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Glen Merchant -  Axeville in Asheville Get Your Axe Over Here

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Glen Merchant - Axeville in Asheville Get Your Axe Over Here

"Welcome to living legacy leadership where we explore, discover and share insights, tools and strategies for life well lived into elder hood I'm your host, Donna Kim, brand author Speaker Legacy, strategy coach and creator of the concept living legacy where you choose to live life on your own terms law contributing to people, places and projects along your journey. I. Believe that the life you live is the legacy you leave. Now, the guests I bring to each week. I'll address some unique aspect of learning leadership or legacy. This helps you raise your own game as a leader and business in life and also showcases some extraordinary people who exemplify living legacy leadership. At least once a month I also offer training session to skill you and game change your thinking for your own application. So get your notebook ready or sharpen up your memory by tuning in your attention, and we'll dive right in. Now today that very graphic invitation to sharpen your memory is particularly apropos because we have Glenn Merchant with us today of Throw Acts Ville Dot Com. So welcome Glen. Thank you for having me. That's a pleasure to pleasure. Now I understand you you just came down off the mountain from the woods where you were camping because you got rained out storm. So where are you now? A back home in Asheville. Camping about forty five minutes out. So it wasn't too bad of a home. That's good. So of course, Ashville is the famous asheville North Carolina and before we get into the the incredible details of what you're up to nowadays you spent most of your early professional life as a you know calm self-confessed Computer Geek. Sell. South. Did you make the transition to what you're doing now then tell us what you're doing. After about twenty years I just found that I was don't no longer Tashin it about computers I had been decided it was time for a switch. And get know exactly what I wanted to do. So I started poking around seeing what was new out there what was fun and what would sit in which the cool. VIBE and discomfort throwing. Axe throwing you. Yeah. That is pretty much a a new our call it a craze. Highly Popular and did you have any history of throwing items sharp items Anything like that really. Not really accepted anger That once I, read about it figured It didn't sound like it was something that I couldn't handle. You know you have. The STRENGTH TO PICK IT UP? It's you know throwing it and then we sort of helped get a distance from the target and eventually we'll get you to hit it and stick it. Now the reality is I've seen your website, which is throw axe fill A. X. E, Ville, dot com did I get that right? THROW EX-VILLA DOT COM. Yeah, the the name is the original name was acworth accidental throwing club, and then We send sort of expanded that a couple of difference between our mobile unit and are different storefronts. The we just to throw acts Ville to kind of get everything under one umbrella. ANTASTIC and of course, tied in at least at the moment with Asheville. So Ville in Asheville but your website depicts how beautifully you'd set up the environment. So despite the fact that people might have kind of rustic images of throwing axes described to us the facility you set up in what actually goes on there. Well most people. When you think of throwing axes, you can think of being around a campfire somewhere out in the woods in your backyard, and while that certainly is true we wanted to have the added benefit of having a fun environment indoors is well amy. Zimmerman who is Our creative owner. She's the one who really got the game plan together to dress it up and make it look really. Attractive male female, young old. It's very appealing environment So you can come in their little lounges to hang out in as well as a bar to get a drink from TV's to watch, and there are some room outside as well. So it kind of allows those who wanNA throw to throw those who don't have other options as well. That's really cool now. I'll just raise this because it. I'm sure and looking over some of your press reports in the media coverage people do raise their eyebrows when they hear a bar and having drink and throwing axes. How do you? How do you haniched handle or manage that and in a where? What's the? What's the scope on that? Well I think it's most people's first reaction when you hear doing something potentially dangerous throwing a sharp object and then adding consuming alcohol at the same time and that's the natural goto thought process. However, we usually combat with asking people have you ever been hiking? Did you have a beer while you did it have you ever been ya out biking or rafting or canoeing pick a sport that doesn't involve having a beer either just before just after. and. That's sort of curious. We don't entertain folks coming in and drinking for a couple of hours and then partaking it's normally you come in at a set time you have an hour or two hour time frame, and then you get a drink throw a little bit and then you take off for the day. So it's closely watched closely monitored and we just make sure they're able to at least just have some fun while they're throwing their. Fantastic and of course, in North Carolina I think the craft beer industry is really thriving as well. Do you serve Craft Beers there. Yet and that's frankly what originally made us think that the having a beer while throwing an expert would be. An acceptable activity. You can't do anything Ashville without a beer and evolved. My local barber shop has a tap beer where you can get up to eight or nine different flavors of beer getting your haircut You're rock climbing biking tracks anything you do here somehow they sell beer. So it just sort of fit right in again with the caveat they as well as us you just monitor but most actually billions don't overdo it anyway it's more if you're joining the itself, it's not a contest the how much you can drink enjoying that one or two beers you may have. Yeah for sure for sure and I was pretty shocked. You know. I think a common conception might also be that your main customers will be what I'll call rednecks but who actually are your main customer base. it's a pretty broad mixture. We have a lot of locals who are from some of outlying areas that may be a little more. Blue. Blue collar than maybe your incoming tourists or whatnot. But we've got plenty of locals who enjoy it a lot of heavy tourist base among those taurus basis we have a tremendous amount of bachelorette parties birthday party. We do a lot of corporate events especially from organizations with maybe numerous chapters in the southeast region, and they'll converge on Asheville in one of their days what we spent with us and will. Help them find some meeting space if needed or suggest restaurants catering, and then have some going to make it a little more enjoyable. Now. Two things on what you just said you. You said Bachelorette. Not Bachelor. So are you finding more women are finding this appealing from than men or? Worthy noodle soup. Yeah actually more than expected. It's probably about fifty five, percent female forty, five, percent male they're. The, most fun to work with 'cause I think most most guy sort of expected it's something they'll be able to do because it's somewhat sporty and athletic and a lot of the email don't believe there can be very good at it. So we get that much more excitement at. USC. Showing them it's pretty easy and with a little bit of instruction in a couple of drives it suddenly you're as good or better than the guys throwing because. They listen a little more carefully and follow instructions. You think. So share with us. So how does it work? So somebody makes an appointment. As you said, they come in what's the setup and I've never done it. I've actually liked to pay you a visit and give it a go what happens so that I don't make a total fool of myself or or chop down the facility. And then give us a little bit of technique. It's pretty straightforward you normally, you'll make an appointment online The booking is all done online or you can call or email but. Just as easy to go ahead and go to the website and book it straight from there you show up your appointment will especially now with the. Pandemic. In effect you know it's a lot more structured, but you'll come in you'll show ID. We'll make sure that you're the right person. Your group shows up You can get a drink then yoke once your group is fully arrived, we'll send you over to your coach. The coach will work with you for about the first. Ten to fifteen minutes depending upon the group size, and they'll give you a rundown of safety things to to consider different features. They'll show you different throwing techniques and then they'll sort of give you some personalized coaching. Get Your distance marked because the game is really about your distance from the target. With the way the you happen to throw everyone's different everyone throws the different intensity different. Form. So the spacing is really what's key to making sure that you hate it at the right time. So the coaches will make sure that you get hitting it. Then they'll go to the next person, train them up to the next person, and then once everyone's kind of hitting it regularly that coach step back. Let them play a little bit. Then introduced some possible games and different. Contests formats that you can utilize, and you just try to do whatever they can do to make sure that you have a good time. Very. Cool. So I imagine that that some people will go in there and think that. The way that GonNa work is through brute strength and an others will do funny things with their arms. Even when I just imagine it, my elbow will stick out or maybe if I took my my elbow, then I don't have the power with my my wrist what is some technique that's effective and What doesn't work so well? Well. As, we alluded to earlier you know a lot of the fells thinking that power is the key and maybe they played football or baseball they think if they can wing it really hard at that's GonNa be a lot more impressive and that's indeed why. Are Ladies tend to be a little more effective because they don't have preconceived notions. They just listen follow instructions and they're hitting each generally speaking much quicker than the guys but you just we we try not to change your throwing motion too much because if you've ever had a golf swing and you have someone come in and completely revamped it, you'll be worse than you were before you walked in. So we. Coach people with their existing throwing habits and try to just tweak it rather than completely alter it. But we have all kinds. We have people that we always jokingly referred to it as a chicken wing where instead of. Lifting it straight overhead as if you what a hammer, the arm comes out to the side and they end up throwing it sort of cross body and we've got a to hand that prevents that a little bit and helps guide and make it a straight up and down throw instead of coming from one side of your body to the other But it's everyone throws the same basic one hinder for the most part to start with, and then we'll move up to the to hinder or the underhand or different options throwing. and. I I. Think I saw one of the articles that was a reference to what what was called the throwback of connection. Now, there's something to do with a thudding assist clanging. When you're act sticks in the target tell us about that and what your target is like. We generally explain to people that even again male female young. When you first get in there, it's a little overwhelming and intimidating be throwing. Something ax hatchet, anything of that nature and you just feel everyone's watching the I. Don't know what I'm doing and I'm GonNa Bears Myself. We try to tell people the first few throws assume you're GONNA miss it's GonNa make a noise in the noises quite awful when you hit it sideways around the head or on the handle but then you'll know immediately going back to golf of course you can. Duff the ball up and down the course all day. But you finally hit that one beautiful stroke in it feels right looks right flies right in this the same theory that you'll just feel the axe out your hand and it just feels exactly right. You'll see spending when it hits, it has the most marvelous sung noise that instead of Klang it's the soft thud that hits in and that's everybody first time. They spin around is wide. So we try to coach up for that to that I side to get people that excited, and once you hear a couple of thuds on some continual throws. That's what gets people really getting into it, and then from there, they can try throwing a little bit harder if they want or try different style, but it's that initial thought that really kind of sets the moment for your first acts throwing. Very cool. I can imagine eventually becomes addictive once you've sort of got it down and then you you talked about changing distance to the target in changing different styles. So do you find that people come back time and again and did they come in groups or individually? kind of a all across the board. We again, we tend to do a lot of tourists throwing. So most of those are going to be just one time as their in town for a special event or vacation. we do have leak play, and that's for those folks that. Get, into it quite heavily and we do have a large number of those that. Find such therapy out of throwing because while it doesn't require a whole lot of skill, it does allow you to get out some exertion and frustrations out though you know an hour throwing can be quite. Therapeutic as it would be and then folks that really get into it with the one hands to INS-. WanNa see if they can achieve the same level of competency with the to throw the underhand throw and they're once they get there. Then we can kind of give them advanced techniques of getting a much closer to the line and doing a heavy flick to. Instead of using your body, it's just your wrist to get it in there and But we we do have quite a bit of repeat customers just because it that entertaining it's that unusual from most sports and activities that you might otherwise do WanNa take nighter Friday night. Very cool. So with league play. Are there enough organizations. Now, spreading that leagues can be more than just local. Yes there. Right. Now, there are two main national bodies that do leak play all of the clubs of which it went from just a couple dozen. We'll be I started to now they're probably closer to a hundred if not over one hundred around the US that are all part of one of those two organizations. and each of those have some interoperability. So as someone from Charlotte happened to be over Nashville, they could come into our club and throw with our league and it would count towards their lead because we all use the same rules, same format, the same. Requirements for equipment. So that's kind of the fun part of it is. You know you can boast because you know that everyone else is using the exact same acts the same target distance and exact same material. So it's apples to apples and not. Different different standards. Very. Cool. So do you think like with other some other sports that haven't yet and this is a fairly new sport as a sort of organized activity is there are their aspirations to put this in the Olympics not that I've heard of yet but. They can add skateboarding and mountain biking, and some of the other craziness in their nothing would surprise me it. It does require skirt and. Skillset and once you see it's actually I. Don't know if you've ever been on late night espn or somebody their sports channels, they'll show some of the competitions and the and girls that are playing will hit twenty five bulls is in a row. They're that good at it. So it does require you know once you get past the basic ability to hit the entire would target but to hit that small center instead it takes a quite a bit of skilled to to get to that level so it could be there one day. Well you know from I have to admit I've I've become addicted to the TV series called outlander, which it deals with highlanders from Scotland who in fact, many of whom moved to North Carolina and there's highlands North Carolina this on and they have the at grandfather mountain apparently except for this year because of Kobe, they have the annual highland games. So is seraing part of that do you know are you able to participate in that once it returns? I I haven't heard of it specifically in the Highland Games is an event I wouldn't be surprised as it does sort of tend to. Attract that same Manley manliness that the games do with rolling logs and boulders and you know some. More entertaining options but if they were to offer or ask reaping happy to hop over there and. Show them what we have to offer. Yeah, I'm sure I'm sure you know you mentioned different skill sets in terms of throwing technique with axe throwing that I know you've got a three person ownership partnership and each of you have very distinct skill. So tell us you mentioned Amy Zimmerman already with her aesthetic and design skillset anything else from her, and then your third partner. Well, it started out as a crazy idea with me but I knew ahead of time what my limitations of what my strengths were. So, I sort of sat down and tried to figure out what skill sets would be needed for such a venture. I'm personally. Into obviously computer software administration. My strength is more in the boring logic hiring firing coming up with rules paying the bills. Stuff that most people are terribly bored by but that that's where my interests lie oddly enough amy. Filled the slot beautifully of what we needed for someone who had skills with social media as social media is massive these days with getting the name out and really keeping your. Known to the community and even online i. Or online bookings. So she was quite good with social media, she has worked in the events industry. So she helps with private parties getting set up for birthday celebrations the BACHELORETTE party. Bachelor parties. have. Her skill set really involves the the heavy client interaction in the wow factor. So that when people come in, it's even different from other acts throwing clubs. They you know they throw 'em for we get a lot of how this is not like the ones we've been to. That's what amy brings to the to the picture. and. Then the last one is Ryan who was my cousin? He's the handyman. He's the one that actually is building the lanes, designing lanes, building the targets figuring out, you know how to put the nuts and bolts together. So I sort of come up with a crazy idea, it'll tell me how dumb it is. Adjust my ID accordingly, he'll tell me it's less dumb and then finally by my third. Generation. He'll tell me that one's workable and he actually doesn't puts it altogether whereas I would have no idea how to proceed. So between the three of us were able to kind of cover all of our needs and anything that's not directly at one of our wheel houses we share between the three of us and we'll be able to either figure out who we need to talk to or make a decision with just the three of us. So it's worked out quite nicely to have a team that you know and trust and has such amazingly talented folks. Antastic, that's wonderful and then just so you know we're talking with Glenn Merchant at throw. Of L. A. X. E. V. I l. e. dot com based outside of Asheville North Carolina. Glenn our time is almost up here but I did want to ask you about the acts of kindness a x. e. of kindness described some of the programs, it your organization and you three support. Well we've tried to Put some of the community back in mind as we were doing this and. We were sort of getting that ramped up when we got hit with a pandemic. So we didn't get a chance to I'm in a whole lot but prior to that one of the things that we do is we help support. one of the local wildlife Centers that helps you know, Rehab injured animals. They have a wood burning stove and it turns out we use a lot of would. So every week to two weeks I pilot, all the target boards everything we have drive it over to them and they're able to keep their entire compound warmed. Because through the winters that's what sustains their. Operation and keeps it warm for all the animals. So that was kind of Nice that we're able to help out someone that helped us as well. But we all benefit from it would get two or three lifetime's worth of us. we've also helped collect food from the local Mana Bank to try to encourage you know those help others who are less. Able to help themselves at certain times some of the things were planning on doing. Once we get that going as we were going to figure out a way to allow different replies to pick a different charity each month that we'd be able to, you know take a certain percentage of our income for that month and donate it to their charity of choice to make sure it's not just something that we believe in. It's something that everyone else gets to take part in and. Feel that they've got some valuable input. That's fantastic and even your customers I understand with the Mana foodbank. You you have customers are when you're open again when the pandemic allows you have customers bring in food, which then allows them to be in drawings to have additional time out at the targets. So that's it's inclusive as you said, and really bringing a sense of community. So I really WANNA. Thank you. Glenn because you've taken what's crazy in a fad and you know you've turned it into something much more than just you know place to go. To get your frustrations out although as you said, yes, it's a good stress buster and Cathartic. But if you're looking for a different date night, if you're looking for a way to release your inner lumberjack perhaps or even corporate trainings catering and special events whether they be birthdays, hen parties, bachelor parties, and so on. You know how throw x Ville DOT COM is the place to go and Abe led by you Glenn and Amy and Ryan. So thanks so much for being here with us today on living legacy leadership. We're really grateful. Appreciate you haven't mean. You had yourself a great. You think. Well thank you just a reminder to our listeners that the life you live is the legacy you leave. Thanks so much for being here with US and check out the archive shows on SOB radio network. Dot. COM and also check out my business website game changer thinking dot com thanks a lot and As they say in your industry, get your ax over there and be an expert. Oh. Dear. Thanks Glenn.

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'Tales of the City' For A New Era

The Frame

26:31 min | 1 year ago

'Tales of the City' For A New Era

"Yeah. Broadcast center in KPCC. This is the frame. I'm Steven Cuevas in for John horn on the show today, the latest Hollywood player to face allegations of sexual abuse kept getting hired, even as his reputation was exposed also when tales, the city premiered on PBS twenty-five years ago. Its depictions of gay and lesbian, characters scout revolutionary the creator of new Netflix reboot says the tails still ahead of its time. Even now when I see gay characters on television, they are often suffering, because of their identity or their identity is being used as a salacious plot point and alien theories, and folk music collide on the latest record from the band. Big fief all that coming up on the frame. KABC podcasts are supported by HBO presenting. Game of thrones critics have hailed the final season as TV's greatest show of all time and iridescent. Emmy eligible for outstanding drama series and all other categories. Welcome to the frame. I'm Steven Cuevas filling in for John horn allegations of sexual misconduct have toppled some of the biggest names in Hollywood over the past couple of years, Harvey Weinstein Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, but a new investigation from the Daily Beast by my guest Amy's Zimmerman chronicles over a decade of alleged sexual and physical assault by a lesser known. Hollywood player screenwriter and producer, max Landis. The thirty three year old son of award winning director, John, Landis. Several women have come forward, alleging max Landis of violence rape and emotional abuse and today variety reported that Landis has been dropped by his manager. Amy Zimmerman says from her research Landes. Appear to use his position in Hollywood to his advantage. A lot of the women in the story described being dude LA there, people who are interested in breaking into the entertainment industry, and on top of all of that he is saying here at these connections for you, Harry these opportunities, and it seems like at least according to these accusations. These are the women who max would allegedly victimize. Amy did any of the women, you spoke with who were allegedly physically sexually assaulted by max. Landis, did any of them go to the police to with authorities or at least documents this alleged abuse in the way of photographs telling other friends writing things down in a diary, and so forth. There's the story of Kelly Ray. She had basically gone to the police with an allegation of sexual assault against max Landis, and tallies. French, who witnessed this alleged sexual assault was at the courthouse. She alleges that max Landis is attorney. He basically came over and had a conversation after that conversation Kelly, did not wanna participate anymore. We definitely made an effort to speak with friends family, members people who the women, the accusers may have disclosed to around the time of the alleged abuse or shortly afterwards. So we do that throughout the peace. One of the women wrote max, an Email, saying, this is the abuse that I remember from our romantic relationship, and he responded, something along the lines of. Wow. That sounds terrible. So nothing remotely resembling a denial. So that Email, certainly stuck with me. You know, even. About two years ago. An alleged victim tweeted out some of these allegations against max land is. So how is this allowed to go on for so long in two thousand seventeen there were kind of a flurry of social media posts? But the thing about those social media posts is, I believe there were no firsthand accusers. So this was a lot of secondhand allegation. And then fast, former two years, I guess, in February two thousand nineteen a woman wrote an anonymous medium post which was you know, her firsthand allegation of an attempted sexual assault. But yeah, what happened in the interim two years. A lot of the people, I spoke with where this article, we're really expecting a big expose to come out and the question of why this hasn't happened sooner that question still really lingers. One other thing your piece mentions. This unpublished Hollywood reporter expose on land is can you? Confirm that, that story exists. And if so why it wasn't published because the Hollywood reporter has been pretty aggressive about, you know, outing such abusers in Hollywood in that medium post. She said that she had spoken with the Hollywood reporter for an article, but that that article had never come out. So we had the Daily Beast covered that medium post and at the time, we reach out to the Hollywood reporter and didn't get a response back from them. And I also for that article I connected with the author of the medium post, and she sent me emails back and forth, that she had with a journalist from the Hollywood reporter, so to the best of our ability, we did confirm that there was something in the works at the Hollywood reporter at that time. So that would have been around twenty seventeen. I don't know how far they got with the article. I don't know what the circumstances were or why are quote was never published. I'm talking to Zimmerman entertainment reporter at the Daily Beast about allegations against max Landis, Amy much of this alleged abuse occurred. Prior to. The metoo movement. So is this behavior kind of a vestige of those pre metoo days or? Does it perhaps just scratch the surface of a trend that continues in Hollywood most of the behavior does predate me, too, but we quote on EBay GERD? I believe she ended their relationship, maybe four months ago, really not long ago at all. So if the question is if me to, you know, blow down our halted maxes, alleged abuse. I would say, no, not at all. Well, until recently max Landis was still attached to a couple of projects as screenwriter and producer. What's the status of his involvement with those and his reputation going forward? And in Hollywood. Yeah. So for the piece we connected with a Representative for the producers of shadow in the cloud, which is a film that max originally wrote, and it's currently I believe, being filmed, and what that Representative told us is that the script was option. And prior to the wave of twenty seventeen allegations. They allege that they were unaware of those allegations, and that after the allegations surface, they renegotiated with Landis to have him removed as a producer, and they further told us that maximum just will not be involved in the film in any way. The other kind of project is this film deeper that I believe is in pre production and I've reached out to everyone. I could think of involved in that project to try to see what these allegations, and what this article means for that project moving forward. And I think we're just gonna have to see but I think that's the question. A lot of people are asking. Did you reach out to max Landis for a comment? And if so what was his response? Yeah. We reach out to max multiple times. They're responsive. No response. We never received a comment, Amy Zimmerman is entertainment reporter for the Daily Beast. Amy, thanks for talking to us in. Thanks for your reporting. Thank you so much for having me. You can read Amy Zimmerman story at the Daily Beast dot com. Coming up on the frame, a new version of tales of the city arrives in a more enlightened era. KPCC podcasts are supported by HBO, presenting sharp objects based on the bestselling novel by Gillian Flynn. The story focuses on Camille precursor a journalist with a history of psychiatric issues who returns to a rural hometown to cover the apparent murders of two preteen girls. The limited series was hailed by critics as exquisite auntie compelling and a true masterpiece. Emmy eligible for outstanding limited series and all other categories. Visit H B O dot com slash F. Y C for more on sharp objects. Welcome back to the frame. I'm Steven Cuevas in for John horn. Thanks for joining us, originally broadcast on PBS more than twenty five years ago. The gay positive miniseries tales of the city gave yours Frank and for its time, often graphic depiction of gay life in San Francisco, the drama centers on a group of friends who share a spacious rambling boardinghouse atop one of the tallest peak. In the city, the new Netflix reboot of tales picks up twenty five years later with several actors reprising their roles including Olympia Dukakis, and Laura Linney when show runner, and executive producer Lauren Morelli dropped by the studio. I asked her, if she'd been familiar with the original series, or the books by writer armistead Maupin that it was based on, I was not, which I always sort of flinch a little bit inside whenever I say that publicly because, especially, you know, I think if you're from the bay you grew up with an awareness of the books. I don't know. Did you grow up with? Yeah. Yeah. Yes. So, I think people from the bay, you know, it's, it's so central to the culture of San Francisco. And also for a certain age of person who falls under the elder, BT Q spectrum the books have been so, so important and the first couple miniseries were so important, but I think there's this drop off. I'm in my mid thirties. And for those of us who were just a little too young for the. Original PBS series I think it kind of disappeared in the cultural zeitgeist. So I had never heard of it. And it was really interesting. Actually, to get to discover the book, specifically at this age, because I was really amazed that something that was originally written in nineteen seventy eight could still feel really profound, and really necessary for a thirty six year old twenty nineteen the original characters that are still with the show. We're still part of the story have aged since we've last seen them. Yes. The main character and a magical played by Olympia Dukakis is turning ninety several of the other holdover characters well into their fifties, and they're navigating relationships and friendships with a much younger generation of LGBTQ people, and there's a scene. I'd like to play that explores this, and it's when the character of Chris, an older game and really goes off on Ben the character, Michael's much younger boyfriend. Ben is also black and Chris has really angry. At Ben for basically wagging his finger at this table of older gay men, who use the word tranny. What you call someone is important. It's about about dignity. It's about visibility. Okay. I think we owe that to people, especially when you're coming from a place of privilege. So you look at me and you see what? A rich white man. Is that what you mean? Is that my privilege? Yes. You are guys. I don't let me tell you something about dignity and visibility. How old are you? Twenty he's twenty eight. Okay. Any so called privilege that we haven't enjoy at this moment was one. Okay. And by that, I mean Claude tooth and nail from a society that didn't give to if we lived or died, and indeed did not care when all our friends started to die. That's a scene from the Netflix series tales of the city. Lauren Morelli is the creator and show runner. So Lauren when I watched that scene. I replayed it like three times, I'm straight, but coming of age and San Francisco had a lot of gay friends. Yeah. Gay colleagues who are gone. Is that horrible disease? And so I really when Chris comes out like that. I was like, yeah, but then it totally gets flipped back in the in the following scene when we see things from Ben's perspective. Can you talk about how that scene came together? Yeah, this was one of the things that I was most excited about telling stories about when it came to taking on tales because, as a queer person, I feel like there are a lot of really important conversations happening, but they're often happening behind closed doors, because I think for so long as a community publicly we've had to present ourselves as a unified front in order to gain human rights. But there's a generation of people who, as you said, survived the aids epidemic who from my perspective, and I think many perspectives have been raced, San Francisco would have been a much different. Place had aids not nap. Yes. And the entire country. Right. I mean, I think the country would have looked different if that generation of specifically men had survived. And I don't know that we've ever had that conversation in the way that we need to have it. So what that looks like often is the community in younger generations is expanding the ways that they identify are expanding the words they wanna use, or changing and shifting and it feels like because we haven't yet honored those who came before us and fought for us. We're not able to allow the ways that we identified to continue to evolve if that makes sense. And in the writer's room we were a really diverse group, but we were all queer and I made sure that there were people who represented different generations, and so that scene. Written brilliantly by one of our writers. Andy Parker continued to evolve as we had conversations in the room. I remember him bringing it in, in the first the first time and us talking about it, and one of our younger writers, who happen to be of color saying, I don't feel empathy for Chris, I feel empathy for Ben because how dare he talked to a black man whose, whose life is not valued in our country. Similarly to a gave person in the eighties. Right. But hopefully you walk away from the scene feeling empathy for both sides and understanding that both perspectives over really valued. And in fact, we have to make space for both perspectives in order to move forward. And, and how, how were you able to assemble an all LGBTQ writer's room? I mean was it something that came together fairly easily? I was surprised when I said that I wanted an all queer room typically when your show runner on your staffing, a room, submissions would come through talent agencies, and while I received a lot. Submissions the same problems that we encounter in our everyday lives, mostly that everybody was white and male still applied interesting. Really interesting. And I felt a little naive for not seeing that problem coming. Addresses. I went outside the system. I asked everybody I knew who do you love, who, don't. I know this is something that Jesse Cohen who was my boss on orange taught me, she loves hiring, people who haven't been in writers rooms before, and that makes for a really exciting space, I think, when people are coming from a beginner's mind, the storytelling can be a little more inventive. So I reached out to a lot of my playwright friends and fifty percent of the room ended up being people who were brilliant writers of their own right? But just had never written for television before. So what feels exciting for me is, then those are people that are now in the system. So when the person who comes up behind me, once they're queer writer's room or their queer writers, they hopefully will have a bigger pool to choose from. Well, when the original series aired in the nineteen ninety s got a lot of backlash from conservative groups, like Family Research Council, outraged at a TV show would depict things like same sex romance. You're able to be much more graphic on Netflix today. Can you talk a bit about shooting sex or this series, the approach and the challenges, you know what was really lovely? I you know, I don't know that I ever love shooting sexy. Because certainly want everyone to feel safe and just the, the mere act of shooting. A sex scene is can be very awkward because it's public and there's a crew around. But the nice thing about tales was we had a lot of actors who are queer in their own lives playing queer characters. And we had a lot of crew members who were also queer, which made for an environment in which we could have really lovely conversations around, if it's scripted that let's say, Ben and Michael have sex, then you can sit down and the director who in this case happens to be gay can sit down with two gay men and say, what's this going to look like what do we want it to look like an everyone has an opinion that they are bringing from their authentic life into the scene, which I think, number one makes it more safe. Number two, hopefully allows it to feel more offensive than it might feel otherwise in some ways it's it's still feels. Unusual to see LGBTQ people, depicted, I guess normally from for lack of a better term. How do you see it as someone who who's created this series, also worked on orange is the new black? I is it getting easier? I think so. I think this is the gift that armistead gave to me, and gave to all of us when I read those books, what I was so blown away by was he was depicting gay people not only just living their lives. Right. But also receiving love and acceptance enjoy because of their identities. And I don't know that I was as acutely aware of the problem until I read the books when I realized, oh, even now today. When I see gay characters on television, they are often suffering, because of their identity or their identity is being used as a salacious plot point. So being able to see two men who were having. Sex, not because it's shocking, but because they love each other feels, I, you know, I wish it weren't revolutionary still. But I think it is. And I think hopefully that, that's a huge part of humanizing the community when someone who might not know, a lot of gay people can see that scene. And, and hopefully connected in that way, that, like, oh, I have sex with my partner because we love each other. And so does everybody else more and Morelli is the creator and show runner of the new Netflix series tales of the city. Lauren, thanks so much. Thanks so much for having me. Coming up on the frame. The band big fief explores alien theories on its latest record. An out the New York based folk outfit, big fief, the band's most recent album takes on the supernatural appropriately enough. It's called UFO f the group singer, Adriane Lanker describes to theme of the album, aliens extraterrestrials. There is a lot of that in the record. You with since for unidentified flying object friend. You know, you spend a long time, just hoping searching the skies for this terrifying. But incredible thing that represents contact with some layer of the unknown that gives you some sort of proof that we are actually connected to something that's grand. And magic invest. Sees. And then suddenly, there's this realization, what if the extraterrestrials actually just check us out and then passed us by because it's too toxic of an environment? So that's an even scarier thought. What if they don't land? To make UFO f the members of big thief, hold up at a recording studio in rural Washington state, along with their producer and engineer created delicate, but impressionistic folk songs that we've lenders surreal lyrics with cinematic textures following the UFO f recording sessions, the band took a brief hiatus frames Jonathan shift, let met up with the coretec in tow panga canyon just as they prepare to head out on tour. My name's Becca meek. I play the guitar. My name's James krypton. I play the drums, my name's Adrienne Lincoln play the guitar and sing. And we also all sing I think, smacks oleander chick. I play the bass. We all went into our own space of independence in this break of six months max has been in Israel, and I've been here independent canyon learning to surf, and it's been a lot of time in the sagebrush James has been in New Mexico. Adrian's traveling around the world. It's really exciting to be playing together. So a lot of stuff just kind of coming out the seams. We'll try to just focus on playing the new record. But then we'll start how this didn't he? And we'll just go on that for like half an hour by accident. But yeah, the wreck we're trying to devote half of each practice to working on the new record and that's really fun. Because we haven't really played a lot of those songs we just played them in the studio. I don't want to give the impression that it's she'll necessarily because it's like such an intense environment making record was big. It's like we're going really hard. We're just going morning until everyone's completely out of gas like three in the morning. We worked. Yeah. From basically when we woke up to when we were too tired, very intense for three and a half solid weeks. But we got really into playing soccer every day because we'd we'd hit a wall and then go take a break in play for an hour and sweat, and I think that was actually so imperative because we were playing but not playing music. I felt like it was helping us learn how to, like, dive into a deeper layer of our interaction or something. You. Being this is such a tender balance of pushing to earth your own subjective vision or sound. And then surrendering to the perspective of others who trust. Dance back and forth. That's why it's so important that so much of what we're doing is building relationships with each other. For that song. Betsy I was totally joking. Like I was just like drew. Two. Like chills in the control is just like, oh my God agent, keep going, and then as well. I didn't even know I could sing that low, and then I was like, all right. The whole floss who's, like, once everyone's has chills once Dom, like walking out of the room crying. It's like this is it right? You know like that. Like, what are we doing if not that I wonder what happens on a physical like, what are this? How're the sound waves affected by that emotional intention little comes through? You know, how like when you're in theater, you have to do things very exaggerated in order for them to translate. I feel like with recordings, you have to do things with such focused presence, an intention for them to translate in a recording it with baseball. You got to follow through right? Yeah. But then there's the balanced because you don't wanna be in there going to be present. And I gotta be here in this is it because you also have to like relax and play and forget that you're in a recording studio. Oh, absolutely. I feel like that thing with doing it now. And maybe no more taste this is it right now just like with the ride like in, you know, six flags or something, you, it's going to be fun. You do a lot of times you just end up vomiting. But not you're not gonna vomit here. But there there's a sense of like doing it too much in the studio. UFO f- available now. Nuts. It for today. Remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You'll find us at the frame. I'm Steven Cuevas. Thanks for listening. We're back here tomorrow.

