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How to Stay Sane When You're Working From Home

Safe For Work

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How to Stay Sane When You're Working From Home

"Rico? I was thinking about the five worse things about working remotely or being part of what we now. Call a distributed workforce where you have colleagues all over the country are all over the world. All right. So five worse things about working remotely go. It was a tough call. But my list is conference calls conference calls conference calls conference calls conference calls of hearing. You. You're not a fan of conference calls. The turns out. It's nothing. They have to be terrible. It's just that. They are terrible. I of the first ten minutes spent getting everyone dial in with the right password on the right platform. Have you ever been on a group? Call where the first ten minutes was not total nonsense. That's ten minutes. I can use to check my Instagram and the like exactly, but then you get to deal with people haven't mastered, the most basic of conference call skills like the assistant who dials in. But then puts their line on hold to go, fetch whatever powerful person they dialed in for. So then you've got thirty people uncomfortably listening to hold music from the Chicago off. Hey, at least the music as always terrible. Yeah. There's this next up are the people who think their line is on mute, but it's not. So you hear them ordering lunch or if they're working from home, emptying their dishwasher. Well, I have to plead guilty to that one though you've heard that that was your dishwasher, I thought it was a rockslide. Listen, I was multitasking. It's a skill. So as your solution this time wasting then I got nothing. I don't know. I just don't know. Okay. So this whole rant. Was it self time-waster well, except for setting up the theme for today's episode forgiven from wondering this is safer work job stress. Life relief. That's Liz Dolan. I'm Rico Gagliano. And on today's show. We are talking all about what it's like to work remotely. Then we'll help a listener who's living in China and having trouble connecting with her co work and later on we'll place in mind, the gap hopes more listeners and give you all the workplace satisfaction, you crave. That's all here on safer. What if the experience of driving luxury vehicle wasn't limited to just inside your car, but extended out into the world around you. Introducing the well-connected 2019 Lincoln M K C with a suite of social capability that connects the world inside to the world outside. Amazon Alexa, and abled with sink three applicant. You have access to all the skills and services. You get on your echo Alexis activated by the sound of your voice. Hey, alexa. What's the weather like tomorrow, currently and response using your car? Speakers with ways integration that appears right on the naps green. You'll transform traffic jammed streets into clear roads got a lotta friends. Keep them connected with a four G L T wifi. Hot spot that allows up to ten devices to connect at once with Lincoln connect with the twenty nineteen Lincoln KC life gets a little easier. From the moment, you leave home to the moment. You return? They Alexa, opened my garage door. Available by phone with Singh. Three with software version. Three point. Commands may vary by phone and apple software. Don't try while distracted us voice operated systems when possible don't use Amtel devices while driving iphone is a trademark of apple Inc. Registered in the US and other countries. The twenty nineteen Lincoln KC. Learn more at Lincoln dot com slash wondering. That's Lincoln dot com slash W. O N D E R Y. I think most of us who work in offices dream at least occasionally if someday working remotely either from home from a nice quiet shared space with plaid couches, a super coal coffee maker, and maybe happy hours. And if you're me that shared spaces also in Amsterdam another ones, but yes, I think the the dream is that it will take you far away from office, politics and drama and distractions right where remotely Alaska turns out, this has its own challenges, especially when it comes to actually like communicating with the people you work with we've heard that all year from you, dear listeners, and so today, we're here with cat Bogarde's. She writes about careers and self development, and she's put together a list of tips about working remotely without feeling disconnected and forgotten. Hi, kat. Hi, you guys. Thanks so much for having me. Thanks for doing this. We need you cat just to give people an idea of what qualifies you to take on this topic where do you live? And where do you work sounds like you figured out your own tips? The hard way. Yes. So I am at fulltime freelance writer and remote worker, I am based in Wisconsin, which nobody ever expects. It's not necessarily a hub for freelance writing or journalism. I am a remote worker with a career site called the muse. I've been a part-time staff writer there for a little over three years. And the thing that makes it extra challenging is my entire team is based in New York City. And I am the only one who is remote and communicates from afar. All right. So you know, where have you speak? So I on your list of tips for people who are in your situation or something like your situation is to advocate for yourself. Which is something we probably should all do at work. But what does that look like for the remote worker? Yeah. I mean, I I love that you bring up that. That's something that is important for everybody. Because it is advice. I would give anybody in any sort of career field in any sort of position. But advocating for yourself, particularly when you're a remote worker, and it becomes really easy to sort of be out of sight. Out of mind. I think is especially important. So I think it's really important that you vocalise what you need to be successful in your job. I mean, one personal example that always springs to mind for me in one of my remote roles, and I've had several is I didn't feel like I was necessarily getting enough feedback from my boss. I started felt like I was cranking out work on a daily basis. Never hearing anything about it. And it's kind of continuing day after day. So I eventually sort of summoned my courage and told her like, hey, I would love to hear more about how I'm doing. What am I doing? Well, what can I be doing better, and she was super receptive to that feedback? We instituted weekly feedback emails, and then a monthly check in when we could really connect on. How things were going questions challenges all of that? And it just really resolve that issue for me. And it's a step that never would have been taken had. I not advocated for myself, and you know, really said what I needed. You're the one who needed to raise your hand. Yes. Although I do under what happens if Iran. Weekly you send that Email? And then you don't hear anything back for two weeks. And then they finally get in touch, and it's like, I'm really busy. I'll get back on that. You know, like what what happens if you don't have somebody who's that receptive? Do you find someone else that is? I think it sort of depends on your unique situation your relationship with your manager or any other people that you work with there. I am a big proponent for like never stopping advocating for yourself kind of always trying to find an open door. And I think particularly when you're remote that can seem sort of counterintuitive at best because you feel like a nuisance sometimes so much of your communication is happening digitally. It's easy to just feel like a past. But I always remind remote workers, you are equally entitled to fulfilling and rewarding work environment. As anybody else just the fact that you're doing it through a screen should not limit u or less than your expectations. Okay. All right next up. You say get a little personal. So what do you mean by this? And how do you do this? Yes. So I think it's particularly when you're in a remote environment, easy to sort of boil things down to strictly business because you're signed on your clocked in so to speak, you're working, and it's not like a traditional office environment where you'd stop it in the morning, you'd grab your Cup of coffee you'd catch up with your co workers for a couple minutes before diving into your work. Just all of your communications seems to be strictly work related. And I think that can have a really kind of dire effect on your relationships with your colleagues, your manager, whoever it is so always make a really concerted effort to kind of go beyond just the work related tasks and responsibilities and connect with my colleagues on a personal level for me in the remote roles that I'm in that involves setting up personal one on one video chats, even if it's just once every couple of months when we can have a little bit of time to talk about work related matters. But it always lends itself to a little more personal catchup as well. So I feel really. Close to my colleagues, despite the fact that I've only met them face to face once or twice, and I think that has to be a conscious effort when you're remote worker. He's sort of solid working relationship isn't just going to happen. You have to make it happen. And I think it's on you. And you're the remote one, you know, we talked to a listener earlier this year who was the only one in Boston everyone else was in the home office out west, and she was struggling with all of that too. So you're like, you say you have to be a little bit of a nuisance, but you have to keep putting yourself in the conversation with everyone else can I also by the way, the the what we told that person to do is to try to get a lot personal actually like trying to get the company to bring her out to the main office once a year. So I think she'd never met her colleagues. So I mean is that something that you would have Kate as well. I think if you have the opportunity to go and meet people personally that is just a huge asset. There's it's hard to replace that kind of connection with just Email and social media as hard as you try. But I also understand that not every company necessarily has the budget or the resources to bring their remote workers out or bring them out. Frequently I also think if you are going to have the opportunity to meet face to face. It's a heck of a lot less awkward to do it. If you've built up a somewhat personal relationships to begin with my colleagues. We joked about the fact that when we met for the first time, it was sort of like a blind online date where we had only seen these people in a couple of pictures shoulders up. And we were all wondering, you know, how tall is this person? What do they look like in real life? So I think the more you can kind of lay that foundation and foster a personal relationship. Even if it is just happening through a screen. It goes a long way in improving your work relationships and making it a lot less awkward, if you do get to meet in person, I think that's why a lot of those first meetings of happened over drinks just a little easier warmer between books. Everybody needs a little bit of liquid courage. Your third point is to speak up about technical glitches. And I we've all suffered through kind of the the painful conference call where you can't really hear anyone or the video conference where you can see the people, but not the presentation or the presentation, but not the video we have this issue here where we're often interviewing people remotely, and we can't actually understand them over the phone, and we have to get them to stop and like make this work. But how do you do that? If you're a shy person, if you're a shy person that becomes extra challenging, and I do think that this tip really kind of goes hand in hand with what we were talking about earlier in terms of advocating for yourself can't tell you like you were just saying Rico, how many Google hang out conferences, I've been in and somebody is going to present later in the meeting, so they share their screen right away. And I spend the whole meeting staring at the agenda rather than being able to see the people that I'm supposed to be talking to know. It's the worst. It is it's terrible. And it's alright. Challenging when you're a remote worker to be engaged and feel like you're an equal part of the conversation. When you feel like you're talking to a Google doc the entire time that does not make it any easier. But I know that that's really tough to do when you're shy and kind of time back to that point of not wanting to be an added nuisance if you are shy, and you don't feel comfortable doing it right away. I guess you're going to have to suffer through that meeting. But I would definitely send an Email sent an instant message to your boss. Whoever is in charge. Let them know kind of what you were struggling with in that meeting and how they can fix it next time. And if it's a company that cares about their remote workers, which they should they'll jump right on fixing it for you next time or very good. Get on the same page about communication is another one of your points here. I thought the whole valley of working remotely was that. You didn't have to deal with all the people. So there's there's a need for more communication, not less. What's up with that? There is more communication, which I think is a huge misconception because I can't tell you. How many times people have found out that I'm a freelancer a remote worker, and they're like, oh, you're alone. You don't have to deal with people. And no, I spend a good chunk of my day. A lot of it's written communication or video calls or phone calls. But it's communication on the less. You know, thinking back to when we were talking about feeling like less of a burden. I think a really good way to do that is to have really candid conversations with your manager with your colleagues about how they prefer to communicate effective communication means something different to everybody. You know, maybe your manager likes to be looped in on every little thing that moment happens or maybe your manager is someone who kind of just likes to get a rundown of your week at the end of the week get on the same page about what works for them in terms of feedback and conversation. Nhs and questions. So that you can really get in a groove with your individual colleagues, and you guys can be communicating effectively in a way that works for both of you. Here's another tip on your list. Knock your work out of the park easier said than done first of all. But I do think it's kind of tempting to phone it in almost literally when no one is watching you. Right. It's like you can just slack. Absolutely. And that's why you know, when I was sort of thinking through what tips I wanted to touch on my first thought was oh, hi wish. This was something that I didn't have to say because it really should go without saying, it's obvious. If you're going to work, you should do it. Well, but I do think that there's this misconception. And there's this confusion that working remotely is sort of your excuse to kick back not take things. Seriously. You're in your sweatpants with your dog at your feet, you shouldn't have to work as hard. And that's really not the case. In fact, in any remote position I've ever been in always tried to work harder and make a more concerted effort to exceed experts. Nations because you have to remember you are out of sight out of mind order to sort of get that relationship that name recognition that instant connection where people hear your name, and they're like, she's doing an awesome job. You really have to go above and beyond. This isn't your excuse to sit back and skate by with the bare minimum or before we let you go. We have to ask you. What's your go to remote worker procrastination technique? Oh, there's always laundry to be done. I feel like there's always a kitchen to be cleaned. Yeah. Dog to be walked that's mine. I have so many walking my dogs as a big one starting a load of laundry is a big one. I hate to say it, you guys YouTube. It can't tell you. How productive I would be if there were no YouTube, and I find myself watching just the stupidest stuff I have a deadline breathing down my neck and next thing. I know I'm watching all the original edition tapes for jersey shore. And I we why are you doing this yourself sabotaging yourself? The worst thing that has ever happened. I feel like two freelancers and remote workers is the internet which is weird because that's how many of us our own. Yeah. Yes. Anyway, just fall down the rabbit hole so easily like I said, I'll have something to do. And you're all of a sudden scrolling through Twitter, I'm clicking through wedding photos on Facebook people. I don't even know. It happened. So fast, unplug. The wifi remote workers. Thanks so much for talking to us. This is super fun, and helpful. Thank you. Thank you guys. Okay. 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Dear listeners, we're planning an extra special holiday episode full of well, whatever the opposite of good cheer is. That's right. We're going to wrap up this year by unburdening ourselves of bed work vibes. So we're gonna future stories about terrible work experiences. Embarrassing work moments. Horrible bosses accidentally sending a private smutty Email to everyone in the company. Yes, it's are safe for work holiday special the Nazi for work addition. And to make truly special we need your stories, send them to us. Yes. We can keep your name anonymous and probably should. Yes. Safe at one dot com or better, yet, leave us voicemails. And you may hear yourself on the show. The number is four two four two two four five seven one one that is four two four two two four five seven one one and don't worry after we all unburden ourselves. We will start the new year with a series of episodes about starting your new work year off on a more positive note. We will be cleansed go. And now we've got Samantha on the line. Hello Samantha from. So it's finding base called me. Oh, that's nice of you to say, we're happy to have. It sounds like you took a dream job. That is turning out to not exactly be your dream. Yeah. It's turning into a nightmare. Give us your story. Left her job that I had eight years. My first major professional job out of college. I was promoted twice while I was there. So I felt pretty confident about my abilities. I took a new job few months ago. This was a promotion for me, which was one of the main reasons why took the job, and it also was closer to home. This was great for me because I'm a single mom with three kids. So this is going to enable me to spend more time with my kids sounded like a big score. So there's going to be a turn here on your story. I just know it's coming. We know how narrative. That was you know, if you want to go, and you know, I got into the job and the company is in the middle of transitioning. There's a lot of people that have been able to company for a long time that are not happy with the new changes on the company that are new ownership. I was brought in as part of the new changes. I was brought in to come in the accounting department around and any type of basic accounting regulations that I try to implement a lot of people are not happy about because that was never done before. And I do think that this is probably be most painful part of the process. Yeah. I struggle with the fact that I feel like I should be making more progress than I currently and making. Time that I've been there in your Email. You kind of express that you feel like you may be over your head. Definitely you knew it. Let me just say this. I barely know you Smith. But I don't think that's the problem. I just think you have a really hard job. And it's this kind of thing takes US Super long time because you have the skills to overhaul in accounting department, but you have to change people and processes, and that's just always slower than you think it's going to be plus your new management. I mean, everybody is adjusting to everything brand new not to you. But what you're trying to do. But even new CEO's sounds like everything so you may or may not want that kind of job like it might be more of like overhaul than you thought you were really signing up for. But I think it's different than you telling yourself. You're not qualified to do it. And don't talk yourself into saying you're not qualified to do it making the decision that this is not what you wanna do is a different decision. Okay. And it sounds like in your Email you to kind of all ready. Decided that you're we're going to start looking for another gig. Is that right toward that? I don't wanna waste the company's time. And I don't want to continue to be in a position that I don't enjoy being there on a day-to-day basis. That's a different question. The one question is qualified to do this job. The other question is do you want to do this job at this place that seems like it's going through some up evil and make it better. But may not I can't tell you whether it is absolutely the best idea to Bill for the job. Because as says, I think you you may well be qualified to stick it out. But if you do decide to bail, I don't think that it's a problem mainly because your previous job you had for eight years that was three months ago. You're the person you can point to that. And go I am not the kind of person that is going to exit suddenly from a gig. And I I don't know Liz, do you think that it's a better idea to do that quickly? Like, if you are going to bail is it a good idea to get out quick while that last job is still freshly in the rear, I kind of feel like if you feel in your. Shut that. It's not the right place for you. You should start to work on your exit. Now, I would never be one of those people that you have to be there at least a year you have to be there at least two years. I don't I don't think that really applies anymore. But also, I also think that I think everyone gets at least one gimme when it comes to bailing early on a job. That's just not a good fit. Okay. So like, I'm imagining this in your job interviews Samantha. So when people say, oh, you're eight years here. No, wait a minute. Why are you looking for a job after only three months? I think there's totally a way to communicate like they asked me to come into overhaul the accounting department, which I was totally up for. But then they changed their strategy. So it's less of a job for me. You know? So you're not saying I'm not up for it. You're saying, hey, it was not the job. I expected it to be which I think people respect or something along the lines of well, I was looking for a job, which has more autonomy and leadership opportunity. I see now that that's not their culture. In neither case to you on a bad mouth the company. But I think in either case you can find a way to express that like. Yup. This was just a mistake. But I I'm a solid citizen. I think you can do that. Yeah. Okay. I'm so glad to hear you say that. I mean, the thing that I'm most worried about for you is what Liz was addressing is that you feel like you're maybe nut cut out for this field that you're moving into you can always invest in a little training, some sort of you, know, course, or something like that. I will also say though, if you're currently doing a job that seems very hard Andrew looking for another job, which is its own job. Adding to that is the three kids. Don't forget about the three kids. So I don't wanna load more onto your back there. But the maybe easier thing could be maybe the try to meet with somebody else in the field who can mentor you a little bit. And just tell it tell you, listen, we all go through this process. Maybe particularly looking for someone who's been through like a big change inside a company, so you can put that into perspective because that's what you're experiencing. I think it's not so much what your skills and abilities are it's what it's like to go through a big transformation inside a company, and it is super hard. You're learning. I mean, this is part of the experience that you're getting so at least. Okay. Okay. Well, thank you so much. I definitely appreciate all of the United house. Thank you and call us back. Thank you so much. We're rooting for you Smith. Bye. Bye. Bye. Liz, I think it's safe to say after few months of doing this show together, we're Pels. Sure. And yet I so enjoy this next part of the show in which we debate how to deal with tiny work problems and my methods always turn out to be right? It's the gas. No. It's called mind the gap. All right Rico. What's the first thing about which you'll certainly provide some bad advice? Oh, here we go question. One. You get sent on a three day trip for work, and you're giving a company credit card to cover your expenses. The only thing or bus tells you is quote, keep it reasonable. How much do you end up charging to what items new charge card? I think when you're traveling for work. That company is obligated to pay for all of the things you would be doing in your normal life, which doesn't include you know, shopping sprees or things but going to Racan. No, no. But it's like if I'm obviously just having a normal dinner in a normal restaurant. They're going to pay for that. But if I'm in a hotel room and a bottle of water like I've been at companies where like they won't pay your minibar. I know them anybo- that's outrageous charge. But what do you expect me to do people essential for life? So I say don't go outside of all of your normal stuff. But everything that is your normal stuff. I think it's fair to slap down that card. I'm sad to say that I think that you're under percent, right? I will say that that also what is reasonable. I think needs to be negotiated depending on where it is. You're traveling. And I've been in situations where I've been sent on a reporting trip and there, and I'm not making it. I know it sounds like I'm making this up, but I had to stay at a very expensive resort hotel. Because they're literally were no other hotels available. Why because they were inexpensive and everybody book those tells so I need to sleep somewhere. It can't be on the street lead. Yeah. But you do hear these agreements abuse stories of people that take all their dry cleaning on the road with them and have it done at the hotel. No, no that that is not allowed. I've got one for your bus ass if you can stay late to get ahead on a new project, and you got nothing going on that night. So you say sure how long are you willing to stay late? Liz Dolan, the knights of the the all nighters for me are over like clock strikes midnight no chance, I'm even still there. Then say say your workday normally ends about six I'll give you another three hours. But that's it. I think that's asking a lot of people. Because even though I have nothing planned. I still have a life. Do you have a time limit my last job? I was known for being the person that would just like slug it out until the wee hours. But I recently had an experience actually because I have some freelancing that I do on the side for this show. You remember this last week I came in? I was dislike bleary eyed. You had been up on. I wasn't the night before I had been up all night working on a freelance thing two nights before and it was still affecting me on Thursday. So yeah, those days are over. I think probably I'm with you. You. Yeah. Well, how about let's flip it around. Now, you're the boss and you ask someone to stay late. How long expecting them to stay now in this scenario, you need them to stay all night. 'cause I'm a terrible human being the boss now. I did it. Well, let's say if they're young enough that I know I can just work them into the ground, and they'll just be bright and bushy tailed the next morning. No. That's not true. They don't know any better. I if I can't hack it, then I'm going to assume that it's not fair to make them Hackett. So yeah, maybe a couple of hours because it's something important. Yeah. But that's a terrible bus. I'm never going to rent a fortune five hundred. Okay. Good announcement to make on the show. Terrible boss because Eliana here to give you advice or very nice bus. That's never going to be in charge of a company that has to make a lot of money. You know, I was thinking about this. I think because of the way we work now this happens a lot less often than it used to because it used to be that you had to sit together in the office and work on things late at night because you weren't in constant contact. But I think more often than not now people leave they go home. They do what they need to do at home like dinner, exercise, kids, whatever. And then they start working again. And that's also become kind of. Exploitive? I think in general it is a lot better for the general overall balance of your life. So if someone says to me like I can't stick around. But I'll check in on the document at nine o'clock put my kids to bed, and I'll give you my comments. That's all I need that sound smarter. And that's why you were a big company. Yeah. Well, you know smart. All right last question. You've got a job offer from another company and you have to talk to your current manager ASAP. However there on vacation for the next two weeks. What do you do this actually happened to me? Really? It wasn't so much job offer. It's got to quit. I just couldn't stand it anymore. And I got myself like all ready to quit on a Friday. I was so ready. I had been waiting. We had been going through this really hard project. I was like damn it. As soon as this is over I am outta here. And then on that Friday when I came in all fired up rated A quit. My boss was not in that day and not working. From the office working from home. Actually, what did you do? I called her and I quit oh by phone by phone, which I know is wildly unprofessional. But the alternative was going to be I don't know something much more dramatic like my head was going to blow on couldn't keep it in me one more day. So in this case the scenario is giving someone two weeks notice or not giving someone two weeks notice if an order to give them fair notice you need to call them. That's what I would do or Email them. But call I think it needs to be a conversation. I'm glad that I agree with you. Because I was I didn't really have a good answer for this. And that's why I'm your co host there to catch me when I'm about to fall. Yeah. Think about it. What's going to ruin their vacation more, you giving them a little bit of heads up or they come back, and you're gone. Yes. One other thing though, by the way, if you're going to fire somebody wait for them to your back from vacation. Yeah. Dot has to be in the room. Liz, if miss say, so when I watch you walking around the office, you seem more poised lately, I don't know. Are you just very proud of working on such an excellent show? No, something like that. Nope. Oh, my oral energy level. Okay. You know what? The key is Rico was the more sleep better sleep because at the end of the day like at home. I when I used to like, stay up lay watching TV, reading, whatever. Now, my favorite thing to do. Every day is good bed. Great. I'm enjoying my nectar mattress that much. All right. 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Don't get me. Started on the pillows. They're great too. All right. Welcome back. Folks, we mentioned this a couple episodes ago. But in case you missed it. We are working on some episodes where Liz, and I will be interviewing each other about our careers. Our lives are hoops and dreams, and we want to hear any questions you might have for us as well. Yeah. These questions can be about anything. Well, you know within limits this we're not here to satisfy people's parite interest. But send us your well. Let's call them safer work questions via Email. We are safe at wondering dot com again. Our Email address is safe at wondering dot com okay week. Oh, let's help one more listener before we go today. Here's an Email. We got from Amanda. We don't have her on the phone, but it'll become obvious. Why? When I start to read the message. All right here, we go I'm twenty two and graduated last year. So I'm newly entering the workforce in China. I'm the only American in the office. I ride here knowing the language. Well. But because I wasn't used to using it every day. I think I gave off the impression that I know less than I do my coworkers. Kind of treat me like, I don't speak at all the constantly, socialize and have lunch together every day. But I'm left out. They talked to be pretty much only about work related things. At almost always an English. It feels like being invisible also left out of the loop on important work information, plus the longer I'm here. The better my listening, comprehension gets, but my speaking skills aren't improving because of not interacting with people that much I feel like I should ask my colleagues more personal questions may maybe asked them if I can join for lunch is a group or maybe just one on one. But I'm afraid of seeming awkward and desperate or ruining their time. Because they feel obliged to accommodate me. How should I perceive? My gosh fascinating. First of all, I want to say I have an you've heard me express this before I've I've got these dreams of living and working overseas at some point in my life. But the C makes at least one of the challenges of the. Ex-pat life quite clear languages in initial sorry. This is turning out to be difficult for you. And the first thing that comes to mind is that particularly from ended. This is gonna stand her in such good stead down the road. Right. Because in addition to just being a really amazing place. China, of course, is a huge and growing economic power and just feel like this experience and her language skills are going to be a major major boon for her. So I guess we should I say congrats to amend on a really smart career move. I think she should stick with it for a while. I agree. And as to the problem, I I did actually go to China for a little while on a reporting trip. Mike's -perience was that it's not some kind of shy demure culture where they would be outraged. If she just spoke up a little and ask for some social time, totally I've done a lot of business in China over the years in Beijing and Guangzhou, and of course, Hong Kong, and I recommend the best path is to be direct. Also lunch is a huge deal in any Chinese. I've ever worked in so MandA you do need to get in on that action. It is delicious delicious. She probably knows. So Amanda, I shared your letter with a good friend of mine who lived in work and Shanghai for a couple of years recently. And she made this operation that I would not have thought of that we wanted to pass along to you. Here's shemale Email. Here's an Email. She wrote back to me, she wrote the Chinese for the most part are very social when they're in school. They treat fellow students as family and in the working world. They do the same with their workers. Think about it. Most are raised as single children with only their parents and grandparents around growing up if you cousins, and no siblings, so their coworkers become like family, they go to lunch go to dinner and celebrate birthdays like, no other. So that's awesome. That's good inside yet. And I think even more reason to invite yourself to the lunches and see what happens in an even if she has rejected. I, and I don't think that you will be my understand there's a giant expect community in China. And it's unlike some experts Minniti's is actually very welcoming. And receptive. Because there are so many challenges to adjust to life there another ways. So I'm guessing they're at least expect groups that can help, you know, getting some socializing they may be able to suggest groups where you can get in. Some speaking practice that she craves I think this is going to work out. But just like we were saying before Amanda about the importance of being direct. If you want to be addressed in Chinese not English, tell them just just tell them you can understand why they made the assumption. They did with you in the beginning. So you have to speak up for yourself, and, you know, all over the world people make the assumption that Americans only speak English because sadly, that's usually so they think they're actually being polite by addressing you English entirely possible. Those right. It was the when I was in China. And again, I wasn't there for that long. So this happens more often than even I experienced at least a few people came up to me, Adam nowhere, total strangers and s to hang out for an hour and practice their English with me, and I would bet that you could therefore do the same with your colleagues for sure and commit close with just a touch of soapbox. Please send right up. I've worked all over the world in every office. I've ever been in my colleague spoke at least two but more often three or more languages they grow up in there. Language, obviously. And usually get good English language instruction in public schools. Then they pick up more along the way we go. I know you love the Netherlands have you ever noticed? How many languages average Dutch person handle it's insane? It is to speak like five languages. They will begin a sentence in one language ended in a different one about them. But what's even more insane? That because many Americans know that English is a default language around the world. We just don't bother to learn others, and it may feel like we don't need to. But in the global economy it increasingly puts us at a huge disadvantage. So go study everybody and do it young. By the way, I've tried to pick up languages in my later life. It is not easy. Yeah. It's a third job. If you've already got to. Yeah. It's that brain plasticity thing losing it every day if I could go back in time. I would just sit in a movie theater and watch nothing, but French new wave films, you know, I used to speak French pretty well because that's what I took in. School. And I also went to school there and worked there for a little while. But you're having you worked I just I've always been in a global business. So, but I don't get much practice anymore. So now I'd classify my French as waiter and shopkeeper, which is not good. Plus, my father insisted that all of his children, take Latin Paul gray. So if you need someone to read ancient church, inscriptions, your girl or your Perella as Caesar might have said, I'll remember that next time. I need a guy through Rome. In case you missed anything from this episode. Just tap the cover art to check out the notes for today's show. You will also find our Email address safe at one hundred dot com. And some great offers from our sponsors another way you can support their show is by filling out a small survey at wondering dot com slash survey. It'll help us make the show better for listeners like you. And who doesn't want that? Really? Nobody this episode was hosted by me, Rico, Gagliano host journalist and anti brunch. Authored and Liz Dolan bus, America's and satellite sister. Our original theme song. Composed by Martin Blanco. Audio engineering by Misha's Stanton produced by Cameron. Cal executive produced by Alison O'neil and marshal Louis created an executive produced by Hernan Lopez for wondering remember workplaces can feel crazy, but you don't have to.

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Episode 44: Freight Train

The Past and the Curious

30:41 min | 11 months ago

Episode 44: Freight Train

"Drink Coffee Hiney. Hiney others copy any at work at home or on the road. You deserve great coffee honey. Brothers coffee subscription plan gives you top quality organic fair trade coffee delivered right to your door office automatically copy you select the frequency the quantity and the variety coffee and Heine brothers will take care of the rest? Shipping included also makes a great gift so order online at Heine Bros. coffee DOT COM. That's H. E. I N. E. B. R. O. S. C. O. F. F. E. E. DOT com or would slash subscription and use the offer code the past ninety five dollars off any scripture others. Copy food so I just put the lime in the coconut okay. I'll try it. I'll call you in the morning. I go hey everybody this is mick and it is almost June of twenty twenty. I sincerely hope things are ok where you are. It's been a challenge for me to find time to create this episode. But I did. It did it in between working from home which is filled with my family. And there's almost never quiet moment even now you can probably actually here. My washing machine fat as it was suggested by someone on twitter. Maybe I should just do an episode about washing machine. So who knows? Maybe that'll be a fun. Run next month This episode is not about washing machines though. This episode is titled Freight Train. But it's not about trains at all. That's kind of deceptive. Sorry if I it's actually about a song called freight train and that song connects both of the story. The first story is about Elizabeth cotten. A second story is about a little ban from Liverpool called the quarrymen. There is a story that Elizabeth cotten got to name herself on the day. She started school. Her parents had a mess of kids and supposedly. They never really agreed on a name to call her when she was born in eighteen. Ninety three or eighteen ninety-five people disagree on birthdate. Which makes sense considering that she'd didn't even have a name anyway. The family just kinda settled into calling her little sister because she was the youngest sister. Of course a moniker. Like that didn't work for the teacher. Who asked for the child's name on the first day of school little sis had always liked the name Elizabeth? So that's what she told the teacher her name was and for the rest of her long and eventful life. That's how she was known though. Many of her friends would one day call her by nickname Lib. Little could she have known when she was just a girl that the name Elizabeth Cottonwood one day wind up in the Smithsonian be announced at the Grammy Awards and even lend itself to a Beautiful Park in Syracuse New York? There's another story about Elizabeth. Many years later as an adult and apparent herself she was working in a department store in Washington. Dc when she encountered a young girl near the same age. Elizabeth had been on that first day of school. This girl was lost and in tears because she had gotten separated from her mother while shopping as any child or parent who has stressful. He lived through. This situation knows it can be terrifying. But Elizabeth was kind and calm and the girl named Peggy immediately trusted her together. The two set out to find the girl's mother it didn't take long. But the chance encounter made history. Elizabeth cotten obviously made an impression on. Peggy's mom a woman named Ruth Crawford seeger because before long Elizabeth was working in their home helping to take care of the three kids cook and clean. They quickly bonded with her and she made the most of her time there. The seekers were a musical family. Father Charles was a musicologist that someone who studies music and how it develops in different cultures he worked for universities and the federal government to help document and preserve the music of African American native American Latin American cultures and more. The mother of the Family Ruth was a music teacher who published a book of Children's songs and the children were very interested in folk music especially the oldest child his name was Pete Seeger and he would be famous musician on his own for years. Elizabeth would share space in the home with the Family. Who's world seem to revolve around making sound? Someone was always learning practicing listening writing or singing. Something new little. Did they know that the woman in their midst was incredible musician herself honestly? Though she was so humble she might never have told them wouldn't stay hidden forever. Though as the days flowed by someone from the family found her playing one of the guitars in the home and in a very unique style that they had never really heard before embarrassed. She apologized for touching their instrument but they were more astonished by what they had just heard. Linda's family back home. In North Carolina had been musical to when she was a girl. Her folks sang spirituals. All the time and her brother had a guitar and Banjo. Which only seem to call to Elizabeth. Whenever he was at work she would sneak into his marvelous sounds. This made her brother angry and she was firmly told not to touch them again but she couldn't help herself. Elizabeth loved the sound of the string instruments. She found them awkward because she was left handed though her solution was to hold them upside down. Putting the low sounding strings. Closer to the grand high-sounding strings. Right up by her face was the opposite way that the instrument was intended but she made it work. She plucked the strings with her fingers. Two or three at a time which could create a counterpoint melodic lines at the same time. It's not easy to do but Elizabeth methodically learned to do it. When her brother's work schedule allowed of course eventually her brother moved out to start a life outside of the household and he had the nerve to take his own guitar and Banjo with him. This left poor young Lib and quite a dither. In these days kids would often work to help the family which she did but she also saved some of the money for a guitar her own three dollars and seventy five cents. That is what her first guitar cost. And as she clearly remembered from that point on her poor mother never got any peace and quiet. Every spare moment was filled with music. Which sounds Nice. But you've got to remember. Elizabeth was learning by teaching herself. Luckily she was a quick study. When you spend that much time working hard on something you are bound to improve. That's how it works. She put in the time and before long. Elizabeth was not just playing guitar but playing incredibly well in her own unique finger style and she was also writing songs. One Song she wrote when she was just eleven years old was called freight train. If you'd told young Elizabeth that one day decades later her song briefed train would be heard all over the world. She thought you were pulling her leg. As she approached adulthood she got married at a daughter and slowly drifted away from her guitar. It's a shame there was pressure from other people to hang it up playing the blues. That's not something a lady should do. For years. She lived a non very musical life. Music still mattered to her but not like it had and not like it would again when she would be much much older. She made her home. I in her native North Carolina and then in New York and then after a divorce she moved to be closer to her adult daughter and grandchildren in Washington. Dc and this is where she met the segers and once. She picked up that guitar in the Seger House. She never said it down again. The secret family was connected. They knew when they heard live play that she was something special. A true artist. When that lost tearful little girl Peggy was a grown woman. She traveled to England where she met lots of people who loved American folk music so she shared some of the songs that she had heard from Lib her old nanny including freight train though Elizabeth had written when she was just eleven around the turn of the century merely no one had heard it as soon some of these people an ocean away in England. Did they made a record of it themselves? Maybe they didn't notice credit Elizabeth or maybe they thought they could get away with calling the song their own. But before you knew it. Train was a hit in England and Elizabeth had no idea. At all American folk. Music was really popular. They're a new style of music. Built mostly on African American folk songs in the nineteen fifties called skiffle was really popular and Elizabeth Song was perfect. Every skill abandoned England played the song including a little band called the quarrymen. You'll learn about them in a few minutes in her sixties Elizabeth. Cotten played her very first concert. She was a grandmother. She was someone who had worked as a domestic which is the title for someone hired to help run a household. She is someone who had walked away from music for most of her life until that point but it hadn't bubbled up like boiling tea kettle. The concert was just the beginning before long. Her talent carried her two stages. At important events like the Philadelphia Folk Festival the Newport Folk Festival and the Smithsonian Festival everyone recognized Elizabeth was something real. She was honest optimistic and driven to make music. She had never truly thought to sell music. She wanted to make it but because she was so talented. The sales came in nineteen fifty. Eight Elizabeth was around the age of sixty six when Mike seeger. Another one of the kids that she had nannied came to her house to record her playing so she could finally release a record of her music. Music was still pressed on big round black vinyl discs for people to buy at this time and it was certainly a remarkable feeling for the woman to hold her own record in her hands. It was called folk songs and instrumentals with guitar and finally it featured Elizabeth. The original writer playing freight train for the next few decades. Elizabeth didn't work in department stores or work as a nanny or do any of the regular work that she had done for most of her adult life in fact she'd never do anything like that again. She played music. Sold records made vans and performed on stage radio and television that eleven year. Old Girl and car borough North Carolina would have never believed it. Her life was music luckily for everyone. Her brother's Forbidden Guitar lit a fire that slowly burned in her for fifty years and then turned into a full-scale blaze for the next thirty. Perhaps the most remarkable moment of her life came in nineteen eighty-five when Libya was ninety. Three years old. She heard her name called at the Grammy Awards an International Award Presentation for the best and most important music of each year. The now great grandmother had released an album which won the grammy for best ethnic or traditional folk recording as you can imagine it was quite a shock and at first she thought she might not be able to go up on stage to accept the award but she did ever the performer. Ever the humble spirit and ever the optimist she said thank you thank you thank you if I had my banjo with me. I'd play you a tune. She passed away in nineteen eighty seven at the age of ninety five. Her Guitar is on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of American history. When I saw it years ago it was right next to Louis Armstrong's trumpet. I saw a lot of cool things that day but liberal cotton's guitar was my favorite. It's time for. You have thirty seconds this month guest is Marlena. Do your thing girl. Hi. I'm Marlena from Buffalo. New York Agra Pena's younger was a powerful woman in ancient Rome. She was at different times. The sister the wife and the mother of an emperor position very powerful women were considered bad women. Agra peanut is seen as highly manipulative and didn't even shy away from killing other people for her own benefit. Historians believe the Agra Pena's power was the reason her son Nero had her killed. Imagine that Dang. That's like a soap opera. Hope everyone had a happy mother's Day by the way. Thank you so much I love it. I wish I knew more about ancient history but that's not the area that I focused on but I love hearing about it. So thank you for sharing with us. Marlena yeah put the lime in the coconut and it didn't really seem to do anything with time. Hey Hey hey quiz time people this episode. All of the questions have to do with music. And all of the answers come from past episodes. So how well have you listened? Question number one in nineteen thirty nine Franklin Delano Roosevelt hosted the King and Queen of England for the very first time in history one of the events was a night of music and a group called the Coon Creek. Girls performed the song on the president's request. What kind of food was that song about biscuits? It was how many biscuits can you eat this morning this morning. And and of course. The answer is forty nine and a ham of meat. If you member that Song I recently read an interview that I hadn't found when we ran the story. Originally it seems that King George had an unusual and perhaps unhappy look on his face during the show which lily may lead for noticed. She guessed that it was because perhaps her sister had put a twenty dollar bill in the hemline of her stockings and as they played it slowly worked down until it was down around her knee and he could see that twenty dollar bill which is probably bad etiquette. If you're King Okay. Question number two you also on the bill. That night in the White House was Marian. Anderson remembered for having Sung my country. Tis of the in Washington. Dc that very same year in one thousand nine hundred nine. But do you remember where that means? Performance took place. It took place at the Lincoln Memorial. After she was denied the opportunity to perform at the hall which was run by the daughters of the revolution. She would sing at the Lincoln Memorial again on the very same day that Martin Luther King Junior gave his famous. I have a dream speech. Okay question number. Three your third and final question. Which Italian opera singer was the first musician to sell one million copies of a recording? It was the Great Caruso. Enrico Caruso the tenor made his first recording in nineteen. Oh to win. Recording was still pretty new technology because so many people wanted to hear those recordings there was a huge boost to record player sales and many people have them in their homes for the first time ever. Can you imagine not being able to listen to music unless you heard it live or made it yourself? That was revolutionary. John Lennon was a pretty normal kid in the nineteen fifties. He'd stand in front of the mirror pretending to strumming a guitar. While singing the early hits of Elvis Presley the whole time you wished he had the real thing instead of just a tennis racket. Or whatever else he was pretending would be his instrument. It's something that every would-be musician has found themselves doing trust me. While growing up in Liverpool England John was always listening to music but nothing electrified him. Like the new rock and roll. That musicians were playing across the ocean in America when he heard Elvis. His life change quickly realized there was nothing he wanted to do. More than make music. John lived with his aunt and uncle who were his legal guardians and he begged them for a guitar and once John had a goal he was like a hound dog never losing the scent and though they resisted at first fearing that it would lead to a life unbecoming of a Nice Young British lad. He won in the end but once he got that guitar came the question of what to do with it. You have to learn how to play that thing if you want to have any fun with it and then he was incredibly intelligent and quite artistic he was not one for structured learning. Let's just say school was not his favorite thing. So lessons didn't really click with him. Either he picked up what he could and tried to sing a few songs while strumming along to the sound of his own voice. You found it was hard to sound like Elvis alone has room with a crummy guitar not much experience. But he didn't let that get him down around the same time that he got. This crummy guitar has burying on a new fats England. It was called skiffle. If you know anything about Jug band music well skip was very similar. Folksongs and ballads were sung with a fiery energy and accompanied by whatever instruments? You could cobble together for make on your own. Instead of a drummer someone might drag a metal thimble across the metal surface of serviceable washboard. Which was a tool people use to do their laundry? And instead of the low note of Bass or Tuba people would attach a broom handle to a wash tub or a big wooden box. A rope would be attached to both and then when the player pulled back on the broomstick would tighten or loosen the strings so when plus the sound would change. It was far from perfect but it worked many of the songs. Skiffle bands played where? American folksongs Cumberland Gap Mule Skinner Blues. And even a tune called free tree which was originally written by eleven year old Elizabeth cotten decades before John Learned many of these songs because he quickly realized it would be a lot easier to form a skiffle band than a rock and roll band. Plus everyone in England was in love with the Music. The moment in the blink of an eye he tried to convince some of his schoolfriends from Quarry Bank high school to start their own skiffle band. They blink their eyes and confusion as they listen. Most of them had never played an instrument in their lives. That's you know a pretty big part of being in a band but John saw no real problem with this. They learn as they went. He countered he convinced a few and they decided to call themselves the quarrymen and they most certainly learned as they went. Some of the boys were more serious than others but no one was as serious as John Lennon. It was everything to him in a few months. They made noise. That actually sounded like music. It wasn't particularly good music and they might not have played the right chords or even sung the right words as band members would later recall but they were having fun even if it was rough it was still music and John was obviously a great singer. He also knew that they had nowhere to go. But up they'd get better with time and more challenges before long. They entered competitions printed business cards. And we're always practicing or listening to records many times. They learn songs off the radio because the records were not available at the local store and these cases they'd write down the lyrics as fast as they could when they heard a song and then they'd have to wait by the radio until the DJ played. The song again when they try to catch more was nowhere near as simple as it might be today. The band got better and better. Despite being school band John would usually sing some rock and roll songs to which was new and exciting and sometimes angered the audience. But Elvis or little Richard songs were really what he wanted to be singing so he didn't pay much attention to any of that. Stodgy negatively each gig seemed to get bigger and more important to the boys on July Sixth Nineteen fifty seven John and the man excitedly got ready for a public performance dressing in their dark pants and collared. Shirts usually the annual festival known as the Saint Peter's church garden fate featured brass bands or marching band. Never a band playing pop music on guitars and such but the mother of one of the quarrymen had suggested the group perform because they could please the old and the young alike and it probably helped that. Four of the boys had been baptized. At Saint Peter's the annual festival began with a parade and the crowning of the years Rose Queen. The rest of the day was a festival for the community. There is booed community booths. Dog Demonstrations and music when the quarrymen time they commanded. Everyone's attention John. A teenager had gotten much better as a bandleader and the group had come a long way to support his singing boys and girls classmates and adults from the parish alike watched and danced as the boys blended skiffle and rock and roll between John's jokes often the corner. They noticed their friend Ivan from school and he was with a boy that none of them recognized. As soon as the performance was over the two boys headed towards the band for introductions the Unfamiliar Guy was named Paul McCartney and as soon as John Heard that he played guitar his demeanor change. I John was a bit threatened to meet a stranger who was supposedly as good as he was a natural reaction but an unnecessary one. A few minutes later though when John saw how talented Paul was he began have other thoughts. Paul had brought his own guitar along and soon enough was seated on a chair surrounded by the band with ease and confidence. He played some of John's favorite songs. Some better than John could even play. Uh He was a great singer but even more impressive to John. Paul actually knew the words to the songs John would regularly just make them up because he couldn't remember before long. Paul McCartney had attracted a crowd of his own at the little festival tonight. John asked one of the other band members when he had thought of this new guy whether he would be a fit for the band. His bandmates already knew what was going to happen. The quarrymen would become Paul and John and the skill days were numbered. Took a while for that to happen but in October that year. Paul McCartney joined the quarrymen onstage. For the first time he and John Soon became inseparable. They'd been afternoons. Learning new cords on their guitars practicing harmony singing or copying the newest rock and roll hits the folk and skiffle tunes from the band's repertoire slowly disappeared being replaced by more and more American rock and roll rhythm and Blues. Once they got familiar with each other's voices. They also began to write songs together. They kept a notebook of songs starting each page with the words another Lennon McCartney original. It's hard to believe but some of the first songs they wrote would become hits just a few years later. Of course that would be when the men changed their name to the Beatles songs like love me do an I call. Your name were written when they were only teenagers in their parents. Living Room. Not long after Paul joined. He brought in another even younger friend. Fourteen year old George Harrison. Eventually a guy named Ringo Starr would join the band to by the time. These four guys were in their twenties. They'd be the most famous and arguably the most important pop musicians in the world and perhaps in history they toured the world. We're on international television and sold more records than just about anyone else ever just like. When they were kids they never stopped trying to be better and they'd grow apart as adult. The music they created always brought them the fun and excitement that it did when they were teenagers. The Beatles changed music and changed the world and it because two boys met at a festival Frayed Drain free. Jane run so fast Jane Drain Run. So please don't tell a train they won't know round when and it and no good He please the Stones Ed Amtel Mall Gonzalez the when Oh very meaty down the end Vote yes nuts. So I can. He an old as she comes rule. Free train runs Zo fast. Train free so we don't tale Chain they will would route. Got a bunch of patriotic people to thank which makes me really happy and really grateful. Thank you all so much. One of them is a song. It's going to be at the end and it's really good so stick around okay bridge it thank you so much. I am so glad that you are out there listening. I also have a special shout out for FIA and Colin and if it's not for Fia and Colin then tell me who but. I'm pretty sure it's up to talk. Thank you so much. Oh happy birthday. Shout out for Kennedy. That'd be be day. Yeah Happy Birthday Kennedy. Thank you for listening. I'm so glad that you can enjoy your special day. I also have shot up for penelope but then yes thank you. Thank you and Ken and Mary in Virginia for you get back to work chuckle heads. Your Dad told me to tell you that thanks can and marry better get back to work though and last but not least I have a song for Peregrine in Brooklyn and I'm super stoked about this peregrine's like fifth great grandfather invented some pens and Thomas. Jefferson used them which is super super cool and they even gave me documentation and stuff about it. So that's part of the Song. Look outward everybody else thank you. Thank you for listening. My name is mixed Ullivan. This is the past and the curious. It's a pleasure to do this. And I look forward to talking to you very soon. Now buckle in because it's Para Graham Win Peregrine sees of Pam of France phase is though payroll is great. Great great great grandfather and Ben did Pam and is so few to Thomas chip. I think that's so cool. Are Daughter saying in again asked graeme brands. That's the truth. Peregrine sees an of brands. Paces lad we payroll is great. Great Great Great. Great Grandfather and Ben did pay so is to Thomas chip. That's not true the And that's the truth now. A quick word from our friends at listen wise is remote learning wearing out your patients no school. No camp no play dates. Are you a teacher with students who have limited access to Wi fi laptops and you're running out of ideas to keep your kids engaged in high quality but fun learning the listen? Wise News Bites. Podcast is perfect for you. The News Bites podcast combines. Npr news stories selected for young listeners. With instructional activities listen on Wi fi or download for an easy offline way to engage young learners with Fun News Weird News and some serious news. Subscribe on Apple spotify. Or wherever. You get your podcasts.

