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495 - Jedediah Smith

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495 - Jedediah Smith

"And lemon you're listening to the dollar on the all things comedy network. This is a bilingual american history. Podcast each week. I defeat antonio read a story from american history to know amigo. Gareth reynolds has no idea. What the topic is going to be about. There's some notes on the attack with the notes new. Dave anthony see. I don't think he's speak enough spanish to do this. Mid gustav basketball. I don't know a lot but that's not right. Yep no don't they bibliotheque. There's a few of them you need to go. We're recording a podcast. See yes. I don't think it's a good time to go to the library. Dante estar la bibliotheque. You can find it but you can't go there now we do. don't they. left you go left. you'll run into it. The fuck no no all right. Let's move on domestically spokane comedy club. Thursday august twenty six at eight. pm then the following evening. Be at the tacoma. Comedy club friday and saturday. A couple shows there so you can go to my website. Gareth reynolds dot com for information. They're also i'm excited to announce. I'll be going home to milwaukee wisconsin for the milwaukee improv friday september. Third saturday september fourth. The milwaukee improv and. Then i'll be at the stress factory in new jersey september tenth through the eleventh and then we the dollar will be at the high plains comedy fest in denver. Colorado that is september eighteenth. We have a show. You and then. I will be at the stress factory in bridgeport friday october. First saturday october. Second you can go to gareth. Reynolds dot com for all that information ticket information and then dave we are also hitting some places. Yes we heard it. Make your nipples hard. My nips are harbor. Fourteenth wiseguys las vegas september sixteenth. Wiseguys salt lake city. Hey i bet that say quite a pick we go from major major to blitz wear underpants special. So we go to heaven and it's gonna be fun. That's that's tuesday. Fourteenth wiseguys las vegas thursday september sixteenth. Wiseguys salt lake city like i said high plains comedy festival the eighteenth of september and then wednesday september twenty second we will be at stand live in phoenix november fifth. We will be at the palace of the fine arts in san francisco november six. We'll be at the crest theatre in sacramento and december tenth. We'll be at the observatory. North park san diego girl all the shows vaccinated yes believing goes to get a test. If you think that's what we came down with you get a task in or you can be vaccinated negative covet test and you can go to dollar podcast dot com information on those some people call this nazis and this is a history podcast. So i'd like you to actually look up. What nazis are since you're listening to a history podcast. Welcome to america easier enemy no matter what your enemy thinks. 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Nine year of our lord was every year the lord of jesus single one is the year of all years of the. We need to say my question. Well yeah because this is a christian. Podcast podcast right. Yeah we need to talk fair later about a couple of things. I forgot to do. The music Great what does that mean. We don't do it this new music this week. Okay rose this the whole things in shambles. This is a nightmare. This is in the christian as shambles or in champ it would be in shambles shambles. It's not a shambles. It's not a shambles no shambles as a clown shambles. It's the clown and you don't want shambles. Come into your party. he's not good. I got a budget receipts. Ma'am up. don't worry. I'll talk too hard on before the party. I'm looking on the screen over here and said directly. I you great much better for me. Have you seen one hundred foot wave on. Hbo why don't we start. Have you seen it. Let's go january. Six seventeen ninety nine fucking awesome. Great j six hundred ninety nine jedidiah. Strong smith was born in strong smith. Name stuff as you can said that strong smith. Well he's gonna be very religious and if you need a strong fixed to go to dye one of those babies that are born with muscles if you ever seen those baby. There's that russian kid is. I've got my eye on him. I haven't seen him since he was a german kid when we were young too. That was like ball often. Guess i mean really that i feel like the authorities should just really be on watch and that it's genetic it's like. What are you forcing him to do. Moving moving on. Yeah exactly. we'd start to allow now. It's time for forty five thousand pushups before oatmeal. Joe was born in new york state and a little while after that they moved to erie pennsylvania whereas you and then to ask tub boola ohio. Asha tabua right fair enough Parents kraut thirteen kids altogether. You go keep it movin. There's a line linebacker here. Keep it up front. A lot of fucking out of babies conveyor belt neighbor took interest in jim newborns pregnant. That's seems strange coming out like that. Now we've done such a good job boy so neighbor takes interest in them. I don't know what that means neighbor takes interest in jeddah interesting boy. Okay conversation not can't do that now and todd had dinner with your sin. Taught him the quote resume. It's of an english education and smattering of latin. Okay so he taught him so. Jedidiah was just going to go through life on educated and then this guy was like you should be able to read. What if you're not a dummy right okay So this neighbor probably gave his prized copy of the journals of lewis. And clark okay. So we've never covered lewis and clark which would probably will at some point. It's very famous story. But the guys who went across i basically. Yeah well a white guy really. They were like burning so lucky that there's another hot fire here. We really well so this got him really interested in exploring the american west. Okay now. he's thirteen he. Got a job as a cleric on a great lakes freighter sheriff. So he's working at thirteen. You do that just to be weird you guys now. We're going to get back. Why did you start so late. Yeah that's what i say. At twenty three he moves to saint. Louis sure what go-carts go-carts what's happening right now. He loves the go-carts there. Oh in saint louis yes. They're errands favor erin. Likes the go-carts and saint louis loves riding So i- writes his life. Goals were to quote to become a first rate. Hunter make myself thoroughly acquainted with the indians trace out the sources of the columbia river and make the whole profitable to me well. The last one is why we're hearing about it. Obviously because it is a sweet list to start off with the then the end. It's like zion. Jeffrey baiser So here's what i wanna do. I wanna say. I wanna be really good hunter. Great that's important to meet the people that live out there not now. Let me tell you this. Because i love him. Not enough people. Who are doing that because what we find a lot of times here is that people really have no interest in the white and the white. The white man has been really unfair. I think in ways that they have taken and not learn. I think there's so much tolerance. I think that's a great instinct for you yet. Hunt to to meet people out the source of the columbia river. Where does it come from. Where does this columbia river. We actually were just talking about that the other day trying to figure out right. Well i mean it's helpful to know that current wise. That's going to be as far as a beaver trapping and things of that nature just the fourth one is one a mixup a okay. So i turn it into cash eight. Am meeting those those native americans. How do i turn that into fucking money. no no comey rivers. Turn that money hunting. Turn that into money. No no no. Every thing on that beaver privately single thing that be roman. It's the pelts. Stop dashi the eyeballs. That look fail thing. Sell it. And then i make money money right okay. I'm going to bring it in cash. Blood coming out of your house happening a profit. Oh my god. In february eighteen twenty two rate to meet you. Nice to meet you. How can i turn this in the money. Just meeting william h ashley sought a one hundred quote young men of enterprise to ascend the missouri river to its source. Okay this is right up our boys al. Yeah it would take three years going through. What is now kansas and then up through the dakotas in montana take years what about. Here's what i what. I hear that if i'm around that time thinking