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OBI: Water Cooler Chat (3/16)

Cincy Jungle

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OBI: Water Cooler Chat (3/16)

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Agency has been a very interesting start to the league year to say the very least i'm anthony designs was cincy jungle dot com and the orange black insider on tuesday. Going a little little different with you. I am joined by john. Aaron to talk about what's been going on in free agency in the nfl. John what's going on buddy hasn't doing good. I think we picked a good time to to start the show because we got some news to break. That happened literally five minutes ago. Yeah i guess let's Let's start there were. This is the the water cooler chat. So we're going to do a little maybe a little bit of analysis but we're going to kind of run you through all the different headlines with the team around the league. Maybe who's available. Because john and i have another kind of more deep analysis show tomorrow night to bring you. So we're gonna we're gonna kinda a little surface level today for time purposes and whatnot but this just came across the wire and john if you would like to talk about it since you teased it bengals or signing. Apparently mike hilton the steelers. Cornerback a guy that was kicked around name. Wise and this is per ian rapoport of nfl network. A guy who was kicked around name wise with the team heading into free agency right so there was a report last night. I forget who was believe as mike garoppolo Double check that that the bengals were in on signing mike. Helton's was after smother news broke. That will get to minute but yeah hilton is twenty seven years old. Just turned twenty seven and believe this month. He spent the last few years with pittsburgh. Steelers bengals fans. obviously you're familiar with him slot. Cornerback he specializes as as a blitzer. I'm not really like the stickiest guy in coverage but a guy that was obviously familiar with. I believe Per ben baby he is reporting that Schefter so two sources there that Hilton's deals for years so bengals having under contract through twenty twenty four until he turns thirty or thirty one so yeah gather familiar with a guy who's a quality player. I think he graded out to be sixty eight per. Pf episode defense rates. Go solve replacement for mackenzie alexander. Used probably gonna look for opportunities elsewhere. They a mackenzie alexander but a lot of good things to the team last year and was there on a nice one year rental deal by the way. Here's a couple little other bits of info from pf. On mike hilton seventy four point three coverage grades since twenty eighteen which is thirty four and we talking about a guy like you said John that's maybe you're number two number three corner on the depth chart there. That's that's pretty pretty decent for for coverage grade there And obviously familiar with the afc north. You got like that. So this just came across the wire re collecting headlines in all of that came across the wire just a couple minutes before we took the air so another big signing for the cincinnati. Bengals doing more on the second day of legal tampering or free agency. I might as well just let the floodgates opened. i don't know why they the legal tampering thing but so that's that's the most recent transaction for the cincinnati bengals and then i think. Ut's this one to john a little bit earlier today. The bengals get another athletic defensive back in this is on cincy jungle dot com this article my esteemed colleague here joining me on the air. Wrote this one bengals science. Adobe boozy A defensive back. I believe he had an interception against the bengals last year when the two teams played a three year deal. Here you see that. From mike garafolo this. I think these two moves all but say you know. We're we're spending this money on a woozy or spending the money on a hilton. And we're we're out of the sweepstakes for william jackson. Whatever that may look like and you know mckenzie alexander's probably moving on as well. But this these are the replacement guys it. It appears at this point right and me. Right is a good friend of the show in bengals insider of his own right no pun intended of leak this Think about an hour before. A graph low reported it And i believe he also said that. The terms of the deal is three or deal worth seven million annually so significantly. Less than what. A lot about the expected william jackson to get which makes sense it was he is i think twenty. He's going to be twenty six in may. He's got a couple years of starting experience under his belt. But it's more along the lines of the bengals betting on him. Kind of sending out of the average player is now more towards above average. They can can reap the value of the deal that they got him so yeah. He's got two years of starting experience with the cowboys. Gallop ball products. Nothing is twenty five pass defense in his career with long tune receptions Kind of up and down player in sports. The fortunately suffered a lot of injuries Last year. I think it was on. I r with a hamstring injury but eighteen hundred nineteen solid. Starting cornerback for the cowboys. I guess really quite live up to second round expectations but a guy that i think the bengals are expecting to kind of come into his form as the interest the prime of his career. That's the hope is an athletic guy. In you know now you can say. Well you've got wayne's coming back. Hopefully he gives you quite a bit more than he gave you in his first year with the team. You know you've got a woozy. Come in and then you've got hilton. You know you're