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Amys Dad Getting Tested for Coronavirus + Raymundo Shares Mother/Son Dance Songs + Chris Janson Doing Something For The First Time Ever

The Bobby Bones Show

1:13:07 hr | 11 months ago

Amys Dad Getting Tested for Coronavirus + Raymundo Shares Mother/Son Dance Songs + Chris Janson Doing Something For The First Time Ever

"Hi. I'm Tom. Calico I'm a chef restaurant. Her food advocate and the host of the new podcast called citizens chef on iheartradio. People might turn on the news and see stories about the pandemic immigration. Our healthcare I stories about food. On this podcast will tour the current political climate, looking for inroads the food wherever we can find them from Labor to disaster relief starting June ninth listen to citizens chef on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts forever. You get your podcasts. Bobby bones post show pre show. Watching the video from the Las Vegas Review Journal which the paper either they say Vegas is back and they got a video inside a casino. The scene overnight as Las Vegas Casinos reopened after a seventy eight. Day Corona closure. Here the crowds as some casinos open at midnight, certain amenities, including buffets and shows remained closed, but I'm telling you. It is packed in there and most people not even wear a mask and they are going to town. I mean rate is going to be a lot of folks. Run around casinos. You're good with that. Yeah me and my badge crew. We're all going to be masked up six feet apart. It's not GonNa Happen to distance. There won't be the six feet apart by the way I'm watching this. Nobody's six feet apart. It's so packed that it's like trying to walk through a crowd. It looks like we'd be avoiding those tables then we'll be on the tables that are on the outskirts of the casino. I think I'm Monday show lunchboxes. Is GonNa try to call and. Try to get free rooms lunchbox by doing what? I'm GonNa just call the Casino. Because I figure, it's a Bachelor Party and Ray who assists in Raimondo. It's once in a lifetime. Bachelor Party and the publicity. They'll get from us. Go into their casino. And I'M GONNA ask for free rooms and see what they can do for us and Bobby. Did you see the video of the girl? They have dancing girls in Vegas and she's wearing A. Mask it's pretty awkward. I didn't see that. I guess I bet some people really into that. The love it. Yeah, ours just thinking that okay Monday show lunchbox. We'll try to use his fame. What you call it to get rooms fame. Yeah, okay. Cloud cloud has clout all right. Let's do flashback Friday here we go. Flash back Friday two. Thousand four we're GONNA flashback sixteen years ago. The biggest country song was redneck woman by Gretchen Wilson. The biggest pop song is goodies by Sierra featuring Petey Pablo. And Sixteen years ago the biggest thing of pop culture, the first episode of jeopardy featuring Ken Jennings aired. He went thirty seven thousand dollars that night, and then he wants seventy three more shows in a row, and more than two point, five million total, and for me. Ken Jennings was the guy that made winning a lot of jeopardy. Cool the first person famous from that there have been a couple of others that did it because they played in that jeopardy. Challenge or Kim Jennings ended up winning that as well. But your top earners are James Holes our number three Ken, Jennings at two and Brad Rutter at number one so there you go. That's on this day in two thousand four flashback Friday close it up. Flashback Friday. To inject in can like Jag Daniel Seltzer Raymond. What do think about that? Very interesting, so they're going with a whiskey. I'm not much. I'm a I'm a vodka guy. That's why like the Seltzer 's, but if a seltzer is it a whiskey seltzer like? Do you know what that is? But I. Mean it's going to be dark. The thing that's appealing about the white clause a truly. Colored I'm not dark guy when it comes to alcohol, I, don't like the rum's the whiskeys any of those when I was walking by your little spot there in the radio studio. You had a bunch of like Bud light sellers sitting right there by your board. Yeah I tell you what the Bud Light Seltzer coming up on the food chain. They are pretty darn good. Apparently. Steve had some at his crib. He'd drink. One didn't like him, so he brought an eleven pack in and I said. Thank you and move on from there. Also, that's why it was. Have you taken a home? Yeah. I took it home. I gave a couple to our security guy, told Abby you can have one, and then that was it the restaurant of my fridge. They make eleven packs. Just drank one. Oh, got it. Eddie. Keep up, got it okay. Your mouth thieves tunnel into a liquor store still eighteen thousand dollars in boos. Three men tunneled their way into a liquor store made off with thousands of dollars of alcohol. It occurred right as lockdown rules. We're about to be lifted. The Story to get back into business. The trio entered the shot by `accessing electrical storm water drain tunnels under the store they enter the store and cut through the concrete floor. They still eighteen thousand dollars worth including expensive and imported brands. Skirt cameras capture the incident and the footage, but I don't know if they know who they are. Because it kind of the tunneling under the tunneling because what the drug cartels do. Yeah El Chapo is the first one. person. First person that ever built the tunnel from Mexico to the United States to smuggle drugs. Ever. Well at least here I, don't know if anywhere in the world, but here in America yeah, on fact thing. I bet that was crazy. People wouldn't didn't think of that and he's like i. told you, and then they were probably running it so long and so freely until they were caught. Well yeah in his the drug. Lord or I don't know person. The cartel that he worked for he was not a high person. El Chapo was pretty low, and he had this idea, and he took it to his boss, and the boss wasn't all about it, so he just took the initiative, and did it himself, and then showed the boss. Look, look what I've been doing it. And then he worked his way up. There you go if you're wondering business, look no further than El Chapo. A stadium sized asteroid to make relatively close approach to earth. And twenty twenty s really coming roses. I know right well. They're saying it's three million miles away, but apparently that's close I mean. Should the headline read? Asteroid? Does it come anywhere near Earth? But we wanted another article and make you click I mean should if that'd be the headline. But NASA is keeping tabs on a massive asteroid coming closer to Earth every single day. They're watching it. They've compared it to the size of a football stadium. Its closest approach as of now will be three, million, one hundred sixty thousand miles. You know. What is happening, though is that hurricane. Is kind of come in this direction? You know the hurricanes name anybody. Do not know ardy forgot it. Yeah me, too, because it's. Something like what is it again? Q. Baltimore Coup Balto. Cristobal thankfully. There to ball to. Very unique name. Yeah. Man Goes Berserk after a drive through forgets mustard on the burglary flew into a rage at a Wendy's after they forgot to put mustard on on his burger that he ordered staff members call police for the man exited his car and began striking the plexiglas barrier that separates the restaurant takeout window. He got out of his car came up at the drive through. Begin yelling and it starts smashing. The glass ripped it out of the wall. Nobody was injured the called cops. I'm not a fit thrower. I definitely wouldn't be a rage, however, amy, can you think of the last time you threw a fit? Oh! Why does it really throw a fit? But I have had rage well. That's like next level though. You're like. You're like why haven't shoplifted, but I'm murdered for people I mean that's what it feels like. No but I do have this weird rage thing happening with me and my. I'm working through it. I thought a lot of it was hormonal, but my therapist says I can't always default to hormones. I think they play a role, but sh. She thinks there's other stuff I'm not working through and it's. Manifesting itself as incoming out in rage like you know I really like throwing things and I picture myself doing it. And I had to stop myself but I. You know if I'm frustrated with something at the House of the kids, or whatever I mean sometimes I slam or stuff which I've told you I've I've told you about these moments. But lately since I'm trying to control, it I just picture myself doing it, and it helps me like I wanted to pick up the fruit bowl. The other Ranger Slam it on the wall, and I did not do it but I pictured myself doing it and I was like okay. Do you think it would have felt good to do those question. What do you think it would feel good? Slam the wool. Yeah I know it would have, but what about all the time have to spend cleaning it up? Right I, know, that's what that's what I learned the last time when I slammed the milk. Like I will look at net gain or net loss. Meaning Okay you fun, but will it be miserable? Cleaning it up. And what would it be more fun than miserable? If so I probably do it. But. Would it be more miserable than that little bit of fun probably won't do it. Right and that's where I think I'm starting to like gain control and know that I can work through it. I feel like sometimes when people have raised, and they literally have no control, their brain has just gone to a different part where there's nothing stopping them and like I. I fortunately still have that and I can determine right from wrong and I can have reason and so now. I reasoned myself through the rage, but I honestly I I think it's been like a storm of things that just have built up in me and then that's how they're coming out so. I'm working on it, but I wouldn't say throw fits. I don't throw tantrums or fits. I just have sudden impulse to. Destroy something and I always had that like this is very. Like in the last year. And that's you I would say yeah. Yeah. Well, but nobody's I'm not in a place where I'm going to harm myself or anybody else. I want to be very clear, but I just if anybody else is experiencing that know that you're not alone and yet. It's a combination of. Hormones depending on where you are in your life, and then also if you're not dealing with Certain. Dealing with certain little traumas or things you have in your life and you're getting triggered. A mean sounds like hulk wants to come out of you. Yeah I think years ago. You asked us if it would be appealing to go to one of those rage rooms. And Yeah and I. Probably my answer back then would have been no. That sounds I don't have rage I. Don't need to do that and oh. I don't know. I might go I. I'm not going to go, but if you were to ask me, my answer would be, I would go very warm, little scared. Hey, we're going to wrap this. Sorry, no, you're good. Thank you guys for hanging out your Christianity coming up in the show. Always appreciative. Cheka, amy podcast four things with Brown I have a new. Bobby casts going up today. It'd be upright around now. We talked about the music this. We talked about celebrity homes. How expensive they are! And some of them were the the they've died their museums graceland. Kanye and there's a lot of crazy houses, and we talked to Gillian Jacqueline so it's called. The bobby cast. The guys have a podcast called the sore losers. Really they talk about sports and guys stuff. Mike D has a new movie Mike's movie podcast, so there's a lot for your check out on the Nashville podcast network. So check it out, but we appreciate you. Listen to this over the weekend you can. You can lay into some of that podcasting, but have great one and enjoyed today's show everybody. A career in application development at Ti means owning the opportunity to impact the preparation of our nation for the future. Join DDAT for challenging work that advances your career apply now at Gd I dot com slash careers. Is An equal opportunity employer disability veteran. Bobby. Transmitting. Cry. What's happening? Everybody more than studio, Morgan. Well. Where do I start today after the show me? My girlfriend CAITLIN. Eddie. His girlfriend. No My. Why do that? Oh? We're we're all going fishing after the show as long as the weather's good, it's supposed to be good, but we're all going fishing after the show I'm looking forward to. It Kaelin asked if your wife was looking forward to it, Eddie, she is really looking forward to it. She and she met Caitlin for the first time recently when we went and played homerun Derby, but I mean she's like Oh i. really liked her. It's going to be A. A lot of fun. We like catch fish hanging out a little sun, and she really needs to get outside, so she's looking forward to it. Yes, okay, so we're GONNA. Come back to this story, but I I'm talking about Homerun Derby for one second, amy. We got real bats and balls and gloves, and we'd go to this small filled baseball field, and it's me Eddie Brandon Ray his brother. We play. homerun derby of all four of us. How many home runs do you think we hit all combined? One zero zero home runs. It's dumb to call a Homerun Derby we'll because the field's not that little and then secondly. We're we'RE NOT CRANKING AMOUNT? We're just taking batting practice I. Sorry I believe that one of you could maybe do it. We did it. Not even close. No one's even close, but we played homerun. Derby first time using Caitlyn play a sport who me yeah. Yeah. You send me a couple of videos of her playing golf. She played basketball against her. That's true. That's true. Yeah, yeah, so now. I'd seen her. Do I can tell she's athletic. I mean anything she does. She's really good at. Kaelin said that when her and Eddie. Because she was guarding Eddy at the Ymca playing basketball just a few months ago, that Eddie was really tired and Eddie was like. Don't shoot. Don't shoot it and she thought I was talking crap, but then she realized he just didn't want her to shoot it because he was tired, didn't have to guard her. Tony just pass the ball festival. Pass the ball to rest, so we're all going fishing today after the show. Here's your fishing story. A Tennessee Angler hooks a catfish weighing over one hundred pounds on a fishing trip. His friends skipped. A Tennessee man recently put in a one hundred and three pound catfish on a fishing trip. He was forced to celebrate alone because none of us. Friends accepted his invitation. David Anderson went fishing late last Saturday, according to a post on the Tennessee wildlife resource agencies facebook page, and he caught one hundred and three pound blue catfish. Can you you a person? Or how you would think you cut a tire or something, yeah. Exactly because it just feels so big. A lot of questions from you guys getting over to the phone lines and hear from emily who is in Ohio. We're for summer to be on the phone and restroom. I didn't know my copy or that was. Rudy was on the phone. Then I didn't know if I can flush without being rude to so. Okay I. Think about somebody in a public restroom and being on the phone. Okay, so she somebody else's on the phone. And then she was like Oh. Why don't want interrupt her call flushing? She's very kind for. Her, yeah, I read a bathroom. You're going to hear things in there that are going to sound like bathroom. Yeah, so, would you ever want to public? Russia? WanNa call yes. And also yeah I'm not as thoughtful as her. I would never think that so you've got to do your thing and I think if you go into a public restroom or any Russia. Even the bathroom here at work, and you're on a call because you do you see people with Panther and the wrinkles like. Index three. Let's get four percent on that and you're like. Wow! If they had any idea on this business. Call that Oh herb was chopping a to that, it would be a brutal. Visual for everyone listening. But. You gotTa know going in. That's probably okay, but number two. If people are making bathroom sounds around you. That's just part of it right? Yeah Oh. Yeah, it's a part of life man. You gotta go. You gotta go and everyone's cool with it I do have an email here. Mailbox. So this lesson email me worried about the new show that I'm doing. The New TV show that I'm worried about you. Yes and so, if you missed the announcement, maybe a couple of weeks ago, I'm doing a new show on Nat Geo that I started filming next month now, so pretty excited about that. Sixteen episodes called breaking bobby bones. This is the email. Hey, bobby I love the show love seeing on TV. But why do you have to torture yourself on television? You practice nonstop on dancing with the stars didn't know how to dance. I was comfortable for you. Then you eight Iran. She Ball and running wild bear grylls. Now you have a new show coming out called breaking bobby bones on national geographic we are worried about. You can just do a show where you taste cupcakes or something. From, Lisa? I, don't I've been going through some of the ideas for the show we have so what happens is the show. Runner is the person who was like running literally running the show everything on it. They have a different producers that are doing segments for them and their scout locations, and so I had eight ideas pitched to me. Then go to the network and advocate all the ideas, so then the network says yes, or no, and then we go do them. But I start shooting in. July pretty excited. I wanted each of them have some fun for me to do to not just to die because they'll probably be a chance for that in all of them, but also wanted to do some pretty cool there. I. Wish I could share some of them what you've. If I get permission I'll share some of the ideas awesome. Maybe the rejected ideas were. Rejected second. Yeah, and it's not because I didn't want to do them when they asked me what you do. I said I'll do anything I said. The more that I'm worried about something, probably the better and more compelling TV, but we're also. We're going to be a really inspiring show to. We're finding people that have really inspiring stories. It's not just jackass. And a chance for you to die. Will Bobby die place your bet before the show starts. It's going to be. What I had said just in an interview once it'll be like Anthony Bourdain meets dirty jobs meets jackass, and then at the end you should be very inspired by the person that you just saw and hopefully buy me a little bit too so but I appreciate that email you can keep sending your emails Morgan number two. What's that email address now back? BOBBY BONES DOT com. MAILBAG. Fact. Right the five most fun random stories from amy. Let's go at number five number five. This was just odd to me. Almost every cell phone in Japan is waterproof, and it's been that way for a decade, and the reason is. Women are so obsessed with their phones there that they wouldn't stop taking him in the shower. Wow! I thought I had a fright. Now. They're waterproof. Two things come to mind when you tell that story I did see on a commercial, not sure which phone it is. But they're like. Hey, our phone is now waterproof for two and a half minutes so now they're specifically saying like. I think with the new iphone you drop in the water I'm telling you mind. When the pope rate seconds it came out, it wasn't the same so I think it's always going to mess with it a little bit, but this new phone could be like a droid or android or something like with two and a half minutes a pure waterproof. What what happens at two thirty one? You're done. That's the first thing number two. We have discussions in my house, but how much I'm on the phone mostly when I go to bed and I don't to phone. I think the most annoying thing that I do is I'm on the phone and the computer at the same time. Kaelin just cannot understand why to Internet's going at the same time like scrolling through twitter. The one reading emails with the other. Thing I think we've got a little too much going on here. so, but it is a problem and when I lived alone. Was An issue? Don't now. I don't that's right, but you don't take your phone into the shower. No on the and I would be obsessed, but no all right here we go. Number Four. The paltrow named her company Goop after a branding expert told her that all successful Internet companies have double owes in their name, so she put to Os between her initials GNP. Yahoo Google. Wow, that's all I got. A. Good One Yeah, I'd heard that before and to put the two hours. Not About goop didn't understand paltrow. I never understood why Goop, and now he's I guess if I were doing abby boob. Bobby Oud phones boob. Boob all right there you go. Number three so goal in Finland the cost of a speeding ticket is determined by your income, and in two thousand and two, a Nokia executive got a ticket for one hundred and three thousand dollars for going forty five miles per hour in a thirty zone. Yes. He was really rich. That's like little communist Excuse me. Is that how it works like well, actually little communist? No I always thought it was kind of like keeping it fair just keeps me like okay. Based on what you make. This is what we like. What's mine? Is Yours kind of thing well? You wouldn't have different different amounts of money. In in a communist society, one will be that rich Yeah Yeah. I understand what you're saying things even but no crazy. That's crazy. That's awesome all right there you go. Number two the. Why does the Canadian Tuxedo? Exists. Denim on Denim, yeah, you know where it came from what we call it. The Canadian Tuxedos gotTA. Be Somebody Canadian. Bryan Adam Paul Shaffer, who okay so in nineteen fifty one being. Crosby wasn't allowed in a hotel in Canada because he wasn't wearing a double denham look, so Levi's made him a denim Tuxedo as a publicity stunt and it. Later was dubbed the Canadian Tuxedo London them. That's how. We Song wrote a long time ago, called Denim on Denim we never cut is a raging idiot song. EMISS- look back at that own here I. Am you know you? Do you really want to hear it? I really do. One more. Number One. So when a Google employee dies, their spouse receives half pay from the company for ten years, and their kids get a thousand dollars a month until they turn nineteen. You sound excited about that well, that's pretty amazing, yeah! I know it's unfortunate that some they're some somebody died, but to look for their family like that to know. If you work at Google and something were to happen to you, your family is. Like cared about that's cool that part is. About that don part now I didn't know. Do we have anything like that? In place I don't own the company, no guys. Owned a company. The bobby bones show dies I. Don't own the company Okay I. Don't pay you. All right. What do you think happens here? Do you think I go home and give you all checks now? Of course, not I don't. I'm just joking anyways I. Don't expect that, but that's pretty amazing, of Google. With. Google you get. Your what? Five phone all right. Thank you very much. Bone Elitist Nashville in Hollywood and working number two thirty seconds city here anyway is dropping a Christmas album. She shared during her virtual fan club that she's been working on it. Since she racked her tore last year. It will be out before the holiday season later this year Cain. Brown chaired a new song called worldwide beautiful. To! See! Beauty. Kenny Chesney to eat fried food when he isn't Tori. When I'm torn on the road I really clean very healthy. When the tour is over, I'm really tired of salmon and chicken so I eat anything fattening I love it. I grew up in the south on. You know fraud stuff, so I love. You brought them I'm Morgan number two Thatcher's getting. It's time for the good news. Box. Thirty seven years ago, Miss Taylor was four years old, and she lived in an apartment in New York City on the sixth floor. The building catches on fire and latter twentieth. The F. D. N., Y. Calm, and they rescuer well. She's a nurse now in Virginia and she volunteered to go to New York to fight corona, and she's one of her shift since she's talking to one of the. The firefighters. She's like Yeah Ladder Twenty always want to reunite with that firefighter. So that Guy Ladder twenty two captain says Hey, do you know you gene that used to work in a ladder? Twenty goes got his number right here reconnected the nurse in the firefighters that saved her thirty-seven years later found. That's pretty cool, also delivered he's. Let's take takes of those stories like he knows the conversation. Right here. Yeah, he was there. Yeah, yeah, UTA dog, two months I got That's awesome. Story I saw that, too. There you go. That's what it's all about. That was telling me something good. Show. This story tells us from Las. Vegas Nevada a couple was arrested after stealing thirteen million dollars from the healthcare system, and they would brag on instagram about all this money. They're making Aston Martin private jet. They bought for nine hundred thousand dollars jewelry. They were committing fraud. The whole time and fought in it and instagram is what Po police onto him. If I were stealing thirteen million dollars. You WanNa. Hear a peep from me about the money. I was making these guys. The fact that we're smart enough to get thirteen million without people noticing but dumb enough to posted on social media. One of his quotes on Instagram was. I'm not doing a business. It's new I'm doing a new way of doing business. In instagram Ghana, Oh all right. I'm much. Bonehead story the. Day. It doesn't matter how many times I've said it before, but your home is where you feel good. That's where. The heart is especially now because we're home so much, that means you might be noticing things around your house. That need a little bit of improving well. That's why I'm here to talk about. BLINDS DOT COM, while not everyone has the means to do invasion. There are some small changes you can make. THANKS TO BLINDS DOT COM, they make it simple to shock, top quality, blinds, shades and interior shutters easily online order at easily free shipping window. Treatments are simple project. That really make you feel like your home. Is that much more? More warmer experts also say not getting enough. Sun Can increase the level of stress hormones in your body. You don't want stress hormones in your body. If you're nervous about doing yourself, there's no reason to be flying dot COM has helped millions of homeowners through the process with free online design help plus they guarantee the perfect fit. Who else is going to do that? BLINDS DOT com go to blinds, dot com to see how they can re. Imagine the look of your home today. BLINDS DOT COM rules and restrictions may apply. Friday morning conversation with. Chris what's up dude? How, we both have on Bass, pro hats. We didn't even orchestrating this. No, we did not. I saw on your instagram. That I think your son got a Gar with his hand. Is that True Dude so? He fishes every day out here off the off the beach. And I'm looking at right now as I speak, and so he goes out on a paddle board the other day. He's six years old. which is crazy as it is, he goes out and surf. As a I'm going to catch a fish with my hands and he does into the water comes out to handed on a with a fish head. I look like our fresh water God I've never seen one of the saltwater, but yeah, he he, he popped right out of the water holding. The fish is an incredible moment I've never done that. That's Funny Guy Chris Janson is on with us right now. I also saw you on instagram. on a boat with a big fish I don't even know where you are because i. saw you last weekend. We were together granted opry, but now you're back on the beach. Where are you right now? So I'm at my home in Florida I'm in North North West Florida up in the panhandle and We're just enjoyed it man, we fish a lot down here. by the way was great to see you at the operating appreciate the kind words, and I had such a really good time doing that in not thought it was great lineup, and everything just was just awesome, but We're here and we've been here since the sword, the quarantine started and you know we're just basically home based in here, and since we're off the road a little bit, it's been pretty nice man. We've just been spend a lot of quality family. Time together, so I just got done cooking a little bit ago and Kids are playing in and we're just you know I've been painting and just doing give doing normal normal everyday stuff. What is Your Go-to? If you're going to cook, what's the thing? I would be like all right Chris. You could pick one thing to make me what's going to be you know what I I like to I like to grill a lot so I would. Would probably do some. If you like chicken, I would do something like some chicken breast cutlets I like the black and stuff so that and if I'm GonNa Cook Fish, the fish you saw the big fish that you saw in the picture on the boat a lot of times I'll take some Cajun batter, but I don't do it like an deep fryer. Just do it olive oil on the skill so. I enjoy cooking. I mean most people don't know that I could but I. I enjoy it I cook a lot. Chris, Janssens on with us right now you know. And I washed to play the opry and you played to a room where there was nobody, but basically me sitting in the crowd, and I got a couple of questions about the Grand Ole opry one. You've played it over two hundred times now. I've played it eighteen and for me I'm like holy crap I can't believe. I got to play eighteen times and they gave me after I think ten. They gave me a cup. You've played it over two hundred. Do they give you anything at one, hundred or two hundred? What are the what the OPRY rules there? That's actually a great question. I never got a cup. I will be. I will be looking for that Coffee Mug Cup. I'm getting, but seriously when I was I got my first award from the OPRY. Whenever by me about number one? They gave me a custom plaque which was like a hat show Prim- plaque, which is awesome and one of a kind so that's cool, and then when I was fortunate to become a member of the. The opry you know I got a trophy in the in the you know the the whole deal that goes along with that I have the opry membership have an guitar like the signified one through Martin, and then but I don't have a cup and I don't have any special certifications for one hundred times. you know of course I. got some you know some flap, hands and high FIS and. But you're lucky to get the cup. I, that is cool Chris. Janson is on with us and you're thin guy, but what I hear is that you're working for the first time ever in your whole life. Is that true first of all? You've never worked out ever and then what Kinda to start now? Okay so. I, yes I within guy, and no, I've never worked out, but okay, so I am a huge Asmar nerd. Is the I I was like an ACM and Chiropractic and like. Schimanek. Healing sessions on Youtube and like stuff that people like laughing to comment sections on. I've watched that stuff I've been watching it before. It was like popular, though and kind of trendy thing, and so I found this chiropractor that I really loved on on Youtube. His name's Doug. Jason He's in Los Angeles and last plane out there, we we had this show at the Novo like a about a year ago now and on the way out to California I popped a re about a place on my chest in turbulence on the on the airplane, and so when I got there I needed to see somebody to try to help me. Me So. He turns out. He's a fan of the music and loved particularly by boat and drunk, and so he came out to the show set table, did the deal and he's been. He's been one of my guys. Now is turned out to be a really good friend and I and a great healer, but long story short he he does like these exercise videos, and all kinds of strengthening videos, and he has these slide the sports like things they put your hand down on all fours. You put your feet on the slides, and so he sent me some and I try to do honestly I, almost got sick to my stomach. Because I've never done it before. I never worked out before once ever, and so once I did it was just crazy, but I've been doing it off in a little bit. It's it's pretty fun I mean you know something to pass the time and I I figure like you know you always learn something new so I'm learning something new, so you're not like. Bench press or doing heavy squats. You're doing. I can't even lift the BAR I. I tell you tan man. You're Tana's crap out there on the beach man. Thank you man? I got this I? You know what that's. That's one thing that that I feel I got blessed me with is I'm I- Tanis Leeann I. Don't burn. Don't burn that bad, so you know so funny like all four of our kids are so different to, and you know like two of them ten and then two of them don't and so. It's a catch, twenty two and but anyway I I enjoy being outside I enjoy the outdoors and it's been. been a really great. It's been a really great time to be honest with you. Man Just bonding with my kids and Kinda. Just re kindling so many things that when you're busy, it's a blessing and a luxury, but when you're when you're not as busy, it's like we'll never get these times in moments back and so we're really trying to enjoy those moments. Take them for what they are, and we're having a great time doing right. Chris Johnson is with US and speaking outside. An all get to this in a second but Chris from small town Missouri from a small town in. Arkansas we have the same birthday. We have very similar sensibilities. We both love Bass, pro shop and what we were talking about the opera was we should do an outdoors contest against each other. With us with us, not winning, we'll do it and the prize will be for somebody else, but we'll match your skills versus mine to get grand champion now we're not actually going. Announce the contest right now, but I'm just putting it out there that we will be competing in outdoor championship Christianson a myself sponsored by bass pro shops that I am for sure to win. How'd you feel? What did you say you said I'm the I'm the most outdoorsy one That's awesome. Hey, by the way all jokes, aside I the. Is it a striper that she caught? It yeah, we were on an. Today to Percy priest, and they go striper again. That's a six strap. That's a six driver do like that's a huge fish. That's that's the first one. Ever. Know Striper yes I drive for me. No, that's I've never caught one. See Bobby one zero. It's like I. Don't know one thousand. I figured it was. Like washed Arkansas. It's what we do. My stepdad was a big instill as striper fisherman so. I actually want to go with you now to get I'm. I've I've wanted to catch one of those my whole career if you will, but we were out the other day offshore here in Florida I was teachers were online or not. Then I'll send you one either way. We went out with with my captain out of Destin. Florida awesome. We like forty miles out longest trip ever been on. A boat and it was super rough, but when we got, there was really calm. We've started dropping down then and and we fishing off some old wreckages and stuff and we. We were catching sixty pound Amer jacket was it was unbelievable? It'd be interesting competition Christianson versus me man. Much success can't wait to see again. When Times are little more normal good to see a last week and I'll talk to you soon. Thanks for everything, bobby appreciate it. Man All right. There is Christianity but. Kelly from the bass. Pro Shops and CABELA's studio on music grow the body. Don't show a lot of calls from you. Guys and we appreciate that so much. Eight seven seven seventy seven bobby morning studio have a new tagline for you. Guys Bobby in show keeping part of the voicemail alive since twenty twenty, you guys. Call us, leave a voicemail same number, eight, seven, seven, seventy, seven bobby I recently. Re added my voicemail to my phone. Because forever, I turned it off A. Voice Mail to semiotics, but now edited again because when someone leaves you a voice mail, it writes out the whole voicemail. You don't have to listen to it. Is that new or is it just new because Avenue voicemail and while I don't do anything voice now known yourself on at all. It's been there it was. Yeah well. Mine was two until like a week ago and I was like you know I need to be mature about this and give people a spot to leave their voicemail. Good for you. Only know how to check a voicemail. Here's Madison from Jackson. Wyoming Hi Bobby. Morning Studio I wanNA. Say That I, love you all so much I love the podcast It just brightens my workday. 