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"andre polari" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

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"andre polari" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"Blood to one one across one decals he should love circle over the net wait little just sprinted past Andre Polari there to make it a two on one but Jankowski took the shot and missed good job the other way to center website vehicle worn across the Calgary line love circle with forty eight to go on the power play cross ice good job right circle centerpoint surge up the feed for Johnsson right circle Johnson takes a bite it connects with colonial circle centerpoint surgeon McGill circuit Jeff whites to good job right circle shoots blocked rebound job again right circle L. bang it behind the khaganate enters it is there couldn't clear corn blocks love circle centerpoint circuit Jeff twenty six on the penalty right circle could drop centerpoint search up right Sir drop holding centerpoint circuit Jeff right Sir drop fires blocked away by Rick Mike is going to be held in Columbus circle the point search of twelve of the power plant now to get a good job right circle a feat in front Johnson a little back and shot see Riddick the rebound grab again Caskey and he'll sweep it down the isolating at some good looks don't score there too for for the game on the power play four two with ten oh six remaining Victor Hedman in front lighting that lets that Allah to center ice and Barclay Goodrow row jadi court palm sedan and third analyzes it so that kind of took a little bit of the steam out of the plane sales putting them on a short handed situation for two minutes nine fifty four left to go for to like yeah there was an inopportune penalty to take at that point in the game and like you said I did do you think it took away from their offense a little bit when they've been buzzing they've been going in it's kind of been on the lighting whether or not they can lock it down in their own end in in these last four losses you'd think that comes into play right now having to manage the game Charlie's got the puck in the office right by that court right to go turn I got shot.

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