh, we never got to see anything nobody through the ocean that one may second twenty eleven is when he apparently was killed. In and around that time, there was a documentary which I think was actually at the. I WanNa say it was at the TRIBECA Film Festival about this guy named Alan Pero. And you spell Pero like parrot with one T. And Alan Perreault is an American but he I think he converted to a Muslim and for twenty years he worked for the extremely rich Arabs. And he is a Falcon and keeper now Falcons to mental the Falconer. Falconer that would be what he is. Falcons too many in the Middle East. Certainly, the rulers are one of the most incredible incredibly valuable things you can possess. They pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for them, some even up to a million dollars or more for the perfect Falcon and this guy was originally protecting falcons he kind of got into the business because there's a lot of money to be made because the way it goes the an Arab shake or A prince or something like that will never buy. You're not allowed to buy the Falcon because that's like that's like the worst thing you do because it's such a perfect beasts, such a perfect animal. So you actually pay the guy, the Falconer, a million dollars just for getting the bird it's one of those tricks. So, and this guy was very interesting because I remember then that he and I I don't have any clips or anything go I looked in the archives I can't see anything maybe we didn't save those. You know only a few years into the show. I'm that he claimed key knew Osama bin, Laden was alive and in Iran. So You know we talked about it, and of course when you go back and look at the entire bin Laden and killing. where indeed they well, no pictures our hey, you know we we dump them in the water how sorry we don't WanNa show any pictures cause that could set off people could get angry at us. Yeah. Yes the although they will show every shaking kid and phony baloney gas kid with drool coming out of their mouth and all the rest assure all that or just dead children. They don't have couldn't show this year. So about a week and a half ago, this guy does a video chat zoom call. With. The two guys among one was one of the. Fathers of the NAVY SEALS COUP NOT ONLY Went into. So called kill the so-called Bin, Laden but then also all died in a helicopter helicopter crash in I think Afghanistan. Seal team six you remember that it's like Oh. Yeah they went in. We didn't see body. We spiked the ball and those guys all died. The funny thing is they didn't all die. And I don't even know if any of them died that part of the story. To me is even as flaky are is Lisa's flake is the whole story because there are still two of them. Two different seals that went on the road. I. Think they both wrote a book and each of these two different guys claim they're the ones who shot bin Laden remember these two guys I. Don't think these guys were even at the. It's kind of irrelevant I. Don't want to relitigate the whole thing as far as I'm concerned bin Laden died in two thousand and three from kidney failure. So We can I think that's a valid position. I mean. We don't know nothing to use my favorite. We don't know nothing that's my favorite double negative but I just want to give you the story as now as being retold again by Alan. Perreault and it starts off with him explaining these so-called Safari Club. which there's and that's has I'd never heard of the safari. Club. But it has a real wiki entry and here's his explanation of what it is the the station the beginning was in the seventies during the Church Commission. On when an alternate CIA was created called the safari. Club. And the Safari Club was financed by overseas allies was outsourced to foreign banks. I have to banks and bank accounts were used by the Safari Club and the individuals with checks paid out by them was Bin Laden was one of the recipients of funding from this. Alternate eight was subverting the oversight control of the successor to the. Church Commission and that is the Senate Intelligence Committee. One week before bin Laden's killed. I was called down to the Senate Intelligence Committee to give. Statements and evidence, and I have a quite a few tape recordings and. Out of senior members. who were aware of bin Laden's house arrest in Iran for ten years following Tora Bora. This was arranged by John Brennan. This is why Gary Bernstein was not allowed to kill Bin Laden tour gory when he was only a few hundred yards away. A lot of that checks out after Church Commission, the Safari Club was created and that's where BCCI came into play because this safari club, this wasn't alternate CIA was the covert funding of. Because all eyes were on CIA. After Church Commission found that Oh gee, we've got CIA guys bringing us the news. Know obviously, you couldn't stop with the CIA guys bringing us the news we had built bringing the news. We had to bring us. We had to change the money flow to BC I I which you know we've we've talked about that in the isn't the internationalist isn't that the movie The story of the BCCI With Clive Owen. Kind of combined store, various banking interests, but if you go be by the way. BCCI was was just a huge scandal and billions of dollars were being run through it for of all kinds of. Shenanigans so so here he is again saying look I it was obvious bin. Laden. Being kept hostage in. Iran and no one really wanted to hear about it. He did give testimony the week before Osama bin Laden was killed why this guy is still is a mystery of course but now he'll go into. What he understands happened at the Abbotabad. And as an aside about as an aside note, we learned very specifically it's pronounced Abbotabad yeah as in. Abbott and Costello Right, and we were this was pointed out to his Ad Nauseam because one including the news we're saying about Abed Abba about about about about about about about about but it's about but this guy uses the about Abed so that to me was somewhat discrediting but I'll let him slide. Let's let's let's go. Let's listen to the when they went in there trusting the Iranians had had. Had Bin Laden there waiting for them. Seal team six your son. But he was was retired that. Seal team six they killed Osama bin Laden's double. Stop. 'cause we talk about meal you. This guy sounds like, John Brennan. Oh, totally totally stick with it. You is retired at that time. But the but the seal team six, they killed Osama bin Laden's double. How do we know that one of the wives went running towards them before he shot him and said, don't shoot he's he's a double. I, know the language to us. and. Then If you read a site Hirsch Hershiser book he explains that they through the body parts over the Hindu Kush mountains they didn't even say them like they saved the sons of Saddam Hussein in a refrigerated tent will preserved in with makeup just to prove that they the wicked which was dead they say the of Saddam Hussein but they did not say the corpse of Osama bin Laden because it was his double. You could not handle the scrutiny of DNA testing strength. And I didn't click but he says that they they never threw him into the ocean. Is certainly not under the guise of that's a proper Muslim burial. He said no way because your feet have to point towards towards Mecca and the swirling around in the water he says no way. They said he says the seals reconized they had the wrong guy and dumped him out over the mountains. Cat. Daddy here. That's not the right guy. So they tossed Bagai bones overboard but let's just presume this is all taking place is true and the wrong guy is killed Obama spikes the ball we got and we killed him. Iran comes around and says Oh really. The communication from Iran to bomb was hey. We got your neck in a news. It was it was all this money. Fifty two, billion dollars two, billion on airplane Pallet was paid out for the secrets I wish to reveal now and to the president under the turns of Misprision. That is say this is the secret. These are secrets worth one, hundred and fifty two million dollars paid by president. Obama and Vice President Biden paid with the blood of seal team six when he had them killed. This is the part I like. I that that that is an explanation I've not yet heard for the pallets of cash given to Iran. I like it I like it a lot and it's totally possible. Know Osama bin Laden was still dead in two thousand, three Iran can just say, Hey, man wants to come out and shit because they have a body doubling case the guy wasn't it. And we're GONNA make you look like a fool. Obama. So we one, hundred, fifty, two, billion, we want one point, five, billion in cash and we want Iran nuclear deal. Totally plausible. Now, we should mention that the that. The, one, hundred, fifty, two, whatever that big number is. was actually Iranian acid with their money. Yeah. It was there. So is their money. So it's not as though you know that Obama's throwing away the American taxpayer dollars while except he's a billion money. The cash money I'm not sure what put that. Probably, someone's drug money on house you get it could be and so then now here's the part that I find somewhat sketch although I do remember sketch. Yes. How we call simple for you it's sketch I'm talking like. Keeping one hundred zero. Now now, this is the part that I D- I don't think is doesn't hold water and this is from he's going to refer to a famous speech. Biden. Did the Atlantic Council where he came in as the hero on my sickening to watch actually how jobs like because you know he just he had killed Osama bin Laden, Jo- actually himself gone down, gouge the guys I knife. Nice. It cut his head off all by himself and in this. Speech Key well, I'll. I'll play this clip and then we'll talk about it. Burn I've got a question. So that means that seal team six shot down on purpose. After the the trophy kill to ensure that no dead band can tell no tales. You're correct. So that on. President Obama paid. Bribery. Hundred and fifty two million dollars. Vice President Biden. Paid with the blood of seal team six. Spent their blood like, currency. And the reasoning behind that is that during that speech? Actually on Youtube. Or anywhere, I could find it the video of him, spiking the ball and saying. The seal seals went in their seal team six is the audio is actually dropped out little garbled. Couldn't find an original doesn't really matter. I don't think said seal team six I think he said the seals. Seal. Team. And and that apparently was the reason why target was put on every every back of on the back of every seal team six member. And then you know the guy goes on to explain how they were put on a rickety old rickety on the inish new helicopter go into place that very hard to land. They shouldn't have landed and then to make the whole story complete and this is what I like about the theory. If you recall the Chinook, the twin twin. Rotor Blade helicopter. The Big One with like a flying school bus really filled with seal team six. was shot down by RPG, and at the crash site they found the RPG had the serial number of the US RPG. which was related to the weapons in Benghazi. You see how it all starts tied together. Like Benghazi Angle Yeah. So that's why. That was Hillary Clinton's moving the weapons to the Syrian rebels for her own jollies or whatever, and they had to try and stop it because now now the news was getting out, and of course, this will never be resolved but I did want to just bring those clips in because. A, lot of people were talking about it and and you might as well documented because we'll never hear it about. Trump apparently who got blocked from twitter for retweeting something. That's right. Yeah. That's right. There's up. The JIG is up. Oh. Yeah. Looks to me like they're running scared. Whether or not wrench scared they're starting to produce more of these people. I wanted one of these tips for the last show but I'm gonNA play this one. this is this a new woman just wanted just came out and you never know these are actors, but I don't think actors really necessarily especially their professor. I'm sorry professionals, WanNa ruin their vocal cords. So Fi screaming okay and this is the this is the latest one showed up on twitter. This is a psycho. Psycho Oh, I see the psycho. Okay. Here we go. Listen. To. Me Republicans listen. You other people in history they wanted. About people like Oh. Losing. Democracy. This is Keith Olbermann thing going on here. These people are nuts. Somebody had prefaced this clip with. Wind you like to see trump wins so and get four more years of this. And I had to think to myself I said Yeah it's very entertaining. It's this dynamite. How could you not like it? Yeah that's funny. That's to funny. Offbeat clip that you might be interested in. A just a term. I never knew this. These are two clips as a two part of your mind playing. This is about the crisis that's going on in Greece all the migrants, another thing that mainstream why? Don't talk about that. No No. No I can talk about it. But this is the first of this. This is the report from Lesbos, which is the island, and then I have report from less less key fact but play the first report from bone. Then the follow up with the other one, her parents say they go to Europe and hope of safety and better life. But. What they found was hunger thirst and Thomas. Okay stop stop this so I. WanNa can. bulow background. So they're showing some migrants and from Africa they're black Africans in their from the Congo, a lot of them. And If. You listen to what this guy says at first time I. Clipped it mainly for the second part of the clip 'cause there's something funny in there but I it and then I listen to it and I listened to it again. and. Obviously somebody. In Africa or wherever they're sending these migrants. From are giving these guys a bunch of bull crap about what to expect Oh. Yeah. No go there, and here's what's going to happen and if you listen to the gathering GonNa, bring the guy on he's GonNa. Wait. Did they tell them? Goto. Less boss filled with? Hot. Lesbians. Now it was. It was most mostly about Europe. If you listen to this guy, it's really frightening what he thinks should have happened. Because he expected it, he had to obviously expected to say the words he's GonNa say start to clip from the beginning police. Say they go to Europe and hope of safety and a better life. But what they found was hunger, thirst and homelessness. You just. Because the European, union could've helped us after all this time. Spent four days. One is taking care of us. Oh, what did they thinking? How they abandon us. European Union to. Doing. Days after the fire in the morea record camp chaos reigns on the island of Lesbos families like the malaise are left to fend for themselves. Thousands of refugees are camping on the hot asphalt. The Greek. Government promises held, but it has yet to be seen. Scenes like these show just how great the desperation is. Off. Deliveries of water finally arrived there were riots and some refugees were injured. We do what we can the governor of the island explains, but he points out that the fire was a catastrophe with a message. Lesbos has been left with the huge numbers of refugees for too long. Now he hopes things will change for lesbian people in for myself also. Guay was losing because. The camp of Maria with something to close. Lesbian people and and myself he said. That was interesting that the people live on the island of Lesbos Record Lesbians. No. You know that that is an actual Yes you're right. But that is an actual destination for gays and lesbians they love partying and less, but they used to love partying unless both 'cause is it completely ninety more? No. But if you listen to that black guy says. We've been here three days in where are these all this help where the hell? Yeah, we were promised. What are they thinking? I think the guy was buffalo load. Of course. Duh. So. This is the second part of this has kind of like a illogic indebted. Bass hitting. Happen. Mata. PASA. We're thefts. Ross. And the refugees burned the olive trees for firewood. Lorna novel. then. Public Opinion Changed Traffic. So they come in there, start burning all of trees. You don't burn all of trees anywhere in the world. Big. No No. That is a major May. So all of a sudden public opinion change because they burned all the robbing the place in burning olive trees and you you you burn an olive tree in any country that has all the treason relies on all of for part of their. Job Higher don't olive trees lasts for thousand years. Thousands of years the crazy and many of them are probably thousand years old that they burned. That'll change opinion. Off. Fast. Now, there was another clip that had some. We should probably take a break unless you unless you want to. Do, your next. Now. Let me put that off because I don't even know what clip is. Okay. I'll tell you what let's do somebody. Show mice. Donate. Imagine all the people who could. Be Five. And we do have some people who think for twelve, eighty seven. As, we approach show thirteen, hundred and thirteen, th anniversary broom top top of the list is Christina. Thomas. Drums. Pennsylvania. yeah, her Dad Berthier Stephen Turns. Sixty. On the eighteenth, he's the one that got her into the show in the first place even though he's still douchebag and he's on the list and she still does love him despite that happy birthday old man she says. The poll is Bob Chia from Bellefonte. 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FERAL in. Wadsworth Illinois. One eleven eleven. Jonathan Bell won eleven eleven he's in. Caufield Victoria. Australia. preholiday books. Yeah, Summerfield North Carolina. That's UH. That's Sir Jimmy on behalf of the Winston Salem, meet up jug heads and they've got to meet up report from the moment. Nice. Protease Newark Delaware One hundred Rory Shaima Roth in Manchester, Tennessee eight or eight. and. Apparently the title Rory's Dad hit home. Rory. So Roy decided to donate and the guess when we give an F. cancer sister passed in twenty fourteen. So he says it's October get them eight Oh eight checked ladies could advice. Dr- Andrew Alexander Shows Burger Sixty, nine, sixty, nine, Nicholas Brown stead in Chicago. Sixty nine sixty nine Colin McCormack in Iraqi nee. Dublin. Ireland. Ireland sixty, six, sixty, nine, Chur Kevin McLaughlin Duke of Luna Lover of America and boobs with a small boob donation small boobs six, zero, six, North Carolina locust. Buchanan real estate fifty five. Eighteen, Daniel. Moriano Mariana Mario I'm sorry something missed here. The spreadsheet would just make sure we get this. This is happy anniversary from Sir Buck of Twenty One twelve to my beautiful caring talented pretty lady we call her smokin Hot Dame Jennifer of animated no agenda it's been a wonderful seventeen years Sunday October eighteenth hard to believe but we did get married on the day. We had our first date strange. How things come together may Jennifer continue to smile make people happy I'm wishing her the best and hoping for another very happy wonderful seventeen plus years. that. Got, married on their first date oleander south. That's a nice thing to do and and happy anniversary and never had a fight. Never Daniel Marian divide ten dean roker Geen roker fifty five tenths for Christopher Kessler in Marshfield Wisconsin fifty five ten dame night in Edmonds Washington. Fifty, five, fifty, one, fifty. Joseph Waltzer fifty one I got a his brother's birthday Jordan thirty-seven eighteenth today. And the following people are fifty dollar donors name and location if applicable David Chaloner in Madisonville Louisiana Christopher Moeller in Cedar Park. Texas John Camp Anchors Oklahoma just as Z.. Parts Unknown Jessica Young Yuba City Marie Libra. Briere I'm guessing in Kennett Square Pennsylvania Scott Sir Scott Lavender in Montgomery. Texas. Craig. Zas Zeki I'm guessing in Saratoga Springs are Toga Springs new. York Steven crummy in El Cajon California Andrew. Gooseneck in Greensboro North Carolina and last but not least. Sir Spot the mighty in Marietta Georgia. I WANNA. Thank all these folks for being producers for twelve eighty seven and we wanna thank everyone that comes later are that came in with lesser amounts of money and those lesser are usually anonymity under fifty dollars, notes read or names, and also many people on our sustaining donations. These are recurring subscriptions from all different kinds of levels you can find out more. Info in book a book information at. Dot Org slash. And as promised. Karma. Special thanks to Ericsson. She'll from pulling it all together despite as windstorms and machines being down I. Think we've got everything birthdays, today Stephen both turned sixty Christina Thomas is happy birthday to Stepdad's Stephen Sixty today as well. How that's twice row Joe Walsh. Her happy birthday with brother Jordan Walters thirty seven today and Heidi Schreiber's has happy birthday smoking hot husband. Paul he'll be celebrating on October twentieth happy birthday for everybody here the best podcast of the universe. And we have We have Steven Steven booth about to be knighted and lane rows so to Ondeck. Nice. Stephen both here both you gentlemen you qualify. Thank C. donation them out in. One thousand dollars or more four officials seeking the no agenda roundtable and I'm very proud to pronounce the cave as. Lane route defenders of the nearest point and sir. Mounts. Gentlemen we focus and blow rent boys and Chardonnay by special edition chips washed down with the. Red Salmon and Milwaukee best along with that spark insider sports ginger ale on Gerbil limiting rose eight. Vanilla. Our. HEAD OVER TO GO AGENDA NATION DOT com slash rings Eric, she'll will get on the stick right away and make sure that you get your night ring beautiful signet ring and you're sealing wax anger certificate as soon as possible off to you and thank you for supporting the best podcast in the universe. Couple took place have some meeting reports I from. These Zurich a sanity meet up for those who are the initiated the no agenda does take place everywhere in the world as it seems almost every single day of the week no agenda meet ups dot com is where you can find the Info Adam John. We tried to record some audio greeting, but the sound quality was so abhorrent that the written form is better. This time four dudes found their way to the meet up sadly, no do debts. But we were talking freely and using our shrunken and mcgillis present were newcomer Paul from Ireland who has found love with Swiss woman Sir Wiley Izzo a guy who wants to stay anonymous and the organizers searched Swiss setup. We add bigger events in the past, but the quality of the attendance is always the deciding factor. ANYWAYS IT WAS A. Nice evening with Beers tea and some tasty burgers to round up the meet up. The next event in Zurich will be in the spring of twenty twenty one in the in the morning from Gitmo Nation fondue. Thank you very much and we also have a meet up report from the Winston Salem meet up John and Adam this sir. William Winston the meet up just hanging out here was night's games producers. Mass Kohl's. Necessary. Jimmy. The Hollow Book King and it's like a party again. This is brandon here in Winston I just want to say this Sean Whoo. And this is Deborah from Pittsboro and I WANNA say Adam, it's Missus Institute. Hi. This is rich North Carolina in the morning. Love you guys. Love you work. Thank you. A I'm actually surprised you didn't catch that one I said mize's it has to be means even. Be. I knew I don't know why didn't catch his the same thing with the I'll tell you why. You said it right you said macy's. I do yeah. There's the Mandel effect. Hey. What's wrong with you? I said Musa's I. Know What everybody else is thinking it's crazy how that works didn't catch it John. This is my new go-to. I'm going to try it with Tina. I. Didn't tell you that Mandela effects, crazy. Hey. Everybody tried that out with your spouse. It works great. Here's list of meet UPS taken right from no agenda meet. UPS Dot Com we have the Austin no agenda Liberty Barbecue meet up at one o'clock already underway here in Austin. Also. Today the local one lunch in Plymouth. So that's also underway now for Monday the Eric the she'll his back office listening to or stops off in Carson city. Oughta go see the kids the kids are great. You will and you like d you like. Erica. Nah It'll it with those guys around it's always like a potty Wednesday the twenty second more norristown Pennsylvania Jomo Debate Watch party isn't it isn't in debate Thursday. Yesterday debate is Thursday. Okay. Well, they're going to have a different debate watch boycott debate they're watching it'll be fun the twenty-third that is the Thursday showed day Colorado Springs local seven nineteen at six o'clock mountain time, and also Thursday virtual meet up, which will be one of those things I guess see no agenda meet ups, Dot Com for more information, and then coming up the twenty fourth of October in Oregon California the thirty first in Long Beach Thirty First Kansas City Missouri November I in Philadelphia November third. Another virtual election meet up on. Of course that is election day on the fourth Saint Petersburg Saint Pete Beach Florida, the Fifth Guy Fawkes Coffee Stroll Control in Quebec Boston. Massachusetts on the Seventh Dallas Texas on the Seventh Inland Empire California on the tenth in. November fourteenth the catskill mountain meet up. That is no agenda. MEET UPS. Dot Com is where you Can. Find a cool place to hang out with people who are just like you amid lush shrunken. No. Triggering like a beer maybe just some maybe just a Coca Cola or soda, but you'll have a great conversation. No one gets pissed off. It's fantastic and if you can't find one near, you just go ahead and start one no agenda meet UPS DOT com. How A. Like a Pie. Roy. Have So. I I end of show. Eyeso-. Will have the morning toast one which was spire. The morning. Toast one. You played it like. Oh right. Let me just hear it. Again. I think we liked that one didn't we fire That's fire. That's the one. That sucks. Well better than that. Any seems like much I even the the Biden shoot him in the leg is better than that. Don't you don't have the Eyeso- I do. That's too long. I have to Eyeso-. Why have this one? In. That it's to echoey to echoey. A. K. on a second whereas my Biden From Biden don't jumps. Regular plan. That's too long. This is a problem. Shoot them in the light. Played, the whole psycho clip. Come on. That's good. That's shooting legs good. I don't like it, but you can your your your choice, but you wonder. If if the beginning was on it, but then you clip the beginning off fire. Did. You not hear it. Here, fire fire it's not quite. Listen. I. Want. Consensus. I love you to give it to you. I like fire. Okay. Well, I like shoot him. Shoot him in the leg fires. Then Go shoot him in the leg fire. Okay. Let me. Let me say actually has some meaning because then it's instead of referring to quality, it refers to actually firing a gun. You know what this is. This is this is how the Democratic Party will rule when they get into the white. House just like this, we can't have a decision now. No, we're just GONNA. Oh, we don't want anyone angry about not having the right Eyeso- shoot them lane. Okay. Good. We'll do that. Got It. To operate I hear you. Get these clips from this I call a cheery clips, but it the interesting see if you can catch. Catch the kind of logical inconsistency here by this is the bank. Apparently, there's a, there's a A. Horrible rape thing going on in. Bangladesh. Rape and everybody. And they're covering dortch Avila's covering it pretty well Bangladesh rape, and then yet to play part two now according to one Bangladeshi human rights group over nine hundred women and girls have been raped there in the first nine months of this year alone huge protests have taken place in a string of cities triggered by the circulation of a video showing another attack on a woman in the south of the country Brian Quinn has more. In Dhaka an outpouring of anger continuing to rage weeks after the sexual assault of a woman by a gang of men wish shared widely on social media. What I stand here so that I will not become the next woman to be the victim of rape the next victim of violence. I mean. The, protests are unprecedented both for their persistence and for their largely female leadership in the highly conservative Muslim majority country has Bangladesh struggles to come to terms with a growing problem according to one NGO more than nine hundred women and girls were raped in the first nine months of twenty twenty alone with gang rapes accounting for more than two hundred of those incidents. Those figures are likely significant underestimation as they represent only reported cases. I could not have asked for more upbeat report to end the show with and then, and then it went on to discuss the fact that less than one percent less than one percent. Of these cases are prosecuted. Less than one percent. So. Let's play. This clip and tell me if you can spot the kind of logical inconsistency here. Punishment, is rare. Bangladesh's conviction rate for rape cases is less than one percent in two thousand, Thirteen U. N., survey. Ninety five percent of urban, Bangladeshi men who admitted committing rape reported facing is zero. Acquaintances