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War Church - 144

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War Church - 144

"Welcome friends to the. How do heretic? Dark. and Dan and I am Uncle Doug. And this is your user's guide to life on the outside. That's right leaving. Religion is the first step into a larger better world, but it can also be a scary world. Things differently now never fear. That's why we're here. We're your audio on coast with help. From good friends, experts in all sorts of fields we're going to share the stories and seek the knowledge to build a great life after all lonely at the one that we know of so you better make. Who? Well! FELLAS Hieaux here. We are episode. One forty four, which I believe is mathematically called. Gross Growth officially gross podcast and we've. We've always been gross, but this is now. We've got a gross worth of PODCASTING and we're recording on on Sunday the night after a certain event, Tulsa and I just want to speak on behalf of the entire podcast and say. We Love Cape. Abundantly Clear You name it. We love it always have. World needs more of it. So that's our official position. WELL-DONE K pop kids, those and. We don't like you ever for any reason at all because we love the shit out of you. So that set. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA talk about it? It's not going to be a k pop heavy podcast this time. Just two out of three segments are Cape Heavy. Right totally. Yeah, so doug. You GotTa Fun. Thing a little closer to home. Yeah, I figured you know. We've got such a bevy and broad menu of white supremacist to choose what's let's go local. Let's talk about. Cliven Bundy. And then I am going to talk about a very much, not local story. That is a kind of both amazing and distressing, and if you ever saw beneath the planet of the apes with these weird mutant missile church, this will make sense to you. Bright that researches. I don't I didn't. The terrible sequel there's like mutants live underground, because been a nuclear war. And they worshipped lake ICBM's. Per sounds much better than it is. Perfect exe- well, and because it's Sunday for me I'm going to give us a Bible story because that's that's how I do. Yup, he's going to tie in Bible Candy and baseball and it's going to be amazing. It's a miracle really that. You? Guys inflict on me and uniquely for the Bible Consent and. Never American than that not consent, but Candy Baseball and the Bible. Exactly and just so everybody knows we had a lovely listener. WHO approached us about starting a facebook group, and we had a little conversation about it, and so our friend. Listener Joe has started a facebook group. That's we're not gonNA. We're not really in charge of and we're not really officially part of. It's not an official group. But if you want to associate with other fans of the show, you can you can find it on facebook. It's called something. I believe it's the how to heretic unofficial heretic Kanye. Isn't that. It's something like that. Anyway. Yeah, look for it. It will Wait. I'm pulling it up. It's the how to her take. Your. or rather the unofficial heretic hang out fans of the how to irritate podcast i. believe something like that. Go ahead and search it out season entering words until it comes up whatever exactly whatever comes to mind, and another listener of ours. Vern is diligently working his way through our back catalog and getting Onto Youtube, so searchable sensible Dharam encapsulated segments of our show. Yeah, and and if you want, you can use that to only listen to your favorite uncle whoever that might be. Other and don't forget. We got merch all day, so you can go to the how heretic by website click on heretic and my God? The retail world will open up before you. vis-a-vis heresy. Laureus Vagina Dough the US like that so. We need to go talk to HR and while we're doing that. Why don't you guys enjoy the show? Mark Hello. When was the last time you? Just took over a federal building. Well depends on your definition of federal Dan. Are you talking about the sovereign state of Mark? The illegal US federal. Government yeah well, right the legitimate. Government! Federal Government Trying to stomp on our rights as individuals and as as People in a state I I am currently occupying the Free State, of Mark, which just off my bedroom. I have invaded that state. At least once you have and we need to talk about that. Yeah, well. I wanted to graze my cattle. What am I going to do? What sovereign citizen good times do you have for us? Well, your uncles, you know where we're. We're living through some tough times right now. so much so that that global pandemic may not even make it to the top five stories of the day. the main story of our day right now is systemic white supremacy that has been as American as Apple Pie since long before its founding. And how that white supremacy has been manifesting itself in the disparate health outcomes from the coronavirus pandemic on white communities and communities of color. And in police, brutality and violence disproportionately directed at black and Brown, people. This, Centuries Long. Calamity was once again sparked into riots by the killing of George Floyd. AGO The righteous outrage over that killing his lead to sustain streep wrote protests, and a truly amazing change in public opinion about policing in the presence in our country of monuments to racist past. That is that exists only to perpetuate it. So, it's been wonderful to watch the toppling of statues of confederate generals, the remaining of streets and buildings, and even please God. Please to the possible renaming of the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Alabama to the John Lewis Bridge That's got to happen. In the last week, uncle mark talked about the fact that we here in Utah have our own statues to a racist murderous trees and a slavery, supporting white, supremacist, good, old Brigham Young, and that's where we get to the sex crimes, but that's right. Let's just stay with the racial Chatham's for the moment. Well, it seems as though someone took your segment literally mark and drench the Statue of Brigham Young at Byu with red paint and the Word Racist I. That's a little bit stunning to me yeah. Be under so much cameras surveillance. I would be afraid on that campus to you. Know the, but hey, get on you, but you can fool Byu cameras by going in with a beard. Their facial recognition software goes crazy. Yeah, they think it's some residue from the first vision, so they turned the cameras off well. If you take your beer, does she have to wait Lecarr? Painting? So birds can be. He's as well Doug. That's true. Today I thought we could talk about what what kind of people in organization founded on white supremacy might look like one hundred and thirty three years later, so I WANNA be a little careful here at the beginning in state for the record that there are of course very good people who call themselves. Mormon. We all know some. Any of these people on all sides. many of these people are kind generous, and even allies to communities of color and the lgbtq community. Here's the thing though these people are good people because they're good people, not because of their religion, or at least not the religion that Brigham. Young left behind in eighteen, seventy seven. As his burst appendix slowly poisoned his body. Does get. People are good in spite of not because of the Brigham Mike Church, so for a reminder of what kind of a monster Brigham Young truly was. Go back and listen to uncle mark segment last week, or you can pull up a recent episode of a local show called Radio West with a author Joanna Brooks. Author of Mormonism and White Supremacy Brigham young was a supremely racist man before he became an unaccountable autocrat. as basically a warlord slash dictator slash Prophet Brigham was occasionally constrained by the ever encroaching American government, but within his kingdom he reigned supreme, and he reigned supreme for twenty nine years Bladder Putin's only been the leader of Russia for twenty, so imagine the effect of this person on this institution. Putin that's right we. What for Twenty Nine Years Brigham built the Mormon Church in his image. There were no fashions to speak of. There was no opposition party, no constitutional rights to assemble or petition the government. There was just Brigham Young, sitting at the top of every pyramid, civil, cultural and religious. And Marital Yes yes, and second financial financial. Imagine, the political and social views of the hierarchy of the Church at Brigham built. You can be pretty sure that they were no social justice warriors in that lot. The church that Brigham built was a hard bitten desert dwelling, heavily armed white supremacist cult built on child sexual trafficking, and that's true. So. What would people look look and act like in our modern day had they stayed true to the Church that Brigham built. Ladies and gentlemen I give you. Cliven Bundy and the Bundy clan and the. hijinks in the ballot of Cleven Bundy. I do love calling something that ends with the with bloodshed hijinks. Well there's not this. For subjects for our show, the body count is. Surprisingly low it's modest, yeah. And for a Mormon story, it's quite modest, yeah, well, and for a story of like religious nut jobs clashing into. A federal agents