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"ams barrett" Discussed on Note To Future Me

"From studio. See in the five one studios located in the borough district in downtown, Columbus, Ohio. This is not a future me. I'm Brad Johnson founder and owner circle to seventy media podcast consultants. In each episode. I interviewed businesses and organizations who have implemented podcasting into their marketing strategy circle to seventy media works with entrepreneurs small to mid sized to large businesses. Associations, nonprofits to strategically plan and execute podcast content creation distribution and marketing with over thirty five years of experience in broadcasting in marketing circle to seventy media brings a unique approach to consulting our podcast or clients. For more information about circle to seventy media podcast consultants and how we can help your business begin or better implement your current podcast into your marketing strategy, contact me at podcasts at circle to seventy media dot com and this episode I interview Frank Eggen founder and president of ams Barrett business connections, and the host of the podcast. Networking are ex Frank is putting in an extraordinary amount of time networking with his podcast, and his podcast has the unique flavor that is designed to help him expand his ams spirit business franchise base. Not only does he produce a podcast that provides insight on networking, but it builds his branding for 'em spirit. He's just a few months in. But he already knows his podcast will do what he sat out for it to do. You can find a complete transcription of this episode at circle to seventy media dot com or note to feature meet com- if you like to be interviewed about your business organizations podcasts, send me an Email at podcasts at circle to seventy media dot com, or you can go to my website and fill out the contact information for him from our formation about circle to seventy media podcast consultants and how we can help your business begin or better implement your current podcast into your marketing strategy, contact me at podcast at circle to seventy medium dot com. Here's the interview. As I do with every episode with note to feature me, I loved ask what nonprofit you're supporting or give time talent and treasure to, you know, I don't necessarily have one in particular that I give a time to about four years ago. I sat down and you'll learn as we talk more. I'm I'm into networking, and I there's lots of small businesses that I help to connect one another, but I knew of a series of smaller now for profits. And I said what if I brought them together? What if I brought them together and allow them to learn about each other? And I told everyone who was who's ever been there who comes they said, you know, what I know what? Everyone's number one issue is it's money. And none of you are going to give up your money for the next guy. But let's talk about all the other issues that you have let's just put money aside. Let's talk about all the other issues, and there are ton of issues that are out there. So this is called the charitable roundtable. We meet once a month the second Friday of every month, and I invite in any small non for profit my. Vite small business. People wanna come in. And just learn about what's going on out there. Volunteer or whatever whatever they can do to try and help that small not for profit community. So that's kind of my give to the charitable world. And it's something that I continue to try to invest time and a little bit of money every month and putting a website up and putting Facebook ads out there just to kind of attract other peak. Right. I'll put a Lincoln show nuts about it. Okay. Let's thing have an interest in it share and get a hold of them. Yeah. Thank you. Sounds good. So let's talk about your professional background and history before we get into your podcast professional background. I moved to Columbus in nineteen Eighty-four to go to law school. I had no idea where Ohio State was I had to ask some questions. But anyhow, I came here and go law school. I got a law degree and got an MBA from Ohio State finished up there in nineteen eighty eight from there. I started into really big firm. I was with a public accounting firm. I was attacked. Consultant I tell people I hate it every minute of it except for the twenty six days a year. I got paid. It was it was a good place to work, but the type of work wasn't really for me. So after about six and a half years, I decided to leave and go into private practice. And I told people funny thing happened to me when I wanted to private practice in a funny thing was that nothing happened. I started my career with a really large firm, and that really large firm just give you work, and when you're in small business, you gotta go and haunted yourself, and I had no idea how to do that. So through a series of introductions, I was introduced to a concept of an organization the concept of an organization was based out of Pittsburgh. They brought together entrepreneur sales reps and professionals into a weekly meeting setting where the people learned about each other and the exchange referrals thought, it was neat. Didn't think twice about it? I joined got d did very well through it got lots of referrals could help. Lots of businesses. Make a long story short of one point. I had not. Pretending I bought it. So that was back dating back to two thousand and four. I don't practice law anymore, and I've just pretty much named the organization is Amsterdam business connections and is short for American spirit. And that's what I do. I spend my days working with small businesses certainly here in Columbus. But I have a series of franchisees

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