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"andre roux" Discussed on The Mini-Break

"I may have those years reversed in my head. Anyways he wins that i'm pretty sure was eighteen because then all of a sudden medvedev ru glove they race ahead of them and then early this season it was car theft. Who raises ahead of him. In all the you know cairn hatching of an afterthought amongst in the russian tennis circles. I suppose now i. That's not true. He's still a top thirty player in the world right. He's a twenty five seed here. He makes second weeks or third rounds of grand slams like it's his job and it's worth noting this was i believe his seventh Or six excuse me round of sixteen grand slam. That's the same amount as defined cc pasta. That's more than andre. Roux glavin vignette. We haven't seen him may only the one quarter-final but this was a match. His physics halley in the end wore out. And what's so impressive for hatch on again for him to be six foot six that fluid that strong. It's just these guys are freak athletes and we look at the players who make the quarterfinals hatch nov. Six foot four taller. Faa six foot. four or taller You look for martin vukovich six four dollar mateo. Bertini six four taller. Both her cats medvedev six hundred. Four taller yes. You have jovic. Fedor and cheval but chiappa vol of is in elite exceptional athletes combination of speed and power. You just don't see that frequently jovic. He's not exceptional. He's just an average athlete. Folks just nothing. Special about novak djokovic. No he's novak freaking joke which he can do the splits. Like get savvy novak djokovic freak roger federer it's not about the speed it's not about the power it's about the precision in his context point his hands. That's you're never gonna see so. I mean you may see someone that coordinate you're never gonna see someone more coordinated than roger federer. That's a different sort of skill but size wins out. Always if you can hit a serves one hundred thirty mph at will and you can also move fluidly and have that length to get away with things as well in the outer thirds of the court. That's a recipe for success in the modern men's game and a lot of these players. Now start to have it. You look for hatching of again. It was that that first step his power his ability to you know against stay locked in when things continued to go against him and then quarter gets hold in the fifth set. What is hatching. Do for the first time in literally. I think it was four service games. He gets a hold. I believe it was at love and then you know ultimately finally it's that break nine eight serves it out at tenny able to land some. I served in that game. And just you know. Hit a couple of big forehands. Give himself some margin. Fourth quarter who you could tell was physically wearing down and again for quarter still so so young and so you. Do you know you're not worried about him. He's a guy top thirty server top allied number. Eleven in return percentage. He's going to be. And i know this was not the best twenty first birthday gift for him. It is his birthday. Happy birthday to you. Sebastian korda but you look for karen hatch of again. This was a good win for him. Second career quarterfinal again. Atta grand slam. I at wimbledon. And you look for him of late he gets going but then there's a pause for him this year round of sixteen cincy round of thirty two. Us open then loses. First round room second round hamburg. Then it's round.

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