what happens if the missing four percent? Is that what you're looking for? No. Okay. Rights groups blame a culture of impunity and a slow moving legal system that shifts blame to the victim more suspects are often protected by the powerful based on political affiliations. Wounded Knee Jadon There's often violence against women swimming even children are victims of rate. But, the culprits are not punished and now we want justice it will be tumbler. To Public Blowback has forced the government to react with the cabinet of prime, minister shake has seen approving the death penalty for rape cases as of October thirteenth critics say the measure could actually decrease the conviction rate and that the government should instead focus on enforcement as well as passing long promised sexual harassment and witness protection laws worse than me to ladies and all this. So the so a they want it now, just this the classic Wolf we're going to do anything let's make it a death penalty he of course, and so the complainers said, no, no no, we can't do a death penalty because it's going to lower the conviction rate. To conviction rate is less than one percent. What kind of a counter argument is that? I. Still where's the metoo ladies I don't understand I. Guess I guess Brown Women don't matter. Not. Reported anywhere except on the no agenda show in Deutsche Avella. Doing it because China would like to make sure that people know that the rapist or all in Bangladesh, and India their main competiting competitors. Anyway. So I just thought it was amusing that these guys would install the. Still Lower and slower. Already non-existent? Conviction. All. Right. Brown. Humorous. Actually Brown women don't matter. Just keep that in mind. Okay, So we see each other on Thursday and have room for some more. Shells to drop. Let's see what the what. Kind of slime banning can bring to us because he's behind. A very good job at getting this into the mainstream. That's for sure well. Let's see. We'll see what happens. After all it is rushing. I'm coming to you from opportunities zone thirty three here in Austin Texas capital the drones star State Fema region number six, the governmental maps which will be important. One of these days you just watch in the morning everybody. I'm Adam Curry and from northern Silicon Valley with this heat wave continues annoying. It's hot. I'm jazzy divorced. We return on Thursday remember us at divorce dot org slash a for your value for value coming up Jesse Koi Nelson. GonNa play some REX. Oh, closer again as our India show grumpy Ben's not next on no agenda STREAM DOT COM until Thursday? The Oh SMO- photos. And such. A A. An with Thank you for your in the morning Cluzel. Hit me in the couple asked. Precent Adam goes on JR IAN. Abbott hooked on what's in the emphasis is so informant my. Venturing cannot be thinking I'm absorbed so much misinformation from all the BS Dave report and invite them is so distorted CPI supported also close to ot. GR. Accorded it's so annoying. Printed Gad nothing happened it was actually employ an. Nations. Amazing if you. Got Me signed me up. In space I can think really don't be adjacent to Go Plane. Crash. What? Do Me, formulate yes we go out. We hit people in the mouth successes limits but just how we teach people how to think. In a world of pocket Shaw Slaves it's such an uphill battle in. Nineteen eleven rat. Oh, my hip, and pray then you have to use it but I will, if it goes their way, we interface to the noodles to United States. Where you to face. fragilities exactly. What is killing me? Silly me I should check my Zepa. But. I might. John and I don't want world dominance of global governance. A whole lot of promises we know you can't be honest with until. The ticks men. Incompetency what had common. This. Coach Thomas's cannot exist forgotten. It's become a superpower not with consciousness and no one, which is what the real problem issue fake folks say really woke you sleep walking the leader day chose in basements sleep soccer's plan. It causes irreversible damages the chefs pull strings to keep the she locked on Shepard I'm saying Manati laye full throttle. So we're my head to pop me to stop me in this mixture dragon indigent coffee even if they. As. A posse three thinking people that believe in recency a fine line between freedom domain just being he this is this the wild west of the final frontier super apply kissed quasi. Becoming more than whole because I find myself wondering Malcolm. Joe Wonder Window. Started shipping system wasn't. Jae. Started hitting. Foot. They always be important since chess was it game trying to wash away wrong with Jake may made six lack. The same with. The stress out mob. You go ahead to kill me for you make A. Big. When did you first realize what you sound like when I was six years old mark read Mersal his reel to reel tape record. It was miniature one five dollars I had safe for for a long time and he only knew how to make it works to keep going back to him, and then he would typically wind up sitting. Very traumatic. But that's when I heard it the first time and member holy crap. I sound like a girl. I just like walking around. The streets worked on my life. Not Sound like a girl never went through puberty where my voice. Forced it from from a young age. Story you've ever told on the show. why? Don't remember what? Tape. Record two hours extinct. Wasn't traumatic. Changing. About it one way or the other and the funny thing is I think if I hear a recording of myself and I'm here myself as I talk and you do too we all do. I'm hearing my own voice hearing some voice I'm hearing the exactly what I sound like to me. Sound like Pushing Today's program had been removed from the by cusp of a sperm whale? Everybody. Mojo Iraq dot org slash. Shooting.

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"Calvin barber shop. You got to see this. Don't wanna know what you're looking at on that phone will you. Should i was learning about the dangers of high blood pressure and that we need to get our check regularly. Blood pressure can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke but this text program can help keep it at a healthy range. Just text barber shops at nine. Seven seven seven nine. Sign up done with this baby. Panda video checks barbershop to nine. Seven seven seven nine a message from the american heart association and the ad council jason bonetti for ready dot illinois dot with a message about emergency planning for the thousands of illinois citizens with functional needs. Every one of us needs a disaster plan for ourselves. Our families even our pets but the plan in the emergency disaster. Kit may look a lot different for those with functional needs at ready dot illinois dot gov. You'll find tips for designing an emergency disaster plan and building an actual emergency disaster kit. Whether you or someone you know is affected by cognitive. Mobility or visual disabilities has mental health or substance. Abuse issues is deaf and or has substantial hearing loss ready dot illinois dot gov has the answers there's even guidance for those who rely on life support systems and for persons who use service animals and yes ready dot illinois dot gov has great tips for seniors to even tips for pet owners. If you or someone you know has functional needs or for that matter you have yet to make your own disaster plan kit visit ready dot illinois dot gov that's ready dot illinois dot gov sponsored by the illinois emergency management agents sprinting for two hours. These guys are a complete sopping mass. So you have to do something. And i think it's a fantastic way. People always say it's a lottery. it's a lottery. I remember when brazil beat italy in one thousand hundred four at the rose ball. The headline in italy was world poker champions brazil. It's not a lottery. it's a skill. it's a soccer skill. Can you pass the ball into the side net. That's all you need to do. Is just a nice hard pass into the side net whether your sidefoot and it's unsaleable tried to hit it hard. Hit it over the bar. They try to get cheeky. They change their mind halfway through. They'll it right at the goalie. It's a skill and So to me. It's it's thrilling because it's like who's going to show who's going to not choke who will succeed in a penalty shootout and so I yeah i love them. And their nerve wracking. The euro the The final of the cup went eleven. Ten the first twenty one guys made it and that twenty-first guy was the goalie and then the other goalie missed i. I think that's fantastic. Nba it's fantastic. All right. brian simpson is gonna be at tops comedy club and he's going to join us snacks other than that. It's open lines. The rest of the way at one. Eight hundred eight hundred seventy eight one. Eight hundred eight seven eight seven five two nine big shutout to our troops listening both home and abroad on the american forces radio network is well you doing a great job. Stay save hoping soon at home very very soon and want. Wanna tweet at me. It's at rick tittle come back. Let's do time for your small business. Report presented by dell small business. It's important to choose your battles wisely. Starting a business and experiencing growing pains can be stressful. Focus on your most valuable assets and stay steady on the path to success. While you're still small you don't have the time resources or influence to do everything at once. You need to be careful what you decide to go after and set achievable goals especially when it comes to your marketing budget. 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I had pain in my hands that kept me from work and doing projects around the home i heard about relief factor on the radio and began taking it and it left me with pain. Free hands again. I was able to do the things around the house that i enjoy doing. I'm so glad. I found relief. Factor one hundred million. Americans suffer from ongoing pain due to aging exercise over exertion and the effects of everyday living be sure to check out relieffactor at relieffactor dot com. Or give them a call at eight hundred. Five hundred eighty three eighty four. That's eight hundred. Five hundred eighty three eighty four. Where did you get those close at the toilet store of guys talk. I'm so disgusted by rick tittle. That i find him. Very intoxicating all right Thank you for that. Welcome back to the show. Our three hundred way. Rex tiller with you. Coast to coast around the glow born american forces radio network. You know. I love the comedians and It's so great that calms and the punch line or opening back up here in san francisco and we now have very pleased to have brian simpson. He's headlining cops. He's got a couple of shows tonight. Couple shows tomorrow as well. Brian how cool is it to get back into to real clubs again. Did you do the zoom shows in the outdoor stuff and all that the last year a lot of outdoor stuff. no zoom things Yeah i couldn't take their father said you're not getting the reaction to right right right right. It's almost like being judged from a distance. What i it's awesome having clinton back open like it feels a bit feel like society's. How did you work on material without bouncing it off and going because you're trying to build a new set maybe you get a tight fifteen and then you can get it the half hour and forty five but it was hard to run it and kinda hone it right. Oh yeah definitely. I talked to myself a lot. Maybe maybe a little crazy. And i was sneaking. Do you have outdoor shows and stuff and every now and then any chance. I got I would. I would try to get set in. You know. it's the same. You just gotta you just gotta do the work and then as soon as i get back because i'm a veteran so i've had it right away. I just hit the road. So is it like riding a bike or it was a little bit clunky at first life. No i wouldn't say it was like random by if it was it was like it was more like it was more. It was more like a large adam car. You know like it was. It was so melia. But you know the veteran. I imagine you're a chef right. And but you just have you ever been in the kitchen and a long tap so like i feel about how to cook i. Just don't everything's just not readily available. I can't reach for the spices. You know so that. That's what i had to get back. Must retrain gotcha a couple. More questions for brian simpson. He's cobs funny. I remember when Oj got out there. A couple of comedians are like man. I wish i hadn't done them jokes now that he's out so we with with cosby out. Did you have any cosby like chunk that you didn't work anymore. No man i i. I don't have anything anyhow shakes on copy. I feel like you know when when reality is ridiculous. The joke you know there's no work can be done. The jumping just wrote it so but we kind of had that to what the last president i mean he was every day on. Twitter just was providing so much material. And i know some people. Their whole life was responding to that and now they don't you don't have that anymore. It's kinda crazy than that job because of different presents to realize you're not actually what do you think about see to me. Comedy is our and you either like are are you. Don't but you don't cancel it and so to me. It's one thing for people saying you know you can't do a joke about this. You can do that but to me. It's really upsetting when. I see comedians policing each other and i have found. It's usually the comedians who aren't a successful that are trying to shut people up yeah comedian. That aren't funny. i. I think that Because comedy asked a low barrier to entry. i mean. it doesn't take much to start calling yourself a canadian but but the to specify you're actually funny. I don't think they try to cancel. People like patrice o'neal saying like good jokes bags come from the same place we don't know if it's gonna work or not you know right you got we should be getting. We should be given the chance to try to make something. Funny it also. I think some people don't understand you don't have a monopoly on on how you deal with trauma some some people that have been through something that stuff they need the joke so they can feel that also making get something so because some particular subject effectively doesn't give you the right to stop people talking about you know no doubt and i think your background you know the way you a foster child and then you're a member of the united states marines by the way we're on american forces radio networks so some fellow fellow leather necks might be listening right now but That someone who who's been through. All that i mean i guess you know you're you're used to adversity and dealing with it. Yeah and i'm also used to abandon situations where things upset me that i can't do anything about like that. You not real fast from the military you gotta learn how to just move passing so you don't have the power to stop it. You just gotta do it right. And i think i think a lot of kids. They you know they. They're used to like on twitter and tattle tailing And it doesn't help them with their problems solving skills. You know one thing. That happens a lot in sports. And i know it happens with comedians as well as you might start off with a couple of guys and gals and and all of a sudden. They're getting a sitcom or they're they're getting Hbo special whatever and they always say. Compare and despair you kind of like. Did you think like my time is gonna come and it did. But what's coming up in that kind of friendly competition. You know it's awesome. I mean you need people around you. That are going to push him. you know. And my grandmother's always say comparison is the thief of joy. So you know you gotta you gotta go into understanding. Everyone's past everyone doesn't have the same pat you know and And allowed to put too much time worrying about where they want to be enjoying where they are. You know as soon as you start making money from this as you already one and everything else is random. You have no control over who notices you. Or what what they're looking for at the time You know. I've never really been jealous of other comics. You don't really bothers me when someone isn't funny. Something that i get packed real quick right and of course something. That's really risen up the last couple of years and especially with the the time that we've had on our hands because of the pandemic as the the podcasts at so tell me about yours Mike chances basically it's called bs. Brian simpson. i give. I give advice to people that right and then i do Obscure black history facts and talk about talking about weird news. That isn't in the in the mainstream. Can you give me a little. What would be like a weird black history anecdote weird angle. Here's one Harriet tubman no. Yeah so she's she. She used to carry a pistol winter at all times. And it's kind of famous because famous just isn't a lotta pictures. But a lot of people think kissed was to fight off slave catchers but it was really to shoot people who tried to go back. Yeah she's like god going back. Wow so no. She was bad at no. Doubt last question for you on your twitter. it says. Call your mama. Which i think is cool because i think some comedians might wrote right leg. I'm a call your mama so when you call your momma you just you just trying to be nice for people to remember their their moms. Yeah 'cause i 'cause sometimes you know especially in showbusiness you get some running around all the time it used to get like. That's what really matters like call. Your mom is never a bad idea. You know and it sort of resets me. Whenever i remember i need to call my mom sister. She says she knows. I couldn't think of anything. Really put their so. I was like you know advice. No doubt everybody you can get your tickets at livenation dot com or right up there at the box office down there on columbus street cobb's comedy club to shows tonight to shows tomorrow with brian. Simpson brian man. Thanks for coming on and let's catch up again exactly all right. I'm rick tuttle. It's open lines. The rest of the way at one eight hundred eight seven eight play so come on back you love. your dog. is something bothering him or her. And you can't figure out what it is. Maybe they seem slow lethargic and maybe they just don't have energy would you like your dog to be living their very best life. Pedroia offers a money back guarantee on all of its products. If your dog won't eat it or you don't see the results you want. Just let us know. And we'll make it right totally risk-free what do you have to lose. You can't buy joy multivitamins in a store. 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Spain playing with the man advantage ten men for fights and Zoema their goalie heroic so far. We'll keep you updated One eight hundred eight seven eight play. What do you do when you have first round. Picks in the nba. Well a lot of times if you're not picking near the top end. They're really not gonna do much. I mean the nba draft has used to be fifteen rounds. Went to like seven five and now the nba draft is simply two rounds in the second round. You don't even get a contract for sure but if you look playoffs right now devon booker trae young deondraye. Aiden these young guys you think. Wow who in this draft can be like that cade cunningham. Evan mobely jalen. Green jalen sucks because of that quality of those four guys. We have more rumors going on than ever when it comes to that. And one of those teams of course on my warriors because the warriors if everyone's healthy basically staff in clay and clay's missed two seasons andrey and maybe mr wiggins of. He's still around that. They think that they cannot just be a playoff team but contend for a championship and they have lottery picks at seven and at fourteen and last year they picked number two overall and took james wiseman now according to the athletic something we talked about a couple of days ago there was a rumor of the number seven pick and wiseman to get pascal siakam but then hearing another rumor that no that'd be wiggins too because you have to make the money match up so we also heard about the dissatisfaction with damian lillard in portland that to me. Can you play three guys like that. Even a player like ben simmons could be available. You want to bring in a guy like that. So the warriors are heavily involved in these rumors but the thing i think that's interesting for the rockets is what they're gonna do at to some years. You just have to guys in the draft. And you don't know who to take a sort of like the peyton manning ryan leaf thing. Believe it or not. Or greg oden kevin durant who we're gonna take. Some people even thought there was like between zion and john mirant. Now it was. I on but with cunningham as the consensus number one. The rockets are going to pick between evan moberly and wanted to jalen. It's and apparently jalen green supposed to be the guy and jalen. Green is a fantastic and hit a strong season with the g. league ignite but mobely is one of the most tantalizing big-name prospects in years. Who really fits into the way. Big men work in the nba. Right now. which in other words not just standing to the hoop and be a rim protector and get rebounds so houston could very well. Entice cleveland to send it an asset. So that cleveland can move up to two and get their guy. Is that interesting and move back one now. That would only work. If they were going to draft mobely and they knew that they were going to draft mobely right so a lot of these are just some smokescreens going on right now but what the raptors at four do they go all in with Let's win now. do they. Start the rebuild or they do neither one if you think if you draft jalen suggs at three. Does he help them win title next year. I don't know. Does he help in the future. Absolutely but if they go in the wind mao now mode than you keep lowry vanfleet siaka mono be gary trent trent and then maybe you trade the fourth pick for an established vet guess what. They're not gonna do that talking to do that. There's no frigging way. If i'm the magic i take the jalen that's at four and i'm hoping it sucks because as i've said before to me suggs would be my number. One overall. pick huge for his position. Strong talented courageous really really liked jalen sucks. But then you get to the knicks. The people are talking about. But they're at nineteen and twenty one and the knicks really overachieved. This year they got the number four seed in the east but then things get complicated to they resign. Derrick rose and try and run this back again or do they build for the future. I think eric would come on the cheap so i don't think that would be decision. One way or another that would affect anything but right now with nineteen and twenty one. Those guys aren't gonna help you win this year. Theoretically so you could throw those into sweeteners. And you could trade for guys who could help out with barrett and robinson and some of these other guys quickly but with randall. Do you add in got bona fide star with that trade look nine thousand nine hundred twenty one. You're just better off taking whoever's there and hope that they're good. Because i don't think you're going to get a big return. But i mentioned cleveland at three and as they said that the cavs will have either Jalen if they want and the thing is is that the one thing that they really don't need is backward with garland sexton. This is why people think that they would do anything to get their hands on mobely. But let's say another team lower down the lottery has to have green and is gonna trade everything to get up to three. Would the cavs do it. I can tell you right now. If i'm bob myers i offer seven and fourteen for three cleveland's not that stupid to do it. I'd even throw in wiggins. I'd give you wiggins seven and fourteen to get green or suggs absolutely without even thinking about it or asking lake have been guber. It's just to it but now the real wild card. I think in all of this is okay. See because okay see. Could've come away with two top five picks if everything and bounce their way but they got six sixteen and eighteen and sam prestige has never been afraid to make a transaction or two that's right but the asset accumulation has sort of been the name of the game for the thunder. But at some point you're going to have to do something with these stockpiled picks they can get really solid player at six but would they trade out of six and move down a few spots. I i don't know. I mean they did that. They swung they went down from sixteen to eighteen. They did that with Alexei pocus f ski last year. Everything's on the table for them. And then the one other thing. I the one other team. I think that could have something to say in. The draft are the lakers because the lakers have zero use for a rookie next year zero us. But they can't trade the pick before the draft because they owe their twenty twenty two first round. Pick to the pelicans but they can certainly draft a player for another team. If a deal has been worked out now last season the lack of death behind lebron and the uni brow was very painful and the only young players of any value. Probably horton tucker and kuzma are not gonna get him a big fetch sell the number twenty two year all number. Twenty two overall pick could become a valuable asset in getting the lakers. Some help now then again. If i said a rookie is of no value to them. Unless they're drafting the top four or five then. Of course that guy would help. But usually you get these guys at twenty two most of these names. I've forgotten that guy. Like could shake of evans out of cincinnati and the warriors drafted him right around there. Maybe a little bit later. And it's like willie make the team if you draft a guy and the question is will you make the team. He better be a second round. Pick like draymond green. You make the team monty. Second round pick. Willie make the team. You know gilbert arena second round pick. Willie make the team like he's gonna make the team they stink. But yeah at twenty two. If you're the lakers. Whoever you draft at twenty two is going to be a nothing burger. But you do want to help. There's no doubt by the way the spanish captain just hit the post on the first paint. That's bad when he doesn't even have to say. That's like chris waddle and roberto baio and stuart pearce some of the famous guys who missed without even forcing a save before anyway. The the lakers. As i said at twenty two. It's like when the cleveland lebron and they'd first overall picked was a draft and stash. It's like you're not getting any help that guy's not going to help. I'm rick tuttle. Come back watch those watching me away. I am a non-attorney spokesperson representing a team of lawyers. Who helped people that have been injured or wronged. Have you been diagnosed with cancer. 