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"E the number four and the letter you one triple eight rosy for you my wife sweet Jennifer, is in. The next room in the call screener zoom in the engineer production booth With Mr. Gary d she'll get your name what your topic where you're calling from and we'll get. You on Aaron answer your, question as quick as we can. So between the newspapers the website the radio show does the blogs we're trying to give you the information to, protect you from anything and everything, that, could, be, going, on out, there. You may have heard Jennifer soapbox she got on I think that was two, weeks ago went over the stream big hit we're going to be giving she's giving giving? Us an update on that a little bit later in particular it has. To do with people getting scammed By roof repair Contractors so she calls it her soapbox on two. Legged roof rats we'll get to that a. Little bit later we're taking a survey about popular things that a took a, survey of homeowners and let's, let's say architects American. Institute. Of architects okay took a survey about what people are wanting in their kitchens and. Baths right now and the number one response that comes back nationwide is I. Wanna outdoor kitchen outdoor kitchens, are getting. Really really popular that's. On my wishlist I isn't it It's great to have this time of year you could. Take all the heat outside and people ask me yeah but do you want. To go outside and be, cooking and. Living in all of. That heat well We. Can we can design an outdoor environment that can be a, little, a little more comfortable than it has the you know the natural environments providing like just last? Night It's a system that has been turned on for about three weeks but I turned my back patio, misting system, on the immunity was down at twenty percent I turned him on. That I turn the ceiling fans on underneath my covered patio and in ten minutes I dropped, the ambient, temperature of my back patio by twenty seven degrees so you go, out there and you're living in. About mid to high eighties at that point mid eighties Ed you're, in your shorts and you're. And you're comfortable little t shirt and you've got air. Moving across you and, you got the mystic system introducing a little bit of moisture in here. It's a comfortable environment and so it's easy to take everything outside and cook it up so, misting systems Are one component of trying to make that outdoor area. A little bit more, comfortable these portable roll round of that coolers I think are like. The cat's meow I know In the in. The right Setting With the right ambient relative. Humidity they're dropping the temperature of a patio by by twenty to thirty degrees. Lewisham, nice cool moist air over. You so I love. Him So the one, thing to note They. Don't roll very well on dirt Okay we don't have any concrete And but I've got big visions of. A pizza. Oven style outdoor kitchen oh yeah the little Ramada put my patio Powell right there and just be able to buy the arena because there's we spent so much time back and forth. Back and forth. Outdoor. Kitchen refrigerator there you go Which we really don't need for the drinks now with the ice, chests on top of patio pal just a little ice maker loaded up. And make. Breads and your pizzas and stick them in the oven while you ride you know when you're done to try there oh yeah then you move inside to this concept, back and forth. In and out So. This was a finding by survey from the American Institute. Architects outdoor kitchens other items that are on the big trending list or larger pantry space people want larger and larger pantries, drinking water filtration systems are becoming really really. Popular, people. Are now wanting that last point of protection at their home smart appliances Adaptability and universal design and here's one Romi I don't really I, don't have. An opinion on it yet but I know a few people that got one And didn't like it so much that they took it out immediately and they're not. Cheap but they're the. Sensory faucets that? You just. Touch and they come on and, touch and they go off what you mess with chicken and raw meat it's a great concept why didn't they. I don't, I've got do some more research but I. Know I know several clients that specifically requested it, in their kitchen and were so unhappy. With them they said give me give me, back my old father I wonder if this is But they're being requested a lot according to this report I wonder if that hard of a habit to change I don't know that. They liked the lever. The pull the? Knobs as. It just it's such a different, way that retraining your brain can operate and function it at where do you pre set the temperature that you. Want it, delivered at the always wanted the war more. Do you want it yeah It's just? A habit changing more? Than Could be well I promised a weekly report. For all of you on APS letter. So I want, to get to that but? Right now why don't we go. Ahead we've got several people on. Hold it is a call in our let's see if we can, take care of some of the callers and we've got to start the show. With Don, in. A slump block home good morning Don Morning My home was built in sixty one and far as I know It does not have any inflation in the block itself I was curious. What you thought about donate foam insulation and inside. A lot Don I love it, and I think you'll love. It I think you'll love it too but I'll tell. You this there are several companies that do it and, advertise it if. You'll call the Rosie certified. Contractor to do it you'll find out he's. Probably about two thirds the price of some of these other guys we've used them for years and you're actually going to be able to feel the wall cool off almost instantly it's going to eliminate is going to. Eliminate all the spaces that those insects and silver fish live in it's gonna make your house. A lot cleaner. And it's gonna make your house a lot quieter you're gonna find it's probably. One of the best. Investments you can make for a nineteen sixty one slump block home So Rush has hearing that adults. Next. Yes Of course you'll have to assess the windows. Will. Be an issue to already been okay we we put. New. Windows in a few years ago perfect I think you'll be really happy with. This Call thermal advantage his name is Dennis and, having. Come over and take I think you'll be surprised how. Ford. -able it is the numbers one triple eight Three, two nine zero two eight nine and of. Course. You could always. Find them at Rosie on the house dot com Don. Don't hesitate to give us call gives an update once you get, it, done okay What are you just for the. Addicks Just you just want to make sure you've got a properly. Installed our thirty eight layer of insulation it's it's. Hasn't. Been done since sixty one either okay You start to see the tops of the rafters up there and. Was time yeah well at that point you want to call banker insulation and have him come in. And bring your attic up to an art thirty. Eight Okay so the one that. Does. The, walls could not, do the the attitude they they don't they they're later and in the attic you wanna blown in cellulose and Baker Right, and I. Think it's thirteen inches, to get to thirty nine right at And where we don't go up there anyway All right we appreciate the call appreciate the opportunity to put our experience to work for you You.

Jennifer Don Baker Right engineer Mr. Gary d Aaron American Institute Powell Rosie Dennis Ford. twenty seven degrees thirteen inches thirty degrees twenty percent ten minutes three weeks