what about me sitting on the porch with a rocking chair well the truth is it's that were like it's just impossible to wrap your mind around that concept because if you were to three years into something now the immediate benefit you would have to be guaranteed in order to invest. But they were just like there's nothing going on we're gonna find out where there's rivers starts. Okay yet live dead okay. Be our la. That'll be rap. Put some years in. That could take three to fifteen years. But it'll be worth it. We literally have fuck all else to do. It's either that or just died eaten shit. I'm kinda leaning towards the diane. i'm not heighten that pitch neither bad all right. Well then we won't look for. We'll sit here and we'll just bowl just die. I'm fine with it. I'm going to bring in the yellow fever. Great that's always wanted to die for something along those the boys fever and got a bunch of coming down in buckets okay. Let's do this favors work. So that's bring jetted i- heads up river on the keelboat enterprise captains look well connected to another captain's log i think. Van fourth captain's log followed by fifth cap a tidy captains. This whole vessel is captain's log. Okay three weeks sake. Oh that's pretty good as good rats. Pretty good it's a good run. That's pretty good. That's better than most of our wages. We hear so they're stuck there. They got to hunt and forage while they're waiting for a replacement to come chair. Replacement calms in october. They make it to fort henry in southeast montana okay. Major andrew. henry was in charge of fort henry. Okay so see how. Yeah it's just like when you discover. Yeah this is better than this covering. You're building something and you go. I'm going to name this after after me. Yes because i'm pretty. Yeah pretty well. It's i mean really whites just hgtv the country right. They just went and they're like. Oh this needs to be a mall saint louis. Let's put some go-carts that's what will be known for in this town and nothing more stupid little cars with bumpers. Raise each other with stupid helmets while tires buffer around the brink. I don't think they're stupid. They're damn okay so jedidiah heads up north of the fort trap. He's very gentle. He's very religious as we get from his name. He always carried a bible and he sang gospel songs while riding through the bustle. Or what did you what a dream partner did nothing. But i the lord hapless does once again and now we're and now lord hat players this land at something else hard hat last. I heard and i just like let's sing a song about the no shave hair raised but the lower dark and mysterious ways lower blaze line. Can we saw lion not about the lord game on day. Said boys this guys. My baby sees past. That was way within two. That's the way we're live lila. Lord blessed it blessed land lord dead last last this land lower deblaze with kids hand saying reporter now too. We're in his kids and they put in the fate and two in the hand. Can i ask you question. Yeah you've been seeing these religious for four hundred fucking mile. Never thought about shut your goddamn god hold. I'll tell you what i had thought about. Though where all the grass came down from the sky same with the rain navy. Think about that. Like what if you're an atheist. I can't imagine me this time. I mary was. Oh my god actually like i mean. It's even tough now to pose questions back. Then you were like. I mean you really think what if there's no there's no garden of no garden so jeopardize methodist cher. He doesn't smoke. He doesn't swear he doesn't fuck unlike other men he was clean-shaven andy bathed regularly he used. So you didn't fuck so is a man of the he won't fuck the only guy you know. He's got no beard and he's bathed. Yeah it's really. Fortunately i just do that. For passage to heaven. His fellow trappers called him bible toter or old jet scher local natives at some point stole about fifty of major. Henry's horses okay so without horses. The trappers can't move very far from the fort hence probably why they still right. So general ashley is at this point. He's on his way from saint. Louis so jetted. I is sent to meet him on a canoe down the river. And tell them to get more horses from the su- or any other people around if you can when you're coming up So it meets up with ashley in may of eighteen twenty three and So actually stops him barters with the say this not every kara for horses okay and they had built a timber structure on a sandbar and the river. Perfect to block boats from going up. So that's a red flag situation if you like if you're if you're saying white guy on a big boat this big wall. Here's a bit of a bother. Am i going to coordinate around that. It's been a tough isn't it. Excuse me open the door or whatever. So it's like indiana. They seem friendly except for this giant pile of shit nar way. It's almost like they put there on purpose. Odd isn't it so actually exchanged gifts and then buys nineteen horses from them and two hundred buffalo robes. Right okay and then. There's like thick rope ropes. Right rupe buffalo. Ropes robe robe robe better. Yeah oh yeah Way better yeah. Although buffalo up seems like it'd be cool be great. I hope someone made buffalo mean something. There was a lot of buffalo that that'd be great. It's shit out of. Yeah i than laying around. Yeah that'd be really important. So they tight tight the horses the way they type horses back then as they would tie their legs together awesome and so they wouldn't run away so it's like a three legged race horse situation. Okay so they haven't they put them in sacks and make them carry an egg on a spoon. my god. I would pay to watch that. So that's kept horses running away so they all the horses line up on the riverbank And then they go to sleep on the boats or the or the on the keelboat or the riverbank and they're gonna leave the next morning. Okay but it turns out the site ryan i e kara again are like more horses that they've been screwed over by white guys before and they're not really interested in having white people around so six hundred attack that night. Oh okay and dave as far as battles go. That's a big number. That's a large number of. I sleep attack actually as forty guys okay. Less no hold on a second. I get a paper here. You're not gonna no no. No that's closed. It seems like a dominating force. It's much more than forty forty six hundred forty or sleeping. Yeah okay twelve died. I mean you literally could just be like we're just gonna put ten on each person and just beat the fucking it so twelve and eleven wounded and the next morning actually orders his party to try advancing up the river again. Smart he's goes. Hey boys let's get up there. The problem is we haven't made it. Perhaps you didn't hear me when we started from saint louis but this is about money. Yeah so we got to get up there even if all you have to die. Everybody refused to go and the reason being probably because now there's like sixteen of them right. The numbers have dwindled. Six hundred of the other guy right right only one. I'll go jedidiah. Oh my god. I got this with the laura my back. I'll be able to figure it out so obviously you can't advance with one person so he actually didn't ask for volunteers to ride two hundred miles to fort benton and again. Only one guy volunteered jet agenda. I'll do it so actually gets a french. Canadian trapper named about to go with genita- okay. What's what we're just going to go from this for. I am part of the story now so wait ideas we got together. Where we're going. We go to fort your french to We yes we are doing. Yes well. I was thought you were from here. That's the only accent i do. So but you could just be a guy who speaks regular y- you've chosen guy. I guess so. So they had off onto horses They're going at night as not be tracked. Perfect because there's bands of the locals trying to kill him. Share seeking the night pitcher. Dwight great. with me we're worried about the six hundred guys getting its darkest so one of the night. They came across three warriors asleep by a campfire. And they killed them as they slapped. Took their horses share as you supposed to do. Well very brave. It feel it feel. It feels like if you're them you've got to be like you know you've got to kind of just assume it's going to try to kill you. Everyone's gonna try to kill you at this point. What is the plan that we just slipped assault and take the horses from france still makes no sense but what i hear when i'm around you what. It is quite sultan to be honest. I will you be authentic