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Borealopelta's last meal

I Know Dino: The Big Dinosaur Podcast

50:54 min | 9 months ago

Borealopelta's last meal

"Hey dinosaur enthusiasts. If you haven't already please consider joining our Patriot, we offer Awad benefits like an art game server, AD, free episodes and personal. Thank you messages. You can join at Patriot dot. com slash I know dino. We'll be watching the lane. The time for got the nineteen seventy five World War One slash dinosaur movie on July, twenty fifth at one PM Pacific daylight time. Join our Petri on to discuss it with us on dischord. Hello and welcome now, Dino I'm Karen. And today in our two hundred ninety fifth episode, we have a bunch of news including an Ankylosaur with gut contents. And a new sore pot amore even better. At donoso of day Crypto, Soroush, but before we get into all that we WANNA thank ten of our patrons. who were the lucky drawing winners this week and they are mellow. Stereo diplotic Kate Jackson Crawford Richard Stigma Sophie, Ray Vikram, and Carthage Daniel McGill Greg and John Heck yet. Thank you so much everybody. We really appreciate all of your support, and if you WANNA, get in on this, not just having your name called out, but also requesting dinosaurs and watching movies with us and chatting discord what we do it every week. Then check our page at patron dot com slash dino. Jumping into the news up first, we have the ankylosaur paper because ankylosaurs always come before so our bats. Gel. Even when this new dinosaurs! I, don't know about this method. Whose paper is fantastic and it is gut contents. favorites. Compared to soar, Pied. It's the story Palm Morph. It's not even a real sore Baden get on with it, okay? So this article was written by Kayla Brown and others, and that's a clue what it is. It was published in the Royal Society Open, science which is open access, and it's really well written. We talk to Kayla Brown. Years ago at this point when? Shortly after he described Borio Pelata. There are good gut contents there are the hen been formally described are really described in any way that I had seen before. This paper came out so I really like this article, because in it they define most of the botany terms for US dinosaur people, so it's not too hard to follow along with, but I had to go down a much rabbit holes anyway just because. His very interesting. But what it's all about is that bore yellow gut contents. You're probably familiar with aalto. It's that amazing and Kyle or at the Royalty Museum Alberta Canada it looks almost mummified. It has its eyelids. It has Carrollton on his armor on its back, and obviously gut contents as well is pretty much articulated. It looks just like something I buried and preserved exactly like it was stuck in Carbonite Star, wars style and then they've discovered at one hundred million years later. COOLEST finds scene. But this paper is all about the Colo light or colon rock. The dinosaur hadn't heard of Cola light before. We usually talk about Koper light. Which is the poop fossilized? This is the fossilized anything in the GI tract. It doesn't have to be specifically in the colon. Yeah, and in this case they think it was probably in the stomach or gizzard. More of that later, but interestingly the stomach position of boreal PELATA where they ended up sectioning off. To test. What was in the Gut? Contents is in the same position that combined Soroush that Australian and Kyla or had its got contents, and apparently it's pretty much where our stomach is sort of like. If we're on all fours, and you pointed to your stomach. That is essentially where the stomach is in the cows, or maybe a little bit farther down because our stomach actually kind of up by our heart, most people, their stomachs are actually pointing to their intestines. Your stomach isn't really by your belly button. That's intestine slow higher up and on the left side, and apparently that left sided shift is the same in almost all vertebrates, so including fish humans dinosaurs. We all have our stomach kind of in our torso on the left side. It's pretty interesting is interesting. That's one of those things where it's like something. You wouldn't predict being the same in everything by evolution but I guess there's no reason for it to shift around all the time, yeah! The authors point out that quote. Mega herbivores in other words over a metric ton have disproportionate effects on the landscapes they occupy and are termed keystone urban wars in quote, so what exactly boreal Pelata eight is obviously very important, because it had a pretty big impact on the environment, although Boreal Delta is estimated as thirteen hundred kilograms or twenty nine hundred pounds, which is even smaller than a lot of today's Mammalian Mega Erba. Wars, which all mega herbivores apparently are now mammals. There are no more mega herbivores dinosaurs. Even ostriches are a little too light to make the cut. True, but it may be imagined like sore pods at tens of thousands of kilograms. Just how much they would have impacted, the environment would have made this reality impact seem small by comparison I'm sure so like I said in order to figure out the gut contents, and what it contained, they took thin slices of the gut contents, and then through under a microscope. That's the process known as histology that we talk about a lot. It's destructive, so it's not always popular to do because once. Once you cut it. You can't uncut it, but you can learn so much from doing this kind of sampling. If you read a report about it, you probably got the wrong idea about what was in his gut contents. Everything I saw said that it was eighty eight percent plant material. It's definitely not eighty eight percent plant material. It was fifty five percent rock in the form of gastro lists, so most of what was in there was rocks grinding the food. That's a lot of gastro this. Was Twenty five percent Matrix, which is basically fill rock that came in during the fossilised process, seven percent, empty space, and just thirteen percent actual plant food in the mix that seems like a very inefficient digestive system. well as possible there I mean we don't know exactly what it was like when it was alive, so it's possible that maybe that material digest and a little bit more after it died because it sitting in stomach acid presumably, so maybe that empty space. Maybe it was like twenty percent before or maybe the Matrix squished down, so it was taking up more space. It's hard to say. Do you think the rocks? Its stomach helped at sink to the bottom of the water. Maybe although usually when they depict the bloat and float thing they have it up down when the stomach up, so I guess relative to that huge armor shield on its back. The rocks were nothing. Yeah, probably not too much. But it might have helped out a no. They didn't find any animal parts in there. I was kind of hoping there'd be just like a little piece of a mammal, or like a little too or something to show that inkata's our was munching on a slow mammal or some other animal, but I can't think of an animal. That's much slower than a guy, or they're not yet to be quick to hunt. Even something that's injured and I don't think in college stores were really up to the task. Maybe they could scavenge though who knows. Of the plant material that thirteen percent of the stomach, which is actually something, maybe it could have digested eighty eight percent of it is basically leaves. They call it leaves, but it's really like eighty five percent ferns in about three percent cycads, and then some traces of conifers which are things like pine trees and Redwood, and maybe a tiny bit of angiosperms in the mix, so is mostly eating ferns against firms have leaves, but it's not usually what. What I think of when I think of leaves, it's a different sort of thing most of that, too was in sort of a mashed up partially digested sort of look to it. It wasn't like these nice now. Fern pressings where you could look at it and see it, and all this detail kind of mashed up and not super easy to identify the other twelve percent of the plant material because I said eighty eight percent of his leaves. Contained three percents stems four percent other, would and six percent charcoal other. Would yes, you know when you're eating and you don't have hands? You might accidentally pick up some like bark or larger things that are a little bit bigger than a stem. The IT happens and they've got the Castro lists a pretty hardy digestive tract, so I guess they're not sweating. Four percent of their food being just would. Although I if I was served something and seven percent of it was inevitable would. Wouldn't be super excited about or maybe twelve percent if you include the charcoal, that's a big percentage when you consider only thirteen percent was vegetation. Drew which makes it only like eleven or twelve percent? That's actually digestible, but the charcoal is really interesting, because it might indicate that bore alto was munching on ferns in a recently burned down conifer forest. which gives you a good stage to think about what it might have looked like in its final days or a about the benefits of activated charcoal? As possible, some animals do intentionally charcoal so it could be doing that. Sort of like the Hadrosaur that seemed to be eating would to get those crustaceans in it. To get the calcium could be the same kind of weird thing that we don't know about or likes a smokey flavor. Yeah, but in order for there to be that much charcoal around. It did have to be somewhere that there was a fire at least semi recently say in order to really carefully determine whether what they were looking at was gut contents versus just other plant material that happened. Fossil is about where a stomach would be. They really carefully compared the gut contents, or the presumed cut contents to the surrounding matrix. That wasn't in the gut contents spot. It's really important with herb wars because there's a huge opportunity for contamination. What we're mostly looking at stuff like pollen that fossilized as relatively easily, and you can easily imagine that when it died if it's opened up. Any kind of pollen could easily just get inside its body, and then if you're looking inside and you'd say oh well, this is inside. You must be something at eight, but really during fossilized. Most of the stuff that ends up where it's guts would be is just surrounding matrix. Rightness is stuff that's in the environment, so it's a really important thing to look into one of the keys to this is looking at differences between what's inside and outside, because presumably animals don't eat everything equally. We tend to assume that they have a little bit of a selection going on. They're not just shoveling everything into their mouth. They probably prefer one food or another, so if there's more of one type of food inside, and it's a different distribution than what's outside. That's a good clue, but one of the problems with that can be if you imagine say you've got a dinosaur and it's kind of. Up on the gut side, because it's dead, and things are snacking on it or its decaying. If there's some sort of flow of material, it could potentially select for different types of materials like say smaller things might collect inside the abdomen, whereas larger things might wash by if say, water's running by, and it's kind of moving material by so that alone isn't really good enough. You WanNa. Look for a lot of other factors that came up with fourteen different factors in what might tell you that it was gut contents versus just surrounding material, and they went through, and they ranked every other or rigorous dinosaur that has preserved gut contents. which really wasn't that many their only like eight of them that I guess we're good enough to make their list. One example is a sore pod, and in its quote, Unquote Gut contents, and included an allosaurus tooth and a bunch of other bone fragments. And maybe using that as a makeshift gastro, if Maybe but it seems a lot more likely that this wasn't actually. It's got contents and it was just material that was sort of washed in. And that's basically what everyone has said. Since paper was published like this probably isn't really got gut contents. Come on, guys just because it was inside. The abdomen doesn't mean that has contents. There's also an advantage you can find. Some things preserved better inside versus outside the guts like I was talking about with how a lot of the material that seems to be content, so SORTA mashed up. That's the kind of thing. Thing, you'd expect to see and gut contents, whereas you wouldn't expect to see that sort of mashed mess outside. You'd expect to see more intact structures potentially, and then there are other things like spores that are just even like a super durable, so you can find them inside outside all over the place. So after they went through all of these traits and went through all of the other rivers dinosaurs, they threw out. Out almost all of the other dinosaurs, and said like that probably got contents, or there isn't a lot of support for it. Except they had one other really good case and other than boreal upheld the only other dinosaur, they considered well supported in terms of its gut contents was combined Soros and Kumara source. Is that much smaller Australian Ankylosaur? We saw it at the Queensland Museum just about nine months ago now i. I think it's the one they compared to to figure out what part of the stomach they're looking at. It was like right in that exact. Same spot has combined sewers, and interestingly, though in combat Soroush. It is much smaller, but they didn't find any gastritis in it, which makes me think maybe Kamara source. They were sampling the stomach versus Boreal Delta. There were sampling the GIZZARD which would help to explain why. Doesn't have any gas royalists whereas PELATA was mostly. Gasser lists. Since, we do think that a lot of dinosaurs had gizzards especially with Kyle Zora's because they didn't really have good teeth for chewing south. They're just kind of swallowing stuff whole. It'd be nice if go going a gizzard kick ground up by those gizzard stones and move onto the stomach for a little bit more chemical treatment, or maybe go back and forth A. Like happens in some birds. Similar to Brielle Appel Todo, I went back and reread the combat sores paper just to be thorough in Kumar's about ten percent of its contents, they think was plant material, which is pretty similar to the thirteen percent that we see morale helter. And in Kumara source again, they said it was mostly killer tissue, which is probably stuff like ground up leaves. Their otherwise kind of smashed up leaves so in addition to both of them having a Lotta features that make them look individually like they're probably got contents. They also align with each other. So the pair of them sort of support that you know it's probably gut contents, because otherwise you'd have to have the same coincidence of things being shoved into the abdomen after they died and fossilising just so yeah true. Do not like this description of things getting shoved in abdomens. So when they're comparing what was inside versus outside of Boreal Pelata, they identified fifty different Pallini Morphs I. Think is how you say it, and what Pallini Morph is is a tough fossil. That's microscopic. The maximum size is half a millimeter in the larger dimension. Wow, so yeah, these are really small things in this case is pretty much pollen and spores, but they're super useful. They're really useful in general in Paleontology. Just like those. Those little microfossils of aquatic animals that seem to evolve quickly, and then you can use them to sort of date things because there's a lot of evolution happening, and they preserve well same kind of things with these microfossils of the fifty, they could only identify forty two of them a specific tax. It's pretty good idea I was pretty impressed and I think one of got named based on this finding at one point as well. Twenty eight of them are ferns and things that are pretty similar. Looking called Club mosses. Many of those were found inside boreal Celtics Gut. Again, these of these fifty this is fifty that we're both inside and outside of Morale Pelata. Because when you don't selectively eat pollen and spores. Really so you'd expect to see. A lot of distributed everywhere. It's more of just an idea about what's in the environment. There were twelve conifers again. That's things like Pines and redwood trees, despite there being less than half as many types of pollen of conifers versus ferns. They made up most of the external sample in terms of the quantity, so the fact that there were only traces of conifer plant material inside morale health is gut versus there being a large amount of at outside of God helps to show that it wasn't just things getting washed in because we would have expected to see way more conifer inside or pelts, case and then last, but not least the two, maybe three angiosperms which are plants with flowers and fruit. There wasn't really any in the gut contents. There's maybe a little trace of it based on some unidentified leaves, but this is early Albion, which is about one hundred ten million years ago, so we don't think angiosperms were really widely distributed at that point, so it's not too surprising that there weren't many angiosperms. The paper include some really cool pictures. They're not like leaf pressings like I said. The leaves are in Cross section. If they're identifiable at all, so you can kind of see a little bit that spongy leaf tissue at least once under a microscope. But most of the spores and other tiny stuff looks pretty cool. It's hard for me to make any sense of it, but it's got all sorts of different spikes, patterns and things so people that know what they're looking at can identify this and say oh. That's this type of Furner Club mosser whatever. There is one really cool twig with growth rings, though that's a couple of millimeters wide, so you can actually see even though it's only a couple millimeters across its at least two years old. ONE SLOW GROWING TWIG! And under a microscope, the twits enormous, because these are little, tiny sections are looking at trying to find details of pollen inside it. I also feel like I should mention previously. It's been reported that there's a potentially pescadores meaning fish eating, and Kyle our in China and so I was kind of hoping to see some fish bones or something in this guy, but it looks like it was in a forest, so maybe it just wasn't near fish. We don't know if it's this individual. Specifically went after Ferns, and these types of foods or it just happened to be going. After an opportunity that came up and the same for Ankylosaur in China, the it just goes after whatever opportunity strikes and that's what this individual came across 'cause. Really we're just looking at a snapshot of time. In one individual were not looking at all boreal Delta and not even all of this boy album puertas diet over the course of a year, so it's really hard to draw any conclusions outside of just. This is what he was eating that day. Yes, and just want to mention could be a guy or Gal. Don't know the gender, true. Yeah. I always think of it as male because the species name is Mark Mitchell I after the prepared or kind of like, sue the t rex I always think of this view female 'cause it's named after Sue Henderson who found it? But really the is not true. Good Point. One really cool thing about this paper, though is I think it's a great opportunity for Pale Yard unfortunately. There wasn't any included with the paper, but we know so much about it now. We know it was snacking on ferns. In recently burnt conifer forest again six percent of its gut contents had burnt wood, versus only four percent for non Brentwood so even if it was trying to eat burnt would, there was a lot of burnt wood. There was a lot of valuable. And we also know that firms often pop up I after a fire so when a frost burns down firms are kind of a disaster tax I you can think of them. They're really going to spring up on little to notice. And taking over the place at least briefly before other trees and stuff can grow, and in this case it looks like boreal. Delta was ready and waiting and wants all us. Firms popped up was go time and got in there and started snacking away. Apparently Moose and other urban do this today. When forest burned down and ferns pop up, they get in their eat a whole bunch of ferns. It's pretty interesting, maybe making morale like Moose of the Cretaceous. Probably lead to its downfall. Considering died shortly after. Yeah, I was thinking too like you could imagine the scenario where it was recently burned down possibly making it more susceptible the flooding because you don't, you might not have all the routes in the the strength of those trees and plants, holding the soil together so that if there's a strong rain afterwards could be more susceptible to flooding, and then get washed away and turned upside down, and the rest is history exactly. It also made me wonder like I wonder if that charcoal. In, the sediment might have led to that especially thick concretion that it was found in. That preserved it so well. Maybe. I don't know that didn't say anything about this. I'm just. Randomly speculating. But one thing that they did say that there is support for is what time of year it died so apparently. They think there's good evidence that had died in the late spring to midsummer, which is a pretty specific time range is this is based partly on the lags in that tweet that had eight because you can tell essentially how far through the season it was because in the winter is when the lag forms, so if you can kind of measure from the most recent lag and see how frequently they're growing. You can kind of estimate what time of year was and on top of that are different types of pollen that are in its got, and in the surrounding Matrix Hell Tae densify those forty two. Yeah, exactly because if you know that there's a certain type of plant which tends to release all its pollen in that late spring, midsummer timeframe, and there's a whole bunch of that pollen present then that's a good indicator. Good old gut contents mayor pretty good. They are, but they're very tricky. Identify when it comes to reverse I think it's a lot easier when it comes to carnivores because. You're unlikely to find like a massive ground up bone and stuff just. Laying around. Maybe it's easier to identify that as you find that in an animal, it's probably something at eight eight as I wonder if you find a whole animal in a carnivorous gut content. If you could take that at face value now. Yeah, well, we did talk about that small bird like. An Anti Iron Athene from the J., whole Biota or something that seemed like it's swallowed a lizard face I mean. Do you remember that one and then died after the fact and it's Kinda like inside. What looks like it would have been where it's August. was seems like a pretty good explanation. Yes I'll. I recently saw a video of a seagull swallowing rat hole, so yeah, the seagull swallowing the rat hole is an insane video, yes. It shows that opportunistic nature of Seagulls, and why they will eventually re inherit the earth. Just the capabilities of dinosaurs general. Still going after mammals. Everyone ruin no sponsors but us in our fantastic patrons this week, so if you haven't already joined, we have five exciting levels. There's dynamic is at the four dollar level which includes extended interviews and other bonus content, plus you can request a dinosaur of the day. Vote in our polls chat with us on discord play arc on our private server and get a personalized video. Thank you at the ankylosaurs. Eight dollar level you get all the dynamic has benefits plus. 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This one looks more like a traditional early dinosaur. By people long short long. Front toback short going up. Makes more sense? It's named Iris Soroush human insists and irises ors is after the quote, famous iridescent clouds of Yunan province and quote. And holds pointed out that the name should be Irit. Soroush, because it's euro-dissent and that's how you Latin. Is it none iris or Iressa source of whatever they're gone for? I'm just going to call it a rigorous because I trust holds that that's the correct way to call it, and then human insists is after Yemen county. where it was found, you might be able to tell based on this name that is from China from the fungi. Her formation, which is just a bit southwest of the Lou fung formation so if you know fungus. That's another sewer Potter Morph. Very common everywhere they are. Also a similar age to Lucas is about one hundred ninety five million years old, putting it in the very early Jurassic, said time period. We don't have very well preserved in North America, but it's pretty good down there in southern China. Of Irit Assuras, they found a pretty good part of the maybe front third of the animal. Basically they got both arms in good detail with most of the bones all the way between the fingertips up through the shoulders so good front arms. The rest of it is not nearly as good. They did find several neck vertebrae a couple of back vertebrae. They said over fifty rib fragments, but they didn't show much of that and I. Don't know how big these fragments are, so I'm not sure how many ribs that accounts do because you could have one rib broken into fifty pieces, and that'd be fifty reprints. But ribs on all that useful anyway for figuring out what an animal is like. On the other hand they did find two pieces of the HIP. Is more useful, a partial toe bone, and some of the upper and lower jaws including a tooth. Nice, it's always good to get part of the skull when he can. It's about five meters or sixteen feet long. If you recreated its entire body lengths, obviously, those fossils alone are only maybe a meter long, but there's no mention of lags or any other age markers that I could find in the paper, so you have to take that size with a grain of salt. Because who knows. Maybe it was three years old, and it would have gotten five times that big. We just didn't say, but it is pretty small. Even foreign early sore potter morph sort of that typical like long lengths head to tail direction by people stance. Its neck isn't particularly long, so couldn't have gotten its head up that much. Just kind of looks like a sewer potter more generically speaking. The hands as you'd expect, don't look like they would have been very good feet because they weren't fate yet exactly, but they do look like. Maybe they could pro- nate a little bit because they had a lot of details from the arms and the risks, so it looks like maybe they could have rotated a little bit. impregnating again is like. If you're doing push ups, you have to put your hands in a pro native position, whereas if you're clapping, that's not pro naked, and we talk about how dinosaurs like velociraptor probably couldn't pro nate, so they would have had their arms in the clap slash flapping. If you're a bird, sort of dimension, but sore potter morphs for the most part we can tell from the footprints pro-nato their hands, quite a bit as most quadrupedal animals like to get the toes in front is nice, so this one may be was able to do a little bit of that pro nation. The arms look like they reached maybe about halfway to the ground. In its standing posture so again. Yeah, probably not using its front limbs feet, unless it wanted to really angle downward awkwardly I mean I guess we don't have its hind legs, so maybe they could have been really short and completely different than every other early dinosaur. We found, but seems pretty unlikely, so we're going with bipedal. The hands though it's interesting. When you look at them closely, you can see a lot of similarities to the front feet of the later huge sore pods. They've got the really short individual fingers, and they've got pretty long claws, just like you see on some of the later sewer pods that we think would have been good at like scratching the ground and stuff. It's really interesting. You can see these connections and they don't look like they would have been very good at grasping anything to speak of so. This wasn't like carnivorous by any stretch because it's, it's not grabbing anything with these short stocky fingers. What was the point by tournament defeat? Exactly Interestingly the one to that they have doesn't have any dentals or separations on it, and most other or paramore's from that time do so. It's kind of a weird tooth. There's one other relative has from the area, though that also doesn't have dente calls, so it's not super weird. It look superficially to me. kind of like a Kamera Soroush chiseled type tooth familiar with the type of teeth that Chimera Sores has. It's not like a diplotic tooth, which is real thin. Peg like sort of like a pencil. It's significantly wider. I think they said. The length to width ratio is something like two and a half. Half so pretty beefy tooth in there. They couldn't fit that many in their jaw when they did their file, genetics came out as a relative to move Sorus and Moose Soroush was about twenty million years earlier well it back into the triassic end and Argentina, so it's a little bit weird, because this one's way over in China and is less closely related to the Chinese dinosaurs, but back in the early Jurassic Triassic. It was a lot closer getting between China and South America. Than it is now. You can pretty much walk all the way there so I. Guess is not too surprising that their close. And IRYNA Soroush. In its file genetics is just outside of Sore Potter forms. If you're familiar with that group, it's sort of halfway between the earliest sore potter morphs in Real Sore Prada. We never really talk about sewer. Potter formulas because we saw morph that just includes all of their early stuff. We don't have to worry about it then if it gets reclassified later. But. Yeah, so this is sort of in the middle is considered pretty base, although if it's outside a sore pot for Ms. One kind of cool thing about its hands. It had a pretty big claw, and it was curved on its first finger, so they said that maybe it was. I don't know how much I buy that. Because the finger bones leading up to that law really don't look like they could ben very much, but maybe it was enough to be able to grasp onto like a tree could hook onto a branch or something. Yeah, that kind of thing. I don't think it's going to be able to grasp as in like picking up anything. And to that end, it had included Paleo Art, which shows it sorta using its hands to help it proper self up on a tree, so that it can reach its head up higher, because didn't have the great neck of later sewer pods, so maybe it used its hands sort of work its way up the tree, a little bit. So go reach. Some of those tasty tree leaves three stars maybe. I mean almost certainly not, but maybe. One can imagine. Got Sore bottom off now though nice. In other dinosaur news we heard about some reopenings for museums, so the Field Museum in Chicago reopening on July twenty fourth, and they're taking a lot of precautions, so the number of visitors allow will be twenty five percent of their buildings. Capacity visitors will have entry times to go into the museum and everyone over the age of two must wear a mask while yes. Yes, they're also be hand sanitizers around the building and floor markers to help with social distancing, and they promised to do frequent cleaning to the museum falling CDC Guidelines, Oh, and interactive exhibits and exhibits in small spaces are still closed as interesting with the mask I can't imagine trying to put a mask on a three year, olds. I would not be an easy task. bribed them with dinosaurs. Maybe maybe. I wonder if they let in children under two at all. Oh I didn't see on their guidelines. Have to call and ask. I'd be pretty nervous even going in if it was twenty five percent capacity. People. Yet, they were looking based on the size of their building. Yeah, that's good. Dinosaur halls are still going to be crowded though you know it well, that's partly why there's specific entry times that you can go in. Make sense in London the Natural History Museum reopening on August. Fifth visitors are going to have to buy tickets in advance. You'll also be admitted based on the time of your ticket and everyone over the age of eleven. There must wear. A mask is going to be hand, sanitizer stations, and then signs for social distancing, and they will also be cleaning facilities regularly. Oh, end some hands on exhibits in digital touch screens will be closed accents, and then last that we heard about recently anyway. The Royal Saskatchewan Museum has. has already reopened some things though like the Paleo pit is closed. A maximum of seventy five people can enter that museum at any given time. And when you visit, you'll need to provide your contact information. In case, the museum needs to work with the health authority on any contact racing, and all visitors over the age of three must wear a mask. The also have hand sanitizers available around the museum and visitors. We'll have to stay. Two meters away from others follow marked routes through the galleries for social distancing. Really interesting where they're drawn. The line is you've got two year old sin above three year olds, and above an eleven year olds and above have to wear masks. Let's three different countries. I guess, maybe things are a little bit more calm down in the UK, so they feel like they can notch up to eleven year, olds and up maybe not clear on the reasoning behind all of it, I'm glad that they're enforcing masks, though because it is the number one way to stop the spread of coronavirus so. Good on them I. Definitely will not be onto a data store museum anytime soon though I'm scared to even just thinking about it. Like thinking there's seventy five people in there with you and you have to sign up just in case you might have caught it Lia. Actually psyched myself up enough to get there. And they said sign this. In case somebody in here corona virus and we need to tell you about it I'd be like okay. I'm going home. I don't think any museums near US are reopening. No California's not ready. Chicago's just a little out of reach for us right now. In New Jersey feels station. Dinosaurs is teaching kids about social distancing wearing. And part of it is they put masks on all the dinosaurs. That's a pretty 'cause fully outdoors. feel maybe okay with that still probably. FADEAWAY! It's hard when you get excited about dinosaurs to stay six feet away. In other news on August six in Langley British Columbia and Canada. There's going to be an animatronic dinosaur and fossil auction, and that will include more than fifty animatronic dinosaurs and other animatronic equipment, as well as hundreds of fossils and dinosaurs include t, Rex, Bruno Soares triceratops velociraptor arena source. Kendra sourced Alaska Sorus. Sorus and on the fossil, said Ms Margaret Source Amiga One yes, and on the fossil side there would be fossilized eggs trial bites and leaves, and this collection came about because a Canadian subsidiary of a firm went bankrupt. I'm not sure which firm. So that's who to thank if you end up buying one of these. Or not thank if you liked going there before. People can see all the items on display on August fifth. As long as you're wearing masks in person, there's GonNa. Be No minimum bids, and the auction will take place online only starting at nine thirty. A. M. Pacific Time whatever you buy, though you will need to transport yourself. So think about that when bidding. According to Aldergrove Star which wrote about this quote. The designs appear similar to those created by a Chinese company called Gung, Oolong, science and technology and quote, and that's one of the largest of more than two dozen companies in Sichuan China. That makes dinosaur replicas. So you could compare the price of a new one and have your starting point for what you pay for used. One I guess, or you'll much lower see. We can get away with. One of our listeners. I think mentioned this to us and if we needed any, and I was thinking well, maybe for our front yard. We could we stick something out there. We don't have the space. We don't Never Marcus Aurelius at least. For any of the. Deal. Office is out there. For sure, how would we even get it here? That's the problem. Yeah, that would probably cost more than whatever we end up fitting. Yes, definitely. Immediate News the Hulu Platform, which unfortunately I think you can only watch in the US, but they have a new movie called Palm Springs. This was trending on twitter a little bit. It's time loop romantic comedy. It stars Andy Sandberg and Kristen Malati and Scott's dinosaurs in it and Gary and I watched it. There are two scenes with dinosaurs. These are potential spoilers. If you WANNA. Watch the movie I come back and listen to this. A real way, it doesn't really have anything to do with the story, but. In one of the scenes, the characters are in the desert, and they cease and dinosaurs, and it's unclear if they hallucinate him, or if the dinosaurs are real, and there's some weird time loop stuff happening and they're near. One of the explanations is that the characters are near the dinosaurs that are featured. Pee Wee's big adventure, so maybe they saw those sculptures before, and that's why they could have hallucinated them interesting. I'm surprised. You just call them dinosaurs because they were definitely sore pods stats true where sore pods. weirdly distance and it has nothing to do with the plot of the booby things pretty weird. You can barely see them. It's pretty good movie though I like to so the writer of the movie Andy Ciara. Made some comments about this, because a lot of people were talking about it, and he wrote I could say that you have to. Characters don't believe they're capable of love. And in that moment maybe they fall in love. Dinosaurs don't exist, but in that moment they exist. It's two things that are impossible, or I can also just say that I love drastic park and I wanted to put that in there. It felt right in that moment. How do we make the scenes? Stand out more. What better way than to add dinosaurs. Museum more dinosaurs. Just being added the scenes that make no sense. Good Choice. It was a fun movie, but you can't explain the dinosaurs. Adult Watch it thinking. You're going to see some dinosaurs cause you barely do. Yeah, it's not for the dinosaurs. In Jurassic World Dominion News Sam Neill WHO's returning as dodger Allen has said that there will be screaming. Hey, sit in a recent interview quote. I can't give anything away, but a real dinosaur is a compelling thing to someone who's devoted his life to them. There will be screaming. We know this and quote. Was a little confused by that, because the reason dodger Allen went to Jurassic Park in the first place was because he was someone who has devoted his life's dinosaurs, but I guess it sucks back in because of that. or He has no choice because the dinosaurs everywhere, that's true. Oh, as Dr Grant Ellie Sadler and Malcolm will have large, not cameo roles in the moving The. Most important one there is Jeff Goldblum. Yes, Malcolm. We need more Jeff Goldblum. Maybe, they'll reenact. They're mean. Get Him shirtless and wounded. In Game News. There's a trailer for a new game called death ground where you need to outsmart dinosaurs, and you can play this game, solo or co OP. It's a survival horror game with AI dinosaurs, said sounds like Jurassic Park, but with a to me. The game is set to go out early access in two thousand, twenty one and they'll be fully released in twenty twenty two. It's got a ways to go interesting. And last for people who like dinosaurs and baking the Guardian shared a Spanish burnt Basque cheesecake recipe decorated with dinosaur cookies. The recipes says you can also use dinosaur figuring. Why would you do that? If you're going to decorate dinosaurs anyway, so for the dinosaur cookies or biscuits part it recommends making ginger biscuits and shape them with dinosaur cookie cutters, so there's not actually a lot of Info on the dinosaur park, but it still sounds delicious and the pictures really pretty. I say make volcanic than the dinosaurs are sitting precariously on top people love mix volcanoes in dinosaurs. I think it's because of the old extinction theories, but it makes about as much sense as putting a humans around a volcano. Its cheesecake and cookie so. I guess it's harder to make a cake like crater or an impact or coming down. Yes, maybe you can have like a mid impact of like a big bulbous bump. Put some dents in. It may get like the impact or hitting. You can have a cake smashing party where the dinosaurs are on top of the cake, and then you just smash it with your hand. and. That's the crater I was expecting you to say smashed into my face. I. Know You like to do that well when you let me. was only that our wedding. And now onto our dinosaur of the day, crypto source, which was a request from Turkey a Tamer. VR discordant patriots, so thanks crypt source was an entirely soy that lived in the late Jurassic, and what is now England in the anthill clay formation in Cambridgeshire dubious genus, because it's only known from a partial femur this Femur, though it's really thick and stout, it's out thirteen inches or thirty three centimeters long and the femur belong to either sub, adult or an adult. Crypt Zora's was or business, and the type, and only species is crypto Soroush Marras the genus name means Hidden Lizard, and it refers to being a rare find because it was the first one found in the Oxford clay formation. Even though later, it was determined to be from amtel clay formation, but that's a story we'll get into in a minute. The species name means well formed thigh in Greek, so they found a partial right femur in eighteen, sixty nine. Early days of finding dinosaur bones, and was found by geologist Lucas, Ewbank, who donated it to the Woodward Museum, Cambridge Harry Seeley, the named Crypt Soroush in eighteen, sixty nine and lease description was very brief. I'll read. The whole thing was quote on a shelf? G is temporarily placed the FEMUR of dinosaur from the Oxford Clay crypto source humorous end quote. Quite the description so useful, right? Standards for these things well, he did give a full description in eighteen, seventy five. It took him six years. Seeley thought that crypto sores was an animal quote of sluggish habits, and that it may have been cold-blooded will. We used to think that dinosaurs were boarded. He also thought the crypto sores was related to wanted on again. Not many dinosaurs found at this point, and then later in nineteen o nine Frederick von Hyun classified, criticize as Camptosar Day and then in one thousand nine hundred peer, golden. Phone crypto source to be, unkindness. Twist Yup so. Quickly go over the name Crypto Soroush. Richard Lie Decker renamed Crypto in eighteen, eighty, nine to Crypto Drako because he thought that Krypton was already used to name a crocodile form in eighteen, thirty two by the scientific rules. The first name has to be the one that stays. But, it turns out that this was in error and due to the wrong spelling. The crocodile form was actually sister source instead of crypto source, so the encrypted sores was actually free to name the dinosaur after for some reason, linebacker said that it was unknown where this Femur was found, even though seely described the locality the Oxford clay in his one sentence description. Anyway golden found the FEMUR of Crypto Soroush. Although at the time, it was still being called Crypt Drako. Very similar to the Femur of hop light source, and he wrote that the name Crypto drako slash Crypto Soroush goes that. Names were used in his paper. Quote has turned out to be extremely appropriate because it took over a hundred and ten years for the Kyla Saurian affinities of this Femur to be recognized quote. We don't know what it's called. We also don't know what it's from fifth. Golden figured it out and Kylo. So. Golden wrote that the FEMUR was found with seventeen associated playa sores, vertebrae, and therefore the femur quote must have come from a brick pit, rather than as an isolated bone from a conglomerate, and that's how he determined that Crypto. Disorders actually came from the AMT claim formation, and not the Oxford clay is that will made a dubious genesis that we don't work came from. Know pretty sure it's the anthill clay formation. Now I don't know what Sealy was doing, but it's dubious, because is only known from a partial femur also just not enough because we have lots of other ankylosaurs that it could be yes. Golden suggested the ancestors of crypto source were probably bipedal or Nipah pods. But that crypto sores may have been facultative lead bipedal so. All fours, but then it could go into leagues when necessary. It's pretty weird for an ankle store. There's a lot of weird things about this dinosaur. Need more fossils. Or just to forget about it because it's not a good enough to find to be particularly useful WANNA forget about an kyle, or but it might not even be in Angola's, or let's be real, Marshall Femur. But speaking of Ankylosaurs are fun. Fact comes from our earlier boreal alto paper in it. They mentioned that for about one hundred and forty million years. Essentially at least all of the drastic and the cretaceous, every single terrestrial mega herb, or on earth, was a dinosaur well so completely dominated by the opposite of today, yes, and apparently for the last forty million years, mammals have been the dominant terrestrial mega. Maybe just mega divorce in general, but I'm always a little bit suspicious that there's something in the ocean that I'm not including. The Council of Megara before the might not be a mammal within dinosaur, though mega herbivores evolved at least five times, so they're sore, potter, Morphou which evolved in the triassic. We were talking about that earlier. There's Thera fora, which is the stegosaurus lashing Kylie's or group that evolved in the Triassic or Jurassic, and I guess maybe more than once. Guana Dante which evolved in the Jurassic. There's Saratoga which evolved in the Cretaceous, of course, things like triceratops. Zena Sauria. The weirdest of all, which evolved in the Cretaceous from. Meat eating dinosaurs into a mega vervoordt of course, physically mega mega carnivore into Mega Erba. Typical transition just like you'd expect from Thursday and source. So that's the fives that they included but I thought maybe they would include Hadrosaur Day. I'm thinking. Maybe they didn't because. A gas it could have shared a mega or before ancestor with Guan antea maybe is where they're going with that. It seems like there's at least six though. A lot of mega or going on dinosaur Ya. I guess they had a lot of plants. And in some cases, also a lot of gastro lists to swallow. And Wood and charcoal. Whenever they could fit into their mouths. Sometimes crustaceans. And on that note that wraps up this episode of Vinyl Dino. Thanks for listening. Don't forget to subscribe to us on your favorite podcast APP and consider joining our community at Patriot dot com slash I. Know Dino! Thanks again until next time. Come. Up Quick Reminder where watching the nineteen seventy five movie, the land that time forgot this Saturday July twenty fifth at one PM Pacific daylight time, and if you're not familiar with this movie, it's set in the World War One time period with a German u boat and a British naval ship who presumably have to combined forces to defeat a bunch of stop motion dinosaurs I've never seen it, but it sounds pretty funny. We're all GONNA press play on our own devices exactly at one PM, so we're all in sync and head over to discord to get more details.

