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"amanda mister rogers" Discussed on KTAR 92.3FM

"Burns and smoke inhalation but he's alive Phoenix firefighters rescued a man from a burning town home late last night your greenway and I seventeen the fire was spotted by officers overhead in a Phoenix police helicopter a silver alert for seventy four year old man has been canceled Glendale police say perfect Garcia has been found safe he'd been missing since yesterday afternoon when he walked away from his home near fifty fourth Avenue and Glendale the US Supreme Court will take up the trump administration's bid to win the lawsuit filed by three Muslim bed the men claim they were placed on the government's no fly list because they refused to service F. B. I. informant said their Muslim communities the court will argue hear arguments in March on whether the men can seek monetary damages from the F. B. I. which claims the men are a threat you never more than fifteen minutes away from today's top stories on Arizona's new station KTAR news C. A. R. news ninety two three FM Brucie jeans and paddle use movies in a minute brought to you by Peoria for ready to serve in ninety First Avenue and bell road if you want anywhere but your you for you all right let's do a quick recap your mind because there's so many movies opening up we did two of them yesterday but there were two good ones and I I thought it was important to kind of recap real quickly for those you only listen on Friday Disney frozen one I thought I graded it a little better than Pamela did I thought it was more of a mature updated version original frozen I gave it a four out of five iolite did glad I saw it like the first one better I gave it a three out of five beautiful day in the neighborhood is the film starring Tom hang off as Mister Rogers keep in mind it is not a it is not a Mister Rogers documentary it is a movie that almost plays like a episode of Mister Rogers and it's about Amanda Mister Rogers helps for lack of better terms it is brilliant it is amazing and when was the last time a film made you you walk out of the theater and made you want to be a better person to help other people give it a five out of five love love that so we got a couple other ones now this would open up last week and it may come as a huge surprise you that I do that in line to see it but I just couldn't get around to seeing it so I thought earlier this week it is a it is a pretty neat movie and not just because it's all about race cars Ford verses Ferrari.

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