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"andre union" Discussed on MotoWeek - MotoGP, Motorcycle and Racing News

MotoWeek - MotoGP, Motorcycle and Racing News

11:20 min | 6 months ago

"andre union" Discussed on MotoWeek - MotoGP, Motorcycle and Racing News

"Be an all new bike with an all new motor Heading into the season but that's only one aspect of it and that's actually the easy part because remember in these two tests. They were expecting three writers on track to help test this bike. They were GONNA have Allah that we're going to have Andrea and they were GonNa have Bradley Smith so Bradley was already going to be there so when it comes to hang then they had a third spot plan Dan and they're thinking we should probably take advantage of having the equipment and having the personnel on hand so the candidates to participate in those two tests Are Pretty much slimmed down to the recently displaced corral Abraham World superbike rider Lorenzo Salvatori or former world superbike rider Lorenzo Salvatori. And I believe it or not Max Biaggi not making that up but even though that would last sounds pretty ridiculous. Each one of those guys is has an upside and downside of the trio obviously carell Abraham has the most recent Mona GP experience and full-time experience at that. But he's not terribly fast and he has no experience at all riding in Australia. Then when you move onto Salvadorian while he has done some motor. GP testing and he raced Moto e last season although his premier class. Experience isn't anywhere near being in the same ballpark as the other two riders. Then you've got Max Biaggi she. Obviously the guy has experienced despair. We know that back in his day he was certainly the fastest of this trio buddies. Also forty eight years years old he makes Valentino. Rossi look young and it's been fifteen years since he's raced emoji. p. m. five years since he's raced competitively in world superbike and even that was only a couple of rounds in his final. SBK season In that kind of comeback effort that he had very short lived one now. A police say that Salvadore has the inside line and of those three riders. I think he's probably the preferred choice. But I do not think that he's is the best choice for that job. In fact I think none of those. Three riders is the best choice to test. That apparently a believe it or not the writer that I would pick if I were them. I don't think this would ever happen though L.. But the writer that I would pick Scott reading I mean he's got way more confidence now and outside of La Spargo. He's pretty much in the best position. Position to compare where the new bike is in relation to the previous spike. And I know. I don't think that they ended things on the best of terms. Then in well nobody ever ever anything with Scott Reading on the best of terms But if I were apparently ah I beg him off and do Coty for a few days. I mean he's already signed he's going to be in world superbike full time so I don't think he would or could or should go down that route for the season but remember we're just talking about a couple of days testing here and I don't think that you know do Khadijeh reading have any plans during that test. So why not ask if he can borrow for a few days. I don't know if do Qadi would say yes. I don't know I really don't think Scott reading would say yes but I think he would give them the best shot of extracting the most and the best quality data out of those couple of days of testing which is strange because one of my digs on on Scott reading in this time with is he was a terrible test rider but things through different. Now you know he's he's had a year to mature he said to take that step back and be a little bit more humble about things I don't know I think that will be their best option And then okay last thing and then I promise we'll move on from this the last aspect of this. That's gotten some discussion but I think deserves a lot more. And it's only the really good sites that have seen this discussion really get dug into is drug testing in general because this whole thing with Yuna has brought up this issue of testing again again and Kudos to places like gp one or crash dot net for shedding a little bit of light on. You know I thought I haven't paid much attention to it now. I thought things had kind of changed over the ears but they really haven't. I mean if you thought that they test every single rider every single round or every single writer on a regular basis that will be a natural assumption in the making this day and age when we see so many sports with so many athletes that are involved in so many scandals but no they still had this antiquated system. Believe it or not where in in any given round. They will test three riders at random but they only do that for select rounds of the season three riders. Out of the entire field right. They did thirty three tests all year in two thousand eighteen and motor GPA. And when I say Gee I don't mean the Premier Class I mean the the Premier Class Moto to Amodeo three so spread out between all three series. They did thirty three tests all year long in two thousand eighteen eleven per series. That's not even the entire grid right down in two thousand nine hundred eighteen ramp things up a little bit. There were seventy two tests done again covering all three series. They did it in eight rounds of the season so when you break that down that means that all year long a rider or was tested twenty four times throughout the entire season. They did twenty four individual tests. But remember it's at random so that doesn't necessarily mean a rider would get tested at all let alone all of the riders being tested one time and considering that you don't know what round you'll be tested at and I'm assuming they didn't tell them what rounds they were going to do testing if they did they're just idiots okay so if you assume that the three writers are picked at random and then the eight rounds are picked at random what we can do a little bit of math here and