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"amar sim nour" Discussed on IAMKAYPEE Podcast


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"amar sim nour" Discussed on IAMKAYPEE Podcast

"Audio. Charlie chaplin. So it's like a video podcast as well, boys. Last high end, I mean, still fighting, but I guess like because of your show inspired Edinburgh that it's so focused and so thought that you need that release with the show like your Elliott show. Yeah. Yeah. Had a conversation with a friend earlier today about the fact that know? I've always said this my personnel. It doesn't really come so ever in that. And perhaps I need to be a little bit more word in the face of the Browns a little bit is when you when you feel that way about knol, your personality is not come across and views. No, okay. Okay. No. Because that's how I wanted to be. I mean, I could accuse reengineer tomorrow. And just well, actually, I'm going to talk to the time you can sit there listen occasionally chime in, but it just wouldn't make for a terribly good interview. You I tend to think myself as like a traditionalist in the sense that you look I mean, definitely like, Jeremy Paxman style. But he's he's to interrogate point most of these investigative journalists. They don't get the best of their guests because they're too combative in their approach. You basically want to be like the person's best friend, and like I'm kind of here to hold your hand you through this process, as you tell me your life story and open up about things that you've never told anyone ever even. Although there's eight cameras point his. Like a part of. Cameras school. But. Oh, that's weird. Strange. I mean, these people must be used to talking constantly because they're used to speak in setting Amar SIM Nour's. So that's what you're trying to make them comfortable in enduring. So you're just like you say being the conduit for it, and then just asking the right questions. So you'll with them. I mean, the people that are really really good speakers. Sometimes have a habit of speaking too much, and it becomes less like I'm aware that this red bills having some majestic affects me Madam probably stealing. Talk of it too much here. Yeah. I do point is people who speak for a living a lot of. It's just they've done it so many times they're just going through the motions with whereas I've not scripted any of this. You've not scripted any of this. We are just two guys have a chat and. I agree with each other. My. Title to wake is agree with? What's what's controversial stance that you have other who agree with if people in Africa are traveling twenty five miles to get war? Why don't they just lip the the war? About fire every day. Live by the river. I'm joking. This is a really interesting point. Yeah. Depends what they live in just being silly actually believe. It was a really interesting, Ted talk. I seen from this. I'm African woman, and she was essentially saying that the depiction of Africa is completely wrong. Especially by the UK on them are America. And they're they're having to depict Africa. The continent is a sort of poverty stricken in famine stricken with any sort of way. I other than aid. And they have no natural resources whatsoever. And she comes from like an affluent place in Africa kinda member exotic where he was saying that the the reason during this is because they have lots of Nacho resources and diamonds and stuff for bat, raise, you know, the the lithium in all sorts stuff. So they're perpetuate this. So that they can keep control of it. And even make Africans believe this is true as well in. Oh, she's constantly battling this with everyone that she she's she comes into contact with a bunch of white guys. Now that Mars, but as a bunch of white guys in the code just like say, nothing usually they're just like looking at. It's an awesome, Ted talk. I'll i'll. Interesting. I did an interview with a guy called Selby Kerry. Right. Who's young entrepreneur? He's doing crazy things and gentleman over here. Young guys with the name Selby unusual, right? Pile some Bob with all right?

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