potus look. There are several points in this story where things could have become exceptionally bloody. It's a testament to the patients and good judgement of the federal agents, agents, and not the Bundy's but. Explain! It definitely depends on the color of the Bundy skin. We'll get to that. Yeah, so the title. The ballot of Cliven Bundy was of course coined by Stephen Colbert back in April of two thousand, fourteen on his show the Colbert poor. Right in the middle of the first armed bundy standoff with federal with the federal government, but before the second armed bundy standoff with the federal government that led directly and perhaps inevitably to a sovereign citizen, waggling giant Dildo in a bird sanctuary. Journey angrily. Is there another way to wagle a Dildo? That's for patrons only. Right. So cliven Bundy was born in. Las Vegas in Nineteen forty-six. For those of you who don't know in one of life's starkest yet. Most pointless ironies Las Vegas was originally settled by Mormons. Bundy was. Born a Devout Mormon to devout Mormon parents, and he was raised in the most conservative part of a conservative religion, think of the bull's eye in a dartboard, but in this case dartboard where every ring is white yet think if you basically. Born and raised in the Kaaba in the middle of Mecca. That was your house that everybody walked around seven times. That's kind of where this. Yeah the the area of southwestern. U Utah Easter. Nevada that Cliven Bundy was born into is kind of scary place. what the more and so if the mormonism that Cliven Bundy was brought up on is akin to the Hobby ISM, of mormonism. Then, this part of the South West is akin to the tribal regions of mormonism. A quick note. I'm going to refer to be a lot in this segment so just for clarity in the context of the story that's Bureau of land, management, and not black lives matter right although. You could replace it and it would still kind of make sense. It would be weird story. So as we'll discuss in the years leading up to these armed standoffs, beal trucks were repeatedly shot at and beal officers took to travelling this area in groups. this is how dangerous area was if you've ever driven from Salt Lake. City to Vegas, you've driven through this region. In fact the tractive desert right after you leave Mesquite is the town of Bunkerville where cliven grew up. Where much of our takes place. If you're a person of color or have an Obama sticker on your car I would not recommend taking the exit to Bunkerville no Cliven was born into cattle ranching which is big business in the southwest, and in many cases is still a family business, so cliven and his wife would have fourteen children to help them with their business to that fourteen fourteen children, and as of the time of this record they have sixty grandchildren. So when listen when you're win, what you're good at is hurting a bunch of wild animals from a bunch of animals from place to place it doesn't you're fine with a lot of? Yup Corral them and rope and Brandon and you're good, yeah! So as cliven grew up, he became politically rhetorically aligned with various armed right wing organizations that litter the western us. Including the Sovereign Citizen Movement the oath keepers the White Mountain militia, the Praetorian Guard, the Posse comitatus, organization, and the tenth or movement. there really are only a couple of things that we need to know about these various groups. They don't like the federal government. They really don't like black people, but they really do like guns so good people. A couple of other beliefs that they're mentioning. They believe that the federal government cannot own land Hejduk sorry. Did you feel like you're going to have to prove that? They don't let like black people? If you'RE GONNA. Make me do the work. I'll get there to work. It's a stretch, okay? They don't think the the federal government can own land, and they think that the highest law enforcement arm of the government is a local sheriff, so they're. They're those. Out On, what would they base the idea that the federal government can't own land that Well it. I don't actually know the answer to that because in the constitution. It says it can yeah, that's what I'm saying like. It just seems like they're just making that part up. And this hey, seed wrote around famously with a copy of the constitution in his shirt pocket, always always poke shirt Bach. Yeah, and and I. Do I do happen to have some knowledge of where the the sheriff's thing comes from Doug if you're if you're not sure about it. It's in the magner a line in the MAGNA Carta. About the MAGNA, fucking. Carter guys even our founding document right right in the MAGNA Carta. There is something about the authority of the sheriff. And I in. Futile. I imagine the sheriff was probably the highest local law enforcement person for huge areas so somehow they've taken that language from the Magna Carta and just. Hidden the constitution under it for some I. Don't exactly know why. The truth. and. The truth is the as with all religious believers and stuff. What you do is you take the documents that sound like you like them? And then you only believe the things that you want to believe about them. Regardless of what what the document actually says, and and you pick and choose and have fun with that. It's like it's it's like a little. It's a little Gumbo little. This little of that Magna Carta Yeah a little. Old Testament stirred up with a DILDO and. And the police can't pull you over. Well unfortunately just being aligned with these groups is not a crime. But not paying a grazing fees for twenty years. is you see since the early nineteen nineties, cliven had refused to pay for grazing license on Blm land. Why would he pay for license from a government? He believed had no jurisdiction over him. A little side note here the Federal Government Government has pretty much always allowed cattle ranchers to graze on public lands, but with certain caveats ratchet up to get a grazing license which lasts for ten years. And because the federal government charges much less than a private property owner would for this privilege. It's essentially a farm subsidy. Yeah, it's basically free almost. Beyond free because the federal government maintains the fences and the water ducts and everything that make that keep them from getting onto the highway right right and. You're absolutely right like unbalance. The these farmers are are saving money by buying these driving grazing licenses. But, cliven had refused to pay fees for so long that the some he owed. The government had topped out at a million dollars by two thousand fourteen. Doug, correct me if I'm wrong. It's like a dollar thirty five ahead. Yeah, it's preposterously loud. So just for context about how fucking egregious. This is at the same time. The. Total amount of outstanding grazing fees in the entire country was two hundred, seven, th, a two hundred thirty seven thousand dollars Oh my God, so cliven Bundy himself owed more than four times. What the entire rest of the country! And most of that two hundred thirty seven thousands or just, they just haven't been paid yet, right? They're not delinquent. Right so cliven Bundy is unique. And then of course leaving aside the fact that all this land was stolen in the first place or the cattle, ranching is terrible for the environment. One of the one of the reasons, the element administers this program is to prevent overgrazing and soil degradation, right a grazing herd of cattle, particularly near a water source can wreak havoc on the land. The. Beal MDX ranchers where they can and cannot grazer cattle year to year to to mitigate this. And then, of course, you had to have to add all that that. In nineteen, eighty nine, the federal government declared the desert tortoise, an endangered species, and so stricter regulations were put in place. Cliven and his ilk have been serial violators of all of those regulations right? You're not GonNa, tell me what I can Michael because some damn turtle. Well there there are videos and I I I will not. You know don't don't look at them, but I'll grant ranchers kicking those turtles. For Big to show him. WHO's there, so they're so clever? Their with their their fun little so fucking out. Of People's misunderstanding of how the system works. Every it's B. L. M. Land, and for people who don't know. That's federal land that everybody owns its public. Everybody, every taxpayer in this country owns that land, and it is extremely common, not just for the Bundy's, but for people who used that land act like it's their fucking property, Yep and that nobody else has any business having even having an opinion about that's right. It's a fucking nightmare here in the west and the Bundy's are are maybe not even the worst violators of it, but there you go well I think they are the the the they would let their herds roam free, often cutting fences and causing damage to the land and their neighbors herds. The bundy cattle were notorious in the area for being underfed, feral, generally destructive. Neighbors constantly complained to 'em, but both neighbors in the were wary of a confrontation with with Cliven Bundy because of his affiliations, like I, said nosy-be l. m. vehicles often returned with bullet holes. That's so crazy. This all came to a head in two thousand fourteen, when the M had