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Canelo Corners Julio Cesar Chavez SrCharlo Gets WIN Hurts HandMunguia Baby Steps

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Canelo Corners Julio Cesar Chavez SrCharlo Gets WIN Hurts HandMunguia Baby Steps

"Acids intended for mature audiences. The views and opinions expressed are those of the panelists and do not reflect in any way. Those are the podcast partners. Sponsors afterwards enjoy this. Is michael buffer. And you're listening to the voice of the people Let's get ready for boxing hustle and bustle hustle and in purcell impersonal in hustle hustle and bustle. And every day hustling every day on. Win the inflatable avital. Everybody watch me. Lakers really no special compaq into the big deal. If you're fighting trump you have the grain production dot com welcome back. Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to another grey sunday evening. 'cause we got some great boxing in talk. I know mario's favor fight. Got explosive knockout. What my guys. I ain't gonna see my favorite fighter. But definitely someone that i root for and i want to see win like dj khallid. He got an explosive highlight. Reel sports. I mean wherever the fucking hot cities gabe is at right now. Sat out the How much money did you make. I didn't make any money. I'd invest twenty th. No you didn't bet on your boy. You told us all he was gonna win. A champion do live in florida. It's a little a little more difficult but sat out to the community. Men everybody that may money off. My bird shocked everybody. Man a lot of people may some for real doe on that litter had like a Before five or before sit. I forgot what it was but it was a par lay picked. Big what a six wile on rosado like. That's the thing you gotta understand. What is it. Oh wait you know what i'm tripping. It might have just been before route six but they had a party going so it was like a lot of money they made but yeah that was. That was big bro. It was just good to see somebody you know since we started the show games been. Tv you for life. He's a good dude. Always gave us interviews. Always know he's just cool as cool it rega- said at one time. He's just a cool dude and It's good to see it's good to see good. Things happen to cool people. You know what i'm saying but also it's kind of like yeoman so starting to question these bekker's dan prospects that my man's got in california dog is like waiting for the next triple g man and his just not that easy. It's like us not waiting for floyd. And that's the thing. Floyd only came once in a generation triple g or the next one. That's gonna come once in a generation as long as these dudes is waving a fucking ukrainian flag on becca. stan flight. They jump right on him and he start calling him the next monster. What rela because they had a success in amateurs go ahead. I'm sorry what rapid with the super twenty dollars he said you're shit of the gabor's zodda wind comp- young compelling you like that you know he. He made like two hundred and something bright. He put a twenty dollar. Paul lay on guests who gave on gabe rosado. The most electric won't late in the day. Oh he got an rate. Inner -tainer came out in the joe est. Wwf ninety s era macho man randy savage jacket like that the before you know kings savage and before and after nwa savage you know or vice versa. Whatever this man came out and then he leaves. The ring was shawn michaels theme song. Dancing show michaels even w. Yes yes his interviews or donate. He came out to the rick flair. That boom boom boom boom yo shit height but the shawn michaels thing like that was crazy. I mean the lyrics to that the first of all to have to want to either walk out the wringer exit the ring with that song they. That's just crazy it's literally. I'm not your sexy boy. Just repeated over and over it's fucking whole larry's that man is a born entertainer man and he you know we thought was like flawed. And i'm not saying that he didn't show technical flaws and and some holes but thought brad solomon would give him more trouble. I thought brad solomon was this slick. My man has become one of the only two people in in the history of boxing to knockout brad. Solomon so that adds a my guys coming up big. But i mean you. You always want the proper podcasts etiquette. He waits 'til everyone's absolutely done with their sentence was going on talk. Is nasa now man. I'm just trying to make sure everybody gets big. Lots of great action to cover. Yes today. You know surprises with the you know. He's doing a live fight. Chat with the Now you got to talk against him in mongia. Not mario hymie right so interesting but Let's let's take it from the top what we got on on on on the put after mall charles. Oh and this is the only card on this fight. Well this is the only fight on this car. That i've seen i didn't see the under car with a cruise gonzales cruise or whatever but I guess i'll stir the pot right up. Whoa manga enact this dude out in what to four any knock them out. Cold like like coal that rule the mova digenova. Should i pull up the clip. The janada did know that law services no second round knockout saying him he added in the air he added in the air like jersey girls back in the day that toot it up baby face down yeah you got to marry we get. It was a little strange. Now look you know my good friend. Boxing sweet science set it on his instagram. We complained that we want knockouts. Then we complain when the fight tries to get the knockout and doesn't get it so like i guess we really need to learn what we complain about because charles did go for the knockout and hurt his hand. It could be seen on a thumbnail. It's really swollen as you can see the top box on the left. You can see the difference in his right and his left hand and it's his right hand that is swollen which is moneymaker right. It's the one that he would get the knockout with so a lot of people wondering why didn't he get the knockout. That's one of the reasons now. Many people didn't care when hanes hand was hurt. So i'm going to see the energy change now because it's charles. Oh and his. Eli yo bro bro. But when gaining four haney gamboa's he can't punch so. I just wanna see check. The temperature's see how things are for all fighters man i think for fans man we gotta stop getting out of. Ed's that this other guy in the rain just because we haven't heard of him he's supposed to get knocked out. He's a man he's alive body and he came in regards to what they pay. He ain't going down unless they paid them generous. And i don't be funny but truthfully we can't keep saying what someone is supposed to do now. Granted we can. We can insist on what we would like for our viewing pleasure but charles. I'm not saying he heard his hand trying to knock the man output. This is what happens. I want to bring up donna stevenson. Because i think part of what we're where he lost his luster is everybody wanted him to be the knockout punch loop. Which just is happened to elvis. Getting drunk off of knockout power. That's what makes not account fighters special. That's what makes a wilder special guys stopped feeding for knockouts. Everybody ain't got that photo and don't work like that man. I'm saying though anybody this upset. I'm with you because this do got to draw with centennial. Was knocked album ghia. I see charles protect us talking about. Oh it was at a lower weight doesn't matter you know. I don't see what that has to do with anything but listen what me saying is absolutely true. Choice said it to the other the other day. Something about You know fighters go through these moments where they develop right and it's like you might have like one or two things you do well but it isn't until you really get quality experience in the ring the dribble to put it all together now. That's not really the case for a jamal and that's for me why it felt flat. I in my opinion journal is either right now. Or on the cusp of being one of the premier fighters american fighters on the planet. He is very close to a big time fight. That i think he has a chance. You know he's one of the few people that i actually give a shot against. Canelo the triple put. You're not going to put yourself on that plateau unless you're knocking guys out unless every time that you get the opportunity to the screen because fighters don't have a hundred and sixty four games like mlb players. They don't have they. Don't get to play every week for seventeen eighteen weeks like nfl players. They have won two opportunities at the highest level to showcase what they're able to do each every time out and falling flat on the mayweather stuff. Which i never surprised that went like that. But because of those detractors that were getting in the commercial market it's these moments these guys have to step up like a tank who ran through his opponent and now guess what he set up to fight hispanic fighter from texas. You know for another belt. And it's i'm not saying it's easy fight. It's not but it's definitely a winnable fight. It's definitely a fight that he can make history with it's definitely a bigger stage bigger platforms. And that's what you're fighting for every time out shot out so you for bringing up tank watched his all access. That was pretty sweet. As our good friend in buffalo's falls was say That was pretty sweet. They did a good job with all access introducing his mother introducing his brother letting us know that his mom lost custody for leaving the kid. Just letting you into his life a little bit more. You know shot out the coach calvin for you know helping move the story along being kind of like a narrated and the mouthpiece throughout that episode so yeah man happy you brought that up so that i could plug that because it was a good all access I'm excited. I'm definitely excited for the fight. I even plan on going now. I think i'm going. I'll find out this week. I might be in five weeks wednesday in atlanta right going back to going back to charles a bit man. I think well i mean. Let me just get this super offer mad at one hundred and kansas city. Who says dog bay win no robbery as necessary to say. Where's your school called dog. Rounds one four six seven sounds like he lost on your scorecard champ. If is not a win. Robbery know but wearing on wearing on jumped alami. We're gonna get the dog. Actually watch that fight. Shot the blue nose head. I mean yeah. So i'm just asking because charles coming in there now i'm asking you guys have a school me. Monty was a mandatory. No he was next in line because he was the highest that he could fight. Everybody know so. They kept going down the line so they got to. the person said yes and his name is milton. Multihull right so. I'm just saying he was supposed to knock out dead of your kinko. Montes knock everybody out or he's supposed to just win and wait till we get that big fighting because triple g. Forget about cannella for a second. I want people to stop putting him in there against nello because nobody had any issue with triple g would not move up and hung around middleweight. And i said it most famously. You cannot be pound for pound. You're cannot move the pound issue with triple g doing it but now want to clean out the division and fight the guy that stood around trying to clean out the division and we take umbrage with that his fans. I'm just kind of scratching my but that's the thing for me. I don't take umbrage with who he was in there with like i. Is it a fight. That move the needle for me. Of course not really looking forward to it. Of course. Not but of course not. I don't blame jamal. he wants. You know he'll take the guy that is in japan fighting he doesn't care he wants the best. I believe that it's not that i'm pointing my finger and saying you did something bad or you did something wrong to be honest with you. He showed a lot of britain that he he bared down in that and he tried to put this guy way multiple times and damn near came close in the fifth. And sixth rounds. It's not the performance. It's the aftermath. It's the what exclamation point did you put on the night. A no and we're not jumping the line. I'm just giving you an example was built as the monster and delivered as a monster and so that's the only point i it's again. It's not that pointing the finger and trying to criticize it's more. I wish more had gotten the knockout. Because i feel like it just interested in closer and closer to a very very last. I just don't want us to move the goalposts because again the goal is triple jesus not cannella. Cannella is is the back fight. Canellas the legacy fight the golden post one sixty cleaning out the division is triple g if mongia wanna jump into mix hymie that is was to jump into mix as cool. But let's just for me. I think the position should be clear. And i'm glad that he said it. I want triple g if anybody wanna move down to fight me that's the way he should approach it and i think he should and on that clearly here. Here's here's the problem for me. Before last night there was nothing in my mind. That thought that jamaal charles. Oh and the name. Hyman ghia belonged anywhere near each other in terms of level of competition. And i still don't think jamal smokes them but the idea. The narrative has gotten so much closer because after a night that mcgee produces on a mall produces. It's like now that fight seems like invite fans like. Oh i wanted somebody on twitter like oh you know i would love to see more trouble. Oh trouble is right for the picking from. I'm like what the fuck like geller watching. You're basing your opinion on the last forty eight hours not the entire career of these two men but again it's that moment not even the last forty eight because if we go based off both the last performances charles still looked better than mongia one hundred percent. Mongia took shots from Smeralda and maybe you'd think chm rosas a better fighter then manteo. That really doesn't matter because monty owes at least the bigger puncher ends merits debatable. Either way ends mertz landed so many punches on hymie that you would have to assume the more talented charleena would do so. It's still a good fight with were yesterday. Showed me is that trello is still the favorite in most of his fights. But it's not guaranteed wineman. Well matisse put hands on him his eyes shut. His hand is swollen badly. He doesn't have the power of highmore. Triple g that's why these fights have before you know. Sometimes we think oh you know he's going to beat them so many complained about hear them but this is the difference. This is what. I'm trying to tell you about levels like cannella go in there with you're at a minute ain't looked like this but i'll tell you what i did see. Yesterday i seen juan land the double left hook on. Charlie brought it downstairs brought it upstairs. Who's favorite movies. Whose specialty is that. Who's fucking slicer. Our like you not like dudes accent for the pay day. Do you really think you can win or do you just want to win that. That willy wonka ticket because this stuff to work on this de fight that. But when i want i oh my god thank you know. I'm telling you right now. Based off yesterday i guarantee you. We don't get the buddha because their sacrifice in each other and then one will get the cannella fight in their minds in their in their management minds in their advisers. Fuck it if we keep them separate. They each got an opportunity. 