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"amanda taube" Discussed on The Daily

"Today she weighs free. Market reforms have been celebrated as an economic success story until they weren't the dailies any Brown speech. Hore colleague Amanda Tell about UAE in Chile. Capitalism itself is now on trial now. It's November fifty so Amanda Taube. Let's start back at the beginning of last month. What was going on and she lay? You've also let them be looking with Thomas into lettuce on October sixth. The Chilean the government announced that there was going to be an increase in the fares for the public transportation system. The Metro System on Jakko you Dole Communes Fulton Tila mingle chameleon alcohol. It was thirty pesos. which might not sound like a lot? That's about four cents in. US dollars by it were ordinary Chileans. who were already really struggling to make ends meet? It was just too much to bear soon. After the fair was announced it was actually high school all students in the center of Santiago. I started this kind of civil disobedience. Protest Movement okay. So let me be that Canto model. They started out by jumping turnstiles or holding gates open for people so they could avoid paying the metro fares altogether thanks spread to university students and there are a lot of university students incensio Julia was how large protests in recent years. That part was not surprising but then around the end of the second week of protest things changed and she lay student-led it land protests turned deadly this week week in Chile after violent protests broke out goes to the government nearly twenty people have been killed in the clashes and chilies always Edwards. testers begin to burn metro stations. Subways buses this and high rise. Buildings were set on fire. They did what some have estimated to be billions of dollars of damage to the metric system in Santiago the demonstrations of closed schools shutdown transportation and caused several stores and businesses. That suddenly there was just this general sense that things were completely out of control and really dangerous. Amanda what is driving these protests because it seems like the magnitude of them no longer matches the thing they were originally about which was dis- thirty peso fare hike so the problem is not the amount of money itself self necessarily but the feeling that they already really needed help from the government and instead of getting it here they were being squeezed we est further. Something that I've heard a lot as I cover protests and revolutions around the world is that they're often sparked by a small the increase in the price of daily necessities so food public transportation. The price of gas is often a big one. Something like an increase. Recent subway fares. If you're already really worried about basic necessities and then you have to pay that multiple times a day. It makes just feel inescapable so the fact that people title in Chile are upset about the subway fare. The small increase in the subway fare is really a marker a sign that there's something much deeper happening in Chile right. It's become sort of the crucial piece of evidence for a lot of people that the government is working for them that it's not aware of their lives and it's not trying trying to solve problems for ordinary people. And on top of that there was a series of scandals involving either corruption or tax evasion and by wealthy and powerful Chileans and that created this growing anger and a sense that the entire system might be illegitimate intimate that it wasn't just about distribution of money but about fundamental fairness and who the government was working for and who was taking it for granted. And what does the government do. We wouldn't have thought of this. The government did a few things. The Chilean President Sebastian Kenya. He said AH battle if this is a state of emergency now almost did a soccer mitch and then Pineyro Pineyro announced that they would cancel the subway fare increase but then when that didn't didn't quell the protests he said and get we're at war and what people heard when he said that was essentially that his government considered itself itself at war with the Chilean people who were protesting in the street and then he called the military to restore order and what that looked like was tanks rolling rolling down streets in the capital of Chilean Santiago military forces coming out fully armed and joining the police who were already in body armor already driving around in armored vehicles. And so you had all of a sudden these these images of tanks facing down Chilean college students in the streets and groups of protesters waving signs calling for political change.

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