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Inform Me (  SDG; Quality Education Part 4)

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Inform Me ( SDG; Quality Education Part 4)

"Learn combat do everyday World asked me People bathroom okay. Out blow my house. You'll see speed don. I make you see Kim blah blah do everyday man added. We were right. Wonderful in this Wednesday morning. I went from when i told my business on lifestyle coming me with rely on cool not not not bad. Well in spite of witton they. I new day right now. Say every team doesn't go well our well all of those. So i'm you know before we aren't house to do the discussed and i so somebody say no matta if anybody won't bison no matter depri- look for the money by am no because making nothing say. The price will come down by tomorrow. Will you say you're on. Go buy because prices of users the up on all on all an old and my own country busy one group of metal now albums wrassling contractors beloved gravity abby. My name now. Look i. I look at our studio here. A solution before would expect more people to join us. Show because of the trophy council Issues is some of our crew members have lead. Tim is is to all right. What are good morning. today. I be isaac anderson Wednesday yes my people are to everybody today. We talk about all of office. See the light of this wound up with the My if i don't see everybody here. Now i say i need to associate with china sir. The shame well. I think everybody All right Yesterday we continue with our as the strength. Facey agenda way. You end curry comb outs. And all the people all the countries way be signed that Documents to us so use this one to take a walk for them punt fees so about everything will go well for everybody not say supposed be sa- position but we know what's in the apple and say one thing to plan and i think the implementation but we conscious cell get anti be below these documents make we see our free take indigenised us. I'm fall ourselves to communities to meet our families our communities our states and then Invariably are conscious before it will say the world all new by because the was not about place now with the former defoe johansen already you be member of a citizen of the worlds of the world so to say as much i say consciously the greek uber's that is what no information way. You look full to seventy percent you go see about any country. That's why would the advice liquid. I did you check check. So we'll know what in the apple for that sites set is our country now. Copy-and-paste do so we need so condie. Edits the copy stage. My taliban method must be dead. Time to suit our own. Indigenous houses needs on ways. Because everything nine westbound woodmen up now. He won't would take from as much as you do some now. Blurbs poacher mcqueen ordinary lost our own portal down up as soon because the women that they look down on your own so why you know google. Qatar your oldest. Ib proud of him. I'd be routes became boost states. I'd be proud speaking of bill government area. I'll be proud of ahead. I know all right so we ended up. We didn't number four with saying showing juicy and equitable quality education on promotes lifelong learning opportunities for all for all on small. Now remember i said this. Will this end. Twenty eight twenty. This is twenty twenty one so again nine years. So what would they do not be saying you listen to us the next nine years. I want to use this agenda so take battle life. I'll people for studio. Yeah give different stories yesterday. Consigning education how to walk out the takeover calm especially our style way. Never calm nam kick. What how was she did for primary school. They just cut out come from village in chicago com. The wish it still we do my wish instead. It's our own wife. Go tell called redo itsy teach you know my phone noticing. Trump should they cramp dumai north today educated but the much that's why they always talk As much because you can never have a web. That's much ambi ninety what's in happened. Foster is so much we're do my low b. b. c. wishing to be out to due to our realtor were swishing know. Put together them together. I also that's i know. Say make a woman. Oguchi tom together. I can't take the sich. My dummy quebecois now so she let me get popcorn how to read write. Do you know something. I can comment. Might also what he did somebody invariably the she's deaf beta wash wide down rush was feels so not to not to exercise any because it's so now it's nothing to be. That's simply mail aspirants. Nine me today us with chew as sally. The small the small ones with a homework because foundation key issues mature in an example so they ragweed flying colors. I miss shots. I put so much emphasis on founded show cannot be. We put my husband. I do yes you do yes. We put much effort. You michelle say that foundation so said it seemed solid and remorse regrets grit onto with see we do because that foundation ninety cut it be fly for where before documentaries where we sit nicer carolina neither do disease another now out the see mummy. I have the brain of the book. Because the no yvonne d dollars the numata high be. I did go. they go forget. Does tomorrow this one should go. You don't start this know. We'll get tom. Don't get the mickey. Don't be with them so that foundation within courage appearance not give up not to say you know because you know. Go school if you go school every student while beginning men we dim dim lent to tomorrow. I information estes laughing. All these new things not technology. Why did i want my son to come my june you got. That's not asset put is so my people