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Detroit City of Champions  Episode 13: Potsy  The forgotten genius of George Clark  Part 3


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Detroit City of Champions Episode 13: Potsy The forgotten genius of George Clark Part 3

"You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT Network visit www dot podcast detroit dot com for more information. Nineteen thousand five the Lions Win the NFL Championship the Detroit Tigers take a world series the redwings bring home mode standards. Joe. Lewis. Begins his rise to world domination. This transforms the motor city into Detroit sitting chanted. DETROIT, city of champions the podcast we are diving deep into the nineteen, thirty, five season and all the things around it the lions. Tigers. Red Wings thirty other championships. A trilogy of books written by an Incredible Guy Oh. That's awful. Nice to say Charles Ableson Charles I'm Jamie Flanagan and we're just GONNA have to put Charles I gotTa tell. You. Matt. Fox's over there. Running the board. I'm pushing buttons and the highlight of my week used to be. Tuesdays and and having some Bourbon with with Matt on our show. The Man Cave Happy Hour I've been replaced now I have to hire. Now I have to highlights of my week. Because Matt still here. He's like a banks. But, yeah no so Really look forward to this me too I. Love Your a great you. You've collected a an amazing collection of stories to be super redundant and. I just. I'm enjoying enjoying unfolded because I know nothing about nothing about nothing about sports and because once or twice you kind of like skull to me a little bit. You're like Oh did that sound harsh I'm like, no 'cause I you know what? I'm saying dumb stuff because I don't know what I'm talking about. So I. I do I felt that was sometimes I get tense. Can definitely people that know me anyway that's watches show that knows me yeah like sometimes I'll go I'll be something that. Triggered No. There's no. Heaven or hell get a hold for making that point stepped on that crack there. But Yeah. So we're going to keep our eye on the on the chat rooms. So if anybody is joining us live on facebook 'cause we throw this up on facebook feel free to comment make a comment. The show will say, we say, Hi and. Afterwards we try to, we try to go back and watch that people commas. As they go up on Youtube and up on the social media's. So we appreciate you listening taken the time giving us a listen if you're listening at somewhere. Watching it on Youtube. To. Favorite. Hit the subscribe button comments likes everything you like the show it really helps to comment and share and Send it send the link to friends or whatever in. Every everything like helps because. We're trying to bring back this this forgotten story that. You. Know the whole thing you know the overall show is about the about the story itself but there's as we've shown, we're on episode thirteen right now. Right and it's like we haven't even dented it. Even. Put a dent in this thing, and it's like and I've actually been trying to summarize each of these components and trying to. Kind of rush through a little bit of it. Twenty or thirty episodes on just the Tigers. And we will we can go back we will we will. We're. Not. GonNa run out of stock. That's insane. It's almost I mean it literally as analysts I, mean, there's You can just see from a lot of these stories that I mean it just it's such a there's it goes so deep with the different people. Each of these people have stories each of the teams as stories. And there's just so much to really dive into in I mean as we're talking about policy. Clarke. Today. This is episode three of Possi, Clark, the coach, the line. To Detroit and But. We're not. We're not even going to be finished with potsy this week, we're going to be doing one more episode at least on him. Because he's such an important figure in saw. But yes, I just I'm just really excited because. I've been the way I've been presenting the story for the longest time has been. Just like when I do art shows or I'll do I've done a lot of law library talks or we do a presentation every year at the Detroit, a stork museum. On April Eighteenth Champions Day, and so I do a lot of stuff like that and a lot of times. It's like you know maybe a half hour maybe an hour sometimes I talk, but it's usually just As, you see so much information always gotta be condensed into whether it's a two minute pitch to sell a book or twenty minute thing for quicks slot for some kind of A. Series of you know sports talks or whatever but it's always got to be something. I've got a condense everything small amount of time in. So that's why I love this show because it really is a chance to explore all kinds of different stuff in You know there's there's so much to explore, and that's what we wanted to do. But because you said, we kind of rushed through the Tigers a little bit and I I look forward to revisiting. So we will. Just kind of rolling around me on a on a holiday or an anniversary A landmark date in the in the. On the calendar for the Tigers back and revisit we have. In, we want to go back and revisit the players. We're going to do much deeper dive in each of the players at some point. So. Yeah and then he just let you know today is actually the hundredth anniversary of the founding of the NFL. Today Oh today's in twenty There's a more important. Highly appropriate topics we're talking one, hundred, one, hundred, one years two, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty so. I I saw some of the NFL dot. com today repot up saying it was the one hundredth anniversary and it was because I knew what needs nine hundred twenty s when the NFL was founded. Okay. Yeah. So there today actually as of our recording day here in September. Seventeenth. Constitution Day halfway to Saint. Patrick's. There you go? That's your calendar. Far, away. You are from Saint Pat's I was to tell you. It's an important day for me. Yeah. Say Patrick's. Patrick's year. Stop I. DON'T I don't go out on Saint Patrick's everything for you as measured around. Patrick's Day plus thirty five. Minus Eighty two like. All based on your calendar. Completely it is. Very. It's very green. Stuart Stuart says Hades glad you're the big man chances. Big. Name Dugan Big Stew, I worked on mackinac island. Great friends. I was actually on your website W Detroit city champions, Dot Com. There's a lot of information out there You know the previous podcasts this shows that you guys have had to go back to the beginning of you know this, the venture that you guys are on no I'm actually starting what I've been sitting here for every single one of them but I find myself going back to episode one and relearning because just so much information that you guys are. It really is there's so much and. We have you know the I think the actually the first few episodes we did go a little bit of warp speed through some of the stuff, but we will come back for just feel to. Take, our time and go through it. And there's there's so many different branches off that. We can take to talk about these other teams, the Chicago bears. Yeah, all this different stuff like we're gonNA. Mention this guy named cliff battles for the Boston Red Sox. His. Now as though you with the Washington redskins back, it was a Boston and he's got his name's GonNa come up. But there's guys like cliff battles that nobody's ever heard of listen was named cliff battles. Like. The Great. He's like a tremendous running backup power speed runner like. His name is battle like nobody's ever heard of them said, there's so many different off the topics that we can do off. But that's why I like about the screenplay for the movie too is that you know I wrote the screenplay for the movie is like a Netflix's nine part mini series and there's so many like like I wrote it. So to introduce all these different or not all but a ton of different. Characters that the lions and the Tigers everybody had to face for towards the idea of potentially imagine an entire series were like the first. The first season is the city, a champion story, and then you meet all these different carriers Babe Ruth Lou gehrig. Bronco Gerski, all these different degree bay packers of this time and then you start doing offshoot episodes maybe a one off episode maybe a three part episode whatever it is and and you focus on all these just various topics from sports history I. Just think it would be like the coolest show like you know like a period piece set in that time. Those are some of the most some of the biggest sports movies ever are the ones that like conjure nostalgia. Look back like this was we're going to get to the center Cinderella Story Yeah. The Cinderella is another thing. Nineteen thousand five hundred million dollar Hollywood yes. Just one thing like imagine entire series and that's what. I'm saying like there's so much different stuff. So we're here we were. We were with the spartans in Portsmouth. And they're they're taking names and kicking some but yeah. thirty, three, thirty. So thirty one potsy takes over the spas and they and they brings in nineteen new guy. Yeah, and so we completely cuts with thirty guys also roster through the big. I've never heard a ten then reduce reduce the roster. Twenty six, twenty seven, and then and then brought in nineteen new players, and then it was talking about nine guys ended up going with the team in one, thousand, nine, thirty, four when they became the lions and then it was another i. think it was five. Backup I think it was five that that was with them in one, thousand, nine, hundred, five when they won the championship. So it was a major overhaul. In nineteen, thirty, one when he first takes over his first head coaching job professional any completely guts this team completely revamps it and then hits on all these stars that became like I mean literally like the central components of these teams I mean for the next you know however many years. So the Tigers win the pennant in nineteen thirty four. Yeah. But that's a little bit the head of where we're we're we're we're starting out with this story. Okay. All right. So I didn't know if that was. All right. So that's still for that. Where we come in tonight. So nineteen thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, one potsy takes over the spartans and immediately the team becomes awesome. Yeah, it's. thirty two we talked about last week show they were in the nineteen th the first. NFL. Championship game. A hockey. Arena. PORTSMITH SPURT SMART. Data. Yes. So Important in the Portsmouth was like you know early NFL history was a lot of smaller. You know is really a lot of Ohio mid Western type you know million in all these different towns in. Ohio. Also, like you know your small towns like Green Bay, it wasn't like nowadays. It's like all big cities New York and Boston all this but but back then like. It was like a lot of smaller towns in Green Bay is a residual of that the last city that was from that era of like smaller towns that but they were just so successful they really built up a file like a cult following their. Butts. And it's crazy because if you actually look at the populations of NFL cities like you'd look at the list, it's like seven million we all like. Their population I don't even know what it is in Green Bay it's like I. Think it's like eight thousand and okay like really small. But every other lists like seven, million, six, million, three, five. Six thousand and then the but then you look at their the crazy thing is their attendance per game. It's like been sold out for any game all eight, thousand, eight, hundred, thousand, those people at the stadium but. Around Game. Every. Every year for like I, think since the sixties in the Season tickets are impossible anyways. So yeah, nineteen thirty, nine, hundred, thirty, one positive over the SPARTANS. And they'd take they become awesome in the nineteen, thirty two, the SPARTANS. Go to the NFL championship that First Nfl Championship game which leads to massive changes in the NFL because the NFL's. Who have so that they can have a championship game every money money money. Exactly. So it had like a world series of football so to speak. The NFL champion numerous new rules come into play as a result of that racketed gov. you can just look back at the last episode GonNa see all the different rule changes again of it, but it was a significant thing to happen and then in nineteen thirty three. the spartans were good but the but the problem was is that their best player Dutch Clark and again Dutch, Clark was the elite of the elite Nfl I mean he was one of the main guys posse discovered in nineteen thirty one. Potsy. Sorry. Dutch Clark was like I mean, he wasn't a PA-. Whereas Bronco Gerski was like sort of like Shaquille O'Neal of the football that time like he was just in like unstoppable power like they nobody could not tackling one on one. Just he was just overwhelmingly powerful type of player, but Dutch was like incredibly fast shifty smart. He was he was like the they acquitted him like Napoleon on the field like absolute. Just a brilliant field general just increase just incredibly smart on the field like. He was Dutch was elite in like I mean he wasn't powerful at all. But again, in every other way, he was an elite player and so So anyway. So that's what soul. The core player on the spartans and with the you know with numerous other great players of course but. But what happened was is that at the end of nineteen, thirty, two Dutch got this job to go be a coach yeah, Colorado College and then. When he was when they went to the NFL championship game, which again was like an impromptu game, then the college wouldn't release him from his contract and so he couldn't make it back to the spartans got beat and then the following year nineteen thirty-three, he did not come back for the season. With the SPARTANS. So without Dutch, the teams basically dropped, they still finished in second place, which was very, very competitive. In fact, there Glenn Press. Now, who was you call them really their second best player. Glenn Press now was there became their number one guy and led the League in scoring was like I'm just you know he you know he did what he could been dispersed finished in second place but so anyways. So Ninety, but nineteen thirty three is the final is really the death knell of the Portsmouth spartans because the city it's again one of these smaller towns and the Great Depression had absolutely ravaged Tom the city. So badly that again, they were just there basically exchanging shares of stock for two two players, not even exchanging giving shares of stock in lieu of payment to these players in shares of stock are might be nice for the future but but you know you can't eat shares of. Stock To Pay Your bills you can try try put them in your shoes. where? Share stock for yeah. For my pillow and I really six two. So. anyways. So this soul. There's a there's I have a quote in the book that talks about this and I wrote this whole scene in the movie the scene at this scene in the movie really is the introduction to the lions in the in the in the in the screen player in this movie is this is that? The team was about to completely fall apart like they were like we're not making any money potentially GonNa get mangled on the field you know what we're not getting paid for potentially getting mangled. A lot of these guys are great. They could go to other teams potentially. So that's in. So potsy, this is where really the labels have. Also the genius of George Clarke Because Potsy keeps this group together I mean he didn't still such like they. They call it a in a spirit decor whereas these players are you know they feel like if I'm not gonNA play for Potsy, enough I'm not gonNA play with these guys that I consider my brothers then I'm not even gonNA play it's not it's just not. It's you know it was fun while it lasted but if I'm not playing with these guys that I'm not playing anywhere. So that was the first thing the second thing was that he was able to not only create that but also to keep them from just completely saying okay I'm done you know like I'm not playing for anybody else but I'm also not playing for you 'cause I'm not getting paid. Also. So. Like he was able to say you know you're not getting paid I know that this socks or whatever but we are but you know we signed on to play this these fans are counting on you. You know what fans we do have you know counting on us in Seoul. We get. You know how you know we can't just abandon our organization. You know what I mean. Let's go out. You know like winning some games and stuff and saw they did and he kept this team together. They played the entire season like the last few games that even get paid and saw but but nonetheless, the writing is on the wall that this is for the Portsmouth. SPARTANS. And now comes nineteen, thirty four in. This is where we're really WANNA. Go with this episode is focused on one thousand, four at thirty four is when we make tiger make the move that tie Mickey Cochrane comes Detroit, all of a sudden things start to look you know start a pop off in Detroit Tigers, and of course, baseball season comes SHERP four boys of summer they're exactly. So summer is rock and Indie. In the Detroit. Detroit in the nineteen, thirty three was this like you know great depression ravaged area. The Tigers are terrible. There's not there's really no sports to to to get into. Religious Garwood is the only big sports name the Tigers are absolutely dreadful but in one thousand, nine, thousand, four, everything changes. The Tigers are awesome. You know the the they're coming out of the gate with Mickey Cochrane they got all this swagger and sold. There's so there's a radio, the WJR radio owner George. Richards. Sees this. Sees this great thing you know the Tigers going crazy and then at some point I wrote it in the screenplay where he basically. I can't attest to the veracity of this but the idea was that he knew he sees that the that the Portsmouth spartans this great team. Are Folding. And so this is a great team. And he gets aside this this idea what if we transplant this team to Detroit and they're they're competitive on the field just like just like the Tigers, are right on it. You know maybe this is the NFL failed at least three times prior to this sometimes, you see the number four, but it's like a franchise that was like the same franchise but they failed at least three times prior to this to establish an NFL team in Detroit and saw here we are like the these are the great the times they failed was in the roaring twenties, and so here we are in the Great Depression and here's an opportunity they're looking at going. Well. If we can. If we can bring the straight team here if we can associate them with the Tigers. Then we might be onto something able to establish an NFL team and I got a radio station that we broadcast the Games and that was the genesis and so when the to the lions. I did you put that? You have that photo that one with the the lion jumping over the through the hoop? Yeah. There we go. That is the newspaper. Maybe we can see if somebody's listening to it. What we have on the screen is a is a newspaper from the Detroit Times where it's it's a cartoon picture of a lion jumping over a value. Yeah. He's jumping over a goalpost and George Richards is A. Cartoon Picture of George Richards Holding up a plate showing the New York giants first game of versus versus Lions on September twenty third I'm so but anyways so I also be it's too small. Even read if you do if you can't see it on the screen. So I'm GonNa read. So I wanna read the quote that is up on top of the article so you can get a a sort of a better idea. So here is. So George Richards was who who, again, he's the owner of the WGN radio okay okay. Yeah. All right. That's funny. I was just I was on a call today. Right with because I work at the local pop station here Detroit and ninety, six three to DVD. We're owned by Cumulus and and our sisters as in Wjr. Yeah. upstairs, and so we were all I was on the Mitch Albom and Paul Smith and Frank Beckmann Sandler all. In a in a big zoom today which album he looks like Al Pacino. I'm like Mitch. He's not kidding I. I didn't say Paul W Smith actually said Look Porn Moustache. I got. A lot of these. It's interesting because a lot of these things that exist today. Yeah. They have some you know. This station. All the same and all this stuff you know like the movie you show that clay ball that stuff dates and you've got the Fisher Body Company is putting out the first. MLB movie with sound all these different things I mean there's connections with the past that are you know? More than just a lot of the story is the roots of. Of of these institutions that are in Detroit to this day. But so anyway. So here's the quote. So this this article comes out the came out July twenty second nineteen, thirty four at this exact moment, the Tigers were two games. The Tigers had a to gain there in first place and they had a two game lead over the New York Yankees there in first place. So this this is the the exact amount. So this article that there's a little bit the first. The first paragraph. So so you can see if you can't see their other says, program team here is named the Detroit Lions. So this is the article introduces the arrival of the Detroit lions in the very first viewers by Bert Walker for the Sunday Sunday Detroit Sunday. Times. So inspired by the spirited fight, the Detroit Tigers are making for the American League Baseball Championship sponsors of the Detroit Professional football team decided to call their entry to the national. Football League the Detroit Lions. Call this team the Tigers perhaps, but that might create confusion. The lion is the monarch of the jungle said site Houston Vice President, general manager of the team, and we hope to be monarch of the league it our ambition to make the lion as famous as the as the Detroit Ball Club has made the tiger. So so there can be absolutely no doubt based on this quote that the name Detroit Lions was based on the idea of the Tigers in one, thousand, nine, hundred, four there can be no debate. and. So that's what I'm saying like the tie, the lions arrival of the city you know they're they're associating with this Detroit Tiger France. Why would you not? Co op too. Yeah and so but here's the but this is what? It's worth mentioning about this article So there was a new NFL team coming to a city in today's Day and age does pick a team that a city that doesn't have a team currently I don't even know anyways imagine. Land No. Trust me Cleveland all say the same thing back to these rights. Let's not even. That's not even go there but like I say they but anyways. So the magic city doesn't have a football team currently and they they in. An NFL team is coming into the city. How big a news would that be huge biggest thing on there is right all the wall covering this article comes out on page twelve. This article I, actually see it on the top of the page twelve they're announcing an NFL team comedy. Detroit. That's the level that the NFL was back in this time. Okay. It was like especially like something with the Tigers going insane you know. The first eleven pages were probably Detroit Tigers related. Just found a coverage, but this is going to be a recurring theme with this with his Lions Club where they came in the city hoping to latch onto the you know like you say, the lack of a better concept, the coat tails of the tiger and they found a much much rude awakening, which was that you know that you know they they're the team was going to be. Associated with the Tigers by name, they're hoping to associate by deed and then you know their best player. Dutch. Clark lured out of retirement for nineteen thirty four was billed as the Thai Kabul football. We actually have show up that that other picture with the sports stamps. Oh. Sports stamps. To pictures next there. So you see the sports stamps right there where it's got Dutch Clark and tycoon this. Was Nineteen thirty six but you can see how the you know the consistency there were there was a It was there was the idea was there's a new ty Cobb in Detroit, but he doesn't play baseball. You GotTa Come Watch lions game to see this new the next tied, the new Thai cobb Cobb football, and so that's the idea is trying to associate but the problem was again is that the Tigers were so wildly successful that they were that they the lions had arrived rise up to incredible heights just to get past page as well not. Just to even get on just even get in the same newspaper Tigers. A recurring problem for them is that the bar of expectations because the Tigers was raised. So high that the you know this was a very talented team they were fully capable of doing it but it puts you know what I'm saying like. A lot of times this team comes into city in like Gee whiz. I. Hope we do well this year. Let's put on a good show for the new fans guys but no, this was like they were they did not play. Well, if they did not compete for the number, you know for an NFL championship then nobody cares city this is becoming the city champions you're either a champion and your. Page three behind the Tigers or you're not and you're not even in the newspaper. Also, anyway. So that's that's the that's the stage is set. and. So anyway so the lines coming in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, four, and. The immediately they it's again we we talk about the lured Dutch Clark out of retirement. I was GONNA say Clark by God Dutch Clark back in the George Richardson this ownership syndicate, they spend fifteen thousand dollars. That's it for lines and the they pay all the back salaries of all the players. Nice. Well, it's good. But so at fifteen thousand Mickey, Cochran was purchased for one hundred thousand. They got the whole team for fifteen thousand mile. That's what's crazy is like it just shows you the difference like just one player in baseball. You know the granted the hall of Fame Player, versus? Fifteen thousand dollars for this. Awesome. ALTEA is. So anyway. So they bring them in the Dutch Clark retirement they make him one of the highest paid players in the NFL which lures. Goes a long way towards a little. You know obviously learn out of retirement and another thing Another thing that they do is is Allama second I got to Is. is this is what this was. This was just of make sure I get the right Second Another thing that they do which is. Sex. So Dutch areas are here. So so another thing they do is Is, this is what's this is what's even I think. As fascinating as anything that's sort of coming for is nine hundred is, is the also get a player named check. Bernard, from the University of Michigan Okay Okay Chuck Bernard I was I don't even have my notes written down prepared for him, but Chuck Bernard is one of the most dominating college football players of all time. Okay. Chuck Bernard is awesome in like he led the University of Michigan I? Think it was two undefeated my Nelson from to nail it down but it's like look up Chuck Bernard his his statistics are ridiculous at the University of Michigan he's I mean he's easily one of the most decorated college football players of all time. Okay and Chuck Bernard so he signs with the lion. So. Like this is like basically like a number way, they didn't have the draft back then but to get shot Bernard, he's a senator he plays senator and middle in basically when on the flipside. Nose tackle Middle Linebacker on the on defense and so because he basically just flip around on on from your offensive position to the to the. Defense but anyways Chuck Bernard Getting Chuck, Bernard was just like a coup like it was like so big this is like a number one overall draft pick type of thing. Okay. So to get him was just huge because he can sign with any team, but he stayed locally signed with he signed with the Lions. So you've got this guy from you van this one's couple national championships even Gerald Ford played with Chuck. Bernard and they ask them like who is the best guy who believes like Chuck Bernard was the greatest player ever seen still to this day. So anyways, alliance get him to anchor this because they. Have, to you know you'd have you know players would substitute. And so they they already had all world center in Clare Randolph, and now they've got Chuck Bernard who is rumored to be and they the at this time. The. College they have college, All Star. Verses. NFL. Championship game. In the NFL championship would play in a game. In Chicago against the College All Star Squad. So imagine how cool that would be today. Imagine a NFL champion like an NFL champion comes in like the chiefs for instance would play a squad of college. All Stars you know this upcoming season because achieves just won the super bowl. Then they would face off against the college all stars in the college all stars would always give a good account themselves. They were good and it's way but anyways Chuck Bernard Plate in this college also team and he was like played against Brooklyn Gerski because the bears had won the previous year and he was sticking Broccoli Gerski by himself. Nice. which we've already talked about this a month Steve US because. Yeah you could not attempt to tackle him one I one, but Chuck Bernardo's out there stick and Bronco Gerski that's like they're like we gotta get this guy bears have been such a handful for the lions for the Portsmouth Spartans in they do they sign him so anyways so Dutch back. You Got Chuck Bernard Coming Off University of Michigan. You know what? I mean. There's exciting for those that are actually following the NFL, which is you know you're you granted smaller than it is today and much more but they're the optimism for this team was like dude, this is we're going to be they're gonNA be good. They're gonNA be real good, and in fact, they were very good in fact, they were so good. They weren't they went on scored upon the over seven games of the season. They won their first ten and they got they were unschooled upon for the first seven games in. So there's numerous records that were that are associated with this with this Lions Defensive, team? So, this just throw a couple if you look up. Defensive Record Sri Nfl this the nine hundred eighty four lines are peppered through with all kinds of different records like least amount of third quarter points and all kinds of weird little stuff like that but some of the bigger ones. is so they had seven straight shutouts. Okay. So I'm GONNA list you. There's only there's only a handful of teams that have had shutouts seven seven straight shutouts ever you got one, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty and nineteen twenty one akron pros. So the first one, thousand, nine, hundred, and twenty, one, the first year, the NFL. So Nineteen Twenty Akron pros had five straight shutouts the one thousand nine, hundred, twenty, one, Akron pros had eight shutouts. In an so and so then you have the nine, hundred, thirty, four, lie alliance. With seven shutouts in after that, there's not another team that has even anywhere near the the nineteen seventies Saint Louis Cardinals have three. Okay. Nowhere near seven. In. One, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, six, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, six, steelers have three. So to this day like there's no. So technically, the nineteen twenty Akron pros have the most right but. You. Know I mean not nobody's since the one thousand, nine hundred didn't know how to play. Well, I don't want to dismiss what they did in nineteen seventy-one because semi could save you the same apply the same logic to anything we talk about. Thirty four they didn't know what nobody knew what they were doing. There's still playing against competition that was at least in the pars them. You know what I mean it's. In their day they're playing against. Competitors of their of their caliber. So like I say to dismiss them of that era based on us. Our story is nobody cares I. saw. So many ways you've got you also day the the lions have the record for the most consecutive games without allowing a touchdown. So that's seven that's facts. Right so that even knew that even eliminates the twenty one akron. So most consecutive games without allowing a touchdown with seven, that's still the record Since, one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, five, the most games without allowing a touchdown is five with the nineteen seventy-six steelers two thousand series tied at. So nobody's even come close to that seven games. and then also the fewest rushing touchdowns the fewest amount of rushing touchdowns. In a season with only two two rushing touchdown, they give two touchdowns on the. Entire season. That's tied with the nine hundred, sixty eight cowboys in the nineteen seventy-one. Viking. So that's. So. Yeah. So that's actually. Yes So it's a few as mine they're tied is like a three way tie so that's I mean those are just and there's if you look it up the defensive records NFL history, you'll just see the the thirty four lines are just peppered all the way through and you'll even see on offense you'll see a couple other ones. So still even being that. Good. They're they're still they're still like page five news though yeah, they're like. They're like well, yeah, actually I that's what I mean is like they're they're still there basically relegated and I actually have a great quote to here to just here's another great example of that of that concept is it. So this this article comes from I actually met I've actually met by the way I've actually met Chuck Bernard Junior, he'll get his son. Yeah, and I've also met the the son of the of the of aid Kushner who is the guy? Who's the quote that we're gonNA eight Kushner was the Kushner was the was the equipment equipment manager Dr For until he died in sixteen daddies did. Sandy, he only played thirty four. Thirty, four. Yeah he didn't play with them and thirty five. He wasn't with the champ but he came back. He came back. He lived here afterwards. Yeah. Must have loved the city for so anyways years this quote here page three, fifty through. So So Eddie Kushner was the like. Basically, like he was a trainer, he was a trainer and equipment guy for the lions in. So anyways. So this quote, this is a rare cold. You're not going to hear this anywhere else except right here in this book because this was unpublished. Published recollections by Kushner because his because again, I met his son and his son had this this saw lions trunk like a wooden. He was some his dad was very proud about being part of the lion. Bob In, the lions this time and he had a trunk full of all this stuff that he donated to the NFL to the NFL. Museum is like I've got a picture of the trunk I've got a picture because I've got so much stuff in here. He lets you go through it I know he had already donate but I did get a copy from the NFL. Copy from the he just don't like I just met him and he's like Oh man i. wish I met you a little bit earlier. I. Just donated. We'd have we'd have. We would have the power over giving us. But. But anyways yeah. So you know. His his son was you know his son is tremendous news and he was really cool and helped me because the NFL when I tried to open up when I tried to get that because he had all he, he'd all those unpublished recollections of cameras from the time. So I tried to get a copy from the NFL from their archives near Lake who are you? Where's your credentials we are which major media are you with I'm like do they just donated it like last week? Let me get a copy of the record you and him or the only people that know the nobody knows about this. Is GonNa. Yeah. So anyway. Through, his son through abby sign I was able to get a copy of those unpublished recollections in. That's where these from. That's why you're not gonNA semen any other bookie separate here. So. This is what Regino we're. We're talking about the attendance of these lion's games and so on. So here it is right here. So the smallest suicide because near the smallest crowd to see a lion home game was was the second game played in Detroit in Nineteen thirty four. It was a Saturday night affair which we won six nothing in front of a crowd of eighteen hundred paying customers. There were more fans in the stands, but they came in on paper passes everything was tried to make the. Club look like it was catching on most folks most folks know that the first seven games we played one by shutouts. Still the crowds kept away in droves end zone seats went begging at fifty cents a ticket, which is like nothing I mean even fifty cents, fifty cents like it went the end zone seats went begging at fifty cents a ticket. So they trying to if you look back at all the records for how many fans were these games, the numbers are like nine, thousand, twelve, thousand. But the numbers where he says even so you can even hear out of his own words he's saying you know everything was done to make it look like we were big but we were nothing I mean we were small know and so on. So anyways, yeah. So that's that's the situation they're doing phenomenally, but they're also doing it at the at the at the same old because. As we mentioned in a previous episode, we spend Interior episode of the newspaper. Their first game was comes right when the Lai, the Tigers are clinching the pennant. You even showed in. This is two days later, Lyons when they're the new NFL team wins the first game two days later there's. Not even a mention. I'll up now look at. What about yesterday? That's all you? Yeah. You got your you've got your little box score in the newspaper. So anyways yeah. So but but nonetheless, the lions are are the newly born one, thousand, nine, hundred, four lines are kicking. Rear end man is kicking. Purple Yeah. So I'll just go through a kind of a little list a couple of cool things. Here's another record this I had to write this down to make sure you mention this. Is that in the third game of the season right after the art this. Because she was talking about the second game, the third game of the season is is on October seven is on October seventh and it's a three nothing victory over the packers. Now that three points they scored in that game was a field goal kicked by Glenn Press now who've already been mentioned but really by you call them the second best player in the Lions. And so anyway. So Glenn Press, now kicks a fifty four yard field goal. Okay. Just to put into context how how big that field was that field goal stood as a record and NFL record until nineteen, fifty three, she's that was the longest field goal in one thousand nine. How long was it? It was a fifty, four yard fifty. Fifty more. Impressive. Great. Yeah. It's a great distance fifty four yard kick. So he kicks off to win a game three nothing against the packers. Okay and so so the packers they beat the packers that record stood until nineteen fifty-three. On his name Burt Reichen are car fifty, six yards and nineteen fifty-three but it stood a lions record until nineteen ninety, five with Jason Hanson kicked a fifty six yard what stood as an NFL record I actually remember that time I don't remember it because necessarily I, was into this story at that time but I remember when Jason Hanson broke that and I remember thinking to myself that's a long God long nineteen, thirty four. Sixty something years. And who has the record now? For the lion. Yeah It was it. Prater Crater has. The are really good field goals. They better. They better be. No, they've always seemed like they always have like the one thing. They always seem to have Eddie Murray or anybody who Jason Hansen as they always have like an elite field goal kicker or like an elite partner. They do some guy that can just drop a ball and like the one inch line you know like I wish they had signed kick delicious just so you. Know that is. A Youtube Star that was like kicking balls with his he'll villain like sixty five yard field goal making it look like he was just. He was really he was like from Sweden or something and he was amazing look when you go look up kick Alicia. Amtel you when you watch him, you're like, Oh my God this guy is the give me the greatest NFL kicker you get you get to. Your opponents forty, five, fifty. Yeah. Just give it to. Kick. This guy is kicking field goals from the highway. Like. Looking over this crazy. Oh, is amazing. Great Great Little INTERJECTS THAT KICK And they did sign him. They didn't I remember when they signed him I was like, yes this is the best signing. Yeah, but and then they didn't even they caught on and they meeting he was in the he was in the expiration this spring the. preseason game. But he never actually made it into a real game. It was very different when you have nobody running up. That's true. But you think that they could have done a little bit of development or some other team would have picked them up and really made some of right right right. But anyways yeah. But the lions literally always had great kickers I mean all the way back to nineteen thirty four when you got Glen Press Nell boot Noth- fifty, four yarder. The beat the packers three nothing. So anyways, that's that's definitely worthy mentioned from this season. And then I also have another quote from game five with. Game Five. So this is a great quote because it this is this is. This a quote that has Mickey Cochran and Jo Jo white sitting in the crowd and this is Jo jo white from the Tigers telling talking about this psalm about this team. So, Mickey Cochran jo-jo tiger. Day off had no the season was over by the. Shares was over. Yeah. Yet worlds here. I told her seventeenth is when this quote So this is so say this after they're on the world series, but they're take take a break to watch a game before they all went south to you know to their hometowns. But anyway there's but this is a great because it really dives and we're talking about Policy Clark and I love right because it it kind of it kind of it kind of gives a verbal. Paints a nice verbal picture of this of like the precision of this team. and. So anyway. So this is so this quote comes for the game five with a lions beat the beat the Boston redskins twenty four to nothing, and so the soul I'll just reiterate it right ahead so. Joel White Detroit Tigers Center fielder a little hollow hollow-cheeked impeach from having his. tonsils shirt I must mean must have had his tonsils tonsilectomy or something okay. So Gioja, White a little little hollow-cheeked and Pete from having his tonsils jerk. Sat in the stands of university betray stadium and watched open-mouthed as the Detroit Lions shut out the Redskins when it was all over Joe Joe, rolled his eyes and remarked admiringly ain't nobody GonNa get them lions ow. I've never seen such a football team I watched father Lumpkin told a ball. Down in Georgia but lump just looks like one of the boys in there I'm going down home to Georgia and give me some give me some shooting. I don't WanNa see anymore football games. This season I've done seen all there is there ain't no more, which is just Joe Joe's quaint way of paying tribute to excellence making Cochran manager of the Tigers was there too and he got as much of a bang out of the game as Joe Joe. So the headed for the. Pair of Lions Fifth Consecutive shutout victory. The lions were about as near perfection as it is possible for one team to appear in a competitive contest, it was a fifth consecutive game that they have played without having their goal line crossed that not only is it record for the National Football League. But in this day of wide open football, it can be cataloged as a miracle. Even Lille McDonnell who was an original line man? Didn't think Pasi Clark's Pat could keep the redskins from from scoring points. They not only kept kept the reds from from scoring but captain from having the ball long enough to count the laces and the redskins are not the kind of football team that is shoved around that way every night in the week now with the backs like Ernie pinker cliff battles and Doug wycoff operating behind one of the biggest and strongest lines in football. So. The next to the passage here Detroit Detroit the last word in grid efficiency. The lions have all have about all that any coach could ask for including superb kicking flawless, blocking fast and loose ball carrying speed and precision. Most of these lines of play together for three to four years. In the finished product on, you've deter last night was just about the last word in gridiron efficiency once the lines took the ball on their own twenty, seven yard line in crossed the goal line in exactly a half dozen plays on that March they use about every sound offensive measure in the book selected with judgment and execute with marvellous precision. And the final passenger snapping precision make lions perfect team. Clark is only one of a dozen similar stars with the Lions showed last night earning cadel Glenn press now Frank Christianson in Lumpkin. Baxter. Gladdened the heart of any coach when you have them on the same team and clicking like the Lions Click last night, you're very near the perfect football team, the line function in a manner. Worthy of these great backs, there was a snap and precision to the things they did that one never sees a college gridiron. intercollegiate football may supply more glamor and excitement than the professional game. But for artistry and sheer competence, it will never equal the performance of a team like the lions. As Joe Joe says it is difficult to see how anyone is going to get them out. So it really kind of. Precision excellence I mean. This great football team. And and it. It talks a little bit about college being a bit more popular time. Yeah. Than than the pros and he's actually talked about it in that where he's. The college game might be more popular in that, but it's got nothing on this pro game because when he's saying like when you have these these guys all season, you know they're all former college stars in the watch them operate the way that they do. You know I mean, he's just he's spell he's like painting. This picture in this cool thing is Do we have a picture? Do we have some of the older picture on the shelves but I had those old? Shoulder one with the with the with the with the. Show the one with the the numbers on it keep going up going up one. Down One picture from your there you go that one. So that right there is right out potsy Clark's book. A book off. A diagram play single wing offense, and you can see in that picture anyway, there's not watching unfortunately if you have to buy the book. On, this is actually just out of the I I watched it on Youtube. This is the first book and you can see. The ball carrier going through the whole and how every player is just like. The I mean it's a C-. It's like the Red Sea partying and there's a player coming out with a funnel to run through. So that was like the that's the way that like the textbook way that play runs now flip to the next one down one and over to the left that one. There you go. That's what it looks like in the. Game Okay Oh look. So you can see I mean this is like I mean this is an in game fold of this is an old you know this is taken off of a microfilm. So it's not great as image, but you can just see those players all the machine like precision of this team that's a single wing offense in action and saw. I mean you can see it is like the precision of that team and sold that, and that was posse. Clark football was the bears remorse a brutality type of a game in the packers were more of a the packers. Surprisingly we're more of a passing team can even though that the the they had. Arnie herber in some of the. Johnny blood and some of these great great packers players they also had. They also had some great running backs too but anyways they. Clark Kinkel like literally we can do an entire episode and Clark Kinkel for the packers. You're talking about one of the Great all-time NFL studs that never gets mentioned. He's one of my favorite players but anyways but he was a packers are running back and but anyways they. You can see like this parts of the packers, more of like a passing team like more of a combination passing in running the bears were just brutality just pure brutality and the in the the lions in. Portsmouth, spartans were precision precision was just discipline discipline discipline discipline. He alludes in there that the lions players were monsters that you know that that Father Lumpkin who is the number one star when they're fan favorites will Clark does Clark. was their best player but Father Lumpkin was there was there like fan favorite like he was the most popular player on the team and all this in so anyways is you know he's lumped just looks like one of the boys in their. Almost, say, 'cause Lumpkin was a big guy that's. Just kind of blends in with the rest. But like that's not entirely true because the lions like some of the guys like there's a guy named ox Emerson for the for the Lions who guard guys like I'm bigger than him. I'm five eleven to you take off. This guy. This guy is. He plays right next to Tarzan Christmas and is one of the biggest guys Mutton Jeff what type of thing? We're one guy small one guy huge. But anyway. So you know they had some smaller guys on this team so it was more about the precision. You, know about the everybody knowing exactly what they're gonNA do operating at the size that matters. That's how you use it. Exactly. Just making sure I got that you hit that right on the. Bud So anyways so we can kind zip through because we had to run yeah we've got about five five six minimum hang in there guys. Yeah. So anyways so anyways, I'll get game eight is when they're streak is finally broken okay and it's broken and the very first quarter on a forty yard touchdown pass from Jokela Dany to Heart Vaughn okay. So it's in the first quarter the they score the score the Pittsburgh pirates. Score score a forty yard touchdown pass and what's interesting is. So I got a great friend of mine named Tom Uric who had loved to actually bring the show at some point and he's just an absolute like he loves he he he he recorded a series of interviews at the Lions Golden. Huddle which was it was a fiftieth anniversary of the Lions I championships. This is one, thousand, nine, hundred, five. Recordings, and so there's there's like nine or ten lions players there, and so he recorded got the recording. Yeah I've got three quarters play some some point I would love yet I. think it'd be cool I'll just get you listen and yeah. But it's a very least. We can give you a copy and then you listened to him there's somebody want to hear. But anyways. So on those recordings they were joking on there because they were talking about when Split Dany threw that touchdown pass to heart Vaughn broke their strain so they were all there they're all like all buoyed we show them then. We put our feet on their throats game. They won this game indeed, the score plays out forty seven. and. The rest of the game he goes with they're actually on the tape saying Oh man, we hammer the Pittsburgh. Mercy. We gave up one that's it like they were furious because they stop their streets so that so that street comes to an end and game eight but not without penalty to the fires. And so anyway. So they keep winning gay wind game nine, seventeen to thirteen over the Chicago cardinals. Game Ten they beat the Saint Louis Gunners forty, two seven and then but then here's where here's where all basically falls apart. So, there, at this point ten and all round one, every game go all the way. So all of a sudden this is what's interesting is out of sudden there's this idea that maybe detroiters who've lost this heart wrenching world series in one, thousand, nine, thirty, four, granted a month or so earlier. Sure. But that maybe there's like a constellation. The NFL. NFL. Championship. Nfl Championship US cool. Thing kind of getting interested in this a little bit. Yeah. So the in. So there you know the coverage actually can see it in the newspaper it starts to ramp up a little bit but all of sudden the rug is pulled off, money them the game eleven they lose three to nothing to the packers, the team that they'd beat three to nothing earlier in the season tit for tat. Three. Was Exactly. It was A. Barn burner. Yeah. So anyway. So November twenty, nine, th. So just three days later is the first Thanksgiving game. Against the bears. They lose sixteen to Nineteen. By three points to the bears. So they lose the first Thanksgiving game and then just the Thanksgiving game, and this is worth a nice little aside is that the Thanksgiving game was the genesis of the brainchild of George Richards Right Wjr radio who had connects all through the industry, and this is the first football nfl pro football game broadcast coast to coast, and so he sets up the syndicate across the ended. This first Thanksgiving game is broadcast across the country as we still the lions still playing the Thanksgiving today today and you know what I mean like you talk about origin story thirty four is the first. Thanksgiving game in the Lions Win I'm sorry they beat that's. The rug from the field. No duck and noser knocking back then. Ellison's the evidence on it. And then and then game thirteen. So they lose against the bears in in game twelve against Thanksgiving but that loss eliminates them from the champion for many championship create. Two losses eliminated from the championship consideration and then the final game against the bears they lose against the bears again, seven to ten they had not beaten balance going into after this these two loss to the bears that that made it so that the the lions had not beaten the bears since I'm sorry that franchise it was the Spartans, the spartans and the lions combined had not beaten the bears since nineteen thirty one, this is all. Happening in one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, four, thirty, four. Yeah. Now they're streak of losses to the bears extended. Now they haven't what since nineteen thirty one, they lost the nineteen thirty, two NFL championship game to the bears. The bears are like now like now they've just beat them not the first Thanksgiving game to eliminate them and they to rub salt into a wound they beat them in the final game of the season to you'll see. These. Are The insult anybody that's Alliance Fan. You know a newly burgeoning lions fans go on what the hell happened. You know we were doing. But now they're awake into this idea of the rivalry, the rivalry with the packers, the rivalry with the bears because they just pull the rug out from underneath them and they're on. They're going with the lions are good. They're real good but they still haven't got past these two packers and bears. It's what they have to overcome these two teams. So this sets the stage for them in one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, five. So this is. This is the Do we have time for one picture? Sure. Yeah. Hey throw this up there real quick start with the next week but otherwise, we'll actually the picture with Dutch Clark the big headshots. So that, right. There is one of the most iconic photos in NFL history and you can see why I mean just look at the I'm sorry for any of the viewers at home that are that are listening. But if you if you if you Google the American football player, you'll be able to see what we're talking about Dutch part the the the title, the photo was so iconic that it was given A. Name and it was called the American football player and it captures Dutch Clark in sort of a Roman gladiator type of on Roman gladiator look I? mean. It is just the perfect and actually say it in this that photo that's on our screen is taken out of time life magazine from what's the date I got on here for that that that came out this I first appeared in the Detroit Detroit News. The Detroit News. In nineteen thirty four I forgot what day that was but where's the date for the? I'll put it on the bottom of the of the of the picture. Let me see what is it. You can the person can see it but than I can't. Or thirty four, but it's twelve twenty, eight, Thirty, twelve, twenty case that was the time life magazine. So right after Christmas one, thousand, nine, hundred, four that photo was seen across the country by in the time life magazine and saw it says in the photo the perfect football face and sold that photo right there as we were already talking about, you know bringing the Dodge Clark was there tie Kabul football, and so this is this. This photo is seen by a nation of readers who made again, they probably are looking at football's second or third class sport as well, and now they all here that there's a team called Detroit. Lions. And so the brand just that this image was massively responsible for beginning this brand is like any NFL team that continues here is going to forever be the lions. Establishing this national presence, just a simple photo and I've always loved that like it's a great. We can finish the season with this last little call because this is a quote by Dutch Clark where he talks about this photo of him getting his picture taken in this. Yeah. So So. The sexually page four, zero five here for those will be reading along at home. Page four or five. Well, you got a nice and blown up in the book to yeah. Oh. Yeah. This. Is Yeah in it. Photos done by a guy named William Consul Okay I've got an entire section in the book about William Council photos some of the most iconic photos in Detroit sports history are taking. There's a picture Tuykov. Third base that is willing console like any pretty much. Any early nineteen hundreds iconic photo of Detroit sports that you've seen like every book consultation that was council that did it. He was that good. There's I mean he was an incredible photographer. So. anyways. Swear. So here's the quote. This is by Dutch Clark it comes out of out of a book they throw him back up there. It comes out of a book called Old, leather and written by Chris Willis, and so this is Dutch Clarkson won words I was treated well by the Detroit fans and press wants during practice we had a photographer named bill console from the Detroit News Komo. He was taking photos story. Well, he took a photo of me from the side, a profile shot I was just I was just kneeling on the sideline. Watching our defense run a few drills bill just snapped. It turned out. Wonderful. It was in the photo section in the newspaper got a ton of requests for the photo. It then appeared in life magazine. I don't know whether he thought it was photogenic or what he came out again and must have snapped one hundred more but he never had a good one like that. I one it was just something that happened. It was just like he was more and there's so many I've actually now candid. So that's not really. It's just one of those photos. It's kind of like the flag like the GM photo where they took that picture of the flag. Captured the nation like I wouldn't say this was anywhere near that. But this photo. This like I mean you can just catches the time. It captures ups like that photo like I've done a lot of graphic stuff with that in fact, use it for the cover of the SCR st episode of the screenplay. You just can't help you I. Mean It's just an unbelievable photo captures an era. You know what I mean like the guy looks like a Roman gladiator. Does saw, yeah. I mean that's like I say that photo did a great deal to spread the brand of the Detroit lions so that story and a lot more that photo and a lot more all inside the trilogy of Books Detroit City of champions in the website is also Detroit champions Dot Com. So, Jamie Charles Mad Fox, we are please you spend some time with us for these stories. We'll be back with another one next time. So until then be well cheers. I GUESS

lions Nfl Tigers Detroit National Football League Dutch Clark Detroit Tigers football packers Detroit Lions spartans Broccoli Gerski Chuck Bernard Mickey Cochrane Portsmouth Youtube Joe Joe Boston redskins Chicago
ep 031 The Disc Course A Disc Golf Podcast

