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"american college emergency physicians" Discussed on News Radio 920 AM

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"american college emergency physicians" Discussed on News Radio 920 AM

"Going to the emergency room going to the doctors, if not necessary, But sometimes it is necessary, however. Been a lot of people don't know which we try to keep people informed about what's going on and conventional health care as well as natural that there's a new policies that are being put out there by the insurance companies in particular United Healthcare and Anthem Blue Cross blue Shield. Uh, United Healthcare is now wanting to implement That if you go to the emergency room for something that they later decide was not really an urgent care problem. You pay the whole bill yourself in insurance will not cover it. Um and anthem. Blue Cross Blue Shield is also Which is the second largest health insurer is launching a sense launched a similar program in 2017 in five states. Um, and they are now in a federal lawsuit brought by the American colleges, Emergency Physicians and Medical Association of Georgia. Basically saying, You know, this is not right that you know people can't Aside, prior cone, you know, is this an emergency? You're not. Um Now there's certain things you just have a little cold or something like that. But, uh, you know if you fall or whatever and you know, let's say they they determined Well, you have arthritis. That's the reason for your pay. Not the fall that you had. Now all of a sudden you end up with this whopping bill because emergency rooms are expensive. Yeah. Well, let's say Let's take it to a different level. You have chest pain. And you decide at home well. I'm not going to go to the emergency room because it might be indigestion. And they're not going to pay for it. You got chest pain, but you stay home. Then what a major heart attack and they enough? Yeah, And this is what the doctors are concerned about. But this is happening. I mean, right now, United Healthcare as they were going to be in starting the implementation of it, Um, on July 1st, but they've decided to delay it because of Covid. They've been urged to delay this, but they still plan on going forward with it At some point, um and you know, as we're getting when you think about how much you pay for health insurance. Yes. Astronaut. Um, yeah, It's outrageous. And then to, you know, ask people to try and decide what is urgent care. And what is not, Um so I don't know what I mean. I guess you know Telehealth er you call up your doctor, Your doctor is going to be primary care bug 24 7 because You know? Do I go to the hospital? They don't even if the doctor tells you to go, and it ends up being just indigestion and not a heart attack and insurance goes up. No, not covering that. Yeah. And the doctor have to always tell you to go. If you you call up the Primary doctor on the phone, and you say I'm having chest pain, but I don't not sure if I should go. They will tell you to go every single time. Well, one because again they can't tell over the phone whether or not you having a heart attack, but also liability if you you know, don't go to if they tell you to stay home and you have a heart attack and die. Well, they are liable. They're the ones that you know. Told you not to go. So this is this is crazy. Totally crazy. And you know, people need to, you know, squawk about it and, you know, let's let's get our senators actually doing something or you know that is going to be helpful to us. I don't know. I don't have great faith in the political. Uh, well, yeah, but anyways Um, but this is something serious. That is going to have a major impact not only on your health, but also on your finances because again, emergency rooms are not Cheap. Just walking in there. You're already you know. Getting exorbitant fees. And then the more people who look at you and the more tests that they do, Um, those tests going to be a rude awakening for people because for such a long time, everybody goes, you know, no big deal by insurance covers it. Um, we have people who come to us and say, uh, you know, you have to pay out of pocket to see us. Uh And you know what we're charging is so minimal compared to what you would have to charge going into. You know, an emergency rumors is or even just irregular doctors just, um, you know And again and this is it's a good example. What the insurance companies their insurance industry in this case is is doing. Um Makes me once again happy that we are not part of that system. People can just come in and see us for Small fee and get good care. Yeah, uh, and get actual explanation about their health issues I can say probably over, particularly last several weeks. Um Lot of the appointments I have spent with, you know, time I have spent with people in appointments has been explaining their condition. Not what we need to do about it. But just explaining what the condition is. What is a T I A. What is? You know? Um, diverticulitis. What is going on? When these things happen, And then it just didn't follow the sky. How did it you know, get started in the first place. And they'll say, Why doesn't my doctor tell me this? Well, that's a good question. They don't have. Well, part of it is they don't have time. Um And so they're just here. Do this. Do that, And there you go, and they speak medical ease that you use terminology that you have no idea what they're talking about, Um, instead of breaking it down in the symptoms terms, but this is getting into scary territory when you are going to be charged. For Going to an emergency room. That you thought was urgent, and they later determined it's not. They determine right then and there. They later determined based on your.

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