getting a little younger at some of these spots. I the bengals really kind of hilton was a guy that the bengals were in on. It seemed from the get go. So these guys they wanted you know. There are some some ups and downs. Especially with a woozy. I think you mentioned that. There was a hamstring issue last year. That hampered if you look at his. Pf scores they were quite a bit lower last year But the bengals are kind of what they're what they're doing and we will talk more about this. I think tomorrow john. But i think what they're doing is they're saying you know. Maybe we can get similar production Something that's pretty close to what we had at these positions and not pay. You know a plus dollars for players that maybe give you bb plus production and you can get similar production for less money and spread out the get your needs across the roster right and as you alluded woosie is i think three or four years younger. I think three years younger than william. Jackson is so by the time. His contract is up hill. Beaten like just older willing jackson's now and you'll good very pointed this out. You look at a lot of the unrestricted free agents of the bengals of sign in recent years. A lot of them are still like their mid-twenties they don't really go after guys towards that at thirty of age mark or the even is why you haven't seen smaller signings that I guess fans were expecting so hilton and twenty five twenty six twenty seven respectively. And another guy that we're gonna talk about here. He's twenty six years. Old male is the first time that they made last. Yeah we'll we'll kind of do a couple of different things here we'll start with what prompted the signing that you're talking about and that is the news that didn't make a lot of people happy car loss into the jets and by the well by the way the sub-headline by jason markham that's a w For the l. Subheads pretty clever But carl lawson is going to the jets. It actually is a very similar contract to the player. we're gonna talk about. the bengals. Did sign in in many ways. But for the jets and kara lawson three years forty five million with thirty million guaranteed the bengals just could not do the guaranteed money. It would seem A big deal for the jets in the bengals were in the running there. It would seem towards the end with the jets kind of winning the day with that guaranteed money amount of thirty million john. That's all it is. Thirty million guaranteed would be four million more than what. Ag green got back in twenty fifteen. It'd be the largest guaranteed some in bengals history and ultimately why he wants the jets. Like i'm sure the bengals were into the end as multiple people will have reported. We knew they were going to be interested in bringing him back out. Imagine that they offered a similar average annual value but nowhere near the guaranteed at signing thirty million dollars worth be base salaries or signing bonus all added up to thirty million for kara lawson. There was no way he wasn't gonna take that the Right and that's yeah. I mean that's just not really the guaranteed money situation in in what that looked like there. It's just not really in the bengals. Dna to to do that kind of thing and like you said it would have been a record for the team at that point to go that route for car loss in a guy that i think they really wanted back but you know there were some questions in terms of you. Know some of the data points You know talking about saks and all that kind of thing. But there are a lot of other data points underneath the major statistics point to kara lawson obviously being a valuable and productive player. But the bengals didn't waste much time. I think ideally it would have been nice to kind of get both of these guys. You re signed kara lawson perfect world. You resign trey hendrickson. But the bengals through the bag. Then they moved off kara lawson. Once they couldn't really match guaranteed money it would seem and You wrote this went up to john. The bengals signed defensive. End trey hendrickson a an edge player from new orleans. He had thirteen and a half sacks last year. Some of the other metrics don't match up with kara lawson in terms of quarterback heads and whatnot. But there are some other stats here that you gotta like for the player. The question is you know this guy that moore gets get some of those gaudy numbers because of help around him coverage sacks that sort of thing and his numbers or padded a little bit or is he truly productive player in an ascending player. Obviously the bengals hope it's the latter very much like losing. Hendrickson was a belief from the twenty seventeen class. Who was also day to pick like Eliza i i'm not. I'm going to learn how to pronounce his last name. I remember back. I remember him back in twenty seventeen. Just like you're ever hendrickson If you guys are on like football twitter An account everyone's always justice mosquito and he kind of pioneered what he originally was math. force players which is basically. It was a formula of determining which combine scouting combine metrics kind of match with Overall future success the nfl hendrickson coming out of the twenty seventeen class. Which was carl lawson drive classes. Well was one of those guys that were pegged to be potential stars based off how they tested in at at the combine. And you know it took a while for hendrickson really establish itself in new orleans because he ever remember the jordan. There they drafted. I believe marcus davenport in two thousand eighteen year after hendrickson. So he's always been kind of on the outside looking in looking for more opportunities than he kind of got that in twenty twenty