'cause they got a build to each defeating we bring them together and they don't brought. We don't even know go on yesterday. Charlie could be andrea anymore and by the way. I don't want to turn this into a thing where we are your at all kinds of shame on you because it's like you know that that's the case and i agree one hundred percent right. You have predicted. I think the future that doesn't happen but then it's like you're always like hyping these guys up and then we have on the other side nowy ready to fight the winner of casimiro and donate after what's happened and after what transpired. These guys are fighting the best fights they can get and yet here. We have boo boo charl fight. That makes so much sense for so many reasons that would produce the most legitimate contender to canals crown. And yet it's probably not going to happen. And it's a fucking bummer. Dude but mario one reason one reason we can say at least the charles and i can project this. They're not afraid to let their own go. Oh not at all that. So so that being said i think of within feeling like a sense of readiness which i don't i don't sense that they have out in the character but you know that's the only reason why they wouldn't take the fight. They're not afraid like getting into canal. Fight don't make sense right now. Clean out one sixty and guess what it fall. If it should have gaidar's auto is at one sixty with his continental. Let's do it if boo boos at one sixty. Let's do it again. Triple with somebody dig is old ass up. Do whatever they wanna do. let's do it. Wanted to play and it should. It should be this much competition at one sixty and it should look like each is beatable because otherwise we'd be say well now he got move up and fight nello so it should look like that's sought asked point what we should've saw yesterday bro. No that's a good point. There's so much competition so many good fighters in that division from glove into the carlo to Andrei you know even even a ray reloads. They're still you know one of the best get answers. Is he going to get those guys. Mario i think that the best thing that it yesterday of jamaa of you listening you know. Don't don't get mad again like you did for the trout fight. You got the win and look at it. This way you vulnerability may gets you. The fight possibly triple g. That was the end. Listen he shouldn't take that as a sign of disrespect. The poco triple g was so strong that even when he was getting hit people were saying he's leading that guy hit him so that he can convince koto. Sergio martinez can not get in the ring with him like that. That's how crazy that shit got so for them to say that about mall. That's not bad company. Realistic bone vulnerability vulnerability definitely wins you with the ladies. You know what i'm saying in boxing. Just score you. That bag and remember Callum smith got the fight after rydah exposed them. So you know you sometimes when you get undressed you get you get the fight. You wanted just doesn't mean you can win boston. Jared supercharge says if monteiro was killing himself to make one hundred and forty seven it could have affected his punch resistance however charl punching is not the same off his back foot. What the hell would you mean killing. I don't get it killing. Yeah he didn't even find his last night. I forty seven. Why are we talking about that. Yeah listen the last thing. I'm going to say about this is i was in houston last night Not for the fight went to go. Watch the astros play and It was right next to toyota center. So i got out a little before everybody else. So everybody's getting back to the hotel couple of fighters you know of course are necessary. Inspired me to start covering a little more so of course i broke up the phone. See what i could get yo. I interviewed probably like a dozen girls all like relatively young between twenty two to twenty five somewhere around there right and It was so crazy. How when i would ask them about the fight or whatever. They wouldn't talk about mall like he was the heart dot. It was like mel was like the cute one. And i'm like they're twins. I don't get it but they were all very very confident. In their opinion that mel was the hot one. And i'm like you. I can't tell them different now but appeal is always is also character and personality. How you carry yourself can make you sexy. That's why some fat girls are sexy because they they wear sexy ornamental. Who got to be they figure but since we brought up now mel while man and you know i know i know it's tongue in cheek but this is why these these dudes this is why these dudes need a neat neat neat neat like Yarbrough assessment listening. Yeah publicity training publicists you know. Pre written statements like listen. We know they're going to ask you about the anti wild that we want you to say this. Why don't you give a little short short explanation. What you're talking about people that don't know so dramatic trailer must've been on. Abc's live when dion say while there was being interview by ray. Florez the announcer on pbs. And something happened while the said something about race. Charlie was in the comments section. Said there's no race in boxing and Fred later interviewed beyond say wilder wilder express. How he felt about drama and said that he deserves to be snapped. So obviously someone. Jim interview djamil and said. Did you hear the you know. Obviously while the said that you deserve to be smacked and he said man. I'm ready to go to jail are smokers. And he says he said. I have men right now. Ready to go to jail. He said he said. I have men right now. Ready to go to jail over that me. Because i'm like ninety five. Right now. I would i miss and that was the thing that was everywhere. I think you're gonna want to talk about it. That's why i didn't put in the notes but I mean he he he and this is the second time he's done this and he's referenced gunplay when about another got is let me is. Let me just say this. Both men have an arsenal. Of god's what i was going to add for man and g wagon. No you're right. You're right always catches you'll be sharp his dog. Both men have an arsenal in their homes. Okay i mean wilder okay. Anyone who thinks sweet while the has a gun range okay. He has two twin gold. Plated desert eagles. Those little guns. Jamal downplay. I'm show jamal one day with something very big in his g. Five like mario set but but but but these guys need to we. Yeah they need to chill and understand that freedom is such a beautiful thing and being able to provide for your family the way the day all. That doesn't happen many times in life. Are you going to get another chance to be jamaal. Charles superstar deontay wilder the bronze obama if this gets out of hand because jacobson. Jamal walked up on each other. However you perceive what happened. They seen each other. There was a confrontation so assume that djamil. And wow the won't see each other. You would be making an asset yourself by assuming to assume if you're gym and i know you don't need my advice. Who am i with my little youtube channel. Let me tell you pick up the phone call and billy. Should you walk on wilder. If i energy ain't on the same page don't walk on wild unless you walk in on while the walkable on while i'm just saying ags billy so you know these dated neither one or two played with remember boxing. Inner city sport you give these men millions of dollars to buy all their heart's desire. You gotta be careful. Gotta were both keep boxing. I want to see undisputed. You know and you know. They need to just bury the hatchet. Who suffered a loss. I guess that's why another reason to maybe he's looking at it like well. Fuck i went to what you went through. They robbed me. And i ain't taking mad as you so he might feel like. I am qualified to speak on this matter. don't okay might feel like we not qualify blizzard. I i'm listening. I'm not qualified to speak on a beef between two black american fighters about how race is involved in everyday life but specifically that boxing at the same time. I think i'm i think i'm wise enough to say that regardless of what the beef is that talk it leads to nowhere good because even if it's done in jest i i mean how many black men in america involved in entertainment do we see him up. You know based off a lyrics based off at like you. Don't wanna give these people any room to even you know what i mean. Have your name in their mouth as a question of some digging that. Didn't you know what. I mean like doesn't even involve you but to to open that window to something else and here's the other thing like if you were any kind of person with any kind of logic how do you not respect the man more. That does the job with his hands. Then he does with the gun a gun is always going to be to me for self defence. It's you know the thing that you go to. As a last resort the hands being dude with with an owner. That's the bad ass right. Mike tyson was a bad as man on the planet. Beating the shit out of dues books he was killing chan. but chan. you gotta come back down to earth. You gotta understand these two boxers and the one that is said what he said. He understands weight classes. he's a fighter. If i'm sure of the was his size he won't be talking about guns but he understands weight. Classes like come on. You can't say. Oh you know batman used like he's not wild. This is the best thing he could do is sneak while the then. What enough food that your on. The park and his back turned shit. He all talking to chris. I'll do an interview and you give them your best ear eliminate what happens if you don't sleep as if you don't believe him then you don. You've gotta hope at least drop them so you could be like an sought backpedaling about it is a lose. Would they could. Do you know both of them could do open them. Could do like a wake up right or even a nighttime going to bed. Rooms kids look over their balconies looking puga looking at garage fucking cars and go. Sit out somewhere for thing that you go. Oh by the way happy father's day to both the are happy father's day to everybody. Happy mother's day to my dad's we got my bringing us. We got my team by bringing us back to reality says. Jamal destroys boo boo thumbs. Down emoji. four rounds max. He's horrible. he's a horrible fighter. Jamal buba after yesterday. You seriously tripping man what did montiel have some of his best success from the south pole stays. You did fuck actually when they were at a specific green. What is my team. But you gotta factor even if you think boo boos why like i've been saying for years. You still got to factor in these undefeated and you got to doctor in the sense that that awkwardness is exactly why montiel was successful at times lake. You know what i mean. So that's a good ass fi. I don't care what nobody say. That's good that's end the one that could beat the other. One is the one that i think has the best shot at beating fellow at everybody having the best one day i just hope that the vulnerability that he showed get some some fights and we get some things announced. Bet one hundred. Kansas city comes back and says can add dog. Bay one through four six one and seven hyphen there. Before you said it was one four. Yeah been to work. Trip is that by gain hurt where every uppercut man no every upper canada and straight rights that was fully extended. Dog bay was on straight up. Bambi lopes lopez. Got a good better job of getting hit. You can't you can't hit the other guy ardor and it's like yeah. We both hit each other and hit you art. But i'm gonna keep getting it all day with Impose active okay okay. So let's agree that they both was in each other but one was landing more sad the web. What point darby jumped out to a really early. Like into took a lot of the early exactly one through four at that point two four. He ain't when the next six okay but all he has to win to see and do you find to for his us. I think that it was a very close. And i'm not one of those giving one through four way. I'm not i don't know about that. I listen i promise you. You're gonna have a tougher time finding rounds for blue nose in one through four. Then you will dog bait five walked down in the hole left half of the fight where matters he has do in those moments. You're absolutely right. He and he had his best work but it wasn't it. All last round last round was back and forth dog bay and he's still walking down like he's trying to get a knockout early in gas. Then yeah giving them respect for that well just so we can be clear. Dog did win a majority decision. It was ninety five ninety. Five judge. I mean even even even berry hundred and put his head like that go on what. I don't be lying so much that he he grabbed lopez put his head had there and he says some shit's on and go look at when he walked up to buddy mcgirt. Buddy mcgirt face like you seri- him hit like walk. Who knows i like to see it again. Yeah got to tighten walk. He does what reside who used to do. Like just make sure to war necessarily know those ball man first minute of the first row now i said he bought the destroy little dog bay dog. They look too little. He was papa. John's papa moving movie and then the whole two minutes of that first round dog by just took over on some shit you know blue nose and these learn how to stop giving up beside my man literally says now. Oh shit you coming to hit me. Hold on let me get down and also your level put my head in your range like tripping hard. So he's smothered his own punches. You know what i'm saying and and you know somebody like dog my out working when he. Nah nah nah. I don't care our. Nobody wanted to throwing punches sit. He's a big dude loads up. So it's it's one to the body. Maybe one upstairs like my man joe. He no cash from hawk in maryland. Tbb ness happy father's day. I'm happy father's day to you into air by. Who is a dad out there but but i mean come on dog. Wasn't landon hands. Go like the only argument dog bay fans have that i can't i can't i. Can't debate is lopez look like he was punching you hard nosed. It was it was just a lot of shit until the uppercut stock coming in. It's like he was with the monkeys for sure. I think clinton did you score the fight. didn't man. I think that's what i know i didn't either. But that's why. I feel the way you feel because eat. You saw a fight script. Play out the way that you did. And it's very accurate you can say that but when you but remember the reason people get in trouble when they come to scoring rounds and they think it's controversial not actually scoring the rounds and when you go back and you look at how many definitive dogs were versus. How many rounds could he considered you know e-. I don't think you'd be surprised that you could score for dot com paulo pez man. When when when he got that loss a you know he walked out the ring no interview and it was like damn you. I thought even though reside shine. That sat i said why burqas he's going down the same road man. He's keeps getting to the mountain tops and fail in like he already had a title shot he would have won miss. He was going to get another title. Shot you know what i'm saying. So he keeps getting cusi for oscar. I think he almost was. He talked himself into a fight with chicago. He had a title shot. He be on. Tv like oh. This kid is right. He's like gabe rosado of his division. Yeah our poor man. Gave rosado because games win. That turned it around for him was like a really defining moment for him. But i guess you could say the same thing for blue knows when he fought. What's his name Early blue knows you feel definitely thirteen also still early. No no no. You're right you're right but wait where he was in. His career sat out i. I'm praying that you get a title shot and you win because orlando toledo his eleven or thirteen losses. And you know. He didn't get his respect until he snatched someone's title men and became a champion autumn damn losses denny. Start defending themselves yet. His best wins after becoming champion. Sooman but we got gil lopez with a supervisor says you think carlo overlook montiel based on body. Based whose body are you saying. That charles body look bad or the he saw or he overlooked months now because of the way his i didn't see that in awe Does not hold water. I don't think i had nothing to do. I think mcneil with game. I don't think he only to. Because i i seen charl like loading up. He wanted to get this dude out of there in front of his hometown. Jack work out saying just saying workout but after you got anything on that undercard watch it. go ahead. Go ahead i mean. Are you going to stay in mayor in Yes argentinian Name top wrong cartoon. I'm saying on the showtime undercard the job. Oh showtime i thought she was on on. Espn yeah we can move on or move into a real quick. Did you have anything i mean. I got a couple of things the angelo. We'll choose the fighter with the ed. But that was the isaac isaac. Gonzalez's something like that in vargas. Yeah i ain't even bargo ic- jalil but then he looked like a fucking raccoon in the post fight. Angelo leo osmond. Good fight yeah alameda in alameda. Listen that's the only thing. I wanted to be bumps on his face on his is them live. That's the only. That's the only if i really wanted to talk about angela. Leo bounces back. He's twenty one and one nine cao's now and aaron alameda. He goes to twenty five and two. This is a really good division. This is a division right. Now that has the make some of the classics It's actually it's super nowy super bantamweight. Yeah that's what it is super bantamweight You know with the stefan. Fulton's of the world. The brandon figueroa's the angela. Leo's daniel romans in there. I think you could still put a diaw. However you say that He's up there with. Ibm bell guys and they're not afraid to let their os go. These guys are fighting each other. What angela showed yesterday. He still has a lot of growth to on that he he you know but he's just so raw any so fun and you matching with anyone in that division. He's going to produce a good fight. He's going to try The judges ended up having it ninety. Eight ninety two ninety six ninety four and ninety five ninety five so he earned the majority decision Over errands so but that was a good fight. And you know he connected on eighty five body shots compared to fifteen fraut. Mehta like angelo. Leo is there to win. He's there to break his opponent down and he produces fun fights combined. They landed four hundred and two punches. Like it just. It was a great fight. So so moving onto mongia kerr mcgee at yoyo. Didn't know them. Mongia stop people in corners all time. You're in you're in know that you can count on three things death taxes and give stopping dues in the corner making them quit tibet ticket there anyway. But yeah listen. Mongia comes up. Big among the name is is coming in strong and boxing man little bit yo yo ass ness i had me mannheim had to bring it back to life after. What's his name used to go on. Espn and get knocked out every every other month. Remember that dude get knocked out though he was your name. I'll show you butchering it. But listen said said who is a late minute replacement after tons of late minute. Replacements comes in and Monkey does beat him to go to thirty seven. Oh he retained his wbo. Intercontinental middleweight. title and Yeah ghia had some things to say after the fight calling out for a world title fight or gabor's auto who is another by about how do