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Six zero zero three spent that in the middle east. And i just wanted to this day. Great fan of your work right interrupt me please continue. You must be crazy. Use a d. o. g. And if you was my man. I would have been kicked you out of my house by now. This is what had happened Welcome back to this. Shell high-drama in baku right now. Both spain and switzerland and have two penalties blocked will one was missed by spain but both spanish guys who had their balls blocked they jumped and they jumped up and pretended to go one way then they hit jumped and they jumped up and pretended to go one way and then they hit a week. One live to be thousand people still over think penalties. You just pass the ball. You pick a side. You don't change your mind and you make a crisp side. Footed pass into the side of the net. That's all you have to and now. Switzerland is just skied one over the bar opening the door for spain and Maybe the swiss cheese lock has run out. Is there such a thing as swiss cheese lock. But that's another thing. And i realize it's very easy me to sit here on my fat and talk about all you gotta do. Through sewed footed in the entire world is watching you. the entire nation is hanging on a thread. And they're either going to hate you or not remember you. That's basically what it is. They're gonna hate you or not remember you and so i know that is anxiety to the nth level. I know that is sports pressure. Unlike what most american athletes will never go through I get it but it still amazes me. That guy steps up there who's taken a million penalties in practice especially if you're one of the top five choices they have faith in you because you're really good at in practice and you just hit it as hard as you can and it goes flying over the crossbar. It's stunning. it's absolutely stunning anyway. Spain has one and they've knocked out. They've knocked out switzerland on penalties and When you missed two penalties. And i told us that guy summer When you missed two penalties you usually don't go through the only way this will be good. News is if Italy beets Belgium later today. Because i want italy to lose. And i don't think swiss switzerland had a chance it goes back to my hatred of the from one thousand nine hundred two and Now the swiss guys who missed are all crying it a drama. Sports can only give you drama like this. It's true only in sports. Can you have drama. Likes this But i'll be renting for belgium today in the second game rick. We relief cure for lulu. I know so one eight hundred eight seven eight play to get in one eight hundred eight seven eight seven five two nine emails rick. Sports byline dot com. This email is from scott and scott said has albert pool hall spin cut yet and all i could think of is. Why does he want pool. Also the giants or the as and i know i think he just hates the dodgers but yeah i mean it's it's been like over six weeks since albert pool halls got cut by the angels and just went up highway five and our to la and the team. That i mean we knew it would be an american league team. It wasn't going to be a nationally team because all you can do really is d. h. No no it is the dodgers and the one thing that pulls did when he signed he said. I'll do whatever you want. I'll play pinch hit. I'll play first base whatever you want. He said i'm just excited to wear this uniform and glad to be here which is nice and it's not just lip service for a guy who's forty one. He's happy that his career is not over. And i remember when the when the as got rid of steven vote. Only the milwaukee brewers offered them time. And he's still playing in his day or their zona but with paul's and yeah look if wearing a dodger uniform. They're one of the great teams of all time. I don't like the dodgers but it's a has a lot more important than if you put on a jersey that says seattle if you are mariners jersey. Now you've never even one up pennant so as far as a pedigree goes that's a it's it's like wearing a piece of garbage are like a glad bag with take a trash bag. Cut a hole in it and throw it over your head. That's basically a mariners jersey. Rick how dare you ken. Griffey junior and each year king felix king felix never went to the playoffs but has pool halls just been furniture. Now he's been in thirty games. There's been thirty nine. Since he's appeared so more than three quarters of those games and eighteen of those he started. So what has he done scott. He's hit two forty seven with six home runs. No doubt now. He doesn't get on base lot. obviously he hits his way on. Doesn't he strikes out a lot but he hasn't been horrible and the dodgers have maximize his production by platooning him. And that's easier said and done in the era of nine men bullpens but pool halls is unplayable against right handers and he mashes lefties with it facing right handers. He's had forty two plate appearances for la one home run batting one twenty five but listen to this. Forty eight games against left handers. Five home runs three fifty six. Of course dave. Roberts is going to start him against a lefty three fifty six. That's amazing so i think what's interesting too. Was that with the angels. He hit two fifty against lefties and to twenty five against righties so they never really platoon him. Obviously he was making too much money. There's no shame in being a guy who's just facing one thing now. I mentioned i. Had cal ripken here i had. Jt stolen here one time and he was a switch hitter until the giant said just hit left handed and i remember i said when the when the giants decided that you should stop switching to that. I decided that not the giants. Which wasn't what i heard but i wasn't there and i go okay. I understand a proud athlete. When someone's like you stink at that. Don't do that anymore like someone the team said you stink at that. I think that's how he kinda hurt it. He goes no no no no no. I decided but the other thing is if you play him at first. Then you take mac. Muncie max munchies. Lied bat outta lineup. But the thing is is. Max muncie was hurt. He's an all star by the way cody bellinger has been hurt and yoshitomo sugo as well. I mean cory seager has been hurt but if the dodgers are going to win the west and by the way they've won eight in a row if they're going to win the national league west they're gonna have to beat the padres and blake's now and the giants and alex wood and diamondbacks with bumgarner and caleb smith and the rockies with kyle freeland in gombar. There's a lot of lefties out there a lot of so. When are they cutting him. They're not cutting him so. I'm trying to say by the way. The all-star starters were revealed last night in the national league buster coz buster cozy forgot. His name didn't play last year. And centers tangible buster posey. well Start this is his seventh. All-star game behind the plate freddie freeman the mvp tiddle that fifth selection. He'll start at first base of course with atlanta. How about adam frazier. First time all star with the pirates starting one of the worst teams. That's pretty cool. Nolan aeronautica on the hot corner with the cards. Now of course starting his six all star game federal number two ts who knew our first selection. Starting at short then you get ronald kunia. The braves outfielder starting in center field. This is his second selection and believe it or not. He's the grizzled vet of the senior circuits outfield because nicholas cost the on us and jesse winker both from cincinnati. This is both their first. All star game wasn't costing us a flat arthur. He thought something weird. But wow the reds yeah. That's not too shabby in the american league. Salvi peres behind the plate. It's his seventh game. Royals vlad junior is his first all star game. He will be at first. How about the first time all star. Marcus semi-in starting for the blue jays at second base and i'm happy for him because Same areas high school from berkeley from el cerrito california calbears well third base raphael divers. This is his first all star game and he'll have a very familiar face shoulder to shoulder because bogart's is the shortstop his third selection from boston. Mike trout Made the his ninth selection. He's in the outfield. But of course he's hurt so he's quote unquote a starter but he's not going to start Aaron judge his third selection will start and how about tayo scar hernandez a surprise really but deserving from the blue jays. This is his first and the american league also selected. Dha and we already knew that was going to be a shohei otani who is a senior day. I would like to see shohei. Ohtani pitch and hit. He's going to be in the home. Run derby obviously but like to see him pitch and hit. That would be. That'd be pretty cool. I think but the all star game is it's always fun even when they tie it's tie Even when dick hauser's giving jesse barfield his fifth at bat in the ninth inning. Things that have bugged me over the years Jay how getting a loss Keith full getting the save danny haran. Starting i can remember a lot of as All star moments There's no doubt some talking about the ray fosse thing ray. Fosse was with the cleveland indians. When pete rose bowled him over for no good reason. All right i'm rick tuttle. We'll take a quick break and come on back. I am a non-attorney spokesperson representing a team of lawyers. Who helped people that have been injured or wrong. Have you been diagnosed with cancer. Are you one of the millions who have taken zantac or other generic versions of this popular to help treat stomach issues then. 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My father and my brother were in the army. I thought i'd better join before. I got drafted son. The reykdal draft of war there was rick tittle always goes commando all right. Thank you for that. Fourth of july sunday recognize monday. We'll do a rerun on monday back on to for tuesday the spin rates in baseball. Which is something that we never knew about. We never had the technology for it right but now the enforcement period has begun or about a month into it now so i was looking at some of the data. The spin rate on four seamers last year was two thousand three hundred and seven rounds per minute and the last month. Two thousand two hundred and twenty nine so about eighty less rounds per minute. Sliders was two thousand four hundred forty last year now. Two thousand three hundred ninety eight negligible difference. Virtually the same and on curve. Balls the rounds per minute last year. Two thousand five hundred and thirty nine and now they're at two thousand four hundred fifty six rounds per minute so about a what eighty point difference there. I wanna know who are the people that have looked at every pitch since june third. The scott enforced. Who looked at every pitch and then ran it through their computer or whatever it is and is it enough. when you're throwing a four seam fastball to go from two thousand three hundred seventy two two thousand two hundred twenty nine. I apparently so i i guess but i think a better way to look at. It is just strikeouts strikeouts last year. Twenty three point four percent now during this crackdown. Twenty three point. Five percent strikeouts have gone up one tenth of a percent. How about that hit by pitches have gone down from one point. Two three percent to one point. One eight pitchers have more control. If you wanna talk about strikeouts and hit by pitches walks have gone up three tenths of one percent. Is it really worth it now. But i can tell you strikeouts going up even one tenth it just laughs at this. Crackdown right now. I'm rick tuttle have a good fourth. We'll see you next time on. Tillis spoke china man. I hope we don't have brain damage. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed radio network at live dot heartland news feed dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by on facebook twitter and instagram. Another sad j at the site of the florida condo collapsed and lisa brady fox news. Confirmation of more lives lost though. There's also a change in the number unaccounted for. Fox's evan brown has more live. At least a two more victims remains have been recovered from the site of the champlain. Tower condo project. One of those victims was the seven year. Old daughter of a city of miami firefighter. Miami dade county mayor danielle levin combo. This brings the number of dead to twenty one hundred. Twenty eight remain missing searching continues though there is concern that the remaining structure is unstable and poses a risk to rescuers. It will be demolished over the coming weeks. Lisa thanks have been officials say duplicate names were eliminated from the missing list and some listed as missing turned up. Save president biden hailing the new jobs report. Eight hundred fifty thousand created. June progresses is testament to our commitment to grow this economy. He argues now's the time to accelerate progress. Republicans say too much spending and tax hikes will jeopardize it more people expected on the roads. This fourth of july weekend than before the pandemic aaa estimating record of more than forty six million travelers despite gas prices nearly a dollar higher than a year ago in la much higher than that. The question here is. can you get gas. But can you afford right. Four seventy-nine a gallon compared to the national average about three twelve. But in some states at some stations you cannot find gas why a shortage of truck drivers new rules are coming for airlines aimed. More fairness in the industry and for passengers including possible refunds of checked baggage fees if luggage is delayed for too long the white house just confirming reports. The president will direct the transportation department to work on those new rules. America is listening to fox news. The us supreme court will stay out of the fight over a florist to refused service for same sex wedding. The justices are leaving in place. A lower court's ruling that the owner of orleans flowers in washington state broke the state's anti anti-discrimination law by refusing to provide flowers for a customer. Same sex wedding washington. Supreme court reviewed a state commission decision. Concluded it did not act with animosity towards baron l. stutzman religion. The supreme court declined to hear an appeal justice clarence thomas samuel alito gorsuch indicated. They would have agreed to hear the case. Four justices are needed for the court to take a challenge in washington jared halpern fox. News boeing seven thirty-seven cargo plane makes an emergency landing in the ocean near the hawaiian islands and both pilots on board survived. The faa says two pilots on board trans air flight. Eight ten boeing seven thirty seven when they reported engine trouble and made an emergency landing off the coast of honolulu. The plane was going from honolulu to maui. Gye cunningham's his spokesman for hawaii department of transportation. One of the pilots was transported by the us coastguard airlifted to queens medical center. The other pilot was put on the rescue boat taken here. Lagoon drive to our one of our fire stations. Here at the airport. Not pilot was then taken to a hospital. He says they had reported trouble with both engines. A coast guard commander said they'd be examining the debris field. The ntsb will investigate the incident. Fox's jessica rosenthal the faa also investigating a rally on wall street. After a stronger jobs report the dow is up. One forty eight meantime white house. economic officials. Say they're still working to get more countries to sign on to the pledge for a minimum global corporate tax rate of fifteen percent announced earlier this week though more than one hundred have agreed to that already of lisa. Brady this is fox news. All the things that went wrong on january of six minority leader kevin mccarthy threaten district republicans of committee assignments if they accepted an appointment to this committee shock that she would accept something from speaker. Pelosi would seem to me is. I didn't hear from her. Maybe she's closer to her than us. I don't know has directly blamed former president trump for the riot at the capital from the usa radio news pacific northwest bureau. I'm wendy king for usa radio news. i'm brad bernards given you the news be prepared to pay more taxes than if you owe back taxes or have unfiled on a few years get ready. The irs de largest collection agency in the world will be coming after you with the power to collect taxes by any means they wanted to. Hey they freeze your bank accounts your passport even padlock your business. Good times the. Irs claims you owe them five thousand or more in back taxes spend. They're coming after you don't panic. Call my at get a tax lawyer. I their job is to negotiate with the irs. And save you money. They're experts at. That's all they do and you can trust them. In some cases they have reduced a fifty thousand dollar tax bill to less than one thousand if you owe the irs five thousand worn back taxes. Call now for a free consultation. Eight hundred seven three two nine six three five eight hundred seven three two nine six three five eight hundred seven three two nine six three five. That's eight hundred seven three to ninety six thirty five from san francisco sports byline broadcasting network. You're listening to wrestling observer. Live with your hosts bryan alvarez and mike simpler beauty. Let's get it going. Everybody bring alvarez here on wrestling observer. Live we're here every day. Monday through friday new pacific research sunday three pacific sixties. It is friday on the program. You know what that means the weekend edition of the show and this will be the weekend edition of the show. Because here in america fourth of july coming up on sunday we will not have a show that day on sports byline usa. And also know. Brian binnie and craig show on sunday night. They're all going to get the day off and by they all. I mean myself as well and then Monday we will also Actually monday we may be here. Now that i think about it. I will let you guys know because originally. I was hitting back to bothell on monday. But now we're heading back a little bit early. So i'll let you guys know about monday on my twitter at bryan alvarez and of course monday we will be back with filthy. Tom lawlor as well special thing that we've got coming up on monday for on filthy show will surprise some of you delight others. I'd say more but that after a while here unfortunately got start with bad news. Del wilkes best known to wrestling fans as the patriot. Passed away thursday at fifty nine years. Old dude what was described as a massive heart attack. He'd been retired from wrestling. Since nineteen ninety seven moved into car. Sales post retirement. Of course is Probably the biggest national run would be as part of the wwf. He was wcw as well but early on when wwf was doing the bret. Hart deal where they did. The bret hart is a baby face in canada. He's a he'll in america. Us versus candidate for you. Who better to oppose the canadian hero. Bret hart then the patriot and had a series of matches singles matches tag matches etcetera and that was probably his his national peak. Since this was of course the middle of the monday night. Wars and debbie was growing rapidly. The time. we'll talk more about him after the break. Colt cabana joins us later on the program back in a moment rely if you owe the irs back taxes dealt worry. There's a bright side. The experts at bright side tax relief dot com will protect you from having your wages garnished money deducted from your bank account and your home or business sees bright side tax. Relief dot com. We'll fight the irs. And the goshi to reduce or eliminate the amount you owe visit bright side tax relief dot com or call eight hundred seven three zero forty three thirteen. That's eight hundred. Seven three zero forty three thirteen. The consultation is free goto bright side tax relief dot com. Now it's baseball season and you're ready to go all out. 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His opponents later became the patriots worked for awa global and wf and all and world championship wrestling and fifty nine years old and it sucks and he had done an interview a few years ago and he lived a hard life for a while there Talked about steroid. Use cocaine use painkiller use and eventually he kicked all of that and he was working a car dealership and he did a podcast was basically talking. About how how much it sucked i think he said fifty guys he had worked with during his wrestling. Career had died young man and fortunately at the end. I mean fifty nine is is way too young to go and the reality is i mean. He lived a hard life. And i don't know if that's the sole reason that he had the massive heart attack it could have been something obviously Hereditary there could have been That aspect to it. But we'll talk to lance later on today. Let's going to be on the show. Five pacific eight eastern live a for everybody. All of our top tier youtube subscribers and he wants compiled a list as well which. I'm sure that he has talked about But he's a tremendous number of people that he worked with. Obviously during his career ended up passing away young so very sad story but he he had a career and he made some money. And that's That's basically the story of del wilkes any memories of the patriots. Mike yeah a lot of members of the patriot really because you know he was a standout in two territories one that was dying in the awa when he's teaming up with dj peterson and won the awa tag titles towards the end there then he went to global wrestling federation and you know he stood out there because of his look and because of the gimmick that he had was a big standout there on espn for a little while when when that show was on there and then ended up in wcw. Teaming up with marcus. Andrew alexander bagwell. I think they were. I'm not sure if they were the world tag team champions they were they were they. Were certainly like the. Us tag champs or something like that he was he was definitely a champion there and then ends up the wwe. Where as you mentioned the few that he had with with bret hart and just during that very unique time so also japan to he worked over in all japan for a long time and did very well for himself there too so he was a you know he's one of those guys. He was very solid very good ring Later on you know. He was very very open about the problems that he had had a hundred and fifty pill a day habit. I think is what he ended up to ended up in a lot of legal trouble which unfortunately for him really hurt his legacy outside of the ring because he's one of south carolina's greatest football players that they ever produced and he really never got his there because of all the criminal activity that he had all the legal issues that he had tied in with his bad drug addiction but he was working at a car dealership for a long time. He was active on twitter and social media. Maybe not the people's liking because he was very conservative and very right wing and that he would rankle feather way and you would get himself. He followed me and we talk about wrestling and everything was good and then he just realized i was blocked one day and i'm sure that probably something to do with politics and things like that because i know he had the same interactions with some other people but those things happen especially online doesn't take away from his legacy at all which for for people of a certain generation who grew up watching them on gw f- at three pm on on espn four pm. Well whatever time it aired on espn and then during that time with the wwf is it you know right before. They absolutely exploded with the steve austin era in he. He's going to be a memorable name for a lot of people. You know the I i wanted to shout before. I forget to us sid few here who is Gonna in another spree of gifting are twitch homeys subscriptions here so i wanna send a thank you out to him but you mentioned the that pill habit and a normal person will hear that and go. Oh come on. you can't take one hundred fifty pills a day you'll you'll die. These normal people have never been around some of these wrestlers from the nineties. Yes you actually can. It's not good for you You do not want to go from zero to one fifty. In fact you don't want to ever. I mean don't get hooked on pills everybody but as these wrestlers would develop tolerance. Del wilkes is far from the only guy and granted. These are wrestlers so there may be a degree of exaggeration but exaggeration be something like he actually took one hundred a day and claimed the one fifty i mean. It's it's astonishing The the drug use of some of these guys during the peak of Many of their issues but and you know they said story. That's pitch one of the last time. When people saw him from a national perspective was his appearance on. I think it was real sports on. Hbo and that may have been the same one. Where roddy piper raven around that time. A lot of people thought that i forget crazy. Total that he came up with and people said that couldn't be true and it's like unfortunately unfortunately can be true. And i think the you know people started looking at pills in a different way especially in the last. You know ten years or so with the with what's happened nationwide and then the pull up democ in this country. Yeah the those things unfortunately can happen and unfortunately what they often lead to is early deaths in. He had look if this was a wrestler death. Just you know late onset. You know. I wouldn't be surprised. He was very open about all of his issues. The drinking the drugs the steroids all of those things that always made for bad combinations for wrestlers for years awa dynamite on wednesday night. Eight hundred and eighty three thousand viewers so the contests between mike and i win. I think i said eight twenty five. I think you said hi. Seven hundred seventy seven seventy five you. It actually actually did much better than i expected. Because the way that things work even though it's an it's normal date usually when a show gets preempted for x. number of weeks. I mean we actually saw it with With dynamite on saturday night. It was like they moved to fridays and did poorly and then after like three weeks ever did you a little better and then on. I think it was the fourth week. They moved to saturday. And i was sure on saturday like it was going to do in the six hundreds maybe even sub five hundred but at that point people started to figure out the preemption and so it actually did well on saturday and then it's moving right back to wednesday and i thought You know it was just on saturday. Are people going to think. There's a show on wednesday or are they gonna remember are the out of the habits. Eighty three for the first wednesday back is actually very good and i would presume that within a few weeks it's probably regularly to be in the low nine hundreds but point three five in the eighteen to forty nine demo and this by the way even though they've moved back to their normal wednesday it actually did have strong competition going head to head so i think like i said in a few weeks that are going to regularly be in the nines again Which of course is great for pro wrestling and the fans are coming back which is great for pro wrestling so very bullish about pro wrestling starting in really mid-july because midge delays also when. Wwe is officially going to be going back on the road and filling the place with fans. So as i mentioned before. I did have people tell me when the pandemic i started and no one knew i mean around here. It was like four weeks to slow the spread like nobody knew anything and there were people thought for a few weeks. There'd be no fans and they go back and they were like oh. I will not watch wrestling until those fans return. I thought it was ridiculous but you can see by the numbers that there are a lot of fans that they would not watch wrestling unless fans were in the building. And deputy me did the thunderdome which boosted numbers for a while. But then that kind of started to go back a little bit lower as well so i think when real life legitimate fans return to the buildings i believe the things are really going to pick up for pro wrestling. Because i'm a optimist. Mike and i'm optimistically telling you all the music beckenham observer life you love. Your dog is something bothering him or her. And you can't figure out what it is. 