'cause I only have about a five minute commute to work, which is amazing, so I just listen to I'm at work. To laugh a little bit about staying on hold I was on hold with verizon the other day for five hours, and then the lady Picone, says Hello, and hung up and I usually wanted to cry, but I just wanted to laugh at the fact, that only said forty five minutes I just feel like I was a trooper for that, but thanks for all this you do and bringing all their love when you can always. Thank you Madison. Yeah. That's a long time and that would be frustrating because I'm sure that was all just a misunderstanding anyway. Like something had to happen wrong that she had to wait five hours. And then you know that person didn't die. Call to hang up. anyway shut verizon I have. To cut myself risk. Let me say anything. Pile of stories, so body takes Stanley on walks no I, don't no. No, he doesn't like walked. We've taken him out a couple times, but he will walk a little bit, and because it's a big fad English bulldog to this, go I'm over it and plopped down in the middle of the road, and just lay there so well we do. We take them to places where there is a fence mostly the backyard, sometimes dog park, and just go have at it, and we'll run around a little bit, but not on walked to the lease for the most part. Is that fence time the highlight of your day? No. Full seventy seven percent of dog owner say that walking their dog has been the highlight of their day especially during Corinthian and say Corona, virus or not walking. My dog is a Lotta Times the highlight of my day I. Love it there were memes were during quarantine. Have, people, sitting with their dog at the window at someone, walk by, and the person would go now i. see why you do this. It's so boring. Freak out one walks by. Some people are admitting to even like sharing lunchtime with their dogs during this because they just feel so lonely and they set up their food while their dog has their food and they eat together I just a different kind of dog. He just doesn't give a crap about anything we're. We're trying. We're getting there. Okay, so cinemark won't require movie goers to wear masks win. Their theaters reopen, so some people were shocked by that because the just the place where you're in a room with tons of different people for. Two hours or so employees will wear masks, but not guests to be clear. The CDC still says it's wise to wear a mask when in public, but not if you're going to the movies well long as you don't sit near anyone. I know I would assume when they do reopen that it won't be full capacity and I don't have to I'm not going to get upset about people and their personal responsibility I. think if you WanNa, wear a mask. You wear a mask if you don't. That's on you so. I'm okay with it. I always see people with mass, though and I am grateful to them because they're carrying about other people. If that makes sense, you don't wear a mask for yourself. For the most part you are a mask for other people you know what has thrown me off when I'm driving and I look over and I see someone else driving. They have a mask on, and they're alone in their car and I don't I don't I. Don't feel I. Don't know why and I don't want to be rude, but do they not I don't know I just think they're probably not educated as to why people wear masks. Yeah. Look Yourself. Or else. I will shout out to Lego. They have pledged to donate four million dollars to organizations supporting black children, so they're just putting it out there that they're going to go above and beyond to make a difference and. That's amazing, especially a company that works with a lot of kids being the mom of two black kids I know a lot of times, toys and stuff that's offered out. There doesn't cater to flat kids, so I love that like I was doing this. What about representation with Disney cartoons? How do you feel about that, not nine? How do you feel it should? What should they do? But how do you feel about it personally? Do you feel like there's enough? I don't know that there's enough now. No, there's not enough, but it has that there. There's people that have been. You know already thinking of this and already been doing it, but I guess I'm going to start paying attention more to what the content is out there, but as a mom, I wanna pay more attention to what I'm letting. My kids consume what I offered them because I could be more intentional of making sure, we have a variety of races on our TV and I. Think no matter what your race is. You could do that with your kids. Or what raise your kids are, so it's on us. Parents but when companies make it easier for us. That's great all right there. You Go, I'm amy. That's my pile. Dad was amy's tile of stores. It's time for the good news. You. So Vincent Simone a ninety nine year old, who got Corona Virus World War. Two, that by the way recovered fully. Time to make it to his granddaughter's wedding, and it was very small ceremony given corona virus. There's only about ten people witnessing it all go down, and he was able to show up and surprise her. What was his name Vincent Simone? Like you say it. Also that someone ninety nine survived aside from the wedding. Too Big deals inside of that. Wow, I? Bet You stupid. Happy to have him granddaughter grandson daughter Amy Zimmerman Shoutout. Are there you go? That's what it's all about. That was telling me something good. Over to amy out with the morning, Corny! Rock. Morning, corny. Telephone proposed to his girlfriend how the telephone proposed to his girlfriend gave her a ring. That was. Morning Gordon. What's up with your dad? Well, I told you all that. One of the caregivers on his floor tested positive for coronavirus, which still doesn't this by the way, and are they keeping everyone in their rooms at the assisted living center? They pretty much are i. don't know what it's. GonNa like every Saturday. We've been able. We make an appointment. They have to schedule an appointment 'cause they don't want people piling. Piling on top of each other, they won't have enough time between each resident, and then people on the outside, and he comes down on this little window and sits in a chair, and then we sit on the outside, and we get to talk to him, and we've been doing ten am every Saturday which has been great, but that's the only time he leaves his room. And, then unless he schedules a walk, but it can't even be with me. It has to be someone that works there, but a caregiver. Honest floor did test positive for coronavirus virus and they called us to tell us. They said they would just be monitoring symptoms, but then I just got an email that they will be doing tests and we want him to have one. I had to sign the paperwork, so I signed it, so he's GonNa. Get tested on. They said it'll get administered Monday or Tuesday. For him, I assume so I. Don't know any other way I was like. Oh, this is really going to bother him a lot. He doesn't know yet. He doesn't know he I think he'll just think he's getting tested. I don't I. DON'T WANNA. Tell Him. This too much anxiety when this first happened and he had to pull, he pulled his feeding tube out, and he had to go to the hospital and he was so terrified that he was going to catch it. And then the anxiety he had. Mentally. especially with. Elderly people and when people have other health issues, it's such a concern and we need to keep him in a positive frame line frame, so not sold own them because i. don't need all. We've got. Yes, if he does I, mean Yeah I. Don't one of my mind is not even going there. He's negative. He's going to test negative. We're just doing what we need to do to make sure. But yeah I mean. My stomach dropped him. We got the phone call, but I'm still remaining positive. Because yeah, I don't know will. Want to think about it what we're going to do in a second is the question is what's something most people that have done that you haven't done. Think about that for a second. Oh. Okay, I got one like. Some of the was. Gone another country. Baked I never laughed? Yeah. Question is what's something most people your age have done that you haven't done. I'LL GO I. I have ever smoked or drank. Alcohol think most people. He's had a beer the big one. I've never smoked anything. Yeah, so I'm going to go. have it smoke or drink anything ever? I'm pretty straight edge. And the straight edge live. That's me, amy you. Never been pregnant. That's bouquet. That's a good one eight. Nine years yeah, most people I know of. Carried a baby. At this stage and know I have no idea what that feels like. ME. To women obviously, I'm going to go with skydiving I feel like. I'm not here to jump on your. Terrible why? Guys. Good example, most people have gone sky. But in this room. We have the question move. You're taking a survey of this room. Compared to the world. Guys. You all have guns now day, Morgan. You've been skydiving. Raymond skydiving got having not even thought about Steverman skydiving. Okay. Okay, sorry, come up with something new any most people have done for example. If I said Hey, I've never had alcohol. Who all here's that alcohol? Right? You want to. Give me a minute. Okay, okay I got one. I may have said this before I've never broken a bone. Okay, pretty good never broken a bone. To though. MOCHA but I think that's. Okay like one time we did this I was like. Gain. Seen It. Never murdered anyone never to jail. Okay. I have never tasted coffee. In my life never sipped it never I've smelt it, but that's it never touched my lips. That's crazy I mean until a year and a half Eddie added either. Wow that's that's crazy because people drink coffee every day every morning I. still don't like it. I mean I got sucked into it a dancing with the stars because it was the only thing drink and I was exhausted all the time. But yes, really rare something else you eight, right? There's another few comber. That's the one. He's never had. Pickles? It's not it's totally different. Cucumber is a cucumber pickled. Guys when you go to the store, you don't go and buy acute you buy. Cucumber and put it in a jar and. It? Is A hotdog a sandwich. Basically, what we're talking about exactly right, okay. lunchboxes never tasted coffee or Cucumbers. Hey Morgan number two. What about you younger than us? Well mine would be of never had a stake. That's a good one. Okay, WOW! You meet at what age. Up until I was eight, but I only have like a hamburger or something like that. Never tasted. Never try to stay. Would you eat estate? For any amount of money. Oh I like this I'm not try it like a bite of steak or like two hundred dollars. That's. Don't don't do that. Never go. That's it go. That's a lot about one hundred, and then you work it back. You know. Raymond. Audio producer bought a house. I've been always renting. It's kind of my style. My Big Rent Guy. Proud of that. Raimondo the guy. Yeah, that's good though but I. Think in how how old are you? Thirty four okay, but after the wedding, honestly, we're GONNA get a plot of land and then bill deal house. There you go and we'll put it up on facebook. Guys can ride on there something that most people your age have. There's not a wrong answer except skydives. Houses closed that you can get to a wrong answer there. All right thank you. Going over to Morgan number, two or head of digital. She loves food so much so that she created a segment about it. It's time for food world. With Morgan number to cracker barrel is test seen beer and wine at some of its stores in Yes mimosas are being offered, and they're coming in into flavors, orange and strawberry and I cannot tell you how excited I am about this now i. don't know what most tastes like, but I would hope that have cracker barrel. We're going to create a signature drink. That would be like a chicken fried steak Mimosa with like a big state coming out. You know how they have those drinks with all the olives coming out and like why could they not put? A piece of chicken Fried Chicken in that thing? Well those are bloody Marys. Could. Go well. That could definitely be a thing that comes Goma drinks mixed up all right. We don't drink. It's OK. Aren't they both red? mimosas, our champagne mixed with orange juice typically. Oh! What has tomato juice it bloody Mary. Vodka or other liquors I'm completely loss. Okay, but we have found out. Cracker barrel is testing beer and Mimosa all right? Thank you, Morgan number two. Was Food World with Morgan number two. Couple of days ago Raymundo told us about his wedding. It's coming up in October and his mom said Hey. Let's do our first dance to the song. And what was the song that she wanted reminder? It's the blessing by Kari Jobe. Here's a little clip of it. And there's background singers. There's another dude. It's kind of just a church him. But you weren't into this for your mom and use dance. I just thought it was gonNA. Be Kinda Awkward. Honestly it's really you're praising God and Jesus and me and my mom there dancing to it. It just doesn't fit really at a wedding. Okay, so, where are we now in this so I've told her hey. She's coming down in a week. I believe it is now and I said I'm going to. Put a playlist together a little mix tape. We're GONNA dance the five songs, and then whichever one we feels the best one. We're GONNA. Go with so you and your mom. We're going to do a practice dance to these. Heck, yeah if we can make it through the song, nobody's crying. We ended up feeling like we were kind of rhythm, and that's the song we're GonNa. Go with. Okay. Let's hear the first song that you're going to dance with your mom to this weekend. This is don't Blink Kenny Chesney. Just bad six years. Then you take a nap and okay. Okay quick. Twenty, the positives of this song are, it's not so slow that it feels romantic right That's what I still slow enough to not be dancing to the six flags song and. There's that and then the message of it right. Don't blink because you're GONNA. Miss a lot like that's positive to me and do think about Kenny Chesney don't blink. I I'm feeling it, but I don't know that it's going to be my pick. Even I've had the other ones I know that I'm voting for that. One I don't either I'm just giving the positives here because it's super slow ones for mom, son or daddy daughter get glow weird, but okay. Here's the second one meanwhile back. Mama's from Tim and faith. Meanwhile. Surfers, Bobbing your you like that one? I just think it's super cute? Boy I'm picturing raid dancing with his mom I like the vibe of this one better than the Kenny lunch revenue. How do you feel about this one? It's pretty much. My mom shows at supper. Ready. Force in the porch was on, so there's lyrics that's US right. I don't like that one as much though okay. Let's hear the Netflix. I would say this on the Internet is the most popular one so I thought. Why not put it in? See if it really is popular with us as well. It's I hope you dance Leeann Womack. He'll thing is all these songs are so good as song right? It's like looking at a bunch supermodels picking out which one you like the best. They're all fantastic, or it's to cheesecake factory and look in decided which when you're GonNa have I mean there are any wrong choices. Liked I like I hope you dance, because it's definitely not, it's a slow song. That's not romantic. It talks about life, Amy, you. I like. Meanwhile back at Mama's okay, that's my vote. We don't know the other ones yet. There's more there's two more. Here's a boys to men a song for Mama. Fold. Way Guys laughing at that one. Him Dancing with mum. Play One more this is garth brooks. Mom yet in this is almost like an album types on the really so it's kind a tad rough, but you still get the picture. Cry. Someone. Zony go. Break Initiative question your. More garth your wedding. Honestly. I didn't think it was going to happen. Because of touring and stuff like that, but krona virus has made most tours. Push to next year, so his schedule is pretty wide open, and he's a very good friend of my fiance's family, so. I would say yes. Fifty percent shot. He's going to be there. Is it weird to have garth there at the wedding? And you're playing Garth Song, or is that awesome? Let's be real with the DJ I'm imagining he's GonNa. Throw in a Lotta. Gar Song grew. ooh, okay, I'm torn between. Don't blink and mom by Garth, if guards there. Because, that will be. How baller would it be? The dance to a guard? Song is one of your song can guard looking on, and then garth goes. You know what he walks grabs the Mike and things along with it. Oh? That's pretty cool anything. One. I still sticking to my original one which was. Meanwhile back at Mama's anyway. Do you think about this? We may be over planning a little bit, but I've got the picture now with Garth. Just watching it down like this, and you're right bones. He grabs that Mike from the DJ and start singing next to them. Yeah, Mar, and so boy! He's watching, but then he takes his cowboy hat off. Put over his heart while they're dancing. And then he's so moved that he walks over and grabs the Mike and sing singing with the song the track, and then he tells the deep looks at the Dj with a little nod, and did you track all the way down, and it just garth seeing Acapella as ray and his mom or dancing. Oh, and then all the sudden. He's like. Let's do it and he goes. into the whole crowd gets up I'm seeing now, yeah. I. Bet you got raise wedding. I? Don't know He's a busy guy, honestly on his property, I mean. We're pretty much crashing his entire yard. They're getting married on garth property. A guard song ray wanted Bolo ties for all of us. It wasn't allowed, but yeah. Okay Right, let us know union. We're GONNA dance to them this weekend. It's a couple of weeks also works. We do that y'all. Let everybody know all right there you go. That's good I like that although. I'm Katie couric I'm bozeman Saint John. I'm an award winning journalist and I'm trail-blazing marketing executive, and we sound kind of full of ourselves, but together we're hosting brand podcast to help us look beyond our pandemic. It's called back to Biz with Katie and votes. Each week will interview the leaders and thinkers in industries from Tech Education to fashion and pop culture to find out how they're adjusting to this new way of life. Listen to back to busy with Katie and bows on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your favorite shows. Off It's time for the good news. A barber shop in Columbus Ohio at oozing ause hair designed, had just opened its doors after being closed for two months because a corona, Byron Woods the owner opened a hand addressed, envelope and inside was a twelve hundred dollar check made out to him from a retired schoolteacher. She was giving woods the stimulus money. She received from the government. What's cried when he read the woman's letter, it said Dear Mr Woods. Today is a happy day for me. Today I've been waiting for ever since I received my stimulus check. I wanted to give the money to someone who needed it more than me. Someone who would use it wisely. Someone who is worthy of some help I am so impressed and thankful for your giving nature, all you to others and for making me happy. That's into the letter. In addition to the teacher, several others made unsolicited donations and. Checks and he has given so much, and he's like man I can't believe it. People looked out for me, too, so I thought the story was great. Coming together and in helping the guy in the neighborhood there you go, that's what it's all about. That was telling me something good. There was a story about Alycia silverstone in that she takes baths with her nine year old son. And they've been doing this tour in quarantine. Now I don't have any kids, but. It just seems like when I was nine. I knew a little too much about what was going on. So it seemed a little weird to me, so I wanted to bring this. Some of the parents here on the show. Amy Alicia Silverstone her nine year old son. We think about that. I. My son is nine exactly and I can't imagine taking a bath of him. At all so I. Think it's too old, but that's just I don't to. Judge her for that nine comes in different sizes, and emotionally like even with my son, though because he's adopted and came here later in life and. was raised in an orphanage for the first seven years emotionally. He's a five year old so. Even knowing that about him I still don't let him see certain things or bathed with me or do anything like that. Eddie how old are your kids? I have a twelve year old, a six year old, a five year, old and a baby. Okay, wait think about your wife in your son at nine. No No, I'm just GONNA, go out and say no, no, no, no, no, and even the twelve year old for sure one hundred percent and get out of here. You're not going to see that and even the little guys five and six. It's just too weird. I, mean we don't. Want that and I feel like if they did see anything like that, they would just make fun of it and be like Oh. That's funny well. That's a good point. Yeah! That's a good point now. We're not doing that I'm not saying that she's right or wrong. Because I think parents parents in their own ways. But I'm just asking how you felt about that as parents and for me as apparent yet I would just say man that's that seems a bit old, but youtube both. Echo my sentiment, right? Yeah Yeah I and nine years old. If you're in school to that third grade. You kidding you. Go back to class at third grade they. Shower with your mom. I was reading a story about Tom. Cruise as well, and he wants to get back to make mission impossible seven, so they're going to quarantine for two weeks on a deserted air force base in England, he built an entire village, so some of the world's biggest stars can isolate together to make sure they're all Kobe free. These mission impossible's though as a side note are. Pound for pound. Maybe. The greatest series movies ever like what over that has over four. What's better than mission impossible that has over four movies. My, you're the movie expert. Fast and furious would be up. There Star Wars Rocky But pound for pound these mission impossible's. They're all good. Have you ever seen a bad mission impossible? The second one was in his great i. don't even remember I i. don't know, just ask you I. Remember watching I'd never seen anything until about five years ago and I watched them the first one on NFL. Stone Age, but it was really like nineteen ninety-five. They were like they were doing all the work crazy inventions. This guy's like get your phone out and push the screen and talk to somebody. You know they're all like crazy. So, but yeah, they're all going, but basketball is doing that to. Me To. See that the NBA. Now, what are they doing? There are going to Orlando and they're all going to. Isolate and play the season. They're gonNA play eight games in season and they're going. See them play the playoffs. And when you are eliminated, you go home. Perfect. Will your husband care and no, he wasn't a big NBA. Fan But since sports have been gone, will you care? Oh Yeah Yes, he will care I. Bet you hill care more about basketball than. Ever has. The easiest Trivia game and all the land. It's time to easy Trivia Amy lunchbox. Video Producer Morgan number two our head of digital. These questions are so easy. You shouldn't miss him. But it gets a little harder with pressure. Are you ready to go? Get it right. Stay in the game. Get wrong. You go home, amy, what city the first question an easy trivia! What city would you find the Eiffel Tower? Paris versus correct. Lunchbox who invented the LIGHTBULB? That's my boy Thomas. Edison correct. Eddie. What's the name of Mickey Mouse's dog? BLUTO corral. Even. Really talking to. A mortgage number two. Who is the first American idol winner? Oh. The first winner of American. Idol wishy born easy trivia. I was in school. And so, what it's known is so easy. There's been so many but number one I know, but she was young guy who was the first. I have -TUNI- ahead. On Kelly, Kelly Clarkson Carrie underwood. ooh, I season three seconds three. To Gary. Now Kelly Clarkson. You taught yourself out of it. Almost nobody loses in the first round. And there she goes all right. Easy Trivia round number. Two gets a little less easy. Amy What's the name of Peter Pans pirate enemy? In Peter Pan. What's the name of his pirate enemy? What? Captain Jack's barrel. Is. Peter Pan, Oh captain, Kirk! Knock. Knock. That was a mixture of captain, crunch and captain, Hook. One. What is the last name of the family on the TV show for house? Oh, that's A. Tanner's Tanner's. Tanner says the tanner. That's correct. Eddie how many inches around a foot? Twelve correct. Number, three little less easy. Amy What type of animal is Patrick and sponge, Bob. Patrick starfish! Correct Wild Amy. Schumer the first people to fly an airplane. Oh and That's not right the Wright brothers correct. Eddie, what's the name of the imaginary line around the middle of the world? That's halfway between the North Pole and South Pole. That's the equator correct just turning us on. It's easy trivia. They shouldn't miss any of these. Amy. What planet is known as the Red Planet my Gosh. Jeddah mother just didn't read read. Saturn has a ring on it. What planet is knows the Red Planet Mars. Red. Red. Saturn or Mars? Energetic mother just does not. That's for order I did. It makes me think of the planet. Mars Mercury. Not. Not, Pluto. Saturn. Ring Planet. Mars is you what's your answer? The answer is Mars. No idea how you got that. You know the smell I had no idea. What dinosaur had three horns on its head. What dinosaur had three horns on its head easy trivia. well. Three means tr. Try so I'm going to go with the little book that I read my kid from baby. Baby dinosaurs triceratops correct. Trend, thesaurus Nice Hey Eddie. Land to what dinosaurs thought to have the largest bite of the mall. Bite? Fun fact until recently I thought. Dinosaurs are fake. What I always thought whatever scientists being crazy. That's not that fun. It's not. Embarrassing. But I WANNA go with T rex. Aren't. Iraq gets a little harder now. We're getting to the middle middle ground here Amy Botany is the study of what France correct? LUNCHBOX! What's the boiling point of water in Degrees Fahrenheit? What do we do Fahrenheit is what we do we'll just try this. One number popped in my head I to twelve twelve is correct. Heard, that somewhere. Head. Here on the shadow ran a number, you say. Eddie going? What's the largest mammal in the world? Okay I feel like we've talked about this. Is One of the riddle me this. AMMO in the world, elephants are pretty darn big. Whales are big. And whales are mammals. Rhinos are huge. Now the dinosaurs are real. Elephant. The answer is well. You're out of the game. Man, was Eddie so good job. Okay. Wales have hair. Luga. Blue Well. What is what Beluga? WE SELL SO SMART AMY! What sort of animal is the video? Game Sonic. Only to correct. had. Let's how many ounces this is A. Question that you should know. In a pint. Leader Lemon juice, not. Leader. I'm getting a bit string beers at bad i. don't how many ounces aren't a pint? Sixteen ounces in a pound. Right. I don't WanNa pint looks like. Forty. I. Give me a forty like you're drinking up. Like Colt. Do you know how many outside of bio? Yeah, they're sixteen hit song. That's correct, hit or songs. She's calling her shot there yet. The winner of. The Trivia. A tricky one. That was a good. Game. Like, you said all your people. Just like to say that feels really good to win. Easy Trivia. People anybody many world in for you. Thank you to anybody that was rooting for me as you heard of her I. Thank you. So if you work all day, then you go home. And then from home you got to go back to the Jim. That's always a really hard thing to do so experts explained now. The humans are simply hardwired for laziness. When we go home after work, our bodies go well. We just finished a big task. We shall now shut down for the day, and that's why it's hardest to go back and work out after that they say you should just go and take your bag, and even though it isn't pleasant just. Just go straight from work to the gym. If you're going to go to the gym, our earliest ancestors needed to avoid too much physical activity, so they had enough strength for hunting and gathering, complete laziness during periods of the day was needed to store up energy, so we're hardwired to go, okay, we just hunter, gatherer, hunter, gatherer, Hunter, gatherer down time, and then not go back to hunter gatherer until it's time to go back to work, so it makes sense, amy. Yeah, it makes sense and I mean I can be I'm exhibit A. When I had a job. It was a back when I did sales, and I had like a eight to five I would have to go to the gym right when I got off work, or there's no way on days where I went home. Just go home stuff down change. Get a snack, then go no way. I never ended up back at the gym. So the encouragement is as soon as your day is over. If you have something you gotTa do, go to it. I'm a big believer to of if something is coming up and you dread it, but you know you're going to do it and you know at some point it's going to. Just started as soon as possible because that's sucky feelings going to eventually anyway, so just get it over with, and then you have the rest of the day where it's over. Injure not doing it and you don't have to even look forward to not doing it. That's it. We're done. Appreciate you guys be safe. Thanks for listening. Thanks for letting us be your friend. We'll see you on Monday by everybody. In bones y'all. Do you know what it feels like to change a diaper while wearing one. Does your sweaty face twitch when someone says you've got the pregnancy glow. Hi It's Katie lowes fellow Mama and host of Katie's Crib, a podcast where we have open and honest conversations about what it's really like to be a parent this season we've got power house. Guests like America Ferrera and Gabrielle Union. It's real mom's real talk. Real tired new episodes release every other Thursday. Listen to Katie's crib on the iheartradio APP, apple podcasts or wherever you re podcasts. I'm Katie couric. I'm Bo Saint John I'm an award winning journalists. If I do say so myself and I'm a hot to Trot trail-blazing marketing executive and we're very confident. We wanted to combine those business and branding expertise with Katie's natural curiosity to create a podcast responding to this moment in time, welcome to back to Biz with Katie and bows. Each week will interview innovators, creators and CEO's to find out. HOW ARE PANDEMIC PRESIDENT? President will forever change the business of Tekken Media Travel and Leisure Education and Sports, fashion and pop culture, because in many ways, this has been a really dark time, but it's also a time for reassessing recalibrating and finding the light. We're doing ten episodes, and you can catch them every Thursday, so listen to back to Biz with Katie and bows on the iheartradio APP. Apple podcasts, or where ever you get your favorite shows.

