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"amber sandra natalie white michelle" Discussed on Ready to Be Petty

"If you didn't watch there was a contestant who was nonconsensual the in inappropriately touching another contestant on the show and he was eventually removed but it was like way too late in the game and handled poorly at the time and and even post survivor but the show swiftly moved onto the season forty with. Yeah it's a good thing that There was kind of this more like uplifting season right after but it is unfortunate that like often these things get brushed under the rug. And just like okay like we had the finale so like let's move on so Dan's Filo the guy who was appropriate touching the girl's he was the one Anyways he came out and apologized afterwards. But it's like at that point. The season was over. Nobody was really talking about that anymore. It definitely wasn't a season that was like going to be talked about for the ages. You know it's like the the season we're all GonNa try to forget. I think yeah totally. Yeah because it was like traumatic for people and really hard hard to process. I think and the people on that produced the show. Maybe didn't set us up for us to really watch that season and I don't know do well lake. I think that yeah. I do feel like there should have been. I don't know maybe a little bit more of a warning or totally something within the show that was like just see you know like things are about to get really bad because I feel that merge episode was just one of the most like heart wrenching. Things I've ever watched. It was. Yeah yeah totally or even Not a similar thing but on drag race this season there was a person who I don't. I don't WanNA detail the the situation because I I don't know the specifics. But they came out ahead of the episodes airing and said we found out this information after this had been taped so we've done our best to minimize their involvement in the show and like they could have done something like that where they played out as a normal season. They didn't let us like opt out a if it was something that is triggering. They didn't let you opt out because you never knew honest situation or was going to be shown but also they didn't do a good job of minimizing his content and and letting people know we eventually remove him and we provide. Kelly with the supports that she needed. But this is how things unfolded right and I remember like when all this was happening and when the big merge episode came out people were talking about how If you remember that episode from Game Changers Zeke got out at tribal council. I believe that the crew behind survivor actually went to Zeke and like showed him the episode was like making sure that he was okay with it but They did not do that with Kelly. Yeah who was touched by Dan? Yeah and I felt like that wasn't really fair. I did appreciate that at the reunion. They like you know they had her come up and it did feel a little bit like she was uncomfortable being put under the spotlight like that. Yeah I really appreciated what she had to say and the fact that she did say something because I felt like it meant a lot to a lot of people. I wonder if that's because a lot of these things that are happening. If you look at like a continuum of like violent behavior and sorry we're going down a rabbit will but if you look at a continuum of violent like inappropriate behaviors survivor. Let's a lot of the ones that are like maker Gushin's or less recognizable as like wrong. Slept like you're totally right. Like like Zeke came out after his season and said how well they treated it because it was this agree GIS act I think that producers and contestants new as wrong but some of these smaller less recognized behaviors just go unnoticed or unchecked on survivor. And I think like that's something that I wanted to talk about too. If like Jeff. Pope's like he has now like cleared his name twice at different tribal councils one thirty nine in one in forty where he's like kind of giving this like. I'm taking responsibility in taking accountability for things that I might have done now or in the past that were wrong but you can acknowledge those things and God that he has done it but he also lets Tons of these things slide or go unnoticed or projects. His own a lot of the things. We're talking about of of this one image of a winner. A lot of that is from. Jeff like look Jeff's favorite players. They're all these like super masculine men. Yeah that have played really aggressive games or like Sarah was talking about how he calls all these men in this boys club by their last name but not the women. So it's like there are things that yeah just kind of go unchecked. Yeah definitely I feel like I'M PRETTY SURE JEFF proposes from Kansas. So I definitely think he has sort of that like midwest like sort of underlying you know. Good Ole boy Kinda mentality And I do feel like I. I really appreciate the way that he talks about it because I you can tell that like he cares and he wants to do the right thing. I just think Maybe there's not that person that's there with him. That's a producer. That's telling him like. Hey you know this could be read this way or you know you're saying this and you should really say this instead just things like that. Yeah I don't WANNA put any blame on other people that are there. Because obviously he's like the boss and stuff like that and he became an executive producer in the last like blank seasons and he obviously has a lot of pull in the show so the power dynamics would be weird for some or very difficult to navigate for people to call him out but yeah I think like when you look at systems or whatever that yeah are led by Certain people like there's the trickle down effect of what people value and what people think is right and I often look at Mark Burnett. Who's the Creator and and Jeff as an executive producer and the host to change some of these things that we've been talking about definitely definitely and I think you know a lot of is like people in Hollywood are very out of touch? With what anyone else's experiencing not to generalize people in Hollywood? I'm sure there