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"american dairy association indiana" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Morning. Did you happen to see on Sunday in the winner's circle ceremony at the Indy 500, where a Leo Castro Neves was handed a jar of milk by a woman wearing spotted cow gloves? Well, here's that woman. The winner's circle is chaos. That moment. The energy of handing off that milk was so exciting. It was like I can't even explain how Humbling. It is to be a part of that. That's very farmer, Jill Huyen of Homestead Dairy 1/5 Generation Farm near Plymouth, Indiana, and I had the opportunity to marry in to this very farm family were milking about 4900 cows with 14 family members. Jill has been the designated dairy farmer to hand over the court of milk to the winner of the last two nd 500 races. It's part of the winners Drink milk tradition sponsored by the American Dairy Association, Indiana that goes back to 1937 and typically has happened Sunday with the jubilant Castro Neves. It involves a few swigs of milk and then dumping the rest over his head. But back to the homestead very where it isn't just about making milk. They also make electricity. I just think it's so cool. The family decided to put a methane digester in a tree farm and that actually collects all of the manure and makes enough electricity for 1000 houses an hour in Plymouth, so many farmers they're finding different ways to be more sustainable. And I'm just proud of our family for doing that. Jill, who? William of the Homestead Dairy at Plymouth, Indiana. Well. Africa long weekend daytime trading at the Chicago Board of Trade resumes at 8 30 this morning on the meat side yesterday, J. B s one of the world's largest meat processors shut down many of its global operations, including in the United States after being cyber hacked. That is likely to send a shiver up and down the supply chain because JBs accounts for about 25% of the meat processed in the U. S Today is National Olive Day and National Hazelnut Cake Day. That's the business of food on 7 20, WGN. 5 41 were a little slow this morning. I knew staying up till One a.m. on, uh On Sunday night and weekend up yesterday at a quarter to nine would be troubled today, man. That's what that's almost an all nighter completely turning around these hours. And that's the worst thing you can do, right? Yeah. What did you feel like You were hung over all day yesterday? No, You know what? I was sleepy yesterday. I mean, not used to keeping those hours. So even though I slept longer and later I didn't feel that great. I was I was very groggy till the afternoon I stayed awake until 11 30. I felt like I was hung over all day yesterday, a sure because I ended up getting up like 6 30 anyway. I actually woke up like 11 30 at night last night and I could not go back to sleep. No, I It's just my time. Clap totally got messed up with that one day off. So you're you've been up all night all night. Yeah, I'm not sleep. Have a term for that control room. Joe and I Whenever we have that issue, we call it our warm, plump. Yeah, that describes it pretty well, Swamp. I've been taking that Magnesium lately. Just one magnesium at night. That's it's a natural. It's not really a vitamin, the natural element of mineral so it's omnipresent. But it they say, it helps with sleep. And I find that it helps me sleep. Go to sleep. In a hurry and I sleep deep. If you tried melatonin, which is what I take. You know what on Lee in their tart cherry juice because its entire cherry juice and I think that works, too. Yeah, For some people. It doesn't work for him. No. And let's point out that we are actually doctors here. We don't just play him on the year. We are doctors. Yeah, I'm trying to get my sister off of my older sister. She's She takes Ambien at night to go to sleep. And you know what? That's not good. You gotta try to avoid that if he can go with the natural I know people that have taken an Ambien and they get up in the middle of the night and do stuff. I actually knew somebody they got up in the cook Meals in the middle of the night. You could be productive. Yeah, I had no memory of it the next morning, either. And then you're kind of groggy the next morning, aren't you If you take if you take that stuff, I think so. Really? I really think so. Um, let's see. What else do you want to do here before? We, uh, get you some information and then get the record collection on here. Um Oh, yeah, I know. Is that yellow light on our building new. There's like a vertical vertical light. No. Because of your new route. You've got to see it for the first time. It's um Now when I try to tell people where we work, and sometimes it's hard to Describe the location because we're east of Michigan Avenue here, and we're just south of the Chicago River. And we're near the lake front. So now I can just say, look for the building with the big yellow. Lit up whatever that is. Well, it's not always on. It's not always yellow. So it was not. It would be the only problem changes colors it does, And obviously that it's only at night. Would you see that right? Do they have that lit up in the daytime? You can see it in the morning. The building. This is a really cool building it they haven't like a yellow color scheme here I've noticed on and they really spiffed up the building, waiting for tens of thousands of workers to come back. Any data, but anyway Yeah, three or three East Wacker or as I call it. Wait a minute. I wrote this down because the women referred to it from now on. The next star Radio city. Where the banks of the Chicago River meets the lakefront. How's that? Good. That's very good. Go with that. It's not the Bob Surat building anymore. Well, I went with that for a while and then the Taj Mahal of Radio Studios in America. But some people have an issue with the Taj Mahal. So we'll go with that for a while. See what happens. Let's see what's happening outside. It's Ah, pretty sunrise. Steve. Yeah, we've got some really nice. So whether here at the lakefront, But there is some fog in other places this morning, and visibility is down to a quarter of a mile in those places. One example of that is that the DuPage Airport Visibility and a quarter mile there. It's also down to a quarter of a mile in Aurora. All of the fog's going to burn off today.

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