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Equine Forum - December 14th 2019

The Horse Racing Radio Network Podcast

1:59:16 hr | 1 year ago

Equine Forum - December 14th 2019

"From the rail to your radio this is a horse racing radio network the the former Jimmy Johns of Lexington studios welcome to the equine forum. Darna Burn Obama back along the insight. We'll test these suitable wire affirmed under a left hand. Weapons on the outside driving. Burmna Allahyar hips apart burns got an then Friday. Come closing does Rachel Alexandra simply phileas the US now. Here's Mike Penna. What a way to start your Saturday morning with those race clip looking back on some the top forces we've seen in the sport of thoroughbred racing? Good Morning Welcome to the Equine Forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network all presented by our friends at red brand fence. It's this of course the show that launched this great network and I am Mike. Penner Barron of the backstretch with you. Jimmy Johns of Lexington Broadcast Studios Ready to roll for the next couple of hours a bit of a quieter weekend at least on the well. We'll call it the Derby Prep Front Front There is one derby preps prep race points race for the two year olds left here in two thousand nineteen. That's the springboard mile that takes place tomorrow at Remington. And in case you're wondering yeah edging ever closer to the first Saturday in May one hundred forty days nine hours forty eight minutes. Well check that forty seven minutes and fifty six seconds. How about that closer than I thought to the first Saturday in May and the run for the roses? We'll be there all week long and we'll be there to bring you that coverage of the run for the roses here on the network in partnership with our friends NBC sports. It's in Westwood One. We'll do that again next year for you and it's a huge year coming up here on the network. I'M GONNA. You can go to our website the site soon. You'll see our entire twenty twenty broadcast. We'll have that posted for you But rest assured will be there for all three triple crown races the Breeders Cup so many of the big races in between and so many of the big races leading up to the triple crown in terms of. What's been happening this week? It's been a week where we get to focus on on some of the topics that are pertinent in the sport in the industry. And what I mean by that is that we just saw the University of Arizona his own AH race track industry program their global symposium on racing. Wrap up this past week. I'm GONNA talk to Byron King from the blood horse and just a little bit Byron. was there covering that event for them. There were several topics that were discussed. And one of the ones that we're gonNA talk about all of them but one of the ones that I want to make sure that I touch on with Byron for sure in that interview is it was titled a personal perspective of Racing's past present and Future Hall of Famer Bob Baffert Future Hall of fame trainer. Todd pletcher around the panel Amy Zimmerman moderated the panel and there were some interesting things that came out out of that some interesting perspectives from both Bob and todd in particular their stance on lasix and should lasix Be outlawed or banned in all jurisdictions. Should we not use it all. And I'll talk to Byron about what Bob and todd had to say they about that topic and so many others. The other panel. That was interesting was the panel that was comprised of horse players. It was called listening to the horse racing customer and so often in the sport I think we forget about that customer of ours. The horse player without the two dollar. Better we don't have a sport. This is a a betting game and we don't have a sport without the better. It's that simple. It's a unique element thoroughbred racing in in our industry and there was a panel comprised of several horse players. And I'll talk to Byron about what they had had to say about some of the things that racing can do to make the game better for those of us that bet on it. There was a track surfaces this panel an equine safety reform panel which is obviously a hot button topic in our sport today and rightfully so. So we'll talk to Byron about those topics in and more coming up in our first interview segment right around eight. Fifteen eastern Gulfstream Park has a huge day today somewhat of a Pegasus World Cup preview day. If you will five stakes races four of them are graded. You've got the great to Fort Lauderdale on the turf you've got the gray three Harlan's holiday on the main track. The favourite in there is going to be seven year old war story. He's still here. He's still running seven year old war stories seven to two on the morning. Line in the Harlan's holiday you also Bodey. Express voted expressed the horse. That was runner on her up as a maiden in the Florida Derby last year and also the horse that as a maiden unseeded hall of fame Jockey John Velazquez at the start of the preakness stakes earlier. This season Ron Nick lead is going to be here with me to handicap. Andy Capp all the big races from Gulfstream. Coming up in the second half of the show. It was also announced this week that Charlie Candy and Billy Reed have been named to the National Museum of Racing's Joe Hirsch Media Roll of honour essentially being inducted into the hall of fame on the media side of things and hard to think of two more deserving individuals then Charleston and billy remember. Charlie began in her career. Well she did a lot of other things before she got into the TV broadcasting side and she became a network broadcaster would. CBS Her first broadcast coming with the travers stakes in nineteen seventy seven and then got a chance to work on the triple crown broadcasts and the Breeders Cup broadcasts simply sensational national. She was the one who pioneered doing interviews on horseback. Billie Reed. Billy's a native of Kentucky. And he's probably most remembered for his three eclipse awards and working with the Louisville Courier Journal here in Louisville Kentucky. He also worked at the Herald leader before that people might forget that billy an accomplished turf writer highly accomplished and now we'll get his. Do being inducted into the media roll of honour named in honor of one of the greatest if not degraded Joe Hirsch going to visit with Charleston. Candy coming up right around nine o'clock eastern this morning going to talk to her about that honor. I called her yesterday at her home in North Carolina. And I had a chance to I can tell you. She is beside herself that that she was the one to get the phone. Call for this and I can't wait to visit with her. She is such a wonderful person and should be a great interview. Coming up. Nine o'clock eastern time going to visit with Mike Diaz my good friend from embraced the race. Many of you thinking about what to get that horse racing fan on your list right now. Well I can tell you embrace the race dot com is the place to go and Mike. We'll tell you more about it. And some of the things are offering for Christmas coming up later in the first half of the show and then our industry started the week presented by Stuart Morris also on deck will do that in the second half of the program program today so it's Byron King Eight fifteen. Mike Deane Xerez from embrace the race at eight thirty five Charleston. Candy with me. Nine o'clock eastern Ron Nicoletti handicapping the races at Gulfstream at nine twenty in our industry started the week interview toward the end of the show at nine forty. That segment Sigmund presented by our friend. Stuart Morris our poll question this morning. Here's what I WANNA know. I thought about asking you about industry issues news and I thought about asking about the springboard mile and who you thought was going to win that race. So let's do something a little bit different here this morning so if you go to our twitter feed at H. R. N. on twitter. I want to know quite simply. Where are you listening to the Equine Forum this morning? Where are you tuned in your city your state however you want to answer that question but where are you listening to the Equine Forum on the Saturday morning? Let me know a pass along those results as we move throughout the program here today going to get to a quick break. I'll come back and visit with Byron King talking about the racing symposium and some of those topics that were covered over the couple of days out there in Arizona. This is the forum on H. R. N. All presented by Red Brand fence manufacturing the V. Mesh and had non-client fence. You see on horse farms worldwide. Hello I'm Eric Camelback. CEO of the National H BPA thoroughbred owners and trainers know the importance of keeping their horse on schedule on the track and injury. Free even a small injury can result in losing precious time and serious money. That's why farms worldwide trust. Keep safe the Mesh offense from red brain. The strong Mesh Design Flexes on impact and reduces injuries. Keeping your athletes on schedule on the track. Learn more about keep safe be Mesh Rush. Horse fans at Red Brand Dot com tended equine and pet care products have been keeping world-class equal athletes. Happy and healthy see for generations. Keep your equal athlete looking and performing. Well what's next generation wound and skin care treatment along with nutritional supplements leg muscle care products products that sounds healthcare poultices topical AIDS in grooming products. VISIT TEN HORSE DOT com today in the national. HP is a coalition of over thirty individual affiliates in the United States and Canada comprised of thousands of thoroughbred owners trainers and breeders committed to the positive future of thoroughbred racing while working to increase its popularity and uphold the highest standards of Welfare and integrity stop by visit. CEO Eric Camelback at the National HP PA headquarters in Lexington Kentucky and see what the HP is doing for you. Airdrie Stud is proud to announce the arrival of great one winning millionaire preservationists the exceptionally talented son of Arch Foundation Mares courtly Diene Manatt on the top and bottom of his blue blooded pedigree on the race track. He was one of two thousand nineteen best taking the grade one Woodward at Saratoga Saratoga and historic suburban Belmont Park that reservation has has one suburban by four and a half lakes over Catholic. Boylan Abo- preservationists keenest another exciting. Addition to Airdrie Stud stallion roster think about it. Introducing new dispensaries shared the upside program for twenty twenty cold front whole front. Does it again. Why Wrigley Field in the Amsterdam? The world class miler retires with more than one point. Eight million dollars in earnings and owns a rare five graded stakes wins at five different distances and racetracks cold front winds at for the US now available for inspection and offered for a limited time on the share. The upside program. Tom Cole Front Mine. Your potential at spendthrift farm the breeders farm okay. This is Nascar I listened to rn. Ram You're listening to the Equine Forum Fund. The horse racing radio network presented by rebrand fence. Coming coming to that but the in Kency side things to Seapaul fake they did oh got his second third lake. Yeah no announcer roles there are the way Larry calmness. Does he have the call the Breeders Cup. Classic Vino Rosso defeating McKinsey. Todd pletcher Bob Baffert. The trainers of those two horses is respectively and this past week. Bob And todd sat down for a panel that was moderated by Amy Zimmerman at the university. Arizona's Race Track Industry Program Global Symposium on racing and Byron came from the blood horse was there to cover it. He brought you all the information and all the news used very very well. And he's with me now here on the Horse. Racing Radio Network Byron Good Morning. Good morning my thank you for the kind words to say that. Yeah of course course now that you know for those of us who weren't there being able to keep up with it through your articles on blood horse was very helpful and there were looked or no shortage of things disgust into talk about at that symposium and and you had your hands full going through and covering all of those. Let's start with the one that I just mentioned. It was called called a personal perspective of racing's past present and future Bob Baffert Todd pletcher sharing their thoughts on a variety of topics. What were some of the things that stood out to you Byron well They began to kind of recalling their careers and both of them were Went to the university there. But the the meat of the The whole session. There was when they got into topics of Medicaid and both of them support The elimination of lasix. Not so much because I think in baffles. Casey expressed a bit of a fatigue over it. He's kind of tired of hearing about it and in in Fletcher's case. He mentioned that he thinks it would be worthwhile from public perception standpoint. So I think a lot of trainers they see a positive today six in terms controlling bleeding but they also understand the many many issues that are facing the industry right now and that was one of the main takeaways from their paneth. Aw That's interesting that you use the word fatigue. When you talk about Bob Baffert his stance on lasix? I think many of us in the industry probably feel the same way and I I get. Todd's take two. I guess from a public perception standpoint. Although I would argue that I'm not sure that the average fan really understands what goes on in terms of the medication that's used and and there isn't much of it used in our sport today but there are a couple of things What else did they have to say? What other topics did they did? They address I think one of the issues that both of them feel is that many trainers are being blamed for what happened in California or for that matter any breakdown that happens and one of their key takeaways is. There's a whole team of people that are involved in a horse from its days when it's The Mayor Erin the stallion or bread until you know win. It makes it to the race traffic and they talked about transparency and everybody kind of essentially doing the right thing. They're the end users as they acknowledged but at the same time we all have a responsibility to do the right thing as opposed to you know looking in in a short term view and maybe looking for profits more so than say the welfare the Horse. So that's Bedford mentioned. which was kind of interesting? It's you know he said that. Now there's so much. Breeding to cells opposed to breeding race. There was a higher percentage years ago and so now he compared it to you know. They're baking their pie but they don't WANNA eat pie. Meaning the the breeders because pass it along so I think both of them feel feel a sense. That trainers are being blamed for many of the issues that are going on currently yeah one of the quotes that was in the article. You wrote that people can go back to blood lead horse dot com and read all of your articles from the symposium but one of them was Bob saying that the situation in California. It was like a wildfire that got out of control and we didn't know how to put it out. All we did was point fingers at everybody. He went on to say now. I think we've got it a little bit better contained and I guests that that's probably the way most people look at it. At this point I would agree. I would agree. I think you know they made a lot of dramatic changes out in California California particularly in March and of course even till today. We don't know precisely the reason for the rash of breakdowns. I mean we know there's a combination involved but it's very hard to just point a finger as it was the race track or it was medication or was this. It was that so many of the changes they may. Hey were widespread and I think that Kinda for flex in in Bedford statement. That they were you know. Try Try and literally everything And perhaps on some of these issues it may not be related. But it's very hard at this point to say specifically what Are the key elements that did contribute to the rash pounds. There was also a panel that was comprised of horse players that was called listening to the horse racing customer. And Yeah I know that quite often at the symposium they will have horse players come up and address the audience talk about different things that they feel can be done to to support the people that support the game and that's the betters What did you take out of that panel Byron? Well that panel in my opinion was a little little more weight as fresh as some of the other ones because it was a lot of the same topics that have been discussed previously for example things like lowering the takeout got and things of that nature. But having said that you know the reason we're still discussing it is because it really hasn't happened Very much so oh these guys that spoke on there and it was a very well informed. Smart Panel you know they spoke about you know really listening to the customer in terms of okay. Let's make make this game. More appealing Pat Cummings from the survey idea. Foundation was very sad. That horse racing in terms of wagering product is like stale bread compared to fresh bread of of sports wagering. And you know when you look at the difference in takeout. One Bet is superior to to the other in terms of there's a smaller rake On a sports plagiar- or at least a traditional one. And you know we talked about. We have to make ourselves more appealing in the marketplace and that includes things such as transparency having stewards explained decisions. Having you know put people on like trek superintendents to describe how a track is maintained taint so for those people that are you know looking attract bias those kinds of things and of course they they mentioned take out and and desire to have it lower and then someone from the audience Naturally a lot of the audience members at the symposium or restrict executives brought up the fact that you know at Canterbury years ago they took a pretty dramatic step in reducing takeout and they did not see the benefits impact. They took it on the chin. Pretty good so I think. There's a very much a reluctance in in the industry to have across the board takeout Reductions they might you know put a low takeout on a pick four. Pick five something like that. But I don't I think there's a whole lot of support They leased as I'm taking the temperature of a wide across the board reductions. Talking with Byron King From Blood Lead Horse. He was at the symposium on raising Arizona. This past week and Did a great job covering it and Getting those articles out there at blood horse DOT COM It d g get the sense Byron that when you listen to the various panels and in particular this this panel here talking about the reduction and take out what some of the players would like to see done. Do you get that. The industry will listen and that real change can come about from these conversations. Well well I hate to sound cynical because I've you know I would love to see it happen But I think in some of these instances Do a great job of talk and not necessarily implementing it. At least that's been my you looking at it over the years I think you know ultimately ultimately what it comes down to on a lot of these issues is people have to see the horse players. Want a better bottom line obviously right and so do the race tracks so so I think the race tracks want to see returns that they can feel comfortable about so I would say on this particular issue. We're going to need just see. Some horse player really need to embrace these lower takeout wagers. I think if if change is really going to happen and for the next step you know to move forward There's there's no doubt in my mind that when you see certain takeout wagers and when you have carryovers like in pick five or something people really step up and you know really support those wagers and I think you know those that will be the key needs to be going to special. I think both sides for her changed to happen. On this particular point you mentioned Pat Cummings with a thoroughbred idea foundation being part of that panel. I I don't know if this came up at all in the discussion Byron but I'll I'll bring it up now. He the thoroughbred idea foundation had sent out a press release. I guess it was last week I thought this might have some merit. Jim Jim Nance the longtime CBS broadcaster had offered some ideas to the NFL about a Fischel reviews and the challenges that we see so so often now that had become part of the game and he said that he thinks there ought to be cameras in the room when the officials are going to the replay booth going back to New York as it is and so that the fans the viewers can watch the officials. Make the decision on whatever call as supposed to just coming back and saying the call stands or the call has been overturned and not giving an explanation and the parallel they were trying to draw with a thoroughbred idea. Foundation was is that is so so often in this sport we have stewards who make decisions. I La in the Kentucky Derby this year and the decisions are never really explained and and I think that that is a point. That is a big sticking point to a lot of players especially if you have money on the horses disqualified or even vice versa. You'll why what what was the thought process here into how transparent parents in the sport which is something we're always bragging about and and saying that we need to do. Then you know I think that may they have some merit. Did that come up at all. In that conversation we did talk about transparency with Stewart decisions whether or not it would I don't recall it being being in that much detail. Yeah that sounds really interesting to me. I think it's and we've seen I think in some other jurisdictions in other countries as we've seen cameras a little bit in the room with some of these seward's and I think it's a good thing and anytime you show people The process involved breath assuming the people are doing a good job. It will Restored degree of faith. I think in the whole system. I think that's what horse there's players want. That's what anybody wants with an official that you know. They want some accountability there and they want to see done thoroughly and efficiently and all those those kinds of things. I would certainly support that. I think that would be a very very good thing. I think you know there's a reluctance I've seen this over the years with some stores that you know. They WANNA make their decision but they don't necessarily want to defend their Decision and I think clearly there needs to be because or players are disillusioned with many of the decisions that go down or the lack of consistency between race track and racetrack. Yeah many of the racing officials that I know and the stewards that I'm friends with wouldn't WanNa hear that but I think that you know I think it's a bad idea at all You know especially if VR GonNa say that we want more transparency in the sport and we want to cater to the horse player into the fans. This is one way to do it and I know that. I don't think Jim's idea the idea was met with open arms with the NFL. Either but It's it's something to talk about. And it's an idea and it's kind of thinking out of the box and I don't think it's a bad thing Byron King with me here on the Horse Racing Radio Network Byron what other topics or comments stood out to you over the course of the racing symposium. What are the key an interesting of pieces with a mattress Mac or to macphail who is as everyone? Most everyone racing house owned run happy and has promoted that stallion. He spoke he was a popular speaker. He talked to on a wide range of topics From his days in the furniture business he spoke about marketing during one of the panels and he of course for those of Your listeners that follow baseball through the years. He made some sizable butts on the Houston Astros and at some promotions involved With his furniture store and so he spoke about the marketing and I think people were very very much interested in what he had to say. I think people tend to really either like Jim Maggot. Vail quite a bad love. You and there's a little over the top and so he was a fascinating panelist as were a number of the others of you know they had some track surface discussion ocean Michael Dickinson. Who is the proprietor of to Peter Footings and and you know we talked about synthetic tracks and and whatnot and and that was interesting along with the discussion about dirt surfaces so they covered a wide range of topics. And unfortunately I couldn't attend them all. That's the teen or fifteen. Yeah it was. I've been there before for multiple symposiums and they do a tremendous job Did you get a chance to play any golf. When you're out there I did not? I did some hiking however it's It's such a lovely outdoors Corona's a really spectacular place if he loved the outdoors and I I did get enjoy that a new record for loss balls on that course that they have out there uh-huh by where they do the symposium it's a good one and and Certainly I within been playing more in the I'm sure my shots would have landed in the desert more so by Renqing. He's a busy man. He's got a lot to get to later today. I know you've got a what. Is it a basketball game for your your son. Is that right actually. I am a referee a referee so so I know a little bit about those stewards. How they feel you know you're if you're a basketball referee alert real quick nobody's Typically happy we hold. That was a heck of a good call call. How old are the kids that you're you're going to be officiating today? I think today they're middle schoolers. But I've had everybody from high school two Middle School School And so it's a fun little side thing and You know get to enjoy a little bit of basketball and have a little fun. Yeah wait a minute there's no instant replay okay. You don't have to go to the monitor with the final two minutes or whatever it is right now I do not do that and You know I don't have all those perks. High end guys got a long way to go before I could get there. That's for sure. Well Byron King is a busy man. I'll let them go byron like like all of our guests who appear on the program. You're going to receive a gift. Courtesy of embraced the race. It is the apparel for the horse racing lifestyle and will encourage people to go to embrace the race dot com up to where what they love. Today we'll get that out to you and happy holidays my friend. Thanks for being here this morning. Thanks keep up the great work love listening. You show you guys do a fantastic job. All right thanks. Byron Byron King here on H. R. N. AGAIN HEAD OVER TO BLOOD HORSE DOT COM. If you want to read all of his articles from the symposium Really did a good job job making you feel like you were there as you were reading them. And you kind of get a sense of what was being discussed Over the course of those couple of days Speaking of embrace brace the race Mike. DNC Perez the man who created embrace the race and is now the owner of the company is going to be with me in the next segment looking forward to that visit Charleston. Candy coming coming up at nine o'clock Eastern Time Ron Nicoletti nine twenty eastern to talk about All the big races down at Gulfstream today and then our industry star of the week presented by Stuart Morris at the end of the program Ask people to let us know at H. R. N. on twitter where you're listening to the equine forum this morning and the response is starting to come in. Now we've got Gauche in Kentucky the man who hosts our co hosts are Brisk Net Dot Com Colin. Show the Duke of degeneracy himself at derosa tuning joining in from Goshen Kentucky New York City Lexington Kentucky and Just received an email from a listener. Who is tuned in in Deridder New York? So they're coming from everywhere and I want to hear from you. Where are you listening to the Equipment Forum this morning to at H. R. N. on twitter to let we know if you're not on twitter then all you have to do is send me an email Mike? It horse racing radio DOT net. Now Pass along those responses as we move throughout the show here this morning it is time for your Lexus. Legends of the TURF. Brought you every Saturday at this time by the Lexus door of Lexington you go see the great folks the Lexus of Lexington. And they will take care of you if you're in the horse business. I Promise Promise you that the Godfather Tony Osteo. He doesn't incredible job. He's been in the business he's still involved in this great sport as the Lexus Door of Lexington. Go see them. This is your lexus legends of the TURF. This man during his lifetime nearly nine hundred years was synonymous with the thoroughbred racing. As best as anybody anybody could portray it. He was born in Fredericksburg Texas July thirtieth eighteen eighty. That was the year the Great Hindu was a two year old and a horse named console when the Kentucky Kentucky Derby over four rivals earn thirty eight hundred dollars are subject ran away from home at the age of thirteen to become a jockey he started as an exercise is boy but war silks in a race at the age of fourteen. That was long before he became a licensed Jackie. Although he had ridden at the age of ten at Weill County fierce in Texas he never felt he was a good writer but he had eleven hundred seventeen recorded nonsense scored with one hundred twenty three winters a few of those against selects of immortals. Tod Sloan and snapper garrison. He got too heavy a ride by the time he was nineteen and therefore he ought to poor training to get his license at the age of twenty in one thousand nine hundred he settled as I wonder in Nineteen two-horse name what Thomas at New Orleans on March twenty first between nineteen in two and one thousand nine hundred sixty nine. He said one thousand nine hundred ninety three winners and colluding the winners of more than one hundred major stakes as last winter was as a four year old. Filly named heartland one would speech. You're by about eight hours before. He died on April third nineteen. sixty-nine this first stakes winner was is Bo. Claire who took the Washington Cup. Bending 's racecourse in their Washington DC nineteen seven he went on to train three Kentucky Derby winners in one triple crown winner the latter was the Great Club Foot Comet assault in one thousand nine hundred forty six and the Brown and cream soaks of the king ranch. He settled venture to win the nineteen thirty six derby twenty two one and another one for the king ranch middle ground in nineteen fifty. He had a rather unorthodox method of training horses to say the least. Most trainor would not dare using apprentice rider in a classic race. This man did it twice in the Derby and he won both of them and nineteen thirty six. When Ira Hanford on bold venture? daringly fought through very tight quarters to score by a head over brevity and in nineteen fifty when then sixteen year old. Bill Buluan kept his mouth on the rail to save ground the whole trip. Yup and said the best you've ever trained was grey lag and he went on to say the grey lag may have been the singular best he it ever seen. He had bought him. As a two year old from the wizard of the turf John e Madden and race them until three when Harry Sinclair bought him for sixty thousand dollars dollars and unheard of price at the time grey lag. Racehorse in Clarendon ranked coca stable from then on. He was reluctant to use superlatives but he did feel his best S.. Sources besides grey lag were Sarasin and assault is greatest loss was not grey lag. It was stymie or nearly a million dollars after being claimed for fifteen fifteen hundred dollars he liked to bet on horses and at one time said quote people like horses like bet on them. People who don't bet on don't belong to racetrack end of quote. He was elected to the Racing Hall of fame in Nineteen Fifty nine and was honored by the thoroughbred club of America in one thousand nine hundred sixty one even even after a heart attack in one thousand nine hundred sixty one. He went on to be leading money. Winning trainer in New York at the age of eighty. Seven eight nine thousand nine hundred sixty eight. He won forty nine races aces and that year he trained gallon boom. who was juvenile titleholder of that year? He was stoop shouldered. Walk with a bit of a shuffle with his hand. Always thrust forward Boorda's if something of extraordinary interest was to occur just in front of him. This is truly great trainer when shuffling off so to speak to the great paddock in the sky. April third one thousand nine hundred sixty nine as an octogenarian at the age of eighty eight he was the man from Texas Max Hirsch Visionary Design this Arro- performance and imaginary technology. That's Lexus when every detail. Every moment at every emotion is crafted by Lexus. It leads to amazing experience. Artistry Than Inspires Design that compels and engineering that excites this. Is Mike aac Pana and I can tell you personally. As Alexis owner the enjoyment you'll experience from driving any of the Lexus model lines is unparalleled. visit the Lexus. Door of Lexington Lexington today and see what I've been talking about for nearly fifteen years. The people truly make the difference. Lexus has also been a longtime supporter of the Horse Industry with the Keeneland shop located at the next door of Lexington and through their sponsorship of Keeneland Lexus Raven run stakes each fall. Remember when you go to the Lexus store. Ask for the Godfather Tonio talk horses at experience. Amazing in your brand new lexus. Bloom racing started by former jockey and thirty five year racing industry veteran Jeffrey Bloom. Bloom racing offers racing partnerships bloodstock services pin hooking and private race management pulling away from come dancing participant. The others midnight zoo leaves no doubt today she won the Phipps. Ed had experienced the fun. Excitement in exclusive access of racehorse ownership with bloom racing forming racing partnerships. Now get in on the action at Bloom. Racing Dot Com with twenty four individual winners four stakes winners and eleven stakes horses. Champion elect freshman sire. American Farrell has made a stunning start. Start Stud the two thousand fifteen triple crown. Champion is developing into a truly international sire with winners and six different countries. American Farrell also became the sire of the highest his price for sold anywhere in the world in two thousand nineteen when his yearling. Filly out of Leslie's lady sold for eight point. Two million dollars at keeneland September to Mandy Pope with there's woke nearly full hurry and call the team at Ashford to book your mayor before it's too late I'm speaking with Joe Brown. Nicholson of Nicholson Insurance. Agency Joe can you explain how the claims process assess works knock on wood. I haven't experienced a claim recently and hope I never will but what happens when Mike after we were notified by the insured of an accident or event we will submit a claim report to the company giving basic details of the claim a claims representative will then contact insure to walk them through the claim settlement process ask most claims are settled promptly efficiently and to the complete satisfaction of the insured. Well that sounds fair. Basically the insured is buying an insurance policy the which is a promise to pay in the event of a covered claim it also provides peace of mind absent of acclaim. That's the way it works. Thanks Joe for all your equine equine in general insurance needs call. Nicholson Insurance Agency at eight. Five nine two two four seven zero eight zero. You GotTa Know Joe the Yawkey Orlando Book I take. You are into the whole racing radio network. You're listening to the Equine Forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network work presented by rid brand fence. Baranov the backstretch back with you in our Jimmy. John's of Lexington Broadcast Studios WanNA welcome everyone back throughout North America and around the world tune into the forum. This morning asked people to weigh in Eh. Well just let me know. Where are you listening from on this Saturday morning and so many people responding on our twitter feed at HR and other people emailing me? You can do that. Mike horse racing using radio DOT net. Welcome Craig in Hudson Wisconsin. Steve Merrick Long Island. Tom pinehurst North Carolina. Mike tuned in in Lewiston. New York Connec in Edgewood Florida Stephen Covington Louisiana and King in Atlanta Georgia and just got new in Paul Tuning in in the car in Forest Park Illinois and appreciate everybody being with us here this morning all over the country and don't forget if you missed any portion of the program. All you have to do is head over to our website that's horse. I racing radio DOT net. You can check out the podcast of this. Show all of our programs at your leisure horse racing. Radio Dot net in horse racing radio network on Apple podcasts as well another great way to keep up with the program Speaking of PODCASTS. This past Wednesday I had the chance to visit with Merck can kanter Mogae. Who is a trainer that is really making his mark with the claiming side of things in New York? He was part of our trainer. Talk show presented. Good bye facing Tipton. You can tune into that show every single Wednesday night here on the network from six to seven eastern but if you missed it Merkin a native of Turkey who came. I'm here with his family to make a name for himself and he's doing it in. His story is fantastic is a a very unique talent outside of horse racing. But I'm not going to let the cat out of the bag. You have to go back and listen to the podcast if you want to hear a more about Merck can't but it's all there for you on our website at horse racing radio dot net somebody. The else who is listening. This morning is well. At least I think he is. Because he's joining me on the program right now is my good friend Mike de Barras. The man who came up with the concept for accompany you may have heard of. It's called embrace the race and he's with me now I guess Mike Live from Lake. Placid New York is that right. Yeah right on. I'm looking at uh the high peaks about a block and a half from the world famous Nineteen eighty three and Yeah taking a quick break him all day shipping. I think hockey coaching my son. So Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you. Michelle on everybody out there. Yes same to you. My friend and I know that this is a very busy time time for you. Not only with the business side of things but you do have the children that are getting into different sports and eat mentioned your son. Mikey who is up there in lake placid. Now we're getting ready for the hockey How do you keep it all together? My friend how'd you keep the business going and keep the family life going all. Its four simple simple letters. J. I L. my wife it's She she helps She doesn't help. She keeps them altogether. And and Both worked in and seeing the and then obviously you've got a great staff in our warehouse and on On a main store yeah on Broadway in Saratoga that that really You know one of the great things about this year so much. Customer interaction fulfilling for US comes about as automates. You betcha you get email after phone call. People say how much they loved the product and how great the staff is so yeah. It's much like racing. It's takes a family so so Little are literal family. Embrace race family helps get it all done so deal with people that listen to the program on a regular basis. No that all of the guests who appear on the show receive a gift courtesy of embraced the race and it is. It's one of those things were when I say that I can say it with pride because I know that when they received their gift card from you and they go to the embrace dot com website. Or they stop into the store on Main Street and Saratoga. They're going to know that they're getting a quality. The item and I know that when I say it so I'm very proud to be able to have you associated with horse racing radio network and to have your brand associated with what we do. It's a pleasure it'd be part of it my friend. Well those are saying that Mike. Yeah you know when we created the brand years ago you know the the the simple idea things very linear thing thing it said here's rating saying that's got an amazing Wonderful history an amazing Emotional fabric to it. which is that spirit rid of of of of always striving to settling next man up? Go forward all of those great analogies you here at the track and at the barn on racing being broadcast on your show every week and and We just we just set out to create a brand that would embody that represent that and to your point you know we. We tend to a major league to to say hey well not only represent. The sport will be the sports brand and the way people people respond to it is great and we put a ton of time and effort into making sure that the quality and experience in the style and of course the logo which is absolutely Louis one of a kind just is so so so recognizable people you know. Call us all the time now and say hey. I was in an airport in Chicago and I saw embrace the race in. It doesn't get any core cooler than that. No I see it everywhere especially at racetracks. Is You know. We travel the race tracks all over the country and all over the world in some respects. And it's it's rare now to go to a race track not see somebody that has embraced race logo on whether it's a shirt or a cap or tie whatever it might be. What might what types the things are you seeing with the brand and the customers I guess emotions would be a good word for that. Yeah leaves a great question. I I think what we're seeing is the chief things and learn a really unique situation right because we're at the intersection. And Oh you and I talked about this a lot. We're at the intersection of your industry. Folks were regular enthusiasts. Your in your for lack of a better term more more impassioned Day to day enthusiast. And then we also have the audience that we sold which is that audience that is less connected stay connected but not connected on a daily weekly or even monthly basis. They just have a one this image of connection to the to the fluidity and spirit of Racing say you're seeing across the board is is that there's a tremendous belief in the fabric of what racing fans were. There's a tremendous belief in the the beautiful connection between horse and human and there's a tremendous belief in the celebratory Style and and and the band and a mooring aspiration around racing. We really don't hear a lot of what's obviously the elephant in the room. Some of the negativities activity. That's going on and and I think what's interesting is is that I think there's almost an acknowledgement that that. Hey you know sometimes thing happens. Maintain needs to change that we love this. Anyway it's really cool and we're going to show the world. We love with embraced race. And that's the warning for us because we feel like an industry perspective every attention works out of our store itself a ups package at their centre embracing raised and they put it on and they wear it not only to the track but they wear it to work. If they wear to their hockey game they went to dinner. They weren't to the boardroom You know what that's hoping racing and that's helping everybody I don't have an official countdown onto Christmas In terms of minutes and seconds and all that kind of stuff but I can tell you that we are eleven days away from December twenty fifth What types of of gifts when people go to embrace the race dot com are still available to be shipped into be there in time for Christmas? Mike Yeah Mike really all right now not probably even Monday or Tuesday of next week. We're we're pretty good on shipping just about everything You know we've got some amazing new sweaters that just came Mansa new polos looking ahead springtime and of course a lot of the recent world. It's it's warm weather anyway right so that warm weather gear is still very relevant. Three sixty five days a year so a lot of great sweaters some cool winter gear obviously Winter Asom Nice match. It's the jewelry collection of outstanding for for for not only head that cufflinks money clips for him And then there's a lot of five with items you know like drink wear and and all caps and ties and teaching so obviously the list goes on and on And and we like to say we're we're going to beat Santa to the While we're gonNA stick are down stretch. AH WE'RE GONNA get him. We like them but we'll get them. We'll get it. We're going to get to the wire so you can check it out on. It embraced the race DOT COM bubble looking ahead to next year. What are some things that folks can look forward to other some new additions or some some different things? Maybe on the stallion breeder side of things you like to get involved with that area too. Yeah we're seeing a lot of A lot of folks connecting with US already reaching out enquiring. You know obviously stallion teasing shows. You know get going right after the you the chairman of the year and You know what one one call came in and said. Hey you know we've always given items you know really emblazoned with our foreign name understanding name all over it and then we we wonder where they go because we never really see on again and we know yet. People are stallion because she's in sold out so we started talking and and we're creating A home collection embraced the rates collection around. A you know a couple of stallions Dalian's a couple of bears certainly always done they sing partnerships and that whole ideas and You know putting yourself your name. Your stallion on embraced the race. And you know there's always time and a place for barn gear but obviously embrace the race is not that and we help ensure your name and your stallion and Near and far in conversations or wasting the track in lifestyle environments more. You know in in a way that that that that born here never will. So We'd love to talk to you know your audience REACH OUT RACE DOT COM and and Talk about how we can help You know promote yourself bigger stallions and breeding operations nations racing operations and and you know honestly promote racing law visiting with Mike Dean Sarah's from embrace the race here on the horse racing radio network again you can go to embrace the race dot com to find the perfect gift for the Horse Racing Fan on your lift list. This holiday season might just if you bear with me for just one second our poll question. Today I was asking folks to weigh in either. Send me an email or go to at H. R. N. on twitter to let us know what part of the country what part of the world they might be listening to the Equine Forum this morning and the responses that have been coming in quickly and WANNA welcome mark who tuned in Cincinnati Ohio Hank in Austin Texas assists and Larry who is tuned in listening to the equine forum from Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina. Happy to have you along for the show. This morning Mike I have to ask you about your son. Mikey you mentioned you're up in lake placid. You're getting ready for the hockey. I can remember a couple years ago when you had your rank in your backyard byard. mikey would come out dressed in his. I guess it was his Boston bruins uniform and he would stand there with his stick at center ice and he would not start skating until you played the national anthem at them and he would stand there and kind of wobble back and forth like the players do in the NHL when they play the nationally. And does he still do that. Do you have to the national anthem. The way before he can skate. Integrate memory will go without it. He does certainly make me laugh. standards to the ice running but Jeff he's nine now and and playing in hobbiton absolute ball. Thanks like I said about four letter word Jill. I'm able to coach and and and work as well and between he and his sister so feel. WHO's thirteen on all girls team right here in Saratoga Springs and and doing great competing beating on the Competing on the New York State New England level doing wonders for herself. She's got a double header tomorrow. So we're we're busy family between mean horses and hockey and it's a great combination we. Obviously you know there's a ton of connection we've talked about this between You know pucks and ponies horses and hockey and all of that Lucia kind of Folks around both sports that have that common connection And Joan. I really enjoy getting to see them. Compete Hockey's a wonderful sport much like racing. You can't do it all on your own It's always next up next cursing up and we think it's a great way to should've teach the kids not only how to skate and have fun but compete and be a part of something bigger than themselves so we do everything we can support him on that and Get a little hectic. Come Christmas Christmas time. But but it's worth it's worth every second if we blankets another five years and he won't even be able to stand on our back rank and so there you go yes so true. Well Mike Good luck with the with the hockey. Enjoy the holiday season with the kids. Merry Christmas to you and Jill and give those kids a hug from Michelle. You guys. Merry Christmas to everybody. Nhra in and in the racing world embraced relates in generally A wonderful safe holiday season. Everyone all right. Thanks Buddy Mike. Dina's here on H. R. Again again. Embrace the race DOT COM is the place to go and great people. They work really hard and they do a phenomenal job. And you will feel good about the gift you give to that fan on your list because the products everything across the board first class quality products no doubt about it. Welcome to Connie in Saratoga Springs New York letting US though that Connie is tuned in here this morning and again you can let us know where you're listening and I'll try to pass that along throughout the program at H. R. N. on twitter or shoot email Mike at Horse racing radio DOT net. And just let me know where you were tuned in anywhere across the country anywhere around the world here this morning our two coming up next. I'll get you set for that when I come back. This is the forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network your home for racing's biggest events power the passion Z.. Winning by Neg also gains waist. Down Cara Conti A three-time great one. Winner including a scintillating wind and the Breeders Cup Mile in one thirty two and four this recording a one fourteen beyer speed figure from from the top knee Arcos female family. His third dam is the hugely influential champion. Me Ask Keira. County was precocious group one winners a two year old and has already already sired three first crop stakes winners and to additional stakes place. Two year olds including kids. I warrior the group. Three winner remains undefeated in three starts in England and Karen Conte has commercial appeal with two year olds having sold two major staples for one hundred fifty thousand three hundred sixty five thousand and four four hundred sixty thousand dollars Cara copy as the performance pedigree and physical at stance value priced at ten thousand dollars at gains way I Tony Hey Matthew. There's a reason why Tony steaks and seafood is my favorite restaurant. It's because I wanNA feel part. The family isn't that right Tony. That's right there's a saying on the wall that I truly believe in. There's always room for one more at our table. We just want you to be part of our family and and believe me you will be. It's Tony steaks and seafood. Right across from Triangle Park visit them at Tony steaks and seafood DOT COM learn the business of horses in the world's only accredited equine business program the University of Louisville Equine Business Program the University of Louisville. Well has a legacy of excellence for more than twenty five years of equine business. Education classes are taught by industry experts in state of the art facilities located in the heartland of America's America's Equine Industry the University of Louisville Equine Business Program. When it comes to horses we mean business for More Information Visit Business Dot Louisville Dot Edu D.