you instead of pretending to be me as wehrley confused. But we're gonna talk like myself. Osam fucking down a my gut. This voice is what. I'm talking like this much better. We should change your name to the whole. Your whole seeing is dog shit francois so now when they killed the warriors jedidiah was pretty upset because battiste took their scalps and he was like okay. That's disrespectful that's egregious. Well just thinking about it from a. It's weird yes for sure. Perfect look what i got. This is great. now we've got to so eventually. is your head bag. Where's your bag for their heads. Oh i don't have a bag for heads. I'm actually not into that. It's not our thing. That's actually a native american practices. And they probably do it. They're probably doing it for centuries and so you know my accent i saw. What are the whole thing is. We're doing different cultures. Now so i just. I see yes okay. No it's it's it's supposed to just sit here and just french fries and decor rancher dipping. Sultana time and be like you. What the fuck sending me. It'd be jared pacific disgusting. No you're you're just fucked up you're out of your fucking mind you're not tell you it's not those our minds guys guy's head that just got off. That says a good joke come on. What's your head bag possess captions. There are no good smell after. I got puts them down the front of our. That's not okay. So they eventually make it to fort benton and they get helping whenever the men get out of actually men. Get out of there okay. So on his expedition. Jedidiah leads a small party to south dakota and western wyoming. Sure there the first known white people to go there okay. In the black hills in a way by the way is that. That's kind of an advantage in a way right. I white guys. Yeah because you. Because he'd know they're not sure what you are. Yeah who'd rather go in unsure than people knowing what a white person once once the white secrets out right then. It's bad because they they learn like oh. These people can't be trusted all and they're murderers right. Yes so in the black hills. A grizzly bear surprised jedidiah donnie. She cannot be here or did i. I'm not god and yet they come out of the thicket like just springs out of the and jedidiah is on his horse gets knocked off his horse at it and the bear grabs jedidiah by the head. Oh my lord not okay. Jedidiah fights back and and beats the bear off until it gives up and runs off. she's christie beats bearup. Well i mean he got the worst of it he. He beat the bear off off difference. Okay jeopardize a mess. Okay see i mean it. I guess it doesn't. It takes very little bear contact to be one. Grab your head. Yeah grab your head grabbing volleyball not grabbing and being the come just trying to get the palm. I'll put your hands on my ause. It's called stage combat. So several his ribs are broken and his scalp has been ripped off to the bone epstein here one of his ears is just dangling from the side of his head nearly torn off okay. Sure she's so the other guys with they're pretty horrifying. It doesn't look great and there's no mirror it's hard to know mirror. How bad is it could be better. It's your love your head is off. A lot of my ear hurts. Yeah well not really. Most of the side of the air is bad and pain wise. It's it looks more like an earring right now because the way it's hanging so kinda cool. No okay yeah. It's not the over here. Yeah you should be. Because i didn't even have the choice to lay down. But i'm laying down should definitely laid out. I would lead. Yeah sleepy so they all think he's going to die because head open guy. Sure jetted. I asked me goes. Can you guys give me some water out. Cool water water so thursday. And then he talks very calmly and he talks to fellow trappers. Buddy james james climate talks him through cutting away the blood-soaked hair trim right now. Good sure if you could just get with a well. It just feels like with my head off that the hair sticks out. Ib doesn't look aesthetically. I think we just. But i just feel like i feel. I feel like an idiot. I wouldn't worry about that. It's really this a good time for a cut okay. We'll just take a trip. Take like a half inch. That's all sure. And then they get he gets a needle thread from his saddlebag. Who too but jedidiah. What he's up. I'll do it. And he talks climbing through sewing his scalp back into place. Oh i'm not even pizza. I just and climb his sewing his ear back on which climate even believe. He can do but he did. It was like you really got to try to put their back on. Is that bad things hanging. And then he does he finishes on the. It's all kind of sewn back in place not not like a surgeon would do it but more like a random guy like if you if you went to if you went to a truck stop somebody showing my head back. Put my ear on. Yeah that's more like payless. So it's pretty haphazard and when it's over he takes ready for my close up. How i ripped it off accident and when it's over agenda it takes a long drink of water. And then he gets on his horse. But you i think the night and they head back to their camp in the hills. He's like let's go. Let's go buy good. I'm ready to go haha. Oh god damn now the guys he's with their like he's placating. They're like yeah. This all good blonde last big ride buddy gray. You're fine so they wrong kick off the horses hoses not feeling great. So they go off to get help a bunch of her and the two chapters stay with genitalia and they help them heal for a few days until they get surprised by a band of native native. One of them's dead. He's too busy and semi jedidiah when they get attacked. He manages to hide in some bushes. Good for the wound. I've found some dirt and the and the the native americans they take everything everything. That's there the campaign grab it. All and only thing is left with is a rifle knife flint and his bible. Now the other trappers dead okay. So he has alone again with the bible and a gun and some bible very compromising wound. Okay so he opens it and reads his bible opens. What scalp the bible. All right is a guitar. Read your bible. Yeah i share. What are some words of wisdom focusing. By is is tough. He read quote he is chastened also with pain upon his bed and the multiple multitude of his bones and strong pain yes his soul off near to the grave and his life to the destroyers his flesh shelby fresher than a child. He shaw returned to the days of his youth. Show praying to god and he will be favorable onto him. So he's like if. I pray hard enough. I'm gonna live because i got this. Okay so the next morning. He is in incredible pain because as members head got his got ripped off. His head still hurts. It's not good. Yeah and his buddies stitched on kind of and he can't walk so he drags himself over to the river because he remembers that day put beaver traps there and the don't follow them. But the american indians did not find the beaver trap so he goes over that he finds one beaver or beaver and he cooks it and eat and on the third day he managed to shoot a buck. Wow and he ate to meet until it goes bad. Jesus now he couldn't cleaner dresses wounds. And obviously that means infections a big. Because you're if you've ever had your scalp ripped off and then soda back together. Now the would i would. I mean in today's they. This gentleman would be on antibiotics. Yes that's right big. Look it out for those infections. From his bible. And i wish there was a section here about what to do with searchers too. So he's allies. He's kingdom like that three days. Go by and then the other guys come back with a party. At trappers they come across and they feed him and they dresses wounds and then they did. They had. They had down the bighorn river to yellowstone these boats. Sure now a crow had told them of a place he's being a crow had told them not not an actual crowd a native american. Okay of the of the people okay. Different had told them again. They're not talking to crows yet. Well listen i've talked to a crow. I know you have a raven does my taxes. And he tells them there's a place nearby that's just got tons of beaver. So aaron grow up. Yeah jesus so this places. A lot of weight. So he's now he's now okay and a like he's not clearly not infected to the point where it's sewed back together. He doesn't look great. Does he want to take a little like a little time. No he's he's his bones man all right. He's still thinking Yes so his his. It's like tilted sorta weird a chair and his one of his eyes. Squint the way they sewed it together. He's basically got to pay but his scalp. Yeah