find out what your actual percentage chance of being tested at any given round this because we know there were twenty two full time teams James. We're not going to consider over field with wildcard or anything like that twenty two full-time teams. There were nine hundred rounds in the season. That means there were four hundred eighteen grid slots there were four hundred and eighteen starts okay. There were twenty four tests. That were run so that means that in any given race of the year any given race you had a five point seven percent chance of being tested because any writer could get tested at any race five point seven percent. That's it that's pretty small chance. Is that chance small enough that somebody might risk it. Well cal crutch low seem to think so in some of the comments. He made this week. And you know what I think so too because think about it this way instead of thinking about your chance of getting tested thinking about your chance of not it getting tested because the flip side of that five point seven percent chance of getting tested means that in any given round any given rider has a ninety four point three. He percents chance of not getting tested right so I know some. Riders probably aren't the best at math but they have people who are and if every rider on the grid understands that every time they get on the bike. They've got a ninety four point three percent chance of juicing and then getting away with it and then give him round then somebody out. There is going to willingly take that chance. Somebody out there is going to say you know what but there is such a slim slim percentage that I'm GonNa get caught that if I just do it here and there because think about it if you're juicing every single week if you're taking something think performance enhancing every single round. You have a ninety four percent chance of getting away with it and if you don't juice every round if you spread it out during the season as an only using those parts of the season when you really really need the extra boost or when you're you know increasing the intensity of your workouts or something like that then that means you're reducing that chance even even further that you're actually going to get caught because in some of those rounds you know one hundred percent you're going to be clean and we don't know I haven't really suzette maybe Andre. Yana a got selected vertes earlier in the season and he passed it. I don't know if they release those numbers if anybody knows let me know. Because if he did if he'd taken can attest earlier in the year any passed that test I think that he or anybody else in his position would feel pretty much invincible. Knowing that you're five point seven percents chance came up the chance of it happening twice technically. It's five point seven percent again because you don't get eliminated from testing once you've you've passed the test but still. I would think that anybody in that position would be certain that they weren't gonNA come up again. That'd be like lightning striking twice. So does it creating creating atmosphere that encourages riders to take those types of risks. I don't know I don't know the answer to that. Because it all depends on the writer themselves you know somebody but like Calcutta you listen to what he's saying. I think that even if you told them he had a ninety nine point nine percent chance of making it through that he wouldn't resort to something like that based on his comments but there are other riders that you know they want that edge. They're going to be willing to do it. And you know a while back. I remember Ben sees talking about drug testing. And this is where I thought something may have changed between that point. The ben speeds point and now Ben Spy's was asked about it because at that time Lance Armstrong was having all of his you know toward a France. Medals is taken away from him for blood doping since Ben from Texas Lance from Texas. They asked him about it right and he said Hey Dorna has this all wrong. He said pretty much the same thing. That said that you've got to change. How you do this? You have to increase how much you do it. What Ben said is he thought that Dorna should ditch ditch the random testing and ridiculous system that they have right now? We have to kind of check in everywhere you go and instead you test every rider at every every round at some point every round and I think that would be the ideal situation. I'm really in all honesty. That's what they should be doing is testing every single rider. Her every single round and if they didn't want to do that then it should be mandatory to at least test the podium finishers along with three random riders from each each class per round so in every single round of the season. You're testing six ride unit test all twenty two. That's fine or more than that emotive motive three but at least test the top three finishers and then three other riders at random in the field. Then you know you may want to spread that around before the racing starts whom I wouldn't have the random test happened before the race as opposed those two after. Okay then you pick three random riders and then you always do the three podium finishers afterwards if there's a duplicate there will then you only test five riders or four riders or whatever but the plan the ideal plan is author of the podium finishers and at least three other riders with the ideal being what ben suggested just test everybody. Would it cost more money. Yes sure but you know what I don't think Dornan the F.. Im are really lacking in the money department right now. Would it inconvenience the writers more. Yes sure absolutely. It will but you know what that's the price you pay to race at the highest level in the world in your sport there's GonNa be inconveniences. You know and trust me. You're getting compensated fairly early in your paycheck to deal with those types of inconveniences. And Heck if Andre Union a really did do something.

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