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"alto kuffour" Discussed on Arrowhead Pride

"You have to cut somebody. And if it's a young player that might get claimed through waivers That carries a little bit more risk. If it's a veteran player the dozen pass through waivers and they would have the ability to resign them at any time. They might be more likely to cut him as well. So i can see okafor being a guy that they keep on and then put on. I r war that they release until they put somebody else on. I r and then they can bring before back without any risk of another team clinton. Yeah and maybe in that same vein. Maybe they can. Maybe they think they can get away with that with a guy like dimona harris. If oakland is going to go on the maybe dimona harris's a guy they can cut because he is a veteran got you know he's not a he's not he's not. He doesn't wasn't drafted this year. He's been in the league four years. I wanna say off the top of my head and so he is a guy that may be the other teams. Just kinda you know aren't going to like anyway. So yeah you can cut him and bring him back. as depth when oak forbes on i r. It's very interesting point. I think You know we they're gonna play games with that spot. I think so. We were talking a lot about talk charleston. There i know brought in alto kuffour in that same conversation in theory they could always resign taco back if they needed depth and he doesn't get picked up by somebody else in healthy. They've definitely done with tony harrison. The past is a player. That's been on and off of this roster over the last couple of years. So i think they would have some comfort level that he would still be available where maybe a younger player like. Tim ward wouldn't be so. I've almost talked myself into this being a lock or close to a lie for tim ward It's not one hundred percent but you know with all of the other flexibility around. Tim ward is a better chance that they keep him and make some moves with some of the veterans. Now another move that was made in roster shutdowns mitch at advance to six on twitter asks what downside to see with will parks as compared to the other safety players who were on the roster by will was a special teams. What was it that kept will parks from distinguishing himself making the roster. Yeah you know. It's interesting because i thought we'll parks actually played pretty well in that first. Preseason game. I didn't really see him when the second one. But i presume game. He was flying to the ball. He got that really dumb penalty for blocking low. Even those on defense. I still don't really quite get why they keep coming to block but a he he in my opinion. That's exactly you should play it as a safety and so that was good but yeah there must to you know they like. They must like key in watson enough to to keep them around. 'cause you know if you're gonna have five safeties max if you want. Watch an key. You're gonna have to keep them both Obviously and and that's that's that's it you know you don't have anymore room for for other safeties. You're not keeping six safeties. But i i do think another good point and you actually brought this up to me. And i didn't even think about it but he is. He is a veteran will parks. And i do think there's onto these. Nfl teams if they know veterans. Not going to make the team. you know. they're going to help them out and they're going to get him out there so he can get with another team and get acclimated better than if he got cut next week. You know it gives them another week to kind of get things together and get another team. So i think there's always something to that and and even if he was playing well like i said maybe they have their five safeties. They know who they like. They know who they got. And it's just like hey you know we'll give you an extra week to to get going so i don't think it was anything about. I am special teams. Probably does factor into this. Because i don't think as a veteran he was playing much special teams compared to guys like key in watts. And so that probably is a lot to do with this. But at the same time i think i think it's i. It wasn't necessarily parks play on defense or anything or anything he showed. It must just be at these young safeties that they have they just kind of prefer. Yeah i liked will. I thought he had a real good shot at making this roster. The fact that he was cut at this point in the cut down process to me does speak to the bank that he is a veteran and they wanna give him a chance to catch on somewhere else which probably leads me to believe that he won't be back. He's a versatile player. He has played special teams in the past. So there's no logical reason why he wouldn't make the roster. I think it does speak to the success of devon key that he is a player that is likely once closer to making the roster and our watch who's been on the roster last couple of years those guys over overpowered when it comes to that position is probably what led to them letting go early. Sticking at the safety position aimed out sites on twitter. Asks is our chance that one thornhill is back to starting over. Daniel sorensen at some point. We can make this quick. Because there's absolutely a chance i mean and he's and at some point he probably needs to if he's going to be with the team long-term it really doesn't i. I'm i'm surprised that it didn't start out that way in camp but obviously you know there's some injury stuff that still needs to recover from it everything i guess and and you know we've we've seen it. He has had some. You know some bad reps. I the cardinals game. He was really good and he had that really good interception and maybe that starts to baltim- into the starting lineup. But yeah there's there's absolutely a chance that he is he's he's over sorenson by week one. If not just a little later in the week in the season now they didn't just come out today mentioned Sorry one thornhill and the fact that he is working his way back working his way into to work needs to be and they've given him purposefully given him extra snaps throughout this. Preseason that leads me to believe that maybe this question is moot because maybe one thornhill is the starter all along But they've just been giving him more apps on more levels of this team at just to get him back to where he needs to be. Sorenson may may have always been the third safety even if we saw him getting the starters reps in camper in preseason game. Maybe that doesn't speak to where he actually is on this roster. Yeah that's a good point and someone like sorenson who isn't going to play you know when those third safety type sees box safety and so maybe you know. Hey you're getting him work as the free safety. In case there is an injury and sorenson needs to play free safety..

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