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"andre bessette" Discussed on Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!

"To put the play in plague. It's here. Is your host from inside the same pair? Of Pajamas, he's add on for two weeks. Share host, pretending his dogs count as an audience. It's global pandemics I'm Bill Curtis. and. Here's your host probably wearing pants, but no promises Peter Sagaing. In March of this year, we all went to Atlanta to do our show in front of five thousand people at the Beautiful Fox theater, but it became clear quite quickly that it was the wrong time for togetherness so instead we did our show in front of five thousand empty seats. At least we had an excuse for no one laughs. That are jokes, but we also missed hanging out with hip hop, superstar, big boy, and had to settle for talking to him on the phone and now the. The game were amazing. People are asked about pretty dull subjects. It's called not my job back. In nineteen, Ninety Five, the hip hop world was divided into two camps, there was east coast, and West, coast, and then at that year source awards, two guys from Atlanta called outcast got up to the podium and said the south has something to say big boy founder of outcast is also a superstar is a solo artist. He's still lives here in. Atlanta joins US now. Big Boy Welcome to wait wait. We're doing great. We're doing great. Feeling safe, so you were pretty young when your career took off. Was that weird, are you? Are you ready for it? You were like what twenty years old started like teenagers so likes eighteen years old and. Things took off by the time with nineteen. We had platinum album I was excited to be able to. Do what I love to do, which is make news again for the world receiving how to? It was great. I'm sure that was amazing, but I'm also interested in what was the first cool thing you bought? The first cool thing I bought yes! Was it was things. It was about Alexis Ninety three Lexus gs three, hundred Nice, and then me and Andre Bessette into some beat machines and keyboards, and we started with producers well. Now, you guys went from being artists to as I say producers here, in Atlanta and and I wanted to ask you about that thing that I think was Andre said that source of words that you guys represented like southern hip hop is their voices their style. Is there something that you guys were doing? Nobody else was doing. I think it was you know in the south who was always considered to be Not Take it serious as lyricist you know, and we were really all about lyricism, so they were drawn to the countries raw. The Way we talk, you know we talk slow. You know what I mean, but the same time we wrap fast. Eloquently. I'm just GONNA. Say This you guys became so big that like a lot of white people really liked you. which is you know and it was that like? was that cool, or is that like no. Basically like one everybody that big music to dig it. You know what I'm saying why. Brown Black Yellow Green. Don't matter, you know. We got like two generations almost three generations of fans right now there's been following our careers for twenty something years now so. I guess I to ask for your as you say, generations of fans, any chances are going to be an outcast reunion. You're going to do. Another album together got talk to lower. Okay? Wait a minute. Is that you were Andrea? Saying okay. I wanted to ask you about some of your. Of Your hobbies, you are an animal lover. Did you. I heard that you once had a shark. Shark His name was billy ocean. Was Real Fun. Got A. Five Hundred Gallon tank and I had a sting.

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