The Disc Course - A Disc Golf Podcast

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ep 031 The Disc Course A Disc Golf Podcast

"The Look Ladies and gentlemen. I'm the gator you're just kidding guy walking us through the discourse he is Mike. I am Noah we are the heiser knots episode number thirty one. We you got a good show lined up for you guys today that little gathering the dishes from parks and rec yeah was sorry those the Douche took on the of good show lined up today got some a lot of pro coverage stuff delaware off challenge. VP Open Green Mountain championships eighty nationals national got a little thing here about the river city open from grand rapids. Do we really get desperate. Nice also world L. Championships. We were going on while we recorded last time. We'll get into that not too much. It's been a little bit but you guys already know you already know who your world champions are but we'll we'll talk talk about that. For a minute. JUST GOLF PRO tour sold Steve Dodge Out Jeff Spring in Spring and in my notes here it's it's a sprig but a micro corrected me just because I've read so much about him like I don't think that's right I just had to do. I DIDN'T WANNA go on record being wrong yeah so we got some a lot of stuff to talk about some other small stuff. If we are well run out of time I know neither of us have been to a pro tour event. But what do you figure Oh yes you. I'm totally sorry the pro side you are on the ams follow you still went. I mean I've I was following tomat- sexton when he won last. Do that's wonderful do well. I mean what do you think then about this. Although I mean I I mean you know Steve Judge had so you know I think he had some high goals. He wanted to hit and I think he hit a few of them. I mean I know they didn't do the best with the live coverage glad he was just like all right. I'll tap out Terry Miller. Please come help me but I mean so this is an actually I'm stealing from the discoved podcast. I've instead of before my it's my personal favourite discussed podcast my vote my favorite podcast just podcast. Give them a listen. We're not afraid to support to support our competition competitions. What makes things healthy? I know they're great. Show Robin and Joe and Robin are the guys that hosted just like a couple of regular joes drinking beers ears or truly. He's man you gotta call me out every time having yes yes because like forty episodes of doing this. We were drinking beers now. I don't know man it's the summer of claw. That's not a claw but it's a hard sell in the solid at the gas station. I mean everybody's I think Stroz Stroz is making one or something Yeah Nettie Light. There's natty one. I mean they are quite refreshing and pretty delicious but I I'm just I'm just having a blue we didn't I didn't I didn't buy any beer. jetsons happened has some truly is left over from a previous occasion and he's got a lot of fancy labels in there. I don't think I shouldn't have okay so the disk podcast. Oh yeah they're saying that so this nick I just spraying. I guess has some some real money I mean he. I believe he was the designer of smugglers notch where all Kerr and like the goal was to bring wing worlds there which they did so he I mean he's got a a mid forties. PD James Number so he's been in the game for awhile but I mean of here has got had some real money and what those guys were saying was that Steve Dodge. He did invest a lot of money into proper equipment amount and you know what was needed to to bring the live coverage what he didn't invest in was the personnel and I think that's with the new Pro Tour Director Oklahoma's Jeff Spring just like what happened with eight section with the Railroad Tyler I I think we need to call somebody and he was just like well. Then it's out of bounds I mean they're all like there should be somebody nate sexton. That's one thing I love about him is that he's very real and like like even in their videos like hey watch this video. We're giving away a grips expelled. He was like comment and share and the hell he even like. Don't just say like group video. You hope when the bill he's like say something real. You know I mean he's he's a genuine person. He's just trying to get the best out of everybody and I mean so so what if I'm in love with Nate Nate Sexton and I'm mad at Steve Dot for that still but I mean no he was talking about you know having somebody with the rule book and somebody there to answer questions who's not just the TD and if that's what they're we're going to do and make this better for everyone and everyone there really needs to be because there's money in the pro tour events it's not you can't have an official following following every person in your local see tears but pro tour events like even a guy like me who had volunteered to do it. I'm a certified rules official just following along the cards and making the right calls. You know what I mean absolutely and it's you know the players are making calls. That's not right right as much as yeah. That's what we have to do. I mean yeah. There's always a discussion of weather and then if you have to get somebody else involved because you can't reach agreement sure you know calling foot-faults players don't really like to call each other out no dude speaking of footfalls. I just WanNa say that Chris Dickerson. They had a really great Anglo but this week he does a nice jump but he keeps his right he he has his left foot buys marker and hit his right foot in front of his Margaret which wasn't against the rules especially when it's in the air but he it takes a little back step and then hops it was just weird to see and do you think you can call somebody for that without having feet behind the marker. I'd have to I see it. I'll show to you all right anyway. Continue foot-faults. No I don't know yeah we'll see Steve Dodge. You know I don't i. I don't WanNa hate anybody that you know is doing good things for the game. I don't think that I I don't think he was doing a very good job as the owner of the discolored pro tour over I think that the disc golf pro tour needs to buy the PGA yea or the PGA needs by the disc pro tour. 'cause it's kind of absurd that we have to governing bodies like that. You know what I mean. I feel like a boxing. MMA I mean there's so many young for Mike there's the WBO and then there's all kinds of you know what I mean. There's like fifteen eighteen. You know what I mean world heavyweight championships in boxing yeah. I'm not talking different weight classes. There's like no there's just that he's and then same I'm with you know and I know you have seized cornered the market and the MMA world but there's there's all kinds of other ones. I can't think of them right now but no I seem like Bela Tor That's the one I would lead something ultimate fighting league yeah there's there are several other ones and you know that's it's like an I'll be all the best baseball players in the world there yet. Nhl Nhl I know they got a little competition from like the Russian European Leagues but a ninety percent of the best hockey hockey players in the world are in the NHL. That's there I mean football yeah. I know that they're coming up with these accessible but those are I for Gaza can't hack it in the NFL. I mean there's a lot of schools. A lot of football teams that right what happens when that's all you thought you're going to do is play football right and you don't get get drafted and Your Business Administration degree. Were means nothing to you because you don't pay attention to us or you're a sports management yeah exactly yeah. I don't know just burns got some money so I think it's a I think it's a good move. I really think that the the disc pro tour it should it'd be like the PGA tour you know what I mean. It shouldn't even be like you think it should be like more majors and more national tour I mean stops. You know I kind of like the separation but I mean there's only like six national tour arrive ancell and is there room six nationals I don't I just list this today because a buddy was asking about and I was doing some research you know as much as I don't think we should just copy golf golf season runs almost all year long yeah like they're in Hawaii by January or February like the opening event also Italian yeah right exactly but you know they're their runs almost all year you know and there's not hiked its the PGA tour you know there's not it's not like there's it's different. There's not like PG events every weekend in every state you know what I mean. Multiple different cities like like thirty in in one state right yeah there could be thirty see tears in Michigan in September on September thirteenth whatever right exactly yeah so. I don't know it's too many the two different governing bodies I think is holding it back. Also you WanNa know what you WANNA. You know what I think. As much as I hate to say this charging for admission okay that money goes to the pro purse. that q believe I had to explain explained this little idiot at my work with a purse was how old is he twenty. One no not at all actually then I mean come on who doesn't know what a person's like in like I was saying something about disc often. I was like yeah the pro you know you had money to the pro purse. If you make a lot of like you mean the pro what you give them a purse unlike like a permanent idiots Jesus. I know I'm I think I'm technically millennials but God millennials yeah you charge for entrance. pro start making big bucks yeah of a sudden kids want to be doing that. 'cause they're making be bucks. You know course one thing I think. Could you know prove it but I don't know what are your thoughts. I don't know I just I don't think I I agree. I don't think Steve Dodge was doing ruined the best with all he had but I think he was also overwhelmed. I think he should shave his head and get rid. It's stupid little fluffy hair. He looks so weird I mean. Why are you doing it to yourself but he's obviously a character yeah the glasses he's obviously the character I mean I mean? Have you seen that thing with put them next to a minion. Yes absolutely I mean look that Brad and Chad Richardson both both just accepted. My friend requests Nice about that week at the same time at least to get your phone I do. We've got the MVP owner action going on room used to be like lockdown airplane mode yeah absolutely and we would sit here have to the podcast listen and be like our job takeout these fourteen fourteen milliseconds awkward silence we we didn't talk for like one point four. I stammered over this word you cut that out. Eh Cook a clear and then but now so todd rainwater though the the actual. I'm really not familiar with but is actually the new majority shareholder okay just break is the new tour director Yeah rainwater ups. I'm sorry I miss spoke. Rainwater is one here has some some real money to invest in the things so I don't know well. you know we'll see probably probably a lot of the changes that they're gonNa make will take place. you know in the offseason yeah so we'll see a get a hold out. Hold the jury out until you know until next season starts and we'll see how it goes I mean I know you said the. PGA dagoes like pretty much all year round but like I like nine months I mean the pro season starts in February and wraps up in October so we're pretty close yeah. I guess so you know what I mean and let's face it. Doesn't it's a year round thing I mean in the pros aren't playing around. I'm sure they enjoy a few months off but I mean if you really Wanna I ju there are there. What is it the hangover bowl January first in mich- ducks up sanction no but I'm saying like it's the season season doesn't stop if you don't want it to play all you're not playing in the snow surveys forty thousand times say it again? was did play Actually I just played bryce like about a week ago. Just my toes. I'd say my show is that about ninety percent. I mean I gotTa do a lot of walking at work. Sometimes when I get home it hurts. I'm not sure if it's because it's still healing ors because it's going to hurt for the rest of my life but I played rise either day. played my buddy. Jason shot six down. I was happy with it. He shot five down. We were tied up going into twenty four like twenty five footer he had like a forty five footer and and well. I was cashed in man it was it was pretty sweet. I just played from a standstill didn't do run up. Nobody was there it was beautiful. Day took us like an hour and a half feels great and it was a good little therapy session was going to get it back out man. I and I got a couple days off in the month of September so I think that's pretty much what I'm GonNa do. In October man enjoy the fallen and there was some plastic nice we will get out there somewhere flat. I want checkup a new baskets at star by the way I'll go in dude somewhere yeah somewhere. We don't do a whole lot up and down starts pretty flat and I can kick leaves yeah. We'll see what happens with the with new people running the show I think it'll be good. I think so you never know though Steve Dot can go back to just being a tournament director which he was excelled at Yeah so you can focus now on during his few big tournaments a year that he did Let's get to the pro tour stuff Delaware disc golf challenge this one bring together because what do you got for me. Do I'll well iron hill disc golf course in Newark Delaware Hi hi I'm in did it again. yeah well Matt Bell First Time first time pro tour winner took it down you know beat out with Sake Joe Freeman James Conrad Unread Katrina Allen on the women's side a hometown girl Lisa Shaffer she she hung with the big dogs and she actually did the commentary Terrie Miller which I did watch pretty swim and she I know her even though I don't really know her but I know her yeah I mean I know her. you know the best friends or anything like that. She's she's captain for Wolf. Pack discs shout while like nine over for the tournament. You don't get that but I know she did. Well yes issues that might have been what she shot at Toboggan either way I was talking about with with Travis the other day and I was like Oh dude. You got to buy one of her art pieces. Uh there's some pretty cool art absolutely off. I have two pieces hanging in my basement right now. Oh yeah you know there are battling some rain. The first I rounded Albert Tam's my first time seeing this guy he's a stony Estonian. He is an eagle McMahon. Dan Claims during the commentary he says that some reason Estonians weirdly have wicked sidearms pre from years' of like hereditary axe and sword wielding husband knows Estonia Primitive Ivette. Do I mean years ago. Oh No me and hereditary actually vikings men sure sounds. They battled somebody now everybody about somebody. Not I mean that the forestry there's just gorgeous Georges so yeah battled some rain though round one round two is nicer conditions was Sakya trailing stock into met bow also we got a pretty good a moment out of it. is it Freeman. Did you see the Shrug Putt to shrug PUTT. No you know what I think. I only watched. I got me real quick. Okay Yeah Shrug doesn't no doesn't ring a bomb team. That doesn't arena mad though Oh yeah I wrote it down because I was actually a real time dominate everything because I was Gonna one back nine round one front nine Mike Mosier okay just as potting was just off like the whole round and then eighteen just joins the james a monster PUTT before it didn't get there. He like knows it's going in and he's just kind of shrug and he's out now. My putter wants to start working after after eighteen holes. No I don't even remember that yet must've been it must've been ham bone watching on owners so how come Katrina Elena's and getting more attention. She's you know on fire fire yeah I mean she's just winning and winning and winning and kicking but I know she doesn't drop the ratings. The page Pierce does but I'm pretty sure she has more wins this year correct hoof. I could pull it up if you want them in. I'm pretty sure Katrina Allen's winning more tournaments. I mean I was looking at either day. Page has like eleven or twelve wins this year so let's see what else is that fifty one again Kimberley said that that's not happening and now it's just a party in Las Vegas by the way really yeah it was supposed to like they obviously they weren't going to since they alerted the government three months ahead of time that wasn't GonNa work out so they were trying to do like a big music and food festival but there's nothing they're literally Roswell. Could the handle no dude. I mean they like the lady that was trying to organize. It was like I mean you gotta get like thirty thousand Porta potties and it wasn't going to work galaxy now. The dude who created the original facebook page is just throwing a party at some place in Vegas stupid people do which way to go see. Ah Shut it down successfully before you too far though world's euro champions we are we already talked about last episode but it hasn't gone final Paul McGrath bath page peers five-time five-time five-time five-time five time world championships both of them congrats gus does absolutely I mean not that we couldn't see it happening but like just being on the PDG page day and seeing Paul on the right page laughed. I'm like yeah. This is how it's supposed to be of. You know they're not my favorite throwers but they're the best out there I had I mean you can't deny dude. I never I feel like I never like the top guy. I'm always like it was like second third and Paul. Macbeth is hands down the best disc in the world. I don't care what he says. I know people talk about Eagle. Oh 'cause eagles ratings up there but I mean Macbeth just she destroys he crushes he he shreds course after course endured in like the last you know the little slump he was kind of in where he was still like went on ten and he was having back issues this whole time and now here he is healthy again just dominating again all right so true so far as eight wins this year or eight. I'll get to her in a second second. Not I know exactly what you're saying. I'll be though dude he just everything was such confidence. I mean I really I mean I was talking to a into south actually earlier today about like you know he's arrogant and Blah Blah Blah and I'm like he's not arrogant like he's just he doesn't say anything like you know. I just feel quite you. No I just I you know I shutdown ricky gone by five strokes but he's just you know you know I I gotta clean it up and it's like you. You didn't have a single bogey uh-huh got to Cleveland. He didn't miss a pot this entire weekend until today when he missed a circle one urgent missa circle one Putt skews me until today and he you just like he told the air ball and he just he just laughed I mean I don't think he's overconfident. I don't think he's arrogant. I mean he's just he is purely the best dude but I will say round one. I think it was whole thirteen I gotta show t later. He's on one knee Scott his other leg do some sort of a yoga thing he putts falls on his space nails it from like a defeat dude and then nate perkins steps up to a sixty footer and hits the cage and make himself look like a jackass because Paul Macbeth opted it twice as harder conditions and nailed it to just. I love watching the Guy I've never seen him on the lead Guard I. I'm always in in the back of my mind rooting for him but I'm always reading for somebody else to like you know. I like to see the best guy loose I mean I I wanna see what Sake beat him. I want us. You know what I mean. Even like Conrad Brad or Barsby or anybody sexton Simon Guy those little crush on Sexton girthy dude you know the bomber bomber man or lead card yesterday and today for him to what's up. He doesn't have temper tantrums anymore so there's nobody talks about them. I guess not dude. He's just playing solid golf. I mean nate doss was like he will have a reaction. No matter how good or how bad the PUTT and then he putts and he totally misses he just goes how you decide and picked up his part as many walked away and it was like I count on you right now go to you just missed it 35-footer. No it doesn't seem like it man yeah. I was really praying for a sexton Simon Lozad Paul Macbeth Chris Dickerson lead car today but Heaven Nico ended up tying so Nicos on lead today again. He looked like he held it together. He even did a little pre-round interview with Madison Walker that was pretty sweet and he was just like I just wanted to get loved everybody so it seems like he calmed. I'm down yeah down in your old age along. He's now but he's been a pro- for twenty years. The same age as Macbeth. There's that one picture that goes around every now and then the two Oh the two of them twelve years old when Macbeth has like the shaggy here Raggi bowl cut. I'm looking at page Pierce Right. Oh Dude. It's my fault. I'm looking. I'm looking at page pierce right now. Upon Pat is weird well. How many Dude I'm getting there man? Just look up or pay dude. I'm getting there man. I gotTA count them all to gs one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen thirteen thirteen thirteen months paid fears thirteen wins a season wow wow she's unbeatable Nevin beatable obviously she was the one eleven over today. Believe in the final of the Green Mountain shoot sixty eighty five over just kidding just kidding so you've never been to smugglers notch. I'd like to go. MVP Open MIC and be first of all. I did watch a little bit of it. that courses frigging beautiful. I got a little something in the open here too many Wanna you WanNa compare stories. He's no I just I don't have anything you can see. I wrote it down and then left space for some notes and then didn't get anything. There didn't get too much in your suite space notebook yeah so we were talking about. Notebooks got some gifts for you. Guys Mike that you're your own space notebook awesome that you got these dollars Johnson. I got a couple of gifts for you. He's sweet. I you get to choose between between the space notebook and the sound notebooks jetsons are sound. I got along with a bunch of doctors and Amazon got the speakers right and then I got also got something else for you to it's kind of cool go check it out. Let's see how long it takes you to the National Geographic and for my birthday won't subtype house at a garage sale head like there was like eight National Geographic's met conditions national geographic's aren't exactly like collector's item but they're all admit condition and it's like from late random ones from like seventy seven to like mid eighties and then at a garage National Geographic's. It's like in practice on a shelf for thirty years you know would you get them twenty cents. I also got there they had books magazines. DVD's VHS tapes and yeah there's only like seven of them there and they had the one from the month. My brother was born in one from the month that I was born done deal so yeah and then but you know what else I got kind of get a hint as Disney movie Aladdin Nope I did get that actually from my nephew that that wasn't a cool one so on the original. VHS Case for the Little Mermaid they have. There's Wang's all like the cover of it. It's like the underground the underwater the Water Palace and one of the Towers is a straight up Dick like no way around it. It's not like Oh. It's kind of Phallic. You know what I mean. It's like no that's Jeff Johnson there. That is a way that is a laying so yeah and then that guy that got out got out to one of their animators or whatever put that on on their they changed the case of it so the old one is like worth some sixty bucks not even that much but something cool. You know what what I mean like as Little Mermaid case has a weighing on it. There's you just guys. Is there dollars the whole two dollars and twenty cents on them so you guys owed me. Big appreciated my My notebook here is looking pretty sad and and it's getting a little do for new on high do for new one. It is back to school season hoping to score some at Kroger or something yeah. Did you go to Kroger and like a few weeks from now. They'll have from like like it's like ten for a dollar or something. I think it'll happen L. Score some well. There's gifts my takeaway. MVP EPA MVP open all right the tenth or the ninth tournament on the disco for two in the second to last tournament for the Tour Championship. I got to watch live coverage every day away from a laser Massachusetts of course Paul Macbeth was contender but my boy gary guarantee made interesting taking the lead if around to shooting eleven A. One rated round of course Macbeth won by two strokes at twenty three under par Gear Girthy and second at twenty one Joel Freeman Raymond Simon Lozad Tie for third at twenty under Vinyl Markula of Finland kind of an exciting player to watch actually. How's that spelled V. A? I N. and Oh and I believe there's an accent mark that I didn't write my own personal handwriting because I didn't do but he's killing here. In the states dates man he had a solo control of eighth place at fourteen under ricky tide am Hamas for nine hundred thirteen under Michigan's favorite disco for Andrew Your Favorite Golf giant Andrew Martin we'd do taller than Joe Freeman or Andrew Maher weedy as in Andrew a Anderson would say he totally screwed up his name on central coast coverage. It was kind of funny doesn't matter he tied a bunch of players including christened listen to Tars boyfriends silver lot rediscover also tied with the Finn he ends up a pie. You took twenty-third at six under Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Tim Barham. I'm finished four under which was good enough for twenty ninth. Place and four hundred sixty nine bucks yes of course if you're wondering one page Pearson's victories was at at the MVP open she that was thirteenth win of the season. I headed alright. Here didn't even need to look her name up due to handle all right here thirteenth win also her tenth win in a row and she shop fourteen down Christians Tar and Sarah Hokum tied for second at seven down I at this time when I was writing this. I haven't seen any any coverage of the Canadian nationals but that coverage came out yesterday central coast disc golf. I was watching it actually while I was writing this S. because the Green Mountain Championship coverage had already ended nate sexton is now back to back Canadian national champion his second win of the season Toronto's best disc offer the main with the ultimate huck face Thomas Gilbert he came in third after Paul Macbeth Josh piece from a little town in British Columbia called Coquitlam. He hit the only as of the tournament hole seventeen two hundred ninety seven feet. I have no idea how he did it. he finished kind of toward at the back of the pack so I doubt there's footage of that but good for him though tournament a set your country's national championship and that's Pretty Sweet F. P. O. side Canadian national's pay spears page started out high. She sought a one down around one at Hillcrest one of two under par scores the whole weekend the other the winner of the National Canadian nationals the National Canadian nationals Estonian Christmas Tarshi shot into down in round three she's on welfare herself in North America six plays at world's second-place Delaware psychic places. MVP and now the winner of the the Canadian nationals her eighth win of the season page peers from second hand letterman third hand Macbeth six place once but out of the cast but but something tells me she's going to be just fine without that cash so there's those human I also got got a little piece about the Green Mountain National Championships that wrapped up today got the of pulling up the results that Oh yeah go ahead and I'll tell you the results south once you're done with your spiel. I already got I got the results. I watched the whole thing at work bra but I mean you know you can fill me in here because I got I uh-huh realize what a final before yeah well. I mean yeah. I got out of work at like six thirty wrapped up at five thirty. I mean it takes a man like two and a half hours to play and there were some good stuff happening this weekend. Though Dude preseason is wrapping up but we're going to talk about the Green Mountain National Championships from Jeffersonville Jeffersonville Vermont at smugglers notch pro season wraps up in about a month for like two weeks away from states like the you ask asked states the US United States disc golf championship but this weekend was described Green Mountain Championships from smugglers knots smugglers notch. Excuse me Bruce Orig- Fox run meadows discourses. This is the tenth and Final Tournament for the Tour Championship. which is I believe October Eighteenth Eighteenth through the twentieth at the Hornets Nest in Charlotte North Carolina as of yesterday when I wrote this that information was not available so I just ad-lib that yeah thank you very much Chris dickerson playing a little north of what he usually does? He's from Tennessee. He started off Hot Levin Down for Ron Wanted Senate Brewster Ridge than Pablo went into full on mic beast mode he tied the course record thirteen under par in round three he went for the ace on eighteen nearly got got it overshot little to the all yeah I don't know he just ran it and he just ran a couple of days so since we last record at all and we'll get to that too you I got that right over here on the no car literally miss it by like mere inches though would have set a new of course record of fourteen down nate sex and played pretty well. I was hoping to see him on the final card like I said earlier but ended up being Nico after four four rounds Paul Macbeth is the new green mountain champion. thirty six under par. I believe was his final. four-time Green Mountain champion ricky was sake charge at the end but he finished in sixth place. Sir Hogan was playing solid smart and safe disc off at one point. I believe she was seven down but shinned up finishing at one over but that was still good enough for the win. Once again the Estonian Kristen's Atar she fought admirably. It's like she takes too Yep. girlfriend of silver lot also Estonian I don't think we realize how big this cough is. In Europe huge stewed especially in Scandinavia like it's just they have as many courses there as we do like Justin Michigan. That's finally so a lot of people that I've worked with with especially the restaurant job they get sick of me. Talk about disc off and like my manager like he likes me. I mean we're you know we'd go out and sometimes after work but like I start talking about this golf I can feel him like rolling his eyes yes but then all of a sudden today like I forget how it started but he finished fourth on his allies he knows Josh Cooke on her of broken up disc off okay and he said something to me and his action like dinner. You like all of a sudden interested in disco the U. engaging me and he's like he's like well. You know what to golf but it takes too long and it's too expensive. That's exactly why I quit. Golfing Steph Steph found disc golf and I was like I'm not going to go golfing really probably ever again now. The only time I go to every now and then my uncle call me Michael will call me when they need a fourth and it's like I only go then because I know he's paying and you've got four or five ours to lose right but yeah sorry didn't mean interrupted Ono. I'LL GO DUDE I. I was about to wrap up anyway. CHRISTMASES are takes second COMPLA- six-over-par Third Place Rebecca Cox who I watched throw a three hundred ninety foot air shot to park by the way it was awesome and your girl page Pierce I fourth place eleven over par by girl. I don't know just not my girls yeah Tim Barham seventeen place fourteen under Andrew. Mr We tied for thirty third with like four or five other dudes five under read for scare forty seventh place six over par yeah yeah there was a actually fill. DNA ten eleven around reading average for attorney did not in cash. That's crazy dude. Macbeth averaged ten seventy winner. It's GonNa go up again again. Yeah just crafted their. I mean they made them like four molds. We'll do it in there. Okay the ten fifty seven discs yet. They released like a five thousand. They should've released one thousand fifty seven of them but I think they did like five thousand. You got five time World Championship this gone after we've. We've already talked about all the other you know promotion and stuff the his whole line and all that money it's making him and just craft. I mean it's new little logo on his head is sweet. They're pretty delve. He's got US whole like there's calling the a PM collection. That's classy yeah it is. It looks like some nice stuff. It's going to be like a whole like a pair line out of disk draft. that's great man Pittsburgh did his his ratings gonNA keep going up and they're going to every time he breaks is on record. Fixing to release a new limited edition and people are paying like hundreds of dollars for these things and I'm like God I'm like I I have a I pause that I wanted an auction for forty dollars well worth well over one hundred hundred. I don't know why people were bidding on it. That's the most for disc literally I put a forty dollar bid on it because I wanted to follow it. It was the first run pause in the nobody aww beefing up. You know what I mean. Yeah I want to of the Paul Macbeth April fools discs asks the Macbeth disc off ones on a paid sixty bucks each. That's the most ever respond and you know what they're in bags sealed away stored into into a safe which is stored into another safe. It's perfect really no no. They're not Jimmy. Johns box might be but I have them. I I mean they're awesome. I wanted them both are orange with blue stamps. Maybe one day I'll run into Paul Macbeth and I'll autograph at you know. That's what I'm I'm holding on to it. It's like I'll tell them. All you know next time I go to alleged or something I'll take it with me and get it on a gift that would be autographs decreased value. Do they really because it on the same disk on anything. Baseball Card signed by the baseball player is like okay well. I shouldn't say that APP because you know if you've got some if you got babe Ruth Autograph on a Babe Ruth Card of course but like I don't know yeah autographs decrease value which is stupid like for for something like if you have a random Michael Jordan card from his eighth year in the League. You know what I mean. That's you know tops. You know what I mean. Just some regular old card that's worth like fifteen cents autograph autograph on that would increase it like something of actual value. It's an actual collector's actress. Ida Autographs decrease the value like if it was like a football phone or something like what have you had Vince Slim Bharti's autograph on a football phone with that decrease the value of the football you know I don't know cheapen their value was out. I guess I've just talking out of my ass right now but I guess I've have just heard that about like baseball cards and things like that. It's fair enough. I mean well. That's unfortunate for me because I've been buying people signature discs when Auburn on facebook this book and I've been giving them extra money to for autographs I mean but you're also not going to sell it crept over. Oh by the way you know what I know. He's claimed Ohio as his art or are you talking about talking about bar but brandon posted that he was that Bart had a bunch of his signature discs for sale and I had no Nordia ed one so I hit him up on facebook and he got right back to me. I bought a disc from him had him autograph about just from Christine. Jennings had her autograph did he send them both to me and I sent them twenty extra bucks because I don't know Karma Fan boy yeah. I'm a fan boy. No I just oh my my new job pays pretty well. I'm just trying to share the wealth I mean. I hope it gets Tom. You know a little closer to the next tournament or whatever they're doing. Did I tell you a medicine at lead stone a fan of you of us of us. I don't think so it was it. was you know some some of the people that listen some of the people listen you know Dave Ed me on facebook. You know a lot of the but yeah I was alleged on and I was just walking. I just met Paul Macbeth so I was having the amount fan boy moment fan boy Vova and then I walked out and guys like Noah as Paul what Paul he was one of our giveaway winners like okay back and I you know we've been facebook friends yeah and then he ended up coming over to the over the airbnb that night you know drank about fifty sixty years together and eh we had a great thing to do before tournament yeah okay. It's funny man so when I was in large stone my first two rounds ratings. We're we're like nine thirty nine. Something and I was like out partying every night so then the final day I go in and I'm like all right one more round sitting in tenth place. I'd like one hundred and seventy guys. I'm getting a good night's sleep tonight. My worsened round by far obvious obvious yeah. I'll go off for one. I didn't go out and all I was literally like laying in bed at like eight o'clock that night with two hours of sunlight left because I'm like I it's like I'm going to get a nice sleep in the wake up and I had a late teatime because I'm sorry we had to be up early the last day we didn't have t tons shotgun start. Now Okay yeah but I don't know sorry if I've already said this on the podcast forget about what we talk about. It's been a while Bro and noone soon hell yeah yeah and then get a good night's. Sleep then we're yeah we're seriously like let me and I went there two guys one of the guys didn't leave the AIRBNB at all getting mad at us because we want to go out and like many -cation like I didn't come here like scrawling my phone. Serbian be to throw Frisbee is have some fun. I mean you guess whereas Piper said thrillers decent kicks Amass S. Maleta FRISBEES. I came here to Chew Bubblegum. Put these Roddy Piper borough they eight years is is one of the greatest movies of all time all right well. Let me finish it. My Bart's no dude. He's from Miami's. He's Burg Ohio now but either way so I get I get these discs both autograph him he he sends me a message. Hey thanks for the extra cash through something else and therefore you he sent me to Super Die Buzzes or super colored buzzes one with the matching many of from the Michigan State's forgot what the other one was from armed dude but he just gave me like discs. You could probably get like thirty bucks for online. I mean especially except with the mini dude. It was awesome hats off to him. Do they appreciate it man. I'm going to there in safe-keeping. I'm not going to sell them. I was happy for them. They're sweet yeah unloaded a lot of my personal collection yeah what up with that dude. I wanted to look at him today. On Work of frigging even I mean could look at him when he dropped me off if you now I gotta get home and go bid what's what's early. I gotTa wake up at eight in the morning. have class tomorrow night from six. 'til ten okay now. Yeah I got a four o'clock and actually I gotTA. I gotta get up early because I got to go to school so I'd like my first actual test for school. My one class come over on Wednesday. I don't work at all all right. I leave for Kelly on Thursday. So if you WANNA Wednesday it is set up brise and I was a little worried like doggone set up my tournaments there and stuff but I just went up there with a bunch of boxes of desks and was just sitting there selling discs for three hours. Only Oh yeah I had like three hundred sales. I mean you know which day to go. Put a post on the page and then I had fill our buddy Erik Scott we call them. Bird are shut up bird I had so I had like eight maidens leftover from my trilogy challenge and he just bought him off from me. I was really liking the maiden for a bit do love the maiden yeah a little bit. I had threat I got three used wants is one of them. I had my bag and then two of my head. The took like putting league with me. You know I had three used ones I sent him a picture and I was like three maidens here. Five bucks a piece he's among way so he hung out for bid and we're you know we're just hanging out. We were like throwing in pots at twelve and like we throw a few pots and then come back down on the picnic table every time like what back and forth addicted Benz again all right. I'll take this listen to all right. I'll take this to I think ended up buying eleven discs from me. I know he's my boy and a lot of us. You know what I mean so I hooked him up. Fat like you got a sweet deal. I mean you were reasonable. Reasonable and it's all like like other clubs stamps stuff like stuff I would like put in my inventory for like Turni's. You know what I mean. Okay okay so it was my personal collection of stuff that I didn't really care about you know but there's a lot of good used in you know new plastic in their thing plastic. That's going unappreciated shaded around yeah yeah you know it's like we talked about like banning straws because single use plastic. What about zero use plastic? That's like a you could make like a thousand straws draws out on probably just sitting in a box like Rolodex. I've thrown in the water that are floating out there right. Yeah I don't know do you consider that a pollutant. I mean kind of Class III Zach same thing about three days ago but they're so big. It's like fish aren't swallowing them. Nobody Turtles Not getting stuck in it. I mean I like to think that they're like part of the atmosphere speer or the ecosystem after that. What do you think like like algae grows on and then things go off of that and feed the algae right? I agree. I agree with what I mean. It's not a hazard for wildlife ducks in on yeah exactly it's still it's does break down you know. micro-plastics are just like broken down plastic and they're really really take a longtime or disc to break down. I mean will be long gone before. These disks are gone so I got I got the kids coming up. I got some super sweet stuff that I'm giving to the volunteers yeah. When is that that is October six at the velodrome so gateway a shot out to Don Clark Daesh Rag or gateway was my bullies danger the danger got got a got some help of bio plastic discs coming in that's crazy they started doing bioplastics line and they're like the pretty I mean and I shouldn't say rare but they've only released a limited amount of them? I've never heard of that before. They have to be rare. Follow on facebook. No Oh yeah of course I do my my feet is inundated with Brian with everything not just disc golf but I mean people I don't know from disco from this page and followed autumn roses is I'm getting really sick and like when a disc offer ads me I I have them. Accept them. Don't know them. You know I've had plenty of discomfort yeah. I didn't really know if you're already friends with them pretty much accept them. There's nothing more annoying than when I add somebody I don't know because they're disc- offer and they just clog my news feed up with political bullshit. I own follow a lot we don't we don't talk about politics here. We're not going to talk about politics. I don't. I don't WanNa talk collateral I am I am not a liberal. I am not a conservative and I really can't stand the people who just cram it down your throat all day. and you know what you know what I was saying for a while I was I was saying so and I know he just said you didn't talk about politics. We're not really talking about politics. We're talking about people but I didn't vote last time West election. I didn't vote it was the two most Lisa likeable people I've like ever seen up for election and a lot of the reason that trump is even president right now is because a lot of people had the same mindset as me and the Electoral College Yeah. I yeah all right do we. We're getting too far okay but what I what I was saying was next election. I'm GonNa vote for who what Javert side annoyed me less. That's a great talk or you. Could you could pull a me and vote for like the straight Green Party ticket or something yeah I mean really is wasting vote. You know now now if everyone starts to do the Abbot people are GonNa do that. that was what I was saying is. I was going to vote for cited Nord Me plus but that's all we need straight Green Party ticket people who yes this is a this is not a political. I know it's a political podcast called that there's no way anyone that's into politics back clever of all right well forget anything else shot up to our sponsors lucky disc golf now with free shipping free shipping price match guarantee plus ten percent people there really is no reason to shop anywhere else if you buy your disks online huge selection if they have it cheaper at the disks star or infinite desks guess what lucky people match that and then give you ten percent of the disc. It's not a big deal but like the differences may be going to be a dollar fifty but that means you get for the same price rush plus ten cents off your next door to ten cents or ten percent ten percent of the different yeah so it's a dollar difference. You get ten cents but you know we still end the free shipping off. That's not something many an you know whether their email blasts aren't like every single day which is great but when they come through it's like twenty percent off today. 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Don't just sit under still it's light so those are those are sponsors though great companies also today's small business spotlight spotlight along the spotlight another company Dunton Pyro Heiser I forgot it. Did I show you know I know entirely Charlie new to me. I thought the central picture of the little leather bound book Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah Okay so it is so dope so find him on facebook Pyro Heiser they do some cool stuff that got like a national Baghdad thing go and I am Beg ticket holders six six five you know they got them all over the they the host national ace stay where you need like at least four people. There's there's a few requirements like me you in any any other two people to go up to brize and we pay them like five dollars to get in their national ace day and if somebody says you know you need witnesses somebody aces. I don't know you get the pay out do a lot of cool stuff. They make like you know glassblowing trophies their bags glassblowing awesome yeah and then they just I got the sweet so it was I changed the notebook out of it but ah sweet come came custom made its got leather bound book just smart some small all you can put your bag. It came like scorebook in it for eighteen hole courses it was like it was like a nice made for golf but it was like a nice scorecard the buck in it came costume like this the burn sent on my logo hideout logo in there and like the amount of detail key man in like a burning burned in there now it looks like my my logo has got some real detail on it but came out awesome of my name. PGA DA number on it and they do a lot of cool stuff so check them out and they do a lot too not just fat in their pockets you know do they do a lot of cool stuff so chuck pyro Heiser a small business spotlights intended then we got we got features here. Now are getting real professional. yeah real professional dude. I was watch those watches Johm as facebook dude. Did you see Andrew Maher reads cookie mini. I did KP legal right. I don't know these are the pros. Can you use like an like like I don't know because like when when just craft came out with the buzz with the buzzed many's they had to be approved yeah like they weren't illegal many I but I think that was just because of the size and the peed. PGA was like well a a lot of companies are going to start producing these. Let's just up the size. I think is what happened. All it has to do is be a circle and actually had a debate on this guy that was that I was playing with of talk about that second but I think the rule is it just has to be a circle within Seoul but then so so many so much size while if you don't we're talking what about weed you put down a marker made his pot picked up his marker and ate it because it was a cookie uh. I don't know man like of not like some kind of Germaphobe but I don't Wanna eat. I wouldn't put a cookie on the ground and eat it. I don't even have just been doing wanted to be funny and it's hilarious. It is hilarious. I can't believe I didn't write that down to talk about but I'm glad you did yeah hilarious stuff that I made aide debts us and Michigan Dude they. That's that's gangster could remain appreciate it so I played in dammit. What was the tournament Oh Hudson's open Hudson love it so I also. I don't know if you notice them enough. Follow me like you all. These pros throws believe made the high end followed longtime. I've made the I mean my my. PGA stuff made the jump to 'em to to all right side it so when I was like playing him for like you know it seems like so long ago but I haven't even been playing disc really kind of blows my mind. I'm sitting here doing a podcast something like I didn't even do. I was thirty. You know what I mean right and it's played off till after I was thirty one when I bought my first set of disks totally forgot what I was saying. Oh I'm Hudson Hudson Mills Open. I was trailing a Doug McIntosh by one stroke and amtel from the longs shot Hudson. Og Long's a shot a sixty sixty yup a sixty sixty st one six or seven over okay but there's some that's GonNa part threes. There's definitely some par fours in there if you know there's some distance in that Courson yeah you know there's multiple four hundred foot holes that are exactly easy but yeah I was trailing by one stroke to Doug McIntosh after the first round and then I felt like fourth place after the second round but the the I've got a second in a fourth place finish in my last two events. It's awesome that we're am too but while I was getting into this guy had a vibe room many that was a Ninja Star and not a circle at all that as as a circle and Ninja stars not a circle on. I'm the you know the outline of it. I guess circular. I know what you're talking about and we got and nobody was trying to call him out on it or anything because it's not okay the only way I'm GonNa call you out out on. Something is if I feel like you're trying to get an unfair advantage. Hey guess what using a mini that's not not. A perfect circle is not trying to cheat yeah but we didn't know and I said that I was like you know I was going to look it up. When I get home you know and even the guy was like and then I was like well? Let's vibrant from south. GotTa be illegal. Is that off but we you know we were joking about. Five Room and you know what I mean. I mean it was just as many did he have vibrant is bag. No I vibe discussing legal anymore. I think when something I don't think so I think when a whole company goes out of production there you can't even yeah they're not. PG legal anymore because they're not like like and there was talk about business. They just don't make did it just more yeah they're one of the world's greatest like plastic and rubber manufacturers which I'm surprised is they didn't do better off. Doing what am I saying here. Many Oh yeah Dr we didn't know if it was legal or not. We're just you know joke about vibrant minute of the Dan. That's pretty cool. iovine from that was the first I T. Layover applied for no was it why I don't know because the first application of the team I ever saw the L. and there you go yeah that would do it. I never signed up for a lot of people. Ask Me like Oh you know. How do I get sponsors like amateur player? first thing you can do is thought application when company because money companies I mean even like mvp you can go to their website and there's a link to to submit an application to be on team. You know lucky disc off I mean I did. I tried to do it for the descript underground down underground. You can just go looking for me though oh I mean I was surprised you know I mean we do. I mean we've got a podcast. I'm GonNa Mbassador the sport but I'm not that can't you don't play retired fifty feet yeah but that's not what the underground I wear. A lot of weekends Brummett you just no. I'm not hating on the. I'm seeing you don't play competitively much now. You know what I mean. You play a lot when I can if you're playing or you're throwing or ornament but you don't have to play in twenty. PG PGA events every year to be a golfer. No I mean you play when you can you. Oh I know you would like when you're not working. You know when you're not slaving away. You're playing multiple rounds a week. You're watching it at work doing this with me I'm watching it at work and yeah when I'm when I'm often and healed among the course dude for elm just just because you're not playing twenty P P. DJ events every year doesn't me not a die hard disk offer because you are so yeah but we don't know is that I think you're many has to be round. I would within certain sizes. I just wonder if Andrew Andrew Maher weed is a giant so maybe was a big cookie and I just didn't the real size of it. I mean but really like many southern. It's the size hooky right. I mean nothing storable but you know we all got snacks sner beg by the way I want to say congratulations for two different things your Friday the thirteenth ace of thank you and for being being the number eight number eight yeah we talked about this. I got this last episode episode. Okay we went over the whole list number. That's that's why that's why we started talking about Joey podcast on the planet. That's right people but there's only there's top fifteen. There's fourteen on this and I wanNA thank you for hook me up with the MVP black hole basketball. I gave knowing buddy. Thank you you get the I have the bag in my car right now bro but no he he he was super excited. I think son is super excited. He's like five I mean. I don't think there's any better time to actually explain what disc golf is with the purpose rather than just like here. Try to throw it in this Basque and the kid just throws on the ground and has fun doing that but now my body was totally ecstatic. Thank you for hooking me up with that. She you know pro blame. The I L. A.'s on Friday the thirteenth was pretty cool that is pretty sweet isn't playing with a Buddy Dustin Ron Jim and man made Dustin so Ron Jammer kind beginners and we go out there and and so like they they played around so I played like one two three and then they were on twenty or twenty and thirty minutes now after throwing so I played the rest of made already played around there like you WanNa play another one where like L. Let's do doubles and they're like all right but you can't be on the team has made me make me feel so cock on the job so I got Ronnie. Dustin got gym or playing in many industrial just running them like every the average bet like there was like eight nine ten like real good ace runs in sixteen. I may gave a good run at dozens like man. He's like somebody's getting today. Somebody's getting today and then placed seventeen eighteen we step up to nineteen just went perfectly still L. Sunshine and seventy five degrees you know just absolutely perfect conditions and then yeah step up with envy only a hundred and sixty foot hole on the sign says like one sixty step up standstill. Just you know all arm put it out man. It was gone straight and just turn it ever so slightly. I was like I was a college run in it but I'm just turn so you know I was like it's GonNa keep turning and then right when it got to the basket boop fade just an chains yeah that's great dude food short little hole and that's like the whole of the most. I've like five for six times. Now I mean I go for it every time yeah I mean you gotta run that one you know and then and it's like even if you like overshooting heavy hit the wall behind it. It's like that's still kind of. It's in the circle. You still like if you overshoot that basket. You're like I don't mind when it land on the payment because it just yes dirty your foot in. I'M GONNA get out from the walkway there. It's like a PUTT that lake took a nine foot putt or something yes Yup Benes. It was nice. I was a little bit of a drought until like three weeks ago and I- I hit I was playing by myself here in a little bit of adrenaline until I just hit two three weeks. I don't think I have on like I think I got one like over the winter. I haven't had one three years two years. No I've gotten to both the BRAS doesn't matter nobody's seen him as really gotten any odd the family that I frightened what I was like. Are they yeah now when when I got the one by myself like three weeks ago there's an old guy on the walking track and then you know I you know I don't really scream. You know what I mean but it was Leland saw you he was like kind of right next to the basket. I'm not right next to it. I'm just throwing with a guy right next to the bachelor. The walking path on hold twenty one twenty one twenty one nine ninety got same poll. I mean there's there's a lot of walking path around but he was like he couldn't believe it because he's like I heard it. I heard it. I thought I was going to see somebody standing right next to the basket they look back and you're like running up and that was like and then I've seen him out there. A few times now Maurice was his his name. He took a picture for me in everything. I didn't have sharpie on me though so I didn't have him sign it but then doesn't really can't just dope bust my balls yeah so it's been a couple good weeks for me on course good man. I'm I'm hoping we have some good rounds in October did we got some cool stuff coming up at the velodrome to we saw a season. We are over our time here already so don't worry we do. We'll we'll we'll be wrapping it up soon. I gotta go anyway. got a kid's coming up down at the velodrome downtown Detroit catwalk ten June drugs or seventeen. Now Nabi like ten I have a challenge junior. PJ memberships to this we do and you got seventeen kids signed up you know some kids off to somebody have their PG numbers so we got that and then we got the ace race on October eighteenth and then shortly after that able make to that movie starts on a Friday night so I figure a lot of people should be able to make it right and things disc off going on I dunno some some leagues might be wrapping up yeah I do also the Michigan State Championships. Japan ships was a few weeks ago crew forty two. Did the coverage still not out yet. We did pay for sponsorship so if you she has watched that Michigan State Championships Coverage go ahead and give it a thumbs up for the highs nut logo should be the sponsor for like a whole nine holes like their whole footage for nine holes young also did Hosta an how didn't have this the my notes or anything posted though women's events yes the Michigan Women series finale was just the saw this last Sunday out in Uh uh out in Laingsburg we're actually supposed to record but I didn't get home until like late like an hour and a half drive needed to Petco by craft yeah and yeah but our congrats do off ragnar big the she took down the win. tiger came in sack yet Liz Carr Scipion newel Michigan disc off hall of Famer relief or is an inductee took third Amanda Milwaukee Team. Mvp took fourth your shout out to Jennifer Sawyer. It's a serious dudack of yeah absolutely ah thirteen female pros at all the shoe discussion beat you know yeah agnes like the only one radio seven Ed me right. Agnes read it better than me. Okay Radnich drops like to like nine fifty rated rounds awesome yeah chilly tiger by two strokes and Liz Carr Scipion Yob recent Michigan Disco Offing inductee Jennifer Sawyer team. MVP actually Jerky a team described shouts those girls they run the Michigan Women Series you know they had a Jennifer the donated a lot of things to a jumbo tossed and things like that so they're doing a lot of cool work for the women in Michigan so show those ladies your support if you can well Mike Got Anything else not not done at myself and one of Brough's one final think one final thing thoughts. I'm in Lozad just did you see Simon Lozada's discuss school no Oh oh yeah dude yeah so he released just like a video series and actually this is backed by Ford of Finland so that tells you right there they sponsor a lot of disco or do they hear up yeah yeah well. We need to get some Ford sponsorship here in America that would be nice. You know well. That's the big money but yeah. He's got a new. It's just like a three part series articulate a half an hour to watch all three videos in a I want to just like two minutes like what is this golf off and then he goes over some basic driving form and techniques and stuff in his pretty cool stuff so yeah that's on a disk maintenace page guy I saw come across. It did not watch watch though I mean it's cool reminded me of it. Because now I WANNA watch the video so Jill listen disc- podcast that you're probably not like it'll begin the needs that I mean so it was nice to hear what they say. You can always pick up something now. I feel like I'm forgetting something. I wanted to say bob discover about life yeah a little anecdote. No are defining quote. A. Did recently quit a shitty a job. Well good for you. fucking nutcase boss who literally followed me to the disc golf course because he followed the disco yeah so I mean I put like a seven hour day working by myself and then he's like Oh God do this. I was like I was like I was like anything else and he was like go do this. I can't even remember exactly what it was like. You know that's like an all day thing I get a stuff to do. You know I was thinking like an hour. Maybe a two hour you know what I mean not a not an eight hour job anything else before the end of the day is the end of the day the snapping soon yeah right so within yeah. This freak show followed me home. I saw his truck parked like two houses down. All that looks like it's chuck didn't think anything of it and then I just walked is is now walking in the same truck like pull into the parking lot as I'm walking over the hill to go to ones to one's teeth. That's I'm like man. I'm like that is truck. That's weird weird and then he stayed in the parking lot for damn our while I play by myself so probably took like an hour burn through their frequent yeah he he can't do it. I couldn't believe this shit and then I see him and I'm like that's him. I'm like I know that Tim now like what's what's going on here and then he pulls it. There's like a walgreens right next to it. He like pulls into the Walgreens and light. I walk into the walgreens parking lot and I see him parked like on the other side and then I stop and I'm staring. I'm like you know I'm looking looking at him like I can see you there. Dude he throws it in reverse and like reverses back around the building. So then I call him. He doesn't answer calm like three or four times in a row he finally and she's like hey what's up man. I'm like nothing what's up dude so called. You're driving up just driving up to Garfield to a to go give a quote on this place. I'm like year in the walgreens parking lot and he's like Oh yeah I had to. I yeah we we might be getting a snow job here so I had to go. Check it out. I'm like dude. You're following following me. Look no no not like this. That's why I don't like I quit good. I quit he he Is it like single white female right so I quit. I guess I wasn't clear enough with this nutcase I'm like this isn't working for for me. Go and drop off the work. He I obviously don't go to work. He texts my brother and asks like where I am. What's going on with me? I a few weeks earlier I he tried to you know just tell me I was working Saturday and I'm like dude. I'm going to see my grandma in the hospital he text my brother about that and this is not like somebody that might br Jetson health and you talk to this creep like you're not somebody that just text each other I once he wasn't he was was he argued or great youngsters. Inaugurate mentioned his name but he's a total Weiner. I I didn't really know him so I haven't it was not liked in highschool so this was like two oh you were. What do you mean you weren't liked? I'll I wasn't one of the popular kids I ris- Ah I ran with all the goths and freaks it was awesome. The freaks the dwarves our what is it fair steelers zip zip a yeah but so and then this freak show did he shows up at my other work like after I you know I haven't talked to him for a year later I have he still hasn't given me my last check. I haven't talked to him. All that is bull. He shows up to my other work just yesterday today and sits at the end of the bar just like pounding Jack and Cokes Bhai Him. I didn't even go talk to him. You know what I mean because it's like at my work you know what I mean. Don't need to start something and then I can see him. He's twenty five feet away from me and I can see he's like dripping sweat in like our air conditioned restaurant and I'm like dude this drugs lake token matheson yeah no for real but I was like you know whatever it feels good to quit a job where you're like underappreciated an over. Were definitely so yeah officially hired around you following me. Yeah Dude like that's weird. Okay Okay and especially like okay. I told you I had something to do. I can't wait until dark today. You followed me to the golf. Course you norma discomfort. That's creepy yeah. Why did you wait there for an hour what you know? What did you do for an hour while you were waiting yeah yeah yeah people are weird dude? Well good for you man. Does you quit a job when you can just pull your balls on the table and be like ego another one about you know No I mean that's when I had a restaurant job I remember I'm going to appreciate meeting and they were like remember. You are replaceable unlike while that really makes me feel great. I would quit a job instantly if they really really yeah yeah. Oh Yeah while where that happen I can't. I don't WanNa say salt. What was when you first started? No no you know they they started making bartenders. Go to pre shift meetings used beep pre shift was just the servers bartenders would come in. They service had to be in a four thirty for that meeting. Being bartenders were in at five Boehm. I'd go and start work they then they started making us. Go to these things that they weren't ever talking to the bartenders. They were talking to the servers right well. I mean we have our pre. We shift meetings at work and it's usually I'm usually like Friday and Saturday. It's get their few minutes early so you can go to the specials like ours. Our managers never remember all fire anyone all you assholes yeah and that's what it felt like dude and this was like this was the second one I was ever at and then the general manager of the restaurant took over who I was really good friends with because I was the assistant bar manager so as as he starts talking about whatever they're gonNA do with with like they had they were talking about like a wedding handers sanders coming in or something with like a hundred people and I am not spendable. I stood up and started walking away. He's like design have any questions for the bartenders and no one said anything so I just continued walking away. Those last one ever went to Mike but I will never forget that A. G. Guys you. You might have a nice calm demeanor on here but Mike's not somebody Oh fuck do not brought to you know that was last. That's the only thing I really remember about. Bad is just remember you are replaced. Oh my God and same smug shitty voice. I'm using you are replaceable. I mean I get it employed. Yeah I mean that's just like you. Ah That's not doing good for company especially no it's not at all out of place biggest hearing your story. I know what you're talking about that you worked at and I know the employee turnover rate there and it's why I mean yes. The money is good but the bullshit is also right about the same scale as bullshit per dollar right bullshit part of my job. I just quit. bullshits per dollar weren't adding up. I like that phrase. Let's bullshits for dollar must be equal. We need a dollar to bullshit line like if you ever heard of the hot crazy scale like if you're women's this crazy she has at least this same exact thing how much bullshit all should be dealing with also. It's like we just like prostitutes who will deal with anything to SORTA for the right price. We'll just deal with anything sometimes I do. We feel that at work unless politician I go I go to these tables and I just flirt with these old women so they'll give me money. Oh do you don't happen to me. Once once. A woman's husband went to the bathroom and she just goes kind. Lick your head what I'm shaved ball by the way if you don't know who I am and I was like what it's such a fetish for me. It's a huge cheer on tried to get my husband Dude for months and you won't do it and I was like yeah and and so I left this lady lick away from here to here do she licked your sweaty. I pr- I probably I might have been but I I'm. I'm a frequent hand washer and my after I when I'm done drying my hands I'll take it and just wipe my face off and a quick and my head so I pr- I was. Probably you know it was a slow night. I remember it but it was very well not like a boss following you to your to your hobby but it was still very creepy but I still like maybe this lady will give me some money when I don't don't get as he saw that I was going to play golf. Why did he have to wait an hour like did he think I was GonNa go to a crack house or something like after I don't know yeah and you should just try? He's like yeah what's up. Dude Mike. I'm on our field parking lot. Look you in the blue shirt shirt like you fucking freak dude. That's yeah yeah but I- guys we have gone over our time. We got a late start tonight. You've had a good time. We've had a good time. Yeah I gotta go. I gotTa go good. Show Mike Judd thanks for having us as always guys. Has this been the discourse thirty one. We're getting up there getting up. There were about to surpass our ages soon soon enough before the season's through maybe yeah hopefully before the year's over will get that seasons. Never we