sorta thing does be ideal also giving on story off our insects start at the adult education program and we people been a futurama up to the accident. Some cliven go for the gold. Ira institutions so to see it. I won't come down. Five thousand service other be would you how i don't do. Ab would listen. Come now effect as butler so not so you just be by some forward. We push this thing now because the next topic will want on that this. You're gonna fix tried to tell him. I wanna novick myth. All of us put on to get to take him better for each and every one of four smith with nothing. Some goals for nothing say. That's became costume that became rare with c. Four ruled sin because no be peaking. We'll go to where. I am also be the much that i can do for any at will do to. Because you know that's why vicks me test your remove potential criminal dot criminal into tomorrow foods. Not supposed to be done over so the very important to discount. Oh okay so that we denounce all them on. Are you go ecstatic known. We stopped for four point seven so got. Yeah for f- fall be and False seems to conclude with this wednesday morning said build on a good education facilities that are child disability and inclusive sensitive on provide safe non violating inclusive and effective landing environmental or four own. Thank you very much he I remember mick. I use a look at this state as a kiss on some years ago when around two seven when then governor confinement limiting case remove the one wednesday there a poem takeover public schools. For the states get issues people go school on ringo's today for his act class chuckle fare fair for somewhere so county now the issue of revolution kim which was i'm not tempt would-be like they are not tend to feed the return me put public crews into page of looking at On gradually to to to nest when a busy e condemn saying no buli big months oppose the day where ties day sauce. Kushner's have entice before not flow as they drop bench on bisque mississippi debate hitting woo on detroit's i room so costly what you come back home. Which dentist office unload that bates evetually is changing need. When i do one day we did. The do we did idea. Group went before us. I function tweeting. I could go around. The world will go through for local government. And all of that. I'd do my hand like this from out. Something told me say yes. This man get good intention to take help ba- facility aspect of schools now. One day replicate for immobile. Which was bill. Dean discu physical structure of fish. Our freedom done that I'm ben routinely. Caputo based center with salah panel on water cooper mrs in the dorm like dotson. Every putt kelly. Yeah because when they wouldn't when we check we discover i say deteriorated to district in those days. They'll have one wanted on. But i long the lane you will was guest to us to. they're coming. Why because political franson we're giving opportunity to one contracts provide. Yes oh in. Now go to a point where people on the emission standard winning sets. You familiar give you contract it. Go concepts that. T remind meal fifty for you to let me near before my governor Sarah mosul. how's it good day as possible because in just finished nine using on the job you you say you will not be columbia money when i give you this. Because of the has seem the governor was there and throughout the period there was his tongue. Bad sites lamb. Mcalevey dingy cutters lead on what you're saying. What if he gives you jimmy stewart. Google become so leaves. I'll see the wasn within the doomed to to stand up birds. The statehouses on fought zembe winded. Because it was a project murphy fundacion but why you see because money. My abby lee d be more bouts dots in one was to the kabul political mirror. Okay because you're gonna say what the down locate for you for because interested puget as a house. Is there blue member. You deal was look for your own. Personal was literally illinois you. I won't say i number plus it was finally whom so go. Retouching leaves issues thunder. But let's look at it fine it due to a points. What's any fee say in goofy do according to resources. Wendy dane now Nation which for the pass. Let me say five years. Don't break there. Is one two facilities one. Get to do with. What did they make application to actually do pixel like one day dot time. You've discovered goldman deeper. Rigidity physically voici classroom. I'm missile system lab power. So lepine is divorce cool to power because e squeezed look when to took the bill Kid by montana's issue and so it got to the point where you will discuss this issue ventilation. Did issue of conducive lemon vera remain could not continue. I'm area busy. One disabled if scholar challenge to a four point. Okay according to the default pointed this when he just takes off you describe. I say i'm trying people were having guardrails. That kiss won't be tick them literally to stake. His kids appears to high so that even if physically list presence of post fit attend classes. Suppose ten classes bets as near you talk. No as they talk no you discover say continuation of the which means hottest point. You know it don't time when be physically child lead union especially for do states good estate as far as endless amid monday state government. Wendy be did make they designed the abuse according to a will feed ya. Yes because he was abuse like no. If you go palm house for reduced goosey commissioner wendy top of the roof receptive lift the genetic cardiac now the look at all these things not only do wendy from mexico. Treorchy commission will come walk meneguolo marito which implies they wanna