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March Madness: Andres Escobars Fatal Mistake

Sports Criminals

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March Madness: Andres Escobars Fatal Mistake

"This is our sports criminals March madness special everyday in March. We're counting down the top thirty one sports scandals of the past thirty one years in this episode where journey back to nineteen ninety four and the shocking shooting following the Colombian national team's loss in the World Cup. It was a slip up by team captain. Andreas bar that cost. Columbia the game in days later. Escobar's life for more shocking sports events from history tune in right here every day to our march madness special. Listen free on spotify or wherever you get your podcast. June Twenty Second Nineteen Ninety four twenty two minutes into Colombia's second match in the ninety four World Cup American midfielder John Harkes closed in on Colombia's goal attempting to score the first point of the match. Coming off a nearly perfect season the Colombian national team was seen as the clear front runner but just so far their participation in the World Cup was not off to a promising start. They lost their first match against Romania as the Colombian team caught up to him. Parks kicked a pass across the front of the goal on instinct Clementine. Captain Andres Escobar DOE foot. I intercept the ball and kick did into his own goal. The reaction in the stadium was immediate. The crowd exploded with commotion for a few moments both Escobar goalkeeper Oscar. Cordoba lay on their backs stunned at what had just happened. Neither realize that the slip up would have deadly consequences. Welcome to sports. Criminals are cast original. This is the fifth episode in our March Madness. Special this month. We're counting down the top thirty one sports scandals from one thousand nine hundred to two thousand twenty. I'm Carter Roy and I'm Tim Johnson in today's episode. We're going back to nineteen ninety. Four and the tragic end of Andres Escobar career twenty-seven-year-old Andres Escobar was at the height of his professional abilities. Going into the nineteen ninety four World Cup known by the nickname al Qaeda. Aero Del Football for the gentlemen football he was a well liked player both among his teammates in the Colombian football fans. None of his teammates blamed him for the goal. He kicked into their own net during that fateful game. It was an honest mistake even if it resulted in their two. One loss. Despite beating Switzerland and their subsequent match on June twenty-sixth Columbia was finished in the World Cup Competition Andres Escobar returned to his hometown of Medellin shortly after his guilt followed him home and he reportedly found it difficult to sleep in the days following his return in a column for El Tiempo. He reflected on his shame about the incident and his intention to bounce back. He closed his piece by saying it's been a most amazing and rare experience. We'll see each other again soon because life does not end here on July first five days after Columbia was disqualified. Escobar decided. He had to face his hometown in spite of his own. Personal shame that night. He went out with several of his friends. They drank the night away as if nothing was wrong. Then after midnight things grew tense. Some of the other men at the bar taunted Escobar for his error during the World Cup game then at around three. Am Escobar separated from his friends to drive home? He was confronted by three men in the parking lot. Some reports claim these were the same men. Escobar had argued with the Bar. One of them produced a pistol and shot. Escobar six times some eye witnesses claimed that the shooter shouted goal as they fired each bullet. The shooting shocked the entire world. Speculation flew about the motive due to millions history with organized crime. One of the most popular rumors was that associates of the recently deceased drug lord. Pablo Escobar had lost money betting on the ninety four World Cup. In order to hit as payback. A man named Humberto Castro. Munos confessed to the killing later that Saturday. He was sentenced to forty three years in prison. He was released in two thousand five. After only serving eleven some claim that Andres Escobar death actually had nothing to do with his role in the World Cup and he was merely another victim of a city known for its crime rate. The truth remains a mystery. Thanks for listening to sports. Criminals March madness. We'll be back tomorrow with next year scandal. You can catch our other episodes of sports criminals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Communication Week Night Kids Choice (10-4-2020)


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Communication Week Night Kids Choice (10-4-2020)

"Welcome back folks. It's time for more chompers year morning in nine hundred rushing show. Rushing on the top of your mouth pick aside and make tiny little circles around each tooth. Week on choppers and we asked you what you would say if you could send a message to the entire world. A. Lot of you. Champions had messages about protecting the earth. Andres message would be do not kill bugs because bugs are important even though they're creepy. You're right. Andre. People might feel like bugs are creepy, but bugs have really important jobs. Would you rushing to the other side of the top of your mouth? And keep brushing. Sages message would be please stop littering because it's covering our earth and trash we can't live and trash. An average message would be, we can create machines to help us keep the earth clean. We have some machines that help us recycle, emery. Some recycling centers have machines that sort are recycling by material like paper goes here and plastic goes here. Switching rushing to the bottom of your mouth. And Spit if you need to. Message would be helped the turtles by not throwing your trash in the ocean. Sea Turtles are super important because they help keep our oceans healthy. There are seven different types of turtles that live in the ocean and they all keep seabeds, coral reefs alive by eating the plants that grow there. Switch rushing to the other side of the bottom of your mouth. Don't forget your front teeth. Meena. Would say do your part to keep the earth healthy? Keeping the earth clean and healthy is a big task but we can all do our part by picking up trash and thinking carefully about the things we use and throwaway. And Phillips Message Pretty Much sums up with all of you champions or saying it's be good to the world. Thanks so much for sharing your messages with US champions. We love hearing about what matters to you. That's all the time we have for today but come back tomorrow for more clean team and until then three. Jumpers, production of Gimblett media.

Andres Gimblett US
419 The Secrets of Homeless To Billionaire Author; Andres Pira

Mindfulness Mode

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419 The Secrets of Homeless To Billionaire Author; Andres Pira

"Mindfulness mode four hundred nineteen I believe that one of my principle that I learned by myself is all by racial giving. That's whatever you seeking life. Michele to give it I. Reach new heights of calm focus in happiness rate here on mindfulness mode with me your host and mindfulness life. Coach Bruce Lankford I've recorded another meditation to help you calm, your mind and relax your body. Just go to mindfulness mode dot com forward slash waves of content. Sit back relax and enjoy today's interview. Hey mindful tribe today. I've got a phenomenal guest with an amazing story. This is going to be such an interesting episode. I have Andres Pyrah with me today. Andreas are you in mindfulness mode today? I am always in mind for mindfulness mode, Bruce. Yes, that's great. That's awesome. Well, Andres Purace, his biggest wish is to help others become better than they already are. And I think that's a fantastic focus to have in life. Andres is a real estate tycoon whose changing the landscape in poo cat Thailand. With his massive construction projects at the age of twenty though he found himself homeless and sleeping on a Thailand beach. He's now a thirty six year old businessman, a billionaire entrepreneur having founded blue horizon developments a business empire of nineteen companies and growing Andres is originally from Stockholm Sweden, and he decided to pursue his dream of living in a tropical climate with lines of coconut trees, and he took his grandfather's inheritance of two thousand dollars and bought a one-way ticket to Thailand, we're going to talk about what happened then. But so exciting to have you on the show Andres. Tell us what does mindfulness mean to you? Mindfulness is a balance of life and also be able to to have a sense of calmness and clarity your mind than don't get emotions and negative thinking coming your way when you try to structure your day to day living. I think that's awesome. That you've you've mentioned balance. Now grant Cardoen's says balance is not something he wants in his life. But balance is important to you. Then tell us more about how balance is important to you. Many people don't understand I guess you can define balancing many different ways for me. Balance is I it's a balance of lively. So we live life. I mean, a lot of people think that if you have a lot of money in your life. You're going to be successful than you're going to be happy. But I I don't agree on that. Because if you don't have a healthy life, if you don't have a healthy relationship with friends or family around, and you don't grow in such the ice in your life is still not going to be happy. If you have all this money in the world. I I do believe that a balance in all the suspects is very important to to be truly rich to be truly happy. Well, I watched your video where you did the walk through on your yacht and you walked from area to area, and it was truly spectacular. I didn't see very many other people who you surround yourself with who would you love to have with you on that yacht. If you had your preference. I do like to be alone. Many most of the time because I believe that. When you spend time alone us, you do a lot of self talk. And when you do self talking and time away from people you actually get to know yourself much, much more. Most people have problem being along since we wake up in the morning, and we go to work we meet colleagues, we anti-missile television. We go out and have Dennis world surrounded by people of friends and family vote on usually a lot of time alone. And I think that's very important. But if I do spend time with people I like to earn time with people that believes in me, and that encouraged me and that and and just makes me feel like being a better person, more or less. So I I refuse to surround myself with other people because strikes me down, and but who I bring most of my boat is my Longley daughter, of course, and she loves being on the ball specialist living there, and sometimes I have meetings on the boat that bid takes cell. Executives different departments in my company will take on a cruise around with the boats. So we get a bit of change of environment studying begging offices all the time. So that that helps my employees many times is well, I've I've heard some of your employees talk about you. And they seem to be very grateful that they work for you. But I've also read that you encourage your employees to jump out of planes into climb mountains. Let's talk about that. Many people think we're crazy company, but we have seen some massive success after we Don this crazy adventure together. More or less because we unite Morris group as teamwork we get to knowing southern on all other different level than just being office acquaintances, and we eliminated fears and fears is what usually brings people down or it on their their afraid to fail. They're afraid of the down known. They're afraid of what people will think that's what usually makes people stop from pursuing their dreams in this ireson taking my employee's in June jumping on sky or would airplanes into this guy someting high mountains in the world. I mean it scared to do that. But when you do this things to realize that you're so much more powerful than you think. And that's the idea and emotions in my set. I want to bring into my police, and we see some great great results when we are doing this adventure just following weeks of our. Souls, and they're okay. So could you tell us of a one of your near death experiences that you had? Ooh. When I've been. Depends on you, see it. I mean, I've been somebody monsters all over the world in a close to to fall off from them. But in the last minutes, I. I had locked being with guides and all sides, I Selfridge severe altitude sickness up about five six thousand meters Abbassi level that which has been very critical, and I almost drown the few times because I'm licensed diver, and I'd like to do a lot of dining in caves and trip breaks and stuff like that. So it it's been closed. But I believe that we always have something watching over say one of my listeners Adams, Chaib Lee. He he wanted me to ask you this. He said ask him what you focused on in order to make that transition. You are homeless on a beach. And then what was it that caused that mental shift to happen? So beautiful question. And while being homeless on the beach believe I had a firm believe that we're we're not in control of our lives. We live day by day and life just happens to you. That was my believe when I was homeless I believe in something completely different today. And I believe that we're crate or several reality, and we're craters over on future industrial by the images and their motions over, mind and soul. And that was too big transition is when I started to read self-development started to do exercise started to understand the power of the mind. And and understood clearly that we navigate what we'd never get anything because we don't know what we want when we make clear structural pictures in our head, and we we live live life in in full clarity. And we make images at completely clear on whatever you wanna be do or having than pursue them. And believe in them, they always show up in your life. And I'm a firm believer in Darcus everything set remind fought I have cheat. So far with. His methods. And so do you believe in vision boards delay everything out on some kind of a card or a board that you want to create for yourself in your life? Of course, I will would invite you to my home. Bruce sunday. We'll see it all my walls and all my doors and even fridge and all that are which sticker knows vision boards, and then pitched from so things that I want to see or be or do or have. So yes, a very firm believer vision book is just programming of your subconscious mind in something you wanna see become reality, right? What is the morning routine of a billionaire? Might not be so glamorous thing. But. Well, I'm curious. What do you do? What time? Do you get up? What's the first thing? You do the first thing I do when I opened my eyes is a start to be grateful for everything I having. So I have a routine that I do in the mornings when I wake up is this up my feet stone from the bed. I start to think about all the big and small things that makes me grateful. It can be that. I have a roof over my head. It can't be that. I have a meal every day that I can need can be that all the people that I'm surrounded with and that I have a job. I having comes that. I have close enough that I live a great life. And all these things I go around and feel deeply grateful that I have all these things instead of focusing on things that I don't have. So I was focused on the things that I already have. And I mean, every single person can do that, even if you don't have anything. I mean, I you might be held is grateful for that. Or you might at least have something to eat. There is always something to be great for foreign. I think is very important to to wake up and remind yourself of those circuses. Always so on. Anywhere in the world that has it has less than you have. There is always gonna be that kind of first you have to be at least grateful that as small things in life. And I think that's very important. Suspend twenty to thirty minutes going around for the bed to to the bathroom and then down to the to my living room to to to eat breakfast. And to my car, and I go around at twenty thousand minutes gonna run just feeling great from the whole day punts out that way after grateful about the whole until I go to bed in the evening. And do you meditate? I do I do. I usually I did it much more before. And I would say that I have flaws as all I wish I could do it every day, but I don't do it anymore. But I I do it at least one or two twice a week. So far, I usually I used to do it every day. But now with all this traveling. I I ten and to one two times a week. And I mean, that's what that was game changing for me. It was life changer when I start well, another one of my listeners, Markku birdie. He wants to know what you would do. Do if you were suddenly dropped on that beach again homeless. What would you start with? What would be your first move? Everything would talk about today, some people that they wish that it will work. Some people have faith that it will work other people believe that it will work. I just know it works. I mean, I counted that stage that I don't need to doubt anything about a safe. I will lose everything again. And I would be on the beach. I wouldn't be so frustrated about it because I've been there before. And I knew if I can build up everything had from that moment that time I can do it again with the same kind of principles with the same exercise and say mindset, it will take another ten fifteen years least. Yeah. Wouldn't worry about the time since that time will pass. Anyway, I guess so I would go into that moment with a lot more certainty clarity, and there and believe well in your book homeless to billionaire you talk about how to move from fear to inspiration. Can you share a bit of that with us now? And like I mentioned before Bruce most we we all live in most people will live in fair. I will always thinking about what other think about us. So we're always afraid to step out of a comfort zone because if we do that we might fail or we might lose everything. Or would we we're we're afraid to to to to step into the unknown? But that's actually the only place where is growing happens. So when you're stuck in your in your comfort zone, you see you in the same way all day out day in day out, your stop growing in that Beck's causes sir is start to suffer. You start to be depressed being. The same place all over your life is also and moving from Farrant inspiration is to to to I all really believe in what you're are planning to do and believe that is only not only good for you. But good for others. And if you can show a great way of how to to expire other people how to help other people and and and be a force for good. I mean that moving from from fair transportation is one of the greatest feeling so you can have you being? And when you see that your is rationing, helping others getting inspired and they're actually starting to see growth in their lives. That's one of the most beautiful things that that that can happen believe that will have the Renaud's Andres when you're a little boy growing up in Sweden. You're like eight years old. What was the day in your life like? I was not a very good. I drop out of school when I was fourteen and before that I was more of a more of a mess. I was one of the one of those that always. Doing pranks over all over my my my area, or my my little village that was says staying is I was not a very good educated child at that time. And I I love to make a lot of pranks with both schools, and teachers and other friends, and so I got I was a lot of trouble. You're kind of a rebel where you kind of rebel. I found out. Some of that store is in my book. And I'm happy people will read in. They will see that they will understand a little bit of what kind of personal was that time where you ever bullied or do you ever bully other people? Unfortunately, I was a believer in that something I feel bad about. And I was one of these people that believe the shares I can I can affo- bad about it. But yes, I can say that I was so as an adult as a businessman, do you have to resist and urged to push your way around and kind of be a bully and no to co completely different ourselves bully now since I that time, and I and I'm. Completely the opposite. Now love to help people. And if I see people being treated and about way on the first one who steps in and helps because I see the both side of it. When I was a bully. I felt good for the moment. But I felt depressed late wrong because I was doing something bad for someone. Right. Right. But now when I help other people in the complete the the way I feel good forever. So that's just a very clear signage of a sign of while. What's what's right or wrong? So I see both side of it. Then not prefer the major on. I think that's great. And in the intro. I mentioned that your biggest wish is to help others become better than they already. Are. What are some of the ways you've done that? Can you tell us a story about how you've actually helped somebody to become better? Yeah. I mean, I need to first of all focus that question most of my employees in my corporations and departments and different business. I have and I noticed that many companies in the world they they always cuddle salaries to cut a wellbeing. They did just look at the pennies and the numbers, but I had a different believe. And I believe that I can one I pay my on my my people more, and why do I educate them and make them grow? Make them. Do goal is make them believe in the self. And I also had employees says success successful CEO successful motivational speakers success goons and I fly in the in from America, Canada Europe. And they hold seminars for my employees to do one on one coaching with them with important down and show them all these things and help to grow in life. And after within that I can see some tremendous transformation in life or in private and boarding within the business. So yes, I might spend a bit more on doing that in the stock. But we get so much only revenue after we actually lift people up. So that's my believe in helping others because if you help others, I there will give you so much more back. Yeah. I think that's so true. Absolutely. So tell me about the mindfulness that was required in writing that book because writing a book is not an easy task in a lot of people wanna do it. And can't really do it. What was the process like for you Andres? You know, it was one of the hardest projects that ever done. Is it because I thought it was just right down from a to be from when I was young until today. But it was sometimes nothing comes out. Sometimes I could sit with a penguin just I couldn't even fill in single words. She was not. And sometimes I got some beautiful memories backers or sentences or things that I thought it would be great in the book. And then I had to take voice recorder also notes when I was out in shopping malls. I was out in business room and all that. So the book has been created all over the world was small knows for over a twelve year periods on the everything has been put together. So it took me almost a year finish the book yet on there. Yeah. It was my first book, and it was hard. But I enjoyed it. And I'm very happy to see a come to life, and the subtitle is eighteen principles to becoming a money magnet and. Yeah. I the first quarterback was changed it now. So what do you say Tim principles of success? Yes. So eighteen principles of success? Now, can you share a couple of the principles that we haven't talked about yet? Sure, I mean dissenting principles that I learned some of them alert through self development from other teachers and other men sister had in life and some of them I learned by myself with trials and errors for my to my life in business and most people have heard you say in principle, but you need to most people than read the down the Sunday. But they don't apply them. Right. And it's when you apply thing that's when the transformation that's what the magic is. Right. And one of the principal is, of course, be very clear believable laser focused life. And every like, we're talking before you need to make sure of everything really want in live right distinct, down put goals with dates as two of the principals, and then also hit living a healthy life is important ever have a healthy mind and healthy body. That's another principal people wounded before. But I don't understand that is very very important to to live a healthy life in that way. So and also one of my I think I believe that one of my prince. People that I learned by myself is the mall by racial giving in. That's whatever you seeking life. Michele to give it I if you wanna be successful, make sure to help other people become successful, if his money you see help other people make money first of all. And if it's love you want make sure to love your first, you can give more into other. So the the Bischel given is when you give something I'll do it with a great feeling of joy inside yourself and I- becomes a boomerang effect. And you get ten falls back say universal law that will follow we can actually control it. If we if we just practise it all enough where you talked about health. Tell me how you're able to maintain great health in your own life. Well, I I love extreme sports from up summit in mountains. I own fitness centres and gyms. So I like to be the several days a week up to to to study, a what I put in my body would kind of nutritious and health and all that. And I love Texas is an elect to play football. And all that I like to I like to keep myself felt in and and. Exercising in. So you own gyms. And I know that some of your businesses are are related to your real estate holdings. What other kinds of businesses? Do you have? Yeah. I have gyms fit the centers. I have a gas station. I also have offices. I also have restaurants and coffee shops. So that's a little bit of the background of other things that I'm doing I have management companies in informal, weddings, also development companies construction real estate real estate agencies. So in all altogether is nineteen of them. And if you could start another company that was completely different from any company that you already have what would it be? That's a great question. I haven't I haven't come to the twenty yet. I'm still working on it. I'd be curious to know, you'll be the first one when they usually comes comes as flashes of light. I call it. It's just an inspiration comes from the blue. But I can just feel that this is the right thing to do. This is something that will make me happy to see to see materialized. And then he just comes. And it goes, right? And I'm just waiting for that flash of light to come here. So when you first got going in Thailand with your businesses, how long did it take you to learn the language? I started to ninety just a few years ago sixteen years. Okay. So you didn't learn it right away. Now. Nice. It's a hard language to learn it. It's very different from what we what we know. I mean, it's totally other way of writing is vocabulary sound, and they don't have spaces between their meanings. And you're right. It's all completely different. So it took a while. But I have to learn it. And in the beginning. I had good translators in our can communicate. Well, right. Okay. So yeah, you you. You're still learning it. Then sounds like I think we're all learning. I mean, my my my my bag I'm Swedish, right? But I still find out new words Swedish. I haven't heard all my life. So and you were born in South America, where were you born what country and my mother is from Columbia, and I was owning a tiny Caribbean island. That is called San Andress. That's why the name me undress. So it's it's belongs to Columbia, but is closer to Nicaragua's. I'm very very small little island. But when I was three years old when we moved to Sweden all of us it own your three. Okay. Yeah. And so of all of your projects that you've worked on what's one that just jumps right out? And you just you're so proud of it. And you you love to talk about it. I would say that the most the project that will be a real estate development that he did. There was four hundred forty six units or apartments in on our mountain hill. Overlooking the sea and I got inspiration. When I was in power when I was trekking in the Himalayas mountains with a Buddhist monk, so I went on, but this temple in Apollon, I asked if among could would like to join me for my trekking up in the summit stadium. One monkey volunteered. Spend five days with dismount just me and him walking in the Himalayas mountain would attend together. We'll talk about life and all the religions and that and everything that happens to us and happiness and sorrow and emotions and all control this mountain. A flash flood came to me and said, I I should name my next project brand she my line instead for Himalayas, and he became the most awarded real estate development ever in providence. After after that venture. So I'm very proud of it, and it came like a been was perfect combat. Nation of of of work and also lesser and getting this life lessons from this month at the same time. So I scratch this development in tonight's Berg, the homeless -ception looks like any Malaya's mountain and also the spas looks like bird snus that they seem versions that have in the Himalayas as well. So a lot of aspects imagine building a resort on a paradise tropical island, but it resembles a Himalayan mountain on the beach show that concept we became viral and people just love doing with sold out a product with less than six months. Wow. That's that must have been so exciting. It is a long. I I love this kind of is because she just always right? And you know, it's going to be good. And then you believe in it. So as to hunches, you have to to to follow many times when you get some sure so day to day, we all have highs. We all have lows. What are some of your biggest challenges these days? I love that question. Because most people think that if you're successful, and you have all this money, and all that would never have any worries. We don't have any problem, but that's so wrong. I mean, we're also human beings. I we all had negative thoughts that have negative feelings. We're worried about things. But the only different I would say that we're maybe we can cut them up quicker than other people can would only let them linger with us too long time with let them affect us in long periods of time that other people do so I do get all of these. Yes. But I'm when I when I knew that what I'm thinking now is not healthy. It's it's making me feel better. It's making me feel nervous or a member feeling anxious about it. But at least I'm aware was happening to me. And I changed it into things that makes me happy instead, very quick. And it can be old memories. It can be family members. It can be some great projects. Donaldson great contribution that are done to other people semi thing that made me feel great before I start to focus on the intensely. When I feel that. I'm not feeling very well. And I changed the frequency Emma changed of abrasions and. And way of feeling in that moment. Yeah. It sounds like you take action very quickly. I do because I'm I believe I'm well, I'm on absorber of what's happening inside of me all the time, and I'm very cautious of what's coming in and coming out. So when I start to feel that something is going the wrong way. I'm very quick and taking action to make your shortage eliminate the before too because down in the effects, even more, right? You mentioned your daughter earlier. What do you think your best quality as a father is? I never known asked me that question before I guess in a business way. But I'm I mean, she's everything to me. She's my life everything I do today's because of her and that's my inspiration. Every morning is to to be a better self or a better version of myself. And I wanted to be proud, and I want to to see that I'm a hardworking person. But also, I will call it the is that I do teach my daughter from young age that all the success doesn't happen overnight and only expected to just come to you. It's it's all about hard work, and we'll have to work hard. But we it's important. Also, find something that that makes you happy find your passion. Because if you have something if you're doing something you're passionate about the money will follow anyway. And you're happy about it every single day. So I think a good quality as a father for her is that I don't push into doing things that you don't want. Instead, she I ask a very what makes you happy. What would you like doing? How do you see yourself when when when you're all the what you wanna work with? And you know, a lot for me doesn't matter what she tells me if she's happy being air holes to the she's had been a waitress so she is happy being a lawyer. Well, then do that in also good quality for me is that every person should decide for whatever they want to do in life. No one else. Should they know us should live other people streams? So I believe a good qualities that she's free to do whatever she wants to know will be support diversify the whichever decision Chevron make Andres. Do you consider yourself a good listener? I believe I am. Yes. My my my success is because been very good at listening to people. Yes. Yeah. I get that impression. I think you're great listener and your employees. I'm sure feel that way as well. I know I saw some of their comments online that they laughed for you. How did you develop that skill or did you always have it? I guess. I don't know if I had it all the time. But every skill is something you work on you, become better. At maybe some of us may be born with the skills that are going to lead a better than others in some ways. But I believe that the listening part is bec- I started with sales since I was fourteen years old. And they're one of the key ingredients is to become a good surface in eastern, the stand people to listen to them because he's between the lines when you start through to actually get to know people deeper in some kind of way. So so to be able to to have someone to trust you until to have someone that that lie she you need to listen to them. I and you need to to understand them in a deep level, and that's very important to any human being you meet. Yeah, definitely Andres as we move forward. I want to ask you five quick answer questions on the first one is this who has been a tremendous influence for you in the the area of mindfulness in your life. One of them. Is the book you have behind you? That's thinking Roerich new, and then Ekka is someone I follow a lot. Right. If it got told us, well, so I will say this to people have influenced me an autumn Jack canfield and also Joe Vitale can a lot of into meditation follow him out. So I would say this for people is the ones that I've been studying the most great, I wanna ask you. How mindfulness has affected your emotions. Oh, I'm so much calmer person. I don't get angry at all get irritated in the sense. I could I I was before I could could get angry about nothing for about nothing and everything within a matter of seconds when I was younger. I I mean, it's very very hard to make me irritate Wrangler nowadays because I know that in the end is just affects yourself, so. Yeah. Yeah. Fixing me tremendously. Definitely does. Yeah. So tell us how breathing is part of your mindfulness. Do you have a special focus on how you breathe at times? Well, breathing. It said, I don't focus on it the daily they basically, but I wanna do meditate us the first ingredients into to calm in your mind. And when I do meditation side, focus only about the breathing for the first ten to fifty minutes before I even start with fischel visualizations or or or images or construction of future events, so breathing in and holding in your breakfast. Three seconds is what I usually do. And they're not. Count the tree and then let it out. And then our countries is always the number three in my head. And that's what our can control the breathing and in and nothing else comes into my mind when I focusing on just that right? Well, you've already mentioned a couple of books. Couple of authors. Can you share an app that helps you with mindfulness or that helps you in any way in your life? I wish I could. But I don't have such an right I want I would love to have one. But I don't have the no, I I have a note and a notepad that's an app, which I'd writing down that comes into my to to my mind on a day to day basis. Wherever I am because many times, we get great things to think about or inspirations or will thing that's gonna make us feel calmer or happier. More relaxed. But then when we come home we forgot about what it was. Right people. Do us one app that have really helped me is as soon as I get this inspirational things coming into mind, I take out my phone immediately. And I write down on this up. On the notepad the what's it called? And when I come on my open that again, sometimes I don't even remember that roads right now that memory comes up again. And I'm so happy that I that I developed the skills to to do that. And it it's a great help to do to not forget this great things comes in. 'cause I call them flashes of light. But most of the time we'll forget about. Yeah. That that's great that you're able to jot that down your book homeless to billionaire, you did it in a relationship with Joe Vitale. So how did that happen? How did you get connected with him? And how did he help you with this book? Well, the first time I got to know Joel was at a book, I read call the secrets right on the burn. He was one of the corners there or one of the it was part of the secret. And what he said in the secret, he it comp-. It was talking to me more than the other people. So I I understood in certain way, and I started to start the his books afterwards and his work and what he's been doing. And I was so inspired of everything that he was saying. So after I read several limits, that's another book from drove atoll, I Costa book, and I said to myself, I was still that homeless period of my life. I closed bergener. So one day I will going to meet you overturn. And thank you for everything that he taught me about the mind, and how to how to live a great life and believe it or not fifteen years later. We're holding a seminar together on the stage, and it just when I grow up in business, and I started to get well in all this started to open different companies. Stuff and I got into the the success event based us another company of mine and this call success events. I. Br bring people from all over the world, and we hold seminars in Thailand and across the world where had a great seminar just a few months ago with even Mike Tyson. Joe Vitale, Jack canfield Miss Universe. And that's what we continue to do. And hopefully, we'll come into the station Duras for what would new would new speakers. But yeah, I invite the Joe in us jaw will not invite you to Thailand for holiday, and hopefully we can talk on stage one day in Dallas, just anemia NADA. The blue didn't expect much believe it or not it took a few weeks. He replied and said, I'm happy to come. And that was the first time amid Joe, wow. That must have been exciting after how how powerful that book affected you. Yeah. It was an ad that I did that promise to myself, and I would meeting one day and that Email fifteen years later letter. Yes, that's all suggest a proven method of how powerful your mind can be. Yeah. Well, we haven't talked about that story how you were on the beach or homeless he reached out to a friend of yours in Sweden who you thought. Well, I'll just. Ask him for money. But instead he didn't have money, but he sent you the book, and you said that you spent nine days reading that book is that true nine days on the beach reading that book, and to be honest. I did it like the book at all was I was frustrated, and I didn't believe in any of it. And I was so upset that he could send me a book like that. When I really needed help and funds and money to move into an apartment again. But so and I made a decision the those days, and I said well instead of feeling sorry for myself. I'm sitting here on the beach and just blaming the world. I might read read this book and disprove it. At least I have something to. So I read the book in and out and started to all the exercise that it was they're telling you to do just to disprove the matters in our wanted to be the one who said that this does doesn't work at all. I started to do it they've day. And I started to get the same results as they were actually telling you that you will get and that was one of the game changes in my life. When I when I started to understand how powerful we are as human beings. I think that's a great story and your website is Andres Pira dot com. A N D R E S P, I R A dot com. So check it out check out the book homeless to billionaire. You'll be glad you did. You've told so many great stories and shared so many terrific principles eighteen principles. Thank you for being on the show today. Andres. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for having me. It's been a pleasure. And I love your questions and and you'll program as well. A lot of people don't ask me this question. So well done. Thank you so much all the best to you. Yes. MTA? Bye. Bye. Bye. Thanks so much for joining us today on mindfulness mode for show notes for every episode checkout mindfulness mode dot com and type the guest's name or the episode number into the search bar. You can also go mindfulness mode dot com slash whatever episode number. You like if you've enjoyed this podcast, you could help us out by subscribing to mindfulness mode. Wherever you listen, whether it's on I tunes or Stitcher Google play Spotify, so many places you can hear mindfulness mode, so hit subscribe and share because that truly helps our show and remember what I mentioned at the top of the show the waves of content. Meditation. It's a guided meditation just for you mindful tribe, it's free, and it's very very helpful to help you relax and get more focused with more focus. You can give more things done in life that truly matter to you on this meditation. I talk about waves, and how the ways can bring you the more calm, more relaxed life. You've been looking for download this guided meditation to calm, your mind and relax your body mindfulness mode dot com slash waves of content. So remember subscribing and sharing helps keep mindfulness mode on the air till next time mindful tribe us what we've learned today to reach new heights of calm, focus and happiness, stay in the mode.

Andres Thailand Joe Vitale Coach Bruce Lankford Sweden Michele Andres Pyrah Andres Purace principal Jack canfield grant Cardoen Andreas Himalayas Longley Dennis Himalayas mountain Beck Andres Pira
Rush Limbaugh Nov 19, 2020

Rush Limbaugh Morning Update

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Rush Limbaugh Nov 19, 2020

"There's almost always a rise in break ins during the holidays. It's why simply safe home. Security is having a huge holiday sale on any simplisafe system plus a free security camera. The system has an award-winning system of sensors and cameras to protect every inch of your home. You can set it up yourself in a few minutes. No tools no wires. Save on simply safe and get a free security camera by visiting simplysafeusa.com. That's simply safe u. s. a. dot com. Well today. we have distressing news from south of the border mexican. President andres manuel lopez opener. Daughter is asking for compassion and understanding to make a very tough decision because of heavy rains. This grueling decision was where to open the floodgates if he opened them in one direction the city via hermosa would be inundated if he opened them in another direction. Indigenous people poverty stricken indigenous mexicans would be flooded now. This should have been an easy choice for l. president. They daughter he campaigned with the slogan. War come first but liberal politicians everywhere have one thing in common slogans come easy and talk is cheap. Therefore president andres manuel lopez open. A door opened the floodgates. On the poor the poverty stricken indigenous people were flooded so the rich city-dwellers in via hermosa would be spared. President open doors says that opening floodgates in the poor indigenous people hurt him a lot but that it had to be done. Now we don't know how many indigenous people lost the few possessions that they had. We don't know if any lives were lost because the drive by media reports. Don't bother to mention what happened to the poor indigenous people of maaco because their lives apparently don't matter but we do know that president obama door is hurting and we're supposed to feel compassion and sorrow for him.

andres manuel lopez hermosa obama
Environmental organizations remain overwhelmingly white

Climate Connections

01:30 min | 5 months ago

Environmental organizations remain overwhelmingly white

"I'm dr anthony leiserowitz and this is climate connections from heat waves to flooding climate change. Disproportionately harms communities of color but among organizations working on climate solutions. When you look around the table at the decision makers what we are seeing is that the decision makers are not coming from those communities andres jimenez is executive director of green two point oh and initiative to increase diversity within the environmental movement every year it releases a report card assessing diversity within leading environmental organizations and foundations. He meant says that over the past few years diversity has increased slightly but most environmental groups remain overwhelmingly white especially at the leadership level. It is not a success. Organizations for example are hiring people of color but leaving them in those roles. There actually don't have voice so he says it's important to prioritize diversity in hiring. It's not only a matter of achieving greater equity jimenez it central to effectively addressing the growing climate crisis. What we need to bring to the table is different backgrounds different experiences so that we can accelerate change like climate connections. Subscribe to our free. Podcast on itunes. Or wherever you get your podcasts Climate connections is produced by the center for environmental communication to hear more stories like this visit. Climate action's dot org.