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Alvarez and mike zimmer v on the sports byline broadcasting network show brain alvarez here wrestling observer live maximum v also wrestling observer dot com colt cabana will be joining us in the next segment. The show we got a lot to talk about with colts. Think it's been about ten months since he's been on the show damn to make that. We need to get a lot more people on the show more regularly and cultural one of them anyway. It's coming up here in the next segment first off. cj perry the former. Lana in me. Talk chris jericho and his podcast butter debate tenure getting released etc. What she hopes her future holds. If it has a no cut clause said she was completely blindsided by getting the call from jon lord. I thought it was about an outside. Tv project debit me had just given approval to. She gotta call. When a lot of her family was at a house she and husband mural or renting so they could train more her heart dropped when she got the call but she was also relieved. Well i gue- was blindsided. When they released their as well actually was blindsided. I did not think they would release. Lana she said she was texting with mandy rose at the time so she was the first person to know. Followed by italia. Budget cuts were given as a reason and she was glad it was laura natives who gave her the news as he's more business than mark khurana would have been what that means she said. Vince mcmahon texted her to thank her for contributions and work ethic. She was complimentary of vince. Triple h road. Doug billy gunn for helping develop the lana character and annex t and her me work mcmahon scripted. Her promos for her first year inevitably that by the way. Lana the lana character. And the promos. She cut that first year in. Wwe were in fact excellent. It was a great part of the act. So that's another example right there that it's not a black and white issue of whether or not you should script promos for. Some people need it. Some people can take that script and make it work but some people can. She isn't sure what's next is only been three weeks. She has a ninety day. No compete doesn't want to be done with wrestling. Felt like she was improving into the ring. Working at tj and nazis ring on the side to get better if it is wrestling she wants no cuts black emma. Everybody i'm back. Hey mike if i drop just keep going back. You know takeover. Anyway where was i. I don't dunno longer. Was i hear no leeway okay. Well lana also said before. I was rudely interrupted by the internet here so she said that she was sad to say goodbye to the. Lana character. that i get to this part is important. She said she was sad to say about it a lot of character because it was what she wishes that she could be at. I heard that and as like this. Lana character she said goodbye to that. Lana character long before she was released from. Wwe because they took miro away from her and obviously he left before she did but they took her accident away from her and so everything that she was doing as a character in the last few months. I mean she could have. She can do that anywhere. Just change your name and you can do that same character you can do the underdog you can do the person struggling to to overcome your fears and etc that has nothing to do with the when when people think of the lana character they think of the ravishing russian which has not been doing over. The last. Several months talked about these survivor series. Match where she backed into a win by not doing anything she thought it would have gotten over bigger. Had been in front of the fans make man wanted the finish. He and shane thought it was hilarious. If she didn't get in at all because it did never been done before that it was supposed to be a table spot in the match that was pushed back from roman because of a plan table spot in his match that night talked about the thunderdome era. How working in front of the fans was Very difficult she was happy to be out of the performance center and live in the thunderdome because mcmahon couldn't rethink the show and rewrite things. Seventeen times she's saying. That's what happened in annex t but not on the main roster surprised by how much he gets buried on twitter and the dirt sheets field she resonates with a live crowd much more than the internet. Jericho said the live. Audience is reflective of ninety percent of the overall audience. While the real hardcore fans are about ten percents so those highlights old thing. It's on talk as jericho which you can find on I tunes. I guess i tunes anymore. Apple music apple podcasts. Whatever it is but any thoughts on this mike. Well i guess you know away. From how a lot of people spoken about mark geraldo Maybe johnny wouldn't throw as many insults or visas cold. Maybe as is releasing people is mark has been. I guess accused of Vigneault cut thing is interesting Good luck finding a job. That's going to write in there. That you have a a no cut deal in your i i just i find me that place please. If that's the rule she's going with the comeback to pro wrestling will never see. Cj perry involved in pro wrestling ever again. Because i mean who'd you give. who would. Who would you give something like that to brian. rick flair whole cogan. The rock steve. Austin even those people would you give him a full no cut. You can do basically anything you want. Type of contract and we. We have no way to release you. Well the problem with this whole thing. Mike to me is in most jobs. They can fire you at any time. Her comment here is her. She wants a no cut because of the wrestlers living in fear of being released. Okay all living in fear being released from our jobs. I mean i'm sorry especially you. That's how else. But the thing to me is like if you work for impact or ring of honor or w or japan or pretty much any other company in the world. I never hear from wrestlers that are living in fear of being cut at any time. That's an issue with people in wwe because in fact regularly at least a time or two a year they just start cutting people and there's like no. There should be awarded here boarding cuts coming. You're right but fandango. Was there for sixteen years. Was he not look. How many people's longtime look at the money they make and the security they have when they are in their. Yes your time. There may be very short. It goes at the whims of sometimes a crazy old man. You know that signing up whether you did your do diligence or not. That's on you. So i understand that wanting that safety but we all look. How many right to work states. There are look how many especially down south. Everybody is a moment away from being fired without any reason or reason whatsoever so i i get it but like in a field like this in a field like with pro wrestling. I mean seems to be allowed to ask for. But who the hell am i right. I would also like to say one thing about the cheats. Okay i am not going to lie. I have made comments about lawn his wrestling before. Okay not good now. it's not even so much. Here's the thing it's not. Yes how do. I even say this. Think about it com. It's it's not even so much. Lana personally okay. I would bet in fact. I know that lana is better in the ring. Now after having been trained by tj and natty and doing all of this extra work to get better okay. I'm sure she's better my issue with the matches. I saw lawn in our twofold k. One has to do with her to a degree one as absolutely nothing to do with her. W we has this thing. And it's me thing where the women have to do these spots. Okay and my pet peeve. Oh i'm gonna lift my leg and fall into the splits on somebody i'm going to do. I just watch it. And it's gymnastics okay. I don't wanna see gymnastics on my wrestling show. I want to see wrestling. Tj natty do. They came up in the dungeon. All right. they're not i. I would be very surprised if they're in they're all they're working on with. Lana is a bunch of gymnastics. They probably are teaching her out. You wrestle. I don't see that wrestling when i watched raw. I c three minute matches where there's a bunch of roles and there's a complicated spot and there's a flip and blah blah blah. i wanna see people wrestle. That's my opinion. Okay if you don't like my opinion you're welcome to not like my opinion. Many people don't okay. But i don't see wrestling matches in w e i was a wrestler and i was a gymnast what i see what i watched. The screen is like me. it's not good wrestling. and it's not good gymnastics. That's my issue okay. I have nothing personally against lana. I have nothing personally against lawn is wrestling ninety percent of the criticism. I have about lada. Has nothing to do with. Lana it has to do with the booking of the lana character when they did that deal. And i listen to dave and i'm not saying dave's wrong. 'cause he was right they were trying to get her over. But when i look at their idea of getting over oh. Vince thought it would be funny for her to win with never getting in the ring they thought they could beat her every week and she could cry and she could lose and somehow she was going to get over. I didn't believe that for a second. That's not lawn as fault. That's the fault of the guy's laughing thinking it's funny moment. Observer live with colin commander. O'reilly auto parts is here to keep your car on road with the right parts advice from our parts professionals and our free loader tool program. Your local store has more than eighty specialty tools available for your next repair. Refundable deposit required. 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Make this free call right now to learn more eight hundred four zero three five nine one to eight hundred four zero three five nine one to eight hundred four zero three five nine one two. That's eight hundred. Four hundred fifty nine twelve. He went online to switch your car insurance to progressive. So you could save money but then you saw friend requests from an old summer camp buddy and now here. You are clicking through photos of his kickball team from twenty eleven. Looks like they won the that year then he moved to tulsa a new to. Yes they said. It was easy to save hundreds on car insurance with progressive but they forgot about the rest of the internet progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates national labor savings customer survey who seek to twenty nine hundred. You're listening to wrestling. Observer live with bryan alvarez and mike simple. Vv on the sports byline broadcasting network back in the show bryan alvarez here wrestling observer alive mike semper also wrestling observer dot com very happy to be joined after ten months now by colt cabana cold. You doing today ten. Not we had our little observer. Baby didn't we. We did have our little observer baby and you now calls are having a new baby. I guess wrestling anonymous is your new baby. And you're actually you're actually gifting your old baby to the world. Is that right. yes i've get. I've given birth of giving birth the wrestling anonymous and i've put up for adoption the art of wrestling. I don yes. I started a new podcast wrestling anonymous. Where i take Voice memos essentially. Google voice memos from the fans. And they tell me their stories. All different stories has been so fun so far to running for about five weeks and the cool thing is is like i get him. I added him. I pr- i post produced them. I put it all together. And essentially i don't necessarily the host but i'm the curator of these amazing calls in the calls of their calls from all over but they're fun for the most part you know there was a guy who hukou basically took his one year old child and started stretching him. Yeah he started like moving him around and stretching. I'm like a little baby and he was like one day. You're going to trade with me little kid in the and the guy was just like i don't know what's going on in tacoma. He could do whatever stretching him like when you wake up in the morning and you stretch stu was doing not i got it. I got it And then there's calls There was one call who a wrestling fan watched someone die in the stands That was wild a call. The other week talked about their experiences being there with owen hart when he passed away kansas city and they're all over the place and it's really fun. It's really fun to do so far. Well you know we've got here cochabamba. I have inside sources in the wrestling business. You may or may not know. And i have been given a clip of one of your shows. The would you like to hear it please. Of course l. Let's check it out. Father my father now me got interesting. I got interesting in the early eighties and my kids. I have kids and my son likes watching it with me. And my dad always told me the story of my grandfather when my grandfather would go to a local arena and He tells the story about my grandfather and my grandfather's friends. They burned freddie blassie's car and we're gonna my dad. I guess there's a free blast documentary where he talked about that specifically happening in southern california to guess my grandpa who's laughing his mid nineties. He'll he'll laugh. And i don't know what you're talking about like backing murdered somebody you know and it makes funny cold. I got. I got to say this year about that clip and what you were talking about earlier. So is kind of a weird segue but earlier. Talk about del wilkes who passed away. And he did these interviews talking about how he took one hundred and fifty pain pills and i was talking about. How if a normal person. here's this they just. It's impossible to them. But if you know any wrestlers there may be a slight exaggeration but like these guys. They took hundreds of pain pills a day and your call. You just had right there. That's one of those deals. Where when you hear stories from wrestlers you hear oh in my day. We had so much heat guy. Burn my car. And you're like you know. Maybe fans were man slice tires but i mean come on bernie car then you find out that in fact this actually happened and this guy was an accomplice to car burning here. Yeah i like this call because we always here for the people. We hear from bobby heenan who got shot or roddy piper. Who got stabbed. But we never hear the people who do the stabbing or do the shooting or throw the the puerto rico So was interesting to hear from their perspective. That's why i like to call it. Put it on the show. How did you come up with this idea because obviously rest of fans love to hear these stories about wrestlers especially behind the scenes stuff that goes on and travel stories and things like that. How did you decide to flip the script and actually hear from some of these fans that are are quite unique can have lived Several lives inside of one. Some of them for years for years fans wanted to be on my art of wrestling podcast and the art of wrestling was just me in the locker room talking to different wrestlers and i feel that people were so they got so into the show that they felt that their stories needed to be heard also and it just something. I wasn't allowed. I i just wasn't what my show was at the time. And it's something that i've always wanted to do is give the wrestling fan of platform. And then there's so many other. Inspirations whether it's a podcast called love and radio which had hotline show Whether it's a beautiful stories from anonymous people from my friend chris. Whether it's college just like this with brian. And mike you know like i've always loved the call in show the idea of it and there's so many other things but it's something that i've i've wanted to get back into the weekly podcast game and it took me a while. Yard took a lot out of me. I did it for almost ten years. Five hundred episodes and this is something new and fresh and ready to jump back in. And i'm having such a great time and sort of the fans really cool. Well have you. Fallen show is a. It's a great idea but then there's always there's execution so what you have done is actually wise because you can basically go through and listen to everything. I i would presume that if someone has a great story. But they like babylon for one thousand nine minutes. You can shop the thing upright and make it. Yes yes wiseman. Yes which i at right. It's the perfect thing. And it's something that i that helps the show flow. It's you know it's only a thirty minute podcast so But if the caller is talked bad like they do sometimes it would be our thirty minutes. So we've we've served it down a little bit. How how cathartic heavy found this for some of those fans that maybe you did have to do a little bit of editing at the end but you listen to this whole thing and it's like wow. This person really needed to get this off their chest or really wanted to to give this back and really reveal how much wrestling has affected them or impacted them or how much it helped them at some point in their lives. How much it's been really helpful and you've been able to play a kind of a shadow psychologist or sociologist here. Yeah now. I'm becoming the dr phil a professional wrestling. That's my new thing it has and there's been some great call so far there there's a couple of haven't played their thirty eight year old mom who's like i didn't know at wrestling was and now it's something that we bond over and i'm taking my child to the eight to c w. and become to saint louis and there was one that i just got the other day about a friend who wasn't sure about wrestling who is a trans A trans woman and they didn't think they had a place to go to wrestling and then they were introduced aid. W and where you see trans and nonbinary and wrestlers like sahni and nyla and that that's opened the doors and they feel comfortable going to wrestling. They just got wrestling tickets for aws. They're super excited. So these are calls. That i love. I love those passionate calls. I love playing those calls at in the heart strings. But then i also you know love playing a call where a guy side new jack try to piggyback to women and then they both fell on the sidewalk. It's a big range you know. It's funny because i'm not gonna lie when you first said that this podcast is going to be all stories from fans and i'm just going to be the curator as like what but i thought about it and you know david i do. Qna's in association with events a lot and we meet listeners and readers. And when i thought about it it was like this actually does happen to david. All the time like you'll you'll meet some listener and they'll go. I got to tell you this story and they tell you this it's like that's an awesome story. So the morning i think about it and then we played the clip of course and then you know you had a couple of teases here as well. There's actually sounds because you know fans they they have stories. I mean they absolutely have stories. And i think that that would be. It's actually a great idea for a podcast. thank you. Everybody has a story. They really do and i. Luckily we're for over twenty now with my podcast the art of wrestling which is now free. Back on the podcast. Feed being you know now at this point with aew on a national stage you know. I have bigger platform and so i allow my platform for people's stories to to jump on my platform. So i know it's it's it's hard to start a podcast and people started and they get twenty listeners and they just quit so And people have great stories. But so i'm happy to do this for people and to give a platform for the stories. He talked about being. Wrestling's dr phil. We saw little on wednesday. You are the man. And i'm happy to see of all the people in the dark order. You're the one to really step up and i. It put that first bug in hangman pages. Ed you know your roll-on on dynamite has been to play a little bit of the background what's it. What's it been like for coal cabana member of the dark order. We usually see you more on on dark innovation. But how's it with the dark water right now. And how's this move back to wednesdays. Obviously a lot of fans came back and we're able to see the show live this week. The numbers certainly looked good. How is life in. aew for coal. Cavanna i'm really enjoying awa. I'm so excited to get back on the road. That's one of the most important part i think for the sanity of everybody Eight everything's been great and jacksonville. And i do wanna take note. I think chris harrington just tweeted out this list of all the wrestlers that rest got to wrestle a w during the jacksonville run and shout out to everyone who's got a contract and is making money that that tony kahn in. Aws allowed to make a living. But there's also a huge shout at you know in my heart chewed. diy warrior. That i am all the independent wrestlers. That tony kahn gave an opportunity to help financially. And you know Professionally make a little name for them to. We've seen people now on a w darker could now go to the independence and maybe not you know. Charge more than twenty dollars. Maybe make a little money and so. That's something that. I don't know if a lot of people are talking about. I hope they are as for me Yeah i i kinda got to be the dad. And i think that's my role is i'm in my early forties. Moving out of my wrestling career is. I'm i'm almost data pro in the data of dark order and i'm happy to give hangman. Page some advice. I think he needs to go. And face kenny omega. Those are just two of the best. A lot of people. A lot of people talk in the locker room of just how great hangman is and he is. You know what this isn't even dark order quarters hangman pages the future wrestling. And hopefully he's the future champion of. Aew wave the flag for our company. We got awa tickets on sale for chicago. And there's a lot of stuff going on that weekend. And i'm going to be there vinnie's gonna be. There may even get mike there. But this is going to be the first show that i have gone to in well over eighteen months and i was always very positive that this was going to end at some point and things would largely get back to normal but at the same time. It's hard to believe that we're actually league. That's happening so i guess tell us a little bit about about. I mean you particularly chicago what this means to you to be able to do this weekend. And and yeah everybody. Tickets are on sale. So go grab now awa. Ticks dot com is regret those tickets and were doing shows friday and sunday in chicago dynamite on wednesday rampage on friday in the pay per view on sunday at the now center used to be the sears centre in hoffman estates. And there's going to be activities. I believe i don't know if they've announced anything. But there's definitely going to be activities all weekend long. I'm sure there's some kind of fan thing going on. I know before the pay per view. I'm doing a barbecue. Cookout with pro wrestling tease. That's officially With aws. i believe. I'm going to do a live podcast. Larvae say a barbecue. Yes you're interested. You may have a special guest at the margaret parts of up up delight. Podcast you should jump on a brand and let his light look at that and invite right there Yet we're coming to chicago. I'm excited. I'm like mike said. I'm kind of a background figure for the dark order but i am. I'm i'm gonna pull all the strings. I can to get a match in chicago. I i can i. I'm assuming it'll happen some way somehow and i can't wait to perform in front of my backyard. My friends my family and my community and while you're driving into chicago. You're gonna see me on billboards all over. I've been on billboards in chicago for ten years now with one hour. Tease and pro wrestling t. So it's going to be an exciting time but it's not just chicago. We're going to north carolina. we're going to texas. We're going over eight of you. Ticks dot com grass and tickets. Seats live wrestling colton. This case i have no inside information. But i feel that i can confidently state that you will be getting a match at some point over this weekend in chicago. Perhaps maybe even a hyper stick around back in a moment more everybody wrestling observer live. Have you written a book. You can become a published author with dorrance publishing. The nation's oldest publishing services company countless authors have trusted durance for nearly a hundred years to bring their book to the market are professional team will editor text design your book pages and create an appealing eye-catching custom cover loss our authors benefit from a custom book promotion marketing campaign that. Make your book available where people buy books like amazon and brick and mortar bookstores. 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Saint mark my friends who passed away rolling in alexander who you are familiar with. Bison smith will old ones like william regal over you know since june of two thousand and ten and i just i know they were behind a wall a patriot. They're still behind patriot. If you want them ad free and i have my patriot with bonus calls for wrestling anonymous. That's patriot coke van. But i did it for those. Who don't have the patriot. I just want them to live on the internet forever. like terry funk would say forever and Just go to my podcast feed the art of wrestling and just download and listen to him. All they're all. There is a rich history. Is the story of my thirties. From knowing what i was gonna do to becoming this podcast thing entrepreneur and wrestling entrepreneur. And you get to hear my story along the way with hundreds hundreds of wrestlers many of who go on to become stars in aew wwe you. We hear eddie thinks when he was down broken ready to quit wrestling and now here. He is huge so the wrestling. They're all available for free and my other podcast wrestling anonymous then. Of course chicago tickets. Go on sale. July ninth. Eighteen w ticks dot com. And you can watch us every single wednesday night now. Officially no more saturdays for the most part every single wednesday night on tnt eight o'clock eastern civic lexa checking everybody cochabamba everywhere twitch dot tv slash. Colt cabana co combat on twitter. Patriot coke cabana and is noted. We'll have back here a couple of months from now and talk a lot about everything and cold. I want to thank you so much for doing the show here today. Always fun at thanks for listening twitch homeys everybody arresting observe dot com sports byline usa. We'll talk to you next time. Wrestling observer live. You're listening to the heartland. Newsfeed radio network. Markman newsfeed dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and instagram's. They're not giving up in surf. Side only brady fox news. It's now twenty. Dadge in the condo collapsed just over a week ago and south florida as search crews keep looking by all accounts they do believe. There is a chance they can still find somebody alive combined. The last person pulled out alive was last thursday nine days ago on the day of the collapse. More than three million pounds of concrete have now been removed from the scene helping search and rescuers clear rubble dig deeper and hopefully find more bodies and of course. They hope survivors. Searching for survivors and bodies is now back to round the clock and tragically. One of the two bodies recovered overnight was a seven year old girl and even more tragically. She is the daughter of the firefighter who called her lifeless body out of the rubble. She's feel keating in surf side. The number unaccounted for has declined to one hundred. Twenty eight after an audit of that list the white house confirming today that the federal government will pay the total costs of cleanup and protecting the site of that collapse out in the atlantic. Elsa has become the first hurricane of the season it could impact south florida by sunday but could also weaken. The exact track is not yet known. President biden making another pitch for all of his spending plans after a hiring surge in june. Eight hundred fifty thousand jobs create a recovery is helping us flip the script instead of workers competing with each other for jobs that are scares employers are competing with each other track workers lawmakers and some states continue to debate whether extra unemployment benefits are delaying a return to work for some pennsylvania's republican controlled. Senate might follow in the footsteps of gop colleagues in arizona. They're considering an investigation into how the twenty twenty presidential election was conducted. 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The baby at last report was in critical condition. Also on the south side of drive by shooting nine year. old girl was struck in the head. She is also in critical condition at comber children's hospital at last report tobin los angeles dodgers pitcher trevor. Bauer is now on administrative leave. Major league baseball taking that step three days after an assault allegation that remains under investigation. Bauer signed and more than one hundred million dollar contract with his hometown. World series champs after winning a cy young award with the cincinnati reds last season a agent for bauer denies the allegations and says everything that happened with. The accuser was consensual earlier. Today the rest of the team became the first visit the white house since the start of the pandemic before president biden gushed over the twenty twenty world series champion los angeles dodgers on the baseball field off it. He opened his first pro. Sports champions ceremony is president by explaining that he and the vice president are both in mixed families when it comes to their baseball fandom if he calls his wife first lady joe affiliate girl from her belt buckle to her shoe soles and five root for anybody but the phillies Obviously lincoln bedroom alone. The president touted potential of this year's team is he gave a dig to his vp. A san francisco giants fan. I think we may be doing this again by the end of the year. The president also thanked the dodgers for using dodger stadium to administer cova tests and vaccines as well as be the first baseball team to set up an outdoor voting center for the november twenty twenty election. Jared max record territory on wall street. Fueled by that better jobs. Report an hour to the close. The dow is up more than one hundred forty points. I'm lisa brady fox. Listen to man is about to say. Yeah let's everybody. The usa radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time other the cbs radio workshop dedicated to man's magin nation. The theater of the mind this is classic radio theatre wanted to get away from it all the fbi in peace and war. Burma guillaume bumps. The unexpected the unexpected. The unexpected. now. Here's your host wyatt. Grand the first lady of suspense agnes moorehead in an episode of the program from sixty four years ago. June thirtieth nineteen fifty seven the yellow wallpaper. And we thank you for tuning in on this wednesday hump day. Thirty day of june one hundred eighty first day up twenty twenty one one hundred and eighty four days until we get to twenty twenty. Two french acrobat. Charles blondin walked across niagara falls on a tight rope on this date in eighteen. Fifty ninety also went by the name. John francois grab a let a powerful natural explosion from an unknown cause rock the to assume gob basin in eastern siberia on this date in one thousand nine hundred eight flattening hundred square miles of forest and resulting. In tremors that could be bailed felt hundreds of miles away. What caused the explosion in one thousand nine hundred eight. We don't know that's a speculation that it might be an exploding meteorite. That could be something. Nobody really knows. President harding appointed former president. William h tapped chief justice of the united states on this date in one thousand nine hundred ninety one in one thousand nine hundred eighty four adolf. Hitler securities position. The nazi party by blood purge ridding the party of other leaders such as ernst raw and kirkman schlichter in one thousand. Nine hundred eighty six margaret mitchell's gone with the wind publish. You go watch frankly. I don't give a damn in spite of language which was considered scandalous at the time gone with the wind. An amazing book and motion picture published on this date in one thousand nine hundred thirty six president. Truman ordered us ground forces into the korean conflict on this date in nineteen fifty and in one thousand nine fifty three. The first production corvette built at the general motors facility in flint michigan. They call her. Corvette belongs to the highway. Just for the sheer and simple joy of driving the open road and the country by mr and mrs america and carefree. Move along what they the first host of the today. Show dave getaway in one thousand nine hundred fifty four commercial for the corvette the twenty-sixth amendment which lowered the voting age to eighteen ratified by the us states. On this date. In hundred seventy one from eleven million young men and women who have participated in the life of our nation through their work their studies and the sacrifices sports defense are now to be fully included in the electoral process for more than twenty years. I've advocated the eighteen year old vote. I heartily congratulate our young citizens on having gained this right president nixon congratulating the newly franchised voters in one thousand nine hundred eighty five president. Reagan announced the release of american hostages from lebanon thirty. Nine americans held hostage for seventeen days by terrorists in lebanon are free safe and at this moment on their way to frankfurt germany. They'll be home again against the president added the. Us would fight back against terrorists for attacks on american citizens and property in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. The remains of a vietnam war servicemen buried in the tomb of the unknown soldiers identified as those of air force pilot. Michael j in nineteen thirteen. Nineteen firefighters died controlling a wildfire in yarnell arizona and it was two years ago today. President trump became the first sitting. President visit the democratic people's republic of korea among those passing away on this date in history a name. you might not know. James d voire. He invented the twinkie favorite snack. Twinkies stand alone. yes the twinkie. In vetere which james voire passed away on this date in nineteen eighty five. Also passing away on this date. A man instrumental in broadcasting inventor. Lee deforest spanky mcfarland of the our gang comedies. The very delightful gale gordon radio and television. Great phyllis hyman jazz vocalist country. Guitar player producer. Chet atkins saxophonist phone. Est joel henderson. And the very very delightful. Funny buddy hackett to pro wrestlers born on this day are no longer with us. Man mountain dean and strangler lewis also born on the state actor susan hayward actor singer. Lena horne magician harry blackstone and the supremes florence hard. This is birthday number. Eighty five for ted wipes ted knight's wife in too close for comfort. Nass nancy dussault also another pro wrestler. Got a couple of mon list today. Terry funk turns seventy seven we wish him the best. His health has not been the best and also i might as well. Mention cody rhodes The son of the american dream dusty rhodes who was not only a wrestler but executive vice president of all elite wrestling from married with children. Steve rhodes david alan grier sixty six for men in black and full metal jacket. Vincent de frio sixty two years of age. Mike tyson turns fifty five today. Can you believe it from patch adams and head over heels monica potter fifty years old and one more wrestler who we haven't seen for a while alicia fox thirty five years of age. Those of you. The people who celebrate the thirtieth day of june is their birthday. And if this happens to be your birthday happy to see you. Ooh ooh you Thank you mrs miller. From sixty four years ago today. June thirtieth nineteen fifty seven suspense agnes moorehead starring in the yellow wallpaper on this wednesday classic radio theater on your favorite state. You're struggling with your mortgage. You think about it all the time. What are we gonna do if we lose the house. It's time to stop thinking and start dialing call one eight eight eight nine nine five hope for free government program that offers expert one on one advice about your mortgage options. 