finally had enough. And began to round up. Bundy's rogue cattle to settle his debt. This led to a small scuffle on dusty Nevada road when a couple of Bundy's elder children, Ammon and Ryan remember those names. And several armed friends, the agents ammon kicked a police dog for which he did. Get taste. However, the bill was outnumbered and outgunned, so they retreated. No arrests were made. So just contextualized that scene with what we're watching happening in our streets. Put out a call for armed militants to come to his aid and boy, did they? Heavily, armed militiamen from all over the West Deci descended on Bunkerville complete with high-powered assault rifles. SCOPES SNIPER RIFLES BULLETPROOF VESTS. And all the other trinkets that small man used to compensate for that one time in the junior high school locker room when it moved. I know. I don't have to prove to anybody listening that. Local and federal authorities act very differently. Depending on the color of the skin of the people are interacting with so just mark this as exhibit, one, billion, two, hundred and fifty five million. What what came next would be inconceivable if the perpetrators were anything but white right militiamen took up sniper positions on overpasses, and in the desert brush, training their crosshairs on federal agents in broad daylight on the news, several dozen horseback formed a line and charged the federal agents. One of their number of former sheriff named Richard. Macke said they were quote strategizing to put all the women up front. If they're going to start shooting, it's going to be the women there. They're going to be televised all across the world getting shot by these rogue federal officers Jesus based. That's you know that's a perfectly. Standard issue way of thinking that Mormon men about more women. Especially in rural context, right? Yeah, there are a prop for my for my usage. and yet throughout this entire confrontation. that would later be dubbed the battle of Bunkerville. No tear gas was used no rubber bullets fired. No arrests were made and eventually the federal government back down. They start rounding up Bundy's road cattle. They release some, but they wanted Bundy to buy back the rest as a way of recouping something right so with the armed standoff over, but with the federal government still having several of Bundy's cattle. The whole thing just kind of converted into a media circus. cliven and some of his children were on them on all the major news networks, and were nearly nightly. Guests on Sean Hannity show with did nothing to temper their violent anti-government rhetoric, and in fact encouraged it. The this is this. Things got really off the rails here for a few days. The militia men with the standoff effectively over had nothing to do. So they started roaming the area and setting up armed checkpoints and stopping cars, demanding proof of citizenship, it was really scary because on percents. Living out the the fantasy that they had had for years which you know they were, they had been stockpiling these weapons for no real reason, and finally they got a chance to to feel righteous about the government coming to a broad blah blah. And then nothing happened being. What are you GonNa do go back to your job at target. NO RIGHT NO HELL! No all right so. No one was sure how this was going to end peaceably. It seemed like it was almost predestined to end in some kind of violence. And then footage of cliven. Bundy appeared where he spent some of his nuanced positions on race, and it all pretty pretty much went to shifts. In the footage cliven is giving some sort of sermon next to a highway overpass, and yes, it's as sad as it sounds. In which he says the following so. Trigger warning this racist Shit. He said quote. I want to tell you one more thing. I know about the Negro. So starting strong, this was not one thousand, nine, hundred, fifty, one, this thousand fourteen that he said this stuff. Oh my God! And he said when I would go through northern Las Vegas, and I would see these little government houses, and in front of the Gut Government House at the door was usually open, and the older people and the kids, and there's always at least a half dozen people sitting on the porch. They didn't have nothing to do. They didn't have nothing for their kids to do. They didn't have nothing for the young girls to do. And because they were basically on government subsidy, and so now, what do they do? They abort their young children. They put their young men in jail because they never learned how to pick cotton. Dam. Dam that is some upper level racist. That's top tier right there from. On a guy who has been sucking on the government teat for decade with fourteen children that is. Astoundingly, power. He owes the federal government. A million dollars doug a million dollars. And And I love the idea that black people have two options. Sit on the porch and abort babies or pick. Your right. Hand. Win Their Board. Abortion is a fun thing, right? We all enjoy. Bundy literally sees the world in black and white like a dog. Does not have color vision. I'm not done with the quote. There's one last little bit. He says Oh good. I was hoping I was worried done. I've often wanted to know what they were better off as slaves picking cotton. Family, life, and doing things, or are they better off? At Subsidy It's enough from you. motherfucker. Oh, no, this was such a racist atom bomb that even Sean Hannity had to beat a hasty retreat. And one of the only truly funny things come out of this whole sordid affair must have been the absolute exodus of news trucks and journalists from the Bundy compound immediately after that video landed. It went from. He was wall-to-wall coverage to crickets. It was like the big story in the country. Yeah! and. Hannity Hannity I think it had him on every night for at least a week. Maybe more than that. Yeah, and then all of a sudden the next. It was just color Mars relate. Bundy never happened Yup. Stephen Colbert has bit is so funny. He's like. Cool bears, playing a conservative character, and he's like I wish I'd gotten. Before Hannity really tied Cliven Bundy around my neck like some kind of lucky seabird. That was basically for the two thousand fourteen standoff. No one was arrested Bundy got most of his cattle back and continued to graze them illegally, and yes, he's still doing that to this day. Nobody ever was arrested or held accountable in any way for that shit there, there were some arrests. You're not gonNA like the end of that part of the story either though. They come down the road a little bit, though for for what happened in two thousand fourteen s that's and then the federal government was humiliatingly defeated by a bunch of heavily-armed assholes right to be a little fair after Waco and Ruby Ridge and several other incidents that ended in fiery death. The federal government has tried to take kind of deescalatory approach to these kinds of groups standoffs. To which I have a question and a comment. Why does not apply to groups of black people. And you know you had that all you were doing was in bowling yokels and they were inevitably GonNa. Try again right so and sure enough. There was a sequel. However in this case, the sequel was a bad was a sad and silly shadow of the original think highlander to. Most of the same characters, but way lower budget and could have had a better setting up. A couple of buddies eldest sons Amnon Ryan we'd mentioned before decided for their next trick. They were going to wait for the tyrannical government to come to them. They were going to strike at it I and where would be the best place to strike at a runaway federal autocracy the federal. Reserve perhaps the Pentagon. No Dummies Amnon Ryan. Lucas of power of this totalitarian regime truly is. A Non Operating Bird Sanctuary in rural Oregon. That's not. It's good to have achievable goals. Nobody said they're smart. They're crazy. They're dangerous, but they're not smart. That is true. Before, we talk about the actual bird refuge. Let's talk about Amazon and Ryan. Some listeners might recognize the former's name as it is one of the main action heroes in the book of Mormon. and this woman was also a man of action, although that action mostly takes the form of curing his a matt immaculately trimmed beard. Seriously these guys in their facial hair. Like. For Rugged Mountain men, they look so recently coughed. it's a it's a very metro sexual feel. As for Ryan How do I put this? He's not easy on the eyes, and his face has been severely deformed by a truck accident when he was a kid working on the families, melon farm. The story of what happened is a bit gruesome for the show, but the legend goes that father. Cliven didn't have health insurance and Ryan basically had to walk off a broken arm, fractured skull, and severely damaged motor nerves in his face. Yeah, so. No medical treatment and so now this guy goes through life with his face literally on sideways. That's right. It's it's pretty gruesome and to your point on Kamarck. Having been raised by a deranged racist, hyper conservative cult in one of the most remote parts of the continent, did nothing for these brothers I Q. The reason. They chose this venue to begin to topple. The oligarchy was A. It was empty and they wouldn't have to actually do anything to seize it. Just drive up and walk in as close