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7: The Lover

Dead Man Talking

31:59 min | 2 years ago

7: The Lover

"A brief would from one of our sponsors, you spend a third of your life in sheets. So it's probably about time for a betting upgrade. I ordered a new Brooklyn in bed set do they cover sheets and pillowcases because I wanted that feeling of five star hotel bedding, but without the huge cost and Brooklyn and cheats have been receiving rave reviews from business insider apartment therapy men's health and already have more than thirty thousand five star reviews online more than any other online betting company, my Brooklyn, and she's so comfortable and the warm sleeper, and they're always call. They look great to you could mix match over twenty colors and patterns and Brooklyn make luxury sheets without the luxury markup. My Brooklyn sheets are the best most comfortable sheets I've ever slept on. Now. It's time for your upgrade. Brooklyn dot com is giving an exclusive offer just for my listeners get twenty dollars off and free shipping. When you use promo code D, M T at Brooklyn dot com. Brooklyn is so. Confident in their product that all their sheets comforters and towels come with a lifetime warranty and the only way to get twenty dollars off and free shipping is to use that promo code D. M T, Brooklyn dot com. In the last episode. I looked into claims that resent his could have been involved in the murders for which Louis Perez. A man currently on death row in Texas was convicted given that Lewis is attorney took the seriously and tried to delay resented his execution. I felt a needed to look into this. But as you heard the evidence doesn't really add up, but it did suggest that unhealthy resent his wasn't a serial confessor. Why else would he denied these killings in Austin, Texas, and I think this is a really important point off the she met resent his Houston chronicle journalists Lisa Olson came to the conclusion that there was far more compelling evidence linking him to the murder of dower cola hacker. And it's this murder that we're focusing on today. So she's in prison for murder. Her husband when I did it and it hurts. Dying. My house or pay. How would he know? You'll remember from episode to that. I went to the Gatesville prison to meet demon Tina, call hackers wife along with her then lover Andres Mascaro, she was convicted of darrow's killing rezendes had written to her taking responsibility for Darryl's murder and backed up the claim with specific details about the family home where the killing took place is that that when he learned towards up the stairs. There was a big oh canvas painting for there was carpet painting. Yes, it was at one of the speak to Andres for years unwritten to imprison, but he'd never written back and then out of the blue. He wrote to me, it was just one sentence in Spanish that essentially said come and see me. From DMC media an audio boom. This is the dead, man. Talking podcast with me, Alex Hannaford. So if you'll remember Memphis, oh to the prosecution claimed that diem Montana had asked Andres to go round the house and kill Darrell for the life insurance money and the Andres had gone round, the house that evening and got into a fight with Daryl bludgeoned him to death in the living room, and he'd been picked up a day or two later by police so like DM Antena Andres signed a confession by the time. The trial wrote around both him and demand. Tina was saying that these confessions were folks that they'd been obtained falsely and that neither of them guilty and under his and the immense ENA have both now been imprisoned for twenty years. Why did he sign a confession? If he was innocent. Does he still maintain his innocence twenty years on an Boise doing to try and secure his freedom? If anything. Andres is housed at the McConnell unit. Which is a state prison that looks actually not unlike death road Polinsky unit because in Texas, they have these flat prisoners that they kind of just erect anywhere. And they look identical one morning early. I drove down there with a producer and an interpreter to speak to Andres finally. So the interpreters name his Alvarado, and you're going to hear him because he's basically translating what Andres is telling me. I could hear the jangling of the handcuffs for quite a long time before he was brought through his broughtdown along corridor. And then into the sort of interview cell, and I spoke to him like a lot of these interviews in maximum security prisons behind bulletproof glass and via telephone. Alvarado is a Spanish speaker. So he can interpret. Yeah. Because then dude. So I've written to you a few times over the years. And I've only just got a response recently. You didn't respond to the other less is is that because I wrote to you in English. Aibo committee allows it made us by saying that he understood you know, because you wrote in Spanish, I apologize that it's taking so long. Will that clues that one up then I wanted to know what sort of person Andres was before he's arrest. Cool. He's from Mexico. He came here and he met at a dance club. And they started going out. How did you come to the states? Did you come here legally tell me about your time in America? And what you were doing before you, Matt. And nineteen and three of his. Here illegally. You know, how it goes that when you Crossley legally, there's people that, you know, like friends relatives that help you out. So I was working gardening. And then I was working carpentry in Houston, Houston. He says he hasn't been in the states, very long that the flat was India, Montana's name, and that she was very much. He's world the prosecution claim that you and Darryl had this argument and fight. But she was saying that on the contrary you actually used to go round to the house. She had an open marriage. And so there was no animosity rarely between you and Darryl. What was your version of how the relationship work? Oh nano. I never fought at all. I even used to mow his lawn, and we got along fine. She was still married to him. But you to a dating and that was fine with Errol OAS. He not fine with that. When when I met her. She told me that she was still married, but that she wasn't living with him anymore. And that didn't seem to be a problem. He wasn't Maddie. Nah. What was he like? He was a nice guy. He was and he used to be in the computer, it looked well that chimes with what demon Tina told me that all members of the love triangle, essentially tolerated. Each other do you think the Montana had anything to do with the death of dark lacquer? I don't think so because they didn't fight or anything. Do you still talk to her correspond now? We correspondent for about five years. But then nothing for the five years you corresponded. What did you talk about in the lessons? Open the mother that we missed each other loved each other because I felt really enough with her and she loved me very much to under says, they his family stopped visiting him five years ago. Even though they still think he's innocent. He says he's younger sister gave him trouble for being with the Tina in the first place as she didn't trust her because the. My family were skeptical about her love is to me. They said that she had set me up by sending police tastes house. By this. He's referring to the fact that police arrived to arrest Andre shortly after darrow's murder under a said at the time of the murder. He was with the children, and I wanted to know more about this. How old would the MNT in his children at the time? He didn't. Tim and around six hundred seventeen old enough to offer you an alibi? April could. People could. Guess when he was the youngest one even went up and testified for him the shelves. Testimony was not believed and Andres was sent down. Anyway, d Montana signed a confession that said that she removed the children that night of dowers mud. So that the motor could take place. She said that she signed a fourth confession as well. Why do you think she signed that? The children were with me. I don't know what happened. So let's get into Andres is confession. It's important to note that at the time he had three brothers living in the states with their families illegally. Diamante signed a confession police showed. You the confession and you confess at your trial. You said the confession was false. So what happened when the when the marriage? So when I was arrested, it was sticking to the county court, and they told me that had confessed that he had killed him for the money. Various occurred for his family because they told him that his whole family was going to get beaten and deported, and she didn't want anything bad to happen to his family. So he could very scared underseas claim the detectives threatened to depose family, if he didn't sign that piece of paper, this is absolutely incredible. And if it's true, this is really shocking. But they never had an attorney present at any moment when you being interviewed by the police. Did you ask for an attorney? Or did you not realize that you could ask for? Oh, yes. But it didn't let me do anything. They didn't even let me make one phone call nothing. So you're saying you asked for an attorney, and you didn't get one. They told him sign here and you'll get out and then because he had never been imprisoned before either here in Mexico. I didn't know I could have gone and fled to Mexico. And and after that, I had no idea. What was I being taken into before? Did you know the consequences of signing that confession? I really never knew how much one signature would be worth in the state of Texas. I have no idea. Looney cook the confession that he did wasn't Spanish. But it was being written by somebody else that that wasn't really fluent in Spanish. And the only thing that they told me we're saying here in here. But he didn't know what what what he was saying he signed the form. But he said the Spanish was bad in the meaning was blood. And if that's true, it seems to me that the lack of an adequate translation would be pretty agreed GIS in the court documents. I think it says the confession said that you did not intend to kill him. When you went to the house, but that you would drinking and became angry. And that you struck him to quiet him, see Biddle. Yes. But I only said that because I didn't want them to bother my family. Dna asure boyfriend got put in putting life because of what I did. I had told the police second toll. But the disease like they weren't really care. How about since they got ready? Yeah. Give me more work for some tell me when you first heard about on hell resent his writing to diamante Anna and saying that he killed Darryl cola hacker. Through a newspaper that somebody had lent me here. Mark babinec. Who was the Associated Press writer worked for an agency, basically? So he writes his story. And then it probably go picked up by numerous newspapers throughout the state. I want to know what went through your head. And what you said when you read that he had confessed. I felt good because I chance of fighting that my sentence, but I wasn't able to do it. He said that he and his family didn't have the money to follow up on these claims. Do you think resent his killed Darryl hacker? Well, then we I have no idea I told him about rezendes knowing specifics about the caller Hakko house and yard an OC explained about Bobby neck, and he's interview with rezendes in which marked found the house to be exactly as resent his a described. Did you hear that? He knew specifics is this the first time you're hearing it what did you know this? It's the first time we're hearing. So you think based on that that resent his could have committed the murder. I only know that he committed many murders. So maybe he did. It's really hard for me to sit here and understand how somebody if the innocent and they've been sentenced to life in prison. And then this other guy comes along and says, he did it he committed the crime that you're in a position where you don't have enough money. You're an indigent inmate in Texas prison, and you don't have the funds to pay for a lawyer to say I need to prove the innocent. And I need to get the hell out of this prison cell. Andres did try to appeal his conviction? But it wasn't anything to do with resent his claims did they appeal on the basis that you were saying, you were falsely confessed to did the attorney come here and interview, how did you communicate with the attorney? It was only through paperwork. It was done by somebody else who was working here, and he gave that paperwork to the lawyer. But then they pursued the news that the appeal was was denied. So the person that was working here who was that. It's it's it's another inmate. Another inmate helps you read the paperwork. So just to be clear, you're telling me that your family paid an attorney to appeal your sentence murder cents a life sentence for murder, and he didn't come and speak to you. Now know he never came. The Moscato KOMO new. I was expecting them to do more. And I kept waiting, but nothing really ever happened to me. It was bad enough. The Andres said he'd never met. He's appellate lawyer for a case that so serious that here's a guy that's going to spend the rest of his life in prison going to die in prison. Never even got to sit face to face with his attorney for he's appeals according to Andres, but what seemed to me even more incredible. Was that the paperwork that he was sent for the appeal had to be translated by another prisoner. In twenty years. Why have you not written to pro Bono attorneys? There's the innocence project there's various organizations designed to help inmates with no money. If you have a compelling case of innocence. Have you written to any of these people? Have you tried to get help over the years who put up Luna go cave because I only speak Spanish, and nobody here will help me out with the translation. And so I don't see a chance when it comes to your case. Do you think about the appeal? Do you read up low books or anything to you have access to any books on what you can do next? Nobody nobody goes on the books. In english. Just seems that the Qods a stacked against him all because he doesn't speak English. And to me, this is it's awful. Guitar nothing has happened. I reckon that it's very hard to win against against the state. Also, I in Mexican you know, that there are a lot of people that are locked up for crimes, they didn't commit. And they're blaming me for something that I didn't do just to have somebody imprisoned responsible. So I found the interview really surprising. Actually, I didn't expect him to tell me that he'd confessed because of a threat to deport. He's taught family what I didn't. Find surprising toll was he's conclusion that there was racial bias in the US Justice system. I think a lot of people would agree with him. Thanks for talking to me. I'll be in touch a right you. Thank you so much. Thank you. Deadman talking wouldn't be possible without support from our sponsors. How do you feel when someone gives you a KADO gift that isn't just bought off the shelf? Vistaprint allows you to upload a photo of your family, or in my case, I chose a funny picture of my dog, and then add it to one predefined cards. It means a lot more when someone has personalized holiday cards, and those are the things you remember the college that people keep pick a shape like a square or rounded corners photo flat. And then choose one of Vistaprint's gorgeous designs, you can put your favorite picture on most of them and even up load a great shot right from your phone figure out. How many you need older them up in plenty of time for the holidays? Vistaprint has hundreds of car designs to choose from. And it also has custom calendars, mugs, canvases and other photo gifts, all custom cards and calendars. Currently fifty percent off right now. So get married. Get jolly get fifty percent off all holiday cards and calendars, plus save on other photo gifts of vistaprint dot com, just end up promo code. D M T holiday. That's vistaprint dot com, promo code EMT holiday. An offer is valid until January thirty first two thousand nineteen. He seemed shocking to me that Andres would confess to a crime that he didn't commit if you're innocent. You just wouldn't do that. Or would you? Okay. Ka me being just talk for a second. My name is Doug keenum, a psychologist and Austin, Texas and founder of keen trial consulting, I invited Doug to my house. So I could find out more about full confessions onto police interrogation. I wanted to find out not just why people confess to crimes that they haven't committed. But also, how common is this will it's only reasonable to think that it would be a shocking realization to imagine that any human being would say sure I killed someone when I have nothing to do with the crime and it happens with shocking frequency because what most people do is when they are innocent. They think I have nothing to fear, and in fact, when they are taken to a police station in questioned by detectives, they are told if you haven't done anything wrong, you have nothing to fear. Go ahead and tell us what you can. And what happens is their right against self-incrimination. Don't seem to make sense to them because they know they didn't do anything for which they could be incriminated. So what they end up doing? Instead is speaking freely about matters that end up becoming more and more confused and distorted as the examination proceeds he seal the cop shows on TV, the first thing people do say, I'm not gonna say anything until I have my attorney what you're saying is if they're innocent, then then at worried about an attorney being present, right? What they really want more than anything is to get the heck out of there. The pressure the emotional burden of being in an interrogation room in a police headquarters is so disturbing to most people all they really want is to get the heck out of there. So do police actually try to obtain full confessions. All do they think they have a guilty person? The majority of the false confessions cases, we're talking about have to do with people acknowledging culpability for things that they simply never did. The police officer comes into the situation feeling like they've got somebody who did something bad. And that is their mindset going in. It's not discovery. It's not investigation. It's confirmation. And what we're talking about frequently in the police investigation side is what we call in social science confirmation bias that really. They're not looking for the truth so much as reassurance that what they've already concluded. His correct. So you saying that there are cases where somebody is innocent and has been accused of mud, and they will actually admit to the murder if they haven't done it. Sure. One teenager admits to taking part in a gruesome murder landing him in jail for the rest of his life. Now, his lawyers are saying that his confession was under the right set of circumstances. Could you be made to confess to horrible crime? Why would anyone confess to a crime? They did not commit one reason may be the way police. Convictions are from fos confessions. And then promises are made. You can go home. If some of them are people who are mentally challenged in one way or another some of the question is why would someone sign a false confession. Confession hard to understand. Why anybody would sign something like that? Especially when it could lead you decades behind bars or death row. I wanted to know what that looked like. So a person is accused of a crime, and he's in the interrogation room and somehow a detective railroads them into confessing. How did that happen? It's a bizarre kind of distorted thinking that somebody says I just need to sleep. I need some food. I need to get out of fear. I want to go home in the cases of teenagers. They're major complaint, I will waive my maranda rights. I will just talk to you at nauseam. I just wanna go home. I wanna see my mom and dad, and that's what their motivation is. And they have at times agreed to crazy things just for the sake of getting out of the police station as if confessing to a major crime is going to promote your freedom. It doesn't make sense. But that's the kind of distorted thinking that can produce. So this idea that somebody who wouldn't even contemplate murder would. Just go ahead and confess is utterly horrifying. But Doug says it happens regularly, in fact as the tip from the innocence project states that over a quarter of the two hundred and ninety wrongful convictions that were overturned by DNA evidence have involved forced confessions. But if this happened to Andres miss scar. Presumably his interrogation would have been recorded. That's one of the big problems in some jurisdictions. They are but it's done on a state by state basis. You have to have a recording of the actual confession. But the interviews leading up to the confession may not have ever been recorded if the defendant, or if the inmate by that point says appeal, I was railroaded into this. I signed a confession because my family with threatened with whatever presumably, then the police would just say that didn't happen because the types on that. Yeah. Another circumstance is that. That the police will come in and say, we DNA evidence we have hair evidence. There's a case where the police told his fellow that some of his hair was literally found in his mother's hand as she lay dead after this Belo allegedly kilter and he thought to himself. I know I wasn't there. I know I didn't do it. So I'll go ahead and confess and get this horrible ordeal of interrogation over with they'll test the hair, and they will set me free. And what ends up happening is the hair doesn't exist. It was all Reuss to get him to confess what he had already done. We'll frequently all of this happens before defense counsels, even engaged. So they are handed a situation that is almost untenable from the star tell Doug about Dara's murder and the fight the demon Tina Andres claiming they were innocent and was still imprisoned. I told him about under his confession. And the threats do his family. It's a fairly understandable story. We have a person who is frightened. We have somebody who doesn't fully appreciate the American Justice system. They know that they are vulnerable to getting deported. And the last thing they want is for any kind of problems that they've encountered to do harm to the rest of the family. It's a fairly common story. So I've put in a request full the cool files, which presumably will include the confession. But what you're saying is it may not include a transcript of that police interview that led to the confession. In other words, I probably will not find any way in those documents the threat to he's family of deportation. If that's what happened I fully expect that to be the case. And if it's in Texas, it's almost certain that you don't have a recording or transcript of the. Interviews that led up to the confession. Which is disturbing in itself. The fact that you can interview somebody interrogate somebody and in this case possibly threatened to pull their family, but there's no record of this. I wanted to know what recourse St. Montana and Andres had if they really were innocent, and that confessions had been falsely obtained so there's missing pieces there and one of them can be this family coercion. It can be that. They are simply so confused and disoriented they're being told in absolute terms by the police that this is what happened not what you're saying. This is what happened. This is what happened generally speaking. It takes very very compelling factual evidence to get them to revisit an issued verdict. So the beauty of DNA is that it does rise to that standard. And so if it's available it certainly would be hugely helpful. So the next step. For me is to find out whether the evidence that was taken from the color crime scene still exists somewhere in Harris County, whether it be in a property room somewhere in the medical examiner's office. Doug, thanks very much for chatting to me. It's really fascinating stuff. Appreciate you taking the time. My pleasure. Thanks for inviting me. Acquit would about one of our sponsors. The economist is about for more than just economics and finance. It covers a range of subjects from politics and business to science technology environment and the arts, I subscribe to the economist bookmark the science and technology section the Americas. Because that's where I live and Britain. So I can keep up with what's happening back home. It recently published a story about how a new approach was needed to tackle violent crime in London along with a helpful graphic that showed the numbers of murders in New York and London from two thousand and ten to two thousand eighteen the story talks about how. Although there were less than half of the number of modes in London during the first nine months of this year. Other violent crimes particularly knife. Crime was up the broad range of topics in the economists means there's something for everyone. It gives you the lowdown on what's going on around you in the world a time when facts matter more than ever the economist is the small guide to the full sees change. You'll weld so feel free print copy of the economist just text man, that's M A N as in dead man, talking to seventy seven again, if you want a free copy of the economist text man to seven eight zero seven zero. What I've learned from Doug. Is that shockingly this stuff, these railroaded confessions? These full confessions happen Fum all than most people realize I put in an open records request. The Harris County district attorney's office asking if there was any property in the property room. That was connected with the case. This would reveal if any items found at the crime scene were available to be retested for DNA. And this was the response. I got we did not have any responsive material or information related to your request. I wrote back asking for clarification you saying the property collect to that the crime scene, including clothing and a possible murder weapon. No longer exists again that the office wrote back we regret to inform you we do not have any responsive material or information related to your request for information in the property room for defendants Mascaro and call a hack. And that's incredible. The most obvious way on Andres and demon Tina could be exonerated. If they truly are innocent seems to be lost. In the next episode of DMC media, audio booms deadman talking. I'll explain how brutal murder case in Georgia has profoundly influenced my opinion on whether resent is was lying to me. Plus a conversation with Montana's Loya provides a very strange and unexpected twist in my investigation. Deadman talking was a production of the MTA media and audio shows presented on me, Alex producer and sound engineer is pizza sale. Our such a production assistant. He's Kanatani and this episode featured additional production from Heather Mitchell. And now interpreter Alvarado cesspit as huge thanks is always good night, Texas who sowing the railroad is out in June. And don't forget to check them out high. We are good night, Texas, how all you dot com. Follow developments to our story and get involved in the investigation at Facebook dot com. Forward slash groups full would slash deadman talking. Tweet us at deadman podcast and Email us deadline. Soaking putt cost that outlook dot com.

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Chef Jos Andrs: How to Feed People in an Emergency

The Journal.

16:10 min | 6 months ago

Chef Jos Andrs: How to Feed People in an Emergency

"Mike pandemic experience and everybody has their experience. And i think everybody's going to have to rights in our little book. What happen or records on a boys node happen so in ten twenty thirty years from now we can hear our boys telling themselves while happen. This is jose andres the award winning celebrity chef and he says his pandemic story starts last new year's eve for me was december thirty first twenty nineteen when we saw kind of officially the i knew that something was happening in china and wuhan and that had all the makings of pandemic people. That know me now that i love to cook that. I try to be one of the best chefs in the world but people know that are some very very interested into foot. Be john the beauty of cooking at home or the excellence of trying to have the best restaurants. That food is so much more than that. And so how does it all in an emergency. That's always in my brain this year. How to feed people has been on. Jose's mind a lot to restaurants around. The country closed down in many people struggle to put food on the table but seeing all that gave jose an idea. Let's put restaurants in america to work to feed america. Why because who. Better the restaurants to feed the americans that are hungry Welcome to the journal. Our show about money and power. I'm ryan knutson. It's wednesday december sixteenth. Coming up on the show chef. Jose andres reflects on an unprecedented year for restaurants in his effort to keep america fed. This episode of the journal is brought to you by j. p. morgan wealth management when you trade with j. p. morgan wealth management you get access to powerful tools and over two hundred years of expertise. Right in the palm of your hand get started today at j. p. morgan dot com slash. The journal jp morgan. Wealth management is a business of j. p. morgan securities. Llc member finra and sipc. When you're i always say that. I am a storyteller storyteller that when is big in english nobody can understand but i can understand you but i am storyteller identity stories from my restaurants and through the foot for me. Restaurants are are no businesses are really the way to express myself and to bring to one place all the stories that i learned through my life and through my traipse around the world. Jose moved from spain to the us in early. Nineteen ninety s since then. He's open about thirty restaurants in cities from dc to la. His first restaurant helio have popularized top in the us. Along the way he's become a very famous chef. Next guest is a james beard award winning chef. He is credited with bringing the small plates dining. Who wrote this. It's called pass marriage chef. Jose avenue i coffee nato has. I liked to sane this bench which is award that they love coffee. Nato which is a cook. Which is mainly what i am. I i like to cook. And i like to feed people this year. Feeding people has taken on new urgency for jose once the pandemic arrived in the. Us like many other restaurant owners. Jose new he'd have to close down so in mid march. Jose took to twitter to make the announcement. Hi everybody chef. Andres here from bethesda. Maryland and i am here to announce in these unique moments that all our restaurants in washington. Dc metropolitan area. We'll close starting. I remember i was crying when i did that. Video because for me was very amazing that for the first time in twenty eight years later the place that gave me a place to belong that was shutting down and that people that were with me and make a living with me. We're going to be having a place to work in the moment. i don't know anybody else. My brain is like. I was going to be closed for a week for a month for a you. We're gonna ever reopen it. He promised to pay a staff for several weeks as he said many of them home but he did have some work available for them to do. I was announcing that. I was closing as business but i was reopening a community kitchen. We saw that soup. Kitchens were closing shelters. Were having an issue. People were going to work. These was happening very quickly. All of the southern we had an emergency of the emergency on top of de abuse health. Maria's the financial emergency we have to close while we're gonna do how we're going to survive for long we're gonna be shut down and then the foot humanitarian emergency with businesses. Starting to close down and people losing their jobs. Jose expected that many would struggle to feed themselves and their families so he decided to repurpose his empty restaurants to cook meals to go and feed. The hungry and jose was well suited to make this kind of pivot because for about a decade. He's been running a nonprofit organization on the called world central kitchen. It's responding to natural disasters in places like puerto rico and haiti by sending teams to help people in need but now the disaster was right in his own neighborhood. How do you repurpose your menu. Which is a lot of more expensive kind of higher end food for something that can serve mass numbers of people. We went to a very small menu very simple menu to try to get rid of everything to the waste any foot that will go garbage anyway. We make sure we were using the foot on. We design saying if you don't have money don't worry us you can order anyway and then in your sunday having long lines. Many homeless in downtown helio long lines. We got tens of thousands of meals in my few restaurants in the what was great. Is that these became. The blueprint a blueprint. That could help. Pave the way to getting millions of americans fed as other restaurants around the country. Were closing down. Jose started to talk to chefs about turning their restaurants into community kitchens to tell me about the realization for those two things to come together. Well i'm not very good at many things but some good. That connected the dots. And i'm good at creativity surrounded with very team in my for profit and they have an amazing team in the nonprofit. And that's why for us was berry is marked to say we can save restaurants by the money. We get donated channel the through the restaurants keeping the restaurant's open. Nobody's getting rich doing these. The restaurant can keep employing part of their crew. The restaurants can pay rent the restaurants compared their benders. We don stop the economy and in the process we are able to be feeling the different people from hungary people to hospitals and need to board. Because they're feeding systems are shutting down. That's what percentage of the world central kitchen started partnering with restaurants around the country. They called the initiative chefs for. America is his former rich Today we're corona in queens. Just setting up. Hey this is josh. Phelps world central kitchen Right now we were unloading our first delivery of meals to detroit. So here i am. I red rooster again. They've been doing an amazing here. Providing meals smoothies community harlem. I wanna ask about money. Were in the middle of an economic crisis. Where is all the money coming from to support this work. People love to see that an organization and then year is really there so donations began coming in and we kept his funding for nations individuals. Giving us one dollars is giving us. Thousands of dollars individuals giving us museums. And that's what we were able to do it. I think we alone on the restaurant industry. We were able to channel to these day. Hundred thirty five million dollars. Wow throughout this year hoses nonprofit has millions of meals thousands of restaurants around the country. Meanwhile ruled central kitchens. Other disaster. work didn't stop. Jose went to feed people in beirut after that massive explosion there he went to louisiana after hurricane laura insent teams out west after wildfires destroyed homes but as he traveled across the country and around the world to feed people in need. Jose's restaurants were struggling. That's after the break. This episode of the journal is brought to you by j. p. morgan wealth management when it comes to investing online the decisions you make really matter so us over two hundred years of expertise to help. Make the right ones for you. When you trade with j. p. morgan wealth management you get access to award winning research and powerful investing tools right in the palm of your hand plus get unlimited commission free online stock and etf trades open an online trading account today with j. p. morgan wealth management get started at j.p. Morgan dot com slash journal g. p. morgan wealth management is a business of j. p. morgan securities. See member finra and sipc while you also have your restaurant business which must have been through a terrible year. What has the last nine months of this pandemic done to it. We went down in business dramatically. We didn't we were going to reopen. We had guys flow by had to start moving money around the lace on payments onto a. We're gonna keep you ran the please break. Summer was better because we were able to reopen and we had restaurants that they were doing forty fifty percent of the cells compared to the last year. So my business were doing okay. But they were in survive amount and then it was very happy that be the payroll protection program came along but unfortunately the money coming into the restaurants and the funding from p wasn't enough to keep everyone employed had to close three restaurants and significantly cut staff at the twenty eight that remained under long story short of the close to twelve hundred fourteen hundred employees that we have. I have right now. Four hundred twenty five employees working you've had to lay off almost a thousand people correct and that was. That was hard on. That still is hard to know that that there is some people without your. Because i have my restaurants but it's not the restaurants i care for care for the people. What do you expect. Twenty twenty one is gonna look like not just for your business but also the restaurant industry at large. I hope we have congressmen and senators listened into this because the federal government has all the opportunity to help americans in a moment of need on. This goes down to restaurants. We have the restaurant which we are asking for. One hundred twenty billion dollar why. We are one of the biggest industries in america directly indirectly. We may be employing. These things on americans every dollar you spend in restaurants restaurant down across entire economy. We need to be happy restaurants in the same way we help. And we allowed the airlines which they employ a much smaller number of people. So you is me. How do i see the future. Restaurants is gonna look very grim if our senators and congressmen dawn. Come up with a right bill. To protect restaurants who innocence are part of the of america between lobbying congress feeding people around the world struggling to keep his restaurants float when jose's sits down to write his pandemic burke like he thinks everyone should he'll have plenty to put down the motivating you to do all. This has been a really scary year when the advice is to stay home in to avoid the spread. Why did you decide to throw so much of your energy into this effort. And i have. I got three amazing daughters. That i always tell them that. Some of the biggest issues we face on the wall some of the biggest challenges on problems they actually have very simple solutions on eaten instead of preaching because especially deniers you cannot be preaching at them especially now that the young people are so smart the way for me to show my daughter's how we can create a better comedian better a better world and how they should behave in the world is by breaching them but showing them so in part. I do i because i want to show my daughter's what's possible so what i'm trying to say. Is that untie meetings. I shouldn't even be with you this. We need to start being more people action less people with a tied in an office. Let's people are planning on more people in boots on the ground and this is one of the problems we have. Sometimes there. You see big organizations claiming we are prepositioning ourselves to bring relief. Why you're talking about people are hungry today. people are thirsty today. What are you prepositioning. People need to start right now. The word emergency emergency doesn't mean. Oh we'll figure next month and worry no there were various demeans. Why are you doing to feed them today because for the water cannot wait Today wednesday december sixteenth the journal is a co production of gimblett and the wall street journal. Show follow us on spotify or wherever you podcasts. Route every afternoon. Thanks for listening. See you tomorrow.

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Best of Not My Job

Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!

50:54 min | 1 year ago

Best of Not My Job

"Hey everybody this is Peter Sagan. I'm the host of wait wait. Don't tell me we are now officially in the third decade of our show which also means it's our third decade gate asking you our listeners for your support and without you we cannot bring you the hard hitting sensitive journalism. You have come to rely on from US Paula. A classic product is getting an advisory label. Now it's warning consumers against overuse. What is the product overuse overuse? And it's a class much of this as dangerous. Back DOC TALCUM POWDER No. It's not that you also wanted to limit the amount of milk. You might be dunking them into cookies. Yes well specifically well row so isn't too. Many public. Radio is listener supported. Which means I what you've heard is your fault and second? Your your gift allows us to do a we do. Please donate to your station now. which supports programs like us by giving at donate dot? NPR Dot Org Slash Josh Weight. And thank you ribbon. PR WBZ CHICAGO. This is wait. Wait wait don't tell me the NPR news quiz. Hey Times Square counted ten. I'm your New Year's Eve. Bill Drop Bill Kurtis and here is your hosted the Chase Bank Auditorium Inch Chicago. Peter Sago thank you bill. Thank everybody grand. The holidays sweet spot that glorious time of year when there are no rules we can gorge ourselves and leftover Christmas cookies and candy canes gains before pretending to make all sorts of New Year's resolutions Peter's God as my witness. I promised to ride the Peleton. You gave me every damn the one man who has that even more generous spirit than I do is our new friend. Humanitarian and chef Jose Andres Chef Andres joined us on a Beautiful Summer Day outdoors at Wilshire their Washington. DC IN AUGUST CHEF. Jose Andres. Welcome to wait. Wait the never been surrounded by so many people that speak proper English one. It's amazing my wife and I we by the way she listens to you guys all the time. Wow She's my translator because I can never understand anything you say she has me. Can you wait until the show sober. So I tell you what the words you don't understand. It's so unfair so you are one of the world's most celebrated chefs so we just have to ask you. What do you think of the Popeye's chicken sandwich? Are you waited on line. And then by the time was my torn. Papa was gone but he's so many emmys he's seen chicken sandwiches in America. Very actually. You're on the line waiting for an hour. Next door is another place that has some which is good better weather but everybody has to be in the line. It's like going to Disney. You go and you're in the line like well. Sometimes line is not the way forward people the wrong line. Blind your own nine. Does he answer you went. That's it's got severe I wanted. That's a great answer. I know that a lot of chefs famous chefs award. Winning chefs have like a favorite junk food or something because they just so tired of like fancy food when they want to eat one of those like favorite guilty habits yeah. I Love Ken. Ken Foot Cans of Food C.. A. And Yeah. Yeah like what would you do you care what's in the CAN. Yes it. Just a container. Yeah I love the finding Nemo the little the little legs the black eggs they call it defensive people. Yeah that's good ten foot guarding can you can spam and is good to know if you can choose I love. I love the fact that Dave cooking brilliant food for expensive patrons fabulous restaurants relaxed with a simple dish of caveat. Let me put it this way. You might get your hungry. You have nobody around you. You have your plan to cancel eating amazing Canned food should deserves opportunity in our lives. America do EAT SPAGHETTI OS. You know the little like pasta sauce in the know because that's that's the caviar potty Standard Peter Dean Sergio Mussels Sea Fishing China can oysters coming cans but defeats fields so protected in the fishes lying. They're gonNa Augustine is going to happen to us in here. Look what happened to me. Mowing their name on the ten. Nothing happens yeah and especially when you can I the open you and tells you just say you can and then yes you can and just figured out your reference to finding Nemo. Did you mean gene. The eggs that Nemo's mom lease in the very beginning of the film. That big pile of that are then all eaten except for Nemo which is the starting tragedy of the whole story. So you are in this metaphor for the Barracuda. No I am more productive than the Barracuda I mean. I don't WANNA eat them. The first moment I seed them no now. Aw I put them in the refrigerator. Keep Them I. I make sure the temperature is right. Only when I feel is the right moment I really need them. It done by Saturday is very different than a good. I mean I'm more like more like a seal. I mean I'm so happy it'd be when you start now. One of the things we wanted to talk about you. Is You have a bunch of restaurants two of them. If I'm not mistaken have two Michelin Stars. Yeah which is a very difficult thing to get this we understand that Michelin Star reviewers. Nobody knows who they are. They're not like newspaper reviewers. Everybody knows their name. If not there what they look like do you guys who WanNa Michelin Star. Who might get one? Do you try to figure out who they are. Do you like the people the fake mustaches. Like I think that guy's mission of sure we do really so if we wanted to convince you that we were Michelin reviewers those to get better service. What should we do? Well you come in and look like a super interesting person you start moving the air you see the temperature you wave your finger in the air and then you know over at thing but I ah for you. This idea guys. Don't get my English. And and usually they may be alone on and they are looking to the right and they're looking to the left and they don't talk to anybody that may be a missionary or it could be a sociopath Jio pack. No friends has happened before. I'm sure you get both. Everybody gets her has only happened. Ones Dowana that person sit there and eating entire teddy cores menu. Did he really because you know he was going to protest your politics peckish. He went from one political party to the order. That's I WANNA ask you one more question for the game so you were a great chef. Your master of several different in cuisines. Is there one thing that you're terrible at making like your kids for example like your kids would never eat your Mac and cheese is going to make it into this show. It depends on tobacco honest. Your it's so hard for a shift to recognize. Let me tell you one thing they won. You may tell me anything you want. Whatever I did was wrong was my fault? You are chef. Jeff I can tell you one thing what some of my most are issues yes. They're never mind the number one. The everybody in America has is repeated. The most you got pat you you know the recipe who is from my wife and I love it and I love her is. I'm billy baby for English. Speaking people unbelievable is is beyond unbelievable. Well Jose Andres we are so delighted to talk to you and we have invited you. Here to play a game we're calling Michelin Star. Meet Michelin Man. So as we've said you've one Michelin Stars as well as other awards. But what do you know sir. About the Michelin Man. The weirdly bloated rubberized spokes mascot for the Michelin Tire Company. We're going to ask you three questions about the Michelin Man. Answered two give them correctly and you will win our prize for one of our listeners. The Voice of their choice in their home answering machine bill. Who is Jose? Andreas playing for. Gabriel Pederson Reston Virginia. All right the first question the Michelin Man. WHO has a name? It's been dome wasn't always cheerful. Figure figure he now is in advertisements early on around nineteen hundred. He was depicted. Doing what a beating up a horse. His main competition be drinking glasses nails and broken glass or see eating a pint of ice cream by himself after a bad break up with the Michelin woman. BS BCS boy. I do things very obvious to me that the answer is B.. As a boy you are correct. I don't know how you figure that out the idea. He is of course that he was such a tough tire or made of such stuff tires that he could down broken glass and nails no harm all right next question. He wasn't always depicted as a tough guy that changes image back and forth in one early poster. He was depicted doing what a lying down under a maiden. They didn't jumping from a burning window so she could bounce be removing a tire from his own abdomen to help family fix a flat or see leading a drowning swimmer. Suck air out of his tube. I like the one of the belly giving time. I don't feel so bad now but my belly. I think it's the for Bali and again you are right. The poster Australia's bowling attire out of his own abdomen to hand it to this family flick. Fix It by very generous. Your last question. The Michelin man was given his his own column in a company magazine. Back in one thousand nine seven. Here's the Michelin Man. Speaking for himself and he used that platform to do what a complain about how his rubber rubber was getting thinner as he aged be. Invite people to come on over and blow into his. Valves were see brag about his vast success with the ladies see. It isn't axiom the bill Jose. Andreas doing our quit his ingredients where perfect three very well done the chef Jose Andres his new cookbook is vegetables unleashed. It's available now. Jose Andrew Thank you so much joining with you coming up. We talk to a country music rebel and classical legal music outlaw. It Steve Earle and Marin alsop that's when we come back of wait wait don't tell me from NPR support for this podcast and the following message comes from state farm. WHO's agents and know that your car and home or more than just big purchases? They're a big part. If your life you put the time into making them your own so now it's time to protect them with your own personal state farm agent. Not only do they truly get you. But they'll be there for you when you need them and with over nineteen thousand agents in neighborhoods across the US. There could be one just around the corner sponsored by State Farm. Talk Talk to an agent today at one eight hundred state farm or by visiting State Farm Dot Com. Let's play some games. Everybody are you looking for the the answer to life's funnier questions Gouda Eisenberg the host of. NPR's asked me another every week. We blend comedy Trivia and a special celebrity interview. NPR's asked me another listen now from NPR VR and WBZ Chicago. This is wait. Wait don't tell me the NPR news quiz. I'm Bill Curtis and here's your host at the Chase Bank auditorium in attention. Peter Sago thank you. Thank everybody. Today are squeezing all the last bits of joy from twenty nineteen nineteen before we step into all the wonder and mystery of twenty twenty well this year we finally get flying cars and robot pizza one of the great joys of the past this year was meeting conductor. Marin alsop who overcame rejection from juilliard by starting her own orchestra. She's now the music director for symphonies in Baltimore and Brazil Zil when she joined this last summer Peter Esker if she always love playing music. No I I was born with a job. My parents were professional musicians. They weren't my dad was a violinist and my mom cellist and so they needed a pianist and so they said Oh. Let's make one so so. Oh I was born with a job and really hated the piano. Hated it I retired when I was six. was that because you didn't like the piano because you just resented your parents. This is why you were here. Well how much time do we have. Okay they tricked me into playing violin and then I you know for every kid there is is. There is a child playing the violin. Some candy inside this odd wouldn't object but it was very close because they said they said you want to go to summer camp you know and so I already had an archetypal image of summer camp and horseback riding somehow horses got in there and it said Oh before we go. I forgot to tell you you might have to play the violin and this campus called Meadow Mountain. It's fondly called the concentration Kampfer violinist so when you got there they just put you in your little sound violin. Teacher said so you're gonNA practice from eight until no one every day five hours. Luckily I was seven. I had no real sense of timing right seven years old and they made you practice your violin win five hours a day and this was supposedly pleasure this camp right. I mean there's horse. What were the other activities like weeping leaping? No no the the only sport we are allowed to do was ping pong so I am awesome at pink. It is true we read that you decided at some point. You wanted to be a conductor. Well what happened was after practicing for five hours per week. It was pretty good. So I got into juilliard right after that but I played in the orchestra which I loved and they got some complaints that somebody was trying to lead the whole orchestra from the back of the second violins. And so they actually brought you into complain about J.. Brought my how. How do you try to conduct the orchestra from the Second Violin? I think I think the problem was. I was having a really good time. Like the Tiffany guy was really cute back there and I was just having fun and I was just moving and everybody else was already ready like stonehenge and I was busy and then luckily my dad took me to a concert and I. I saw the conductor. He came out and he started talking to me. I'd talking to the audience talking to me. I thought he was really excited. And then he started jumping around and conducting and I thought Oh. Nobody's yelling at this guy. I could do that in fact backed. He's doing the yelling. It's exactly and he was sweating and spitting and a Leonard Bernstein. Why so you you and I should say somewhat famously? You became a I guess. What's the student isn't good enough one of his proteges I did? Luckily that was the highlight of my life and just how does one become a protege of a conductor. Like I'm thinking of Karate Kid. Is there a lot of work with the Swish wishes the arm. There's a lot of that. Yes I guess. What's really under the question? Is that every free kid who goes to see a concert thinks he or she can be a conductor right the actual movement that you make forgive me look simple so what is it that goes into conducting. Oh my God these questions you sit. There are going to be easy. He said my questions. We're going to be using talk about but listen you know what it's all about body language and not only that and I say this because I've privileged enough to see work something I noticed. Most people can't see this because of the conductor has their back to the audience but because music is playing you cannot shout instructions. You must indicate what what you'd like a musician to do through facial expressions you have to have a wide range of dirty looks or encouraging looks or or maybe it just looks like you're not really going to play it that way. Are you more like that. Also you know you have to anticipate. Sometimes people are about to play at the wrong moment and you have to kind of anticipate anticipate preventive conducting. I call don't do that well. Also if it is a pleasure to talk to you but we have in fact asked you you here to play a game. We're calling a good conductor. But are you a superconductor. We have heard. I have seen a- at musical conducting but what do you know about the other kind of conducting conducting electricity. We're going to ask you three questions about that other kind of conducting if you get to write would've prize for one of our listeners. The Voice of anyone they might like on their voicemail bill who was Mary. alsop plane for Lucinda Watson of Chattanooga Tennessee who was this month's winter of our smart speaker quiz. You could be a letter to just ask you or smart speaker to open the wait. Wait quiz all right ready to do this here. We go meister. Lightning rods were all the rage after they were invented in the late. Eighteenth Century so much so that they turned up where a attached to racehorses hoping they'd give them an extra kick be on cannonballs and the hope that it would attract lightning onto someone's enemies or see on top of ladies hats because they looked looked cool. Oh let's see. We got the horseback hall so at five of their lightening. Hit the cannonball. Blow up your enemy or ladies hats because they look stylish yet but that would hurt. Wouldn't it the ladies that could be that could be really dangerous. Well ladies eighty subordinate sacrifices for fashion. We're going with the hat okay. We're going with the hat hat. You're all right. It's amazing in how you got them all to work together like next question electric fences. These are excellent conductors of course. But they're not just for farm. Someone wants seriously suggested using an electrified fence for which of these uses a surrounding funding mixed martial arts fighters at the first UFC about be keeping the political press from harassing senators or see managing the line which it gets quite extraordinary at Franklin's barbecue in Austin Texas. Okay I'm GonNa go with the barbecue because the electric and the barbecue. It sounds kind of no. It wasn't the barbecue. It was mixed martial arts but I just want to say that. I'm glad that you mentioned the barbecue because the only reason I put it in here was that they would hear it and send us some barbecue account to help get this last one right you win. Your last question is about superconductors. These are the remarkable remarkable materials that conduct electricity with no resistance very useful in industry and science in twenty ten group of Japanese. Scientists made an incredible discovery about superconductors. How to happen was it? A one of them was picking out Ham at the grocery store. Freezers action noticed. It was colder than the frozen chicken that led to the discovery. That Ham makes an excellent superconductor. Be An incompetent lab assistant made contact with two electrical leads and the current passed through his body with excellent efficiency without harming him so he now works as a professional superconductor. Conductor see scientists got drunk dunked a superconductor in booze and discovered that red wine increase. It's sixty two percent all right we're going with see I'm trusting them. It ain't the happened. They all got drunk and they were like wonder all these Buddhist they tried all the booze and the superconductor and they got amazing results. Red Wine increases activity of the substance that we're using sixty two percent bill. Well how did Marian also doing our quiz. She's winter. Is The music director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Thank you so much for joining so if you face classical music and turn one hundred eighty degrees. We'll be looking at Steve. Earle a country music singer songwriter. WHO doesn't really fit the Nashville stereotype? Steve came to Chicago last spring. And Peter ask him if he considers himself himself a country musician. I've been called country singer. Country Rock Singer and Folksinger in the New York Times crossword puzzle so really. Oh yeah great names with Vowel to beaming end. You're all set my dad. I'm going there are a lot. My Dad thought that finally made it when I moved to New York Times Crossword. Yeah congratulations you. You got your start really early you you knew what you wanted to do from a very young age I you know. I didn't finish school because says I regret that now but I just didn't see how they were gonNA teach him anything more about what I wanted to do. And my parents were incredibly supportive. I finally dropped out when I was sixteen. I started playing coffee houses. I met all these guys have been playing folk music for a lot longer than I. And that's where I heard of townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark and my new record is a record of songs written by Guy Clark because I made a record of town songs ten years ago and I do not want to run into guy on the other side. Having made the towns I I read that you you were such a fan of townes Van Zandt that you actually like went to where he was and tracked him down that I did the same thing with guy. I've tracked towns down John Houston and he turns up at my Gig. There's about four people there including towns and the second set. I finally come down. And here's town sitting in the front row. He's pretty. He drank a little. He was pretty lit any was sitting there and he did not make a sound while I was actually singing but between every song he leaned back and go play the wabash cannonball a thread you along and they get to play the wabash cannon. I finally had to admit I don't know. Oh the one and he said you call yourself a folk singer. You don't know the Wabash so I played the song called Mr Mud. Mister Gold Lazaga has it has about a million words and then he shut up. Yeah and then we introduce ourselves afterwards and he became a teacher. That's it's really amazing. You've been through a lot. I mean a little bit about you find out I mean like for example. You played a recovering addict in the wire I did and and apparently it was not a stretch for you. David Simon's idea for me to be. I was offered acting roles when I was a lot younger better looking than I am now and I hated it when actors made records so I just always turned him down and didn't think it was something I wanna do but David's of Big Music Fan and he I call my manager he says I've got this character. And I think Steve and would like to read for it. I read for it on just on the made a tape in a studio and Dan you know I played a redneck recovering addicts. A like. You said I didn't have to really act. Yeah we readings you live in New York and the most amazing thing we read your in your enthusiasm in New York are yoga and Broadway musicals. That's pretty much. It and baseball. Yoga was just a thing that was sort of I fish with a fly rod and I travel places where that's fun to do and I fell in a river for for the first time you know and I was just getting back in the bug floating down to the next talking to a friend of mine and I said man my core strength is just going can and he said well you know. I've been taking yoga a couple times a week. A guy comes and I thought I spend money on. So I'm kind. I like old hippie anyway. And so I've known about these things all my life but that association I met a Yoga Teacher in New York and started studying with her her own blocks and a lot of cheating going. Yeah I understand that you've been married. Six seven seven times six hundred seven times six wives right so and and I have to correct the record seven divorces. Oh excuse me I single at the. Oh excuse me okay. Now when people when people talk about people who've been married a lot we often joke about hope over experience and you know they. I just think this time it's GonNa work out and we talk about people's optimism. What I was thinking about in your case is how if you meet a woman in the woman knows you've been married? Say let's pick middle five times before four. How do you convince her like no really well? It was always there for. We'll wait a minute now. Here's here's here's the real question is if you've been married six times times and you meet a woman that's willing to marry and that's what I mean. Yeah what what you know. That should give you pause and I'm finally starting to get it. Yeah well Steve Earle. We've invited you here to play a game. We're we're calling. Steve Earle. Steve Urkel. I as I'm sure you remember you've been around. Yeah Uber Nerd Steve Urkel Popular TV characters. The nine hundred ninety s and the show family matters. I'm guessing we didn't have a lot of time to watch. TV in the nineteen. I think I don't think I've ever seen a complete applete episode. That's great because that's the hard principal. You're not supposed to know anything. Knowledge Hoping you guys would mess this part. Yeah we're going to ask you three questions about that. I Khan and the flood pants and suspenders. If you get to write you want our price will never listeners. The Voice of their choice in their answering machine. Bill Steve Earle playing for Brian. Heinz of pleasant view Tennessee. Alright cool. Here's the first question now. The popularity of the character Steve Urkel was great for the actor and the TV show but bad. For whom a the actual Steve for whom the character was named who spent a decade during jokes and disappointment that he didn't talk funny. Be The belt industry as Urkel suspenders. Because they forty percent decrease in sales where see speech therapists would deal with people trying to talk like Urkel. Oh let's say. B B. The belt industry people to stop buying belts because suspenders. Were so sexy. Yeah no it was actually real Steve Urkel real robot. The character was named for and he did not enjoy it after a very short while tumor. Chances here's your next question. Herkules popularity led to a number of branded products. Including which of these. He's a Steve Urkel nerd glasses with masking tape pre applied be urkel os breakfast cereal or see an automated chess player called the Mechanical Kirk. Breakfast cereal I guess it is the last one for all the marbles. Also adjalil white. The actor who played Urkel went on to have the usual struggles of an actor associated with one role. He tried appearing on dancing with the stars. But what happened. A asked to dance and and flood high pants and suspenders. He's sworn stomped off the set. B He was so obnoxious to other participants who became known as Journal. He insisted on doing his own choreography for the jitterbug section and broke a hip. Oh let's see B B. It is be He denied the rumors that he was unpopular and said he got along great with everybody. He was still voted off the show. Steve Earle do what a smart it. Guy Steve Earle new album is called guy. It's out now wherever you listen to music. Steve Earle thank you so much for joining when we come back bestselling author Jennifer Winer reveals. How her mom reacted when she published her first novel called good in bed and Anthony Anderson from ABC's blackish reveals is the pain and pleasure going to work with his mom? We'll be back in a minute with more of what we don't tell me from. NPR support for for NPR in the following message comes from American Express. You've got big ideas for your business but figuring out how to make them happen can be a real challenge. Will the answer may be as simple simple as American Express financing solutions. They have over four thousand specialists. Who can help find the right solution for Your Business Chat with them today to see if you're eligible so you you can get your plans up and running the powerful backing of American Express? Don't do business without it. Terms apply learn more at American Express Dot com slash. The business wake up to a fresh take on the day's news with up I every weekday morning and now Saturdays at eight. Am Eastern to ten minutes is all. You'll we need to start your day informed and now you can listen six days a week. I'm Scott Simon and I'm Lou Garcia Navarro up first to start your weekend from NPR news from NPR WBZ Chicago. This is wait wait. Don't tell me the NPR news quiz. I'm Bill Curtis. Here's your host the Chase Bank Auditorium in Chicago. Peter Thank you just a few days. Twenty nineteen will be a distant memory and we'll look back back and laugh at all the money we spent on things like oat milk and CBD underpants in twenty twenty. I'm looking forward to milk underpants underpants before we go. We want to spend a minute remembering the good times people. We met earlier this year including novelist. Jennifer Winer Jennifer joined us in her hometown of Philadelphia Elsia in June. We started by asking her how she got her start. So you came to Philadelphia as journal Journalist and you publish your first novel in two thousand in one two thousand one which was like many first novels autobiographic you write an autobiographical novel called. Good in bed. Aren't you bragging a little everybody says. Is that like the happiest day of Your Life when you get to go. Tell your parents that someone is publishing your book right. And I'm sure this is true for every author who did not call their book good in bed and yes go. Tell Mom and my mother who had been incredibly dismissive. She didn't believe me. And so I got to go home and I said you know Simon and Schuster publishing that a novel and she. She started to cry and she gave me this hug and we had this moment and and then she sort of draws back a little. What's it called so I take good in bed? And she says what and I said. It's good in bed mom and she goes back and she says Jenny. How much research did you do adds an autobiographical novel identifiable details about people you knew and had grown up with and perhaps who had mothered you? Yes they need. My my mom had been married to my dad at one point and then they got divorced and then about ten years after that happened. My Mom Belmopan. The woman We were me and the siblings were shocked by this and didn't know what to make of it and kept asking each other like did you know. Did you know shows shows like softball. And I'd be like Bennett stereotype. But you know what's what was it like. I mean. Usually we ask people to come out to your parents like for your mom to come out to you. It was weird. She didn't tell US showed. You actually what happened. My my youngest brother Joe went home to do his laundry and calls me at work at the Philadelphia Inquirer and says there is a woman living in the house their shoes and they're not France hands shoes and there's close and it's not France clothes and then he said and I was in mom's bathroom looking for toenail clippers and I found all these love letters signed Karen so I call. Oh my mother up and I say Joe says there's a woman living in the house and there's this pause and then she says that's my swim coach. Oh Oh my God see now. I should know men right but I'm just like you know you're fifty four and it's not an Olympic year a- and then and then she says you know that's that's Karen. She's the aquatics director. The West Hartford. JCC and we're in love you know. See for Passover kind of thing and you said to yourself that night will be different from all other texts latest novel Mrs Everything. Ah Yes is about your mother. Well it's loosely. In Lieu Sire loosely inspired little more a little more thickly veiled woman. WHO's gay and WHO's grows grows up at a time when that is totally not allowed exactly and I was reading it's really gripping and interesting and there's a sex scene really early on I I know what was what was it like to write a sex scene involving US horrible motherhood horrible it was? I just had to sort of pretend that she was never ever going to read this. And that I was never ever going to see her again to meet and she would somehow be like hit on the head and forget my name or the very fact of my existence. Has she in fact read it Yeah and what did she say she said. My daughter has a very vivid imagination. All Right Jennifer Weiler. We're delighted to have you here but now it's time to play the game that we're calling. Why are we don't want? It is the best ever time not to be named winner but to be a winner with so many places you you can leave complaints. We're going to ask you three questions about negative reviews. We found on tripadvisor in particular reviews written by frequent tripadvisor reviewer. My own Father Matthew Segal so we're GONNA ask you release you through reviews left by my father. Matthew Segal get to write. You went our prize for one of our listeners. My father criticizing the size of your portions on your voicemail bill who who is Jennifer winer playing for Lynn and Diego Warshafsky who are celebrating their twenty fifth anniversary today. Hey go up and down the first question. What did my Father Matthew? Sega will say about an Italian restaurant in Salem Massachusetts a quote I was disappointed. The find the breadbasket did not have those crunchy breadsticks. I like them quotes. I had little patience for excuses excuses which we got very busy tonight. I didn't notice a busy night. Discount or see quote despite what the waiter I tell you. Pizza BAGELS are Italian food and they should serve them okay. I have to pick one one young in an attempt at a joke embedded in one. which is what I could see Peter Samples father making all right? It sounds like he was trying to be funny. Yeah where's the late people discount. That's the one of course. Yeah here's your next question. There's another Italian restaurant. That's got a bad review in Sarasota. Florida what did my father doc say about their ambience. You don't get that warm feeling that they are glad you're there it's more like I wish all these people would go away. Okay so I can go home. Be I think those chianti bottles with candles in them are nice and I don't know why they don't have a few or see you just a you know the picture above the bar. Supposedly of Rome is really of Naples and they should know that I. I'm going to say I'm going to stay with the mural all won the mural was like that guy that was actually the first one really needs go to the Olive Garden when your your family all right. Here's your last Bush part of a pretty negative review of a Massachusetts Seafood restaurant. What did the reviewer? My father safe. This server Lorna sent her a message in the review. Was it a you too Laura. I won't send you the bill for the shirt you spilled sauce on because I probably would have done it myself soon. Anyway be more not just so you know when I asked you to write down the specials not because annoying. It's because I'm hard of hearing. Were see Atta Girl Lorna. You should be working in a place that deserves. Oh ooh jeeze. I'm GonNa say he said something nice to the way you are exactly right. That's my father. How did Jennifer? If you're doing this quiz she is so interesting to give her two out of three and a win is Jennifer. Weiner's new book is Mrs Everything. You should read it especially if you are her mom Jennifer Weiler. Thank you so much for being here on. Wait wait don't tell what better for wine or everybody support for. NPR and the following message comes from net flicks with John Mullany and a sack lunch bunch. A new children's musical comedy special. That's now streaming on Netflix. John Mullany is joined by talented group of kids and celebrity guests. The special is a collage of Broadway. Caliber showstoppers comedy sketches for all ages. Meditations ends on the unknown from children and adults and a paper Shave Volcano John Mullany and the sack lunch bunch is now streaming only on net flicks support for this podcast and the following message comes from best fiends. The five star rated mobile puzzle game with over one hundred million downloads. Globally is a must must play. There are thousands of fun puzzles and the game updates monthly so there are always new levels and challenges to master play anywhere in any time time with no internet required perfect for traveling and long subway commutes. Engage your brain with fun puzzles and collect tons of cute characters download free on on the apple APP store or Google play. That's friends without the our best fiends. You've seen Anthony Anderson on TV and in movies. He hosts the the new version of to tell the truth. And he's the father on. ABC's Award Winning Comedy Blackish. Anthony Join US in August and Peter ask him about joining the long list of beloved loved TV. DADS so blackish is like your signature. You've done so many things but let's just focus on black ish because there's a huge tradition of family sitcoms. Right goes back to God. I don't know father or knows best. and is it like a burden to be right now. America's favorite TV Dad. Now I just want to get out there where we just WanNa get out there and tell our stories and and have fun doing it and hopefully resume put an audience the way that it has for the past six years and do you. Do People like assume you're wise because you play a TV Dat. No one would ever assume that all right. That's fine about black because I wanted to talk to you about much more challenging and important thing that you do which is hosting a game show to game show but hoping a game show with my mother as my sidekick sidekick what nobody told me this your your mother is your side kick. Yeah my mother is Mama door or at. That's my that's my real mother. The woman that bursts me right and it's funny how it came about. I was doing an episode of celebrity. Family feud food me my mother and my sister in law my brother and my aunt. That's on the show. Jesus and the first question is posed to my mother where where would a naked magician pull a rabbit out of and without hesitation. My Mother's scream to the heavens Steve Harvey give her one of those five minute long burning. Looks like he's burning lack production shutdown literally for about five minute ride all that. Yeah and after the show the producers came over to me and said hey we talked to you about your mother and I was like hey guys I told you she was alive wire I apologize and they were like no. That's just it. We want your mother to be on your your game show with you to tell the truth and I was like really and they were like yeah. What do you think about it? I think it's great because it gets her off my payroll and puts it on your in the celebrities. A gun to her head is demanding a bigger trailer than yours. Now or why demanding big trailer and wants to get paid more than I do. She has an entourage. She has her own personal wig maker. Oh my God. She's evolved. Truly a diva we AWASA question if go back to the magician the naked magician. I don't see any other answer. I think the same thing. Go disrespect your mother's cleverness interesting on board now. We heard that you are pretty enthusiastic Golfer. And in fact you've golfed oft with President Obama. What was that like? That was one of the best rounds of Golf. Ever played. I tell you this. He took all of our money. He's that good of a golfer. Chris Paul Myself. Michael Phelps and President Obama President Obama doesn't hit the Bar long-off not he hits it about two hundred and twenty two hundred thirty yards but he hits it straight as an Arrow right right down the middle of the fairway and he ended up taking money from all three of us to say you say he took all of your money you Chris. Paul and Michael Phelps have have a lot of money. President Obama didn't have a problem taking any of it. No he was he like you know. So we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA make this interesting. I think that was kind of suckered into a bed because we didn't know if we could approach a President Obama like that with the bet so we bet amongst ourselves and on the third hole while we were keying off. Obama was like so why you guys aren't going to include me into and we were like Oh sure Barack get onboard this our plan for you and he commenced to whip well. What is the late? Talk to you anthony. But we have invited you here to play a game that this time we're calling you've been sent down to AA. Your initials are of course chorus which made us think of double a baseball. That is the minor league. So we're GONNA ask you three questions about Minor League ball answer correctly. You want our price one of our listeners. The Voice of anyone they might Mike and they're answering machine. Bill is Anthony Anderson playing for Eric. Christianson Anaheim California the local. All right. You ready here ready all right. Here's your first question. Minor Interleague teams are famous for their promotions. Right won promotion thought up by the West Virginia power with stopped before it could happen. What was it a animal sacrifice night which they were to recreate with a live goat? An ancient pagan ritual be salute to indoor plumbing night in which they it would close the bathrooms and ask everyone to use porta-pottys instead or see swap night in which everybody at the chance to go home with somebody else. Wow congenial that's definitely. Why floppy very certain yet you you went for the wrong stereotype? It's indoor plumbing tender plumbing night. They wanted to do this because the idea was really appreciate indoor plumbing would you don't have access to it but at the health authorities shut them down so that we're able to really appreciate someone else's wife if you've been married as long as some other people. Here's your next question. You still have two chances. You can still win this something. That's never happened before. Happened at an Atlantic League. Minor League game. What was it a EH? A player swung his bat so hard came around and hit him in the head so he knocked himself out be. A coach was objected from game for arguing with a robot umpire or see a pop. Fly was caught and carried away by a seagull resulting. In the first ever bird assisted homerun. Baseball players swung the bat so hard that sort right himself and head and knocked himself out. Oh the audience doesn't like that. I don't know if you can hear Anthony but they're all saying it's B I admire you sir. But they were right in fact trying out this thing where a robot calls balls and strikes trikes. A coach did not like the calls argued and was thrown out by the human empire who was monitoring all right one more chance to get one right here. We go minor. League Games are known for for their shenanigans but one catcher tried something. The cost him his job. What did he do? He carved up potato to look like a baseball and threw it to trick a runner while holding holding onto the ball to tag him out be he used poison ivy to turn to the opposing pitcher into an actual belly richer. ORSI retired of squatting behind the plate. He dragged Laundry out there and just sat there and challenge them to make a move. I am going to have to go with carved up potato and dig it. The person out in Hawaii held onto the ball. That's exactly right and I just want to say he did this. It worked. He got the guy out but he was immediately thrown out of the game and his baseball career was over. The Potato Ball is now preserved into the baseball museum. It was such an amazing thing I do to bill. How did Anthony Anderson doing our three? That's so K.. Ish Hey Anderson have been nominated for an emmy for best actor in a comedy again for his lead role in. ABC's Blackish Anthony Anderson from. What a joy to talk to you? Thanks for joining us on. Wait wait don't tell me that's for look back at twenty nine hundred wait wait. Don't tell me as a production of NPR IN WBZ Chicago and association with Urgent Haircut. Productions Doug Berman Benevolent overlord. BJ limit composed our theme. Our Program is produced by Jennifer Mills Milder in Boston and the lion. King our technical direction as Lorna Whiter Business off managers Colin Mela production manager. Is Robert newhouse. Our senior producer is California Ian in Chile and the executive producer of we. Don't tell me is Michael Dan for thanks to bill. Kurtis all our panelists all our guests and thanks to all of you for listening this whole year. We we are so grateful on Peterson Angle. We'll see next week. This is N._p._R..