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In on this wednesday edition of classic. Radio theatre agnes moorehead certainly earned her title as the first lady of suspense in addition to her eight performances. In sorry wrong number Dating from the first performance in may twenty fifth nineteen forty three to the final performance in septic in february fourteenth of nineteen sixty. Sorry wrong number earned her a great reputation but not only that she performed an additional twenty five times on suspense including the program. You're going to hear today. An episode entitled the yellow wallpaper. This was not her first time with this script. The yellow wallpaper. It was originally broadcast on suspense in july. Twenty ninth nineteen forty eight and basically the same script a little tightened up and the different sound. Even you know nine years radio changed quite a bit in those nine years and so we will hear that today but agnes moorehead going all the way back to her work with orson welles and the mercury theatre and her work later in television. I think most everybody who listens to this program knows that probably the role for which she has. The most fame outside of suspense was her role on the situation. Comedy bewitched as samantha's steven's mother indoor and you know in comedy. Probably not the way. She wanted to be remembered. But i have to tell you. She was a wonderful actress and she played these over the top roles with such panache and did them so very well. And that's what you're going to hear today agnes moorehead and a woman who goes mad because of the yellow wallpaper. An episode of suspense going back sixty four years june thirtieth nineteen fifty seven own and radio's outstanding interest frills master of mystery and adventure when you met robeson. It's been more than sixty years. The new england lady named charlotte perkins gilman brought story called the yellow wallpaper. Since then this taylor almost unbearable har- has firmly established itself as one of american literature's greatest tales of terror rangpur the aficionados of the macab long with the tell tale heart in the pit and the pendulum poll. When you combine such a great story with the great talent to the first lady of suspense. The sag moorhead who may be sure of an uneasy and unsettling half are turn on the lights. Then listen turn down the lights. So you can't see the pattern of your wallpaper as agnes moorehead stause in the yellow wallpaper and agnes moorehead in the yellow wallpaper a tale well calculated to keep you in. I've never seen a worse wallpaper in my life. All those strangled heads and baba's is an fungus growth. Seem to shriek with derision. When we came to this house the minute i saw it. I made up my mind secrecy to start writing again in spite of then i don't let john know on keeping this journal. It's difficult being married. Dr john's an excellent doctor. I'm sure but he's so inconsistent about me. He says i'm not really sick. A little rundown carrying the baby. That i've a temporary nervous depression and so you forbid me to write a wound and riding in such a relief to my mind. I can write down things. Tell things here now. John says i'm not dilute about those things. They make me feel badly. So i'll only right about the house. I thought for the first time today the most beautiful place dominated for the summer and we drove up today. Perfect joni the bay in the vikes sales and people already in swimming. And then the shaded lane the old saw garden and the gnarly tree the house standing alone in the summer. I could never tell john you know the house spoke to me. It was only because he rattled on. So that i couldn't hear what it reminded me. Those english bases you read about and it only two hundred a month. Gardener's cottage and everything walls and gates at law and there's a ghost in remember. I rented a just for you. And you're going to let jenny do all the work while you live the life of the downing. He acts snob name. Strange's though it might be haunted fairly. You've got that look on your face again. The dopey looking. Well johnny's home. There's a station wagon. And if i know my sister she's already turned place inside out and cleaned the top to bottom john. Is it haunted house house a two hundred a month. That's asking too much of fake. Come on how about. why is it rented. so she's leeann. Why hasn't in such a long time luck. If i believe a change house. I stop imagining imagining one reason. I don't get that you don't believe me don't believe i'm sick. Tell my friends and relatives. I heard you that. There's nothing wrong with the anything wrong with you. So sorry don't cry. let's go inside. Came into this house in. It was wrong all wrong. Maybe the hell saw me crying all this room i got so unreasonably angry with john. I shouldn't i know he's so careful and loving repainting so bad news. I should control myself at least in front of him but it makes me so tired dot to show what i assist in law. Jennie medicine dr. Naturally she saw. I'd been crying. Shoop pains tour. Early must've side of the crack of god. How is it true. Less than two hours. And i thought jenny and john both efficient and kind. How did you hear up. Well thank you jenny. Say kind invo- somehow cruel. But i do think that you're in time for lunch. I bought a flower down the wall and cooked with capers and cream sound good. May i see the house first brand tool the flannel cooked to death. Well at least my room our room all right. If you insist the for those lanee i would. I blame her. Whose rumors this any os. It's small near the door on the telephone. John john lewis. Let's take this one for you and me. I love those roses over the window have already purchasing upstairs. Porch and such pretty old-fashioned xinchang. You like the room upstairs you can see. There's not room for two beds. And i won't here being separate rooms. John over the top of the house has so many windows and you must absorb lots of fresh outing. Get back your at the time. He's not any with consent they crush news. Kind come along. there's a good girl. I you know what you're like the nursery. It's got loads of sunshine off the to start to the very top of the hand. I told myself over and over. I must be angry naming so well on red sox of feeling likes dislikes. I'm to do what they say because they know what. I'm not to cry and not to have dreams optus winding stairs. I wonder why and beyond the gauges nassar room. This room beacon. Eddie a whole shaw with windows that look everywhere they say was a nursery over the ball wide alley window var this little jude in otherwise it wouldn't be a children around so don't those things and things in the wall. Oh expect they made do gymnasium. Children older playroom how they must've hated the warranty rough on it. that's for sure. They've taunted often patches. I don't blame hideous. Who wants to look at wallpaper. With this view you can see the whole bay revolting color son pain at such a sticky yellow there with the satin stated. Now now darling. It must be hungry. I know you're not active sway. I say the wallpapers iden- you look at each other. You're is shuffled back and forth. And seventy both as though i lost my. That was something we weren't going to say deal good girl pick. We don't act any way. We only want you to worry. He wanted to be. That's all in one john. La sydney across one expects that in marriage and he says i have polish fetches and he sometimes can talk them away but not this time no matter what he's saying. It's a smoldering sulphurous unclean hideous wallpaper. No wonder the children's scratched packages. No one that they dow faster with ended up thinking no wonder they hated it. I hated his myself. In just a moment we continue read while we know agnes moorehead for her massive roles and suspends. While we know her as dora what a lot of people may not be aware of she gained four academy award nominations for best supporting actress in the magnificent amerson. In one thousand nine hundred. Forty two mrs parking in one thousand nine forty four. Johnny belinda in one thousand nine hundred forty eight and the thousand nine hundred sixty four hush hush sweet charlotte and she was also in citizen kane so many other things suspense june thirtieth nineteen fifty seven the news from that date sixty four years ago when classic radio theatre continues in just a few moments here on your favorite state. You're struggling with your mortgage. You think about it all the time. What are we going to do if we lose the house. It's time to stop thinking and start dialing call one eight eight eight nine nine five hope for free government program that offers expert one on one advice about your mortgage options. We've helped over a million homeowners and we want to help you call one. Eight eight eight nine nine five hope or visit makinghomeaffordable dot gov brought to you by the us treasury hud and the ad council. Did you know that birthday parties. Help build confidence in kids. Yeah did you know that giving kids less sugar before bedtime helps them sleep better. Oh totally did you know that friendly kids have more friends. Everybody knows that. Hey guys did you know that. Most people think they're using the right car seat for their kid but they're not. I didn't know that parents who really know it. All know for sure that their child is in the right car seat at the right age and size visit safercar dot gov slash therightseat to make sure your child is protected brought to you by the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council. Can you tell. These vegetables are being contaminated with bacteria that could cause paralysis. Listen you can't see it either. Use different cutting boards so that the bacteria in raw meats and seafood and their juices doesn't touch prep services for other foods like veggies. Raw food may contain bacteria that can make you very sick or worse. Roughly three thousand americans will die from food poisoning this year. But you can keep your family safer check your steps at foodsafety dot gov brought to you by the usda hhs and the ad council dear. Smokey bear for teaching us how to prevent wildfires. For seventy years. Outdoor lovers would like to say something. Happy seventieth bigeye. Let's bring it in for bear hug. Come off for safety tips. Visit smokybear dot com brought to you by the us forest service your state forester and the ad council. Join me as i prepare collection of family. Recipes pass through generation watch recipes for disaster at foodsafety dot gov. You'll learn the right steps as maria. Does everything wrong brought to you. By the usda hhs and the ad council and you're listening to classic radio theater on this wednesday on your favorite station. An episode of suspense the yellow wallpaper starring agnes moorehead as it was broadcast sunday. June thirtieth nineteen fifty seven in the newspapers of that sunday. Sixty four years ago. These were some of the headlines. Army colonel john c nickerson yesterday find fifteen hundred dollars forbidden exercise command for one year and reprimanded for leaking secret. Spend state under the sentence by ten men court. The guided missile expert combined to administrative duties and theoretically can even tell the private what to do the court martial panel which could have dismissed him from the service in jail. The forty-one-year-old west pointer for thirty years required only forty three minutes to reach. Its verdict in tortoise. Under by hurricane audrey her vicious tidal waves louisiana's gulf coast gave up its tragic. Dead and terror stricken survivors yesterday to an army of merciful rescue teams not for more than a week and perhaps never will the exact toll of dead from nineteen fifty seven. I turret game. But the number of victims from this twin assault and mother. Nature seems almost certain to climb to more than two hundred many bodies believed to have been washed out to sea by receiving ties senator. Mcclellan the democrat from. Arkansas says a blacklisted government contractor. So three hundred. Fifty reconditioned m eight armored combat vehicles to france last year for use against algerian rebels. The state department let it happened. He said and set in investigating subcommittee clients full-scale public hearings to demand an explanation from top officials. Senator potter the republican from michigan urged fast congressional work yesterday on legislation to protect the fbi files against the supreme court decision which he said makes live one hundred percent easier for traders and subversives. Fast bookwork is just what congress has in mind to meet what attorney general brownell has called a grave emergency in law enforcement congress working on legislation to restrict the kind of information the f. b. i. n. Other government investigating agencies can be required to produce in criminal trials. The aim is to russia through before a filibuster on civil rights legislation ties up the senate democrat from louisiana. Alan j allender yesterday accused president. Eisenhower downright hypocrisy in advocating pending civil rights legislation while saying he favor states rights the democrat urging the president to withdraw his support from the administration civil rights program. Said eisenhower has an opportunity to prove to the nation that he means what he preaches and most importantly that he will not yield up his announced principle in favor of political expedience in those. Some of the top news stories is reported in the newspapers of sunday. June thirtieth thousand nine hundred fifty seven on your radio suspense which continues now on classic radio theatre and we continue with the second act of the yellow wallpaper. Starring miss agnes moorehead tayo well-calculated to keep you in. We've been here two weeks. And i hadn't felt like writing again since that first game and sitting by the window now in this frightful necessarily. There's nothing to stop my riding as much as i. John is away all day and sometimes even at my came. I'm glad my case is not serious. These nevis travels can be depressing all the same. John doesn't know how much i suffered. He knows there's no reason and that cat is suppose john on he loves it. Needs to know about this wall. No i won't let you have your way. You silly goose. If we taking the room downstairs you'd be seeing faces in the shit straight. Thanks john and that went over there. See recurrent pattern. The bokan nextwave to valjean is down and to me it's climbing ivy or some kind of vine they choices is good anything. It's the ever nasty often down climbing up and down. Sideways crawling everywhere. Those unblinking eyes. Now you must try to read your mind if it's simply must all right. John i'll try after all. It's only in lights. When i look at the wallpaper from the band that i see nothing. Nothing john no. You're right. There's nothing except the pattern the pattern in a different shade of young it dwells in my mind's eye on that great immovable nailed down. Follow the pattern about by our then where it isn't faded and when the sun is just so strange being harmless sort of figure look waiting behind that front fasting in that wa- paper that nobody knows but no as a woman stooping down and creeping out behind that patton last night it was monae and the moon shines in all around just as the sun and john was asleep. I hated to wake him. So i kept still and watch the moonlight on the wool until the figure behind began the shape the pattern as if she wanted to get out i saw and went and felt the paper to see if i'm sure and the woman clyde out though. Her voice came a long way over. Water and i went back to the bed. John was a week. What is it why are you. don't go walking around that you'll catch cold. Walk over there shivering jan. Don't you take me away. Don't see how we can leave before. Lisa's up 'cause if you are in any danger. I would but you really are better whether you see it or not. I'm a doctor. And i know my appetite. Maybe better in the evening when you're here but it's worse in the morning when you're gaining weight and your color is behind on way at the mall and not even as much nonsense. You're getting better. I tell you veteran body to happen in mind my sake and your sake for the sake of a child i beg you not to let that idea into your head. Not one instance. Can't you trust me as a doctor. When i tell you. It's a false and foolish idea as you trust the of course i trust you getting. I lay there for hours. Trying to decide at the adam and the fact patton moved together or separately. No there's no question about it in the moonlight of fronts that and becomes the outside pattern i need and the woman behind it shakes the baas. She creeps around a thirty thousand. Nine hundred fifty seven suspense agnes moorehead than the yellow wallpaper. The conclusion next on classic radio theater friends laura liebowitz at the international jack. Benny fan club is conducting a fundraiser to purchase the maxwell that jack road in many movies for the fan club now the international jack. Benny fan club is a five. Oh one c. three not for profit. Your donations are tax. Deductible help preserve a slice of jack. Benny history by going online to their website. Jack benny dot org. That's jack benny dot org and help. Preserve the real-life maxwell if you enjoy our classic radio theater broadcast one start building a collection of your own go to class. Sick radio dot stream. that's classic. radio dot stream there. You'll find links to great classic radio collections. On cd along with links to greet reading on classic radioplus classic radio theater on demand. Check our web page now. At classic radio dot stream that's classic radio dot stream and enjoy your struggling with your mortgage. You think about it all the time. What are we gonna do if we lose the house. It's time to stop thinking and start dialing call one eight nine nine five hope for free government program that offers expert one on one advice about your mortgage options. We've helped over a million homeowners and we want to help you call one. Eight eight eight nine nine five hope or visit makinghomeaffordable dot gov brought to you by the us treasury hud and the ad council. Did you know that birthday parties. Help build confidence in kids. Yeah did you know that giving kids less sugar before bedtime helps them sleep better. Oh totally did you know that friendly kids have more friends. Everybody knows that. Hey guys did you know that. Most people think they're using the right car seat for their kid but they're not. I didn't know that parents who really know it. All know for sure that their child is in the right car seat at the right age and size visit safercar dot gov slash therightseat to make sure your child is protected brought to you by the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council. Can you tell if these vegetables are being contaminated with bacteria that could cause paralysis. Listen can't see it either. Use different cutting boards so that the bacteria in raw meats seafood and their juices doesn't touch prep services for other foods like veggies. Raw food may contain bacteria that can make you very sick or worse. Roughly three thousand americans will die from food poisoning this year. But you can keep your family safer check your steps at foodsafety dot gov brought to you by the usda hhs council dear. Smokey bear for teaching us how to prevent wildfires. For seventy years. Outdoor lovers would like to say something happy seventieth big eye. Let's bring it in for a bear. Hug come up for safety tips. Visit smokybear dot com brought to you by the us forest service your state forester and the ad council. Join me as i prepare. A collection of cherished family recipes passed through generation watch recipes for disaster at foodsafety dot gov. You'll earn the right steps as maria. Does everything wrong brought to you. By the usda hhs on the thursdays classic radio theater western adventure. Raymond burr fort laramie from sixty five years ago tune. July first nineteen fifty-six the troopers widow but now the conclusion up suspense from sixty four years ago to thirtieth nineteen fifty seven agnes moorehead the yellow wallpaper. I like this room and life is much more exciting than it used to be. I have something to expect to look forward to already do. Eat better than i'm quieter than i was. John is pleased to see me. Impro- you see your flourishing like a weed and fight of your favorite fight. The ball. Because i had no intention of telling you know tonight funny map on the wall down near the mop runs around. It goes behind every piece of furniture except amid long straight. Even smut is if it had been robbed over and did did they do a really discovered fucking at a great many women behind the popular and sometimes only run and she creeps around it had creeping shakes a patent. He's trying to climb through and can't because the patent strangles everything she does get out in the daytime. I know because i've seen and acog comes haydn evacuated. I'd hide too. I always locked the door. When i buy a nice only two days left to the paper off woman out into the room challenge beginning to take. I don't like the look in his eyes. The way he talks with jenny about me i overhead. She isn't sleeping nights so she's quiet but i know she's awake sweeps the homeless a day out of cold in another doctor stubbornness john. She attended to prove you wrong. You're right maybe a sanitarium would be whole rally past how you creep about. That's the funny thing to say jenny. Didn't i increase the journey. Says you stay in your room too much. You don't take your exit. So tell me the rest take exercise. I caught you. I can't see world tomorrow's our last day. We'll talk about exercise when i get you back to town. I'll have to rally on a bed. Pretty early pet some of that. Finish up tab belongs downstairs. Lewis will be here at nine. Maybe you'll sleep upstairs tonight. Jenny so you will be alone adding. He won't be here tonight. john not go tomorrow evening. I have a difficult cases the hospital. And if you're going to feel jenny wrist that alone. I'm sure of it. Thank you all say they think this so leather. i won't be in love loon. Shonen began to call shake iran to help panel. I pulled and she. I shook she pulled by moaning field off yards. Doug strip about high is my head and half around the room. When johnny came up in the morning she looked at the woman. And what do you know what do you know. Why did it just like the he. Why are you surprised. i'm not. I wouldn't mind for too long. he would. Why don't you come downstairs down. It'd be dreary up here. Once they take the furniture of they can't take the bed out. He's nail down. I love it here. It will be an pene to sleep downstairs tonight when john gets. Oh on john. John how how she faked wouldn't mind doing it yet. And no person touches this paper showing the key down into the front. I don't want anybody to come in an giang. I want to surprise him. Got a rope up here. Even jedi doesn't know if the woman gets out from behind the patent and tries to run away tied securely to one of the rings in the wall. she pack like wallowing see. How does that pattern in on this. I help out help you feel awful paper. I can wait. be patient. you push and i'll the pasta. Maybe i can get it off with my teeth. Oh and hurts. But i'm getting. I'm getting a little bit. Wouldn't be mine that i have used securely tied my ralph. You'll never get away away. You have to get back behind the pet. It's better than going outside. I won't go outside. Even if jenny asked me to outside. I have to be on the ground. Very everything is green instead of yellow. And here i smooth the on the flaw does she is not over the door. Ply gets john. That's door of the note. How tom and shops use dr john. You can't heavy over jedi inexpertly. Oh now he'll break down the door. John teased down in front of the house under a plan to me. John go over that. I got john les for the from john. Going gone the now. I can create now movie on the floor round and round my show. They just ten long smooth channel wall. Who's my way he's coming back. He's writing on this ten house. Why what is. It's what's happened in spite of you and jenny. I go down the paper. I shook the pattern. Push and pull it down and stuck calling but you'll never never never but back. Yes so pale john. Why do you come. I creep in this lovely yellow room. I laugh buddy teen my pa by the wall. So that i have to creep over him in which misdiagnosis morton starred in the yellow wallpaper adapted by silvia richards from the study by charlotte perkins gilman lesson lesson again next week. When we return with alibi another tale well-calculated in Suspect supporting miss moorhead in the yellow wallpaper were hunter as jenny. And joe to santa says john june thirtieth one thousand nine hundred fifty seven suspense on classic radio theater. You gotta love agnes moorehead. Elp become visit my web page. Classic radio dot where you can stream our shows on demand learn more about classic radio collecting and contact me. Their classic radio dot stream and our shows her available anywhere. Podcast disturbed if you miss a day on this station. You do not have to miss a single show just visit I heart radio spotify. Spreaker any podcast app and search. Usa classic radio theater. 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Everybody knows that. Hey guys did you know that. Most people think they're using the right car seat for their kid but they're not. I didn't know that parents who really know it. All know for sure that their child is in the right car seat at the right age and size visit safercar dot gov slash therightseat to make sure your child is protected brought to you by the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council. Can you tell if these vegetables are being contaminated with bacteria that could cause paralysis. Listen you can't see it either. Use different cutting boards so that the bacteria in raw meats and seafood and their juices doesn't touch prep services for other foods like veggies. Raw food may contain bacteria that can make you very sick or worse. Roughly three thousand americans will die from food poisoning this year. But you can keep your family safer check your steps at foodsafety dot gov brought to you by the usda hhs on the ad council dear. 