get any official thing to do with any directo for office. He look of glue because enough he climbed the stack is to be understood now in lieu of issues so fascinated. These were discourse has to do with good toiletries. It has to do with a good learning environment. We children who have opportunity to make sure it go put up best jimmy behind us as to technology to have access to eat commits. They have access to things. When meg them belong to be globe out. Lord birds for dispatch of the country. We commit do kishan. As the mic did a viral made. Use it his boulevard. Most cool as i speak to you to d. after that period when i talked about in my gweru onoda moscow as i speak to you. Get on it in adduced. It's nolan one community. I knew city to debut permanent. Could do with internet. Why because the italian primary school had caputo's ethic lawsuit linda. It is the laptop attached to the table because about the security of the state of dutch. You'd be deferred you know what's a mic me. Bring the issue up to this level beside the went. Get him or me when dude and then put up for your community and a mixture say inaugural. Delury dan because he wanted to watch this this. Yes this agenda. No he put up a facility is in place you lose for a classroom before two public primary school. Not template for the whole nigeria. Madame gide legis pollution but for school. Classes number fifty. If iffy took plenty back plus you to plenty aluminum fifty and teach us to y one is teaching one is around shaking king to monitor. How student if he us militantly follow they talk to you not caputo school because we are not set on us by this dusko. Did not come their liquid graham. You'll see that. Primary school is a public mariscos lucile. Em yama for local government speak to you. The primary school mac computer. It'll be right. The is arms the primary matt deduced. Dedieu any dealers the has to do with c. figure bill finish the combat book ta da costa. Prepare for klatt for saint off feed. You know why. They took him with the mic remote. Good barrichello not too little. Lucy liu limited to do the really mr mickey go alone maybe the problem with will get not be beware our representatives come in butts so i guess we'll be beauty school sh without you never stops. What else so much. The money for their. Yes because our mission win that take technology now. If they won the recall up the money on tell the people say not as are free new while it precisely we give him money to buy. Cheese is giving when canonic principle suppose by zoo. it must be supply. Bisque medicine also play micheals ministerial supply board. And so the school pensacola deformed does. Do you know how they talk to you. Summa a states this descent to headmaster. Don't worry i remember before clues go on monday. If they check your school some head must have get two thousand of yes official. Some to get two thousand. I don't follow a period of time notes for a month ahead. Must have two thousand people drowned. Fifty five naira asks ovation. Be fifty five five nauseam mooney begin for you for from secretary of Or you head of the next one who can be that tenant no my wizard will say a be here as i say not detroit sunday. Get one tells on i'm symptom. Salvation without hardly was with us. I'm someone vision is will by chalk by macarthur to ticket on school boom bethany. Is it governable sedan. Tell you. I am taking care of educational doing So that's got us facts within the state as they talked to so by a facial. Go round right if this quiz. Imagine at our strike. we'll talk. The people really knew what is going. oh god size is ignited. My gecko recco. Midday was another here days. Remind will in fact that mentioned renshaw my voice that doesn't work Is it know this month will bring swear honestly now. One of the most crucial things concern education and Some of us we we. Don't we don't bleed into the area. So but some don't believe libor onto judicial some time now nosy everything we talking to the truth. You know When we come to the issue of building or the design build does according to According to You know the Particularly lay down standard will united nations agree with developing countries small islands islands small republics around the world. Because nothing they do this. Initially manege millennium development goals and then sustainable development goals why millennium development goes those widow achieve com graduate growth sustainable development because they achieved a million targets year. two thousand. we're major agree to do adversary by then showed a member as a ninety s nine thousand nine hundred ninety s you hear the advert dan when different reduce lip. Calm those giant. Those we are on our way education for all by the year. Two thousand so that you. And i believe that time during the time about peeled tip plan and project the sixty three or four system because of the millennium development google. You ended nuke to help with. Don't go through warlike cambodia. They should go through war like Be unmarked will be burma before china's places so many faces than taken seriously like china or their own. If you notice as making eighties ninety eight join us. Deal on the you know. Remember the moscow up for nine hundred eighty nine hundred tenement square so as a boost periods now surely adult tick. The milliner developing could begin target. The so some of the shooter would have don't be the stays. They held some the biggest. No part of which will have jack. Ma comfort the call from dr jack ma. Don't become the chinese man and the whole world today among the i think Up to from number one to fifteen where we the