and then ever looks at the thirteen and a half sacks which. I think jeff hobson said would have been a bengals franchise record if he had gone that cincinnati. We can always look at just a sack. Numbers right yes. Pm credited with like and a half sacks created which is six less than what he actually got. So he's a guy that kind of finishes what others kinda put around him but he has grown as a pass rate. His pass rushing grade is only improved ever since he got into the league believe he had a career highs impasse productivity so. That's the same thing with the loser. Banking on him ascending. Into an above average player instead just tapering off average player because it's retain tree hendrickson fifteen million year thirty two for the first two years to just be kind of less than when he was bonnier in new orleans. You kind of repaying primarily because we've lost down a very good player lawson so the question then becomes you know. We're looking at a lot of defensive signings in granted. Look i guess you gotta credit. Jeff hobson bengals dot com. Because he was he was kinda pound the hey the bengals are going to. They will and should go after defense in free agency. You know in the in the afc. North teams like ryan. You've got the ravens. I mean teams that can put up points. The browns ran all over them. You've got issues getting after the quarterback and whatnot. So i mean i guess credit jeff hobson on that but i think before we kinda talk a little bit more about who has gone who's left the bengals and some other things pertaining to free agency and whatnot and it gets a lot of questions john you know. What about the offensive line and what about. What about joe burrow. What what what is his team do. Well i mean we'll get to some of these names that are off the board here now but are you a little bit. surprised at. The bengals haven't done much in the way of fortifying their interior offensive line. Getting a tackle of some kind getting somebody that can step in and start in supplant some of these guys that have had issues over the couple of years so just on the surface saving some little like the hard hitting announced for tomorrow yeah. I'm a little surprised i feel like there. Were just a handful of guys that they should have been in consideration with and and unfortunately for them they chose other offers or were never interested in at all which kind of mistake in my opinion. But i mean it. It fits what they have done in the past and it kind of goes against what it was kind of alluded to based off of their words leading up to free agency. You know it was. Everyone was questioning in badgering. Them you know is the line number priority. And it's kind of what the kind of alluded to with with frank. politics comments. Tobin is press conference than zac taylor as well and you're sitting here like okay. We'll where's that coming into fruition. And ultimately you know that they have prices for these guys value every player. I guess individually based off of their own system and for whatever reason like their value did not match what the value that they ended up getting on the market which is kind of how this works and then you have all all leftover money so you solidify other needs you've seen deem fit in you have players that accept your offers which is why we saw hendrickson and now and hilton coming in. So i'm i'm the they're still gonna to the offense blind but it's definitely coming into the later point and unfortunately some some options are kind of bear at this point they are and we'll talk about that in just a second just a reminder this is the orange and black insider bengals podcast. This is usually are monday. Water cooler. chat I am blessed to be joined. A usually. Just talk on my own here. It's nice to have a another another host with me on the water cooler chat in the form of john sharon so were running through some free agency news as it pertains to the bengals and a little bit about the division and around the afc north. Happy to have you with us on this tuesday. Normally this is the monday show but we just with everything going on. We decided to take the air tuesday and catch everybody up. We are one of a couple of shows on the cincy. Jungle podcasts channel. There's orange is the new black by ace in zen. And then of course matt mimics chalk. Talk a lot of videos and analysis from him as well. Good stuff from all of those guys part of the cincy jungle podcast channel where you can get that channel on your favorite audio stream or you can of course subscribe to our youtube channel. There's a little logo right under john. There you can click that to subscribe. I think we're now over four thousand subscribers to our youtube channel nine. Yeah like three point nine six. 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It's no wonder that four out of five employers who post on ziprecruiter get a quality candidate within the first day. See for yourself right. Now you can try ziprecruiter for free at ziprecruiter dot com slash box. That's ziprecruiter dot com slash v. o x ziprecruiter. The smartest way to hire so. John you kind of mentioned this a little bit about the cabinet being bear. This one was kind of the first gut punch for me. In terms of how free agency started to play out and i guess it's a little bit predictable in the form of this was a guy that wasn't a set to hit the open market as free agency and see. This was a guy who was released. Obviously familiar name a guy who was very productive. The bengals were in on the sweepstakes for kevin zeitler for a reunion. Not only then. I get them john He went to the ravens. So that's a little bit disheartening. And then of course. Their