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"andre eddie." Discussed on Tha Boxing Voice

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"andre eddie." Discussed on Tha Boxing Voice

"Kinda sucks. It's like you could beat andrei saying he can. I don't think he will. But let's just say you know. Miracles happen right and this is boxing. If that were to take place like it just ruins all the plans but then on the other side of it like it doesn't really build a star either like montiel's already kind of been in these situations and we kind of know what kind of fighter like if anything it wouldn't be like. Oh my god. Montiel rose to the occasion. I mean there would be part of that but it would also be part of like andre shift a bit like that would be the headline you know not you know. Boxing has a new mexican star. It would be boxing's brightest shit. The bed hard against montreal. So but but i don't see that happening at all. I don't see it happening in. Oh i just hope that. There's no egos here. Well where he say he said. Look i don't really understand you because the truth is that you know charles oh still has to make the decision to fight andrea has nothing to do with andrea aid ammo l. You know and i told him. It's more about the pressure. You know you saying that. You're willing to that offer from andre eddie. If if it ever came so that montiel can get that. Shot am and put the pressure back on charter. But i mean look. It's not like we haven't been here before and really let's let's let's get real facts and the facts are as followed dimitrius. Andrei had this to say after. Saturday night's post fight where you know in the press conference jamaal. Charles made it clear that if andrei could beat montiel he would fight him so andrei came out a few minutes ago on twitter and said jamaal charles making himself look like a damn fool he says and i quote. I'm not a matchmaker. But when david benham vitas he needed to be vaccinated. And i quote andre gotta beat montego. I laughing my ass off at his excuses at least his brother jerome mel carlo. Got some balls and is trying to be undisputed jamal. Lewis unify september. Has you skate soon. So it is really andre putting the pressure on charles. Oh really sorry the trawler cultural quick again or you mean would. He said no no. No this is because we never even gave his quotes. Now that i think about it. Okay so this is From a boxing. Scene article. Written by keith. I'd eq And in it these are. These are journals quotes for which the title of this show derives from. I don't make the fights. I don't pick the fights you know whatever circumstances that he and i'm not here for none of that. I'm a fighter. I don't look. I own lines only promotions. But i don't have the right to make the sanctioned bouts into make the commissioners of each belt and eat and he fights on a different network. I'm not into all that all right. I just say if you wanna fight you know how to make the fight happen. That's all i'm about like. I'm not going to go back and forth with him. But he's a horrible fighter. He's a horrible fighter. I mean it's going to be a horrible fight. What are you saying like you know. Whatever i'm cool with it. Ought i'm here to talk that shit about anybody we warriors. I'm down to get in the ring with anybody. I just showed. Y'all fight like you know. Let's see if duke beat. Beat the dude. I just thought you know what i'm saying and then we'll talk you know like whatever late. Yo listen the way. They those quotes alley why they made it sound terrible like oh man or woman item. I don't know i. I mean i don't know like whatever i'm not. I'm not a matchmaker. yes. I own my own promotional company. But i'm not a matchmaker late. Yo you triple dog but again. I'm i still feel like more like we talk about. All this shit like what andrea has done in everything and both guys have achievements but at the end of the day mall is in the driver's seat. I'm not gonna pretend like he's not stupid jamaa's in the driver's seat because of who he's with right it's like he's with people that don't need other people at this point where it's not. He's in the driver seat because he's truly in the driver's seat even though the dots colleagues even though technically he's kinda into driver's seat because he did do the pay per view at least they did to pay per view. At least through promoter. Tried you know tried to believed imminent to do that. And it was on the back of a twin billing but still he is one of the twins right now. You gotta believe that. Mel is not the better charles but the to be you know if you had the power to like zap in and out of each charles and live their life like mel is the guy that you want to be right now. I think because he's on the verge of undisputed you know the whole like seems to be really getting behind him more and more. And i think it's based off the fact that he's willing to fight these fights for whatever reason i really don't know he had a huge hispanic support in texas. I mean because they're like guys and they're great fighters. Obviously but i just mean like what was different between the twins versus other fighters that have come along. I don't know but they have a. They had an. i still believe. They maintain a solid hispanic of foundation fans within the texas border and so That counts or something you know that counts for something. Mall is in the driver's seat. There's no way you could say he's not andrea you know for the last seven years six years has been trying to get one of these fights and yell. I was pulling up stuff right Just to look and have the quotes on. And i ended up reading the ring article written by doug fisher from the night that they announced that andre pulled out of the of the charles fight over money and communications and Y'know reading it back. It's heartbreaking dog. It's heartbreaking to see that like i wish i could get in my delorean. Go back and be like andrei. Don't do it but just fight the fight. You don't know what's going to happen in the future like but you know financially. It was the right decision. Pull out that fight through. No you're right. You're right one hundred thousand dollar five. Somebody would have got old. Wood made the money that he made mattru very very big money. That's true that is true. I i'm sure andrea was getting like i mean we. We seen jesse vargas get one point. Eight million to fight. Thomas the law may. I'm sure andre was easily getting like two million. Guaranteed easy bro. Easy easy like that was like a drop in the bucket in saying especially with the way they were spending money before like. He did what he had to do. You know what i mean and tarlo. It was djamil that was signed up to fight him. Not jamal yes that's true. Yeah good point. Yes i should. Also his his his legacy is already solidified like he's going into undisputed in a couple of months it. It doesn't even matter at this point like the fact that they're holding this ridiculous grudges. What bothers me like the fact that that the charles can't look at it like man you know what about the fifa peanuts now. We bought the fight for millions. That's so strange to me that it's like how you holding a grudge over that we was going to make the money we make a now. Now it's worth utah now. It's worth the money in. Oh i it's weird to me bro. So we're now you're right. Listen it's like andre. Andre from rhode island where. Obviously there's not a lot of like it's not like a big fight town. It's not like a place you can hang your hat on know versus the carlos alike. I get the discrepancy in the eyes of people who understand the way that economics work in boxing. You know what i'm saying but again you make a very good point like andre drowning over there. You know he. He the he's doing fine. He's doing fine You know and then you go back. Andre don't have. I was just gonna say it could be argued like they gave on dri not the best opposition. Charles been not fighting the best opposition at six. The but i mean there's starting to be a debate. Who's handling the opposition better. He didn't he didn't stop d'oeuvres ian cheng-kuo but it was a great fight. Any look great. People are very unhappy with the career above fight..

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