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"Seven seven D O C D A L I. Genesis. Network for making the show happen did things Daniel working the dials and Vic thanks for tuning in. We really do. It. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook deducted, all you show. So an herbalist has been sentenced to jail time after the death of a thirteen year old boy with type one diabetes for whom he recommended treatment with herbs. Instead of life-saving insulin. This is according to Los Angeles city attorney Michael fewer so back in two thousand fourteen. Timothy Murrow visited a boy who was pretty gravely sick with diabetes complications and told his parents not to give him the insulin. The pediatrician eh prescribed. Instead moral recommended that his herbal products said he sold. The boy ends up dying the next day following a cardiac arrest and the medical examiner said that could have been prevented with proper medical treatment. Now get we don't know why he was gravely sick why he was home at the time and not in a hospital such and he could get a home. Visit you have visit was he going to die. Anyway, we don't know. But the boy ends up dying the next day when he could have actually told the parents to send the child to a hospital. So according to. According to attorney, Mike fewer, he said, the case underscores the serious health and safety taking medical advice from someone who lacks a license and the proper training that goes with it. And I guess is certifications where he was an herbalist. So the herbalist Dr Morrow was sentenced to one hundred twenty days in county jail was found guilty of practicing medicine without a license. So he's not a doctor. He also pleaded no contest to another account involving child abuse. Both are misdemeanor charges misdemeanor charges. It's a misdemeanor to practice medicine without a license. According to Frank Matt television, a spokesperson for the city attorney's office. Plus he's gonna be on forty eight months informal probation. Five grand include warning labels on his own herbal products. Paid for the cost of the boy's funeral. And complete a year long counseling program for child abusers. Wow. Ma was advised that if he implicated in any deaths in the future he could face murder charges. Mara will also have to remove any media of his that champions herbs over medical treatment. They apparently there's video. So he claims insulin is very poison to the system. And that watermelon zucchini and green beans are natural insulin. Now CNN affiliate KABC reports that the boy's mother Maria Montanaro said at trial this month that she trusted Marles, medical advice, and attended his classes he told me. No, no, not to listen to them that everything was fine. He has shared me that his life was not at risk. Now, she does not face charges. Okay. So there's a lot to talk about here. Okay. First of all of you guys were medical provider. Okay. A lot of times we want to use the art of medicine. We can't stand being told by non doctors had to practice medicine, and some of us will go, you know, there's some things out there that work like, for example. I am blown away at how many people say that pudding Vicks, vapor. Rub. Your child's feet on the bottom of the feet and put socks on it at night before bed. We'll help with the cough. I I don't know if it some absorption subcu- absorption. The vicks. I don't know why. Breathing it if it's on their feet was socks over it. But parents say that works I now I can't recommend that as a doctor. But I find that fascinating. Also, find it fascinating that you can take your ear wax and put it on a cold sore as it starts and some people claim that that limits. The cold sore. From erupting, get nothing. I as certified family medicine, fellow of the American Academy, family physicians can purport can publicize that you could do this. But we doctors love these stories we love that. Because we know that medicine existed far before antibiotics were made. I I mean, you know, medicine was then things were done at affectively in the eighteen hundred seventeen hundred sixteen hundred fifteen hundred all the way back, and we understand that herbs. I might have been a part of it. Now, it wasn't just all placebo. And it wasn't just all luck of the draw. But kids got infections back then. Kids got ear infections. Did they all die? Did they all get perforated eardrums to the go deaf? No. They did it. So whatever their parents did or whatever their bodies did work. Now, I'm not saying an herb that during biblical times was mixed up and mortar to pesto to give into the baby worked. But maybe it did something to boost the child's immune system. But you know, civilizations. I mean, you know, it it isn't just our civilization here in America that finally figure things out civilizations. Especially in China. Oriented and eight oh, Asia and Russia in Mideast Middle East. And I mean, people have been doing certain treatments and remedies. And things have worked. The problem is is that that theory. Can't always extend and extrapolate. So what disease where you are going to die? So if you have a child who's extremely diabetic very seriously diabetic and has no insulin. And that child is destined. If if in this particular case to without intervention guy, you have to get that intervention. And I know it's unnatural, but the natural course of things was that child would die a lot of children with insulin dependent diabetes will die without intervention. Which is why we give them insulin. They don't get fed. The sugar doesn't go from their bloodstream into the cell because they don't have a key to open the door to get the sugar from the bloodstream into the cell that keys insulin. So we have to give them insulin. So we are already doing artificial things to fight a natural progression. So you have a lot of people that are into herbs and natural medicine. And I get it. I respect it. But when if if you're really letting nature take its course. All right. There's a chance that that person could succumb to the onus. Same thing with like sepsis? I mean, if somebody has a real real bad infection. At this infection is taking over either man has to try to supersede or nature winds, fighting nature with nature may not help. If it's nature's intention for that person to be overcome. Now, I do believe that there's a lot of things in nature that may do better for us than pharmaceuticals. I love elevator plants. I've seen a true Oliver plant cracked open rubbed on a bird work. However, if that plants dirty. If that person is deep if that there's a whole variety of things that could happen. We're Burke again infected as a family physician. I can't recommend you go and take a plant and rub it on there. True. That's how my grandma did things. That's how my ancestors did things. But now, there's lawyers lawyers can sue and families could sue so to doctors out there. Here's a person who was a believer of this follower of this herbalist once the classes and all that. But boy when things went wrong, she says, no he told me, no not to listen to them. So you're diehard supporters your die hard fans won't be your fans if they lose a child. I don't think that any of your patients are your friends. Because they have every right to be mad if they lose somebody. And I see that all the time. Doctors will be like he's a buddy of mine. So I can call the prescription. Like, aren't you worried about calling the prescription in? You know, without seeing them, aren't you where he's a buddy he's not going to. I don't believe that. Something happens to him were you buddies with the wife. Non another wife, and I don't get along. I was going to sue. So think before you before you decide to kinda, you know, go outside the line. Unfortunately, though patients want doctors like that that go, you know, what? Yep. This is Oregon try this. The problem is is what that guy should have done is told them your kid looks really say go to a hospital, and again, I don't know why the parents had to take the kids to the hospital doesn't make sense. Now, I'm not saying I'm anti herbs. I think there's of herbs and nutritional supplements and things out there that might boost the immune system. Just nobody studying them. If we don't have a pharmaceutical company putting in the millions. We're not it's not going to get studied. And the government's not gonna look up black or they're not going.

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