whole world so you know people under them but our own own gamaa bonds. We have the excuse with them. Give said bassy. Give me the tree. Johnson military onto way gionta and so that one call developing education. we. I been thinking when we come our entire democracy for the year. Nineteen ninety nine. Go visit the issue but a dvd now so under former governor will guide your more talk about before he Rodr revolution actually not the sustainable development goals. They knew that goes in. One of the delegates then would could do review of the development goals as we look into him so he also used the model and talking about as quiet as members. That 'cause i made story when he took them like demanded talk something their winter. If you verify you call the police dicey truly the standard forever school now you will get to teachers the Then the head teacher talk from the from the preschool solely from the middle school primer school. You'll get head teacher. You'll get head teacher. That is of of the headmasters ed bust as the kids. Maybe you couldn't get classic. Get acetone class teacher. Dust dental last-ditch. Andy name the observe to make sure sometimes it absorption would give us lewis is look comprehension. Sue the job of that man or woman not to assist the children to see. Then check those when i get disability issues years to help them to the balance of delaware standing to make sure see. What did the teacher they do. He pass across when you go find does with them. They get issues of would be the break time will get. His children could begin years for work. They were close before their parents could carry them. He will consent message to the f. Md classic talk to their parents directly. You ccc or chassis chelu for as we blow away with over kindo redo. That's who they beat so now that building of an institution we get that kind of platform not talk about only did building their red roof revolution or devoted because i do know russia since january Some schools would already function then. Gets slippy runway for people. Who didn't need we'll chill visit. Did not not as bad for the building. Democrats you know so when it give this particular item for The only thing nippy lobby just the building boats to create that environment we were help people. Different genders to work for instance. We build now. Do restroom do receptacle for men and for women. Judas tend coke constantly disappointed with tissues clean water because we body like member. Not you done is exactly so part of this vision. We talk about so that ended up to the provision of this disinfect tanks. And all that not the model now team but yes. Bolt today recalled francine to make this workout Our national assembly the brick each of them you know inter defense committee for the world for the country while with each of education today ensure see extra moneys wouldn't be because if you read gorge item foresee we'll see something because they are great together. Talk about a mavericks. Madonna to foul or by twenty twenty substantially expert on global and globally. The number of collage avilable developing countries. Now this collective when is sent him. Don't go for them disciplined on a committee for national assembly fighter. We they can't recounted our greek when they will fight for them to become one or term see each state government an each local governments is both discuss the scholastic with us send accident. Exactly if i'm yours. Call us shipper. I want to say not only for advancement of this of this children education. Some other caches for the upkeep under family occupied india week so always the opposite. But if you look the contract now of course you see there's this Black nah agreement ratio. See education new. Just roll no work no work in this particular direction. So now oldest. Look look when you just come. My i just now grouping talk so they begrudge. Did that work out. I make this from our governor yukon as we d walk. Mika implemental coasts sincerely. Because and yeah you have every right say not because costs death for debut. Yes because yes. He did very very affordable. I would the kind money where the project for these projects not just for mule kidneys. And because do you know that private people their beards all these same structures give schools. That's true that's very true. I know it's also. It was a parcells so positive southbound. Tomorrow's community hosts for british to iran or government. Church beckenham school. Give the government's brubeck in a smooth. I just wanna know. School has been a twelve new humbled. Swampy with this of royal the amato. Yes he'd be done give them who don't but they just tell somebody also for for me goes i'm about prostate or budak in cocoon bid ospital jenna. This wanted beauty that through to for yes state of the art of speaker. Why because most of this children against that been a would gets be do chuckled. When have been sick. Be the asians difference mcgibbon Technically a gert udrea the case suited to seek out of the approach about adaptable zone. But even a guests that clued differ there more that me jockeys because infection from any verfi mta imagine young girl group go outside see how saddam but they do business is business business business. The who makes this. You must be give same. Just beat special award for goal. Children spread out. What for people with disabilities special word for general practice so back to how you take it just distinct so so come to pass the walkie boop now we don't talk now with only one and talk go where individuals elegant nations us and I'm sure we're supposed to believe the dorm. What's okay miami. Kitwe