offer wasn't near baltimore three year. Deal worth twenty. Two million. The bengals offer to kevin zeitler wasn't anywhere near where he was getting somewhere else. Does that sound like deja vu. Good lord Your your thoughts. When you heard this and i don't know how how viable of an option. He should have been for this team given that contract etc we knew they were going to be interested like there was so logical as to why they would have interest to bring him back I wonder what the offer was. And what tyler dragon meant. When he said that. Because i would imagine that if they weren't able to get him with their offering and you chose baltimore's i would imagine that because this is what the bengals do they don't offer base salaries guaranteed they. Don't offer any guarantee taylor's. They're only guarantees in their contracts humphrey the signing bonus so kevin zeitler got sixteen of the twenty million seventy five percent of his deals guaranteed so he got the second year. The twenty twenty two base salary guaranteed. I don't think the bengals offered. I'm managing the offer number roster bonus which is a practical guaranteeing a guarantee only up until only when The wever day the league year the twenty twenty two season arrives so on imagine it players look at that and he would rather have a guaranteed salary. Soon as i signed the dotted line or take my chances in sooner. The team's going to keep me on for the for the next two years and that's ultimately wisely they lose out some these negotiations. I don't think they they didn't offer him like in the range of seven million a year. I think it's more of the lines of kevin's took more money for sure. The hit his bank account and the bengals try to do things their way like they usually do stock roster bonuses instead of urine t salaries and ultimately why he chose the ravens because What you you. You can't blame you can't you. Can't blame us gone through the the browns when they were bad in the giants when they were bad now he sees a division winner in the ravens offering him a lot of money up front. And you know kudos aside for finding the next opportunity yep a guy that could have helped the bengals in in a pretty big way and the bengals went down. It's a known exactly what that contract look like. That offer looked like but Baltimore won the day so not only do they lose out on a potential good starting guard to fortify their offensive line lose out to a division rival. Yikes dot com. Let's go to this. One on this was named everybody thought was going to be a shoe in for the cincinnati bengals. The bengals were going to change the stripes and throw big money to a guard. Joe tuni is a chief after shedding a couple of tax starting tackles and really not having nearly as much space as the cincinnati bengals the kansas city chiefs. Find a way to get it done in. Help out patrick mahomes. After the disaster that they put forth in the super bowl on the offensive line. Joe tony signs. A huge deal with the chiefs. I think it is a five year. Worth eighty million is that what we What that was looked at their john You surprise about that and did you hear. I don't know how much you believe about the bengals. Supposedly it came from navy. Joe tony sister or something. I had read that the bengals maybe low balled him a little bit in the process and he actually wanted to be a bangle yes. Let's just cover that real quick to tuning accepted a deal that gave sixteen million a year for five years and forty. Eight million of that is guaranteed. It's guaranteed the the the extra sixteen million on top of the thirty something million that's guaranteed it's only guaranteed if he plays the entire Twenty twenty season. He hasn't missed a game and his crew. So it's gonna be guaranteed forty million guarantee. There's no way the bengals are ever matching that. It's it's like ten million more guaranteed than any guard in nfl history. He signed the biggest contract for guard. An nfl history and he's joining the team. That just went to the super bowl twice in the last two years in one of them also has the best quarterback in the nfl. Ju to ease for the hall of fame. And i don't blame him at all. And if the bengals low balled him a anything under the deal that he got and it could be deal. That's that's exactly what we kind of expected. Tunisia which is more of a four year. Sixty million range. If that's what the bengals low balled him and this is what happened. I think it kind of paints the negative way. We don't exactly know what the parameters of the deal was. It's almost a conversation to have my because we don't know what they offered him. If those details ever come out then we can continue having that conversation but based on what the deal that he got a not surprised when a really bingles not really matching this. Yeah low ball is. I mean again. That's this is hearsay at this point. I don't want to go down that route and that is also kind of relative right. I mean it's kinda like well you know. They could have low ball but they have been one of a few teams that did not step up to where the kansas city chiefs. Put a contract. Out for joe tony. I mean there's a lot of interest there in the chief said this is our guy we gotta go get this guy and it is so the bagels are now out of the joe. Tony sweepstakes he is now a kansas city chief and You know the bengals are now left. Kinda clamoring a bit in terms of what are the options out there. So we've talked about joe tune. We've talked about Kara lawson we've talked about some of the kevin zeitler. Here are a couple of other names at error. Either going somewhere are definitively. Going somewhere could be going somewhere associated