for the season. Right was closed for the season. Nobody they're not. They're not even a caretaker. And be because to local ranchers. Dwight and Stephen Hammond had been convicted of starting a forest fire, and the Bundy's a to the Bundy's crew. This was going to be there 'cause. The hammonds by the way did not ask for their help and wanted nothing to do with with them the whole time. Again one of those things that like Kinda got started probably on some online militia forum desperately seeking anything to get matters. That's exactly right. Yeah, probably an Hmo or something right so that didn't stop the Bundy brothers and several other militiamen on January second, two thousand sixteen from storming the beaches of Normandy. I mean driving up to the mall our national. Wildlife Refuge in walking inside. Paths of glory. This was not. Authorities had absolutely no interest in giving these jackasses the confrontation they so desperately wanted. So they took up positions on all the roads surrounding the refuge and stayed far enough away that the militiamen couldn't see them. Leading them to believe there wasn't a police presence which was a huge disappointment. it wouldn't be the only one. The occupation was a fiasco front to back the supposed rea- reason for them being there, the hammonds disavow them. The local community was embarrassed by their antics and one of them on and the press coverage was less than flattering. This to the only lasting contributions. This occupation has given to our country. Tarp man and the Dildo situation heart man is my favorite thing. Ever I couldn't believe I. was watching that when it was on TV by the way tarp, man and the dildo situation was the name of income works high school band. Yeah, and it was a solo. It was a solo effort. Tarp man was if you haven't seen this, and it has a somewhat tragic ending unfortunately, but there's a reporter for MSNBC. Doing one is on the ground reports, and there's just a pile of tarps behind him. And all of the sudden it kind of moves and again, and this guy just lifts up this tarp that he's been sitting underneath. Yes, he's hiding. In the middle of like a parking lot right, Doug with you in a bright blue tarp. There and he's got a rifle on his lap, but he's sitting in a meeting chaired sitting to fully chair, but he's completely covered by the tarp like you could, you could just walk right up to him and he would not see you coming. They're all geniuses. These fucking pupils, so this character was Robert Lavoie. finicky him. He will come up in a few minutes, not in a good way. Soon after occupying the bird refuge, these dunderheads realized they had not brought sufficient provisions, so they sent out a call for supplies that included a mother among other survival, staples, Vanilla, cream and lotion. And the people responded. By sending dildos. So many dildos oh. America this led to an absolutely painful video where one of the militants had gathered up all the dildos on a table and there were a lot. They were a lot to show how unfazed they all were by this individual. He holds up what must be a two foot dildo to complain about how immature people are being now uncles I know I've said this more than once, but there is no argument that is not significantly undercut by waggling a two foot dildo unless. Unless the argument is I like dildos. Agree Yeah so incidentally cliven was in route to Oregon to support his idiot sons when he was arrested for the two thousand fourteen standoff ha funny. The police had to wait that long for him to go to an airport where they knew for once he wouldn't be armed. Right. So this pathetic occupation rolled into its fourth week when desperate for some favorable coverage, all of the leaders of the movement attempted to drive to a public meeting in a nearby town. The government decided this was their time, and they stopped vehicles ammon, and a couple of other guys surrendered peacefully, but the other truck was being driven by none other than Lavar, Finnigan, who stopped on the gasoline a break for it? Several miles further down the snowy road police and set up a roadblock finicky rammed his truck through the snow bank, jumped out and immediately started yelling. You're going to have to shoot me over and over. When, it became apparent that the police were not going to do it. He pulled out a gun and they did so. He was the only fatality to come of all of the stupidity. Yeah, and it seems like he was really angling for suicide by COP writing on, he was trying to get killed. He wanted to be a mortar. You wanted to be a martyr for a cause that didn't exist at well, and then all of sudden at that moment. He realized he'd left his tarp back in the parking, so they can see him. So. The Tarp is like blue screen color I think he thought he was. Taken out of the digital background so. handful of militants kept the occupation going for a couple more weeks, but it eventually petered out several were arrested, and some were allowed to leave and go home because you know white. Although cliven ammon and Ryan along with about twenty five hundred militants were in charge for crimes stemming from both the armed standoffs in two thousand, seventeen, a judge throughout the entire case against the Bundy's because of prosecutorial misconduct, so a really shitty way for this to end, yeah. So again to be clear, the sanitized corporate retail Mormonism, most of us see during conference or Win Mitt Romney speaks is miles and miles away from the frontier, violent racist mormonism that Brigham young intended, but that militant strain is still around over. Shout your now like the Westboro Baptist. These guys a taste of fame. They were hooked, and they have basically become professional protesters, showing up at courthouses and police, stations or anywhere there might be a camera. And with their long hope for revolution, stealing realized, I doubt we've seen the last of them, yeah. There you go! That's all cliven in his crew. I mean when when you when you realize that you're on arrestable. Be Emboldened. That's going to happen, not only are you unrest arrestable, but the government will back down when you brandish your firearm so yeah. Yeah. That's crazy talk. And because Utah's still a small enough place, I know someone very well, be very close to these people. And, he's like they're as every bit fucking horrible as they publicly present themselves to be. Yeah so. There you go all right well so much fun. Thanks for that Doug, leave him in the melon patch. It's move along. Uncle? D- In yes, you know what country we just. We never talk about anymore. You know because we're no longer allowed to under current federal law. you know that that that big old country on the other side of the world called, Russia. Either I've I've I've never seen it, but you have i. have and I think I. Don't know how you say. Go bigger. Go home and Russian, but I think that is the rich motto. I think that's what Vladimir Putin means is good. For A guy who's five to. It's kind of right. It's an aspirational name so well. Let's let's talk about Russia a little bit. Shall We fellas? Let's just because he really only five to he's very. He's very petite man, and he wears some very complicated lifts. Doesn't feel terribly secure about it, but that you know we don't. We can't relate to that any way with any leaders we might know. So you know the the three of US guys, we've all been to cathedrals right. And we've seen a few one or two damned impressive structures around Europe and South America Cetera. For me, I'm as much a lover of history and architecture as I am an atheist, so I feel just a just a little conflict strolling around these magnificent monuments to Bad ideas and norms expenditures of wealth and manpower in societies that. Might have done much better to expend those resources elsewhere. Massive Church buildings stuffed with gold and silver with the blood and enslavement of tens of millions of indigenous Americans and Africans, but despite some unfortunate HR and labor issues back in the day they're they're pretty fucking, impressive and amazing. That is the point after all is not. Well, guys, massive ask. Cathedrals are not just the residue of the medieval yesteryear. There is a brand new one that rival some of the greats in some ways, and no I don't mean mormonism is brand new, totally vacant temple in Rome? Our friend the actual President Vladimir. Putin has himself a shiny new trinket, and that is the just consecrated and fucking impressive main cathedral of the Russian armed forces with the modest subtitle. Big Red flags everywhere, not just me. This one's with the modest subtitle of the Cathedral of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And while this may sound like a New York Times architectural review, it's only partly that I. I can't speak for all atheists, but one of the things that keeps a lot of us up at night myself included is the corrosive and toxic effect. Religion has on civic government and public institutions, and how church-state collusion is inevitably dangerous to human rights, minority, populations, education, democracy, and an informed populace. Getting that. A where you're getting it from going way way out on thin ice with this one, so yeah keen listeners may recognize all those things I just named his things Vladimir Putin very much despises. Let's explore how this