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"ams robinson" Discussed on So it's a show?: keeping up with the Gilmore Girls

So it's a show?: keeping up with the Gilmore Girls

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"ams robinson" Discussed on So it's a show?: keeping up with the Gilmore Girls

"Robinson you're trying to seduce aren't you and she continues to deny even though it's pretty clear she is like just being so forceful and like go. Oh to this come with me here give me this and like oh you silly boy. I'm not trying to seduce you. quit acting that way and then suddenly her clothes are often Benjamin. Jamin runs away. Yes as well when her husband shows up and he's feeling very awkward but she says to him I'm available. If you ever change your mind. Yes after his parents by him scuba suit for his twenty first birthday okay and force him to go on parade in front of their friends. He's like I can't take it anymore. I'm so bored. I guess I have nothing going on so I'm going to call this older married woman for an affair. WHO's by the way Mary to his father's business partner And they have a very awkward first first date slashing counter at a hotel where. He's super nervous so awkward he. Let's see they I ping like let alone. I mean them just even getting to the room. He is so awkward. Doesn't know how to interact with the front desk man because also back in that day they might have been like told to leave They have figured out. You know an unmarried couple is heading upstairs and Then when they're up there I mean it quickly goes to black but just like their initial and he dislike awkwardly puts his hand on her and just stands there and then walks away. And it's so cringe. Grinchey ed will. Apparently Dustin Hoffman. Felt very uncomfortable about that too and so he walked away laughing trying to cover it up and that's why he did did that in hit his head on the wall but in Bancroft just kept rolling so the scene ended up making it into the movie. Yeah that there's other moments like like that were totally born out of strange ways like The other thing that Benjamin would do is as little mannerism was when he would exhale when he was nervous like he makes us weird sound you know and that was something that Dustin Hoffman actually did because he was trying to mimic his brother so it like the director was really interesting. Like Kinda the conversation's they had about these different friend scenes and he was asking him questions. And there's interview that I found For the talk about it but the director was like so you know who someone that you emulate that you care about. He said my brother said okay. What does he do when he is nervous? Or when he's upset and so doesn't often starts mimicking that and it's like this breathing and he said okay. Now just go with that but south thinking about your brother and then that weird noise came out and director loved it and used it throughout the film all right so kind of cool is little baxter is about how they make it in but yeah I. I can't believe that the the banging his head against the wall was so weird and then Mrs Robinson is just like smoking a cigarette like nothing can faze her And they continue their affair through the summer and his parents start asking questions though they never are catch on basically. Where do you go every night? And why are you doing nothing with your life. What about graduate school? Why don't you call up Elaine Robinson? Listen and ask her out on a date. Don't don't on and he's like I really don't WanNa date the daughter of the woman. I'm sleeping with and finally mainly they pressure him so much they will. If you don't ask her out we'll just invite the whole family over and he's like oh no awkward so awkward so he asked Sat. Elaine is a pretty abysmal. Date in the beginning drives way too fast takes her to a strip club Yup and then end the stripper kind of picks her out because she's clearly uncomfortable and so she runs out crying and Benjamin follows her and then they have a pretty good date somehow after that they both kind of figure out there both feeling lost about their futures. And don't know what to do next and they kinda hit it off and Mrs Robinson is not not happy about that and happy. Yeah at all. She tells him well first of all she said. You shouldn't take out my daughter ever and then and she says you can never take her out again in a another famous scene where he drives up to pick a lineup for the second date Ams Robinson jumps in the car and says Dr Live. You are not seeing my daughter again. I will tell her everything and so- Benjamin decides to beat her to it and tell the lane and she promptly says above by. Yeah a little louder than that but yeah she's pretty upset. Yeah she goes back to school at Berkeley and and eventually after a while been decides. He's GonNa Marry Aline Shirt and she doesn't know this but he moves to Berkeley and just kind of follows her around ruins data the zoo yet get and then they talk it out and she says. My mother told me you raped her. And he's like Oh my gosh. When I heard that I was just like pause then why are you even talk like? How are you reacting so calmly if you think that this person raped your mother but of course back in the day was things? Were a little different as far as that wins not. I don't know that was that floored. Lord me he tells her that's not what happened somehow that means they could potentially start a romantic relationship ship which I'd be glad to know that didn't happen but at the same time I'm not about to start a relationship with a guy who has also sleeping with my mom but okay different strokes and she keeps kind of A. He keeps asking her. Can we get married. We get married. Can we get our blood tests. which which do you know what he meant about the blood test because back in the day people had to get blood tests to get married right? Yes yeah it was to check to see what if they wouldn't have that one type of pregnancy where the the baby's blood type isn't compatible with the mother's blood type you know no. I don't well it has to do with having children. I remember my mom telling me about how she and my dad had get blood tests like. That's so weird so weird. Yeah and she's like Nana maybe maybe kiss kiss cry cry. And he's like Pester Pester and then Elaine's dad comes around Mr Robinson which what a Weirdo Acting very strange and was like stay with my daughter and then suddenly Elaine is gone. Yeah and honestly I can't really blame him. He and Mrs Robinson or getting a divorce and I would not be a fan of ben either. Yeah I mean. It wasn't in his weirdness wasn't in what he was telling Benjamin. It was in how we acted like so sheepish. Like he was scared of Benjamin like stay away from me. unclench your fist in that. He's in Ben's apartment in Berkeley waiting for him in the dark. Yeah and he tells them. I've been here for a while. I can see just fine weird. Yeah and Benjamin. WHO's like nope? I WanNa lane-style he drives to Mrs Robinson's house thinking lanes there. She's not there. Get Out. Call call the cops. There's a robber here. Are you armed. Yes she's on the phone with the police saying I don't know I'll check. Benjamin are you armed. No I don't believe he is. And where else does he drive too then. Well she says you'll never find a lane in time. She's going to get get married to the guy she went to the zoo with and he basically doesn't give up. He drives all over. He drives back to Berkeley to ask zoo guy. What's up with his friends? Dino where the wedding is they say Santa Barbara he drives the Santa Barbara Heat calls. Paul's Mr Robinson secretaries like I remember the Church and I'm supposed to do the wedding I Mr Robinson or other. She tells them the church. He drives there ear but his car runs out of gas on the way so he runs to the church. Can't get inside the door so he runs up to the top of the church inside and watches her. Say I do Kiss Zoo guy and then he kind of flips out. Yeah he the bangs on the glass and yells for his love. What you doing? So.

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