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Are Men Responsible For Womens Horny Decisions? Dealing With Death, and Best Movie of 2019

No Chaser with Timothy DeLaGhetto

1:07:25 hr | 1 year ago

Are Men Responsible For Womens Horny Decisions? Dealing With Death, and Best Movie of 2019

"Now I'm with Shane's kiss my crotch each is from having sex with all these bitches something something. Something is won't let me hide 'cause they oh Ooh road. I knew that part but not maybe gear knew that song. This time me leave in the beginning is a win Jamie Fox and Tommy Davidson did not even color and then you disclose it with with some stevie wonder yeah By all right well welcome back to the not paying. Yeah I get a Steven Jack Nikki Blades. Yeah Oh man what a man. I would agree. That's a good man as zine green is your shot Joe Sweet Yep Yeah Oh my gosh the sound this is been a struggle trying to get you to figure out shot thing and we haven't been drinking that much because you don't want us like we we added a new even. been drinking that much on this. No chaser bats. Where we're supposed to be drinking? Yeah now I have three we. We burble technically. You're not supposed to drink. You just opposed to not have a chaser does so you don't have to drink drunk ethnic. Yeah I won't be doing engine you guys I no. These are all complement underneath your sarcasm arms for those of you. That are not watching I. I'm very cool right now and fashionable because I've taken my leather jacket in place it over my shoulders without my arms inside the sleeves and I think that I looked quite cool. Didn't cheers cheers Ah Doc Okay Oh God let me tell you. That's not what we normally during an address chase it. Sorry guys didn't fired. Yeah sweet sweet. Sweet Sweet Hoodie. You have on Tim O.. vicks Nikki Blades. On I was in I was in New York and I went to the champion store is funny story by the way and so they're doing champion's doing was doing this like Collaboration with Dr Seuss and it was a they had like really specific. Think like they weren't allowed to put certain Dr Seuss Patches on certain hoodies but this one was cool and so I- added this little hit right here which is coming off and all the places you'll go is like my favorite Dr Seuss Book. Have you read it and he blades. All the places. You'll go go. Yeah this is like I tell people all the time Mike. If you've never read a Dr Seuss book or if you just don't normally read read all the places you'll go no matter. You were five years old or fifty years old. It'll make you feel like you can go out and conquer the world down. I love Dr Susan since holidays. Just past the grinch who stole Christmas is one of my favorite movies of all time. Now did you know. There's a Prequel I did not know that called called. Halloween is grinch night. I had no idea yes. I like a book No no no there's a there's like You can go on Youtube and find it as oh pretty much I. I mean it's really creepy. There was a television version of it and it came out in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven. Yeah and it was even released on videocassette in Nineteen ninety-two Hall. How has a sing along right? And it super creeping. I had read it on one of the one of those popular blog pages and that's how it came up. I started watching it and was freaked Out and didn't finish it Wa. It was like that it just is it takes everything you think you know and it flips it but then at the same time it makes you wanNA learn more about the grinch you think thank you know but you have no idea. This is the diary of the grinch. That would be amazing. And somebody make that happen when I was in New York at this champion store. I was waiting for them to finish putting the patches on my Hoodie and I heard this conversation between a couple employees and one guy was like you seem like the joker whatever and like other guys house like. NAH I. I haven't seen heard I didn't WANNA see 'cause like I heard the joker was like. Oh no I thought they changed too much like jobs black now and other and the girl was like would you mean the joke was not black but yeah the actor was like Jay Quan Phoenix or something like J.. quaffing the eggs. He was all our own O.. J. Phoenix to Jay. How do you think that joker okay How do you think that joker would go Jay Jay Quan now? If you just whoever Jay is how do you think that joke. I'm going to refrain from the. It'd probably be shorter movie arrested or shot or would it make it to. He wouldn't make it to the show. And just so you know. Support for no chaser comes from manscaping. Who was the number one in men's below the belt grooming masked offers precision engineer tools for a your family? Jewels rhymes engineered toes for your family jewels. That's why manscaping has redesigned the electric trimmer their lawnmower two point. Oh Oh has proprietary skin safe technology so this trimmer. Won't nick or snag. Your testicles manscaping accidents are finally a thing of the past. Don't use the same Shurmur on your face as you're using on your balls because we all know that's gross. Your face is way more disgusting than your balls. Keep your balls. Pure guys. Man's game also has the crop preserver. Anti Shaping Ball Deodorant and MOISTURIZER. You already put on your armpits. Why are you not putting on the smelly? As part of your body howdy were ladies will potentially be putting their faces gets only percent off plus free shipping with the code no chaser at manscaping dot com always use the right tools for the job. Your balls will thank you. That's twenty percent off with free shipping at MANSCAPING DOT com and use the code. No chaser let me ask you something. you know. We getting older now now. His anybody suffering from some baldness a company called keeps offers proven treatments that can come back the symptoms of hair loss. Now that is lit. Now you know. Here's the thing though. Prevention is key so you need to get on that Shit. Quick I and the thing about keeps treatments is that they really work. Okay they're up to ninety. He percents effective at reducing and stopping further hair loss. Now that's dope because you know it's a struggle out here you know what I'm saying ladies like a man with some hair all right so the sooner you attack attack this problem the more hair you'll save so you need to act fast okay. Many many even experience hair regrowth from keep street minutes. Okay find out why keeps has more five five star reviews in any of its competitors and nearly one hundred thousand men trust keeps for their hair loss. Prevention Medication keeps treatments. Start at just ten dollars a month plus for a limited time. You can get your first month free because I'm hooking you up all right now if you're ready to take action and prevent hair loss keeps dot com slash no chaser to receive your first month of treatment for free that's K. E. S. dot com slash no chaser and you will get your first month for free. Yoga was a good movie man. I liked it. Did y'all see. Did y'all see parasite no. Oh Wow is that the one where Asian standing in the front yard. Yes okay I seen it and just from the just from the cover it let me know that I have a not enough in me to watch. It just looks creepy as how Nikki Blades. What don't say like that in my ears watch thank me? I'M A. I'm a little known when it comes all of those things. I don't watch how Larry Hawash knows. I know scary movies. Not Scary suspenseful. Even worse I don't like being on the edge of my seat I want like I like to sit in my feeling emotions. I WANNA it's GonNa be. I like to laugh. You asked me what movie I want to watch the fucking comedy. Give me a stand up next to where in it. Imagine than thirty six seconds only to find the. I'm GonNa Watch that CLIP WADS pairs. I please in English or something. It's not an English uh-huh okay. It's not the way where you know. Wait till they released the dubbed version. And then fucking dog. It's it's by far best movie I've seen in twenty nine stop. I wake subtitles yes best. He's little ah look look look as far as movies. I've seen in twenty nineteen parasite number one okay. What what other movies did you see until nineteen well? I didn't really. I didn't really get to watch a lot. We watch a lot of movies dog. Okay so for me. It goes parasite toy story before really effortlessly at the end of it. I not even gonNA lie fell asleep. Go ahead throw your little fit your lame one I I told I did I fell asleep. You've actually doing toy. Totally fell asleep. Toy story four wrapped up. Everything perfectly you will. I wrapped up a nap. You didn't get to see woody end up happy. I saw that and I still took a nap in between between scenes. Really I I did. I did okay did you guys I see frozen too. I didn't see it but didn't you guys yells frozen to hilarious. Okay I heard. Oh what was the star wars since you didn't did you okay. What other movies came out? Queens Slim. I did not see that. I WanNa see that one. How'd you look Queensland? Won't talk about his own thing. I'm allowed because you're not allowed to say negative thing. I can say. A couple of years. Spoiler alert spoiler spoiler alert spoiler alert alert. I enjoyed Queen Slam. Cinematography was amazing. I thought the The way they put the characters out there was was doped the way they built the characters tres and the way they found themselves and found the relationship was dope a couple moments for me. took me out of it because I felt it was unrealistic. Do you mind if I ah go ahead. I don't care how I love it because I know what to look forward to and then to find the things too. Okay okay well then I will say yeah okay the part where the teenage boy shoots. The COP in the face was so unrealistic for me I mean because you give a little context with the movie is about okay so Sum It up this couples on a first date. Okay blind date tinder date. Okay They they're not getting along they get pulled over for some random Adams. Shit this cop is being Dick. Chem girls a lawyer so she's kind of giving him a hard time. She knows rates. She knows her rights. Long Story Short. I'm going to be my phone. The cops stop reaching he pulls his gun Blah Blah Blah A He fires a shot. The girl gets like like nicked in the in the leg and so do live. Yo that he grabs the gun from the Kabo Juggling sues. He kills the COP right. Got It so now and then the dashboard footage goes viral. Okay and so a lot of people so then they become almost like hometown heroes. People are rooting for them. Saying because you know they are alluding police and it becomes a whole struggle against police. Brutality Shit like that and people are rioting. People are In support of them right and they're it's kind of Split. Some people are right. Got It okay. So the part that I had and I'm taking issue with is when there's there they run into a teen whose like super in support of them but he's like super woke super like against the establishment and police and anyways he's like at one point you know there's A march or something and he goes up to a cop and he like you know getting in his cop's CBS. Face pulls a gun. I'll shoot cop in the face. Oh I owe so black a black cop to and for me. I was like this would never happen. That's goes so they went and took a creative liberty on that story. No I mean but like they they they were trying to not be so polarizing I guess show two sides of the coin but they and they they definitely folks that got it genuinely pissed. I saw so many reviews I saw so many people saying why like people going into the theater. Because it's you know I'm GonNa go watch his movie and then by the end of the day all I saw was that one post echoes. What the fuck just happened really One of the things that Piss me off the most the the the female lead has an uncle in the movie. Who just happens to be uh-huh seemingly a pimp? They never actually call him a pimp right. But he's A. He's a pimp. Okay this is this Film place starts in Ohio so it ends in two now to the south or something like that. There was absolutely no reason for him to be a no reason they loved it. I loved his character. I hate it really. Because they're like I said there was no reason and I saw the stuff they tried to do to make it less Black people are by having his girls not all be dark skinned black women they were different shades and ethnicities and things like that and I know why they did it eventually. Leads to him slapping one of his girls in police being called which brings the heat to the a couple and now they have to get out again. I get that part. There's so many different ways to bring the police to their house like in a movie where it's like. This is supposed to be yes. I police brutality thing. Why makes the main character a pimp? You make One of the main characters you show a a black teenager becoming radicalized right. Yeah like how. How is this helping anything right? The initial killing of of the police officer is flawed in itself. He he did take the shot or whatever but the way do got the gun John and killed him. It was like okay. You're clearly gonna go there for the. This isn't just didn't just look like self defense as I what is the. What was the goal here? I didn't like I think that this film created a conversation or did it do what it kind of comes is off like. Did it become polarizing. Do Everybody's split down the middle or was it one of those things whereas like come on. What the what you're more looking at the cast and the crew going did? Did y'all even know what you signed up for for me. I feel like as someone like. I'm not black so it's like as I'm watching I can detach myself and be like made. Okay let me. Just look at it as they're telling a story maybe it's not trying to deliver a message so then I don't have to have the issue with it. You know that you have but even with that. I feel like the Little Kid. Killing a cop shop just seems so unrealistic that anything that it was trying to do took me out of it. I feel like if I'd say movie without that scene I would have been like dishes. Dishes was amazing. There was another part where it was supposed to be like the comedic relief. Okay there was this kid and his dad and his dad was he was a boisterous fellow but all the comedy was in him calling his kids. Mother bitches and holes attention like them like what is the point of this little kid and his dad. Oh what's the point of this like I get it supposed to be some comedic relief. But why is he doing that. It sounds it sounds like fed into some stereotypes that it could take a chance to get away from ago and I'm not expecting everybody be in doctors and lawyers but there's so many things you didn't have to put in there. They didn't help this story at all. It was unnecessary. It was unnecessarily added especially. It is 'cause I mean listening listening to the description of the of the film and you see everybody kind of talking about it and you know you should see it usually I totally really wanna see it And then getting the different perspectives on it. I can already tell by what you had mentioned that it was like the moral moral of the story gets a little blurred unnecessary things that were added that could have almost feeds into all the other stereotypes and the worst part the worst part for me is you are the first not black person to even see any discrepancy that I've talked to Everybody else is just like we're talking about your over thinking it was great. So I'm like you left these people with this and they're cool with baton. This is what you present it to people we do. You guys know who directed it or who I know lean away roadway roadway tollroad it With with another of blackmail I do believe Yeah I don't know who the director was but yeah so I was like I I I would have been less angry. If white people did the holding the fact that it was black women is like Shit and man. I don't even I don't want to be mad at black women. That's supposed to be not even that I feel like I'm not supposed to be generally don't want to be right but it's like fuck I I was like you left me with no choice when your parents you know when your parents scold you and you're like and they literally say I have to scold you right now. You left me with with no choice. That's what it sounds like. The cinematography was it was a beautiful beautiful. Sounds things because he's trash. So here's what I read a girl. The girl directed video. The woman who direct the video is a music videos so it had a lot of music video to me. Which I'm I'm I'm a huge fan of so for me? I'm excited now. I'm not one of those. People that gets turned away from a spoiler earlier. Anything that makes me. I love hearing about the Easter eggs inside of a movie. I love that. I'm look more so now. I WANNA see it for my own opinion about it because again there's certain things I might be able to relate to certain things I won't relate to you and I think that knowing the ending I can watch the build up and I almost want to figure out why they did that. You know what you know what I've been doing at home lately. I've been doing the hello fresh meals. If you didn't know hellofresh cooking delicious meals at home a reality regardless of your comfort in the kitchen from step-by-step recipes to premeasured premeasured ingredients. 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Made Me WanNa Watch movie. This discussion made amy want to watch it. Because now there's a discussion and it's like please. I want to start a group chat. On the day parasite recite is what you want to have to stay up. Okay can I. Can I smoke in. Watch this movie or am I going to freak myself out. No no no no no no nothing is a a trip you out saying the story itself is. Here's the thing parasite it's best to go in completely blind because as you're watching the whole time you're watching you like where's this going. You're like I like this but I don't know where this is going and then it goes there and you're like what Oh really is talking about an apple show the baby on the Servant Servants Servants. Yes I just got the new. I just got the new iphone and apparently they get apple. TV within the only reason why I know that it was because they like popped up. Please look man. Yeah everybody's got that me. Yeah I got. I got an email Gordon in your work. Yeah you get the you have to subscribe to you. Have to put your credit card and do all that stuff but you won't get charged until the next year anyways serving so you ed discussed it and the only thing that made me excited about having a notification was like ooh. I can see this movie that you were talking is a show show show. Every there's episode I am night Shamlan Chevrolet and and I know I know his content is a divisive. Saying sometimes it's great. Sometimes time does not Six cents was the shit. Avatar was not but but serving and mad. Because no one's really watching it. I'll like to the point where you know when I was watching. Game of thrones. It was like you could. I could go down the timeline. And everyone was talking about game of thrones but when after I watched an episode of servant I go on time sound like all right. No one gives a fuck about what implied Avatar the heat. No no not not not Avatar Blue People Avatar. uh-huh vendor airman. Oh Yeah so James. Can't now yeah. Yeah but I'll scroll down. I'm trying to discuss servant Ervin with people knowing watches to the point where I searched the Hashtag. Just so I could re tweets just to see if there's anybody out there but no one's really watching and but it's dope do you think a big part of what is popular now has to do with so many different platforms like you've got apple. TV You have Hulu Kasan prime. Yes I fly. I feel like if net flicks was pumping servant. Of course more people will be right because you have no choice as soon as you sign onto Netflix in your box was in your face immediate. Yeah Yeah Yeah. There's a giant billboard on the side of this building with a baby and literally early. No one's still tweeting really. Yeah I just think AB- apple wasn't apple plus it doesn't sound like something. Oh you WANNA watch it. I think music every time you Disney Disney plus no. I don't what I don't mind. You just had to get another netflix account. Okay I'm going through. Transit also wanted toys before so you don't the Disney Disney class. No Manana with greasy black. You back I let me live. What's so oh sad is that Tim was actually a thousand percent right? I hate feeling shit during I hated. Hey having a feel emotions out of one feel I like living even in denial. Sometimes I if I get sent to a damn movie and I gotTa feel you know as soon as that. Damn you've got a friend in me. Plays I start to cry like such a little baby. I hated God. It's just I for some reason every time you things get said so we'll movie makes you cry every all of them. Moana Moana Commute here right. Maybe because I have a connection to your grandma you don't cry when the grinches heart grows to just go like this because I know the store and I'm like he's he's going to know what love feels like cocoa. Oh my God. That movie is so sad. I remember like Oh hi. Cocoa is that is sad. That's a fucking God. I I've Disney allies as their shit. I finally watched up as that. What was does your? I watched fucking frozen for the first time I didn't did. You feel emotions are felt. I felt emotionally. I didn't cry during. I definitely. Don't remember feeling no you know what I didn't. I didn't get to Muslim during rose. In the first time I watched it again the other day and and I was like I. Just tell me why you don't WanNa Bill. Yeah that's true but yes I'll put super set up up was up and that guy. Well let me tell you I get emotional. I feel like I get most emotional during movies. VI's you know what I'm saying not even realized I remember the weirdest Shit I remember crying during was the flintstone movie and I remember watching that with my dad. Ed and there's one part where Fred and Barney they're about to get hanged and it's not hung by the way the deep past tense of when someone is getting hanged hanging is hanged not hung. Because it's actually it's a hanging okay so it's not the the verbiage is hang. It's it's a hanging the now in his hanging so the the the passes hanged. Thank you for So Oh they are about to get hanged and Fred and Barney are confessing to each other like. He's like he's like. Hey I'm sorry you're such a good friend to me. Yeah I messed up Blah Blah Blah. I literally remember being in theaters. Like what why her hang leaking. I I mean but I don't know Y I've always been very sensitive and the older I got I realized because your pricey I am and I don't even want to say that type of Shit I'm just a weenie right like some such. I'm just so soft and I don't like it. So I like comedies. I mean I might agree with the rest of the way. Charming as an ill muster. I love auto me. I need my heart to grow three times this year because I don't even have the balls to watch on again and every time they seeing the damn song outside of of like thank you make me sad. Yeah man when my nieces sinking and I'm just like beautiful. So when when we was Moana Jonah Cheese Grandma had recently passed. Oh so as soon as as as soon as advocates stingrays also child looped over. I'm in my Chris. I just saw cheer just ball. Oh my own I seen that with my sister and my GRANDPA had passed away. amtel hell you. We were like. Oh this is like I think that Leland Stitch did not do a very good job for the culture. Yeah for islands and terrible job. You mean you got a kid who doesn't have their parents who's being rate it's like. It was the stereotypical story and you had to deal with the social worker. Leila got the social worker coming over you the paper everywhere. You like stay in your room hall knocking dramatic anyways so I hate it. I didn't likely low and such. But that's all we got right everybody else had princesses says we got Leila. Were like damn. y'All really doing some shit for right now but they Mwana comes out and you're like Oh snap like they're actually really on point with a lot of the stories stories Things you grow up with but you just felt that one. I was like but cocoa. I think that cocoa just on a broad but scale had so much more impact because it was one of those things had to deal with death and people remembering you and your life and being forgotten and I think that everybody has is a moment where they go fuck. I don't WANNA be forgotten. Coco was emotional. I watched it. I know the Disney movies bothering me like enough for me. Why that's so sad? But they don't really do the thing that is people asking their Stepdad to adopt Dash. It gives me every five user easy clip Yay me. Every there's like or like or when like the little kid will open up the president that says is like we would like to adopt you. Oh you're oh soft. I'm like Oh my goodness I just signed it my head so yeah I think I tuned out toy story. I I tuned it out. I remember I just tuned it out. I don't WanNa feel anything and you're exactly right. Do not want to feel when I see certain limitation awesome. You should watch it because toy story four wearing I was wearing lashes and I didn't need them to come on time. No but again I I choose. I really stayed away from a lot of romantic movies. All things like look like feelings just like that I was a i. Don't WANNA watch that I. I don't don't feel things in real life so I like to view things. Wait let me tell you something serial. Okay what did you put in my drink all of a sudden I'm sleeping in real life. It takes a lot. It takes a lot for shit. They gave me emotional. Unless I mean okay like nevermind I take that back unless it's like something that it's people I care about if it's if it's Wi fi or if it's family you know what I'm saying when when she starts to get real get emotional but for the majority of the time. My Life isn't very dramatic so it's like I I don't get emotional too often like I've never ever cried at a death in my life. Rarely ever like even when like And I think that has to do with my dad always kind of talking to me about death from when I was a little kid about how like it's just a part of life and Shit happens Like even when I feel like the closest person to ever a die in my life was my auntie on gene and and like even when she thought it was kind of like. Wow that's crazy but I didn't get emotional. You feel me I feel like I might have even more emotional when Michael Jackson died. So it'd be completely on. I was on. I remember exactly where I was on the beach and then somebody was like everybody. He was tanning lane bag. And somebody was like. Oh my God. Michael Jackson died. I was like what and screaming and running and some don't ask girl on the beach. It was like I'm Hey that's my Jackson the respect but and then I remember just driving back home. Damn I can't believe Michael died but like in in my personal life. I was never really close enough to somebody where it made me upset. That they dangle me Robin Williams was my celebrity like tear Jerker I remember I saw I cried and I remember. The person was was like. Why are you crying? I was like because he struggled he just wanted to make the world laugh was run by not come on. That's a classic Mrs Doubtfire. You WanNa hear some crazy shit around the Robin Williams so Maybe like a month after Robin Williams committed suicide. I had a dream but my cousin. Paul who coincidentally is the child of my on gene while just speaking right so I had a dream that my cousin Paul I had did you mile at his funeral and and At the funeral everyone will sad but then I saw him moving around in the cascade like he was alive and I was like Oh Shit Shit Portland that he's alive right. I woke up from that dream. I texted Paul. I was like hey man how are you are you. Are you good. Are you cool. And he's like yeah I'm fine. Why will up? And I'm like what this is L. O. L.. This is totally brand name. But I had a dream house at your funeral. Ll is grazie around the casket and he was like. Wow it's crazy that you say that because I was like suicidal like like a week or so. Ago and Robin Williams is death. Made me realize that I should probably talk to somebody And I was like. Oh Shit it wow well. I'm glad you're okay. Because that's crazy. Yeah and and that's why with that one. I mean not to get too too deep but when that happened if anybody was familiar with what he was going through you knew it was like damn. He lost the battle so for me. I was like aw that it hurt. Because he's he's brilliant Dan he was funny he did a lot of things. I remember that day because the person I was with at the time I was sitting on the couch and I was crying. Like what the fuck is wrong. Deal lost just a battle and in the bay area when you're up north. He's he lived out that way he lived in Marin county so it just was one of those things. I felt a little close to home but I know switch up the subject so then we got real deep real quick. I know that Rick had this damn clip that he wanted to talk about. Oh I did you know why because I wanna I wanNA switch it up because I think we touched on a lot of amazing things I I. It was great conversations. Great but I know that this other thing saying that Rick was showing US earlier. It kind of is still along. The lines of we need to discuss this sure. Yes so this girl got cute. They gave you the perfect. Do we like that real. This is just something I wanted to talk about. I was GONNA rant about it on instagram. I probably still will but this annoyed me so I listen to this video. Data found on talk. Shout out to everybody so I hung out with a guy this weekend and it was late at night. And like you know frisky hours and you know I'm I'm not that type of person that hooks up people randomly and I told him that I didn't want to have sex with him and he was like okay cool and we were making our got a little heated. What's email like let's let's take this further? He was like no because when you were clear my name you said. He didn't have sex so he was like. I'm not going to have sex with you and I was like okay so now rick tell us your okay so my issue is not with the video what the girl was talking about shoutout to dude for taking that stands right the comment section. Where my problem right? So her caption I do believe was like that's a man and in a whole bunch of people who are in the comments section congratulate Annie. Hamp parents raised him right. That's a real man right there girl. He's a keeper. He's a keeper and then Dan turned into just because he didn't take advantage of. You doesn't mean he's a keeper. We need to stop applauding the bare minimum. No he wouldn't have taken advantage view because it sounded consenting so that wasn't even a case so that's that's that's where we're going here okay but I don't only have a problem with those comments. I have a problem with the positive comments to my thing is what about that was his responsibility when she initiated it. Oh for me when I heard that you get mixed emotions I think. Congratulations nations on him. At least asserting which guys with everything. That's going on right now I. It's good to get reassurance that this is what you WANNA do. I'm double double checking. Are we good. You're straight than no question. I'm not taking advantage of you. This is what you WanNa do and I want to acknowledge that so that we're okay. It's scary out there. Air So part of me goes smart man definitely not not saying he's a keeper. Fuck if you decide. You don't want to sleep with me. Don't make you a keeper. That just means that you smart enough to get reassurance but on the positive side I think what they're saying is like It has to start somewhere has to start somewhere conversation with everything that's been going on. I'm applauding the fact that he had a conversation with somebody and took the emotion out of it. I don't know if they were decided they were drinking okay. So so that's part of my so for me going okay. He said clear mind. Well you're smart you in my head. He used everything. You're supposed to say to make picture that you are in the green light in case even out the conversation they still could have done it right. It's annoying that people aren't satisfied with like anything even like look. I know it's you're not supposed to litter. No one is supposed to. That's not a nice thing but it's like when I see someone picks them trash around they don't have to. It's like you did a good thing. Yeah a little controversy synonymous to trash by the way no no on the back okay. So so here's my thing is horny. Miss an excuse for making the wrong decision these days. It's not an excuse but it's what some people use as Ooh they try to make an excuse because they're talking about it like a biological level so I have a dog. I know this is going to be like this is just go with me on this. I have a dog. He still has his balls. Okay I left them. Do not want to take them off. Some people are like you gotta get rid of them. He's going to go crazy literally. humps my friend. Every time she comes over and he does he so naughty he so bad. He doesn't do it to me but he does it. And I've it makes me feel like I. I feel bad for my friend so the conversation keeps coming up and they keep saying that it's only GonNa get worse and I know that that's the animal instinct and the thing that he is supposed to do as an animal and in order to counter it. You're supposed to get rid of testosterone now with that being said some people justify their actions and their horny nece using the same similarities. The animal instinct. I'm not saying it's right. I'm just saying that some people use that as as an excuse so by them going to fight the urge. You shouldn't do it but they're just trying to find something to compare it to and I think I think that's it so the reason I ask that is because people are gone saying either. That's what men should be doing. He's the real man. He's a guy for that or don't applaud him for doing the bare minimum. Yada Yada Yada. Either side of that equation is saying he is responsible for her horn Innis in regulating it. As if he's not horning himself You know what I'm saying. Why why is that even the conversation now? I can't applaud his ability to curb himself. And say will you already said No. I don't want. Would you do something you might regret dot. I can get that. But why the hell are we acting like that. Somehow his responsibility it's not like he said Eh. Come on just let me put it in. Didn't pressure her at all but she said she can take it to the next because we normally don't hear about women asking for it the reason why the conversation is coming up because we don't hear about women wanting and men saying no so everybody's like Oh my God He. He declined it. But it doesn't make you more of a man doesn't make her less of a woman. The conversation came up because a woman wanted it and a man said No. And we're so used to the normal topic. Bean seen a man and a woman say no so the like the roles have been reversed. And I don't think that any applause really should be happening. It was like hi. Welcome to being an adult adult and consenting that if you acknowledge you WANNA have sex because she can she can go ahead and turn around and be like. That's the hottest thing I think anybody has ever told me. And then they do it. I don't know how ended. How did the my end work? Sounds like. They didn't have right. But here's the thing she said she didn't want want to. He said Okay and she later and said let's do it if he were to do it. So the comments suggesting if he were to do it he he would have been taken advantage. No would have been disrespected. Her comments was Amanda Actually respects women. Wow I didn't know that exist. No how how is that the narrative. That's wrong in my mind. If I decide I want to have sex with you and I'm horny and I say I want to have sex with you and you say no and I take advantage interview. Guess what I took advantage of you. Press the issue if he says no no no no no you don't do it. He he can still say no but if she decides she wants to have sex even after the fact he didn't take advantage of her but he but he is doing what is smart. He said I just want to remind you before your juices juices flowing and you got real excited you did say this before and if we decide to do it after I just want to know and I feel like that is the part that is. It's tough because everything that's happening right now is needing consent. He did what was smart in my mind. It's even like that's the thing about. It is like because of the The Times ran. Yeah it's it's beyond even the girl giving consent it's like even her giving consent the guys like Yo you. You know what you weren't giving consent early. That's it's scary. You know scariest fuck and like I said I recognize his intelligence. Yeah I just hate the fact that one. They're putting that responsibility on him as if it should it'd be too. I don't know this young lady. I don't want to say anything. Negative about her but she sounds like she's the girl says I'm not like that when she's like that right. And there's a lot of women who weaponized that there are women who will say yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. And then the next day say I wasn't comfortable and and and that is why like my applaud went out to him in fact that you are smart enough jeff to know better right but at the same time if they did have sex do I feel. He took advantage of absolutely not absolutely not. And you know and some would say Because she or some would say that women have to say That they say they have to keep up the bottom. I'm not like that. She felt pressured into saying yeah. She's not like that. That's why I'm not like that society and even even that being said like everybody's still is struggling with their own like being promiscuous in sex before marriage on there so much. I don't care what background you come from. What country you live in if you have sex before marriage marriage? There's always some sort of thing inside of you that goes. I somehow need to justify why I'm doing this even though you don't need to I mean I I've been in a position where you know it's like I knew a girl girl Like kicking it because she was trying to get freaky and then But and like at an even before any alcohol was involved on new. She was weighted but because she was drunk and it wasn't like no we can't do. It never had sex with a drunk girl. Yeah take backhands eggs with two girls who were drinking. One came to my house in the middle of the day I had no idea. And then afterwards she told me she drank before Educa- and then the second time my girl and she wanted to know what drunks like that's it but other than that I have not I do the like I don't know yeah. I don't know what you're GONNA say when you way more than you know. Saint Drunk not drunk and the conversation especially because I'm the only woman speaking right now and especially actually when I was younger. There's a different conversation that we have than when you're older mind you there's a different mindset. There's a different type of person. There's different objective when you're grown. You're like listen. I want this now. What we're GONNA do is this? We're good all is well. Let's proceed but when you're younger a lot of it has to do with the stigma. The stereotype she had to double check and and say I'm not like that but even though even if you were no means no and he said did I am checking if they had sex after he checked and I think that what women have to do is acknowledge that yes if you WANNA have sex. There's nothing wrong with wanting to have sex with someone who wants to have sex with you and a big shout out to the dude for just double checking because of the climate we're in and yes was that respectful. Yes was he raised right. Yes did somebody tell him that. All the songs and bullshit you hear ain't really like ain't really how you're supposed to be acting. Yes so take notes. Let's get is don't put yourself in a situation that can get you fucked up later on. But how can this situation gets you fucked later and this is somebody and this is suber careful with issue asking this question because you everybody heard what she said right. The way it's set up there was nothing he did wrong or could have have done wrong no matter which way he went in that Shit but the word assume we all know what that means. Everybody's going to assume and depending on what is said everybody whenever you become that close in contact with another human you have Ori my story and then what actually happened. Anything can be twisted. Yeah like I said a girl could say yes. Yes yes yes never say no and then after it happened. Say I wasn't comfortable with that right right. And there's there's not much you can do that. There has to be a level of there is a level of responsibility that as adults whether you are male or a female you have to take if I decide side I wanNA have sex and I have am if I am of a clear. Mind and body and decide to do this and I should take responsibility and a lot. A lot of people decide. They don't want to because of shame. There has to be a level of Shane. Taken away from the act she went and said. I'm normally not like this girl. I don't give a fuck if you've been fucking for like the last month. Nobody nobody cares but she felt she needed to say that. And that's the part that's kind of sad and that's the difference between gene young being grown. If I am a grown woman I said I would like to have sex. She here's some of the conversations that I had with my home girls and it's because it's a but it's grown conversation in when you're a younger woman or young lady and you're told no for the first time it is not rejection my love you did not get rejected. I don't think she's taking. It has rejected. No but I have no no no. It's a comedy it's a comedy comments. And that's why I'm saying. Other people insert themselves into the conversation. Because they've been in a situation like that before so they take their own stories and run with it in this situation that happened. Yes the man was smart enough. Have to double check and just triple check and say yo Yo way wait before this goes down. I need to know because I don't want you to regret what we're about to do. Right which is he didn't. He didn't even do that. He said no you said earlier. I'm saying no now and to meet that's respectable so let me ask you this let's say What if we do like I look man? I'm not drinking tonight but if you get drunk am I allowed to do it to you And you say yes then we do. I mean and mind you I drink and I understand my responsibility to myself into wherever I'm with and I've been very very lucky to be with partners. I'm like you know what I'm about to do when I drink. So you better be ready for me and I've definitely been told no I've been told. Get your kicked. Go to bed. I've been told to go to bed. You've been told me. He believes in the middle of the park. We have with SOP it. We are taking leave me alone now. I think too because I don't. I'm not the typical a person I've been told no literally been tucked into bed and being gift kiss on the forehead. Aw threw a fit. You don't understand how matter was when I was drunk. US pisses fuck. But when I woke up I went. You did what you needed to do. Thank kill drunk. You know I know this is but that's the only way that I can relate to people related to that because it's not the same. I've never worn. I The thirty if that were saying what's every know who. Every cheating man has the perfect alibi. I wasn't in my right mind. I was was horn but no no. No but that's why I compared to a dog with his balls. That's why I made it work though. No but that's why I'm saying the comparison is of animal instinct and it's not fair fair so that that whole thing like you said throw that shit out the window because you can clearly say no yet Ena Doug. Nobody's cutting off your balls because you don't know how to act you can't even use animal instinct anymore. Girls get a little A crazy when you tell them attractive girls especially. It's it's it's downright crazy. Did if men reacted we'll win men react the way women wreck because you're not gonNA act like men don't do it. Yeah it's the biggest red flag day are called PSYCHOS. Fear for you life. You think this person might kit. That's how how Girls Act when you tell them no I will. I'm dead to they accuse you being homosexual no yes with with this is weird speaking from experience like now so I was dealing with somebody at one point I had. She was drunk so she I said. Can you pick me up from this party. I wasn't sure I did not know would be having sex that night. So I jacked off literally half an hour before. She called me to pick her up and I picked her up from this party. We're in bed Chilin and she really wanted to have sex. And I'm like I jack off. I'm sorry I just not in the moon right met. We look sometimes has guys aren't in the mood yes it does. We weren't in the mood and she was so livid bra she was like pissed. She was calling me gay and not. I just gave the F. Word Manado know that our dealing winner f word like Oh fine somebody. Aw It's crazy. They get mad. They look like they wanna hit you call you gay accusative all type of Shit and and then the worst one. They immediately start texting issue to make you feel like they might be having someone else up. It's terrible I am so happy that my horny tantrums have been in relationships to where I knew them. I asked good. No no no. I'm saying I'm saying I'm saying that I'm so thankful people that I've been thrown in a room. I literally told you. Need to figure out whatever's going on with you right now. I'm like I'm about to take it from you. We are together. Which is got to win that Shit? I get no means no but but not when men's just girls don't ought oughta handle it we don't take rejection well and I will say that I've never taken rejection. Well I had somebody tell me. So you're only reacting this way because I said no and in my mind I was like. Yeah that's exactly why I'm reacting this way book you but in reality I was like no no. I know how to handle rejection. I'm a big girl but I really was like. Wow you know and this is one of the things that I preach a lot. People try to act like men and women are so different ring. We're not the only differences says our size and strength in situations like that so it's worse when men are doing because of what they're capable of but that shit's no so different than the man who tries to talk to you. You're not answering. Say Fuck you bitch. I said I've only dealt with that while being in a relationship so outside of that or in the dating eating realm. I never really dealt with that. So I can't relate I you know I for I'm not going to be trying to pull those things and if a guy told me no I be like wow. That's such a power move. I would be like. That's a power move now. I'm concerned because you might be playing this game better than me. But that's a ooh that's an dating my and say okay more on the story no means no no matter what guy girl whatever women need to do we do need to learn how to be respectful. The part of it comes from is like yes. I've been told that I'm sexy when I'm aggressive and I'm mind you was in a relationship so it was one of those things that may be. Are you telling you know to me. It's like a super struggle especially guys yes these now this conversation because it's exposing everything I mean again in a relationship we uh I know that I withheld for whatever reasons you didn't take out the damn trash over here. Throwing fade in full the clothes I'm withholding and then when it's my turn you can tell me no yes. It is a power struggle within a relationship now outside of that in the dating world. That's not I can't speak on limits. Being in a relationship does not make take that any safer and I do understand what you're saying but it's so different from a female perspective because if if men take the position of she she likes when we struggle a bit or some shit like that because there's some girls who do play that game right. There's there's been a few nights where a girl tells you know and you don't do anything you leave and then you get there. You should have just. Did it. Task Us Gordon is like what the fuck is no acts illegal. Yeah it's frustrating. It's frustrating in. That's where communication is key. It comes into play but it also comes shame. Shame is the major thing that we do not discuss when it comes to sexuality and what we want if I secretly secretly may have a fantasy about something that I didn't express to you because that's what she just told you there but then again that gives her the liberty to say I did not say yes to to that exactly and that's where it's hard so when you're in a relationship boys and Girls Lady Ladies and gentlemen if you want something and you're with a partner that you decide you want to have sex with. Please be clear on what you want because now the playing games shit ain't cool you hit a certain age in Q.. Is a struggle and let me tell you. I don't work it works. It works to an extent but a lot of us girls feel like it's not as hot or effective. We half the time out. Did you notice how you say. Girls not women and men six women. No no women to buy I I will I know younger. Nikki versus older Nikki. Dunkerque younger. No that's an. That's an evolution. I've I've grown to be able to say that whoever I am sleeping wait. There's certain things I liked the I'm okay with. I can deal with the shit that I like. Can you deal with it. What you said earlier is the reason why this doesn't make sense? And I. I understand that that's for you. But this shame factor. Yeah leaves people sexually immature so as not an age thing you oh I know there's been known as women who are still sexually immature and they don't know how to navigate that were grown sexually more mature with my age age with my age has come sexual maturity because I know what I like. And there's a lot of women that don't women and girls don't know what they like so with my age came sexual maturity and a voice that most people don't have so that's like that's why I say communication if we're sleeping together and we have problems and there's conflict we have to be able to talk about it because if some shit comes out that your partner. That's who you're supposed to do that stuff when and if like if I say I wish you would have just took it. I just gave you permission in my mind that see. That's that's just just gary from me like I never played even releases you know. I'm coming from a relationship. Kinship convert any even still spousal rape is a real thing it is it is real. I'm not saying that it's not and I don't WanNa come off like on attacking you because I understand everything you're saying where you're coming from this just for everybody because there's some people there's women who don't think they can be wrong in this field. Okay and mind did you. I don't feel attacked at all. I think this is a healthy conversation between adults that needs to happen. I'm merely only one percent of the female population so I am not speaking on everybody's get that clear for me and myself. I have been a bread. I've been a little asshole. I definitely try to take. That's shit when it wasn't mine privilege and trust me I understand and that's why my initial response was an applaud. The man who was smart enough to know that there might be some consequences to his actions because it seemed sketch due to the climate. We're in now. There are so many levels levels and there is Dr Phil and a little the little the little one lady the sex doctor Dr Sue. You know who I'm talking Ruth Dr Ruth and that would be a whole discussion but the way that the video went the comment section dealt with a lot of people who inserted themselves into it. They took their personal experiences. And even the ones that are like we shouldn't be applauded. Mike girl we gotta start somewhere. We had to create a conversation. Like you can't be she a man hater your whole life. It was such a struggle back in the day. When I'd think this girl from the club and I was trying to be you know respectful beck full and I was just trying to play cool and then it wasn't until the end when I like? Grab her real quick and she was like damn well. She's been doing it the whole time. And then all of a sudden she was down I was like trying to be real. Cute and like intimacy was like Knoxville. It'd when I grabbed her as you were like okay. That's what I wanted. I was like. It's so weird like I understand why you might feel like you have to not be like that or whatever. Don't I'll say it like that's all you have to do is not say if you you don't WanNa upset but you hanging out with a guy. Are you gonNA fucking getting his car and say just so. You know we're not gonNA have sex tonight or are you just going to have a regular day and if he tries you say no if you say that. That's a test that's a test. She just tested him. That's what she did and he passed. That was the test that was a game that was a game. You shouldn't be. You shouldn't be playing but what happened was that was a test of course. Not But if I really in my mind am thinking like I don't want to have sex at the moment. I really hope. That's not what he's expecting. Maybe if I let him know in advance like he's not gonNa try to push it on me like I'm just maybe not feeling myself. I'm uncomfortable comfortable in my skin today because I've said that before like a I don't WanNa let you down. Please don't hang out with me if you think. That's the only angle I've said that before and I've been with men men like I'm using the word men that were like. Okay cool so I'm like. Oh yeah now I want to hang out with you because I know you already know that expectation like please get value on a buck. But it's like the don't hang out with me if you think that's the only angle and that's what I think she did and she got exactly what she wanted so she was down so it was just a game. It's a game and it's silly shit gets up because you leave uh-huh I don't WanNa say that 'cause I don't know for sure but there are guys out there who are not looking to force anything who are just as apprehensive as you should. I shouldn't I I'm gonNA just play cool. See if she initiates shit like that. Because we don't want to deal with the bullshit the minute you go it make these definite statements that are the opposite of what you actually want just so you can look a certain way everything is stupid. I mean but don't you think that it's all a game either way. No no really you know. That's that's me speaking personally I could see how I mean. Come on I don't WanNa be like Yo I'm trying I'm China smell it. You don't have to say either. That's the part of like we're so confused on how to communicate with each other. How do we communicate? Ninety percent of communication is nonverbal side diagnosed. By what you don't have to say either. You do things but we're still so confused on even how to do that when you're getting to know someone what the reason why I use the Inova no relationship I behave XYZ. 'cause dating Nikki wouldn't do that but Nikki and our relationship is all we in the same bed. Guess what I heard you last week and and I'm GonNa give you what you asked for. It may not be tonight may not be tomorrow but I heard you. That may be part of the problem is getting to know anymore. This was the first first time they hung up and and think goodness in my mind that he did not do it now. I'm proud of him but she needs to acknowledge that grow. You Ain't gotta say like Oh no like this pitch if you WanNa fuck you fuck but you don't owe it to anybody else. I don't gotTa tell the rest of the world. I'm not that way I when I close that door. That's my business when you you say. I'm not like that and then proceed to be like that. That's when I liked that becomes bad thing because like that isn't a problem though. You is a problem right. If if you WANNA have sex I swear one of the conversations we had the number ten or twelve came up and the person on the other side was like. Oh that's not many in some people they would have been like. Oh bishops a lot and it's just the base off of perception. Tam How do you feel right now. I feel like that was a great discussion Horny Horny. I've been dragging off one of the table the whole time. I think this was great. You know I think you hit it on my topic video. He won't talk about stop. Aw I wanted to make sure your point came but no one of the things is that you can have a conversation and again I don't speak on everybody's behalf you don't you don't everybody doesn't speak whatever opinions you form is your own but the fact that even you took into consideration like don't feel attacked. I was like Oh no no no when I sit at the table and when a lot of people need to acknowledge that that when you sit at the table to have a discussion it is a discussion. You shouldn't sit there and feel attack because you put yourself in the battle and if you don't feel like you are prepared for the conversation then and do not have it. I liked it. I thought it was great. your throat. In which is podcast. Yeah because hungry yes start. Hey Hey cool. Let's go get some Suzie. I'm get I'm rick blades piece. I'm not like that I am I.

