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"amor davis" Discussed on Patriots Beat

"So I've said this before, I think all things considered the talent, the skill set, the position, the positional value, the way the position stacked, the other players of the position throughout the draft. Pound for pound, I think, quay walker is the best pick they could make in the draft if they can get him at 50. He's a good player. And I don't know that they can. For the other linebackers in the class. For what they need at linebacker. What do you bring to the table? All of that. He would be great. I love these first three picks, really. I do. I'm trying to tell if they add any future assets here. I can't put all moving around. He'll walk or bath as your defense is better. Those are three day one starters. I like Jalen amore Davis too as a potential upside corner on the outside and then we've talked about this. What much rather amor Davis and cordell flood? What much great, bigger green? And then a little fancy at the end, a little styling at the end with Connor Hayward and Jordan stout. It's a good polls, but players that the Patriots would like, this person has some research. This was well done. Did their homework? Yeah, this is a good one. I agree. Jalen armor Davis, long athletic head kind of a bumpy road at Alabama, but somebody wants season. Yeah, but somebody that I think is really, really high upside. The one thing that I would say about this draft and macro mentioned the age of the draft prospects, a lot of older guys, because of COVID, because it's just a wonky three or four year run for a lot of these dudes, like a lot of guys don't haven't played a lot of football, a lot of guys are older. It's just a weird, everybody's got something, right? Like everybody's either 25 year old rookie, Andrew bridge junior's only played 15 games in college, like there's always a little bit of something like that with a lot of these guys. In this class. It just seems like everybody's got just something going on with how many years they played or whatever. Jaylen on more Davis is another one of those guys I really like him. All right, one more, oh, well we got, okay, Jermaine Johnson's not making it there. I just don't think he's making it to 21. We talked about Danny gray. Tariq and Troy Andrews this is a good mock if it happens. I don't think it happens. I think it's a great mock of it happens. Here's the one I wanted to pull up a tire elam. Troy Anderson. Finally, somebody knows where to take.

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