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"american chamber commerce" Discussed on The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast

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"american chamber commerce" Discussed on The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast

"We're not altogether I live in a relatively small town and found out on our town's website that there's two hundred fifty Americans in the town that I live in I have met four of them. And the and the other the other four live with me. Eight eight Americans at a two, hundred fifty. So it's nice to have an organization where you can find people who have similar concerns is that America that Germans aren't concerned but it's different because it's ours So yeah I what about you, Adrienne? Yeah when I was. I was living in Brussels in two, thousand four and I, was working at. Amsterdam. Belgian the American Chamber. Commerce Belgium. And all these People I can't remember they were bed non-americans they were asking me in. November are you going to this one night? Are you going to the Kerry party? You aren't you want to the carry party and also what what are you talking about? There were like it's a IT'S A. It's A. Watch party for John Kerry. I had no idea. I hadn't heard of Democrats abroad. So I go to the hotel the line was slaked snaked around the block. There was no way I was going to get into it sold out but that was the first time I heard about Democrats abroad so fast forward two years later I moved to Sweden and I in a relatively small town on the West Coast and I said, you know, okay, I'm going to want to join Democrats abroad. And there wasn't a chapter here. So I was like to say challenge to start a chapter. So I started a local chapter which they got rolled until like what we call the West Coast Chapter and That year we were starting to gear up, will it put us in a position to gear up for two thousand eight where everybody wanted to be a part of Democrats wherever you were because it was a year Lama. Right. Obama phenomena. So it was really easy to get people to join. Voter Registration Events and Democrats abroad I think Angela mentioned it. They have A. We have a global presidential primary. Which means that If you choose not to vote into your your state primary for the presidential candidate, you can go or Democrats at broads. Global Primary and then. You know when you have the the Democratic convention and they go in and they say the state know this state we have this many electors for like they say this year His name is on your teacher Biden. We have this many votes for Bida. Listening. votes. were. Sanders. So our votes in as a DC voter, I have more power in the Democrats and bribe primary than I haven't a DC primary. For President. Low Weight DC's not a stay DC statehood this is supposed to be stay home. So. We you know as part of the party that represents the estimated between two and a half to nine million. I. Tend to think Yona's. Is More to the nine million. Mark. that. That I have power. has become in off the street out. and. I was like be quiet I'm going to be, but anyway, he comes in and. So you know the power of the American vote. We're GONNA talk a little bit more about that as well. But it's demonstrated. One of the best ways has demonstrated his during the national convention. You know this year, it was all virtual our chair in the on the behind those at the Charles Bridge, Angela, and proctor got to say out our votes. Intake. So we're yes, we're..

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