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"amanda diesel" Discussed on Watch What Crappens

"So then we see pages day and we're not allowed to see him obviously. So he's just videotaping her winches her favorite thing. He's like, take videotaping. He's taking a movie on the on her phone. And she says eating on Instagram, she's like oh at Sal. Good. This is like a dream date for page. Somebody Instagram ING her the whole time and none of her housemates nearby. Yeah. And now it's a meanwhile, back at home Konta MandA has decided to stay in and they're just like drunk and dancing around and this is one love all. I'm like, oh my God. Please cut the power in this house. Let's just make it black. So we don't have to see this. Somebody, I'd love Kyle wish I could always be like this. And Mikhail is always like that. He's drunken dancing around. So then everyone else starts coming home and the girls leave for Jordan and Carlin. Amanda diesel more. Love you love love you live. Here's my ass. So then yeah. So then everyone basically like it's the next morning and page Hannah. And Dave and Justin come back to the house, because it turns out that they spent the night in Justin's yacht. Oh hail. Yup. Good luck with that one Carl Carl's just trying to work as way up until, like a happy meal. And I'm so glad that page told hand to come out and meet them because otherwise people would be like that's not even a rail yard. She's totally lying to make Carl jealous. Yeah. So hammond. Dave. Oh, so then she's like United to sleep in the bed. Carl's not air. So I'll sleep in his bed. Yeah. It's totally normal wiser with that, you know, when I went at this point in the show, and I washed that I like a I was like that's holy normal and be like, I love it that happened like, in a in a way, it's like a power move, but it was actually like it, what you're gonna do. She's going to put to couch together when it's perfectly fine bed up there. Now, of course. Carl's room. And so Lindsey, and Danielle are talking endlessly. He's like dude last night, Pieman that I would flirting with another guy. And then he totally literally all the sudden, like literally yelled at me, and I. Of course. See, of course, who thought who'd have thought the guy who's like super super smooth and only speaks in like platitudes and doesn't talk like a normal human being would actually be a monster anywheres pay this who'd have thought and then maybe may mom with having a man ni- end like not everyone can be the bathroom themselves at every moment, live. Yeah. Disaster, this is how you want to put Everett in the first place. You track. These men Lindsey sorry. Sorry, we'll she attracts him because she's also like that. Yes. Exactly. Trains. You know, these people who just need to scream at each other all the time, find each other. They always like, that's how these relations these people when they get together. It's always like passionate and fiery at first, and like full of like, lavish displays of romance, and then it just devolves into constant fighting. And I'll say, I'm excited for it because I loved whenever it and Lindsey would fight and season, one it was the most awful thing. But it was the funniest shit to make fun of God. It was constant constant constant so to see it starting to creep back. I was like. We've finally been a new evil so paves Kyle are in the kitchen and cars like so, how was your night page check and we had dinner and we went back to his Bill was it like a dinghy. So like it was like a yacht. So I took over and Hannah Dave slept over with us and Kreil, so mad. He's like, but you just came down from Carlsbad, see. Yeah. I came back this morning, then it gone to Carlsbad, that's kind of dig says the guy who gets blackout drunk and can't remember if he's met with Melanie Griffith at the bar and Melanie Griffith and pages like supposed to jump in bed with Hannah Dave, and he goes, oh, I was just kind of slept on the couch..

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