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"anderson pickoffs" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Rattled and I didn't and I should do it. I'm just I'm not trying to put put a hoax or a hex on him. I'm just trying to say I've seen this before. I hear he's a seven year minor leaguer. Let's hope he can write Pete and I have no problem. The reason I laid it out this morning. Murph is he's the best player on the team. No question question. This guy's the best player on the Giants easily easily. Unless unless unless Solano, and that's the growing growing Probably the growing love for a Donnie barrels as they're calling them, Donny parents and I don't want you all to to sleep on a date. Neither do the dick you needed got started. You know, 60 to a solo. Okay, this giant's club with what we expect out of them and the energy and in front of cardboard cut outs, and it's 6 to 2 on Wednesday night, Dude with Dick. It's a solo shot. You're like Yeah, Whatever. You know. That was my reaction. Yes. Yeah. You know what it was? It was the Larry David gift. We're like, Yeah. Okay. All right. Way to go, dick, but they're not going to change tonight with a nice three on, you know, you know what, guys? Honestly, you know, it might have been the end. I'm surprised Capital didn't given extended to riff on this, but I don't know. And I don't know the last time I saw that the Tyler Anderson dual pickoffs in the eighth inning change the entire game. They probably went back in the dugout. They're like T a member. I actually never tell Paula that anecdote, coves and we never came to the air. We never you did. We did. We just never dug it up. You did bring it. We're going to run and I was listening over the weekend. Friday night when the Giants were in where they were Friday. We play the digestive here. The doctors thank you very much. Oh, and I I was driving Polly back from the taqueria. Right? Right, Carnitas. Of course. You got a car full of car needed your hijacking it up and down the 101 talk about feeling dangerous duties Here. Here, run in car Needa stewed late at night, maybe as quick as capital ran out to pull Johnny Cueto but was driving back and it was, but it was the pregame Kappler with with John Miller. If you remember that game, they only announced Tyler Anderson like an hour before the game or whatever it was like, and we're at that point. We're like one of the Giants. Doing them starting rotation, like all the good teams get ready. I'm coming. I'm coming one on south. I'm getting off the exit, and I hear Kapler's say, John Miller. Go. So tonight's starter is Tyler Anderson. Tell us about him and cameras. Yeah, we'll give you feel good about it. You know, we feel like he could. He could support presented, And then he just drops this year because we feel good. We think Ta Khun give us two plus today. Well, like Sandy said of this stoplight, just pounding my head on the steering wheel going Ta. It wants to cluster picture, Dude, you know, we think Ta King able to flow here's the Here's the other problem with Colin a guy Ta. You really shouldn't be doing that out of respect to the Realty A because there is a legendary figure known as Ta, who revolutionized his sport. Ladies and gentlemen. Tony Alva. Come on down, known on the streets as T A. So Who's that? Now? Is that skateboarding or well? Yeah, yeah, he's a r. J was like the first guy to go airborne, like on his board like that can probably skate with that Japanese kid. I showed you Yes, he can. Actually Tony Alva so good. He actually make that guy look bad, Believe it or not, But Tony, it was like he was the first guy that liked to you. Maybe that's where capital because capital actually put out a tweet over the weekend copes juicy supporting those vans, Cleats reds and wore a red. He's a red. I'm sorry. The vans were set at Rico's memories of skate parks of my youth support Lorenzo. No better than if he knows the skating, you should know is Tony Alvis? Alright? Give us two it, but anyway, the Anderson pickoffs were huge. But Solano's three run homer that was bonkers like Giants don't hit three run! Homer Ferarri runs in two. So that Smurf this brings me back. And this was a threat that I think I was talking about earlier and I think maybe we continue it The three run home run is the most epistle within in base. Heard you say that I was pumping my fist because because you do you know the part I got here's what I know was going on. Q B one. Lucas is sitting there and at home at his house watching the positive and he's cool. He's going. He's going 63 John Solano's a pro, two outs two hours right now in the eighth. No big deal, Man. This thing's over. He's he's looking ahead to the Dodgers next week. Good. Now I have more time to crop my beauties going. You just got a shaving.

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