military cathedral is a disturbing development in the degradation of what little remains of any of those liberality. He's in modern Russia. It's important to keep in mind that there is a long tradition of the Russian Orthodox Church building religious monuments to make military victories. As they did commemorating the victory over the Mongols in the fourteenth century. The Swedes in the eighteenth century, and of course, the little known Napoleon in the nineteenth century. So do you really have to build a monument to defeating Swedes that just? They were. I would've thought when I read about. They've had a change of heart since then so Swedish listeners. Start let's talk about this. fucking building it is as I mentioned before impressive. It's an intriguing combination of classic Russian Imperial Ecclesiastical. Architecture and the size fucking matters maximalist modernism of the post-soviet oligarchy. It is I think the tallest church in the Orthodox world at ninety five meters, which is almost thirty stories tall. It sits on a massive piece of land that is adjacent to a humongous theme park. Dedicated to Soviet Russian military the. Russian military might. Just a short drive outside of Moscow. It's weird. It's like Anaheim where there's two theme parks really close to each other. This one you can get baptized at. The huge exterior is a lug flew. Right is really interesting. They could. The. The huge exterior is deep red brick more about those bricks and just a tick. and. The inside is a really amazing multitone army, green vibe, but overflowing with gold ornament, massive, stained glass, ceilings and huge. Incredible mosaics which are just a little bit problematic and more on those in just a tick as well. But perhaps most mind-blowing of all, it was built in just under six hundred days. From breaking ground to consecration, and you sent this that that video of it and I hadn't I I would have thought it took twenty years to build. It's huge and extremely elaborate, and it's so fucking impressive in a lot of different ways. It's a testament to what can be accomplished if you don't care about the humans building it exactly or where it comes from, we'll talk about right. Isn't that a truism of basically everything built before one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy two. Probably after quite a bit after. The Cathedral was the idea of the current Russian. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. That should also be a red flag. Probably with a nudge from Putin, who demanded that every square meter of the building be dripping with meaning and symbolism. And, so it is the towers that hold the build a. hold up the golden onion. Domes are nineteen point four five meters wide. Commemorating the year the second, World War ended whereas the Russians cow the great. Patriotic War, the height of the belfry is seventy five meters. Commemorating seventy five years since the end of the war that the Cathedral was originally meant to be concentrate concentrated on May ninth the day. Germany surrendered to the to the Soviets. But cove. Nineteen delayed it until this week. At the height of its the height of its lowest dome is fourteen point one eight meters commemorating the number of days, the US are fought Nazi, Germany, fourteen, hundred and eighty days. So despite being an ethical nightmare, this cathedral is. Baller it looks like the Iraqi and Temple where politics is GONNA kill five Rufa in the new dude movie. This place is so fucking metal. The huge tiered front staircases made out of and this is true melted down, captured Nazi guns. It's amazing. The four chapels within it are dedicated to the Orthodox patron saints of the four branches of the Russian military. Starting to you, guys know who these are of course starting out with course, Barbara the great martyr patroness of this strategic missile forces. That's. Essentially patron saint of nuclear war. Holy Apostle and they they call her boom boom barb- Barbara Boob. The Holy Apostle enter the. I called patron saint of the navy and naturally. Saint Alexander Nevsky patron saint of the ground forces. I'll include a video of it in the show notes. Wash it with the sound up. The remixed Russian men's choir trip hop. Thing seriously adds to the VIBE. Yeah, at that really brooding weird. Yeah, it's. It's very fitting music. It's perfect for it so now I hear you saying uncle mark. While the name of this Russian, Orthodox militaristic monstrosity is the main cathedral of the Russian armed forces. Subheading is Cathedral of the resurrection of Christ. The character in season, two of the Bible. Who is the Prince of peace? The penniless healer healed the sick and preach love and turning the other cheek. No, to which I say, why don't you shut? Fuck up about all that hippie bullshit before you fall out a window or touch it radioactive doorknob like everyone else. WHO's ever gets crosswise Vladimir Putin. Jesus of this Cathedral wrote a tank held a general's rank when the blitzkrieg raged, and the bodies stank. It is maybe not possible to overstate the significance of the Second World War, or as I said the Russians call it the Great Patriotic War. To the, Russian character and culture. For Modern Russians the defining struggle of Russian history more so than the Bolshevik revolution of nineteen seventeen or even. The triumphant two thousand eight year of Eurovision victory of Russian pop singer Dima Balon with his emotional ballads believe shocking because that was glory. The video of that as well in the show notes I promise you, it must be seen to be believed. Swear to me, you'll watch it all the way to the end, and if you don't get a time traveling cocaine contact, I will give you your money back. I watched this video. Uncle Mark sent it to us to prepare for the show today and I want to live a life where I ended up in a white tailored suit with with no shoes, kneeling on a stage, playing the violin. I want I wanNA. Be that guy. There was a part of within an coked up figure skater just spinning around you at impossible RPM's. Did you notice something about that though that? There was the violinist, the singer and figure skater, and they were all in a little ring of ice that was about eight feet wide tiny K I don't even think it was I think it was. Some substance synthetic thing. Yeah, there's like a synthetic the whatever it was. There was one dude on that little pedestal skating on razor blades literally around. The pedestal was barefoot I. Know Yeah. I was so cringing. He's getting Eliza fucking toe. To Toe Something Russia Skater Doug. Your, that figure skater was one of the Russian figure skaters that was involved in the two thousand two Olympic. judge purchasing scandal that happened right here in good old. Salt, Lake City. He was an advocate, national hero, other guy. So anyway. Back back to World War, two. But for Real Joseph Stalin's Russia did eventually defeat defeat Hitler's Germany after I stupidly believing that Hitler would honor their nonaggression pact spoiler. He did not. He was kind of a stinker that way. Then throwing a generation of Russian humanity into an existential conflict with the far more developed and technically advanced Germany. While, Nazi Germany lost a staggering five point three million troops on multiple fronts. Stalin's USSR at least according to the Russian Defense Ministry and this Cathedral's designers lost thirty three million Russian soldiers on the single front with Germany. Hopefully. Why that number is higher than most estimates. And also does not obviously include civilians, which was probably an equivalent number. By the way, but if true, that means, there was more than six to one loss rate against Germany. Obviously. These were not evenly matched adversaries while Germany had highly developed industries and the most advanced military technology in the world. Russia had an ocean of land, horrendous winters, and an almost inexhaustible reservoir of poor peasants to throw into the breach. Along with a leader that might have been even more malevolent towards his own people than Hitler was. Right long story short they fucking one and on May second nineteen forty five. Soviet troops raise the red hammer and sickle. Standard over the ruins of Berlin. So let's cut our Russian comrades some slack for wanting to commemorate their unlikely triumph over the Nazi war machine. Despite Stalin's arguably equivalent missing therapy Russia used what Russia had available to defeat the world's greatest super power at the time. So they deserve a couple of point of order. The US obviously defeated. Hitler everybody knows that Azam Quentin. Tarantino read a book. I mean watch. A movie. So. But commemoration of a massive sacrifice and victory, and the further degradation of civil society and freedoms should not be the same thing. If this were simply the Russian Orthodox Church. Undertaking this massive effort, it would be one thing. But it's not that I remember. That was essentially commissioned by the Defense Ministry and built on its land in a giant militaristic impact. Right, so the cathedral was per. Project was supposed to be built solely from private donations, but the directors who work to keep the financing and budget super-secret. And, because nothing in modern, Russia's really what appears to be firstly, they claim to the entire project and you guys have