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Ep. 49  Hollyweird Christmas | 5 Best Christmas Ghost Stories| Andres Pico Adobe Museum History & Ghosts with Maria Wessenauer

Hollyweird Paranormal

53:01 min | 1 year ago

Ep. 49 Hollyweird Christmas | 5 Best Christmas Ghost Stories| Andres Pico Adobe Museum History & Ghosts with Maria Wessenauer

"Altogether Martingale seemed dreary enough and the ghost stories. We had laughed at while sunshine flooded. The Room became less unreal whom we had nothing but blazing fires and wax candles to dispel. The gloom became more real also when servant after servant left us to seek situations elsewhere when noises grew frequent in the house. When we ourselves Claire? Ni- with our own ears hurt. The tramp tramp the banking and the chattering which had been described to US my dear reader. You doubtless are free from superstitious fancies. Nancy's you pooh-poohed the existence of ghosts and only wish she could find haunted house in which to spend the night which is all very brave and praiseworthy you but wait till you are left in a treasury desolate old country mentioned filled with the most unaccountable sounds without servant with none save an old caretaker and his wife who living at the extremists end of the building. Her nothing of the tramp tramp Bang Bang going on at all hours of the night a strange Christmas game by J H Riddell The it's the most spooky is time of the year. You're now not Halloween but definitely Christmas. As we mentioned in our last Christmas episode a year ago Christmas was a time where we all sat around down by the fire and clutched are mugs filled with hot cocoa or Eggnog as we intently listened with fear to the creepy ghost stories that used to be shared. You're throughout this amazing holiday so on this episode rice and I go over the five forgotten yet famous Christmas ghost tales. Stick stick around if you dare for my sit down interview with Hollywood zooms. Maria Wassenaar an interview from the Andres Pico Adobe Museum. You definitely don't want to miss out on the history and the ghost stories. Attached to one of the most oldest adobe in Los Angeles located right in Mission Hills California L. A. -fornia and trust me. Some of those tales might WanNa make you sleep with more than one night late on Andy Williams one. Sing it so well. They'll be parties or hosting marshmallows for toasting caroline. Out in the snow. They'll be scary ghost stories and tales of the glories of Christmas. Long ago let's break Christmas us. Holly weirds style All right hey hey I I wanted to make a little episode before I had to Nola and before he goes into major IBER nation mode right. I mean I'm not old enough to be a bear air by here. We are. You have a beard too. You're a bear in the gay community rights. I don't know how that works to be honest. I think I'm too young. Maybe the bear cub. That's right now and tell me what I am. You're like cut for sure. God well we wanted to share the few famous Christmas ghost stories that I'm sure not many of you know about and if you do then your star level creepiest faulk and of course as we discussed in our last Christmas episode last year we remember the most famous one. The muppets Christmas. Cats the counts. I'm sorry I will die on that. Actually as the Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens which was written in December of eighteen forty three And so many renditions of it and different versions of that had been played on theaters on sound stages pads is. There's a new series on Hulu right now on effect. It looks so dark. Just got done watching it. He did tell me about it so I don't watch it clearly scary. It's very it's very Dr. Yeah ready it's FX style. The costumes accord rural amazing. I love their versions of the three Christmas present past and future and the story. They really dive deep into the Jacob. Marley Halimi comes a ghost. How he transitioned to it goes to the dive they take a little bit of deeper dives into the grittiness of that time period Yeah not a great time not a great time at. I love that man. It's like The Christmas story or the Christmas Carol is basically showing that rich. People can be generous. You just have to scare them within the in life. I and I feel that that really speaks to me. Hurt them so they could drop some papering coin on your way. Ghosts scare rich people. I I have some goals that descend out to call out and also some money that I need to keep the real well. According to Colin Fleming of the Paris review he writes it. They're five scary Christmas tales. They'll make reading these stories stories like drinking too much. Eggnog be enough to have you cancel Christmas next year. If only if it wasn't so much fun to get messed up on the Eggnog if you know what I mean do and and then of course we're GonNa talk about a little something something. We're have a little Christmas treat for you guys. We have a thirty minute interview with historian. And I would say Hollywood Exhumed Bay Bay Maria Watson. Our if you're not following Hollywood zoomed on his screaming face but then you're definitely missing out. She pretty much does a walking tour of. LA's most famous historical site so definitely follow her guys now. Not only is she the brainchild behind Hollywood assume soon. But she's also the vice president of the San Fernando Historical Society and she invited me over to the under the PICO adult. Well she invited both Fuskus but Bryce of course per use. Yes please if you're looking to give me a Christmas gift I ain't Msi's clone clone immediately but for are you you you work in your degree. Get a little scared so both our families but we were able to do an interview inside this famous famous museum. which is the L. A.? Second oldest adobe and of course. It's Pretty Haunted Maria Researches and leads the tours of the Andres Peca Dobie Museum and she has quite a few go stories to share from her personal experiences by leading the tours and also she has proof proof documentation of former owner of a former owner that own the adobe that had recorded the haunting experienced such an interesting interesting interview. GEISE has history has mystery and it definitely has ghost stories and she's such an awesome person. So you definitely want to tune into that also stay tune I think within a week because Bryn Mawr court ghosts magnet interviewed us. Guys are so if anyone doubts that I am a foreign scared again. Just we tease photos. There'll be leaking out pretty soon. reducers person I really am the biggest chicken. I've ever met embarrassing guys. It's bad it took Brigette Moore court a former playboy bunny to get bryce it goes into the frame like no thank you and good. I was literally all I was standing next to the acid. It is it was. Can you please. He's comes the day I was like no thank you. I'll be right here thank you. It was alert. And then I hear this voice and I see this like exit side above above him. Read your like I'm over here. Thank you in in my light defense. I was there to turn the lights off and on but also yes we were so in awe with this whole interview guys. She's so sweet and salty ocean thing so she comes to our will might job braces former job to interview us and then to talk about our haunted job and also to do a ghost hunt at our haunted job so it was really really cold. They also did a video of that. I'll be posting all those amazing footage and of course recordings very very soon. 'cause you definitely want to see prices you know I'm spooked baseness image for how I look everytime you're exactly We have a documented. All right guys. Let's head on over to these five creepy Christmas ghost tales. Shall we now you all remember a a Christmas Carol but there are these five that you have to read over the Christmas break. If you want to get a little creeped out so the first one. We're going to touch on between the lights. And that was written by e f Benson so this was written in nineteen twelve now. This tale is set on Christmas Eve and looks back on the one the year before when our hosts had a vision in a primal shack entombed beasts advancing upon him as he sat out on the lawn and watched his wife and a good friend play croquet another other creatures advanced paralysis has set in and it is by a Christmas mercy. The hold is relinquished. Yes on a nomad took a scale of one to ten. I give an eight two point five on this story. The second one is the kickback. Now this is a really good one for true crime enthusiast easiest and like a little bit of murdering Gore so this one was written by house. You knew because you're listening to this podcast. A little blood and Gore. With your Christmas this will go so Algernon Blackwood wrote this story in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight in this story a law clerk. Who's boss just cleared? A murderer is packing packing what he believes to be. The travel bag said employer has led him but the holidays can be very misleading. One man's Tumi luggage can be another other sac to lug around a possibly severed body part Again there's that notion of warmth of looking forward to things is like our homeboy wishes to chat up some ladies back in the lodge on his ski holiday and F- Ability Sense of course now on a no Matoka scale of one to ten. I give this one nine. I read it. It's really creepy. Really really creepy so this other one is called Christmas reunion. Brian and it's spelled R. E. Hyphen Union. By Sir Andrew Caldecott. This one was also written in one thousand nine hundred and so this one comes from a volume called not exactly ghosts and some animation of Caldecott approach. Now the things in historic could kind of happen on their own again. We begin with a Family Holiday Party. But there's a guest who's a bit of a Dick Ha also always. Everyone is pleased when he leaves. And wouldn't you know it. He heads out at the same time as a Santa Claus or rather the Santa. The family thinks hired to put on an act for the KITTIES cities. Now the Prakash Guess we learn. Did his uncle a bad turn once upon a time and his father. Christmas knows about it worse still. He's an avenging Father Christmas so Santa is the ghosts in the story. Maybe or maybe not because Santa could just be one pissed off kin so you get the riddle if you read it for yourself when anoma talk a scale of one to ten I give it an eight point five ducats okay. This one one is a little cray. It's colts me and it's by eight. Am Barrage this one was written in one thousand nine thirty one so this one is about people at a Christmas dismiss party playing a form hiding go seton on area to hang it. In which the Seeker advances upon the Hyder and says it's me which uttered quickly and breathlessly enough becomes SMI so. It's Christmas Eve there's this big old rambling Ling in this house. But one tiny problem. There's an extra player who does not number among the guests. Oh yeah a sort of moral downing the EGGNOG and playing hide and seek can make you want to pull a scrooge. It is a very creepy tail and on a the scale on a nomad took a scale of one to ten. I give it a note. Mafraq and talk is ten as a really creepy tail so my personal favorite. Yeah this one. I just read a couple of weeks ago. This one is called a strange Christmas game in its by J H Riddle and it was written in eighteen sixty three so even spook story. Enthusiast tend not to know about a good amount of Victorian ghost fiction. But you know what Victorian goes fiction was actually written by a lot of women back there so maybe the majority of it was definitely written by Mrs j h Riddell who was one of the best go story writers hours of her time period and screen. She will definitely Hashtag head. BIC In charge when it comes to the ghost store right now in a strange strange Christmas game we have that idea of play again only now it is the ghosts who are playing their hands. At the sport a brother and sister inherited gloomy old estate in Bedfordshire family. History here is not a long one except for the fact that former owners of the estate Jeremy Molester went missing on Christmas Eve and was never found for forty one years until John and Claire. Stay at the dark castle on Christmas Eve. And do you like like to visit haunted chambers. Well this one is definitely going to give you a sample of that. IT IS A. It's a thirty minute read for an old fashioned Christmas Eve Tales. There's murder murderer there's ghosts there's true crimes. Yes so I highly recommend that you guys read this I read it. It's it's a good read. It did take me three minutes. It's and it's a great short story and that's so cool A.. J. Drill was you know. He wrote a majority of these Victorian Ghost Tales home. I M Anderson now on Daca scale of one to ten. This definitely reached ten. Yes this is a really good tale guys now we ahead into your interview with Maria Wa from the Andres Pico Adobe. Hey guys welcome to Hollywood. Paranormal unfortunately I don't have price Mitchell Williams here but we do have a really really awesome treat. We have Berea Walson our did I pronounce it right Western. Our lessen our western our and RIA is now one of my new friends and she is awesome and she is also the brainchild behind behind Hollywood exhumed on instagram and facebook. If you guys are not following Hollywood exhumed and you're definitely missing out. So Hollywood exhumed in short is as pretty much a walking history tour around Los Angeles California for that matter right. Yes most definitely so if you follow her. Through through Hollywood exhumed you'll get to see really awesome historical sites and locations in and around Los Angeles and she documents them and not only does she documented breath but she's also amedure historian so Maria you WanNa say tell everyone what you do well first of all. Hey Hey there you go yeah I am the vice president of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society and a historian. Yes The San Fernando Valley Historical Society are Caretakers of the Andres Pico Adobe in Mission Hills California and we are the second oldest home in Los Angeles. Yeah we are currently recording out of the home guys. We're inside the Adobe Museum and we're in one of my favorite rooms of course the costumer wardrobe room and we're surrounded by these amazing pieces of love garments. That date back as as all the way back to the nineteenth century. You're eight for sure we have Just behind you. There's is a really old trunk that's just filled with underwear from the eighteen. Eighty S You said really old trunk. And here's Craig Owens behind me so you're clicking in the background that is our friend. The one and only Craig Owens who is also the brainchild behind desire Los Angeles and the author of haunted by history volume. One so real quickly. What we're going to do is talk about the history of the Adobe Museum Liam in who what better person to tell us? The history of course is Maria. Because she's the Hudson that and it's it's a rich history and it dates back to the Mid Eighteen hundreds right so The adobe itself was built in eighteen thirty four by X. Mission Indians Or so we believe there's a little bit of a contra controversy about that right now But it was built With the mission that is is basically just across the street from US And it was used for for lack of better words a tool shed. We'll call it Later on it was given to Andres Pico who was General and brother to PO PICO. Who was the governor of California And he gave it to his son Romolo and his wife Catalina a wedding gift They lived here through We just got rice for my wedding. So that was it. My husband and I are starving artist and so at that time it was a lot smaller than what you're what you're getting now It was just basically the Sala the living room right and later later on The area that's now our library was built on. And some flight fireplaces were put in the garage so It looked a lot different than also it was Rancho style at that time obviously And Catalina I guess very fashion forward and Wanted to come in and redecorate. She should as she should have course first this was like large she said she was Reshad. VISIT HDTV show Adalina side and so she decorated it to what was on trend then which was Victorian and some wood floors were laid upon the existing floor. Right now And so that's kind of what we've recreated. Nothing is original to on the house. Everything that we have In the house right now uh-huh are donations. Yes you guys receive a ton of donations and it's beautiful because they're really like adds so much to the allure of the house kind of gives you an example of an a feel for how people decorated and how they lived and sure I would say like is not one specific decade. That it really isn't and that kind of upsets me a little bit. Because for a tape for a a little a little while we had a mid century modern coffee table And it was also so I really wanted to take it home for my for my own living room it just it just didn't it didn't feel right and so yeah we have control And a player piano and a a couple of things that you know. Everything's kind of a different time. It's you know it gives you That you know kind of vintage e feel the other thing that we have a lot of our religious artifacts that were I don't know if we salvaged. Or what exactly you would call it. But when when the pope made a visit to Los Angeles in the eighties The San Fernando mission kind of decided to redecorate create and got rid of all their religious artifacts slash charge keys that had little knicker chip and we just took them all. They had a little bit of a like like yard sale. And then we went to the mall and so you can see him throughout the adobe so it kind of sets that kind of mission e. feel to it it it certainly certainly does and I had no idea that this mission is this museum exists date it's quite sequestered here mission hills. Were tell me or tell everyone where it's is currently located It's Actually if you know the San Fernando Valley you would probably know the bear pit which was very very very famous barbecue restaurant. I haven't paid and we're right across from the bear pit but yeah we're We're just office to pull the data You know basically just across from the San Fernando mission but we're kind of tucked away so if you make that turn onto onto onto brand You'd better turn on that blinker quick. 'CAUSE YOU'RE GONNA turn right into our lives. Yes I had that I made that mistake a couple of days ago my way here for the first time but yeah it's pretty sequestered here Tucker away in this area but I guess let's go. Oh into the stories of what else this mission also carries so. There's a lot of talk that as a paranormal association in the history. Well I wouldn't be here otherwise. Of course let's get a spooky. Please take very spooky. I'm claiming that one of the reasons why it does have some paranormal association. Because Catalina is like why do they have a modern table in the middle of my Victorian living room for sure. I think she I think she'd be very irritated at the little papers that describe. She's like what are these index cards. But but anyhow Yeah well that's something for me that I love to kind of dig and see what could actually be a fact or fiction or lore also to separating between is a haunted is location or is it. I mean you have to think we have very very very old things in this house. So are they carrying crazy energy. Is it a combination of both both. Yes that I there are so many possibilities lester or a here. Let's begin with the legend. The one thing that I can tell you that that A lot of people seem to have seen is The figure of woman in our upstairs window. Oh Oh yeah you told me but yes yes And that's kind of been one that more than one person who Has Been working here. Maybe you you know a dose in Or volunteers kind Has Been outside in a courtyard I know someone specific Who told told me the story? I've known them forever and they told me the story way before. I even volunteered here. And she's a what I doing. Air quotes a non believer but was kind of like freaked out by the story but We out the park for parties is how we sustain ourselves And the adobe is locked when we have those events that's in the park no one's allowed and she was here opening closing the gates on that specific day and she had locked the doors and was walking walking away and for some reason decided to turn back and when she looked up she saw somebody in the window so she thought maybe be somebody had gotten in the house and so she went back in. And what do you think she found. Not The modern talk in the modern coffee curl was like pick up this table. Now clashing shing. Oh Wow so. There was no one here it was just her. It was definitely Oh Stephanie. But she'll still pan it out to the wind right. Hello Oh yes she win the woman I mean I heard this story Years and years and years ago. I've known her separately separately from the from the historical society's she had told me this story The other thing is people have seen a small child not exactly saying whether female male just a child in the upstate. Very close to where we are now now in costume room there there's a nursery but that nursery only came to be like maybe a year ago. Oh before then it was file cabinets in there so it's not like ooh nursery. There's a ghost of a child. A Little Alonso. We're kind of working off that no at this time that the story that I'm about to tell you file cabinets And one of our Dough since was here Downstairs And there was a man doing research upstairs in our research area and so no one else was here but he was leaving It was kind of like the wrap up at the end of the day and he comes downstairs and he tells her oh. Is that your your grandchild. Upstairs a hell now. She was kind of confused and she was like No. What do you mean he's like you know the small child that was running up? You know running around upstairs your grandchild child and she so she said I'm here alone. There's no one with me And so they both went back upstairs. And Yeah no small child no grandchild man but that was. He said that he saw the child. In what is now our nursery. Did you describe with the Child House. Look quite didn't which I wish I would have gotten that description just because you know and the only child I know who lived in in this house because because the The Pico's did not have children while they were living in the house. But the Clark's who moved in shortly after in eighteen ninety s Emmett Clark was a small child at the time after that the Harrington's moved in the eighteen eighteen thirties. They did not have children And so and so. That was the only family known as a child so again whether it's you know brought in by donated a than it probably has an attachment. That's a really. Yeah that's pretty interesting. I mean I've had this discussion a lot with other of investigators and even Mediums that A lot of times. It's like not just a homework homework. A location that can be haunted like say a haunted house it could be a person could be a place that thing too sure so there could be attachments. Where like doc individuals individuals can have tach moments objects can definitely have attachments? Snake homes can have attachments to so maybe it could be something that was attached to one of those items that carry the spirit or maybe this energy of this little child almost definitely. Oh yeah now You've had some personal experiences. Says in here too well I had an experience not that long ago in that specific area which is sort of the hallway that takes you to the nursery and the costume room that we're in now and there's I was giving a guided tour and There was a stock of posters maps. kind all kinds of stuff like that kind of leaning up against the wall but the one that was in front of it was an actual actual framed with like the Glass Front. It was weighted And as I walked by it just came flying at me And so I kind of just like picked it all up played it off and then kind of you know leaned back to where it was one about my business as soon as the tour laughed. I was like the need to go investigate and I kept trying to reenact it like stepping hard and that kind of stuff. That's good. Please tell me you have some sort of a paranormal investigation education kit here your grandma to my recorder and my you know magnifying glass. I called Scooby. And but but yeah I could not find a logical explanation for why it decided to flat me and then in the next court tour comes about and As we're walking into the bedroom we have kind of like a little railing with little gate I think to keep the you know if we're doing a large tour to keep the crowd out of the bedroom and it has kind of like slots in between on the other side of it I I don't even know exactly what this object is But they're like little metal balls and they were awesome. Yeah I know what they were originally heavy. No and there's so many things in this House that you have to ask somebody else like what is exactly because it's something you've never seen before learning has probably a really good explanation but your I don't even know what these are for But anyhow it came as we were walking in the room it Kinda came flying at me but kind of had to do like you know make a right make a left make left make a right and then go up of it. 'cause I sought guys and women. I'm going to take a picture of it just to show you guys on instagram. How how this thing went through certain crevice or like this? It's like this metal bar fence. Rails will laying over it. Yeah I is a snake its way yes. I think that's the best way I could describe it anyway. So it landed on my feet and I was kind of like hall and the war and so the lady the I was giving a tour to Kinda just looked at me and I was like. Oh I'm like you know. Oh we probably just kept wrong. She was kind of like not buying it left shortly after and then after I went back into the whole like if I step hard yes I just think this this houses like all crazy. If you're if you're downstairs and there's people upstairs it's scary gary af I keep feeling like I'm GonNa get washed like something you know it's so old yes and I mean even the doorways are they're pretty everything's creaky petite and creaky. Yeah definitely don't want to be in here during an earthquake but then again it has always stood. It's been always been retrofitted fitted so you're good. Oh good sustained a lot of damage the northridge earthquake and it was retrofitted. Surreal horror probably safer here than anywhere else. Perfect But yeah so I kind of went and did my little own little investigation with my. Wha what did you say magnifying glass. Your Voice Border Right. And you're able to a protracted listen to the wind but that like when you told me that story Oreos like how does that happen. I'm perplexed by it because there's so many things blocking that little decorative item. They're going to call it a decorative item like I was like Metal Victorian numb trucks. Or something I don't know but I mean they almost look like you'd put like Potpourri in them or something. Yeah you know those little things that you put in your closet. I know it's not that but that's what exactly kind of looks like it has little holes in it we'll picture we'll take a picture and you guys can tell us if anyone out there who's into these types of items and things Taurean relics guests can let us know what they are. It'd be greatly appreciated especially especially from our Ese because she's like the train checks. Victorian pooper holding got leaders. Probably there. This is what they are but But yeah that is a very interesting story but also I love the fact that when I came in here you didn't tell me anything. None of the history connected did the haunted history connected to this house which I personally like because I just want to go in and feel sure and and I remember telling you like you tell me yes because that's what I kind of like I did the same way with with Craig. Although he kinda gets a feels in one specific area and I actually actually get the fields in this room like in this closet gives me the feels hardcore. But he says he doesn't feel anything Craig. Do you feel anything right now. Feels kind of feels pretty good in here. I probably it's because I'm in my own element I love costumes and wardrobe and vintage clothes. I'm like looking at this lace detail are here. I'm trying to focus but I definitely felt fuzzy in that other room. The bedroom the bedroom. Where Yeah you explain? Where or that decorative item was placed? I felt very fuzzy there and then of course I got a bit of a chill in the children's room but here I felt I felt pretty decent. So the one story that kind of keeps really kind of recycling Ling itself and It's the one I kind of tend to believe the most just because it's come from three completely separate people walks walks of life and completely different times in history but Mark Harrington and his wife and Deka in the eighteen thirties mark was the The curator curator for the Southwest Museum. And he came in him and his wife lived in attempt for awhile year and they refurbish the entire house and so he said when they were first able to. Oh and let me preface office that way saying that India was a really big believer in the paranormal. And there's actually a picture of her that we have standing in front of the adobe and there's a a form in the photo that she was said to have believed was a coast We have to see that. I didn't see that last time I was. I don't think I showed it to you. Know I I always search and go like where so recently we came across Mark Harrington's diaries and one of his diary entry said that the first night that they stayed upstairs in the bedroom that they kept hearing footsteps and the footsteps would stop once it got to the top of the stairs and they would hear walking around downstairs the first time he was concerned because there for years and years and years been rumors that that there's gold varied in them there hills no not really go gold buried here somewhere. And so there'd be a lot of people who would come and try and like you know in the middle of the night scavenge and see if they can find. Oh Wow yeah. So he thought maybe it was. Somebody was coming onto the property and he would find nothing and this happened. Yeah pretty much every night until he just basically stop trying to pay attention to it and then it just just kind of stopped And she was said said to be terrified to like walk through the living room on her out on her own at night. So that was the first the first time that I've heard that And then just recently a man came on a tour and the Dobie was used in the late fifties early sixties ish as a Ymca and this gentleman and who came on the tour said that when he was a young boy and he was in the scouts that he had stayed overnight. Here they were. The scouts were going on a field trip early morning warning and they had this whole thing where they got to stay here and they were all upstairs trying to go to sleep and they kept hearing footsteps downstairs so was signed the same story and really made an impact on him because he's retelling it. You know some fifty years later a few years ago opera came out and did a paranormal investigation and You can find you can listen to those online on YouTube But it was the same thing was it was footsteps I'm kind of sound alike. Men's boots on on cement him so completely separate occasions right totally not connected same same story. That's what I tend to believe right in your gut. Who Do you think? It is walking around You know I don't know I mean I wanna be all like it's you know Romolo maybe but the why. I'm not exactly sure sure if he would have been that attached to this house. Why would he come back I don't know I don't know if Mark Harrington wore cowboy boots but Oh no no. That wouldn't have been him because he's the one that felt it. I so yeah I mean I would have to be Romolo because he was the first resident of the home. If if we're going to go with the theory that it it was somebody haunting this house right and the woman in the window who you think that might be a one a definitely think. It's Catalina just for the sake of Mental Lena. uh-huh that Catalina was child bride rate. You're showing me the pictures downstairs and I was like. Oh is this a father daughter your husband wife and in the photo Oto in the photo below the photo it says she was sixteen and he was thirty. But I'm just not look sixteen now researching a little there was also this whole not whether her name was Katerina Or her name was catalina because on different Her birth certificates one thing or another and it gets kind of but we've determined her name is Catalina and she was actually fourteen at the time married and that was common. Yeah Yeah Yeah. 'cause I seriously thought I was wrong if you were married by the time of the sixteen th Spinster. Yeah but I mean they. We're married for a very long time. Because there is like the picture of them when she was fourteen and then there is now she finally caught up. Yeah you can tell the difference and you told me a very interesting scene story connected to that. That couple like someone I guess was doing an EP session downstairs or one of the rooms here and they caught an VP. The of a response because someone made a comment like oh a I was explaining to There was a gal here and she was really taken back by the age difference right so I was explaining the situation to her and then it was being reported and then later on it came back and it said love is love and a man's voice was at women twice was a man's voice so that's intelligent. Yeah that's probably him he's like love is love and then you even hear. We heard her in the background. And she's like get rid of the coffee table. uh-huh hearing the boots do well. I've definitely had some of the field. I haven't had any experiences yet that that I love to do. I love to do like a private investigation here for sure. Definitely a love to bring a couple of people and do an event here or some sort of investigation just to Kinda see what's around here but I think it's a combination of things I think it's because it's like who owned this house and it's you know history along with the other pieces here. I mean I'm looking at a World War Two uniform that has to have some sort of energy attached to it and I'm looking at nineteen twenty clashes and and This nineteen ten. You know between dress I mean. There's so much it's really crazy like Be Locking up for the night and and I forget to turn off a light up here. I literally do the thing. Where you where you Ryan and I'm like it's all in my head? It's all run back down the stairs. That's true I would do that to this. I mean in relation to another location in heritage query familiar area When I was shooting a feature film there we were? I was located on the second floor of the specific one of the Victorian homes it was the greenhouse. That's right next to the IT's like the law like this tall like White Queen Anne Victorian and I was told like oh at. There's some strange activity around the location. People said like Oh. They've seen like a ghost of a little girl. There's GonNa of a woman on the second floor of a specific house else and the house's really didn't have any sort of history no violent history no signs of anything bad that happened in any of those houses but what the location has that parallels with this location is that it collects a lot of antique items. I told like one of the dose on like I believe the reason when you have a Lotta this activities because you guys have into medicine bottles vintage like medical bags. They have a museum like a Pharmacy Museum. All the way in the back and then in a lot of these homes homes. They have just a plethora of Victorian in antique furniture. I mean they even even do like a reenactment of morning in one of those right the ads so I mean me Lord knows what stirs Yes stirs up and conjures up so like we said it's like is it the house. Is it an item or is it things that people just bring in so who knows. That's right paranormal is always inconclusive. So almost definitely well thank you guys so much will thank you so much for sitting sitting down with us for this little short episode on V.. Museum guys definitely go. Check this place out. Where can they find out? More information on this location You could follow the San Fernando Valley Historical Society on facebook or you can go to our website And also stay tuned because we will be hosting ghost tours in the near future so you yourself can come in and kind of see what you feel. He has ought to be a part of that sober. And where can people find. Hollywood exude Hollywood exhumed on instagram on the grain on the ground facebook and on facebook. Yeah guys definitely follow Maria on there and take a little little tour throughout history in California in Los Angeles got Yes. There's a lot of things that you have on their thank you. Yes a lot of things. Thank you so much Marino. Thanks for having me very welcome. You'll cute so do you think you I love you bye okay. Wasn't that a crazy said of tales. I Love Tales. I love the tradition of like ghost ghost tales at Christmas. It's a lost art but I'm so terrifying it's about balance it always balance like how much eggnog and watershed you consume. Actually don't love Eggnog. It upsets my stomach. One very tiny punchbowl glass plastic ones. That's like my limit. What about the charges have to be careful with any daring? Yeah alcoholic it just like my stomach's upset you'd be blowing out of both holes girl once as you just switched straight vodka. It's hard to go back. He said Alcoholic. I like my shampoo me new ninety calories stories for Glass Girl Hubbell's. Yeah a lot of bubbles. I'm GonNa be you know digesting a Lotta bubble the New Orleans. Yeah see that Big Gumbo Pot. Drop a New Year's Worley that if you go to the French quarter in New York they had that big you know like ball that drops in the middle of Times Square. We have a big a pot of Gumbo in the middle of Jackson Square. Is it big thing. Yeah 'cause we have celebrities now and it's all televised and stuff which really really cool. I could use some Gumbo I feel what does that Hypo ever done for me. Oh yes parade Gumbo and some eight to fade on coal Cole Christmas Day. It's amazing. That's what my family does. We Cook a lot by Lovejoy New Orleans for Christmas. Speaking of New Orleans guys. I'm going to try to coordinate an interview with bloody Mary from the Christmas Tree. She owes me an interview considering the fact that my niece and I got locked in her haunted nine. Oh my Gosh Kim. Mr Still so unseen owes me that. So I'M GONNA try to make I'm going to try to make it happen. Guys and of course Bryce will be scared from afar. Yes are you familiar. The brand guys. We wanted to wish you a wonderful. Merry Christmas s we wanted has been. This has been two years since podcast up. Can't you believe that no I can. It's kind of crazy in someone's yeah in some ways it does feel like that otherwise. You're sick what we started. No Oh yeah I just. I'm I'm just fortunate for everyone that we met everyone. I've spoken to were so thankful to be in the presence of so many people people are so nice and supportive community. I WANNA give a couple of thank yous real quickly before we see you guys in twenty twenty when I give a big Jake. Thanks to Rob Cohen Robin Christine Cohen. Down there the producers of ghost magnet with bridget more court and Force Brigette Moore Court. She is so sweet leat. I'm so off her and her podcasts. And what she's doing in talking with so many professionals and keeping us in this community and I'm so happy that that she invited us on her so sweet and then of course. Scott Michaels of dearly departed tours. Such a sweet sky as you guys have heard and probably read on facebook The museum will be closing unfortunately and I think ill be open up until the end of February February. I could be wrong but yeah after many many years he is closing the museum but he will still continue the tour so if you need to take a tour sure and do a dearly departed tour in around the Hollywood area. He is still going to be doing those tours. Of course you'd better come over here and do guys on it. And then of course Craig Owens Pizarro Los Angeles and last but not least. Maria was narrow of Hollywood exam. Yes thank you so much and of course how could we forget might lytle ghostly. Oh my God it's it's it's it's the twenty first. Today's the twenty. I know the twenty second. 'cause I leave tomorrow the twenty third so it come. It came out no coming out in a week a week. Okay that's right. That is really hard. I'm on break. I don't have to do math. And that wearing wash exceeded my phone. Yes but I have it on my phone I have it. Set December twenty seven guys and watch the new travel channel's series. Go Sleep starring. Our friend Matt Lytle. We interviewed him a couple of weeks ago. So definitely go and check out episode forty eight with our friend the new trailer. Yeah so spooked. We're going to post it on. Our guys can watch oath insane one. She's like independence but was I don't know what was it. Why the good it does? We're so happy and excited for him and his team to guys make sure you tune in and support them and I guess we'll see you in twenty twenty year and twenty twenty. We made. It will merry Christmas guys and had a creepy New Year citing Hollywood. 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The A-Side Live Chat | Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr., UFC Heavyweight Title Picture, MMA in the Olympics, Claressa Shields to PFL, More