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Season 4 - Episode 10

They Walk Among Us

1:31:45 hr | 1 year ago

Season 4 - Episode 10

"<music> <music> welcome to season for episode ten of they walk among us a podcast dedicated to U K true crime. Please listen to season for episode nine for part. One of this two part case. Listen caution is advised. This episode contains adult themes and descriptions that some some listeners may find distressing following the murder of Michael Greenstone on the ripen attempted murder Valerie storie. The cool was made to James Hanratty to turn himself in Scotland Yard dropped Peter ow fun as a suspect and after questioning Charles dixie Franz Police learned that Hanratty had referred to the Yup stands back seat of a London bus is being a good place to dispose of unwanted goods. This was the exact place the murder hi to weapon has been found in two days after he turned twenty five on October Sixth Nineteen Sixty one James Hanratty took his friend shells dixie Frances advice and cold Scotland Yard from a phone box in London so high superintendent tycoon asked about he's whereabouts on the night of the murder of Michael Gregsten hanratty confidently told them that he had nothing to do with it and on the date took place a Tuesday it goes to train to Liverpool where he stayed with three friends until that Friday when he returned to London Linden to visit Dixie and his family the noise of the mud he was adamant that he was over two hundred miles away in Liverpool he had friends and fences fences their boyfriends he meant associates in crime and by fences event people who helped him shifts stolen goods because these people had criminal records he was not sure they would convince police of his whereabouts and ratty was able to remember the name of the Guest House. How's he stayed in or the landlady? It was six weeks earlier but he was sure that's where he was. He said he would try and find someone to vouch for him but what associate was going to put their hand up and give themselves up to police for nabbing stolen goods and ratty wouldn't give up his associates the nines and refused to go to the police personally for questioning he was worried they would at least lock him up for house breaking if he did he's quoted looted saying on that coal. I know I've left my fingerprints at different places and some different things in the police want me but I want to tell you that I did not do that. A six murder Hanratty wasn't going to give anyone up but he would try and find someone in Liverpool to support. She's story. He hung up the phone coolest friend Dixie telling him he was going to find someone in Liverpool to do just that that evening Andretti stole a car driving to Manchester and then the following morning 'cause the train to Liverpool. He made another now the call to Scotland Yard that afternoon saying this is Jimmy Ryan again but you will never guess where I'm speaking from. Liverpool is trip to find an alibi wasn't successful. No one wanted to give themselves up and Hanratty hadn't been able to come up with the lodging where he had stayed either. He was then that James Hanratty made his way to Blackpool. Although no one knew this at the time in the Stefania fishing ship restaurant on central drive in Blackpoll had been serving customers late into the night for over forty years just after eleven pm on October Eleventh Nineteen Sixty one detective constable James Williams and now but stilling stop by the Stavanger Sonja for a cup of coffee a man who sat eating a meal cool there I he resembled the man wanted for questioning in the I six Muder when the constables approached him and asked who he was Hanratty said his name was Peter Baits he was arrested it taken to the police station and locked out wall Scotland Yard was informed. Detective superintendant cartoon Detective Sergeant Agent Kenneth Oxford drove to Blackpool through the night and questioned him for the entire day and ratty had his fingerprints taken and volunteered to provide forensic samples if that would prove his innocence as far as forensic evidence against Hanratty by none other than US oh type Secreta status but even in nineteen sixty one that was no basis fern arrest let alone conviction. He was known coffee which was a minor aspect of this crime. They had no evidence is that he was nine to brandish a gun. No one who knew him was able to recollect time he had been violent or even got into a physical fight you never ever been charged with any crimes against women and it was said although he was a criminal he wasn't a taunt to threaten people and he was courteous to women and younger females miles well they did have against him was a long and complex string of circumstances that placed him as their number. One suspect they had shells sounds Dixie Franz sang the tannery was known to hide things under the back seat of a bus. The GBI assistant manager known crook nods from the Vienna Hotel Sang the tone the morning before the crime he had directed Hanratty Orion as he was known to the Thirty six eight boss where the gun would like to be found and then they had hanratty under the name of Ryan having stayed in the room at the Vienna where the cartridges matching the gun were found suggesting that Hanratty batted left them by mistake so when questioning began that morning the focus was on Hanratty's Liverpool our boy and his movements during the week of the mudder in Hanratty's following two interviews led by Aycot Sergeant Oxford transcribed what would later be described as a Solta shorthand running notes of what was said written in pencil on false cap paper in the coming years the method and accuracy of these nights nights would come under question one thing that is clear and has never been disputed is that when cautioned Hanratty sent to the offices I understand but as I told you I've got a perfect alibi for the murder far away and asked me any questions you like. I will answer them. You will see I had nothing to do with the murder. In the days leading up to the night of Tuesday August twenty second hanratty claimed his movements are as follows visited Dixie Fron sandys firmly on two separate occasions in the two days before the murder both the Sunday and again on the Monday Sunday Carol Franz who had been the ones who previously die Hanratty's head confirmed the Monday at least because it coincided with a dental appointment the police ace were able to verify before visiting them on the Monday the day before the murder it was confirmed that Hanratty had visited a dry cleaners in Swiss cottage to collect a suit. This happened to be the same dry cleaners that the murder victim Michael's estranged wife and her brother-in-law believe thanks saw the murderer ten days later the person matching the second sketch that had yet to be released to the public and Rati left the Francis. He's home that Monday around seven P._M.. Telling them he was going to Liverpool to visit his aunt and take her to the dunks. When he left the house he was wearing a striped hepworth suit including jacket according to him he decided to go to Liverpool the following morning instead and that's how how he came to arrive at the Vienna during the investigation into his alibi police would find that Hanratty's on did live in Liverpool but not seen him for years and was not expecting a visit he agreed that he was wearing his pinstripe hepworth suit at the time of the mud and the assistant manager of the Vienna's account of him wearing it was correct but a few weeks after that he claimed he had damaged the jacket during a burglary in stanmore torn it getting in through window and thrown it away? Police looked into stand more break-ins and climb that Hanratty ratty was lying. He swore he was telling the truth. He remembered that the electricity was off and the t found a green candle to use as a light it the agreed the night before the murder the Monday night. It arrived at the Vienna just before midnight leaving the following morning about nine A._M.. A._M.. Ending up at Paddington Station by accident before going to Houston to get a train to Liverpool that day the day of the murder Nah he had been nowhere near Slough will dorney reach by the couple were approached it caught up with three full MMA presenting Mites in Liverpool that he knew do will though he still wasn't prepared to give up their names on rutty admitted that shortly after leaving prison that March he had made made enquiries with a man he knew in Ealing about obtaining a gun in his words a shooter to do some stick ups he agree that he wanted to be known as a stick up man and he could get one if he wished but he hasn't actually gone through with. It never got the gun when detectives told them about the cartridges found in the room at the Vienna they did note the for a man who claimed to know little about guns is questioning of what size the bullets bullets were seemed strange hanratty solicitor. Mr Kleinman notified the police in writing the details of his clients alibi. Apparently there was someone after rule he might back up Hanratty's story upon arriving in Liverpool on the day of the murder Hanratty not had visited a sweet shop on Scotland Road where he had asked for directions to Colton or Tolbert wrote it stayed in Liverpool for three nights before before returning to London on Ratty had now provided information on a trip to the cinema as well as a visit to new Brighton on the widow. The police didn't doubt but Hanratty had been in Liverpool that week what they were doubting was when he went they believed the T. fled there often the murder there was proof of a telegram he had sent to Dixie from telephone whole opposite Liverpool Main Railway Station on the Thursday evening saying saying having a nice time behind early Friday morning for business. You'll sincerely Jim the sender Mr p Ryan Andreotti could have arrived in Liverpool that Thursday two days after the murder and sent that telegram straight after he arrived at the station for Oh police new according to handwrite his interview he returned to London the following day on the Friday where he went back to Dixie Francis who they believed his next visit was early on the following day at the end of his first interview. The officers noticed that Hanratty mentioned wanting to go for a KIP Andy Andy Second interview which would follow the next day he was recorded as having city twice lighter hanratty would deny using this word in his everyday language as well as stating. He never said it in his interview the light that afternoon James Hanratty was taken to Bedford police station and put into an identity parade for the full witnesses who had seen the Morris Moina the gadget tendon from before the mud the two men who had pulled up beside the Morris and finally the man who was punked waiting for his friend when he saw the car and drive pull up in redbridge where it would later be found. Two of the four men identified Hanratty is being. I'm the driver of the car one of the men who pulled up alongside him and the man who had seen the car pull up and park near the station the other two witnesses picks out lineup volunteers unready complained that everyone else in the lineup was wearing light coloured outfits except for him. It was wearing dark clothing. The following Ndiaya lineup was then arranged for Valerie story the lost identity parade that was conducted for her she had failed to pick out the then top suspect suspect Peter out for instead. She picked out of volunteer this time she lay paralyzed in her stoke Mandeville hospital bed had a line of men were brought in as she was wheeled up and down the line. Each man was then required to speak said that Valerie might also recognize the voice of both her attacker and her lover's killer each was asked to say be quiet willy. I'm thinking which was what the managed sent to Valerie after she reacted to him shooting Michael Gregson in the back of the head Fowleri story was determined that this time she would make no mistake and so she asked for her bed to be filled up and down once more to each man under teach man she requested wasted again the teesside the line she would like to say that at first she was startled by the color of Hanratty's hair when she heard him speak there was no doubt in our mind that it was him and she named James. Hanratty is the man who had raped her and the man who had murdered Michael Gregson <music> <music> following the identity parade James Hanratty was charged with the capital murder of Michael Braxton. The charges of rape and attempted murder Valerie Storie were held in reserve and ratty refused to admit that he was in any anyway involve with the a six mud the daily express Monday October sixteenth nineteen sixty one ran a front page each story of Hanratty's parents Mary James they were photograph. Walking away from the camera sensing under an article reflecting <music> sadness that their son they knew had many troubles with the law was now is they believed being framed for murder later that week a man rang the front desk of the Daily Mirror he had cooled before almost a month earlier threatening to harm Tom Valerie storie the Mir Stafford find the police and all assumptions were that this cooler was probably Peter out from. It's strangely continued to insert himself in the case you wanted the polices attention and it seemed he wanted police to think he was involved. This is one of the strangest coincidences about how fun it was proven true that he had stayed in the same shed room at the same hotel as James Hanratty he was picked out of a lineup by my code allow as being the man who broke into her home introducing himself as the a six killer Alfond given a phone salad boy for the night of the murder saying he had visited his mother. The police had found the salad bar to be false but we're confident enough enough not to investigate his alibi. Any further James Hanratty was committed for trial by the magistrates court in amtel mm tail Bedfordshire will remind a prison officer the hood a conversation between two prisoners on a bus on route to their court hearings Roy Langdale coincidentally unknown police informant was heard telling the other prisoner the town ratty had confessed to him in the exercise yard over a series of detailed conversations. The officer reported the conversation to the governor and an investigation was carried out langdale confirmed he had become friendly with Hanratty during exercise on that conversations eventually turn to the a six murder and ending time Andretti had to first proclaiming his innocence admitted responsibility when Investigated No oh other prisoners could corroborate either the circumstances of the confessions that they had known of them apparently they had only ever heard hanratty continued to proclaim reclaim he was innocent and the rarely had contact at all with Roy Langdale is evidence would be introduced at trial but that would be discrepancies is between Langdale original statement and the evidence he gave on January twenty second nineteen sixty two the trawl was opened at Bedfordshire Bedfordshire assizes by Mr Justice Gorman and by its conclusion twenty one trial days later it would be the longest recorded trial in British criminal seminal history the prosecution led by Mr Grim Swanwick he C- could eighty three witnesses and Hanratty's defence counsel Mr Michael Mark Sharon K._F._C. would put hanratty himself on the stand along with fourteen others the public cute outside the court each morning hours early in order to get seats in the courtroom Valerie Storie. The prosecution's key witness was still residing in Stoke Mandeville hospital where she was being being treated for her injuries she would be placed on a stretcher and transported by ambulance to each day of the trial when she would give evidence in a wheelchair. The changing color of the attack is hair on Deutsche had originally been the difference difference between the first and second identikit picture issued by police in the light by of the a six the student who came to Valerie's resided jotted down her saying that the attacker had launched staring eyes and Light Farish hair when Valerie was first questioned in hospital but the sketch release she stated that he had dark brown hair and deep set brown is the subsequent compasses schedule looked remarkably audibly locked the polices number one suspect Pete around fun then Valerie change to description to him having large icy blue source alike is justice JANIK Brixton a described to police a man she had the overpowering feeling about because of that unreleased description the second sketch gauge matched more closely to the polices new suspect James Hanratty the pretrial hearing Fowleri had signed a statement confirming that the attack his head was medium Brown not Dunk Brown is a previous statements and then at trial. She said he definitely had dark brown hat denied having and change the color at the hearing honorary told the jury the tough to the attacker. It's sped off in the Morris minor leaving her for dead she gathered up some stones nine and tried to make the words blue eyes and Brown hat will the no plausible explanation was ever given for why she had originally told police his eyes were Brown. Round deep set an ratty. Having an o blood toy was not exactly proof that he was the killer that time thirty six percent But after hearing his voice she had made a positive identification they also had the identifications from the two men who had separately seen him in the Morris us but neither of these men's companions had identified Hanratty most Valerie stories of regional account and not been my public until the trial royal one of the things brought food was on the night of the attack when the gunman had made Manco drive all around the outskirts of London Irun the harrow the area when the gunman said quite be careful round the corner. There's some roadworks Valerie had noticed that there were no signs for roadworks L._X.. But as they went around the corner of the gunman had been right and there was roadworks there at that moment he said quote. I don't know <hes> this area presented to the jury was the fact that James Hanratty's family lived in Kingsbury just a couple of miles away so it was likely that Hanratty knew the area the Hepworth suit was also brought up on ratty not punt. She's the suit and picked it up four days before the murder he had admitted to wearing a tool the next week and was adamant that it wasn't until the following month mm fatigue damage the jacket and thrown into way the prosecution believed that Hanratty had threatened the jacket away following the mudder as it was entirely plausible possible. They believed that the Jackie may have been the only blood steinem interestingly pan rotties waistcoat and trousers were seized and the time no bloodstains were found on either they did however get handed into evidence with the labels cutout waiting any distinguishing features of where the suit was from when interviewed by Scotland Yard and routier told them that it was during a house burglary in stanmore that he damaged the jacket and thrown as to why they told him he was lying and that no houses had been broken into their at the time and certainly none where the powered been out and a green candle candle had been found before the trial ended police were forced to admit that I had made a mistake there had been a house break in stanmore animal and everything Hanratty described was true but it still didn't prove the he'd been wearing the jacket at the time one source all stunts states however that the defense track down the homeowner who admitted that a suit jacket of his was stolen during the robbery which the defense argued that hanratty could have stolen that night after ruining his on the way out the prosecution presented the findings of both the gun and the cartridges assuming that Hanratty had in fact been the one to send the telegram to Dixie at eight forty pm on August twenty fourth they scrutinize the timeline the telegram coincided within a few hours of the bus cleaner Edwin Cook binding the gun under the seat. They believed it wolf plausible that Hanratty had hidden the gun on the morning route to the bus matching the shift of the female conductress having seen the lone man she didn't recognize go to the talk deck has for the cartridges there was never a satisfactory explanation given for how the spent cartridges proven to be from the murder weapon in kind to be at the Vienna hotel. If the staff and guests book right Hanratty it only stayed there before the murder on the same could be said for Alpha it is also never been stated anywhere that the cartridges had to have been used that the murder would if they were picked up and kept from a previous time the gun was used and accidentally left in route twenty four the housekeeper from the Vienna testified. She said that the morning following the murder annoyed after Hanratty had slept slept in the room and our phone having stay before that the when she changed the bed linen she moved the chair to do so she had not seen the cartridges then it was sentenced she would have if they would that before it is believed the between this day and the day the cartridges were found another man might have stayed in the room name and he was totally cleared by police room is already speculating from Hanratty's cam that the cartridges might have been planted and there is no public record as to the exact number of bullets found under the bus seat compared to the number correctly bagged as evidence on righties friend. Timmy State with on occasion in London. Louis Anderson was also called as a crown witness. Louise was the antique store owner who coincidentally Bentley was also an acquaintance of Genyk Brixton's brother-in-law what this meant was James Hanratty had a strangely coincidental linked to the murder Ed victim that could not be explained that trolley Louise revealed that she had on occasion been frightened of Hanratty but this conflicted with WHO statement given at a pretrial hearing when she had said they go to loan well presented informant Roy Langdale took the stand and recounted onto the conversations. He said he had with Hanratty while they were both them remind he was challenged by the defense as there were statements from other inmates who you believe they had never seen Langdale hanratty speak lighter Roy Langdale went on trial himself convicted of forgery instead of a prison sentence which would have been no more for his crime Dow received three years probation which led to questions of whether he was paid. You don't think he's information against Hanratty. <music> an rotties alibi was scrutinized by the prosecution acution. These account of travelling to Liverpool and asking directions in the sweet shop was time to see if he could still return south in order to commit the crime crime the defense team managed to track down shop assistant from the sweetshop who confirmed seeing Hanratty but couldn't say for sure. If it was the day of the murder or the day before the twenty first this leaned strongly towards Hanratty being in Liverpool the day of the murder after so then with no one to solidify his alibi and Rati did something which shock even is Defense Council the day before he was due to the witness stand James Hanratty informed his laws that he had lied about his alibi. Most of what he had said before was true he had gone to Liverpool but on the actual night of the crime he was now saying he was in the Welsh seaside town of real so so on the Twelfth Day of the trial they twist in the case which shocked the court but excite the press as Mr Chirad Q._C. would open from the defense's case with the News Andretti stated that he had been caught off guard when on the phone to Scotland Yard he panicked they were going going to pin it on him and allied he still claimed that he had caught the train to Liverpool on the morning of the twenty second before the murder was now now saying that later that same day before the crime had taken place and after being unable to find the person he was looking for to sell on the stolen goods decided to go to the Welsh seaside town of real instead and he was in real not live poor win. The entire crime took place. The following is what was presented in court as James Hanratty's final account of his whereabouts on the twenty second and twenty third of August nineteen sixty one on August twenty sick and having left the Vienna hotel. It's about nine thirty A.. M. He walked to Paddington Station boy mistake. He then took a taxi to Euston station and travelled by train to Lime Street station. Liverpool arriving is about four thirty PM. His intention was to meet a man who had met in prison but whom he had not seen for three to four years in order to dispose of a stolen ring worth three hundred fifty fifty pounds the man Mr Aspinall was apparently in the grocery or green grocery business and James Hanratty believed that he lived in Colton Alton Talton told a road he had a wash at the station and then left his suitcase in the left luggage office with a man whose hand hand was deformed a with it having been directed by a woman he got on a bus at or near the station but then go off it when asked to pay the fare because the conductor conduct did not know the place he was looking for you go to off in Scotland road spoke to two or three people and walked into a sweet shop asking asking for directions he was told to go back into town because he had come to far he then walked back to join st but could not find the right he had a meal and then came upon a man standing on the steps of a billiard hall to whom he tried to sell a watch but was told he could not go upstairs because the premises will licensed. He abandoned his search for Mr Aspinall it was then the town rati made the decision to leave Liverpool for real where he had previously met a man named John. We thought would be best chumps at selling the jury Hanratty informed the court that he knew John from the fairground at rail where a month prior hit also John for a job on the bumper 'cause he had nowhere to stay Guy John had given him a bed and lent him a pair of shoes and Rati was supposed to pay John back after starting work with him but hanratty already disappeared and they hadn't spoken since so from Liverpool Andretti said he boarded a bus to rail around seven thirty pm in coinciding with the time Valerie and Michael or at the old station in tap lie you arrive shortly before dusk is the Morris Morris minor entered the Cornfield two hundred miles away and Rati couldn't remember the name of the guest house he had stayed in Israel but he recalled hold it is being near the station and the landlady was middle aged with gray hair USA remember to co stunned in the hallway and an asper district replant in the attic was a green bar. The following morning is Valerie. Storie was found semi conscious in the Labor of the a a six and the hunted begun the attacker Andretti said he left the guest house and spent the day looking for John Without any luck one of the reasons John may have been hard for Hanratty to track down who is that his real name was in fact Terry Evans. You spend one Komo night in the same guest house before boarding a bus the following morning back to Liverpool having not sold off the goods this point the second day <hes> into the hunt for the killer the day the gun would be found on the bus and Rati said he went to the Cinema Liverpool to see the guns of Navarine and and attempted to see a local boxing match the eight forty pm he sent the telegram to Dixie from the phone hole near the train station before full boarding a train back to London the also added that he had recalled two men he had seen on the train from Houston London to Liverpool the day of the murder one of which had gold cufflinks with the initial e engraved Hanratty's reasoning for making up the Liverpool Alibi was the seeing as he never saw anyone he knew in real he was sure there would be no one to vouch for him and no way to confirm his alibi is instinct when speaking speaking to the police on the phone was that surely one of his friends offenses from Liverpool would have helped him out. That was the reason he had travelled to Liverpool after he. I find Scotland Yard telling superintendent tycoon is he was sure someone would give him. His alibi was any when he got there he found that no one would would agree to lie for him. Iran around not sure what he was going to do and that's when he decided to go to Blackpool where he was later arrested. Uh An rotties barrister would save the change in alibi quite it is often said that hanratty changed his alibi from Liverpool to real and that is really not quite right. The substance of the Liverpool Lullaby was always maintained. The the defense team presented the jury with the differences differences between James Hanratty on the murder. There was badly a comment that the killer may during the hours in the car with Valerie and Michael that matched hanratty's life he was confident driver was not on the run into anyone's knowledge he had never been violent. Let alone committed any sexually motivated fighted crimes. You would seem that Hanratty had no motive whatsoever for the crimes the element that matched his M._o.. Was the costume with Valerie in two other witnesses having picked him from the line-up plus the fact that he had blatantly lied about his alibi Andretti's outcome did not look good Andretti spent four hours in the witness box and after being cross examined he'd had been on the stand for ten hours he denied being the person who attacked Michael Gregson Valerie storie rule the man seen driving the Morris Minor China denied that he had made up the new realize boy the had confessed to anyone in Brixton prison that he was the killer the agreed that he died his head dark t- tried to remove the die from his hair off to becoming aware that he was a suspect in the crime for which they were looking for a man with dark hair hanratty said quite the man who committed this crime was a maniac a savage. I am not a maniac of any kind and decent recent try to live respectable life except for my house breaking and at another point Hanratty was quoted as saying in this case I have three friends they all my council on my family. The rest of the world they're against me. Hanratty claimed that the police won't questioning him not allowed him to read and sign his own statement and Hanratty argued that some of the things they claimed he had said he had not when the prosecutor Mr Grim Swanwick Q._C. questioned Hanratty on whether he had tried to buy a gun prior to the attack and whether he had done so Andretti karate said he'd never had a gun and if he wanted one he could easily go to Soho in by one for ten or twelve pounds but he never did. It was just talk. The man the prosecution were alleging he had bought a gun off was someone hanratty agreed he knew and they'd had a conversation about the fact that jury business business wounds getting old hanratty had mentioned that he would quote get to shoot and go into cash swanwick suggested that Hanratty had used a US this new toy as he put it to hold up the couple but hanratty argued quote. If I did wanted to a cop pocketed a Cornfield I'll be looking for bank or show pole somewhere where there was some cash when questioned about Langdale the prison informant Andretti ratty said quote I will put it straight to you as I put it to. My Council Langdale is walked with me on two or three occasions Langdale came to me of his own free will and he asked me facts about the case which hundreds of other people have also asked me. I remember quite plainly him asking me what I was in forward to that. Effect are told in quite plainly the suspect in the A six. This is the only dealing I've ever had with that man later Hanratty said that every word that man is put to the court is a complete pack of Laws Swanwick Acknowledge Hanratty's new alibi and asked if it was true that he wished to locate these new people from rail and the train the man John from the fat ground the woman from the mysterious hostile the two men on the train from Houston one with gold cufflinks did hanratty really think these people are going to show up now or a swanwick post. Would nothing happened because the new alibi was nothing but an invention panarotti said quote. I put it to you quite frankly. Mr Swanwick the you'll suggestions suggestions are wrong in every way and I only hope that this next week that I will be able to prove to you that your suggestions are outrageous in time for trial they were able to find the landlady landlady of a bed and breakfast fitting the description who believes she remembered hanratty. Staying there some time between August nineteenth and the twenty six also the investigators for the defense managed to track down John the man Hanratty was looking for at the funfair. John's real name was Terry Evans but he agreed that he was also known as John to some Evans confirmed he hadn't seen Hanratty at the time but assisted the investigators in in tracking down the Guest House Evans took the stand and denied that he would be someone to get rid of stolen goods. He agreed that he had met Hanratty Ezekiel Ziadeh Elliott testified and admitted the T. would have been able to introduce hanratty two fences. Mrs Grace Jones believed leave the Hanratty had stayed at a guest house. It was unsure about the dates as a hotel records was shown to be improperly kept when pushed on hi bad record keeping it became obvious that the owner may not have recorded the stain a room that probably shouldn't have been rented out. It was a small attic free essentially a bathroom with a bed in it not a real rim. That should have been let out paying guests in that room had a green boffin. It is James James Hanratty mentioned following lunch. The judge coulter back to the witness spokes Yaas if she had spoken with any other witnesses says during the break after rule he had warned previously not to speak with anyone. Mrs Jones said yes she had spoken to Viteri Evans but they had only discussed going back to the hotel for lunch. When the prosecution came to cross examine Mrs Jones the judge judging form to the tidal so called the man she spoke with who told him that they had in fact discuss whether she had recognized Hanratty Mrs He's Jones was presented as an unreliable witness? She had captain correct Lok books who's unsure of dates and now lied to the court <music>. None of this helped ten <music> <music> when it came time for Mr Justice Discu in summing up of the case he reviewed the evidence presented by Detective Superintendent caught and reminded the jury of all the criticisms of that evidence by the defense taking up a total of ten hours spread over the last three days of the trial he reminded the eleven men of the jury that quote he does not have to prove his alibi. The failure or otherwise of the alibi does not make him guilty. The question of credibility is essentially and entirely a matter for you you saw the battle go on witnessing council and you have to say Alston's the credibility of Superintendent Tyco now that the dust of battle is blown away and we can see things perhaps in a clearer perspective because that is how you have to view it. He Open Directory stated that he did not believe the case against Hanratty was strung up just prior to the jury exiting for deliberations they requested a transcript of the precedings will though in current times at twenty plus day trial is the norm of the time it is important to note again that this was the longest murder Detroit in Britain so the amount of evidence and witnesses would have been unprecedented for any jury the because the transcript would include things discussed is not in the presence of the jury. This request was denied that the judge did let them have a list of witnesses there were also allowed to have the exhibits and so is the jury sat to deliberate they was surrounded by the one hundred thirty six pieces of evidence including the revolver after six and a half hours the jury made requests to the judge Vara letter. May We have a further Reasonable doubt even mean meant the Hanratty's verdict and life lay in the hands of eleven men who needed clarification of the time in such a complex case it was obviously a concern to the judge they will sell how to request and because of this the judge had hat to reassemble the court again without the jury and nervous Hanratty was brought up after his counselor told him what was happening as as was customary. Andretti needed to be present to hear any requests of the jury and this request after nearly seven hours of waiting to hear his fate was read to the court for all council to approve the judge read the jury's request allowed. Is it possible for us to have some tea. Deplace objections <music> nine ten PM after nine and a half hours of deliberating the jury had reached their verdict. They a unanimous. James Hanratty was guilty of the murder of Marco Gregson. No one in the court would need to wonder walk. The sentence would be wearing the black cap justice. Kuhlman asked Hanratty if he had anything to say Panarotti replied loyd quote. I'm innocent my Lord and I will appeal that is I have to say at this stage it. It was announced that James Hanratty would be hanged. Bedford prison tatum on March seventh nineteen sixty two that night hanratty's Defence Pau tout a public appeal for a man who might have been in Hanratty's carriage on the train from Houston to London London on the day of the murder revealing he was wearing gold cufflinks in grave with the letter e an appeal was immediately launched which which postponed the date of the execution the completion of the troll meant that photos of Hanratty could finally be circulated in the hope of finding finding more witnesses prior to this. It was not allowed a man named Michael Dacosta contacted the defense. He explained that he he believed he had been on the same train from Houston. He was not the man with the cufflinks news enough in the same compartment. Dacosta was an actor and because of that he recognized dyed hair especially as it was so uncommon to see a man with it the defense found the police had withheld held information from three of the witnesses before the end of the trial a week before the trial ended a man call to say he had seen a photo hotel of the landlady from rail in the Sunday Times Christopher alarm and was a local taxi driver. After seeing the photo of Mrs Jones ends he realized he had very likely seen Hanratty at that time in real two three women from Real Mrs Montfort Walker Mrs this is all Vincent and Mrs Betty Davis All three said the tone the evening of August twenty second just as it was getting dark which matches hanratty's righties new testimony that he arrived in real from Liverpool that night just before dark. He knocked on each of that doors looking for a place to stay the defense team took statements from everyone in order to present to the appeal after the trial that ended Terry Evans the man Hanratty was looking looking for at the fair reported two more people had approached him about Hanratty the cafe manager an a newspaper seller both of whom recalled hanratty searching for a man nine June <music> <music> Hanratty's father James Senior it spoken to the daily express reporter Ian Brodie for what would be the scoop front page feature bro deal they manage to interview Valerie storie a forgotten figure. It was still recovering from her injuries and preparing for life in a wheelchair. James Seniors spoke could be sons to lives and the accident in James's teens. The T. solidly believed was the turning point in his personality. James's father expressed his anguish and shock over everything stating could never figure out why he became the black sheep because he was so good that in so many ways it's not sympathy. I'm seeking numb with shock. James Hanratty's defence mounted an appeal. It'll before the court of criminal appeal but the new witnesses would not be cold. It has been said that the defense could not risk another loss of faith the possibility of unreliability as they had seen before the appeal was filed on the following grounds that the verdict of the jury theory was unreasonable or at least could not be supported by the evidence the judge found properly or fully to put the defense's case to the jury the judge misdirected the jury as to the evidence and failed adequately or properly to some upon the issues raised upon the evidence adduced by the Prosecution Asian in regards to the fast grounds of appeal one of the appeal judges stated as follows there was abundant evidence which if accepted set by the jury and support the verdict in relation to the second point but the judge did not summarize all the points of the defense it was noted that with the size of the trial and the number of points of evidence or testimony that was no way the judge would be able to touch on every single. The point is said that it was not the judge's duty to do so to that extent. The following was stated quote. The summing summing-up was clear. It was impartial. It was no tiny fab but favorable to the prisoner and contain no misdirections of law no misdirections in fact on any of the important issues in the case. The court is of the opinion that this was a click case and rotties appeal hill was dismissed on March thirteenth nine thousand nine hundred sixty two two days later and Rati solicited wrote a letter to the Secretary of State. Thanks for Home Affairs with new witness statements and other documents in support of petition for a stay of execution on reprieve by at this time a petition of reprieved guarded ninety thousand signatures but it was no use the reprieve was refused. The penalty upheld eld and ready was told he would be hanged in three weeks. It was later found the Peter out on it written to the daily Daily Express newspaper stating the T. believed Hanratty was innocent and supported a reprieve. You'll save wrote a letter to the home. Secretary stating being killed Hanratty rotties friend shells Dixie Franz you had long with his wife and daughter been a witness for the defense I've had been receiving anonymous and distressing cools about Hanratty's innocence. The assumption was that the caller was pita alpha. The police were either ignore Alphonse admissions of guilt because they had a conviction will they were absolutely sure. Alfond did not do it Dixie. He would reveal to police the conversation he'd had with Hanratty about disposing of stuff under the seat of a bus. It was a shame that dixie intentionally get hanratty into trouble with that information not mayor of accidentally told the police that Dixie Dixie it suffered long term periods of depression and since the trial had been particularly unwell about the time the reprieve was denied dixie rented a room in Acton west London. He wrote a height full night to Hanratty. Although it never said the T. believed Hanratty to to be guilty and letter to the coroner stating the terrible home his family had injured because of Hanratty dixieland use. I wrote to several family members before he suicide by gassing himself in the flat he had attempted suicide twice before <music> <music>. Hanratty awaited his imminent death. He was visited in his cell to priests. Both priests would like to tell Hanratty's father. They believed he was innocent. The priests visitation is no tiny to give the last rites to the prisoner. It is also a final chance for a person of the Catholic faith whom Hanratty ratty firmly wants to confess their sins and be absolved according to Catholic faith quote with sins absolved the believer would gain heaven without absolution death could bring the spiritual pain of purgatory will the eternal damnation of hell. Oh he never confessed to the priests he continued to declare his innocence James. This hanratty senior who stood by son's claims of innocence lighter told the B._B._c. the Tony's last visit with Hanratty he sunset quote dad. There's only one thing I want you to do is to clear my name tomorrow morning. I'll take this look a man my pin this onto. May I want you mom. Michael Richard and Peter Never let anybody say of Rome word about me. I want you to clear my nine. Two hundred people gathered outside Bedford prison on April fourth nineteen sixty. Two preparations were made eight inside for Hanratty's execution tight. I am he was dead. You would be one of the last people to be executed in Britain. The following day reef would be laid at the gates of the prison by the man who had organized organized Hanratty's petition for Krief <music> <music> Valerie storie stood solidly by her identification of Hanratty as the killer and the man who who raped her after leaving the hospital she returned to her parents home in shipping them where they would make adjustments to accommodate her wheelchair. She would remain paralyzed from the shoulders down and be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Valerie started did back at work the road research lap and began working at a local women's institute when she would like to become president that she helped other disabled women in the community <music> small group of people at formed a committee ninety six defense committee. I tape pay attempted to assist Hanratty's defence. It was the committee you're driven the petition for reprieve and was supported by groups cooling bowling for the abolishment of the death penalty. It was after Hanratty's execution that the committee began a campaign to have him posthumously exonerated it. An rotties family were integral. Jane Senior and Hanratty's brother being fists activists. Then as time went on the committee grew with campaign is made up of members of the community journalists politicians who believed wholeheartedly in Hanratty's innocence former Bouma M._p.'s for Valerie Stories constituency joined Labour politicians Joan Lester and Fenner Brockway and investigative journalist Paul Foot misbelief Peter Alfond was the real killer and therefore Valerie's testimony should be discredited then list of claims against ow fun as taken from the World Heritage Encyclopedia hours follows. I'll phone resemble. The identikit peaches more than in Hanratty did when stressed alphone lapsed into a cockney accent now for never produced convincing alibi he provided a more credible mightier than hanratty could he was a poor driver and pull for obtained a copy of his bank account showing the town fund receive payments in cash totaling seven thousand five hundred sixty nine pounds between October nineteen sixty one in June nineteen sixty sixty two now was able to account for five thousand pounds of it at the time an accounts clerk in London earns approximately one thousand three hundred pounds a year so that amount was around four years average wages. Your phone have no idea where this came from the campaign letter written to the Home Office a few months after the trial revealed that Oh by the judge was fair. There was not enough evidence against Hanratty you to prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. There was anger that the reprieve was denied. Even though as it was revealed later the jury was not might aware that Hanratty had been certified as a mental defective. They believe that alone should have been grounds for reconsideration shortly after the execution. Peter row font came forward exhibitionist or not it was a man who was confessing but was assumed to be lying Lyra not that didn't seem to be any indication. That's a thorough investigation had have been conducted into the validity of Alfons claims in May of nineteen sixty two information would be given by phone which would impart impart former dossier written by politician a six committee member Fenner Brockway and sent to the home secretary every member of parliament and the press in July nineteen sixty three alfond had admitted a confession to his barrister after which he began writing detailed be confusing anorectic notes on the crime and he named Mr X. man he was now claiming initiated the killing scribbles with imposed on to the a six committee. Var remind who had begun speaking without them privately gene justice justice was a businessman who developed a keen interest in the case he began a friendship with ow fun for the sole purpose of extracting the truth from him. Maybe even a confession over the months that followed justice would take detailed notes on his conversations with ow fun and recorded their telephone refund calls towards the end of the trial and phone found out that justice had been recording him and it was his anger at this that he said to have caused closedown phone to begin making threatening phone calls to Dixie and his own barrister written on hotel notepaper numbered point full the notes made by alphabet appear to be the beginning of a more detailed confession to come the first few points read as follows one obtaining meaning the gun to frame up in Vienna our new nuts reason for this frame altering the register Alabama with my mother planting cases Brune twenty four when ron was out asking nods if ron at left and three slap at gun but Hoping Ping not to commit murder at that time but well in the mood for it points go onto ten in a similar fashion after which he notes more of detailed bullet points about the crime itself one comcast lights lit up faces twenty minutes after Gregsten too. I arrived in car about nine thirty three left. Approximately eleven thirty four drove to lay boy by a roundabout route five. I say shut up. I'm thinking my planet six fight about ten times at her seven trove off about three o'clock right ripe Valerie twenty minutes after Greg Stein's death knowing five shots at Gregsten at point blank range ten said kiss me before raping her when she was in front seat eleven thirty eight Enfield Revolver aw twelve past attempt to Cornfield. The problem was there really wasn't anything on this confession that hadn't been revealed either the trawler in the press shortly after this how fun visited Hanratty's family these words wanting to compensate them for the death of their son. They threw him out and in the heat of the argument. Alfonse physically assaulted Hanratty's mother Mary on November Ninth Nineteen Sixty five almost three and a half years after James Hanratty was hanged England's England suspended the death penalty for murder making it permanently abolished in nineteen sixty nine. The last person hanged in England was Peter Island Ellen in nineteen sixty four interestingly the House of Commons continue to hold a vote to restore the death penalty during each subsequent parliament up until nineteen ninety-seven this was because other crimes which will not acted on still carried the death penalty such as espionage until Nineteen ninety-one and trees it until nineteen ninety eight the year the act was abolished in its entirety <music>. Peter out phone would would return to the spotlight in nineteen sixty six with an explosive public confession to the media from Paris the confession of guilt once again so you're saying that someone close to the Greg stands at offered him five thousand pounds to scare the couple on one of their trysts in hopes of ending Michael and Valerie's Valerie's affair. This was why according to him. He had five thousand pounds in his account. This was the explanation for the other person. Hm Ah Mister X you. He said earlier initiated the killing. He said that another man obtained a gun for him and that's evening. He went in search of the couple. alphone visited the old station in where Michael and Valerie had a drink which explained a reported sighting of in there by the pubs landlady as well as a local man who had met our phone once before he came forward to save that's evening. He had seen Peter out on marsh lane. Close close to the cornfield during the drive as Alpha unexplained he gave Michael Gregsten two chances to escape but in his words this quote each time the bloody man kept coming back according to our phone at the time of shooting Brixton. The Gun <unk> had accidentally gone off any panicked. It was always believed that the murderer wasn't inexperienced person of the crime excitable and of unbalanced mind the man who could not control his own sexual urges and when laid out the description that fits more closely to Alfond than it ever did a handwriting. Alfonse claims continued the contingency plan. If the gun was to go off was that he would travel down to see a man dispose of the gun which he did the man he was to go to if this occurred was Charles Dixie Frans Alfons Klein dixie had a grudge against Hanratty for having a relationship with his daughter and so it was him you planted the gun on the bus the cartridges in the hotel L.. If this was true does that explain how Dixie new to us the trick hanratty had told him to dispose of the gun under the. Backseat on the upper deck the bus the I six committee continued to points out that the police refused to investigate alphonse confessions and credibility in the light of the new evidence from simply taken the list of facts from the case that he knew to be true from the trial and crafted a story around it or won't his confession real that year the BBC program Panorama presented the case including extracts of the types exchange justice had recorded with Peter out phone by that time fourteen people at come forward to support Hanratty's real alibi now Sean stood by this confession until withdrawing it again in nineteen seventy one when he changed it to Hanratty being the person to have been hired to frighten frighten Michael Brixton and Valerie story with the six murder being the most high profile and controversial murder case of the year the committee grew with high profile supporters. What is coming on board? Nineteen sixty nine was a particularly poignant time of social unrest and anger towards the establishment it. It was a time of protest time of distrust in nineteen sixty nine hanratty's parents visited a friend of theirs in Scott John Cunningham John live nearby to John Lennon Yoko Ono and he believed they would be very interested in meeting the Hanratty's Hello John Lennon and Yoko joined the ethics committee campaigning in helping to fund the coors by you'll say pledged to make a documentary tree with apple films about the case to back up the campaign. The company did release the documentary cool did Britain murder Hanratty which had one public screening in London in Nineteen seventy two but neither John Lennon Yoko Ono were listed on the credits on December eleventh nineteen sixty nine outside the Kensington Odeon in London fans was celebrating the premiere of Ringo Starr's movie the Magic <unk> Krisztian when they were surprised by John Yoko carrying a banner that read Burton murdered Hanratty a few days later in December Zimba. John and Yoko arrived at speakers corner in Hyde Park with Hanratty's parents ready to protest his innocence and support James Hanratty seniors he made his speech speech. The couple walked towards speakers corner guided by minders covered head to toe in a white sheet then was was quoted as saying at the time the people who executed Hanratty the same people who are running guns to South Africa and killing blacks in the street <unk> photographed in the back of Lennon's White Rolls Royce covered in the same sheet small signs sang silent protests join Yoka Okay and a very stunned Mary hanratty sitting alongside in nineteen sixty seven following a panorama television program on the case but then home secretary had appointed a senior police officer to undertake an inquiry into the alibi evidence you but he reported that the conviction was safe. It was the investigative journalist Paul Foot who put forward an argument in nineteen seventy one on the HANRATTY's execution had been claim miscarriage of justice and Hanratty's parents would bring forth an action for damages an appeal was launched launched with part of that quoted had these years light by writ which is Dated Twenty Third November nineteen seventy. Hey James Hanratty's father and mother bring this action against Lord Butler for damages. They bring it out of the prison representatives of James Hanratty they say that if he lived he would have had cause of action for negligence in not looking into the matter properly they claimed damages for loss of expectation of life life. The reply was in part as follows on behalf of Lord Butler. The Treasury Solicitor's applied to strikeout Roy countless action on the ground that it discloses no reasonable course of action against him we must therefore approach this case on the assumption and I hastened to say that today's Leeann assumption that they was negligence on his part on that assumption the question is whether such an action laws against the home secretary when capital punishment for murder existed in this country wants a man has been convicted of murder sentenced to death and his appeal has been dismissed dismissed. The sentence was inevitably carried out unless the crown exercise this parochial of mercy for these reasons. I agree that the appeal it should be dismissed by this time Peter row fauna decided to withdraw his previous confession twelve twelve years after the execution the committee came into possession of the original statement made by Valerie Storie in hospital. It had not Kim revealed to the defence who referred to during the trial or the appeal Valerie that originally stated that the attacker was in his thirties then in her second statement change to him being in his mid twenties the first fitting out phone and then the second in line with the changes of is nice was more like Hanratty. An rotties parents visited the home secretary who according to an interview with Hanratty's youngest brother Richard said that he could have free James Hanratty I._D.. Not already have been hanged in nineteen seventy four the then home secretary the honorable Roy Jenkins inkens appointed Lewis Halls Q._C. to conduct an inquiry and by the April of the following year Q._C.. Horror it concluded that the case was quote overwhelming the conviction was once again deigned Saif used followed so the campaign continued by the strong and dedicated view in nineteen seventy nine James Hanratty senior died nineteen ninety-two to mark the thirtieth anniversary of Hanratty's execution a channel four documentary. It was released in Nineteen ninety-six. They were cools for posthumous. Pardon then Home Secretary Michael Howard received a report from a senior metropolitan for politics police officer concluding his belief that Hanratty was innocent throughout all of this Valerie's story stuck by a witness testimony sure that Hanratty had been the man to rape and kill Marco Brixton quite identified the guilty man look in his eyes and he looked in mine. I knew who he was and he knew that I recognized him. I'd found the guilty person before Jenny gregsten passed away nineteen ninety-five she continued to strongly deny any involvement or any plot to have her husband and his love of frightened or scared off as our fun. It's so publicly craned over the years however she had become less convinced of James. Hanratty's guilt CI believed it was more likely that Peter out phone was the one she killed her husband <music> in nineteen seventy five an righties mother. Mary was sorting through his these things. When she came across an old birthday caught she opened it? A blood donor card listing blood group details belonging to James fell out. She realized that although he was in a blood type the car had been marked with a number one next to the box marked are H- h negative which indicated that he was racist negative these made him more ref form of o blood type in simple terms. Rhesus factor is in inherited protein found on the surface of red blood cells. If you'll blood has the protein you are are h- h positive if you blood lacks the protein chink you all hate negative factor can only be found on the surface of red blood cells if they were able to determine if the biological logical evidence held in the fall did not match. He's alright status. They may be able to prove hanratty's innocence nineteen ninety-seven would see the third official inquiry Ari into the case of nineteen sixty seven and nineteen seventy five after the review on March nineteenth the Home Office face referred the case to the newly established Criminal Cases Review Commission. We're biding skit. Shed the investigation the commission then conducted his own inquiry into the original investigation enough serious flaws in the investigation were found to warrant the reopening of the case six by which time they were huge advancements in forensic testing hanratty's family would give over their DNA and white eagerly to to prove the justice system and made a terrible mistake. The documents specialists found the pages were missing from two of Hanratty's interviews the exact ones where he believed they had written the things. He said he didn't as well as omitted things. He believed he did site throughout the investigation into the documents alone is reported. They found two to three thousand undisclosed statements detective superintendant tycoon Chinese Deputy I._P._T.. Kenneth Oxford were found to have withheld crucial evidence not just of Hanratty's interviews but of other witness sightings and statements and Alok Book look the Morris Minor in March nineteen ninety nine the Criminal Cases Review Commission had found enough evidence to refer the case to the court of appeal there was seventeen grounds of appeal a few of which were one of failures by the prosecution to disclose material Tiriac to the defense to the conduct of the Identification Parade of which Valerie Storie identified James Hanratty in hospital three the interviews themselves and the note taking in four four grounds dealing with directions given during the course of the judge's summing up but one based on strict standards introduced since one thousand nine hundred sixty to a portion of the appeal record which address changes in standards handed Xanthi D._N._A.. Results read as follows in addition to raising factual issues. The appeal is required us to consider issues of law which are of general general importance as to the role of this court in relation to fresh evidence relied on by the prosecution as well as the appellant be appeal it also raises the vexed question of how changes in standards over the years effects appeals against convictions following trials which took place prior to those changes we will deal with these issues after we have set out the facts the court noted that the family had adopted a very reasonable and constructive attitude towards the appeal but they were limits to how far they could cooperate now whether there was one matter which they sought the opinion of the court they would be in the interest of justice for the remains of James Hanratty too big zoomed to make it clear beyond doubt that there is an established link between James Hussien Valerie Story. It was one of the victims of the attack the link would be established by comparison with samples which would take in from her underwear which had been subject to d._N._A.. Testing so far the D._N._A. Samples which have been used for comparison with the samples found on Valerie stories clothing losing all those provided by Michael Hanratty the deceased brother and his mother as a result of that process and the recent advances loans in the use of D._N._A.. Techniques it is possible to contend that the most recent analysis shows that it is two point five million times more likely that the appellant the pilot was the source of one of the three DNA profiles detected on the underwear of Valerie storie than anyone else not the profile from the underwear matches. She's the profile from a handkerchief which was used in connection with the weapon. Clearly analysis already gives strong support for the prosecution that the the appellant was the source of the D._N._A.. On the underwear and the appellant proposes to contend up a hearing of the appeal that there is a real possibility of contamination nomination over the exhibits. This is a case where in considering the interests of justice the court has to take into account not under the issues which will be before they scored but also the concerns generally of the public in regard to the Hanratty case if the appellant has been executed for an offensive which he was not guilty but he's obviously a matter of very great public concern it would be desirable for James Hanratty to be exhumed in the interests of justice. James Hanratty was exhumed and his D._N._A.. Taken by two thousand and two but Vons D._N._A.. Analysis had enabled testing of the handkerchief for D._N._A.. The handkerchief was what the gun had been wrapped in when it was found also and possibly of Har- importance new testing would be carried out on Valerie's underwear which seminal fluid had been found on the first previous random testing. It's shown a high likelihood that the seminal fluid had a high chance of belonging being to someone related to the living members of the Hanratty family this time in two thousand and two comparing to the DNA extracted from the exhumed remains the D._n._A.. On the underwear was found to be a perfect match. Thus in the courts is proving Hanratty's guilt the lease for the ripe the hope that DNA would solve the mystery once and for all and lead Hanratty's innocence at ended as for the recess Lisa status of the biological evidence it can only be achieved that they were unable to determine if the seminal fluid contained R._H.. Factor not without male wildblood to test and only fifty road likely degraded fluids Basan seems to never been put to rest what was in question Christian. However was the pool handling all the exhibit by this time the evidence had been in and out of storage for fifty years? The defense responded immediately the exhibits were likely to have been contaminated showing that Valerie's articles of clothing had routinely been boxed hanratty's clothing thing as well as the handkerchief that was wrapped around the murder weapon Mr Nigel Sweeney he Q._C. opened the case for the crown in his words. In relation to the DNA found on the underwear worn by Valerie quote one finds the pollens denying precisely the sort of major profile role which is to be expected if he was the donor of the Siedman which the murderer left at the scene The D._N._a.. Profile on the