the rest of his life. He has a big comb over situation going on. Look shoop well for sure. Well i don't know if that's necessarily for him to is serta. Everyone knew him by that. Yeah no because he was attacked and mauled by a bear. No so he was like you know. Why don't we offer a new hairstyle. Scalp provides little so. I guess what i'll do is just put it all in one area. So he's a deformed areas a squirting in the long long long wispy longed ones. Doing it long to one side like that. Now that's a good luck reserve that undertaker's and films a so they end up spending the winter at crow village and they would join the crawl on hans juda estimated. They killed over a thousand buffalo that year which is totally unnecessary. Where yeah you're bragging about that would be like that's actually like wait really messed talk. Yeah yeah we'll shown so so. In the spring the men learned of crow route across the continental. Divide over the south. Pass in wyoming. Okay so they took that what are they. Are they still trying to. What are they going for now. He's he's still trying to get to places where no one's been okay so sort of explorer. Okay This the south pass route. They didn't find it but they sort of rediscovered it and then tons of people would end up using that route that sounds like the brits yeah so some eighteen twenty six they go to rendezvous place so rendezvous is an annual for trading furqan for com. They go to for it's hundred percent for. That's what it is. It's for a kid. Okay so yeah so it happened one. I can't believe what you're doing with this year. You cape reinventing the wheel over your scratch. Thank you i'm believable. Gaza got coffee like well. This guy's done he's made a bowl out of a. Yeah he's he's who is crazy. Keep your land. Your donya boys lost fucking mind. I can hear you whale okay. No i forgot. I was talking to you when i said that Anyway you're you're out of your phone a to ask no no no those. What animal are the teeth. Humans okay relatives okay. Everyone of these teeth is from someone. I've met and we should not do that. Have do you have any friends people that you. How long have you been out. This here is an ashtray made out of my uncles tape. I have to go all right so we headed. It's not gonna go to the bathroom. Same here nope yeah. Different one you can one or two best friend. So here's a run. All the all the trappers come together the traders trappers they they buy furs. They sell whiskey three but for beaver supplies right. it's a drunken crazy off as hookups. It sounds like one of the worst places to ever go to go there. Oh the smell. so trag. that sturgis trappers. could go and selby repellents. And they wouldn't have to go to st louis to sell them right. They sell them for less but the trip isn't happening shirts a it's a wash whiskey tobacco coffee all very expensive. Everything's expensive because it's where it is. It's the middle of for con. Other supply of this trappers would use get march two twenty percent. Just lose the threat on going a little because they can sell basically. It's just a fucking party right. it's a it's a con right. You get to hang out with your broza biz. Talk beaver business get hammered. They'd they'd spent a whole season's earnings on whiskey and women and good times and just bad thing to do things like the more i hear about it. You want avoid for so well. I lost my years well. I hope i'm happy but i got shift. Thanks coffee the memories. I almost had a a really good trapper. we'd go there with three or four hundred pounds after a season in nine hundred five jetted. I rolled in was six hundred sixty eight. And then he. He formed a partnership with To trappers one was william submit. Where's the other one by one who comes up in the future was the visit. When you don't want to break your lease someone moves in for u. s. okay. I don't know what that means to be named after me william sublet. Menem's these you pay me. Nobody's the wiser. They end up. Buying out william ashley share of his trapping operation for sixteen thousand now. Jesus they didn't they didn't buy it all but they like they were gonna pay him off over a couple of years. It's a sort of an acquisition. Yeah so the partnership goes great. The first year his partners go north or in the area and jeopardized is go south shares. The like fan out. We'll get a budget be repels and come back to run next year okay. Now let's party goes north and there. They quickly learn. Horses cannot make it through the frozen plains on the little bit of vegetation. That's around okay. Great lesson so those horses. Don't make it okay or eaten okay. Great they ate the horses. What else do i was the mission. Well i'll tell you. I don't feel like eating horse for a while. It's a nightmare. Terrible absolute hell on earth. So they ended up walking and barely surviving. They had a dog which eventually they killed an eight as well. Well this at some point some nights they had to just keep walking to avoid avoid freezing to so temperatures. You've ever been in that area of the country. I cannot explain how fucking call that is. When there's a fucking cold air blowing down from canada. Yeah so. They just had to keep walking. They couldn't sleep. Yeah luckily they come across and native americans who save them and give them shelter and food for the winter once again too nice. Yep you regret this. Come back to haunt you. The whole helping people out thing just me. You can trust us forever. So meanwhile jedidiah is exploring the shoreline of great salt lake. Okay and he would always name places ignoring that they might already have names. Yes so he did. He was quite. He named a river adams river for president. John quincy adams. Although today it's the virgin river which is named after one of his companions ties. Virgin someday i won't have sex but bell minutes right. I'm okay have you been fucking you'd be all right I guess he's not gonna say anything. Dad who thirty bieber's there are no beavers here. Not in the salt lake area enter in mid-september they're almost dried me. That's what they're surviving on. Okay so one day as setting up camp over a dozen pilots are watching them. Okay again. Another another group event in the local people watching them and Jedidiah walks out alone to invite one camp k. And one payton incomes and he's holding a rabbit out which who is the pie okay. He's like that means. Yeah right right and generally accepted accepts. Innings speaks very kindly with them and soon other people come down and start approaching. Would they'd have like an era corn all like. Hey we're here to be friendly a lot of rabbits. I don't know if i need all quite all of these. This is over thirty rabbits which is fantastic. No more ravage though. Can i. I too many Rabbit you keep thank you so much literally can't do enough with these. I'm going to start handing them back to you. If you were really trying to get rid of these yes a lot so we just want to get rid of all right. Great bring him down. Here's another four holy fuck. That's is that a wheelbarrow. Yes no bringing. The truck no acted up. Jedidiah gives them gifts in return. No razor knives gunpowder. Some lead balls. That kind of business. And i was not expecting that they're big. It wasn't a good joke. A gotcha so they stay for awhile. Okay and They trade iron for produce corn and pumpkins so that these people are giving them food and in return. They're getting iron and shit to make weapons weapons. Yeah but the could not tell them much about going south. There's desert down there and they don't because they've never been like. Hey let's walk through that fucking desert. We're good here with food. We've got a bunch of rabbits so after a while jeopardize group goes south. It's hot it's super fucking hot. The men the horses are having a really hard time right. So now they're in a part of zion national park. Okay which is fucking the best place in america. Yeah janet i said he quote a learned what it was to do without food. So this is the bible. Man's way of saying i'm dying. Holy fuck hungry. There's almost no game is hardly any freshwater It's taken two days to get from one waterhole to the next and then when they reached the colorado river the horses are dying and they end up eating horses share. I figured the horses. Yeah they're not going to the river water's muddy so it wasn't yom good water day grainy when They moved on over half. The horses are dead so a lot of the men are now foot and then they enter the hobby desert. Oh i'm sorry. And then names. Like i feel like it's about to cool