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"amy jill levine" Discussed on The Bible Binge

"Each is magic because it just feels like a really cool podcast episode of the end. If the lectures like six hours. I felt like i would have dipped out because there's natural stopping point but the twenty four thirty is great Taught by dr. amy. Jill levine She's a university professor of new testament. Jewish studies fresher jewish studies at vanderbilt vinnie school And college of arts and sciences. She's also affiliated professor at cambridge She graduated high honors in english religion. Smith college Where she was ninety commodity and she earned her phd at in religion from conversely. I wanted to say all those jamie right. Because if you if you look this up and you're like i trust you knoxville. Also read the reviews. You'll see like she's at a three out of five and that's primarily because guys like dan talich sixty nine and big daddy dog ler eight eight eight think. She brought a political slant analysis right. She's just analyzing the bible so Maybe you think big daddy. Doppler also cambridge. I don't i don't know his life. Maybe he's also professor. But i tend to go with the person whose whole life is this text as really and a lot of Academic our scrutinizing it but it is It's not really dry or boring. She is a fascinating storyteller. And i love Some she talks about some of the things that we've tried to pull out imbibing jeb. So but way better And she also advances that knowledge. So i you know. Even though we've talked a lot about the stories. She advanced so much knowledge. So i absolutely love it. That's good so so you're saying this would be a nice accompaniment to your english degree and my sociology. Women's studies agree. Exactly perfectly her thankful. Okay okay so. My favorite of the week is a book. It is the book win. Thoughts and prayers aren't enough by taylor shuman. Now we know taylor because of the internet so yet another thing that the internet has brought us I the book has the best cup one of the best covers. I've ever seen on a book. It is so good and then second taylor. Shuman met on twitter years ago because she had a really fun sense of humor and she was also writing really thoughtful in meaningful post about gun violence..

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