`you slash equine? It's time now to shine the spotlight on the Darlie taking the reins performer of the week. And that now in front that I dare you quality heat. And on the outside stretch the story Antoinette Wednesday off the Turf Tappin Antoinette. The two year old daughter of Darley's stallion hard-spun scored. In that one hundred thousand dollar tappin. Stakes Act would last week to become hard spots second two year old stakes winner of two thousand nineteen along with great to Saratoga special winner. Green Light Go. He has been a pretty good year for heart. SPUD and that makes Antoinette your Darlie taking the reins performer of the week. Darley's stallion hard spun is dancing last grade one winning son who sired more first crop stakes winners than any other stallion before him. Only Kirwin can top hard spun ends four greatest stakes winning three year olds in two thousand nineteen and he's currently number five on the general sire list. Learn more about hard spun and all the Darlie stallions by visiting Darlie America Dot Com. This is Larry Coleman and you're listening to the Horse Racing Radio Network you're listening to the equine forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network presented by rip brand fence field of thirteen. That are all ready started wrestlers improbable settling out of the expressed before the job start. Unseated John Velazquez right up to the gate. Well I'm going to do a show looking back. Some of the top top moments of two thousand nineteen as we edge towards the end of the year here in two thousand nineteen but I just thought that was interesting because I I don't know if you defined that as a top moment of two thousand nineteen probably not but John Velazquez coming off the maiden body express at the start of the preakness stakes. That was Larry Comas. who had the call as as part of our coverage and as part of the NBC? Television Broadcast Your Body Express. That was it was a moment only because people actually elite. We're looking at body expresses being a major player in the preakness. Even though he was still a maiden he had run some bang-up races including in the Kentucky Derby And then Johnny was not happy about that. I can remember on the coverage catching up with him afterwards and he was ticked to say. The least and I can't blame them not happy. See with the maiden Bodey Express and the reason I wanted to play that because Bodey expresses back in action later today at Gulfstream Park in the Harlan's holiday part of Eight horse field that includes war story. Who is the seventy-two morning actually second choice on the morning line? Excuse me behind. Prince lucky who has two to one who will be ridden by John Velazquez for Todd pletcher this time Bodey expressed gonNa be ridden by MSEL hair. Mio Yeah interesting stuff. That's a big program down there at Gulfstream. Today it's a Pegasus World Cup preview. If you WANNA look at it that way because of the fact that Prince Lucky Bodey Express Express probably war story to will all be trying to make their way to the Pegasus World Cup at the end of January. We're going to be there to. We'll be there to bring you that coverage exclusively here on the horse racing radio network so make sure you join us for the Pegasus World Cup and all of our coverage in two thousand nineteen but Ron Nicoletti will be with me in the second half of the show to preview the great steaks action at Gulfstream. Today there are five stakes races. Four of them are graded. We'll try to get to all five but at least will bring you analysis of the four graded stakes Ronnie so so good in notches handicapping. But the way he tells the story and his is knowledge of racing down there at Gulfstream Park. He's been in south Florida for a very long time so I'm looking forward to that. visit coming up in the second half of the show. That'll be right around nine twenty eastern or a couple a couple of minutes after our industry started the week presented by Stuart Morris not going to let the cat out of the bag on that one just yet but stay tuned for that interview should be a lot of fun at nine forty eastern time and coming up in just a couple of minutes going to be joined by Charles eat candy. She and Billy read both inducted into the National Museum of Racing's Joe Hirsch media. Roll of honour. That's a big deal I mean and you think about the people will that that do this for a living on the media side of things. Billy Ray Charles. He can't he as deserving as anybody. Anybody great choices for this year's meteorologist honor going to tracy coming up in just a minute hour number number two straight ahead right after I pause ten seconds for station identification on the horse racing radio network from the rail l.. To your radio. This is the Horse Racing Radio Network Victory Gallop astill buddies coming real quiet. Give worried vic drake wake real quiet. One hundred twenty running up the Kentucky Derby this possible for Jimmy Johns of Lexington Studios and welcome to the equine forum except thirty seven years. Now here's Mike Peta welcome back hour number two. The equine forum arm presented by Red Brand fence here on the horse racing radio network. Mike Pana Baron of the backstretch coming g once again from our Jimmy Johns of Lexington Broadcast Studios goes right here in the heart of the Blue Grass Lexington Kentucky. Happy to have you back with me for the second half of the program and it is going to be a busy second. Half of the show final Hour of the program before we get to that though want to let you know that if you missed any portion of the first half just head over to our website. That's horse racing radio. Wpro dot net and you can also access our podcasts by going to apple podcasts. Horse Racing Radio Network is the way to access those archive shows shows at Apple. My interview with Byron King in the first half of the show talking about the symposium on racing and mighty and Sarah's from embrace the race all part of a busy first half of the program and looking forward to our number two poll question today asked listeners to let us know this is Pretty simple where are you listening to the show. Where are you listening from this morning? Anywhere in the country anywhere in the world and want to welcome Kent and Fairfax Virginia Eric in Lancaster Pennsylvania. And somebody who goes by road warrior in Staten Island. New New York all tweeting to us so many of email the show to Mike it Horse Racing Radio Dot net to let us know where you're listening will continue to pass those along throughout the second half of the show. Well I told you that Charlie candy join. Billy read in being inducted into the National Museum of Racing. Joe Hirsch Media Roll of honour honor this year and I can't think of two more deserving individuals to receive that honor and pleased to welcome Charles. He can't eat the program program now. Charleston welcome the horse racing radio network. Appreciate the time this morning. Absolutely Mike. Glad to be with you. Good Morning Good Morning and let me get this out of the way right off the bat go navy. B- Army is that right. Well said by Terry family will never sponsor this show again. I did carry it. I have a good time. I'm going back and forth about that but it's it's navy's third to beat Army this year. They've had three years in a row. It's time to give it back. You know I went to the game for the very first time in my life. Last year froze my tail off but it was such an incredible experience. It's one of those things that if it's one of those bucket list things if you're GONNA go to a sporting event this this is one of the ones you have to attend it truly is. It's like everyone must see the Derby. There's an emotion and a feeling at nobody loses that game. It is just really a powerful thing to do and if you can go but Lord Bring a stadium blanket because he's always so cold certainly as well Charles First of all congratulations chins on this tremendous. Honor Tell me about the moment when you got word that you were going to receive the The Joe Hirsch Media Roll of honour. Oh my God I I was just stunned. I cannot put into words how Florida was when the call came in and I'm still in disbelief that it is happening in and the first words of course anytime something wonderful happens to someone. So we'll menace like this. Is You say you're honored and you're humbled and indeed. I am but kind of after after the shock wore off a little bit. I felt a tiny bit sheepish. Because there are just so many deserving people I mean you look around racing and everybody who covers racing Randy Moss. Andy Johnson and. Tom Durkin the scores of women who have become so solid and so brilliant what they do for thoroughbred racing kagan brighter. Donna Donna Brothers Brittany Urine. I mean it's it's just such a thrill for this recognition but there's so many people so many people do such wonderful apple things in the media. You are credited. Charles is being the person who really came up with the concept of doing interviews on horseback and we see Donna brothers doing that now. On the NBC television coverage we see it on some other programs. It's become a thing. Do you look at yourself as being somewhat of a pioneer in that department well actually it. I didn't come up with the idea. I did wind up being the first one to do it. Started back in the CBS days. back in the except late seventies and Bob Fishman who was the producer of the show and they had an outrider New York Who's actually Wesley Awards? Uncle Jim Daly. Who would they had started to mike him up and he would collect the winter and they were able to relate a question to the to the Jonky and sadly sadly he died very suddenly not too long? Before the first Belmont telecast. We were doing that year and Bob turned around and looked at me and he shouldn't guess what you're GonNa do. That's how it started ordered so all credit goes to Bob Fishman who still of course doing CBS sports basketball the final four. And all that. And he's he's a legend in his game. So so That's how it started and it went on for me for about eight years eight or nine years and then when we switch from CBS over over to ABC and Kurt gowdy junior decided. Well we're going to do do it a little more. We're going to do a little something different. We're going to put a camera on your helmet now. Donna and everybody. Who Does it on horseback back? Now they've got a wonderful little tiny tiny emitters in cameras but in those days it was a huge amount of equipment. It was heavy and it was saddlebags and the whole thing and we we did it once at the Derby which was Nineteen eighty six. It was and and so snow. Chief had been the favourite in that race if I recall and What's his name? Shoemaker won the race on him The nijinsky Colt drawing a blank. On his he wins so we go to penalty co and we do the same thing again. Although now it's two strangers tacking up the pony and I'm in the paddock on foot doing interviews. I don't get to inspect do anything we run out. I jumped on the pony up. Stuff is all equipped and all on him in the wires. Attached etched this helmet that is latched to the saddle and the whole thing and so the horses break out of the gate. And I'm have to Gallup up to the end of the turn and as I go from from after the break and I go to the turn and my head starts getting pulled back which then everything starts slipping and sliding off and and I've commanders. To get the worst over to where the tunnel is there at Pimlico get off get off the pony and the valid in the paddock. They helped me get all that stuff collected. I mean it it. All the saddle slipped under the ponies belly and that I was able to leap off and hang on to him the whole thing it was it was one of these train wrecks so I picked the whole scoop of stuff up and I can hear Jim McKay saying okay and snow. Chief is a winner will go down to Charleston system almost through the paddock back the grandstand or the TV trek where piles of stuff on the steps. And I said the per gatty. I said no more horseback interviews for me ever so that was a short-lived section but it did start something. It's obviously today. It goes so beautifully and smoothly. And it's really terrific. You Know Charlie you mentioned the name like Kurt Gowdy and when you think about the people you had the privilege to work with the names like frank right and Dave Johnson and Jim Mckay L. Michael's Jack Whitaker You know just the fact that you were able would be around. Those notable individuals had to be pretty special for you. I would imagine absolutely was I mean to work with with Jack Liquor Jim McKay okay. Who just poetry is float off their tongues without any effort and of course? Tom Hammond was my my rock fabulous but I have to give so much credit today. Johnson because we started way back in seventy five with the racing from Ecuador Belmont Saratoga Local show out of out of narrow there and and and I had never had any television experience. I knew nothing and Dave and and the late frank right the two of them shepherded me and I kept. I really didn't look to be on television and now I was very nervous. Really nervous about it and it was kind of ordeal. I've got through every week. Although I loved being able to be up close and personal with all hello good horses and riders. But I kept saying I'm not GonNa do this anymore. David franquet close ranks around me. You're going to keep doing this. And then it got better and better but but to them. I have to give so much credit. The two of them. Yeah talking with Charles C candy here on the Horse Racing Radio Network Charlie when you when you. I've talked to so many people people over the years on this program that have received tremendous honors like this and oftentimes. They'll tell me that it's a time for reflection and they think back on their career and some of the moments that stand out to them so when you do look back on your career and everything you were able to accomplish whether it be in the early days when you were working for hall of fame trainers there's or afterwards when you got into the broadcasting side of things what are some of the moments that stand out to Charles de Candy well so many I don't even know where to begin again First things first what I was doing I I had discovered working on the backstretch and I just couldn't believe eight my luck that I was doing something that I would have done for free but it was my job and I was so happy back there. I love the backstretch I loved. I loved galloping horses. I loved being on the track. I loved every minute I step is still my fondest warmest memory Of working mostly in New York mostly up at Belmont and and and during the golden decade. I mean here's here's a moment for you you walking up the horse paths at Belmont Park which anybody who's been there and seen it is absolutely spectacular and I would walk. Walk the link to the Horse Path on on one white sources who they like formed stop and stand and look around even on the Horse Path and you just be standing there. Well they were kind of looking around and here become secretary. Oh few years later there goes affirmed. Then here's Seattle slew. I mean you. Literally brushing stirrup irons but the greatest sources who ever lived and and and watch them and see them every single day so on the backside that would be the most wonderful and glorious part of it on the on the front. Uh on the telecast I have a terrible habit of remembering the FAUX PAS I can't but being right in the middle middle of all that and being with with McKay at the Derby and being with Tom Hammond it's Derby I mean that that's always such a an emotional feeling when you know it's in five four three two one and here we are at Louisville for Churchill downs for the Kentucky Derby and people will say to me to this day. Well maybe don't know me. Or what have you ever been to the Kentucky. Derby and I I all I can do is to keep from laughing because you. You don't WanNa tell. Let me been twenty one times but it was always it was always a great thing to go to the Derby but you know where I really loved the best was coming to PIMLICO CO afterwards for the preakness because then it's distilled down into that nugget group who really you've cut away everything else and we're all right there in one barn and that's where you're gonNA run into the bill neck and and Steve Steve Hass Gun and and then in the day before they retired any reason and marriage averaging wall. who were pioneer women doing doing the coverage for The Kentucky papers. They're writing books. And you know that that I'm kind of exposure to everything is part and parcel of the entire television experience. Charles see I was reading that your first network television broadcast was with CBS. And it was the nineteen seventy seven travers stakes and I grew up in Pittsfield Massachusetts which is about an hour a little over an hour from Sarah. Uh Yeah so that was very special to me as a kid growing up and just getting involved in the sport. What do you remember about that day in that first broadcast? Well I happen to remember it well because it was a disqualification involved and I guess because I really didn't know any better all right just kind of jump right and I said well. This one's coming down. You really shouldn't say I wish I had some of the footage from from the old days Yeah I don't really have much of any footage at all but it would be fun to go back and look at that was that was I remember that well. It was Jetski wound up the winter. Yes that's right. Jesse was was put up the disqualification that what a way to break into the network television broadcasting side of things. Well it's true and you know the other another another funny memory was the first show I ever did And the reason I did it was because frank right had to go do some kind of race on the west coast and Dave Johnson needed somebody body and so somehow. I got tapped to do that. and Poor Dave here he is. He's hold the microphone in this. Look at that glass thing on the camera. I mean that's how basic it was and dat race that day on a Saturday was vosper. It was a sprint and horse who had one who had run Friday afternoon and those days we had twenty twenty four hour entries. He'd run on Friday afternoon. His name was no bias can remember that and he won on Friday afternoon and allowance race any wheeled right back and ran in the Vosper in one it. So they're the script was written that day so that became pretty easy And that's can't wasn't looked pretty amazing experience very first time on on camera. You know not only. Did you have the chance to be around some pretty special forces when you were doing the broadcast but you did when and you were working with some of the top trainers in the game and even your husband. Joe who had a chance to condition horses like Grade Winter Cox's Ridge and Temperance Hill. Who won on the travers? The Belmont the Jockey Club Gold Cup and the Majesty's Prince came along later on to. What was it like to to be around those horses and to see your husband have so much success? Well it was just you know that's a hard one to put into terms because it it there's the stress and the pressure. You worry about the horses you worry about the help you worry about keeping barn going smooth and then you lead them over there when they run like that it's the highest high on the world and when it doesn't go well it's the lowest low in the world then you go home and as he famously told me on. TV One day after Cox's Ridge one one racer aquidneck and I interview really weird interviewing your husband really so I said well. He did this and he did that. And the reset up. And we're talking. He said Yuppie ran good. He said but you still gotta go home and Cook Dinner. Says that it was back in the seventies remember but I guess the greatest one of those is the same story. WHA- tried out every time but it was such an amazing day and I thought about it when I saw Brittany's father setup Breeders Cup winter and she covers. She covers the story. was with T- Temperance Hill winning the Belmont. Nineteen eighty and and My infamous gallop down the stretch. Because I was expecting our son and I wasn't writing and so I had to run the links of grandstanded because they had me up to the quarter order pole and when he went by me obviously he was he was going for the lead and he was going to win it and so I just dropped completely. Unprofessional ripped off all the equipment. Everything dropped it there. You're and took off running and the the little there's a little wealth thing between the grandstand railing and outside -fensive track and galloped down there and all the people people all leaning over and Holler and you know insurance. 'cause I was doing the show locally there and everybody's sort of knew me and I got to manage to get back the winter circle just as their leading temperance in and I'm standing there just gasping for breath absolately gasping for breath. Jack Whitaker and Frank Kreider up on the little race podium. They were doing the show and two sets of arms. Lift me up plot me down on the ground on the platform and they turn to God. You one is what what did do you think how did you did you all know. Because he paid like one hundred and eighty dollars and it's that time he was about the third highest price winter ever and. Of course I look at both of them and I can't talk all I can do is go was just the most unprofessional performance. And it was just one of the most memorable days of my life. She is Charles. See Candy here on the Horse. Racing Radio Network Charleston. I know it's a very busy morning for you so I won't keep you much longer but give people a sense of what you're up to now and are you still involved in the sport anyway. D Do you follow it as close as it used to with Charles he doing. Now I do Mike I follow it. Maybe more broadly. I'm not studying as hard and keeping notebooks of of information in preparation for weekend races and so on but I certainly follow it very broadly. All I'm still in touch with all my good friends I'm on the Board of the Tracey Jockey Club Research Foundation which does enormously important medical research for the safety and welfare of the Horse. Anybody's ever sat on a horse weather. It's a Racehorse Racehorse Polo Pony Show Pony pleasure horse. A walking horse foxhunter somewhere along the way grace in his made that horse safer and more healthy for you so do keep that in mind and I just I will always love it and always care about it and always keep track track of it. And I'm I'm hoping that racing will turn around as a member of Whoa the water. Hey an alliance. I am hoping that we can get our central strong clearing place in the middle here and we get this new drug regulations and get everything. It's time for racing. It's it's across elsewhere and we gotta go there and I'm pleased to see the change in the situation with the whip there's a public perception that racing needs to be aware up because being outside the fencer this long and and kind of drifting anonymously through people who don't know me or anything about it and you'll hear comments well it's crew all those assistant so it's time to to really really step up all right Charleston. One final question for I let you go earlier. We talked about some of the moments that stood out to you in this. What is now a hall of fame career How about the moment or the the thing that you might be most proud of when you think back on everything you were able blue accomplish throughout your life throughout your career and racing? Well I'm N- needless to say. This is the most validating and proudest this moment of my life but when I think back to the very beginning when I first came around there were basically very few women on the racetrack. This was the late sixties. And there were so few women it was a it was a male bastion and of course it would have been given the timeframe but as I spent some time working on the track and about six or seven years later. I started doing that. Racing from program for naira and more women started drifting in in the early eighties and there was much more. The percentage of women on the backstretch really climbed and I had more gals come to me and say if my parents hadn't seen you on TV they wouldn't up until that point point they would not let me even think about coming to work at the race track but you open the door for me. Thank you and that's the thing that really really pleases me. Deep down inside yeah. We'll on on behalf of everybody who has like I myself included who has been part of this great sport on the media side of things Chelsea. Thank you is well for everything that you have done for this sport and it's been a delight to watch you over. The years is I was getting into horse racing. You were always a central part of that coverage and always so classy and did everything the right way. So thank you so much. And congratulations on the National Museum of Racing. Joe Hirsch meteorologist. Honor can't wait to see up up there on that stage. We'll get there pretty soon. Well thank you and I look forward to meeting. You and I will always be grateful to Joe Hirsch Turf Writers and everyone who made this possible Ospel for me he was he was a wonder. Thank you summer. Enjoy the army navy game. We'll do army. Thanks Charles Charles. He can't canty here on. Hr and what a delight What a delight and just to hear her voice again a bit as I was growing up watching racing on television it was Tom Hammond in Charleston? Candy Dave Johnson was there. I mentioned L. Michael's people forget Al Michaels was a big part of those broadcas ass. Yeah Al Michaels a big horse racing guy. Well how good was she. Charlie candy if you missed any portion of that interview just head back to the website horse racing radio dot net and check it out. got a couple more emails from people listening all over the country bobby in peabody Massachusetts. Welcome come to the program and this is pretty cool. Reese and snickers my two dogs and Myself Chris Listening Louisville they listen every week so recent snickers happy to have you along for the ride Chris Youtube but always nice to have a couple of the pups listening to go and get to another break. Come back with Ron Nicoletti live from Gulfstream to handicap. The big races down there. This is the forum on H. R. N. presented by Red Brand Fence Manufacturing V. Mesh and non-client fence. You see on horse farms worldwide worldwide. Hello I'm Michael. Blow and founder of old friend. Sergei retirement farm one of our highest priorities these living legends and safety. That's why the fence we trust us. Most at old friends is V. Mash keepsake from Red Brand keepsake features a Mesh to prevent hooves from getting caught and the Mesh design flexes on impact learn more about the quality safety and long lasting value of keepsake. Be Mesh corresponds by visiting RED BRAND DOT COM visionary design this Arro- performance and imaginary technology. That's Lexus when every detail. Every moment and every every emotion is crafted by Lexus. It leads to amazing experience. Artistry that Inspires Design that compels an engineering that excites this. Is Mike Pana and I can tell you personally. As Alexis owner the enjoyment you'll experience from driving any of the Lexus model lines is unparalleled visit. Is it the lexus door of Lexington today and see what I've been talking about for nearly fifteen years. The people truly make the difference. Lexus has also been a longtime supporter of the worst industry with a keeneland shop located at the Lexus store of Lexington and through their sponsorship of Keeneland Lexus Raven run stakes each fall. And remember when you go to the Lexus. The store ask for the Godfather Tonio Talk Horses and experience amazing in your brand new lexus. Deep in the heart of Horse country from these Kentucky Hills has sprung a legacy rival by from the old time grape. Said yesterday. A to the bridge shaping bloodlines of today. Our roofs hold strong the promise of tomorrow. For over a century our passion has is guided us to where we stand and everything we stand for Kleber and the tradition continues with twenty four individual winners four stakes winners and eleven stakes horses. champion-elect Freshman Sire American. Farrell has made a stunning start. At Stud. The two thousand fifteen eighteen triple crown. Champion is developing into a truly international sire with winners and six different countries. American Farrell also became the sire of the highest price for sold anywhere in the world world in two thousand nineteen when his yearly philly out of Leslie's lady sold for eight point two million dollars at keeneland September to Mandy Pope with his book nearly full. Hurry and call the not my Ashford to book your mayor before it's too late. I will hear enjoy listening to radio. You're listening to the Equine Forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network presented by rid brand fence. But it's a little Mike who's GonNa try to take them all the way little. Mike Turns for home in front bike to get stormy on the outside comes Blue Street battle of hastings got caught in traffic little. Mike took edge. Bow Street is coming on the outside. Aside here comes blue streak little Mike at the rail blue streak today outside. These student wire booth street are a little. Mike knows is up artist. Part of the Finnish smart bid was third. And it's close for fourth. Larry Combs with call Little Mike Winning the two thousand eleven renewal of the Fort Lauderdale Gulfstream. Of course he would go on the following year to win the Breeders Cup turf so a race that has produced some pretty darn good runners yeah no doubt and Looking forward to talking with Ron Nicoletti coming up in just a few minutes. live from Gulfstream Park Handicap. Some some of the big races at least the greatest stakes touch on those including the Fort Lauderdale in the Harlan's holiday all of those big races down in south Florida today. And Look. You have horses. That are trying to get to the Pegasus World Cup. Not just the Pegasus World Cup dirt race but yet the Pegasus World Cup up turf. Both of those races Looking you'll see horses on the docket today that are pointing for those races. No doubt about Ron is awaiting our call down there Florida. We'll try to get him on the line now. Don't forget. Let me know where you're listening today. That is our poll question. Russian we have had people chiming in from all over the United States in really happy to have you on board for the Equipment Forum this morning mark is listening right. Here you're in Lexington Kentucky and Scott with a tweet to US listening in Thompson Connecticut Saying how much. He loves New York racing. So thanks for being aboard happy to have you guys with us here. This morning Our industry started the week comes up after Ron Nicoletti. You WanNa make sure you're tuned in for that should be right around around nine forty eastern time. Maybe a couple of minutes after looking forward to that as well no Ron. I'll make sure I give you the right phone number for him. That's been known to happen here. Before we are efforting Ron Nicoletti for you here on the program and hopefully get a chance to talk to him about these big races. Sounds Ron Nicoletti. Now we'll get a chance to him all right so horse. Racing Radio Dot net is your home for all of our podcasts and horse racing radio no network on Apple podcasts as well now the place to do it. Ronnie is indeed with us now here on H. R. N.. Ronnie Good Morning. Good morning today. I'm good pal. How's things in south Florida good? The weather's pretty Nice looks like it's GonNa be a great day with fast firmly. Always love that. We've got six hundred thousand dollars guaranteed rainbows the spice food so good. Yeah and lots of great racing. I mentioned earlier in the program I was talking about the five stakes races. Four of them being graded and I. I kind of called it and tell me if I'm wrong on this but I called it a Pegasus Row Cup preview type of card is that right. Yeah that's basically what it is because horses you you know like Forty expressed looking if they take to run well here. What are you express Pegasus? So it's actually a prep day for them so These races of course come up really tough and really exciting to handicap speak closer stalker so makes a pro fun day but a lot of questions will be answered answer today. Yeah isn't that big carryover always helps to you know trying to take down the rain before we dive into these racist. What's your usual approach? When you're putting together a ticket get on a day like this for the Rainbow Six? What depending on how deep your pockets which is basically what it is so well I tried to try and find I try and find that single and you know somewhere in the race where you can go deeper and other races if you get like the last two lifetime claim her on the grass that he wanted to go deep there you know and like I say when they guarantees up to six hundred thousand dollars? I'll put an eight ticket together beat ticket so of course that I singled I might go to deepen their take a couple of other horses out of races. I wasn't totally sure over and You know clutches you WanNa put him in the guys with the beauty is even. It's not impossible for guy like maybe the mile that that that to get that one unique single ticket but you could get grants you know then. Fifty seven bucks these things come doc. Great if you don't get the million dollar tickets so great yeah. It is a great bet and it's an opportunity if you don't have a big budget to maybe try to make a score For just a little bit of money so it's really cool. Let's start with race number six. That's the first of the stakes races. Six furlongs on the main track. It's the grade three three sugar. Swirl how'd you see that one running the number thirty go for a third consecutive victory get to distance seven score of years. You just been incredible. Incredible she shipped up. Bill College. The opium sprint on that You know synthetic surface. They have up there. Of course. Jason Service Pokka Lopez going for the hat trick lady's island and you sorted lady's island run up in up in Saratoga just blew the doors of the competition so it looks like David speeds beat them going Which makes me think that I got to give a second look their stormy embraces back in the barn of Back in check Florida's. I just thought that this run welfare for Stanley Gold is back in his bonds and working well and that wants to come off the pace all right the rate capping Ah Kathleen O'Connor. Yeah the race following. That is the my charmer now degraded stakes. But I know you've you've taken a look at it so I don't mind asking you about it one mile on the turf you mentioned. The weather's gorgeous so it should be fast in the turf. Course should be firm. I would imagine yeah today and the my trauma Yang wanted to raise it to me the best race on the card interest. This was great three last year. Shock we would you say already steaks and then we realized that it was only four of the five. Chris you know you have Mitchell. wrote an bill mind is getting at Class WANNA say. Today you know flattening Out finishing eighth behind the next couple of forty that was in that first lady Kaylynn towards looks like wants to be there Mitchell road and you got out figures going going back into states competition and Munchkin money who's been good from upstate. Great running so I liked venture. Well that's the one I'm thinking of maybe absolutely and the rainbow sick. Yeah days like this with a championship. Meet if you don't get excited over these races and these types of horses being there. You're probably not a racing fan because because this is a tremendous day in south Florida at Gulfstream Park The great three Rampart will follow that one one mile on the main track in another other pretty solid field in here Ronnie. Yeah this one was a little tough action. What an eight to one shot on top? And that's paid cents. Stretching out to the miles per about the mile race is a win a couple of seconds and a third rally late to finish that was in that hundred thousand dollars. I think it was Pumpkin Pie at Acworth doctor. That Life Nice came out great produced a trill of next out winners and just one of those was back in the second grade through go for one more point on the. I see this horse sitting behind the speed of course trained by you know shook mcgahee. You can't go wrong with that with a little bit of a price me stories in the vases cookie dough. This one got confused with this one goes back to the Stanley goal bonded just interesting. He's been raised. Translate this one is the story of the race. But I'M GONNA go tweeting on there too. I think pink Sanders. Let's get that little bit of a price. Yeah I told you he's the best. He has his finger on the pulse of all these horses down there in south Florida he is Ron Nicoletti. Live from Gulfstream Park here on the Horse Racing Radio Network this morning Rani that brings us to the Fort Lauderdale and this is a race that has produced some unbelievable horses earlier. I played the call of Little Mike winning this race in two thousand and eleven year before he won the Breeders Cup turf yet. Silver medallion win this race. You had 'em shoe wish. Last year it was yet last year was shining copper under Jose Ortiz from Mike Maker who won in this race so there have been some really good horses to come out of the Fort Lauderdale like November beginning at time and one of the races. I love each year. Is the Fort Lauderdale for all the reasons you mention this to on the card and I just think it's another great race I went with his mission. Pursuits debut locally rally twit stirred affluent APLIN. That was in that river city handicap at Churchill sell a point of injury trained but Ryan Lynch. He's another one gets the pace. Then I think is going to be good if you watch WASCO ocean races this year. I got my head handed to me in the first couple of days. 'cause this winds up speed at ghost very fun to speed you win the the race track is not playing that way on the main track and even if it's not only closes but it's been sort of fair so I didn't get that speak they. I usually get the first couple of weeks. So when you're looking at these races and I don't work with Channel Cat and that races turnabout tonight and this was you know one. What's it was like bricks and mortar? You know in the World Cup. I don't just once you get the shortest distance. I'm a little confused going Nice. Even though the scores Corp has a win at the distance yell it should be interesting. That's the Fort Lauderdale. It will be followed by the final race race number ten which is not the final race on the program but the final re greatest stakes of the afternoon the gray three Harlan's holiday purse of one hundred thousand to three year olds and up going mile and a sixteenth on the main track. Prince lucky is going to be the two two one favourite todd pletcher under John Velazquez but all eyes might be on the horse that John Velazquez came off of at the beginning of the preakness stakes Bodey Express. Who is two for two cents losing Johnny v at the start of the preakness well? I'm the big biggest boating express fan. I picked him at the preakness work at the previous every year. And I was up in horses taking a little bit. Funny gump's Johnny at the start. So that's sort of been in the fourth quarter instead. It's exceptionally well in principle. Keep the ones the teapot forty express. I think answers to questions today. This horse like we started at the top of the show this cool. It's good enough to be in you know packages are. That's where you're going to get that answer. Today would vote he expressed. We're GONNA find out and should be a great day of racing in south. Florida will see a body express can get done in that Harlan's holiday and move onto the Pegasus. This is World Cup Ronnie any updates on any of the horses that are pointing for that race in late January or is it still a little early early actually trying to find out yesterday. Ah I think we might even get a list today who might be pointed at a so You Know Omaha. Beach is the big name that we hear is going to come here. You know instead. Come soon and then stay alien to the you know the Pegasus but we gotta wait to see so and of course forty spreads is being there you know. Maximum securities points for that. So that's read up coming here so no Ronnie check your email because like all of our guests who appear on the program. We're going to send you a gift card from embraced the race. The the apparel for the horse racing lifestyle and will encourage people to wear what they love at embraced the race dot Com and Really appreciate you taking a little time here this morning. I know it's a busy day. Hey for you so I'll let you go but thanks for being here my friend and happy holidays thank you. Don't tell them. Oh Michelle I will buddy take care of. My girl. ACACIA down there. Where he's right next to me right just came in with a big mouth opened up at the ferry? Hey I I know that all too. Well thanks Ronny. Let here on the Horse Racing Radio Network. Yeah one heck of a handicapper so pay attention into the picks and the horses he taught about in that segment. And don't forget if you missed it head back to horse racing radio dot net check out the podcast get to another break. Come back with your or industry star of the week presented by Stuart Morris in our next segment. This is the forum on H. R. R. N. presented by Red Brand Fence Manufacturing the V. Mesh Asia and non-client Pants. You see on horse farms worldwide Casselton. Lions is proud to introduce precocious multiple greatest dates winner Protonix for the two thousand nineteen breeding season. A son of giant's causeway out of a p Indy Mayor Protonix role to a twelve three quarter length. Victory in his view is a two year old. Before taking the great three Smarty Jones in grade three discovery handicap at three followed by an ultra game win in the grade to Ellie Sheba at Churchill downs in his four year old season protonics joins a castle to lions roster that includes multiple eclipse champion. Gio Ponti and Blue Bloods Printer. Justin Phillip Gio Ponti is the higher of Eclipse Champions Rape on Canadian classic winners are doubly digs and stakes winners this technicalities and America's Hale while Jeff and Philip is represented by exciting stakes winning filly safe to say and stakes place. Bronner's just just a holic flushing justice upset brewing Proton Icho Gio Ponti and Justin Phillip Standing at the Lions and Woodford fee or tradition merges with technology family owned since nineteen forty and providing exceptional customer. Service Switzer feed specializes in the highest quality using only the finest ingredients to ensure optimal nutrition for your horses in addition would be can help with all your needs including field seed fertilizer and we control to your horses spreading around the race track or has a full buyer side Woodford fee to provide the quality nutrition necessary to perform at the highest level level would feed for Sales Kentucky Chadwell farm home to world-class stallions presents two young stars Mohammed undefeated two two year old multiple graded stakes winner at two and three at dazzling son of tapping winner of his first. Five career starts or in graded stakes grade one winner. Tama Hammer coup winner of the Breeders Cup Dirt Mile. His son spice down was a top international. Miler that earned over one point. Eight million dollars Chadwell farm building speed for the future Adena Springs Stallion. Go Sapper the consistently brilliant sire of eleven percent black type winners including Breeders Cup champion and eclipse champion. Female Sprinter Judy. The beauty beauty one of the head ahead and I Santa Anita Handicap winner Shaman Ghost Shaman Guest underwhelming force and allow sixteenth mile in Whitney handicap hero Marino. A hundred yards from home and it's Marino Marino to win the wealthy you know score in two thousand nineteen go saffir is the sire of double digits stakes winners for the seventh straight year and his current stars include del Mar futurity winner Nuxie and three year old. Billy sensation wore Rana onto another impressive. Asa Voting here too for two and ACORN winner. Rana won the coaching club. American silver point of honor consistently brilliant go sapper standing at Adena Springs Visit ADENA STALLIONS DOT com. Hi this is Jackie Emma Jayne Wilson and you're listening to the Horse Racing Radio Network you're listening to the equine forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network presented by rebrand fans exaggerating has made a bold move. ooh All the way up to take second now in between horses coming after dancing. Candy Jeff behind them comes more spirit with five to make up than I will score and smokey. The image dancing candy turned for home. And he's trying to fend off exaggerated who's to likes behind second more spiritus fully extended dancing candies the real deal. He's in front. Two legs coming to the sixteenth baller detects a major step forward this afternoon. Dancing Candy wire-to-wire in the San Manfully faced steaks and there's plenty left in the tank. More spirit close wealth for second exaggerate or third uncle. Lena was four. That's Frank Vermoti with the call of the two thousand sixteen running of the San Felipe. Am Dancing Candy getting the victory that afternoon defeating some pretty darn good horses including more spirit than exaggerate or we'll tell you how that ties into our next segment. The industry started the week presented by Stuart Morris in just a moment but want to welcome judy to the broadcast. She's tuned in in Florence New Jersey listening from her backyard. We asked you as our poll question. This morning I asked to just let me know where you're listening anywhere in the world anywhere in in the country you still have time to do that. about fifteen minutes left in the show so tweet us at H. R. N.. Let me know where you're tuned in this morning or send an email Mike at Horse racing radio DOT net. You can hit me up that way and email the show and let me know where you're tuned in to the equine forum on this Saturday morning. Well I mentioned this next segment your industry star of the week. It's a weekly segment presented by our friend. Stuart Morris who offers Boutique full-service bloodstock operation and he wants to thank his owners his clients and his team. He knows his success is because of you and when multiple stakes sources over the past three years including Henley's joy our brain brain trust and Malagasy Stewart. Morris is your source for success at the highest levels. visit the Stewart Morris consignment at all of the major sales coming up around around the country. Well it's a pleasure to welcome this week's Industry Star of the week. Who is Adrian Gonzalez? The owner of checkmate thoroughbreds in California. Doing a great a job and I played that clip of Dancing Candy winning the San Felipe because dancing. Candy one of the horses. That checkmate thoroughbreds and Adrian Manage in California -Fornia and he has done a great job in the face of adversity in the Golden State at bringing stallions to the state. That is not something that is easy to do and he has done it and done it very well. And he is with me now as our industry star of the week Adrian. Good morning congratulations. Hey Good morning in and thanks for having me on. Yeah thanks for getting up early out there on the West Coast and looking forward to hearing your story. You've been at this now for what about three decades and continuing just the plug along into to keep things moving in the right direction. Yeah just grinding. You know Before the call here I was scrolling through twitter later and It was a really neat thing. I saw was a video clip from nineteen ninety. Five of Bill Gates trying to explain the Internet David Letterman and and they were like laughing him off the stage like like what a dumping and I was just kind of thinking like well over time like what are we talking about. Now that someday is GonNa be you. You know something brand new or some really really bonehead idea. We had. Yeah well all right. Let's start there. Talk about some of these ideas that you've been able to come up with some of the initiatives that you're part of now out there in California so As you mentioned we brought some some some stallions here to California And and I think it's not just the we've brought but the way that we've structured these deals and putting them together so it's not just a group of us with some money to buy styling to stand him. It's actually both Danza candy. And a new horse. We just brought Sopranos a lot. We put them into fifty sheriff syndicates. And there's you know fifty separate Entities purchasing a share in these horses. And when you Kinda hear the bad news happening in California and stuff it sounds like everybody's running for the hills but That may be true on some fronts but on the breeding and we have some very very supportive breeders that are really doubling down on the breeding industry and and buy in on the long term of breeding here in California in the ownership of these stallions. And and we Kinda saw over years of you know there was some really nice. Mayor's people owned that their base here in California but their breeding the mayors and Kentucky and in order to make their foles cow bread. They needed to breed. Those mayors back to something here in California and and the complaint constantly was while I'm devaluing. My mayors breeding them down to the stallions that are here. And that's what really kinda sparked it was like well instead of paying money to a stallion owner to Redo a Stein. We don't really like why don't we just go. Buy something that we would like to support and and use our nightmares on. And that's kind of what's fun the whole thing and it's really become a huge group effort and it's really taken off well. We started with Dan Candy. A couple of years ago He ended up breeding more mayors in the state than any other stallion and and that rolled right into A new horse we just did With soprano France a lot and he was kind of obscure Pedigree horse and ran abroad and we thought we might have a tough time. syndicating him any sold out in two days so it was really remarkable. Why did you think he would be a good fit in California? Well I every time we would watch these graded stakes Ah on the turf out here. There was a surprise lot running in and running well and you. You just couldn't ignore it anymore. It was one of those things of like where where these horses coming from. We have some clients that board some horses that are farm and partner with us on some pin hook stuff that had been importing these sort of France a lot from the European sales and You know it was like it was just an obvious thing like people are flying ninety sources in from all over the world to run here and maybe that's the type of Stein we need to go after so obviously he wasn't our next door neighbor. He was coming all the way from Australia. So a a little bit more difficult to work through but it just made sense for everybody and we really tried very hard to make happen and got some luck there and and we got him coming he should be here in In about three weeks so we're excited to see him. Yeah Yeah you should be Surp- rants Latin dancing candy both standing at Rancho San Miguel in San Mateo California. Why was that the the right farm Adrian? Well we started with Danza candy there and they were very the farm manager at the time. Klay Murdoch was very accommodating to this new structure type of deal you know pe- People Breeding Mares on on share seasons and was was kind of a new thing out here. I don't know that there's been really any other Stein's our syndicated so most farms were kind of looking for Uh The board rate and you know the the staticy revenue but clay was really open to what we were trying to do and work with us and we we. We had some some growing pains. None of us really knew exactly how to destructure it until we kinda got going and and it worked great like I said the Danza Candy. His first season Fred. More mayors in California than any other stallion and and We we really didn't know our our advertising advertising budget what it should be and we really overshot our mark with the mirrors that we brought in so It was a no brainer to do another stallion there there. We already kind of had the infrastructure in place Of You know the network and everything so it just made the most sense and unfortunately About a month after we got the soprano deal done Klay Murdoch passed away so You know we've kind of had a a little rough going there in the meantime but the the farm crew. Everybody's still in place. So we're we're trudging along here Unfortunately without Klay Okay. But we're going to do the best we can. Yeah yeah well. Next time you get into a situation where you're trying to figure out. Those advertising budgets will talk privately. I can help you out with that. Ah I appreciate that Adrian Gonzalez Industry Star of the week here on the Horse Racing Radio Network Adrian. It sounds to me and even when I called yesterday to ask you to join me here on the program. You're a very positive guy. And you're very bullish on the industry. The breeding industry in California. What things do you see the in the face of all the adversity in the negativity this taking place in California and has taken place this year? What things do you see that allow you to be positive and bullish on that side of the business in California I would have to say the number one thing is our is our partners. Like I said I couldn't do this. Yes you know. We don't have a big wealth of money buried in the backyard that we could just as a hobby vice downs with takes a whole big group of partners to do this and and to be honest. Their enthusiasm motivates me. So if if I if I had to really be out there dialing for dollars like that's not my thing I it's not one of my strength so I can't really You Know Hustle that type of business It's more like they really push me to find something. And then that motivates me and and and so really i. I'd have to put it to to our partners in our breeders and like I said breeding the most mayors of any Stein and California. Like when. That's my motivation is this is building is the success we've had knowing. We took a huge risk. At the time I think when we bought Danza Candy Spent three or four is in the process of buying him and and we overshot them. You know and it was Kinda like we're taking some huge risk here in. Obviously there's a lot of bad news coming out of California but like you said going back decades of me starting out here since my first day on the job on a farm here in California. It's been bad news it's constantly constantly been contracting. But you know we've made a good career out of this and and we're still charging forward and we have some really good successes at at the sales and we produce some good runners You know so the the motivation is there based off of the success. We've had it Kinda keeps us. It keeps US enthused. We recently had Affiliate names Spice perfection that. He came out of our our two year old in Training Sale L. Program and she's looking at her second calibrate horse of the year title now and so that kind of stuff is really what what keeps us. Trudging along long. Yeah it's always kind of been that The Sky is falling chicken. Little but it ain't fallen yet and Adrian. Gonzalez is a big reason why he continues unused trudge along out there in California. Doing a phenomenal job. Would check mate thoroughbreds you can go to checkmate. T- BREADS DOT COM to learn more about His work and the stallions and everything that he is doing and that is why he is our industry star of the week. This segment presented by Stuart Morris and Adrian like all of our guests. We're going to send you a gift. Have courtesy of embraced the race the apparel for the horse racing lifestyle. And we'll get that out to you but really appreciate you taking a little time here this morning. Thanks for getting up early with us. Yeah thanks for having me. And thanks Morris Yeah keep up the good work my friend Adrian here on H.. Are Really doing a a fantastic job out there and In the face of a lot of negativity remains positive. And you can hear why things aren't always as bad as they appear you're on the surface and certainly that's not the case And a lot of levels there in California because of people like Adrian. Craig is tuned in Lexington Kentucky over regains way farm learning pretty well from our friend. Mike o'hearn obviously because he then goes on to say home to tap it and carry conti. Yep Boy always have to get that and we talk about Gaines Way and rightfully so those two horses doing a phenomenal job. So Craig Welcome to the program again. Get One final break. I'll come back and wrap it up for you this. This is the equal form on the horse racing radio network your home for racing's biggest events multiple grade one winning billionaire world of trouble trouble when Mannie fretful Jaipur world takes connor one of the fastest horses of his generation. The son of cameras captured both the grade. One Carter on dirt in grade. Great One Jaipur on turf this year and go on to record one hundred plus Beyer speed figures in his last seven starts including a eighteen buyers. The three year old the highest three-year-old Beyer are your speed figure of two thousand eighteen world of trouble standing at hill when it comes to buying tractors mowers and form equipment. Look no further than locally-owned Leone central equipment on Red Mile Road. In Lexington Third Generation Family Business Central Equipment has been servicing the equine industry for more than forty six years or can closely sleep with the N. T. R. A. to ensure their equine clients get the best pricing on their new John. Deere purchases at central equipment. You'll find top brands like X.. Mark Coup Bota. uh-huh Still John Deere Woods stop in today and experience. The family owned atmosphere or visit central equipment dot com championship. Meet is just heating up at Gulfstream Park come and enjoy the heart pounding. Excitement of live thoroughbred horse racing showcasing. Some of the best jockeys and horses in the world all while experiencing the best and VIP hospitality the in South Florida. Make sure to book your experience for the Pegasus World Cup. Twenty Twenty on Saturday January twenty fifth London entertainment innovation and thoroughbred horse racing like no other event of its kind for more information on the championship. Meet or Pegasus World Cup. Visit Gulfstream Park Dot Com. That's Gulfstream Park Dot com power on compassion Z.. Waiting by departments early Gains Way Stallion Karen Conti a three times. Great one winner including scintillating wind and the Breeders Cup Mile in one thirty two and four this recording a one fourteen beyer speed figure from the top knee. Arcos female family. His third dam is the hugely influential. Champion me ask Keira. Conti was a precocious group. One winners two year old and has already sire three first crop stakes winners and two additional stakes place. Two Year olds including Ken. I warrior the group. Three winner remains undefeated in three starts in England and Karen Conte has commercial appeal with two year olds having sold two major staples for one hundred fifty thousand three hundred sixty five thousand and four hundred sixty thousand dollars character copy as the performance pedigree and physical at stance value priced at ten thousand dollars at Gains Way with twenty four individual winners four stakes winners and eleven steak sources champion elect freshman sire. American Farrell has made a stunning start at stud the two thousand fifteen triple crown champion. Campion is developing into a truly international sire with winners and six different countries. American Farrell also became the sire of the highest price for sold anywhere in the world in two thousand nineteen gene when his yearling filly out of Leslie's lady sold for eight point. Two million dollars at keeneland September to Mandy Pope with his book nearly full. Hurry and call the team at Ashford. Book your mayor before. It's too late hi. My name is my name Lopez. This is Jackie Jane Wilson and you're listening to the horse racing radio network. You're you're listening to the Equine Forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network presented by brand fans remember the blood horses. The industry's only weekly magazine. and tablet has been covering thoroughbred racing and breeding more than one hundred years. If you WANNA follow the sport the industry then there is absolutely no better way than blood horse magazine. Here's a special offer for you. You can save seventy percent off the cover price plus US get a blood horse wall calendar which is valued at twenty four ninety five. You'll get that free by going to blood horse dot com slash winter special. That's blood horse dot com slash winter. Special WANNA say hello to Joe who is tuned into the program in Montreal Canada. Welcome to the program Joe. Happy to have long just about done with this one though Going to be back with red brand radio coming up on Wednesday and the brand new trainer talk here on the networks. Make sure you're locked in there. That all begins three o'clock eastern and you can visit horse racing radio dot net for more information follow us on social media. Hr on twitter horse racing facing radio network on facebook. Thanks to everybody who weighed in on where they're listening today. All over the country and for tuning into the program might thanks to Byron King. Mike Dean Sarah Sara Charleston. County Ron Nicoletti Adrian Gonzalez for joining me on the show this morning from my producer. Lee Dela Pena for Chauncey handling all of our social media media. I'm Mike Pana as always. Let's do this go steelers.