off a little bit son of a bitch about the worst part of this into the worst part now. Okay now they get to. What is like around needles california now. Okay and they run across the mohave indians. Okay and they give them shelter for fifteen days and let them recuperate. They're fucking mess and they feed the melons and vegetables from their garden and they tell make note we should come back and ruined it. They tell jedidiah that there is an old indian trail across the desert. That goes from the spanish missions in california to here. Okay and so can you take me and so two guidelines to discover it if you could show it to me. Show me where that is discovered for everyone we like the name trail. Yes i'm after. Is these so these two guides know the way because they had fled from the mission. San gabriel i just to hop just after money. It's just he's wants cash so for fifteen days they try to follow the mojave river but it keeps disappearing because it's a river does just vanishes well. That was another break here for awhile. Rivers a ken dirt suggested he. He tried to end the mojave river the inconstant river but it never stuck yeah. It's a great name yeah constant. What about my hobby. No deals made up. Well it's actually the name of the people and the and it's not steve river. we'll call it greats. Not they're all charge five dollars to look at it great perfect. We're good money so it's really hot. There fucking thirsty shit but they they make it to california following this trail. And he's there the first white man to make this overland southwest the mojave route. yeah they did so independently. It's remarkable a of the first guy to follow a couple of like i the first guy who needed to be mellon fueled. I'm the first man who needs a lot of suntan lotion to go. This way i did it all by myself except for when they fully carried me with mellon for a fortnight other than that i did it all and then discovered it amazing. Feed when i did this thing where people feed me melons for fifteen. Able the thank mainly me. So now they're in the san bernardino valleys. It's like paradise compared to where they've been the sheet. There's countless horses grazing green green stream. We call bakersfield. Ah victorville today. So the half starved men meet some friars at mission ranch and they escort them to mission. San gabriel okay. It's about nine miles east of downtown los angeles now. I think. I wanna act others like pretending a bit strange. Hello i'm here to make films. I just like to look into camera and say things like we'll be right back. So there's a padre in charge of everything father joseph and he allows jetted aisles jeopardize men to eat and rest there and then response to that jet named mountains after chair. Whatever it's like. Thank you for the biscuit if you look over there. That one's named joe next door stormy like and instead of paying you. That mcdonald's is now kathy's okay thank you so much. I can't give you money but that mcdonald's is yours just don't even worry about it so california spanish territory so that means jedidiah and his party are there illegally right and he's taken because of the whites were illegal in california. Just fucking amazing. The topsy turvy. So he is dan because of this taken to the governor in san jose. Okay wants to see him okay. San jose whatever petersburg friend have renamed or city. It's now jeff now jedidiah so the spanish colonizers they know nothing about trapping beavers and in a report written for the governor. They call jedidiah fishermen because it was a close thing because he was like now the wet animals. We're looking for. What animal just furry fish. He's rarely quixote a wet. It's a wet animal. They'll wet eve sheets. it's a. it's a tree. Edith aches dan. you debut swearing at me. For some god golic a hammer tale. It's a hammer tailed. Fish tree muncher not a fish. It is a fish. I'm getting extreme confirmation. This is a fish. It's not a got big teeth teeth. Fish got got tree teeth. Hammerton got three teeth. He's got a hammer tail and he's a fish but he's into dream fish he's definitely a furry yes animal yes. No dish almost okay. He is okay. We close wet dog. He's a wet puppy with a hammer tail. We know those so the he's like what the fuck is this guy. He's suspicious and then and now they're like these guys are spies. Okay good says. The fucking spice. They're they're here spying for whatever. Shang lender france right so jared. I can't convince them that. He was quote only hunter and that dire necessity driven me here. He can't commit some of that so he's put under house arrest in for some reason they put them in the house restaurant san diego give me that they are moving around the state you know. It's amazing and he's and he and his it was easier to get around the state then really crazy okay. He's under arrest and take him. I guess to san diego and they took what they called a light rail. It's really nice there. The weather is a really just sorta seventy five all the time. It's perfect beautiful view. Yeah have you seen simon and simon. Yes yeah it's like that it's a so if you wanna be detective. It's a good place to be great and that's a yes so there for six weeks under under lock and key sure. And then there's there's three american merchant ships that are anchored in the bay and they and they vouch for him for some reason. I don't know what happened there. But they're like now he's a good guy without knowing they must have gone and talked to him or something are found out about him so share so jetted. I and his men are then release because of the word these guys gets crazy on the condition that they leave california okay and they have to leave the same way. They came what that's bullshit that's like that's like where you're just being like addictive and You must go back through how to get home. So jared i agree because what else you wasn't going to say but he's also like there's no way i'm going through the fucking maha being absolutely not or really even leave california right and it's pretty big so he he wants to try instead an unexplored route because that's his whole jim right all about that. So he heads north and he goes across the me mounds and he goes into the san joaquin valley which is rivers and very nice and they north and they're fishing and trapping and monterey and the san francisco bay so they're kind of going over a little california event. Yeah they're doing a little thing and then they get to the american river which is near sacramento k. Their their horses now are packing over. Fifteen hundred pounds beaver pelts. So they're scoring i. It's amazing that the that the spanish in charge didn't know what beavers were didn't quite understand were telling is never beavers. Yeah and and they rest and then in may nineteen twenty. Seven horses was exhau- they go east over the mountains. Okay and five. Horses die in the snow because it's snowing heavily. Sure so they have to retreat seventy miles seventy miles back to the stanislas river. Okay and jedidiah then. Takes two men named evans and google and they. He tries to cross with them just again. And he's gonna return with supplies. You guys stay here. I'll go get supplies. We can make the journey sure and he says four months. I'll be back in form us. Let's i. I don't know what life beg nightmare. I know it's just how it worked you. Can you hang on for four months. If i know. we're dying. Do you have four months left in the tank. If i don't come back in four months go ahead. And i guess just die after four months. No it's your turn to leave and try to wait. Wait for a pin in dying on. I four months and then let's decide so he leaves behind eleven guys. Now they build log cabins and just start trapping where they are stanislas but spanish authorities of this. Now they're like. Hey they go back through the mojave at all. That's not what we said now. They've heard jedidiah violated the agree league which has go. Yeah and then. He's still in california. So these soldiers come to the camp but jedidiah has gone right so they're like what we do. They they talk to the man they believe. The men are gonna leave in when they get a chance. After winter's over he's he's he's literally coming right back. It'll just be about a month. And so so they let him stay there. But it's a little fee right okay. So jeddah's party crosses the sierra. It takes days and now they're in the great basin which is hell greatest. We're back to dried nightmarish. Okay believable so they have four. Pack animals. They stayed started with seven sure. Well the yummy