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"alvarez house" Discussed on News Radio WGOW

"Station. Thursday, release sanctuary cities. I'm Mike moss. Good department of Justice will release a redacted version of the molar report just before Good Friday and Passover as we from correspondent, Laura Jared at the Justice department, planning to go to congress and to the public. We don't know exactly what time. But of course, I'll is will be on the Justice department that day because parts of the report will be blacked out or redacted correspondent, she Mon. Procure pass reports there will be many questions. Why Muller didn't release a conclusion on the issue of obstruction? Are we going to see the people who are interviewed for the obstruction investigation. Are we going to see exactly what points then Muller make as to why he didn't reach conclusions as to why he may have reached conclusions on certain points? And then ultimately left it up to the department of Justice, the attorney general and the deputy attorney general to make the decision on whether. To bring charges related to that investigation. Trump tweets this morning. The Russia investigation was a hoax and accuses the reports authors of being Trump haters. Trump also says his proposal to send migrants to so-called sanctuary cities is taking affect more from correspondent Priscilla Alvarez house, chairman are requesting documents related to this proposal to move immigrants to so called sanctuary cities. In a letter, the chairman's of the House Judiciary house oversight in the house. Homeland security committee call the reports quote alarming Laurie Lachlan intends to fight federal charges that she and her husband paid half a million dollars in bribes in order to get their daughters into the university of southern California. Laurie Lachlan and her fashion designer husband moss emoji newly made their intentions known. In court documents filed today, they're joining other parents who plan to plead not guilty. Actress, Felicity Huffman, and twelve other parents already agreed to plead guilty. Correspondent Steve Kastenbaum. On Wall Street. The Dow is down sixty five points. I'm Mike moss. Message and data rates may apply. Earning your degree from one of the top business schools in the country might sound impossible to fit into your workload..

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