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Call one eight nine nine five hope or visit makinghomeaffordable dot gov brought to you by the us treasury hud and the ad council. Did you know that birthday parties. Help build confidence in kids. Yeah did you know that giving kids less sugar before bedtime helps them sleep better. Oh totally did you know that friendly kids have more friends. Everybody knows that. Hey guys did you know that. Most people think they're using the right car seat for their kid but they're not. I didn't know that parents who really know it. All know for sure that their child is in the right car seat at the right age and size visit safercar dot gov slash therightseat to make sure your child is protected brought to you by the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council. Can you tell if these vegetables are being contaminated with bacteria that could cause paralysis. Listen you can't see it either. Use different cutting boards so that the bacteria in raw meats and seafood and their juices doesn't touch prep services for other foods like veggies. Raw food may contain bacteria that can make you very sick or worse. Roughly three thousand americans will die from food poisoning this year. But you can keep your family safer check your steps at foodsafety dot gov brought to you by the usda hhs and the ad council dear. Smokey bear for teaching us how to prevent wildfires. For seventy years. Outdoor lovers would like to say something. Happy seventieth bigeye. Let's bring it in for a bear. Hug come off for safety tips. Visit smokybear dot com brought to you by the us force service your state forester and the ad council prepare a collection of cherished family recipes past generation watch recipes disaster at foodsafety dot gov. You'll learn the right steps as maria. Does everything wrong brought to you. By the usda. Hhs free talk live. There was a being he started to you saying. Michael jackson has come back. Said i m michael jackson. I called you talk with god throughout your life. You heard this voice that you recognized as god telling you. Do you believe in magic inviting you to look out the window. Where you then saw michael jackson coming down from rainbow ray of light coming from the sky. So what happened then. Did he invite you to his land or whatever it is. He has nine months later. The virgin birth happen again. We're happy ironic. He asked if he could resurrect in by the meat. Gold thing and just jackson's baby. I'm our jackson. Listen to free. Talk live seven nights week. Six to nine. Pm central time on heartland newsfeed radio network in heartland news phone dot com past stating that me down here. What are you a yellow booger. I'm a slug steven. You're listening to heartland newsfeed. Radio network live twenty four seven heartland newsfeed dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and instagram's sticking with the plan in afghanistan on lisa brady fox news the white house again defending the us drawdown after the president faced a flurry of questions about security concerns Pentagon's on track to complete withdrawal by the end of next month. White house press secretary. Jim sake says the us will work with a range of countries to prevent the reemergence of threats in afghanistan maintain over the horizon capacity and we That is something that will continue as well as our security systems to the afghan national security forces the pentagon has handed over control of bog bagaram airfield to the afghan government. The main concerns taliban contain control of the country. Fox's rachel sutherland. At the white house reporters had pressed the president today on a possible. Need for air support after troops leave pentagon says the us military still has the authority to protect afghan forces but did not specify for how long president biden says. He's not worried about another major outbreak of covert in the us. But he is concerned that lives will be lost to the delta variant. White house spokeswoman sake calls at another reminder of the risk without vaccination if you're vaccinated you're safe if you are not vaccinated you're at risk of getting the virus and the delta variant the transmissibility of it which we've seen from medical experts who have made clear that it is far more transmissible it can be deadly it can make people incredibly sick. I variant already accounts for a quarter of new cova cases in the us and most new cases in the uk which like the us is one of the highest vaccination rates in other countries. It's helped to fuel a deadly. Covert wave. India has now passed four hundred thousand deaths and thirty million gazes one of the words in the world. Australia will have the number of international rivals. It accepts after outbreaks. Put half the population in lockdown this week russia on friday announced its highest confirmed daily death toll. The pandemic how america is listening to fox. Don't put off creating or setting up a will just because you think it's complex and expensive with trust and will dot com. It's simple convenient and secure for as little as thirty nine dollars. You can nominate guardians for your children determine who get your stuff and plan for future medical care. All online trust in will is the most trusted name in online estate. Planning having helped hundreds of thousands of people protect their families. Assets and legacy. Don't put this off any longer. Get ten percent off plus free shipping at trust and will dot com slash fox. President biden says the new jobs report shows. His economic plan is working up to continue to make investments that will allow our economy to build back. Better deal everyone. Eight hundred fifty thousand jobs created in june. The unemployment rate ticked up to five point nine percent in some regions or bouncing back more quickly than others cities. In new england. The mountain states in the southeast are seeing the fastest unemployment recovery coming out of the pandemic according to research from personal finance website. Wallet hub which looked at one hundred eighty. Us cities and compared their unemployment numbers for may of this year to may of twenty twenty and the prior year as well as january twenty twenty in first and second place manchester and nashua new hampshire high in the list arlington vermont and lincoln nebraska among cities with the slowest recovery new orleans long beach california chicago and new york city. Lilian woo fox news. This summer blockbuster is making a comeback slowly. Usually the fourth of july holiday rakes in around two hundred million dollars at the box office this year. Closer to fifty million dollars is expected for the weekend. The big release is boss baby. It hit screens friday and is predicted to rake about fifteen million dollars through the weekend. The other highly anticipated movie is horror action. Film the forever purge but neither of those films is expected to top f nine the fast. Saga it grossed eighty three million through the end of june. Another movie doing well is action. Horror sequel quiet place part to some say the secret to box office success experienced by f. Nine and quiet place is exclusivity box businesses. Lydia who a rally on wall street. The dow closing up one hundred fifty two points a seventh straight record for the snp spreading fox news. The usa radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time. Ladies and gentlemen the story. you're about to hear is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent dragnets. This is classic. Radio theatre busters communist. Everybody now here's your host. Why it cox. Sydney greenstreet starring in the new adventures of neural wolf. This episode originally broadcast april twentieth. Nineteen fifty one the case of the lost air ladies and gentlemen the bell. Brings you mystery adventure. Narrow wolves office archie goodwin speaking mr harris grail krill Dismissed the crowds moments to wolf. Oh i see what is it. Energy name harris is secretary. Says he wants to talk to you. I dunno i mr wolf's rather busy right now but i'll give him a message if you wish yes wait a second mister walled. Black on red and red on black. This is solitaire so so again. Wins and person known. They put a red card or no red card or a black on black guard. Gd aimed gd. What is the message. Mr secretary as you to convey just that he wants to see rather tragic sense as oppose. He does by tragic unity. Wants to see me. He's blind them to come here and his own two means okay. What does mr cry. I wanted to see mr wolf about a murder a murder. That may still be prevented energy. Just a second. What i have run. The cards at petty is at his own mammograms. Declare wants to prevent ladies and gentlemen. It's renown genius. Who is the bulk. Aqueous most ponderous and most brilliant detective in the world. Yes none other than that chair. Born mass of unpredictable intellect narrow will created by wreck styles and brought to you and a new series of adventures of this nbc network. In the person of mr sydney greenstreet. Once and long. While mr wolf. I talk about this affair when we do. We call it the case of the lost air but i don't think the titles quite adequate me. It ought to be called the case of gun goose and the goose. Do you see any rate on red dog. Black on black. Nope so so what you hear me. Okay you want your little game of solitaire perfectly as you say who is harris. Crayola is read the papers. You would know cray cray all the company. Exactly how did you know it was blind. If he is who can't story a headlines read blamed potter welcomes lost daughter. All yeah i remember a few days ago. There was a picture to remember these well. If it's the one. I remember i remember g. Oh well. it probably isn't true by the way. Let me tell you what. I found out about the facts of life. Mr crow was hit. It seems mr will come in. This is mr quayle. i'm his secretary games. there's a step in to krill of god. Who is this man. I'm archie goodwin. Mr wolf assistant mr wolf waiting point where mr wolf is goodman. The blind man and his secretary followed horace. Crayola tall thin white-haired. His face was heavily line but the lines were not those of keira worry. He will very dark glasses through which he might not have been able to see even if he had had his sade gains. The secretary was in his late twenties surprisingly young and surprisingly handsome for the kind of a job he head. I let them into mist. Wolves office made the introductions and sat down mariners declaring. What can i do for you as you see mr wolf. I blind have made. Dvr sympathy sympathy. Mr wolf thank you. Of course. I mentioned my condition may because the fixed the position in which i find myself gone you. Yes mr kyle. Tell mr wolf about my daughter. Incidentally mr wolf. I asked my secretary to do this because in this way you will get a firsthand account. Now let's see a few days ago tuesday to be exact at about three o'clock in the afternoon. A young woman walked into the house and said she wanted to see her father. I spoke to her myself. She said her name was. Magda i ask a certain questions. He asked a question. Because you thought. And i thought that my daughter died thirteen years ago. Oh i thought the girl who came back to me is my daughter. Or she's an impostor and she belongs in jail. Is there any doubt in your mind about goes. That's why here on the teddy about preventing minute. I have a stepson named anthony. George whom i intended to my money. Not because i liked him because i had nobody else to leave it to ship to ship my daughter. If she is my daughter were talking about mad at about my daughter and my stepson. Same thing i d. Maybe i don't know mr grant is i am not a wealthy man name sent able to make ends meet. What do you mean screen allergy. I think mr wolf means that. If you don't want to be frank with you made rather not waste time stolpe apologize. If i've seen her with you. See a blind man can only judge by what he hears and smells. Eels must be a little cautious. And i would have to be otherwise. I'm saudi instagram. Patients is of my virtues. Now you're doing. Oh your non daughter. What's her name. Magda she calls herself magda krill. Which was my daughter's name. What makes you things using your daughter. Well kim million dollars partly once again is to grab my state may be worth more than that but show the not less you surely not less mr crowned rather more. I should say ten million made him appeared appear an ambitious energy. Joe but i'm not a girl and i'm not ambitious. Nobody could gives you a vital for mr grant. We are getting no. I don't even remember beginning. Our tickets else likes them. When up the beer the kitchen was a mess. And incidentally i saw what was being prepared for lunch when i got back to the office. Mr quayle in his boy were gone. One bear from mr wolf. What happened jean. I had a sandwich and you know what you're having for lunch. Of course i plan. B b optimists delicious. I'll take your word for it. What happened to the blind tycoon. Did your book where you are. Gee i wanted to give you a few notes. That second okay. I item unique. Repeat everything after me. Yes must've item hardest. Granite was born. Blind is right in six year. Old daughter magda disappeared in their private plane. Thirteen years ago. Negative nice choosing him no matter what he says to the country. How does great is afraid. He's going to be killed his right. narrow wolf time for thirty two pm. The note you dictated on the krill. Case or on your blotter. Three pages of them. You are with your orchids. I am on my way to the cradle domicile to meet the other characters in this turgid drama as per instructions. I will bring them here if possible. Love archie shit. My name is good when archie goodwin. I believe expected this way. Please thanks for your new roof by a couple of hundred. I'm archie goodwin his assistant. But i know that he's assisted awful. You gains creatures near wolf. Wants to talk to me. he does. Is he waiting for you. Know hurry though. Nari at all. Just play and don't worry about a thing. Black hair green eyes skin like beautiful beautiful. Finish what he was playing. Well build of mr goodwin. We could get along together. Archie career so i am. I guessing to do anything about it whereas anthony anthony george. I thought both my re policy half brother and i were supposed to meet nero wolfe on here in case anybody wants to know over there in the shadows listening all that anthony. George shall we go and talk to narrow wolf anthony goodwin. You look like a normal sort of person. Well that's open to question but go on if you had to choose between ten million dollars and killing a woman by due process of which would you choose think about between now and july nineteen ninety four now shall we go talk to nero wolfe april twentieth nineteen fifty one sydney greenstreet in the new adventures of nero wolfe on classic radio theater. You're struggling with your mortgage. You think about it all the time. What are we going to do if we lose the house. 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Hug come up for safety tips. Visit smokybear dot com brought to you by the us forest service your state forester and the ad council. Join me as i prepare. A collection of cherished family recipes passed through generation. What's recipes for disaster at foodsafety dot gov. you'll find the right steps as maria. Does everything wrong brought to you by the usda hhs and the ad council. They're listening to classic radio theater on your favorite station the new adventures of nero wolfe for april twentieth. Nineteen fifty one. Yes mr will ryan. You ate into now and to last choosy. Let your father know that you were living. Does it make any difference think. Eighteen years ago. I was six. What she means is that she was six when she died. I didn't die. Anthony sweet obviously but magda royal did with my mother his mother and then. He says he doesn't remember me as a child. But i remember him the breath. What about me. When i was about four or five you were eight or nine i suppose. Do you remember dressing up. In one of daddy's tail coats a sword and mothers hat with a plume. Suppose i did. You're still not my sister to where he anthony buller father dies. I'll support you. Geez i made a mistake a mistake you. I wanted to talk to these young people. I don't take them away. Tv acre on my salary as part of that investigation would be charged to mr hottest was no hardship at all. in fact it was a pleasure. We dropped anthony. George off the place and mac nine went on and you can't make enemies that way anyway mr wolf walker to take me off whether you really are daughter. How did he fifty to find out. Do you think he knew he probably add some idea. But i don't know what it could have been archie. You think i'm telling the truth but wait a minute baby. I i don't think you lie. I just don't think give me my handbag. Thanks i've got something that might interest both you and mr wolf snapshots that were taken of me before i was six me beautiful. Can't you see those pictures of goods that young dick pic. What just is. I found him in. One of mr creoles photograph held my father. Here's something but one lying on my tummy on the white bearskin rug. Babies get their picture taken that way he give it to way to say what's mike india sheldon clear Look honey you so interested in babies. Because i always thought i should have been a mother now. Look if you still got that mark on your back buso i'll be right back Is it never mind. What do you think magazine daughter stealing. Never all right then no. I don't think the girl is grail's daughter. that's just what i do. Because he's a pretty geez. Got a birthmark. You've seen it but nobody's going be to claim a berth market. Isn't there still easy to prove. Deserted me archie gains. Don't you hello goodwin making hay while the moon shines in have you worked at into a routine it could be pretty dealt. You don't like me do you. Do i have to no no not in the lease good mr wolf and i feel it's wrong to like any of our clients especially in nightclub really why because they might sit down at your table while you're making a telephone call mine finish it once again. I'm sound forget it. Mr krause seems to think that Magnus trying to rookie tightly. What do you think i'm here to you know. What do you think to me. It's a matter of no importance. One way or the other as mr cranial. What he wants is absolute proof. And of course there's no such thing as proof that is absolute. Do you want me to end up point. Yeah that's exactly what i wanted to do for me. Added up thirteen years ago. Mrs creole and her small daughter magda border charted plane in. Saint louis to fly across the ozarks. Hot springs arkansas. They took off. And that's the last that was heard of them all the pilot all the plane. Okay add some more. Mr krell had the whole area search for months. The search itself cost almost fifty thousand dollars in the plane was not found. They finally decided that it must have fallen into the mississippi where it would sink to the bottom and didn't stay river now. Wait a minute magnet. Don't you remember anything about this to have nothing. Not a single thing. Last remember is mother putting me to bed in a strange city hotel. And that's what's archie tier. Didn't my father go over this whole business with mr wolf. I suppose did do we have to do it again. It must be some reason why he wanted me to take you to a nightclub. Might say something. I haven't already hundred times. Maybe what's the next thing you remember after your mother puts you to bed in a strange city. I have a confession to me this. I believe go ahead. Ten million dollars is a lot of money. So i've been told i don't really remember a single solitary thing before i was six years old and going to school in rogers arkansas. Not anthony george tales solar pictures not your mother putting it abedin hotel in saint louis. Ten million dollars archie. So you're not magda grail. Of course. I have tried to make the story sound a little more convincing. I should say how. Can i be anybody else so i can't see why you shouldn't be anybody else. Miss grail when. I'll bring up the matter. The diary jewish grabbed the diary. You don't know that. Mr wolf is told you nothing at all about this case. Has he probably told me. All i needed to know. What about a diary to good won. Miss crayons memory begins about the happy age of seven. A blackhead green eyed pigtail brand named nagy max. Only child of walton naval lomax rogers. Arkansas am i correct. Ms lomax a miss frail sarcastic there is that is that is what about this diary to cut a long sob story. Short wall and maeve lomax an automobile accident a few weeks ago. Leaving only nagy take it from them. I look through the house to find anything. I can sell and i came across the hidden box. The diary was in the box along with some clothes that might fit six year. Old girl a close look like what the girl was last seen wearing. You know. well. There's a photograph from one of mr cradles albums taken in saint louis the day before the flight but forum ten million. Those clothes could be stitch not take him out in the alley. It would be a pleasure to second with one arm tied behind you. I think you could probably beat me into a pulp. Is it all right if we don't prove it. We're talking about the diary archie. Okay what about archie. I don't even claim the handwriting. His mind what's handwriting when you're six years old still. The first page is one of those things that has named named parent home address and like that color of hair. Is you know. Certainly every child had one lawn or a dozen. Maybe they still do you feel in the first age and then you'd never write another word. There were i doubt if they cost a quarter there was a place that said my first date favorite past baby. He calls me fading this to gain this. I noticed that. I think he'd be leave. Your story no matter what you told get lost williams to gains. What's that get laws. Drop dead turn blue. I can take a hint. Good night archie. And ms lohan presi. Isn't he prissy. Isn't a word he doesn't seem to believe your story. He believes what he's told to believe his job. Sure you believe me. Don't you are t beautiful just the way you are now. Let's talk about the diary. I hate you. I hate you too. Dan diary eh. whereas do you call this man. No collar working overtime. Where is it here in my hand here. Push we look at it together crowning you. What's a little crowding coetzee. Hasn't it now look at the coverage. I my diary nineteen thirty four. I suppose somebody gave me for my birthday. Let's just not suppose anything. Sally all right. Aren't you page one. Name neg rail date of birth. October nineteen twenty eight. But you read anything you can write honey data birth and so on father horace cray on the maple crab. Black is green my favorite pastime playing with dog. Play as a y. If you wouldn't call that writing would you not real writing. It's more like printing. I think my mother guided my hand when i wrote. It's the way it looks. Alright well now dance while we danced while. I held that disturbing girl my arms. I tried to believe that case just as simple as it seem somehow survived a plane crash a head injury then. A normal life with a couple of naturally wouldn't tell her that she wasn't really. There's i tried to believe it was trying hard when don't look there's anthony george alone in the corner experience touch do you think is a killer. A what we heard her. The first time april twentieth one thousand nine hundred fifty one the new adventures of nero wolfe. 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Visit smokybear dot com brought to you by the us forest service your state forester and the ad council. Join me as i prepare. Collection of cherished family recipes passed to generation watch recipes for disaster at foodsafety dot gov. You'll learn the right step as maria. Does everything wrong brought to you by the. Hhs and the ad council now on classic radio thieves the conclusion of the new adventures of nero wolfe april twentieth. Nineteen fifty one. The lost air. You think you'd commit murder. I don't think anything about him. But why should he. I see what you mean. You worry around with you around noon that maybe even more like that until the waiter told me i was wanted on the telephone. I asked to keep the table. Warn that i'd be right back. Having mr graham little less humid you showed me some pictures of his daughter pictures. Unfortunately seminar figures were missing from the album. Gm interested in that says matt's do. Do you persuade the young lady taking her back and draped camping a bright light. I am not amused cam. Sorry all i want. Is a shop focused picture of that beth matt and expect you to get it for me in you. No know lots that bertha. What about it. Who wish i had one. That was worth ten minutes sat a while. This is nothing to me since my father doesn't believe in his daughter kind of identification doesn't mean anything to you. Forgetting the people he trusts you gains. For instance birthmark is there. Couldn't he look at it compared with those awful baby pictures. Yes here's your daughter. I got news for you archie. He hasn't he says it looks the same as the one of the baby pictures because he told you father that yes the also totally fake that. Somehow i found out that the six year old daughter of engineer had died in a plane crash. Thirteen years ago. And i found out. She had a strawberry birthmark on her back. And i had one too. So i decided to say that i was magda craig. That's absurd. of course you can see how it's gonna work out. Catchy my father went to mr wolf simply to have improved that i am his daughter. The only thing afraid of oh what are you afraid of baby. And the darling. Half-brother might kill him. He has a chance to change his will. isn't that a somewhat mercenary to take. Maybe i'd feel differently about it if my father had found me instead of waiting for me to find him dried it. Let's get back to that birthmark. Are you allergic to floodlights. I a photographer. Who has a studio and edgy. Here's nobody else did. Gourmet this neat. When you went eve- you come home. Bring them with you. they may be important gemayel. Have you heard hers is. Oh we're talking about it. I gave goodnight you at four. Pm the next day there was quite a lot of confusion and narrow wolves office. It has direction. I'd set up a picture screen at one end of the room on his desk at the other end rather strangely constructed project it at four thirty guests arrived magda anthony george games and of course suspected kramer ready to make an arrest if he could figure out whom to arrest. Telo inspector magda george you which is all about. What's going on our chief inspector. Mr wolf wants to show slides of his trip to yellowstone park. But here he is as i say wolf. You want to know what i think. allen allegiance. sit down won't you g region have the night hang you now. This is a picture of magda lying on his stomach at the age of six amounts. Hey ching's the focus. Oh and we have accused of as smooth as cutter asian. It looks as if it might have been painted on now. Look we'll you said. If i came here you'd give me the guayaquil horace crayon and your show me a picture of babies back inspect that you open your mouth again. I may not keep my promise. Go ahead well. We look at this enlargement of a best mac on babies back and has eight. Mr harris created was blind and never saw it. So what he get not goodwin inspected. If i knew. I'd tell you listen. Mr grant trusted sicker. That eight hugh eight. I'm here have caused the gains. Had a very idea. He needed a tragedy. Mrs crayola a daughter and he decided to bring back to life. What makes you think. So mr wolf. You had access to the photograph. Abbott and o'neill i've missed declared. His best mcintyre told him that may be true. But what of it. It's an important now. I want to show you another picture. I g this picture rating from left to right. This is a picture of miss cradles back very pretty too as you can see it be has to be a small best mock someone under then left shoulder blade changed focus and as it becomes large. And that's not a birthmark that's too you can see it. Tattooing of cause and miss the game idea how to make use of a tattooed. Best mac and miss magnetic heavy out blind as he was. How does grail so through gained had to get him. No you've told james mr wolf all right all right well in straightening kramer gains. Is your man b gene. It's right there in front of you. You know i was thinking girl can get herself tattooed. Can't she is that a crime. What does it prove g. I ever told you i love you. I'm going to bed you. You haven't listening to the new adventures of neural starring. Sydney greenstreet and transcribed story by minded. Law was based on the characters created. By wrexham's this is an edwin parliament production produced and directed by j. donald wilson in the cast. Were harry bartell as archie goodwin and martha shaw the rodman. Peter leads grey stafford and bill johnston don stanley speaking april twentieth nineteen fifty one the new adventures of nero wolfe on classic radio theater. 