are some better very in touch with reality but I do feel like I. I lived briefly in L. A. And I definitely feel like it's its own bubble and people have their own idea of what real life is like and they definitely don't fully understand like what life is like outside of entertainment totally. Yeah I I agree with that. I think like one other thing. That is interesting in modern survivor. Is this like final? Four fire making twists. I've been seeing a lot of discourse online about. Is this something that favors men like. What what are your thoughts on that? Yeah I mean. I don't know that's hard to say because I we've definitely seen a lot of men win at the fire making contest. I don't know I it did feel like it kind of came out of nowhere because I don't know I think if you make it to the final four and you get voted out three to one. That's probably because you didn't play good enough social game and I feel like them how it really worked for a long time and I was okay with you know like I felt like David. Wright should have one millennials versus gen-x. But he got voted so it is what it is. He didn't deserve to win if he got voted out. So I don't know it almost feels unfair to everybody else. That's been another season. That didn't get fire. You know. Yeah I mean are men inherently better at making fire probably not but it does tend to be the men that win. I don't really know why. Yeah I don't know why either like I don't have a definitive answer because I think like for example. Everyone knows that. There's this fire making challenge. So you best showing up to the island knowing how to make fire and they're like if you're thinking that you're GonNa make it long long term and win this challenge if ever put in that situation like you really have to know so in that aspect. I don't think it's inherently sexist like I think like there is equal opportunity for people to know how to make fire. I think though in practice for example I think about who does make fire camp like. That's one of things that I think about like before on the show when you're at home and you're prepping. Can you make fire every day? Absolutely you should know that but I do think of like when you're back at camping you're thinking about the rules like we often hear about the women making rice something like that or like weaving those palm fronds and stuff like that and then so. I'm thinking do they have the opportunity to make every day or does not often fall in the hands of the men Ray and idea remember on season thirty nine. There was one scene where I want to say. Kelly was trying to make fire and I think it was. Jamal was like no let me do it. And there was sort of that weird dynamic of like no. I'm the man I'm GonNa make the fire. And he was like not able to start it but he's still like I'm GonNa make the fire. And she was wanting to try and he wouldn't let her so it's possible they're sort of that dynamic going on as well where it's just the guys being like. I WANNA prove I can make a fire. Yeah I also want to acknowledge that this Image were this contract that you have to be a super masculine guy and prove yourself with making fire. Must be also difficult to navigate if that's not your natural tendencies or whatever so. I don't know what the answer is like. I definitely prefer like it not to be there like for it to be a classic vote. 'em Like we saw some of the best players leave at final three when it was when it was two people finales and final four in the later seasons. Yeah I don't know I think that maybe it is one of the things we've seen a men's winning streak right now where they're like. The last six seasons right have been. Yeah have been men that have one so. I think it's like all of these variables that we've been talking about Kind of compounding. On each other another thing when men are talking it's often men talking about the big threat of the game. Like I feel like I've seen this exact conversation season after season where there's like three guys around the water while and they're like who are the big threats and they just name other men. I don't know how we came here or how we could change it but it. It's just things that I've noticed definitely like you know like I said. I thought Tony deserve the win. But I didn't like his whole narrative throughout the season of like it's the lions versus the hyenas and like the lions just happen to be mostly him and other strongmen. And like I think Sarah and maybe Kim and Sandra were included but then you know like Denise Michelle Nick were thought of Hyenas and you know like the though that was supposed to be denise but she took out Sandra they were talking about the threats versus the non threats. And it's like why is it that you don't see someone like Denise as a threat? She won a season. She's ones a lot of challenges shoes in great jam. She's really good at social game and she's really smart so I don't see where the lack of threat is yeah. I think that that's really what it comes down to is like when people are like appointing who is a threat and WHO's not. Why does it seem like they're super accomplished women that just get discredited immediately? I don't know I completely agree. I think that there are people that have won. That maybe weren't the pick. Or maybe the weren't the deserving players but it just seems like there's a general lake sediment that yeah that the big dogs are always like the guy and kind of going back to that idea of like a deserving winner versus an undeserving winner. I kind of made a list of like who I think is like considered an undeserving winner. And I feel like it's like Amber Sandra Natalie White Michelle and Sophie are kind of viewed as undeserving winners. And you look at like amber season. You could argue that. And she said last night that she feels that she won. Because everybody was matter at rob and then Sandra season the second one. Heroes were civilians. You could argue that. She got the votes because people were mad at poverty. Russell and the Natalie white season same thing people are mad at Russell Michelle season. People were mad at Aubrey and then Sophie Season..

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