with the bengals. Ethan carter boy. The dolphins are starting to kind of become a little bit of a having a relationship like the bills in the bangles. Do they are kind of cherry. Picking the bengals primarily specialty. Mursal clayton jhelum and now sith and carter a special teams guy in a guy who had a limited role on offense but had a couple of plays in his bengals career on offense but he is now joining miami. And he's darrin. Simmons is probably not a happy camper because this is a guy that he valued on his special teams unit and we talk about like how they they're repeating free agency from last year and this is the same thing clean pendulum left for three years on on a modest deal for the dolphins when everyone expected the bengals to retain him. Everyone expected the bengals. Do the same for exceeding season. Carter in the dolphins still like the same deal at himself as that is kinda funny alley parallel each other. Yeah yeah so. So you think carter now dolphin and then This one john. Aj green potentially being pursued by the packers. Now i also read something from i forget which reporter it was a camera foods. Maybe least jesse or somebody that had said you know. They had contact with aj green. He said i'm kind of laying low for the time being and seeing how things play out a little further here but he got. He has some interest to green bay. Yeah and i'm sure. He's one of the many receivers that no right now that the market for seniors is very bare not bears a lot of players. But it's it's strike like teams. Don't really want to pay these guys a lot of money. So there's going to be a lot of value signings happening and unfortunately with green. He's on the older side when it comes to the receivers on the market. I'm sure team would like to have him on for one year a team. That's already competitively filling contributor but you know good for green to kind of wait out the process. And i'm sure home will find a deal that is right for him so aj green Still yet to be determined where he ends up but it looks as if still as we expected. This is probably not going to be something where he ends up back with the bengals. Unfortunately unless something unforseen happens there We've been at it for about twenty five minutes. John what what else am i missing here. In terms of some headlines that make sense Let's let's go here actually. Let's talk a little bit about who is left for the bengals to potentially pursue as a as we sit here on tuesday afternoon day two of the legal tampering period of free agency. Who were some of the names. That may make some sense financially. Positionally for the bengals that are left out there. So you gotta thing about the positions of the haven't addressed you. Obviously everyone is screaming from the top of her lungs off. The top of mount everest often of line I'm assuming that if there is a signing coming it's going to be a guard probably right guard because mostly good options do play right guard and if you wanna look at those options if trai turner is twenty seven twenty eight years old off down year for the chargers but he has called years in his past and i think is possible that that can be unlocked if he's healthy. Gave jackson who. I don't know if he's officially released in the raiders. But it was heavily. Speculated that he that he was going to be priced another year or two left And jemaine eddie was the guy is a guy that i think people kind of remember. He's a little younger than both those guys and he had he played his first year at right guard for the bears priests solid but he has right tackle experienced so the bengals one verse guy. I think that would make sense and then on defensive line Specific specifically defensive tackle. If they're looking to get a younger places for gino atkins i think sheldon rankings from the saints. Get trey henderson's old teammate. Makes sense like a bilo option with pass rushing presence. Larry jobe the last year. The browns swiped billings From the bengals. And i think the bengals could do the same cyber attack from them but a guy who fits more of a technique role. And in we're gonna have a spot for him on the browns roster interesting that you bring up bogan jobe. Because i actually saw an article. Someone was. I forget which website it was. Otherwise would put it up here but it was basically kind of getting browns fans reacclimated to reintroduce to andrew billings because he opted out of last year after they signed After they signed him. And so now it's kinda like he's the guy and he's going to replace jobe in that defense. According to what a lot of people think so you know it's an interesting thing that you brought a brought that up. I want to share this. This is real quick. Dj reader of the cincinnati bengals on twitter He's getting a little excited as to what the bengals are doing on day to cena. We cook it up now. So you gotta like that one other person and i don't know how valuable you think this is but The bengals may have their eyes on rodney. Rodney hudson the offensive lineman from the las vegas raiders. Feels words in. Las vegas raiders. But las vegas raiders Was released earlier today so now all of a sudden you've got kind of the gave jackson thing and then you've got The interior offensive. Line for the vegas raiders. And then they also traded their right tackle too. So it's kinda like me and they're kinda shedding a lot of contracts off of that line but is he someone that you think. The bengals may have an interest and if so does even make sense with the whole. You know situation that they have on their roster right now. Well it's also kind of ties in with another player that signed yesterday. Corey lansley