seen. This video only cost eighty seven million US dollars. I suppose if it's four times that I wouldn't be surprised. Yeah, it's a colossal undertaking covered in fucking gold. Built at a breakneck pace like that would normally be a five six year project. Yeah, yeah, that that amount of money wouldn't cover the ceilings. Of that no, it wouldn't cover the mosaic so. Investigative reporting also turned up evidence that the Kremlin has contributed at least half the money meaning this war church was has sucked up secretive unknown millions in taxpayer funds. There's also a lot of controversy about how. The actual donations were acquired. As it's really a military project top brass. It is a huge prestige project for them. And they've personally dumped in huge sums as officers and generals and according to the same investigative reports, they've also pressured lower officers to cough up huge sums who, in turn coerce lower ranking cadet? Some grunts to contribute contribute their meager incomes, leaving them almost any Louis. But if they refused, they don't get paid at all. Said salary in the Russian military is apparently solely based on assessment of individual conduct. So super corrupt right and remember not everyone in the Russian military's in Orthodox Christian. There are plenty of Muslims Christians of other stripes. nonbelievers being forced to pay for this thing. In a country that at least on paper does not have an official religion yet. Right so. Let's literally like the Russian government and the Russian Orthodox Church are so hand in hand lockstep like best besties and Hooton has a ridiculous notion like we talked about. We talked about other did the twentieth century dictators earlier in the show? You can get rid of a church, or you can just see it as a useful system. For controlling people and that's exactly what Putin's done right. So anyway big! The big oligarchs kicked money and those red bricks I mentioned earlier they were donated by Kalashnikov the makers of the most prolific weapon of war, ever produced AK47 and its variants, a weapon so effective and so fucking cheap. It's the gun of choice of the poorest of insurgencies and revolutionaries, and yes, terrorists everywhere. There are at the moment probably one hundred million in circulation in the world. That goes off. It's also one of the most popular guns if for in our homegrown terrorists. Definitely is the right wing of this country is is is a fan. So it was that Kalashnikov donated the lovely red bricks for the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ. That's the most rushing thing you will probably here today. So. The murals now. When you watch the video, you will see some of these exquisite mosaic Murals fucking beautiful. But photographs leaked awhile back of some well. Controversial images on them one of them being the face of the denounced genocidal psychopath Joseph Stalin. His face is on a banner carried by soldiers, celebrating the end of World War Two so his direct body is his actual images arguably not in it. So the directors of the project project explained him away as part of the actual history of the war. And he's hard to separate from it obviously so okay sure. But. Then there was a panel showing the current and likely forever President Vladimir, Putin and his Living Defense Minister Sergei, Shoyigu and the current head of the secret police, and even Russia's current puppet in Crimea more on that in a second. Okay, that's weird, but it's not unusual for leaders of post-soviet kleptocracies to build monuments to themselves. See Turkmenistan and Turkmenbashi for one Classic Example Right, but even long-suffering Russians found the mural. In. Bad. Taste in the press was really bad. And reportedly at the direction of Putin himself. The mural was removed. His spokesman said. When he was told about this Putin smiled and said someday are thankful. Defend descendants will appreciate our merits, but it is too early to do so now. Did he say that, while looking out over, you know his kingdom with a glass of brandy. I. Love, I feel like he was somehow communicating telepathically directly to his descendants. Wave me there is yet another bureau with a group of modern people standing around a banner that says Crimea is ours. If you recall the two thousand fourteen unofficial wink annexation of Crimea from Ukraine was supposedly the work of local pro quo, Pro Kremlin regular forces. But were widely known to be Russian troops without insignia that were dubbed the little green men. They are the modern people standing around that banner, so Russia already a very bad actor on the international stage became something more of a pariah state after the Crimean invasion, getting heavily sanctioned, kicked out of the g seven etc, etc.. But here they are admitting to The Hague's essentially in the form of a mosaic mural yet. Was Us. Fuck you? Know but with all the World War Two Stalin the ancient iconography and the failed. Attempt to get Putin and his goons rendered as heroic holy icons. The really troubling thing is that. The Putin Easter's are trying to rewrite or reedit Russian civilization as a mythic Christ a fascist warrior Colt with a direct line from Jesus through Peter the great through Stalin and ultimately to Putin. To, Fuse Church in state at the worst possible point, a nuclear, armed, military and an anti-democratic. Despotic failed petrous state. And this church is a brick and mortar is brick and mortar evidence of the nightmarish road that seems unfortunately likely to lie ahead for our Russian friends. Now if you don't believe me, let me quote the words of head of the Russian Orthodox Church. Patriarch correal. Concentration consecration ceremony. With this harmony between the might of the armed forces and the spiritual might of the Church of the spiritual and the material of Church and state. Let the path of our people go into the future in peace and prosperity and of this path, godwilling let there be new victories new achievements, and no defeats so here's the thing you can't go into piece. And have victories. That's a bit of a bit of a contradiction. Probably so. So Holy Army can in turn only make holy war, the cause of which would automatically have to be just so, how could it not be? So anyway, that's that's the story of the Insane Nuclear Nakhalin Russia. Guys will on I'm fascinated by the fact that any that Vladimir. Putin was moved by public opinion. You know what I mean like. It must have been so i. don't know that that's that seems crazy to me such an guard. This is a really big move I. Think and he's smart enough that I think he knows it had needs to be handled carefully right there, just kind of recreating Russia as an entirely new being like a phoenix. Ed so just to finish like so many things Russian and I say this as a person who's been there. It's kind of amazing and kind of frightening at the same time. And if I go back, and I'd love to go back. I am for sure going to this place. And open to the public. Yeah, it's part of this park. I'm totally and. It's also got this amazing museum complex attached to it where these super interactive. Exhibits big of different battles and stuff, so it's very much a public place. So anyway. That's it by the way screen displays where you can blow up different countries and see what happened whole. You can annex all kinds of peninsulas by the way when I was looking at a list of Russian leaders through history. This is the fun shit. You learn doing the stuff. Yeah, yeah, Peter Peter the Great and Ivan, the terrible sound like major dudes, but why do we never hear vassily dark or vassily the squint or or false dmitry the first. Where's their war cathedral? I also learned of the Bald Hairy Bald Hyphen Dash Harry Ironic joke in Russian politics. It's a real thing. And it's really funny sense. Czar Nicholas the first all the way through. Vladimir Putin, Russian, leaders have alternated between Balden Harry Harry Replacement Bald Guy, bald guy. Replaces Guy. There's a whole chart. It's silly, but Russians have to dig pretty deep for comedy. Oh. My God yeah it well there you go. Were you know what did you know? Russians Vladimir Putin's been president of that country for twenty years, and you know clearly doing berry bad things, but at least they get. A cathedral out of it. He's ruining our country. And what are we fucking get? Yet he's on. He's been president. He has been charged for since one thousand, nine, hundred nine. Yeah, yeah. And he's trying to get the Duma to rewrite the constitution, so it can be president for the rest of his life so he. They haven't already done that. I mean how ya all, but in all, but you know were typed words so look for that. Let's comforting there. You GotTa War Church. A church Lubinov. Gentlemen. Hello, how do once again? More people have signed up to to be patrons of our art. You know these people the longest time. All all the good art was patronized by had had one major patron, and that was the church. That's right, and and so it all ended up being. About Ding, dongs. Chopping their own heads off and carrying them around or whatever. Yeah! So it's good that we are in an era now. When Non Church support can still create good things some. we have some folks, so thank who are who who have gone to the how to heretic. Website and clicked on the support thing and that's taken them to the