what's nbc. Responsibility of the people in respect to these sustainable development goes under generation but he said the only talk yes yes to a braided occasional facilities did be say like tuna are not not another instance of what they're supposed to teach us. Wendy did you. The also need to agreed then dental because the offering me salaries lanee and we right now. We have less teach us. We do not have enough to chaz to the system. They teach us. Where did they not the guests. Larry larry not teach us teach us and doctors. Now the duke on the doctor about now see not not. I did teach doctor so our teach us even the way the inquiry using wing it will force teach our children with it will produce goods. Have a good. They have this for us children. I'm also. I also do for this an avocado facilities you. What we did grew up. I remember seeing one idea primary school while bob. We're not seeing now home. Economics horman economics for so then teach us was call. We buy material for their teachers. How to so we've a needs on this buffed materia mona. That's i dropped my school. By the point they use that about somebody waivers. It and our class would use robuck. Homeschool dropped by. I don't sue the scoop. They can they use this schoolbag. Say the goose is not witnessing we lend time and supposed to be to teach us for us. When this marriage not to teach us ninety michael's because if one did teach one would you write the check. What did it you did. Did you watch them through it. All they know. Fear out where you tell us. So you take doin bumps better on our standing so another area and be me. Wants to look into this. A greek from greek from. We'll get police for school. What did he do agree. Practica teach children how to make from how to how to do farming things for school these days and also said this did the as. What do we come onto. Sarah risk. Now they teach children with spell shah and facilities to mitchell on stunt. Now what do so. We'll bring into all schools also mostly does do for only private school benalla private schools that it again. This montessori section when it fits us special. Teaching eight take teased children. Because appearance believe this children. They'd been slowly slowly slowly nas on so a special facility in the fifties children visible things off my list. I should talk mill just in practice. They do all those that us all goes muttiah us. They did teach two hundred yachts. That's the time forgotten my true true. That's well we got Two others that is where the confrontation what they see because this is a battle with every teacher are gone through and see or tc to so. Who's if i is generally triple project for you for the moonlit. You graduates what you. How lova the governor leads in police. These school where you live after giving you employ mix not the issue of saving when because saving that is wonderful. These separates special to flow. Whatever the here for call from offline teach. Nigeria does get of lewis is is offices teacher when it must abused talk on these. I we figure deputy about aspect. Go onto my here. We started a kitchen because we went to be given or less specia- attention with physical big is richard asia science courses I see every now you know doctors does everybody. Some became was came as benji. Now i'm gonna built as being designed to the fbi today to buy. Yes at least one. That'd be persuaded by. Let's be very sincere. He's each true but every other subject is invalid. If the in china bogus got listen to a land from la the mouth when he talks between we'll get value when he luthuli size subject to us because forget say there are special teachers for every seattle volume. You don't forget the need a journalist. Bill happy muscles city govind looked to make him whitten. Did this make no one unhappy yet to live up to a arenas to. Let's go there. Were that by the major problem. We they boss. Crucial okay Do saudi has issued. So now what that say we suppose gets. This teacher comes these facilities for all our schools. Pick out to this special children. The best because i promise 'cause let me know now that did gets some private schools that gets classes. They give their names. It will die mean. We didn't give that class now for luna's but you know they will give that class. Didn't go go go sound boots. But then this class now for special children will be slow lane us. The give them golding. The golden plus golden hacked off or just doesn't sweetening last novels special children. They'll go notice inside the hawk less when they're not thinking possible at this slow flow that stunned or the parents complain that go pick out. They will put off for that plus now same everybody. Both specialty teachers go then teach especially for. You will find us at that. Be be dead door no would not be shackled under the grids gain just from the where the does the right because then tic time to teach them casually so before you know picking pico so now what do you suppose. The every of ask you'll find has mustard on what we tim. That'd be dull. You drink but not really the door butts now dewitt and take on the stunt. They're not teach them like that. So because back you say these children and a half you meets up with all that children. I will call us. It'd be dodger to me why they know they partake distant. The all our schools. You will help this or that children to meet up. And everybody will come out. Brilliant madonna as as she the expensive. And you know also this item four within is to seek to To for us to consider especially when would implement these Book from the angle of your question your sanity. We graffiti as years go