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"andrei resin" Discussed on KLIF 570 AM

"With dan dick jason bonetti here in boise and another great game at this site gonzaga eighty two ohio state seventy four one zero three to go the buckeyes called their final timeout and it comes down to god sega and sack norville junior basically willing is team as a freshman to this lead there he doesn't play like a freshman espera ser up eleven and a half weathering the storm early ohio state on a big run it doesn't look good we're gonna gazette norville steps up in big big play after big way he's on the bench right now with the core personal fouls ohio state has the ball off the steel on the inbound pass the gonzaga turnover the buckeyes will inbound it sideline left at of the buckeye bench andrei resin too key it in the buckeyes in starlet bates diop tries to get open he cannot it goes to dockage instead of the leftwing one minutes ago off to the top the foul line leads in right hander no he volleyed the rebound to zag and a foul called on jackson who tried to block it out of the arms of perkins and could not do it two free throws coming for god's zag fifty three point six to eight cj jackson's cons zagging guards have been chipping at each other throughout the second half trying perkins comes down with the rebound jackson foul and josh few actual words were sent as you said for the fifth time in this game so perkins the guy who cut down the net in the west coast conference title game his first i recall the day is good.

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