agree to a five year. Sixty million dollar deal with the chargers and that's a lot of money for a center. I think it's the highest deal any senators ever gotten and i don't think the bengals are on that and have to imagine that even with rodney hudson's available. I don't think they're really interested in adding to center. It would require moving trae hopkins from. That's five patriot hopkins. A three year deal to play. That's what i still objectively think at his best bottom line but unfortunately he's not going to be he's not gonna be healthy to start the season and there they should be in desperation mode right now because they don't have a lot of options so i mean ronnie hudson's always a great player. Imagine he's going to command that much canaries like thirty two years old by now But i don't really get why the raiders released him and yeah. I don't know i. I don't i don't know if we willing to add a center regardless how desperate they are so you and you know andrea pirata another's kinda put out a few parameters numbers as to what the bengals should have in terms of cash spin cap spend entering this period. I know we still gotta figure out a little bit of the mike hilton contract. And obviously some of the numbers need to be dialed in. I mean as we sit here. I don't wanna put you on the spot but do you have at least a number as to what after these three signings or at least after of the trey hendrickson signing what the bengals may be having to play with at this point moneywise To get to get some more moves down. That'll help their football team. Officially because we only know the official details a tree hendrickson bengals entered today with just under thirty million and top fifty. One caps does with gene-o atkins. Bobby hartson roster. They have not been cut yet. terms of calf spend as like right under one hundred forty million so With addition of a woozy i believe accounting for that seven million annual figure the capital probably be around six million that puts them down like the twenty four million dollar range. We have no idea what hilton gods so that that yet to be determined They're making i mean do token diluted like they're not going to sit on their hands and they had three signs in the first two days legal tamarine saw the signs that everyone wanted but they have been active in they have been spending and they're running low on whatever cap space have so they still have some moves to make the obviously added the offensive line. I would imagine defensive. Line addition is coming as well. And i mean there's there's clear move to get gain the more cap space but right now. I'm assuming they're going to be just just below. I guess twenty million including wiza- in Mike helton dot official number yet. So i just. We're gonna get out of here in just a couple of minutes here but i'm seeing you know both on twitter in our live chats here. Curtis samuel curtis samuel and you mentioned that the wide receiver markets. A little interesting right now. Really corey davis is kennedy. Only guy who has moved. I mean you've got kenny. Golladay out there. You've got curtis samuel. Still out there. John brown was released shortly before free agency. He's night name. I think is still available. I mean do you think. Do you think the wide receiver is something. That they make a splash in based on the space that you're talking about i think they do to kinda lessen the needs going into the draft but who that it will fuller is another guy potentially What that looks like. And what kind of contract that is. I don't know. But i think that they would probably be looking at wide receiver because of the pending departures. That are that are set to take place that position group right. We talked about like they're probably going to sign a receiver to take advantage of the saturated market. Before this ended up happening i think honestly like looking at the patriots. Did they signed nelson agholor and kendrick bourne. These deals and no one really expected them to get and they're like well we we we. We don't wanna pay similar guys that much money. So we're gonna wait until the market kind of dies down which kind of plays into the favor of the bengals. I think that was their plan. Originally announced kinda kinda all go going emotion right now. So we'll it'll be interesting to see you know worthies top guys ended up going and how much they signed for. But i would imagine a signing like like josh. Ron's were appealing. Kohl's still very much in play in based off of if guys above them. Don't get as much. They're not going to get paid as much only values going down. I did see. I didn't pull this up here. I should probably look for it. But i did see some rumblings at the bengals may also be interested in gerald everett. Tight end from from the los angeles rams as well a guy you know not overly gotti numbers like zach ertz or anything like that but a guy that comes from that ram system. That is familiar with zac. Taylor a guy who's had a couple of nice nice games and moments in the league a guy who could be a nice addition to the tight end group you know not not a tile pits or anything like that but a guy that could be a nice addition and could be a value that that could be a nice addition to this team. So that's another one. That's that's floating out there. We'll see what comes of that but Look we just a recap we talked about the mike helton signing as we took the air here. I'm seeing a lot of people that may be kinda join mid show in are asking us about some of these signings. Mike hilton four-year deal To dobie zoo a three year deal right. John is at What was announced their Trey hendrickson another three year deal