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"andre joe bynes" Discussed on AM 970 The Answer

"When I say strengthens my result, We have to stay very, very focused, very, very funny. A bumpy two years as a two years because you may be able to change the Senate back in two years. Andre Joe Bynes out common was in that she and no disrespect to Miss Harris, but she has no clue what she's doing. She's no clue. She's just a figurehead. You know? So so it's gonna be an interesting ride, but so help me God, we got embrace it. Don't get down, Get get. I don't want to say get angry, But don't get down. Just get more committed to this cause because you know we got we have to fight for this country more than we ever have. Hey, it's a 6 21. We got a great show for you today by the way, and it is look at Stephen Moore is gonna break down as he was happening with the economy. The great Stephen Moore. Joe Borelli. Oh, you don't wanna miss Joe fired up. He's by John Solomon. He's such a logical guy from just the news. Logical down to earth, and so I learned it on everything that's happening with this. The 25 the way Mike Pence and we applaud Mike Pence for not going along with this 25th amendment. He turned it down. And handed it right back to you and the Oh, Pelosi's face and we applaud Mike Pence for that, Johnson. I'm gonna break it down, Dr. Nicole Sapphire. What's going on with the vaccine? Where's this vaccine? We can you take the vaccine does it doesn't keep you from getting the virus. Bill O'Reilly can't wait to hear Bill's take on these articles of impeachment, which happened today, and commissioner Mark Morgan, acting commissioner of the U. S, Customs and Border protection. The president was down by the wall yesterday. They made a very, very nice speech. But what's going to happen? What's going to happen? Is it just gonna open up now with Joe Biden is President Joe Piscopo on the radio. We're getting through it. It's bumpy, but we're gonna get there and you know Debbie 6 22. Join Debbie. We got such a foremost for the most part except the virus. We've had such a fun time over the last few years watching people's heads spin. You know what I mean? Donald Trump causing having that their Washington I actually every minute of it until the this pandemic that was, I think plan kind of hit us. And then we It was like a downward spiral from there, but you know what? Was strong. We're Americans. We will get through it. And you know you can't make it up. How you doing this morning? Don't you? Well, like I wish Nancy Pelosi, you know, wish she would think of bringing the country together now, like, you know, like Biden is saying Instead, she's like tearing people apart By doing this, You know it was so hard. It's heartbreaking. Yeah, with it. But you know if you want to laugh, by the way, Deborah, we'll go to traffic. But I read this. You go on like to the Babylon Be. It is. It is a parody publication. It is so funny. Joe Biden, the bales, Joe Biden and they'll skin color chart to determine who gets federal aid. Wow! Wow! Oh, please. They they have an absolute ball with it. They said what's the other day and another headlight in here? I'll read it when we come back. It was so far the Babylon because you gotta laugh. Goodness gracious, he gotta laugh otherwise. We're just real s Are we allowed to left? I don't have to be censored. Listen, say that's another thing. Oh, my God. I got an answer to that, too. Thanks everybody to be Do they got an answer What to do with this hole with this old Google Facebook embarrassment. Oh, my Lord. Deb. Traffic How you doing this morning? It's It's so dark out. It's like thieves. Thieves. Months driving crazy January, You know it's a job by the darkness of winter. You know what the worst is yet to come? We're going.

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