yum. It's less and crossing. Like i said it's fucking hell one by one as they're crossing the great basin the horses start dying whether killing them for food one or the other cool then. Their water runs out great. And they're eating the flesh that drinking the blood of the horses You just prizes pogo hole-in-one analogous spit. Yeah it's like the gatorade ads eventually. You're just sweating the read. That's right it's working. On june twenty fifth evans collapsed from thirst and exhaustion. Kiss blood career out. Okay good news. Bad news evans is dead. Good news we eat tonight and we can finally get some blood. God i'm so thirsty for A big cold club. Big cold cup of evans. It'll be so good. Oh god evans hang on. But if not we're going to pound your blood so fast i'm gonna drink punchbowl. Oh you know what. I might drink my own actually. Don't you fucking dare drink your break open marnie. A god looks tall. Part of one cycle. Then you once you pass. I'll have it too. So after they talked jedidiah and decide to just leave evans gone without him. Chicken blood jetted. I wrote in his diary quote. We could do no good by remaining to die with him. Drink his blood. I mean if you're drinking out at least suck out an eye at the very least take something three miles. Take your balls for comedy all right but only comedy which just said we're gonna hang it on the back of our hats like it's on the dash three hours later. They come across a small waterhole and they drink like fish. Yeah like harry harry fish. Yeah harry fish. Jedidiah fills container with water and he puts a piece of horse meat in it. Well that better than cork while. I'm gonna put this in here. Because i have no idea what the fuck i'm doing. This is going to be terrible. This is what we call tupperware. Well he does that and then he hurries back to evans okay. So he's like evans jedidiah quote putting the kettle to his mouth. He did not take it away until he had drank all the water. Which there was at least four or five quarts and then asked me why i had not brought more. Yeah so that's it. What was that horse meat at the end. Have you tried vitamin water. It's like i'm trying horse. Yeah it's a nice tangy but it's nice good chunks. It's like yeah we can you jog now or what's your deal. Bring more water to me a couple. We're gonna run. You're going to have to run to the weather's water there. You've got a run for it so he can have one of my lazy as well. Let's run on sunday. 'cause it sure feels like cattle prod. We're about to use. Gosh just so tired. Yeah here we go. I feel like channel surfing. You've watched bar rescue. Yes that shows. Great i love it the host. He was like right wing lunatic. I mean there's that so evan survives and they move on together now they now see the great salt lake there. The first men white men to cross the great basin over a thousand miles mostly on the first men who white i would imagine maybe the first man because i think most native americans like why the fuck would you walk that way. Because we're looking for money domain. We'll dip chicks. You see where motivated by making money. Like a nightmare for this blames. We're not going to rest until it. All fucking god. Hello capitalism's here. We're going to ruin this knock knock. May we come in. We're ardian welcome to the bb apocalypse. Did you like having them around. that's over. let's do that with everything. So on july third could be a mall on july third they stumble into bear lake which is where every year is held rendezvous. Oh no they role in in the middle of rendezvous. Did they don't know they're going to run day vu. I think they didn't. They probably didn't know the timing of it all but they rolled in when fucking trap con going on so they've discovered something but now they're just randomly at at trap back where they started there at for where they started. Okay it's yeah. It's right above eighteen twenty seven. Everyone just cannot believe because they thought they were dead. They've seen them in so long. We thought you guys were all dead. We kind of were they shoot a small cannon to celebrate their back but dagger one day it also been firing the cannon all rendezvous so it's kinda right not really yeah right. The guy was like you got do a shot to celebrate fifteen good baby cannon. Now jen partners. Who had gone north in there. They they did well and so they had a bunch of beaver pelts. He didn't he. I don't think he had any. I mean the other guys. it's like we. We ate them. The other guys remember the guys who left four months guys so they pay. They use those other beaver pelts and they paid their debt to william ashley and he advanced them supplies for the next year so their businesses making money but jeter i get back to my dudes stanislas river and bring them supplies so before he leaves. He writes a note to william. Clark the famous explorer share and the superintendent. Who's now the superintendent of indian affairs for the upper missouri and mississippi river so clark skied for the white man affairs yes right man and he said the pilots and mojave were quote extremely poor and the lowest intermediate link between man and the brute creation and in the mental scale lower than i have yet see extracts. Your white man's air visually officially arrived. So so the first. So the life the people hussein's it's what we call the whiting. How the white works. Thank you so much. I'll never forget you now. You're technically an animal today. And i can do whatever i won't. Hello i mean. They saved his fucking life. They fed him for fifteen days. They gave them shelter and the price did their own thing to save them. And he's just like man fucking shit all stupid dumb. What smart as do walks through the desert known you needed two weeks worth the melon to brought it out abroad. It so he had to back out he he takes man he takes to and they and they brought to their native american wives. Two guys in that group bring their wives okay slaves. I don't know what that is like. I don't know how the marrying worked back. Then right probably yeah not great. Well yeah i mean. We don't know but again. It's i guess it's it's just when there's a track record you could speculate so he retraces the same path. He goes to the same villages. He's still heading to the colorado river again. I get lost. I look for my car. Sometimes i cannot imagine the idea of. Imagine being like yeah. This is right to the confidence. I think i think i went through a purple e four. I think it was good which wasn't alligator then. Some guy another car saves you from verdes. Oh well yeah yeah. right. God for your subaru. You need more. Is t d motif as t- so here's some more checks mix if you need it so nourished he. He gets to the mojave where most of us die right. So this is where yeah so he gets them a hobby and they build rafts to cross to get the supplies across the colorado river. Okay and so he he. I guess they have to wraps or maybe he's taken over and they're going to bring it back and bring the rest of the supplies sure. I'm not sure which way this works. But he gets to the other side of the river jedidiah right. And as he as he just reaches it a bear hollow mohave warriors. No come from behind and kill the guys who are waiting to cross so all of a sudden it's just like a slaughter is getting a little precarious. They killed ten men. he's got eighteen. They killed ten and they take the to native american women and he's just all i can do with his guys just watch it happen across the river and then he runs. They run for us. Yeah okay new plan go and so they they hide okay name make spirit because they make spears from branches and they tied knives to the end of the polls because they don't have guns shame must've been with the other guys. I don't know so you guys hold on to everything. And i'm gonna shoot over there. Make contact then. I'll come back then. We'll start kind of bail in the bucket over that direction. So once i get over there you guys have it all then i'll start coming back. Yeah great good right. All right see anything that could go wrong. And is so they fight with the hobbies Jedidiah managed to kill ten two of them and then they retreat. Okay only one. Jeopardize manner are wounded. Okay so they eventually weight and then they slip away into the desert but they have no supplies now and they're on foot right so they have. I guess they do. They have five rifles some bullets and some dried meat yum. Now there is one wounded guy. He needs help walking. Okay they don't have guides so they have to rely on his memory to get through