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"amy brownsville" Discussed on The Bobby Bones Show

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"amy brownsville" Discussed on The Bobby Bones Show

"All right the bobby bones post show pre show okay we just finished up Monday show I didn't WanNa talk to Mike D for a second because he watched see breaking bad movie on Net flicks which is Aaron Paul Right and I did see that the guy from breaking bad creator Vince Gill elegance said without a doubt the main characters died he said he didn't lie on a rich Eisen interview he's like I'm telling you right now he doesn't come back to life because at the end of breaking bad and he's just you know it's been a long enough now but he's not alive so it starts with Aaron Paul's character yeah right after raking bed in really so I mean if you haven't seen finale or really it's Kinda hard to go back to it because you forget what happened but other than that it's a pretty good movie pretty good for a Netflix netflix movie theaters is not that good because it didn't really stand on its own that's fair though if without standing on yeah I think that was his own story I don't think it was like a continuation of of Downton Abbey Oh is that right see I don't know I don't know so do they have a recap of what happened last or do we have to go back when you start it has like a five minute recap happen oh on breaking bad yeah that's perfect I appreciate the recount me too and they're like do you WanNa skip this sometimes I'm like no forgotten please give me more whenever I started watching the pretty little is they gave me the recap I need little whatever the whatever whatever guys yeah so okay what do you give it what's your rating three and a half out of five so it's good it's we have what Heisenberg not like meth pills or you know he does his own judging system or on talk about in a little bit the joker joker we give our review of that coming up but by the way Mike's Review the joke last week was five out of five five out of five loved it Yeah Yeah so we'll talk about that coming up here I got to kind of keep it short because of another day I'm in Washington DC and we are shooting American idol today so can't do a lot on the post show pre show but I will be just as throw out there CMT artists of the year. I will be presenting I think I can say Carey they care presented Carrie underwood with artist of the year and now they've Kinda meet asked me to do something else on the show which is pretty cool so there's an intro part how much time I have but my d. and F. started writing a little bit so yeah so that'll be on Wednesday night as soon as I get back which is Wednesday we go to the let let me tell you about this but there's also a new episode of the Bobby Cass where me and Eddie and Mike you talked about new music coming out this week so not an interview and not a super long one but if you WANNA check up cast that's up all right today idle tomorrow idle cmt the Ronnie Dunn Photo shoot is Thursday Oh wow and he sent me a bunch of cowboy hats and cowboy clothes and he's going to be great the hassle to big doe put newspaper in there to make sure uh-huh well that'd be awesome she's so good and does she know that you like crush on her this week I don't Oh yeah professional Jerry Bradley and Brooks and Dunn who've been inducted I'm such big Ray Stevens Fan obvious La Brooks and Dunn to I'm Ronnie Dunn Shooting Photos for Thursday but I'm such a big Ray Stevens Fan because he did like country comedy music that I'm pretty pumped about that hopefully I get to go but I got a busy week but it's a good week a lot of fun stuff to do so that's the deal I'm GonNa go but a meeting you want to say before we jump out now not really admire that I mean yeah well I always do like to say that hope everyone has a wonderful day that's always a good one it was a good one and I guess oh well time where I can plug the podcast if you've missed any episodes there's not a new one today but maybe there's one you haven't heard four things with Amy Brownsville if you WANNA check out the other two we did was to Niller we're going to play today show right now but we appreciate that we'll see tomorrow.

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