you say i wanna title shot or day. That's what he said he goes. I'll take a world title shot or give goodbye to like you know gave his world title himself. He has the name any has the perceived risk reward ratio. That a fighter like moon gear would love. You know really anybody like even I mean through his name in there. Charlie it makes more sense now than it did. Especially the jacob fight. So you've got a guy like resulted with a name who's been in major motion pictures and has been. I mean not the face of boxing. But you could relatively say like the poor man's face a boxing whatever But he's represented very well by putting out these great fights when gay on the other hand. Listen he won the fight but mcgee is the telltale fighter in the sense that he is gonna beat guys that are there to be beat. You know he he. He fights to his level of opposition better or worse but at the end of the day. There's a very clear cut Blueprint on how to get more ghia win. And though was in there to do just that he has to be a guy that can crack monkeys in half right The also has to be a guy that that can't take too much of mongolia's onslaught for too long and that's what we saw in there. A guy that was able to be hit a guy that was willing to exchange two for one and we'll give just ended up getting the better of it you know because despite all his faults which he still has quite a few there are some things that he does well and he does could put out the punishment and take it at a very good ratio. You know what. I mean so Listen it's a is a performance that he could hold his hat on. Its performance at has seemed to fool a lot more people into believing that he might be a little better and might be ready for things that he's not but that's the name of the game you get your shot you roll your dice and guess what everybody has their one special. You know. Sports produces upsets all the time. All you gotta do get to the promised land and Last night was definitely a step in the right direction. I mean you know it was. It was smirked on a two weeks notice. I don't know how high i am on this performance. He's definitely not ready for a title shot. And that's why he didn't take his mandatory with dmitry. Sandra maybe they want to go to. Wbz route because they're mexican. but i don't i don't know. Maybe they gained confidence watching what one was able to do But i seen a lot of flaws. I would still favor andrea in charlotte. Beat ghia and yeah. Mongia needs to work I think the rosado is a good fight. And i don't know that he can win that. You know what i mean. rosado's been in with all types of punches. You gotta be you gotta be more than just the punch beat resided. You've got gotta be a bunch of with skill so you know that's from anglia though was otto at nat. I'm sitting in our think about matt. Rosetta if i'm charlie rose otto is the best opponent for me that face been in movies. Yup you know what. I'm saying common opponent day. You jacobs i go but is being cut. But he probably. He'll probably frown opponent because his brother beat reside like ten years ago. Man beat ago. Caitlyn do the research was otto was outta still hot. Was idols hat right. I think it's a bigger win from ghia. It would be for charlie though you know what i'm saying like from its his career defining win up to that moment for charles. Oh you know it takes a it. It's definitely not at the front of the line for him. Would if they were to write the momentum say if they announced you know what they say they'll say who gabriel's item they say the guy that bleed added negative now jacobs and then he just be the guyana unlike again or the big the best prospects on the planet. Yeah real credibility real credibility in what rosano has been doing it. Ain't like you know what i'm saying. They dusted him off. You know what i'm saying like. This is not a fight at the dust and off because he has a name. This fight has been around and still making a name. Because if it's not triple g. I mean what more exciting kind of you know a traction. Can you draw talking about bringing a fight. The miami everybody's going to florida for the fights. Now gabriel in florida. Yeah i still like the berlanga fight for gay berlanga tell call. Meridian is and his managed by go. I'm ready. I promise you give me two main event. He ain't say gay. But and i don't know that anybody is going to be in a rush to put them in their wit game because again you got to be more than just a puncher to be gave in. Then you gotta have some skills because he could take a punch and he's getting better. My man is like wind and better with time man. We got a cash at from home in maryland is says to our cash. Abby says anderson silva got one for the ufc chavez. A straight bomb. Yeah we're gonna talk about that for sure. There's a lot to talk about. They're not good old and we went five dollar cash apps saving us that thirty percent they say or nest though says love from new mexico was shot out to you chance where i may. He'd go make on so on. The undercard of hymie mongia was gay l. Gabe rosado taking on beck the bully back a tear mark. What is his name back. Tear battered bet. Becca tamir back to mirror melody. Chant becky back to back tech mir back. Better than i would make he's dead. He'll never recover those f. Publicist never out there. Looking like a provider called. Mario city out look alike. Providers side at looping punches older had looking like mario in the cruiserweight division go was having success though early on was he not. He was having early success. I really thought that gave was in for a rough night. I wasn't and that was too small dose of what we saw to know whether he would could take him out mara ready to gape. No no no. That's not it at all. I mean go back and watch the fight. I'm telling you the truth. But at the end of the day gave was he knew what he wanted to do he set him up he starched my man. He hit him so hard that he fell asleep woke up and thought that they were starting to fight again like he was just so out of my man was what what we it. I mean he was face down ass nine back to me back to mir melacou said about that ain't no as you try more more yards. Look at that looked like it. You got the phone networks for real. I think you nailed it. Mela cousy to metal cousy. Look i think you nailed it. Deborah many kuziyev. But but would you. What would you think. I mean you know i guess melacou look right you demand you got it. Call him. The style homey was face down that dog bad he Yeah listen Rosado went down in round one. And then to not a oh. That was a real knocked down. I was tight at first and they showed the replay. He landed right on the net man right on the neck dog now. It was hard shot. Listen this kid can crack betting crag there's no doubt about it gabes win and you know i was given some of the guys shit terms like everybody that was building back up. You know an. I was probably part of that a little bit. But that's not to say that doesn't have a bright career. Rosado went out and beat that man. That's holds. i'm yard listening. It's a win that he should hold you. E did what. I mean very few people. Do you know that that doesn't happen more often more often times than not the big prospect you know cut in boxing. That has a height machine around him. That's building him and putting out all this propaganda you know. That's the guy that wins whether he wins or not. You get what i'm saying right. That's the guy that you know gets a gets. The gets a judge to give him the fight when he fought me whether and clearly lost the fight. Like that's the kind of thing i'm talking about and what happened was gape said fuck that. I'm not letting this thing go into the hands of the judge. I'm not gonna let them take my eight four victory away or whatever it would have been you know. I'm going to go out there. And i'm going to. He starts this dude. Hit him with the cleanest. But you know what that punch looked like. It looked like a knife slicing through like a brand new kate. It was just so pretty and fulfilling and it just it was great man it was like pimple popper shit that people watch it was just satisfying you wrong. Both in both parts. So okay. So i feel like he wasn't looking for the knockout. That's why came. It was just a perfectly placed punch you know it was like oh i don't want them to rob me and as far as the punch how it landed. I know what you use as reference a metaphor but now it was exactly like when you landed on. Show kid that to one etienne's to yoga. I honestly i don't think he was looking for a knockout. My managers got the right shot and beck was coming in. It was like one force meet in another. He timing he went right into that trying to throw that dumb as i'm telling me and he was doing a lot of fights i said birds do. I didn't think was otto cadore because rosado to the first right and it was light on. My man is due skit to let go. I told me. I say he's he's he's doing the right but he's so worried about defense that he's not extending bringing him right back but he eventually got not afraid and let that shit go full extension. And it wasn't even really. He caught him right. Did 'cause back he ran into this shit man. Y'all that's the one. I have three ness. Because i mean said it sou- it's hard for me to believe that guy that's been fighting as long as gabor's auto at some point in his mind didn't see those wide shots. He was throwing and the abandonment that he gave his defense when he was on offense. It's hard for me to see gabor's auto seen that happen and not think to himself. I can catch him. I can count that well. You know what i'm saying. You're you're right. I wasn't head hunting. Probably made it seemed. Like i was saying he was head hunting news to be found. Yeah no i mean. I guess with the words you use you just made. It seem like he went into this wanting to knock out because he didn't want because of his story and while that all that could be true. I think that the knockout didn't come for those reasons. It came because it was like just a perfect punch at the right time with bet coming right into that fist he just. He helped them. He helped them. He helped them It was it was a great fight. A perfect moment for rosado. I can't wait to see what he turns this into. Man you know can nello you over zydeco since fifty four. Let's give them. You want him to get that. You wanted to give With everybody in line. Mako versus puerto rico gear. Versus was auto. That's a good fight. Come on and that's a that's a fight that gave deserves because let's be honest can nello. That doesn't happen last night. You know what i'm saying. He gave it his best shot. But you know. Joe eight to ten ask nightingale spot of live. That's gay prove you can never count him out. He got a punch chance so he could his left hook. Mom fucking we'll take. I'll i'll tell you i think last night proved more so that experience in boxing is always going to be worth more than people give it credit to especially when fighting one of these hot prospects. You know elvis. you go down the line. we've seen it more and more recently. I said like it doesn't happen as often and it doesn't happen as off. The favorite usually wins. That's why the house usually wins. But in this case like over the last couple years we've seen these types of fighters with this hype machine propaganda built by you know. Got a lot of guys like me and they turn out to be not what an and it's not because they're not great fighters is not because they're not talented. It's because experiencing. Boxing goes a much longer way than people realize. Listen people are people Excited for like gabe rosado overseas charles. But no again one charleoi beat gabe. That's not the style forgave. Gabe is the boxer so he can't be the boxers that are superior to him even though he should have got the win with jacobs. But that's not the style that suits him he needs the beck style. The bully style and so does charles. That's why one montiel had success. Because he gave him the mexican style. You know gabe and charles doesn't make a good fight. We've seen that. We seen mel do it. You know it's better for gabin mongia or mongia and charl you know even gave him reside doesn't work because it's two boxes. Gabe is going to china on a job. And it's not gonna work. It's not gonna work. People seem to want it for some reason as i'm seeing the i'm seeing twitter. I'm seeing the chat. I'm seeing a gay. Gapes arlo charlie. I'm sorry yes. And i don't know why his brother beat them going to look crazy but i know this is a different version a. Gabe and it'll be a big fight for him. you know. Listen what are we thinking about that. Triple zhifei do we do. We think we triple. Jesus is going to say a word to char- low in net fights going to happen. That's i know. I don't think it's wishing on a star. I wouldn't go that far. But i don't know it's it's like at this point i thought i would have thought would've fought him by now or i would have thought they would afford each other by now. You know it came so many different times and you know i i don't know triple. Jeez gonna fiber iota marotta. Who's mad winnable. He's hit on me. It's a tough fight. it's not bad. It's a tough fight for people not owned triple. Jeez level triple has a great punch. Look at rob brad was able to do chirp but but at the same time you're talking about a triple. Gee that's a little older. You know you're talking about you. Know those type of games and those factors go in on. Let me tell you right now. But marotta d'oeuvres untangle. Sankoh the punches and combinations. He's just a big punch at the telegraph right. Hand the big puncher that also possesses some pretty high level ability in there. In terms of you know adapting reacting. He's easy he's not the whole package but he's definitely a good package. But i'll tell you this right now. A fight between triple g and a fight between Andrea and charles and those winners produced the best middleweight in the world by far hands down. And that's what i wanna see. I would you know. It doesn't have to be like some official mini tournament. But those fights can happen and then and then the all the most logical way down that you know is the winners and listen. There is a lot of people right now. You know it's not getting like super reported on but there are a lot of people that are pressing hard hard to get that andrei to get andrea a as a Mandatory in and get that unification done like there are a lot of people. Try to get that a lot of people which means chris mannix. Who had manning no no. That's that's one of a handful of people that are being outed. Listen no it. Sergio a brought and me saying you win. The handful of people need to understand. A unification can't be mandated. That was so hilarious. Well this ed. I would love to live world. Wake me up when you're make it a reality though too it's nothing. Can we wake you up to help call for that and help at use your power in the sport and your voice that rings so loud to be of those people champion for the fight. You did colorado saying issue. My member having genie wishes this whole time. And you don't think you say issues with that. Is that I it's it's politics man. Like you know these sanctioning bodies don't even recognize each other or one another As rankled once you become a champion in the wbz wba's like we've done with. I mean and this is all if you know how marisha gonna mandate another champion when he doesn't even recognize him. It doesn't point at that point. Is it fair for us to ask the fighters to say. Listen i mean with with compensation of course if it can be made that way the bell. The bell baked the fight. The money's there one bell. I mean do we understand that there's more value in in if a guy dropped a bell and made the fight and alii one one belt and some other guy picked up his belt in fucking bake it. Can i drive. You can't drive the bill defeating the purpose. The purpose is to become unified. Uh can't drop the bell. You gotta do more see andrei. Don't wanna listen wiz yet. Ever gotta why was you told him what he did. Exactly what you said. He wasn't at the fight he. I'm not this time bro. He he gets hot and then it gets cold then he gets high. You could have been like all right all right. He's got to get an introductory like this. Joe like shannon briggs may. Let's go champion thing. He got the people behind because it was always. It was always happening. Like andrei waited for big fire on my pay day right. It work out home so now he's gone. He's in hiding again. You know quo's nothing. I will say this. He did tweet out a picture of a overweight mexican holding the w. b. obama and say. Hey y'all don't forget the tune into one month to jeez i should pull it out. Because he's hilarious. He trolled carlo like that was his opponent like. Don't forget to tune in You know they gonna fight or whatever but but that's only for twitter. That don't do it. don't do it. You know what. I mean you need more than you. Absolutely right man and listen it. He couldn't afford to get out to houston. He should have caught a fucking spirit. Flight out the el paso for like he could afford it right somewhere. Like fuck your rental car in the houston jumped into could afford and let me tell you his full. He could have been at the fight. He could have been on telecasts he could have done interview. Just don't see why he was a man do was my mandatory. He decided to avoid. That's why four liam