the desert. Sure so odds of them living. That's not great. Sure but they come across another band of native americans who trade them horses. Okay so they must have traded. I assumed yeah summers at its peak. Right it's fucking more we could do for you. Okay just a gun. It's august in the mojave desert. It's helped today's and keeps losing the trail as we know what happened before but somehow he gets them to san gabriel late august cheese us and they're they recover bit and then janai agenda has north to see the fucking guys at the stanislas. He rives two days before the four-month deadline. Wow because i was told you forward months who's have been earlier bags. Yeah niagara to show. The men are super excited to see them until they find out that has party been killed and all the speiser gone whole reason. He came. So let's depri- sorry. Sorry i should start with this. Things are as dire is when i left. No but you brought you came off his stuff. I had a ton of. Let's get it well. What i did was i left with. A bunch of my men are men remained. You guys look good by the way we have been working out. looks good. it looks good and we've started place. Looks good too. Yeah we lose a lot of weight. I could see so so. I left it all on one. What was he saying. Left on one side of the river. Can we get that. Yes and Across the river. Dan was about to go back on. The bagel left the supplies back on the other side of the river. The well trying to which side you're talking about the side you'd left the supplies were on that side. You didn't bring them with you. I went on the other side of the river without them about to go back and grab mall. Yeah well you should've brought them. I i was about to uh-huh and then i'm trying to what happened next. Oh they murdered. Most of the guys took all this stuff they yeah. I don't remember their names but they were you know. They were natives native of natives. They were you know what i mean. They talking about the mojave. Yes that's it. They were the guys. Give us the melons and let us hang out with them for fifteen day. Well i'll tell you what they have a bug up their ass. Now i'll tell you that is one thing i just. You can't trust them. I mean that's how i feel. I mean we're the straight shooters locally. We're the white man so it's not like because when we came through our friend they don't rent then they don't like white or on the contrary mellon them. It's almost as if white people did something in between you came in when they killed. I want to get this right. Other white guys probably can't rationally. Somebody did something bad china. Think because i should know is ringing trying to think now. I'm pretty sure they were just being jerk. Offs more i think about it. They just have lost their cool not cool again mellon on them so this is a totally different generation different. They've lost the plot more worried about the fact that we have no supplies. Now 'cause you went away for four months. And i fucked almost four months. But here's the good news. I pretty much no the way now. So that's good it's gonna be hell on earth so but okay so yeah so Not good at you guys. Have any food famished. I really could eat bob. I would love to get a piece. If there's any i'll eat a dick i don't even get a shit anymore though. I don't want to hear that all right well. Good to get them back together. So here's the good news the trappers now because they've been there performance yet. Load of beaver pelt. Okay so they. Head to mission san jose to trade the beaver pelts for supplies. Sure now. here's the problem san jose. That's where the governor is and he's doesn't lie and there's been an agreement he's been told to leave so he's immediately arrested us he goes there. Oh god okay and taken to monterey and put in jail. He tried to explain. He's like this happen. I'm dying you understand that i've dying. Somebody understand that. I'm dying as like this was all to leave forever. The whole plan was to leave tight too but they didn't speaks. They didn't speak english and he doesn't speak spanish right so they have no idea what he's talking about now. Fortunately while again while he was in jail. I became friends with different american chip captain again. This happens again. Sure course and that guy in for that kind for. The americans posed a thirty thousand dollar bond for his release. I told you to get rangers to pay thirty thousand dollars. I can't understand what's happening here. Now he can leave onto conditions. Okay i he has to sell the furs. Okay to the ship's captain at a very low price. Okay so this is going to get his money back and more. I assume second to leave california going the way he came now. This time. We want you to really go the way you came. We don't think you did that before. I get out of here. They were very clear you to walk backwards from a couple of episodes ago. They're very clear. That's your last fucking chance. No chance didata leave. Don't come back so he's like okay. I agree and free him. He doesn't leave california. I love it. He goes to san francisco whereas men are and rejoins them and then they head back down to the stanislas river now they have horses applies and janury eighteen twenty eight. They head into the mountains of northern california. There's lots of game. They trap more furs at one point. Several bears several bears attack the party at once and jedidiah dive into stream to get away from bear again. I've done this before as good. I don't like bears god. So when the across the sacramento river by the way. I mean the idea that you like. Oh safety and the river. They're like we're also doubt eat from read out of the river rivers great. So if you don't know god that's not good dear so across the sacramento river. Jedidiah names that the edwina ventura which obviously doesn't stick right and he's always naming stuff right. Okay buddy in june They enter oregon. So they're going north. You mean is bill yes now. They traded with the. What's people jet. I was very friendly with most most state of americans but he but then it told dick in his journal. Descriptions tells other people about writes about them. But that's like most people's diary he said they were just such a good friend of mine. Got such a jerk. He said they were impoverished. Because they were lazy and had quote a deficiency of genius inferior to the beaver. They just want everything. Give it to them. What what it is is that they're not trying to profit everything so he thinks they're fucking downright he's the dump their living pitcher could sell this rock. You fools. he read the derisively. By the way. The take the path of the white men. It ends so good so good soon. He wrote derisively that many live without anything in the shape of a house and rise from earth in the morning like the animals around them and a rove about in search of food. He said they were degraded. Ignorant literally what everyone does every day. We'll also one wake up. And you're like i need food if you've been living forever. Then why would you. You're like this is fine. Have a how you need to have bedrooms. Ow a. Yeah so yeah. So he he's disgusted. They lived very simply when god had given them. You can make houses and sell the aloes. Make money own thing. Put a fence around the leg in the leg. Make july fourteenth jedidiah in two men went out scouting while they're gone. The kelly came to the camp and there was an argument over an axe being stolen share. It ended with the killing every trapper except for one guy named arthur black. A black runs into the woods after he'd been stabbed several times and he just keeps moving four days completely naked and bleeding and tell a friend that group of american indians found him and brought him to a hudson outpost in vancouver god. Four days or deleting running naked come on who were so agenda. I come back to the camp and thanks ready. The shot at them and they managed to escape but they left all the furs and supplies behind. Okay so again. A friendly group of locals helped guiding them north so they arrive at florida los angeles. No no no they right before vancouver. Two days after naked and bleeding arthur blank arrived. Hey what's up. I calmly walked away from the scene fully clothed. The has not stabbed. Oh i've been here for a few days. Let me guess you panicked. So the head of hudson's bay operations offers to help jedidiah. He went back with three of his men. Twenty hudson bay man and fourteen into americans to get their stuff back from the kawasaki okay. so then. They entered negotiations and it took him relinquish. Drives