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"amanda mikiko" Discussed on Inform Me Podcast

"You'll find has mustard on what we tim. That'd be dull. You drink but not really the door butts now dewitt and take on the stunt. They're not teach them like that. So because back you say these children and a half you meets up with all that children. I will call us. It'd be dodger to me why they know they partake distant. The all our schools. You will help this or that children to meet up. And everybody will come out. Brilliant madonna as as she the expensive. And you know also this item four within is to seek to To for us to consider especially when would implement these Book from the angle of your question your sanity. We graffiti as years go feet due to mature a these things. Work out by a very large scoop. Manny do want to make Three look at right. Now you know as agadi more pinup the secret cecile. Guest was gaddafi beauts bid schools build schools and then then you can give us example of what would only exist for yemen already then eco-tax. Emc the only those structure named distances seek to find you if you create that a facility with graffiti aids children in the it's up does package exactly also consider consider. They kind of up. Who'll ch- with any hidden zoos. Because they the people now justify Facility not to help people be boot. Amanda mikiko really torture the process to make that the worker now because the older parts of this building process you know they took him see. If you're in finish will ensure safe assyrian. learning environments will engender up pieces protection. I hear community efforts comment community. Efforts were job that as every school property protected. Honestly if you root for goldman to those guys seeing the greta code insure america will dish was his soup. Police deep protect yet june. The school with the massacre the people who wanted to get you gift permits is truth. That tendency cd here. I wanted to watch one video. Will somebody carry. Tear gas young boycotted video or food. Lewisite coyote was w c dvd. Now katya guys go school. Jesse up not is operatives officer now gus shoot. Shoot not one to three okay. American style three story building niger which declined to bid the third floor. You'll be jumping from gay comedown dreadful. Who gets ed. We'll get there. Is michael shoeless done. Community efforts commute said this could the community first of all. We're not go get. The kids will be monitor every school. Who present to tell you. Because it's for your community credit with les mis. When i go make sure see what i think. People who just appreciably pushable difference. Squeaky check the school i. The first process is secure to twelve. But my community my own use or meets. It's very vital. Build the gobert recall you tell you say get jurisprudence for someone does forgets traditional leader about police then they will gain a seat. You'll get me so episode any concern that with chelsea back. Check the bank. The mitchell. say no no illegal material philadelphia. Dusko whatever they every hour before school starts before concludes that was quick to make you who scoop admit when illinois bimbo sleep even if nothing can be paris-based wants more budget piji. When i put people are on this group they check so that's all this biblical smoke as book. A mucketty leg with marketing insights. That it would have come to call things. I say tell it. The we just have clashed. We just row rantzau won't be the actual resume the pta parents teachers association. So the goal the go open. Take this money this money to get a give this people who were beef as opposed to a coffee body hip black now. You won't be this package. What are you chop psychosis. Grace bishop executives. The next julia. Most that's not arrow because guests kuwaiti. My city no one's iphone video that distinct com bull the outside now almost those being now they. We may dania markets through everything. Don't buy for the compound for the school compound. Going back of the school solves the classroom. We're blessed are doing dot. Say the new. Yes take on schools democracy going. You're going to be the this mock the gutter for that any day. At digby on show on my brother is see with this seat spoil everywhere you took our communities also get not to because as a community school with your community school. That's a pta meeting with. They do then. It's off the people's most more money will be the p bruins they use them. Warning faints. this compound pulled security for the squad. security levels could not be gathered. Yes sir this they would use onto in maintain is not this is fantasy even when they got this money. Then not pass the manja disappear when you ask them. They'll talk story or this now the money we just want to maintain the school down which before no they gotta on for communities are year for old all the time when community they westwood community. The community leader go mic beauty house. Give any teacher will be this idiot. Today's made out the deal from devolve home re house. Mickey d's teachers fees you talk bugs your own risk the headmaster how this go any challenge again it. Lets us new for the community. They will discuss some. The goal is that they follow up to michelle. See everything they go on with children. Do okay the on shop shop this one. I talked about discussion and then the training for the teachers shop shop. One minute yup. Did you see many many a time. We look at the depress to bed projects. On how would they go about the be digital digitization of education so calling these liquid us they do as specimen you'll discover. I say today good on that original. They monitor all teacher. Would i make you give an ipod. Then denby monitoring for ministry it really.

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