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"altamont speedway" Discussed on Milk Crates and Turntables. A Music Discussion Podcast

Milk Crates and Turntables. A Music Discussion Podcast

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"altamont speedway" Discussed on Milk Crates and Turntables. A Music Discussion Podcast

"When the fires started because on Sunday evening they had given out candles. They had given out candles and they wanted to because it was like it was a couple months after Colin buying happened. Yeah. And they wanted to say it was against whatever they call it. Gets guns and they want to do a vigil and a vigil. And did you say vigil? Yeah, I said vigil. I made up a word. Have one in February. There you go. I was gonna say, somebody already wanted to know, hey Jack, what's the month after January so you stuck with it anyways? Back to back to back to. So they had told Anthony Kiedis to like, hey, can you tell, shit's burning? It's not a burn down the scaffold and the east stage got lit on fire. And what did they do? They stood in their version of Jimi Hendrix. Let me stand next to your fire. Yep, fire. And they kind of you weren't going to tell these bands like, hey, calm, everybody down. That's not how they're wired. They're all in the 20s, they got 100,000 people watching them. And they're going to call and go, hey man, hey, everybody, like Mick Jagger and altamont speedway. No more violence. People. Why are we fighting? Exactly. Why are we fighting? Nah, that wasn't happening in 99, buddy. That was not happening. No, hey, you know, when Red Hot Chili Peppers and all that crap went down, I was sitting on my couch at home. But you could tell something was going to go down. We ended up leaving Sunday just because it was just ugly. You know, it was just a bad vibe. You could literally you could, you know, whether you believe in this type of thing or not, you could literally feel it. You could feel it was in the air..

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