The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

1:10:31 hr | 7 months ago

The A-Side Live Chat | Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr., UFC Heavyweight Title Picture, MMA in the Olympics, Claressa Shields to PFL, More

"Introducing the new verizon business unlimited plans for as low as thirty dollars per line with auto-pay get five g nationwide plus massive data capacity plus spam blocking features plus mix and match the right plans for your business. Get more of what you need. None of what you don't from verizon. The network businesses rely on five g. Nationwide available in eighteen hundred placebos visa. Five g devices monthly prolonged pricing with five lines on biz unlimited start device payment smartphone purchase auto pay paper free billing required terms apply You're listening to the box media long as network and hopefully the. Hey we're live pal. Welcome everyone to another episode of a side live chat. I of course closings. You may notice that. Casey is not here. He's on vacation so if anything goes wrong this week you can blame me. Because i'm one man show on producing. I'm doing the questions and doing the music. I'm queuing up guests. But with that i am very happy to welcome an walker. He's back on the show Always wanted to. I've been wanting to having one for a long time. I felt this week in particular was most important because the other guest we have. We've not had a published author ever this show until this week and i wanted an on this show specifically because every time he's on we delve into our love hip hop music specifically Last last time you and i were debating joe button. Then we kinda dived into jail. Chronic new album had literally just came out that week. None of us were big fan of it Andres hail welcome to the shell. Big fan one of the one of the journalists. I respect the most on the scene. So andre how's life in your parlow dizzy man. he's busy. I mean So many fights you know how you know. I work over at the zone. So it's like we gotta fight every week and then boxer has a fight every week and then dana can't stop making fights every damn week so it's She's nonstop between that music. Rightness book on kendrick lamar. Yeah we'll talk about the book later on. Because i've actually read it. Ten out of ten will will recommend but aunt. How's life and your part of the well. How's life as a dad Debt life is is fantastic. Man got my my little guy. Right here He is a ticking. Time bombs over here screaming and throwing in kitty songs. He is the reason why the bomb love imagine. Just taking care of the little guy taking care of the family Trying to eat right back to training you know. Get my priorities. In lommel we go shockers alon and all that monteiro positive and i see following on instagram. You find time to train again right yemen. I needed to man. Quarantine life was was a adding little little exercise to me and i was already getting a little plump so had to burn some of that off so no no better way to burn fat than you know punching and kicking things andres house the pandemic treating you. I know we've had a lot of guests before they. They felt like that some of them are going crazy. Some of them like it. Some of them find time to find Find new hobbies. So how's the pandemic ben for you before we dive into the fan question as too bad. I'm a hermit right so it's like. I traveled a lot before it but now my daughter's four so she appreciates daddy being home every day and i'll have to go. Well the place for work. So has been too bad strangely enough on busier now than i was before the damn pandemic which doesn't make any damn sense but the last year we are in these past few months. I've been absolute twenty twenty. It's been a eighteen month long year. I wanna say. I can't wait for it then but i don't know what it's gonna you said you've been busy more during the pandemic than before. I haven't stopped traveling. I'm still making that four hour drive to las vegas for pretty much. All of these cars. I was in jacksonville for the those. May those first pandemic cards. I was in fight islands for five weeks. My new so i went to the colby. Comington woodley fight card and then immediately got on flights dhabi for five weeks. So i've not stopped Didn't go to this last one. But i'm gearing up to go to a few more Before the years out. And then allegedly i might be going to fight island again in january so it never stops but as of course the fans now. The drill andrea. I'll fill you in with. You can work and talk about whatever you guys want fans. We can ask questions on twitter questions on the sites. I got the youtube comments. We can pop upper here. I got a few questions loaded. You guys want to dive into any sort of tangent. Feel free one time. Andreas we had on the show. I mean we've talked forty five minutes about bigfoot. No one asked us about bigfoot. We talked. I'll be for forty five minutes. That conversation proceeded to continue on on friday island as we talked with amp mentioned with aunt. We kind of dive into our disagreements. He's big joe biden fan. I myself am not that. We kinda got a little heated as we go back and forth We both disagree about before we start. Did you like the jalen chronic. 'cause i first debut album. I should say not to mix tape. That came out is actually james these. That's what i was gonna say. I was gonna say jay z's album that features jay electron. Yeah that was collaboration now. But i mean i liked a for what it was. Grammy nominated him first time. We got a bunch of wrapping ask rappers nominated for grammys. This incredible but i dug it favorite. I'm with the but i thought it was cool. Mix day that he dropped his on was on title. Is that what it is now. Yeah which should have been as i al. Yes one hundred percent that is that came out the day. I landed in fight island and that is all i listened to for five weeks. So i'm fan and did you like it or have you have. You had time to listen to it being a dad. I haven't had some actually. I don't even have title. So if it's a tidal exclusive out of the mix a little while So i'll have to find other means to to get a hold of his mix tape. I'm sure it won't be difficult. Will find it on soundcloud my man so any questions. You guys wanna talk. I got the comments that we got twitter questions We're gonna talk about anything anything you guys want to talk about Let's see what we got first question from. Ease the hardcore casual. Don't do like that. I'm sorry from casual ease on twitter. Which loser leaves town or lose retires fight. Would you wanna see most in the afc. If they had anderson versus. Show gun or dago. Sanchez versus time. Where the i'll start with you know these fights are going to happen. Let's be honest but if you had to pick which person which quote loser leaves town fight. Which one do you wanna see. most. I definitely don't wanna see either anderson silva or again shogun ordeal sanchez versus woodley. Both of those matchups are terrible and they do nobody any sort of justice. I do wanna see a losers lee loser lease towns match up with mike perry versus himself. Get my period of the ufc. That's that's really the only thing i care about. Get that clown about it. There shots fired already. Andres which of these fictional fights that will never happen. You want to see most. And why. I mean you're still my answer. So you know mike. Parry versus mike perry mike. Perry versus of the law might perry versus the n. word Give me all of them in a loser leaves town match and get them out of the paint. Please and thank you. We've had this question. Come up a few times about mike perry why he's still in the. Afc what's dana white thinking all this and that is there any scenario knowing dana white like we've all spoken to in a way that we've covered in white for damn near. I've been coming from near ten years. Is there any reason in your mind that you think might pay will ever be handed. His walking papers in the future andres. I'll start with you. Yeah if a charge actually sticks accusations of one thing. Data's release people for less. So this is an odd situation on the maybe three fight losing streak And then hit somebody. I mean you can hit an old man in a bar. That's pretty much anything he can do. But people seem to find 'em entertaining strangely enough. I've never seen him entertaining. Translate into any type of sales or anything so Yeah give me a couple of losing streak. Let's get one of these charges. Stick to get him out of here because apparently saying the n. Word as a white dude in america is not a proud and you saw the media day. I'm sure actually andres you probably solid media day to mike. There's one big part that stuck out to me. When mike pairs doing his day someone asked him specifically about the nine one. One call about that. His mother His mother called nine one one when there was some sort of incident on her front yard and he said. Let me correct you. That wasn't i would. I didn't hit her then when she called but it was that it was that part where he's like he was. He was alluding to. That's now at that calls about at that time. Maybe it happens another time but it seems like mike. Perry was deemed off into a hole that he couldn't take out. What are your thoughts on the whole situation. I mean he's an idiot. I don't really. I don't think you really can put a whole lot of science behind what he does and i think the final straw for him being. Ufc is that he has to get knocked out in a bar fight. I mean look what happened with. Bj penn bj penn was running rampant allegations against him producing nothing else in the cage for a long time and would finally broke the camel's back. The one thing that finally may dana say okay. This guy does not belong in the afc anymore was to see a guy who hung out at a bar at just some dude randomly. Sit on a borstal knock them out so if a random got aboard knocks you out. You're probably not. Ufc caliber took that to to enter the picture. So i think my career is going to have to have something like that happen. He's going to have to get out here in a street. Fight against somebody who really wants to smoke and somebody doesn't want real good. Got it on on camera someone. Tmz or whatever and then all of a man we can't have my period around the ufc. I think at this point. That's that's it because clearly the The lack of climbing up the promotional ladder. doesn't have any effect clearly lawless behavior and being a disgusting human being has no effect. So he's just gotta get knocked out some clown in there it is then they'll be out of z in in in a jail cell. Probably so you're saying get in a fight in a bar we'll get you cut but saying the n. Word in public at a bar won't get you get cut getting you getting in a bar. Fight won't get you cut but getting knocked out in you cut that. That's the big difference. Here twenty twenty. I don't wanna get my anymore. Shine that we've already given him. I'm sure you guys have talked enough about amateur. You thought enough about him. And i guarantee you people still gonna fight him. I know people are already calling him out after last forms against him means but i wanna give them anymore shine so the next question from john malkin longtime commentator on twitter dana always says he is contractually obligated to offer a fighter. Three fights a year with firelight franson ghana. Who says his prime is being squandered. Seems like it is does uc just pay a small amount to not offer any fights Andres all star with you will kind of piggyback off this question. Talk about the heavyweight title picture. Which has seemed to be stagnant for the past three years and by no fault of anyone zone. I don't think anyone complained when they did the trilogy. With dc steep bad think if anything the only complaint was there was a lot of time between the fights they fought once they fought once a year for three years and yesterday and did have a fight with derek lewis between the first and second one but it seems like the heavyweight picture has been tied up with two fighters now that they're past that and dan cormie has finally retired Steep which is still doesn't have a fight francis gun says he's gonna. I was at his fight in. May when knocked. Josh rosen street. If he doesn't fight against the may that's a whole nother year. We're losing without franson. Got inside the. Us the octagon. What is the situation right now with a heavyweight title picture and is there anyone else for francis gonna fight not name st john jones. Damn it look man. I don't understand this with fresh sagana. The you know it's hard because guys wanna fight but then you gotta make them wait for title fight then you gotta wait for the heavyweight title to be defended because it was tied up between steep a and and cormier but the hell we doing. I mean look franson gotta in. Derek loopholes can go ahead and throw down. Can that happen. I mean that fight sucked. And i'm sure they both want to fix what happened with that. I fight so let's let's do that. You can't squad guys like in god. He's he's you can't make him a commodity if he's not busy and he's not busy in the man. Produces highlight reel knockouts. Put them in there with greg. Hardy got but like he has to fight so i don't know if they're obligated to give guys three fights here. I know the pandemic has changed a lot of things. But in god who should be fighting somebody anybody and i hope they're getting paid if they're not fighting because we all know you'll see fighters are never getting paid enough money so they gotta chill out with this whole heavyweight picture is just a mess in guys need to fight. We've heard not a peep of what's going on in versus john. Pay these guys with money. Because if congress fighting for as i'm sure cleaning up john jones can get paid to fight for instance in ghana. We can get this figured out now. I'm glad you brought that up. Because we've actually had a lot of questions about the future of john john's pop up and i i've been saying for since john. Jones announced move to heavyweight the steep as out for a while. John jones fights francis. There's no argument if john jones beat franson gano that he's numb tender at heavyweight. That's that is the quickest path. It's dangerous path. You might get knocked out. But that was. The quickest quickest pat francis wants to keep fighting. John jones is a worthy name. He's arguably the greatest fighter who has ever lived He's he welcome and right into the headway picture. It's the biggest fight you can have outside of the title picture. I am in one hundred agreement with that aunt. Where do you stand on the title picture. I agree with enemy. France john joneses is the fight to make You can't have someone as talented and as exciting as francis. Donald just sitting on the shelf and expect to make a star out of him but also to. Let's let's dive into some of the wording in in the question about you know offering fights from my understanding the language in the contracts mean like if they offer you a fighting you turn it down you just extend the length of the term so they. They don't have to give you money if you turn down fights and knowing the dirty promotional dirty negotiation tactics that that we know the of c. engages in a lot of times. I'm pretty certain dave offered him of some low ball thing to to fight unranked heavyweight Just to make sure that it will have to pay him anything to keep him on roster without having him book for natural fight. So i'd like to see the specific language To determine whether or not these are real offers you know what actual offers were made. And i think that's something that we can put a question. Mark around but francis. Donald needs to do something he needs to do something. This guy is exciting. He he is Perhaps the key to an entire region that has not been tapped by the ufc. I mean what are we doing here. and and also to another thing would francis donald like the risk infighting him that you probably can get away with things that may god's normally frowned upon. You can throw him in there against somebody and not necessarily worry about the outcome And worried about him. Losing his position. He's probably gonna decapitate them. Unless there's someone like john jones or someone like as so those two names not being in part of the picture for him given somebody like somebody that he'll accept. Pay the man properly. I'm glad you brought up. The francis could be the keys very large reason. Because let's not forget before. Israel sonya hit the scene before kamar lose men became champion. People were kind of looking at franson ghana as the guy that they were going to break into the african market with he's not from nigeria from cameroon be also has ties to france. Let's not forget. France legalize them may baladora held. The first of a and i know dana white was very upset about not break. Not being the one to break ground is national. Francis could be the key to two regions. The ucs not tapped into in france and in africa of yes as joseph buzzer comment assessments. Four months in steep. it fought franson. Goners is the only fight. I think you should fight. If i'm sleeping. I know stupid. Wanted was even calling out. Say they're anthony joshua tyson fury. All this stuff under wasn't didn't France even attend a press. Conference deleon white. At some point. I am i. Am i mistaken. That i believe so i mean look man cut it out champion of the world that you don't need to fight a boxer defend the damn title. You just want it back. There's no reason that you should be looking for legacy fights or something to further your mainstream appeal. I get it. The money's fantastic over there but you are the champ. You can't tie up the division with anthony joshua man get the hell out of here book. Dan fight nanny. Josh should be fighting a lot a lot. Different people then. Cd amelia's right now. Anti dodgers tyson fury in my opinion. But that is another conversation that we could be at Questioned from the the comments on youtube from truce engorge debt longtime comments. They're always having backed the cream. Zombies aimed to make his return march in march or april. Wants to fight the beat. Your thoughts on the matchup and do you think the fight will happen. Sustain a recently downplayed talk of rodriguez's return. So yes for those of you. Who aren't aware. Dan white alluded to some mystery reason. They your rodriguez is Not fighting he said it was not not his business. It's out of his control and announce a when when they'll announce it so we have no idea what the situation is. I think zambia has been booked more times than maybe habib tony ferguson and it keeps falling out As the beat. Korean zombie checks all my boxes. And where do you stand on this possible. The only thing. I have wrong with this and it's a very minor gripe is that like to see winners fight winners though joe silva matchmaking model but action wise it sounds fantastic from a ranking standpoint. It makes sense. I mean just go ahead and book it because at this point. I think it's safe to just give up on your your rodriguez and i don't want to speculate on what could be the thing. I i believe. They're a set of initials that a lot of people throwing they could be the the us for this and if that's the case we've probably won't see him for quite some time so let's just move on with our lives. Go hit and book which sure to be a great action fight and with definitely can have some factor into the title picture korean zombie and zombie. Just sounds lovely. And i'm probably going to play that on. Ufc four think yeah andres. Let's not forget brian. Otake is probably next in line for alex. Vulcanology max holloway. Who many consider one of if not the greatest featherweight champion of all time. It's pro- it's between him. I'ma strong josie alba train. He's flying in calvin cater in january which pro which means the cranes armies means a beer pretty much. The only to be hasn't fought since last year when he be calvin cater in moscow. Which wasn't the mid. They're supposed to boston gets moved to. Moscow was the co main event and then got to the main event. Greg hardy fall alexander volkov in the coleman event so i thought on apostles beat green zombie. Fight in the future james say. Give it to me baby like that. That is an all i mean. Again you gotta give them some beat something to do korea zombie. He's always gonna come to fight. Got piece of brown ortega but brown. Tickets been redesigned and remodel. So that man's been incredible so that as a be korean fighters of mash. I would love to see. Make it happen. It can headline something. Give me the action now. This is advertiser content. We now have two point. Three million people incarcerated in america. That's attorney geoffrey. Robinson director of the aclu tron center for justice and equality. His work inspired the making of who. We are a podcast by ben and jerry's and produced by. Vox creative who we are. 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If those of you watched the show. I have been calling for i had. I had been calling brian ticket for korean zombie for about five years before that fight finally happened in my god by not get the ball. Brian ortega completely blow me out of the water but he has beat The army makes sense dan. You can fight does i. Don't know if he has a fight. Barbosa i want to fight to kasi very badly But that's probably not going to happen. Jamie stevens is out. There ryan hall is out there. I know casey's not here. So i have to bring brian hall at some point Andrea's if you're not aware of casey's very much on of ryan hall is the most dangerous fighter in the afc. According to casey. I mean the man get a fight. That's another dude is like the lord house in the past five years i don fall out. Due to the pandemic. I know that speaking of times s insane speaking of j. pixel twenty ten youtube comments j. electron jays hip hop right right. Yeah yeah exactly. I mean the man shows up. He's brilliant and then he disappears. That's who ryan hall is jay electronica. Yeah that parallels perfect. Do you remember in like two thousand and thirteen two thousand fourteen. Jay z tweeted a photo of j. electrons album on tunes like the track list. Then i was like. Oh it's gonna come out. This year. Came out seven years later. Yeah story time you guys wanna hear story i. I'm jay electronica. When i worked to be our four year We met over. Aim into the aol sms. Mind god long ago and we talked a lot at one point and If you know the producer. Mr porter is a friend of mine. And he had called me. When i was in the studio and they were making beats and jay got on the phone he was like andreas was good and i was like. Hey man what's going on with this album. He said hold on a went. And i heard him spit his bars and then he's left and i was still hold important. Denying this goes back to like what happened today. I was like. I don't know i thought he was. What you that's how jay is. He just vanished. He would do things and just disappear so the man is a legitimate. I caught him a south by south west freestyle on a quarter one time and i ran up on him. I was like what are you doing. I'm about to leave again. I haven't seen that. This is two thousand and thirteen. Did ask so. Yeah the hall parallel. Yeah kind of similar guys. It's brilliant and the gone george. Traffic is one of the few people in the world. That i would feel legitimately starstruck over meeting i to me. I think exhibit exhibit. C is my favorite of the two. That dropped but i think everyone likes exhibit a better. I'm both of them. Are god level rhyming. But if i met jalen hannukah in. If i was in your shoes jail tonic. Spit bars me. I probably would have cried. That's that's the level of God god god hood. I put him on a pedestal. When i'm a common. I felt i didn't know how i was just saying i don't remember what it said i work lords. Were just pouring out of my mouth At i was like shaking said. Because i have i made on. I used to love her shirt twenty years ago because they weren't selling that i made it and i pulled it out and it barely fit me and i wore you like us so high and he's he came out and he was like. Oh six shirt man. I was like what and i was like doing things in my head. I didn't really know how to function. you know. That explains a lot man because you were real nervous when you met me so i get it. Now that's true man and But i'm definitely an exhibit. A guy i mean. They're both unbelievable. And that was actually my walkout song for my career fighter in one of the fight night games one of my amateur songs walked out. Exhibits walked out to that and then the second flight i had that i got knocked out. I walked out to the mystery of check chess. Boxing by wu tang clan says the only song that that they had that i wanted so trial by default saw from rich p tops higher. Whoa lebron james needs to do in order to beat. Kobe come in in an anime fight. How long would he needs. Trained for him to advocate trans. Andres your eyes bugged out. What you this question. So you ought to address. Richard rich p top tier from youtube comments. I hate this question. Because we like i need to see. Kobe gives smashed. But he's a good fighter. And that's the part that i hate about this and lebron's a beast but you can't just train and for a few months and it'd be ready for fights i i don't know how long was the briley. Mma just in my mind it would be three weeks. They just beat the crap out of colby. But that's i don't know man x. Question man. I can't do this and you in the same boat next question. I'm just gonna say the first thing lebron would have to do to be koby. Covington is know who kobe. Covington is right now. Colby is out the thirst trap in crazy on twitter and lebron has idea who. He isn't sure. I'm sure if kobe walked into lebron's can right now. Lebron would just think he was one of his butler's six. So this is this is silly thing. Right here nate. Robinson and jake paul was a good illustration of why just being an elite level. Athlete is not enough in the fight. World you have to actually know how to fight. The bra probably probably has some scraps industries of akron show. He did but not like the second best welterweight in the world right now. It's it pains me to say this put. Lebron would get absolutely waxed by colby. And there's nothing he could do about it. Yeah i agree one hundred percent Lebron is probably want the one of the top at no he is. He's one of the best athletes in the world bar. None in any in any sport whatsoever. I think if you're going to build a creative player in any sort of nba nba to twenty one. The body you want is lebron james. I think he. I think bill simmons longtime said david robinson had the perfect body to mold into a basketball player. I think lebron. James has superseded that as perfectly built basketball player with that being said coby coby coming to just pieces. Lebron james up. He's the second best welterweight in the world It is what it is Yeah we're not going to give that question anymore time We are gonna talk about though. Because we're getting a million questions about it. And i don't want to put them all up on the screen because i don't want to pick one over the other. What did you guys think of. Jake paul andy robinson last weekend. Man Nate robinson sewage trainers. They didn't have him doing anything resembling defense. He must sport at all because he looked like. He just stuck his chin out in iran to ward Jake that was total trash but the media fun man look all with spend time with jake ahead of his insulin. Give it on zone. J. paul takes stuff seriously as soon as they booked fight. The first thing i said is going night night. People like he's a premier athlete. I was like no man. Jake may be a clown on social media but when it comes to these boxes think he's better than his brother zane too much but he has a jab and if you know anything about fighting if you've ever been in a boxing ring if somebody has a jab and you don't you're screwed and the other thing knicks never really been in a fight like that man this is one thing to be in a fight like which homes on the black and then you know you could just kind of winmill your way through to fight but then when you're trying to get around somebody's who understand space and distance. I made a fool love. And i know there's people like we have to praise nate because he had the balls step of the rain cool but i still am going to get these jokes because mas- went to sleep. You mean you didn't give two thousand and seventeen venezuelan basketball league champion. Nee robinson any chance against jay-paul they don't come on no way no way. I enjoyed it. Like i got white. People were upset about it and they were like. Oh these guys never fought listen. I've been covering boxing decade. I've seen cab drivers literally cab. Drivers fight world title guys and just get destroy. We've seen terrible matchups. This wasn't one of those and it was entertaining and snoop dogg. Saying ou loud. As man's went down was impressive. I was thoroughly entertain. Had no problems with this whatsoever. So they went sleep. So what. move on. have a nice day. would you think nukes commentary. I loved it. S a man. I saw cavanaugh was like listen. This this whole thing was an event. There's a difference between a fight and innovate right. Pay per view for events. Pay per views are made for you to have a bunch of people over the. Don't know a goddamn thing about combat sports and they argue about what's going to happen and never seen fight snoop on commentary fit perfectly want. Did you really want like the sweet science being broken down by like max kellerman or jim know you wanna snoop dogg because it was entertaining it like. I want to be entertained. And that's what that was. That was an event. I no problem with this catenaccio outlet. He's calling your face calling college. Faisal cares yet the ufc. Obviously try to get snoot to do the contender series of the. I think it was the first or second season. I don't think they're really worked out because he didn't really know what he was watching but he himself said he grew up watching tyson. Roy john so you got to speak on a little bit. Where'd you think it's news commentary. I personally loved it. I thought israel sign was phenomenal in that role of anything. Sugar ray was the weakest of the three. Because i felt like he was falling asleep. That whole fight. But and what did you think. I'd love the commentary overall for the event Let's give more renaldo his props hundred or something and on less than a day's notice and killing it had all. His one liners in effect like he had time to prep israel tucson. You came across classy and incredible. Even when he was cursing to curse an have classes is a beautiful combination Sugar ray leonard was was trashed as always but he was his. His level of trash was perfect for this because he seems so miserable surrounded by people in rappers and like i keep talking about his. He's got like this. Og wisdom voice. We just sounds like every time he opens melfi thing is something really profound coming out but when he's on the commentary nothing worthwhile is is ever leaving his mouth. I like to say that. It's it's morgan. Freeman reciting lyrics from soldier. Boy just is like this gravitas and the voice but nothing really being said with it. I snoop was snoop was funny. Snoop was perfect for that now. I think for the series. We're talking about serious fights where it's almost serious that are making this a career so you want you want someone to take it seriously But in something like this we got to fifty year old guys out there you know pretending to fight each other. We've got a youtube star and a basketball player who couldn't throw a punch to save his life and now you have A rapper competent. This is not serious. There's no reason to take this serious and to get all get all upset about it. It was fun it was entertaining. Leave it at that now and now snoop to do this every week. Like with the series trash because we do have a sample size this says snoop every week. strache this wasn't though this is beautiful. I loved it. Sugar ray fell like he would start a lot of stories that set felt like it was going to be this real deep conversation. I would lean in waiting for him to say something and then it would. Just stop and be like right. What's next whereas going guy. But morrow i thought i was great i still think marlow is the best in the business and you see us flowing locks. You don't really see that when more on these incredible he likes to linear lives on tape. Delay think his entire life is tape delayed watching. It's like he's trying to process an answer to the question and by then it's too late because out of sign is always stepping on the dip of the old man trying to do double dosages falls over. Well said joseph buzzer. We're going to answer your question because you've asked it about a dozen times from youtube comments. How crazy that with a within a span of twelve hours without kevin. Harlan could fight this weekend due to him getting covered yet he is funding. Next week vs jacques array so we talked about this last week or we talked about one of the shows. Kevin was post. Fight this weekend against jacker manson. I think a lot of the narrative was if he beat jack hermansson you went five zero and two thousand twenty in caps it off with a a win over. A top five middleweight. He's on the shortlist for fighter. The year test positive for covid they pull. Marvin vittori famous. Fighting and shocker. And before i see all the questions saying why didn't they pull dockery. Jocularity loss jack hermansson. Let's not forget that pulls marvin tori and they book marvin torturers jacker man's and then immediately turn around and book kevin holland against dockery like the week later. So if he has covid why is he even fighting a week. Who's he gonna train with. Who's gonna be around him. Like wanna cut just cut wait while while you're infected with a virus then go fight dockery one of the millwood's star with you. You seem to chuckle over this whole scenario. What is happening right now. In the afc medicines goofy come on man. Look if you wanna call coverage awake. Cut find 'cause that's what we're doing right we're saying a covert is the way cut. Come on man stop looking at a week later at least act like you guys got a week later against jack right. You're not doing holland. Any favors man. That's disrespectful to give like kevin. I dunno if he's as. I don't know how bad it is. We don't know. But i here's what we do know. Somebody has covert give a break. Take a couple of weeks like re book for the top of january. Let them be little. Be at one hundred percent because you're right. Who the hell these foreign. It's rain with this. Time is going to be off. There's all kinds of things can go wrong. This is stupid kobe's wreaking havoc on everything right now. I feel like maybe before the year's over we're gonna have a fight card like nine five. Kobe biggest common. It's gonna be something ridiculous but they got to this though yeah. People are wondering why that december nineteenth card has so many fights on it. It's because so many fights fell out that they just stuck them on december nineteenth. So you're gonna get we're going to get a card with nine fights and then in a month later we're going to get a car with twenty five fights on just to make up for us but and what do you make of this whole situation with kevin holland getting covert and then fighting a week after his previously scheduled fight. I honestly have no idea what what to make of it. Because none of it has any route in logic or or sensibility. If the man has cove nineteen. The last thing he needs to be doing is booking himself a fight. I test negative for the virus. Cash your theory test negative and then maybe see how you feel then. Maybe it's safe to go to the gym then. Maybe if it's safe to go to the gym maybe you can start training for a fight. This doesn't make any sense whatsoever. i'm reminded of daniel cormier saying that he had cova leading up to the steep. A trilogy fight And that little magic ring or something that they're trying to sell selling him and the fight still going on in this kind of being told to us via press release you know after the fact. This sounds really crazy. I mean this sounds like something they should be doing. Fight island where there's no regulation that and they can just get away with it I did the one like plus on this. Is that booking against ray. Maybe he's immune now because he already had it. That's probably demand alta. I'll tell you a story. I was in jacksonville. When jacques array tested positive and i was in the the the lobby of the hotel with adam hill. Jon morgan and oscar wells. We had finally finished work and we went to go eat dinner and all of a sudden the news broke and every single person in the lobby disappeared like every. Uc staffer just disappeared all at once. Because they're like. Oh we have to deal with this and all of a sudden you couldn't find anyone in the afc everyone was scrambling around. Everyone was doing every single. Radio hit possible because we were the only four media people there but yes. Jacques ray has been One of the more unlucky fighters but also. Let's not forget. Curtis blades was supposed to fight. Derek lewis what last weekend in the that fell out. Derek lewis said on on some podcast or show or instagram that they wanted to book the fight for the first january card. Kerr's blades it not happening so of clears blades. Actually hasn't he's taken seriously and he can't fight a month and a half later. I can't believe kevin holland is going to try to fight a week later. But it's the usc and it's dana white so there's nothing surprises from twitter from m. g. to kill twenty tyson for joe's being draw remind me of two younger brothers competing with their parents not wanting to choose a winner to upset anyone even though one brother clearly one and they both got a participation trophy candy for their efforts Under started you. Did you think there was any possible way that there would be an actual winner or are you like me saying this is going to be a draw even if it was professional. Yeah i mean. They told us this from the beginning. It's like nobody. Read the rules right like they said. Listen anything somebody got. Hit hard enough. They're going to can't stop But if the fight went the distance which it did they said they would declare no winner. Then they had these celebrity judges at christy. Martin vinnie paz's who had a scorecard. That was one of the most atrocious things i've ever seen between him atalay burden. Cj ross. he's the worst. And i couldn't understand that but there's nothing to be surprised about. It was an exhibition. Kind of told you what the rules were. They told you there'd be no winter that were mad when we don't get a win it. Look we all know. Mike looked great in that fight. Roy really really really old and We can kind of move on with their lives. Who cares like. I enjoyed it for what it was. It was stupid man and we need a winner in that fight. No i mean the fact that both of them survived is good enough for me. We all one in that regard. I mean that means tyson did enough to win but at the same time it wasn't this was not something to be taken seriously to really score. This was this was a farce And i just wanted to sit back and enjoy the forest sip my whiskey and having no responsibility to cover this with any level of journalistic integrity. So i appreciate that via passes one of the judges. Though you said andres vinny pazienza was one of the judges. So chad dawson and christie mark. Vinnie peres is from rhode island. Which is where i'm from. And he's obviously a local legend for all of the wrong reasons. Yes he is a boxing champion. So anytime you're from the new england area and you're italian and your boxing champion. You don't have to buy a drink for the rest of your life. He goes places and people leave because they're afraid of what's going to happen because he goes on his rampage as he says a lot of horrible racial things. there's obviously very and very There's a very specific generation. That still reveres him but for everyone else. Where the brain they they see vinnie paz's walking down the street in providence rhode island. They walked to the other side because they don't know what's going to happen with that man. They don't want any sort of cameras in their faces. But yeah as soon as i heard. Vinnie passes one of the judges that any sort of Criteria for judging is out the window in my mind from requests from m two k twenty twentieth danish so against one hundred sixty five pound division. How about we just have the grays one fifty five and one seventy hundred ballot out for one hundred sixty five pound title. They can take home and hang on. Their wall is never been never to be defended again. Have habib versus gsp. And i'll start with you her beavers. Gsp you wanna sit support for this. Podcast comes from fidelity investments then points season two is here join host mark squires. He invites industry professionals to help. Firms focus on activating the advice. Value stack with four growth. Engines using the sustainability digital intelligence and emotional quotients firms can connect with clients on a deeper level improve productivity and drive growth. All episodes for season two are available to download and stream. Will you get your podcast national financial services. Llc or fidelity brokerage services llc members nyse sipc nine three nine zero nine one dot three dot zero support for this. Podcast comes from williams. Some people deliver packages others delivered dinner. At williams we deliver natural gas that is safe clean and affordable and have for over one hundred years. That's how we feel the clean energy future williams. We may clean energy happen. Learn more at williams dot com. That's w. i l. l. a. m. s. dot com. Yeah i guess so You know if if they book it will be into it but right now i like the idea of could be just retiring on top and respecting. His mother's wishes living his life like the animals on the farm. So that that's that's pretty cool but If the problem with this if they were to have a one sixty five pound title belt for this fight and only this fight there's going to be other fighters that are trying to get that bill to even if it's vacated when both of them walk away from it when when the fights over with and then on top of that and there's no way with the the amount of at the putting on and they're desperate need to have belts to put on posters that they're just going to create a belt and then just just going to go away. I mean they were trying to revive the title. Like that was actually talked about so They made up that total nonsense. A real contested between two of the greatest of all time. Yeah that belt's going to be in place so there is no if dina's is really against a one sixty five pound division. He's not going to introduce a belt forward. He's going to have to do an about face on the division in order for belt to to come into play because the moment it's drop there's going to be connor there's gonna be dust and there's gonna be tony ferguson. There's going to be I can see tyron woodley trying to go after it is going to be everybody between one fifty five and one one seventy. That may be a little bit outside of the title picture or a little bit. Oversize or undersize They are going to push for this one. Sixty five pound belt. because it's their andre. Two questions delight habibur. Gsp part and second question. Do we need more belts in the uc. Jesus christ no probably boxer man thousand bills if yes casual fan jam and there's nobody knows here's a question for both you. Floyd may with manny pacquiao. Do they fight for. I don't know you don't wanna deluded anymore. So the khabib. Gsp thing i to. I want say this dana so quick to push everybody into retirement but he won't be alone. Has legitimate reason to leave. The sport and dana will not let go but meanwhile shogun anderson silva anybody who fights and loses a little bit longer the to try out the paint could be versus. Yes p yeah i wanna see it as right now could be washes them but i would love to see You know i would like to see it. But given the circumstances lydman ledge could live now. And i know you mentioned fans living on the farm. He got the headed. So i don't wanna see that happening could be in the process. But i do want to see could be just kind of ride off into the sunset with barry sanders career. I've never compared. But i've never heard anyone could bear habib to barry sanders ever. I like it your first Look you know why. Barry sanders had a terrible offensive line at a short career. Retired is highest point. He's often talked about as one of the most electric running backs of all time. But then people talk about emma. Smith is being raised when the back of all time but we know if barry sanders played longer he would have broken every single record in the book. I think it'd be would have done the same. You retired on top. He when it was time to go when he felt like there was no need to find anyone. Mary sanders i heard a stat. Years ago that barry sanders has the most negative rushing attempts in the history of the nfl and he still like top five. All time in rushing yards groping that that office of lies trash trash if he ran by the dallas cowboys he ran for twenty eight hundred dollars thirteen gangs. Maybe it'll be like a collegiate level. Abusing of varies like five. Eighty was grueling. People but you know it is what it is calvin johnson to both on the line and lena yeah crazy from watch my six six on the youtube comments with a very muscular jesus christ as his profile pitcher he's ever mainland in the olympics. Could get better judging. So we've had a few questions about this. But i think right now Talk about because be recently. Did a press conference where he's going to have his own fight promotion. I think it's eagle fight. 'em eagle fighting jam ships or whatever. It's getting me on fight pass. And then he also said he wants to work with the olympic committee to get 'em ma into the olympic games. There's obviously boxing judo. This you jitsu in everything but those are an amateur still right side like the nba. Yeah so it's headgear. It's the full the full things don't really want to see man. The olympics has had gear. That is my personal. Take on star with you. Do you want to see the olympics. And how well how well received do you think it'll be it won't be well received. And no i don't wanna see. I don't understand what we can do and the olympics. I mean isn't that the us just take people around the world and throwing case having a fight like isn't that the same thing. Why do i need this in the olympics. With a bunch of guys who are getting paid less than they're making it. Emma made now which is zero in the olympics. For what what. Are you going to get a gold medal. Amazing what do you do with it. Nothing come on no thank you. And you're in the same boat in the same boat and then also to like the sport of him may have to change so much to fit the olympics. Motor think about all the grand pris and and you know the one night tournament in the early days and how many people had to be replaced due to injury or they were exhausted and couldn't go to the next round. So you're going to have to have this this huge pool of standbys That probably are going to end up with the gold medal simply because they were lower in the bracket and they got to be fresh for the final match up. So it's going to water everything down. You'll probably have to wear headgear as well. Especially for the to protect against cuts which will end someone trying to advance in the tournament. I it's just no point I'd i mean at this point to. We barely see olympic combat sports televised. I'm i still would love to see. Olympic taekwondo on. But they barely ever show it and judo and wrestling and boxing. Like you have to hunt down the the broadcast for those may would just get lost in the sauce and everything else. So why even bother with it. You know who would win. A bracketed gold medal in the olympics probably olympic wrestler. Because he can just hold them down every single fight. So you're just going to get a wrestler who maybe isn't good enough to make the olympic team. Maybe he's like the first cut all just go down and may hold down and go all the way and i'll still win a gold medal But what do you think about his. Watch my sixty. Six olympics would lead to better judging. I don't quite understand. That are not the same the same people that are bad at judging. Then the people say roy. Jones junior didn't win an olympic gold medal. Say certain people. I gotta whatever may gold medals. Yeah we'll just have another roy jones and floyd mayweather style robbing in the olympics for for mma. So almost going to be hill. Thanks yeah adalaide. Byrd will make your way over there too i will. I will say play. Devil's advocate. I would like see the olympics if it leads to cross promotional fights but that is the only reason in a perfect world we could get pit bull versus vulcan oscar and doesn't have to be in this quote fictional olympic world. We could just get it as a fight but then you know that will never happen. Question from another yves. Edwards casual yves edwards on twitter. Does uc have to start implementing more around cova for twenty twenty one. Backup fight for cards. More importantly providing training money or private gyms any idea and start with you. You're the u. of c. How do you try. Get ahead of this kovic. Pandemic that has gripped the world not just the sporting world. It sounds nice. You know the these options but the oc is not going to do this. I mean they're they're doing is trying to create an infrastructure where everything is self contained with them. So if you built private gyms they're going to be on. You know going to be attached to the apex like this. It's going to keep everything in house and they're trying to make a fighter hotel. I mean they've got an island or at least a part of portion of an island dedicated to putting on fights. This is all about self containment. The thing is. I don't think they necessarily. It doesn't really behoove them to have backup plans. And all this stuff because business running just fine right now and despite the human cost despite you know whatever or moral questions you can put around it. They're fulfilling their contractual obligations to broadcast partners. And that's at the end of the day. That guaranteed money is all that really matters. So just keep doing that right now. You're gonna have you're not gonna have The the wealth of fighters for backups because the pool of fighters already depleted with kovin with travel restrictions with quarantine and whatnot. So you just kinda working with this. You know this. Whenever mixed deck it is So san more gas from the contender series and just throw them in and espn writes the check the end. Yeah we have this conversation on. I think last week's as side where remember the first season on the contender series. Where it was actually like. Who's gonna get the contract is gonna come down to these five and only two people get. It seems like every single week. Every single fighter on tuesday gets a contract. And i couldn't figure out why then someone on my in my twitter mentioned goes. Well it's because the backup fighters like more fighters are gonna fall out. You need a backup fighter that can make weight andrews. If you're the you have see what you do to get ahead of this pandemic if it's if that's even possible in two thousand twenty one they don't care so there's no need like should they absolutely should be stopped booking so many back to back absolutely but these super spreader events continue. I mean you're gonna continue to get your obligation look man. It's you is bigger than any fighter that the ufc has and as long as keep putting together events would answered. The human cost is not enough to make them to deter them from changing their way. So yes should it happened absolutely. Because i don't want to see people get sick. It's gonna take you go see five die unfortunately for them to make any change and hopefully that does not happen for man like kevin harlan's fighting next week. Y'all know let's let's not forget. The they were memorialize kubis father throughout the entire broadcast. Both fifty four. Did they say how. Lisa wide idle. They left that out I mean we have to question leadership at the top. When the the ufc president gets up to the mic on a regular basis talks about how cove is going to go away after the election. And how only the flu and everybody's gonna end up getting it in. It's not a big deal when he said he saying this You can't expect much difference from the organization. He's the guy at the top of it so of course they're going to do things all wrong. Of course they're going to gloss over the real dangers and what's going on here Because business has to keep moving and people's opinions are swaying the company. And that's what it is. So unfortunately it's it's the reality that we have to live with like ovid has decimated the world We can expect 'em may to not be affected by this because you know i hate to break it to to all you. Cova truth is out there. But emma may exist in this actual real world so we got to play with the rules that are that are thrown our way. This is what it is. You mean you guys didn't hear cowboy surrounding say the virus was going to go away after the election. You guys didn't believe that. Now i you know i i i actually take my advice from bryson metric just after hall's nuts labraya. You wanted to explain how how cold it is not a big deal in the mass thing. So yeah this is fascinating. It's fascinating because like look. I hate saying shut up and dribble or anything like that. Some of you five is need to shut the hell up inches fight because you're not doctors cut it out. House will disappear after damn election man to be mad. Well we're going to use this. Watch my six six six wanted to bounce off his question to olympians clerks shields could end up finding kayla harrison in two thousand twenty one. We haven't gotten too many questions about clothes shield. So i'm gonna use this question to bounce off into talking about her. She recently signs with pf l. o. and l. mma is not gonna be any of the million dollar tournaments is going to have one non title fight non tournament fight Andres will start with you. What do you make of clear shields. Who many consider the pound for pound best female boxer in the world actually making the jump over to mixed martial arts. Well here it is. He has nobody to fight boxing. She's been tired of sitting on our ass and wait for showtime book something. Meanwhile the rest of the women's division in boxing in the lower weight classes they're pairing up quite will so she need something else to do. Clear shiels is super ambitious and she wants to fight so this is house. She's going to fight listened to grow a little bit of takedown defense. She's good because ain't nobody gonna stand there. Strike clerkship with small gloves on. Because he's gonna beat the hell out of them but there's a lot of people say i don't understand it but if you're clarisa she goes in like for instance. You're looking at katie taylor. You're looking at cecilia breakfast. And you're looking at all these women booking multiple fights during the pandemic we have seen clear shields at all so get her a check to find. Pf l. she's going to look for a baby and eventual fight with cyborgs. You look she'll have. She still held a young so she just wants more opportunities man and if she can do more power to or i don't think there's that much of a threat as long as she's been training it can defend the tape out. I think she'll be okay. I'm a huge fan of closest. You'll wanna get start with that. When she does her entrances and she actually gets to show her her personality with the dance moves and outfits and everything. I see that. And i'm like why can't you have see allow for this to happen. I felt the same way. When tyson fury doubt wilder may their entrance on like this is a spectacle this will get people to tune in to watch like if you allow anthony smith and Devin clark the shows any sort of personality when they make their inches people tune in for that and walker. What do you make it clear. Sealed hopping over into the world of anime. I love it You know to see We always talk about boxers crossing over the way and and vice versa. And we haven't seen that happen with people in their primes in their respective sports so against connor going over to fight floyd. We'll we'll be the exception there but to see a boxer in her prime with with so much potential that she has not tapped into yet at this age to go into like. How can we be against it. How could we be upset about this. This is this is fantastic And then also to like the fact that they're trying to develop her like she's not just going to jump into the tournament like this she'll have the chance to develop into an actual mixed martial artists. I on on for her part. This is where the real money is For women in combat sports look no further than holly home who you know by a lot of standards was like one of the best female boxers of all time. She did make her real money until she got into and didn't get her real acclaim until she got into intimate so a versa. Shields following the blueprint. I'm happy with it. I can't wait to see the results. And i'm very curious. S to haupia. Phyllis going to match make with her. I my my first inclination says that they're going to find a young lady who comes from boxing or kickboxing and thinks that they can stand with her. That i believe will be the first pairing is going to be somebody who's going to catch the serious serious woman because they believe they can stand with her and yet the only question is do. I have the movie theater experience watching that. Gerry cole can popcorn sports bar with with bearn wings. Yeah i mean even even even even night said over and bella toy heather heart. Heather harding right. She the one that outdoor to they're saying there's no. There's no money in women's boxing so you've got to come over to may holly did it The same thing she was world champion. Boxer made the jump i think even when the second she and now she was making her anime debut. People are trying to matchmaker against ronda rousey I think. Eighty taylor's getting promoted very well. By eddie hearn. His style promoting where. He sells her and her opponents. Because you know details probably gonna win most or feis but Eddie hearn does a phenomenal job of pushing Her opponents desert kluszewski. Be the female. Izzy don't know about that quite yet. She hasn't even fought But i see. I see the i see the comparisons Remember also wanted man of nunez. Mma she did a press conference or a were you. Guys at that media scrum backstage. She was calling out amana nunez and demand. Nunez didn't want nothing to do about it. I always thought if dana white wanted to jump over into the world of boxing start zoo for boxing. I thought he would may be startled. Christie shields because she didn't seem to have a fight dana white. Keep saying he can make fights she wants. Fight a man in new nez. Emmanuel's can go into zuko. Boxing and then ride off into the sunset with her daughter But that's neither here nor there What andres do think dana white collar save. Boxing like he's been saying for so many as no man died he could have done. He would have done it all and he can't do it because it's a completely different world sanctioning bodies like this so much you gotta deal with him. Boxing like stay under your roof in your home. Stop going to somebody else's house. Try to mess up the things. That's exactly what you're gonna do leave it alone. Focus on the ufc focused on short chain. These fighters focus on book and fight. Every goddamn we do that because you've done it very well boxing. Now you don't want that world you don't for better words you just don't want any part of the. I agree one hundred percent now. I don't wanna see it but if clerks shiels does well enough in any sort of thing you know. They're going to try and booker against cyborg. I don't wanna see the hairs and fight at all is kayla. Harrison is an olympic judo. So there's no strikes who's going to get a hold of you thorough on your head and then that's wrap akil harrison's fighting one forty five now. She wants to fight tight. Nfc one more time at the end of the year and turn right around is. I'm my all my slack. Notifications going berserk fit the one hour mark. So we're gonna have closing remarks and all star with you anything you want to plug say. The floor is yours. I don't really have anything to plug but keeping tradition. We'll we'll just you know end with some more hip hop talk so Spotify had their twenty twenty. Wrap up that just got available. I think this morning is. I'm seeing the most listened to song from me. This year has been stove. God cooks crosses. And i was telling when i was on the show whooped. That is my jam right there. Schoolboy q. my most listened to artists the only thing that i was surprised about nobody in brazil to make my top five eyeball my god. I'm so glad you brought gra zelda. I'm glad you brought them up. Conway's from from king to a gun. I think i said this on between the links. Last time i was on there. That's the best album of the year. My opinion I'm i'm okay with griselda just taking over everything because every week they just drop in hotness man pray for paris from westwood gun fires will. I'm loving everything doing response. Allegory to Will deserve grammy nomination. so glad go brokers all. I think 'cause. I think j electric when he would disappear for years p he was still revered like i think the hip hop world and you got andres your mud obviously much more into that world than i am but from the outside looking in seems like when you when you take these long gaps of inactivity people kind of forget about you and then you have to come back and you have to remind them what you're about jalen tronc. I think was one of the few artists that that didn't really apply to because he was was such this mysterious dedi in the background. That people were still talking about when he wasn't putting music out. I think zelda was the same way people were still waiting for what they were gonna do next even when they weren't doing anything but that's neither here nor there andres i know you have a book. You wanna plug. I've read it. I think it is absolutely fantastic and have you read. Have you got it yet. I did are rented. It's it's great. i love. I'm so happy that andres is on the show. Plus books andres tells about your book. Yes i've Chase around the surrounding the eventual halfway books and my first book is on kendrick. Lamar pippa butterfly. It's basically an indictment of music journalism in the era of social media. It's also questioning how people receive blackness because it doesn't always have to come with a dead body attached to it for people to say black lives matter but yet still some people are offended when you say when somebody doesn't die so this is what my book is about. It's just kind of analyze that al. I did a documentary. Kendrick lamar years ago. Spent some time with the td crew for the past decade. So i've had some insights on. The book is all about specifically to pimp a butterfly in the climate that it was released under You can purchase it at the well-versed dot net It's ten bucks man your money and there's some that i put some time in and then we got a whole bunch of books under the halfway books. Banner halfway books. If you haven't noticed it is a spin on my deep. Halfway crooks shook once we got hood he's coming out so definitely that you can follow me on twitter there at andreas sale. This pro wrestling boxing. Mma hop politics yen. That's it own podcast. The quarterback cast. And i work. Zone is sporting news. I'm a man of many jobs in a thank you for letting me spew a bunch of plugs. That were all shameless. Him and time. You wanna come on and talk kendrick lamar. Td butterfly any sort of hip hop music. You know. I am a hundred percent in front facts. I was at kendrick. Lamar concert the day to pimp butterfly drops it was in arizona and he would not play any of the music from the album. He doesn't like to perform it. Live now he he also said if he said it because people were kind of challenge for it and he kind of stopped concert and he said i will not because he had it came out that day and he was. If i'm gonna play this. I'm debuting it incompetent. I'm not gonna debut for y'all now zeke respects and then so he played all good man city not nothing else from section eighty in left and then he came out for the encore and then he goes. How many calls did the section eight. Obviously everyone went beserk and he goes. What do you want to be played from this in. Everyone held up three fingers play high power so naturally yet. Adhd great song. But that's not what anyone wanted to hear Sector days my favorite kenmore album. That's just because. I remember the exact moment i heard that in blew my mind So it's not as best. It's my personal favorite at which various morale before we sign off to pimple. Butterfly is is my favorite. Like i'm never forget my first time listening to that and just being transformed into it felt like another world but it felt so much like the world. I live in I it was. It was as great duality. And our remember going to work that day And a buddy of mine's white guy named justin who would bid hip hop hit. Actually the guy to turn me on a childish gambino He said he said man. You're a new kendrick. I was like yeah. I love it. He's like he's like is great. But i don't think it was made for me fantastic Andras l- loved you your book on at and before before my time thomas cut. I gotta highlight another competent. mc who. I should have my little previous bit before. West side bookie putting out fire been sustained fighter fire. And nobody's really paying attention to this guy but it's th this guy serious man noted andre. Seize your book. Ever gonna come out physical. We're working on. We didn't know the demand was going to be as high as was because halfway books is also supposed to be the medium is supposed to be pdf. Only we've got a lot of demands so it might happen. It might have to happen. And then i've also talked about doing something a little bit longer. as known guys with td for a long time For at least a decade. I've known kendrick. I'm known school boy So it's like. There's so much behind that album i was actually. I'll say this. I never said for when i filmed the The teeny documentary for jay z's life and times in two thousand thirteen. I was supposed actually do document the making of tampa butterfly. And yeah you know. We got tied up in some things in a a remember talking to the top dog. He's like this. Album is taken a turn because kennedy just got back from africa and we just got to keep it under wraps and you'll hear it when it's time for you to hear it and i remember hearing king to for the first time and i was like. Oh is that what we're doing. And yes i ended up doing oral history on that for the grammys. I think the year after he came out so there may be a longer version of this to come out soon because people have been asking for it. So we'll see but if you haven't read it go copied if you have appreciate the sport. Jose an anti appreciate you guys. 'cause you know get us forty seven hundred percent man. I'm anytime you wanna come back wax poetic on hip hop. I've never met someone. I've been more jealous of their professional life. Than i have with you sir but been jose that's andres i don't know where he is on your screen and would do they'll both be back on percent go far on twitter. Go fall all their stuff. This'll be on. I tune or not i tunes google spotify. You guys know the drill. We'll see you next wednesday out. This is advertiser content. Facebook is continuing to take critical steps to better secure their platforms including more than tripling safety and security teams to thirty five thousand people and partnering with security researchers other tech companies and law enforcement. What's next facebook supports. Updating internet regulations to address today's challenges and hold companies including facebook accountable for combating foreign election interference protecting people's privacy and enabling safe and easy data portability between platforms learn more at dot b. dot com slash regulation. This episode is brought to you by yata which is out to change the scariest place on the internet. The comment section with jaba instead of hiding behind avatars in lifeless text. You can post thirty to forty five second long audio and video messages in the comments section. That actually allow you to say what you want to say about the things you love ends built community in the process every gap. That's what they call their audio video. Comments represents a real deal human not a terrible comment troll or lifeless body to enjoy the conversation with audio or video comment head over to europe app dot com today.