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Get it now for just three bucks and get a two dollars sausage mcmuffin with egg or one dollars small hot coffee all from the one two three dollar menu simply your breakfast at McDonald's prices and participation vary canopy combined with any other offer Combo Meal Rico Rico welcome talk is Jericho. It's supply of thunder and rock and roll and the home of the Kagins joke of the week here we go Chris Jericho. It's defecating calling you from my Seattle Washington. I hope you do well. You know yesterday spotted <hes> Albino Dalmatian it was the least I could do. Thank you very much goodbye. Yeah I liked that one. Get it. I spotted an albino. Dalmatian was the least I could do think about it. Eh Duff always doing great to be on time calling and jokes every single week no matter where he's from or what he's doing thank you to rock and Roll Hall of Famer Duff Mackay Gin and thanks to Joey Ryan and his magical Dick for making everyone laugh this year as well actually a very controversial both in the ring and out a lot of people on social media not happy that I'm having Joy Ryan on talk is Jericho. Today and others are ecstatic that I'm having a Mama. Guess what it's my show. I can have on whoever I want nonpartisan here if you think Joe is controversial and check out this interview if you think he's very entertaining and check out this interview and if you think neither don't like it then skip to the next one that's all I got to say about that but joys and tell us all about how it became the King of Dong style. He's also talking about his w try it. Why didn't work out the Inter gender matches? He was doing with candace Laura before society then exte- and his current role P._W._g.. Let's go Joey Ryan. The controversial Joy Brian King of style get started right. Now on talk is Jericho so doing this job for so many years it's rare. There's people haven't met and I'm not sure if we met before <hes> I think a couple times when I was an extra me but immature you see a lot of extra but not officially I think there was there one time when they you and matt were extras or something like that or like from the Young Bucks Yeah Yeah I was. I was young bucks with the young bucks but even I mean I was. I started doing stuff in like two thousand five them so and became friends with dreamer. I know I think one time with you know sitting with dreamer <hes> but yeah I mean those are always remember because I was a fan of yours so that's that's what I was asking so. This is actually really really cool so basically the first time ever joy. Ryan Jericho is here on the air which is cool because I've had other times before like I had Jeff Cobb on the other day and I met him for the first time in my hotel room so a little bit more of an awkward situation but this is really cool because there's when you hear <hes> and follow kind of what's going on with you know wrestling outside of W._v._U.. For example the name Joy Ryan comes up all the time especially over the last few years so many things that we can talk about but one of the big things and this is going to be doing today is is bar wrestling and this is your thing right yeah you know <hes> so I- wrestle for pro in Japan and they have a lot of <hes> promotions under their umbrella and I did <hes> show for them called tavern wrestling out there and you know the Japanese audiences a lot more reserved their lot more. I guess quote unquote respectful. You know they're they that but this was like a party with a wrestling ring and it was the cheap tickets cheap alcohol and it was wrestling in front drunk. Japanese fans were screaming and hollering like you know like we're used to over here in America and it was just such a cool feeling as my favorite show I did over there because it was so different and they felt more or less the most like home there and so I just kind of a borrowed that idea I can you you know standing at a bar tavern right and it was a yeah it was you know you just standing on the shoulders of giants took that idea and brought it home <hes> and it was kind of cool because you know I started p._g.. With five other guys so you started p._W._g.. There's five of us we do two thousand three. We started it and who are some of the guys that involves those Super Dragon next caliber Scott lost disco machine me and top gun tower who's who's WHO's Super Dragon Super Dragon he <hes> well him and excalibur the ones running it now everyone else's kind of gone their separate ways <hes> Super Dragon <hes> he doesn't wrestle anymore but you know <hes> early two thousands thousands he was very <hes>. I've heard that name Yeah Yeah Yeah. He was very like <hes> influential is one of the first bigger indie names to pop up. You know just a bunch of so cal guys yeah. What was your concept for V._W.? Gee just became once again another one of those companies you hear so much about it so kind of under the radar and and that's the way you guys they wanted it to be yeah. Definitely you're supposed to be more more of a punk rock vibe but yeah no is so six of us. Were there was a lot of stuff going on in southern California in early two thousands like X._p.. W and then there's another promotion motion called epic pro wrestling the popped up and they were like these big money promotions that had promoters didn't really know what they're doing and they would you know they would hire all these yes men and get such drive their money two or three shows in and be done because you know that's the way wrestling sling mud wrestlers are very opportunistic right <hes> so we just kind of got tired of dealing with the people who didn't really know they industry in granted. We were only about three years into the industry at that time so I didn't really know anything but I thought I did. I thought you know I I know I know wrestler's wrestling I don't need. We don't need any of youth right. I don't need to promote you know we don't need to promote so we decided to run our own show and we brought A._J.. Styles out for it was the first time he was in <hes> southern California. Maybe ever or at least a very long time <hes> for the debut show and it was just caught on in a enough people bought tickets and bought the the V._H._s. copy of the the show get money to even afford A._J.. Between your own selves <hes> Yeah we just we all we all pitched in the six of us all pitched in I. I think maybe five or six hundred dollars each. We gotTA cheap venue cheap. Bring most went to A._J.. <hes> A._J.. Obviously wasn't commanding the kind of money he is nowadays Japan of a thousand bucks or write whatever it right after budget right right everything you know a lot of the other so-called guys though think A._J.. Was the only flight that we purchased at the time so <hes> you know it was just something that we thought you know we could do and you know. Actually that's not true I think Matt Cross was on that show too so <hes> still very minimal minimal expand yeah yeah yes so <hes> yeah and we just brand one show and it was successful enough to run another another and another and just became a thing and like kind of lightning in a bottle kind of deal <hes> but as the years went on you know you know a few of US dropped out stop up wrestling when our own our own ways and <hes> you know. I just decided that I wanted to kind of do something on my own you know I wanted to try my own ideas and not really have to you know I'm I've obviously I'm more character driven. I'm more maybe comedy based to than the P._W._g.. Brand so I wanNA bring some of my ideas to light that. I didn't really have the opportunity to with P._W._G.. So that's why I started by wrestling <hes> which essentially you know like the show in Japan. I hope feels like a party. Oh by the way there's wrestling you know so. That's the idea what was just to go back to P._J.. G When did you stop being involved with P._W._G.. <hes> when I when I signed T._N._A.. And I was exclusive there those back <hes> in two thousand eleven Jonah say <hes> because back then T._S._a.. Guys can work indies. I left the promotion because I had to <hes> and then I did. I was in Tina for thirteen months which is which is a funny story to as well as one of those things like you know. They signed me for a year with a year option and then you know when you're was up. They sent me a fedex saying hey we're going to pick up your option and then a month later they called and fired me <hes> so thirteen months fig if the option to fire yeah so thirteen months <hes> <hes> I was in T._A.. Okay and then when I came back to the indies I started again but I had I didn't come back to doing any office duties. You know like I 'cause I was part of the machine before and then I left for a year and they you know different people picked up the different jobs and who's running smoothly and growing doing still so I just came back his talent at that point and then <hes> I guess that would have been what two thousand thirteen when I came back and then <hes> probably two thousand fifteen. Maybe doesn't sixteen months my lascaux. I guess Russia's is being when you mentioned Peter W.. G. became a thing what was it that made it a thing because like I said it was this point still but when it was in that theaters Reseda <hes> yeah I mean we're came. I think around two thousand six so about three years in we we started doing shows but <hes> but you're selling out like in five minutes the way not back not back then if you look at some of the videos there it's it's pretty empty the rooms pretty empty. <hes> you know I I've done peanut g shows in front of seventy fans back then I guess what made it become the thing where yeah so fast <hes> I guess maybe I mean maybe because places like cream honored and travel out west so it was kind of the West Coast Ring of honor <hes> it was just you know and also because I think excited to California Southern California specifically is kind of an island on its own so it's <hes> so it <hes> <hes> league no one really paid set so you could use these guys that were under evolved contracts because evolved in care and you can use these guys under Tina contracts and bring him honor you get all these three matches that would only take take place there because <hes> you know obviously you know. Evolve in rerun are working together to or letting talent work each other in New York because they're that's their territory but California so far away from everything that you know you can have Tina guys <hes> <hes> you know which at that point they <hes> like A._J.. In Daniels stuff they you could book them through so <hes> because it was west coast where they didn't really go to not on T._v.. Right right yeah so so a lot of stuff got under the radar than <hes> which was creating these dream matches and moments and then I mean I think it's just the the whole you know boom of social media and stuff in the footage being available faster you know <hes> I think that helped a lot too because you know when I first started wrestling getting into wrestling you know if I wanted to see a show that an independent show that took place in New York. I'd have to show it have to happen. I'd have to wait for you know ARA video to put it on their website is probably not even website there little means that they would mail out and and then I'd have to order it and probably get a third generation copy of it you know and then I watch it six months after it happened but you know you used to do that yeah yeah for sure so you grew up a big fan. Yeah <hes> you know I obviously I grew up in L._A.. So we didn't really get much W W A. R. N. W. A. Here. We were so we're very W._F.. You know centric and then when I started learning about all that other all these other wrestling I wanted to get you know tapes and see how the bigger scene I remember. We did one show for W._C._W.. In L._A. at the forum I think when I was there were you there. I was there like the W._w.. Live Saturday night or something like that yeah. IOS They're wearing probably some W._w._f.. Shirt Curson W._W._e.. Fans because you know there's there's the divide near the loyalist right you divide that you had to the right yeah you definitely there was no. There's no crossover <hes> so yeah <hes> yes obviously growing up in L._A.. I was a guy <hes> you'd get it so evola time. It's my childhood I don't you oh my emotional connection was with Hulk Hogan Ric flair. You know what I mean so <hes> the same group in Winnipeg Canada where there was no end W._w._w.. Back then yeah it was all you know Awa switching W._w._f.. For sure yeah so I mean it's just what you grow up. Knowing your environment. I mean I guess <hes> so yeah and then probably around high school age. I kind of started to maybe junior high age I started to kind of like be too cool for wrestling a little bit. You know like I was like Oh I you know I'm doing other stuff now and then <hes> my older brother actually. Ashley introduced me to E C W which kind of brought me back wrestling because that was the cool like edgy like Oh. This is for adults you know I can. I can watch some feel cool. I'm not watching you know trash man or hockey players festivals wrestlers over that is the truth though even working there there was so much more of a the vigilante vibe to know for sure for sure and <hes> Yeah W. brought me back into it and you know I remember going to the U._C.. W show in L. A. too when they did the <hes> Grand Olympic Olympic I think I think it was an Olympic. I can't remember exactly <hes> you know C._D.'s brother <hes> so yeah. No I yeah so I I mean brought me back into it and then obviously that attitude era and the Monday night wars became cool all in a thing and you could wear your wrestling shirts school and be proud of it and and so in and then I guess after after I graduated high school and was going to college with real no no real direction is when I decided to get into independent interesting earliest train at a school train with <hes> Jesse Hernandez. We believe you're familiar with just you he. He was <hes> he tried to get called. Mike Lozanski yeah and we went there. I think worked out one day and of course years later is trained by just your tonight is Chris Jericho not really i. I remember like obviously they're going to. They're going to build up when I first went there. They like I think they they didn't say they didn't they weren't pushing that they trained you but they got you ready to go to Mexico or something because of workouts houseguest accounts like are you ready to go to Mexico and become a star in ninety one but I mean those big selling point too you know I was actually Chris Jericho drinks. They definitely were good about getting pictures of the guys that you know. Just you're not as a billion yeah <hes> they were both together when I started but shortly split after and I stayed with Jesse and it was just doing ever seem around he is doing the ring for the shows for bar wrestling Oh night he's he's. 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Is that going to affect a company like P._W._g.. or even bar wrestling when there's less people out there that you can bring into have these matches it could in in theory <hes> the young bucks were able to get ring of honor to okay them doing p._W._g.. Right so and so and then other ring of honor guys were like Hey. Why do they get to do it not us so we have honor except for P._W._G.'s? The only one in the in the states hates <hes> you know because they don't travel to California <hes> so they got that okay now. That's in every ring of honor deal so P._G.. Visit Yeah. I think it's part of the deal that they'll have is that you know the one west coast promotion you can work <hes> but yeah another exclusive is I mean but I think I feel like wrestling just rolls with the punches and like you know you take you take all these guys off the market and it gives opportunity for new guys to step up become stars and you know I I you know obviously just pulling examples out of my head but you know w signs Adam Cole and pulls them off the market and then also M Jeff is here to step up you know and you know maybe the opportunities aren't as prevalent if Adam coastal taking all the intervention looking right yeah I mean there's a lot of guys out there who just need opportunity. I think <hes> you know so far. It's it's been it's been okay I mean people bounce back and found guys and and fill the voids. <hes> I mean it's definitely a hit because those guys are established stars so <hes> but I think you know I think it's there's not the moral of this doomsday for independent wrestling but when you started the bar wrestling where we like you mentioned you wanted to tavern Resi sign Japan's. What was your first show <hes> the first show Khudai bring in for the first show <hes>? I'm trying to remember remember. He's like a juice Jeff Cobb Willie Mac Brian Cage Lot of guys. I knew from California <hes> I did bring in Matt Cross again. <HES> EVILY CY brought out for the for show Candice Candice Wasn't signed with Kenneth Ray wasn't signed with annex t yet and her and I were doing not weren't entertainer team yeah so <hes> which is so rare that your Energy Jenner team but you weren't just assumed you guys were dating. Do Yeah Way goes right. You know what I think a lot of times though because like when we were first establishing being a team <hes> it were there wasn't really humidity. Jenner teams going around. I'm not I'm not saying that we you know brought the fad wrestler but <hes> you know we did. We did a few things like we started a youtube show together because we wanted people start branding together as a team is really supposed to be a one off but then we got t shirts made in matching gear made and we just kind of ran with it <hes> because we wanted people start thinking with the other and try to push this idea that an inner gender team could be a team that could travel and Russell Guys Russell girls do whatever <hes> so. You know. There was a lot of speculation we didn't. We never really clarified. We you know we weren't together but did for for the idea of branding us together we didn't we let people speculate and we didn't like you know so there was there was a lot of speculation I think still to this day. There is even though she's very clearly married to Johnny Gargano. I think there's a lot of speculation there still but <hes> yeah no we just kind of let it let let the let people think what they wanted to just. We've been best friends for you know almost fifteen years now so just kind of a thing where <hes> we just decided we want to wrestle together. <hes> so when you're talking about you wanted to bring some some of the comedy elements is to it and that's a part of of the bar wrestling styles well yeah even tonight. It's called Three's company. Three's company Trios Tournament named Three's company yeah the lettering stuff. I mean obviously a lot of your personality food. Don't give me sued by whoever ever own three's company. I don't think they listen to this. Okay Norman Lear if you're listening don't do us <hes> but what does the other things that you've done that are different from what you might see in a normal show. I guess I mean I don't there's no championships <hes> there's there's no story lines. <hes> I try to make wins and losses as minimal value as possible which which maybe doesn't work when you're trying to you know renaissance promotion but I just want like people will be go and have a drink and not have to worry about <hes> you know what happened last show between these two here eating. I just want people like let their guard down have a drink now have to think just watch wrestling and <hes> so the matches themselves are standalone. There's no I mean there might be a story line for the night like when we we <hes> we had cal can do some stuff with us yeah so we had a horse will come out is the disgruntled health in like. I hate Christmas Christmas time show. I Hate Christmas. I hated all look. We Got Kevin mcallister here. I hate your movie. Blah Blah Blah so he started like so the theme of the night was like he he came in with like a group of the heels core trying to steal Christmas decorations up they tore down all the decorations so the whole night was like the the the people trying to steal Christmas against the people that were think maybe solely gnarliest shoes on the show so <hes> so we in at the during the main event we had <hes> you know a Horn Swat Glenn <hes> you know <hes> Peter Avalon Array Rosa's the heels in the knee and Candice and Dick Justice who's playing Santa Claus as the babies and in you know the breasts went down and weapons came out and then like Oh can you know rolled marbles in the ring and the heels that the big flip then he climbed up on the top rope installing a bucket down and hit horn swath and he did all this home alone trick or did you have a bucket hanging from the rafters <hes> no we actually did I could candice on my shoulders and she held like the string and was was connected to it and then he just wanted to he he got up on the top rope and just swung it down. Orange beat the wet bandits hordes fogle right so you know there's so there was a story line for that night specifically but from show to show there's typically diet and like I said there's no champions rankings. There's no real value behind winning. It's just you know go have a good time. STANDALONE show we won't be able to come and hang out for a couple of hours have some drinks and have some laughs and go home. Yeah I wanNA take advantage of intoxicated audience the the more you drink the better use of the show is don't think destroying so many shows do you do you do as a monthly thing or uh started out as a monthly thing and then so I was running the shows in Baldwin Park which is about eighteen miles east of l._a.. <hes> because it was venue is cheap. Even you know they had to bars in the venue and they loved it and they were they they eventually you know because they were making so much money on the bar now. They loved having us so we're doing monthly shows there <hes> and then these places in L._A.. Started <hes> seeing like Oh. You can draw because we oh the other thing is I run Thursday nights because I don't WanNa take work away from myself because I'm on the weekend. I'm usually booked every Friday Saturday Sunday so I don't want to have to turn down a booking to to work my own show so I started doing it so I just said. Let's try Thursdays and Thursdays Tuesdays. were hit <hes> especially in L._A.. Nobody you know every other going really on a Thursday night right. Nobody nobody you know and nobody has real jobs. You know to get in college. Kid takes the Friday class <hes> right so <hes> you know so but these L. A. venue started. I'm saying like Oh you can draw on a week night. You know so they started hitting me up in. They're like hey. Can You bring that show to us. <hes> so I've now I've ever run in three different venues. <hes> last year I had I did twenty shows in over the year this year probably do a little bit more several twice a month sometimes last last year around three times in a month which got a little bit hectic but just Wednesdays and Thursdays and it's just <hes> you know as long as it's going. Well keep doing it because I I usually only use my friends too so it's not gonNa look up right now. <hes> the actual name of names of the teams Oh yeah yeah yeah tonight <hes> I can't slow callan censored the actual website the actual three's company the trio's that will be involved so these most of the most of your friends yeah you know 'cause I don't want to deal with drama. I don't want to deal with like you know being held up or being like I don't want to deal with people who need to be like if I if I have to have to have someone said at the airport for an hour because I can't get them a ride. I don't want them to be icon in screaming. I'll be like hey you're going to be there for the next hour. Sorry sorry so like everyone I book is a friend of mine or somebody. You know that that won't cause me to what's your drama and you know. I think that's helping me run. these shows because if i if it was a headache every time i did and i wouldn't want to do it because that's the thing like we'll get to the names of the great names here but the for me even with with the crews that i do we did one and our doing another one the last thing ever wanted to be was the promoter and having to deal with this guy wants this guy wants this cabinet this guy refused to do this i'm like i don't care you can't do that if you okay calm down would you like sir let's let's make this work where it's hard to do and how now that's something you ever wanted to be a promoter or <hes> i mean i got like i said i got a taste of it pretty early with p._w._g. stuff <hes> right yeah but <hes> you know being solely in charges is a different animal and i find the hardest thing is that everybody wants to work so and there's only so many spots so you can't tell somebody like hey i just don't have a spot without sounding like hey i don't think you're good 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these people booked then finding the team yeah kind of yeah i'm a few of them are regulars but right right <hes> so when you're thinking dance with wolves i need three would get here the handicapped superheroes that's <hes> zach gowan only has one leg no that was gregory iron a gregory iron is his bell's palsy that what he yeah his all the yeah i've heard of him before yeah yeah he's great he's great joy ryan i mean superheroes i have a superpower obviously we'll get to that heart is emoji that's a good name jake atlas ray rowe haas and heather munroe conroe high risk wrestling they the highflyers <hes> they are and that's also a nod to the young bucks promotion that they had when they first started they they call the high risk wrestling victorville and brandon cutler was <hes> who's on that team was he's he's one hi there boys is easy i think he's got enough for a w. two for double or nothing yeah brandon cutler yeah he's going to be no one he's one of the <hes> he's one of the the buckeye bucks'll buddies used to so many similarities between the hardee's and cardi brothers hardie boys and and the bucks i don't think that's an accident but yeah you're right exactly both of their own motions and all this sort of stuff and here's here's yours seoul land of the lost and just soroush which is the best name jungle boy and solo darling are you prehistoric as well or creature features jungle by are you from jungle boy he's he's also a w oh that's right that's correct how soroush actually <hes> follow him on instagram because i love the idea source so so so you guys are kind of these creatures out there look out <hes> people tonight the real deal deal brown andy brown and willie mack looking at the real on their sex and violence killer cross scarlet ricky shayne page what is ricky fitted with scarlet killer ricky's <hes> he's best known for his death match stuff he he's not pigeonholing that environment but he's he's not afraid to do violence he's kind of like he's kind of like a <hes> jimmy havoc i guess known for that stuff yeah the carney's carney's carry awful nick iggy and tripp cassidy yeah they're based out of nashville <hes> you know they they're i mean they're they're getting buzz in india india a little bit yeah so i brought him at one time before and you know it started running back because they're you know there's three of them so it works for the tree the tree or for three's company <hes> i liked the name nick iggy carney's as well two butchers in the blade wow that sounds dangerous tyler bateman pepper parks is an anti williams yeah <hes> pepper parks was braxton sutter in for a little bit yeah like a stripper that he's the date and early nineties andy williams is from the band every time i die oh really yeah i've heard about him yeah nice yes so he does wrestling hall very cool yeah i've heard about in that's awesome and then the watts ness monsters those are probably the least creative name because it's just watts and the rock ness monsters but they named it to be fair they they came up with that one guy just called watts lots yeah it says it's his last name but yeah he's actually real names erik watts but he doesn't go by that because for the best right right i owe him he was was in one of the tough tough enough yeah all right exactly the point being very creative sounds just reading those names for tonight show sounds like a fun show yeah down here you booking it like like putting the graph down the grid and these guys are working these guys and those guys were these guys it's i'm actually very lazy about it so i just like you know kinda come up with it at the last not last minute but i i put it together and i just decided i kind of look backwards i want the finals to be and then go backwards from their crack the whip man you got to be the boss i know i know actually probably in in probably the worst idea ever had for tournament i thought wouldn't it be awesome if i had the show opened with the winner celebrating in the ring you beheld on each other's shoulders just big parade and then all of a sudden you hear a record skip and and everyone stops and then one of the one of the peoples in the in the trio's voice comes on the p._a. says i bet you're wondering how i got here and then we visited and then we just start the tournament that's a great idea so we give away the finish and then we just show how they they won i think that's a great idea i love that it's like that on seinfeld that you don't know what's going back z. kramer's got the giant you know the little bit of a lollipop and it's the show goes on the lollipop gets bigger and bigger and bigger and then you realize that the end it was reverse yeah i think that's a great idea all right well actually i think we should if it's more wrestling hustler right right it wasn't there wasn't there a thing for me is at lucia whom i whom i did those shows last week still the same violent complete wacky yeah they're they're more of a variety show actually a cody rhodes call them the best the best kept secret in wrestling shows so fine they draw huge numbers the two thousand people <hes> the south of mine theater in downtown l._a. and they've been running the mind for years three years yeah yeah yet even went there that weakened i was here for that w w show value that yeah yeah because i mean they've been around a long time <hes> but yeah they they variety act does burlesque dancing it's wrestling it's comedians because sim body has that to the freakshow wrestling show wrestling this kind of another one where it's like the ghost of michael jackson whitney houston channels that's he he does more i'd done a couple of he does more he books wrestlers and then gives them i guess brank hendrick does that two books books wrestlers and then gives them personas that he comes up with his gotcha krazy twisted mind so <hes> you mentioned earlier it's funny because they see you with a beard now it's like before you were you had the stash comes and goes comes and goes comes and goes how did the whole joey ryan porn star well let me go back to the you mentioned that i met you a couple of times w tryouts i never got a gig <hes> just never had any interest or were you told anything or so i mean i guess when i was doing extra stuff back then <hes> i mean i guess never really came close to jamie coming up to me once that like when he said he said when you're our size you have to be perfect <hes> so meaning that like you know you get if you're giant six foot five football player you get a little leeway they'll they'll give those guys way more tries as ourselves so you know if but one of my favorite dark matches are i guess it was a velocity match i had was silvana gronyea because it was in l. a. and people in l._a. know me and like so i'm doing the smash and he's putting heat i'm you've got mitch and lock in the crowd starts chanting joey and i'm just like this unsigned extra it in my head i'm like all this amazing like how can they this is awesome strategy denial <hes> josh mathews put throw around commentary this crowd is behind joey ryan and i mean i'm so pumped in i walked to the back through gorilla position and i don't know if they did this on purpose to screw with me or nearly nobody watched it there was nobody guerrilla watching the match not even restore who agent did it nobody was watching this matt and i was like l. o. <hes> aw he's gonna watch on t._v. yeah right i'm sure they'll want sat down to watch velocity together but it's dinnertime velocities on <hes> i guess the closest i ever came was probably after i left china when you got fired they fired heard you they fired me but like i say let me well i guess it's the same thing isn't it got in trouble no i didn't <hes> it was i was told us budget cuts because so they were filming they were doing orlando every week and <hes> bischoff decided that it would they wanted to take the show on the road <hes> and run different arenas than the arenas weren't drawing well at all and they were just like bleeding money and at the at that time they didn't resign r._v. they didn't resign matt morgan they let me taylor hendricks and a bunch of christian york a bunch of us go because there were bleeding the money in my i mean i to this day i was i always i'm always like so like tina wasn't doing great and nothing sting is an amazing i in so cool in wash my matches and gave me input when he didn't have to and i want to put over how much i love hosting but when i think about what they were paying thing to not draw to like in like five hundred grand a year right like nigel mcguiness once said it was like a it was like a starving family sunday cut baked beans out of the diet and but keep eating filet flaming yawn like but it's the great one great so <hes> yeah but so that can derail you they let me go <hes> you want me to complete the story with how transition almost a w._w. job <hes> i literally was let go in july of two thousand thirteen that month i was invited to to be an extra w._w._e. <hes> and regal liked me and raw dog like me and regal called me and he said hey or no he no he i think he had somebody call me <hes> they said we have a tryout in august because i at this point in twenty thirteen everybody's going to the performance under news tryouts that's the only way to get a <hes> we have the trout this trout in august and <hes> or are we have one in december and you can you can go to either one but mr regal would like you to go the august one so i was like okay assignment for dogs so i They really want me fasttrack and then I go and do the tryout and for whatever reason and I've heard some things since then before ever reason <hes> Bill Demont doesn't like me at the tryout and he kind of put the it boss on them signing me which actually got a pretty depressed in like wanting to quit wrestling <hes> for a little while but him so close right yeah it came so close and I thought here's an opportunity like regal likes me. Roy Dog likes me but and you know it's I mean I guess it's kind of like when you know the young bucks didn't get scientists book tied-in like you know like a similar story so you need ten guys to sign off on you but if one guy doesn't it's the last person the ear hears Yeah Drake Greg Greg Greg Greg great is bad. It's bad yeah yeah so similar somewhere so you know that that kind of got me down a little bit <hes> you know and I really did almost wrestling after that but we'll keep you going it was it was kind of a thing thing. We're so I did my try out. I laughed. I knew Domon didn't like me was already depressed. I went home. I actually did a show with drake younger. She Jake Aren't younger. He's a referee and annex t now of course they don't have a real effect. His personality will help. You got real positive guy and I wrestled him at B._G.. And he was just so energetic and just like hey I got this ideas where we're gonna you know we're going to pull out LEGOS and act like their thumb tacks and like you know in. We're going to shit hurts. Fully I think I'd rather do thumb tacks than Lego <hes> but you know he just that and we were just having fun and it was really fun match in and it kind of like okay well if I if I if I change my goal if my goals no longer w if that's off the table I'm just going to wrestle for me and have fun with it and do you know and just be more open ideas and not worry if W._B._Z.'s watching or do not worry about if you know if there's any reactions negative. I'm going to wrestle for me and have fun. <hes> shortly thereafter is when Kennison I started teeming which was another thing where I might have been like oh you shouldn't I you know we're doing this inter-gender things W._w._e.'s P._G.. Now they're not. It's one thing that I might have thought not to answer. I it turns out. It doesn't matter because they still send Kansas but <hes> but you know it's one of the things where I would have and it's hard to get me think about wrestling differently because now we're doing this Inter gender tag teams where you have to think you. You can't just rely on what you've done because you know you're obviously a man and a woman teaming so there's different elements to make it make sense because you you know I think the audience is capable of some very deep <hes> suspension of disbelief but you don't WanNa straight out insult them. I don't want we don't can staff do strike exchange with them right. Exactly you gotta make it make sense. Yes they're willing to play along with you. Was it was the the Ta- <hes> Tessa and Brian Cage master those wrestling match no well we did. We did the rematch bar circus. Yeah I watched that match and that's a perfect example. You're not having tests punch cage in the face or vice versa yeah yeah but you can make him very entertaining match around those rights use your momentum leverage <hes> and you can make it make sense in so that now I've now got a total different creative outlet for wrestling and I'm thinking about wrestling differently and Kenniston arrogating better notoriety success. We're traveling a lot and now it's it's kind of open. It's Kinda restarted wrestling for me because now I'm having to think about wrestling in a different