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Part 1:Tony Allevato, Nick Tammaro

Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

50:43 min | 11 months ago

Part 1:Tony Allevato, Nick Tammaro

"Sirius Xm forts presents. Raises with Steve. been covering interviews, this dude who was deep? Tuesday June second. Opening Day at Fort Erie. Good Morning Sirius. Xm To a one, nine, sixty, four for listening to Siriusxm, online. And at our website. As well as the DOT com. And I, will. Note. that. I've already been to Vermont and back today. Not, that's not that it's a long. Journey. But Had the opportunity yes to get a haircut. You know I go to Bennington. To Get A. To get quaffed. Yeah, we. Seven o'clock it. Typically takes about forty minutes, but to get there, but Took way less. There's no traffic, not not at six o'clock six fifteen and actually got to drive around Bennington a little bit quiet and Went up to the Bennington monument. which was built the eighteen nineties commemorating the battle of Bennington? which was? Instrumental! In. The revolution and turning the tide then of course. Close by to us. had Scholar Bill. Also? Very much McKee. Key, turning, point. Put a picture up later actually. Kinda Kinda Nice if you've never been through that part of. South Western. Vermont Really Beautifully Obelisk. It's a huge stone obelisk that. Can Be seen from pretty. You know the the mountains. Can. Obscure your view, but in certain certain. From certain vistas. It's really A. A striking. SCENE AND It was nice there at six thirty. And just Saffir a little bit, and they got a big circle in this. Kind of a History your history buff. It's an interesting atmosphere. Especially in light of our current situation. Racing is. Day yesterday if you're. Involved at all, there was plenty to keep you occupied. Tell you that. Just kind of added up some of the. Some of the numbers and About fourteen. Fourteen million. In financial yesterday. On forty one reasons maybe. that that Carter Laurel? Absolutely proved out and was. A couple of decent prices. Along the way, but they did four million. Yesterday. On that. Rubel races and other two point six for mountaineer last night with. Eight race card. and. Decent decent numbers their Lonestar underway now. and. They three point, two million nine race car and Tampa. Mondays and Wednesdays three point seven there so. I did see that I did see the race that Felix. The Fox finally broke the maiden. And now in the care of Ron pots and one one big. Actually. and. Nice the I think I I think I probably sunk. A couple of A couple of dollars here and there into. The Felix the Fox while you is. You know struggling toward that the maiden breaker, but You got it yesterday graduates. Lots of news and. Side from the the racing, and when it comes to forty two. Later. They don't judge. Don't judge anything by this first card. Because they could not include the horses from. Woodbine with the. Situation there with a little bit of a lockdown. On the the herpes. Virus so? They were obviously hamstrung. And will be for a few more days. by. that. Don't don't don't look at the first card at forty or and say oh. I'm not playing there this year now. Don't Don't judge them on that. By any means. A. Somewhat quiet, little quieter today with forty lone, Star Mountaineer and A boy later on. vk share. Tuesday lineup tomorrow though. Tomorrow, we. We get the last of the the big circuits, the big as circuits. Back! Running as Belmont kicks off and going to be very intense. season. With. One big Saturday after another. And a steak every single day of the meat. We're going to talk a lot about Belmont today. Variety of from a variety of. Angles and It'll start after UH after. The first break Tony Alvarado joins us. FROM NAIRA! And it's only going to touch on the TV production that's going on with the America's Day at the races that has really. Become. A staple. For players and fans to enjoy and seemingly over the last. Day and A. Half became a source of. I don't know We'll say Versi I because it doesn't seem all that controversial. NYRA races will not be on TV G. They've made this extended. Coverage deal with with Fox. And with MSG at the you know the dissemination of the content. The is nationwide and. Trying to direct. The eighty w business toward naira bats. I Don't know why that's such A. Difficult Concept for the people that are. Seemingly aghast I it. If if Players certainly for for owners and you know people that are. Competing in New York I mean if handled comes through naira bats at at benefits. The New York racing. Product. They make more money off of. Off The bets through an IRA bats then through. A rival eighty ws. and. The the thing that strange about. What what seems like you know Faux outrage. Whole, the all the football leagues all the Sports Leagues all the. All the. The network. Operations they've got. They've got content. Deals that they make I it. I don't know why. I mean if you're if you're? If you're betting. On TV the the feet is there. So instead of watching it. On TV GE you watch it on on Fox and MSG. And the other platforms. So I I don't. The discussion started during the. The limited offering period. When you know, there was just the you know the three thoroughbred tracks. And if people were discussing. The casino revenues and How it contributes to the perse structure, and what's the future of that and you know the how the industry? Well. Part of that discussion also is. You know is the bricks and mortar operations versus. Eighty W business and The bricks and mortar. It's. Whatever the decisions, however, they were derived. Going back to the beginning of eighty W and not be. we've discussed for years about how. It was a mistake to. Structure things the way they were structured at the beginning, and the bricks and mortar continue to try to. Make the. Financial splits more equitable. And it costs a lot more to run racetracks than it does to run. Computer software. Operation. So I. I'm not. I, it's hard to be. Confused by what. What this financial? With the financial elements of this are. You. Know you watch. You Watch certain college football. Leagues on one on one network you watch you watch. Know, the NFC Games on on Fox. You Watch the AFC Games on CBS. So, it feels like a similar situation, so Tony Address that want WanNa talk about. The future and you know the the other by the way the other part of this whole thing is that. I mean even even with the TV I. Invariably. I've got the laptop sitting in my lap and I'm watching. In attract feeds anyway. I mean the. The whole TV part of it is. You know I it. It seems like A. Less, significant, less and less significant element. You can also you can also go to the naira website and. And the show streams. So I must say we'll see what Tony Stark We're also going to talk to Jeff Franklin. then. WANTING TO GET JEFF on for weeks. This is perfect because tying in with the. Jeff's running the third graph player services which if you are aware? Mentioned this when it launched, and we've mentioned it at the beginning of a Saratoga last year. But Jerry Brown and his team. And Jaffa somebody that you know very familiar with with all these story lines with the the the WSL with the television side of things and. So, forth! Jeff is running Thera- graph player services, and it's basically a value added. WAGERING OUTLET! That Offers you. A chance to. To earn. Rebate, money Based on your volume and you know even if your volume is is fairly modest, there's there's benefit and there's room and I want you to explain it and when you fold in. Something like what? What this represents the third row player service concept. Plus this deal that. That's going on now. This five percent I five days of the meat when Thursday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday through naira bats. Five percent. Rebate on all your. All your handle. For the first five days of the meat say the ferry. Lucrative. Very nice deal and so, Jeff. We'll talk about you. Know all the benefits, and when we get back to having the opportunity to attend racism person. they'll you know there's things there's benefits on track that have been established with lots of venues and so be nice to catch up with Jeff haven't talked. In too long neck. Damrau is going to be with us. Nickel. Look at spots in parts of sequences. For tomorrow for opening day at Belmont for the bogey. Of course, we mentioned yesterday the grade three that kicks off the steak. Calendar and the rest of the sequence. And the rest of the that's the part of the pick five pick four. You know the late action and There's a two year old. Just a handful, just six. Starts the two year old part of the year, but there's quite a few. I found three prices actually in the sixth seventh and eighth and I'm anxious to see what nick is going to do and nick. As part of our coverage of. Belmont, I can't go down by the way Pat. McKenna got back to me over the weekend. He said you know he said we. We've got take temperatures of everybody and you said. Can you wait? Point for Belmont Week instead and that's fine I understood. So I can't go down tonight. This all ties into why my haircut was scheduled for seven, am because I thought. It was the first day back to get the get the haircut at the clip shop and Beddington and so. First they said six thirty while going down to New York. That's that's. That's GonNa to be complicated. They said well you could. Jenner would come in at seven four. Okay, so that's why I hustle Bennington and got my haircut. Is that I could then leave after the show or this afternoon and go down the Long Island, but. We'll save it. We'll save it for Belmont Week instead. But anyway. As part of Knicks coverage and A real focus on Belmont here the next. Five weeks the. Analysis that you all came to love when Nick. Would do it. Online? For capital. Knicks analysis of the Belmont meeting is going to be a daily. It'll be complete and Happy to offer it and present it. Throughout the races and in coordination with. Artie N. Roberts television, and which by the way the there's your other option. I mean if you're serious about having all the signals and having all the you know the video, then you should be subscribing to dark in. This sensually it's A. Fifty cent the day. Expense so. Nickleby in. The top of our to give her tanker maybe after after Tony and before Jeff, essentially second half of the show, of course Andy will be here and we'll get to Andy's. Early thoughts Andy Serwer. and. Start to get a look toward the. The meet with him and Ryan Matthews. Who's got the the value added concept. Of trip knows. Trip note pros. Dot Com and. A lot of people know Ryan from the West Coast. Contest world. And on twitter of course as Benny South Street. but Ryan is really hit upon. A terrific. Idea and it's. Analysis of trips that horses. Of Horses that it may have had trips and as I mentioned yesterday. The Andy Circling in an era Donovan. They had trips and traps. which was the really the last? Way that that was addressed. That I can remember. In general analysis race, watching and replay watching. You. You'll come across trips obviously. But writing down and keeping, you know having notes the same way we've. We've really come to appreciate the. The workout reports having in that format. Off Melting all the other information, this was a really. You know very clever niche to. To create a product, and it's helping Awada players. So, we'll find out. We'll find out how Ryan. How the concept came about how he's executing it. Because it's a lot of work. Obviously I mean you got to Go through a card that go through a sequence. Let's say the there's been a lot of pick five work. It's. Especially right now. Think about it with these twelve fourteen horsfield's. And you've got to watch. Get One or two races each. So This is A. I thought it was really worthwhile and I mentioned last week when when Pete was on. I WANNA to get Ryan to visits. Ryan Mathews. At the bottom of our two. And Graham Ocean Promotion Ocean who? we've. Reached out to for yesterday, even though though it was on last week. Can, you, can you resist having? Two weeks grand. Last week it was sharing coming back and This time secret message of course in that Mitchell. Put a lot of A lot of jingle a lot of pockets. The, OB S. Sale continued as well and we got some other things. judge ruled on the. K. HBA ABE HP. Attempt to block the. Free races. We'll get to that more. People enjoyed that Musical interludes yesterday. We're going to do the same this morning. Some guerrillas start us off Tony Outlive auto after this. With Steve. On Sirius XM radio. Do So. Primitive Lou. When we go to. The far. It's. The. Best Way to projectile tree. Field Wall. Rose slack you to. End Food. John Loan. And even strong. Down, the walls of Jericho. But? Then when friend that in a few show read the. Rules draft of half. Now of the stars yeah. That is uh. The. Treaty. And thank you. My friend. Learn. This. End. And shall the. Until his say, so nothing new. It's. League. Touch. My friend. Will? Hold these sort of nations design. We're back at the races about twenty-five into our one on this Tuesday and we're a day out from the start of the. Belmont season and the laid obviously by the demands. Of, the pandemic but Certainly. This is going to be unintended and terrific Belmont meet including the. The newfangled Belmont stakes for for twenty twenty. And to talk about it. Tony Alvarado from Naira Tony Good Morning. Try it again. Got Him case. All right. This is a landline. Tonight. This is not a cell phone I don't think. Donate. Let Casey. Case pick that up if you would and. See what's going on? The UH while we wait. Let me slip UPS news from yesterday to the British out and they're already. Back underway. This morning they three. It'll go till Saturday and not this time Philly and not this time already with two winners. Among the the early two year, old racing, but not this time, philly twenty and one. Wild and supermarine top line. Very is Tony Alvarado John Good Morning. Thank you very good. Job. You know. Do this for fifteen years you gotTA. You gotTA. Have some fodder ready to to tap that you know. But. You. Know I. Know that it's early for you, but and I. It's hard to know probably which early morning call was more knowing minor Andy's yesterday. Yes at Addy texting me at six thirty in the morning yesterday so And went back and forth tim and after about eight replies, I finally said Andy. Can we not do this at six thirty in the morning. I! Couldn't resist I couldn't resist. At these if he's. Not can ever take that away from him is very passionate about the game and it's. It's twenty four seven for him, so I don't think he looks at the clock when he's. Setting attacks or or an email, which is a quality about him. Well and Just appreciate that if if you're if you're getting those that saving some of us from. Other circle of. Well Tony Know. We were GONNA talk. Essentially about the you know the start of the meat and this this five percent deal for the first five days the meat however the the seeming consternation over the last day and a half as part of this TV g Middle Lineup story I've got to bring this up and and would love for you to explain. How the Fox deal has has blossomed and burgeoned, and you know what the? What the rationale is and the benefits you know to the Association of structuring the signal. Offer this way. I have very strong ties to TV. Gee I was the first production higher at TV g back in Nineteen, ninety eight. If you can believe that. And a lot of the people that work at TV g, now, in fact, the majority of the talent and the people there were hired by me. I have very strong. Is it represents a big part of my life and? any criticism I throw. TV's ways is directed towards myself as well in terms of the model that has been created there from an on air television, standpoint, and that model works very well for TV g, but I don't I don't work for TI. My worked for the New York, Racing Association, and I'm trying to do what's best for new. York racing, and when you look at what? What TV does I mean? They have deals with tracks, and they do a great job of televising a lot of races, and but unfortunately at the New York Racing Association at doesn't necessarily work for us. We want to give new racing as much coverage as possible. So a few years ago, we started experimenting with some programs that aired on MSG and Fox with eighty hours that first year and And it's growing every year to more and more hours started Saratoga live expanded to Belmont Park. Live now. America's Day at the races because of the other tracks that we show and the shows have been well received. I mean we're. We're always trying to make them better. When other far from perfect, but with our shows what we try to do is tell the stories of horse racing every show. Show we try to educate, entertain and inform. We tried to talk about the owners. The breeders we have great sponsors with Ron Happy and clayborn. We'd like to give them. A lot of exposure in his senior shows are aware of them and we we try to give the fans and the better than opportunity to win, and we feel by showing less were giving them more so when you watch. On Tar racing. Are you watch America's Day at the races Thursday? You're going to see four races and our race every fifteen minutes Belmont Churchill Churchill, and that and that order and Compared to. If we're on TV, right now, you're looking at Gulfstream. Santa Anita Laurel. Park Golden Gate Churchill Downs Belmont. That's six tracks that during the overlap hours would be running. That's twelve races in an hour and it just they're only sixty minutes and our last time. I checked so ultimately by the time you're done, you're talking about less than two minutes of. Coverage Parades and that it just doesn't work for us, so that's kind of where we've gone. And Fox has just been an unbelievably supportive partner with us in terms of giving coverage to horse racing, but in the television business to get on TV people want. Exclusive Rights. If they're going to commit that many hours, we went from eighty hours at first year with non-exclusive. It's been non-exclusive every year this year. We're GONNA do seven hundred hours on. Fox sports to Fox sports, one and the TR, the run, happy travers stakes will be on Big Fox. Same Network showed the Super Bowl last year. So we're excited. We think this is great for for racing. I've seen headlines about inconvenience. For viewers and for fans and I guess you could call it an. On Super Bowl Sunday when I turn on my TV and I went to NBC to watch the Super Bowl, and it was on Fox. I guess there was an inconvenience when it took me eight seconds to change channels, but I I found a way to make that eight seconds back since then in my life, so yeah, there's a little bit of an inconvenience, but in the at the end of the day. We think we're doing what's best for horse racing, and what's best for the New York Racing Association? Well when it comes to that portion of the equation to I As somebody. That's you know that is closely followed the the. The Association and you know the the you know. The franchise debate predated the OH. You're coming to New York but It it's funny how? It's funny. How for years Nyerere was criticized as not being You know business savvy, and then, when trying to maximize their their signal, and and their their assets That's not good, either apparently I. It's really it is annoying to to see. It feels like it doesn't matter what. Direction or what format is taken You know when when you try to. When naira has to maximize the revenue. Possibilities at Saratoga. That wasn't good either. I it's it's very strange. How naira singled out for unique critic criticism. You know look. People always complain that we don't have enough sponsors in the sport, and then when you see people like right happy. America's best racing and clayborn came aboard. You know they you've got to give to get in this industry. And in in in the world and everybody wants horse racing to be big time and big-league, but if you WANNA be big-league Derek off to that, it's not going to be business as usual, and you know the notion of putting this the same races on multiple networks. They're letting them pick ultimately. Ultimately someone is GonNa fall by the wayside and I use this analogy that if if every network that covered college football could pick whatever game they wanted to show. Everybody's GonNa. WanNa show Alabama Lsu. Nobody's GONNA show Texas Tech Versus Arkansas nobody's GONNA show UCLA versus cow. Those Games are not going to get on television and so it to me from a television standpoint, it doesn't make sense to have the same to networks. Showing the same races just does make sense so if the years cups on NBC, they do an. Job The triple crown on NBC. They do an unbelievable job with that and the travelers will be. The drivers will be on on Fox and hopefully we'll do a great job with that, but you don't see those races on multiple networks, and there's a reason why. It's valuable. Yeah, so property out of curiosity is. The signal as it's going to be offered a on the other regional networks, the MSG's and so forth, and and the Fox regionals and the Fox national is, is it in the same number of homes as the TV Gee We're looking at Close to eighty million homes that were in Blast Sunday. We haven't got the races fast week. In last Sunday viewership number was the highest. We've ever had on on Fox sports line. And that was we just we only had churchill running. That was the only track that was racing. The numbers were comparable to the average debt. That viewership that Fox sports one gets an NT basketball game, so the sports come a long way, and we want to keep that momentum going, and we believe that the best way to do that is to get it in as many in front of as many eyeballs as possible and look coming out of Colin. COWHERD are coming out of having our shows. follow at a NASCAR event. That can only be good for horse racing, and it's going to introduce New People to the sport, which is what everybody has been asking for as long as I have been the sport and it. It looks exactly what you're saying in. This is what we have. We wish we wish for now it's happening. Let's embrace in try and find a way to make it work. The you know the coverage from a technical standpoint, the talk about the you know the execution and the challenges You know you've got the sort of layers of. Of the talent that kind of Inter Inter mingles and Kind of mix and match as it were, and and obviously nobody can. Nobody's going to stay on from one. o'clock the six o'clock straight, and so you talk about. Kind of picking and choosing and and you know the way the you know. The product spills out into into homes. I Baker. You know there's a Lotta. Great Commentators in horse racing and we're very fortunate to have a just an exceptional team. I would put our team up there. From account standpoint with any sport. And everybody brings something different to the table Andy Stirling lives and breathes New York racing, and he has no problem playing the villain on the show, which is great He's like we've mentioned so passionate. And then you've got someone like Jonathan. Kitchen has only been on the air for a year. And his enthusiasm is just unbridled and unrivaled and he really represents the average fan. The average better I think they can really relate to him and then. Then you've got someone like Maggie Wolfendale who for me as a person who has bet on horse racing has my entire life. Maggie someone who gives me something that I cannot get by looking at a racing form are looking at the sheet. She's there in the paddock and she's telling me look. Do not bet this eight to five shot today. This horse has a surplus, and as you know, is not going to run as well on the dirt I. I could never get that looking at a forum. Maybe there's people out there that can, but I can't and so for me the to me. There's somebody there for everybody and you know we're all GonNa have people we like better than others on the shows and the viewers, but I think ultimately we've put together a really good team, and they generally marketable job during this pandemic working from home, working remotely the production team's been unbelievable working. Working with a fraction of the crew that we normally would from multiple locations and you know. We got a lot of support from Adrian. Butler who works in Strana group and Amy Zimmerman with expertise WHO's helped us to keep the shows on the air. When we couldn't, we couldn't go live from quicken and halfway through our Erica's zanthosyn season. We had to literally pick up and move the production truck to dot because Ecuador was. Going to be potentially a hospital, an army reserve hospital, so it's been a crazy few months for for us, and for the whole world obviously but some television standpoint with the crew with the talent and with our partners I can't say enough about what they've done to keep us on the air, and hopefully you know, give people who are watching or want to watch sports watch horse, racing a little relief from the chaos and insanity. That's going on in the world. No doubt and you know we should also include in this and we can kind of Morph over to naira bats, and and this offer, and in fact Jeff Franklin is GonNa join us in in the second hour to we're going to. Talk about what what third graph is doing the third graph player services concept but the the five percent rebate is a backdrop of these first five days of the Meat Tony to also reinforce the fact that. You know the the racing product and and naira itself. It'll benefits from people betting through. The platform and I, you know from a business standpoint. you know that makes sense I mean talk about The way naira bats is very quickly. You know geared up available twenty nine jurisdictions, and and you know trying to fill out You know and be available in all states that Allow for Legal Eighty W. Yesterday Nyerere is available, twenty nine states and The thing about naira is that we are not so profit, and so our our our goal is to make sure that horse racing. is around and succeeds and prosperous grows, and so if you're if you're a customer, you're a person who gambles on horse racing in the state of New York, and you make a bet with my robots. That's the same as making an on-track bet. And for those of you listening familiar with the takeout system. You know that money gets taken out of every bet and it goes to fund horse. Racing of it goes to the track operators. Some of it goes to the horsemen. Some of it goes to the eighty W company. That's taking the bed with Nyerere bats regardless of where you are. If you're sitting at home, and you're a New York resident, and you make with us. That's the. The same as an entre bet that means that when you bet with now we're about to your do more to support horse racing, and ensure that horse racing continues in New York prosperous and it has the big person that we have and the great racing that we have so. It's important for Niagara Bets to do well and and you know we. We appreciate the customers that we have. They've been very loyal and hopefully the product that we give them to wager on his good. In a when you look at the fact that we've been on for so long from the racing standpoint today I. Walked into Belmont Park for the first time in three months for. A track in the three months and it's it's a beautiful place, and it was you know it is a little bit emotional to walk in here and be back and racing back tomorrow, and it's the first. Sporting event to be held in New York in the entire state since the pandemic, so it's a big moment for state. It's a big moment for racing, but when we looked at our customers and our fans. Really wanted to do something that was a special for them, and to be able to give a five percent rebate to customers at all levels regardless of your two dollar better or you're a two million dollar better. You're going to get a five percent rebate. That's a big deal on for people at first glance for those who aren't familiar with rebates they haven't. Haven't gotten relate to the past. They may not understand how big of a deal it is. If a person deposits two hundred dollars in their account today and they bet with if they win, they lose they when they lose. The average turnover on that two hundred dollars is three X. so they are bet six hundred dollars in the day at the end of. Of the day. Let's say you break even well that rebate. The will show up in your account. The next day is going to be thirty dollars so now you start the day off with two hundred thirty dollars. Now imagine as you do that during the course of the whole week, and that's where a person with two hundred dollars in their account, some people. People have more some people have less. That's where it really makes a difference and for people who are serious players. They will tell you that a five percent rebate can be the difference between winning and losing in the game, or having even a little bit of extra money in your account. Tad that extra horse in the pick five which I liked to do. No doubt and that money you'll pile up quickly and they're certainly players that. You know that don't even realize. That this is out there and that you know the potential for. You know for. You know a volume. For volume rebate will discuss that which have Franklin to is is really key to. An to trying to. Get over the top I mean you've. Talked Enough Tony about the news you your career. Spans the breath of the growth of of the. Teams of the computer teams and you know that. That's part of this story line, and in fact, know there's another benefit to the way. NAIRA BATS and naira in overall has has operated by basically. Keeping. The pick five pool for instance. You know there's an area where you know. The players are on a level playing field. I. Mean there's been. You know there's been a real consistent attempt to to. Provide players with the. Kinds of tools that they need and deserve. I mean look at the players. Are. The lifeblood of this industry and everything is funded by the wagering dollar that goes through, and it's important to give the better the best opportunity. To win and to stay in play. As opposed to the elite few so I agree one hundred percent with what you're saying. We've done that with the late pick five in the way that we've structured it, and if the the people that they're able to bed in that pool and I think that you know hopefully. It's working, and it's something that we're always going to tinker with. We'll look at the five percent rebate and at the end of the week and see wh-. What kind of numbers it produced and hopefully we can do more like this in the in the in the future. Tony Alabama's with us from naira and Tony, before we go to looking ahead toward Saratoga and In terms of broadcast coverage and some of the other elements with a lot of the tracks, coming back online and another two weeks, and and pretty much everybody that wants to run the. We'll be running Can we look forward to things like Some of the cross country wagers the cross country pick five over the summer coming back to coming back around. Yes, I think you're GONNA. See that come up sooner than later. We've been talking to Churchill downs. Who's been just a great partner with us? and participating in the shows for the first time. It just makes a of sense to have races that were televising. have some type of a bat that. With it, so the cross country pick five We'll be back and it's going to be back sooner than later and I think the first time you'll see. It will be here at Belmont park with Churchill downs racing combine the combine the two tracks to come up with five races, and then with Saratoga Saratoga live. We'll be doing the same thing with some of our partner tracks. That are out there, but it's a great bat and in the payouts seem to seem to overpay every week. In terms of what the parley would would play would pay so it's definitely something worth looking at. When when it's available. Well Tony. Certainly appreciate the opportunity to visit ahead of the start of the Belmont season. It's going to be intense and you know steaks every day on the race track and big Saturday's. They'll draw tomorrow for the first of the. These multi stake Saturdays. We've got what the Westchester and the Fort Marcy in the Carter the stirling erling Carter and And more and then of course In two weeks hands after that will be on top of Belmont. Day, and looking forward soon as the opportunity arises to be broadcasting from Belmont. and. Good luck through the through the meat and thanks for you know what has been A. Really a An amazing accomplishment to essentially do a Saturday broadcast every single day I mean especially during the summer. If you think back to these Saratoga summer, shows six days a week, and now that's been trimmed the five, but essentially it's it. You know it's a Saturday feature. A. Belmont, stakes Breeders Cup day broadcast on a daily basis and the planning and work that goes into it for it to be you know of such a consistent high level is. is a real testament to everybody that works behind the scenes. Thanks. Even thanks for everything you do for horse, racing and Hope of people listening will tune in to America's Day at the races on Fox sports one talk sports, too, and it's G and all those regional networks and play with Nyra. Bats pays more to play with us. Some Tony Oliva everybody for the New York Racing Association and Tony Tony He's got a handful of titles I mean. I think they're just call them. Right chief revenue officer, but that that's a that that's that's that's kind of limiting. Because you're doing. You're doing all the TV production you naira, bet stuff and the and also the marketing work. RIBOT great team so I. IT makes my job a lot easier than it sounds. Tony Alibaba everybody and it was a career is really dedicated the and a lot of ways culminated with this. You know this daily. Production and It's one thing. Yeah, the yeah, the Fava's studio, but and bring in the feeds, but to do what what's been done here. What's been accomplished to me? Is You know is amazing and You know people watching of. Are. Are the ones that that are benefiting? We'll certainly this Belmont meet. You'RE GONNA benefit from consistent the consistent. Return of Nick Tamara's opinion. Day After Day race after race and nick. Joins me. Now Nikhil more.

New York Belmont NAIRA Fox Saratoga America New York Racing Association Jeff Belmont Park Fox sports Tony Tony MSG football Sirius XM radio Tony Alvarado Bennington Andy Nick Tamara Steve. Vermont
JAN 288: Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997) Review (08/11/19)

The Jock and Nerd Podcast

1:53:04 hr | 1 year ago

JAN 288: Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997) Review (08/11/19)