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Jos Andrs: How to Feed the World in Times of Crisis

Why am I telling you this? With Bill Clinton

36:51 min | Last month

Jos Andrs: How to Feed the World in Times of Crisis

"Pays read what's a tv moment that you're still not over. I'm still not over the musical episode on grey's anatomy cringe just thinking about it and there are so many of the pop culture moments that we had no choice but to make podcast about it. Hi i'm becky kirsch and i'm sneaky. We've been working at palm sugar for the better part of a decade covering events interviewing celebrities in spending too much time analyzing the latest in entertainment. Listen to not over it on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your the covid. Nineteen in india reaches catastrophic levels. And we all look for ways to make a difference. I wanna revisit. A conversation about disaster relief ahead and twenty nineteen with one of the most innovative and inspiring humanitarian. I've ever known. Jose andres. Jose world renowned chef started his organization world central kitchen to ensure that people in crisis are treated with dignity and respect and have good food to eat whenever and wherever disaster strikes. Jose and his team can be counted on to be onsite building massive relief operations from the ground. Up as you'll hear in our conversation he and i've worked together often most recently using the restaurant at my presidential center a little rock to prepare more than seven hundred thousand meals for people in need in central arkansas during the pandemic since the beginning of the pandemic world central kitchen as part with more than twenty five hundred small restaurants to help them keep their doors open while feeding gullible members of their communities. They've also continued to respond to natural disasters like the recent volcanic eruption on saint vincent the largest atlantic hurricanes these non-record last year and the unprecedented wildfires in the american west now they're providing food and hydration to the medical staff working around the clock and india time when there's so much needed home and abroad i hope you'll be inspired by listening to. I described how he came to this work and by realizing that we all have unique gifts that could be put to use in service of others. Bill clinton is expected to be named a special united nations on boy to haiti spokesman for the haiti earthquake with really tough for a lot of us had been there a year working for the united nations and a bunch of our people including the head of our delegation were killed january twelfth two thousand ten a catastrophic earthquake ravaged haiti's capital port prince shaking whole neighborhoods to bits leaving one and a half million people homeless now. The white house says it has asked former president. Bill clinton and george w bush to help in the relief effort and president clinton where you went down there about ten days later. There was a park where the good weather. They had ten after ten for ten of christ one. Doing wooden metalwork is a great place unbelievably. We came down there little wreckage and there would count on. There were eight people who had their pictures of again. It's difficult on their be somewhere between seventy and one hundred When i had this long. Un kambas and stuff. I want everybody got out and buy something. We got a bus up from these eight people. We got to support them. So i went over and bought a couple of pictures. And this guy's the way president clinton. You can't go come here. You have to come here. So i came round and he said in two thousand three when you came here so you came here. You stopped here and you bought a picture from the so he said. I hope you'll do it again. Some another fiction. And i said the guy said you know i just. I cannot believe you guys are here. This must be so hard. He said has not hard for me. I have nothing else to do. I lost my wife and children. I'm alone now. And i said can you do this. He said it's the only way. I can honor them. Look around. were a little family here. They know if i can be here they should be too and we have to begin again. And that's kind of stuff you come up against just unbelievable courage and goodness and decency. Somebody's not lender from new is broken and still standing and still going on sharing one more precious day of life. These people are lucky to be alive. They don't feel very fortunate really so waters some food everyday. We need some medicine you know what now alumni short stretch of just this one. St we find disaster next to disaster where they used to be people's homes. So why am i telling you this because if you've never been in a natural disaster if you've never been in a town that was leveled by tornado or hurricane. If you never been in a community that was totally flooded out to never been there. You forget these are people like you and me. They're worried about their children or their grandchildren or their parents their grandparents. You know they don't own what to do you go into a disaster area. People are flooded. They're back in their children her dead. They've lost every letter. There were saved from their loved ones. They have no family pictures left. Or you know you name it. There's a story every where you go. Today i'll talking with jose on who is An american immigrant success story. Jose andres. he's already well known to food. Loving television audiences is also becoming increasingly known for his work to help in the wake of natural disasters like florence central kitchen which is organization. I created around. The haiti earthquake is a very simple lady. We make sure that they're hungry. People especially under very difficult circumstances. That people are going to have a decent plate of hot foot. You know enduring image of jose sort of standing with broken concrete blocks and wire and mangles all around him flipping fried eggs just because it's somehow he always finds a way to find a kitchen that's why we're speaking to him today. Let's just jump right in. How did you decide to become a chef. I i always believe. In following life life has a plan for all of us. Sometimes we designed to listen. Sometimes we follow on sundays. We find it I'm the type of guy that listens to life on my father We love to cook men coke in spain. It's like If you are not chef of you don't feed your family view them feed your friends your not that the the right the Social socialist time cocaine inspire of who. You are as you better and i always. Oh my that cooking home. Obviously my mother who she was great. I wake organiz not doing very well. it's cool. Let's say the traditional Education system But it's not like fell because they didn't care. I was spending more time hands on working in restaurants around salona every hour. I had free. Dan going to school again. The traditional education systems was no something that was the best way for me to learn a ni- always was trying to find other ways that they could be better. That's why became i called klay became love With would probably the moment. Mr president was win helping my father in one of those days that he would cook for all his french when they would be twenty days. We could be hundred. My father will put me in charge of the fire. He would send me to the forest together. the would and i will make a fire. He will have these very big by pen. Yanti penn where we make raise issues in this pain and the day when it to cook. I wanna make the fire anymore. I was doing the fire for too long. Say daddy when my dad said no you have to make the fire. You're the only one that knows how to do. It is a big player. He sent me away because they go very upset. Said will speak later when the bio was made he aside that he told me my son. I understand you wanted to do the cooking. To put the this point steer the part but actually your in charge of the most important which is making the fire and controlling the fire. If you control the fire you can do any cooking. You want control the fire and you will be in control of your destiny. I think that probably was the moment that they saw that. Yes cooking mos in my future on not use physically that was going to be my profession but understanding that if we all learn and understand what our fire east we can achieve anything we want in the world. What a wonderful story you know. We started working together about a decade ago and haiti. Ever since then when we come in contact it's usually because somebody's in trouble and you're they're trying to help them. He's through that. I began working with the clinton global initiative. Right after the earthquake in haiti. But but now. Because i'm here and this is your guys and you're the president and this is your show and i'm trying us to to log leg. I wanna impress you. But you had a huge in by the me mr president. I need to go back to ninety nine five. Nineteen ninety six washington dc. I arrive washington. Nineteen ninety-three myself on. You're coming every year around thanksgiving time. Even you show have you all the times. We the mrs clinton on you came to place which is still is one of the most amazing organizations called dc central kitchen where rubber egger founder one of the of the guys at has had had a huge influence in me created these kinds of bodily also kitchen. Because he's much more feed say nine thousand people a day and you you were there billy potatoes and cocaine turkeys on on but we take homeless out of the streets and then we clean them and then we train them to be kooks and then we grade them and then we find jobs in. The community is a type of organizations that we need to be telling america about because they are really effective on these organizations that they don't throw money at the problem but they invest into solutions. On one of you visits do you. You were working hard like anybody else but one time you kind of gave a speech because it was senators and congressmen coming also on on your speech. I was twenty six years old for some reason. You put me in that speech. And you mentioned jose dress as an example of volunteers in america every year. Listen to this every single year. Five volunteers roll up their sleeves. And give something back to their community. People like jose andres one of the premier young shifts in america. See here the stand up here. Despite the literally crazy demands in this job he comes here every single week to share his passion and his skills with all the students and encourages other friends to join him every time he come. And i'm telling you that that had a huge influence on me because you know And you did recognize me an idea and this was. I was used one person because he thinks village to feed them. And bauer love people. And that i remember forever the day that president clinton got no recognize. ho sandra's twenty six year old boy so you had a big influence on me and that sends of service to the community on going. Be john your duty to surfers on. I've never stopped quite frankly. Stay tuned for more of the conversation after this short break. Do you love a good story fantastic. Because each episode of storytime feature some of your favorite creators from youtube tiktok read it and beyond sharing their most hilarious horrifying and cringe inducing stories. Now peaking in. I realized that she is talking to the doll heads every week. I your host will mcfadden deliver a hot fresh tasty tale directly to your earbuds and you don't even have to tip you. Listen to storytime every wednesday on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Hi i'm chelsea. Clinton hosted the podcast in fact where we look at why public health matters especially now. What look we learn from other public health issues. And how do we do better each week. On in fact. I sit down with experts activists and a few surprise guests from jonathan van. Nests to dc mayor. Muriel bowser to jane fonda to explore some of the most important stories in public health. So please join me. Listened to in fact on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts you just arrived before we started this conversation from mozambique where you've been helping people in response to the terrible cyclone ada which a lot of americans i have the feeling don't have any idea how truly horrible this partly because it hit a lot of places in england africa and we haven't gotten enough film of it but it. It's one of the worst natural disasters to hit the lower part of africa and a very long time. So give us an update. What'd you do in mozambique. Are they doing all right. So in the moment we heard about the cyclone seventy two hours later we had the team. We open kitchen. Then we open a second kitchen. We are feeding Round fourteenth fifteenth Rookie comes i schools and hospitals. I'm hearing that calm. Because called here. In the city of beira they were serving rise. You see a banks or three our people here. Yesterday we reach almost twenty thousand milk day. We already reached one hundred fifty thousand meals on. That's why when they are to make sure my team was doing good that we were doing the right thing with the caller break actually. I'm very happy with where super clean the way we work the way we make people wiser hands before they get the food security and in the process we feed as many people as we can so we partnered with program we partner obviously united nations. And and he's going well I don't feel helping. i feel. We are still learning. I everytime i show up a schwab with all people that that they've been before with us in missions but always. We tried to bring new people. Why because he's very important that we make people learn. How do you learn by being there. Hanson this is a truly global organization. And it's the world's central kitchen and how you have been able to mobilize people. This has been a busy time for you. Because i want to come back to puerto rico on a minute but the after the terrible hurricane damage in puerto rico. Jose was there and we started working together again there but he's also been to the venezuelan border to feed people to the nebraska fudd lands to feed people and one of his world central kitchen. The kitchen ans- was in a parking lot of my presidential library and arkansas. Because we had an unusual number of people and in iran little rock affected by the government shutdown and little furloughed employees. Get to enjoy a shift made meal. It's part of the world's central kitchen which sends food trucks to natural disasters or where there's some kind of meat we've got the need here. It's all over the country. Most part kick force. Rebecca jeffey shows us. What's on the menu for a lot of folks and for how long the government shutdown was a national emergency to a lot of people who aren't getting paid and didn't have any other way to feed themselves. How much trouble do you have getting adequate supplies to do what you're supposed to do. Well the truth is that let me bring it to america. One place that i have nightmares because we was there is a place like a which was able to go back in time. I'm be there and being able to call you. And say i need you katrina the superdome thousands still corralled at the city's sports arena the super soldiers from oklahoma and texas have piped in music. But it doesn't seem to lift the mood one of utter dispatch. We're remember the nine mares stories were community superdome thousands of americans in the plays without basic water supplies showers foods woman being raped all these stories we heart. Do you know what entire stadium. He's entire arena. I sports complex. Yeah people would describe the supplies that you go to watch an nba team concert. But let me tell you how i describe. It is gigantic restaurant that entertains with mba. Then means you sent to trucks japan A little army of kooks in two hours. We opened all day. All the places that serve you the hub. Dogs on the borders in two hours. We are feeding every single person. America's gigantic restaurant. The only thing we do is we go. We oversee what is left. What can we at debate. Do we have a kitchen. Do we have to bring united or do we need to ring. Us is always something around you. Well we tried to maximize what is around us. So when i go to more difficult places like mozambique or like venezuela colombia the border. He's no any different is always a restaurant somewhere is always somebody with a that is not using somebody always with lp. It's always is always a resources there. Only you need to be very quickly interrupting. Does what will central kitchen does. We don't own heart assets. We don't own our we own so we can go anywhere and adapt. If i am waiting for i- kitchen this supposed to be deployed by the military or by mirus skull. Who knows who sometimes is that. We two weeks and weeks later and you're still waiting for the kitchen. We don't wait with implant with on meat. We arrive we find the kitchen with cooking and we surfing in the process. The plan shows up when you go into a disaster zone is the first thing you do. As for the assessment of what the cooking capacity is right now. So what you do. I yeah we will Very quickly assess where we can who who has control of Of goods dry goods and he best symbols any anything is available would make your electricity through reader's his cover. And obviously gus. Those are kind of the four areas and the fee which is the most important besides the people that fly in. I who who are local the local leaders that can help us and the great thing is that as you know on the wall has to every day so he's is millions hundreds of millions of people that they are kooks on. We realized that people love to come together and become one. And that's what we do So yes the cooking facility is important for us and that usually before we line we already know right now and thanks to your initiative brezina For for a rico and the caribbean every time we have a better idea of what are the facilities. We may using case for example of ovando the hurricane so We have more than twenty thirty foot tracks that we can be activating immediately. We have many kitchens around the island for example in puerto rico that we know which ones are the ones that they've they're safe from the oregon. Because you're gonna do say one kitchen. You have to prepare for the worse of the worse so you have to have many so your safe from all of them in bodily damage so very much. That's what we're doing places we've been before now. I know what to do. Oronte wave they will know explodes again. We know what to puerto rico. If something happens again we know what to do in florida. We know what to do in in in nebraska we know what to do in the fires in california so every time we answer one of those. Were these very important for us. Is that all these information these know. How on doesn't disappear. We'll be right back so we're starting rolling. Are we already recording notes so official. Hey guys. it's brian baumgartner. Maybe you've heard my podcast. An oral history of the office where we go deep into the making of the show. Now well you can go even deeper. That's what she said. Because i am sharing my full length. Conversations with the cast and crew of the office. Listen to the office. Deep dive on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts on this season of you and me. Both hillary clinton and her guests tackle the topics that shape. Our lives from. Raising kids to fighting disinformation too crossing the political divide and it wasn't as if we were the racing anything that happened but it was so amazing to see hope and kindness reenter american veteran all episodes of you and me both with hillary clinton are available. Now listen on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Four wherever you get your podcasts. Let me ask you this when when you leave a place world central kitchen and then i wanna come back specifically to puerto rico. Because i don't think still people in the united states fully understand that emissions of the challenge and how we have responded for. I think but when you leave a place do you do an inventory of the cons of supplies that should be. I think the term of artists pre-positioned that stockpiled so that if there's something else that happened someone who knows less than you do can show up and figure it out in a hurry we are. We are talking about that specifically thanks to the the different groups you've created around the digital but sometimes i feel like misunderstand me with that but too much planning sometimes is too. We need to do the right planning we that i mean the most important is obviously showing up on. The most important is start doing what you're supposed to do. Let's say a genetic love of the people that i recommend suppressant. They die because lack of electricity. Why 'cause he's many utterly that they had issues breathing. They needed machines to help them breath. My mom had one. I know he needs electricity and recharging. If she's going away Away from home when people had no electricity for weeks and months in different parts of puerto rico high up in the mountains or they had the innovator and somebody could provide him gas or those people were going to eventually get in trouble. And maybe i can tell you that. We had hundreds of unit aiders in one for weeks but nobody nobody was doing. The distribution sometimes to have assets doesn't equal good response. Mr president to have the assets alone is no good enough distribution is key and the solution. You need people. That really are very much willing to do. Whatever it takes to ring that generator that later. Foot those medicines or whatever it takes to the people that need them so distribution to me is more important than the prepositioning of the assets. Even dummies understand me wilmington. We need the burglar job. I was very happy with my team. Why because before the hurricane came in we already had four. Kitchens pre position round state but more important in wilmington. We had two tracks because we knew that the hurricane was coming that way we had to entire tracks full of food were ten days for at least some people. Hello people of america here. Sandra's already from our headquarters in wilmington. We have another rally today between both kitchens on the north of fifteen thousand if he's needed proudly will reach twenty thousand I fame willing to be feeding total of harare on twin five shelters. We are doing so yes to understand the assets brady position those as it is very important by what is more important at the end of the day is the willingness to that and then the willingness to do this solution. If you don't do this that's a matter how much how many acids you having hunt is. If they don't raise the people equals zero zero relief. Let let's talk about puerto rico a bit. It's amazing to me. But apparently a lot of americans don't even know that puerto rico is part of the united states. It's a territory but adds a territory. It has different rules in terms of how it gets healthcare. For example there are not in medicaid. They don't get the snap food assistance programs. They get block grants and a lately. There's been a fair amount of confusion. About how much aid. They've gotten fell. So i mean we know about that. I don't want to get into politics but let's just talk about facts. I mean you. And i've been there. I'm interested in the people. The american people need to know this last year before the democrats have one house of congress when both houses were republicans. They voted to give six hundred million dollars in food aid to puerto rico which has still not been released. We still need help and puerto rico just feeding people because of money. That has been appropriated by our congress on a totally by part of the basis has not been released so we need to think about going forward for puerto rico and not be hungry again and there are lots of other health and development issues but this is crazy but they're americans but they know your that you believers as many that Perico secure job opportunity for for america. It's a rich. Island is rich and human and natural resources. An miracle and it should be a very prosperous place and to go back to what you said. I know there've been some problems in the past. But recently we went to puerto rico together to look at what is being done. We're helping honor maybe could help on and you took me to meet this astonishing on couple. Who could be making a lot more money doing something else who decided they wanted to do. Environmentally sustainable farmer fraud. I'm bruno important. Part of the next. And how much land do you form. So we have on behalf of land and we started debating half an acre and after maria we have taken our commitment even further and we go to the other acre we have so now we have an and are your customers. My customers are basically die with consumer so we have been growing the business. The farm word of mouth go now. We have like a big network of people finally and people that know people that have gone on my our birds subscriber to you. Yes yes So basically we delivered direct to them either their houses. I thought a lot about that young couple. You took me to see. Yeah that was franklin fry. Go on italian people. i help africa. They want their children to go to school so they can do better. And all they've got is a half acre land or an acre of land and it's a social thing but the thing that was encouraging but puerto rico project is. These people were young and educated. They were taking a hit to become farmers for the first two years of their married life. Their family life. They won't do. It was well probably as they would have if they done. They were probably ten of the things they could have done. They did it because they know that they had to learn to feed themselves on an island. They know that sustainable agriculture and small farmers or the future of the region which is one of the two most vulnerable and the world to climate change and rising sea levels. I know this and that's something you should be really proud of that. Iran vaulted in something. Where young articulate educated farsighted. People say i'm gonna stay here and we're gonna make this a farm just to place on the side of a hill. I'm were you so. Mr president is what we call ploto plate where we did in the first Eight nine months During two hundred eighteenth Give grants between five thousand and twenty five thousand. Two ron forty farmers and then just recently after your trip to puerto rico with your foundation. We announce with partners that we're going to increase the total number up to four million-dollar to impotent. Other two hundred terms so those do farmers your token are used a big family of farmers all across the island that we hope to make sure that those farmers are part of a new puerto. Rico where puerto rico stop importing ninety percent of the food they consume. This is crazy or going to try to reach a least twenty. Five eighty percent of the foods. Puerto ricans eat to be produced in puerto rico creating a local economy creating jobs creating unidentified unmake showed in the process. We keep pushing put ricca forward. I i want to thank you. Because i know how much you do. And so many places. You're always there. But i thank you for also be willing to stay in places until they don't need you anymore so bless you for that and all else and thanks for everything you've done. Thank you little farms these. Show us the way for puerto rico being foot independent. So right now. What's your kitchen Invested giving grants to more than forty farms. I'm very soon we're gonna be announcing many more With our partners. And i wanna make sure that was syndrome kitchen away. Because we've seen the work of cpi over the years how ta goes community to community country and us partners with block initiatives to make them stronger. Degree was kitchen. What we already set foot arm of many of these initiatives we we chefs for the people so we help to make sure that the places we are they become foot independent after hurricanes or would beyond where ford is the change to farmers like them better future. Why am i telling you. This is a production of iheartradio. The clinton foundation and will media are executive producers. Craig minassian and willnot. Our production team includes mitch. Blue steam. jameson suface tom. Gjelten several horowitz. Jae kyung with production support from tyler. Scott young original music by what white special thanks to john. Sykes tina for noise. John davidson on hell. Rena corey gansler oscar. Flora's kevin therm and all are dedicated staff and partners that the clinton foundation if you have an idea suggestion for the show we'd love to hear from you so please visit clinton foundation dot org slash podcast to share your thoughts with us. If you're like the show tell someone else about you can subscribe to. Why am i telling you this on the iheartradio app apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast. My listening to this podcast. You're helping support the work of the clinton foundation psyche. Hi i'm becka. Courtesy old. And i'm a deputy director at the clinton global initiative. President clinton established the clinton global initiative to create a new kind of philanthropic community to address the complex realities of our modern world. Where problem solving required the active partnership of government business and civil society over the years are proven model has grown to include action networks. That can quickly mobilize in the face of emergencies. Whether that's helping. Puerto rico and the caribbean recover in the wake of hurricanes are men maria or advancing an inclusive us economic recovery amid covid nineteen to learn more about this work. And see how you can get involved visit. Clinton foundation dot org slash podcast. Will we become a moonstone in order to catch. One from iheartradio comes a mind. Bending new original sci-fi thriller tomorrow's monsters. It's a safe application with one very simple benefit. You never have sleep again. Starring john boyega when he began self experimenting with his own mind apps he changed him. And something else has taken over. And darren criss. We don't do what we do. Simply because we love humanity. We did test the weakness in them from iheartradio flint pitcher company psycho pictures and a baron productions also starring marley shelton. Clark greg and saad gaucho. Tomorrow's monsters available now on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. Here's exposure one reading high. It's laverne cox and on my new podcast. Laverne cox show were ripping the band aid off trauma resilient dating diet coulter dating white supremacy dating okay. I'm not going to get explicit. But just because you like i'm not gonna say guess girl and honey. We have a lot of fun along the way you have a lot of lesbian fans who love your feminity and glamour and they really really want you want us to talk openly about the difficult things we all face this human and it's humans in america racist white people in the united states will sign their own death certificates they will vote for policies that crush them. No safety nets no healthcare because they feel too much like entitlements and those are folks of color right. listen to the laverne cox show and the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Make sure you subscribe and share.

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Jose Andes, Mario Salerno

Ellen on the Go

26:43 min | 1 year ago

Jose Andes, Mario Salerno

"Hi IT'S ELLEN DEGENERES. Welcomed with my podcast. We're GONNA listen to some of the best moments from the show and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening on Today's episode of Ellen on the go the amazing chef Jose Andres tells us about all the stuff. He's doing to help people get food in their bellies during this pin dynamic. He's just unbelievable and Amazing Brooklyn landlord a landlord from Brooklyn. And like if you look up Brooklyn and a dictionary. This guy is the definition of Brooklyn. But what he's doing is amazing amazed Ed for the tenants of his and we go deep. We go in-depth on Andy laster. Ellen's backyard. Ooh Both. I'm I'm married everybody in the second. Everybody hey everyone well. This is really changed. Me because microphones in our face when we do them at work but now we have these like desk. Podcast special microphones like the olden days of radio and it really has changed my whole voice own for those who can't see him. He's now in a high leatherback share with Lily. Throw behind him yes. He's actually sitting upright for the first time in months today and he has some kind of polar bear skin on top of that share. Are you coming from Saddle Peak Lodge am concert of Fo- situation that Lori likes to put? The dog is just the Buffalo tenderloin. I'm just curious I did not kill visit. A little gamy. I know this is off topic with game. Did you see Sarah Palin unmasked singer now you have to watch the clip. Okay let me know watch it. Why well it all? It was so unfortunate timing because all happened at the same time like for home all starts was quarantining in that became the news. But you have to see. I didn't watch it. Oh my gosh I will absolutely watch it. Seems like a logical step from vice presidential candidate to. Oh Yeah maxine brings going to be there next season things don't seem upside-down at all. They seem totally fine. You can host the apprentice and then become president of the United States kids. Anything is possible. Chef Jose Andres my God. Is that true? These little amazing. I love having him on our show. I loved did NBC profile last night on sixty minutes. Now Yeah he was growing that his oldest you. Wow Eddie. Why don't you talk a little bit about? Tell us about the first episode of. Tell us about the first episode of sixty minutes pilot was it like cruiser was Don Hewitt Ed. Can you please tell everyone about chef? Jose how amazing so chef. Jose Andres is A. He's a he's a chef right. He's a highly successful shift. He is Spanish. She is from Spain and he had a restaurant is a lot of restaurants but he had. I came to know of him because he had a restaurant in Los Angeles called bizarre and bizarre. It was just like the M- the world's most exotic experimental Thomas. That's that's really. What a good description and it was. Incr- like you leave going. Oh my gosh has the best noodle I ever had. I went there two or three times each time when I can't it's overwhelming. How amazing it is right. But now he has a much with. The first event was that moved him but he started showing up at natural disasters for the sole purpose of feeding people who were able to get food for themselves providing meals for people who were stranded in hurricanes in the wreckage after tornadoes. You know he was in Puerto Rico after the hurricane hit Puerto Rico. He was in the Bahamas after the Bahamas got shredded by a hurricane. He's incredible and now when the corona virus started you may remember the biggest stories when it first started where people trapped on cruise ships right these cruises and they not only weren't allowed off countries and states and cities wouldn't allow them to dock. Yeah they were just didn't want him or they didn't know what to do and he got a there was a princess cruise ship. That was not. I WANNA say it was by San Francisco. I may be wrong with I. Think up in northern California. He went up there with his team and he was feeding passengers on this ship. Most of whom were really sick and since then. He's just been everywhere. He has dedicated his life in the last two months to getting to keeping his his staff working and to getting food to people who need it. He's he's just like an angel. I don't know what exactly when he began taking on these missions of feeding people who were under served during a real times of crisis. But he's been doing it for the last couple years and it seems like he has figured out the math of how to make it happen. I if I look at the problem and go oh my Gosh. I know they need to eat and I can't think of how to make that happen on such a scale and he seems to have figured it out and he's he's just a blessing like he's a godsend to people it's like it takes the thinking out of it and he goes. I'm just GONNA make food like I'm GONNA make meals. I love cooking. I love food and there is a way you know. He specifically said on sixty minutes and there is no food shortage. What we need is to get the food to the people who need it. And that's what he's doing and he's he's brilliant at it like in addition to that. If you're GONNA be that kind of like an angel on earth you should. It also doesn't hurt if you're if you happen to be in addition to that a phenomenal show guest. He's just like funny and fun and energetic and loves to drink and drinks and it just warms. Ls assistant says. He was as he was doing this and started his daughter to open a bottle of champagne. And he he he's just lovely. And here's a little bit of Jose Ellen on the show I love you so much. What is art? And that's Andy in the background. I'm not letting him in the House. Because we're we're you know so. He's in the yard on the almost good Spanish man. Yeah Lebron all right Jose. You are always always helping. You're on the front lines. No matter you in Puerto Rico you are in the Malibu fire in Montecito you. You're always helping and now New York is hit so hard. Tell me what it's like out there because you are on the front lines. Listen a right now. The people of wasn't kitchen. We are in more than seventy cities. We are not only the United States wearing the Spain wearing Colombia. Venezuela require reunites on. Let me tell you only Washington DC. When you go around you see that all of the southern homeless are now going back with her shoulders. Because they're afraid of the southern utterly homes. They need help because the people who were providing for them for different reasons are not able to do so on organization language central kitchen or others have to step in those other than need our love now more than ever. Hospitals adult is saddened. They need help goes they have more work is more people more both. There's more nurses working putting seven and they need our help because sometimes the kitchen What's kitchen the men and women and many organizations we're here who or those? Voters nurses five indies war. The least we can do this. Folks like me is being there feeding anybody that needs of hours of our help and showing the plate of food is the beginning of a better tomorrow all right now. Let's talk about the Brooklyn Landlord. We're calling in what we do at the show. Is We give everyone at title so he might have a name. It's in my name is okay. Let's Salerno you know what I call them. I think of this guy. We're going to learn about it shortly. Do you remember the Restaurants Salerno? We used to fuel as we were getting ready to launch ellen. Yes yes and the guy who arms make a place called. Yes we used to. We used to walk the walk over folly building. And then we meet this guy we meet this guy from Brooklyn New York Right Salerno so our producer. One of our one of our actually car hogen really her. Name's Carl Hogan Leonardo. We riccar Hogan she saw this guy unless you saw news story on him or where she saw but the way after she saw him she was like. We've got to have this guy on the show because he in addition to running an autobody shop really garage mechanic businesses father started like sixty years ago they also happen to own a lot of apartments they have one hundred and some tenants almost two hundred tenants they have if and he went around putting signs on all their doors saying no rent for April. You don't know it it's not do don't you. Don't pay me back down to do. It's just you are rent-free about that relief. Think about that relief for those people that that is like a godsend for anybody and he to look. It does not strike me as a person who is like wildly independently wealthy. He's just doing the right thing. We ask them why. I'm apply play a clip of it because his personality jumps off the zoom and he said because of the humanity it's humanity. That's why but what we're going through his like nothing any of us had ever seen and it's the right thing to do that's what And we just we just love that about him and he also told us that his if he calls his wife during the Ellen show from the garage. She yelled him in. Here's a here's a little bit Pam Oreo. Were you fantastic? How are you fine? Thank you for having me on it and you really look terrific bear? Thanks Andy is in the yard. I don't let him in the House. So he's out there socially distancing himself from me I hear that there's a sign that says be kind to one another. It's at right behind. You is that they're all the time or did you do that for me today. It's there all the time and be kind to one and and that's the only thing right now that we're not having social distance in from right now that's a good thing that's a good thing. You are in incredible man stories like this are stories that we're going to remember because this will this will come to an end. This will pass. Who knows when but the fact that someone like you you have eighteen buildings. Two hundred tenants and you told all of them. You don't have to pay rent. That is a lot of money out of your pocket. What why did you? I mean a lot of people struggle with that decision. I did that not only humanity but these tents the mind like my family and they were struggling Tough Times and to me. It wasn't potted a money. 'cause that's irrelevant to human life and I had attendance. Come to me crying. Tell me they couldn't afford nine even put a meal table so I thought it all lay after the first in a second ten game an ice says listen to me. I think to myself. It's easier for me to tell him on a wave the ramp I want them to make sure they have food on the table. I WanNa make sure they could take care of them. Roommates end their neighbors and police. If we could pass this on to someone who needs a little extra help I would really appreciate. That guy was amazing. What else what else is going on. Another amazing we have on the show quite regularly nowadays. Is You know stop it. Tell the Nice People. Yes so we were talking to our director yet. There's one position that you like to stand when you stand there and actually looks like you're a tiny little genie popping balance head. No one really enjoys a ideas. Stand right there. Well I don't anymore I've been told talk position our director or it was me over but tell everyone why you've stood with Hugh stood versus where you would like you to stand down when I'm breathing well. There is a very hot sun. That's happening there and I'm coming home on finding the last few weeks with very read back of my neck So I try and get into the shade but that apparently is not a good place for me to be so I'm trying. I'm trying to work with everyone to be in the right place. I also have a hard time in case anybody notice. I have a hard time standing. Still get you. Don't really stay in one place. Let's say when my when my wife wanted to destroy the plants behind her wife watches it. She goes. It's a little distracting. Sometimes when you move and I'm like he's been married to shootings on of you walking around because the camera doesn't move right so the camera shooting Allen doesn't move so you walking around some movement in the shot I think you've been terrific and a lot of the interviews when Ellen is included you for you to ask a question. I think you have asked. I think you've asked really smart. I think he's and I think you have brought really interesting perspective to some of the guests segments and I know Ellen likes it and I certainly enjoy it. I'm having such a good time with it just because I'd feel blessed to be able to get out of the house a couple days a week to shoot these shows to have drive to her house into very safely do it. And as we've said before we are doing everything in our power to get these shows on the air so we can get everybody staff and crew paid And we've been successful at that and and I'm happy about that and and I'm having a good time. I'm having fun. Sometimes people say to me. You hate being outside do you. And I'm like I love every second of it. It's sort of the perfect role for you because Ellen does not require you to pay full attention and we're still in the we're still knows. I'm not capable Mike the moment so I like the moment where we're watching the monitors and I see Andy's monitor I see Ellen interviewing guests and I can tell that Ellen is leading to question that she would like anti to ask as that's happening. My phone will get a notification that India has just tweeted so we know he's clearly I can see them out there on his phone and he may as well be at a coffee shop like memory that there's a show going on us Mike. He and he's tweeting. And then what do you think Andy? I will say this. I WanNa say something in the studio for whatever reason I really do. Not like to be surprised. I don't like when they come to me when I'm not expecting it for some reason part. Maybe it's because I'm only getting out of the House two out of seven days. There is something I'm really liking about. I don't know Kevin torturing the I guess would be the word I would use but some of the things that the writers and Kevin Surprising me with at least it gives me makes me I get such a kick out of Ellen saying I left something for you in the bushes and the note should have when you have wandered off somewhere that you're doing your thing that she has seen that as an opportunity to go and physically play something in the bushes like laundry. Thanks to read I just. I know she gets a kick out of like all right. He's not around like out. Put that there and then you had to a it's been Yeah it's been interesting. It's it's such an interesting way to do shows. It's obviously very challenging. Not For me. But for all the Everything involved in doing it. But I'm grateful that we're asked me to go through some of the stuff that we've had him do out there. What's become a family? Favourite here is watching without sand. Sound is not necessary of me jumping on a giant blue ball going to stay on top of it. The blue balls. Oh good one of my favorite lines of the week. It's on the good grass a man. Yeah Yup a little clip of you try to mimic twitched A. So perfectly on his balls. Yep IS ANDY. I'm his he quit. Twitches a master of his balls. What are we even talking about? We're talking about There's a ball out there and ate. Dc Yes I did see that okay. What does that or so what? I couldn't watch. Which was you're gonNA roll it really fast away from you and then you're going to run and jump on it and try to see how far you can roll. Yes but I try to stay on the ball and try to roll like Superman. Try to fly off the ball practicing all right. Yeah all right all right you can also sit on it when you get tired but I think you should okay all right you like sitting on a big blue bowl one more time whereas it's on the good grass going down with us The next let's see. I think it commercial Allen Anti did live commercial for Native Organic Deodorant of Soda. And here's a little inside baseball. We did that integration. Because and he doesn't wear stinks so we thought getting paid Wasser. We could send some to his house. Yeah why not have to bring it up and when you're in the DNA. Makeup of Andy. You also have to put it on your back. In any way I have hair. He gets the wide world roller. I hate you just for still hate now out there. Thank you for doing it. Thank you for showing has who we love. Just like bring so much coolness I love having twitch twenty I look forward to being back in the studio and back my stool in my old role. But I'm enjoying this Azam as it happens to be back with all the writers and producers and my got an audience since like walking in rehearsal. Camera Gaza Kevin. Have you thought of this idea is like I just missed? The whole Parisian show is such calm. There's so much broderie their netflix. All better when we're together that's really. The goal is to get back to that as quickly as possible as quickly as everyone will let us do that. Kev. Would you say that the The addition of Andy to the one with twitch like if you know twitches the cool factor and the blank factor. Andy is the spontaneous fact. Jeff thank you Kevin. That could've taken aback. That was a hanging curve about whatever we eat twitch pop up like you don't know if Maddox is going to be there with them you don't know if the baby is GonNa be with their with the with him you know because life is going on and and I love seeing glimpse into into his and see what's going on. Can I talk about our boss for a minute? I can you please. I've always been impressed. I've been impressed for as long as I've known her. I was impressed before I knew her. I'm unimpressed by everything that she does and everything that she brings but last week she was so moved by watching the news and seeing people lining up in certain cities. Seeing people lining up to half to Get Food handed to them into their cars and how long people were waiting to get food and not knowing when they got to the front of the line whether or not. They'd be food there for them. Allen and Porsche donated a million dollars to try to help feed people and they and they had already made donations privately without selling leasing man and then and then she was like you know what. I don't like to draw attention to myself but I WANNA try to inspire others to do the same because this is unacceptable. What's happening to people? And so she imported donated a million dollars and it was because her heart was breaking watching what was happening to people on the news and she she does so much on the show and she does so much every day to try to ease the burden net regular people are going through it just it was just the greatest gift. I I was I once again. W proud of what she does. Finally I have been so devastated by seeing all the people lined up waiting for food. Every time I see those cars and those people I- I cry. I can't imagine what it's like to be sitting for hours and hours waiting to get food and hoping there's going to even be any left by the time you get there. It's it's heartbreaking and it's overwhelming I've already given to To some of my favorite charities including direct relief because so many people need buddy but today portion I personally donating one million dollars to meals on wheels. No Kid Hungry and America's Food Fund. I usually don't talk about my personal donations at something. I keep private but I'm really hoping that this inspires anyone. Who's in a position to help to help? Because there's a lot of need out there awesome. You know she. She's changed the way all of us look at life like she's you know she's. Can we also talk about the all in challenge? Sugar so the allman challenge. I think this started by Leonardo DiCaprio. And and Steve Jobs as widow Llerena. Yeah I didn't know I didn't know how to for no reason Powell job and they are challenging people to create experiences that that people can bid on. I think it's twenty five dollars. It's like buying a raffle ticket. You buy a raffle ticket for twenty five dollars and you could win apart yet in. A Martin Scorsese movie. That Leo DiCaprio is in and what I love about. It is that ultimately. It's twenty five hours that can get you that part and it's not. It's not like you have to win the Fancy Experience and Leo Challenged Ellen and Allen said what if I auction off a chance to co host Maestro with me. Thanks for challenging me. I like a challenge. Which is why I tried to put genes on today while the elastic fans. Really you get used to those. So here's here's what I'm offering us. Someone who donates at least twenty five dollars will get the chance to be my co-host for a show you'll spend the day at the studio learn how we produce it. You'll get to be next to me when I do. The monologue helped me interview some amazing a-list celebrities and finally Andy will drive you home. That is thanks Dante. What see WHO's Co hosted the show will Jennifer Aniston has co hosted the show Justin. I think maybe Justin Timberlake as maybe a shower like real deal. Big folks have done this. And for twenty five dollars you can get a chance to co host the show with Alan. Now you can buy as many twenty five dollars tickets as you want but it only takes one ticket to win and you can win a chance to co host with and that money. Also all goes to American Food Fund to help America's people who need it yet. America's Food Fund started by Leo Jose Andreessen a couple of others. And it and it's all about getting food to people so it goes to direct relief. It goes to feeding America. The it's it's it's incredible and just for Indigo yes. I'm GONNA do this. I WANNA be a part of this and I want to offer the biggest possible thing I can and then on top of it. Yes I just WANNA throw in a million dollars yes. I can't I can't stop the feeling of I want to do more. So yeah that's the challenge to go look forward the Hashtag and you can bid on it and you're not bidding. Actually all you're doing is contributing twenty five dollars if you can obviously and then you can host With l get to work you get to work with Ellen but then you get to also spend the day with us. Exactly which swing by Bennie. Hydro say whenever these things happen. It's people like Jose Andres Leo DiCaprio. They always step up. Always buy them all personal friends of mine so that the minute they reach yes. I'm on board well friends. It's that time where we say subscribed today on Apple podcast or wherever. You're listening to this podcast right now. Don't forget to watch ellen weekdays for even more listen Thursday because we have everybody. Thanks for it by the pressure. My upbringing I win. I win Porsche on your favorite.

