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"amari couvert" Discussed on The Fantasy Footballers - Fantasy Football Podcast

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"amari couvert" Discussed on The Fantasy Footballers - Fantasy Football Podcast

"I wanna say melvin gordon inger yes malcolm ingram yes they are aid duo for pass rush yeah they they are dominating so his back better be right because he's hitting the ground at least once in this match a michael crabtree at he's a must start for me i am arcing enrique every single week the only time zone may be consider denver it would be dim yes ipods or heat of their planned jacks yeah that's that's fair but his teammate amari couvert is startle sue i would unplugging amari kooperen laura and i have a man assuming the dare car place if their cars out then amari coopers out to me because he only got two targets last week with ej manual but he is still heavily targetted and as and of course as a martyr cooper himself set the ball is going to find them yes very uh ethereal who is getting very deep in philosophical yep you can start america per and crabtree this week if car plays here maher you got to be the ball gotta gotta you are the ball you envision the ball there is no y'all ooh yeah see that's that's that really pop culture as the way he's playing lately though there is no ball is still blocked because he's not worried about it right sunday night football the new york football giants eats give me give me a little bit rough for the newark football giants this week they are travelling to denver to face the broncos were they are twelve point underdogs forty point over under.

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