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"anderson silva ner maga metal malia" Discussed on First Take

"They're gonNA take some time but they need pieces equipment. The only the only mistake David Griffin often is made was to quote about Lebron outside of that he's been flawless as an executive for the PELICANS. And I'm glad that Alvin Gentry. He has reminded people he could call Brandon to be the second best player. And that's yes. Yes yes he wasn't happy in La last year. He's his hand. Wouldn't be the same player still in the ball in his hand. leasable Matt thanks guys. Love talking with you score. You don't need to be shooting score. You don't think he's take his podcast. On Showtime Stephen Jackson special all were fireworks always our next guests maybe the best pound for pound fighter in the UFC twenty five wins in his career to time in current light heavyweight champion we welcome John Bones Jones back to I take John. Thank you for being in with us. Hey guys thank you so much always privileged and honored to be with you guys. Thank you thank you So you thought nearly seven months you phase dominic rise than the UFC two forty seven main event. Saturday that's on. ESPN plus you've said this fight is going to be scary. John Tell me why. What was that last scary scary? You know the whatever you fight undefeated fighter You know scary. Things can happen out there. I think it's going to be really scary for him though I am. I am so prepared for this. I'm so locked in ready to go and yeah it's GonNa be a great night. I'm I'm really hoping to finish his predict that I'm GonNa Finish despite before the championship rounds. John when I look at your career because it's still people say he's the Best I've ever seen and you're certainly on a short list in. May I think. Think of boxers like Mike Tyson. Who for a minute? There people were like he might be the best. Whoever did it when all is said and done and even as his career hit road bumps and everything he so young? You always felt like there tomorrow and Really Mike was the best. And then one day it ended and he'd had a great career but he's not considered the best of all time right when I look look at you commissioner retail. This dude is supposed to be the best to ever did it. He's still young enough to get all that done but he's gotta stay on. You gotta stay on the straight path. How do you respond to that given your age where you're perceived and what you still have to accomplish a That's a good question Max You know I really do feel like Being the best ever is always going to be an opinion. I felt like I was retired today. I could go down as one of the best martial arts fighters in sports history The way I respond to that though is is just by Just continuing to be on the path that I'm on and that's just dominating five to fight and trying to break as many records as I can't you know people ask me all the time. On this your fifteenth eighteenth will title now. What else do you really have to prove What I'm trying to prove is is is set records? That are just going to be so far away from my my competition. That by the time I retire there won't be an argument of who the best is by the way that one loss is a d q in a fight that you were winning by far. That was not a competitive fight and you got queued for what downward strikes the elbow. I think it was but at any rate really. You're looking at an orthopedic fighter. I'm interested John Knowing on how you feel about. I'm interested in knowing how you feel about where you are now. And what is it that you feel you have to prove. I know you just alluded to it. But I'm only asking that question in this regard particularly with the economy. Greg is of the world the mega meadows of the world and others. Not only did they. You don't Connor. McGregor won his last fight but but not only are they winners their box office and people look at you and it's like okay key is clearly one of the greatest ever I want to know. Do you feel any kind of pressure to be box office to win in spectacular fashion because of the direction the UFC seems to be going in for you. Just of the mindset. Walk out there with a w no matter what. Yeah you know I Look at it could be even connor. See how internationally known they they are and it inspires me for sure to try to work on my branding a little bit more outside of fighting but at the end of the day For me it's not about making the most money me. It's not about being the most famous about being the guy that people are going to talk about fifty one hundred years from now that that's that's really what gets me out of the bed in the morning and and At the end of the day no disrespect to connor. Because I love what he's doing for our sport I don't think he's going to be in conversation when people are sitting around at a barbershop shop talking about the the great martial artists in the in the world and so I'm very aware that and so I think. I think you know the the box office. Does Kim can come eventually. I'm only thirty two. But for the most part Those records those records are very hard to get. And that's what really gets me one in the morning as as a fight fan. I love hearing you say that. But you mentioned connor if someone asked me John Up Straight up. WHO's the best the pound for pound mark mixed martial arts? Do you ever seen at this moment. And I know it's still early. I'd say near Margaret Medoff based on what I've seen so far I think he's and Anderson Silva you Anderson Silva Ner Maga Metal Malia bring up. Gsp I think eventually he got to that level though the Matt Hughes fight early was a little. But but what do you think of Habib Right. Now you know I I think an amazing mazing fighter. I think he's done a great great job representing the UFC's a great ambassador for our sport But if you were to ask some experts about about myself and could be you know. I think most people would be able to tell just. Our resumes are completely different deeper. I've thought so. So many world champions under my belt defeat it could be a lot of his. Victories are against a lot of people that are relatively unknown. And where I've I've been fighting legends since I was a young man. There's no question. Ah Your resume is deeper. I don't mean who's WHO's accomplished more I'm talking about just the eyeball test. The what what do you mean by that test nor Mogomedov in a sport where it seemed early on that the one whose base is the ground game usually has an advantage versus. The Guy who's best known for striking is the best example. I can think of the guy who's ground game is ridiculous and then can also stand up right. Yeah Yeah His standup game is really is really not much the right home about. I really don't WanNA insult and I fell martial artist at the. I don't want to insult these is guys you know. I'm happy for everyone like some guys are more popular. Some some guys make more money. It's always going to be kind of an opinion thing but by the time I leave the sport you I don't think there's going to be much of an argument that you live up as John. John Assuming you live up to what you say. You're going to do this weekend and I have no reason to doubt you. There has been a lot of noise about you fighting the heavyweight level. I want to know how much credence should we give to that and more importantly why. Why do you want to do that if indeed that is what you WanNa do though some big boys up at the heavyweight division? Why do you WanNa do that? There are are some really big guys at the heavyweight division. You know. I'm very aware that you know fighting heavyweight a lot more dangerous you get hit a lot harder. I think concussions are a lot more common and You know I really liked to protect my brain as best as I can and my but I also yeah absolutely voted by also know that in order order to be to put a lot of this pom Pon or who's the greatest conversation risk arrest. I'm GonNa have to maybe.

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