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BONUS: Introducing Purple Panties by Zane

Gettin' Grown

03:40 min | 1 year ago

BONUS: Introducing Purple Panties by Zane

"Whoa. Purple pani. Hey, y'all we'll be back soon with our regular episode. But we're bringing you something extra today, and we are really excited about it. It's a preview of a new podcast out now from Stitcher called purple panties. Created by the best selling author Zane. You should check it out. It's available now for free on all podcast apps. Y'all know Hussein is she's written books like addicted and after burn and the heat seekers. They will even featured in a reason episode insecure. I love museum book is she just created in Radic fiction podcast called purple pennies. If follows three women who go against the grain, listen as they navigate their professional amp personal lives in Atlanta with the sun isn't the only thing that's hot. Purple pennies is sexy and funny, but more importantly, it's a story about finding out who you are and living in your truth. And you know, this what we're all about. You'll love the podcast if you're fan of sains books in even if you've never heard of her the first episode is out now for free. So you can check it out right after this just search purple pennies or Zane in your podcast app and make sure to subscribe. So you don't miss an episode now is that preview. On meet Laurie. I couldn't wait to have lunch with manage the next day, basically helped her retire when my law firm litigated the case for her bag. She was one of my best friends. Now, I was so excited to see her and needed a break from Matt. Choice. I mean. Yeah. There was a little troops today. Instead of being over lesbian was days confuses. Come away. If you're gonna say, I have a lot to say actually will get a one who says one of the talk so total. I am. I'm sorry. Mike, keeping you from something. Are you not? I was meant to be. Amos MSU wasn't about to happen in New Orleans. So I moved to Alanna a few months earlier. That's how I met Patricia. Security and came to my trailer. You know, he's very responsible you showing up what if someone mentioned it to Mel? That's not really my problem. Is it understand this? I love my wife. I know. That's why you don't let me sleep on her side of the big, right, right? Stephanie get enough. Does she Mon devour win? Someone's not giving you want. It's always someone else that will that will. Hi, I'm saying you might be familiar with some of my New York Times bestselling books like addicted after burn in the heat seekers. I'm excited. Introducing new podcasts at IKEA created with Stitcher. Call purple panties is scripted fiction drama. This sexy funny, but more importantly is the story about finding out who you are in learning to walk in living your own truth. You can listen to it. Now, you favorite podcasts at like Stitcher, apple podcasts or Spotify. Subscribe now and to find out more check out the website purple pain. He's podcasts dot com.

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