the Patriot. And then you choose how much you WANNA. Give per episode, and and and you know your level of support is. Is Your Business Right but here are the people that we need to thank. I, thank you to the turn-up of terror. Lord El Paso. Thanks to Brian Jane, Bell and I think it's my turn to give a saint, and the state goes to Chris and Chris. Your saint is Saint Glenn of crew Chiba. And Glenn is the patron saint of of. Very very aggressive fish. And of black beans and And Sausage. And of Copious and unnecessary plastic surgery. Oh. No a quick question just clarity. Is Are these fish that are by nature, aggressive, or are these fish that are driven by circumstances to become aggressing. It's you know what I think. It applies to both Holy Shit. Well, that's what I'm saying. Yeah, you get you. Get all the good stuff you just when you patronize the. Heritage that's that's a lot of saint. It's all upside baby. Yeah, yeah! If, you can't afford to be our patron. That's fine, but hey, why not tell tell a friend about our show? Why not give us? You know five stars on the old I tunes or wherever you find us? Yes, I'll give five stars on spotify. Yeah tunes. Would it hurt you would just. Would it be so hard? Yeah? Yeah, so do that and we will look. We will look for those stars to illuminate our night sky, and bring us closer together on this beautiful flat earth so with that. Why don't we do more show? How Hawks do it? Alkyl Doug. Ho. I. Don't know where you fall along the taste spectrum of the Mars Confectionery Company. A lot of thoughts about that. Yeah, I know we've talked about this. On I mean this is probably what we talk about the most, and we do just about about your your your mounds, Almond Joy I. Don't want you guys to Snicker, but my my opinion worth one hundred grand right? Wow! Boom was on deck with that that was. That was improvised humor right there. They're. Very Mormon humor and I think jokes about confections are our wheelhouse so. What. What's Your Opinion Dan? What's your favorite of the candy bars? you know I? I love a lot of them. I think what you're leading me to is is the youngest of the of the the candy confections? The Christ Child of the candy confections the baby. If you will yes. One Baby Ruth Yes I. Don't Know Old Alcoholic Baseball player never made sense to me, but What we're talking about here is the namesake of that of said confection yes. The book of Ruth. Candy Bar obviously yes. Yes, exactly Now I'm going to, but before we get to that I'm just GONNA say. I am sorry I know guys that we were all very disappointed last month. When we realized that yet again, we had let the Jewish holiday of Charlotte pass us by unobserved. How did we let that happen? Damn you Siri. Didn't you remind me anyway? As you know show, vote is the day that Jews celebrate when on. Mount Sinai God gave the Torah to Moses and the Jews I know I know you thought Moses. Received the Ten Commandments. When he went up the mountain wrong, he apparently received the Torah to. What a shock! It must have been for them to be given a scroll in which was written the very story that they were in the middle of being in. A bunch of stuff that was going to happen in their future after all Moses went up to Sinai in Exodus, so there were still three more books than the Torah that came after that. trippy man! Yes, anyway, that's that's where the term scroll ahead came from. Nailed. You are on a roll man. What's your anyways it the Gingko below. It's it's it's the it's Mana A- anyway. Show vote is a very strange lesser holiday where people celebrate in several ways they go to synagogue to pray. They stay up late talking about the importance of the Torah. They eat a meal heavy in dairy. You can insert your own Jewish digestion joke here. But one of the biggest traditions of show votes is the reading of the Biblical Book of Ruth Oh now along with esther. Ruth is one of two books in the Bible named after a woman. Actually that may not be true for all I know. Zephenia or Hagai might be women. I have no idea on that one. Nobody no way to tell really not. So one thing's for sure though. Because these books are about women they are uncharacteristically and very mercifully short biblical books. That's. Doug's number one rule the Bible boom. Maybe you gotta go for the The lady. Books Ruth is only four chapters long, so that's what I'm going to be talking about today. now you should know. I didn't choose the story of Ruth because it was a particularly interesting story or even crazy in some way. I literally just got curious. What a book in the Bible that focuses on a woman might be like. So I thought I thought you chose it. Why. Candy Bar side, which I know is a big issue for you that that is the Mormon temple name given to your betrothed wife. That is true. Yeah, that's true and now and now I can come to her and tell her I understand her namesake. And soon you guys will be able to do that, too. All Vail we all be able to call her fourth in the final days. So I don't know whose wife she'll be in the end I. Guess Whoever says I. Doug and I can just prank caller through the Vale right exactly. Doug's Doug. You're actually the only one with The Holy Malkhaz addict priests. Gave that up about seven years ago. You get you get you get a free Andrea out of it if you can. Enjoy it I. Don't know. Give it a shot Joe Anyway. So. Here's the gist of the story. The town of Bethlehem was having a famine. Which seems careless of them? Anyway? A Hebrew man who lived there decided to take his wife and two sons and go to a place that you know had food. Now, this guy dies immediately in the story, but he was a man so unsurprisingly even for a story about a woman. He has a name which is Elimelech. which is what is surprising, is that his wife also is named, and she is called Naomi. Anyway Elimelech. takes the family to the land of the MOA bites. Who aren't Hebrews, so we know they're likely bad people. Actually fun fact. The Moa Bites are the descendants of MOAB. who was the product of that time when lot's daughters got themselves pregnant by getting their dad drunk and raping him. Remember that? That was MOHEB YEP so apparently? He did pretty well for himself. Because now he has a whole kingdom of people named after him. So? Elimelech and Naomi make the grueling thirtyish Mile Trek to settle their in MOAB. Apparently. That's far enough away that there wasn't any more famine there. I don't know thirty miles. That's enough I guess. Anyway before you know it. Dies so Naomi, and the boys are on their own, but never fear because the boys find themselves some cute local girls, and get married Roy these progressive Jews in their interfaith marriages for them. So those girls were ruth and or PA who. Doug is who or pro winfrey was named after. Which which is true? Yeah, that's true. they all lived their happy little lives in Moab for ten years, and then well, apparently, the Elimelech jeans were not particularly hardy. Because both of the boys die to Oh dance. No Word on how this happened, but we now have three widows trying to figure out what to do with themselves. Naomi has heard that they have that. They cancelled the famine back in Judah so she decides she's going to go back. To her people, Both ORCA and ruth decide to go with her, but she tells them not to come saying that they should stay and find themselves new husband's there in Moab, which seems a little callous considering. She seems to be the only family they have left, but whatever they'll all. Get along I guess. They cried together, and then the girls say no. We still want to come and live with. You will come. But Naomi Again Says No. I'm old. I can't provide you with any more husbands. and we're super poor now and. And I never liked you. Anyway. You go back now. You're here, you go back. was apparently she apparently could take a hint and was like fuck this bitch and she had back, but ruth is not as good at taking a hint, and she is determined to stay with Naomi no matter how hard she tries to get rid of her. She says the famous line. Where you go, I will go and where you stay, I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Now, that is the moment that the Jews celebrate Ruth's big conversion to Judaism, but I gotta say there is not much. Hey made about it in that book the lines. That line is really the only word on the matter. And I got in the context of this story. Ruth's religious conversion couldn't seem less important. I know lots of people who were converted to religion who converted to religions to feel accepted by the people that they love and admire the idea that this is some amazing change of heart where suddenly Jewishness is a big deal to. Ruth is really not born out in the book, but. Whatever? Anyway they head back to Bethlehem. Boom moving onto chapter two. Now. We have to unmarried women very impoverished trying to make their way in Bethlehem. The famine may be over, but that doesn't mean that these two have enough to eat, so ruth decides to do a thing that apparently poor people did. It was barley harvest time, so ruth went into the fields. The harvesters had been through and collected any stocks of grain that they might have missed. Now the owner of this field Boaz, saw her gleaning and was impressed with her diligence. That's it. Her diligence is what he was interested. We've diligence. Yeah she's got a nice set