manner and then I still don't really know how but <hes> or who recommended me to them but then D._t.. Wrestling called me depressant called me in Japan and they wanted to use me and I started going to <hes> Japan for them and that's when the <hes> the the penis thing becomes a thing. I'm let me just do that. It's very interesting story that you say that because you guys are you know still panther. Obviously the story is still panthers the same as yours they were rock musicians on the Strip for years came. Close Ralph was in so many bands everything bombed and they finally just went like screw it. We're just GonNa have fun and that's it. We don't care anymore. We're not gonNA ever make it or are very slim. Less just have fun and do something completely different and now the playing arenas same vibe when you don't care that's when you start having fun and fall in love with the business again and then people like you said it's infectious. It's it's true it's you. You know so you need to talk about the G._D._p.. And then the story of Yes we Ryan Dick Wrestler dead famous dead Dick Wrestler little on obt when I mentioned your name Yeah <hes> so obviously the characters very my characters Surrey porn-star House and there's a wrestler in D._D._t.. Named Anshu Gudino who is and the political correctness in D._T.. In Japan is a little bit different I he he plays he plays a gay character but he does very much like <unk>. <hes> I'M GONNA freak out my opponents by being gay maybe in overtime by being over the top goal. This was in that which I mean maybe I'm looking at a glass full but I think when I'm looking when I'm watching it I'm like Oh. He's so proud of being gay like this. How this I don't see it as a negative <hes> but maybe I'm just trying to justify my head? I mean he's very confidently gay but also in Japan. It's a different different attitude towards the gay people there than there is here sure sure sure so there would be like a whole touched your ass here here in ninety seven th twenty years behind yeah yeah and so he he does this thing where he you know restaurants and he grabs his opponent by the crotch and you know the what why why you got and then he like Suplexes emmerling dragons do leg lifts them by their Pena's uh-huh and he you know in so that's kind of a thing there and we're we're we're going to wrestle for the first time we're an opposite sides of six man tag and they kind of David press conferences like all the you know. The Porn Star Guy is GonNa Russell are gay guy you whenever take this whole big thing and so we were trying to come with some ideas for it and you know he pitches to me and this has been giving him full credit for the idea <hes>. What's his name a Dan Hsu Coutinho Dan should I do believe Dan Hsu translates to sodomy not no wonder percents <hes> Japanese speaking fans can clarify talk is Jericho and so he suggests he just broken English he says <hes> maybe I grab you but maybe you know sell because American cock is so big and so strong you know because he's he says the Japanese guys all the time and he wants to play off the stereotype okay okay and then we come with the idea where like I bumped him instead and it's our opening spot of the six man tag and it's not we don't think about it more than that we go in? You know like he grabs it. I flipped him. Whatever we go on do the rest of the match in? I'm pretty self critical when I watched myself back. I'm like Oh this look better. This could have been better but when I watched that match back that thirty second clip made me laugh out loud and I was like okay I got I got to put this. I gotta cut this thirty seconds out. Throw it up on twitter right and I did in like you know within hours. It was everywhere it was insane. It was on E._S._P._N.. It was on <hes> the soup it was on all these new sites. It was on a Stephen Colbert was on it was literally Everywhere Rolling Stone Sports illustrated needed it was insane. How like how viral this video went and you know? There's no. There's no manual for that. There's no like Oh what to do when your video was viral so I was just trying to you know push in and capitalize on as much as I can. I thought you know what I'm going to get a good two or three months out of this before forever. Which shows was that on? You said the deep Romans Yeah you said it would yeah. It was on <hes> the soup on e entertainment. It was on Tosh Plano on comedy central. It was on <hes> highly question on E._S._P._N.. What are they showing this? They're showing New England showing like yeah like Oh look at this happens in Japan and like you know some of them put like a little blur over like where he's grabbing me and stuff but he made it on the soup. Yeah did make it. You know it's funny on the soup is they had and I'm GonNA forget factors names but they recreated it with <hes> putty <hes> <hes> from Seinfeld David Warburton and <hes> Asian guy from the hangover. Oh Jong Yeah yeah yeah they. They recreated it in in studio with them. Saying this is Joy Ryan owners just nameless guy. I feel like you know getting over here. <hes> but <hes> yeah so you know and I said okay this is awesome. Get like three months out of this before everyone sick of it and and then but it's it's just kept going and going and no pun intended growing and it still is to this day and every few months it'll get hit like another viral spin. Get tagged a bunch of times and I don't know who's posting it. That's new or whatever and they'll just get this you know and it just go crazy and and and you know the one of the biggest things I ever got was like everybody was would say like Oh. My my family knows I'm wrestling fan so he sent me this clip so it was like all these people that were just getting sent this clip and you know and then so I just try to try and capitalize on decided like I I was GonNa make like my penis weapon and you know I was going to base my entire matches around trying to get somebody to grab it and you know and it was just funny and it's silly and it's but it works and I think the important thing is as Joy Ryan in the ring the character wrestling hustling. I'd I don't treat it like a joke. I don't treat it like it's comedy the secret that is the secret I I'm very serious about you grabbing because I want to hit my right right. It's my stone cold stunner. My you know my pedigree or whatever it is. I have to hit my move to win the match hat so I need you to do it and so I'm very serious. There's no tongue in cheek. There's no like look at the fake thing. I'm doing because I in the ring. You know I don't ever treat it as if it's not real or you know fagin. It's it's actually you know I I think people appreciate and then like you said that's the secret is that you get people to believe in committing to it right right and you know and and it's still like I said it's still going and it's still getting me notoriety and it's everywhere and it was like and even on all in you know I didn't even oh I didn't even Russell match with hangman. I just came out and did the flip and ten thousand people were chanting rest and peanuts you know because I came back from weight. Well you also didn't just come out. You came up with a bunch of giant on but that was all story based. It wasn't the being the elite was that the hangman page murdered famous Dick Wrestler Joy Ryan Yeah my first appearance. I'm being lead like say we can. You just see it. Didn't you kill famous Dick or whatever has okay cool but that was the storyline in that world that leads you big return <music>. I'm genus yeah yeah yeah so that's all just like I'll just commitment to the character because like I said there was no mean hangman had a deer long rivalry feud with no match there was there's been no match for treatment hangman and people still into it you know and it's just it's like it's a testament commit to being the lead or the youtube stuff or getting characters over on in a different way. You know I get into my opinion on this I want to ask. Does anybody ever been able to counter the do you have is. Is there a name for the move so when when I I did it I got sponsored by you porn <hes> really yeah they call you up they. They called me up and they said hey we want to. We want to sponsor you. You know we'll send you swag. Blah Blah you know wear it out in <hes> in the way I would name the move after them so so that was the U._p._n.. Complex for a while but that <hes> that those that sponsorship the the deal that time period ended so now people just call it the deck flip Dick Move. I guess <hes> but yeah has it been countered. The only person so far that has not been unaffected by is my wife because it makes sense that she wrestler she's arrested. What was her name? Laura James Okay so it would it would make sense it. She was she's actually on being the elite as the Joy Ryan's hot housewife. Okay that's her. That's turn famous wrestling <hes> <hes> so when I've wrestled with her before she's unaffected by which makes sense in in Moore's than she wouldn't be should sell for my penis okay so there's a lot of controversy on the Flip Lipa. Some people hate it like Jim thinks the scour the wrestling world others love it like me. I think it's pretty funny but before we talk about the controversy this move is causing. Let me say a quick word about something that everyone seems to love at least everyone who tries it. tomoe Diamond Dallas Page's his DP Y. Program. You guys know I do DP. Why all the time after matches after Fayza Gigs after plane rides <hes> I got the DP why now APP on my phone of still got the D._v._D.'s as well as those sometimes but he's the most of the time now and now Dallas is doing something really the cool with his d._U._i.? Program he's decided to make every day. Veterans Day DP DOT COM. Every day is Veterans Day D._W._i.. Dot Com all of the D._W._i.. Workouts and the D._W._i.. APP or fifty percent off for past and present military members fifty percent off if you are or have been military go check it out now a d._U._i.. Dot Com own your life start today and if you are or have served in the U._S. military in the past remember you get fifty percent off everything at d._W._i.. Dot Com thank you for your service and now Dow's is going to help you feel better and getting the best mental and physical shape or your life. Let me say this okay. So there's a lot of contras they got it pops my right away substance Yep. Hates the concept gives ruining the business but to me. I want to get your opinion on the second when you see it. At first it's ridiculous it's funny but also committed to it. WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN Mr Salko bill and Scotty to hide? He's the worm and the bush-whackers battering Ram with the head stink face to stink face to face the number of times and believe me the last thing you really do is sit there with your face and some guys asses rubbing back and and the Dick Flip. It's it's the part of wrestling like it's the same thing as going. You're killing resting because you hit the ropes and ran back to me if you did that in the middle of Kenny Omega Okada sixty minute draw no right but in the context of what you're doing how is that so much different from the stuff that George General Steel was doing thirty five years ago that everyone loves biting the turnbuckle and licking you and Brian knobs rubbing your face into his armpit. What do you think about that? Have you ever spoken to Cornet about it or people of that. Ilk <hes>. Do you even bother carrying what they think. I mean it does sometimes because you know I I know I know how hard I work. You know and I know the schedule. I keep and I know the effort I put into everything so you know I it it. Does it doesn't feel great when someone bothers you right if someone would have told me that when I started wrestling school you know that I got really successful at this. I someone would call me. A piece of shit on a daily basis probably respect Jim Burnett yeah at some point. Did you get it from him in a in a lot of other people you know it doesn't once I figured out that like you know it's just words on twitter or whatever like Jim coordinate can affect my bookings. He can't affect my pay. Nobody of any consequence really pays them any mind these these days not influencing any promotions I kind of had just have to let it slide and let him have his opinion. I don't need everyone to like it. I don't need everyone to be on board and by Joy Ryan t-shirts <hes> you know I'm I'm happy that people have their own opinions of it but <hes> you know it. Just it just kind of sucks Fox because like I think you could probably find a lot of hokey stuff that Jim Cornet. Did you know you know I mean I think <hes> you know he goes into the coin too and I jim is a good friend of mine. I'm just using him as an example but anybody who thinks that way we'll we'll also go and say these guys do way too high spots. They're GONNA kill somebody. They're gonNA kill themselves. They're gonNA land on their head. They're jumping through tables and take. Isn't this the easiest bump in the world. It's it's you know that's that's. The only thing is I always you know the Russians all about to get get the most out of the lease. A Yeah I mean definitely less is more right in savior bumps and all that stuff you're taking a front flip by yeah and it's not even it's required. You could do somersaults for real because a bump doesn't matter you know what I mean so saying. It's it's. It's so easy you're getting it was like I said Mr. Salko is the best example as make ever took. The flip make would understand that a million he pitched it to me by the way which was mind blowing we say <hes> I was wrestling in Ireland and <hes> you know when he was he was commissioner for the night or whatever and he was like and I'm got there in the promoter was like <hes> hey mix over in this room over here like he was like kind of in a separate room so he wanted to talk to. You and I was like okay and I I've known I've met him a couple of times you know previous to that and I and I go in there and and he's also so feel free to say no but I have this idea. He's like you know I'm after your matches over. We'll have the heels come out. Jump you and I'll come out and save and all you know. Pull Mr Soko Sako this Guy Sako this guy and then all you know and then we'll bump into each other in we'll turn around and I'll think you're one of the heels and you'll you'll think <hes> you know I'm getting attacked again. In all GonNa Throw Mr Soccer you jump and I and Mr Chocolate catches your deck and Blah Blah Blah and then you fire up and you flip is just right is the first he took after hip surgery to you so I'm like am I going going to re injured. mcvay Joe Millionaire Hall of Famer Mick Foley Calling my Dick spot to me which is mind blowing. I'm like yeah whatever you WANNA do make for fine. You know see you look for stuff like that like I remember it was in the royal rumble. He's just remember this the other day. Jack Gallagher is a an umbrella as like you know beat up whatever then then I'll go like this and stick your umbrella between legs and open it and then like spin it around and it's the dumbest thing but people loved and it's like I want to do something with that umbrella that umbrella needs to be used to inflict harm on me. Anybody who gets the business would love that yeah. I mean I would say that I'm probably the most old school wrestler there is because you know my finishers well protected. You know like I do nothing you know unless unless I'm all Santino when he did the Cobra Yeah Yeah he's he did it so real yeah that you know you take it and take a huge bump off in and you know he Santana didn't sound like it was a gag you know because that's the secret yeah now. How far can it go another contract that you stood up for him? Priscilla Kelly did the thing with the with the bloody tampon which is pretty gross thing but she took it out hit her opponent with her stuff in her mouth. Whatever <hes> as as a gimmick obviously not royal right bloody tampon but I mean there's a lot of controversy about that? You made a stand made a comment about that correct. Yeah I mean I. I don't like I mean if wrestling's performance art. I don't like censoring any heart you know and and she didn't you know she they were wrestling. You know in a bar in a bar chairman twenty one and older crowd <hes> and you know like if there's an audience for it because essentially we were were living in kind of a make believe world right if there's an if it finds an audience then is it wrong. You know like if people if people want to buy I think she really assured that I bleed for Priscilla Kelly if she wants to if she sells a bunch of those than is that is it over. Is it worth it. You know you know. Sometimes I do seminars and you know which I don't like doing because they don't feel like it's hard to tell somebody how to paint a picture. You know these guys do it but I understand that there needs to be some sort of structure but when I do seminars and I say like hey this is how oh you technically do ahead locker hadn't technically headlock takedown but if you can do a Shitty headlock and get it over with the crowd pops for you every time you do this shitty had locked that looks terrible but the crowd comes up for it every time then it works. It's whatever gets over. I feel like gotten wrestling. Whatever go get gets over? Is the quote unquote right way to do something. How did you feel this spot solo? I popped <hes> huge and my first thought was like well they. They must've talked about it. That's not real oh right that looks so good and it was flawless and I agree with Joey because just as much as someone like likes punk rock you know someone else likes classical and there's so many different types of music that they're also that many types of wrestling so so we should all be able to look at that type of art and there is an audience for that and they should be able to get that art stage for them. Everyone's okay with it. I think that makes sense too because because like if you're talking about some of those matches is that you see like the the garbage matches in Japan etc you'd have guys breaking lightbulb tubes over their heads and like getting stuck in real barb wire. I mean that's just as gross as as this scenario and far more dangerous you no so I I think like you said either going to censor it all or since none of it sense of the body slam or censor the you know the joy donell bumped from the top of the friggin school into the back of your pickup truck covered in you know glass or whatever it was you know yeah and I think like I think a lot of times people forget that like nobody forces you to watch any any specific wrestling like nobody nobody puts a gun to anyone's side and says you have to watch Joey Ryan matches if you you know if they're not a fan of them you know there's a lot of choices you don't have to watch. It's my stuff you know so I feel like some people feel like because it's under the umbrella professional wrestling that it that it's all that you have to be all for it or all against it but there's there's really degrees of. You know there's wrestling. I don't like that I won't watch you know or whatever you know. There's is just resting is such. I mean it's Cliche to say but it's such a carnival event. It's a circus. You know there's <hes> here's the Juggling Act. There's the clowns there's the Lion Tamer. No Pun intended <hes> you know you. Can you don't eat. Maybe you don't like clowns so you don't watch the clowns and you're GonNa Watch something else. It was great ahead Ricky steamboat on my show and he was talking about when he had the Komodo Dragon. He's got a Komodo dragon yet a snake at a bulldog yet a bird. It was like a frigging zoo back there but that's all part of the Joe if that's what you're doing you know yeah you. Just you Wanna I think as much as many different <hes> views as you can give an audience I think the more the better the show is I think it complement each other. You know I can I can go. I'M GONNA show show I'm actually wrestling Priscilla Kelly in in a show in Las Vegas in March that created kind of a ipso facto dri matching right right in the main event of that show is Tom Lawlor versus Josh Barnett. which is the complete opposite? You know these guys. We're GONNA do a you know a worked shoot. That's GonNa look great and it's going to be awesome. It's going to be intense and it's going to be all it's going to it's going to be the complete opposite but we I think the matches complement each other because if we try to rest like them which we can probably you know we you wouldn't be able to even come close to that style and making it look as good it then the show would just be the same. It'd be like everybody tried to do this. Great Show yeah is to have the diversity even at the Tokyo Dome this year. When you have Kenny Anton Ohashi they're going to be doing balls out? A false finished amazing. You know story so midnight or do I do. Let's do more of a violent street fight match. You have two great matches but two separate styles and that's what makes a good show. They complement each other right. I'm finished for your mass already dude. I'm GonNa tell you right now. She's GonNa <hes> you're going to coerce her to put her hand on the Dick. She's then GonNa pull the Tampon. Stick it in your mouth as you've got her control and it's going to be a battle of the Dick and the tap on and you're GONNA flip over. I think I think so when I usually you like putting the girl overnight and then she but you're the aging the mass we'll go see Mr Sarkozy with down and out man yeah but like you said that those are all the different styles and when you mentioned before that that just to forgettable would w._B._Z.. Thinks or whatever mainstream thanks kind of do your own way and obviously you're working like you mentioned every weekend and doing all this great stuff. What is your endgame continued doing this and trying to build on what you're already doing or do you want to go to more? I once I once they kind of gave the W._w.. Dream <hes> kind of stopped because it was like a goal ahead and then I didn't hit that goal and I got real depressed about it. I kind of figured if I if I'm more open to ideas if I don't set myself up for failure I don't like if I don't get here by a certain time that have failed then it. It just makes it more not only does it make it more predictable. My life of what's door could open next but <hes> you know it <hes> it just it just creates this lake. <hes> you know anything. You know. Anything's possible anything like any any door. Maybe I'll end up and W._N._B._A.. Who knows maybe I'll go to AWA? Maybe I'll go back to impact. Maybe who knows maybe we'll go to ring of honor and be a straight wrestler for who knows what tomorrow can hold. I've actually just at double or nothing weekend. We're going to do a screening of it. I just this camera camera crew following me around for about a year <hes> and they actually got Mick Foley stuff on there too and it was like a documentary candice leaving to go next tea and just my life is an independent wrestler at travel and I and I think it's it gives people real people real good insight about how just open I am with ideas and just how you know what like I didn't go to that Ireland show expecting to do anything with like fully fully pitching it to me and I think that is documentary really captures like <hes> it's called this is wrestling joy rain story which they wanted to call it <hes> Joey Ryan below the belt but <hes> I said No. We gotTA call it. This is wrestling so we could piss holiday period sure but it's it's a real it just it shows it shows just how wild west I guess the independent wrestling scene is and I watched a recently and this is really good and it's in the thing about it is that you're watching it in in your kind of forgetting that I'm doing stuff with my penis because you're just what oh you're in this world of wrestling and they're oh by the way he sees doing all this stuff so it came out really well but I think to your to your question and to your point I think it shows a real good a real good view about how just anything's possible and independent hustling and I kind of love that vibe right now. I don't know what you know and the thing is to you. Did what you had to do where you went then. It's it's my motto you reinvented and now you made your name bigger than it's ever been so you are. You're worth so much more to those other companies if view decide to go that route. You don't have to beg anybody for a gig anymore right right. I don't have to you know I'm I'm self sustained sustained yeah and that's the world we live in now. It's good time for the boys and the girls. There's so many to be boys are all. Your Point Nineteen. You have to clarify I don't have to. We're all the boys all the man but to me. It's like we're we're. We're even for me. It was always W._b.. I'm GONNA stay for the rest of my career and and then suddenly all these new doors open from Japan Awa. It's weird not to be there but it's not the be all end all now and not in a bad way. It's like you can go so many places and make a good living and continue to build your your your your legacy. I see and not have to worry about if I don't make it here here here. It's done for me as you've proven so. Many others have as well. It's just opening so many more doors and it's funny too 'cause like people try to say. Call me. The quote Unquote the Dick Guy as a derogatory thing thing but like obviously obviously i. I'm playing up being famous Dick Wrestler on being really. I like it because you know one day. I'M NOT GONNA be able to wrestle but I can do conventions and if something that's notable towards me or some notoriety like oh I remember that guy. He's the Guy Guy come in a world of here's twenty dollars to grab my Dick. Whatever whatever carney whatever it takes stick? I'm going to be doing in my sixties. You know if you're talking about ten thousand Russell's in the world and that's probably being pretty slight. That's probably the thirty thousand doesn't the fact that you're known as this guy pulls you out of the pack and I'll tell you what did you be able to do that. Move at seven years old logan had to stop doing the leg drop at fifty. You could do the Dick Flip till you're seventy. Don't worry about it last couple of questions a you. What is your favorite match you've ever had and be what is your favorite Dick flip that you ever gave Ooh <hes> and they might be one in the same <hes>? I guess I mean I guess a time periods. If that counts you know earlier early in my career I did I did an iron man. Match was which was with Super Dragon. Actually which which was I mean. I probably couldn't do an hour long match now and thirty nine but I did it twenty four and it's something that I'm proud of. I really Russell Jamie Noble once when he is short shorts stayed on the indies back in two thousand five. That's really stands out abson James Gibson yeah because he was always a guy that like I was a fan of <hes> yeah people forget that underrated but <hes> I guess in recent times stuff was up. Oh you mean the candidate against the young bucks guerrilla warfare match. We had the hardcore match we had a p._W._g.. People still talk about that <hes> and has got color and it's GonNa Collar. There was a big controversy over that too you know and it really established her. You know as someone who was my friend my friend for so long and then for her to like kind of niche or place in just being like 'cause that's when Kansas tougher the new popped up and Mike she she really like established her her brand of not being afraid and not being you know hoping extending up to anyone it was like a proud moment as a friend to and the match obviously young books are to the greatest in the world so and and friends of mine so that that might be my favorite match of all time if Dick Flip Favorite Dick Flip Oh <hes> I mean obviously the big <hes> I I think it's more not necessarily football more like sometimes like Russell Billy Gunn and I had to explain it to him because Billy Gunn looks like the guy he just tear it off if he wanted to write this is stupid right right or but he loves you know he gets so like may not necessarily the the the flipping action but just me having to sit down and just someone that you probably the main. I'm sure maybe you've never seen it before would wittiest am joy and working yeah. Sometimes I just pull up my phone. It'd be like hey this is my move <hes> but <hes> no you know I just tell them hey either stick where you know my penises my weapon Boban in. I guess I can't really bought this. Let me dotted on doubting or whatever the the Seinfeld. We're in a lot of seinfeld references air. <hes> you know Yada Yada Yada Yada Yada Yada. I'M GONNA flip. You might be in <hes> in the skip the no I was just it's more of like a <hes> <hes> hey if you're cool and it's always it's always me like hey if you're not cool with this and but I also anyone I'll be like hey you don't have to grab my penis. If you're not comfortable with it we can work around it. You know I wrestled <hes> Shane Obeys Ler and <hes> she and who Josh Gordon that's her coach and and she was like hey you know I'm fine with all that stuff but josh will get real mad at me if I do anything that makes wrestling look fake <hes> so we just plan to hold mass right kept trying to go for it. She just kept countering it. You know because you you don't actually you know as long as as long long as I can tell the story of that's my move. I'm going for it doesn't have to be you. Don't always have to go get it right. You know especially for someone like her with that type of Gimmick yeah she's not going to fall for that rain right right you know and it's easy with her 'cause. She's got all the submissions to so anytime I grab her to go put her in she she twists out of it and puts me in some submission. You know so it's it's <hes> just twist your Dick Right. There's the real finish <hes> but yeah I mean so so you know I've always preface especially with girls to say like hey. If I call any because I do another thing where I see the boob blacks essentially give German German suplex to a girl by her boom and I'm like hey if you're not cool with this if you're not these are things I do <hes> feel free. You're not gonNA hurt my feelings to say no to any of it because we you know I can call for it and you can uh-huh come girls are like I'm cool with it but my boyfriend give me give me shit right if I'll grab my boobs so let's find a go for it and have you grab my hands and counter out of it. Whatever as long as I call for people like Oh? That's the move you yeah yeah you know so I'm sure when I explain it to billy goat on. I was like Hey I do. This thing. Don't feel free not to do it. You know because he's got those big bear paws too so I'm looking. I'm looking at like you could do something feet tall. Do you could do some damage if you if you really wanted to but luckily he was he was really cool with it and <hes> and your Dick lived on semi anymore lip flipped to this day so the big show tonight. Are you ready <hes> Solo land of the lost yeah. I'm really pumped. What's your favorite match you ever had? I actually just had a really fun one. I'm tagging with a <hes> female known as Willow Nightingale and we are the bird and the bee and <hes> we have a lot of fun as you'd be be a little bit more interesting or what I can and I always go for the legs. It's like I'm going to stay in you. You GonNa Twist your legs up so much fun <hes> and we like to pick people up and put them down and we wrestled Kylie <hes> who'd be at A._W._S.. Yeah and she was hanging with any luck and <hes> I love when people are really pumped about an idea and and then they're also like well. I don't know if you WANNA do this like I thought of it and you can see they're really excited and they're starting to get taller about it <hes> and they they really wanted to start with a thumb war and I was just like let's just keep going with for our finishers like we all know each other and so we're just going to keep trying to do like like what we did. We call fighter flight which is Palm Panel of Moon saw and they do super-quick German so we just kept doing that and then the rest was just fun and <hes> we had such a great time and everyone was really excited about the thumb where that we took the two gator rolled out. They went all around the ring over the guardrail with the thumb. It was pretty fun to war with the new thing now I I have a a I tore all I've micro tears in my tendon my chest where connects to a shoulder so when that happened I mean so it's it's healed now and I'm physical therapy so that's why I'm working again but for a while I can work so a vote he was. He was hurt with his knees so we both on booked for this Australia tour and you know half the Australia you know his meat grades AIDS because they don't get to see us so can you please calm even though you're injured and cut a promo or something and do the meeting grades so call United States idea where like we do. I think when my thumb war we did Rochambeau another that we just staring contest. I think to just kind of like let's Rochambeau. Oh Shambo. It's a rock paper scissors. That's what it's called. Isn't it the rock paper scissors joyride. It's called. It's called <hes> dwayne paper scissors can I can. I change my favorite match answer to Joey Ryan versus Chris Jericho in two thousand twenty. Oh sure I do it. I'll tell you what I'll take. It might get it. I dropped down dip flick Dick Flip one-two-three. It's it was funny to mark. Henry tweeted that he would take it. I wrestled mercury. One time is when I was an extra on smackdown and he's always been pretty cool to me and somebody asked him about it on twitter and I would take things over the brothers get it. I'll tell you one last story before we go when <hes> Scotty was doing the the worm visser it went. I never taken that finish. Man Never taken that finish next week. He took the finish one-two-three so there you go always say you'll take the finish and deal with it there. Thank you so much famous Dick Wrestler Joey Ryan Arrange Darling. Thank you for having us. Here's guys thank you have a good show tonight. Thank you all right. Thanks to Joey Ryan August I that the American Legion post in Baldwin Park California is the next bar wrestling event in southern California and outcome the wolves will feature Scott Scott Steiner Tommy Dreamer Brian Cage Taya Valkyrie Lucia Soroush. He's going to be a future talk is Jericho guests. Jake Atlas a bunch more at bar wrestling on the twitter has all ticket information and joy rise documentary this wrestling the Joy Ryan Story. We just screamed at San Diego Comic on yesterday Joy Zeman screen it around the country follow him on twitter at Joey Ryan Doc to see where it's going to be next and we know we're falls is going to be going next year to Fauzi Rock Dot com at Fawzia rock on the twitter for that. I know we're going be <hes> in August Ville Connecticut with Nickelback August twenty second and Atlantic City New Jersey August twenty four th with nickelback once again and Fosse's unleashed in the West tour starts this fall opening for iron maiden in Los Angeles on September Fourteenth of the Bank of California Stadium <hes> we're also we booked a tour around September fifth is Denver six Colorado Springs Colorado and grand judge in Colorado on the seventh September Eighth Salt Lake City. The eleventh is Crystal Bay Nevada Twelfth San Francisco California Thirteenth Sacramento Mental California's Fourteenth Los Angeles Iron Maiden like I said Vegas on the Fifteenth Sandy on the eighteenth champion. The Nineteenth Tucson on the twentieth twenty-first is El Paso twenty-fifth is Dallas twenty-six Houston twenty-seven Hattiesburg twenty is it lads charge at the masquerade all dates will be supported by jared James Nichols and selected dates with sons of Texas. GO TO FAUZI ROCK DOT com to find all GIG and V._I._p.. Information you do not want to miss any of these shows or any of these V._I._p.. <hes> experiences if you are living in the area where we're going to be you'll come meet us. We'll play a private set just for you all right. We'll still going to be an interest Jericho's rocking ritzy part we are ninety three percents sold out less than seventy cabins left. You can see the progression Russian here. You know. This is no no bump steer. We're going to be clean. Probably I would say by the end of middle of September. I'd say so don't miss out get your tickets and cabins going Chris. Jericho cruise dot com elite wrestling has announced announced today as you saw the young bucks are going to be there <hes> as well as <hes> doctor Baker and Hangman Adam page. You'll be facing all out August thirty first in <hes> in Chicago. He's joining brand new roads cody Rhodes and M J. F.. Don't miss the on this man. You know it's going to be huge going to be amazing. Good Chris Jericho cruise dot com C. A. W. Fauzi Rick Flair <hes> kick axe Brad Williams at this newest is ridiculous Chris Jericho cruise dot com get all the information and join us for the vacation of lifetime and coming up a Wednesday. Make sure you join us. We're going to have another big shoe <hes> well. It's actually crazy pretty much under the cover of night <hes> my secret informant warming down is telling us all about how you are real. The government has pretty much admitted it via the Washington Post and it's just a matter of time before they announced the aliens are real living among us. This is true stuff straight from a government informant <hes> who contacted me very secretive way. He's going to beat her S._M.. Hughes his name his real name but he's going to be talking about how you have real on next week <hes> July twenty fourth on Wednesday. You're not gonNA WANNA miss this. We will see you Dan. Stay hard piece of meat and we'll see you on introducing the new buttermilk crispy chicken biscuit at McDonald's. We don't need that music made with tender endured chicken. Let's lose the Echo Arnaud warm buttermilk biscuit perfect simplicity of our buttermilk crispy chicken biscuits speaks for itself. 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