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I didn't know that parents who really it all know for sure that their child is in the right car seat at the right age and size visit safercar dot gov slash therightseat to make sure your child is protected brought to you by the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council. Can you tell if these vegetables are being contaminated with bacteria that could cause paralysis. Listen you can't see it either. Use different cutting boards so that the bacteria in raw meats and seafood and their juices doesn't touch prep services for other foods like veggies. Raw food may contain bacteria that can make you very sick or worse. Roughly three thousand americans will die from food poisoning this year. But you can keep your family safer check your steps at foodsafety dot gov brought to you by the usda hhs the ad council dear smokey bear for teaching us how to prevent wildfires for seventy years. Outdoor lovers would like to say something. Happy seventieth bigeye. Let's bring it in for a bear. Hug come up for safety tips. Visit smokybear dot com brought to you by the us forest service your state forester and the ad council join me as i prepare a collection of cherished family recipes through generation recipes for disaster at foodsafety dot gov. You'll learn the right steps as maria. Does everything wrong brought to you by the. Usda hhs the council alan classic radio theater pay glenshane allen buffs. Couple next door from april twentieth. Nine thousand nine hundred sixty s radio brings you the couple next door. Written by peg. Lynch and starring peg lynch and alan bond their wake up. Wake up honey. We got you know what i just found out or not only was vaccine here in america before columbus but there was another man to carl secondly that was his name exciting. What time is three thirty. I guess know after three. Listen to the him into bed at all. Did you hear what i said here. The school marks betsy wrong because she puts down late vaccine instead of columbus and not only was laid back snakehead up columbus but also a man named thorburn. Carl kenny i. I sympathize and all that but as with your determination to stick up for your ancestors. But i'll be done if i care who discovered america career clogging in the morning. Please how stephanie. That was his name. And i never even heard of him. Never hear of him again. I ran across his name and one of the reference books and then i looked him up. Missing encyclopedia and cal do not own and landed in america but he established a settlement. And get this boy. I couldn't care less. Who discovered american fact. That was both leif eriksson in columbus date. Home listen to me. I have made a discovery myself. Miss thorburn carl. And they brought his wife with him and they had a baby that means the first white child born on. This continent was not virginia. Dare in the early virginia settlement of sixteen something but the viking baby. A boy named nori carl. Seth nate in the year ten. Oh three where did you read the right here in this book got at the library. Give me my bathrobe. You better fix them. Coffee Now listen to this. Do the encyclopedias starts right out. Saying leif eriksson scandinavian. Discover of america the cream when you're says it's merely a legend or folktales. Not one even suggest that he didn't get to america right here in the year. Nine nine nine laidback sailed from greenland. Where his father eric. The red had established the first settlement. He sailed him norway to the court of king trig the king commission to proclaim christianity in greenland on his way back to greenland labor x. Was blown off course and arrived at newlands of which he had no previous knowledge and which he called finland here. He found self sown wheat and vines samples of which he took back to his father's home in greenland. Authorities differ about the exact location of then but it seems probable that erickson visited the southern part of what is now nova scotia though there was some authorities who thought the vikings landed as part of connecticut. They found mooring stones or something the ruins of an old fort there. Something doesn't say anything about that here. But i've heard about that too and then there's no room stone. They found years ago in minnesota reminds. We have no kidding. Sitting around in the middle of the night reading reference books and drinking coffee and only remember the night. I was cramming for some exam. You know there were three of us and bill mercer and check up with us making coffee and sandwiches and firing question than you were also scared you were gonna flunk you would have if you hadn't stayed up all night and help this cram for the test studied day. You wouldn't have had to cram at the last minute. Young man. i was busy. I had on my mind. Just trying to keep you away from that. Little pip squeak. You thought of so darn cute. Oh yes what was his name. Yeah j. j. j. something. He was kyun jealous jealous. Little got your way from him. The you know why he was too short. I got tired of laying. Flat heeled shoes so i wouldn't tell her over. We had fun back in college and we hunting spun looking up all his reference material. Get it takes us back. Doesn't it when i going see the principal. The school today certainly going to be armed with information makes me so mad every time. I think the teacher marking betsy wrong. And then when you have got to face. The teacher was right when she said that if she asks who discovered america she cannot mark twenty three other pupils wrong if they answer column. I know that betsy dancer wasn't wrong. Either it says right here in the encyclopedia maybe erickson scandinavian discover of america. Nearly five hundred years before columbus for him a lot. You're much too upset about it. It isn't that because you're the one who told betsy. The story of leif ericson. And i don't like the fact that bet the as a result now things. We don't know what we're talking about. We have to prove that we do not want the school to do with acknowledge. Believe you me when i talked to the principal. I'm gonna do not don't get mad. Don't get mad but you are not always very diplomatic about these things. You're not donning. For example. virginia dabizas every historian recognizes that. She was the first white child born in america. Now you suddenly read. What is probably a very questionable account of some viking baby and want to challenge west right here encyclopedia. Corbin kossuth landed in america in ten three and his son was born. He had to be handled calmly and with dignity. So let me do it I'm not nearly as upset about it as you. So i can discuss it with a more detached point of view. All right dan you talked to pennsylvania had a while my wife and i both realize it's very trivial point while we regret even making a small issue of it tall mr piper more parents would come and see me when they feel it has been some misunderstanding however turned to you as my wife said all we want really is the school to acknowledge the fact that betsy was not wrong when she answered that leave soon discovered america. I mean idea now. I'm afraid we've gotten into another one is understanding. I didn't mean is osso should be mocked right. Oh but you just in misleading. The we had a basis for complain. Of course. But i only agreed that betsy and her classmates should be told. The complete story of life ericsson which is interesting. One is the pipe but hardly based on historical fact. Indeed all we know is based on the old viking sagas handed down through the generations in song in stores withing. Do i understand that. The school does not acknowledge. The actual existence of leif eriksson. I did not say that. Just a piper but i will say this as principal of this school. I own acknowledged one for the answer to the question who discovered america surely miss the pipe. You don't expect me to deny the existence and refused to discoveries of christopher columbus. I expect to school. I am sending my childhood to recognize certain historical fact that as the fact that the white child born in america was not virginia. Dare but the son of thornton doesn't doesn't recognize that fact. either garbin. I don't even know what you're talking. I am talking dorfman. Carl's half name is waiting. Even he was here before columbus. He established a settlement an antenna old four. Now all i ask is that the the jewish acknowledge. Eileen used his knowledge is only christopher columbus mr piper as the discovery of america. I would appreciate it if you would call my daughter to the office waiting. I am taking her out of school. dialing stop crying. Daddy kicked me out of school. Go to school going to any school line. Lee refuses to recognize certain facts. You can't keep beth the single for heaven sakes all right all right. We'll we'll send it to a private school private school one that at least recognize right it school. I don't feel ridiculous where we get money to send betsy to private school and what private school. I didn't want to go to any other school. I wanna go to where my friends are gonna go just where i've been going of course. Of course you run upstairs invade bathe your face in cold water hunting. go on. Let me talk to daddy. Run along swim not stop wearing. Go big your face. Dear and colorado. What in the world happened. You were the one that was going to see the principal instead of me because you are going to be so calm and dignified now. You arrived home in a rage having taken betsy out of school. I know. I know i got mad. All i ask was it. The school acknowledged betsy. Answer was right. That's all acknowledged that the leif eriksson really discovered. America comes even though credit is given to the columbus. Yes yes i know. But i mean i got to thinking do the school and the teachers and the principal. I mean they do have a position to maintain you know well anyhow honey. We can't take betsy out of school. I have taken around. I look. I know. I was upset but i never met anything as drastic as this. Even you said we shouldn't make you know too big issue of it. I mean we made an issue of a now even if we involve the board of education. Betsy is not going back to school until her. Paper is remarked and her answer is acknowledged to be correct that poor kid her classmates laughing at her because she wrote down leif eriksson. Betsy doesn't care about it anymore. Children forget and if we keep out of school she'd missed so much we'd have to get a tutor. Originally i mean we just cannot start anything like this. I'm or it will start tomorrow. Look you better be prepared for the truant officer dear. Listen facts are facts. I mean christopher columbus wasn't i the the vikings were here first. So you know in idiot. Peg lynch alan bunce the couple next door from april twentieth nineteen sixty. Don't forget pigs. Daughter still maintains a website for her at peg lynch dot com l. y. n. c. h. Peg lynch dot com and another reminder of our web page which is classic radio dot stream. That's classic radio dot stream over there. You can stream our programs on demand. Learn more about classic radio collecting and contact me. Their classic radio dot stream and our programs are available anywhere on the internet. Podcasts are served including the iheartradio app. Spotify spreaker tune in apple. Podcasts google podcasts or overcast just search for usa classic radio theater and one person who is making the old time radio hobby still widely available to people. Is ted over at radio. 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Use different cutting boards so that the bacteria in raw meats and seafood and their juices doesn't touch prep services for other foods like veggies. Raw food may contain bacteria that can make you very sick or worse. Roughly three thousand americans will die from food poisoning this year. But you can keep your family safer check your steps at foodsafety dot gov brought to you by the usda hhs and the ad council dear. Smokey bear for teaching us how to prevent wildfires. For seventy years. Outdoor lovers would like to say something. Happy seventieth bigeye. Let's bring it in for a bear hug. Come out for safety tips. Visit smokybear dot com brought to you by the us forest service your state forester and the ad council. Join me as i prepare. A collection of cherished family recipes passed new generation watch recipes for disaster at foodsafety dot gov. You'll learn the right steps as maria. Does everything wrong brought to you by the usda hhs and the ad council. 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Yeah did you know that giving kids less sugar before bedtime helps them sleep better. Oh totally did you know that friendly kids have more friends. Everybody knows that. Hey guys did you know that. Most people think they're using the right car seat for their kid but they're not. I didn't know that parents who really know it. All know for sure that their child is in the right car seat at the right age and size visit safercar dot gov slash therightseat to make sure your child is protected brought to you by the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council. Can you tell if these vegetables are being contaminated with bacteria that could cause paralysis. Listen can't see it either. Use different cutting boards so that the bacteria in raw meats and seafood and their juices doesn't touch prep services for other foods like veggies. Raw food may contain bacteria that can make you very sick or worse. Roughly three thousand americans will die from food poisoning this year. But you can keep your family safer check your steps at foodsafety dot gov brought to you by the usda hhs council dear. Smokey bear for teaching us how to prevent wildfires for seventy. You're listening to the heartland. Newsfeed feed radio network at live hot land-use fee dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and instagram's the president says it's time to celebrate lisa brady fox news. He's praising the progress against covid while acknowledging remains a concern and hailing. The new jobs report. The president is crediting. His american rescue plan. The big corona virus package signed into law earlier this year for the better than expected jobs numbers time people questioned whether or not we should do that. Even though we didn't have bipartisan support. Well it worked. Us employers eight hundred fifty thousand jobs to payrolls but the unemployment rate ticked up to five point. Nine percent president biden also called on congress passes american jobs and families. Proposals saying our plan is working. We're not going to let up now. Is rachel sutherland at the white house. Republicans continue to warn against too much spending and tax hikes. Meantime aaa predicting record fourth of july travel with nearly forty eight million americans on the move including over forty three million by car despite higher. Gas prices the grueling search and a south florida condo collapse may have to pause again because of elsa upgraded earlier today to the first hurricane of the atlantic season. Which i won't hurricane now with seventy five mile an hour. Winds approaching barbados saint lucia and martinique. Then through the caribbean and possibly making impact in south florida beginning sunday. That includes surf side. Searching for survivors and bodies is for now back on the round. The clock schedule feel keating in surf. Side were two more bodies have been found including the seven year. Old daughter of a firefighter. At least twenty now confirmed dead. The number unaccounted for his fallen to one. Twenty eight after an audit of that list. Dozens of dozens of deaths still under investigation after record heat in the pacific northwest including in western canada. Where the british columbia town of lytton hit one hundred twenty one degrees this week while also battling a wildfire. That's destroyed much of the town. At least two jeff's reported america is listed nearly six months after the capital riot. The capitol building remains closed visitors. But the rest of the fencing is set to come down next week. They'll makers say. The fence makes the capital resemble baghdad pushes people away from their government now. The house instituted proxy voting for the pandemic last year. That's where members can literally phone in their votes. Many members believe remote voting should go away as the pandemic dissipates but others disagree house speaker. Nancy pelosi extended proxy voting through mid august. The house and senate still conduct remote hearings and as four security congress. Does the national guard. Five hundred twenty one million dollars. Chad pergram a step toward history in new york city. Where alvin brag could become the first black manhattan district attorney which would mean inheriting the long-running investigation into former president. Trump's finances brags closest rival in the democratic primary conceded. Today though the results still aren't official the democrat is considered the favourite for the general election against republican. Thomas kenneth a country star marks independence day with a new song so recused released a special song to celebrate the fourth of july. The country music star debuted. Happy birthday america on fox and friends and spoke about what inspired him to write the song. The politicians aren't getting on either side and it just through the mockeries said he wrote the song while on the back of a boat enjoying fireworks. July twenty twenty while the world was shut down due to covid nineteen riots tour through the country following the death of george. Floyd also has a new single out old school which was written by memoirs morrison ryan. Hurt michelle pollino fox. News on wall street starts the holiday weekend with a bang. The dow the s&p and and the nasdaq all with new record. Highs lisa brady fox news. The usa radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time dylan the united states marshall man. They look for the last than what a meet. It's a chance a job and it makes watchful at a little lonely gun smoke. This is classic. Radio theater james stewart. Six years a gun will the speed of light over the lone ranger is your host. Why it cox western adventure with luke slaughter of tombstone starring. Sam buffington going back to april twentieth. Nine thousand nine hundred fifty. Eight entry story slaughters my name. Luke slaughtered cattle business. It's a tough business. It's big business. I've got a big stake in it. There's no man west to the rio grande big enough to take it from me. Luke slaughter of tombstone. Luke slaughter of tombstone civil war cavalryman turned arizona cattleman across the territory from yuma to fort defiance go from flagstaff. To the and below the border through chihuahua and sonora his name was respected or feared depending on which side of the law. You were on man of vision. Man of legend luke. Slaughter of tombstone looks right. Dictionaries must have a pretty tough time with the word tolerance. Spf had to boil it down to just one other word. The understanding some of us here in tombstone found that out when i gave chief mark and a few of his apache braves the loan of a couple of sections of nice spread. Try their hand at cattle-raising and i got chewed out. Plenty about it. Every time i went into town. How you call it experiment slaughter. I call it invitation to those sneaking apaches to murder you living on my spread figure. It's my business. They won't stop with you once. Say smell white blood again. No massacre everybody in tombstone. Look mr vail argana's through making war trying to understand. Our ways is even trying to get people to adopt some of them adopted guns quick enough but they'll never be cattlemen. This was their country before it was hours. They've got a right to be part of its progress. Can't just shut the apache's up on a reservation and forget them. Maybe we can't forget them but if we drive him back to the collars least have some warning when they strike aren't going to strike are gone. I have sort of a sort of a private treaty. Gano senile old fool. You got a private treaty that trigger tempered on his lhasa. I like him too. He's intelligent. He's got spunk. Spunk my porch. Looking all i want you to make the acquaintance of mr henry fell from back. East fell is years. Nuke slaughter my boss and there's years carterville not a big man these party distinct pleasure gentlemen. Indeed it is so you'll from back east. Mr phone. Yes indeed boss. Boys mr fell. Here cannot draw any man in the plane along. Yes sure. I bet a month wages g can even outdraw you look. I'm afraid neither mister fell nor myself have any special reason for drawing. He's got plenty of reason for not necessarily against jewish course he take on all comers. You think you could outdraw me. I have very little doubt that. Mr with what even packing in iron you want to take them on mr rail why he leaving furnish the weapons. Let's let's just forget about a gentleman or get it. Nothing bail may as well. Learn some of the fact life in the arizona territory. Exactly what i came to do mr vail to learn them on record them posterity territory. All right. I doubt you'll never record this incident. But you can start by trying to outdraw me we you mr farage weapon yep old on why spill blood over a semi barroom challenge. You've been implying that. I shouldn't mixing your business slaughter. Well this is mine last correct. Mr veils cannot grow mr fail. I in mischief l. Don't think he can. And loser buys around for alabama. Which i don't does but i shall be delighted to stand tree defy lose you ridiculous little dude all right. Let's say the gun. I'm on wrapping. Nobody mentioned guns. You draw with israel and yours your spell paper and a piece of charcoal. What is their out. Roll-on match one two. Three draw wise to wichita veiled is got a sense of humor like a cow watch available clever does flaring type raggi. How hey wait a minute. Is that supposed to be and draw. He's almost down. Doug on salesforce to spitting image of you on where you drink. Well now look here when the man challenges me if anybody thinks laughing matter those no offensive tendency. You're you're more than welcome to the little sketch and i shall be delighted to purchase allied vision. I don't well so bad cinema for the house. you're a good sport dale mighty good likeness to a I guess we'll take the picture home. Fell mrs bela well. Women sometimes enjoy. Do dad like this. You know what mr doing here in tombstone. Keeping you and free drinks. Sure he to but he come west opinions and well engines do their own painting with warpaint slaughter. And i were just talking about that. We weren't getting anywhere either warpaint. I understood that the treaties with the apaches. We're working out mice. They are when the white men live up to them. But that is practically treason against your own race slaughter if it's treason to compare some members of my own race with indians like coaches are gone mariano. I'm guilty. That was a little more about what you plan to do. mr well. i want to paint the strong indian faces. They're accustomed away. They live back east. Have some amazing misconceptions about them. Show his slaughtered. He trust him trying understand them. Anyway mr fell. There are some very interesting and colorful patches living on my spread you'll have models for all the painting you wanted to do. And the patches have a brand new candidate for buzzer nate. Here's paul will hard wars luke. No you don't feel right out of a saddle which we're going to need this chorale. Oh good morning. Vail aren't schlager emissions like your picture. Well she She wants your friend failed to paint one of her. You know where. I can find him. I'm afraid he wasn't available today. I took him out to the apache camp at sunrise. Loaded with paints and brushes and canvas. Happens a chipmunk. In opinion for lauder attended foot like failed could be just a fused to set your apaches. All suppose he tries to paint one of their women chief mariano explained about that too said a woman who is too long at a reflection and clearstream forgets her. Life's purpose practice. Got the right idea about their women broke out of mary. One maker hammer this chorale together. What are you building the chorale. Foy slaughter obama. Gano won't steal your mustangs sales once sears came close to trapping. I'm going to try to improve the range. Mustangs or morgan breeding stock figure. There's no use tempting lassen young buck grams way beyond their conception of our property laws you and your fancy talk about your patchy friends. You don't trust him anymore do do i. Just don't expect them to understand a whole new code of ethics overnight. Hey somebody's sure pounding on a lot of leather. It's a look which types fell in that little room. We left out there for. And i never thought a dude like him could ride laura. He's in trouble. I got study study fail. What happen. you'll closures rip that mirrors lathered up like he was going to shave. That's all right. I guess i. I'd say most of paint canvas mr slaughter those indians of From friendly set upon me there one you call lash another skinned black guy. I told you they'd do it. Slaughter they've become an after us if we don't go after them first. Let's find out what started the trouble. Nothing i did assure you. I was painting a portrait of the chief with his permission letter and this other young buck came up laying. It took one look and knocked me to the ground. How'd you get away for the moment. The old man's into surprises was this lascaux. Rush tune started a jabber. And what i assume apache and arranged loose grabbed. What i couldn somehow monday. This was fortunately. The indians is where stu hobbled miserable sneaking. Cowards tried to murder you and blooded. it'll be too sure maybe this was lashes idea of a prank. Why dot up lashes friend who i alluded with the aid of an elbow to his adam's apple was holding a knife to my throat at the same time usually nasty cut on your arm. That was an ass tonight. You'll have to take care of that wound right away just the picture you'll painting. Yes that's the worst will wear. But i can repaint the snooze margai profile. Right if you made him look almost decent all right slaughter. I'll head for tombstone and get them in together. What for what for dr. Those apaches back to the hours. There's any left when we finished with them. This happened on my property. Soon as i get fell fixed up outright out and get the whole story. A white man has been attacked. It doesn't matter who's property it happened on. It's a matter. Defendant the community. Now listen to me are uvira shot or even go near my gig sanmen. It's an engineer rails. Crawford arise mounted apache. Don't fire hat trying. Stop me gun in wichita. Lhasa gone loco. Come home white is returning on you. Are you alone and dropped that bowen reid to me is he's already laissez. The party. like a manner saints. Her father warn your vanhoose arrival. Come back with my thank you. I wouldn't try that give you in. The sun is at its highest. Then that the white is only got a new luke twenty brazen camping. Plenty of. They'll around up more men than that. I'm not gonna let this turn into war luke. Did you ever stop thinking. Maybe you could be wrong about engines in a moment. Luke slaughter of tombstone returns april twentieth. Nineteen fifty eight. Luke slaughter of tombstone on classic radio theater. You're struggling with your mortgage. You think about it all the time. What are we going to do if we lose the house. It's time to stop thinking and start dialing call one eight eight eight nine nine five hope for free government program that offers expert one on one advice about your mortgage options. We've helped over a million homeowners and we want to help you call one. Eight eight eight nine nine five hope or visit makinghomeaffordable dot gov brought to you by the us treasury hud and the ad council. Did you know that birthday parties. Help build confidence in kids. Yeah did you know that giving kids less sugar before bedtime helps them sleep better. Oh totally did you know that friendly kids have more friends. Everybody knows that. Hey guys did you know that. Most people think they're using the right car seat for their kid but they're not. I didn't know that parents who really know it. All know for sure that their child is in the right car seat at the right age and size visit safercar dot gov slash therightseat to make sure your child is protected brought to you by the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council. Can you tell if these vegetables are being contaminated with bacteria that could cause paralysis. Listen you can't see it either. Use different cutting boards so that the bacteria in raw meat and seafood and their juices doesn't touch prep services for other foods like veggies. Raw food may contain bacteria that can make very sick or worse. Roughly three thousand americans will die from food poisoning this year. But you can keep your family safer check your steps at foodsafety dot gov brought