feet due to mature a these things. Work out by a very large scoop. Manny do want to make Three look at right. Now you know as agadi more pinup the secret cecile. Guest was gaddafi beauts bid schools build schools and then then you can give us example of what would only exist for yemen already then eco-tax. Emc the only those structure named distances seek to find you if you create that a facility with graffiti aids children in the it's up does package exactly also consider consider. They kind of up. Who'll ch- with any hidden zoos. Because they the people now justify Facility not to help people be boot. Amanda mikiko really torture the process to make that the worker now because the older parts of this building process you know they took him see. If you're in finish will ensure safe assyrian. learning environments will engender up pieces protection. I hear community efforts comment community. Efforts were job that as every school property protected. Honestly if you root for goldman to those guys seeing the greta code insure america will dish was his soup. Police deep protect yet june. The school with the massacre the people who wanted to get you gift permits is truth. That tendency cd here. I wanted to watch one video. Will somebody carry. Tear gas young boycotted video or food. Lewisite coyote was w c dvd. Now katya guys go school. Jesse up not is operatives officer now gus shoot. Shoot not one to three okay. American style three story building niger which declined to bid the third floor. You'll be jumping from gay comedown dreadful. Who gets ed. We'll get there. Is michael shoeless done. Community efforts commute said this could the community first of all. We're not go get. The kids will be monitor every school. Who present to tell you. Because it's for your community credit with les mis. When i go make sure see what i think. People who just appreciably pushable difference. Squeaky check the school i. The first process is secure to twelve. But my community my own use or meets. It's very vital. Build the gobert recall you tell you say get jurisprudence for someone does forgets traditional leader about police then they will gain a seat. You'll get me so episode any concern that with chelsea back. Check the bank. The mitchell. say no no illegal material philadelphia. Dusko whatever they every hour before school starts before concludes that was quick to make you who scoop admit when illinois bimbo sleep even if nothing can be paris-based wants more budget piji. When i put people are on this group they check so that's all this biblical smoke as book. A mucketty leg with marketing insights. That it would have come to call things. I say tell it. The we just have clashed. We just row rantzau won't be the actual resume the pta parents teachers association. So the goal the go open. Take this money this money to get a give this people who were beef as opposed to a coffee body hip black now. You won't be this package. What are you chop psychosis. Grace bishop executives. The next julia. Most that's not arrow because guests kuwaiti. My city no one's iphone video that distinct com bull the outside now almost those being now they. We may dania markets through everything. Don't buy for the compound for the school compound. Going back of the school solves the classroom. We're blessed are doing dot. Say the new. Yes take on schools democracy going. You're going to be the this mock the gutter for that any day. At digby on show on my brother is see with this seat spoil everywhere you took our communities also get not to because as a community school with your community school. That's a pta meeting with. They do then. It's off the people's most more money will be the p bruins they use them. Warning faints. this compound pulled security for the squad. security levels could not be gathered. Yes sir this they would use onto in maintain is not this is fantasy even when they got this money. Then not pass the manja disappear when you ask them. They'll talk story or this now the money we just want to maintain the school down which before no they gotta on for communities are year for old all the time when community they westwood community. The community leader go mic beauty house. Give any teacher will be this idiot. Today's made out the deal from devolve home re house. Mickey d's teachers fees you talk bugs your own risk the headmaster how this go any challenge again it. Lets us new for the community. They will discuss some. The goal is that they follow up to michelle. See everything they go on with children. Do okay the on shop shop this one. I talked about discussion and then the training for the teachers shop shop. One minute yup. Did you see many many a time. We look at the depress to bed projects. On how would they go about the be digital digitization of education so calling these liquid us they do as specimen you'll discover. I say today good on that original. They monitor all teacher. Would i make you give an ipod. Then denby monitoring for ministry it really make you achieve the purpose of education not for the moment resist cycle. Can i be that. I on for my house in our brain Bring did lemme group to the angle of. How many teach us this. This gutless looks because of your projects. Now in who gets the tron. Newt's wendy students oppose the go because the lesson of a teacher and the teacher understood notebook. Suppose you call on the whittington they become angle hip. I knew what i don't do. Whatever but the approach. I'm seeing he is. He's a scholarship issue. Double scholarship by buzzy buzz. Rejoin them. Then don't deliver that by shown you see what percent what's about the