"Hey listener thank you for pressing play this week on the rock and podcast the venom sequel has a director and disney depots announces a netflix killing bundle while netflix scoops up that game of thrones creators valley plus we deliver another listener sponsored movie review as we are forced to watch and discuss mortal kombat annihilation the all that ed more in this edition of the weekly or thursday august eighth twenty nineteen eh one point mark sir how you well come welcome to the jock and their podcast where we give you comic book and superhero superhero tv and movie news reviews ed whatever we choose jogging heard. My name is imran back. My name is anthony. Oh oh hey you're there. I forgot your fucking voice side like he's the he's the nerve it over there in the koi. Air is a felty who's animality. The malady is snuffle up. I guess from sesame street of course it's rugged boy. What's up rugs. Get over here. You write that down before you do. The show was off the top trying to tie it together because i know rugs. Isn't it true when you get all mad. He turned into stuff like oh gosh doc. I mean what happens. I mean i'm harry in places like snuffle walls. Love look like level of abuse. If you get my balls and my dick as ramp it's reminiscent furry and brown so most people don't think you're real and exist just like snuffle columbus okay. I'll go with that. You don't remember if you're too young. There was a time in the streets history where people thoughts was big big bird's imaginary character. I don't really remember seeing it right. He's the big hairy willie bam. If elephants big bird's name yeah we'll supposedly snuff full up against snuffle up her snuffle anyways while you're looking up anthony welcome abraham for him while he hits behemoth from elephants. He's later shows up godzilla king of the monsters yeah. He's got big luscious eyelashes and he's always high pick. I remember this elephant from guam. War valley of guangxi kills the circus off offense. Chapelle has a snuff olympics pits should own from the dave chappelle anthony welcome back. It's been weeks. I don't know exactly i hyper. I can't believe you back. I want a quick thought i quit. I know i was like oh off and left. He's spinning out into the universe. <hes> i kept we kept your chair me doing like a spin around a bat over and over drunk. Try to make it and then try and base yeah lollapalooza two thousand nine hundred ninety. You attended recently. I did give us your quick thoughts. How was it was free. That's trauma there you. You got some notes that we can go into. I mean i've i've. I've gone five or six years now. So there's always draw is for me. There's not a good time. What was your favorite actor from the weekend. Man the chain smokers weren't the best but they brought out awesome guests so they brought out a like five like baby raya tied outside the best one was oh they brought out the fray which was completely unexpected because no one's heard from the fray in about ten years maybe longer with the phrase those louis just the phrasing and their songs awesome so the fray was the best part. Surprising guests are always good. Yeah i got a couple couple of stats a couple of crazy. Things happened but i don't remember them. You don't remember does that so that's i was pretty tight. That's how you should experience. Earings little wayne streamed none of this on youtube this year. I decided you know what i don't really care going on under on friday night. Did you go all three nights all four days thursday and sunday me percents thursday saturday days. Fifty teenagers stormed the gates. It's on friday trying to get in none of them. Got in here. Students stormed the gate. They literally all kids every year. This probably isn't unique delilah but it happens every year. <hes> they get online. They like form. These facebook groups were like we're gonna meet up at this time and raw gonna try to go in at this entrance point right here and they will overwhelm them so there's like videos of the kids online literally jumping over the fence all at the same time and that knocks over the fence little do they know so that that was just the first fence line offenses whatsoever basically what they did was jumped over the fence and put themselves in a pen of smart so that they are part though about that is the the video was great because i went viral online and all these kids jump the fence and then finally like the cops get a hold of it and they stop the kids from jumping the fence and the kid. That gets gets stopped. I is the kit with like. Would it be awesome. If after they got penned in the dragon truecar's does it was the those kids got arrested the cable one leg went viral barstool barstools goes. We need to get this kid in the next day rich. The katyusha rapper got him a free ticket. It's nice. Let me ask you this. Do you think there should be like a eighteen plus that it's fucking teenagers looks i mean we're there a lot of kids around when he's right. It's been like for me. The kids started younger than eighteen yeah but there there are like there's just it's such a wreck that i filled out a lollapalooza survey and yeah the one thing i put was this would be a lot better if this was eighteen and kids should not there's no stories and little children and teenagers should be just getting fucking hang. They're all all these kids that have come in from the suburbs on a train and is there one weekend and just get fucking crazy and and they all get tanked and like throw up in the in porta-pottys well and that's how one do just how i like it. I keep getting older and these these kids all soon as seeming like what's on. There's always a death every year. Usually died and four people got arrested. However they said ed arrests were way down this year compared to last year and hospitalizations because it was really hot and they had the last year i guess there is a lot of hospitalizations due you too extreme heat more arrested but also let me ask you this. Do you post concert depression throughout going to these festivals where you're there for days. Maybe not lala ah because it's like two days occasionally. If i'm if it's a festival i planned for yeah. Of course you plan months months in advance for a weekend and then the weekend obviously will go by and then you're off literally been looking forward to this for three months and then it's over as i do now. I gotta go back to work. Look forward to anything. Maybe some smack smack smack. I got a new cameo promo. I don't know how is this drug addled. He might have been on drugs when he created characters. Possibly it's just from a from my love sponsored from one of our listeners a kind of a big name in comics in the comic book industry doing shot. A promo for us hair is yoyo. Oh yo yo yo yo. This is rob lifeboat crater of deadpool cable exports domino. You are listening to the jock and nerd podcast. You want the most up to date movie and t._v. News you found it fun. You back puppets with substance. Abuse issues aren't me yes only here on the jock and nerd podcast. Does he get any better than this. I don't think so rabbi felt creator was love sandy. You listen to the jock nerd podcast cast so sexy so awesome. I never miss it and it's my favorite thing in forever. It's spectacular. It's awesome. I love it shocked dirty. It does a little chocolate dirt at the end never field a his tone changes throughout <hes> <hes> there. Maybe listen to the level team chains tally light construction. He did say all those words less than that is. That is the point. This is what we need you to do. Rob rayfield table while the irons hot. That's right. I'm not saying that you gotta get more from him. Like what are these cameos cameo dot just hit him up on twitter about jock and maybe we can get him on the show really remember this game you know who am i whilst fresh in his mind. He just said our names. He listens rob. Thank thank you for listening. You're very impactful to comics in the nineties. That's awesome. Let's get to the news chocolate what can get one for todd mcfarlane they would that would make my my geek life complete. If he did listen to this show he would <unk> have multiple conversations about we have been critical of some of his choices in our work but you can't deny you want us up ever seen. I'll say this about bob mr wingfield right now every time i've seen it as a convention and spoken with him. Yes he's been really great yeah. He's a very nice person. Actually loves talk fan honesty in without any kind of like sarcasm and i mean <hes> when i was a kid when that was coming out it was everything to me when i was a teenager in the middle of the nineties wendy's and robbery us a fucking rockstar. He was in a jeans commercial with spike lee. The impact is there. We loves feet. It loves drawing feet. He's not a drop in the bucket. He's not a drop in the bucket. He's probably field yeah. He's still a guy creator of all the things you love. You heard it. I oh who hid anyways see he something he didn't create venom <hes> and we are getting a second movie and it has been confirmed after rumors. The andy circus is officially directing venom two a._b. Circus unbelievable mojo oh capital former listen to show. He's fucking ghalem. Let's go fucking. He's ulysses claw in ah the mc l. and as well as far as directing. He's not directed many movies but he has moving well. There's the the the mogul movie. I only google something. That's a pretty ambitious first film for him or first major feature for him. What do you think i think <hes>. This is a good gather the venom to i i would say he's a master at mo cap. So that's interesting the moberly movie i i watched a little bit of you did did did you yeah. That's an interesting i mean i i appreciate the ambition. How could he gone yeah. Let's do this well. It was the idea of making the the animals with human characteristics in their special aces really did not work so so. That's the thing where i'm like because he just didn't have the budget. How does how does the master make a movie in his first director directorial debut and it looks like that i didn't see it but i'm just saying that's pretty ah eight it affects heavy movie right is and he had an all star cast action cumberbatch yeah yeah and it just the movies years years most people who make who put on the these movies or guys that made a romantic comedy or some shit all sudden. They're like lord and miller. They did like you now. <hes> what do they do like the twenty one jump street or something and they're directing hot solo. It's crazy. I did read a bunch of reviews among ugly and they said exactly that anthony. They said that it's like it's supposed to be kids but it's surprisingly dark and you know we'll take a look but it's the fact that he used that. The celebrities faces mo capped onto the animals. Try to make them look like the actor right. That just doesn't work. We try to try to <unk>. This blend of human animal. Hybrid looks really weird. I mean louis. Points looks really fucking weird. I mean i think this technology experience can only enhance venema can't get worse. Maybe you get whereas an interesting choice always get worse. <hes> that's true as soon as i say it can't get worse. It can always get worse but ruben. Fleischer did the first one. He's also said that tom hardy very involved. In writing the script he is planning on taking the characters into another direction and if someone someone else who is excited that amy circuses directing was michelle shell williams because she is signed on to come back for the sequel which after how the first movie got trashed. I didn't think she'd want any part of this. Well made a lot of money. It did make make a lot of money and i kind of feel like tom. Hardy's really invested in this is good for this. She really is. I was just watching her on the story of bob fosse. Yeah that's what i watch fosse great broadway jazz so much dude you all we did was chain smoking fuck girls and she don't all of his why choreographed chicago and all that jazz and in michelle williams plays his wife and she's fucking amazing in it she like she comes off like a like a judy garland or something wow crazy very good she wants to b- but she wants more time as she venom in the sequel. Which also we know will probably be carnage with woody harrelson. Andy circus has worked with woody harrelson in that last last planet of the apes movies so i think it's a cook. I think he's just go crazy. Let tom hardy go nuts and be super fucking wacky and nuts at this point in time <hes> <unk> who gives a shit like the they've made shitty that a movie people liked it a negative licensed to do whatever they want. It's like car 'blanche absolutely pretty much. It goes crazy as they want and you can only go up from there the great with what they did you could literally just do anything because i mean you buy. It ends with woody harrelson in the worst red wig. You'll ever see like fucking. Donald mortal kombat was bad. Oh we'll we'll get to that. There's levels level lower. Venom is an oscar nominee compared to what we're going to talk about is a fucking masterpiece <hes> so it's happening listener let us join. Our facebook group called the jockan nerd nation. It's closed. It's exclusive. It's just for for our listeners. We're all in there. Mike rips is in there. He posted his another short story. We talked about in the last episode. Read it. Give him some feedback back <hes> chocolate nation. Let's move on to disney plus the streaming wars because we've had a couple of updates. We knew i currently we talked about and how these things are going to get started to get bundled. Disney announced its first bundle. This is crazy first of all disney. This is this is amazing. You know the standalone abc coming out in november. They've already priced six ninety nine now. They're saying you could get disney plus hulu and e._s._p._n. Plus for twelve ove- ninety nine a month right. This is sober now for now well. It's a netflix at that. Twelve ninety nine is net flicks is standard package package over sixteen. This is so fucking smart because if you are a netflix subscriber appears. You're getting three things for the price of net flicks right. Thank you good. Would you get this like this. Talk to you. Yeah i mean i already pay e._s._p._n. Plus i i believe i have have hulu with my spotify but if i was coming in and wanting to bundle this yeah this would be the seems like a no brainer. I think i think i've already got it covered because we have disney plus as well so we're going to have these covered but twelve ninety nine for london. It makes sense. 'cause disney owns all three of these things yup. I mean you get that for the cost netflix. I mean that's crazy. I think it's a good getting into price but i know that it's going to number one gonna come up very quickly quickly and it's gonna come up like dollars dollars dollars very quickly number two. I think that they're gonna start sneaking adds into all the ship well the hulu in this bundled. It's the ad supported version of who. I believe i mean this is now. You're paying paying what you play for net flicks but you have ads everywhere. It's kinda turns into the cable t._v. Again <hes> but to be this is fucking. It's fucking genius was far from cable t._v. Seen bucks a month on a subscription. I don't wanna see shit. I wanted to see my shoulder. You e._s._p._n.'s going to have no ads <hes>. Let's have our sunday so they're. They're double dipping before you used. You know what i mean. They're double dipping. They're getting like they're getting like more money because used to pay like let's say you're paying like twenty bucks for basic cable. You'd have to split that with the lion share of all those channels. It's not as they're getting like all of this money and giving you add. That's why the business we're getting fucked at the end of the businesses do the streaming because you get the the lion share of the prophet rather than splitting with nine hundred channels yes. I don't think it's going to end up being a value in the long run what we're going to get on e._s._p._n. Plus why do you go find yourself going e._s._p._n. Plus why i'm a big u._f._c. guy so oh that's right exclusive. <hes> they have a bunch of other sports college football football <hes> boxing all sorts of different. That's not unlike their cable channel aw i don't i mean i. I wasn't the biggest believer in e._s._p._n. Kim plus but i got it and it's one of those things got at one time and now i just don't feel like cancelling it because it's only five bucks yeah. They got you so they got you in. <hes> you know we're gonna get disney as i have a shared logging for hulu and i really don't give a fuck about e._s._p._n. I've never watched hula hula some great shit on there and there's movies and documentaries appoint. Is this bundle for me. I wouldn't get it because of the e._s._p._n. I don't care but i could see the broad appeal for people also this will make it harder for netflix to incrementally raise. It's price that it's known to do because now they've just matched netflixing standard <hes> subscription to rise together. They're going to have to gas gasoline. Selena companies have you. They're going to just pick it up. Pick up the cost. We're going to have to make a decision though they're going to be like. Do i need the d._c. Universe c._b._s. an amazon on and not flakes universe. Isn't that moving to the it's a winner brothers at what's award max to that's gonna get all the stuff. They said. It's going to be on both things <hes> so they're keeping the d._c. Universe who are going to be the players in in five years apple on eating apples go. I don't know if al wild-card we're still not even a wildcard apples like the what are they doing like. It's not even like i'm interested in. What is it your warner brothers going to have a service n._b._c. We'll have a service <hes> you you know. I think amazon amazon will still be around. Netflix says a huge head start and has kind of you know set forth things model ninety will be there so forth things that cost that let's say ten bucks a month minimum so for each one of those. You're due to get all four of those or five of those. You have fifty bucks right there. Now twelve bucks a month thirteen bucks six months it turns into like sixty seventy bucks and then you get paid for cables. Now you're paying. You want to pay at that point. I would assume you'd assume you're not paying for cable. I mean you're paying for internet internet right yeah so you're paying wash yeah. You're not saving it just making it harder to find this ever been. I mean at first. It started out as a money. Play <hes> save money saving play now. It's not now. It's still not all a car like it's supposed to be though it will scream that was the dream is like i could get this channel that channel only for those things and not have any of the everything on building that i don't want and now they're bundling shit together. I don't care about i don't wine alicarte though because if if becomes alicarte that means it's all run by one company because everyone would have to play nice with each other and then they can tell you what they want all the cards and their their control every there's one person controlling everything if you can just select from what what company that shows that you want individual show but for that to happen all these companies these would have to agree. It'd be like yeah you can take our content. You could take some of our you pay for like one show one t._v. Show yeah like a dollar amount per episode a month. It's not all year pay a dollar per episode so if you have like four four dollars a month but that's like i wasn't i tunes model where you could buy one episode of shows at a time. I don't know if i pay right. I remember when i got netflix. It was daredevil and that was what nine seven or eight nine dollars at the time now. It's thirteen look. It's all is going to happen is going to be so let me different bundles so many different streaming services. It's n- it's no different than when you try to sign up for cable and you're like oh which packaged i get this one with these channels or this one with the expanded channels so no we're not. It's the same shit shedding like the dream was. That's what i'm saying that we're still regressing. We're not progressing we were we were supposed to model yeah. We're we're supposed to go to a model where we give what we want exactly and nothing else that we're paying that we don't want remember. We said well remember. I want m._t._v. gene right and this and that's all i want. We didn't know no one's doing that. Now for me like it would be nice if i could just pay just to get the marvel disney plus plus shows right disney. I'm not gonna watch all the fucking cartoons but i thought bubble you pay for the the amount right so let's say you get you can buy ten show package. You can buy twenty show package chopin and you just sit there and you click and then the ones that you don't like conclict them and then that's how you fund your show that you like and that's how you show getting onto your buying tie yeah so that way like if if you're so if you've selected that show to watch then it gets funded in your your monthly fee goes to that and it makes that show better you know what i mean you could say look. I want all my money to go to the show. I watch anything else a turn off all the other shows and that show we'll get your full seventy. Go to the show. There's fucking two hundred people in between they get a cut of the money. Whatever but i mean the show will get funded so to be better and last longer schick start a game of thrones well you could. I guess you're talking about just student like a gofundme me genius thinking and no one else can do that. It'll never happen rods. Sorry because that's probably the worst i profit margin model out of all of us. They once it really though i made the best content yeah but they'll lock. They wanna lock you. In for a subscription month length month-to-month so disney announces all this meanwhile over at net flicks they have won the bidding rights for game of thrones creators penny any off and weiss have they just signed a five-year nine figure deal. Oh we're talking somewhere two hundred three hundred million billion dollar deal exclusive with netflix leaving b. O. disney was also bidding for them. Amazon was bidding for the netflix wins and then they <hes>. I think one thing this means is that confederate show for h._b._o.'s probably definitely dead good. That didn't need to have what what do you think is what. What are they going to give us. More shows that start out really just kinda peter out at the end yeah. They got abrams david lindelof itis. Would you be interested in the next ext thing <hes> benny often weiss do it's one of those things where if you would ask me before this under this game of thrones right does one bad bad season tarnish them now overall show still amazing right. Now i mean that's the that's the trying to take a step back and like get away from all this rage each and go okay. They had one bad season. Yes that that season was them creating a lot of their own content there but six and a half seven seasons they they did a pretty damn good adaptation of something and as i've mentioned before adapting comics or source material or books isn't as easy as one would think otherwise all the movie movie adaptations we see in t._v. Show reputations we see of literature would be amaz- all be good there. Most of them are muslim. Suck and we talk about him on. These shows lead the book focus jeter so i don't know i think i'm curious to see what they produce. Now is like it starts out and it's shitty right off the bat. No i'm not going to keep watching it because i know that it's probably gonna continue to suck well. If you're if you're them like how are you feeling coming into this deal. Are they worth three hundred million dollars. I think they're like fuck. Yeah we got this. I i think that the pressures on like now deliver the goods. Though probably i mean i'm sure there's going to be is shit so you think they're just gonna like <hes> foreign in now. Basically they did the goldline there he did. I mean i think they do care <hes> <hes> they haven't had a great run. I mean the whole thing was pretty funny too that they just skipped yeah and don't they have star wars to is that going to do star wars trilogy <hes> they wrote for a universal kurt cobaine project and then the opposed to adapt the prison break tail dirty white boys for fox slash disney but the question is are. They going to adapt another series. What are they gonna. Do we are in the age of these mega-deals because warner brothers. There's gave j.j abrams five hundred million dollars five year deal. It's interesting as i remember on the show. We were talking about. How creators remember we're talking about. How movies used to be back in the day used to be marketed like martin scorsese the act directly yeah and it seems like now with this rise of you know content being original content needing to be created for streaming services. The creators are kind of coming back really awesome because right now as creator. These services need content. They're trying to grab every obscure. I we've got name names and now these creators like your j.j abrams who've been if watts they're pulling nine figure deals with these streaming services to create content on a brand for them like this is the world we are. We are going to see isn't that crazy. It doesn't that i find it to be hilarious. Not the disparage any often weiss but i mean there are guys that have have been creating like fucking loads of content generations. That never made this kind of money. That never got this kind of deal. What what is what net flicks shrek deal with malar malar guys they were created that made millar wpro maria making shit up and i mean i think right now if you have have if you are a storyteller if you are creator if you have a series like scott weinstein team steve's if you're doing an indie comic book. That's even the slightest bit cinematic. This is a great time time for those creators they give you can reach out looking for this kind of stuff. Even <hes> i had andrew guilty on spinoff show and he was the madison's agent found him. You can listen to that episode agent found him. I like your stuff. I want you to keep going. We're going to partner up and i'm gonna get your basically. I'm going to groom you so that your stuff gets on on these netflix. Movie like people are looking for stuff like like wh fresh mind fresh creators or like getting opportunities is goal fast-tracking their shit right to t._v. Right which doesn't always create the next walking out game of thrones boa. It's that process that will determine whether it's shit or you actually going to slow down and make something good the guys that made the boys which we'll talk about next we have <hes>. I don't think what's his name. <hes> garth ennis knew that was going to be what it's becoming. It's dynamite comics. It's a very small able it's not even one of the big three labels and all this stuff is getting pulled and more are coming that movie that just came out the kitchen vertigo comic book write all this content is going to be. It's out there and we're gonna see it good ambassador because there's a ton of demand over still don't have a sword project coming out and i'm fucking saw <music> telling me about that book. Yeah that's great. That is a great thing. That's a great idea. Okay good o._b. Made eventually eventually it'll happen. There's tons of great shit out there <hes> moving onto more t._v. news this crisis on infinite earths air overs crossover. We know nobody's watching these shows but i i love watching you do. I only watched like two of them but i always watch the crossover because they've been great. Get it happened yet now. It will be this year. It's going to be five hours five and it's going to take a break. It's going to start on supergirl bat woman. The flash december eight nine and ten and then five week break come back next year <laughter> aero january fourteenth and then legends of tomorrow arrow rover on dc universe. It is not yet it's still n._c._w. I think that's going to change but they've added another cast member ever to <hes> this crazy for this is pretty awesome. Kevin conroy the voice of a batman from batman the animated series and many of the animated films finally finally we'll have a chance to play live action bruce wayne. What's he looking like nowadays. He's he's old. Look up. He's he's kind. Ed have got a very safe salted weathered warning lights as an older bruce wayne from the future like batman beyond bruce weighed. They could play that guy. He's neck is like stack but he's got that voice. He's here's a great voice so tim with the do that played the last word. We'll be in the crossover. We got to superman you just have them. Both one be batman won't be rob invert seventy the two year old. They never worked with one another. Maybe i think it's great for kevin conroy to actually yes. Oh absolutely he would have been this but there's rumors alike. Linda carter tom welling up <hes> mark hamill playing the joker. I don't know if these are gonna happen. This could be a nice little love letter to what they've had in the cool. Thing is that penultimate episode era. The second to last episode on january fourteenth coal written by marv wolfman who are wolfman road george press drew crisis on infinite arts the comic book so i'm expecting oliver queen to die over in that episode because they're ending the show. It's been fucking eight eight years. Kill all queen already. I think he s failed to city. Here's bill also rumors possible. They'll be a spin off coming coming out. Become something become the anti antibodies black lightning also we'll be making his first appearance in the errors crossover. They've not crossed over and i hope they do the thing where someone's holding a dead body on the cover where superman's holding super girl's body or the other way around superheroes superman. I forget what his superman home all right. I think it's going to a. b. I think it's going to be blessed supergirl holding stephen a mel dead. That's how they're going to do it and just spin off another show. I guess i'd have to watch it now. Now it's crisis on infinite. I've television it's not but we got the monitor the anti monitor they've got all this crazy. It's probably the best they're going to be able to do with the c._w. With what the the money they have to work with flashes getting audits. That's done poorly for t._v. Not on a teeny teeny. I don't think these shows are going anywhere though because woman at starting the flash. I'm sure they're doing very well. Another spin off of something probably yeah. I would love to see like static shop. You could add static shock to this universe. Be cool love static shock. I think that girl that was was on her. Show was alex from place to hang your cape she. She's probably real giddy about all this yes. She loves the the air over there there <hes> the t._v. Voting is done and they announced the winners on the podcast capers listened find out. Oh okay out who last ship oh. I don't spoil it for me rods. I'm gonna find out. I don't know i'm ups. Shipping fedex beat out the ship that x. There's an arrow in the logo you you notice that right there and the by the last thing in the news you guys if you liked shin godzilla. Did you like what do we think <hes> <hes>. Would you say you liked. I would give it a positive review but it's not my favorite godzilla movie by anthony. Could you say you like chin godzilla. It's a it's an interesting. I give them credit for trying something different. It is not at all rewatch -able well if you like it as a one one time watch. You're going to like this the team that brought you shave godzilla is now doing shin ultraman rugs what is shin. What does that mean you. You know i it's in multiple meanings. It's got true real. New means means all thing me okay new guys. Don't in america really calls it. Guzzle resurgence yeah the american titled godzilla resurgence dago on oh and shinji who gucci <hes> they've announced. They are doing similar thing with ultraman. Give you shelter man. Come on twenty twenty one so this is going to be people sitting around in a conference room talking about ultra. Is there any precedent for even doing a serious alterman. No i mean if you watch the animates fucking amazing the one that just came mountain netflix ultraman enemy. Oh yeah it's fucking bad ass. All i know about ultraman. Is the seventies stuff very wacky. I don't like like the seventy stuff. Might i think that jon baloney just fell out of his chair. Basically like you know it's like it does not even attempt to try and create like like <unk> make my suspension of disbelief go away. It's like it's like like you could see t._v. Is in ultraman mask where the guy has to see out of though he's got like these like big bulbs alien is and there's like you like black holes that you know that the the guy in costumes <unk> zipper back. It's like it just it. There's points where he's making this t- post oh so he can make a laser come out of his the site of his wrist for some reason it comes out of the side of his his arm okay like this beam now and he just sits there and he holds it for like twenty minutes and he just keeps firing this beam and i'm like all right i get it. It's like monsters in the thing but i don't know i just like jet jaguar better for some reason. I've never been an ultra messiah either these alien superhero isla enemy though the n._r._a.'s pretty cool the enemy. They actually made a reason why those are the things being out arms. He's got like this little contraption there. I like his outfit. I mean i kind of like the ultimate. <hes> you know let jet jaguar who was always weird for me. <music> sing humanoid kaija will face off against subjects so that automatically i was like even though he's a complete alterman rip-off rip-off right and that's why they made him to rip off of the popularity ultra man i saw him. I like in the godzilla movie so i thought thousand first things. This is what i saw. Ultra yeah jaguars cooler. When what about spectrum was that another rip off of a both of these things there's mirror man spectrum and is fucking remember spectrum. There's there's a million ways ultraman writers in all ultraman as big as like the guy who in the movies yeah. He's he's a giant. The big was he gets mauled. Normalize yeah. This is where it grows big. Oh he grows and shrinks and the penis james venus moved who've i i mean i love the style of like the armored human a the the the helmet with the the concept the bolter man. I like the concept like even like the design of ultraman and how they even the monsters some of the mosh as a really creative. I just don't like like i don't know i just how silly it how it's just too silly for for the most boring ultraman movie you've ever seen what would it mean. I don't know it's going to be <music>. Ultra metal it relies on a person a right like a person to be channel ultra. Nah yeah all right. I'm not even sure i'm getting it right. So is he a human. Do we see him in human form like out of some kind of like. I don't know one time i made the mistake of saying the ultra robot no elio. He's like alien that that comes through human okay possesses a man remember star man. It's like whatever it's a great man inch mirror spectra n- i'll watch it but i'm ready to take a nap when it comes up people at a conference. You're talking about ultra man. What's do about alterman if there is a if they're doing this like <hes> van galleon yeah like the human protagonist is going to be like this fucking massive emotions and he's not gonna know if he should be alterman. Why is he being ultra man. I i i. He's going to wrestle with that because that's he's going to be depressed. Even though there's hot chicks around them all the time just watching van galleon you'll matt. I heard it's very good got <hes> and then last thing anthony you just mentioned the boys <hes>. How far are you into the series sure will this recording this thursday april roy sorry episode drowsy laos louisville on august three episodes in okay but i will say that i am all immediately hooked after the first episode very much unlike that fucking last show that i had to watch adamy yes this is really i. Maybe i still need to watch five more episodes early. Thoughts are right away that for each episode. I've watched as been riveting in its own way and it's been like a good singular episode was also part of a story like there's something going on in each episode makes me engaged but also the greater stories is interesting excellent. I liked this lab this as a dark. Take on superheroes way fucking bettering relic bullshit africa. I literally forgot what that show with. An umbrella rain or some shit show makes me want to go back and watch doom patrol troll or the other show that you have to worry about that. One got cancelled season and done. I'm glad you're watching this <hes>. It's not only is it a buzzy show. Everybody's watching it. It's really fucking good. The i'll say the first three episodes the character that's the most stand out for me is homeland as a superman captain america that it's just a complete narcissistic. I'll see a path sociopath is very intriguing. The actor acting is very good. The performances are great can't wait to dive in. We'll do a full review next week. Here's my early thoughts. I love this movie. I'm gonna try to watch it again before. Why do i want guy renewed for a second because it ends. You'll see how it ends meet. I gotta now. I'm interested because seems like this is just a one season storyline but we'll see rugs rugs <hes>. What's your quick thoughts on the voice. I watched it all thing you did good. Did you like it. I did oh my god. It actually got by the my thumbs is up. You hit mike ribs. Why would you do that into the mike the thing that over the top on watching beside the high rugs going by the end of it. This is a must auto show. Yes i like. I wanted to hate it yeah like when i go in hot wanna hate something. It's almost impossible to make me like come to the other side like if i go in and i'm gonna hate. Watch something because i fucking after for the show and then all of sudden like oh this is actually like like the comics like garth ennis would write a comic book like it's true to it yeah. It's true to garth. I mean maybe maybe they changed around a lotta shit the feel of it feels like a garth ennis book it feels like it because it's so dark and twisted and they do you go places where people will explode and shit like that. <hes> you see that in the trailer not spoiling anything but the so they go as dark as as the stuff they've done. A preacher tried to do that but didn't do as well. They did it a little bit. I love the premise of it. I mean it's like imagine the m._c. View israel how fucked up all these people would actually be. That's what you're getting at. It's great compliment to like the world we have now with the the other side of it review perfect timing great source great original source material. We'll have reviewed next week. Let's take a quick break here. We will oh comeback and review quite possibly the worst movie i've ever seen in my life right after this yeah hi i'm jen. I'm brian and i'm henault. We're three friends to talk about the mental health wellness in our lives through articles and tips. We share what has worked for us has overcoming depression anxiety bipolar disorder alcoholism and addiction. Come join us on our journey. You can find us anywhere you listen to your podcast just search for the crazy life. Remember whether your toes in just keep breathing. What's up guys. This is gerald and my buddy right across from me as always sandy. We are two p.'s on a podcast and we want to invite you to join us weekly as as we discussed. What are we talking about. We talked about a little bit of everything. We talk about politics sports. We didn't talk about sports dude. We're talking about too much in fact don't join us. I do too complicated using darrell. We our weekly podcast discussing current events pop culture hot topics hot topics are not the retail store just hot topics while still at hot topic. We would discuss that as well. You want to get your black. Metallica shirt strutted area. We'll talk about that but my name's geraldine my buddy. Andy and you can catch us onto appease on a podcast please go to our website is to on a pod dot. Com check it out. Check us out on twitter at to ps on a pod and subscribed the tunes or google play. We hope to here you listening is that we can't we can't do that we can do we can hear them. I hope to see that you listened v._r. Stats or whatever when everywhere to podcast ask guys talk listener. If you love the show you want to support the show. Join are awesome patriot community join our fan club visit jaguar dot com slash patriotic <hes> you will get access to a bonus or a speed that has lots of bonus content post shows instant reactions all the shows come out early and and like we're going to do in a little while. If you sign up for ten dollars a month you get to pick a movie and force us to watch it and review its and this is. There's another pick this week that has backfired on myself. Usually this is the tier where we make anthony great watch things that he would never watch except this time right in absolutely he's been awesome the last one we did in the field. He's from my child episode. Two eighty we fulfilled in order for power mighty morphin power originally from nine hundred ninety five at a time. I thought i was like this is the worst movie i've ever seen. Oh i was wrong and i think this is is really funny because right now if you look at the big podcasts movie podcast everybody is going to be talking about hobson shaw reviewing options not here listener. I hear no we. We think we dare to be doing outside the bar doing calvin and hobbes. I don't even think there is a box. It's like a soft gel like membrane. That's real pudgy and soft what we are doing. Is we have been forced to watch the amazing moral kombat annihilation who hid from one thousand nine hundred ninety seven before we get into that yes i i saw this earlier today and i just thought about it now. It has to the two with the last segment where we were talking about disney plus. That's did you guys see that. There are what they're doing with. Some of the fox properties acquired well. Some of them are going to go straight to hulu. Uh well no no. I don't know if you mean the homegrown. Yes remake again <hes> home alone cheaper by the dozen night at the museum and diarrhea t._v. He worked for disney plus. Did you see the picture first of all. Don't touch home alone. Have you seen macaulay called one. That's getting the most uproar. There's no need macaulay culkin's response. He tweeted a picture of him sitting on his sofa with a gut hanging out eating popcorn looking like a slob he goes ed. What is going to look like you're home alone and i don't appreciate this as well. Apparently i don't know where i read this but the rumor is it's not going to be about a kid being basically macgyver robber sneak in but it's me about these two adults being macgyver while kids storm their house misters yeah. I don't know about that. Don't call it home loan old home alone hall. It was like the flip like the old people are now defending themselves so it's just an excuse to beat up on kids. It doesn't seem very disney friendly. If you're like in your sixties october ruin dealing with some of the fog and then some of the they also disney reported did like a huge quarter three loss because of dark phoenix and <hes> they're gonna slow. Some of the fox movies a lot of the projects that have been canceled a lot the hat that haven't are gonna go straight the hulu trying to figure out who's been tons of layoffs. I'm fucking the fox side so i don't have a ton of connection to the other stuff like she or the dozen or night at home alone engrained in my favorite christmas movie like we watch that every christmas i another movie like to romania made. My parents disappeared cheese pizza just for me having little. What did they call you little tour. Look what she did. You little twitter nope. What did they did home along with post malone that should i know it. Actually sells vote should start in the homeland host. Malone should be the guy the opposite <hes> no no no the two robbers. Oh yeah <hes> daniel stern yeah. He should be danielson harry harry. Are you gonna do that to them off to terry. How's it going the second one. We're the sticky tape around his hand and steals out of <hes> goodwill. The first one is a classic anyways. We're not in the first and the second one and then the third one has scarlett johansson and as a macaulay know that different johannesson's the teenage girl black widows. What does in there but we're not here. There's not a home alone podcasts sorry. Could we review that whole movie could do that for the patriots yeah. Maybe for a christmas review but we are here. Whose fault is this listener patriots sponsor john campbell. I thank you detective john on kimball mugabe touma we have to do that. Every time we mention john campbell time cable pick this movie. He has been a patron for twelve. Months currently gives us fifteen dollars a month ship. Well thank you sir about this baby straight when he announced out our facebook groups nation is movie picky said after much deliberation and gathering some inspiration from today's episode of jock and eric. This is back in november of two thousand eighteen. You guys were speculating about the title of avengers for being annihilation. I felt the need to stick with that theme. Pull an instant classic out of a hat classic. Take as my choice for a review i would like you guys to review the nostalgia inducing absolute shit show that is mortal all combat annihilation. Here's your spoiler. Holy fuck okay. I'm glad you guys had to watch sushi. Miami just set this up then from my childhood somebody like a shitty movie from my child to force the mission this come here. I'm still i'm still in. I'm still trying to mentally prepar. Prepare myself for having to watch willow willow. Okay see there. We go that'll be. I can't wait to great. That's going to be some great battle star galactica on their throughout the movie on our on our patriot unless it's not so many career fly is <hes> waterworld soiree goodwin still we've done almost first half of them are <hes> yeah so we are fulfilling. John campbell's order and we were at an amazing pace only into in half of them do more ah we we gotta make fun of ourselves absolutely just saying we're doing it this week in true and then you gotta find the movie and sit through this godawful pocking anyways mortal kombat came out nineteen ninety-seven november based sequel the sequel the first one comes out in nineteen ninety-five eighty five loosely based on the mortal combat game in franchise started in ninety two this will be though is loosely based on mortal kombat three. I believe right two and three april on rotten tomatoes. You may be wondering mortal kombat sitting at a whopping two percent old. It's one of the worst movies of the average rating two point three out of ten. Yes box office wise it. I don't have production budget. It made us sixty million in opening weekend finishes at fifty one million worldwide only a after a couple of weekends. This movie directed by does it even matter who fucking. Let's call us personnel. Let's call this person out his hey. He is john r leonardi. Oh shit as not done since that is a good question back in one thousand nine hundred seventy did this eleven director credits mortal kombat annihilation his first movie and then he chose that he does the butterfly effect to six with lois lane. I i think so and then this annabel twenty four t. wolves at the door. I've heard wish upon the silence he's working on something at the hop <hes> <hes> yeah no it doesn't matter what this guy's done but this movie stars to people from the original movie and then everybody just love they recast ended up going to happy gilmore and being the project wheels wilson or whatever his name is lou king <hes> robin show coming back to play liu qing felicia's soto still playing caetano and then everybody else recast james remar rate and sandra andhra has playing sonya blade lynn red williams as jack's probably one of my favorite characters out of this whole movie brian thompson shell khan and other people people playing sim del and jade and mataro people. You've never heard of it. You've never seen from again. They actually got a native american actor lightfoot to play night wolf who is like the native american wolf character right so right and he was in the little indian in the cupboard or something like that right good good on them and then one do j._j. Perry played all like the robot about ninja versions like cyrus scorpion and ray park in there till ray park in the first one now he's he's. He's a stuntman in this movie movie probably believe so oh yes. He's reading stomach gets us face during the number three. Oh he is raving stuff then where they didn't really do. Try to hide it much darth maul boy so let's move look this. This is so so confusing i because honestly i've seen the first one i don't remember it. This will be picks up right where the first one left off limits. Can i get into this or we'll get into the well. The reason why you're so confused is because if you didn't literally watch the first one minutes before you have no idea why the fuck takes you literally have to watch both of them. It starts right after the first one ends but it has a completely different they do what they did. In the first movie in like five minutes right at the beginning doesn't like the main guy luke king like become the champion campione in defeat everybody in mortal kombat and all of a sudden and this will be. I don't know what i'm doing. I'm just saying that closed deal yeah. Let's start like this anthony. I want you to taping through your your connection to the mortal com bladder which is the first movie and the movie so mortal combat along with street street fighter in to a lesser degree are like the fighting games of my youth. I was always more partial street fighter but i