which by the way i'm not even sure hymie can beat. They need to get him liam next fight if he can't get rosado because rosado my word. Listen i'll say this. Let me get this deal. Says manteo trained to survive twelve not to Listen i don't know if. I agree with that. I mean he trained hard he but he was not as good as as it's plain and simple couldn't beat him even on his last night. I know he trained hard and he was able to survive. I wouldn't say he trained to achieve what he ended up achieving. Which is you know surviving. But listen the only point. I wanna make quick because you had said about unification's not being able to be mandatory. And and obviously i know that but the thing is this when you look at what mel has been able to create in his fight with. Brian costano listened brian. Costano does not move the needle. He has no commercial appeal at this point. Casual fans don't know who he is but guess what in undisputed fight is. What's moving the needle. How many people would be excited. If mel brian costano wasn't undisputed if it was for you know two belts or whatever. Even if it wasn't like all i'm saying is that the fact that it's going to produce the undisputed champion in that division raises it to a level that other fights could not achieve in almost any other type of manner without some serious be so against like you want the stats. you want. The you know the the news you want the inches on on the page. You gotta you gotta keep continuing to to to fight these champions. Andre should have been at the fight either charl fight auto mongia and this is what i'm saying how he says you'll get bahama. That's how we get behind yourself. Why wasn't you. Have you know sergio more in this other guy action you questions or accent. Hymie andres here why. Why didn't you take your mandatory. Are you willing to take your mandatory shot now. Do you want your title shot versus this champion like y'all if you don't clown he's dudes in a shame. These dudes listen. What did mayweather say. Oh don't disrespect me to moseley like you gotta rain on a parade. Why are you thinking. Never acted outside his character. Because it was his time to sean in andre rain on the parade but if you keep going hot and cold you ain't gonna get nothing many. Nobody getting behind that. We call it. Take you take your foot off the gas phony net. That's how that's how you get the fight now. Not going chilling you. Low massachusetts mansion man dot is cold over there anywhere columnist massachusetts a twin. Even though we look alike females will always say my twin was the hot one charles versus any any hundred sixty champion mongia presidto next chavez. Juniors equals shit emoji. Laughing my ass. Wow i swin mario and he goes through that his brothers the hot one. That's that's so you know you chant you. Jesus mall listen before we move on from the card. I do even though we touched on it. Slightly blair the flare. Cobb we got to touch on that. That's what i'm saying. I don't want to bally's ours. Joe no we gotta talk about. The furthest. Poor car was so empty man when when when not tuned in blair was yes the main not even the main of their had any waste fill in for him he still happy. Y'all his and his people's will could be heard. Strong brahms worse strange out. Listen that's what i want to see like. I wanna get caught in this. You know what crawford does. What crawford doesn't do i want to talk about. What all fighters do and don't do blair is making his name like. He is surpassed his ability. You know what. I'm saying. Like blair was never a guy that i saw was like. I really like him because he's flawless. I really like him because his ceilings. So hot i really liking sees a decorated. Amtra like none of that is the factor with him. He just possesses. This charisma this ability to entertain you just lab. I show my dad despite. He had no idea who blair was. He loved it. He loved the combination of somebody. Who's bringing that. W w entertainment value to a real sport like boxing where you can sit rest on when you say i'm gonna go in there and beat on man. You really going to do that. It's not some predetermined fight but he talks like that type of i mean he. Just he has that p.t barnum showcase ability. He understands what people are looking for in terms of entertainment value. And you know maybe you know hits me a little harder just because i am. You know avid wrestling fan. I love all of the references. Omar is that he pays to some of the greatest wrestlers in the history. And he's just not afraid to be himself. You got to respect that. And he looked good. He looked good as jab was on point. He was using distance and timing. Something that i really felt like he never really did. Well that will in previous fight against his best optional competition. Teaching man good pop. He busted among many was bleeding. He showed up at a time. Salomon was even laughing and smiling. So i thought oh shit blared probably can't hurt him until he started hurting them. Were i mean what you think. Go fight go. No no. I like his whole persona. I'm a wrestling fan as well. I like his whole persona and also like the fact that know. He's he's marketing himself. He has entertainers personality. The come in the room whether it's one on one thousand and you're gonna put on a show and again. Is boxing skills as well. you know. he's he's above average in a lot of things that he does. So i'm looking to You know it's interesting to see where he goes. Because i'm wondering where when like this takes him. I'm not sure if they got hot and moving over there on Design as far as well to weights man. But i you know you guys goes next man. You'll head it all depends right like rashidiyah. This is definitely a free agent Do they anymore. His contract was up like money. Do they re sign them and give them the blair fi. I don't even know where else can blake. Go on that on golden boy side debts not virgil and virgil. Hasn't fight with alaska's. I believe i don't even like that by either like for me. It's like not. It's not an equivalent jumped to me. You know what. I'm saying like like to clay. That's a good point. Give them give them luther. Clay or chris congo. But those haven't they haven't you know made it on this side of the pond in terms like the promoters they don't miss us holocaust not those dudes but i always liked to dilute the klay fifa for fucking clouds man yeah. He called out jessie bardwell. That's jesse vargas go ahead. I'm sorry no. I'm sorry i'm jumping in your free. You're actually did due diligence to remember. Bring up the call out and the setup it was really a zone setup. Jesse is gonna come back down which is a good thing for cobb's jesse's been at fifty four for some time. Now he fought umberto soto. He fought a couple of guys a fifty four. I believe came back down for mikey. Diddy at forty seven. Thirty coming down for mikey. I'm but you know for cobb's that's not a bad fight. Because you getting jesse you know having a struggle to get back down forty seven you know. Even before mike yeah. Forty-seven it was over two years ago or one year ago to was february twenty everywhere. Twenty nine two thousand and twenty and in that fight. Mikey weighed in at one. Forty five and three quarters and jesse made the weight limit of one forty seven. And let's before. That bought him berto. Soto wait one fifty and a half. Let's be real right now if you ever gonna do it. Now is the time to get jesse man. I mean look. If i just take you back all the way to two thousand and fourteen. He be antonio demarco his next fight. You know he got out for eleven complete rounds versus timothy bradley than he landed one punch and he wanted to trick the public into believing that he knocked out bradley ended. The referee cheated them and it was not true. Bradley outclassed on for eleven. Out of twelve rounds. He comes back and he gets a come from behind win over saddam ali. Which definitely impressed me. I thought saddam hollywood outbox him and he he he cracked. Eileen knocked them out after that he gets a pack cow fight because he was the wb l. chant and he loses to pack gal after that aaron hedda then draw boehner then a draw the law may then a win at fifty versus umberto fifty-seven-year-old. Soto did he lost shave fifty then he lost making drop one or two times fight like if your black cobs the tom is now not the mention. This dudes been fighting like once a year. You know he's three. He's three three and two in his last eight fights and that since two thousand fifteen three three and two okay and the opposition has been you know pretty decent but definitely definitely decent but Still like you're saying it's not allowing jesse to rack up a few more wins gain the confidence the momentum you know get his body right back in one forty seven and then have to fight him as oppose to as you're saying you know working on a guy who let's be honest there's always kind of been in a weird situation weight class. Wise it was like was big for a certain weight that he is just like very strange situation switching trainers yes good point so i think you're right the other name that was floating around Was adrian boehner and he did mention that on this show. Twitter took that and ran with it. A lot of people seem very interested in a browner. Blair fight. I don't know if boehner would be as interested but i am all in on that i would love it blitz nowhere on bruno's resume raid off and it's just not going to happen. It's not even sure he's not big enough. He's not a devon haney. There's no. I agree. I agree We got protege with a supervisor. Says yo shutout tb and shot out golden boy men yo. They have some exciting fights. Mario just put you on game protege. Look at his logo when it pops up fifteen seconds from now. You said more like thirty. That's the guy that was with. Baldy and baldy was with his lady. It was him with the baseball cap. Just so you know shot out to you. For showing up to watertown wisconsin. You know you're a conversion moment you really came out you. Emboldened border a beautiful five hundred dollar table. Rock that with tb and we glad we met oh and he gave me fucking like y'all champ though protege what's up with those those those those pros but it was like there was like baby pre roll but they were good though. It was. Let me help us. They were good though the size of my pinky though like even the thing. I'm talking about that. I've never ever seat. I rolls before. I bought king book king role. I mean raw comb shorts and then quickly realized no. I need raw cone king-size but those are even shorter than the regular shortland. Those was like. I feel like those like his. This five pack appetizers so you could taste each strang because it was like i think it was kind of what it was not easy girl. Were actually what we needed. We needed those like short quick. Boom boom boom. We were tom. Got more like a like a like a sample hon this five and flavors yes yes but anyway keeping move what we got next on a super chat here. I wanna get to everybody. Keep them in the conversation. James benitez do you think kuboi steph versus a new way is the biggest fight for the smaller weights. The you think they'll make the fight ever. I think that that is a big fight for sure. It's not the biggest for me. The biggest is with what donor has momentum versus kasa marrow to produce the winner of that and fight away is in my opinion not just one of the biggest vice that could be made in the division one of the best fights that can be made in all of these sport. But yo listen steph. Full he is the truth. He's the future He is definitely going to have plenty of big fights in his future for sure but i would love it is him in a new way in the same division they are definitely in the same division. Yes because like why stephan has a bell way. I'm sorry no no annoys in division below him. I'm sorry seven fulton's a super bantamweight and new as a regular bantamweight but again that's the beauty of this division. You're talking about wait okay. So super bantams one eighteen and then one twenty two. So you're talking about the difference of four pounds that separate inouye. Casamayor don't air Ugali emmanuel drake is Global regan do gary russell stefan fulton the f. I can't remember how to say. It's like a magdalena for something like that brandon. Figaro who just had his you know Career defining performance Angelina proved that he's a big fight. No matter what a tesha ghabra is a big fight still a lean. Re salim is still out there. A great fighter Ovanisian i mean. These are some of the best live lewis neary despite loss. He's a top guy top fighter. These are the two of the deepest divisions is close to each other. You know and then don't forget one fifteen has strada iota. A chocolat depot joshua franco. I'm hearing this is some of the most stacked lighter guys and some of these guys have. Pop of welterweight annoy devastating. I mean everybody in the hotel watching him. People stop to see after that body shot. Everybody's like oh. God i mean these are people that just were at a four hour. Boxing event you know. Pull over on their way to room to watch this fight and Yeah man crazy. We got soft kasim. Who says the only reason. I was concerned for gabe was because he been hanging out with coach. Cam doing that. telegraph network. glad use freddie roach. I want to be means. Coach came to female that we interviewed female coach Talking about many patios dude. I don't know. I don't know i probably got that wrong there. should Yeah no i mean look Debra from la. So i can see him doing some work with her but mitt work is mitt work. You know like you said glad. He used freddie roach and brought in the big guns for the big fight. We got soup. Mex- says Was set that shot up the whole thing. That's how i felt i i. I'm not saying the whole fight. But i think there was a point where he saw the wideness of those punches and knew that there was an opening to be found salute. Tony boswell much respect to you. My friend shot out to you. Thank you for joining us. Thank you to everybody. Who's joining us. Listen if you don't send a supercharged that's okay. Hit that thumbs. Up with visibility. This show is going to put this show. This episode is of more box fans and that means we'll get more callers. You know if you wanna call. Give us your opinion on tonight's or rather last night's action one four to five five six nine fifty to forty one press one one time voice. Your opinion voice people hotline. Don't forget you can also add nestor gibbs on skype to be part of the conversation brotherhood. Go ahead free. Francis francis back on grime and he's got to focus on his brand and yeah he's doing his thing chat we guy hats nation the next super checks and says so. The two biggest threats to camello both got worked by ad level fighter. It's about some people give. That man has respect. Time to respect all boxers. That is true that is true. That's why these man because people look at people do to bum. Cy were were The next one. I ain't shit all right. I guess i'll read it. Whatever super jaffer. Show kid two thousand five but only two thousand and four teeth Says i apologize to the community. Y'all still have to listen to mario's bullshit boxing takes. Don't worry this won't last too long. Hashtag where the b-sample at you mother. Y'all right so you dirty anything community. What you assessing. I'll go and give my sample. And then they can collect the blood from your mouth after. Are you run that for you. So but you offer the ticket. Says what have i offer. I offer to pay for it. I i'll but i wasn't going to drive around the whole town. You know looking for a walgreens. Even though we're actually next to walgreens i think about it but Yeah man. I said what people are saying. Y'know shutout to j. chavez is senior letting everyone know that cannella is his favorite e whole lebanon supercharge from mogae gym jimbo out but the super we got fred robinson. Fred robinson says. Why can't gary russell junior get any of those names in the ring. That's a that's a good thing. But i i mean he's worst than than than than than andre right. He goes all the way silent for a few months at a time. Or you know So his shit. Though mag russell could talk some shit he can but he needs to do it and do it consistently i. Its way into a fight. I i mean. I don't know that he can either. You know he. He talks a good game and we all get entertained but the truth is he's he's done that and hasn't gotten to fight you know all the talk and didn't get him the crawford fight. It didn't get him to devon haney fight it never got him. Lille santa cruz or the numerous fight. He's been talking for years. He's got to do something more than just talk. You read fred robertson. One yes okay. So we're on rb one Cr be one with a super supervisor. Shutouts mario one of the few that took me seriously when i kept saying fury. Aj was a fake fight and it's ju- and it's very wilder three hashtag. This is the way. See there see you there. I mean i ain't going to be able to see you there. Those those is just too expensive. Too expensive protege eighty on. Sorry yeah protege. Eighty with a super chat three laugh emoji. Say yo. I had you do me tomorrow in mind. Three laughing out loud emojis right. A man shot to end links for coming through. Shot off for coming through for real. It looks like Yeah we got everybody yell. I think we should really quick Touch on that anderson silva yeah. Let's