buzzer money's the eastern seaboard. It's not later to do budget budget. Nobody remove them with does all kinds of dabo. Swinney don't bozrah muni dome into Picky papa you're it'd be like a dealer approved to vote yes about you know what's took me the quickly the women mation. I'm john because not a full package. The token delights but there's a crucial get get very wrong onto the issue of not people. Wendy go for political appointment. Big quick give scholarship this. Ideally you see what about you. Go rhino do on scholarship recently. My because went to michele you'd be fights these matter why modules frighten. He would grew up a future. Genetic leila's win win time. Bill will be declared over and not. Just be when so the mouth visual. And i think i will remember this man. I phoenix olympic. Cortisol has but not the name directly. Now say if you want to plan for this one flowers you've plentiful for years blunt trees but if you wanna play tiny plant people until the budget is looking for our plan for years. I'm so tiny town so he's plenty people and that is the as movie tumor john. Something told on four up of the country for schooling and but he turned to return. They will forever remain. Grew to this man and wait to become to become the only emmy for does allow for menu for him to the good life on. No this army general. This is what many governors are not thinking the topic of today me on me. Loom your immediate gratification lord.' mooney by the guys known investing. So what did i tell us to. Debussy traditionally we fifty or discolored ship issues in our communities and fifty percent in ithaca new for canal forbes colosseum fiat notebooks to win coverage doing quarters with students in local. We gradually we time. It could become a very much purge. That will help. The entire communities recall for those data from villages cannot get to town on local government and by essential city new country. So right now. We wanna pump to deal with that. My nigga idea margot gruesome at this morning. There's no way though Yes my people make. Our joints rhoda for scholarship from matter. Does this will remember if our community if we get best way nobody will win. Got money lamble. When depressing called mouse eagle proud prostate without produce want. Doctor don't produce one lawyer who don't produce bunker so if he'd be like that because the also look for opportunities for the way they will go ahead that put off. Opposition asked besson bid up. Liz voyeurism about comedy because anytime they googled my community want it will contribute feature. That person. antonovich doesn't want do. Nobody go clump dumps. Go to you want to boot. My people now on this now with i nine meets do possum. What will come out of all this talk about this. You move over metaphor once put my name. Sandra was independently present governor for that matter when community give you feel komo to you. Okay and dot com today. Komo to not community commodity. Come over because to get stuff. A sense of community as olga. Benny only send you. Imaginatively will This weekend you comeback forests for four new when they call you back. Whatever so. this isn't an issue system abo- those get international borders with a gift fellowship. What do you win actually. Do seek for not to be read these collages make lawmakers the pick up on this commerce. You've bring reports these particular aspect of minimum developing goes for education. Your stink or your constituency. Don't to so because of the undermanned. Sure reports give you so i don't know because i get some information But he's just enor- quick immigrant. My ma beluga ahead after just tell see reportedly collect reports up to the governor of this you get reporting system would collect then collect some things put them into some things and substance abuse sentence of things i'll be isaac very little to anarchism love christmas. I don't here. We don't end this topic to see an on education let it be borrowed the our hundred and we said this document now working document for all of us to use or not copy-and-paste. Well we'll see how fit my ram into our own indigenous society our community to make take solo bring their open up the shop shop right now so that we will see how if you take make communities butts off all of those. I love when i wear. It went down. I default bodo. America open book about obama. Alana demo narayan lasso gets well enough from com every effort to make sure. See you develop. Where you from com- if not strang- does the ovalles your community before you know missy removed where you from tom. Ligon so argos minority investment mind wandering us Something happen kaya. What do you want. Do you must go. Maybe not give it to you but would you so if you if you talk okay. I investment day with us vanished. So if you say you get away from the village michelle say no matter how the village badge which if you do group and say your hats bloom nothing really know goofy. Actually for from the add value to onto model. That goal was remember him in a why they talk sue. The number of my grandma is today. Remembered to tomorrow now is thinking about that. Ib right he'll get because he us in community onto tomorrow. Dan names to the so. Nothing say if you do. I'm via generation after you carry on the good work your way you start so good buck who go and do your village not far enough love you are love community you come from baptist so it's a national gorman. I remember refurnish hand us. Power will not get to took off for this situation. We find ourselves so to rick my name still all i m at moga salatin.

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