you over to like get something back. It's kind of like hey kid. Timmy took the ball from you. We're going to go back over there and you're gonna you're gonna tell me what's up you're going to get the ball back. Talk to his parents. He said that's my ball. And you get the ball back. That's respect yeah you talking to get respect respect. I'm a sit in the car. You go ahead and go up to the front door and take care. Yeah okay gotta car driven there yet. Walkway follow me. Yay get a car and walk. I'm gonna drive powerchip man trying to teach you how to be a man. Okay shirt off. Trust me tigger shoot. Okay can put some oil put some oil on your face. Well i don't have it. Was that crisco. Whatever you say your size and then why wait what. The fuck is going on yet. So they negotiate with the cowesett for weeks we. They're threatening violence and yeah weeks. And it's like the infrastructure package. Eventually the cowesett return hundreds of be repelled otter skins some horses rifles traps leader buys. He buys the furs and jedidiah in return tells them everything that he's learned about california and the west. Okay they love me. They're bring me up if you owe them search me so he ends up making about twenty four hundred from that situation and head out and arrived back in time back in time. What year is there's an eye god. We've done it again. I told you this river has some special qualities to it. This is back odell started. Look at my hair. it's normal. Overtake the barrier minute hill. So they bribe back in time for the nineteen eighteen rodney. What's up guys. get the baby. And so now. His partners partners about trafficking. He remember he made twenty four hundred. Yeah so they've got a nice chump change. Yeah but at the same time. His two trips of now cost the lives of thirty. Three men yeah. It wasn't easy. Break eggs to make anomaly in eighteen. Thirty and his partners sell their business as they foresee that. There's going to be trading problem because all the beavers being killed and there's a lot more trappers and there's less demand so he walks away. Jedidiah walks away with eighteen thousand. Okay john lot of fucking. It's like a million five hundred thousand today. So he's rich jedidiah then goes back to saint. Louis he buys a farm buys a couple of slaves good saves learns how to be a racist perfect gums. Pretty yeah no. He's actually got that down but it's not the life for him a year later. He's feeling restless. I wanna die again. I want to get out there and die. Each other guy was so great. Have you ever watched thirty. Three men die over four years. I killed so many men for my hot so at this time. Some friends are like man. We're going on a trip to santa fe. Gotta come let me lead. Yes where santa fe okay. Now that's in. I believe spanish territory. So william ashley is old employer gets him a passport okay. This time he's league and they leave in the spring of eighteen thirty one. Twenty five wagons eighty-five men. Two of them are jeopardize brothers and they start running out of water. Somewhere between arkansas. And the cimarron river's okay. Great perfect just great to be back out there. Nearly diag- now laden may jedidiah and the very famous scout broken hand fitzgerald. Go ahead of the rest of the group to scout for water but then fitzgerald's horse gets hurt and he has to return to the wagon. Train in jetted is like. I'm just gonna go on the head alone and a and he's never seen again. Okay so now. The wagon train makes it to santa fe and there they run into some mexican traders one. Who has jeopardized rifles and pistols. And he says we. We bought them from the command cheese. Okay so so what had happened. Was around twenty comanche. Warriors were waiting for buffalo at a waterhole and then jedidiah stroll then. So they killed. That's just killing. As he fell he shot and killed one of the comanche. He was thirty two years old. Oh my god. He was thirty thirty fucking two years. That is so crazy. You picturing like a fifty year old. Yeah he's saw maybe more wilderness than lewis and clark did but he's not as recognized. His journals were lost in a fire after his death in north western california. There's a redwood forest named after him he jeter died so This story was recommended by Dan and julie to mondo and it was researched by Sarah june And the sources check tragic by page tragic encounters. The people's history of native americans John mooring men was san great explorers of the north american west Jack elder explaining historic california david weber the california's versus jedidiah smith and Barton arbor shaddai. I smith no ordinary mountain man. He was no ordinary mountain. Man he was not he really was definitely not ordinary. It'd be i bet under that. Scalp like terminator steel. Just because just going just wanna just. It's so funny that he finally made his money as it turns out it was not my motivation. Yeah yeah. I just liked being evil. That's what i don't know if you've ever let a group of guys where most of them die but it's pretty great but it's also it's so easy the way that like our societies mentality is acquiesced into that sort of thinking like it's the thinking we're founded upon so of course you see in today's society the same thinking i mean the thinking is just get your fucking money and fuck everything and that's really what we're founded upon. It's just there was a lot more resources and it was just very acceptable to murder people for possessions or for land or Or things like that and you know you see where it gets. You gets the say just like it's like you know. Jeff bezos would be this guy in this time. You know like worse. Worse probably yeah. Yeah there's like these people can go out like they could hunt all the beavers because it doesn't destroy everything but right once there's a bunch of people hunting all the beavers and all the things will then everything stops working in grinding to a halt because the more people are seeking profit were trouble that becomes for resource totally but but at least then they were going for like a thing that you know what i mean like we now will like burn down things to plant things that will make us more money versus the things that will actually say like we just we sacrifice environment so carelessly at this point that it's just like you know it's Feels pretty unsustainable a really. Yeah a little bit noticed that. Yeah yeah that's what a weird and strange but but it is. i mean. it's like you know we we are. We are founded upon that mentality of the white white people. Came here with this mentality of. We don't a fuck about anything other than each other and making money and money more than that and then and again if it's resulted in pretty good. I'm excited for where myrtle number one isn't it. For by far by far we're the best everything named one thing we didn't do the best exactly and i mean we treat only thing. We're not the best that is acknowledging our best but not very humble humble country americans are very on country. They always say in europe. No can't find the americans no notice. American find one american or something good to say about america. Good luck to you. They just don't think we think it at home. We don't need to put it on jackets and cars and bumper stickers and try to find one truck in this country that's one hundred percent flag. You can't vote you can't. I'll wearing an american shirt in. America is like wearing the shirt of the band. You're going to see. Come on it'd be like buying a t shirt in the airport and putting it on like charlotte fuck it. Okay great attitude. Hey dave side off the dallas. Bob gareth another good time charlie. Back go karts in saint. Louis said go cards i everybody. This is gareth. Reynolds from the podcast is the show. You're listening to one to give you my stand dates coming up july twenty second through the twenty fifth. I'll be at comedy on state and madison wisconsin. August fifth. i'll be in phoenix arizona at cb live. Then i'll be at the rally improv. August sixth through the eighth and i'll be at hyenas in dallas texas august nineteenth. Join me there or join me. The next night august twentieth state theater in austin texas. If that doesn't work for you. Join me. August twenty first at the rec room in houston texas. And then i'll be at the spokane comedy club in spokane washington august twenty six the following. It'll be at the tacoma comedy club. August twenty seven go to gareth rounds dot com to get tickets for all those dates. I love you.

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