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Carlos Andrs Gmez  Father

Poetry Unbound

17:16 min | 6 months ago

Carlos Andrs Gmez Father

"My name is poetry goto and one of the things. I love about poetry and notice about poetry. Is that some people right. The same poem over and over again in different books. They keep on returning to a moment of love as they tried to capture the expression of joy and the moment that something happened that opened them up to the world and the way where their life is. Never been the same since father i carlos andres gomez in the basement of the crash. Because i used to visit as an outreach worker on one hundred and twenty first street in harlem. I was convinced. He refused to travel north of ninety sixth. I wrote a letter to joanna on her mission. Taiwan detailed each irrefutable piece of evidence. Proving we are all in fact alone told her about the nine year old orphan forced to sell her body for three years before ending up just off times discarded in a dumpster. I told her about the eldest son who answered burglars. Call was shot paralyzed from the waist. Down i asked her about drought and famine and endless civil wars. What lessons does his book refuse when her heart rate dropped by half in less than a minute the population of our cramped hospital room tripling. In a handful of seconds. I grasped for anything that would keep me up at first the wall cool and steady demanding my body ascend beyond what seemed possible. Then nothing no. One high stood in the waiting room of the or waiting to be called in to find out if my child had survived. I spent each second trying to pull tiny shoe coverings over my two large feet. I confessed every wrong of my life to an empty over lit room of steel and sterile instruments at all reflected back distorted versions of myself. I fumbled for any prayer. I could remember hoping that. I had all along been mistaken about the hollow blackness of the infinite sky. I never wanted so badly to have been wrong about anything. In my life and then disembodied voice called out seemingly only to me tiny grow at first that blossomed into a whale dwarfing any thought my mind could possibly hold any faith. I'd ever been so foolish to claim. this book is called ito. Made son and this poem is called. Father and so the book Hinges on many of these questions about Performances of masculinity performances of power performances of love. And what does it mean to be in relationship with each other. I mean it. Formerly the poem is in two parts but it seems to me like the poem is in three parts. And it's troubling question of god in light of becoming father and the poem is called father which seems like a challenge. The idea of goddess father as well as an opening up to carlos andres gomez becoming a father himself and that moment and it doesn't revert in the final part to sing. O now i understand goddess father. It continues to change. And that's what i left point. is that it. It felt theological and embodied all at once. And i think that's the best kind of theology but often theology can field very disembodied and a human experience can feel embodied and i think he brought the question about thinking about real meaning in about thinking about how any holy book can speak to the reality of everyday life right into the guts of being human location us in one hundred and twenty first street or location awesome times square location us in any part of any city where the question of god comes face to face the question of pain. And the way that humans humans move carla sandra's here is holding a variety of windows into the question of god and the first one is really true and it doesn't diminish just because he becomes a father at the end. There are serious accusations here. You know we hear about kids who are exploited or injured and wondering if there's any such thing as a loving god and then there's mentions of drought and famine and war. He's writing to his friend. Joanna whose mission and taiwan. What he's an outreach. Worker in manhattan. And i think it's a fantastic challenge and then it just changes totally and we're in this or and this waiting room and it seems like his partner. Who was birthing child. Her heart rate has dropped and then the population in the room. Triples with medics coming in. And he's outside suddenly feeling totally helpless and he's wishing that there was some kind of guard he could turn to and then the third partial even though formerly this is still part of the second half. It seems to me like a turns ghengis towards the end where. There's a tiny growl and a disembodied voice and there seems to change everything to him. It's almost like this. Tiny person becomes the god him the one that he's going to seek after on the one that he's going to do everything to love and to respond to be faithful to and that changes the idea about what does it mean to believe in something. Do they have to be all powerful in order for you to believe in it. And i think that's a very clever way of asking the big questions of life as well as clearly a beautiful story about him becoming a parent. The last lane is really worthwhile hearing again. In reflecting on us and then a disembodied voice called out seemingly only to me tiny growl at first that blossomed into a whale dwarfing. Any thought mind could possibly hold any faith. I'd ever been so foolish to claim. The way i read. This is that. I don't place emphasis on faith. I do places emphasis on claim. 'cause claim is a word of power to claim to own to claim to dismiss to claim to have knowledge over. It feels to me like the poet here is realizing i've just become a father and is facing into this future filled with love and education but also filled with inadequacy and he isn't going to be able to claim anything. He's going to be learning so much he'll need a lotta help like anybody does. And i think there is a different posture towards the question of power and control here and faith themes about practice towards the end and what he seems to be. Suddenly more interested in is possibly less the question as to whether there's a god or not and more the question about what it would mean for him to be a father rather than arguing. How adequate or inadequate and he got might be as a parent figure. The first part of this poem is really clever. Because you hear about him working as an outreach worker one hundred and twenty first street in harlem and you hear that he was convinced. He refused travel. North of ninety. Sixth if you're hearing that you're wandering who's he when you're reading it you see that he has a capital h. And so you think. Is this coup speaking about god. And then he writes to his friend. Who's on mission. And then there's all these accusations about and basically building up to the idea of how could a love god standover when a city is experiencing these kinds of hardships and policy failures and then returns to saying what lessons does his book refuse. And so clearly. Then you are asking the question of theocracy on the question from the book of job. How can god the present when this kind of reality is happening. And what lessons does his book refuse. It seems to be that he's suggesting that the holy book the bible i suppose is refusing to learn lessons from the way that life is being experienced in the daily reality. And i love that. There's a challenge the idea about religion. That thinks knows everything and really. He's saying what lessons are you refusing to learn. He's thinking that religion has lessons to learn rather than other people. My friend andrew was an australian living in ireland and andrew was total lapsed baptist. He was dissatisfied with religion but he seemed to feel so guilty about leaving religion behind and he told me wants a story of him. Driving along in belfast and in the back seat was his daughter. Eden who i think was about three and a half or four out of his christmas and she was very excited but she was also confused. Because you know he'd been telling her about jesus and christmas and jesus's birthday but she just had a new cousin born in australia called jesse and his daughter was totally confused between jesse and jesus and she thought everybody around. The world was celebrating christmas in honor of jesse her new causing born in queensland in australia and so he said to her while he's driving along he told me he was looking at her in the rear view mirror. No-no jesse's your cousin lives in australia. And then she said who's jesus and where does he live. I was feeling really awkward. 'cause he kind of moved away from his baptist faith but he didn't want to kind of announce that and he said to her. Jesus is god's son and he lives in your heart and he me that she looked at him in the mirror with absolute incredulity. She said no he doesn't and he told me that often to let stage he'd never felt so proud of her in his whole life because he saw her the possibility of saying what she wanted about religion and still being loved and she had a freedom at three and a half that he didn't feel he had i suppose he was in his mid thirties at that stage and she changed him not to say that she moved in one way or another about religion. Sure he thinks whatever he wants to about. Religion put it was the freedom with which she spoke about religion that changed him and he realized that he loved her so much that if he had any imagination about a parent god that he would be able to think what he wants and have an imagination of freedom within that and i found that so lovely now because it moved him deeper into belief or further from belief but because it located him in a story of of of him as a father towards his daughter i i feel like the story of andrew and eden is almost like a companion story to this brilliant poem by carlos andres gomez because he is preparing the ground just at the moment of birth when this wail has come out seemingly only for him a growl into a whale and he seems to be open to the fact that everything's going to be different now that the center of gravity and the center of imagination is geared towards this tiny person and i think that the openness that carlos andres gomez has this point is the kind of openness that we hope we will all have at any loving relationship with children with friends with partners with people that we associate with that love can open up to the possibility of learning new things a father by carlos andres gomez in the basement of the crack house. I used to visit as an outreach worker. On one hundred and twenty first street in harlem. I was convinced. He refused to travel north of ninety sixth. I wrote a letter to joanna on her mission. In taiwan detailed each irrefutable piece of evidence proving we are all in fact alone told her about the nine year old orphan forced to sell her body for three years before ending up just off times square discarded in a dumpster. I told her about the eldest son who answered a burglar's call and was shot paralyzed from the waist down. I asked her about drought and famine an endless civil wars. What lessons does his book refuse when her heart rate dropped by half in less than a minute the population of our cramped hospital room tripling. In a handful of seconds. I grasped for anything that would keep me upright at first the wall cool and steady demanding my body ascend beyond what seemed possible. Then nothing no one. I stood in the waiting room of the oh are waiting to be called in to find out if my child survived. I spent each second trying to pull tiny shoe coverings over my two large feet. I confessed every wrong of my life to an empty over at rome of steel and sterile instruments that are reflected back distorted versions of myself. I fumbled for any prayer. Could remember hoping that. I had all along been mistaken about the hollow blackness of the infinite sky. I never wanted so badly to have been wrong about anything in my life. And then a disembodied voice called out seemingly only to me a tiny crow at first that blossomed into a whale dwarf faint any thought my mind could possibly hold any faith. I'd ever been so foolish to claim father comes from carlisle sundress. Go mrs book heathrow. Thank you up his press. Who gave us permission to use carla's poem. He can find a link to the palm in our show notes along with padres guiding question for this episode poetry inbound. Is chris aaron call. Soko siri grassley. Eddie gonzales vote christianne wartelle go streakish karen navarre wicky. Karen tally souad. And me. lilly. Percy our music is composed and provided by gotham streakish and blue dot sessions. This podcast is produced by on being studios. Which is located on dakota land. We also produce other podcasts. He might enjoy like on. Being with krista tippett becoming wise and this movie changed me. Find those wherever you liked. Listen and if you want even more padres and poetry and your life visit us on being dot org where we recently launched an entirely new way to experience poetry. Listen watch or read. Hundreds of poems from our collection. This podcast is produced by andre studios minneapolis minnesota.

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Steph Curry: Champion Philanthropist

The Good News Podcast

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Steph Curry: Champion Philanthropist

"I i. I'm neil the host of the good news podcast. This is your source for good news. Fun stories and sonic showing. All of this. Goodness is coming to you from beautiful chicago illinois. There are so many reasons to be a fan of steph curry. I want enumerate all of them. Needless to say is an insane player delightful to watch and delightful in real life over the past year steph and aisha curry have been feeding the people of east bay in the bay area about a year ago they started and it's super interesting program because they are essentially funding restaurants to then feed that communities where they are so they are simultaneously employing workers at the restaurant where they used to work as well as feeding people in need double whammy in the past. Roughly year eat learn. Play has served more than fifteen million meals which is absolutely bonkers. Another one of my favorite philanthropists jose andres and his organisation world. Central kitchen has also received money from the eat learn play foundation and has gotten meals from a hundred and thirty oakland restaurants for the world's central kitchen that is decidedly news. Love learning even more. Good things about steph curry. If you would like to learn more i will point you towards steph. Curry's a gift of joy miniseries which involves steph curry rewarding people in the community where they are with gifts and help in this totally insane time. There are currently four episodes up on youtube. If you just look for steph curry gifts of joy you will find it. Their delightful the entire family delightful and absolutely did news that they are so actively giving back to their. Thanks for listening. If you've got good news or an idea for the show amazing send an email to hello at the good news podcast dot. Fm while you're at it follow us on twitter at the good news bad if you love the show think about supporting our patriots or reviewing us wherever you're getting this podcast from both are great. The music you here on the show was from paddington. Bear have a great day.

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Andres Cantor: Legendary Telemundo Deportes Broadcaster  Work In Sports Podcast

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Andres Cantor: Legendary Telemundo Deportes Broadcaster Work In Sports Podcast

"Calling all up and coming broadcast talent. Here's your chance to make a name for yourself. Overnight compete against others in Sirius XM'S MLB fan co the month contest visit Sirius Xm dot com slash. Mlb Fan call, and make your voice heard before the contest closes on September tenth at ten Am Eastern. It's closing soon. Get in there now one winner as judged by the Sirius Xm programming team will have their play-by-play call air on Sirius XM MLB radio and advanced to compete in the final fan call of the year contest for a grand prize that includes a trip for two to attend the twenty twenty one mlb, all star game in truest park in Atlanta. Plus a once in a lifetime opportunity to call a half inning of the SIRIUSXM, all star futures game live on, Sirius Xm. MOBILE RADIO GO TO SIRIUS XM DOT COM slash mobile fan call for a full set of contest rules, pricing details and more get in there people. There's an awesome contest. All Right let's start the countdown. Hey. Everybody I'm Brian Clark vp of content and gays for work in sports, DOT COM, and this is the work in sports podcast. Boyne Azeris the Paris of the south. For its architecture cuisine shopping history entertainment beaches. It is one of the top travel destinations in the world. But in the nineteen seventies when I was in the of the dirty war period when Argentina's military dictatorship turned against its own people. Quick, trip down history lane it was one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, six when the Argentine military overthrew the government of Isabel. Peron the widow of populist president. Juan. Peron. It was a political coup called Operation Condor and it was sponsored and supported by the United States. The military took power by force and turned against Argentina's citizens taking away political dissidents and people suspected of being aligned with leftist socialist or social justice causes and incarcerating. Torturing and disappearing an estimated thirty thousand people. Still to this day every Thursday the mothers and grandmothers of the thirty thousand unaccounted for victims of the dirty war gather in one of Argentina's most famous public squares, the Plaza de Mayo wearing white scarves and holding signs covered with their names. Why am I bringing all this up why the trip down Argentinian history Today's guest is one of the most famous sports broadcasters in the world. Andres Cantor. Known around the globe for his legendary play by play call when a goal is scored soccer, go do it thoroughly try. But as soon as I say that you know who I'm talking about. To. Really understand person you have to know where they came from. When I was given the opportunity to interview Andres a man I have long mired for his artful entertaining work in soccer and the Olympics and as a leader in the Spanish speaking community. I wanted to understand the man behind the call, not just the call off. On dress grew up in Argentina in win as areas specifically during the dirty war when the military took to the streets and people he knew. disappeared. Family fled the country and came to America where he had to completely restart his life. I strongly believe we are all formed by our early years at least partially, they become our foundation for what we believe is true valued and important are early experiences shape the way we see the world. Ninety put yourself in Andres shoes. Were torn country on his doorstep in his vision every single day. Fleeing, that country the country of your birth starting over. New. People new language culture new. Everything. He had every reason to make excuses to blame the world for its injustices to crumble in the face of the challenges ahead of him. But he didn't. He became a legend. This year Andres celebrated his twentieth year at Telemundo and I had the honor of interviewing him on his illustrious career. One before we get started. Five minutes before we started this interview under his phone started blowing up because Lionel Messi announced, he wanted to leave Barcelona. He has since retracted that desire. But in that moment getting breaking news leg this as we started I was pretty worried he'd be distracted. But he was not. because. He's a true pro. Here's Andrea. Cantor? It is an absolute honor to have on one of the most iconic sports broadcasters of the last generation Andres Kantor. Thank you Andres for coming on the work in sports podcast. Thank you Brian? It's my pleasure to be on. It's great to talk to you how are you? I'm doing really well. You've become a global recognized sports broadcaster and a lot of that is started out with your iconic call for you know, a goalscoring event in soccer. Lots of a lot of people got to know you. But I want to get back to your origination story a little bit I how you built your brand to what it is today where does your passion for sports originate? How did you get into this and figure out if this was something that was going to be your career? Or. Basically. In Argentina as a teenager back way back then in my days. Everyone grew up living hawker even though there were other sports that you know it's played a. Radius Hogger was the most popular sport. We all wanted to be a professional soccer player. We all wanted to do you know play at some type of level. witted have organized highschools hogger like we do here in the US would displayed in our clubs social clubs. During the weekends we blade in in the brakes in school we blade after school and that is how I got to love the game as every other I would say. Without fear of of Of Mega mistake in the mid sixty s early seventies I would say eight out of ten. Argentinian Gibbs played on love saga so that that was really my bashing from a very early. Early, age and then. I KNEW BRIAN THAT I. Wanted to be a journalist I guess might inclination started to be only started very early because what I want to watch my beloved sovereign team with my bad to the state, you might come back home. I started writing stories about the game. So I I thought there was something in me that there was a galling that I wanted to be a journalist. Having. This, I. Love to write in my adolescent years on in my college years. I, I never thought I was going to end up doing either TV or radio. I mean I went to school and prepare myself to be written journalists. I wanted to write for the dinosaur that I don informal for whomever at all the started riding on working as a correspondent for a very, well known publishing company that existed back then in our exist now. Abolish. The most popular magazines of that time and I was a written in correspondent covering everything from the few football soccer matches that we have in la when I moved to La. then. Everything Vegas I mean in all the boxing fights. The Oscars the I. Mean You name it I covered It was kind of funny that I ended up many years later. Calling Games on on deviant Andrei. Fascinating to me that you started out with a focus towards written journalism. Your Voice is amazing like you just have a natural tone to you. That is so engaging is almost like this part this sector called out to you like you became a sports broadcaster was this what you were meant for all on. It's funny. You Save at because I growing up. I felt my voice was always very harsh. I wasn't either for radio not TV. Really I never entertained the the the idea of doing TV or radio I believe that the day ny thought. I'd like to have a crack at radio or TV is when I saw. I remember vividly at this is a true story I covered like said many boxing matches in Las Vegas. On, of course. I had to take notes You know remember after the fact to write piece you know if in the second round, you know Brian. the best bunch was Bryan's best punch Wasser left coke on what minute of the round. Had A nightmare in this one fight I remember on while I was going back to the breast center I. Remember seeing the biggest Argentinian. Dual. On Dvd something like I will be Howard sale or Marv Albert with somebody else I remember that fight was solar. There were doing they're stunned up saying. Brian. who whomever by knockout. Round was pleasure bringing you the fight from. Ringside in Las Vegas good night Argentina's here. Next time on. You know they got unhoped from their IV's, and then you know they love the arena and there I was like typing away thinking Oh. My God what is was it the second round was six round and I said no, no, no that that's that's my colleague bear I mean I like to go as I see now I mentioned our say. I like to go see an unbearded other what I, the stress of thinking of overriding. After the fact so that I mean that is. At one time I, I thought about doing TV or radio, but nothing to do with the voice. That's a that's a an epic story. That's a life changing kind of moment to see it from a different perspective I wanna go back a little bit because I'm I'm a strong believer that are foundation kind of as youth kind of form at least a little bit of who we are later in life you grew up in Argentina in a pretty difficult time I mean from nineteen, seventy, six to nine, hundred, ninety, three was a time of great unrest there during the dirty war you are in Buenos Aires that's kind of the heart of where that action was happening. What do you remember from that time and did that kind of form your perspective on things moving forward in life? Or I was I was very young and. I believe in one year. I was. In? Argentina. This was nineteen, seventy, six, I believe. A. Have a six or seven encounters in the span of six months with bombings of of blazes of things and I was very nearby. I mean I I heard the explosion in Iran away and. Always I was you know too young to understand exactly what was going on but definitely. Opening eye opening experience. Dietsch. Me a lot of lessons in life you know now that. You know I. Mean After. When when you start growing up on an understanding the reality of the world I could relate differently I mean. This is not something that nobody wants to go through. But once you go through these type of traumatic traumatic events on. Political address. UCF from afar. On your relate better when. You know that there's something going on in a different country. It is very hard. I believe for someone who has steadily not attached to that country and lives in the comfort of the the American way American lives To understand perhaps the conflicts of other goal George when you haven't been. Near you know situations like they can go through. So it was definitely, very, very rough. On something that. Obviously taught me the value of life for. Your Family Emigrant immigrated to the United States when you were in fifteen in nineteen, seventy nine is that right? I was fourteen. We my dad, who is a physician Hata. Scholarship to go to UC Davis in Sacramento. I stay there for eight months. Then I went back doors Tina for four year. I could've apt. Ivan speak the language. So I went back and stayed until nineteen seventy, seven that my parents moved to to allay I move with them in nineteen seventy seven ugly. Okay. So how hard was that? You kind of alluded to adjust their how hard was that to adapt to an entire new culture and way of life that was completely different from your native Argentina. very rough in the sense that first of all the the language barrier was a key. Way Back. Then nobody's folk Spanish in Sacramento nobody spoke Spanish. it's incredible dicey this in twenty twenty where I believe forty four percent of the population in Sacramento you stunning nowadays. But way back then I said, you know they actually were from in Sacramento is Argentina on the few people that. they say, oh, Rio de Janeiro and I was like. Not Quite, wrong. Country was. Very very rough You know I I got pulled away from from my friends from my family from all of the things I. Thus. Thirteen fourteen. From I saw her from my club. It was really really tough. But then when we settled in La, I figure that you know I was GonNa stay here other know for how long to be honest but obviously I knew I had to settle an start thinking about living permanently here. So you attended you see you got your degree in journalism you on that written journalism career and then. You pivoted to the to the broadcast I'm fascinated by how this began I was reading that Spanish international network which began in nineteen sixty, two a long time ago the first television network in the US broadcast in a language other than English by nineteen, eighty seven, they began to transition to univision and they invited you in for an audition. What were you prepared for on that day and what actually happened? I'm GonNa do what I was prepared to to wear. Two different jackets do different shirts into different is that was all the Instructions I received. They said, you know we're thinking about hiring somebody that knows soccer was recommended by by somebody. on the bring do sports jackets to shirts onto ties. For Vision Okay so I did I got to the studio and I asked. Kyle. So what's going on on they said what we're going to. Date do shocker games? are going to air one the following weekend on the next one the following the next weekend. I women. I mean, my mind addition is on Air Wide Type. Okay. Well, whatever you know I was two. To three. So I had no no stage fright. So I my it on either color commentary, the first game. For lunch and the person that hired me. Said says to me you know we are short a play by play announcer. which just fired we're in transition we fired our late latest. play by play announcer. Do you think you can do play by play in the second game that we're going to take? Goodell's he and then he tells me I could tell that you know you know a lot of football by your commentary Blah Blah soccer. I said sure why not I have never done it before my life obviously, I had the rain of listening to you know so many games back home in the radio mostly. United started doing the play by play on the second game on I. Guess. Do use a very. Colloquial. Term The history I got hired I believe within a week. On became the main play by play announcer for US I N, which became univision which Ben. broadcasted. World Cups until weeded in two thousand eighteen. So you would never done play by play before you show up with your multiple jackets, shirts and ties, you're ready to go for anything and your signature call actually came out of that moment. Right? was that during that first audition? Yes. On as I always say I. You know I. I get very much recognized or my work thus by my goal goal, which is not something that I invented something that most Latin American specialty radio announcers nowadays more TV announced as world goal the goals the same way I do. So I just happened to help popularized way that Latin America mounds have. Ov-, yelling goal. So I just even though I had never done. Play. By play before I had listened to enough radio broadcast. TV. Broadcasts to. Know How it was done. On it came out the way game out on the. Throughout the years, it has had some variations depending on the importance of the goal. The moment happens could origin whom? The amount of air I have in my lungs. A different things by my first goal was A short-term Golden I called today by wasn't a goal goal number us. You are so well known for that call and I think it's great that you so humble in deflecting to other Latin broadcasters who have used a similar call, but I also feel like there's a lot of young broadcasters that are searching for their signature call. Right they're trying to come up with their thing that puts their stamp into the sports broadcasting world. Do you think that that's smart for a young person to try to seek that out or is that something they should just let happen organically as they get into the rhythm of a game or an event? The. Let me explain better. The goal go comes out journey because that's the way we feel that's way style of of broadcasting in Latin American Hispanic. speaking countries I would say that. You know if you look too hard for for a gimmick. road unquote. You will not do good. You know I have going many phrases. Are Part of my. Vocabulary when I'm on air that are very well recognized with fans as well. I never in one game for one game that I prepare off today I'm going to say this. It just happened. It just happened. You know. I. Sent Them. and. If I like them I repeated it. And if it works awards have not Just move on to something else for example. I would loosely translate in very common phrase. I have when somebody misses I know goal which is goals that never come back. Let's say you know you're zero zero. Striker with an open goal misses the goal I will say goals are never come back. That was whomever just missed that. came out honestly that just came out. And I I like the ring like the meaning It was well accepted I'd like that have different other Meena fracis. That have survived. You know the the years that makes sense that now are part of my. Broadcasting DNA if you will. that just makes sense came out. Organically. Naturally. Because of something that happened not something that I thought about overnight. Thinking if this happens, I'm going to say this because I think then you're thinking too much too hard. And the. Wanted to help you. And I agree at a time learned that you see a Lotta people in sports broadcasting changing networks jumping around going from place to place. You've been a fixture at Telemundo you celebrate your twentieth year the spring. What does that mean to you to be at one place for so long and to really start to establish yourself as part of that culture? Or. First of all, it's it's a great honor that. I am with what I call my extended family. For two decades when I moved up. A univision? For. Fifteen years. On the Donald for twenty. More than obviously the the networks per se or Eternally, grateful to me. For these last twenty years, I am very grateful to be in the position Diana. Wear. I get to be the main play by play. Announcer on any major. Network. Regardless of language I mean in Dallas Thirty, five years I've called every single world. Cup by Golan. Big Site called the greatest sporting events. So I am. Much grateful as I am. to double for the last twenty years I. Hope It's another twenty now, not ready that. To math now, mayor. No I just grateful bench myself I I every day because I know that I have been privileged. To labs to to work in the field. Which is my passion and to be able to be part of history witness to. The most historic events in. In the sporting world. Will finish up with this because I know you have a busy day ahead and I really appreciate all the time you're giving us. Twenty twenty has been a very unique year the sports industry has changed dramatically this year to the global pandemic. For you as a broadcaster and The Games as they exist. Now I know that Telemundo has brought league. Max into the full this year and you've been expanding your focus in that regard, which must be a great honor but in regards to that for you doing your job and for. The lack of fans in the stands how much does that impact the overall quality of play? that. Athletes themselves are missing having the fans out there in that extra energy. Is it harder for you as a broadcaster to kind of capture that spirit and energy? How're you persevering through all of this? I think what affected the level of play. Is the fact that most schlager teams in Europe and throughout the world. Some are even not having. They haven't trained yet by in Europe before the major leagues resumed. They have better players the new ending or more than one hundred days and even though they've. kind of shorten pre season to restart the remainder of the league's. You know it show the first couple of weeks. It showed that you know there were kind of in preseason form. You know the the ball bounced around their defeat of the players way too much and so. On so forth so I, I think that affected the of play. Now, every everything I've heard two interviews and I've read through interviews on written media. About the Blairs is that yes, of course they're lagging. The stimulus stimulus. Of. The fans for dude on. For Bad. yet talk about Miss Missing Open goes on you know Manchester City quarter final match against the on on one of the best players nor Raheem Sterling Center an eighty ninth minute open but open open goal that you know in in another instance, you attribute that. To Fan Brush they were booing him all all game long he was playing a way to a hostile crowd. Now there was nobody there was the sound of silence on him and he just missed it. So I think that it has nothing to do with with the fact that in the pressure of of the game itself on a not the fact that there are or no stance. On for me was You know I I'd like to see the glass half full. I have taking on I have given my producers the the the all. Of the order doesn't sound right I told my producers might preference. However sport the NBA on everybody has faked fans faith fan noise I said, no I want to listen to the clean feed. I want to listen as much as I can of what the players and coaches are chained in the bitch because this is something that we will never be able to replicate again when when we have found. In the sands because. The fans obviously takeover on I mean all you hear is the chromosomes. So I've been having a blast. I'd listening to. What the Blairs Goja say to each other the good. The bad I mean it's it's also Related will do you know when? When we play off look at this guy examined million dollars Egypt said the same thing. I would tell you my buddy department on on Saturday. I love. In about that angle but obviously, it's been tough because we also feed of the of the crowd. Noise. Under, thank you so much for coming on the show today. This is great advice or audience will love all this insight into your life and just a little tips and tricks about making a this foreign sports broadcasting. You're an absolute icon hearing your voice on this show is, is really a thrill for me congratulations on twenty years of Telemundo and twenty more I. Wish you. But I'm sure it's employer GonNa want to retire and sit on the beach somewhere. Thank you so much Ryan. Thank you so much for having me on. Thank you to undress for coming on the show. It's always an honor to interview someone of his stature and we will continue to keep getting guests like this and just even more and better. If you continue to rate and review and subscribe to this podcast and share with friends we want to continue growing and you guys are all essential doing that. Thank you so much for listening. Please everyone wear mask be safe out there socially distance and plan on voting. It's the most important thing you can do and thank you for listening.

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April 16, 2012: Trial of Anders Breivik

Today in True Crime

16:33 min | 2 months ago

April 16, 2012: Trial of Anders Breivik

"This episode is brought to you by three m three m has always been driven to improve lives with science and innovation. It's this forward thinking mindset. That led three am to invent household items. You've come to know and love like posted notes and command talks. But three n believes they have a responsibility to use their science to improve lives in even more ways. That's why the responding to the covid nineteen crisis by working on solutions for some of today's biggest challenges as a leading provider of personal protective equipment. Three is producing critical products for health. Care workers and first responders in donating to local humanitarian aid partners around the globe. They're also making more respirators than ever before with plants working around the clock producing more than ninety five million respirators per month in the us. Helping those in the front lines. Continue the fight. Three m science applied to life. Learn more about how three m is helping the world respond to the covid. Nineteen pandemic at three am dot com slash copied. Today is friday april sixteenth. Twenty twenty one on this day in two thousand twelve thirty three year. Old anders behring breivik stood trial for massacring seventy seven people in a fatal explosion and mass shooting. Welcome to today in true crime. A spotify original from podcast. Due to the graphic nature of this killer's crimes listener discretion is advised. This episode contains dramatization discussions of terrorism extremist beliefs and violence against children that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen. Today we're covering the trial of norwegian terrorist. Unders bearing bri vic. Let's go back to also. On april sixteenth. Two thousand twelve just after nine. Am courthouse cheddar fell to a hush. When thirty three year old andres behring breivik entered the room. The anti muslim extremist was oddly striking tall blond and confident in pitch black suit. Brajkovic knew all eyes were on him so he shot out his arm clenching his fist in a remorseless full military salute one seated graphics case began with the reading of his indictment not only had the neo nazi defendant critically injured dozens of people on july twenty second two thousand eleven but he also killed seventy seven innocent souls next. The prosecution made its introductory statement. The defense team followed with comments of its own. When the defendant took the floor he said the attacks were preventative strike. He claimed to have acted in self defense on behalf of his people city and country then he demanded the court find him innocent of all charges a few months before the attack graphic explained to a family member that he wanted to do something that would make his father proud. His mother left his father when he was only a year. Old bryant barely knew the man still. He wanted his dad to notice him once. The court heard bribes testimony. The prosecution offered security camera footage and mobile phone records of the fateful attacks on the afternoon of july. Twenty second two thousand eleven. After leaving the house he shared with his mother bribed drove through oslo and merged with the traffic. He drove straight to a government enclave housing. The office of norway's prime minister jens stoltenberg security camera. Footage shows his white van cautiously parking in the buildings garage. Upon arriving brajkovic climbed into the back of his van and put on a uniform. He pulled dark slacks over a black wetsuit and buttoned up utility. Best with stuffed pockets on his right breast. A patch. red polit- norwegian for police boots laced tight. He unzipped a canvas bag that held a homemade fertilizer. Bomb he'd spent the previous few months constructing the incendiary device. Brian vic lit the fuse slipped out of the back of the van and made his way to a nearby fairy station moments later around three thirty pm. The bomb exploded the massive blast pass through several buildings and shattered the windows of the government. Seventeen story high rise. Smoke rose from the ground level shrouding the upper floors in a thick haze the immediate aftermath presented a scene of utter chaos and panic victims struck by glass and debris bled in the street. One woman cried out in agony stabbed between skull and skin by a piece of window frame from her tenth floor. Office others wept and ran as the cowed. Fatalities rose to eight. Meanwhile brajkovic relocated to a lake ferry twenty miles northwest of all slow. He armed himself with high capacity. Ammunition clips a semiautomatic glock pistol and a ruger fourteen rifle. The glock had an etching of the norse god thors hammer on its grip clad in his commander's uniform brajkovic told the ferry's captain he was a police officer. He claimed he was assigned to perform a security check on toya island in relation to a recent terrorist attack in central. Also the ferryman transported bribe to the camp around five pm not realizing he was the one responsible for the aforementioned attack. Rainy missed it. The landing as the ferry docked brajkovic entered the camp quietly when he came across a counselor and a security guard. He calmly explained. He was there to investigate any threats to the camp but when the security guard asked him why the police hadn't called ahead of his arrival brajkovic fired a shot. Then he shot the counselor. They were easy kills hearing gunfire. Some of the children fled others. Were confused bribe. Steadily moved up the camp's main lawn picking them off one by one firing on all. He saw young campers race to escape from the killer screaming to warn their friends. But the gunman paid no mind to their fear. He just kept killing at random and shouting. I'm going to kill you all. You're all going to die. The children's smelled metal and sulphur. As shots rang out. Some campers plunged into the frigid waters in an attempt to swim to safe ground others hid under the corpses of their dead mates afraid and shivering. Finally at six twenty five pm two squads from oslo's elite police force landed at the camp in commandeered civilian boats seventy minutes. after breivik. i hit the ground. There was no helicopter available to get them to the island quickly and after driving to the ferry crossing their own boat broke down. Four officers followed survivors directions and went north unsure of the shooter's location. Or if there was more than one killer. Six more officers took route to the south after only a few minutes. The officers clocked the killer. They bolted to a clearing in the trees and within minutes came face to face with brian vic he placed his weapons on the ground raised his hands above his head and waited for law enforcement to arrest him as officers cuffed bribes hands. He told him they were not his targets. He considered the police his comrades. The bloodshed lasted more than an hour. When all was said and done seventy-seven souls including many teenage children were gone lost to their families forever. Coming up we'll examine andres bearing bri brajkovic's trial the internet. What would we do without it so much information so little time and yet with all the answers available online. They're still life scores of deep dark spooky secrets mysteries yet to be solved until now. This isn't click bait. This is our exclusive new podcast internet or legends. I'm lowey your evidence expert. And i'm eleanor the self-proclaimed skeptic together where the gruesome twosome sleuths in search of the weirdest stories on the web. Every tuesday we investigate the internet's creepiest conundrums covering each conspiracy. Theory and combing through every clue two separate hoax from hot whether it's the video shore to make you lose your appetite blank room soup or every kid's worst nightmare the terrifying truth behind disney's deaths or every parent's worst nightmare. Social media's momo challenge each episode of internet urban legends is chock full of disturbing details which are either truly demented or right for debunking and no matter our conclusion where sure to be left scared half to death. So won't you join us. Follow our new spotify original from podcast internet urban legends. Listen free and exclusively on spotify. This episode is brought to you by navy nourishing. Body wash enriched with plants arrived oils essential skin lipids vitamins. It provides the moisture you need for healthy looking skin that feels completely nourished and it's formulated without parabens or they leads. Get the most out of your shower and your day with navy nourishing body wash. So what are you waiting for visit navia. Usa dot com slash spotify to buy now now back to the story at just after nine. Am on april sixteenth. two thousand twelve. The trial began for mass murderer and right wing terrorist thirty-three-year-old bearing graphic in oslo norway. Brian vick was an extremist. The self proclaimed leader of the knights templar a twelfth century group that no longer exists but which break fantasized would support his hateful anti-islamic anti multicultural agenda. He'd even written a fifteen hundred. Page manifesto called twenty eighty three a european declaration of independence. The document which was found online lambasted european liberalists and criticized muslims. It was not a totally original work. However much of it was plagiarized from ted kaczynski. The unit bombers manifesto nine months before the trial on july twenty. Second two thousand eleven brajkovic detonated a bomb outside the prime minister's office in all slow he then traveled to a nearby island and attacked a labor party. Youth camp all told brajkovic slaughtered seventy seven people that day and after his arrest. He said he would do it again. Well his lack of remorse could have intensified the killers trial in other countries. Norway's process of restorative justice shaped his trial and sentence in a different way the trial of anders behring breivik lasted four grueling months. It evoked new terror as audio proof from phone calls documented. The children's panic as they screamed and ran. This tragedy was even more shocking because it could have been prevented in extraordinary evidence. Played to the courtroom. Phone records proved. The gunmen had actually called the police to give himself up twice in the first call. Bryant identified himself by name and claimed he was the leader of the norwegian anticommunist resistance movement. He offered to surrender at around six pm shortly after beginning the Toya shutting when nobody responded to his call he decided to carry on. He tried again a half hour later. Once more asking to surrender this time on behalf of the knights templar but the call was dropped so he went on killing perhaps because he considered the police brethren his calls could have signaled a deranged cry for approval. In any case. There were no officers at the stations to accept. Bribing officials surrender only the telephone operator. The police had rush downtown to help. Secure the streets after the bombing. This gave brajkovic time to go on murdering for another forty minutes at the trial. Each of those seventy seven victims families had the chance to speak out along with every survivor of bribery attacks. A total of one hundred seventy four court-appointed lawyers represented victims seventy-seven autopsy reports were read. Seventy seven counts of murder were heard and seventy seven biographies were recited to relay the unmet dreams of the departed. The overwhelming focus of bribery. Trial was on the trauma that is victims endured additionally to assess brajkovic sanity a panel of psychiatrists examined private and allowed him to speak freely. Brajkovic was declared sane at the time of the attacks and on august twenty fourth. two thousand twelve. He was sentenced to twenty one years of preventive detention and an extra high security prison. Norway's maximum sentence for any crime is twenty one years but terms can be extended in five year increments indefinitely if the prison system finds the offender. Hasn't been properly rehabilitated. By the end of their initial sentence as of twenty twenty one forty two year old anders behring rybeck resides in a three room sell. He's not permitted to interact with any other inmates but the killer will be eligible to seek parole later this year in july. His lawyer has already sent in his official request. Of course the court will determine whether or not to release the mass murderer and many including the governing mayor of oslo feel vic remains a significant threat to his nation and should never be allowed to return to society. Thanks for listening today in true crime. I'm vanessa richardson. Today and true. Crime is a spotify original from podcast. You can find more episodes of today in true crime and all other spotify originals. From podcast for free on spotify. We'll be back with a brand new episode tomorrow in true crime today in. True crime is a spotify original. From podcast it is executive produced by max cutler. Sound design by juan boorda with production assistance by ron shapiro carly madden and brusca. Kovic this episode of today in true crime was written by john. Levinson with writing assistance by terrel wells. Alex benetton and fact. Checking by claire cronin. I'm vanessa richardson.

brajkovic Brajkovic Old anders behring andres behring breivik breivik oslo Old bryant red polit Brian vic toya island jens stoltenberg brian vic bri brajkovic norway Brian vick ted kaczynski navy us andres
Corby Kummer: Will Universal Free Lunches Last After The Pandemic?