go for Did you get to see it. And we got a double bag. You know To to you know who's next charleena. We never did that. Shot zone zone. Jesus bro like they literally cover the whole sport on their instagram they. You're right the every a new ways win like they do on there so they understand. They're trying to just like you know what i mean. It's for them. It's not about the politics of it all eight like. That's what i hate so much about boxing. And that's what. I hate so much about wrestling pretending. The competition doesn't exist only serves to make give the openings for people to call you propaganda. Call you favor. Whatever you know and it's bullshit but at the date so is the move to pretend the rest of the sport doesn't exist shot to design for real for real men that that was a breath of fresh air. Not only did. They posted his when they posted like. Who do you think is next. Like you know they posted chavez and anderson silvo like their own man. They're yelling at man definitely covering in boxing for sure. I mean so what. You think anderson silva and chavez junior. Y'all y'all so was forty. Six years old right and chevenez looked like how chevette has looked but he couldn't fight how he wanted to fight he couldn't really pulley. He wasn't as tough on inside. I used to be in silver. Did a good job of playing with his food man It was interesting to watch because if he was watching it you would have thought that silva was the old boxer. What i'm saying like the kind of tricks he was trying to pull with the faint beton-en trying to roll. Show the laying on the ropes. You know it wasn't anything pretty but it was something that you're saying to yourself has beat andy lee. You know what. I'm saying. Like i understand how he had a problem with anderson silva forty-six but i also know that chavez is junior chevette junior so i i wanna say what score one for edison silver. I like his old dog man. I'm proud of and since this is the direction that This seems to be going. You know what i'm saying. Throw him in. They were roy jones eventually dominate. Let's do it. Let's down chavez needs to be. He may be punishment needs to be punished restricted from boxing. You know you you let boxing down not just here death row not just a dad. You know not only. Did you lose to an anime dude but you lost to an old. Mma dude and you gave up one hundred thousand of your purse for failing to make the hundred eighty two pound limit like you lost looking like trash this doing on my guy and this infamous for is like he doesn't evelyn let to do it in a situation where you're able to set the weight like civil agreed to anything. Eighty five eighty like you came and missed it. It's almost like if you either didn't give a shit. Which is what. I believe or you plan to do it. Which is just stupidity. This was an awful look for boxing. As a whole all i can say is that. We need to just disassociate ourselves with job as junior like he led boxing down. He gave the window open for amazon. Joe rogan's going to say it but they're the enemy guys out there that are going to point at this and say i told you. Mma's mixed you have to be so smart to understand these many disciplines. Boxing's only one discipline boxing. Day science man. Boxing is a science and win. A fighter who's a combat fighter understands the science as well as somebody like silva things like that can happen. Okay now we'll silva beat a kayla plant. would he be charl- no but could he beat a boxer who doesn't take it serious and his you know kind of an ass yes he can. He proved it. He looked good at times used his hands very well. He understood distance. You know there were a lot of things to like about anderson and forty six at forty six as this. I one hundred percent agree with. I mean that there is a avenue here for silver in boxing now he has to take it like the paul brothers. That where he's taking very specific fights doesn't wanna jump up in there in the world class level because he is not elite by any means of the word. That said is entertaining. He does have a set of skills and we'll see where he takes it. But i actually had fun watching it. you know. Despite the fact that it was the outcome that i hope wouldn't happen. It was still fun to watch and respect silva for sure. Yeah and one thing. I wanna ask sil silva spit a lot of years way back in the day. Hemingway jones was supposed to have a joint. You know what i'm saying. So he's been down this road before as far as the preparation and thinking he was going to have a fight and i thought you know he had a couple of professional joints in the lead up to that. So you know a or some fights that counted as profiles. I think he was like two and one when one boxster cousin is one in one before last night. Yeah so you know you. The sky's the limit. You know what i'm saying. Word it it. It might be just a small a small fraction of fighters and you can actually get in there with to where he can still keep the competitive edge over but definitely he can. He can take on a youtuber for sure. I want to bomb tuber. I think he beats logan. who so. yeah. I think so beats logan man any of the make that fai logan stocks that i knew you were gonna say that shabas don't got no killer instinct and he literally let's talk on corners and everything has a free civil bodywork early says man chavez. You know i'm refrained myself from caller home of bum because i understand that he could beat me up but do-does do like a distant huge huge disappointment man. He's like he's just stop by honestly after the martinez fight. He should've just called it. Like i had that big moment your showed the world. I was on that level at least Even though it was just like really one big round but that would have been the like that would have been a way to salvage his name like at this point almost every fight since then has done nothing but tarnish whatever legacy that he had and to a degree. It's kind of affected. His dad's legacy like how much how how how realistically discharges senior take any of these exhibition fights. If you didn't have to high if you didn't have to worry about what it's done was doing and tarnishing that legacy you're not gonna let pops down right baby girl you never. You never gonna put chavis. Listen you gotta reagan. She bill that way. Exactly kids right because it's no way that number one salvage junior should have been on. Excuse me senior should have been on car. He was on that to me. Just hold it up. In case you know sunday get right on there and i was very follicle editor but but that was business. Because he's smart you understand but again that's like you know what i'm saying. We still gotta you know you pay your kids child support or you still got a new surge days for me. You like which kid get right entitlements entitlements. Because now he thinks he's entitled to a rematch. Elo was entitled to a draw. He had one judge state. Seventy seven seventy. I mean come on like come on. You got to take. And i'm saying that. Be andy. lead dropped. Sergio martinez far removed from that. Remove it just for the record. It was seventy seven seventy five on all three judges scorecards to for silva one for chavez junior so it was a split decision win You know i'm not. It wasn't a blowout but it's hard for me. I didn't score it but it's hard for me to imagine giving that fight to charleena's even by a single point or single round like that's that's tough to do but your traumas look good too if what they're saying is true in this was his last time out there He gave it his all he little skull food. Yeah like with the breath breaking news. Old guy he did. He did that last talk when he was in there against a say he was hitting below the belt he was hitting them all around the fucking protector. A ceo. the fuck is wrong with this old guy. He's recently with referee. The referee coming in. He's pushing the rest now. He's all one man. I mean he's one of you guys that could make headgear fights legit like wearing headgear. And at some point you know they're just going at it like they did not care if they're wearing headgear now at it but That was fun. That was fun for what it was. But i think you're right. I think there is a degree of chavez senior doing this and being on the car to prop up the name. In case you know man drops the ball so yeah man that was That was a fun night. It was a fun it was a. Here's the thing the thing. I don't know what y'all thought. I thought it seemed very stage. I think they probably always did plan for the corner man. Like if you saw it right it was like basically right before the fight starts like this was on some fucking rocky thunderlips shit like they hold the rope over there like come on pinella and like people are like wait is he. Does he want to fight. Canola like is he inviting him for this to be a triple threat match like what's going on and then no comes in like kind of pretending to be surprised and then he's like oh you're going to corner me and it's like oh yeah i'm gonna corner you like to me. That didn't seem like a decision that would be made in that timeframe so clear you know what i mean especially everybody kind of on board with it so i thought it was a little setup but i thought it was cool as hell like. The weight went down. It was like a movie. Like you know what i mean my last fight. I'm one of the greatest of all time. Mexicans you know to corner me and that's a nothing not too long ago right right. When cannella fought it was a controversy. Who's the greatest mexican fight so that smart marketing remember shabas senior. Listen he's he's a smart guy. There's no doubt about it. it's just that you know. Sometimes you have to work harder when you're dealing with a deficit or or or you moving with a yoke puts us digging olen. I think junior. You know what i'm saying junior. Let boxing down. But you know what i'm saying. I think shabas do senior senior. Probably don't give a fuck at this point. You know what i'm saying. He knows what he's dealing with against. Smart enough canal is going to be in. The building canal is gonna come and corner. The controversy was dead. And i'm gonna rock this guy up and make people talk about me right point very very great point Staying on the exhibition line here One of the big takeaways from them ghia card was actually de la. Hoya who gave an interview to disown and released is brilliant. Three fights tragedies fighting vitor belfort In september september eleventh and then he wants to have one more fight after that and then he wants to challenge floyd mayweather to what what he's saying is going to be like a real comeback. Boxing fight like he actually wants to fight him in. Boxing is logic. Based on the fact. That floyd let so many people down which i don't know what that's about he beat logan clearly And he is convinced that he can get that fight. What are your thoughts. Any interest in seeing de la hoya mayweather to after all this time. Yeah we'll let me tell you something. Tell me we need a bell for. He got a long history of that hormone replacement. Therapy were again. This is another choice opponent. Who may come in. There may or may not make wake. You may coming in skinny with man boobs because he got the juice. No more light yellow deal. Illicit de la. Hoya dockings faded a night. He still oscar de la hoya so want to fight him. Dave what i'm saying. But but Beater belfour's is a hint picked opponent. And if if the fight even happens. ila wash up the second opponent. Like you know who. Who's he gonna get. You know. I think what somebody that really wants to kick his ass or somebody that actually thinks that you know. It's a worthwhile a time like it's worth saying Shea knowing golden boy man e you know shit but what's my man but nar may jumping there with him. Don't don't give them ideas. I mean because oscar. I don't even think he has a good enough relationships his peers. You know get any fights. You know what i'm saying like he's gonna get is me. Sell the lusi go to get on the phone and get most people. They may be ashamed to be associated if they can't do good business with him to be seen there and the point. you made a valid. Like who would does he get. That's just a valid point in general now at suet. The idea that you actually plan to fight floyd mayweather junior. Who showed he showed at his age. You know just a few weeks ago found man young ask man exactly and you wanna come back after fighting vitor belfort and god knows who else after that and you think that's going to prepare you fully to make your in ring return. Listen i i know he's an athlete. He's one of the best of all time and like you said he's still asking the hoyer but he still floyd mayweather junior and into a much closer degree is he. Floyd mayweather junior in his prime. Then de la. Hoya is from his prime. You know what i mean like. Who's removed further from that. You know two thousand seven matchup. Like i think there's no way i say it's floyd mayweather. It has to be deloitte. So i don't know to me. It's probably marketing really thinks that that happens. I think it's a way of selling tickets. And selling the idea of him fighting vitor belfort which i'm all in for like honestly like again. It's as long as they're not pro fights and we're not really you know i i'm interested in you know what i'm saying silva chavez junior was it is de la hoya here like don quixote fucking boxing. You probably right so for me. It didn't really matter with the la hoya said. Oh i'm gonna two fights and i'm gonna call out mayweather like how does that anything like i first of all you call them out right now by saying into funds you. That's all he. He just continues to prove that they need to stop letting mike in his face and really control his. Pr breaks outta control. Away floyd isn't gonna give him the fight. Why would he like. What it no clumping. No clue something. Nfl four floyd in the business of helping you not oscar. He never gave him the rematch. Why would he give you know everyone at listen none of us know but we all assume oscars fuck shit up. And that's why he on trailer. Why why else is this sixty year old man fighting word. And why have there been so many issues with him putting fights on for i mean. I know some of the injuries. You can't really apply for but ryan in ohioan in a wears birds like you know it's just it seems more and more clear. Sky was announced like two weeks ago. This is the real motion. Those happened in april entity. That place was. It was crazy and sad sad sad. What's your car isn't a car. It's day la hoya mayweather. In the main event you got bogged. New jack in bernard hopkins komai and you got ryan garcia and take Take davis also card and then the city and giggles. Like you're gonna put the car together. Listen i was gonna say Who they who they got now at golden. Excuse me may were. Tom pump Rolling rolling rolling rolling ryan. More sense to like. I mean because it would be hard for me. Things like a tank ryan like all that firepower. That card's going a lot of money like i would like ryan. That's not a fight that i really cared about the time but now that time has gone on. It's like oh we're not should card got i want i want. Hey i wanna haney rowley. Yeah yeah. I mean i'm not. I'm not really filling ryan anymore. Man he he he played with us flight. The whole last eight months man like i'll maybe. It was less less weight. Maybe it was less. When did he fight. Campbell's should it was like brown. Worry j campbell. He start january right at. The kambli starts on my own fighting ten pack. Oh tuna oh. I'm finding announcement coming soon. Big email big announcement next week. He's got trust. I can't fuck with like does i hear you. I do. I do Real quick too. I think because. I didn't get your sake. I just mentioned it so ness you called for it and once again. I don't know what genie bottle you've found but we are about to get kasa marrow endo nair in a fight all filipino. Show out that is going to be epic now. It seems like they would be on track to get a new way after last night's performance and based on the idea of donating marrow. Do these guys have y'all's attention fully. Are you looking forward to this. I mean yeah. I mean listen. Donayre is on his george foreman. So i'm i'm i'm i'm i'm a tune in and then you know if he wins that means he gets his rematch with donate. It's funny. I seen all your little friends. It's crazy how you say something about a new way. Oh my god. The threat is so long. Did you see the thread mario. Hey guys did you see the guy from the bucks. Invoice said that donors better than a new. I've even say to these dudes are you hipsters a so wack sunday me like if i'm not the one that's like saying y'all trying to hype it like i'm glad because they laughed at me right and now look at what's happening now it's donate casimiro. Mero sleeps marrow. He'll be back with a new way and we'll have a. We'll have some some clarity to show you the lease definitely some clarity. But i got married to fight undermining donayre spite inoue economic. He was just slaughtered. You know out of eight member that they do. And i think that it like if you look at the fight knowing that he could couldn't even see past like like an early early round i mean y- it was like the third or fourth. Thank you and the fact that he was able to do it. He did because he was never in trouble in that fight from the perspective of losing the fight you know he was hurt and he had