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"amy burridge" Discussed on True Crime Brewery

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"amy burridge" Discussed on True Crime Brewery

"Let's scoot trend down to the quiet end in talk about today's episode of true crime brewery bridge of sorrow. Okay, ready? I am so September twenty fourth nineteen Seventy-three sheriff Jenkins was only year old. But when her daddy Jerry Jenkins got up in the morning. She would always climb out of her bed to find him at seven o'clock. Jerry was getting ready to go to work at the gestation who are he'd been employed for a few weeks. Jerry's headed tough time holding jobs. Yeah. You could say that. Yes. So he's he's working there allegedly and share titled into a parent's bedroom. Hugged one of her father's legs her mother diocese up. Also now dicey is only eighteen so she's barely out of childhood herself. Yeah. I mean, you could argue she's really not you certainly could she's very young. And it was the data share is baby sister who had been born only a month before was coming home from the hospital. She had been hospitalized for a brain infection, encephalitis or meningitis or something. And she has finally well enough to return home, go, right? And Jerry really just didn't give a shit. Let's be honest. No. I mean, we're not going to be showing too much sympathy for either of these two guys to the total scum that little scumbag. You're right. So well share and Jerry waited for Dorsey to pour some cereal they ate cookies and candy. Jerry's. Cray station wagon had a flat and he needed to get to work. So he borrowed d'arcy's white empower whether heating breakfast Jerry mentioned Hughes having trouble at work. He just wasn't happy. There. He told Darcy now dicey been with Jerry long enough to know what that meant. He was gonna quit that is if he hadn't already been fired Jerry would always promised to find a job in stick with it. But it never kept a job very long. He hated to be told what to do. So he's twenty nine. He's lazy irresponsible just basically drinks and smokes weed during the day he promised he'd be back by one to go pick up the baby at the hospital. Yeah. So Jerry laughed and Darcy spent the rest of the morning getting the apartment ready for the baby to come home. She fed little share some lunch, but one PM came and went and no, Jerry and no call from Jerry at two pm. She called the gas station where he worked. And of course, Jerry never came to work that day, the bus told her in fact, he hadn't been to work in several days. She learned so poor Darcy here. She is eighteen to tiny little kids, and she's with this irresponsible asshole of a guy and he's worse than she even knew. Of course, we'll come to find that out. Little shero was born in June nineteen seventy two and a month later Jerry sent a message to Darcy that he wanted to see his baby. So she was fearing that he would stop her forever. If she didn't let him see the baby. So she met with him secretly. Because of her parents found out they would be livid then two weeks later, she was back together with Jerry and two months after that they went away to a small town nearby, and they got married without her parents approval after that they moved around a lot that first year, but they finally settled into a cheap apartment and Darcy worked hard as a nurse's aide. And as a waitress. Jerry did take jabs, but they never lasted long. Instead he liked to stay home and watch soap operas on TV almost two years since they had met Darcy finally decided to leave Jerry for good this episode with the newborn coming home from the hospital is apparently the final straw for her. So she planned to move to Colorado where her parents live she'd leave that night, she decided as soon as cherry did get home with the only working car they own. She grew even more determined when a friend visited her and told her he'd seen Jerry, and is no good friend. Ron Kennedy drinking and playing pool her friend ended up driving Darcy the the hospital pick up the new baby and back at home. She laid the baby in the bed and started packing getting ready to get out of there. So after school that day, Amy Burridge walked home with her best friend, Danny Amy, hit always been more comfortable with boys than girls..

Jerry long Darcy Jerry sheriff Jenkins Cray station Ron Kennedy meningitis Amy Burridge Colorado Danny Amy cherry Hughes shero Dorsey d'arcy two months two weeks two years
"amy burridge" Discussed on Criminal


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"amy burridge" Discussed on Criminal

"Her. She couldn't have done anything different to save her sister. So what happened. She? She went off the same bridge where she had gone off nineteen years previously. On July thirty first nineteen ninety one that can't her daughter drove out to Fremont canyon with a friend. She wanted to go out to the bridge. So her her friend took her out there. Hundred daughter and it was at night and. During the. Time they were there. The guy was watching the child and Becky walked out on the bridge and she was sitting on the rail, and then her friend suddenly heard the big splash and Becky was gone. She was in the water and nobody knows for sure if it was on purpose or if she slept anyway, she ended up. Dying in the water. How did you hear? I got the word I was working. I was the sheriff the and I was at the fairgrounds. They told me is so I I went out or is fast as I could. She was still in the water. You had lights on her and you could see she had her hair was real real long, and you could see your error in the water. You know, pretty bad, pretty bad, still feel bad about it. A, you know, you knew then you wonder, could could you have done something. Better for her. Becky's funeral was held in the same church where her sister Amy's had been nineteen years before more than five hundred people showed up her body was then buried right next to her sister. They share headstone. Do people in casper today still talk and know about what happened to Becky and Amy Burridge, or you know the people that were here then? Yeah, they sure do. So they haven't been forgotten. Do you ever go out to that bridge or or go there a lot. What's it awhile? We leave a flower. They built a bench there with her with their names on it. A little place where you can sit. After by the bridge. Detective Vala spoke with becky's daughter veil a couple of years ago. She called to tell him that she was getting married. She knew he'd walked her mother down the aisle. Jerry Jenkins died in nineteen. Ninety eight. Ron Kennedy is still incarcerated at Wyoming, medium Correctional Institution. He seventy one now. They killed her. They killed her. Maybe they killed her all the way back when she was eighteen. They killed her just took her nineteen years. criminalists pretty spy. Lawrence spore Nydia Wilson. Me audio next by all buyers, mentor Felino is our intern special. Thanks to Eric clay and Ron Francis. L he wrote a book about the case. It's called the darkest night. Julian Alexander makes original illustrations each episode of criminal. You can see them at this is criminal dot com. Where on Facebook and Twitter at criminal show, criminal is recorded in the studios of North Carolina. Public radio W UNC where proud member of radio Topi from PR ex a collection of the best podcasts around shows like ear hustle, which brings you stories of day to day life inside San Quentin state prison produced by those living it. Here's a bit of their first episode of their new season about first experiences in prison. A lot of deep roots. I try to like choreograph my hug 'cause I haven't hugged my momma, longtime in the cell, but how did you practice? How did you choreograph a hug? So I didn't know because I haven't hugged someone a long time maybe by then it was thirteen years. Right? So I didn't know if my hand goes around her shoulder. So or heard Nick. I didn't know if it went like diagonally to forty five degree angles, and then I was like, you know what her lead like, this is your mom, right? This is my mom, and I don't know how to hug my mom, so I was nervous about that type of stuff. Did you actually practice hugging somebody else? No, just wasn't up for that. No, go, listen especial, thanks to add, sir, for providing their ad serving platform to radio topa. I'm Phoebe judge. This is criminal.

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