of diligence. If you know Oh my God, you're punctual. Anyway he asks one of the harvesters who she is and the. Well, that's not exactly true. He asks more pertinent biblical question. Who does she belong to? Because women are not people, they are possessions. They told Boaz that. She was the MOA bite. Who came back with Naomi now? This didn't seem to faze him. He went to her and told her that she could totally glean in his field after the harvest. If you know what I mean, yeah. Anyway you go ahead and get what grain you can I've told my men not to rape you or whatever so you should be okay. Also can you have? You can have water from my workers? PITCHERS and I'm Super Generous so you know. Did you know rich to? You could probably have acute huge crush on me if you WANNA, do. Anyway Ruth was like. Why are you being nice to me? I'm just a piece of Shit Moa. Bite. Who hasn't even high as high on the social ladder is your servants. But it turns out. That Boaz was related to Elimelech Naomi's husband and he had heard that ruth had been kind to Naomi which he thought was nice. At mealtime! Boaz called Ruth Ruth over to him, and gave her bread dipped in vinegar which I take to be. A good thing. He gave her all saw. MIC is nice. Yeah, sure then. He gave her a big Shittu of roasted grain. which well I guess that's also apparently Nice. It was more than she could eat. kept the leftovers. She pocketed the leftovers and then when she got up to go out to the fields, he told his men to leave a bunch of grain behind as they had harvested. As they harvested so that she would get more Here's a real romantic this guy. Then Ruth went home to Naomi and gave her the leftover roasted grain. Sweet and an all the barley that she'd been able to gather which happened, which was actually kind of a lot, and that's how they lived while the harvest was happening. Chapter Three. One day. Naomi said to ruth girl. We gotta get you a husband Stat. You're not getting any younger and this whole leftover grain gig won't last forever, so. What do you think about this Boaz Guy? Now Ruth was cool with Boas. Naomi came up with a plan. They knew Boaz would be winnowing that night. That's a grain harvest thing sure, so Naomi I the one rabbit hole. That I really went down than the the Jewish holiday. Rabbit hole was the grain harvesting out rabbit hole, but I decided to spare you all the details anyway. They knew that boas would be winnowing, so they know. Naomi told Ruth to put on her prettiest. WHATEVER THE FUCK! They were back, then I wanNA say. SACK. For the sake of the story, we'll just say her best clothes. Put on your best rag and tied up with your best rope fragment. Yeah, exactly She was also also told her to wash and put on perfume. So you know this ship was getting serious. That's good advice. Yes, it is She said to go down to the threshing floor again a grain thing. But. Don't let him know that you are there. Hide behind the grain. I guess I'm picturing her in gillies suit covered in Burley stocks like military sniper. Anyway Ruth was supposed to watch as she would wait until he had eaten and tossed back a few drinks and then note where he went to sleep. Then, she would sneak over to him. I think you know where I'm going with this I. Keep going Jesus. What fuck it I'll just quote the Damn Bible to you and let you guys figure it out. Quote now this is Naomi talking to. Ruth. Quote when he lies down. Note the place where he is lying, then go and uncover his feet and lie down. He will tell you what to do. which ruth replies, I will do whatever you say. Now I submit to you that anyone reading this. Honestly, that is to say anyone to anyone who doesn't have a desperate need to bend and twist everything in the Bible to be pure and wholesome. It is crystal clear. What is going on here? Yeah? You have a young woman getting all seat up and going to an older rich man to convince him to marry her using the only tool she has available. It's a tale as old as time. Well so it this is this the only biblical story I'm aware of where some sort of consent was established of right. Yeah, I mean that that is, that's progressive right there, yeah? Ruth does this and when Boaz wakes up in the middle of the night, he finds a sweet young thing lying next to him. Who Are you? He says I'm ruth. She says spread your garment over me because you're the big important man of the family. Now yes, in a metaphorical sense. She is asking him to cover her to bring her under his protection. Also, she is very literally telling him to let her into his clothing. It really doesn't get any less ambiguous than that. I I'm afraid I don't see where you can you. This isn't sexy. Time Up. Sorry, a hundred percent and be sure that we get what's happening. Here's Boaz's response. Quote the Lord bless you daughter this. This kindness is greater than that showed earlier. You have not run after the younger men whether rich or poor. What kindness! Uncovering his feet as he slept, asking for a corner of his garment. No the only way that that response makes any sense, is if she? Did some kindnesses for him. Well after that he gushes about her for a while, and then tells her to sleep next to him until morning. Oh, but she'd better scurry off before sunrise because we wouldn't want anybody talking. Now. That's a classic move to exactly. The rest of the book is a bunch of Legalese about how the guy was. How another guy was actually a closer relative tonight into Naomi Than Boas, so he had the first right of refusal on Ruth who apparently came as a package deal with Naomi's husband's inheritance, because women after all our property fortunately, though the other relative wanted the land, but was less enthusiastic about ruth, so he took off his Sandal, and gave it to boas, which I guess is a the weirdest equivalent to shaking hands, and the deal was done Boaz married Ruth, and they all lived happily ever after. So the book ends with this little tip tidbit. Boaz and ruth gave birth to OBE ed. Who then fathered Jussie who then sired? David. That is a long walk for that payoff, isn't it? It sure as hell is. Quick Recap of the story, the heroine of the book of Ruth First Mary's a guy who dies follows her mother-in-law back to her home switches, religions sleeps so the rich old guy to get him to marry her, and eventually becomes the great grandma of somebody famous the end. What unnecessary story yeah. Funny because as I was researching this thing. I've. A lot of Jewish. Rabbis have expounded on this story quite a lot, and apparently in the in in the Talmud. There's a lot of like other stories a lot of other. Legends surrounding this story and one of them is that or by the the the mall by woman who went back to MOAB? Somehow had sex with. Hundreds of soldiers and all at the same time. And that was and that was how she gave birth. To, the Goliath, oh my. So she who is the sister-in-law of the Great Grants Grandmother of David was the mother of the giant Goliath David I'm not sure how that works out. And that, doesn't it also mean the David and Goliath were like cousins, yes. Yeah okay. That's an interesting twist to the story. Family issue. We didn't know that we just thought they were. It was war, but it's clearly a some some cousin rivalry. Yeah and go speaking down really quickly to your to your. We were talking about women's names in the Bible's. At up and weight really quickly for if you don't mind what it's I found here. Professor Karla Baumbach says one study produced a total of three thousand to thirty one hundred names, twenty, nine, hundred of which are men with one hundred and seventy of the total being women. In the Bible however, the possibility duplication produced the recalculation of a total of seventeen hundred distinct personal names in the Bible with one, hundred, thirty, seven of them, being women, and yet another study of the Hebrew Bible only there were a total of fourteen hundred twenty six names. With thirteen hundred and fifteen, belonging to men and one hundred eleven to women, seventy percent of the named and unnamed women in the Bible. Come from the Hebrew Bible. Despite the disparity seventy percent, so that means there's hardly any in the New Testament despite the variety. Among these different calculations. It remains true that women are women's names represent five point, five and eight percent of the total names in the Bible. a study of women who's spoken. Words are recorded found ninety three of which forty nine women were named so. Good Job Bible. Bible? Yeah Doing Great. It's no wonder that we all call it the book just because it's true. Is it necessary I don't know. All Right Ruth Yeah. Let's close the book on that. There's there's not much use in that by. Well friends. That is it for this week show? Hey, we'd love to hear from you if you did something from one of these stories, please send us an email. Out to and how to heretic DOT COM Or if you got your head run over by the Bundy's Mellon truck as well, you can leave us a voicemail about it. At nine, three, eight, two, nine, three, eight, four, six, hundred, six, I'm also on twitter at Howard, and a mighty thanks to our honorable and wonderful patrons, and thank you to our ballistic missiles site, Cody Layton for editing the show and thanks. All of you friends for tuning in the by friends to talk.

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