Boston Public Radio Podcast

21:18 min | 4 months ago

Corby Kummer: Will Universal Free Lunches Last After The Pandemic?

"Support for boston. Public radio comes from the office of the massachusetts state treasurer. The unclaimed property division is holding unclaimed funds for the citizens and businesses of the commonwealth. You can see if you have unclaimed money at findmassmoney dot com of covid nineteen. Their support staff is committed to working hand in hand to keep you moving forward with their live answer service symphony payroll dot com and the museum of fine arts where you can escape. The every day cezanne in and out of time is now included with general admission on view. Now you can learn more and reserve your tickets at mfa dot org trusted local news. This is eighty nine seven w. h. w. g. b. h. hd one boston online at w. g. b. h. news dot org boston's local. Npr back in boston public radio jim brady and marching in a friend of mine just texted me marjorie and said why are we not other than you announcing why are we not talking on the air and taking calls on the death of rush limbaugh. I think the answer is. It's pretty obvious. Because i've feeling some of the coals based on the tax i've gotten would not be appropriate. But that's the answer to those of you who just died seventy s. Join insulin over the latest headlines at the intersection of food policy and food culture. Someone were not nervous about talking about and to become corey's the executive director of the food and society policy program at the aspen and he's a senior editor at the atlantic and he's senior lecturer at the friedman school nutrition science and policy haiku become. We're seeing him on zoom which we love by the way i corby. How are you good afternoon. Good corby so corby. As i said before the break you know at the beginning of this mess when when grocery store workers were inches away from us ause we were all loading up on our food at the beginning of the pandemic. We view them as heroic. First responders almost Marianne dorsey has got a great piece in the boston globe today. The headline of which is the grocery stories. America's version of a caste system. What we pay people determines their value their service that value of their lives and determines visibility. We would you make this is. She's so right to me. I am completely with this and so embarrassed. I i'm not embarrassed. Because i wasn't in charge of Either giving pandemic stress raises to a hardship pay as a lot of supermarket. Chains made a show at the beginning of lockdown. Oh look we're putting these workers in harm's way they might not have enough face shields and plexiglass barriers. We have mean and rotten patrons. Who won't wear masks. The thing is it's all still true. Transmission rates are higher. There are new very coming. This is just as hazardous as it was before but once they made this big show and got great publicity. They stopped doing it and a piece in the times. Recently detail is not horrifying because it's capitalism at work San diego county or orange county was a county south of los angeles mandated. The croker had to give agit pai to all of its supermarket worker. I loved that what it kroger say. Well we're moving up. Where's just closing our store. that's untrue. Go yeah they just said we're pulling out of the municipality. They didn't say it's because you're making ads. Four dollars an hour of hardship. A for our workers they said. Oh we have so many Stores in the region that our customers will be just fine if they come to a municipality that require you have to pay. But that's what they did. Wow meanwhile they're yoga twenty million dollars a year and the average supermarket worker. Kroger gets twenty six thousand and change but rather rather than just trashing that kroger. Ceo were frauds too. Because we read. I i don't know a few mentioned. This marguerite remember the op-ed that grocery store worker. That was was brilliant was in the atlantic may be we discussed with you at the time early on in the pandemic. How we're all frauds that we're all all customers are praising them but when the rubber hits the road they're going to go to the back of the bus kind of thing and you know in terms a hazard pay. Do we read this morning. Trader joe's and maybe one or two other chains it but it's essentially corby as soon as the public stop paying attention and as soon as they. They didn't need the positive. Pr from treating their workers like human beings in the middle of band democ They just muslim dropped. It's really it's it's horrible and we're horrible for not demanding that these people that are keeping us fed are staying safe and obviously they're not way up there in some states considered essential workers have believed they are in massachusetts there in the next phase but as we said governor baker said the next phase could be a month away. So they're working at great risk. So i go go ahead every time you read an op. Ed saying grocery workers should be in the next level. We'll get vaccinations. Which i agree with the problem. I public health spouse will point out is were you gonna be prioritized. We're gonna take off the list. So i completely down with putting grocery workers right up there with teachers not farther. 'cause they're right in the middle of who refuse to wear masks they can't enforce it. They need to support their families or they will lose their job. They should be up there. But then it's up to the state they who's going to be a little farther down the priority list. Well that is one of the things we've learned you know everybody Unless you're you know eighteen and totally healthy and are fine going to school remote. Everyone can come up with a reason about why they've got a reason to be higher up in the priority list. It's one of the problems with something like this but this is a great story in the washington post about these bartenders taking care of these undocumented restaurant workers who don't get any help or almost no help because they're undocumented. Tell us about it. So you know i have to. I'm gonna get in the local angle in one minute because there's plenty of people in cambridge of the boston area who also stepped in through help. They're documented work. This was a very nice story about a bunch of bartenders In los angeles who started. No uh-huh without you. So it's a nonprofit. They knew that in the bar industry as the restaurant industry many many workers in fact there are eleven million undocumented immigrants the country and a fully. gosh. Ten to twenty percents of restaurant workers are undocumented What is ten percent restaurant. Bar industry undocumented. What does this mean. It means that they are still paying into the unemployment benefit system. They're paying a lot of their wages or benefits. They will never get so no us without you not only help find them work but it helped mine. Diaper donation student tutoring rental assistance. Community fridge testing grown virus. Testing all these things that people of all kinds and all citizenship or non citizenship should have easy access to. They came together and they are getting them. This help And so it's a very heartwarming story. It's about finding an old truck and loading it up with donate food and making hand deliveries to places People they'll contact by text. So i'm now going to pull back and say in east boston in cambridge in south boston i heard at the beginning of the pandemic very similar stories of restaurant owners who were gathering together their workers even side told me about this. He's staff they all recognize the need. What's among the musical vulnerable workers. It's usually a cover for undocumented. These people couldn't get access to these benefits and so Erode which is to say their colleagues would band together and bring them food so tracey chang. Panga was one of many local restaurant tours who are mobilizing efforts to help the Vulnerable workers and text message. Communication is really important because a lot of these workers are afraid to identify themselves. Of course they were really afraid. And the trump administration that if they were found to need help that somehow ice agents would come after them now These workers are still very hesitant to admit that they they can't get work. And one of the most heartbreaking quotes in this no us without story about this good effort in los angeles was an undocumented worker. Who likes so many Sandra bitten money. Dr her family in this case mexico. She said my family. And i came to work in this country and be honorable human. We pay our taxes. We pay these for street. Parking tickets we received we pay it all. Want to be honorable human. Can we stay on this. Just for a second. I think we glossed over this. Federal government Lack of benefits. Virtually every one of these people's paying taxes just like all three of us do. They don't get stimulus payments. They don't get unemployment payments even though they pay in to the unemployment system and even though they pay federal taxes in most cases. The only change in this. I believe in this one point nine. Trillion dollar package that is spending would be that under earlier packages under donald trump if you were a citizen and were married to an undocumented person disqualified which is unbelievable now. At least it's not enough. It's a step in the right direction. If you're a citizen who is married to an undocumented worker you the citizen can get the appropriate benefits. You're not precluded but the notion that people who are keeping us fed who were contributing to our economy without whom the economy would probably kalat not probably would collapse even worse are paying in but getting nothing in return is scandalous and purely a function of demented horrible rhetoric directed at people who don't deserve it in any case we're talking to a corby kummer on a good news front in terms of these social justice aspect of restaurant tours. We've been talking including you. About how many people. While they're very few. Jose andres in the world. A lot of people are sort of many jose andres trying to feed the hungry during the time corby when there are a lot more hungry people than ever but we read a story which i found fascinating saying. It's not just the good deeds of restaurant tours. Nali to help people who are hungry but also keep their businesses afloat but that this may be a business model going forward feeding the hungry by restaurant. Tours post pandemic. Can you explain that a little bit. I think i can't explain it. Because i spend between an hour and two hours every wednesday afternoon talking to somebody. Who's probably be treated this story like my new pandemic best friend. Whose name is matt joswiak from rethinking or city They're reinventing a model of a restaurant assistance very much parallel to a world central kitchen. Jose andre does so. There's new york times story by jane black former boston magazine food editor who now Is is very much in food justice and who is doing what to help And she wrote the single best piece. I read about jose andres anti policy recommendations In huff post long form two months ago. Great story Really explains what. Jose is all about so she has a restaurant or in baltimore. Who's being helped by world central kitchen and then rethink new york They are two organizations. What are they doing. They are finding donations that will allow them to pay money to local restaurants. That have a lot of documented workers keeping on that same But don't have a chance to make anything like the amount of money they had before might not even be able to be open without getting reimbursed getting paid by these umbrella organizations rethink and world central kitchen separately between five and fifteen dollars a meal What do they do with money. They go out and they support local merchants In baltimore and wrote central kitchen of they're trying to do only locally grown food In new york Rethink arranges for a huge amount donated food and excess food to go to these restaurants and they make a equivalent staff meal so staff in family meal. We all have a big romance about because what served to the whole staff at about four o'clock or five o'clock before restaurant service. It's simple hearty homey food. That's what these restaurants are making in the They started like one thousand meals. And what amazes me talking to the head of rethinking. How these barry mall neighborhood restaurants are capable of churning out a thousand meals in an afternoon that pickup services bring to local communities Or communal centers like shelters like Rehab programs Like meals on wheels programs for the elderly but the model is to take money from donors or from big food banks. If they could get this contract give it to small local restaurant and the gets made and delivered back to places in that community. So everybody's benefiting the community restaurant and the nonprofit or the shelter within that perry community. That's a great piece of a pandemic line. Creativity that will survive the pandemic. We're talking to corby kummer. Our food guy. Tell us about school lunches. They'd been free for the during the pandemic. Is this going to continue. Yeah school lunch is one of the only mystifyingly good stories of syrup administration during the pandemic. Which is that. They extended waivers so that entire families of students who are eligible for free school lunches could go and pick up at these sites that were making them and distributing them or get them delivered by school buses sometimes by the school system. All the children families would be eligible for these meals nachos. The students at the eligible school. So we in boston it. Donna bigger deal in boston. Because there is universal lunch and breakfast offered to students already put in plenty of municipality Terrible shameful lunch shaming of students. Who were supposed to pay for school lunch. But then fall into that and they either get a cold sandwich. All the students are getting hot. Floppy joes or hot pizza or they're made to be shamed This has been eliminated during kobe. By these waivers and now They're different bills especially in california which doesn't have university school lunch. They're trying to extend the state by state and nationally. And of course you know anybody who cares like us. believes in university school. So there's those stigma attached if you're getting free food. Everybody gets it. So maybe it's going to be extended you know you mentioned boston's not that big a deal zoe. One of our co workers told me this morning. I asked her when we started here. And she said as far back as twenty thirteen under a federal initiative and obviously inspired by. Tom nina who was then mayor. Was this controversial that long ago and where we one of the first to do. This is universal free lunches here in boston. I don't think it was that high lift. Even though i worship the memory of tom and nino and everything he did was good Why within the sat high lift. Because as i recall when any municipality face if seventy percent of the school children in that region qualified under usda standards for free lunch. Then there'd be a blanket rule. Everybody that wants to seventy percent threshold with each. I don't remember what the number was in boston. But as i recall it wasn't that far from the threshold boston just said we're not gonna wait to see if we have sufficient numbers were just gonna make it a blanket policy at the same thing in two thousand seventeen so corby kummer and tell us about these these outdoor dining cabins and tell us quickly. 'cause i think most of them are gonna burn to the ground floor at this to me but go ahead all right. So these are little igloos or plastic bubbles or tiny Ski chalet dial cabin outdoors on sidewalk. There they're like you're there like loser like bubble and i call them. Death traps sayers so on my colleague. Well the times. Think they're the only say alternative because you're not sharing other diners air when you're in it you're only sharing people from your The theory of that holds up if the restaurants completely opens them between diner so that their on air between and if the servers never they're headed if we're example you stick your arm out of the year and you get your food. Waste sherbert to come into contact with dying and i find it immensely dangerous. I keep talking about the next phase of my safety first restaurant. Guideline we're actually out to review. We've written them And then we're out to review in various health departments. I don't know where we're gonna land on this but the ventilation is next on the and there was a funny New yorker humor pizza. Advertising is if it were valuable real estate thing share the air and is not so rare. Find the four hundred square foot watertight shelter constructed in two thousand twenty features concrete concrete-floored heat lamps dangerously. Close the flammable campbell's wall and zero ventilation perfect corporate update us when your group decides whether there for or against deathtraps. Can you let us know. We share that information. With as soon as i that is we will use getting away with this. I is the one that's mentioned is in brooklyn new york. I mean just can't throw up anything. I wouldn't think in in a city. I don't even know video parody piece but in new york and in washington the rule is minimum. Fifty percent of walls. Have to be open. Okay fernow come out against gorby. It's been a pleasure by up for corey. Join joins every week. The executive director of the food and society policy the aspen institute senior editor at the atlantic is senior lecturer at the tufts friedman school nutrition science and policy coming up when it comes to love song. Birds are in searched from me literally. Sings their tune. Some joint talk about that and much more on this month's edition of afternoon zoo stay tuned to eighty nine seventy boston. Public radio mark.

boston kroger food and society policy progra friedman school nutrition scie Marianne dorsey boston globe corby kummer jose andres agit pai Trader joe governor baker los angeles jim brady atlantic massachusetts tracey chang
Chef Jose Andres: 'Hunger is beyond politics'

Cape Up with Jonathan Capehart

1:14:55 hr | 1 year ago

Chef Jose Andres: 'Hunger is beyond politics'

"Richard Game Five World Series He's an immigrant and activist and humanitarian. I sat down with chef race at a live recording of Cape up at NYU. Hi Everyone I'm Jonathan Kaye part and welcome to cape up there's a reason chef Jose on race was asked to throw out the ceremonial first as you said so what do we decide usually we is hungry Nala places I could be taking care of hunger in New York City right now that in DC during the government shutdown and how disaster response could change what comes through is human decency and moral leadership and you can hear taping of my Washington Post Podcast Cape Up and I'm surprised you're awake you just got back from Mozambique was already people are in need we arrive we find the food we find the kitchens we find the helpers volunteers I want to join US sheriffs from all over Africa the begun flying in to help us all of it right now we're getting a Standing Ovation D. C. that I'd be Area where he's different ripley comes so we the what we do a team of mine landed two days after the cyclone very much four or five days later they were already cooking thousands of meals we are right now in sixteen ripley comes hospitals and some schools which are reopening exploded in Indonesia after the first half quake first and second Salami we are right now in in big I mean very much we are in Tijuana fee Ziti by the area feted these huge so hundreds of thousands of families millions of people were had babies and everybody moved very much around the Tako but why were you in Mozambique what took you there I think you saw there'd be view that's very much what wall central kitchen now so only now so he thinks three days ago where reach on the north of Twenty thousand almost twenty five hundred hundred meals a day we have two kitchens and that's what we do when on hopefully we'll be there more weeks retain as many people as we can if any interesting that you said that you found the need and you went in but there's need all about world central kitchen which you founded in two thousand ten and was that as a result of the work you did in Haiti after the earthquake but if we think what we achieved the last two years along with being in Hawaii after Kennel we've been in the in all the fires and four new in every single hurricane in the last few years in the state of leaper Rica was almost four million meals we've been in Guatemala after the ball like many cooks right we feed the few of you including the yell I survive without you I love your person I mean they give me my always shoes is issues in Washington DC well in Washington I'm borrow funding that tries to help on that issue but they believe that when these moments did you form world central kitchen before heading down to Haiti or you just went to Haiti an out of that experience came to world central kitchen right after and so I do believe it's very important that we go there to give support to those communities that they've been badly hit by an event that they never expected so even when you are kind of living a normal life whatever is your Estado school and something like this happened everybody's affected why because nobody's ready and you know what happened with this headline in Mozambique which was very much the country heated the most in the town of Beira if you've never been to bear is an amber away to randomly is you know we could be in Syria right now we could be in Iran but there's been floggings well we tried to go where we think is the biggest most massive for the world how do you decide when you're going to go someplace and bring the help that you bring well you say that I'm Chevik many in wearing Columbia feeding Venezuelans between Tamboura Manga again we're everybody's millennial but our reach is becoming bigger because there is take my wife is kind of a yelp or that there's some bright on yelp she gives me on my toes but still we are a very small organization you've kind of hit by an adverse event or political event and we go on we try to feed the People Sean as we can specifically contribution to America or to the world every few years they own are people from other parts of Arts and science and they met the rubber Egger who was amazing individual who founded this kitchen a back in eighty eight on rubber egger creator now world central kitchen verse back into everyone's consciousness because of Puerto Rico and because of the woeful response any station that will be for those wasted bring it back to a centralized kitchen repacked the food was untouched give it back to the community shelters in the four food was when you realize that the federal government was not coming well many things happen I think change rubber daggers had the charity seem sees the redemption of the guitar when charity should be for the Liberation of the receiver twenty four seven trying to make sure that every American in these repair after a hurricane or tornado fire they're taking care of but sometimes are you think this very powerful race I mean I should still this raise because he's so good as keep mentioning rubber openly I don't want anybody canario techniques they will graduate and they will be higher by restaurants like mine so Robert was very important in means showing how really food can be an alien of to fifty thousand dollars from nation called the bill six nation we check surely this year the owner chef Marcus Samuelsson this year they gave him onslaught by the federal government to what was happening in Puerto Rico in the film that was shown and I don't know if because it was a reduced portion of the film that you says we began digging people out of the streets out of yells ex-combatants ex drug addict trying to help them put them back up and running we've done a Barman I put a very simple thing right if you're hungry and you're thirsty do you have enough patience when you come to my restaurant and then are they wanted to that point as thank you very much for being here this is I'm of all these things and people that are around our our bodies me early on in life ninety ninety three this house like really years later you get double these was that they were immigrants and they had and what's your kitchen but my really came from probably all of you that we are always influenced by somebody or some abandoned in life the end we are you have the sometimes you will hear that they say we have assets ready to be deliver but own acids doesn't mean that you are giving supposed to take care of your fellow citizens fellow Americans if you're hungry you're hungry today your children hungry today the elderly are hungry today uh-huh then we train them to cook and in the process they will help elite volunteers come into the kitchen feeding thousands of people a day in the process they will learn the you have goodwill doesn't mean you are for for me to your best with foot is a very simple thing right over best if you buy the book the book we fed an island the true story of rebuilding Puerto Rico one meal at a time later send you the first stop just started bitching on yelp rightfully so in my in the same situation Michael Jewish is through the kitchen everything I learned and try to ring the same kind of idea in different scenarios to Haiti and other places around the world eight two days three days later that you don't have food and you have water so food is a very good example of the regency of now if he's Mariuchi and Assab in there I believe that you say that it was when you saw the first responders in Puerto Rico coming to you and to your kitchen be there especially at the superdome after Katrina we read Katrina response it fell the people will never happen again especially the poor people the government is one we speak Don understanding the men and women of our a great people are people that they leave home sometimes for weeks if no month and who came up with idea but this was these awards central kitchen following the learning I had a very young boy in the see through the minorities well Maria was another Katrina but this case was no CD and a very big powerful city was an entire island of three point seven million type of organization so the speaking of these officials who are sitting in a room looking over spreadsheets when we look at disasters like that in Haiti drops down cases of water and emory's and zooms on and goes by why isn't that an efficient was name that book where hundred percent of the proceeds go toward in the kitchen and other and yours there you would see we do a very good Mozambique Puerto Rico the floods in Nebraska that usually the way food is delivered is a helicopter or plane flies over they came up with a non I'm pretty I'm Marie were Russians of foot created for work zone to feed our men and women in moments that of time and power and resources because we love talk about the emory's everybody knows that term memory meal Rabi tweet Maria really are the best of humanity pudding what we know into food wildlife wow these food never goes back very young kids are hungry today any day that passes one day too late so this is a very simple thing to the staff in emergencies the regency of now is now Loyd what do we do on how you doing my wife I on my partner whether we kind of beaching that money a little bit more on we as leader I'm probably will be in better shape than they steered day you put it under still be good for human consumption so on Stu wor Rico American territory on very much when Katrina happened they wish it was in Katrina because he is a moment in my life I wish I could go back in life sure on I'm so they gave me these award which was personally awarded I asked him what do we do with it you can buy a Rolls Royce something like foot so yes I believe that the response to hate he was amazing and Massif which are not the military hand USA we send the best of the but if you go after you finish you start googling foot Amurri you're gonna see the hundreds of thousands of different meanings that our great men and women of the Military Harrison by the response to Haiti in hours days and people on ships and helicopters and Fulton on the road this is not very efficient the amount of helicopter strikes that you have to be bringing to feed them entire island rick was simply an impossibility appeal they are all in a headquarters with computers and excel spreadsheets on we are the people that we go into the ground we are more boots on the ground but everybody believes like oh the government came and gave us food now they barely use show up as a way of saying this way emory's and work in today's have forty five million emory's every emory can cause between ten and fifteen dollar sometimes more so start doing burry expensive so if you are let's say Puerto Rico the number we were talking about hungry people during few weeks was on north of a million and a half a million and a half the way of feeding order people is super expensive for any country including the richest country in the eastern mankind and then the end they don't really so what we did was this mar way too we went from I don't know I really never watch the video I I mean I don't know how you Liz join these is stable and anyway is doesn't happen what happens is what you say sometimes emory's Ogle pile of space entree of food that we deliver is forty meals that same trail for forty-eight meals in one tray is only four Maurice so in terms of space were playing golf with that I will play soccer with the balls I mean they will do whatever but they will not read them at the moment but the truth is also a reserve so what we did was very massive we had to do with emory's amount of ships and boats and tracks and we went from twenty friends I to more than twenty five thousand volunteers where I'm from thousand miles a day two hundred fifty thousand meals in the big of the mission of the problem because when you drop as you set an emory in town you know what the problem is you have to talk to the locals you have to talk to the leaders right so he's a million and a half imerys unique daily rate how many days were estimating that the lease was around three or four weeks so you start doing ah of cooks that find food kitchens own tears and cook the foot where we're going to that goes looking for those that are in need of a hot plate silence that very much were initially forty-four on the people were there understand me it was a lot of people that the government was sent but like that from kitchens to the amount of food to the amount of people you are able to reach in a disaster zone in a disaster area where does the food come talk that looks like you've given a low foot town but that is barely enough food to power a percentage of the down that this country and maybe one or two days listen this is they know what they want even as for as they are a number is something that people really like he hated you could see us the boys they were selling them. We don't have a Kook like me feeling you every day on on the ground are created you'll come put an emory in the middle of five new comeback fifty ask because as you walked us through what happened Puerto Rico just showing up you one kitchen that expanded how do you expand phone calls to now with the biggest foot purveyors of the island the sewers of the island what was the situation private sector and all told me Jose may your whoever is in charge in that community you need to understand what the real needs ease that's why these dropping Libyan doesn't work they criticize before I did nothing I only give me a helicopter is happened these only tells you how resourceful people are especially women we had allowed woman from where does all of that come from Yeah Okay many things happen you have to care for with remaining in the open because people close helicopter I'm like okay go and find me a helicopter all right then hours later we were owning helicopter every were happening and I like that I don't think we should be depending on the government to take care of everything especially when sometimes the problem is so big that sometimes we are okay we've been maybe missing these these data data we are okay we're used to these hurricanes we have units we have we may have issues with these by the carte handed over your credit card on you feel out line of credit we began very much at the beginning are you still paying off that is one woman that nobody likes them he's woman that he been very poor people in Aiding Parsa Fabrica people that use it but they are hungry they never read yeah but they're humans they have their own is to do for drops across the island so was people like that that you see without centralize headquarter government led operations things L. Bundy I don't think they got the craze there were badly hit by the family on a helicopter they never made a big deal and they will use it every day they are neither reporters and planes will be massive emory's the work because people don't like them because elderly cannot eat them become almost anchor bess how life should be run in emergencies locos know best how to take care of their own we need to achieve a better moment where but we needed to feed the people was one mom and dad what I look for kitchen right and we had these very big the first day we landed from the airport facilities where okay we're GONNA be okay you're going to need to that but we're GonNa be okay thanks saying I show up I'm what do you do in America was this big arena call Charlie alkalies Helper Ricans love eventually is united stadium it's kind of concert hole one of the best chefs in the island who was a guy that very much gave us the first initial help with not only his kitchen but he steams his family members can you not we're using this kitchen why goes eight people in here working we're using the kitchen to feed them I really certainly the basketball hall whatever and there they were using it to bring water resources whatever was being donated was the in your book because you right one that you want the government to get rid of this top down authoritarian sort of way of dealing with is way system is so efficient we show up and we become part of the community and the communities that one guy Dennis a what the real needs are thanks to the question I was going I believe you're right lake is one moment I need helicopter to drop foot and I had my team my closer timberlake okay we cannot reach them Jose we're going to resume anywhere the roads sees and you're right when it came to Puerto Rico what we did was embrace complexity every single second not planning not meaning just improvising the old school wants you to plan it was only feeding hundreds of the moment in that kitchen in less than two weeks will reach seventy five thousand meals a day for you to understand how eligible listen I only listened to my Spanish one kitchen to twenty-six kitchens those sort of decisions coming to help people in America or around the world listen to the locals more I'm bring them into the solution well this is part of the central message days were never ending but the NF almost a week we almost reached fifteen thousand meals a day very quick we went from Monday through Saturday fifteen thousand meals concerts the initial food titter titter as our operation begun grow in every day it looked to me like it was entire month of my life centralization of power doesn't work why because when you come from the outside the outsiders are telling the locals how you should run your life and the Locos with that and you don't tell them anything like that because the mega on I'm like really the foot the first thing I did was precisely make three I take care of Americans in a moment of emergency on for me now every time we go somewhere we for example in Florence or when we but we weren't in the middle of the town we need to spend because we kept receiving phone calls the order ski forever growing we couldn't say no to anybody so doc everybody okay I understand if you tell them we have an open the kitchen on that building and building destroy everybody freezes are in place that we're sending everything there we've found out that they had a huge kitchen kitchen kitchen to feed entire arena and I wanted that with NBA so emergencies we need to start establishing the protocols and how what property some buildings could be used the kitchen was cooking inside will buy yes outside became our entire operation was coming out from these gigantic we got guys we got the refrigerator truck the day after Mexican beach we put four players out there we began doing thousands of meals every single day right next Gerbeau theater earlier this year he just returned from helping with disaster relief in Mozambique we talked about that is efforts in Puerto Rico Haiti and Washington I gave up because you know who to call the moment so we begun cooking in these smaller kitchen Jose and break one of the best restaurants one of the nicest guys professionals who have found themselves completely knocked out of work working class middle class upper middle class people showing up at China you will say what is the Madison Square Garden while we're the New York Knicks play like now Madison Square Garden these gigantic restaurant that happens entertain Mitch we find kitchens we use them we don't find them we adapt but adaptation is probably the up the phones again people were seeing what we were doing I'm like I need to move to that kitchen thanks to the first lady of Pro Rico we were able to move into that kitchen so you had insight into homelessness and hunger at a very nitty gritty level in Washington but then the government shutdown Lina. That's why I say that I wish doing Katrina in the superdome was there because thing for a second okay when you go to watch an NBA game or concert in an so now you're going from in your experience working with homeless and people who are getting their way out of homelessness to open this most recent one towards the end of last year and now you decide to jump in and feed the government Workers Komo go with a helicopter Goya do you ever buy go yeah yeah you're gonNA drop them because go with an amazing by Saturday that we were doing fifteen thousand means by Monday we had to be doing thirty or forty thousand because people were finding out that they were calling us that's when they know we have to move he's one in came to Washington in the nineteen ninety s early nineties right and when you got there used to basically within months started volunteering with DC central kitchen I funding kitchens because really really Mexico bridge was wipe out so we are that we had the kitchen but we have firemen's by fans yeah that thing always in this scenarios is going to be more important than planning let me bring you back to the mainland and off into North Carolina even the warning Florida I don't know you saw the horrors of Mexico beach on the floor of parliament beach there we had a very hard still the world's central kitchen we don't plan as you said we don't mean because we plan too much chances are that things are going to be completely wrong and once you plan and you have on and everybody agrees on the plan if the plan goes out of line people freeze if you don't plan and you tell everybody what we're GonNa do I know we're going to it really is you can put it on the over and you put it on the mixer whatever you want whatever you want you can be as create but Marines your kitchens lined around the block and you talk about what that was like for you to see this happening in the nation's capital well the reason we did this is because the shutdown if I'm Reid was in two thousand thirteen I'm was not wrong was wrong and there is when I began giving us hands especially we open on the navy memorial right on in between equal distance from Congress and the White House we were feeding close to twenty three states five hundred thirty seven restaurants that were donating one meal a day to the federal employees in their towns when these last one happened I was in Puerto Rico this was going forward along we saw what president trump was saying he very much didn't care about finding people people were hard on them but they were good game we got people like many Democrats obviously but really trying to make these bipartisan we go congress and and pizza manny restaurants we were many restaurants are on the another time we began getting phone calls from other towns before we we knew we were very much covering the spectrum of big areas where further employees were and at the end was the right thing to do that line go around the restaurant hunger issue in United States so we had northerly my restaurants were many of my friends are Washington DC they decided to join sweet the happened and I'm very happy because at the end hunger should not be Hungary's beyond politics Americans going hungry and should not be about Democrats going longer and really people were about to miss the first paycheck is when we decided taught debate my Ngo was central kitchen why because we send that was about to be would be social all people coming together to help each other Aben I'm we've got congressmen and senators coming on volunteering and talking to the by the way you speak anywhere in the country like you may be a Republican you may be but you will all agree the North American chives Naw field with an incredible spirit and innovative mind Mr Andres is solving one of the world's ancient problems and supplying world leaders with a new roadmap to provide toast to twelve thirteen fourteen thousand federal workers a day will open the market next door a market where people could get diapers and people could negotiate with can mother should go to bed hungry because our politicians are no able to come to our good ground to achieve kind of consensus from ice on I felt was fair to do this my restaurants jump in from the beginning again we're I'm feeding thousands of people but say so these L. Peace Prize I don't know that I've got it right here. A Congressman Congressman John Mullany of Maryland and among the things man hurt from Texas we got be banker trump came to volunteer on the people I'm sorry I've got yeah Republicans even on this case I would much of the blame on President Trump I'm willingness to our rights to a commitment but hunger got trump really came in volunteer on was there was frankly very good game and talk to the people and talk to the got around he wrote because of Mr Andreas work millions of people have been fed this is the most basic human need and Mr Andres has proven to be world class in this essential humanitarian right more effective disaster relief in the future. Now I've I'm reading this in you're like yeah yeah yeah whatever whatever but do you the Stefan grades it's things like what you just said explain why you were nominated for Twenty nineteen being deserving of such recognition I mean in terms of my profession we are no not understand why someone like that why a member of Congress would nominate you for Peace Prize do you not see the work that you're doing as using now is how much should the bar between three and five I'm became very popular and quite frankly my staff who work cheering and for free during those mm son we felt was the right thing to do the my restaurants quite frankly they've been successful thanks to go same federal workers so for is was the right thing especially when I spoke to this woman the feeling the children or a school or whatever other issues they had their life to cover their paycheck so we doing my restaurants in two thousand Thirteen Edco the power company the power in Washington I used to move the later on whatever shading at the end became very good s. area that we're allowed to bring food and that was very important so we're right there is hundreds if not thousands of people waiting and they have all these strategically local as a profession maybe to to get these recognition even it will go any further than that that is good use the the dream that maybe a coke can be nominated take care of them that loan herself back Nobel Peace Prize winner beyond its zoos and like loan is the people around the world that very much you're doing God's work if you're a believer and if not superman work or superwoman work on another briefs Bryce can be you were this is be clear on could be good for the profession that anybody can have a contribution Lisa Mason he's not really an orphanage home of this one hundred twenty children that they will never go anywhere else because different signals they have learned so people listen to me was ice cream and then I like to organize if you buy my book only Cook during the three months in Puerto Rico was nick not only with my teams but they were we've Warford program that sometimes they get the love hit for why they don't do right but they should also be getting recognition and then you go to Haidian you know that this person called Lone who is the right hand of Paul farmer from our nursing health and H and long ron now the world is full of those moments of nothingness that is what makes us who we are it's a love good people doing things that we don't realize use one young kid that had been these other woman cross the street this is a almost nothing but to me this is a lot like race we showcase the DVD of the human race we need to showcase that good moments and the good in the people when those moments happen very big part of humanity is many people that humanity cooks like me all the wrong folks like me that they don't get recognition so anything is good for audience and I'm going to forewarn you please keep your questions sort and no speeches because if you launch into his speech I'll be forced to cut you off and I don't mean a helicopter to another movie this meeting singing with the people and used is those men and women that the royal on that he's been doing this for years without Burleigh a program people trying to organize this crowds they're hungry and we were there like broadly seek seven hours on that was helping them like one more guy bringing rice asked thirty five forty minutes I would think a lot of people in this room would agree is the sound of what you're saying everything that you're doing is all about leadership I'm getting the recognition sometimes for me yes I've been putting what I know I deserve his father's but I'm very accurate I have a big voice so I screened more than anybody he said sarcastically I just WanNa make sure for audio purposes I mean so from your vantage point what makes a good leader I do believe good leaders are those that now that they've done no everything as for what they do right and I was we'd be guy called Arroyo forgo his name but he's one of the lanes warford program and I he by me to humanity on coops too and I'm for that alarm very happy but then the problem is like when I go to the fields when they go to taming one of the helicopters we want to one of the most remote areas there in Muslim big one of the last drops of food they were doing they were trying to cover roosting Larry this was there's that they are not afraid of showing their weaknesses on especially men were the wars leaders because you know we're perfect I'm just wanted to save our microphones here at the front of the stage I'm pointing this out now because I'm GonNa ask you a few more questions than open it up to questions it's abuse and I believe leadership should be more of that of Dean highly aware that you are only as good as the people that you have around us they seem there behind doing nothing they're moving these amazing group of people from behind them some help of the dogs but they always seem to achieve their yet right be rude but I will be rude doing it so chef is to your mind what makes a good leader because everything you've just said in the under duty they were beyond their word the wall is full of those moments and we need to embrace those Moammar often because then we are going to be much happier that we belong to the human seems shepper he's doing absolutely nothing but sometimes whatever is his success which is moving this entire group of ladies and get the chiefs and Kim moving right for me that was a moment that was very important because really became the person I am thanks to that service in the Navy but used for me disco these children like she's the mother of all of them she broke ice for them should make sure that she has enough red fish new patient books held a nurses of the spines navy and we arrived to Pensacola we were three hundred men on that crew to move all the cells selling in the middle of the ocean and if you are able to make everybody believe they are the leaders and they alone can fix and make anything happen Danny's when leaving is a piece of cake so the answer to your question is a love with people out there sometimes with very small yes you know to me when I say sometimes first time I give America was very much last week thirty years ago I was in a tall ship which was at twenty sheep of the midshipmen the good thing is great I got bloom no more scenes I'm perfect though right on studios and we have a lot of you know can love green stewards and mountains and a low of sheep and goats and cows and and I always see the shepherd beyond duty sometimes with this mine only if I have to smile doesn't say that they have to smile in their in their duties walking with an older person because knew that these were all the places my father and mother were nurses on I will go to the hospital of an I always those nurses on both those going doc now if they need to do that really now both to our children this along I don't think that the nurse has to read the book but they were doing it because they were b you see that sometimes the commander would been charged more in the chip without giving an order to me was the most amazing thing so for me these info I could feel it but he's very much feels guilty because you are like shit one time I'm looking into cover be as good as the value of the people that he's surrounding you given all of the places you've been in the world and the suffering that you've seen A. and been a part of just coming back from Mozambique who do you turn to for support for Comfort for guidance information on my wife sarcastically an I've been very lucky of through my life to have an amazing group of they gave me these words of wisdom their time there they will come to me when they fell I needed guidance when I sometimes it seems like there should be is becoming I the person pursues we the people on either we leave that everything I've done is because I've been very important to understand that you are only as good as the people that run you and the degree you have to pass to everybody that they are in charge Saddam was everybody's they'll either which do their destiny it happens almost without either we leave a leader should be that I was in the Spanish navy ice when you're in the half with them for a loss can you help on his way keep repeating the same thing that we are only our lives is the sum of all the people that we aromas even people that we never meant that we read something from off race so those are kind of the moment that create we've been together twenty five year I'm very much she's been this kind of leader in my house I am totally in charge lackey of being surrounded by amazing woman and man that makes leaving very simple leaders should be coming from behind I don't know the right and then when you move to the United States ninety three you don't be before adding cases any immigration officer I came illegal with two all right you people all right and so when you went to Washington instead of coming here I somebody sometimes it's like this you're not saying that you think when you are alone and then you say it should never share these ideas with anybody maybe I'm from the north of Spain and let's all of them they give me more than anything I get that sometimes they say that we'd San this goes off Jose so that that was my passion and they had the other businesses and they move on their own lives on their own businesses which very good that they were super generous I don't feel guilty Christiane is okay you load charge you ask for forgiveness and everything forgotten but hey three hole you know I- arrivers at call because shove and they led me and owning all the restaurants and keep creating the company becoming mind God I've been very lucky in that sense so again I've been so blessed because I've been surrounded by people that they've always gave me so much I don't know why yeah what took so long ago is one year and a half of my life maybe we're missing their kind of mindful bro but so when I finished by military my wife is here in the room somewhere early you'll recognize go because you down okay so I really opened it up to questions because this is your first big restaurant here in New York so her and I bring that up because you have just open your very first restaurant in New York City yeah at Hudson Yard makes me feel a bit you know century in that sense there have been men I'm giving enough to them but they being supported by France always Areso came back to New York okay thank you Bye New York to open cotton restaurant I- restaurant from Barcelona because they grew up in Barcelona friend I moved to side to work in the restaurant of another friend I go over to go to war your bat and then Washington DC rings has the difficulty of making everybody believe the same crazy the as you have with almost guiding them like everybody has their own on their sheep understanding that you can in New York because respect because I wanted to come and do something different something amazing something getting something New York this was all before nineteen ninety two Olympic Games of Barcelona so it was a love interest of cotton and companies moving to so for me why took me me become I mean they'd sends I've been very lucky with what we had amazing group of friends from the people that hire me when they moved to the sea by night gala a knife Niger January nineteen three I landed in d. c. and I never looked back my question oh no you answered and then I was young I was a I kind of became a new year boy I mean I love your I mean I've fallen low in New York but then he's like New York was becoming Rica that even America is aware why because was something called the US the Spanish American war despair lost badly I concentrate in I like to tell us stories nobody understands what I'm tame but they all love my stories have been buried so it's interesting that you come to the United States your first town city that you land into the United States is Pensacola Florida and really I told Lane where's the boy man Galvez I mean really I'm Pensacola there's ways we import watch like I need to leave my hat and I moved to Rico to work in the restaurant of a friend I moved Hoyas and deal to work in the restaurant of another on the road will always go right off fagin following the win and occurrence on every man will do a different is but the boats on how thank you question listen estates so we opened again this place and I hope you commies not really a restaurant no really a food court is used a place to have fun the Spanish way I would like to know what do you say to business leaders who understand or those who don't the urgency of climate change and and now we are friends that you know now I have dual citizenship so I speak on behalf of boat but in the moment very much against the history of a place to celebrate the Spain Spain had the bigger presence in New York and in Manhattan and especially the New York is where is the biggest presence art and no speeches and here comes question here and here whoever gets to the MIC I heart hey good evening Jonathan and use as deborah obscene what's happening on the water insist that arises in the face of humanitarian crisis that you've observed yourself as a result natural disasters great question great question in America was white bundled these fine but then now that I've been here so long I'm like why why Spain high the huge contrition toby's the American I wish Limonov Miranda I'm so my Spanish guys that were helping us Washington only only the French guy there's a lot of different concepts I don't really open restaurants I'm not the guy that concentrates too much on the business side of things on my way to tell the stories are restaurants on obviously Spain is very easy for me because this is the story of my life but I wanted to open these a coke we need the chef to open a restaurant and here I come Washington and that's how we begin in December ninety two I blame back does thrown into your Hudson yards on thirty eighth so the restaurant were when I came back from the navy yeah no that's something New Yorkers now how to very well and with that let's open it up to questions from the audience again please keep your questions and then disappear but really wanted to come back and say let me open a little thing like he's going to be the heart of Spain in Manhattan in New York battled was very important we general the governor Galvez that without that the English were kind of concentrated Sakala watching the lead the lawn so leaders are going to have to do whatever they can to make sure that every single business especially

