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"amy angie" Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

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"amy angie" Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

"With gene grad. Yeah ryan look at this remo. He's hanging from the crown roun- yeah not in the movie. Not practical effect through. He would be like eight hundred feet. Tall scale was right any right. Yeah all right sorry well. Something big is happening this weekend and it depends what you're going to tune in for. Donald trump will be providing the commentary for the evanger holyfield vitor belfort match at the hard rock hotel and casino in hollywood florida on saturday at tmz reports that sources close to the negotiations. Say he's making an obscene amount of money for his services social media company trailer which is promoting the fight is paying trump and trump. Junior millions for their live. Alternative commentary is vitor belfort today. May guy holyfield's obviously not veto war. Is he a heavyweight. You guys are now. I don't know if he's a heavyweight. Is this a boxing match. Yeah okay so holyfield but engage in. I don't think he would. Sometimes they do some sort of hybrid thing where it's like you can use feet but no grappling or some version of that but this is just straight boxing right. Yeah so towers privately. Eighteen years younger than the vendors probably like fifty six fifty seven and v. Eight fifty eight and Veto probably thirty six. Thirty eight or some of containment could be interesting. So do we hear this with the feed and in what veto is forty four years on But in in some of the reports i read they called it. He's doing play by play. I don't know how it's going to be a pay per view. It has to be. Yeah gary says yes. I don't like this because in the day there was like a pay per view like back in the day every eighteen months. There's a pay per view. I come home the other night. And i'm saying when i'm watching the pay per view and it's yeah it's got the tick-tock guy. He's fighting broomstick. What forty nine bucks. There's fucking pay per view every week now and everyone. My son wants in on all of it. The definitive pay per view event of my young lifetime entire lifetime hogan vs andre the giant body slam dunk body. Slanted pontiac silverdome. That would have been. My brother's mind was having to go to the twins house. Amy angie's so we could all pitch in. Everyone had to give ten dollars so we could watch the new kids on the block concert. Pay with a pay per view is right up there with having a package delivered to your home. Yeah i made it from zero to thirty four without having fucking box brought to my house. Nothing showed up now. Everything shows up every goddamn day. And there's a pay per view day goes by my buddy. Ray had got the black box from the cable guy. The cable guy. I slipped one hundred bucks and it gives you the black box and that's what we do. Just everyone pile over to raise house and watch whatever the fight was but no one couldn't dream of now being pain for speaking of that evil knievel had the first pay per view when he jumped snake river. He had pay per view. But you'd have to go to like mann's chinese theatre yeah. It was atrocious failure. But it was it was the beginning would do like closed circuit things. They call and i was a pay per view. But it's like you couldn't go to manila to watch ali fight but you could go to new jersey and they really beam it into the theater hanged by technology. Yeah to do that. Well i think this is a good angle. Because i don't really be as you know anything about boxing. I'd watch the shit out of that. I'd love to see trump. Do the play by play modified. I'd love to watch that. He's gonna make it about himself. He's ever had heavy bag. In my opinion. I don't think he really now now. Which makes it better than he did was in the audience for many many brisk huge madison square garden. I've probably seen you know. Holyfield and tyson and pray. You probably goes back to ali. Because he's new york. Yeah the big fights are always madison square garden. It's always the people wanting to be sitting or atlantic city. And he's been some of those ali fights when he was twenty three. Yeah he's the colored guy now the play by play guy. Let's talk nicholas cage. He's doing a western set to play the lead and movie called the old way. A man i ever western. He's been involved in. According to the hollywood reporter. True keesa said cage will play colton briggs. He's a former gunslinger. Who now runs a general store and lives quietly with his family. But when a gang of outlaws murders his wife and cold-blood briggs returns home to find his world burning. He unearths his sidearm and saddles up with an unlikely partner. His twelve year old daughter. Chris can you find movies. Was my man show called movies. Men do wanna see 'cause we did movies men don't wanna see but there was a western one in i think it starred charles bronson and you can I can that's enough to go off if it was a man show bit. This reminds me that because is like he was this and then he retired but then they ask why and now he's got a kick ass. This is unforgiven a little girl. Yep right or a true grit sure. Yeah that is a little girl. That's exactly why i said it. I know we all respect clinics would do not talking about clinton. He's ninety three now like is he getting too old. Do star in a movie. It has a movie coming out. I kinda what i'm saying. Here's movies make money. There do well critically for the most part and come in under budget. Politics clearly dies. I also everybody knows where to clint eastwood. Said he's does takes in your home to play golf because moves come in under budget and on schedule and therefore he'll make movies forever but you think about it. He is ninety two nine hundred ninety one ninety one. My dad is turning ninety. And it's like that's all. I mean he's he's not getting off that chair with that. That's going to take ten minutes riding or since and hitting your mark and you know we don't even when you're young you don't want to think about go hang around with a ninety year old dane last sue and shit. There's certainly not in charge. No they're not looking view finder. Nuton what is it called the tv city. What you people. Tv village video valley alliteration confuse a circuit city. John tuesday the clinton prolific to probably averages a movie a year. Yeah all right so ever movies. Men want to see but there is one western theme one thing you can find it so it's the first how okay we can watch reminded me.

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