for him a pretty big orioles for years. Excuse me that was You know similar in a lot of ways to the car loss deal the bengals lose out on car loss in they lose out on kevin zeitler they lose out on joe tune. Those are some of the names that we've heard they've been involved in or interested in that did not end up coming their way inside names. That are very familiar so All around the division You know. I think the ravens added kevin zeitler pretty quiet for the steelers and i think we knew that because of their salary cap situation they cleared quite a bit of it by restructuring benz contract But they've been pretty quiet and from what. I've noticed a little quiet on the brown side after they've been pretty active in free agency over the past your too as well in the browns sign. Jon johnson the safety from the rams that was like their big thing. they just signed tack mckinley. Who the bengals tried to claim. During the season he failed a physical so he gets a four year. Deal worth up to six million. So i think the browns were in andrea hendrickson as as well as the jets. Potentially the vikings bengals kind of up there offers soon as they. They lost the lawson's around left at square. One they still need edge help opposite myles garrett in the hope that So yeah i mean they There is a lot of stuff. I think i mentioned it on the last two or three watercooler chats that. The browns were wanting a veteran. Pass pass rusher there in the. Jj watt running they were monitoring the von miller situation von miller maybe sticking with denver. Now that some of those charges that lingering out there potential charges I guess he cleared though so he may be staying now denver. so that wasn't an option for them. They wanted another veteran pass rusher opposite of myles garrett and so they get that apparently intact mckinley. Another one of those you know. Medical failed physical mysteries with the with the cincinnati. Bengals there. what else do we need to get you. What else do we need to update on john before we bounce on out of here Yeah so everyone keeps talking on offense blind again just to reiterate lot of tackles left there on the other side of the thirty. Now live young Of stopgap options was kinda tips. Tits are handled a little bit. Then which is what we kinda speculated. They're just assuming they're going all in an offense attack Pick suid sue of. It's not it's probably response later. But i mean there's no immediate answer right now on the market for off cycle. Don't even look at trent williams if they knew they didn't pay cart lawson what he wanted. There's no where the patriot williams what he wants. But there are still a couple of options at garden. I think this is kind of what they were kind of banking on if they didn't get a guy like zeiler if injured Nor will doesn't into the market. If joe tony signs deal that blows him out of the water than they're always gonna look more towards the affordable rental deals at guard trae turner liking jackson leg germania. Thirty so those guys. Look out for and i'm sure we'll we'll get some news on that shortly. How viable do you think. Quitting spain is to come back. How a viable of an option is at at this point. I would be interested to see what he does with with the full offseason with the team doesn't come in in the last minute and has to play four positions in a month on a natural guard. So if that's what they want as a planning on him to to compete with xavier su'a feel then that's fine but i think signing him does not solve it right guard problem. I've been yeah. Well i i think that's going to do it here in just a minute. One other thing. Just to note that. I didn't put up one name. That was kind of kicked around. Maybe as a possibility for the bengals. Matt feiler By that dental the marks. let's thoughtful. We'll talk much about it. But just the fact that he signed He signed a manageable contracts with the chargers. And you know is something that you know you can look at it and say well that that could have been a manageable contract that could help dot your offensive line just preview. it's adding. It's the one deal that i personally disliked. What are they doing that since usable. Yeah we'll have more thousand tomorrow though. Yep so join us tomorrow evening. We're gonna take the eight thirty eastern john and myself. We're going to talk a little bit more in depth on these moves a little bit more in depth on what's ahead for the cincinnati bengals We kind of the new stuff out of the way today. We're going to get more into the opinions analysis stuff tomorrow and then we're going to try. I had. I saw some questions about a listener question. Show on friday. We're probably gonna try and get that in as well. We didn't do one last week. So we'll try and do that on friday afternoon as well so now get in contact with us a number of different ways to submit your questions to us and we'll get we'll get a weekend started the right way with listener question show but get this show how you can on itunes stitcher spotify. Google play on iheartradio. All of the major streamers get it on our youtube channel keep it to since jungle dot com. Because like the guy next to me. He is rolling. Those guys are just rolling out story after story keeping up with all the updates and keep cincy jungle dot com for all of that. We'll see you tomorrow. We'll see you throughout the week. Thanks everybody hang hang tight. Hang strong good. Things are coming for the bengals now. That serious jeremy support for this episode comes from quick up if it feels like there aren't enough hours in your workday. it's probably because there aren't. 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