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"alphonso koran david mckenzie" Discussed on The Director's Cut

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"alphonso koran david mckenzie" Discussed on The Director's Cut

"I mean, you didn't answer my questions. My final question to, you know, don't I hope not? I hope this is not that just some bows. No, no, no. Because I really have to change gears to do that. And this was something that was very very close to my. Of me trying to understand what it's like to be alive. And I think I said what I wanted to say when he says when I'm painting, I stopped thinking. I like to do that. I like to stop thinking. And and I guess when I'm painting. I do stop thinking. And maybe when we're making a movie we've stopped thinking also at the moment, we can stop thinking when we can just let something happen. And I think that what you can see in the movie is how we really depend on. I mean, what William did how we could access that place and do what he did how Oscar mas- Mickelson. I mean, these people. Who knows where it comes from? I mean mas- is a dancer. I mean, Chris walk and is a great friend of mine. I mean guy could read the telephone book, and it's interesting, but but they can do something that I can't do. And when I was a painter. Longtime ago, and I had comments about movies. Nobody listened to me. But being the director of the actors, listen to you. So I started to I and the thing about John Michel Basquiat? I think I probably did it for the same reason. Because. I hated Robert Hughes saying that he was he was you're the Eddie Murphy of the art world and all of this abuse that he took really and I thought okay, oh at the John Michel to give him. The respect. Well on that note. I respect you very much, and I'm really happy that you brought this into the world. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you Lee. And thank you guys are coming. Thanks for listening to another DJ QNA if you'd like to hear more you can find past episodes at the director's cut wherever you listen to podcasts. We'll have a lot more fuel in the coming weeks as Ford season approaches, including QNA's Alphonso Koran David McKenzie and Steve mcqueen's. So be sure to subscribe, saying don't miss Nep sewed. If you're enjoying the podcast, please take a moment to write in review us on. I tunes. We'd love to hear your feedback and you can help Palestinia files. Find the show. Thanks again for listening, and we'll see you next time. This podcast is produced by the directors guild of America music is by Dan, Wally.

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