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"Continue to improve throughout his administration. He advanced charter schools, He advanced private schools he helped to consolidate and merge. Georgia had a ton of small colleges, state run small colleges they couldn't sustain themselves and study, Purdue orchestrated the plan to merge some of those colleges together so that all of them together could survive. They combined resources. He structured this deal as governor. He knew the education of the higher education system of the state of Georgia so well because he had been in such powerful positions in the state Legislature overseeing these things. He got it. He becomes governor. Leaves office. Donald Trump gets elected in Donald Trump put Sonny Perdue in as the secretary of agriculture for the United States, and so they produce stays the whole four years. As secretary of agriculture. He brings a roll pioneers real broadband initiatives. He helps farmers around the country deals with the devastation of the southeast from the various hurricanes that have come through. Remarkable career as secretary of Agriculture was able to not just downsize the department but also move a lot of its bureaucrat employees out of Washington, D. C. He was able to get a lot of careerists out of Washington and move them closer to the farmers in the Heartland, where they actually mean it's their job to do with farmers, and he said, We should have these people closer to farm country and he moved him out. A lot of them quit and he was able to save money. But a lot of them did move out and you've got an Agriculture department. Now that is closer to the farmers that it actually works with. He did a very good job. There is a vacancy in Georgia. For the Board of Regents to be the head of the Board of Regents in Georgia for the university system. Now the board of Regions in Georgia has a history of hiring people who are not academics. And that's very important here. They have a history of hiring people who are not academics. Who have not been in the the higher ed system to oversee the higher ed system in Georgia. They have hired competent business people to oversee it. Because, at the end of the day, the head of the board of Regents the chancellor, they're involved in making sure that they meet the bottom line that kids are getting a good education. The bureaucracy is not too unwieldy and that the whole system works. Sonny Perdue would like the job. The governor of the state of Georgia would like him to have the job. And a good portion of the board of Regions would like Sonny Perdue to have the job and he cannot get the job. At this moment. At least they have hired an interim Head of the board of Regions. Why For one reason only. For one reason only. They gussied it up. They fancied up. They've come up with all sorts of excuses. But the bottom line is there is one reason Sonny Perdue, the former governor of Georgia, who oversaw the consolidation and survival and financial health of academic institutions of higher education in the state for years before working for Donald Trump. The only reason he's being deprived of this is because he worked For Donald Trump. That's it. He's being punished. Because he worked. For the president of the United States and did a remarkably good job at it. And it's not just the professors in the university system who were upset. The academics in charge of the credentialing bodies who have never had a problem in the past, with the state of Georgia Hiree non academics to be in charge of the system. Those credential embodies goes well, you You can't have a non academic. I mean, Yeah, sure. He's got a doctorate in medicine. But is he really that smart? It's remarkable that we're here in this country that one can be blackballed. For being a competent steward of taxpayer resources. Just because the president of the United States under whom you served with someone the academics don't like. But the bottom line is there. So he has thus far been deprived. Of being chancellor. Uh, this is this is remarkable. Here. A faculty leader, the president of the Georgia Conference of the American Association, University Professors is one of those people. Who is upset. The current officer, Steve Wrigley, is set to retire at the end of the month, he told a group of faculty leaders earlier this year. The job is complex. The state has 26 institutions of different sizes, levels of needs, not to mention distinct types of faculty staff and students. This is an enormous system budget built on the infrastructure, personnel and technology realities of these schools, and the chancellor must also helped craft the economic, civic and educational impact of curricula. Degree in brand. The next chancellor has to understand complexities in general and have a firm grounding and higher education specific complexities. They could only get such an understanding from being part of an academic institution. For many years, That's BS. And I know that's BS because Georgia itself has had very competent chancellor's who were not inside academic systems. This is a lie by academics who don't want someone who worked in the Trump administration being in charge. But this man, Sonny Perdue, not Presided over the state of Georgia under which the chancellors of the university served. But he also helped save those institutions financially when he was governor and oversaw the biggest federal bureaucracy outside of the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense in Washington, D. C. The Department of Agriculture in Washington on the civilian side has the most unwieldy bureaucracy. It handles farmers and food safety and all sorts of of different.

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