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"andrea pob" Discussed on The Mark Belling Show

"Is not freedom. This is being micromanaged right to the but how many people could be in your star a small store five people. I giant star by people. I don't know a fever. Disorder covers the number of employees. It can be in the store at the same. Probably does facemask encouraged. Looked like they're gonna read. They're they're going to mandate of yet even the so called Republican Plan Speaker boss right around the state last week. Calling for a regional reopening of Wisconsin idiotic idea I have tried to get answers for most of the Republicans in the immediate southeastern Wisconsin Milwaukee area. Do you support this approach or not? It's very very hard to get a yes or no on this because most of them. Don't have the guts to stand up and say Robin Voss's full of crap with regional approach a regional approach means the state of Wisconsin gets to say that some businesses have to remain closed to say that we're going to allow people in some regions they have freedom and others in not is if anything even more obnoxious than the original thing that other dumbbell ideas let each county decide on their own so some county health director some cases that no head from a hole in the ground is going to be decided to get one county could open other up for crying out loud. I'm throughout the following concept. What do you think would happen? Tony Acres. His order was toward up today and we had no rule. I know people just the world would add. But that's how the world was a few weeks ago. What do we pick what happened? I'll tell you what will happen. Sub Stores will stay close. Some offices will still be closed. Some companies companies like ours which is bending over backwards looking for ways to get rid of people they're gonNA keep telling people to work at home that automatically everybody's gonNA suddenly reopened their doors. Loaded tech also. Some workers aren't going to want to come back to work. If we opened up the bars and restaurants a lot of would be half empty because a lot of people won't feel comfortable going into them others will on their own to try to make their clientele feel comfortable create the same separation that some of these government rules have it other words. We all pretty much figure it out. If we put everything up right now. Maybe a few churches you'd open the Kabaddi Ed and others would say eight people over here three over there. They be every different matter of way of dealing with it. In other words people could figure this out on their own to think that we need Tony Evers and Andrea. Pob To tell us how to deal with a situation in which you've got a virus rollet aroud implies that we are all more odds and nobody knows how to live their life. Every time we've had anything like this in the past people figure out what they're gonNA do some people freak out. Some PEOPLE WASH THEIR HANDS. Ninety seven thousand times other people do nothing and the world's never ended.

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