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"amgen foundation" Discussed on Science Friday

"Our lives. I'll tell you that for me. Becoming a father really sharpen my feelings about this. Then my thinking i i have a three year old daughter a four year old son really blessed to these two wonderful kids but each day when i look at them. I'm reminded that one when we are born we have such joy and our capacity For living in the moment and for expressing ourselves openly and honestly so great but then things happen to us as we go through life. People tell us that we should be honest with howard. Feeling 'cause we might be taken advantage of Things happen to us disappointments and other failures and we become scare sometimes to be honest about about who we are son of our faults in happens to all of us but i think it takes a toll on our wellbeing and one of the things i most interesting and most concerning an urgent is question of how do we think the cultural underpinnings of wellbeing. How do we think about the factors that are driving us to not be who we are to disconnect from perhaps the debrum houses we had when we were children the drive toward happiness and openness and transparency Enemy get back to being. Who really are and that's a conversation. I think we are prime to have during this pandemic is we looked potentially come out of it in the months ahead because the question ira for all of us is how do we design our enemies life. We don't have to snap back to two thousand nine hundred and exactly as was we have choice to me. How do we want to live differently. And in my in my work in certain gentlemen afterwards if i could do one thing which is to shift us away from living in a work center in society to living in a people centered society where we prioritize relationships where we build our lives around the people that we love to me. That would be one of the most powerful things that we could do to harness the extraordinary power relationships improve our health our wellbeing at our happiness. Well dr murphy. We're going to watch you and see how well you can make. Good that that ideal. Thank you very much protecting time to be with us today. Thanks so much so nice to talk to you take care thank you talk to vic. Murthy surgeon general head of the. Us public health service. We're gonna take a break when we come back. We're going to talk about the future of the internet. Blockchain promises big things but can it deliver. Stay with us. We'll be right back. Support also comes from the amgen foundation. Learn more about their commitment to inspiring the scientists of tomorrow at amgen inspires dot com. This is science friday. I am i replied. Oh if you're a person of a certain age like i am. You'll probably remember the early days of the internet. using dial up to get connected. Netscape is the first web browser. Seems quaint looking back. Doesn't it well. The internet we now know has changed quite a bit since then. Social networking is king. And it's easier than ever to find any information you want. But the modern internet also has massive privacy concerns and lots of people out. There are thinking about what the future of the web might look like enter blockchain that as a decentralized database technology that some people say is going to change the way the internet runs and give people more control over their data. Some say blockchain will be the basis for the knicks version of the internet. What you may have heard referred to as three dotto but we are we now with blockchain. Can it be everything we wanted to be joining me today to wait through the jargon and the mysteries behind blockchain and the future of the internet is my guest morgan peck freelance technology journalists based in new york. Welcome back to the show morgan. Thanks for having me back. Nice to have you okay. It sounds very futuristic. This possible new version of the internet. Let's talk about the concept of three datta web three dotto tell us what that means. I would say that in some ways. It's a it's a marketing term Same with two point. Oh you know when he when you have a term that's juicy as web three point zero a lot of people wanna get in there and Define it for themselves so in some ways it doesn't mean a lot because it means a lot of different things to a lot of different people but for our purposes i would look back at web two point zero and and sort of think of that as a time when users were really the ones creating contents on the internet and they had platforms that enabled that facilitated it Like social media and so it was really about like what the user was bringing to the experience and web three point zero. You could see that as the user now being given agency over how that data that they've brought How it's going to be used. And what the actual structure is of the platforms that they're using and how those things were so giving them more of a say or more control over how those work and and how the content that they were invited to bring and share is actually used. That's how i think of it and web. Three point zero is powered by blockchain right. Well i would say that some people would like it to be Whether or not it can be is is a big open question But there are certainly there certainly is a vision out there being advanced and their advocates. Who who would like to see a future in which you know everything we do on the internet now using social media and all the ways that we talked to each online. That's happening on top of blockchain. Yeah i've mentioned it before it but it is sort of a confusing concept of people. Give me your best description of what blockchain is like. You're explaining to fifth grader. Okay so i think it's it's best if you sort of back up and take a little look at at how services work on the internet and and really simplify that. If we're going to simplify blockchain so you can think of every service out there as a big stack of records so a big pile of data. Your bank account is a big pile of data. About how much money you have and where it's gone What you wanna do with it. Twitter is a big stack of data. About what people have said and what they've shared with each other and who they want to see it and then you have the problem of updating that and so those updates have to follow certain rules right so we usually give these tasks of storing that data and updating the data to companies or governments but basically like closed services. And what's you know. A blockchain does or what people who use blockchain technology want to do is to take both the storage of data and the processing and the updating of that data and spread it out and in some cases spread it out to anybody who wants to participate so that causes a lot of problems. If you're going to give all the data to everybody and give everybody a copy of what's out there. You're going to have inherently privacy problems you know. How do you keep people from like seeing everybody stopped. And if you're also going to give people the ability to make those updates. You're gonna have to coordinate them somehow. So the i'd say that the cryptography part of a blockchain and cryptocurrency is how to give everybody the data but not have them see exactly. What's going on. that's part. And then the blockchain part is really the structure of the data. And how how you coordinate all of these people who may not trust each other Have no reason to trust each other. Because they don't know each other are how do you Let them all updated at the same time and with that results in is the state of structure where you're adding new chunks in these blocks of data you're not just like adding one piece at a time. You're stooping a bunch of them adding it and it results in what we call a blockchain which is a series of those blocks of additions which once they're added you can't reverse it nobody can take it apart and rearrange it and mess with it and is that the advantage of it. I mean you talked about the weaknesses of it. So why use it. What are the advantages of blockchain. That's a really big question One that's gotten muddled i think..

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