equally enjoyed the art cade or on consoles in the nice. You can play on the council worried. Mortal kombat was always the like the little more edgy your one st fighter was it was like the one i loved both so more comment was big place my history as a child. I remember mortal mortal kombat one c._n._n. Theater just geeking the fuck out and i don't know if that movies age very well probably not but i thought at the time it was fucking amazing so mortal kombat annihilation as a kid. I had no idea it was even coming out. All i remember is seeing it at my friend's house one day and going oh fuck this. Is the sequel wait a minute. Why aren't anybody that i recognized from comment in this movie hang right so that was the first thing and as a kid you watch that movie and even at i was nine ten years old even as a kid. I was like something's weird about this fucking movie like this isn't. I didn't know that it wasn't wasn't good. I just didn't think it was like i wasn't blown away on what is going on like these the characters that i remember in the video games like cirmac and sira and mo- taro none of these characters look as good in this movie. Oh my god that i shot where they show you all the bad guys they'll sheva eva green screen. I have ever seen in my life so revisiting this movie now even back then as a kid. I knew this was not not something something worth watching again revisiting this movie now as i mentioned earlier if we had talked about power rangers awhile ago being really bad. This is worse this this is la. This was a lot worse so this literally one of us needs to completely just hang his head in lock himself in a closet and never be spoken of again because it's just so bad like the green screen so it's like park where you can actually see like the digital it'll screening and like things popping in and out of the screen. It's so fucking bad. It's like they didn't even try to blur the edges. They just left them like all fucking bad. It's the color match anything it's dog shit. It's dog shit on a hot day mixed with like urine analytical like i don't know just a little bit of like <hes> this set the trash josh burning trash. It's one of those that's them. When i was watching. It reminded me that it was it seemed like this movie had absolutely no budget and they knew it and they didn't even try to share like they could have like. I don't know they could have written a way around this so they didn't have to do all that. Other shit instill made a good movie but like they didn't do that. They just like we're going to have no plot. We're we're gonna have shitty effects. We're going to not give a fuck about anything. You're gonna watch it this is this is the first time i've watched this movie. I play play video games. I love playing street fighter mortal combat and you're right what said mortal kombat apart look more realistic and it was it was more violent and you saw motherfuckers get. There's spines rip out of their bodies and i'm watching this movie and i don't remember the first one i am the whole time. I'm completely. I'm like what the fuck is going on. I'm like is this a spoof of movie this. Is this a student film project. Y so much even good enough for that. It's not as bad for that. It's like somebody made read this as a spoof of immortal movie. Can i just play you and the dialogue is brilliant hairs. Here's my favorite line right at the beginning. <hes> goes like this music too bad you. I facing screenwriting. Let's go my god great delivery shoe bad you will you ooh you will die. The guy playing raid in james remar he plays he's black lightning right now and he plays the butler like the alfred like the movie but he actually decent active give up his movies while he looks like a james kerr dean wanna be in the beginning and then dies and then when he comes back younger he just like appears out of nowhere like there's no portal or affect like there's there's a scale like he gets bigger as tumbling out of nowhere out of green screen like what is going on one of the bigger things amongst others is you you watch this movie and you're like okay. I'm gonna watch a mortal kombat movie. At least the fight scenes will be fucking awesome right yeah. These are like some of the some of the slowest choreography in terms of fight scenes and and they literally cut away every time the impact is supposed to happen on a kick or punch so it's like anything that remotely difficult timmy choreography choreographed fight scene is not shown. I literally like was like what the fuck is up with. Everybody flipping seen all the time is unnecessary in general like like after watching this movie. I wanted to flip toilets toilets. Just like you're just walking over people are flipping burgers the flipping and then there's a lot of this especially the one scene where raid in his fighting writing. I forget who but just trading kicks where they just miss. I'm gonna do a site spinning skied kick now. I'm gonna do a now. I'm going to do a no. I'm going to do one is. It's like the keep missing but it's so slow to like the there's no impact to any of the choreography. That's being eight. Oh niner a eh. It's like lower than t._v. Level choreography. I mean it's like sci-fi cable. Shit movies are better than rated is just constantly being thrown through walls in the whole movie every time we find somebody he ends up going through the wall. So there's the plot. The plot is hilarious. There's no plot but it starts undoing everything and then they <hes> kettani gets kidnapped will let me let me let me do the implore real quick. It's hilarious. It's very quick xiaokang. Who's the big bad who's brian thompson. Who all i remember him from his. What does he been in v <hes> cobra where he's the bad. I had guys things. He's always a bad yeah. Eighties weird faced actor voice but the plot is shao kahn comes over over and for whatever reason i guess because god created the world in seven days it takes six days to destroy the world and he's going to merge the outer world with earth world and destroy and and announces it. I have six days for some reason like okay. You have six days to prepare the best that's part about. This is like there's no scenes on all of earth occurs in the middle of a desert so there's no scenes where like other people feel like the humans are actually endanger because like no one's runs around <hes> but that's the entire plot is they have to figure out how to stop shao kahn from taking over. You know they tell you oh. It's catanha and her mom cindy is is the key and they're not the key and he's got a fight him anyways well. There's there's a scene with your your boy. The native american where the native americans like there's three do things yes okay but the only announced tuesday and they drop it okay wait somebody picks doug so first of all. They like go fight night while he will help you and so looking there. He gets attacked by a wolf. Other wolf gets up turns into a human human. Now looking is looking for someone like well. What is the first thing. He says he goes. Who are you. I'm like dude. You're looking for a date night will later. He goes well. If you are night wolf with fuck else with this beat you're seeing the other wolf guys walking around and he says three three. I only saw one challenge and he called that one the second one test. I was like wait. What the fuck what happened what happened to the third one and then the third one gets completely dropped and then j just shows up everywhere. Trust her when she's clearly took yes. It's one of the worst swerves ever like you clearly know that makes your your main character looks so dumb. She's we're all of the <hes> the the hot body girl that was in power rangers. What was her name whoever that was like the saber all but oh my god and then the the balls of travel these tunnels through the ball where they have to be like just the awkwardly very close to each other things. One of them has boehner. I mean they're not only that but like the movie those balza travel. I keep coming at the screen now. It's as if the movie was supposed to be in three d. o. But it's not like you keep getting things thrown at the screen but this never we came out. It is a three d. Why are you doing this is happening. If this was like a horrible b-movie like that was never released in the theater. I could be like okay. It's fucking really shitty. I and i would be will usually do is. Is that all right we. We have a terrible plow. We have no money but we're gonna show you boobs and they tried to do with like sonia in a mud wrestling contest with under girl and i was like all right they tried but like still didn't save this movie. It's still it's still was a theater released movie and i was like okay. This doesn't make sense to do this in the release that where she falls onto the rock rock it's it's plus <music>. I'm scorpion and sub zero shoots the isis the shittiest looking foam set i've ever seen in my life part about as he shoots the ice but before that lucane does a flip over the the credits didn't even need the bridge remains forward over that stuff in the <hes> <hes> sony getting covered in mud. I love jack's makes a fuck in dirty live. He's like look. The mud looks good idea and she's like jacks and then the next time we see her. She's fucking completely clean this nova. He's like i need to show the shaft serpent river. They get into a fight scene. Her hair does not budge one inch now another comment on the fighting. I believe it's <hes> cyrus the yellow yellow robot dude i mean he looks like yellow predator. He punches the when he punches the glass. He never actually touches the glass and it all shelters and then and then he dies. It's a piece sets off the like they steal it from the predator where he starts sets off the the bombshell ooh very all right. He remembers the bombs in him. Yes the bombs scream explosion the explosion green pre-screening vigorously and deep under there in this facility and they run out and suddenly they're outside and it looks like mcgrew bar. It's just the big explicit of them flying from where to where l. i was surprised that those dudes in the yellow robot suits surprisingly nimble and they you know they're they're kicking. The fighting is better than power rangers. Say this i would say the power andrews. Voiding is a long yeah because at least with that there's this kind of cheese to it. They're they're moving around it like the fighting. This is so slow speed. It's like wait. You're like okay my turn to punch you can almost see it's like three block out. It's really bork ninjas. That's what they have park. He's a talented dude. It's like whatever they they. They didn't pay enough. We gotta get great moments in this movie to the fact that so in mortal kombat plana games games in. I'm sure you guys have played it. One of the big things is fatality yes right but then these other forms came on like bay balaji animality so animality was a big thing in this game right that was in the game where you could turn into an animal that was one of the finishing malecki is only eight tried to do it here with leukaemia schulkin and it looks like something from like you would build on your first computer in the early late late. It is like student level at best yes. It doesn't even make any sense. First of all. I love white wooden night will shows up up and he turns back to the human. His first line is great because pretty cool huh. It's my ad malady. He's the one that teases the find yourself elf. Find your animality so he turns into a wolf. There's the word animal in it. You see like lizard. Things in kings is i'm like oh. It's gonna turn into a big lizard now. What is that's always been in the comment and not a comic he's always been addressed and then xiaoqing turns into ghidora happens yeah yeah like a hydra with a few i've read a i saw a review by crystal which was really and he i'm quoting him but that the animality seen is like when a a kid in one thousand nine hundred who created and they were like oh great job kid. This is going to be used in a movie five years later. It's the worst battle at the end. It's the worst the worst one ever came on ninety seven john. Yes that's like years after jurassic park. You're years after i remember when we were talking about mighty morphin power rangers and how bad the c._g._i. Was that was ninety five ninety five. I think this was was two years later. It got even i mean it's bad. I mean i think the power i think it's just as bad yeah but like they use it more. Yeah yeah you see it more yeah so really there's random fire pits. <hes> this xiaokang just tosses people killed people he killed so appearance of the guy who johnny cage in the beginning dealing now i want to be in the movie is like you know what just fucking kill me in the beginning. I can't take this. I knew right in him. Yes that's true. I knew though as a kid watching that i went wait why one of the most popular characters in moral comma so you kill them. The right doesn't make sense either because xiaogang hansa ahead and then ratings like all going to send all your bad guys into this dimension chin and then he goes take me instead. I'll be your slave. Shell cons like ooh. That's a great idea and then he just fucking kills john. Why would you do that everything up like what what is going on their lines in this movie where it seems like people aren't even talking or responding to each other. I had that feeling a lot of like wh what are you talking to. The script makes no sense. The story makes no sense. It's just they're just going from fighting the fight scene and then at the end it just fizzles out because like even that last crescendo that you're trying to build that fight is the lamest fighting the bad the lines as you mentioned. Oh it's literally like okay. We have a movie. It's called moral content. We need a lot of fight scenes. We need include all these characters but it needs to be like an hour and a half ed. Let's talking in between where we just talk. Let's but like who cares about the dial. Let's just make sure they're talking enough to get to the next fight eighteen. I mean they did a lot of fan service. They put like every character. They liked her like a second. You know focused on the gamers. There's and didn't give a fuck about the general audience. Let's show these gamers the freeze move and the what i read. That's what i read is the producers and director. We're like okay. That first one was we. We're trying to appeal to a mass audience. Let's just focus on the gamers as you mentioned enron so that's literally what they were doing. They were trying to just make it so that all the gamers would be like all oh my favorite movie. If you look up top ten movies based on video games it's on every list it is still highly regarded but now detective piquiachu one two with mortal combat because it's true to the source you had a combat emiid paul w s anderson who isn't the greatest director but at least he's competent resident evil lamb bear the highlander and a bunch of other cool people. You had some legit well yeah. These people going to be a bridge wilson. Happy gilmore the i mean the guy playing changsong kerry here. Yuki tagawa is a bad guy in everything uh and then they just got some b-movie generic people era place. I look like i said even as a kid watching show i i was like why shall con- on some white dude that's right he in the in the game he's just he's. It's kind of ambiguous as to who he who doesn't really he's like sonic personification vacation of evil. He's not the white dude from cobra yeah. It's just bad. It's a single way. How do we even wrap optus up. Like how do we what are we. What are we gonna get the miss anything i mean there's really not that's really about. It is like don't watch it. You wanna watch it just to see how bad it is. You can watch it but the here's the thing i could see myself rewatching the if i put a gun to my head and say you have to watch power rangers or mortal kombat annihilation relation for the rest of your life or i'll shoot you. I would pick mortal. Kombat yet is more is more boo. There's philly bad things. I think to look at. I don't know i would say more of power rangers as actually a better made film this. This movie occurs in the desert with a green screen. The entire time which which is really in the green screen is literally done poorly yeah cutting off ratings white outfit at times lifting you see the edge of every green screen. There's just explosions. The sky is so short were a lot of mighty morphin. Power rangers was actually probably filmed with a real say. Iran did not bother going outside. He didn't say outside all at the end when all the world comes back they use stock footage to bring all the fucking cities out of like the eiffel tower. That's coming out of the like. What is this. What am i i. I was like what the fuck is this i but jack's i loved jack's jacks. I operate cybernetic. He's got cybernetic arms that he could take off in the first movie and he's got normal arms underneath this and like okay why cyber netting maybe arms don't were it then then then like okay then the cybernetic arm comes off like arm under they're like well. Maybe it doesn't work. It's talk with regular arms. He still kicked the guys just wearing a jacket with arms on it kills that c._g._i. I like skeleton worm thing that comes alive but his lines are great where he's yeah he's just fucking on every he's like toilet the paper out here sodium and sonia's horrible. She won't tell him anything. He's like sonia. I'd go with you. Tell me tell me what's going on. She's like nobody to whom you. Johnny had to die like that's not what i'm asking what the fuck is going up exponentially. She's just nobody likes her. I have to reiterate what robo center it is insane to to me that this movie came out in a movie theater. People had to see this as a major franchise to is seen shitty movies that never went to the theater that are better than this movie like so many. It's unbelievable. It's unbelievable bad. Yes this deer quail. I thought not like i was like okay. The worst movie to ever come out in theaters that i've ever seen is probably power rangers in this that ever came out eater. Peter expect that i've see i mean i've seen a lot of shitty movies that are terrible that like their trauma films and stuff like that they came matt only on video or whatever like this is just another level as with just came out with like worldwide distribution how much this cost like eighteen million thirty million know production budget but i think it was like thirty million. I think it was thirty. I see on wikipedia tsa's says thirty million and they made fifty one million thirty million dollars. That's a lot of money money especially made for thirty million dollars. That's zone was made for thirty million. This is ninety seven that they had thirty million which is a lot. I don't get it. The law on coke probably is well. It looks like blowing real hope they were in in <hes> you know in the u._k. Mountain parys mountain. Maybe that's where all the screaming ming power and she uses it once and never again like just us adults one of the worst things i've ever seen in my life. Okay okay let me just set up to see their off all standing right in front of a mountain range. Okay then there's like this little inlet orders a temple. That's flat everything kinda goes in so if you imagine like there's a wall and and then there's like a a space inside a cave almost and they're standing on this platform <unk> kind of inlet so she starts using using her screaming. Power and rain is trying to open a poor. This is taking forever and it just they just keep going back in cycling this footage of of this stuff blowing up the same footage of it for like five minutes and mike able to reach them like five minutes ago when they would all be dead and they got away. Just this was so oh badly edited. It was so terrible cycle footage anytime someone gets thrown into that firepit it's the same shot like he threw several different people and it was the exact same shot of just a body going fucking firepit raining ninjas. Yes i gotta bring this up before we we wrap because there isn't much but there's this fucking army in the beginning yeah and then they're marching with this fucking army later on and then at the end. You're going okay so they have an army they. They're gonna have to fight off this army. What happened to the fucking army army. Would you tease army like this. There's ninjas in the beginning and there's like these almost like game of thrones. It's cheaper looking like who who'd yes right and shell kinds of giving speeches like our time. What the fuck people. Why did you spend all your money on the army in the first two x and then not have enough to bring them all back for the third like i can. I can make it better movie fifty fifty dollars stupor and direct better than this and i could write better than this. It's it's. I don't understand how this guy may only spent a hundred bucks on the movie and kept arrested approval crazy dollars. I like to think that like people go into movies. He's a no one intends to make a shitty movie. That's that's always what i've thought about movie making but it happens right like there's things that happen. I legitimately think it's it's almost as if these people were intending to shoot look how can you how can it go so wrong everywhere. This is if tommy wiso made masters of the universe but what the senate release a move in fee why how is it. How does every single thing you decide go right looks like a spoof of like you're making making fun of your own movie but it's all but they're not it's an seriousness the shot of like lukin getting attacked and they they displayed by him to shaking taking the camera just grabs the canned film yourself pinning attack point of view shots and from underneath and for no reason and completely unnecessary <hes>. I don't know why anything y'all after watch d._o._s. Happens on this way. That's the volleyball on with the girls the big boobs volleyball yes it is. They made a movie about the presley's in it. Was it released in theaters. I don't know oh but i watched it a couple of why would you make a booby really game but it's it's really bad. It's not the chun lee movie bad yeah yeah. Well look. There's this franchise is not dead before we talk about the future rapist movie a number out of ten. What would you give it. I think two is a good school. Honestly i'm feeling the same. I think i rated more <hes> power rangers of one so if i think power rangers is better so i'm gonna after this isn't the first this is a point why power rangers to you. The only reason it got to a point five it made it. It was filmed. It was put onto a screen in edited in a way that it could potentially tell some sort of like i. I don't know i mean. I don't know what's the worst thing about this movie. We forgot to mention it but the music was fucking. Gotta have the nineties techno oh mortal kombat juno reactor and it's like the entire just it just does not fit the i mean if it's the idea of what world combat you but it's it's not a soundtrack by any means. It's just songs that they put on for a second and then they turn them off this long. We got into that. Doesn't we're gonna mortal combat. I should've i started with this but this is all we need right here. That's it. That's all that's all you know. The funny thing is when they played the first movie. I was so fucking pump. Well did that first movie and song and the game was fucking huge. I is it still is like it's the definitive video game of the nineties. It was huge for the franchise <hes> it's it's a stays true to the source like that's what made the game blow up was the movie song and the game. We'll know the game was the game. The movie did not yeah but that's all i remember hearing that fucking mortal kombat song assets icon but let me ask this kind of related us one. What is the best video oh game adaptation adaptation ever made screen up into. Why are they always all shitty. They <hes> they also are there ever any good ones so this apparently apparently detective pika chill is now in the top ten best video game video game video games based on but there's if you go. It's hard to judge the resident. Eagles are not great so that's what you're gonna get. According to esquire they have like mortal kombat detective piquiachu final fantasy n._f._c. tomb raider twenty warcraft warcraft was in that resident evil series and assassin's creed which i heard also was. There aren't any complaints. The mortal kombat movies aren't great the street fighters. Oh legend he's one of the worst movies mario brothers terrible. What is there so many fucking can games that have been added but any good. Why are they not good rampage. We just had a rampage. Adaptation rampage might be the best one but that's it's so loosely based. It looks good but silly prince of persia jake jilin prince of persia not good eric's video game movies. I mean i like final fantasy advent children. Yeah that's up on these lists. Prince of persia is not a bad movie. I think it's actually a decent movie and it's actually well filmed and everything like that. It's just you know it's just a very <hes> boilerplate dealer plate like adventure movie. It's not but it's done well and you know jake joan halls of fucking the hollywood star. I think tomb raider movies are pretty decent. Silent pilot hellos pretty good. There was a silent hill. I say <hes> what else i know idea. I never seen the far cry movie but <hes> i think the tomb raider movies are okay. All three of them are out the new one. Would you prefer you think the ones are better than the angelina jolie tomb raider i liked. I think they're both with different but i think that like the angelina jolie move is more of a big movie. The other one's a smaller film hitman. I don't think i remember remember very well max payne with the and <hes>. I think that's it. I think the <hes> those are the only notable ones that i remember. I didn't see detective impeachable. Tomb raider with the tomb raiders rampage the final fantasy films. I like spurts within even though like people hate that movie. I actually enjoyed that. It's an interesting movie. It's about like the spirits of the earth in the coming to the realization that you know earth is inhabitable these these ghosts and stuff that are taking spirits that they have to fight. It's crazy an is actually a pretty decent. It's pretty decent of a action film amy thousand six so so for reference. I'm looking at all the video game adaptations. We are a lot closer to worst movie of all time than even like good the best pitcher at sixty s other than that. There's nothing over fifty. A two percent and a lot of these are single digits. I mean you literally have some of the worst movies of all times being video game absolutely street fighter mortal kombat annihilation shen doom. Yes movies treat chen leon. I am commander. That's a tweet dark sumer super. Mario brothers isn't great. I mean these movies are this is closer to to complete shit like why is it complete. Show my question is is it because someone hasn't done it right or is it not even impossible to do and people should stop try. I don't know i think that this is what happens. You have a a medium. That's that's that's not really meant to tell a story in the ways that it were in a movie in a move or does shelly right you. You know you read a comic book read. There's a beginning and end in his all the stuff that happens in his only one way you see in video games you experience a different replicate that everybody has a different experience. Everybody has a different experience and not only that but some of these things the narratives aren't that strong. There's get the point you get. The point be fight the school thing thing and there's not really like in the video game. You never worried about suspending disbelief. Is this realistic enough. You just wanna play a game. You wanna fuck and shit shit. It doesn't have to make sense like rampage. The video game has nothing to do with this story in rampage masterbuilt dot awesome guy at like for example super. Mario brought now all right. What is that game like. What is super mario he like. Is i mean or serious skit. It's get point eight point. It's literally every levels. How do you make a game out there. I mean how do you make how do you may it's a gain. How do you make a movie of it. I was just going to say that what we got up coming to us. What video game and cartoon that kids like. I know there's a lot of kids like like sonnet grown up and there's a big fan base for sonic. There was a lot eighties so there's a lotta great saturday morning cartoons based birdie. Maybe you can do it based on on that but i don't think there's any real material. That's i think the witcher <hes> has like some of these games have good narratives of us blasts of us as again. I think that like some of these games have great narratives that you can kind of make a movie about like halo. I don't know what the the story of halo is. Kinda cool by halo is like okay. You can open content have okay you have these marines in the future her and there's this thing called the halo aliens. I don't know what the fucking story is. I don't even know if it's going to be true to the thing. I don't even know if they're gonna go and do their own rampage did but how do you make you need. A video. Game has a strong narrative. So if you have last of us okay it's <hes> that as a strong narrative <hes> what do you need to adapt something that has i think the witcher is one of them. I think that what else can you think of that has a strong narrative. V. ones is with <hes> uncharted. Uncharted has of course the actually that would be a great idea uncharted but it'd be great but that's something like prince into persia where like they all of a sudden. They're like we don't know what to do. A prince of persia so they made into like a indiana jones what happened essence created look like a cool idea it looks cool eighteen percent because it was it was it was an ultimately assassin's creed could have been and a very fun action film and it took itself way too seriously in it became very boring. They just always just fucking missed the thing entirely what i was thinking about it too before the show and there's two things there's the video games where it's just literally you on levels and you're destroying the sounds like rampage are fighting each other like mortal combat or she fire or mario. It's just like a different level right or you have those games. I guess the terms r._p._g. Or you kind of it's like final donald fantasies more myrtle immersive ran but both of the the first one is just level so there's not really any story. The second one has story but i was thinking about. There's a beginning and an then but it's a bloated middle right like it's just middle act on taba middle at just to continue the story so the story kind of doesn't make sense because the middle middle act as so blow out 'cause there to entertain you and keep you engaged. Get to the end yeah so there's not really a something that you can adapt. You'd have to like really refine it or change it to adapt to a movie yeah and then it would be a name only right like a final fantasy for example example all right final fantasy is is is beyond huge. It's fucking vast okay like you could never they capture all the stuff. That's in final. I mean it's just like it's it's forever big. You take that and make it into a two hour movie right. You have to take an aspect of it right now that aspect but not everyone's cup of tea. That's what they did with that. Final fantasy spirits within then they tried to do advent children which there's another animated thing which was way more into that but then there's you can't even fathom all of the fucking shit that's in as little universe so these movies like mass effect. This is that's a huge gain has lor halo destiny. All of these games have all of this lower that is really interesting. Definitely would be a fucking amazing movie. Aldo zelda can make a fun movie that would make a great movie but like how do you distill that no one's done. Here's what's gonna happen. I'll tell you what the the next big good sukhbir video game movie is because the mortal kombat franchise still oh huge. It's worth about twelve billion dollars right. They are rebooting mortal kombat march twenty twenty one produced by james won- <hes> directed by guy named simon mcleod. They have one actor currently signed up his name name is joe taslim playing subzero but they have said this is going to be an r. rated mortal combat and it's going to have fatalities negron own actual violent fatalities. This could be the film that brings back your video game movies. Mortal combat could be the franchise back. Iraq is the thing to look out for a noble witcher okay so that was a book first and then it's a game i don't i mean we're talking straight original. All video live action games. What's on the docket. According to wikipedia we got sonic. The hedgehog monster hunter uncharted they are making an untitled call of duty film untitled metal gear solid on title mega man film. This one looks shitty unless unless there's gonna be a comedy untitled tetris film edges of course so they're still incorrect this state mississippi recall metal got a strong narrative errative sneaky to make that for years wow that would be cool that could be a that could be like a neil blonde camp or something. Nobody's excited for mortal kombat twenty twenty one. I rated violent. Come on it's gonna be good. James wan i. I can't be excited about a video game movie because the likelihood seven ah just looking at pass his they have nothing above sixty three six detective pichu. Everything else is fifty two or under but i challenge you to find a better scene of a woman running then at the end of the first tomb raider when she's running out of the cave and in angelina jolie is bouncing like well. It's a very it's got that game with the away away and you turn on the balancing feature in playstation and the boobs. It's like it's comically crazier than that and i'm just i it. It's not even like a rousing. It's just alarming out. Fucking crazy. Shit is one one day. They'll be good video game. I am just flabbergasted thinking about how they can't make a video game movie. Eventually it'll happen. I want to say thank you to john campbell for forcing us to sit through this. I appreciated listener sner. You want you want to do the same thing. He won't torture us. Sign up for patriot on ten dollars a month or more gets you to force us to watch any piece of shit movie that your news from the nation for news station attack look. We have a lot of comment. The catch up to from past episodes from our listeners starting with roy mcmillan on twitter says listening to jogging near cast cast number two eighty five that was standing comecon round up one question marvel studios didn't screw up captain marvel. That movie was boring and she can't be beaten so so who can you match up with. I knew it made lots of money but the cat was the only interesting character. What do you think tanks writing in roy. I believe he's referring for into where i constantly. Marvel hasn't fucked it up yet. You're wrong and i don't think i wouldn't see i wouldn't say they end up but it's not it's not strongest definitely not i would say it's not one of their best envy's for sure. You're not gonna make a perfect movie your right this this this movie i would agree that it's not the best movie i don't like the character that much <hes> but it did make a ton of money it did get pretty well reviewed so i want to call it a fuck. It was a competent piece of films solid a chapter in the m._c._a._s. story highly highly derivative would consider a fuck up blake. Josh trank fantastic four or dark. Phoenix are like stuff really attack together or justice league. Yeah those are fuck ups. Bubble has yet to drop a cocker. What do you think the odds are. Eventually the gotta make a fucking clunker kurt right all right you would think captain marvel was <hes> as far as people's reaction to it bad but ah succeeded on so many levels you can't call if not the worst movie they've made by by by any means like yeah i mean i would agree with him run when you think of fuck cups earliest when i do i think of like movies that oh my god. How did they get stitched together. If there's anything you can criticize morrow for its that some other movies are just exceedingly mediocre. Yes exceedingly mediocre when they're still like well shot. Does it mean bad bad adding comparison to something so roy macron. Thanks for tweeting. I will defend it. They have still haven't had a cup yet. They missed the mark on a couple of things here there. I grew up <hes> <hes> moving on comments from episode. Two eighty six are what the fuck happened to amazing spider read two of met our he did a fantastic job but at the beginning anthony everyone that you weren't here because you were at fa lead concert lease khalid ya habibi lead d._j. Khalid and then i asked for war somebody sent me a khalid starred playlist so blake brayden being the awesome blake brayden. It is <hes> comments blake brain and khalid starter playlists better. Her location silence young broke o._t. W all right very nice. I love that blake. Those are good side. Listen to all these songs aim to the. I have a question for you. You which is concert are all the songs the same goddamn fucking tempo. The fuck is this exciting. I think i listened to these songs. Good songs better good young and broke but they're all the same fucking song that same song he doesn't get out of his reign using he stays in his reign. Let's he's his vibe is all as i've heard it put to me. His vibe is very much. Do some yoga plays music doc hang out. Maybe smokes weed just backing out. I was everyone i was like. Oh that's pretty good and then the second one. I'm like <hes> saint pete okay same tunnel well. He doesn't have a ton of rain and he's good in his pocket. I was hoping i was like gimme another temp. Give me something differently. Nope no same fucking song same is. He considered a rapper 'cause i. I don't consider that rally. I didn't know what rap on any of those. He's what is it. It's like sing song talking. He's like aren't no. That's not what he taught his arm. He's an n._b._a. Artists he's an artist and they were assured or something yeah. He's not he's not. He's in the same categories not he doesn't have ushers. She doesn't sound like yeah. It doesn't sound like usher us. A little variety in the reins sure female comedian talking about assures near death. I wanna make love in this club. If you're making your fucking in the class thinking lovely fucking in public club business people funding me she she were. I wish i could remember the fucking spa from howard checkout khalid song with <hes>. Oh he's got an edge is at the same tempo <hes> well. It's ed sheeran song. He's featuring okay jarrow. You're not gonna get khalid like picking up a little bit on you. I'm talking about the tempo of the song. It's the same bpm beats per minute every fucking song. How about you switching. That's how that's how i suppose but i the bar is very low for these kids. Khalid is great and honestly. I just need like one song because i've heard one song. I've heard all i feel like i heard them all so i heard this on other comments on the what the fuck <hes> happened to spiderman to this great kind of a split reaction with two listeners lisa morrison writes. This is the only one of spiderman movies. I haven't seen i wasn't planning on it but after after listening to this. I really not great which is why we do it now. On the other hand michael pagan bagan he writes. This episode was hilarious. After listening to matair apart this movie i went down to mckay's and picked it up. Who did you hear that sony columbia. We're moving fucking dvds of amazing spider man two in one thousand nine hundred thousand for you. Can i make one comment amazing interests who wrote that fucking shit. I mean like four different. Ah alex kertzman who's fucked up the mummy. The guy who wrote the mummy he wrote before amazing spider man two killing two franchises interrupting. He's got like the the worst part for me. That movie is him. He finds the coins and the fucking calculator has to go onto the fucking subway where the train rain comes up that his dad had a message he's got to use the coins get in this transient and he gets on the train and he realized that he was always destined to be firemen. Fuck wrote this. What is this spiderman own gray. You built that in total. I at that when i got to the point in the train. I'm like what is this what's going on. Remember the movie begins and you don't see spiderman for like seven minutes because they're in the fucking plane. They care at z. Kept trying to be edgy and focus on parents as if this is something anyone ever wanted to learn and trying to do something different and it clearly was not the right direction loop in their face so what's what's we'll ask really sucks about that is they actually had the best looking spiderman put on screen. Yeah we did say. The costume is great and he's he's. He's a great spiderman. He's quickey. He's kinda mean. He's got jokes. He's the worst peter parker that's not paying. He's he's good spiderman. Although i would disagree in the beginning spiderman would make jokes but he wouldn't let rhino just run over a block of calling on around on the job yeah. They nailed that he does jokes. They just didn't nail the the timing the movie where he's helping people in the whole time. There's like destruction happening. I'm like what are you doing. Spiderman spiderman would not what do you do save the peace then joked to the guy. You fucked up you asshole. Yes exactly yeah. No one gets. That's some the reason people. Don't grasp that concept. No doubt did a great job. Great episode a highly recommend checking out what the fuck mazing spiderman two then the last episode to you eighty seven with the mike rips reviewed once upon a time in hollywood and just geeked out about quentin tarantino benny daily rights enron said they couldn't turn a movie has never had a narrator until this movie. That's wrong buddy samuel jackson narrated inglorious bastards and hateful eight had a narrator and benny yeah but i was out of nowhere nary. This one was out of nowhere to catch people up and dump some exposition. 'cause we gotta get to the next thing but look man of tidbit. I was wrong benny. Thank you for the correction and i don't know what am i talking about ever. It's not like i said i was ever make roar sticks rights on a serious note. Oh i was a little surprised that there was no mention of jackie brown at the end of the show when you were running over tarantino films. Have you ever seen the film. It is criminally underrated film of his that you need to see the movie is at eight and a half out of ten he says we didn't i like jackie. Brown jackie brown. It's just doesn't have the only because it's about like it's like this l. It's like about two elderly up. It's like a bam grier like fifty something in this movie and then the guy that looks up getting sick louis list of bills bonds. You got deniro. You got michael keaton. You've got sam jackson's mother fucker a lot like every scene every line. He gets the same motherfucker but it is a similar similar. Slow bird like once upon time in hollywood where it's just you're hanging out with these characters and it's like a double triple cross and then there's some violence should happens in. It's cover. It's all about them driving lots of shots of people driving in the car. It's got interesting dialogue. It's fun to watch. It's very long movie though it's very on on pingree still pretty hot though man she's got me into del phonic love the findings anthony. Have you seen jackie brown. I've not i've not watched a ton of quinter discussing inglorious baz django unchained tables punching face. I've only seen bits and pieces stephanie <music>. I think the first time i turned on pulp fiction was the kimsey. Oh my god that's don't styles slightly disturbed and then i was like watch fiction is by far his probably his best. It'd be one of the best movies ever. You have to sit down move. Yes absolutely i've seen a lot of different rankings and i've seen <hes> seen other rankings. Were quintin was other movies movies that for its time it was fucking it was it was trail-blazing. Rankings are interesting. Some are like completely opposite of other so in this climate other movies above you know it's it's a lot of it is all what you get out of his movies and what you like about about his stuff when guarantee no his dialogue is very now would be not p._c. Right out of the way he lies semi l. jackson in in in that he's dropping the n. word every second yeah and just being very stereotypical with a jerry curl and shit and everything like that so people are not favorable towards that anymore but like in that time it was cool my my quinton turns thoughts are there's no one better at a scene where two people are two three people are sitting down and it's just a single shot of them sitting down and cutting to them talking and it being just building tension through that does that really well in the fucking inglorious seen the opening scene and by the end of it. You're like fucking white. Knuckle like oh my god the function and that's the beauty of the tarintino movies they often greatest dialogue and it's always like you hang out with these characters for two hours and then the attention bills at the end. You don't know what's going to happen and surprising people get shot violence just to all the time on air but yet but always dark very dark arctic and in once upon a time in hollywood is probably one of the most graphic violent like reservoir dogs. Yes even more reservoir dogs. The guy cut gets his ear cut off. There's a lot of this one. I was showing you. The person's fucked up face like up close in detail really. I didn't even realize that this movie would have. I don't plan uh-huh yes <hes> another thing that i love about mentioned this before when when he did the mike reps owed is that you get to know him through his movie they get to know his weirdness is weird. Fetishes is favorite movies what he loves what turns them on turns them off. You really get to know the director. It's very personal personal <hes> his films and i think that that's cool like where everybody's it's just like a corporate entity creating these films now and his good that there's something that actually personal personal about it like when you listen to a song and you know it's about that person's real life and their printer out in into it or they're making you feel something that they feel and it's real and it's not like ten people wrote this song and in the in some other person wrote the beat and it's just a corporate. We made product. I think that that's something nothing special and we should still like always trying like n- understand how special that it plus. You're seeing a guy actually mature and evolve and develop and it just be really open and raw with you know his question for you know. We don't spend too much time on this but what's his worst movie jeff proof that i haven't. I just two long yeah. That's what i heard is that was part of the double feature right the grind house. Robert rodriguez believe so yeah two of them and the other movie anthony. I gotta get you to watch. We talked about he. Wrote the script for true romance and it's one of my favorite movies. He's want you to watch it. I wanna review of that so my heart talking good enough about the true romance <hes> 'cause i talked about it a lot last episode but for the listener this narrow wanted to just tell them if you're looking for the what the fuck happened episodes and spinoffs shows and he want like one place to ski through all of them have created some short links for you to use for example if you go to jock dot com slash w. t. f. happened. It will have all the what the fuck happened. Episodes listed there also jock dot com slash spinoff off you will see all the episodes of the spin off show and if he gave us to two new ones lots of content this past week who good ones good ones plum those hosanna yeah scott weinstein who had on that jock nerd but a great dude co-producer of weekend update on saturday night live new book recently recently released book because steve's which you should amazon team receive sorry no book book about you recall team yes so we talk about and that show that we yeah we talked about that but we get into like where comedies going i thought was really good number sation and then <hes> the latest one was with youtuber sean chandler says youtube channel called sean chandler talks about and he's got like one hundred thirty thousand subscribers nowhere and he's very good at just reviewing movies. He does a lot of rankings so both were good conversations and there's more to come in terms of spinoff. It's interesting to give the youtubers and have have talked for more than like seven or eight minutes at a time like. I don't know how often they get to do that. Since all videos like eight to ten minutes he's he was able to talk with you when we started the show only do an hour by the time i'm two hours. They were like oh shit. It's a great episode. It's last in the feed highly suggest you check it out rugs. I'm really proud of the last two episodes. They're very good. Keep them coming <hes> <hes> rugs. Where can the listener find you online. You can find me on twitter just say her cesspool cesspool at really robbie at the water cooler so it's really down on twitter. It's like every time i go to twitter. I just never surprises me insane. Fucking dumb shit hot takes. It's the best and worst of solving interesting. I need to point out something because no one else to say complain about shelters like nobody cares. Nobody cares if we do care about is the visit our website and the show notes for this episode jack in their dot com slash two eight eight. We'll have linked to rugby as twitter. I'll get in touch everything. We talked about how to subscribe for free so you never miss a show. Thank you for listening to the jagged podcast. My amy zimmerman my name's anthony jock. He's all i can tell you about. Twenty ruins lives.

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