a very serious injury. And obviously that makes you vulnerable. But his vulnerability wasn't nearly as close to the vulnerability of another fighter. An average vitamin this man is still a monster with one eye or not. Call him cyclops at that point And what he was able to do last night against what opposition sure but he just showed that he has the abilities that everybody says he does. He has this punching power. He has these you know trademarks of fighters that you want to see and you pay to see because he's at such a lower class at hampers his ability on the commercial market. That said when you have a punch casamayor when you have someone like donayre. who's cert. Who's made a resurgence has momentum yoga. This is what boxing is about fighting the best. This man new you know what he could say. Lie beat donayre. I beat them already. Why do i have to fight him. He could go on the conservative. Which are g. You know what i'm saying is the same fucking thing. But he's here saying i will fight them again. Let him beat smu. I'll fight him again. If maryland's feick asthma they took pictures donayre nunu. We took pictures together. You know this past weekend. You know donor with his belt and they're kind of playing around but these dudes are here to fight for real and they wanna fight the best and salutes at every fucking division. I don't care how much you weigh when you wanna fight the best. You've got my respect. And yeah i think one thing that that donate the confidence that he'll have come into this next five murray. You said he's not going to be in his cautiously. No nair is at his best when he when he's filling himself but he got that rhythm and he's throwing his when he don't have that going in a new ways so surgical observed didn't know if it was opponent and and i had. I had to respect that he's surgical surgical surgical surgical. That's the best news. Y'all so don't he going to throw caution to the where he won't come in. La gabriel's auto combined got shooting of myself. That's what i don't like about donate. See what i see. Yesterday is that a new way is more activity. You know he's setting things up donets more counterpunch. He wants one big lights out moment. Yes and that's going to be his downfall You know he's always looking for that. One shot rather than setting them. Shots up he gets into slug fights and shit but it is what it is. I guess definitely yo shots. Marlene inspires the to. Yeah i a good as fight. It was a very going to be knocked down. I think that man. I was a nice fight. That was a nice fight. And the knockdown dash. It was exciting. It was honestly like it was so surprising to see a girl get dropped like i don't know when's the last time that really happened. I obviously it's a no savannah. Marshall put somebody down into stuff like that but You know it's just it was. She made it exciting man. She made it exciting and as spaza. She puts it together well. Zamora was the hardest one to felt like but but she was two straight up. Esparza had that you know. Amateur background that pedigree. Yep she would pave it. She would do certain little things and it was. It was a decent fight man. It was definitely a decent entertaining fight. shoutout to them you know. Sadaqa sponsorship becomes the world champion after failing against an isa data. So maybe now they can do a rematch straps straps now. Yes grab since. We talk and females winning titles. I don't wanna go on without mentioning. Melissa desa park one. Ibo yesterday grads. Melissa odessa becoming a campaign. And now she's on the hunt for the other four hopefully now by getting One of the lesser five of sanctioning bodies. But maybe now she can Get the attention of some of these other fights and more other pfizer's should i say and and and get herself in a bigger better opportunity. Just got a credit. A young lady is willing to do what she's done in fights last two opponents. exceed the expectations for for for for opposition. You know what i mean especially when you got four wins and two knockouts. Now she improves. The five wins beside the guy. Had you know forty fights almost and roll had twenty fights so she's been stepping it up and captured this vacant ideal. Beal title improves the five. And no to cao's she went. You know all ten rounds so she proves she can go ten. You know So point yeah man. It's it's going to be going to be interesting to see you know what happens now. She's in the hundred twenty two pound division and she's got you know a strap or we'll be ranked at the very least now we're gonna division You got danielle roman bermuda's you got I don't under these names. Well she's i mean you bullrich ball is there. Oh yeah ray bog across girl. Rachel baugh shannon courtney's division as well a lot of uk fighters. Na na marines in it though marina the american shea marine. She's from new york southpaw Yeah she she had her last fight in two thousand and twenty. I know that for a fact but it was. It was like february january some like that. She's a southpaw. Though forty years old but you know that's that's the kind of fight like you get experiencing Melissa pizza though. I think for sure But you have a couple of people to their undefeated You know dina thor sling. I've never seen her fight. But they had brought her up. Mark issue from denmark Listen every tool ball fight. She can get a international. That's your meal on a mattress car sound. It'd be a good fight amp. But i get a if she unified division than it would make more sense financially. But i don't know anybody in the top fifty. Except for rachel ball. And i'm still looking. I don't really see nothing man. Well you know like you said it's it's about getting to that next level and that next level you gotta manage serano. Wait above her. You know. she's atlanta's in that vision even though she's coming off a loss jelena's in that division as well you know she's definitely a name And she's definitely someone that raises your profile and erica cruiser. nana's who beat jelena in that last fight which she showcased stuff. She's a mexican fighter. Southpaws well and that would be a good fight too. So you know. They're definitely some options down the line but for fighters five or no. I think she's on a great path right now and Yeah i i am definitely expecting bigger things. Moving forward yemen. I mean look stepping right direction. This belt gets her noticed and ranked. So we'll see what shakes man. We'll see what what what what what ends up being the next move here. But congratulations to her for strapping up and taking those those steps necessary to unify the division. Yes well said well said yeah And that card last night there were a couple of other fighters that had on the world's today he also didn't he win let me look montero quinn's now and i think he won the us. I b o welterweight title so die b. o. inter-korean over here pretty soon god. I don't i went to the event and it does not have his doesn't have the results yet for his fight. Yeah even though actually the only result that's been put in is melissa's like it doesn't say w- according jackson if gordon jackson won J von guard. Gardenet was another undefeated fighter on the car. His check his instagram. seen them partying like a all was. I thought he did win. I thought i remember seeing on jere. Maybe twitter that he did win but I didn't get any other details so yeah had checked. The box records is still wasn't up and it still not up. so and melissa's wasn't upright away. Either i knew she had winds up the wing because he got my after party. Join me and celebrate me reaching twenty five on backtrack. They've got him at twenty four. No so he definitely got the win already. Yeah nice if the parties let me scream shoot. He is because he's going to be near you soon. he's from my hand florida and he's been working on a on the ground level. He's like boots right. And i don't mean in skill. I mean like twenty five fights in and you don't know him yet Yeah here we go. This is huddled. We was scheduled to have him on. He wanted to do it after the way in. And then you know we got busy to win was obviously friday so you know but if you out there you can go to lounge weekends. And he's in hollywood. You know go celebrate with the chain and this is hot right so he got the win on as well to way and looks like he picked up that i b o strat and he got of wbz strapped to let me she. Does he got anything here the so he got a late replacement. Unfortunately that's thoughts. We were wearing that belt proper. Let's see what happens man. Let's see what happens at a dope after party. That's let me see. I like that. It's like a flyer like is is just because of the lighting. You could see black around leather the top. That's it i b. Oh we got to put that. Ibo up wednesday seven pm. We're going to be having a border. War show at seven am this wednesday and every wednesday moving forward saturday's was getting a little bit uncomfortable because we also did lie fight chats. And you know it wasn't waking up. So which is going to do it at seven pm eastern four pm west coast wednesday every wednesday moving forward. Boorda wars is on wednesday. We also have a post out on page on. If you want to drop any specific boorda wars question or a matchup. You might want to talk about something. You might wanna recommend a fight. Maybe you want to happen. You know go ahead and dropped that in the patriot post. Also you can drop you untitled question. I promise i'm gonna do untitled with or without co host. No longer no more excuses. I'm going on every monday with the without these guys for untitled. So drop your question. I'm going to be doubling up. So don't put the same question from last week. I'm gonna start with last week's and do this week so right. That was your paycheck into mission. Boom back to handle calderoni. Let's check the rankings. Go to fifth forty seven and is hot or anywhere is how anywhere fifty. I don't see him in the top fifteen on any of these sanctioning bodies where he's at on box. Let me see box. Recchi's forty nine in the world forty nine in the world so that stay right behind on down. That's a good fight. They should get them that on. Dongo fight dan. They got demarco all the way down there when he was just almost upset instead until you initiate on. Espn is crazy. Doncaster's lose recently. Zeus zeus can forty one position after after my man Cav last did that song. Let me see. Jesse kanye. Assia adjust my bad dago. Zoo skin dongo. That's all good advice for him. He could take that dongo demarco. Alex rocha allergy Rota fight dan. My boyfriend my boyfriend. Melon drop drop. He had thirty five bed. Jump off for melodramatic. Get that for a while. He got all bruises but Any any final thoughts gentlemen for we open up these phone lines. If anybody i wanna rock. It is father's day a lot of people out here chilling with the familiar. Like yeah Listen just a great night of fights definitely interested to hear what people thought about charles. Oh you know. The last thing i'll say is as far as who's next charleston because The question was presented. And i think everybody knows interested in in giving their take. I would just love to see andre. But i don't think that's realistic So listen any belt holder any belt holder at this point. I don't care any belt holder. that's what i want to see for charles. oh At this point despite what anyone wants to say about last night's victory it was a victory. It's built off a serious momentum and the guy has earned a real shot somewhere. And i wanna see him get it. Yeah man i i you know i whatever happens after this. Got to be a direction of somali where we have to respect the level of opponent because came rosado's we might be reaching out there We definitely know middleweight. Like i said it's pretty pretty good options out there among the fights the table. Now so Let's get when you open up the phone lines. That's not get crazy. I know at these talk about canal. A canal cannella. So let's just put it in proper perspective. I'm talking charles cannella yet but go ahead. I'm good y'all sat out the gate. A commented on our reaction for the for the fight chat yesterday. Wait what did he say mad emojis. Laughing out loud with paxton he always. I could have been on with the with the hands up mode. Oh it's a hand that's hilarious. Give a bunch of spoons enforcer. No reason you know. I was so happy for look at might. Yo i got. I got dylan. White trainer in the comments might like kofi comments. That was a that fighter. Florida key in the this and they brought out all the stars shit. Baldy would up all the. Oh man baldi in the building sue. Fuck i missed the party shit. Ohio runs boxing bands. Okay chance that was not man. Shot out to cana. We got some icon clips. Now man we we gonna put all all them. Funky dojo south less. What did you not start. Blog talk is totally started. Why oh my end. It's not even letting me see. The causes. senior next episode was scheduled to start. I think having issues man. I swear a issues but says i'm logged in. Let me try and call in got. It got three minutes left on a stream gas. Okay i see it now. Yeah i refreshed and it went away. Let me just double check. That is working. Its four to five the number five six nine six nine fifty to forty one press once on my on. The voice of the people outline. Don't forget to add to gibbs on skype. Do it you pay. I know that they remember to writers five stars on. I tunes subscribe to youtube dot com slash. The boxing voice for the latest and greatest interviews with favorite fighters. I mean did you say who was next with china. Yeah mundi as next machado Again trip triple g or western raw Anybody else except Camello asks who's nice another way nex off. Yeah yeah you you you right. You ray champ. I wish it was next though. Okay let me put it. Let me ask you this way. I mean who would you be more surprised okay. Let's fast forward six months. And i said yo. Let's say you were in a coma. You woke up. I said charles fought condello in his next fight. And then i said charles Andre in his next right which is shocked. You the most that he fought poor. Steady cannella was shiloh. Okay because like i said canal oh god is still kella plant business. It's still been evita's business. I good point seriously. Let him do doing at least below. Charlie mentioned each other. You know what. I mean like andrea in charlotte lake. They don't even like that's such a mess. But now you're right right. We got a super chat from the words that we're actually use my search. I forgot about that obama. We got a super chat from boeing bama is says i got mario over chavez in a three round fight a mave respect you be to the top man. We're going to have to do you. China's men in a youtube fight man and and make it spicy. I'm convinced dad corner meet all delahoya me like it like l. Another super chat. Coming in from eric cruz. Said mario what did show can get you for father's day. Listen my mas- gold-plated tooth was all i needed. It's a. it's my shadow box with my medal. Alright alright alright alright. So let's go out to buffalo fulls. Davidian skirted would be mario. Kenya ness a happy father's day to off level. I mean truthfully the only when i the showtime card it was pretty cool Leo's in there you know. Get the trump Always are good night of blocks in. I mean the the fight hours really anticipated or was demolished rate. So i did watch that monday. Good try take an amount but that drew was surprised to go to but Gear to say it was it was it was good fight so But really. I only seen showtime i am really watch Espn or yeah. And i see anderson surprised by charles junior. Do all the time. And and don't forget and none around cindy nest. Anderson was strangled. I may was training. And don't forget he was wondering about is marcus in his in his or he was one of the best. Yeah i'm just saying well. It's the spider uses nasty. Even before he was not gonna talk would not spider biter put a beat down on chagas junior huge four pounds overweight. By like that's what he's a double but I've been in that year. I will know i can't wait to see my manager market and there was somebody goes so a wall when no no no. I'm just saying. I can't wait to see him. Fight again. 'cause i thought he did decent. He's winning the hand the hand zion a good fight though That's my call bush. Shou we got so care with. A superset says is same thing. I got your mother's same thing. I got you for mother's day erica. Can we get a female for crews to find. I think she's chubby. Wade dog that do guys zero respect for anybody he crazy. I'll it listen. My man on never mind like i said let's all just I wanna see show can get get in there again kreider. He can find him undercard. Anytime you want mab one hundred would up. What else was good. Net with a scorecard man. You gotta go to school. A w one to fight six four the game on late too late and then giancarlo bought. He looked like a little nervous. 