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"andre drum andre" Discussed on The NBA Show

"Organizational failure if that's a thing. And someone going to a place that does not help them be successful, especially early in your career. And I don't think Minnesota was a great place for Andrew Wiggins now we had some years where he averaged 20 and change and whatever. But they were losing efforts and, you know, there's something to be said for learning how to play when every game, you know, is important and mean something, right? Because we're trying to win this championship. And I thought going to Golden State was going to be good for him in that regard. It has many shooting his best percentage from the field in a streamlined amount of shots. He's shooting like close to his best in threes. 18 a game, he is defensively perfect for them. It gives you another switchable Andre drum Andre drum excuse me, but draymond green type of peace, they can guard a bunch of different spots. I think he's just been fantastic. And again, maybe, maybe I'm just convincing myself of this. I should have thought it out pre pod, note to self, but they could look completely different too. Now, not because they may trades, though, right? Because they may trade comes back and the difference is when Kyrie comes back, I think it shifts the way Brooklyn plays because you're taking turns back and forth and back and forth. Golden stations that keep doing what they do offensively. You're just going to have another incredible weapon at your disposal, you know, who's just going to fit right in, who knows how to play that style and they're just going to keep moving. So, you know, they're a fun team to watch. I really enjoyed them. I want to get into some nerd shit with Golden State because I want to get you about your ideas off of this and see what this is. Because it relates to Andrew Wiggins. Now the warriors what they do when they, when they develop players, they simultaneously try to develop players within the offense and also try to grow their individual games. Now, that takes a long time because the warriors offense as you know is free flowing, but also because it's free flown is very complex. You have to know certain angles you have to know certain things to do. Now, what they have these young guys doing, what you normally see is young guys is doing regular warmups and regular things and just regular shooting drills and stuff. Nah, man, when they have and Moses moody pregame, they are running all of the same sets that the normal guys run in the game. And then they have then they send them down to the G league where they are running normal sets, and the G league, and you see what I was told by one of the somebody within the warrior's organization. So the reason why they do that is because they want a whole continuum of plays and these guys to just learn this shit and learn all their stuff. So it's second nature. And the reason why I think the warrior's way of they're gonna be a different team come June or whatever however long they play they're gonna be a different team come to spring. But I think that they're gonna be a lot better for it because okay, you're adding Klay Thompson, but what is clay going to do that is anything different than he's always done within this offense? Nothing. What is he? He's just gonna add to what you've already got going on. Exactly. So what does Andrew Wiggins gonna do? What is he gonna do differently when Klay Thompson comes? Maybe there's gonna be an adjustment with like maybe like a couple games, but what is he gonna honestly do differently when Klay Thompson comes? No, that's why I said, they'll be different, but not they'll be different in terms of having more weapons and a higher ceiling in terms of points scored and threes made, but it's going to look the same. You know, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, you're taking a third of the game out of Kevin Durant or James Harden's hands and you're putting it in Kyrie's hands. And so while it may look the same because it's an ISO or pick and roll, it's taking a third off of someone else's plate. When you introduce, when you introduce Klay Thompson into that, it just keeps moving. Is my point. That offense, it's a system, right? Like, you know, the analogy I would draw is like, you know, an Odell Beckham junior when they were, you know, what just happened with the browns and stuff, and I heard all the analysts. Which is a very savvy move by Odell Beckham, by the way, but go ahead. Yeah, word, but the argument that I kept hearing from some of the analysts was, you know, to use a piece like Odell Beckham, junior, a number one in alpha, a guy who needs the ball in his hands. You've got to have an offense that puts the ball in his hands. It can't really be a system. And Cleveland is more of a system, right? You can plug people into that. And distribute the ball. And so you don't necessarily need OBJ, right? And so the Golden State has a system. Now, they've got some of the best players on the planet playing in that system, but it is one that's just going to they're going to keep doing what they do. And the Brooklyn Nets are more of a star driven like, look, he's brilliant. Put the ball in his hand, let him dance. And then we'll all eat off of that. So that's more of an OBJ destination. Do you know what I mean? Golden State is like, look, we want great players, but this is the way we're going to play and you guys got to figure out how to get the sense. That's the San Antonio model, right? And what I think over the last ten years, we have seen the push and pull between two ideas. And those two ideas are we're going to just super team. And I honestly I'm going to say it started with the Celtics started with the O 7 O 8 Celtics. We're going to either we're going to make a team, or we're going to develop one. And it all comes down to patience. We're going to try and you're seeing this push and pull right now between the two ideas. You see the warriors model, and this is why I think this game is why I'm so interested in this game because you see the warriors model where they're like, we don't give a fuck who you are if you're Steph Curry on down, we are going and this is something that I think the suns that we're trying to build to. I think you were in the spurs have built..

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