NYU Richard emory New York City Jonathan Kaye Congressman Congressman John M Congress Katrina Texas NBA Stefan President Jose Trump Mr Andres Mr Andreas Maryland three days two days
$1B+ in Assets  Andres Pira, Blue Horizon Developments

Beyond 8 Figures

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$1B+ in Assets Andres Pira, Blue Horizon Developments

"The years. What's coming up on beyond figures when I put other people in front of me, my employees, and people that need? So, so I believe that when you help other people become successful, and you help other people reached our goals, everything around you propels and you get ten fullback, every single time today on beyond eight figures, Steve Richard and Mary, talked to Andres Pira, whose current company has assets in excess of one billion dollars. Hey, there, Kelly, Pelter here producer, reinvention radio. We're often asked about how we're able to land such amazing guests for the show. Well, the answer boils down to one word relationships, if you'd like to connect with influencers and build real relationships with them. There's a right way and a wrong way to make this happen in our free e book, seventeen proven ways to give up relationships with influencers. We detail seventeen or the right ways that you can easily leverage to start connecting with power players around the globe. Right now. You can grab a free copy at WWW dot seventeen ways. Report dot com. That's WWW one. Seven ways report dot com. Click the Lincoln the show notes, I'm a big fan of strategy number four. And when you read seventeen proven ways, I think you'll see why, again, grab your free copy of seventeen proven ways to develop relationships with influencers at seventeen ways report dot com. Just click the Lincoln the show notes now and you can start developing real relationships with influence. Today. Starting scaling and exiting a business is hard. So why do some companies that you've seven eight and nine figure exit while struggle to reach six figures and revenue to answer these questions? We sit down with top entrepreneurs, who have exited for more than ten million dollars or currently run ten million dollar plus businesses and grill until they share their proven tactics and strategies. Welcome to beyond eight figures are welcome to another edition of beyond eight figures. Stevens. You're hanging out with the lily Marigot les. My brother. The gang is back together. Things are good. All is right in the world ways got under control in the studio, and Kelly's got him control back at headquarters here on beyond eight figures, we sit down with entrepreneurs, who have either exited for more than ten million dollars or currently run businesses that gross more than ten million dollars annually and we get to the bottom of the tools and shortcuts strategies and things that they have leveraged to build their business into what it is. If you missed any of the past, episodes a highly recommend you go back into the archives because man, if we had some good ones, and we've got some awesome folks lined up as well moving forward. But I don't I don't wanna waste any time here at all. Because I'm just super excited to have our guest on today, and to be honest with you given everything that's going on in this gentleman's life to be able to, to capture an hour of your time based on everything that you've accomplished. I imagine we're gonna be getting a Bill for what a couple million bucks is that is that the. Plan a little bit more. A little more a little more. Yeah. So it is under a just wanna make sure when how do we pronounce it? Exactly. Andre spitzer. Okay. Very cool man. So. A. N. D R, E S. And unless named P I R A for those keeping tabs at home and under his your joining us from your your in Thailand right now. I'm actually in New York, New York. New York central central park, and I've been doing a lot of interviews and, and book launches and all, but I'm leaving tonight's to Thailand. Okay. So Thailand is home. And I just wanna make sure that people understand first and foremost, how you meet the criteria for beyond eight figures. Do you have you exited from a business, and in real estate's a little bit tough, and we'll get into some of this? And I know the having done real estate developer myself. I know it's a little bit tricky to, to, to speak to this because you have so many different projects and things going on. And if you sold one building, in one development that essentially, that is one business that you exited from. So it's a little bit more complicated. We'll get into that. But have you exited for from a business for more than ten million or you currently run a business that grosses more than ten million annually or annually? Ribaud thing I would say boats, both. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. And so let's, let's give folks an understanding of your, your background man is super inspiring really. And you you talk about. Just for those of you. And after almost every episode of of beyond eight figures, Mary and Ritchie and I we kind of look at ourselves and we go, like, what, what are we doing? With our lives. You know, like I mean, my God, we, we haven't done anything. I mean, you know, comparatively speaking in so you're really a testament to the fact that AMI God, if you can do what you did given the circumstances of where you were and where you are now I mean, then one could argue easily that anyone could do exactly what you have done, maybe not in the exact same way. But certainly, it's possible to change your life change your circumstances. So just give us a brief understanding, and I know you cover this in your book, homeless to billionaire, just obviously giving a you know, a way a little bit there. But give us an understanding of, of your story. Well, I just released by autobiography and it's book about what I've been going through the last, I would say, seventeen years, and I'm a real estate developer, in Thailand, that moment, and we have built constructed, and sold almost one thousand seven hundred different units and properties at the women's, and I'm in New York to do the book launch, but I was always successful. I've been actually homeless on time in my life. And that was my first venture into escaping to another country Marijn from Sweden, and was never have air was, it's called the stark is snow, now got him off tropics, a love a love the tropics defilement and my blue oceans and side ended up in Thailand with my with a little bit faster hard. So I, I came to Thailand, almost seventeen years ago, one hundred dollars in my pocket. And I had another kind of mindset that I have today so that kind of mindset led me to becoming homeless and spending my days on a beach in Thailand as I was too proud. Call anyone back home and tell them that are fairly life and just leave it in the first place. So I couldn't say that I'm here in. I'm Pat tremendously failed, but I discovered techniques mindset control of emotions, and they're just working myself up through this last seventeen years. And that's where I am today. And so let me let me just make sure I'm clear on this in. And if you've listened to the show, I don't know if you had a chance to listen to beyond eight figures before. But if you've listened to the show, you know, that we tend to go pretty deep into exactly how you got to where you are, and where you're at, and so on and so forth. So if at any point, I'm asking a question that makes you uncomfortable. You don't ask to answer you don't obviously have to do that. But when you say billionaire just so I'm clear is that in terms of the value of the real estate that you personally, own is that is that cash like, how do you how do you get to that quantification of billionaire status? Yeah. No, you'll have the right to ask, and I don't I don't have one billion dollars in my back account. But if you put all the ashes hotels resort. Marshall Building lands asset stocks, if you put all that together. Yes, then we can talk about those figures. Okay. Now, totally makes sense in in, in Mary Ritchie jump in at any point here. Otherwise, you know, I'm going to run here. But let me let me just ask you this. Do you have partners in all of so you about seventeen hundred units and so on? I know I know some of the stuff you've sold and and whatnot. But you still own a certain number of units. Do you have partners and all of those deals or do you do all this stuff on your own? Now how our some of those deals structured now versus when you first started. I work with banks, I work with private equity groups guy capital, companies and also private investors that they found there. My developments, I don't need to do it. But at least I get a good financial backgrounds. And when I start a new development, anew resort big at a certain percentage back in I work with a big investor firms that are behind my buildings and the in Thailand, we have a law that if you're if you're a maker building or condominium than forty nine percent can own can be owned by foreign goes by fifty percents still have to be owned by the company, which I own, so any resort condominium, or residential units are built on it. All fifty one percent of those assets every time. So. How that's how it's structured in Thailand there. Yeah. Yeah. I was going to ask, if you could go back to the very beginning when you're in Thailand and started the real estate venture. I mean like those first baby steps, some people can't even get to those first steps and then catapult to what you've created already. Yeah. But people need to understand that when I didn't have anything, my, my thoughts would not become this real estate tycoon, this billion that was not a in my thinking, because I believe that, that's an impossible thing to do. So I started with baby steps, and I started to get a job as a marketing executive in real estate and unknown how the marketing structures in real estate company, it, it's done and got promoted to sales agent, and then unknown how the cells departments are structured in a real estate company in our real estate development company, and I did a great job side. I got them promoted to cells manager within that industry for company and it went great and other two years. And I became the best sales agent for that company and they finally promote to sell direct or for the whole organization. So it was all baby. Steps out us up in that industry. And when I had enough funds had enough saving. So my first real estate agency in those before became a developer. And I think that's the strength because unearned every single step in every department and how they works. And now I can relate to those. People in the oven that works for me. And I can be a much better leader because of the going through all that. So that's how everything started from the such. And then when you started your first firm, when was your first acquisition that lead to would just snowball domino effect larger and larger properties? No, I when I started my first real estate agency. Then, of course I was doing a good job. I quite investors or clients. And they were asking me. Where's too good to put my money was too good returns where we can make money. Saw started to flip unions from my investors started to buy UNICEF for myself, and then sell them again. And after another three and a half years, then I had a good reputation and people were relying on me and I had a good database of cries, and they approached me and said, well, you've done great. You placed our investments in great. The ingrate investment vehicles were into it. We want to know if you want to development or you'd be interested in, I mean, I already knew the industry, I wanted to be. Developer anew was selling and not selling what was on the market, inspired me to prices and all this. I had the confidence to do it. So the first project that I ever got welcome to with my invested. I was residential villa development was nineteen Bilas. That's how I started in that got sold out in about five months to nineteen houses and that opened all the ice for investors. And they knew that I did a good job in from that lead to bigger and bigger projects after that, so contrast. I, I can't wait anymore. I almost jumped in right? No, it's okay. I just I'm sure I've been the Mike, so we talk about starting scaling and exiting and Mary took his back in talking about the first real estate coming, but I, I'm like, I can't not ask you were freaking homeless. Like what, what was the step before that? I mean you just got done saying you alluded to, I would wasn't thinking about becoming a billionaire, I need to get. At the debt to get the job workup, and thanks for the store. I'm not trying to make light of them just trying to pass quick to how'd you get homeless? And what happened in? And how'd you get out of how did you start even the thought process, the mental mindset of, I'm going to set this vision, and I'm going to get a job here and work my way up like take us back to that. I mean, plus you see, we also have this other show, reinvention radio. You obviously reinvented yourself. So I can't not ask that question. No job. I like that. You do that because I need to take you back from that days on the beaches, right? And I was a firm believer that life just happens to you. You're not in control of edgy live day by day in the fault. And I, I was that person or really believe that the world was was cruel in bed. And I understand something completely different. And I do believe we control our reality, our future, with what we think, and the decisions we make so being on the beach. I really needed a job. And I just I was blaming everyone else. I was blaming the world. That was blaming my former employees parents friends and all that. And I've made the decision that I will never ever put myself from this kind of situation. I just it's not easy to, to be on beach and have this guilt, and shame. But I knew that there was something in me saying that I'm better than this. I'm better than this on need, at least to get out from this beat. So I took massive action. I started to ask every single company, talent work all the bars and restaurants and offices and hotels, and I got rejected and rejected hundred times some, but I didn't give up in even if I looked Reback coming from that beach, but I landed a job at on a real estate company, a real estate agency they said, well, we'll give you a chance, you're gonna get this bunch of brochures, and you can stand outside their office and tried to get people inside the doors. And if they buy something then you will get a commission of it, but that was enough this little commission that I could get to get a smaller the room. And that's how I ended up in a small room with a fan. I remember that room as yesterday and. I was working ten hours a day in audit tobacco was happy that I didn't have to be on a beach again. And I started to look up to all these role models in that real estate, the assault, these sell sage driving this beautiful car. They were happy to have in this suits. And I wanted to be one of them started to copy exactly what they do how they walk of the dress. What kind? Of course they had an I just visualizing every single day to become a person like that. So I started to mimic them, and believe it or not six months later on an English guy who was going home the next day he came. He came to me at the street. And so I would like to buy property. So I took him inside the office and myself funded says, sorry, onerous, we all sales agents are, are busy today that he cannot go on tour and he was leaving the next day. So I got an idea said, well, I'll take your my motorbike and I'll show you the two properties that, that I knew on my top ahead then and he bought that same day one unit. Then when I came back with the deal with the risks of ation to my manager said, well, you're the first one who sells the proper. Probably on a motorbike. They believed in me, but they could borrow the company car following this and they promoted me tussles agent. And that's how I wrote myself in that industry. That's a great. I mean if for people who've listened to the show prior, they'll realize there's, there's people who have the vision and then they've worked towards it. And then there's other people who just make a decision, and it sounds like that's where you're at. You didn't because I didn't hear in that story. You said I don't want to be on this beach anymore. I'm going to become a real estate billionaire. He's at I don't want to be on this beach anymore. I'm gonna go get a job and then you just kept climbing climbing because you stuck to your vision. Right. So whether it was, I'm blanking on the name, but the guy that worked at the furniture place and then ended up being like it wasn't like I'm going to build the biggest furniture company. So it's a very small but super important point that people listening, you don't always have to have the end goal in mind to hit an amazing homerun grand slam. But I think you can have the end goal fee. Feeling that you want to like he said, I wanna feel better than this. I wanna feel I'm living my life, the way you know. And now that you're a billionaire, I'm sure you would say there's nothing wrong with being on beaches. It's just you want to be getting paid while you're sitting on beaches, right? Of course, comes with its. So let let's do this. I just wanna make sure that we give you an opportunity to talk about the book and then you, you and I actually have quite quite a bit in common. Did real estate development in Chicago for about fifteen years? I'm actually working on a on a pretty interesting platform that, that seems right up your alley. Given the fact that you're such an adventurer and now you live life to the fullest, and the whole nine so maybe we'll have an opportunity to, to chat about that. But in, in homeless to billionaire, you talk a lot about these principles these principles of, of wealth attraction of really creating what you referred to as unlimited opportunity. So what are some like, I don't know that we'll have time he had to go through all eighteen but let's just run through a couple of core principles. I mean, what are the major shifts for you? Obviously, what was a mindset shift for sure. But also the just taking the law of attraction to heart. Right. And really believing that you can attract what you want into your life based upon the vibrational level that you that you live at. And then what you put forth to the world. I just got got a hold of, of books. I haven't had a chance to go to deep into it. But I assume that the law of attraction or something of that nature is one of those principles. Yes. Well, absolutely. Yeah. So speak to that place. Well, I like I said before I was a firm believer that life, just happens to you, and you're not in control of that, you live day by day you live by default and today, I know that we create their own reality outside of ourselves with images over mind. And they motions that were bearing side of us. And I some people don't believe in this things, but I didn't either so I started to, to, to do all this things to disprove it, but I started to get the same results in live. But at every day, every single day. Alexa. I if I may let's, let's use a practical example. So what? So what does that actually look like in, in real form? So today, I guess as it relates to your book, are you envisioning this, and feeling this and being this in terms of the book being a number one New York Times bestseller, like you can already see it in your mind? Like what, what does that look like in practical terms, impractical? Thumb is to see whatever you want us, it already happening. It's already has happened you need. It's like taking your mind into the future and bringing back to the presence. And I know that it works every single time because everytime, I envisioned on new product, new building a new hotel, or, or a new office. He does materialize. Because the more the more knowing and all the teachings in the meditations. I do it concentrated. So and then people can question it if they want to now at I live by that every single day. So, so let's talk about that in terms of what your day actually consists of I don't want to gloss over that because there are certain habits is certain activities that people like yourself seem to engage in. So what, what are, what are the non-negotiables in your day? What, what, what does the day in the life of under his looked like I mean, like what, what are the non-negotiables what, what does the typical day look like for you? I mean, I have my ritual every morning. Keep doing every single day and it's a with it has to do with gratitude than it has to do with meditations and goal settings every single morning and I do. Right one hundred and one goes every year that I want to achieve in the next twelve months, they can be everything from small goals. Two big goals, but as soon as I wake up in the morning, some great for, for everything I already have instead of worrying about the things that I don't have yet. I mean this all about how you feel. So when I do that I glance over my goals every every day, and I pick three or four of them that I wanna see happening and I do meditate every single morning, my gardens and I see things that, that, that, that I want them to be manifested. So I spend around an hour doing this every morning. And I sit along with my garden thing place, ain't chair every single morning. And then when I go to work, I already feel rates and I already know that this things will come at all worry when or how that's not my job. But I know will. Interesting. So how do you I mean out of one hundred one goals, then how do you determine what is most important to do, when how, how does how do you cycle through that? I mean to get to the three or four objectives that you would focus on for for that day to bring it for wishing. I mean, I'm not expecting those things to, to Mateolli's the same day. So that, that's what are not do. I don't focus on when it's going to happen. I say I choose free for different ones from the goal is every morning that I that I put my focus on. And if it happens next month in two months, three months, that's, that's okay. But are we're about the time. Right. But it's also people get shocked when I say, I write one hundred one goals I year because that sounds a lot, but it can be all from buying that new TV or getting that new jacket visiting that certain city close to me or meeting that person. So I blend all my small Bill with big goal because when you crossover small goals you feel like you're moving forward. You feel actually going in the right direction and then the bigger goal become more believable. So it's very important to blend. Small goals is most people don't do that. They put that one million dollars so that Antao so that Ferrari. And then that's that's very hard for people that hasn't tried all these methods. I small boats are very important. They're almost more important than Biggles interesting. And so. So as it relates to the principles of wealth attraction, give us take us through a couple of them that, that you believe are absolutely essential. Well, there I mean there is eighteen principles in the book, I believe all of them are important. Some of them are easier to, to, to learn some of them takes years to, to Mosser I guess, and I'll still practicing every day, but I seem, so tremendous results in the end in for years, and even friends and family when the star studying stinks and it, first of all, the first principle is to lead the lace focus live has most people in the world will never get anything because we don't know what we want. And that's you need to find out what yourself and spend time alone is another principal, because when you spend time alone, with yourself, instead of being a social media, instead of being with family and friends and colleagues, all the time when we spend time alone with actually find those answers, what makes me happy and what do I wanna Chee was my goals? What, what, what are I wanna do? How can I help others? And all these things are important to start to, to get out that the goals in your life of this is a stepping stones to, to creation. Yeah. That brings me back to something. A friend of mine said he goes, you have to have a laser like focus and most of us have a laser light show. Yeah. Great point. So okay, let's I mean, if we can touch on them just from, from a high level that we can probably dig into a few of them on a deeper level as well. So laser focus giving yourself alone time what, what are some of the other principles that you believe in? I one of them that are most proud of than I seed working every single day. It said that the law vibrational giving what does that mean? It means that whatever you want in life, make sure to help others to get it. First and Mitchell, you give out that to others, and I seem tremendous results in my organizations, when I put other people in front of me, my employees, and people that need help. So I believe that when you help other people become successful, and you help other people reached our goals, everything around you propels and you get ten full deck every single time, and there's different ways over all proving this factor. And I write I all that in my book, how to see that it actually works. So while energy, whatever would give out we received. So any calls deep into science. If you wanna call it that way explains it, you're not getting enough out, or I'm not going to be when you're saying, explain. So let me let me ask you this. So let's just let's just kind of run through what what's going on in your business today? So you've got about two hundred and fifty out employees. Correct. Is that? That's still the current number a fulltime. Yes. Fulltime. And does that mean so what are they doing? In these people who work on your buildings. You, you own just wanna make sure I'm clear on the C. You still own residential buildings. I know you do some kind of minium stuff and other things as well. So I just want to try to get a sense of his two hundred fifty employees. That's a huge organization. So just give us a sense, generally speaking of, how that breaks down, what, what, what are those folks doing what I mean, I have a health clubs I have James, I have coffee shops. I have restaurants and also the real estate have real to real estate, different agencies to have my real estate development company, and all this one hundred fifty people, it's within this organizations. So. It's all from the accounting department finance department, sells marketing department in HR department. Also, my I have my own law firm with my own lawyers litigator, so it cites avast accession of different people in different departments and organizations that have. Yeah. In how, how do you decide than where the next opportunity should be you talk about creating unlimited opportunity? How do you decide what your next opportunity should be? You've obviously got a Y diversified. So you've got a wide range than of businesses that you're involved with do you, what are the criteria that you look at? Are you looking mostly to start those businesses? Are you looking to acquire established businesses just take us through how you identify your next opportunity? For me. It's more of being open minded. They've been ready for any opportunity that arise to you and be NBA ready when it comes in for me when I see a great opportunity, derives. I just it comes as a hunch. It's comes as a feeling that this is the right thing to do. And I can never specify. That's tomorrow. Today your next month. But when they come, I do know is the right thing, it can be a form of a new business. It can be a full one of you building or our new coffee shop location. But it's just that feeling you get us, an enterpreneur when is the right time to strike. And when you do have this feeling you need to take immediate action. Otherwise doesn't happen or that's the way Oprah than I, I never know when market is going to call me next day and tell me he found a piece of land on, on the all on the beach, or host to the beach with fantastic view that can happen tomorrow, any when I see this land thought than I. Absolutely. No already done. This is going to be a great project. So to take us through that. So let's say hypothetically, the architect calls has. Hey, we've got we've got a great piece. Land. You know, it's either on the beach. It's just a steps away, or whatever it might be great views, the whole nine take us through them. What, what is the process that you that you go through because I know that's where a lot of people get stuck. They have this great idea, but they don't know how to execute on that idea. And especially if you're talking about a larger development offices, a multi million dollar undertaking multi, you know, potentially even tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, depending on the size of the development so take take us through what happens. I mean, literally what happens as you get that phone call. What, what are the next steps? Well, the first yet to take you back at this many people when they get this opportunity. Did they tried to see all the latter subtract to see the whole ladder, and then the become stock because to do I just follow the next step? And the next step is to ask them to send me to go with our pictures. So I can see it from above. How close it is what competitors have around me. How biggest land how many? I can put and if I see the disagreed location, I do ask my architect to make a facility study and see how many how many floors can I build on that? And how many units Greenspace to we need to do it? How far aways from the beach or not. And what kind of price range compared to the land, and how many square, meter prices, we can sell each unit and sellable area. So all distinct Sasha flying my mind and I stopped tries to develop a at least a formal draft of what we can build. If I, then I add up all these units and see if it's profitable not. And if I see that it is. Then I asked my graphic designers to jump in and start to make graphics of the project of how the looked like of course. I tell them my vision, I want this amount of swimming pools. But this amount of units, it should be discolor. This is the kind of facilities should have to took compete with the competitor surrounds all of this, but it's more brainstorming. When I know there's potential at the I drew told my architect, my engineers by graphic designers and my lawyers to have a brainstorming meeting industrial creation, Sasha happen. But just so I'm clear here in just backing up one second d do you lock down the land? You give yourself a right of first refusal on that. How just talk about it from a contractual standpoint because obviously, before you start engaging folks to, and you start to invest in soft costs here. You've gotta you've gotta lock it up, now, of course, and that's what I'd take immediate action because I need to find those numbers before I put the ball. Or by the lab because he would be crazy to buy it. And then find out that his profitable not. So how do you do you build in contingencies? Like it's a carton a horse. I'm just trying to figure out from a contractual standpoint. How do you protect yourself but still, but still secure the ability to move forward? I have a rule to seven to ten days was should have the obstinately shore that this is a profitable development or not any take seven to ten days to get all the information from the different people. I work with, and if it's if it's a plus, and then we'll have a meeting with the landowners or lawyers. And we asked in the payments steps, and how we gonna transferred to land in put a deposit, very quick, because we know that if you're too late, you might miss a very important opportunity. But I do need those seven to ten days to make sure that would do the right choice. Yeah. So due diligence for you. Typically, the seven to ten minimum period to lock down and have the ability to, to obviously, cancel and get out if needed that's enough, at least to know were doing the right decision 'cause I also know. The take a quick decision to quick, that can be devastating. So makes you a job the time, right? Yeah. Richie. I know you were jumping there was two things one, I can maybe close out what you're asking too. So it sounds as if you actually just cover those costs of your employees, and all that it's part of the cost of doing business for those seven to ten days. Is that correct? And then just. Yeah. Okay, because that's kind of where Steve was gone. So I that's one. And then we've had multiple people here that have are on the show that have structured, their businesses in such a way where there's businesses within businesses and since your real estate, and also heard you have gyms and coffee shops and stuff, like we had chip Conley on that. Did you out of eve hotels, and he had to separate, so one was a real estate holding company? One was the management company within it, I would just assume based on the way you're talking you have probably the umbrella holds all the real estate. And then there's just separate business that the coffee is its own business, but you own the real. So how do you structure that? I have the most independent companies individual companies in why is because it's the same when you build a table, you have four legs and four legs. But if one likes breaks is still have other tree legs to stand on and is important because if you put everything on the same leg if that leg chopped off news, everything is important to have moved people stream some income independently because you never know what's going to happen. At least I'm not I cannot foresee the future, but at least you can prepare for it. Hey, you know, I'm going to ask a question about the culture of your company having two hundred and fifty employees, and your mindset law of attraction, the meditation you do in the morning and your book. They teen things, what is the culture like in your company. Are they do you bring that in the eighteenth things you bring in? Hey, people have this as a culture in the commute the company defined are you? I mean is it spoken? Absolutely is. There you go. They all get a copy of the book the book. So. Yeah, please teach my employees, and I stand up and I gather all my even sometimes we have team, building event, even that people from the coffee shop. So the gym's of the restaurants on the real estate will put them together on seminars. And we have bringing people from all of the world to talk about this things I talk about this things, and this is to empower them, and I mean, there you can lead by spirit or you can lead by fear. If you leave by inspiration that will stick with you forever. There is many people who lead by fear, and that that's great for upset imperial dime onto it falls. So to have this culture, and I mean, that that's why we've been awarded we're the most awarded decorated real estate developer in East Asia because of the culture we have in because of that the how will lead our teams. And that's why we get great results. Taking. So let's let's bring things back to to a personal level here for a minute. If you don't mind, Andres. So obviously, you're thriving as an entrepreneur, you've got. Just amazing developments, and some of the most beautiful locations, and you can pretty much do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it. You have a TV, what so many people aspire to realize, obviously you've gone from homeless to this point. So I mean it's not as though you've been born you weren't born with a silver spoon in dissolve in Hannity you worked for you earned it you made it happen. But let me see if I can try to dig in a little deeper in terms of what you might still struggle with. So what, what still keeps you up at night? What what, what do you worry about what, what are your fears? Allow that yesterday question, because many people think that all disassemble people even myself just perfect human beings. And that's absolutely wrong. We'll still have negative thinking I still get stressed. So what does that negative thinking sound like Andre is because it's hard for hard? It's hard for people to believe that there would be negative thoughts going through a guy like your head. Like I mean, what, what would this guy have a negative thought about a good looking guy living in a beautiful place? You get all the money in the world. I mean, like what on earth would that would that self talk even sound like? Well, something that always comes back to me is that I worried that I'm not making enough when my employees for people around for my family, and that's thing is always going to be there, because I can always perceived to be better. And sometimes, I'm worried that I'm not good enough to do that. But I think I'm a little bit more advanced to cutting negative thinking before to become emotions because when the become emotion is best when you start to take bad decisions. And I went, I know that this, this is negative thinking then replaced it with positive things before I start feel bad about it. And that's the key to most people that they don't know that Nick negative thinking leads to more negative thinking that becomes emotions and depressions distress by you can cut it all before it's bios down. So I mean, it's, it's does what about the way but I still get those negative images in my head and midfield. That I'm not good enough, or I should do more so. Up. It's, it's interesting. You say that. And I've been wanting to say something for a while here, and it's, it's almost like we scripted this and obviously, this isn't scripted. I'm a big believer that everything happens for a reason. Steve takes it to a whole 'nother extreme. He thinks in his book, what is your what that you were born to do? One particular thing in your. What chose you? Right. Not. You chills your what? And so I'm actually going to even go back again. Like what brought you to Thailand, do you think that there was something like sometimes what looks like the most negative experience is the thing that took us to be the most positive thing that ever could have been do you think you would have been? So it's kind of twofold, what brought you there? And do you think you would be the person? You are have that not happen. Or was that the very thing that you needed to take you to that spot? I believe I really needed that because when I was at the rock bottom, I believe that, that was the worst days of my life. But sitting at talking with you. Guys. I know that, that was the best thing that ever happened in my life. So it depends how you see by yet. We all have if you wanna call it, the reason or purpose while we're doing seeing by also you create those opportunities with the decisions that you take. Okay, real. I know to detail, but when you got the first job at the agency with the brochures, standing outside trying to have people come in was that a purposeful pursuit of that exact position. Or was it just something that you ran across in more of a universal thing helping you out? Absolutely nodded, and all that it was real estate. Don't wanna work with. I didn't have a clue just wanted the job. I just wanted to paychecks. I could have a rude that was only decision I had. I got rejected hundred times, but that real estate that juicy was to honor said, yes, there's a low magic in that don't you think will, you know, I've been thinking about that day, and I got a job in a restaurant, I could've got a job with somewhere else, but I don't know. Was it meant the wasn't number? I still don't know that answer. So let me let me ask you this today. You know you try to live life to the fullest, obviously being homeless. It's gotta bring a pretty interesting perspective. The table on, on a daily basis, just knowing what is like to have nothing. So no, you great. And again, the, the gratitude the appreciation goal setting everything that you go through on a daily basis to, to help keep you grounded and help keep you clear on. What's most important where you wanna go and what you wanna do? So let, let me just ask you this as it relates to living life to the fullest, and having that sense of gratitude and being open to new adventures, how he every employee has a jump out of a plane right? I mean you're, you're an adventurer at heart. What does that what? So when you say you're I mean, just looking at pictures, and obviously or adventure. But what does that mean to you? And, and do you really have every employee jump out of a plane like for real? No. People get it wrong. I, I wouldn't throughout my accountants and finance. Oh, talk about attrition. I do it with myself department, everyone that starts in sales department mobilizations, they do it, because they're driven people don't people who gets most rejected their people have most fierce and, and need to get the post. So they're the people had to, but not. No, not all they don't need that. But as an adventure, what are some of the things that you that you enjoy doing because you seem to push yourself pretty hard not. I mean, not dissimilar to Richard Branson, who has obviously not so much now at his age. But you kind of remind me of a young Branson and a lot of your approaches and a lot of the things that you do. Well, I love ventures in love leaving a lot of it on the not dangerous side because you take coke late the risk. But I love being in nature. A lot to be away from phones, and emails and faxes that's my time to energize myself. That's when I get created than the biggest name to my biggest will tell us on resort have come when I've been alone in nature in jungles, or mountain tops. And that's been a part of my life. And I think that we all need that we live in distressful environment that we're always connected with electrons stuff. And I just love to be away. And when I come back, just I'm full with energy impulsive again. And I like to climb mountain tops and jump out of plays and love to be diving and all this on another few moments are really feel alive. So do you manage everyone on your own? Or do you have staff that are your right hand and they help oversee the different divisions? No. Of course. I mean I do everything from my phone, but I have excellent managers. Excellent executive, every department have director every department have a manager on the direct. Through. So everything is scaled us a pyramid. Of course, of I mean, they there is unto me, and I get daily reports from every department and every manager every single day on how the day was, and what plans they, they encountered. And how much income or revenue doing? So I get reproach from all the offices, so I can see us on eagle vision. And I could see what's going on, on a day-to-day basis to gross revenue amongst all the companies right now. Is that a number you have shared or can share? I need to look back because they are coming in and out every single every single day. So, yeah, in a wouldn't it's depends on the day today, editor and obviously, with, if you're selling condominiums, that's going to have the spikes is those numbers, come in, and so on. So I mean it just obviously is going to be ebb and flow there. The day we sold seven units on a daily basis. Tomorrow is too, so downright some. So let me let me ask you this, then does because getting to the point of having two hundred and fifty employees is no small task. So is does this come naturally to you? I mean leadership from from a CEO perspective or did you did you bring in people to help structure, your organization's, did you just do this organically, like seriously? I mean, there's there are very few people who can manage two hundred and fifty people affectively and be able to, to work from your phone, and, you know, go to New York and do what you're doing some just curious like where did the management skills and abilities come from. And do you have any tips around people management? Well, I mean I, I know what, what my weaknesses. I know where my strengths are. I'm not a numbers going. I'm not an accountant or an administration or secretary motivation, Iran and our person that motivates people. And I'm very keen on studying all my competitors. That's something I've obsessed with are always check by who are my competitors, our destruction with the marketing, who is the people in my competitors, who is the superstar stare. And I watched followed them and recruit them. Because I have that culture, we are very good in what we do, and I get those people because when you get the superstar from other organizations, they will help you to, to do this departments that you need to do, and healthier with this, the weaknesses that you might have she's very important to who you bring aboard. And that's what I do. Almost every month and I love to take it. Some people say his best when people say is good. But if you have to work with if you want to be the best, you have to work with the best and employ the best. And when you do that, then, then they will help you to find us all the, the department and I had on a lot of trials. Errors and failures are learn by mistakes, and I'd need people on my left and rights to, to, to, to be able to be my strength where my weaknesses are. So they have meant that work with me through the years. They have established all departments in manager positions to, to help me run all these two hundred and fifty people there undress, when you started out, you are, obviously, you're broke your broken you were working on the mental mindset. You made the decision you're moving forward. And since we tired, excuse me, talk about starting scaling and exiting. I'm very interested to hear. So here you are you're moving forward. You get to the million. You get to ten million you two hundred million. You get to a billion what were the things now that you're such a positive thinker. And but you also are obviously very much based in reality to, you know, things. Go negative. What were some of the things you had to break along the way to grow? That's a very good question that, that this good question. I mean, the most the hardest part is to make all the partners to work hand in hand together because he's like an engine, and it if one part of the engine doesn't work to other poached will not work either so being able to switch and put those different departments, and people around. So they work as a stab lumber genie engine, if you wanna call it like that, that's very hard. Because they always have this hierarchy problems that I'm better than you. And I'm better than that. It's the culture that you need to strive to honestly, the to make the first million dollars that, that was one of the hardest thing because million dollars seemed like a big thing. So it depends on how you see the problem or how you see the event that when you think that this is very big. Then you put friction on do, but you limit yourself because you think is how big barrier to break a when you done that, you know, that is just a number. And you continue do with passionate, you know that if I could break a million, then I can break a ten million if I can break time. And I can do it. So it's all step is you cannot go from Ciro two billion in a day. You need to have those calls is five one hundred thousand one million and million and then up, I mean, stepping stones with everything. But when you already hit those barriers, then, you know that, wow, I already hit at a million dollars then that was the hard parts I can do ten billion and it becomes easier. And then you know what brings the money and then you invest in those kind of eh departments, or those properties, or south that they gave you that in the first place, so you need to put your investments in the right way, that, you know there is increasing, right? So it sounds as if the culture in keeping the culture tight was the most important. So I'm assuming I don't know the exact numbers, but to go from ten two hundred something broke and you had to keep it together, and to go from one hundred or two hundred and so on what, what do you think? Do you hire more for mental mindset and then train them the skills? Or do you hire the people that have the skills, and then give them the mindset in, I at that reminds me from many years back, and I was always the one who needed to look at resumes, and CDs and experiences and paperwork. And what I found out is that sometimes when you hire that perfect person that has that has the bachelor or our a doctor degrees, or, or will. They been in university have all this paperwork, and they seem to have this expanded. They turn out to be the worst employee ever. Then I'd been taken people that doesn't have a decay Shen, and that they're young. And they haven't been working in other environments, than they turn out to be the best, please. So from our I hire for a for a mindset, positively, and I don't look at those paperwork anymore because it all depends on the people that you work around that you need to build everyone, as a team, you cannot just. Thinks alone, that's impossible. Great teams in the bigger teams with the Saint Ghana mindset when you put this people together you get great results, so you need to start with, with the culture and, and also that the mindset of the people around the negative people toxic people, I cut them out. Very, very quick. Points. We'll take in. So let me let me ask you one, more question than we completely selfish part of the conversation here. That's okay. But what, what is and what you said, you know, start scale exude. I think we've covered a lot of the ground here, and really appreciate the openness and willingness to share so much exit. What do you think in man, is this, I in for those who are watching the video, you can see, you know, under his is not a you know, this is this is a fairly young man. You know what I mean? You're thirty eight right now. Right. Something like that. So somewhere in there. So. Yeah. Okay. So what's the what's the plan is, there are we bundling, and exiting are we are, we thinking long term, what, what's the what's the potential exit strategy around this? I mean for the moment, I know I can handle it and a passion and his a'driving a love the people that I worked with. So we are planning on one of the biggest resources rebels in south Thailand. Were just working on that than they did spun every single day. When I go to work, and I have a daughter, I want to have more kids, and when they grew up probably take data can take over what I started, and if they don't, then I have to look at other options, but that's where we are today, and I enjoy it. Yeah. Are you adopting any forty nine year old man by chance? Are you or any are you looking for more kids or anything? I mean your US branch. It's possible. Right. So let me let me ask you this. And remember, I said earlier, we've got a lot of things in common. I mean I've done real estate development not to the level that you've done it. But, you know the last project, I did was about a fourteen million dollar project. Right. So some decent size projects over the years got involved in the tech space really early on. I mean we launched on CompuServe's electric mall and ninety three. So I mean, I've been online for twenty five years, I think he was born yet, quiet. So. So I'm actually pursuing something would love to get your opinion on this because you, you talk about creating unlimited opportunity, and you seem to be the guy that just like you know, you see it, you know, it, it, then it makes sense to you, you jump on it. So Mary enrich of heard me talk about this now for quite some time. And, and this is something that is in the works of moving forward. But I'd love to get your take on the combination of skill sets a couple of skill sets that I have that combined real estate and tech in a new initiative that really I think compliments allot of what you're so well known for and a lot of how you like to live your life from that adventurous type of lifestyle and living life to the fullest, and being able to go from point a to point b as you as you as you deem appropriate. So you're familiar. I'm sure with the term digital nomad, right? I mean, the people that are able to do whatever they want to do from wherever they want to do it. Yeah. The laptop lifestyle type people, I assume that's a term. You're familiar with and I assume you're familiar with software as a service, correct? So snow about the noble kind of lies that I know what you're saying. So, yeah. So, basically, the, the company that I'm putting together in the Bronx stages of this is a company called latitude and the idea here is basically housing is a service for digital nomads where we give people specifically those who have the flexibility to move from location location every thirty days. You ability to pay one set membership fee and they'll have flexibility, where they can move from location location every thirty days where they'll have privacy, so it's not co living, but they actually get their own place, and they'll be able to build equity, because we will actually own the real estate that they're moving from. So it's sort of, like housing is a service is compares to software and services, a lot of people are familiar with. So it's really wanted to throw that out to you, because I know your big thinker man. And, and I'm not afraid to share the idea because I know it's going to take a village to bring this to fruition. It's, it's a unicorn all day long. I mean, even at just three hundred members it's a billion dollar proposition with. The real estate and the membership fees, and everything else. So I'm open about the idea. I've talked about it quite a bit on the show, always looking for advisors and potential partners and investors in these stages. But I just wanted to throw it out to you man to see how it lands on, on a guy with your experience. And I got level on a gut level. Exactly. I mean, it's inflammation is not a large enough for me to make a proper advices, I would say I need to know a little bit more insight of how structured and sure, but then deliver thing that you told me it's, it's all about supply and demand. And to live that kind of normal last, and it must be hundreds of thousands of people who will have to do that. So I think the demand should be there. Arcade, yourself and often people find you think that idea is good. Yeah. Yeah, it's interesting. So four point eight million Americans forget about globally. There's going to be one over one billion digital nomads worldwide by twenty thirty five just in the United States right now for point. Eight million identify themselves as digital nomads with thirteen percent of those folks making over one hundred and twenty five grand a year. So it's not like we're dealing with starving artists either these this, this whole freelance kind of gig economy is really becoming the norm into its show that fifty one percent of all employees will be office free by twenty twenty one. Right. So, so the numbers are substantial. But this isn't even a huge doesn't take a lot of members in order for this to build up quite quickly in terms of its value. It sounds like a great idea. And I would love to send me a bit more information. So I can study it. Yeah. Sweet. And I appreciate that, man. And again, it wasn't so much, like, hey, write a check. It was just more. Just I really admire what you've been able to do. And I know you when you see an opportunity you pounce on it. So just wanna get kind of your knee jerk reaction to it. Yeah. And he mentioned before that he does that eagle eye view, thirty thousand feet then then ratchet down to more details to see the numbers work. Yeah. Absolutely. Let me do this. We're going to have to wrap here and we really value your time. We don't wanna take up too much more your time. But any any other thoughts that you want to leave our audience with here? And of course, we're going to encourage everyone to go out and grab homeless to billionaire eighteen principles of wealth attraction, and creating unlimited opportunity. I can't wait to to pour through that. But any any final thoughts that you wanna share here, man before we let you go in the last couple of minutes? Nothing. We covered everything, and I love your questions. Guessed it goes more deep in how to run businesses. I really love Abacus many Caribbean to it said, they don't even they ask me what the title of the book of what more name. Well. In the in the point is well, taken. I mean obviously is a twenty five plus year entrepreneur and as a twenty combined here. We've all owned businesses and we're old enough now to know what some of the things are that you need to be aware of and really wear, and that's the beauty of this show beyond eight figures as being able to sit down with people like you to really deconstruct. What works what doesn't and the things that we need to be aware of as we're in these various stages of starting and scaling and potentially exiting a business. So thank you for the for the compliment on on that. Absolutely. And continued through the great work, and I say to anyone if I could turn my life around, anyone can just have to learn how to follow the principles alive, and that believe in ourselves. That's all. Yeah. Absolutely. And so for those who are looking to connect with you further by the way, really, well done website. There's a lot of expert, you know, type sites. Guru type sites. If you will yours is. Is honestly one of the best I've ever seen? So really, really good job on seriously. I mean just really well done in terms of a site that's built around a personal brand, you know really, really well done around that. So please like I said, if you want to be the best work with the best, right? Yeah. Absolutely. So let's just let's make sure we give people the opportunity to connect with you. Do you want to send them to your personal site? Is there a site just for the book, I just want to again, give you an opportunity to, to direct people towards where you want them to go? It's fine. I mean if the one I hit more about principles and blogs and stuff, that, that, that I've been doing and talking about all these things, and go to the website under pure dot com and they can download the free shop throughout the book and also Donald short version of dating principles that I live day by day. And if like the material that can go Thomason coaches actual Cup. Yeah. Well, again Andrea. And let me dispel this for folks again, it's a n d r e s and then last name is PI. Why are a so Andrei spirit a dot com? And man, I again, really just appreciate your time today. Good luck on the on the book tour. I know you're, you're getting that word out to as many people as you possibly can save travels back. Good luck with the with the big new development you got going on there as well. So folks, go out and grab homeless to billionaire eighteen principles of wealth attraction, and creating unlimited opportunity. Check out. Andres is cited Andres parallel dot com. Again, an D R E S P, I R, A dot com. Thank you so much, man. Really again. Appreciate it. And, and I'll be in touch here soon. And we will talk to guys next time here on beyond eight figures. Take care of everybody. You've been listening to beyond eight figures, share your thoughts on today's episode and what you'll apply to your business by emailing us at feedback if beyond the figures dot com, and if you haven't already done so we greatly appreciate it. If you took a moment now to rate review and subscribe to the show until next time chief scaling.

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