'cause he was funding out man. You went wild when you got a guy on the about the two times. Had he had a guy. Eric like i wonder if the jal berkeley mongia electric utility number one anyway. Great show happy. Father's that's not call. Thank you cash. Out from hall in maryland shot out the hook. He says charles should fight andrei cannella. No no no no no. And it's super chat from comet is where superchief from aircrew says martin. Did you put show kid to under his pillow notch camp. I got that room monday. I it was the first thing. I told my head to do like marcus. Maye donald did deploys to man. You can't you can't not do is to keep shit we go onto. What rapid what's up Thank you for the help I'm from this week. I'm looking into jason rosario verses that rosetto versus ruben so later on the week we'll see what's up with our we'll see what's up with that one depending on the line goes right On the exhibition flies are not testing for nothing right. I mean you know less contract. I don't think through testing. I think Anderson went in there with the juice. Right saint is going to happen with better watch l. playing games. 'cause belfort's coming with all the jews Even in the weather fighting both of them were on something so these exhibition fights projects. That's why they're going to get excited. And especially if they have everybody just just to the gills right. It's going be crazy Off and on the newly in all these hipsters that are like eleven. oh manolas type of stuff right You should make some shirts. It sure to say the knowing number one. Just say take advantage of all these people. Would i want to wear some new gear on his garbage That's my goal. I mean you know. Mario is like the king of the little wage and he doesn't give us any cool phrases you know but you know what that you'd have to get a new number one and then on the back like jok in the dido. Was you know what i'm saying that's to me. Sometimes when you put all your eggs in a basket with these little guys you know. I mean look. He's doing his thing. Who was done though. I just i just know. He was signed a pack out. Does that mean he was good. He was what i what i call a relatively unknown filipino. Fighter said if sometimes they could be tough as hell of some jose. They could just be filipino ages. Be i hear you man. We're going out to mr pain in tennessee. What up though that annoys dr joe at new way. There you go proper number seatbelts if come out on my porch. We'll know somebody better be way known as on the poll super good evening. Good evening gentlemen. How audio sound you. Good one eight one now. I i want to save energy. Gentlemen on the panel fortunate enough to be a father this. I already told you this. Mario king mean anybody else. It might be listening. Happy father's day to you You i know i'm Father's day to you man. So definitely a privilege and honor to be one of those also happy general tainting. Anybody acknowledged it and celebrates dead. You know happy. I got hit as well. Yup a good night of boxer getting caught up on some of the highlights. And everything like that I enjoy the festivities last night. I got to see the new way. I feel i. E izzo marketing machine. And i just. I don't know i need to see a different challenge with them. I'm still trying to get into the the smaller guys As far as charles performance man he was ferocious definitely was a dollar fighter points. I'm glad he got the win. I would like to see chart low against jacobs level. Point opponent if i can't see Aac oops can't. We gave the derail the nurturing we give up I don't know maybe like a like a is true eggs done can we did come up. I know he was going to seek safe. Maybe not he was supposed to get the child as he say. Yesterday on sort of us wanted to get job by he signed then china's full out in silver really ochre. Well i don't know of she. I really don't know which goes from here. The osce some good names andrade. But i don't know they going to do there but i would love to see that. Unification belt stopped myself in the since is obviously not going to get the canola and I wanna give a special shout out to a gentleman from the spada michigan mine. His name is big ban. Johnson big band. Johnson gave a meal Fathers they give to get today. He gave me a bloody nose. My first bar recession today used cd box in nashville tennessee. And i got a bloody nose trouble. I enjoyed every fucking minute over. Man it was it was it was invigorating. And or it was. I had a fucking blaze and it. It was awesome. It was also nice. I want to serve side out side. The big bands might matere game a bloody nose. I enjoyed it very thoroughly. Mine and shot outside the border wars fighters everybody in the boston community. Tv v getting. He sounded like a problem. He sounded like a possible problem. Right has chris colbert. Numerous ponant been announcing pulled out. Woken rid not yet. I don't think me jason velez shit. Yeah you gotta stop giving these dudes all these ideas for free dog. I mean listen. Just hit me up and cash up right and i will get you the console fee furnace. You know. i'll take my ten percent and then you get the ideas of a lifetime man. Listen they out they listen. You know me. And mario working all some plans for the future that we haven't even announced but when we announce you know razi plans. I think that we should talk about one of them as yet. Give people a tease for wednesday. I think we should know. Untitled could do it. But for wednesday boers. I think we should talk about the border. Definitely reveal one of the things on inside on all right. All right yeah. I'm going to talk about it. 'cause for me so much has been said about these ideas. And i'm just so excited for people to hear it and i'm so excited to have people's feedback because yo- some big things come in like like franchise changing things that could be. I mean the nextwave for real. But i'm an untitled history in this. What i'm saying about abou- little goals you know. So i mean i can't say much without giving too much away but even it away they won't be able to piece it together to untitled but like we've already made history we gotta world. Chen is vat. He's knows best right. Got that cat scratching in that bag. Man is man but yeah man. Let's keep these phone lines movie going out to king born in brooklyn and you'll win. Your king born have real quick mac cheese mac and cheese with the super. What ness just a little. Tbb la with the wink emoji. Shutout out the mac and cheese. Who's also trying to find a venue in las vegas at least for appreciation night Man stu sages broke his hand karma you did that in the past or you just broke your hand like recently breath trippy. I gotta rap. I has now he out again. We never going to the debut of karma karma comma. You you you you go fight a border wars with a forty five go. Listen i will say. Because i was having problems to You know the wraps that. I got the mexicans stretchy wraps yell those are dope people that have hand issues or whatever or like you should try and there because i would always win like get the you know the regular hand wraps that are just you know whatever they're made out of right but they're not really that stretchy and just pat him But it was still friction. Was cutting my knuckles. Your these Arabs they got like a little stretch to him. You know what. I'm saying In there they they work wonders. I never liked them ever last stress. But let me go to king born. What up lucy former position like that. Then you know they'll get rid of show who king bon king born on skype mean. One time to my team yeah You know. I thought the fights yesterday were great But i still think that. Jamal i think he knocks out Andre i don't think a at the he's i think he is cheney and yes he is awkward and the two fights that Mall has had trouble with core above and now Montiel the south. Boston does give him. I think it was more of montiel was going from south ball to square to orthodox back to square then to it was just. It was just completely awkward. I could see that that type of style giving everybody provident. I also think that mantell got knocked out by highly because he was draining down. Remember that was at wall street before in my man looked huge yesterday. I want sixty So i think that was also that could also be the case I do wanna step. I don't wanna see any other except for andre by. They need to make that fight happen. Let you know. I was talking about cannella bring canal down at one sixty or something like that kills not going back down one sixty. He's gonna stay on one sixty eight and those guys did take care of what they gotta take care of one sixty make make a lane for themselves That being said i did have angela. Leo and dog may both losing Especially angelilli i thought. That was a robbery dog back and easily. See dot a winning or Or blue lows that matter to me but Great advice guys a great show looking for title they get around all right Looking like we got listen. May let's kick to a may. I woke up nest. So i'm glad you didn't disney joe. Happy father's day to you. Happy father's day to you are mariano. You'll gotten kids yet when you get him. It's a good look happy father's day to everybody in the box in universe. Gotta give it up to my miss. Stainless stain is made sure. I was good fed on the road today in memphis. You're listening. May this shaw shit is getting real real. You are listening to duty for was wolf. Would rate the guy had a skeleton chain. That was the mexican horrible rain. You heard he was not kamau he made them do to. Pb on the roof. You sit when he had to do was tough. Now here's the thing with charl solo troll montiel at the fight. Yo go to boo boo. Fight him be him. And i'll give you a rematch. So he china's sun son them like y'all go fight boo boo hit. Hanwha have the work we notice heavy for chano man. Listen timmy me chris. Eubank junior man. Give me the fake roy jones. A box him with charles. I ne- triple g g listening. Don't diss us fight saw. I'm worried about cannella. He ready for cannetto yet. Y'all keeping a real. He ain't ready for canal. Oh man joe. That duty for joe gave idaho. If you come out of one sixty. I like death for charl none of me. We fought barbituates. It's a bitch uist. The hell his name is mr barbituates aloe. Yes but he knocked him out. Listen s man. I know you've got a lot of big things on the title but we gotta hike this it with tank on worry for tate fighting the dude. That's almost him out iota. Judas massive may decent men fan right may get best supercharged gas money. I'm going i land and get them interviews. Y'all i'm gonna send it to warming. Let the media hype. This man reside omit rosaria is gonna sleep. Logan and yo. Don't forget lowered cinco tacky or saturday. Y'all everybody listening to put this shit. Show saturday going to be tremendous show. I can't wait mint. Like i said happy. Fathers day. everybody we're going to get this shit in a frenzy this week case. I just want to remind everybody that you know. Speak a believer receive it. You know we. I been put out in a universe that i needed a little editing team and we got two guys shot out the cana and shot out to mark in the netherlands. That being said we have plenty of interviews being dropped every day between the hours of one and three some days. It might go a little later. We figured out. I will audiences normally on the youtube channel at later times at night so every day. They'll be some releases we got gabe. Rosado interviews Blair the dubs blair the flare cobs interviews leon lawson. Who's going to be fighting. Nathan gallimore this sunday We got erickson lou. Been you know who's getting ready for. Rosario fight saturday on the undercard tank We got yvonne has gone by zahn. You know giving her thoughts on just about everybody He's actually working on some Michael coffee interviews We got andre derails. i mean just. Just keep your eye on the youtube channel Also were taken out the clips of the interviews that we do. So you don't have to go through the whole episode so definitely a click the notification by this way. You get notified every time we upload new interview and or schedule alive show. We're going to go out to detroit. What up black changing. Tbt's congestion knows far stones. Ep voice said a peop- people. Now let me speak science week for your wicks yell. Tb was good a first and foremost man. Happy father's day every slot on this in any man. That's listening. While the us dad or stub batman shutout to you. Also it it always host hall to me a shot off. Single mothers will do it anyway. if you listen to or you with your man are you listening. You know what i'm saying. Shut up the good weekend advice. I didn't see the mongia. Rosario i mean Yeah to gabe rosado fight like i. I didn't even know that was going on. You know what i'm saying. Is i started that. That promotion two weeks ago Mongia for canals. Merita the fight of the ghana fall and aim. Rosado was on the on the car facing beck the bully melancholia any prospect. He was a. He was a fast track. Prospect decorated amateur decorated amateur so so so so golden way on trailer now feels oscars next fight will be on trill oscar de la. Hoya is making a comeback. He's fighting some dude in mma and there's been oscar relation that the move is going to happen fully with his stable but speculation and they'd be some speculation ogoni delete cocaine alone but That's real time any off much too little out there We're gonna go weekend man. I like know man I thought his fly with donate prude. Everything you need to prove to me. donors a tough tough cadman guarantee. I battle hall of fine to the and regained his title several times. You know saying so. A also to charles fight mana. I said early. I don't know what's with The the shield count man. But maybe it's time for charter movement. Move around saying. He didn't use his jab. Mush man like do to awkward and all of that family. I have his job out there to set up more shots. At one point. I saw lincoln uppercuts uppercuts and i know he does that. He was obviously gas like it. Just didn't make sense like the. Just just no no not. I'm not. I'm not saying 'cause rining was doing anything wrong. But sometimes the coaching a fighter. They lose that connection that bod sandwich keeps him in your corner so maybe a sophomore to move around a seek somebody new to get a more big rated the maybe some. This season on shiels went doing that wrong. He saying that the ronnie ronnie the one gave him that beautiful showman. Say in a way on mostert over Ideal like that. A dog may slide to beta approved. A lot. Shot out to berry hundred health again not to go. I got to give back to work velez as always say please may push the thumbs up. Share this every episode of the blocks. Voice podcast tb v. for life patriots. Because you still shut out the oakland based on these stupid game shot out to stainless shoutout to stainless real quick. Just want to remind everybody that we will be in atlanta july thirty first second time commentator for the bp this time Latin promotions has brought on the box invoice and latin promotions is an associations with platinum hands and bp the network big tom promotions and rx watershed out. The rx would hopefully shutouts rx water there in the building and we can Definitely sponsorship we need our board awards. Spiders support fighters water. Love talk about that and do that. Water listen and just a heads up that date for the bbc is by thirty. I is going down in decatur georgia Home of Some of the very best of this community. And i hope everybody can go out there. You know we'll be there. Obviously but there's gonna be some good truck come will get you order. Grasp mack truck. Bring your your boxing gloves or your shirt after. You want to get a picture where. I eat a big. No you want to do it a bit. No you come to give me five dollars. I make sure you cut the line. You wanna picture and autograph from cristiano tattle you know at bodey coup by come to kosice fight in july thirty first each fighting july thirty first we got also we got my man sean. Tori is marin yes sean. Sure is mario boy. Look at my house is on the car. Marcos juarez on the car jet jeter jeter maybe his jere how does derek jeeter says name is to. Terry's it's it's j. T. e. r. This one is must be jeter than this one. You say you say christian bermudez christian. I didn't say christian. No you didn't oh christian bermuda's also on the car brooklyn native twenty five years old three and oh with three k os Yeah he is Fought big zoo site. Forgive don't forget. Big zeus the seven foot heavy way alleged alleged son edge alleged son of children. You know. don't tell anybody else. Some the downloads leo. A lot undefeated fighters on this car man. It's it's going to be a quite a time and yeah it's Gonna take place as we said indicated georgia but also the bp network and Yeah come kick it with with us man we we gonna be out there If you're watching this on youtube this is The promoter of latins promotions. This is heard jenny bat. So jenny definitely got home promotion. She's doing her thing goes on interview with her right here. Saying shot out the gen. You can catch that interview and others. Jenny by the joe. That's the short bad short for by vija. You can catch that on. Youtube channel Gin and she's going to be on. Bp with her latins commotion caught so let me. Just show you some of the fighters. There's going to be on big zoo. Obviously who me on the car. You know what i'm saying but we're going to take it from the bottom to the top and extra got elijah's going be on a card i would like to leeann out of Who's this but we meet them. All these guys who probably going to interview a mall you know show christian my cues more. I've heard of parsley. Let me see. Maybe maybe we on. This is not a great picture of course lease it. Yeah he's six two from brooklyn new york nicknamed the sniper fights out of the orthodox Style and he is twelve