to you by the usda hhs and the ad council dear. Smokey bear for teaching us how to prevent wildfires. For seventy years. Outdoor lovers would like to say something. Happy seventieth bigeye. Let's bring it in for bear hug. Come off for safety tips. Visit smokybear dot com brought to you by the us forest service your state forester and the ad council. Join me as i prepare. A collection of cherished family recipes passed new generation watch recipes for disaster at foodsafety dot gov. You'll learn the right steps as maria. Does everything wrong brought to you by the. Usda hhs and the ad council order continue miss garner with the capital one venture card unlimited double miles on every purchase everyday. My credit card doesn't earn double miles on every purchase checked here objection with the capital one venture car unlimited double miles on every purchase. Order these counselors last statement with the capital one venture card you earn unlimited miles on every purchase. Know it no further questions your honor. We'll just one what in your wallet back. Usaa now on classic radio theater. We head back to april twentieth. Nineteen fifty eight dow. Act two of william and robeson production of luke slaughter of tombstone carnovale came to in a fury the patches back to the mobile's worried settled with me after eight done. It amounted his big stallion and spurred back toward tombstone recruit men and guns. He's mad enough to eat the devil horns along rain so sure he ain't gonna case they will have flash brings us braves back to take foul if i had incited those indians. I tell you mr slava. But i assure you i was. Attacked without provocation is a. You're painting of teeth. Mariano against whatever you're gonna do your was this good captured the strength of his profile courage and his. I usually time to act like one of them. Are critic new two hours away from being caught in more once the funeral rites for an old chief of the should a macho tribe in the louisiana territory son was very much concerned about the way the body was laid out on the funeral pyre so that when the dead worry that the great spirit fell could you make another portrait of mariano from memory posed as tell you certainly i have this feature is fixed in my mind. I i wouldn't need a model that's up to the house. Then you've got a picture to paint paint. A new picture of marcano wrote for the apache camp a little before noon picture was a gamble. I had to force a parley deal with a possible massacre of dan bush. They won't let you can bet that the apache scouts are escorting in certainly. Don't see them and apache. Good behind one of your paintbrushes plane. This picture phone with me. We will turns out. I'm right. you ain't all in a game of showdown mighty big stakes. Down will walk now camps just the other side of this wash them. Let the welcoming committee scary until false move welcoming committee. I don't know all right out of the mosquito. Ho ho boy. My gano unlash wait. Wide is come with me. We're all coming. That's the puck slash. worry acting. Mariano sodas now appears likely. Beat bill here anyhow. I much see that indian writing up for the national in china language. White writers coming bound to be vail in. Did anyone ever surprise. Patrick never twice now. Oh boy they live in this month. Man unbuckle your belt. And let your guns drop like i'm doing. Well you do it. Gano we come in peace. What the others who ride toward us. I want this young brave and wichita to ride out and meet them with a white flag. Use your shirt for that. Who's gonna surrender without even started wichita and make sure that veils men walk their horses into this camp tool all right now. Mariano suppose you meet us halfway profiling give us white is without a shirt. I you insult me when you insult my friend. I walked toward this. Both of you ask. How will avenge his father. Benjamin for what you know. Father is just as i saw him this morning. My son sees little man who draws with colored stick allies to great spirit. About mariano son is wrong. Doing tell lies. You speak with a tongue. That has no wisdom strike out like a child. Who can't reason. I'm a man killed zuni warriors and yucky warriors. I have told my son that killing can no longer be the way of the punchy here replies even white men killed to evanger all the wise white man and the why is red. Men make sure wrong has been done before they kill. I think should be decided. In the heat of anger. We have probably too long white picture. Mega tell lies to great spirit. Like all right. They avail where the rest of your men can cover this place guns. You cross your way track. I explained the juice out the white flag. Luke don't ask me to drop my guns. I don't aim to die before. I pumped some lead michelle. We've been having a little talk about hotheads. Another the place is crawling with them. This felon i'll show you how wrong you all are mariano. Stephen fell as a gift for you. I am not soften by gift from one who lies. they'll does not lie is gift is the rolled white cloth carries. Give it to your apache friend. Mr film touched my father taking mariano. it's your likeness. The likeness husain fell not yet finished when your send so stupidly attacked him. Look all right. i'll make you look at it. Oh my own shown has told lajja behold this morning the picture had one i one you but half of them all i told you ll asha aston felt not finished. You think that a friend brought to you would insult your great spirit and your father by drawing him with half a face and he has to is piercing as the eagles. My people shall remember that chief as they see him here as hosting feller has painted him lesser was a full. I would go from my people. Never return no lecture. Your father and your people need you today. You've become wiser best thing now is to just forget this foolish trouble april twentieth. Nineteen fifty eight. Luke slaughter of tombstone on classic radio theatre nissan. Believes you deserve a car that thrills you so we have to ask. Does your car thrill you. When you hit the pedal do you get something back. 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Hey guys did you know that. Most people think they're using the right car seat for their kid but they're not. I didn't know that parents who really know it. All know for sure that their child is in the right car seat at the right age and size visit safercar dot gov slash therightseat to make sure your child is protected brought to you by the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council. Can you tell if these vegetables are being contaminated with bacteria that could cause paralysis. Listen you can't see it either. Use different cutting boards so that the bacteria in raw meats and seafood and their juices doesn't touch prep services for other foods like veggies. Raw food may contain bacteria that can make you very sick or worse. Roughly three thousand americans will die from food poisoning this year. But you can keep your family safer check your steps at foodsafety dot gov brought to you by the usda hhs on the council dear smokey bear for teaching us how to prevent wildfires for seventy years. Outdoor lovers would like to say something. Happy seventieth bigeye. Let's bring it in for a bear. Hug come up for safety tips. Visit smokybear dot com brought to you by the us forest service your state forester and the ad council. Join me as i prepare. A collection of cherished family recipes passed to generation watch recipes for disaster at foodsafety dot gov. You'll learn the right steps as maria. Does everything wrong brought to you by the. Usda hhs and the ad council now on classic radio theater the conclusion of luke slaughter of tombstone april twentieth nineteen fifty-eight. The henry fell story. Now it you doing house. Tin fell has no shirt. He will honor if you will accept lesser shirt. Those who. I shall be very pleased and you will make picture last year when there is no pain in your arm. All my arm feels fine. I'd like to paint you. And i can assure mr slaughter that i will not attempt another profile profile. A do not understand. It's nothing like this to word. Painters us now vale. Suppose you let your army. No the war's over turn to unveil patchy withdrawing his knife leaked foreign. Vail was his horse in the same instant and hurling himself at me. Look what you punch him for. You think. I want him to start a war might help them. Which on go ahead throw your night. But he's an evil knife. Even spirits bewitched it. It harmed the friend ontong hurls it from him. She knew he was named to harm. Nobody you claim to be such an expert on patchy customer slaughter and expert on hotheads and. Now we're square for the punch. You landed on me this morning. Right right well been spouting about how tolerance and understanding a pretty much the same thing. I guess we both understand a little more about our neighbors. And if your job. Ills lake mine and gives from now on. We're going to be a lot more tolerant of each other. Luke slaughter of tombstone starring sam. Buffington was written by fran. Van heart is felt with editorial supervision. By tom hanley and directed by william and robeson. Supporting mr buffington. Junius matthews karl swenson ben. Right don diamond and jack. Russian music was composed and conducted by ameri go marino moving next week at this time we return with slaughters the name luke slaughtering when we meet up again you can call me that luke slaughtered Says the cbs radio network april twentieth. One thousand nine hundred fifty eight. Luke slaughter of tombstone on classic radio theater if cancel culture in censorship. Continue at their current pace. There will be nothing left of the truth. The epoch times was founded to keep truth alive. We ask the questions. 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All know for sure that their child is in the right car seat at the right age and size visit safercar dot gov slash therightseat to make sure your child is protected brought to you by the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council. Can you tell if these vegetables are being contaminated with bacteria that could cause paralysis. Listen you can't see it either. Use different cutting boards so that the bacteria in raw meats and seafood and their juices doesn't touch prep services for other foods like veggies. Raw food may contain bacteria that can make you very sick or worse. Roughly three thousand americans will die from food poisoning this year. But you can keep your family safer check your steps at foodsafety dot gov brought to you by the usda hhs and the ad council dear. Smokey bear for teaching us how to prevent wildfires. For seventy years. Outdoor lovers would like to say something. Happy seventieth bigeye. Let's bring it in for a bear hug come. On for safety tips. Visit smokybear dot com brought to you by the us forest service your state forester and the ad council. Join me as i prepare. Collection of cherished family recipes passed to generation watch recipes for disaster at foodsafety dot gov. You'll learn the right step as maria. Does everything wrong brought to you by the. Hhs and the ad council now on classic radio theater we wrap up another five part years to lee johnny dollar story this one. This shepherd matter as it was originally broadcast april twentieth nineteen fifty-six and once again johnny dollar has a gun pointed at him from hollywood. It's time now. Johnny dollar operator. Mr dollar cut off. I want to let more calls in here. I was cut off. But i'd rather get some sleep now. Anybody phones just take a message. Sit up put your hands on your knees now just so you win. I understand each other. You make one move a finger. I'll empty this gun right in your stomach. You understand me. I understand your forbes. You're crazy every weekday night while bailey in transcribed adventures of the man with the action packed. Expense ago america's fabulous freelance insurance investigator. Truly johnny dollar only expense accounts submitted by special investigator. Johnny dollar tool richard porter four eighty webster boulevard. Providence rhode island. The following is an accounting of expenditure during my investigation of the shepherd matter. I was pretty sick of it and with it when i had poll forbes visit me and my hotel robot about seven o'clock in the morning used a gun in front of me once before to crack my skull. I decided i'd try to avoid that again. So i sat down and i played good. It didn't seem to please him a bit. You're out to my house about an hour ago. Yeah went out to talk to your wife. I saw you. I was across the street watching. I've followed you hear fixing up another deal. I don't know what you're talking about forbes. I've bothered you here so we can have a little talk and we're going to have at you and you ought to put that gun away and let them take you forbes. Where do you live harvard kennedy. I mean where do you live in town here in providence rhode. I live in hartford. What do practice what you trying to get funny with me. I don't practice anything here in providence. I don't live here. I'm just here for a few days. Doing what working on an insurance matter. Sheeran's matter you licensed to practice law and all you've got something all wrong forbes. I don't practice law. I'm not a lawyer. I'm an insurance investigator. I try to tell you that yesterday morning. When you crack me with a gun. I was called in by dr sheppard. He said you threatened his life. You're lying to me shepherd yesterday mornings at a lawyer named dollar was on his way to talk to me about getting in a divorce. You're a lawyer. i'm what i say. I am if you hadn't started swinging gunboat around. I'd have told you why i was yesterday. You got gotta billfold or something coat pocket inside on the back of that share there. I think i know why shepherd called you until you. I was a lawyer. I think he wanted you to attack me and make up you when shepherded trying to pull something to take away from me. I know that much and now you're trying to pull something to get out of this jam. You're wrong forbes. I don't know anything about trying to take your wife away from you. you know. i didn't kill shepherd i do. I know you didn't kill him. You're threatened him. Half a dozen people have attested at that. I know you had a reason to kill him. I know every time. I've seen you had a gun in your hands and you've been swinging at at somebody particularly me. You know who did it. You're in hundred somewhere. You killed shepherd and you're going to clear me you're gonna tell me dollar i'm gonna whip it out all right. Get on your free. We sat in the chair. Just the way prop there is is dull and lifeless. We were already dead wrong. I couldn't think of anything. Brilliant to say or do so. I rummaged around my suitcase and pulled out a bottle and i found a pair of glasses and the bathroom on a couple of drinks. I came on out. He had moved from the chair. He looked crumple like one out. Suit of clothes made no effort to look at me when i took last lessons. Try this gone drinking. I don't you call the police say you. Follow me here to have a talk and find out what. Now's the time to talk pal. This thing isn't the best conversation piece in the new alone column. You have something going for you here. This has been fired. You have another one no dollar. I didn't kill dr shepherd. I wanted to more than anything in the world but i didn't kill i look i want some facts. So let's start last night. Where were you when shepherd was shot. I do. I know where i was i. I don't even know what time it we shower i. Let's start with yesterday morning. You slugged me. Ran out of the house jumped in a car. What happened gonna take it from there. I drove over dr shepherds office. I was gonna. It was breaking up my home or go on to just see him. No i part down street from his office. And then i saw him jump in his car and i followed him. Came back over here. I knew my wife must have called him to take care of you. What happened then. I went over to park satin. Tried to figure things out. You don't know what i've been through this past year high. Go on go on then. I went to a bar. I was hungry. I hadn't eaten all day. Got a couple of sandwiches. And then i had some drinks. I don't know how many them the more. I drank more hopeless. Everything looked the juvenile shepherd. Your i call him from the bar. Any idea what time it was must have been around five or six. What difference does it all make. I'm cooked and you know along with your your call shepherd. Then what did you do. I told him. I wanted to talk to him about everything that had happened. I told him where to meet me. You mean you want a dutch shepherd to come down and meet you so you could kill him. Maybe i did have that my mind. I don't know on the phone. He sounded so calm and said we talk it out. Straighten it out like gentlemen. Did you talk to him. no. I didn't see him at all. I waited an hour and he never showed up. I called his office back in the answering service that everyone had gone out for the day. And i didn't know what to do. I got back in my car and turned on the radio. And that's where i heard. I was wanted for murder dollar. I didn't do it i swear. I didn't. i had reason enough. But i didn't. I knew all about the others but this was serious. Wait a minute. What are they pollings. Always head other friends friends i guess. I don't guess. I love her anymore. I don't know. I don't think she ever loved me but i needed. I needed her more than anything this last year. So and at times. I did love the way it once was and i found out what was going on between her and shepherd. She wanted a divorce. I wouldn't give her a divorce. If i had let her in shepherd get away with would have been too much to take to ask. This doesn't make sense even though you didn't love her and she didn't love you. You wouldn't stand still for a divorce action. That sounds stupid. I just told you. I needed her so much. This last year or so so must doesn't make any sense forbes. Why did you let a goal. She knew she didn't have to divorce me. She knew it wouldn't be too long. Shepherd gave me year and other doctor in baltimore. Eighteen months leukemia. She would have been free. Waited until i was dead. At least just that. Until i was dead couldn't expense account item. Ten dollars sleeping pills. I fed them along with a cup of hot chocolate. It a pretty worn out within fifteen minutes. He was sound asleep in my item. Eleven four dollars sixteen cents one long distance. Phone call to a baltimore clinic where i spoke at a doctor. Franz bueller dr mula confirm what forbes it said forbes was doomed with an incurable ailments item. Twelve twenty cents another phone. Call this one from the hotel lobby to the car. His office i learned that shelvin killed by thirty. Two caliber slugs forbes ghana. Thirty two had not been fired or hastily clean story was checking out that left just one small item to be cleared up expensive item. Thirteen four dollars taxi fare from my hotel back to the oakdale home special rates for nurses thought you'd be back to see me latitudes dollar. Go ahead it's an old story terribly old and corny. I applied for a job as dr shepherds nurse. Five years ago and i fell in love with him that very day. I've loved him every day from that time on either years go on. I don't know when it was when you started up with mrs forbes. I knew she was trying to get a divorce. I knew mr forbes wouldn't stand for then one day last week i guess it was. I heard dr talking to her on the phone. He said as a way to get rid of him. I knew he was talking about getting rid of mr forbes so the discussed the part about shepherd getting forbes to threaten us life in front of witnesses so he could shoot him down on the time came. No i didn't know that until yesterday morning. It seems you came to see dr and then you left. I overheard him on the phone again. Called up mr forbes and said mr dollar was coming over to talk about the divorce action forbes would be upset enough to attack me. Doctor was very good about anticipating what people would do in given situations even me. I was in the office when mr forbes call last night i saw dr put the gun in his cope. I knew he was going down to meet mr forbes and shoot him so i followed him he working around in the dark looking for mr forbes with a gun in his hand to pleaded with him not to be crazy. Mrs ford wasn't worth it. And he said he going to kill me to. We struggled come win off. I don't know how many times i can help. You didn't mean to kill him. He meant to shoot you on all these other details. Come out the most. They can charge you with a second degree justifiable or manslaughter. Now nice but i can't get off. I guess the police haven't found yet over and killed mrs forbes hour ago expense account item fourteen. Same as i don't one transportation back to hartford the next time. You have a doubtful insurance application. Mr puerta set yourself or call someone else. Don't call me. As far as i can add up and i'm not going to recheck. The figures expensive on total is four hundred and eighty five dollars. Yours truly johnny dollar. Now here's all star to tell you about next week's intriguing story next week. The case of a lonely heart that found plenty of company in the nearest more join us wants you yours truly johnny dollar yours. Truly johnny dollar starring bob. Bailey is transcribed in hollywood. Written by john dawson. It is produced and directed by jack. Gemstone heard in this week's cast where jeanne bates virginia gregg russell parson parley baer her ballots barney phillips and lawrence dobkin musical supervision by enrico marino. Be sure to join us on monday night. Same time and station for another exciting story of yours. Truly johnny dollar roy role speaking Other sad story april twentieth thousand nine hundred fifty six years to lee johnny dollar on classic radio theater. This has groucho marx. A few days ago i was talking with director of civil defense and he told me some things that i feel. Everyone should know. That's why i'm speaking to you now. Did you know for example that your chances of surviving atom bomb attack are excellent. It's true but there's a big if you must do everything possible now to help yourself and your family. Nobody else will help you. Listen because this is important. Kepa complete first aid kit handy. Keep a closed container of drinking water in your refrigerator. Not for three days we show. You have a good fire extinguisher. Take a look around your house right now on pick out the safest spot away from windows and doors make sure that every member of your family understands. He is russia that same spot when there's danger. I convinced that these precautions are necessary right now and i hope i didn't convince you they're important to your family yourself and your community and your important to us too. That's why we tell you that you could always visit me. At classic radio dot stream. That's classic radio dot stream where you can stream are programs on demand. Learn more about classic radio collecting and be in touch with me. of course. don't forget that if you miss a show you don't have to really miss it because you can always spying them wherever podcasters served i the iheartradio app or spotify or tune. In or apple podcasts. Google podcasts overcast. Just search for u. s. A classic radio theatre. Tell all your friends. 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All know for sure that their child is in the right car seat at the right age and size visit safercar dot gov slash therightseat to make sure your child is protected brought to you by the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council. Can you tell if these vegetables are being contaminated with bacteria that could cause paralysis. Listen you can't see it either. Use different cutting boards so that the bacteria in raw meats and seafood and their juices doesn't touch prep services for other foods like veggies. Raw food may contain bacteria that can make you very sick or worse. Roughly three thousand americans will die from food poisoning this year. But you can keep your family safer check your steps at foodsafety dot gov brought to you by the usda hhs and the ad council dear. Smokey bear for teaching us how to prevent wildfires. For seventy years. Outdoor lovers would like to say something. Happy seventieth bigeye. Let's bring it in for a bear hug come. On for safety tips. Visit smokybear dot com brought to you by the us forest service your state forester and the ad council. Join me as i prepare. A collection of cherished pass through generation watch recipes for disaster at foodsafety dot gov. You'll learn the right steps as maria. Does everything wrong brought to you by the usda hhs and the ad council. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed. Radio network broadcasting live twenty percent of this stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow on facebook twitter and instagram search day. Danine of the search and rescue wine. Lisa lacerra fox news crews continue to look through the pile of rubble and serve side. Florida at the site of last week's collapse of a high rise condo twenty two people now confirmed dead after two more bodies were recovered today. One hundred twenty six are missing. That number has been revived after duplicate names were removed and some residents that had been reported missing turned up saying argh detectives are continually editing. This list as we verify every single report that we have received regarding a potentially missing person and as a result these numbers will continue to change finally dade county mayor. Danielle levin kava. No one has been rescued since the first few hours after the collapse on june twenty-fourth president biden has authorized increase in the level of federal funding for debris removal and emergency measures. The state has has a result of the collapse. The search efforts could be hampered by elsa category one hurricane. That's now battering the caribbean governor onto santa's the track that it's gonna take It is possible that we could see tropical force winds as early as sunday night in southern florida no watches or warnings have been posted for florida yet but forecasters say residents should keep an eye on it. Wildfires burning all over california but the worst of them in the northern part of the state the siskiyou county sheriff has downgraded the evacuation order for the lava fire. But still many evacuations remain in effect crews. The lightning caused fire has grown to almost twenty four thousand acres. A fire just to the north moving. Toward the oregon. Border has also prompted evacuations. The tenant fire has burned nearly ten thousand acres and has just six percent contained with wind being the big concern. Though temperatures in both of these fire areas are above ninety. Fox's jessica rosenthal wall street. The dow plus one fifty two america's listening to fox news supreme court won't hear schools out for summer but if your business is running quick what's yell. Never get a break. Net suite by oracle is the number one cloud financial system. No matter how big your business grows with visibility and control of your financial inventory. Hr commerce and more net suite is everything you need to grow all in one place nets. We'd is offering a one of a kind financing program to those ready to graduate head the nets dot com slash fox. Right now that's dot com slash fox. The case of the floor as to refuse to provide flowers for a same sex wedding. The justices are leaving in place. A lower court's ruling that the owner of arlene flowers in washington state broke the state's anti-discrimination law by refusing to provide flowers per customer. Same sex wedding washington. Supreme court reviewed a state commission decision in concluded. It did not act with animosity. Toward baron l. stutzman religion. The supreme court declined to hear an appeal justices clarence thomas samuel alito gorsuch indicated. They would have agreed to hear the case. Four justices are needed for the court to take a challenge in washington jared halpern fox news improvement of the latest reading on the job market. But it's still not all be there. Were more jobs created than expected last month. Eight hundred fifty thousand. However the labor department's june employment report is mixed the unemployment rate rose to five point nine percent. There was no large bump in the number of people. Working the labor force participation rate held steady at sixty one point six percent. There were a lot of factors impacting the job market. Last month companies raised wages in june offered incentives and saw business improve as more people return to the office and started traveling again however economist james nightly at i n g estimates as many as two million people have taken early retirement in the past year. Jimmy costa alda fox new at a women's prison in south carolina has been fired and could face up to ten years in prison after authorities say. She tried to smuggle prescription pills into the prison. Where she worked by hiding them in rice krispies treats the department of corrections says marcy schaefer was caught which you try to take them into the camille graham correctional institution yesterday. She's been charged with possession of connex and other.

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