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"anderson shelton" Discussed on The RCWR Show with Lee Sanders

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"anderson shelton" Discussed on The RCWR Show with Lee Sanders

"I'm not dealing with the list of the releases in any particular order. I'm just going down the list given my thoughts and all that now if you care particularly what i have to say about all of these releases then you definitely want to stick row but if you're watching something else and all that i know some of you guys like acknowledge me. You're doing. The roman reigns during acknowledge meal. Okay i am seeing what you guys are saying in chat. You know the thing is though. Would you guys wanna to two plus hour three plus our show. I don't think so not on a friday night right. So let's keep rocking and rolling and keep getting through this now. When i will do by the end of Lou releases. I will open up. The fall lies. If you guys want to comment on any of the releases the had came about pick my brain or to a couple of a couple wrestling nonreligious. Non wrestling related questions. You guys can definitely do that. but yeah let's let's continue on here and let's let's Let's rock on now at last a c. we were doing here with these releases. Yeah area as i mentioned Trained by his brothers. Sean dubarry ken anderson. Mr anderson shelton. Benjamin so that's a pretty damn good list of trainers that's a guy that pretty much. You can't do all right so he's wrestled for the ring. Ka king promotion g. Fw signed with the wwe in two thousand sixteen. And when you look up this guy's match history it is just pure to old five just pure to oh five. So far is him landing. I wouldn't be surprised if he were to land like i said it. Nwa 'cause we're sean is right now. That's another one. I could also see maybe do some stuff with impact and again and pack. Nwa what do they both have in common. They got the shaun d voire connection. so kinda. have that in the back of your head there Let's see what other releases. I'll tell you what let's go here. Let's go here next no particular order but let's go here next. let's go with killian. Dane all releases. This is one that i kind of found to be a little bit stormy not shocking but but i definitely say stunning killian dane age. Thirty six debuted in two thousand five russell for evolve insane championship wrestling revolution. Pro g of w signed with the wwe in two thousand sixteen remember. Everything kicked off herculean dane with sanity.

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