and one with four cao's however he has not fought since two thousand fifteen is been on a will amount to a six-year layoff But he's coming back coming back. yeah. I'm just excited to see some of the guys. We first met a like on sorious. You know he. He was very flamboyant came in with the mink for the way and yes did station. Otero or tarot made a statement. You know they were both a splashy to. They had the crowd that they they were two of the. Most there were two fighters they had the biggest reactions of the night. Yup yup on a night to had quite a few reactions. Definitely man if you if you're in atlanta come on through you know. Get some tickets. Meet us at this You know fight card. Latin promotions is going to be live on ep and Yeah my last one was lit man. Last one was lit. I expect this to be. I know lefty guns is going to be on this car to let me let me pull up his so. We can make sure laugh. Laugh the. I'm trying to get an interview scheduled. Lefty tuesday he also on this car. July thirty first is off a left. He's twelve inouye aka does And yeah i'm pretty sure he's got like a aba abf title son like that. So left these on a lot of undefeated fighters on his car man and you know these tomorrow stars man not everybody gets the top rank road and you know has the big promoter putting them on tv. Some guy's got to actually sell tickets to make it to tv. The got calmer says fellows could be forty five years old of a forty five year old man and that bomb kimes still wouldn't fight me. He lo man. Damn king damn. I wonder if team is going to fight always right. Who is he going to be like. Charlie low like nine fucking with him. The way charles. Do andre like it's like oh you soured meets the idea. Don't get me wrong. There's plenty of good feis for king right this planet. I don't know which ones i guess. We'll talk about it. Wednesday put put that suggestion in the post for wednesday's bordeaux's i all right so we went to everybody. I think we gotta go in maryland. We go to hawk merrill. I don't remember going Did you can stone superjet by the way ken stone about ali or somebody being mugabe's biggest win time as big as when ya okay. Ken doll with a super chad. Said hi mid best win is liam or a league. Game is a step down. I don't agree with that Here's the thing you could make that argument from like a technical sampling. There's some debate there. But gabe is like a name in a face that ali that neither liam or ali represents espec- specifically in america so Yeah i don't think it's a step down fight for him. Were year man. I'm excited for this car. Man i hate to go back to that but look this is left these outfit. You know what i'm saying. He reminds me a danny checkout. You know he got the cow on our show before but then he got the like the mass is that like a like a like a sole movie or is this it. Movie mass but chairman. And he's got a he's got he's got one of the biggest follow wins Of all the people on the cards. I'm expecting them to bring out the people as well Yeah he's from the new york city area and yeah. I'm excited man. I'm excited to be doing I was second commentating gig with them and getting me all this exciting new talent. Remember chris. Tarot is trained by mustafa mickens. So that's gonna be. We got clemente. Phoenix would up. What has gone. Oh man can't all good. Yeah man Great boxing yesterday. Sarah to gave and shock to you. I didn't believe in you. And i miss out man. I miss out on a lot of money. So good man. We all make mistakes. So yeah but i mean Did you guys see that. The i don't know if you guys saw that vargas. That vargas cut. Did you see that mario. The one way. The cut the car in the tenth round Against a pit bull. Crews and francisco vargas about really bad. I don't tell you yes. Yes yes yes for some reason. Why the you're talking about his son. Because i saw it should on g. Oh yeah he. He fought to men Shot at the hand that good good fighter. He looked he looked good. He i mean he. He looked like his dad. That's wasn't but Yeah i was just I'll just shocked about that That the doctor that quite keep going. I know there was thirty seconds. Man that was a horrible co on when dozen vargas. Yeah that's true the and Let's see here Charles man i mean. He did what he had to do. I was hoping he'd get the knockout Obviously they here's the thing about him. He keeps calling out cannella when but he keeps telling him he has to come down. Like you're not the superstar cannella. He's not going to go down for you. And that's the only issue. I have with charles other than that i mean. He's a good fighter. I love to see him against the lufkin. I love to see him. Get a decent. You know decent win with somebody Other than that. Let's see. I saw the all access. Those fights that i'm excited for that now. I'm really excited for that. With the gerard davis. And i'm excited about stocky metal and and only donor. That's gonna be a fun. Fight man very but That's my fall. Who who you got. Fight real quick I haven't seen enough of gussie medal. i. I'm i'm leaning towards donate right now understandable. All right chad. Thanks for calling in tomorrow Jumped on ya. Get the three three six real quick. If you wanna act germain franklin heavyweight jemaine franklin a question you can do so by joining our patriotism pay and dropping him a question. I think we're having him on the show tomorrow. One the confirmed with the co-produces. But i'm pretty show where we're having franklin on tomorrow morning and we you guess on tuesday. We got actually two guests on tuesday. Let me see yeah. You said who's tomorrow. You haven't confirmed i'm sorry. So brandon reminded me that. I might be in atlanta on wednesday. So they're go. Oh shit goes the whole board awards. But yeah i can do it from over there. I think the it'll be obviously. Why the laptop. Yeah so tomorrow. We got jemaine. Franklin heavyweight jemaine franklin on at nine thirty. Am so if you want to ask him a question. Go ahead and click the link in the live chat and acts question or to patriot dot com slash the box and voice and look for jemaine franklin post Also what else we got. We got let couple. We got lefty. Who i was telling you about. He'll be on tuesday and we'll also have exurbia miller dillion whites. Fighter trainer has a new female fighter. That we're gonna have on the show on tuesdays. So yeah man. We got a couple of interviews scheduled for you Plus if all goes well. I should be going to atlanta and we can act tanking barrios and everybody on the undercard. Some questions everybody herb body and then we'll be in atlanta also july thirty first so yeah i think we got ride and north carolina. Talk to us. Or what's going on fellas. What a brother size last night. But of course the channel was one of them's most entered missing I feel. I thought his jab actually kidding execute gives me. I'll take multi the what to the buyer because of the research talking to the receiver. We're losing okay from the eighth round to the twelfth human. Yeah yeah he's gonna go from from eighth round to the twelfth mantell was if he would've went to the bottom all. He would have been way more accessible. Because i thought challa got look gays. And i thought that listen to the by the hurt him every time every time they hit him to. The bottle cook was bill. And you know we're talking about these super fights charl approaching and these guys that we call them out trooper. Jeez canal lows is andre. These guys can left hook to the body very well and then they go into it. You sir he can you know. I don't know if you watch that fight close. I was very vulnerable to the left to the by in time mantell who it was bad. I thought i'd say the doubled it on him a few times when he doubled it from downstairs to upstairs the more success and he didn't look at strong on the inside. You know typically you know you fight and you can fight him on inside look work on the inside game little bit so i thought is. Jay kept him in fight me. you know. it's a good thing. He did have a good job and was used. I thought it really really helped him out. That's mccall well all right brother. Thank you for calling in. And if you're on blocks all. Don't forget to hit the new meadow so we can go to you. You gotta hit that number one. We're going out to lv slugger on skype. What up v what went up. Ask good good little weekend fights my nice little weekend. Let me start over with bullshit man. I kinda figured salvage showing you is gonna take a l leading up to the fight. You know what i'm saying. We can't we gotta stop expecting stuff for him. I know he was the boxer civil comes. Usc but what it is charlotte journal. He ain't committed. I feel like feed them to belong man. Going to see is during the berlanga dave morale common opponent with So not always talking about belonging another one day so thank salvage junior. Put him in there with belonging to see how you do see. How long landry. Quick david's auto. Doing what he did this weekend. I'm not sure. I want my saying bizarro but you know what i'm saying. I think he belongs. But i think he might need a couple more fights one or two to begin with a result. Oh man auto look good as weekend tied the real good. He's not buddy out man but yeah he definitely did a thing this weekend to knock out the weekend a new way growing on me. I know that any opponent just may he got that hot. Random Knocking do he can do about it. And so you know what. I'm saying. I wouldn't mind seeing Rematch says he got he got the you know wowing my seeing that again in a fight over the weekend made man that shaw Like no they gave was a show. Show the chew. Mets can royal came to fight with not china. golden will not engage Demo- good fight man so in his hometown. So i'm pretty sure they enjoy the fight. Even though he dominated. I did think he was going to get to stop it. Especially knowing that he loved to a mcgee already but Yeah it was very entertaining amount when my san mateo backing up with somebody but with charlemagne when my with chippucci in marauders if they keep saying that fight for going ahead hopping on driving. I feel like a charlotte They can build their own like they can just build a own lane. Government is getting new Pricey the first flight draw or it could be sick fighting what i'm saying so and driving. I want my saying they after they were only thing and eventually you know what i'm saying get the trilogy murata went you know saying the middleweight visitors will know boxing and i feel like i'm top. Names champions man got getting into the division baked junk land but definitely good weekend box in. I can't wait for the tank ball. Ios on the car looked good at definitely would be in the building when it can't wait y'all keep going up and everybody going with narrow already like i don't wanna be like a hipster do symbolic oh customer. Because that's a good phrase a clean fight but man nobody's even said casamayor winning that fight like the c. Lepto on people fill in that. Donate resurgence right right. Got i just wanna throw in there. I'm thinking about this whole weekend. And i'm thinking about alvez's junior y'all got to go back and listen to but i got it on my page. I had a barner. I said you want it with this husan is this. You look like a child that lakes on his father's gloves. Let's see if egypt does as good as shabas junior does and i just think how are man like i just had this dog. That's fire shit. But they yeah word with dan man. Oh that's real shit real barth We got my gene. Boomerang us Quick question What was the reason that we go to be pulled from from the fight with marrow. i'm brandon. Brandon was saying in the chad that they're gonna freeze out They're gonna freeze anyway. Just make regal fight. The winner of don't aircraft that can happen You know at those divisions it's it doesn't work the same way like a welterweight where it's like. Oh earl spencer senior the best. But there's guy crawford over here crawford your pound for pound. Oh there's a name but it's not like that because they don't have the same traction. So i could theoretically see them trying to do that. But they're going the opposite direction. You wanted to build casserole radiology to fight the now perceived resurged dough nair on the other side. You have casamayor donayre fi- to get ceriga. Now i mean i guess you can sell the fact that donayre regan d is a rematch. Yeah i guess it could work number one and one more thing so everybody was talking about booboo that it wasn't that he has a better chance of charles but charles just whitewashed this guy twelve rows nothing. Google life and death is like his last fight. There's no i. I don't know i just i just don't see any way that that will be a bichon. Great great show guys. Yeah and by the way we did report actually the rig. do because i don't know what exactly the reason is other than they came to ring the out and said step aside let casamayor and donate fight in a unified in do for the unification and fight the winner so that is the what they've come to them with as an idea but again i think all this is based off the idea that they didn't think there was gonna win that fight and the fact that he wanted the fact that he wanted and gained the popularity of so many fans out there that believe in him again. They're just trying to. They're trying to take advantage of that. You know and and that's what you gotta do you gotta strike while the iron is hot. You know the best thing about boxing. Compared to you know Nfl and nba is that they have schedules. You have to wait for a certain game then. Does it mean the same after all those other games like but with boxing you can strike while the iron is hot. And that's what Bbc's doing their striking while the iron is hot and you definitely applaud them. But not in the mix. That wouldn't be reasonable. Go hasn't created enough momentum although you know the the the skill matchup and all of that makes sense for boxing fans but in terms of the excitement and you know that's stills donations momentum you know what i'm saying. I point reasonable marketing wide. He shouldn't wanna give that up. I'll be looking at like a fight. Rigo when i'm done. You know he can make those other fights. Yes yes well said great point. You're absolutely right for him to be at that point with that momentum you know what is done represent for him but i just don't get why they took don't no need to i mean Bring yeah yeah while we go was taken out but anyway that is james. What's up benitez yoenis year me. Hey hey man. Happy happy father's day to all you guys take time out of your day to give a show like this on this special day so we appreciate that. Also mario i know i give you a lot of shape before the show can't fight so i'll just like say to you now. Hey salou congratulations. You did thing man. I'm proud of you that house back like that. Thanks jammed preciado man. Oh problem also. I would like to save mario man We used on your Your midget minute. Or whatever man. We asked my question by the stephen fulton and Anyway fight man. Talking about those lo- Low weight class fighters man. That's needed man. Because i was down the ladder fighters man that would take some time to try to check out during the week man so we i think we need more of that kind of insight man for sure one episode of that in his back on point with that man point with that man all also man. So y'all gonna be indicated next month man so okay. Yeah i'll definitely. I'll definitely being. I definitely being the city. Dan so Her son yeah. I've definitely yeah. Man i'm right. I'm right down the road from women. So i'll definitely reach out the island c. which i'll do for the night life or whatever you know. Let me know if you're trying to be on the east side of where was not on the everything you know. Everything has moreland to downtown atlanta s. The west side So we've got you other than that man I think only reason. Why pissed off at charleville man. He should've gave better performance a minus three thousand mail on the bed. Lots ban is supposed to whitewash to do stuff right they gave them to. I mean they did you. not now they i i. I ain't round man. Bush even still though mash in men that tougher performance though the you know brocade whatever man we see whatever handy with a with a broken. He got gas. Well voter motherfucker convincingly died. Do wasn't wasn't wasn't an boa either in terms of like the agent just where he's at but gamble was still considered better benefit to the marzio accomplishments with. Yeah i you know. I'll give you the argue that in this other than that man. Amen man just keep on speaking these existence man. You know 'cause all the boss community is listening and man. Thank you for the great conduct cop. I'll make contact man a beautiful weekend. Words does as you beneath the colas. So gto instagram and twitter. Don't forget to catch tomorrow morning for another episode and remember the head on over the patriots for You get so you can drop questions for matthew lefty guns. Gonzales germain franklin in the heavyweight division. Obviously you can put in your topic or suggestion for boorda. Wars matchups topics for wednesday and tomorrow is untitled. You and drop your topic suggesting for untitled yen. Gto instagram and twitter. Catch us tomorrow guys. Oh mr me on twitter. Amoy morgan on instagram. Push king mean invest on instagram king of essex on youtube ace.

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