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"amnon nissan" Discussed on Guys Who Do Stuff

"Guys, welcome to the guys who do stuff podcast. I'm Joe I'm Josh and we help you get on stuck Tele better story and have a good answer to the question. Yeah. Planned it today on the show. We have someone I share the same last name with manning. No relation. Right. Not to my knowledge, unless you're from Cleveland Ohio. We do kind of look alike. We do very handsome pages, just a little different like fine wine. We get better with it in the hair I have left is gray but other than that, we're a dead ringer. Blew us. I do I can see him from do. Well, Mike, thanks so much for joining us. You also have a podcast I do about that a blast head this idea. I mean, being I which is business networking international, and I've met so many. People would they're small business owners who had great stories and I love stories. Allah Gaskin questions. Trying to figure out how to start a show and just interview these people because they're so good. And one thing led to another. I got two are needed to be and gotta show on the air. I think we're show. Forty think you're she'll forty-three last week. I got to be on the. Yeah. In until story. So I my issue was, I have zero technical skills. Right. I can talk till the sun goes down. But I can't figure out how it works. And so I met Amnon Nissan go to his house in studio in do the show and it's great. I love.

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