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"andre palak" Discussed on AM 1530 WCKG

"And again, tempers begin to flare. Patrick Horn Qu'est as always hanging around the goal crease. The Tampa Bay Lightning. Andrei Vasilevskiy just had a puck hit him square in the mask from point blank range, or this game is tied. That's a big time stopped by vast celestial even know if he realized that the shot had been released. I tell you what Florida is getting pucks through their winning a lot of the puck battles, so they're getting pucks back in the offensive zone, giving themselves 2nd and 3rd opportunities. 7 59 to go in the opening period. That has been not just ridiculous speed but times ludicrous speed the pace of this serious and of this game. Perhaps the best we've seen in the Stanley Cup playoffs thus far. Panthers looking the force at least the game six if they could win today, these teams will meet on Monday back in sunrise for Game five. Sport of losing the first two games at home. Trying to come from what is a pretty deep hole in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Erie's and went a long way with that overtime win on Thursday. Fuck the center ice off the face off and again, it's the Panthers, who control and the Toronto takes a bump. He sends it in behind the Tampa Bay net vassal much He sets it up for circuit check. He gets hit as he tries to play it back up the left towards Vetrano intercepts that it's any skates right in the hash mark, trying to kick it to the corner for Lamberg. And circuits got inside on him moving into the right side of his own, kept at the point by weaker now, 50 50 kicked in the circle of a Toronto and he lets it go from the slot again, faster Levski with the stop and no rebound. Already his 11th save of the hockey game. Brian Vessel Epps. He's been very good. He's been excellent. He's a big man. Doesn't have to move a lot, but he has to close all the holes. In other words, those tight in shot, he gets those elbows tucked in tight to his body. There's almost no. Five whole if he gets down early enough, and he gets great coverage of lower portions of the death and You're right. He's been the difference in this opening period scoring chances. Heavily in favor of the Florida Panthers. In this opening period thus far, that's it's hard to believe with this many chances, Tom only 13 minutes in S a Levski already has 35 Stanley Cup playoff wins to his credit, the fourth Goaltender in league history with that many before his 27th birthday, keeping some pretty good company, the other three Your watch and Fleury. Into the Florida zone, and Radko Buddhist sweeps it away from the side of an Eric Turner keeps at the right point. His shot was tipped wide by Andre Palak. Long lead pass again. It's Senator Claire gets it into the zone for Hagen runs it down, tries to give it back to him with a little drop pass back checking. Andre Palak clears that away. The check native goes to the bench for a change as the lightning We'll get fresh troops Goddess makes a move without its center carries into the Tampa Bay zone and tried to go back hand to make a pass. Kicked away by the skate of Yanni Gordy is one of the two Tampa Bagels is the Lightning lead 2 to 1. Works it into the Florida zone, its rim back around and comes to the left side of his own, and Sam Bennett picks it up in full stride. Lead pass ahead, Taking into the zone. By Brandon Mon tour The defenseman up on the play now drops it back and a long shot. New Navarra got through, didn't have a lot on its stick. The way by Vasilevskiy turned over in the near circle. But Toronto is on account of the Huberdeau between the circles didn't get a lot on his shot is that was disrupted at the last minute by a lightning defender. And it's cleared away. That was Yanni. Gordon got a stick on it. Gord now hasn't it? Center tries to lay it back for circuit chip of missed him. So the Lightning forced to regroup. Florida changes. Hubert Online every time they jumped over the boards. Get scoring chances combination of Huberdeau in Bennett have been terrific in this opening period, then it has been flat out great since he came over at the trade deadline from the Calgary Flames. Was plus 12 in 10 games with the Panthers and at 15 points in the regular season. He's kept it up in these playoffs. He missed Game two because of a suspension. But as points in the other two games he's appeared that has turned out to be a wonderful deal. Lightning can't keep it in the Florida zone and an attempted break away past didn't have enough on it to catch Mason Marchment, the son of Bryan Marchment, who played over 900 games in the National Hockey League for nine different teams. Shari takes a bump back in the Florida zonas again. He just clears the center ice. Yon Rueda has it for the lightning on the right side. He'll wind it around the boards for Brodsky stays put It's his defense. Handling his new Navarro reverses it around. Vetrano leads it ahead of center ice Panthers with room. Blomberg gets it in on the right side spins away from a hit from a back checking pat maroon and dumps it in behind the net. Lightning playing up the board's new Navarro working hard to keep it in. And then a Charlie whips it wide public high in the zone now goes below the goal line, and Hedman alludes a hit from Vetrano moving it to maroon, who gets it ahead of center. Room in the neutral zone for Tyler Johnson brings it down. The left side tried to make a pass. But he's written off by the hip check of New Navarra in behind the net. Johnson gets it back in the right corner and has it stolen by the Toronto Trying Just nudge is at the center. He needs a change. Can't get one is maroon intercepted. Now you get that changes. He lays the puck back and the lightning get fresh troops as well. Campers. Little bit fortunate there. They were trapped out on the ice. But you know what? The Lightning were tired, so they went for a shift change. And as a result, fresh bodies for both teams Brayden point from the right corner of the Florida zone works into the point turn, act rims it around the kick plate. It's intercepted download by Gustav porcelain ahead to Duclair, who Mrs Bark off for the past. We'll go bowling for the ice and the icing so the draw will come back into the Florida zone with 3 45 to go in the first period despite outshooting the Lightning 13 4 in this opening period..

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